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Steinbach Approves Mystery Retailer By Marianne Curtis The rumor mill is flying rampant that Walmart is planning to set up shop in Steinbach after the City of Steinbach recently approved several variation orders at Clearspring Mall.

While the City of Steinbach has yet to confirm who is developing the property to the north of the mall, they did admit that a number of improvements are expected in the area. At a recent public hearing the City of Steinbach approved

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Woodridge Inn Destroyed by Fire

Fire crews look for hotspots while what is left of the Woodridge Inn still smoulders 13 hours after the blaze started.

By Marianne Curtis Residents in Woodridge are mourning the loss of the community’s main meeting place after an early morning fire destroyed a popular eating spot on December 13. Officials at the RM of Piney confirmed that the Woodridge Inn near Woodridge was destroyed by fire early in the morning. Twenty fire fighters from three volunteer fire departments responded to the blaze which started about 12:30 am, but the structure was fully engulfed by the time fire crews arrived. Witnesses say flames were shooting 30 feet into the air.

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January 2012

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Mystery Retailer continued... Continued from page 1 several variation orders on the Clearspring Centre property. The variation orders put forward by Shindico Properties covers 108,000 square feet north and west of Clearspring Centre. The project includes demolishing the old SAAN store at the north end of the mall to make room for additional parking. John Pearson, from Shindico Properties, told council that his client, an American retailer yet to be named, would like to start construction in the spring. “The store would open within a year after,” Pearson stated. “They (the applicant) want to rejuvenate the mall with this development.” Once the project begins it is expected to create 150 jobs in the community in addition to and up to 300 jobs in the actual business. Mayor Chris Goertzen said that the city welcomes the project. “It is great for our economy,” Goertzen stated. “It is great for our residents and for our region and we are looking forward to it coming to fruition.” The developer would have to look at some improvements to the entrance to the mall parking lot off Hwy 12 but it would be up to the developer and the Department of Highways to determine what those improvements would be, Goertzen added. This could include installing traffic lights if the need is found. “I wouldn’t be surprised to see if that was one of the solutions,” Goertzen noted. “It is one of the requirements we will have in our development agreement to make sure they have a secure, appropriate plan.” The City of Steinbach has not given any indication when information on or who will be developing the property will become public.

Piney Seeks Contractors By Marianne Curtis The RM of Piney has put out a call for contractors who would like to work for the municipality during the coming year. The municipality recently posted a notice that it is accepting hourly equipment rates from contractors wishing to work for the municipality during 2012. “Only those contractors with submitted rates will be approved to work in the municipality,” stated Martin Van Osch CAO on behalf of the municipality. Information on requirements is available at the RM of Piney municipal office. When submitting rates interested parties must list information on what kind of equipment they have, model and horsepower. Contractors with approved rates could be called upon as needed for projects within the municipality such as ditching, grading and snow removal.

Woodridge Fire continued... Continued from page 1 Every winter the Woodridge Inn became a major pit stop for snowmobilers enjoying the pristine Sandilands Forest, but for the people in the area this was more than a restaurant. Over the years it had become the heart of the community that has a population of about 100 residents. Sandra Gigolyk, an employee at the Woodridge Inn, watched in shock as fire crews searched for hotspots 13 hours after the blaze started. “We have regulars that come and go sometimes two to three times a day – they come in and talk to each other and keep in touch,” stated Gigolyk. “It was where people would meet.” Her 78-year-old grandmother, Roberta Gigolyk, concurred. She has been coming to the restaurant every day for the past year and she said that without it, things will not be the same. “Once you start going out to lunch and meeting people you miss it,” Gigolyk added. “It’s a big loss.” Woodridge resident Terry Rousseau added that “for a small town, this is a disaster.” On a popular Internet meeting place for snowmobile riders familiar with the area and the establishment posters empathized with the community’s loss. “This is a terrible thing for the snowmobile industry. (It was a) great little place to stop along the way. This will be a big hit to the area,” posted one visitor. RM of Piney Reeve Duane Boutang said that the blaze is going to hurt the community. “The Woodridge Inn was one of our major businesses in the area,” Boutang stated. “There is no alternative other than maybe South Junction and Sprague.” Damages are estimated at about $1 million and there is still no word if owners will be rebuilding.

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January 2012


Bipole III Goes to Clean Air Commission By Marianne Curtis Residents affected by the proposed Manitoba Hydro’s Bipole III plan will have another chance to voice their objections or support to the project after the province has asked that hearings be held by the Clean Environment Commission. Conservation Minister Dave Chomiak expects the hearings to provide an opportunity for input from the public and other stakeholders. “This will ensure the voices of Manitobans are heard during the commission’s review of the project,” he stated. The hearings will follow a public review of Manitoba Hydro’s environmental impact statement for

the Bipole III project, which was filed December 1 with Manitoba Conservation. The public can access the environmental impact statement and provide comments through a public registry. The impact statement is posted on the Manitoba Conservation web page. Hearings will be scheduled once the 90 day public review period is over. Manitoba Hydro prepared its environmental impact statement as part of securing an environmental license on a preferred route for the Bipole III project following an extensive public and stakeholder consultation process and following guidelines provided by Manitoba Conservation in June 2010. When proposing the line, Hydro

