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RM of Ste. Anne Ditches Recycling Program

Niverville Nursing Home Gets Nod

By Marianne Curtis As of July 1, residents in the RM of Ste. Anne no longer have access to curb side recycling thanks to a decision made by the municipal council. The RM of Ste. Anne council has decided that instead of looking into options to expand or improve their municipal recycling program, they cancelled it completely, leaving it up to residents whether to not recycle or haul materials to drop off sites on their own. Reeve Art Bergmann says that it seems “harsh” but the municipality is not prepared to pay for a service they had previously received for free. Until seven months ago, Blue Sky Recycling, has picked up materials and not charged the municipality. The nonprofit organization was run by Dawson Trail Opportunities using subsidies from the government because it was providing employment opportunities for handicapped individuals. However, when the province stepped in and shut down Dawson Trail Opportunities, the recycling service was also affected. Réal Sarrasin of R&R Pickup holds the garbage pickup contract for Paradise Village. He says that he picks up garbage on a per user basis and as a courtesy, he started picking up the recycling that people also put out.

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Gord Daman, from Niverville Holdings, shows La Verendrye MLA Ron Lemieux the plans for a new personal care home that will be constructed in Niverville so that the group can relocate current beds from St. Adolphe and expand services in the region.

By Marianne Curtis Years of planning recently came to fruition when the province announced a partnership with Niverville Holdings and South Eastman Health that will see the construction of a new 80-bed personal care home in Niverville. On June 30, representatives from the province, including La Verendrye MLA Ron Lemieux, were personally on hand to announce that Manitoba Health will provide $1.7 million in new operating funds to support the project. This includes funding a special-care unit for residents with dementia, aggression and other challenging behaviors. “This new facility will address the need for additional personal-care home beds as the population ages, while

reducing the disruption of services and the effects on the lives of residents by moving the facility to a location less likely to be affected by flooding,” stated Lemieux. The current personal-care home in St. Adolphe was built in 1906 and a new facility is needed to continue to provide quality personal care for area residents over the long term. The community-owned Niverville Heritage Holdings, which owns the personal-care home in St. Adolphe, plans to replace the existing 42-bed facility with a new 80-bed facility in Niverville. When Niverville Holdings initialized the project several years ago, it was estimated to cost $11.5 million. Gord Daman, Board Chair for Niverville Heritage Holdings, said it was an emotional day to finally announce this project

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Ukrainian Festival Slated for Gardenton The Gardenton Ukrainian Festival is gearing up for another weekend with two days of activities for all ages. The two-day event, which celebrates the rich Ukrainian heritage of the area, will kick off July 9 with a traditional Ukrainian supper and dance. Tickets are $15. Gates open on Sunday, July 10, at 10 a.m. for a day filled with traditional dancing and tons of local entertainment. Admission is $10. Performances include entertainment by the Fraser River Boys Orchestra; Jayden Chornoboy; Zoloto Ukrainian Dancers; Mahutney Ukrainian Dancers; Bill Scherbatiuk and Anne Pleskach and Vita’s own Susydka Dancers. While there visit the community’s museum, which includes an original thatched roof house from 1899 and an original community school house from 1909.


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July 2011

No Recycle continued... Continued from page 1 “As of November, Dawson Trail Opportunities was unable to pick up recycling anymore, so we started picking it up – but we could not do it for free,” Sarrasin explained. “We asked for $2 per household and we picked it up as the same time as we were picking up their garbage.” Initially, he says the municipality dragged their feet because they did not know how they would charge residents then he was sent a letter from the municipality saying they should not have to pay for recycling when they used to get it for free. After doing his homework, he came back with an annual fee of $25 per household that could have been added to residents’ property taxes. Laurie Evans, deputy reeve for the RM of Ste. Anne confirmed that Sarrasin had been taking up the slack but the municipality did not find it feasible to keep it going. “There is a significant number of people that do not have garbage pickup contracts so to do a municipal wide service if they are not already getting pickup it was not feasible,” explained Evans. “We supported him at $1,000 per month but it was not expanding the service, it was keeping the service that was already there.” Evans is disappointed to see the program come to a close.

“I would like to see a program developed but I do not see how it is going to float on a municipal-wide basis – the money we get from the province is minimal and it would cost too much to get to every individual home.” Putting up bins or setting up drop off sites was also looked at, but according to Evans, “there is no interest” that he is aware of to put up bins or provide pickup service. “I think residents understand the dilemma that we are in, but we don’t see any alternative at this time,” Evans concluded. Each year the Manitoba Product Stewardship Program pays municipalities a fixed funding figure for recyclables collected within their boundaries. Funding is provided based on how much recycling has been collected. Each year, the RM of Ste. Anne has fallen to the bottom of the list when it came to how much recycling comes in per capita. On the last municipal report card issued in

2005, 22,820 tonnes a year was collected. Sarrasin claims that since he took over the program in November that number has increased to up to 12 metric tons a month which will now be hauled to the Steinbach Landfill unless another solution is found. “We need over fifty percent of the residents in the RM of Ste. Anne to come forward if they want to maintain or improve recycling in the municipality, otherwise there is not much we can do,” concluded Sarrasin. Paradise Village, because it is a private 55-plus community has never been included in the “report card” figures. Before the recycling pickup was cancelled, 90 percent of residents did recycle. If this figure was included in the statistic, the result for the rural municipality could have presented a more positive figure. La Verendrye MLA Ron Lemieux was cornered at a meeting in Richer recently by concerned residents from both Richer and Paradise Village asking for help to restore the program. “Kids today are educated to recycle. It is a very positive thing that has been part of school for many years,” said Lemieux. “This seems like a step backwards but there is always another side of the story.” Lemieux assured residents he would bring up the topic at a meeting he had with the RM of Ste. Anne council in the next few days to see if there was anything the provincial government could do to re-establish the recycling program. He also told residents he would speak to his colleagues to see what programs were available.

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Local Car Clubs Fight to Keep Passion on Road By Marianne Curtis Local car club enthusiasts are being encouraged to show up en masse at a rally on July 8 along Broadway Boulevard in Winnipeg. The event, called Collector Appreciation Day, is being planned to show the province and other government organizations that car clubs are not gatherings of punks or car collectors but are more about people who are interested in using their passion for vehicles to better their communities. Sam Slobodesky, a car enthusiast and member of the Steinbach Lions Club, is encouraging collectors or anyone that belongs to a car club to participate in the event. “I am encouraging all car clubs or car enthusiasts to join this event so we can show up in force,” explained Slobedesky. “We need to keep our passions alive and not let the governments push us off the roadways.” In recent years, owners of classic cars have been painted in a negative light due to activities that take place in Winnipeg, usually on Sunday night cruise night. With media focus on the negative side of the hobby, less attention seems to go towards the community work that car clubs do. For example, the Steinbach Lions club and local community car enthusiasts raise thousands of dollars each year with the Wheels of Hope car show, which takes place annually in Steinbach at the beginning of June. Money raised at the event is used to purchase mobility equipment for residents within the southeast. Bob Chubala, Chairman of the Manitoba Association of Auto Clubs, explains further, “This is not a car show – it’s a showing of cars,” stated Chubala. “We want to show politicians and the general public what collector vehicle organizations do for the community and far beyond.” The event will encompass Memorial Boulevard, Sections of Broadway Avenue, the Provincial Legislature grounds, and Memorial Park. The time of the event is 3 p.m. until 11 p.m., with opening ceremonies to take place at 6 p.m. in front of the Provincial Legislature Building. Local organizations who are participating by bringing in cars are also being encouraged to use the event for further fundraising for their community organizations or causes. For more information on the event, contact Deb Kozeluh, member of the Manitoba Camaro Club. Especially confirm attendance at dkozeluh@shaw.ca or (204) 633-5537.

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July 2011


Vita Dancers Shine in Teulon Competition By Marianne Curtis At the end of May, the Susydka Ukrainian Dancers added the color Gold to their costuming when they took home four medals after competing in the Teulon Ukrainian Dance Competition. Over the weekend of May 28 and 29, Vita’s Susydka Ukrainian Dancers competed in the 23rd annual Veselka Ukrainian Festival. While there, the group was among 16 different dance clubs competing in approximately 80 competitions over the weekend. Larissa Bodz, President of the Susydka Ukrainian Dancers, is thrilled with the wins. “The club entered a dance from each class and we won four medals,” stated Bodz. “Our dancers are ranked highly and represent our community Above: Winning gold for performing the Musiky from Poltava Region (under 7 years of age): Back Row – Shandelle Monastyrski, Johnathan Bially, Taylor Bially, Riley Shewchuk, with pose and grace.”

Above: The gold winning Cossaky (average age 14) was performed by Logan Bodz, Brent Marynowski, Jared Tymofichuk.

Rebecca Thibodeau, Dayle Bially. Front – Cheyenne Curé, Michael Thibodeau, Erin Adolphe. This group also received the one of the highest marks (95 out of 100) at the competition.

Right: Group 4 performed the Dvudensivka (age 15-17) Larissa Bodz, Samantha Tymofichuk, Tanisha Witnicki, Cassandra Curé; Jeanine Brandt, Tyra Bodz, Nichol Adolphe (missing Megan Nickel).

New CEO for South Eastman Health By Marianne Curtis Jacquie Humphreys, Tyra Bodz, Nichol Adolphe, Jeanine Brandt; Kayla Adolphe, Caitlyn Curé, Seaira Shewchuk, Sydney Ludtke won gold dancing the Pol’iska Polka (average age 11).

Niverville continued... Continued from page 1 is moving forward. “This facility will allow us to create special care so that individuals will be able to stay in the community and have the one-on-one care that they require,” stated Daman. “This unit will ensure that the special needs of not only residents in the southeast but south Winnipeg will be met in a holistic care setting.” The board of South Eastman Health is pleased with the announcement added John Stinson, South Eastman Health CEO. “This new facility will go a long way towards reducing wait time lists in our region,” Stinson noted. The new facility will be built next to the Niverville Heritage Centre, an 80,000-square-foot complex that is home to a primary health-care centre, a medical clinic, physiotherapy and dental clinics, a daycare and an event centre. It will also be next to the Niverville Credit Union Manor, an assisted-living and supportive-care residence for seniors and people with disabilities. While Niverville Holdings is excited about opening a facility in Niverville, Daman said they are still working with the RM of Ritchot on a plan for the existing facility or site in St. Adolphe. “When the new facility in Niverville is completed, we will announce what kind of housing we will have for the seniors in St. Adolphe,” Daman continued. Construction of the new facility in Niverville is expected to begin in the fall with an expected completion date in 2013.

On June 15, South Eastman Health announced that the province has named John Stinson as the health authority’s new chief executive officer. South Eastman Health board chairperson Guy Lévesque was pleased to announce the appointment of Stinson as Chief Executive Officer effective June 20. “John brings sound knowledge of the RHA operations and understanding of the complexity of healthcare to the position,” stated Levesque. “We are confident that he will lead South Eastman Health effectively towards achieving wellness and the best possible health for all residents of the Southeast.” Stinson has spent over 25 years in health care and social services, including as vice president of Acute Care and Planning for South Eastman Health. While in this position he was responsible for strategic and health planning, acute care, capital planning, diagnostic services, quality and risk assessment and reporting for the health authority. “There are unique challenges to providing health care in this fast growing and incredibly diverse region,” Stinson stated. “I see my role largely as being a facilitator who brings together the knowledge, passion and commitment of our board, staff and partners to continue providing the best possible care and services to residents in the region.” He has also worked as a health educator and community facilitator, worked as a policy advisor and manager for Health Canada, and worked as a senior health executive in both private and public sectors. He was Assistant Deputy Minister of Corporate and Provincial Program Support for Manitoba Health. Stinson’s appointment makes him the third CEO that has led the board of South Eastman Health since its conception. He follows the footsteps of Monique Vielfaure Mackenzie and Reg Toews. Both have moved on but continue to work within the health care system.

July 2011


Glorious Summer ‘11 As the discomfort of the wet season subsides and the mental picture of noisy “ski-doo riding” and snow drift shoveling fades from memory into another bright sunny day with a magnificent green lush landscape from horizon to horizon, it is difficult to suppress a smile of contentment. Of course, I come from an age where this yearly green explosion of rebirth was viewed as a childhood rite of passage. A time of life where Mark Twain held as much or more sway than the new fangled invention called TV. A time long ago when immigrants were falling over each other to assimilate as opposed to the new political correctness that requires that I compromise. Now, this is a fast new and improved age. Forethought and principles are fraught with compromise. Now, there is perpetual transfer of electronic noise, phone, IPad, texting, tweeting, etc. Fast is the important and only criteria. I find myself ducking the noisy aspects of the grandchildren’s life. Here is where I need you to picture a canoe slipping through the quiet waters of a Canadian lake. Loons are serenading. What is a loon? Oh hell, son, you’re too young to know. I fail to see the appeal of cross country motorbikes, ATV’s and a whole slew of noisy contraptions. The knowledge that accidents will happen and grief will follow is, of course, a concern, but whom else but I worries that the disturbance of nature is sacrilegious. Ah, but I’ve adapted somewhat. I moved to the edge of the forest. I find that I must spend more and more time in self-imposed isolation, or should I say blessed isolation. Recuperation time is moving way north of the small doses as required. My wife is still more in need of the company of grandchildren, so I will have to build a drawbridge on the well-defended moat I’m contemplating, with perhaps skill testing questions needed to lower this link to depravity. Alas, perfection can’t last. This summer I will hit the road. Exploring the great outdoors and the odd, obligatory one or two cities in construction season. Off to see another part of Canada, knowing full well I love nature armed with only a fishing rod, but my wife loves what glitters, including gold and, heaven forbid, crowds! There will be bruising and pain which I will endure stoically, knowing full well, when all is said and done, I will have experienced more of this great land which is beckoning to be explored. Wish me luck. This will be a growing experience. My wife’s only lesson in navigation is arm waving, and sometimes very fast, especially when I’m concentrating totally on heavy traffic, and a new member of our family, a six month old poodle puppy. Maybe I could teach our poodle to bark once for right and bark twice for left and don’t, under any circumstances, block the right hand mirror with the map. Oh yes, I almost forgot there will be BBQ’s (fish or burgers) and ice-cold beer and “OFF” after my hard day’s work. Can’t get more Canadian than this.

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Looking Ahead Canadians from coast-to-coast-to coast gave us a strong mandate in the May 2nd election to secure our economic recovery and implement our low-tax plan to create jobs and economic growth. That is why our Government has re-introduced and passed the Next Phase of Canada’s Economic Action Plan. In choosing a strong, stable, national, majority Conservative government, Canadians can expect our government to finally make some steps forward on the many bills that were previously delayed due to incessant Opposition bickering. By the end of this session, the list of measures passed by the House will include: - The Next Phase of Canada’s Economic Action Plan; - The Supporting Vulnerable Seniors and Protecting Canada’s Economic Recovery Act; - An extension of Canada’s

involvement in the United Nationssanctioned, NATO-led mission in Libya - The Fair and Efficient Criminal Trials Act – also known as Megatrials legislation; and, - The main and supplementary estimates for the services the Government delivers to Canadians We have also introduced other key pieces of legislation, including the Preventing Human Smugglers from Abusing Canada’s Immigration System Act, and The Senate Reform Act. We have taken action to protect our economy by introducing legislation to put an end to work stoppages.

And finally, in September, our Government will move forward quickly with legislation on additional priorities, including legislation to scrap the wasteful and ineffective long-gun registry. Our Conservative Government does not believe in treating law-abiding hunters, farmers and sports shooters like criminals. We have consistently opposed this measure, which does nothing to keep guns out of the hands of criminals. Now that we have been given a majority mandate by Canadians, our Government will end the long-gun registry once and for all. Please feel free to contact my office if you have any concerns or issues you would like to discuss. You may contact my office toll free at 1-866333-1933 or at (204) 326-9889 or in Lac du Bonnet at (204) 345-9762. You may write my office at 8 - 227 Main Street, Steinbach, MB R5G 1Y7, by fax at (204) 346-9874 or by e-mail at toewsv1@parl.gc.ca.

$14.1 Million to Ste. Anne Hospital Expansion, Renovation I am pleased to announce that Minister of Health Teresa Oswald and I were able to attend a groundbreaking ceremony held in the town of Ste. Anne for a multimillion-dollar expansion and renovation to the Ste. Anne hospital, which will soon benefit communities in the surrounding area. The Ste. Anne Hospital plays a critical role in providing services to the ever-growing population of the southeast area, this hospital expansion will deliver more health services closer to home for patients and families in the community. The construction and renovation will start in the coming weeks and is expected to be completed by December 2012. Once completed, the hospital will be able to offer more surgical services with more than four times as many surgical procedures, up to over 2,000 from 450, being conducted by 2014. This increase will give area residents the help they need sooner without needing to leave their community. The hospital’s square footage will increase by 60 percent. New facilities will include two rooms for surgeries, one room for scope procedures, a dedicated and adjoining post-anesthesia care unit, a suite of medical device reprocessing rooms for cleaning and sterilizing of all reusable hospital items, a family room, staff change rooms, and new electrical and mechanical space.

Another one-third of the hospital will undergo renovation including the existing operating rooms, which will be renovated and converted to provide 5,800 square feet of additional staff support areas. The project is expected to cost $14.1 million, which includes a 10 percent contribution from the Ste. Anne Hospital Foundation. Many community members have done much to support this hospital, which offers critically important health services to families across our region and they should be commended for their sustained efforts and vision. $7.8 million for Villa Youville expansion I am also happy to report that construction on the $7.8 million project of the Villa Youville, a new affordable housing project for seniors, is now underway. The 24 units will enhance housing quality and accessibility for seniors in Ste. Anne. The project involves the demolition of an existing obsolete personal care home and its replacement with twenty-four units of affordable, supportive housing. Twelve of the new units will be rented on a rent-geared-to-income basis, and the remaining at Median Market Rents for the area. In addition to working with existing infrastructure and service supports, this project introduces supportive housing into the community of Ste. Anne. The project will use

geothermal heating and cooling and includes a chapel, and expanded kitchen and dining room funded through community fundraising. Our goal is to bring affordable, accessible housing to seniors in our province. The construction of Villa Youville means more seniors can continue to live independently, remain in and contribute to the community they call home. This will help alleviate the growing demand for seniors housing by providing seniors in the Ste. Anne area with more affordable housing options, allowing them to stay close to their friends and family and continue to contribute to their communities. This announcement builds on the work of the Age-Friendly Manitoba Initiative to support seniors in leading active, socially engaged, independent lives that contribute to healthy aging. The goal of the initiative is to make Manitoba the most age-friendly province in Canada by working with the communities and the federal government to enhance the programs and services that benefit the well-being of all seniors. As always, I appreciate hearing your comments and thoughts on these and other provincial initiatives. I encourage you to contact me by email (rlemieuxmla@mts.net), by phone (878-4644), or by mail at 101-1309 Dawson Road, Box 517, Lorette, MB R0A 0Y0 and together we can continue to move La Verendrye and Manitoba forward.

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Blizzard of Announcements on Election Eve This spring brought Manitobans a very different kind of blizzard than what we have become accustomed to in our climate. This blizzard came in the form of News Releases and announcements from the provincial NDP government desperate to hold on to power as a fall election draws near. Because of provincial election laws, those announcements will end in the first days of July as a restriction on government announcements 90 days prior to the October 4th election date kicks in. Contained within the literally hundreds of announcements released just prior to the deadline are some good projects and initiatives that should never have taken 11 years to finally become a priority for the NDP. There are also a number of important initiatives that the NDP have rejected over their time in office and only now, faced with an election, are they supporting them. One of those is a law to end MPI benefits to car thieves who are injured in accidents after they crash stolen vehicles. In 2007, Manitoba Progressive Conservatives pleaded with the government to end these payments from MPI to car thieves who had willingly put themselves and others at risk. The NDP government rejected and voted against legislation to end these payments. They said it would be “mean spirited” to cut off benefits to car thieves. Every NDP MLA voted to keep paying car thieves MPI benefits. Only in the last couple of months have they reversed their position and reluctantly ended these benefits, knowing it would be an election issue. Another announcement was a decision by the NDP to reverse their previous decision to cut funds for

therapy to kids with autism. While the decision to continue supporting therapy for children with autism is welcome, it seems that it only came as a result of a pending election and a government desperate to hold on to power. Also this past month, the NDP passed legislation that I introduced four years ago that will provide funding support to help battle child pornography. Under the legislation, those who are involved in child pornography will pay to support the victims of this horrendous crime. Unfortunately, the NDP government voted against this legislation for four years, only now accepting it because an election is coming. The blizzard of announcements by the NDP government just prior to an election contained some good initiatives. Unfortunately, so many of them had been ignored or rejected by the NDP over the past 11 years it might leave many Manitobans with the feeling that they are just getting snowed under by a government desperate to cling to power. I appreciate your comments and concerns. If you have any comments on these or other issues, you can contact me by writing, #3 – 227 Main Street, Steinbach, MB R5G 1Y7, by phone at (204) 326-5763, by fax at (204) 346-9913, by e-mail at kelvin.goertzen@leg.gov.mb.ca or by visiting my website at www.kelvingoertzen.com. I look forward to hearing from you.

Oil Collection Cleans Up Community The City of Steinbach is happy to report that in a mere five hours, nearly 6,000 litres of used motor oil was kept out of the landfill during a one-day collection event. On June 8, the City of Steinbach invited residents to bring in their used oil to the community’s Eco Center, which is located at the community landfill. “In five hours, the staff at the Steinbach Landfill took in 5,971 liters of used oil,” confirmed Ed Wallman, on behalf of the Solid Waster Department. In exchange, residents received a free liter of oil for every five liters of used motor oil that was brought into the depot. A total of 757 liters of free oil was distributed.

July 2011


7-Year-Old Wins Bike A young boy from Steinbach had a dream come true when he discovered that he was the winner of the City’s Share the Road bike contest. Seven-year-old Nathaniel Gillings responded to the news of his win with a hop in the air, a large smile, and an exclamation of ‘awesome!’ Although it may be a year or two until Nathaniel fits his new bike, he was confident he would grow into it. The City of Steinbach’s Public Works Department had a Share the Road booth at the Summer in the City Festival with a free draw to win a new bike. The City was promoting safe cycling this summer for both cyclists and drivers alike through the community’s Share the Road program. Nathaniel poses on his new bike with Councillor Jac Siemens (left) and Public Works Dept.

Professional Driver Wins Award A truck driver from Niverville was one of five finalists that earned the right to represent their industry in the National Professional Driving Championship in the fall. On June 25 John Klassen, a driver for WM Dyck and Sons, was one of the five finalists that were among 39 drivers competing to be recognized as one of the province’s top professional drivers. He won the award for being the top driver in the category of single tandem, an award that he has earned before. At the event drivers competed in six classes – step van, straight truck, single-single, singletandem, tandem-tandem and Super B Train – participating in three different tests. These included a written test, pre-trips/defects and the track throughout the course of the day. Klassen and the other drivers will represent Team Manitoba at the 2010 National Professional Truck Driving Championship held this year in Calgary, September 8 to 11. Also recognized at the event was Marc Cohen from Big Freight in Steinbach. He was recognized as a First Time Entrant.

Head, Randy Reimer (right)


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July 2011

Hundreds Expected to Attend Richer Celebration By Marianne Curtis Several hundred people are expected to come out to Richer to help the community raise funds for the local historical site while enjoying a day filled with entertainment and activities. On July 10, the fifth annual Celebration Thibaultville will take place at the Enfant-Jésus Heritage Site in Richer. The event has been held yearly for the past few years to regroup members of the community, their families and friends and to raise funds for the maintenance of the Enfant-Jésus Heritage Site. Last year’s event drew people from all over Manitoba and as far as from Abbotsford BC. According to Marcel Gauthier the event is usually a huge success. “The goal for this activity is to offer an afternoon of friendship and leisure with the community while raising money for the heritage site,” explained Gauthier. The one day event will take place on the Church grounds starting at 1:00 p.m. Through the course of the afternoon, there will be a horsedrawn wagon shuttle, a silent auction, a 50/50 draw, food, and several free activities for children; clowns with balloons, a fishpond, face painting, and pony rides. There will be food, music and a dance with music by Michael Audette and The Real Deal Band, and the Dutiaume Brothers. Attendees could also take a guided tour of the historic church to view the many visual displays of artifacts, photos and historic documents and enter a superb door prize. The annual event has been named Celebration Thibaultville in honor of the first priest to celebrate mass in the region, Fr. Jean-Baptiste Thibault, in 1847. Admission is $10.00 at the gate – children 12 and under free. All profits from this event will be used for maintenance and renovations to the Enfant-Jésus Heritage Site. For more information, contact Yvonne at 4229369 or Marcel/Patricia at 422-6880. Details can be found online at www.rc.net/canada/stboniface/ enfant-jesus/.

Local Students Show Well in Quebec Four Steinbach Regional High School students received medals for their participation at a national skills competition at the beginning of June. The four high school students participated in an Olympic style Skills Canada National Competition that took place June 1 to 4 in Quebec City. The Steinbach Regional Secondary School students were part of a 63-member team of students that represented Manitoba in the 4day event. Bringing home gold medals were Daniel Block in Cabinet Making, Carl Hyatt in Car Painting and Ingrid Wieler in IT Software Solutions. Jocelyne O’Brian earned a bronze medal in Hairstyling.

Paws on the Path Successful Steinbach Humane Society Raises Funds

Dawson Trail Dispatch

The Steinbach Humane Society is celebrating a success after hosting their second annual “Paws in the Park”. The one-day event took place on June 4 at AD Penner Park in Steinbach. According to Lisa Rogal, spokesperson for the Steinbach Humane Society, the event was both a success in fundraising and participation. “This is our second annual Paws on the Path walkathon and Pets in the Park event and it was a huge success,” stated Rogal. “A huge thank you to everyone who was in any way a part of the Paws on the Path. We had a great time and raised $2,011 for a wonderful cause.” Money raised at the afternoon event will go towards paying the organization’s vet bills at the Old Country Vet. The Steinbach Humane Society hosts as many fundraising events as possible in an effort to keep their bills at a manageable level. The organization operates through the efforts of a small group of volunteers supported by a number of foster families that help house pets until they are adopted. The group hopes to have a permanent location for operations but have been struggling to gain support from the community and area residents. The next scheduled fundraiser will be the 2nd Annual Paw-sta Night which will take place September 17.

Local Schools and Communities Sweep the Out of the Blue Awards By Marianne Curtis South Eastman’s Regional Suicide Prevention Committee is ecstatic over the success of their first “Out of the Blue Campaign”. At the end of May, the organization hosted the “blue gala” where schools, communities and individuals were recognized for doing their bit in raising awareness on suicide prevention. The South Eastman Regional Suicide Prevention Committee was busy during the month of April addressing suicide prevention. The objective of the program is to increase awareness and develop broad-based support for positive mental health. A variety of activities and programs were launched throughout the region to bring awareness in suicide prevention where it is needed most. At a special gala, 225 guests dressed in blue came out to celebrate as awards were handed out to a number of groups and individuals. Deb Taillefer, Regional Mental Health Program Manager with South Eastman Health, said that while many people were recognized during the evening, the real winners were local residents. “The real winners are all the residents of the South East as we take huge leaps toward breaking down barriers and reducing stigma attached to mental health and mental illness,” stated Taillefer. “The

campaign was supposed to get people talking about mental health, promote help seeking behaviors and spread hope. Given the overwhelming success of our activities we are confident that we’ve made progress within the region.” Ecole Saint-Joachim in La Broquerie and Shevchenko School

in Vita were the stars of the evening, taking home many awards in categories like Blue Video, Blue Lunch, Blue Expressions and many others. Individuals from the community were also awarded prizes for literary and visual contributions. Businesses, including Sunshine Greenhouse (Steinbach) and Shop

Easy Foods (St-Malo), and community groups like St-Pierre en Boom also were winning participants. South Eastman’s Regional Suicide Prevention Committee is already reviewing the campaign and preparing to launch an even bigger project next year.

Excited students lined the blue carpet during South Eastman Health’s recent “Out of the Blue” Gala event.

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Dancers take to the stage at this year’s Summer in the City.

St. Malo The St. Malo and District Farmers’ Market is open every Saturday offering a perfect opportunity to buy local. Make it your Saturday morning habit! Contact Diane at 204-347-5976 or email dadiki@mts.net for more information. Located behind the St. Malo Hotel, 123 St. Malo Street.

Mitchell Mitchell and Area Fun Days, Friday, July 8 to Saturday, July 9 - Lots of free activities for the whole family, pancake breakfast, wagon rides, barrel rides and evening entertainment. Fireworks on Saturday at 10:45 pm. Events take place at Stahn Field, Mitchell. Kleefeld Kleefeld Farmer’s Market - The Kleefeld Recreation Association is looking to add vendors for our 1st season Farmer’s Market. Our season will kick off Tuesday, July 19th from 3pm - 7:30 pm and continue every Tuesday into the middle to end off September. We have on site facilities, public washrooms and great public accessibility for our vendors. We also have pop up tents that can be yours to use on a first come bases, so sign up early and secure your tent. If you have bread, brownies, butter, buns, cakes, cookies, fruit, honey, jam, jelly, muffins, pickles, pie, preserves, vegetables just to name a few off the top or anything else we want YOU at the Kleefeld Farmers Market. For further information, questions or to register please contact Anna, Market Manager, at 377-4394 or email firstgear@mts.net. St. Labre Join us July 16 -17, 2011 for the 3rd annual St. Labre 200, a go-kart build off competition where 12 teams build their own gokarts within 24 hours. Each team hopes that their go-kart, initially a pile of metal and scraps, can be built within 24 hours to be fast enough and tough enough to endure the grueling 200 quarter mile laps (50 miles) on a roughly groomed dirt track to claim the St. Labre 200 trophy. People are invited to cheer on their favourite teams and enjoy some of the many activities and live bands. For info contact Joel Grenier - 429-3241 or Francois Grenier - 424-9068 or go to www.stlabre200.ca. Richer Mark your calendar for our annual community Celebration Thibaultville that will be held on July 10 on the Church Grounds, 1:00 to 6:00 p.m. Music and dance by Michael Audette and The Real Deal Band, & the Dutiaume Brothers. Once again, we will have horse-drawn shuttle from the parking lot, food services (BBQ pork on a bun), silent auction, 50/50 draw, door prize, as well as pony rides and many activities for children. We look forward to seeing you there. Admission is $10.00 at the gate – children 12 and under free. All profits from this event will be used for maintenance and renovations to the Enfant-Jésus Heritage Site. For more information, please call Yvonne at 422-9369, Marcel/Patricia at 422-6880 or visit our website bulletin board for more information on this event: www.rc.net/canada/stboniface/enfant-jesus Steinbach The Benefit Ride for Backstage is a Bike Trip to raise funds for YFC Steinbach. The Bike Ride takes place on Saturday, July 9 with registration from 9 am - 11 am at SAR on Main Street in Steinbach. The route takes riders from Steinbach to Gimli via a planned scenic route on paved roads. A barbecue lunch will be served in Gimli. The ride ends in Steinbach at the Canadian Tire parking lot with a fabulous Corn Roast, Barbecue and Concert. The registration fee is $30 per bike plus $20 per rider. In addition to the registration fee, riders can also contact sponsors for pledges with prizes awarded for various achievement levels. Sponsor pledge forms are available by calling the YFC Office at 326-4366. MCC Manitoba’s 9th annual golf tournament is being held on July 13 in support of literacy and education in Afghanistan. Last year’s tournament at the Links at Quarry Oaks raised more than $34,000, helping 5,575 Afghan children access education. Tournament format is Texas Scramble with on-course challenges including putting and chipping contests. Registration cost: $160. A tax receipt will be issued for $80. Register at manitobamcc.org/golf. Registration is limited to 144 golfers. The 43rd Annual Pioneer Days Parade will take place on Main Street in Steinbach. All are welcome. For more information, please contact the Steinbach Chamber of Commerce at 204-326-9566. Steinbach and District Farmers’ Market Co-op is up and running for another wonderful year! Visit us at Clearspring Centre parking lot every Thursday afternoon. Any new vendors are welcome! For more information, contact Brenda, market co-ordinator at 204424-9494. Canadian Blood Services has added several clinics in Steinbach to ensure an optimal blood inventory this summer. Some of these are extremely low in booking and we are asking for you to rally to save lives this summer by donating at one of these clinics, and encouraging others to as well. 160 donors are needed at the Thursday, July 7 clinic. This will take place at the Steinbach E.M.C. 422 Main St. It will run from 12:30 - 3:30 & 5:00 - 8:00 p.m. There are 180 donors needed Thursday, August 4. The hours will be 12:30 - 3:30 & 5:00 - 8:00 p.m. There are 135 donors needed for Thursday, August 18 from 12:30 - 3:30 & 5:00 - 8:00 p.m. These clinics will all take place at the Steinbach E.M.C. 422 Main St. Please call now - 1 888 2 DONATE (1 888 236 6283) Gardenton The Gardenton Ukrainian Festival will take place in Gardenton on July 9-10. On Saturday, July 9 come out for an old time dance at the Gardenton Park in the dining hall. Music will be by Ambrose Bros, Orchestra, and a hot lunch will be served. There will be a Silent Auction. Tickets are only $15.00. Dance is from 7:00 pm - 12:00 am on Sunday, July 10. Admission is $10.00. Church service at the park at 10:00 am and a stage show at the park begins at 1:00pm. Delicious homemade Ukrainian cuisine will be available. Visit the Museum, see the original thatched roof house from 1899 and original school house from 1909. Entertainment includes the Fraser River Boys Orchestra, Jayden Chornoboy, Zoloto Ukrainian Dancers and Mahutney Ukrainian Dancers. Also performing will be Bill Scherbatiuk, Anne Pleskach and the Susydka Dancers. For further details contact 2220180 or 425-3501.


Third Annual Summer in the City a Huge Success

St. Pierre The 42nd Frog Follies & Agricultural Fair will be held on a new date, July 14-17. This non-profit event brings together people from all over for a fun-filled, action packed weekend. Some of the featured activities include one of Manitoba’s premier agricultural exhibition displays and fair, numerous children’s activities, slo-pitch tournament, a parade, fireworks, Sunday night DJ social, and of course, the Canadian National Frog Jumping Championship. For more information contact Sebastien at 433-2888 or go to www.frogfollies.com.

Niverville Niverville Recreation News - In addition to the fun summer camps on July 5 we will have a Mom and Baby yoga and Sunrise Yoga will start. On July 6 evening yoga will be starting. Then on July 9 our Zumba classes will begin. We invite everyone to come out and enjoy our outdoor education class on essential gear on July 12. The next day, July 13 we encourage you to come and try Ultimate Frisbee. We will have another outdoor education class on July 21, which will cover “critters”. On July 23 we will learn about Geo-caching, on the 26th knots will be covered. On August 6 our outdoor education class will be talking about Land Navigation, Weather Prediction / Trail Side Shelter, and Wilderness Survival Skills. Aug 17 please come and try Ultimate Frisbee. Then on Aug 30, Tuff-N-Up Bootcamp will be starting. For more information, please visit the Recreation and Wellness website at www.NivervilleActiveLiving.com and click on the “classes, courses and more”, or call the Recreation and Wellness Director, Donna Watts, at 388-4600 ext 110

July 2011

By Marianne Curtis The population of Steinbach swelled by a few thousand people when the city hosted the 3rd annual Summer in the City Festival on June 17 and 18. The twoday community event showcased local arts and entertainment with headline performances by rock group Trooper on Friday and Canadian country star George Canyon on Saturday. At the opening ceremonies on Friday Mayor Chris Goertzen congratulated the community for doing such a good job with the festival. “This is a big deal for our community,” stated Goertzen. “Steinbach is a growing successful city and we have a lot to celebrate here.” Keith Unger, Chairperson for the Summer in the City Festival, was optimistic that this year’s event will exceed the success of last year and that is exactly what happened. “The weather cooperated and we had a lot of people on the street,” stated Unger. Dozens of food vendors, artists and crafters lined Main Street in Steinbach, starting at noon on Friday. The entertainment hit the big stage Friday following the opening ceremonies at noon. Some of the events included a Friday night Show n Shine, midway, a street hockey tournament, along with the returning festival of food and showcase of local arts and entertainment. There were also tons of children’s activities, skateboard and sporting demonstrations and emerging cultural entertainers. Music lovers gathered for a huge concert including “Elvis” Corny Rempel, Cracked Egg Shell, Dormant Ember and Sweet Water Creek. At the end of the night, Trooper took the main stage. The festival wrapped up on Saturday night with a huge concert, including local talent Mackenzie Road, Mike Blair and the Rafter B and Jason Kirkness. At the end of the night, George Canyon took to the stage and performed for a crowd of several thousand people.

Sales in the City Huge Success Steinbach’s Chamber of Commerce is very pleased after their first ever “Sales in the City” proved to be a huge success. The promotion, formerly known as “Sidewalk Sale Days”, went through a re-branding process this spring to breathe new life into a long-standing community tradition. According to Kyla Murray, Chamber of Commerce spokesperson, a total of 45 businesses participated in the event which took place June 17 and 18. This is more than double the number of merchants that participated in sidewalk sale days last year, she noted. “We’re really impressed with the support from the business community,” stated Murray. “It is great to see our businesses support the festival, and now that Sales in the City is an official Summer in the City event. I think we are going to see the numbers grow in the future.” Murray added at the Chamber of Commerce is already brainstorming for ideas to make next year’s event bigger and better.


More Than Just News!

July 2011

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Emergency Room Construction Kicks Off in Ste. Anne By Marianne Curtis Construction and renovations at the Ste. Anne Hospital are expected to begin shortly, now that the province has announced the $14.1 million project. At a groundbreaking ceremony that took place on June 3, Provincial Health Minister Theresa Oswald announced that the long awaited project would begin within weeks. “Once completed the hospital will be able to offer more surgical services; we expect to see more than four times as many surgical procedures, up to over 2,000 from 450 by 2014,” Oswald said. “This increase will give area residents the help they need sooner without needing to leave their community.” The $14.1 million project includes expanding the current hospital space by 60 percent. The new facilities will include two surgical suites, one room for scope procedures, a surgical recovery unit, sterilizing room, family room, staff change rooms and new electrical and mechanical space. Another one-third of the hospital will undergo renovation including the existing operating rooms, which when renovated and converted will provide 5,800 square feet of additional staff support areas. Guy Levesque, Chairperson for South Eastman Health, is glad to see the project finally moving forward. “This project will solidify the

partnership between the health authority, community and provincial government,” stated Levesque. “This centre will serve [not only] the people of our region but the rest of the province as well.” To ensure the project would more forward the Ste. Anne Hospital Foundation raised ten percent of the money needed for the expansion. The money was successfully raised through a variety of fundraising efforts that included online auctions and golf tournaments. The construction and renovation is expected to start in the coming weeks and expected to be completed by December 2012. Health Minister Teresa Oswald, Southeast Health Authority board chair Guy Levesque, La Verendrye MLA Ron Lemieux and Cecile Dumesnil Chair of the Ste. Anne hospital fundraising committee discuss drawings of the new facility.

Stop Smoking Program Working in SRSS By Marianne Curtis At the beginning of the school year, the Hanover School Division found itself in the midst of a controversial situation when they constructed a smoking shelter at the region’s largest high school. While the Hanover School Division defended their reasoning

for erecting the shelter at the Steinbach Regional High School, the Province stepped in and demanded that it be removed because it contradicted the mandate that school property remain “smoke free”. After removing the shelter, the school division launched a smoking cessation program in an effort to help students quit smoking instead of giving them a safer place to indulge in the habit. Angela Stoesz ran the smoking cessation program at the SRSS. She said that the program was started to seek out the smoking population of the school and support students that wanted to quit smoking. “Surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly, considering that over

80 percent of smokers have voiced the desire to quit, a strong majority of those offered help at the SRSS are really trying to cut down and eventually to quit,” stated Stoesz. The program developed was based on the Stages of Change Model where students come to a realization for themselves why and how they want to quit smoking. The first step of the program was to establish a “Free Lunch break” where students are invited to listen to a quitting story from staff, enjoy a slice of pizza and discuss coming up with a quitting plan. “Several students from each lunch give permission to be contacted and then the snowball effect takes place as they suggest other students that

would be willing to come in and chat about a plan for their own smoking cessation,” Stoesz added. “Sometimes it only takes one conversation with a student, and they are at a place where they are already changing and just need a little support to make a quit date a reality.” “The hope is that they will be strong in their resolve, use their strategies, and make this a lifelong commitment for the betterment of their health,” Stoesz noted. “At least in the case of smoking, you gotta love a quitter.” By the end of the school year, four students had successfully achieved their goal to quit smoking while several others had set quit dates.

It’s All You’ve Got I attended a breakfast meeting for The South Eastern Woman in Business group (womansbiz.ca) on June 8th. I sat listening attentively to the guest speaker/member, Dr. Catherine Carter. She is a local chiropractor and spoke on office ergonomics. She demonstrated and explained how to sit correctly, when/why/how to take mini stretch breaks and how to prevent common health complaints. As I sat (properly now) I realized it really is up to me to take responsibility for preventing physical problems. I will work endless hours doing what it takes to run my business and make sure I spend some time to do the things my family and friends expect of me. I look after the car, business, family, house and often others, putting Raylene at the bottom of the list. Was this my wake-up call? My shoulders and arms were fatigued and my body was sore from super cleaning the inside of the car (squeezed in the night before, even though I knew I was tired). Funny… when I finished cleaning the car, I had thought to myself, “Wow, this looks like a brand new car.” The car even appeared to drive better. Yup, if you look after things they look and run better. What is so darn difficult about applying this concept to myself!? I must learn to devote good maintenance habits for the health and productivity of my body, mind and soul. I must learn that I will perform better and look/be healthier if I put “me” first. I have heard that unless you are healthy and happy, you can’t give what work, family and life need. Yet it appears that most of us think we can produce and stay healthy with little effort to maintain good health. I suggest that all of us rewrite our daily “TO DO” list with the words “ME” at the top and write in the things to do to make our health habits a priority. Things like...don’t forget to eat a super charged healthy breakfast, today I will mini stretch every 20 minutes while I’m on my pc., take my vitamins with a meal and turn the TV off an hour before bed, etc. My weekly “TO DO” list should have exercise, quality time with the family, a massage, soak in the tub, evening walk, etc. Make sure you are the priority on that list. Funny, now I know why, when I say good-bye to my clients, guests and friends, I always say, “Take care.” It really is just a reminder of their health responsibilities. The human body can have high productivity, but only if it is treated with utmost respect. So I say to you, “It’s never too late. You can’t get another body… IT’S ALL YOU’VE GOT!!!” Raylene Snow is the owner/operator of Raylene’s Wellness Spa, located between Ste. Anne and Giroux.

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More Than Just News!

July 2011



More Than Just News!

July 2011

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Construction Starts at Villa Youville By Marianne Curtis In the middle of June construction of a new $7.8 million affordable housing facility kicked off in Ste. Anne with an official sod turning and celebration. On June 20 the project, which involved the demolition of an existing personal care home, will soon be replacing the previously obsolete facility with 24 units of affordable, supportive housing was officially launched. The 24 unit housing facility is expected to enhance accessibility for seniors in Ste. Anne. Twelve of the new units will be rented on a rentgeared-to-income basis, and the remaining at Median Market Rents for the area. In addition to working with existing infrastructure and service supports, this project introduces supportive

housing into the community of Ste. Anne. The project will use geothermal heating and cooling and includes a chapel and an expanded kitchen and dining room funded through community fundraising. Provencher MP Vic Toews was one of the speakers at the event. “At Villa Youville, the construction of these units is creating jobs – more importantly, it means that lower income seniors will continue to have access to quality affordable housing that meets their needs,” stated Toews. South Eastman Health Chief Executive Officer John Stinson was pleased to be part of the proceedings, which took place on his first day on the job. “We will be able to provide support for homecare and other services from the home – it will be a real

benefit to the people living in the facility,” explained Stinson. Residents will be able to move into the assisted living portion and as the need arises, make a smooth transition from supportive housing to long-term care. “This is a real positive model for our region.” Stinson added that while the Provencher MP Vic Toews, Noella Gaultier and La Verendrye MLA Ron Lemieux dig in deep facility will greatly benefit the area, to kick off construction at the Villa Youville in Ste. Anne. there is still a large demand for longterm beds. He said the health authority will continue to address the aging population growth within the region over the next 15 years. The federal and provincial governments are contributing equally to an overall investment of $176 million for the creation of affordable housing under the amended Canada-Manitoba Affordable Housing Program Agreement.

Technology! What a Topic!

In today’s swirling world of blackberry, iPad, Playbook, desktop, laptop, 4G, wifi…you may ask yourself “Is this all really necessary?” Well, no…all of this is not necessary. However, there is a balance of what is needed to keep pace with the current business world. A blackberry is a very handy tool for a real estate salesperson. A blackberry receives and sends email, text messages (SMS), and connects a person to the internet. When out on the road and a salesperson needs updated information it is great having the tools at hand to help. We can connect to our system “on the go”. There have been occasions when out on an appointment we drive by a sign that a client may have an enquiry about. We can take out our blackberry and connect to the real estate website and get the information – right there. We can tell you price, the number of days on the market, square footage, number of bedrooms, and more. Yes, technology can make life a bit cumbersome. Gone are the “good ole days” when life was simple. With all the changes, we need to embrace the change (sometimes). We don’t have to carry all the new gadgets, good thing, because there is no end to “new” gadgets. Thinking about upgrading your technology? Do some research. Investigate what is out there. What are the capabilities? What are your specific needs? Do you need wifi? Do you know what wifi is? Wifi lets you connect to the internet without the need for a certain locale to connect to the internet. So, for instance, you could purchase an iPad (which is a handheld computer tablet) and with the first generation it is capable of being wireless, but you have to be at a location where the internet is available (such as in internet café), or the next generation of iPad has the option of being wifi, which carries the capability of connecting to the internet anywhere (there is a monthly fee for that service – of course). Don’t worry about getting the very latest – it changes so fast. Get advice from someone you trust. Ask questions – remember there is no “dumb question”! Till next time! If you have any questions call Travis Olifirowich at 371-7223 or Eileen Lewis at 371-0255 at Prudential Riverbend Realty.

Thieves Target La Broquerie Golf Course At approximately 2:38 a.m. on June 3, Steinbach RCMP responded to a commercial alarm at the La Broquerie Golf Course. On route, police were informed that culprit(s) might still be inside the building. Upon arrival, police could not locate anyone inside or within the vicinity of the golf course area. Police Dog Services attended and it is believed that the culprit(s) left the scene in a vehicle. Entry was gained via the Golf Pro Shop. Extensive damage was incurred to the Golf Pro Shop, also to the upstairs of the golf house. It appears that the culprit(s) left with a cash box that was later recovered in the area. Liquor also appears to have been taken. There is no estimate of damage at this time. Police continue to investigate with the assistance of the RCMP Winnipeg Forensic Identification Services. Anyone with any information regarding this matter is asked to contact the Steinbach RCMP at 326-1234 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS) or www.manitobacrimestoppers.com or text “TIPMAN” plus your message to Crimes (274637).

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Dawson Trail Dispatch

July 2011

Adoptable of the Month Things are a little quieter at the Steinbach Cultural Arts Centre in July. Our office will be closed until July 8. We will re-open on July 11, our hours will be 9 a.m-12 p.m., 1-5 p.m.

Summer Art Day Camps Have the best summer ever! 4 & 5-day camps for kids ages 5-12 years, running from July 11- August 26. Experience activities in music, dance, drama, visual arts and sports/recreation, swimming, and physical arts. Camp themes: Blast from the Past, Topsy Turvy Holidays, A Pirates Life for Me!, Sporty Camp, Heritage Hunt, Year 3000.

Dance Camp Summer Stay in Shape Dance Camp, July 18-22, by Sasha Smith for 7-12 years. Learn new techniques, develop your personal dance style, and create your own choreography.

Fall Programs Now is the time to sign up For Fall Programs at the Steinbach Cultural Arts Centre – ages 3-99! Southeast School of Dance offers: Dress Up Song 7 Dance, Hop N Bop, Creative Movement, Pre-Ballet, Ballet, Creative Tap, Urban Ballet. For Teens: Youth Pops, Pop Dance, Jazz, Hip Hop. New Classes include Techinique, Jazz and Irish Dance. Backyard Theatre offers Actors Playhouse, Dress Up Drama, Acting Exploration, and Extreme Acting. Visual Arts: Photography, Teens art, Animation, Watercolour, Pottery, Jewelery Making, Acrylics, Play Date with Art, Art Exploring, Art Fusion and more! Other Community Programs include: Arts for tots Pre-school, French and Spanish languages, Social Dance, Social Dance, Belly Dance, Kids in the Kitchen, Creative Cooking, Photography Club. Wellness Classses: Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, Body Pump, Stability Ball. Music classes: Manitoba Conservatory of Music offers lessons in voice, piano, theory and violin. User Groups: Southeastern Manitoba Music Teachers, Southeastern Manitoba Festival, Eastman choral Association, and XCOMPANY – hip hop, wushu, breakdance and more! www.xcompanydsf@yahoo.ca

Concerts in the Park Don’t miss the last concert... KR Barkman Concerts in the Park runs at KR Barkman Park on Main street, Steinbach Bring a lawn chair and enjoy the fabulous music. July 5 – McKenzie Road & Corny ‘Elvis’ Rempel 7 p.m.

Arts for Tots Only a few spaces left for Arts for Tots Preschool Program – Early registration for Fall 2011. The most creative way to learn early child development through dance, theatre, music and visual arts – for ages 3-5. Instructors: Miss Carol & Miss Pam Mon & Wed; Tues & Thurs 9 – 11:30 a.m. & 1 - 3:30 p.m.

Looking for Board Nominees Serve on the Steinbach Arts Council Board of Directors for the 20112012 season. A willingness to support community programs, an interest in the arts, and ability to give a little time to this policy making board is required. Call 346-1077 for more info, or email director@steinbachartscouncil.ca

Become a Season Ticket Holder It’s that time again! Reserve your seats NOW for the 2011-2012 season. We have another line up of new and exciting concerts. Makes great gifts – birthdays, retirements, anniversaries. For more details: www.steinbachartscouncil.ca 346-1077

Pet Licenses Required in Niverville Did you know that all dogs and cats over the age of 6 months are required to be licensed in Niverville? Pet licenses are to be renewed annually – license fee is $20.00/pet.

Please remember to bring in your vaccination records when applying or renewing a pet license as rabies and distemper shots are a license requirement. Not sure when your renewal is due? Contact the office at 388-4600 or email reception@whereyoubelong.ca and they will be happy to check the records for you. For more information on By-law 691-10 visit the website www.whereyoubelong.ca.

To adopt this pet or one of the many adorable pets that are looking for homes contact the Steinbach Humane Society at canines@steinbachhumanesociety.com Hi there, my name is Hunter. I’m a one-year-old male Corgi Chihuahua blend with lots of smiles and kisses to offer. I enjoy playing and learning new things, and I make friends very easily, though I’m a little bashful at first. I’m happy, healthy and ready for my forever family to come and find me. If you are looking for a fur baby with unconditional love and acceptance, I’m your pup – well, I hope I will be. Please remember me when you are ready to adopt. I’ll be a good boy for you if you just give me a chance. My adoption fee is $250 and includes my first vet check, first vaccinations, first deworming, neuter and tattoo and lots of kisses. You can email canines@steinbachhumanesociety.com if you would like to meet me. I’d sure like to meet you.



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July 2011

Dawson Trail Dispatch

St. Malo Museum Open to Visitors By Marianne Curtis On June 24, the community of St. Malo celebrated the grand reopening of the St. Malo Museum with a special ribbon cutting and open house. The St. Malo Museum, which is located at the gateway of the St. Malo Provincial Park along Beach Road was originally a housing facility attached to the Dufrost Rail Station. The grand opening officially celebrated recently completed renovations, several displays, and tourism information. Visitors toured the museum, which includes local displays and artifacts, an inventory of the secrets along the Crow Wing Trail, and 2011-2012 Travel Manitoba Visitor Information. Guests were also treated to a light supper and refreshments. The museum will be open in July and August and is a rural Travel Manitoba Information Centre. The museum is directly on the heritage pathway of the Crow Wing Trail – home to Manitoba’s longest section of the Trans Canada Trail and is a prime location for family picnics and sightseeing. In addition,

RM of De Saleberry Reeve Ron Musick cuts the ribbon to officially open the St. Malo Museum to the public.

One of the exhibits that visitors can view during their visit.

beside the museum is the St. Malo Grotto site – home to a century old shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes. Staffing for the St. Malo Museum for summer 2011 was made possible by “Manitoba Works”, a unique partnership between Employment Manitoba and four non - profit community organizations in St. Malo. The Crow Wing Trail Association, the Friends of St. Malo Provincial Park, the St. Malo Museum Committee, and the

Economic Development Office, RM of De Salaberry are sharing an employee to assist with a variety of community based projects and activities such as membership drives, fundraising, hosting special events and supervising the St. Malo Museum. Future plans for the museum include more renovations, establishing a business and strategic plan, fundraising, and an interactive exhibit.

Emerson Drive Wows Crowds in Niverville

Gardenton Hosts Derby and Mudbog

Thousands of music lovers packed the streets when Emerson Drive took to the stage in Niverville. Photo by Marianne Curtis

Thousands of people from across southern Manitoba drove to Niverville over the weekend June 10 and 11 for the annual Niverville Old Tyme Country Fair. The weather was perfect when gates opened on Friday with a show and shine, midway, street market, live music and blackout fireworks. A full day of activities followed on Saturday, capped off with country band Emerson Drive and a pyrotechnics display. The Juno Award-nominated band from Grand Prairie, Alberta played for a little more than 90 minutes to a packed Main Street as revellers set up lawn chairs and filled the bleachers. Organizers moved the intimate stage to the other side of the street this year to accommodate a larger crowd, which seems to be growing annually.

The big winners of the day were a father son and grandfather trio from St. Clements. In first place was son Dean Sanclemente, followed by his father Rob Sanclemente in second place and grandpa Wayne Sanclemente finished in third. Photo by Marianne Curtis

By Marianne Curtis On the first weekend of June, the community of Gardenton grew grow by a few hundred people when this year’s annual mud bog and demolition derby took place. On June 4, the Gardenton Demolition Derby and Quad Mud Bog took place at the back of the museum grounds. The annual one-day event drew spectators from both sides of the border for an exciting afternoon full of big car demolition derbies, quad mud bog and obstacle course. Organizer Sheila Arseny was pleased with another successful event under her belt. The annual event takes place at Gardenton Park and money raised is used to support the facility. “It was a very fun day and it was a great show,” stated Arseny. New this year was “truck football” where trucks were used aggressively and defensively to push a football or in this case a car across a goal line. This year’s event drew participants and visitors from communities throughout the region, including Ste. Anne, Zhoda, Sundown, Tolstoi, Grunthal, Lorette along with Selkirk and Winnipeg.

Manitoba Housing Upgrades Slated in Niverville and Steinbach One hundred and sixty two Manitoba Housing Units in the communities of Niverville and Steinbach will soon see some significant renovations. In the middle of June, the province announced $19 million in joint funding for renovations in about 7,600 housing units throughout Manitoba. Locally, six housing units in Niverville will see renovations estimated at $14,500. While in Steinbach, $227,514 will be spent upgrading 156 units. Repairs that are eligible for funding include general improvements, energyefficiency upgrades or conversions, and modifications to support people with disabilities. The funding will be used for the replacement of exterior components such as roofing, siding, windows and doors, and interior components such as flooring, drywall, doors, kitchen and bathroom cupboards, counters and fixtures such as tubs, sinks and showers. The investment will significantly extend the life of these structures.

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More Than Just News!

100’s of Athletes Compete in St. Malo

July 2011


Rotary Club Generosity

By Marianne Curtis Hundreds of athletes of all ages turned out for the 16th annual Multisport Weekend, which took place in St. Malo on June 25 and 26 at the St. Malo Provincial Park. The two-day event offered triathlon events and distances for youth, novices and experienced triathletes. Each race consisted of competitions with various lengths of swimming, biking and running. “This is the highest number of participants in this event to date and the most junior athletes competing at one race,” say organizers. On Saturday, 109 children participated in the Kids of Steel competitor’s race, starting with the Tykes and Trikes, age five and under. Following this warmup event, the rest of the Kids of Steel competitors, age six to 15, took to the racecourse. The day ended with the Try-a-Tri event for those athletes just starting out with the sport. This day’s activities served as the Eastman Regional Qualifier for the 2008 Power Smart Manitoba Summer Athletes compete in the run portion of events. Games, which takes place in Athletes varied in age from 16 to 70+ Carman in August. Sunday saw 260 adults and highlighted the lifelong sport compete in Olympic and Sprint possibilities of triathlon. The St. Malo Triathlon has become a Triathlon and Duathlon races, as well as an open water swim event. premium event for Canada’s top

Mischief in Mitchell

On June 6 between 8:00 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. the Stahn Field Ball Park building in Mitchell was broken into. It is unknown if there is anything missing but there was some damage done to the inside of the building.

Photo Courtesy of South Eastman Health

triathletes. This year 60 of the country’s best triathletes participated in the event in an effort to accumulate enough competition points towards spots on the 2016 Olympic team. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Steinbach RCMP at 326-4452, Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS), at www.manitobacrimestoppers.com, or text “TIPMAN” plus your message to Crimes (274637).

Rotary has donated $2,000 from a dinner and wine pairing they hosted at the Brass Lantern to the Southeast Suicide Prevention Committee’s Out of the Blue campaign. Out of the Blue is a mental health awareness project that culminated its inaugural campaign last week. David Rafeedie, President-elect of the local Rotary Club indicates: “The Out of the Blue Campaign was a natural fit for our involvement. We already fund the D. A. R. E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) Program for the RCMP and saw the Out of the Blue campaign as another local project that can have a great and long lasting impact for good in the lives of students, their families and for the whole community.” The Rotary Club of South Eastman is dedicated to serving the community and is among the many groups involved in the campaign. The Southeast Suicide Prevention Committee and South Eastman Health/Santé Sud Est thank the Rotary Club for their leadership and for their generous donation. Marcelle Falk, interim Regional Mental Health Program Manager said, “It’s thanks to dedicated community groups like the Rotary that we can continue to provide quality mental health services to achieve wellness and the best possible health for our community.”


July 2011

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Government of Canada Creates Summer Jobs in Provencher More Provencher students will have an opportunity to gain valuable work experience and earn money for the upcoming school year thanks to a Government of Canada initiative that was announced by Vic Toews, Member of Parliament for Provencher. “This year in Provencher, the Canada Summer Jobs initiative is investing $201,331 which will result in approximately 52 agreements being signed with employers,” said Toews. “Not only will this investment create summer jobs that will enable students to gain the skills and experience they need to compete in today’s labor market, it will also benefit our community and local economy.” Toews announced that the federal government has permanently increased the budget for the Canada Summer Jobs initiative by $10 million, beginning in 2011. The additional funding will create as many as 3,500 additional jobs for students across Canada this summer.

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Flooding Affects Foodgrains Projects By Marianne Curtis

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July 2011


Amazing Tree Launched in St. Pierre

Farmers throughout the province are struggling this year after the spring flood has managed to prevent the seeding of nearly 5 million acres of cropland throughout Manitoba. Not only does this affect the day-to-day operations of area farmers but it has also affected organizations such as the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. Harold Penner, CFGB Manitoba Resource Coordinator, said that the story of 2011 will be the difficult seeding season. “Given some numbers, our total potential this year in my region was over 4,900 acres and we have 67 percent seeded to date,” stated Penner. “As of today some projects have given up trying to seed this year, some are still hoping to do it this week, and some crops are up nicely and have been sprayed for weeds.” Despite the discouraging start, Penner is grateful to the many farmers that tried to participate this year. “Thank you to all who help make this a success and that includes everyone, even if they can’t grow a crop this year,” Penner continued. “Perhaps we should say thanks especially to those who have tried and tried but not been able to harvest a good crop in recent years and thanks to those who are struggling along but still help in the work of ending hunger.” Canadian Foodgrains Bank (CFGB) is a partnership of Canadian churchbased agencies working to end hunger in developing countries by increasing and deepening the involvement of Canadians in an effort to end hunger. Through the CFGB, a number of grain producers in the region donate portions of their crops, or planted specifically to support the program. The southeast is known to be a generous area. Last year five of the 25 A few dozen people recently came out to find out how they can mark a historical tree in the RM of De Salaberry when the Amazing Tree grow projects that were conducted across Manitoba were from the Quest kicked off. southeast. Nationally the CFGB has delivered over $515 million worth of Over 30 people gathered at both the St. Pierre Museum and the St. Malo Museum recently to learn how they programming and shipped over a million metric tonnes of food and seeds can nominate their favourite community trees in the Amazing Tree Quest. to 76 countries around the world. On June 13 the Amazing Tree Quest kicked off in St. Pierre Jolys and on June 16th in St. Malo. Those in attendance learnt tree identification, measuring and also how to use GPS units so that they could participate in the event. The Amazing Tree Quest is running from June 1 to September 12. The quest encourages people to go out and find heritage trees in their community that may be unusually large or tall; perhaps planted by early settlers or pioneers; or have a distinctive shape or even an entirely different form than normal. Once a tree is identified, participants measure, identify and tag the tree, along with a photograph and record Three years after introducing The Justice for Victims of Child by GPS of the tree’s exact location. Winning historical trees and their history or significance will be announced Pornography Act, Steinbach MLA Kelvin Goertzen is pleased that his during National Forestry week during the third week of September. legislation, the first of its kind in Canada, was passed unanimously in the For more info go to www.riverswest.ca. GPS Units are available on a sign out basis at the Economic Development Manitoba Legislature on the last day of the session and likely the last Office, RM of De Salaberry, 466 Sabourin Street, St. Pierre Jolys MB – 433-7406 or emailing les@rmdesalaberry.mb.ca. before the fall election. This historic bill allows the provincial government to sue in civil court individuals who have been involved with creating, possessing, accessing, or distributing child pornography. Monies received will go directly to victims where they are known and where the victims are unknown it will go to assist other victims of child pornography and help combat the crime. “This legislation is the first of its kind in Canada and will assist in compensating the young victims of this horrible crime as well as combating child pornography,” Goertzen said. “We need to take every legislative step possible to protect children and I am glad this unique legislation has finally passed.” Previously, individuals who made, distributed, published or possessed child pornography could face criminal charges under the Criminal Code of Well, summer is here and it feels great! The sunshine, the heat and Canada but it was often difficult for civil action to occur because victims the awesome thunderstorms are making for a wonderful time. in the images were unknown. Goertzen’s bill allows the Manitoba With the end of spring, so too is the end of my little boy’s soccer government to sue on behalf of both the identified and unidentified child season. This was his third season of chasing the black and white ball victims. and he’s loved it each year. I can still remember his first year of “This law is one more tool to help children and combat this awful crime. playing. While it took three years to get the Bill passed in the legislature, I am glad Imagine a group of eight to ten little children playing soccer. The it is now law in our province,” Goertzen said. ball would be kicked one direction and, as a flock, all the children Since being elected, Goertzen has introduced a number of other initiatives Three daycare center projects in would race in that direction and surround the ball. Eight to ten little that have been passed in the legislature including ending welfare payments the region are among 16 projects feet would be kicking away (thank goodness for shin pads) until the to criminals with serious outstanding warrants, allowing parents to get recently announced as a part of $3 ball would somehow escape from the pack and roll away. Once they drug treatment for their children under 18 struggling with addiction, and million in new funding for early realized that the ball had gotten away, the group would once again ending MPI benefits for car thieves. learning child-care centers in local race over and commence pummeling the ball with their tiny shoes. “Throughout the time that I’ve had the honor of being elected, I’ve tried schools. Occasionally, there would be children that wouldn’t feel too to bring forward different ideas to increase the safety of Manitobans and Thanks to the announcement, confident and would need a parent to be in the game with them. I did children in particular. I’ve grateful that this bill was supported by all three three new early learning centers will have to step in a couple of times with my boy his first year. This was parties and every member of the Legislature,” said Goertzen. be developed in the region. Two are actually much harder for me than it sounds. located in Steinbach and the third The first reason was because when my son and I raced after the will be located in La Broquerie. ball, I would have to be very careful that I would not knock down or traveling southbound on Road 35E. Kinder Korner Early Learning step on any of the children. Quite the challenge when you’re a giant The passenger of the southbound Center is receiving money to create in the land of these tiny athletes. Especially since they will veer in vehicle was pronounced deceased a new center in the Clearspring whichever direction they feel, whether the ball is actually in that at the scene. The adult female driver Middle School. The second will be direction is mostly irrelevant as they zip all over in the field. of the southbound vehicle was located within the new Steinbach Another reason is that as the ball comes near to me I had to resist taken to hospital with non-life High School. In La Broquerie, a new the urge to give it a good, solid kick. While kicking the ball into the On June 2 at 7:45 a.m. RCMP threatening injuries. The adult center will be established by the net would have increased my enjoyment, it would have been frowned Steinbach Detachment members female driver of the eastbound Treasure Keeper’s Children’s Center upon by the coaches and by the parents of whichever child would were dispatched to a collision vehicle was also taken to hospital within Arborgate School. have accidentally stepped into the path of the speeding ball. between two vehicles at the junction and her condition is listed as These projects are a part of the All in all, I must say that the sport of soccer has gotten a good of Highway 311 and Road 35E in the guarded. All persons involved are Manitoba government’s five-year foothold in our community and in the lives of me and my family. RM of Hanover. from the Steinbach area. Family Choices agenda, which will Until next time, take care and keep your world spinning. A vehicle traveling Eastbound on Alcohol was not considered a develop 54 new early learning and Highway 311 struck a vehicle contributing factor. childcare centers.

Goertzen’s Private Members Bill to Protect Children Passes on Last Day of Session

Hanover, Seine River Schools Get Daycare Centers

Fatal Motor Vehicle Collision

Soccer Season


July 2011

The Latest Federal Budget The recent federal budget was tabled early June. It is mostly a repeat of the budget that was announced in March before our recent election. There were a few items announced that will affect some of us individual taxpayers for 2011 and in the future. Here’s a quick summary about them. More questions for me to ask of you next spring during the 2011 tax season!

Guaranteed Income Supplement The Guaranteed Income Supplement for very low-income seniors will be enhanced. This measure will provide a new top-up benefit of up to $600 annually for single seniors and $840 for couples. This measure will improve the financial security of more than 680,000 seniors across Canada.

Children’s Arts Tax Credit This is a new non-refundable tax credit based on eligible expenses paid for the cost of registration or membership of your child in a prescribed program of artistic, cultural, recreational or developmental activity. You can claim expenses up to $500 per year for each child under age 16 (under age 18 if the child is eligible for the disability tax credit). If you spend $500, you can reduce your taxes payable by 15 percent or $75. The program must be at least eight consecutive weeks. So ask for and keep your receipts for any art programs, piano lessons, scouts, cadets, etc. If you are not sure, keep the receipt and we can figure it out next spring.

Family Caregiver Tax Credit This is a new credit for an infirm dependant that will provide up to an additional amount of $2,000 for each of the following non-refundable tax credits: spouse, eligible dependant, amount for children under age 18, amount for infirm dependants age 18 or older; and the caregiver amount. So if you are already claiming one of these credits, you can claim this additional credit if the individual is infirm (likely already has the disability tax credit on file).

Volunteer Firefighter Tax Credit There is a new credit based on an amount of $3,000 for volunteer firefighters. To qualify, you must be a volunteer firefighter in the year and you must complete a minimum of 200 hours of eligible volunteer firefighter services with one or more fire departments in the year. A certification from a fire chief or delegated official within the fire department may be requested to verify the number of hours of eligible volunteer firefighter services you performed for the department. (Fire Chiefs: get this information ready and keep track of the hours of your volunteers!) The “services” include responding to calls, attending meetings, and participating in training. The credit of $3,000 could lower your taxes payable by $450. As a volunteer firefighter, you may be eligible for an income exemption of up to $1,000 if you received a payment from a government, municipality, or other public authority for carrying out volunteer firefighter duties. If you choose to claim this exemption, you will not be eligible for the new Volunteer Firefighter Tax Credit. Next year when you have your taxes done, figure out which one is better for you!

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Dawson Trail Dispatch

Steinbach RCMP Launch New Tip Line The Steinbach RCMP is making it easier for locals wishing to provide police with tips by launching the first dedicated public tip line in the province. The new tip line is designed to direct tips coming into the Steinbach RCMP Detachment by funnelling calls directly to the local General Investigations Unit for follow-up. Constable Andrew Jurcina, with the Steinbach RCMP, was charged with the task of developing the local input project. “I decided that it was best that we come up with more opportunities for the public to contact and communicate with us,” he stated. “We developed the Steinbach Tip line and we also developed an online version.” Jurcina assures the public that those using the tip line, whether online or on the phone, will be able to give information to the police while remaining anonymous. “They can leave a name when submitting tips but they are not expected to,” Jurcina added. The local tip line can be accessed by calling 320-8229 or by visiting Steinbach.ca and clicking the link on the left side that will direct you to the Steinbach RCMP Tip form.

Those wanting to report an incident to the Steinbach RCMP directly while remaining anonymous can now do so through a dedicated phone tip line or online by filling out this form.

Twelve Local Sports Programs get Grants By Marianne Curtis

Programs in 12 communities throughout the southeast were among 140 non-profit community sport and recreation organizations, community clubs, sporting associations and community facilities receiving funding through the province’s new First Sports Program. The First Sports Program provides grants up to $10,000 to sports and recreation projects that are expected to be used to improve youth participation in sports and provide access to the programs. Across the province, $1 million is being dispensed with a total of $100,100 slated specifically to programs within the southeast. The equipment and supplies these grants will provide to local teams and clubs are expected to get more kids on the field, improve training opportunities and kids’ overall experience in their sport. Grants ranging from $5,000 to $10,000 will assist programs in a dozen communities, including Blumenort, Falcon Lake, Gruthal, Lorette, Otterburne, Richer, St. Pierre, Ste. Genevieve, Steinbach, Vassar, Vita and Whiteshell. At the top of the list, Lorette Curling Club is getting $10,000 for curling equipment. Park improvements in Richer, arena renovations in St. Pierre, diamond repairs in Grunthal and a sports equipment purchase in Ste. Genevieve are projects all receiving $9,500 each. Vassar’s rec centre and the establishment of a cross-country ski program in Whiteshell are each getting For a change in your marital status that occurs after June 2011, you will $9,000. The Steinbach Flippers are getting $8,200 for new gymnastic equipment; Blumenort gets $8,100 for a be required to notify the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) by the end of new backstop and a trail and range improvement project in Falcon Lake will get $7,000. the month after the month in which the change occurs if you are receiving The curling program in Otterburne is getting $5,800 to purchase junior curling rocks, while Vita’s club get CCTB. It used to be 90 days before the CCTB would be changed. $5,000 for upgrades. If the change in marital status results in a change to your CCTB, your revised entitlement will be effective in the first month following the month of the change in status. You will receive a notice of redetermination advising you of your revised entitlement. So if your marital status changes, contact At a recent meeting, the council proceed with the project as Canada Revenue Agency the following month! municipality’s building committee intended as a municipal office and met to discuss a number of issues library complex. related to the construction of a new The RM of Tache council agreed municipal office and public library to follow the committee’s complex. recommendation by hiring LM This is a one time credit of up to $1,000 based on the increase in an Part of the discussion included Architectural Group to undertake employer’s employment insurance (EI) premiums paid for 2011 over those listing possible locations, including the work required for design and paid for 2010. A small business whose total employer’s EI premiums paid at the Lorette Community Complex construction of the project. for 2010 was $10,000 or less and whose total premiums increased in 2011 is grounds, the existing office location While an exact project has yet to eligible for a credit. The credit is calculated as the difference between in Lorette, other property fronting be unveiled, the RM of Tache these two amounts up to a maximum of $1,000. The CRA will automatically Highway 207 and even commercial council laid out plans in their 2011 calculate the credit when an eligible employer’s 2011 T4 information return The RM of Tache could be oneproperty in Landmark. budget to construct a $3.6 million is filed. For those of us that have one or just a few employees it should be step closer to the construction of a The committee also looked at the office building with $1.1 million a bit of a credit. Anni Markmann is an independent financial planner and tax new municipal building, including scope of the project including the coming out of capital reserves and professional working, living, playing, and volunteering in our public library, after it was recently future needs of the public works $2.5 million through a borrowing community. Contact her at 422-6631 or annimarkmann@mts.net or at decided to hire an architect to begin department and the LUD of Lorette. bylaw. work on the project. It was decided to recommend 107 Central Avenue in Ste Anne.

Canada Child Tax Benefit – Notice of Marital Changes

Hiring Credit for Small Business

Tache Hires Consultant to Discuss Building

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Dawson Trail Dispatch

July 2011


Music Students Fundraise to Help Other Kids By Marianne Curtis Local students participating in Music for Young Children have once again successfully collected enough pennies to raise $2,659.41 for the Fire Fighters Burn Fund in Manitoba. According to Marilyn Unrau, Coordinator for Manitoba/NW Ontario, the group of students that participate in the program took part in “Pennies for Practicing”. The Burn Fund – which focuses on burn prevention and education, as well as improving the quality of life for burn survivors – was chosen as the recipient because of the character

“Fireman Fred”, the name given to represent the F key on the piano. “This international event was held throughout North American and has raised $26,354.56 since 2005,” explained Unrau. From Lorette, Arlene Schulz, Music for Young People teacher, said she is proud of her students for both their dedication to practising and helping other children in the process. “This is a huge accomplishment from our music students,” added Schulz. “Some of the students collecting money for other kids were only three years old.” To raise the money sponsors

were sought and asked to pay the student one penny for every minute of practicing done over a period of four weeks. In many cases, the teachers matched the funds raised by the students. As reward for their hard work, the group was invited to join a 32 member choir that sang both national anthems at a recent Winnipeg Goldeyes game. Music for Young Children is a program that teaches small groups of adults and children music skills and includes piano instruction, singing, rhythm ensembles, sightreading, ear training, theory and composition.

Niverville to Pen Agreement with Ducks Unlimited The Town of Niverville has agreed to an agreement in principle that could see Ducks Unlimited helping them decommission the community’s old lagoon. Town council recently met with Ducks Unlimited to discuss turning the old municipal lagoon into wetlands instead of undertaking traditional decommissioning methods. “This alternative approach to treatment of closed lagoons is being considered due to capacity of wetlands high rate of biological activity to transform common pollutants in conventional lagoons into harmless byproducts or essential nutrients,” noted council. Two years ago, a concept study was conducted, organizations such as Ducks Unlimited and other environmental and government agencies were consulted, and it is agreed that a natural wetlands could be created as an extension of Hespler Park. The town of Niverville council noted that not only would the project be good for the environment, it would also benefit the community financially. It would be cheaper to turn the old lagoon into a wetlands site than to undertake traditional decommissioning. Council agreed to provide an agreement in principle to enter into a long-term relationship with Ducks Unlimited and the University of Manitoba for the project.

Library New Date, Events Service at this Year’s Frog Available Did you know that residents of Niverville are eligible to use a FREE provincial library service called “Open Shelf” as they do not have a library within the town at this time? All you need to do is simply call 1888-243-1196 or email openshelf@gov.mb.ca in order to request a client id & pin number. Then visit: library.gov.mb.ca/ redirect/openshelf.html, search, and request the books you would like to order. They will be mailed to your house in a burlap bag from the provincial library in Brandon. When you are done with them, simply mail them back with the label provided. This service is absolutely free and really easy to use! Business books, books for your children, family, etc. are all available through this program.

Niverville Recreation Survey


Historically, St. Pierre’s annual Frog Follies takes place on August long weekend, however, this year the event has been moved forward by a couple of weeks. This year the community will celebrate tradition, family and community with the 42nd Frog Follies & Agricultural Fair on a new date, July 14-17. The non-profit event brings together people from all over for a funfilled, action packed weekend. In celebration of the new date, the committee is offering free gate admission. The committee is also hosting a “name the mascot” contest to name the event’s two mascots. Three lucky finalists were chosen on July 1 and the winner will be announced during the Frog Follies. Some of the featured activities include one of Manitoba’s premier agricultural exhibition displays and fair, numerous children’s activities, slo-pitch tournament, a parade, fireworks, Sunday night DJ social and the Canadian National Frog Jumping Championship. There will also be tons of live entertainment including Ça Claque, Dust Rhinos, Jerry Sereda, The Dusty Roads Band, and Diamond Disc Dogs. Volunteers are still needed for various duties over the weekend and to organize some of the events. Those interested can contact Sebastien at 433-2888.

Is the future of Recreation in Niverville important to you? Make your voice heard by completing the Recreation Survey – in your mailboxes and available in the community. It is also available online at www.surveymonkey.com/s/NivervilleRecreationSurvey. Your participation is critical and your input will shape the future of recreation and wellness in Niverville! The survey results will be presented at a public meeting later in the year.

This group of eager fundraisers learned to practice their music while supporting the Firefighter Burn Fund. Left to right: Rebecca Ronald from Grande Pointe, Gabrielle Thomas, Domain, and Emilie Vachon, of Ile de Chênes, along with Tatyana Tymchen and Carmen Tymchen of Landmark, and Katarina Hein from Ste. Anne hang with Goldie at a recent Winnipeg Goldeyes game.

Steinbach 55 Plus offers programs, activities, services and volunteer opportunities, striving to promote healthy and active living for older adults of the southeast region. For more information, call the center at 320-4600.

Special Events Bus Tour Neepawa Lily Festival: Friday, July 22. Depart Steinbach 55 Plus 7:30 a.m. Return approximately 9:00 p.m. Registration deadline: July 22nd. Cost: $65 members, $70 non-members. Minimum requirement of 30 people for a definite departure. Tour includes: Morning coffee at Herman Prior Senior Center Portage la Prairie, Tour of the Beautiful Plains Museum, Lunch Time to browse Lily Show, Crafters & Vendors on Main Street, Bus Tour of Neepawa including the picturesque Riverside Cemetery, Tour of The Lily Nook including lily fields, stop at Tim Hortons/McDonalds/Subway in Portage la Prairie for coffee/supper. Afternoon coffee/dinner is at your own expense.

Monthly Programs Single Ladies’ Night Out: The first Friday of the month at 5:00 p.m. Enjoy supper out at a local restaurant. Call the center for place to meet. Foot Care: The first and third Tuesday of the month from 9:00-3:00 p.m. Run by a professional foot care nurse. Cost: $25. Bring your own towel. Call the center to book an appointment. Pot Luck Supper: The second Thursday of every month at 6:00 p.m. Main dish and beverages are provided. Cost: $5.00 per person. Bring along a casserole, salad or desert. Call the center to reserve your seat. Birthday Party: The first Wednesday of the month. All members with a birthday are invited for complimentary cake and coffee. Guests are asked to pay $2.00. Entertainment provided. Perogy Bee: The first Monday of every month. Beltone Hearing: The third Friday of each month. Call 1-800-661-2653 for appointment.

Weekly Programs Monday

9:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. Fitness Class with DVD 1:00 p.m. Canasta 7:30 p.m. - 8:45 p.m. Tai Chi Tuesday 8:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. Adult Day Program Wednesday 9:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. Fitness Class with DVD 10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. Tai Chi 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. Cribbage 1:30 p.m. Floor curling Thursday 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. Bridge and Whist Friday 8:30 - 3:00 p.m. Adult Day Program Noon meals are available Monday through Friday. Cost $5.00. Call 320-4605 by 9:00 a.m. to reserve your meal for that day. Purchase your meal ticket at the receptionist desk before noon. Monthly menus are available at the office or in the newsletter. Bring a friend. Billiards: Monday to Friday 1:00 - 4:00 p.m. Computer Lab: Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. - 12 p.m. & 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. Cost $1.00. There are lessons with Alex Cupples on Wednesdays from 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. Call the center for more information. Volunteer Opportunities include perogy making, decorating and setting tables, birthday party hosts, food preparation and serving, clean up, greeters, receptionists, etc. We welcome new volunteers. Membership at Steinbach 55 Plus is only $20 per year. Memberships are due in January of each year. Membership is for those 55 years of age and older. Benefits include reduced program rates, a voice in business meetings, voting rights, and eligibility to serve on the board or committees. For more information on our programs, activities or volunteer opportunities, drop by the Center Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., call 320-4600, or go to www.steinbach55plus.com.


July 2011

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Dawson Trail Dispatch

Canadian Tourist Destinations While Manitoba has a lot to offer in urban and rustic holiday spots, if you insist on traveling afar, try some of these great idyllic vacation points of Canadian interests… * Bay of Fundy. The Bay of Fundy is a 170-mile ocean bay that stretches between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Visitors can enjoy a guided beach walk and stick around for outdoor theater that’s performed in French or English. And be sure to catch the view at Cape Enrage, a view some insist is the best in all of Canada.

* Jasper & Banff National Parks. Outdoor enthusiasts simply must take in Alberta’s Jasper or Banff national parks. Waterfalls, pure emerald lakes and flourishing wildlife characterise both parks, which are part of the Rocky Mountains. For those who want to witness something many in the world never will, be sure to take a heli-tour of the Columbia Icefields. This is where the summit of the Saskatchewan Glacier marks the “hydrographic apex” of North America, the point on the continent where headwater streams flow into the Pacific, Arctic and Atlantic oceans. * Georgian Bay. Located on the eastern edge of Lake Huron in Ontario, Georgian Bay is home to the world’s longest freshwater beach. Visitors with an adventurous streak can explore a labyrinth of caves carved deep into Blue Mountain or dive among the shipwrecks at Fathom Five National Marine Park. * Eastern Townships. The Eastern Townships of Quebec at Knowlton on Lake Brome provide visitors with endless views of mountains, lakes and fields. Camping afficionados can camp at an altitude of 840 metres (2,756 feet) at Parc

d’environnement naturel Sutton. Those who appreciate a great bottle of wine will no doubt love La Route des Vins, which links 16 vineyards in Brome-Missiquoi, the mainstay of Quebec’s renowned wine region. * Okanagan. Located in south-central British Columbia, Okanagan is another ideal locale for wine afficionados. Often referred to as British Columbia’s “Napa of the North,” the Okanagan Valley is home to Canada’s first Aboriginal-ownedand-operated winery. Those who enjoy nature’s aesthetic appeal can fall in love with Okanagan, which features lavender farms that bloom in waves of white, pink or soft purple. Orange sunsets are known to reflect off the 136-metre-high (449-foothigh) Helmcken Falls, one of Canada’s highest waterfalls.

* Labrador. One of the world’s largest wilderness regions, Labrador is tailor-made for outdoors enthusiasts. Fishermen will love angling for speckled trout and Northern pike near Labrador City, while bird watchers can visit the Gannet Islands Ecological Reserve, which is home to the largest razorbill colony in North America and 38,000 pairs of puffins. A network of more than 1,931 kilometres (1,200 miles) of trails crisscrosses Labrador, and the North West River Beach Festival and Labrador Canoe Regatta annually attracts thousands to the lakeshores for music, dancing, sports and fun.

Dawson Trail Dispatch

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July 2011


Geppetto’s Brings on Entertainment By Marianne Curtis The owners of a Richer area business that has already proved to be successful in attracting tourists to the area is excited to add a new draw to attract visitors – miniature golf. Since opening their new 18-hole miniature golf course merely weeks ago, Sandy and John Cote have already seen over three hundred enthusiastic competitors take on their challenging new feature. The course, which was designed and put together by Harris Miniature Golf from New Jersey has been drawing in locals and travellers alike, which is exactly what the Cote’s wanted. “We’ve been getting a lot of people that are driving by and stopping to play,” John explained. “There are so many campgrounds around here and the entertainment in this area is nil – locals are coming and people on the way to the lake are stopping to play.” What started as a toy making business appropriately named Geppetto’s has evolved over the years to become a seasonal success. For the Cote’s, the addition of a miniature golf course seemed a great way to expand their already thriving summer business. “I started by making toys, but then the kids did not like anything but battery operated and noisy

toys – so we started hauling stuff in and making furniture,” John added. The couple opened Geppetto’s in 1993, after the former electrician lost his job. “This was twenty-five years ago and work for electricians was not what it is today,” John explained. “We were both on employment assistance and took part of a government self employment assistance program, came up with a business plan and we got the business going – out of a class of twenty-five, we are the only ones still in business.” The store offers an array of unique items, including cedar lawn furniture and structures built onsite. There is also an old fashioned style burger stand that offers a vast menu of homemade goodness including slow cooked BBQ ribs and pulled meat sandwiches.


July 2011

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Sun Safety Guidelines Get an Update For years doctors and safety experts have preached the importance of being smart about sun exposure. Considering skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in Canada according to statistics published by the leading cancer organizations, many people have long heeded the warnings. Although many of the precautions remain the same, this season individuals may want to pay attention to some of the newer information about sun safety.UV Rays and the Ozone LayerThe sun is responsible for life on the planet as we know it. Without sunlight, plants would fail to thrive and there would not be adequate warmth to heat up the planet. Still, the sun is a double-edged sword. The warming rays responsible for life can also be detrimental. A primary component of sun rays — ultraviolet rays — can cause skin and eye damage. UV rays come in three types: 1. UVA: These rays cause skin aging and wrinkling and contribute to skin cancer, such as melanoma. They are the most common UV rays to reach people. 2. UVB: These rays are also damaging, but the ozone layer blocks much of them from passing through. Some do make it through and can be harmful. 3. UVC: These rays might be lesser known to the general public, but they are the most harmful. These rays are blocked by the Guidelines for being safe when out in the sun are evolving. ozone layer in the atmosphere and don’t reach the earth. Although the ozone layer filters much of the harmful ultraviolet radiation, the thinning of the ozone layer due to greenhouse gases and other effects of human life poses a problem. Some portions of the ozone layer are depleting. Contrary to what some people may think, thinning of the ozone layer is more pronounced at the poles of the earth rather than in the equator region. There is a large area of thinning over Antarctica, which some scientists believe correlates to a weather phenomenon called a “polar vortex.” This is when air is blown around the planet and atmosphere and is isolated over Antarctica during the winter. This air contains global pollutants, which break down the ozone layer. Changes to Sun Protection Guidelines Although very thin patches in the ozone layer are sparsely located at the poles, the overall concentration of ozone in the stratosphere fluctuates. Thinning resulting from chlorofluorocarbons, or CFCs, and nitrogen oxides in the air has compromised the ozone to the point that greater precautions may be necessary to protect the body from UV rays. * It is widely known that the sun is responsible for producing vitamin D in the body. That vitamin D works in concert with calcium to produce strong bones. Vitamin D is sometimes known as the Err on the side of “sunshine vitamin.” Three-quarters of teens and adults are deficient in vitamin D. While the old way of thinking was to get 20 minutes of caution when unprotected sun exposure a day to generate vitamin D, new thinking applying sunscreen. offers that supplements and fortified foods are the safest way to get vitamin D, especially for those who are deficient. * Err on the side of caution when applying sunscreen. It’s not just about applying some and reapplying a half-hour later. Because the level of dosage cannot be adequately measured, it’s best to play it safe and apply a thick coat of sunscreen. Apply as frequently as you’d like, especially if you have been swimming or sweating and feel that the protection could be waning. Pay special attention to the back of the hands, back of legs, neck and where swimsuits can bunch up skin to create higher points that the sun will touch first. And use the highest SPF you can find. This way if enough isn’t applied, it still may offer better protection than a low SPF. * Sunscreen alone may not be enough. People should think about wearing clothing that also offers sun protection. A thin cover-up or T-shirt will not offer protection. In fact, the sun can get through and it is like wearing nothing at all. Look for special clothing that offers an SPF. * Some dermatologists also advise wearing a sunblock and an antioxidant-enriched moisturizer. The sun can cause free radicals that break down elastin in the skin, causing wrinkles and drying. A moisturizer can help combat this. * There has been a longstanding rule that tanning beds are not a safe way to get a tan. That information has not changed. Tanning beds dish out harmful UVA and UVB rays. They’re not a safe way to develop a “base tan” to make skin less susceptible to burns. Staying smart about sun exposure means keeping abreast of the changes to sun-safety guidelines. People should put caution first when venturing out into the great outdoors this warm-weather season.

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Hanover Gets New Grader The RM of Hanover recently celebrated the arrival of a new grader to add to the municipality’s arsenal of public works equipment in Kleefeld. Reeve Stan Toews and Councillor Henry Funk, along with the municipality’s public works department, were all on hand to accept the keys of a brand new 2011 Caterpillar Motor Grader. This is the first Caterpillar motor grader that Hanover has purchased and increases the Municipal fleet to four motor graders. The motor grader cost $249,160 and the municipality will be adding a front plow and wing to the machine prior to winter. RM of Hanover reeve Stan Toews and Councillor Henry Funk, along with the municipality’s public works department, celebrate the arrival of their new municipal grader.

Bethesda Emergency Room Project Up for Tender By Marianne Curtis South Eastman Health has been given the green light to tender out the long awaited emergency room expansion at the region’s largest hospital. On June 3, Manitoba Health gave South Eastman Health the go ahead to tender the redevelopment and expansion at Bethesda Hospital in Steinbach. The project that has been approved by the province is substantially larger than the health authority originally proposed. According to South Eastman Health CEO John Stinson, the health authority has spent the last few weeks going through a pre-qualification tender process. “We want to make sure that the companies that receive the final tender invitation are qualified to undertake this project,” explained Stinson. “This is a huge project and we are eager to get it going.” While the original proposal from the South Eastman included a 3,800-square-foot expansion to the emergency department, meetings with hospital staff and a review of community needs led to the full development plan, which will now see an expansion of 45,000 square feet and 24 additional patient treatment and examination spaces. This space includes an expanded emergency department with new private admitting and triage areas, a mental-health examination room and a new observation unit. The expansion project also includes the addition of a new dedicated special-care unit. Stinson is optimistic that if all goes well during the tendering process, construction may begin in September and could take two years to complete. During the construction period, the current emergency room will be relocated to a temporary space on the main floor of the Community Services Campus.

Job Centre Eager to Assist Youth, Employers

Keanan Byggdin is the 2011 office manager for the Manitoba Youth Job Centre in Niverville.

With the end of the school year and the start of summer holidays many students are now looking for work and the Manitoba Youth Job Centre (MYJC) in Niverville is ready to help them out. Keanan Byggdin is the office manager at the local MYJC this year. “There are 45 centres across the province and the program has been run by the Manitoba government since 1975 so we’re certainly an

established asset that both youth and employers can count on year after year,” noted Byggdin. The MYJC registers students aged 12-29 with their job referral program and offers assistance in such areas as creating resumes and Manitoba labor standards. For homeowners and employers looking to fill casual, part-time or full-time positions, Byggdin also takes job orders and then matches them with qualified candidates. “We’re a great networking and connecting tool for both employers and youth,” Byggdin said. “Whether you just want someone to mow your lawn or you need workers to fill shifts at your business right away, we’re eager to help. All of our services are also free so that’s definitely an added bonus!” The Job Centre is open until August 10 and serves the communities of Niverville, New Bothwell, Landmark, St. Adolphe, Lorette, Ile-des-Chenes, Grande Pointe and Glenlea. Byggdin encourages anyone seeking work or workers to call him at 388-6793 or visit him inside the Town of Niverville office from 9-5 on weekdays. Youth or employers seeking bilingual services in the

Southeast can visit the MYJC in St.Pierre-Jolys.

Man Threatens Himself with Gun On June 6 at 6:00 p.m. RCMP in Steinbach were called to a residence on Ellice Avenue in Steinbach where it was reported a 26-year-old man was in possession of a firearm. The man threatened to harm himself or police with the firearm, if confronted. The man was last seen leaving the residence but with tips from the public, an area near the residence was contained. With the assistance of Sprague RCMP, St. Pierre RCMP and Ste. Anne Police Department the man was located and apprehended without incident. The firearm was located near the man and confirmed to be an imitation or “replica” handgun. The man remains in police custody as the investigation is ongoing. Firearms related charges are pending.

July 2011


Residence Targeted by Thieves in RM of La Broquerie On June 26 Steinbach RCMP received a complaint of a Break and Enter at a residence in the RM of La Broquerie, South of Steinbach. The suspect gained entry to the residence and stole several guns, some antique money, two harmonicas, jewelry and a lap top computer. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Steinbach RCMP at 326-4452 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS) or at 1. www.manitobacrimestoppers.com or text “TIPMAN” plus your message to Crimes (274637).

Vandals Sought by RCMP The St. Pierre Jolys RCMP Detachment is requesting the public’s assistance in connection with vandalism to two residences in Niverville. Between May 13th and May 16th two residences under construction on Kirkdale Drive were broken into and multiple windows and doors were damaged where spray foam and black adhesive glue was used. The damage is estimated at $12,000. Police are asking anyone with information regarding these incidents to please contact the RCMP St. Pierre Jolys Detachment at (204) 433-7908. If you wish to remain anonymous, call Manitoba Crime Stoppers toll free at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS).

Body Discovered in RM of Ritchot On June 19 at about 2:00 p.m. RCMP were notified of the discovery of human remains in a pond adjacent to Highway 75 about 4 kilometers south of the Perimeter highway in the RM of Ritchot. The deceased has been identified as a 42-year-old man from the City of Winnipeg. At the request of the family, the name of the deceased will not be released. An autopsy has been completed and while police continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding this death, at this time investigators do not suspect foul play.

CurlManitoba Approves New Membership Model CurlManitoba’s Annual General Meeting has approved a significant change in the organization’s membership model. As a result of the approval of new by-laws at the June 4 AGM in Winnipeg, the individual curlers who participate in the sport across the province will now be recognized as members of the organization. In the past, the members of the Manitoba Curling Association (aka CurlManitoba) have been the various clubs around the province who provide the opportunity to curl in their facilities. The new model of membership carries with it a $4 per participant membership fee. In the past, membership revenue to the organization was based on a per-sheet-of-ice formula, which varied across the province. The formula was a direct cause of some clubs in smaller rural communities making the decision to withdraw from CurlManitoba. In smaller facilities, the per person cost of the old formula meant individuals were paying over $25 each while the figure was closer to $2 each in the larger centres like Winnipeg. What does this mean for curling clubs in Eastman? The new Membership Model is one of the best ideas CurlManitoba has implemented that positively affects many Curling Clubs in the Eastman Sport Region. There are many small but still active Curling Clubs in our region that have a small number of curlers. This allows all Clubs to affordably become members of CurlManitoba. We hope to entice Clubs like Vita, Piney, Dominion City, Seven Sisters, Whitemouth and others to be part of CurlManitoba, enjoy some benefits and become a voice in the provincial association. Clubs will pay only $100 to join CurlManitoba, plus $4 per curler. Very affordable. Joining the Canadian Curling Association, paying their fees, and receiving their benefits are now an option, not a requirement. Curling Clubs who have not been a member of CurlManitoba ever, or for a very long time, are encouraged to find out more by contacting the CurlManitoba office in Winnipeg, or myself as their regional representative. Anni Markmann is a long time curler with the Ste Anne Curling Club and current Eastman Rep for CurlManitoba. Contact her at 204-422-6631 or annimarkmann@mts.net


July 2011

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Higher!! Much Higher Than an Eagle Isaiah 40:30-31. 30) Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; 31) but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. (NIV) When you take a boat ride on Lake of the Woods you can watch eagles soar high above the water ever so gracefully, just riding the wind. They seem to be totally in harmony with nature. Not a care in the world as they sail through the air, always watchful, but always up high above the blare and turmoil of the world down below. Sometimes I wish I could be like those eagles. There are times when I am just worn out, even my bones feel tired and I feel totally exhausted. Ever get that way? When I get like that, I kind of feel ... you know ... a bit irritated with life. It is during those times that I can get really upset with other folks around me and perhaps a bit short-sighted too. Even though I am a Christian, I need to be as watchful as those eagles on days that I am not running the Christian race very well. For those of you who are my age: remember when you were younger? You did not get tired, did you? You seemed to have an inexhaustible supply of energy. However, even Isaiah, the Old Testament prophet, says that young people have struggles with weariness at times. Some of us have forgotten that. Yes! We did get tired when were younger, but we bounced back so quickly. We thought we could go on forever. Now that we are older, we have to behave in a more grown-up way. In fact, we must “act our age” because our bodies cannot handle more! We cannot do the things we did when we were younger because everything would hurt, and those things that won’t hurt do not work anymore. How do we tap into that inexhaustible supply of God’s storehouse of energy? Verse 31 tells us that God is here to help us make our day, help us get through those difficult times; past all the distractions and commotions of this life. It seems so simple, but yet so tough to do. All we need to do is put our trust and hope in Jesus Christ. Invite Him into our hearts, and He will supply that energy level we need for this life. There is a person in the Bible by the name of Esau who sold his birthright when he was physically and mentally exhausted. We may not sell our birthright, but we do other things that cause us grief later in life ... things that feed that weariness in both body and soul. When our energy is drained and we are totally beat we do things that we would not normally do. However, when we put our hope and trust in God, we gain strength from God’s strength. He allows us to exchange our strength for His. We never need to fear that our struggle is too big for Him. So if this is the case would it not make sense to make our relationship with God the highest possible priority of the day? We are told that God is able to restore our weary soul with His strength if we are but willing to wait for Him to act. There are so many things that demand our attention, our time. We must not let the noise and clatter, the pull and tug of this world, rob us of our daily time with the Lord. We are to trust in Him. When we do, we will draw strength from Him. It is in these daily times of drawing on the eternal storehouse of God’s resources that we are given the strength to live for Him. Would you pray with me ... Heavenly Father, you know my heart. I acknowledge that I am a sinner. I now invite Jesus Christ to come into my heart to forgive all my sins. I want my life to change. Many times my thoughts and attitude are not that great, please help me to have a positive attitude and good thoughts. I pray that Your Holy Spirit will help me to be the kind of Christian that will bring honour to Your Name. I pray this in Christ Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Christian Speakers Coming to Ste. Anne The AGLOW ministry and Ste. Anne Prayer Group are having two special guest speakers coming to Ste. Anne this summer. Jim Isakson has a unique blending of the prophetic gifting coupled with the compassion of Jesus for the body of Christ. Combining these giftings with practical teachings provide the saints with encouragement and the much-needed instruction for the impartation of their God-given giftings so they can fulfill their destiny in Christ. He will speak on July 26, 27 and 28 at 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. daily at the Seine River Banquet Centre (Legion), A-80 Arena Road, Ste. Anne. Joan Hunter will speak on equipping believers to take the Healing Power of God beyond the four walls of the church to the four corners of the earth (The neighbourhoods, the marketplace, our families and stores). She will make her presentations on August 8, 9, and 10 at 7 p.m. daily. It will be held at the Day Spring Fellowship Church, 20 Finnigan Road in Ste. Anne. Everyone is invited.

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Students Receive Awards in Seine River Three students in the Seine River School Division were recently named as this year‘s Citizenship Award winners. The school trustees established the SRSD Citizenship Award in 2004 to recognize students who have made positive contributions to their school community. The SRSD trustees believe that every school has exceptional students who volunteer countless hours for the betterment of our communities. Simon Laplante, Assistant Superintendent, enjoys recognizing deserving students with the awards. “It is remarkable to see that students as young as grade 2 have already committed themselves to a life of service to their communities,” LaPlante stated. Any member of the school division, staff or community can nominate a student and the board selects three recipients form the early year’s, middle year’s and senior year’s programs. The winners, their school and a charitable organization of the recipient’s choice each receive a monetary donation from Seine River School Division. This year’s Early Years Award was presented to Stephan Bell from Arborgate School in La Broquerie. The Middle Years award went to Megan Gauthier from the Dawson Trail School in Lorette and for the Senior Years award was given to the entire Lorette Collegiate Student Council. At the June 14 Board meeting a plaque honoring all recipients since 2004 was also unveiled.

Dawson Trail Principal Honored

Pam Rudy, principal of Dawson Trail School, was awarded the Crocus Award for her leadership in the field of literacy. A reception and ceremony was held at the Victoria Inn on Thursday, April 14. Rudy was presented her award by the chairperson of the Manitoba Reading Association, Carol Adamov, and she responded by reinforcing her beliefs about the tremendous difference literacy makes in a child’s life.

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July 2011


Author Addresses Musical Leanings in New Morrissey Book Why do we enjoy the music that we listen to? What keeps us interested when we encounter media texts? Dr. Nicholas Greco, Assistant Professor of Communications and Media at Providence College, addresses some of these questions in his new book, “Only If You Are Really Interested”: Celebrity, Gender, Desire and the World of Morrissey, published by McFarland Press. “One of the keys to the enduring popularity of the British singer Steven Patrick Morrissey (who most often goes by his last name only and was lead singer of the band The Smiths from 1983-1987) is his carefully crafted enigmatic persona,” says Greco, who is both a scholar and fan. Greco’s book examines the role of enigma in the celebrity’s public life, exploring how a level of mystery is maintained through television

interviews, videos, reviews and concerts, as well as through his music and lyrics. Greco presents the case of Morrissey, using it to illuminate how celebrity functions and how fans engage with celebrities that they like. The book explores both the nature of our desiring and how enigma affects notions of traditional masculinity. “Of particular interest is the way in which enigma stimulates interest and desire in his audience,” says Greco. “And how the artist manipulates traditional modes of masculinity and the conventions of pop music to further cultivate enigma or a mystique.” While the book focuses on the British singer Steven Patrick Morrissey, the concepts it explores are applicable to many celebrities in mediated society. “Morrissey is a fascinating

celebrity, one who maintains his celebrity through enigma, a constant state of mystery,” says Greco. “It is important to understand how celebrity works and how we as fans engage with celebrity.” Nicholas P. Greco is the author of numerous articles, including work on David Bowie, U2 and the Canadian rock band Rush, as well as the television shows of creator Joss Whedon. He is a founding fellow of the Canadian Institute for the Study of Pop Culture and Religion.

St. Pierre Student Wins Award A grade 12 graduate from Ecole communutaire Réal Berard in St. Pierre is one of a dozen students recently honored with the Premier’s Health Living Award for Youth. At a special ceremony at the beginning of June, Premier Greg Selinger presented graduating student Natalie Dearborn with the award. The award is given to students that show a willingness to help others, show outstanding

leadership skills and have a dedication to healthy living. Dearborn is a volunteer dance team leader at the Kids Church program at St. Pierre Bible Fellowship Church. She also volunteered as a cabin leader at the Manitoba Pioneer Camp and at the Girls’ Night Out program for girls aged 12 to 15 at the St. Pierre Youth for Christ drop-in centre. Winners received a medal and certificate for their achievements, as well as a letter of congratulations

from the premier. “These young citizens are outstanding role models for other children and youth,” said Selinger. “They make our province a better place to live and they are truly inspiring.” The Premier’s Healthy Living Award for Youth builds on the existing Manitoba Youth Leadership Scholarship Program that recognizes Grade 12 students who have engaged in meaningful volunteer activities that promote leadership, citizenship and healthy living in their schools and communities.

Farmers’ Market The Community Development Corporation (CDC) of Ste. Anne is excited to announce the Farmers’ Market will again be held Fridays from July 22nd to September 9th between 3:00 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. at Petro Canada parking lot. Vendors include vegetable producers, strawberry and raspberry growers, honey producers, bakers, preservers and crafters. There are several signs in and around town on market day to guide visitors. The Town of Ste. Anne is a good location for those traveling along the Trans Canada Highway or Hwy 12 to cottage country every weekend. A quick stop in Sainte-Anne for their fresh produce and other goods is very convenient. Travelers will also likely stop for other items including a snack, fuel, or other groceries. Interested produce farmers, bakers, preservers, and crafters can contact Anni Markmann at 422-6631.


July 2011

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Raising the Roof La Verendrye MLA Ron Lemieux congratulates Yvonne FontaineGodard on the work of the Richer Comite des ami.e.s de la priere Inc. Fontaine-Godard accepts a cheque for $17,000 from the Community Places Program for the restoration of the church roof.

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Face Fines if Garbage Not Secure As of the beginning of July residents in Steinbach and neighboring municipalities planning to haul their garbage to the Steinbach landfill will be required to secure their loads or face hefty fines under the Highway Traffic Act. According to the City of Steinbach’s Solid Waste Department head Eldon Wallman, the new regulation is in accordance to the Highway Traffic Act Section 61 (2). HTA section 61(2) states: “No person shall operate, or permit to be operated, upon a highway any motor vehicle or trailer unless the load that the motor vehicle or trailer is carrying is firmly bound, sufficiently covered, or otherwise secured or loaded, in such a manner that no portion of the load may become

dislodged or fall from the motor vehicle or trailer” “All bulky loads must be tarped and larger items secured with adequate tiedown straps or rope,” confirmed Wallman. “We will be enforcing this regulation.” Effective July 1 failure to properly secure loads entering or exiting the Steinbach Landfill will result in a $10 surcharge over and above regular fees. For residents who do not have a tarp to secure their loads, the landfill staff will provide 6' x 8' tarps and four bungee straps for the price of $10 until July 30. This regulation will apply to pickup trucks and trailers of any size and is expected to improve road safety by eliminating the risk of loose and flying debris from unsecured loads. Violators could receive a fine is $231.50 if stopped by the RCMP.

RCMP Lay Charges in Multiple Vehicle Thefts In the early morning hours of June 11 Steinbach RCMP received multiple complaints of vehicle thefts from Steinbach and the RM of Hanover. The investigation revealed that the first theft was a vehicle stolen was from Steinbach. The keys had been left inside and it was unsecured. It was crashed into a ditch in the RM of Hanover west of Steinbach where nearby, a second vehicle was stolen. The second vehicle also had the keys left inside. This vehicle was crashed about one mile away where a third vehicle was stolen from a garage and driven to Winnipeg. All of these stolen vehicles were Dodge Ram pick-up trucks. With the assistance of the Winnipeg Police Service, Donovan Michael Weiler (19 years old) of the RM of Hanover was arrested in connection with several vehicle thefts. Steinbach RCMP have now charged Weiler with three counts of theft over $5,000.00, three counts of Possession of Stolen Property, two counts of Breach of Probation Order, and one count of Break and Enter in connection with this investigation. Donovan Weiler was held in custody at the Winnipeg Remand Center.

Read, Read Read! Once again, Bibliothèque Ste. Anne Library is gearing up for the Summer Reading Club. The Theme for this year’s program is “Splash”. Every summer kids can improve their reading skills and reduce summer learning loss while having fun. Kids ages 4 to 12 who register with the Summer Reading Club receive a poster, stickers and an activity book, all free as a part of their reading kit. Prizes are awarded throughout the summer. Children can pick up their awesome reading kit when they register. Register in person or call 422-9958.