had to keep the project clear of national and provincial parks and First Nation Land. After consideration the utility has proposed a 1,364 kilometre line that runs from the Conawapa generating station near The Pas, through the province and down into the southeast. According to a map the new hydro line will cross Highway 75 and run east from Ste. Agathe along Hwy 305. It will continue eastward until north of Mitchell where it will turn northward to Hwy 210 east of Landmark and then head toward Ste. Anne where it turns north again. The project has received vast opposition by landowners and residents where the line is expected to go. Manitoba Hydro has promised a compensation package that is expected to appease opposition from landowners. The Crown Corporation says they will take assessment value of the land and multiply it by 1.3, then multiply that amount by 75 percent as an easement payment. Crop land that may

A map provided by Manitoba Hydro shows that the new Bipole III transmission line will consume acres of land across the municipalities of Ritchot, Hanover, Tache and Ste. Anne.

Doc Walker to Headline Summer in the City By Marianne Curtis It’s still six months away, but the City of Steinbach is already able to confirm one of its headlining acts for Summer in the City. Doc Walker will be playing the Prudential Main Stage on Friday night starting at 6 pm. The Portage la Prairie based band has won several Canadian Country Music Awards including Record of the Year in 2009. Tickets for the concert are already available for purchase. The Summer in the City committee has yet to confirm Saturday night’s headliner, which is expected to put on a rock concert. The fourth annual Summer in the City will take place in Manitoba’s own country recording stars, Doc Walker, will highlight the Friday night show at this year’s Steinbach on June 15 and 16. Summer in the City.

be affected will also be compensated. The aim is to have construction start in 2012 and have the line operating in 2017. Manitoba Hydro’s application with the Clean Environment Commission is available at www.hydro.mb.ca/projects/bipoleIII/eis.shtml for review and comment.


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January 2012

Ethical Oil? Now there is a term that should not be used in the same breath as oil. Some misguided soul attached to the Federal government was attempting to distinguish between oil from the Middle East compared to home grown production and came up with this knuckle walking statement. Ethical is not something that has come out of any oil patch anywhere or anytime and we the public with our addictions to driving, electrical needs and comfort will pay any price short of torture to any and all the oil giants. Ethical oil is as rare as a poor CEO of an oil company or any Minister in the Federal cabinet that has never lied. Ethical oil is another misleading term used specifically in conjunction to the Alberta Tar Sands projects. Although there are quantifiable numbers that can attest to this, pumping oil in the conventional manner, whether in Alberta or Saudi Arabia, costs $2 to $10 minus exploration costs. Surface mining, as in the tar sands, where the viscosity of the bitumen means that it must be scooped and trucked to be processed or steamed to produce something that is turned to fluid material so pumps can function. Either way, scooped or pumped, heated water in large

quantities is required, even though much of the water is reused, quantities are immense. Plus natural gas to heat the water adds to the cost of each barrel of finished product. The average increase in cost is four to five times the cost of conventionally extracted oil. Furthermore tar sand oil contains heavy metals such as vanadium, nickel, lead, cobalt, mercury, chromium, cadmium, arsenic, selenium, copper manganese, iron and zinc. These are somewhat extracted during refining or burned when you take your kids to school by SUV. Do they enter the atmosphere in acceptable amounts? I have not heard of one study on this subject. But we can take comfort in our Federal government and the oil companies when they issue soothing statements when it seems necessary to alleviate these concerns. (Above information gleaned from Government of Canada web sites and the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers.) I might add that much of the data is frightening if you consider that our ideal emission of CO2 levels will never be met unless our collective leadership has an epiphany. This would require

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changes that would touch every aspect of our society. Dialogue should be led by political will, new science and technology, and an informed public. We are nowhere near the starting gate. Until such a time when we can apply value to reality and health to our well-being, nobody will blink about oil energy. We will spend oodles on useless gadgets, consume too many calories, winter in paradise by air and visit the doctor for our exotic conditions and sigh occasionally in contentment and blissful ignorance, so please don’t bother me with guilt producing facts. Except one. Yes, it’s dirty oil, but it might apply to all oil. The BP disaster in the gulf of Mexico, the Exxon Valdez with its oil load off Alaska, plus pipeline ruptures here, there and everywhere. It makes it hard to convince me that oil is nothing if not a much needed scary and frightening

RCMP Indecent Exposure Complaint Police are asking the public’s assistance regarding an indecent exposure complaint that was received on September 26 in Steinbach. On September 26 Steinbach RCMP responded to a complaint of a male exposing himself to a female in the parking lot of the Clearspring Centre. When police arrived the male drove away and refused to stop for police. The male ran two stop signs and passed traffic on the right shoulder. He was described as having short brownblondish hair, blue eyes, tall, scrawny, with a Russian accent. He was wearing an orange t-shirt and black sweat pants. The vehicle was a newer BMW probably a 2003 or 2004 with white, red and blue diagonal stripes. Unfortunately the vehicle did not have a licence plate. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Steinbach RCMP at 326-4452 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS) or at www.manitobacrimestoppers.com or text “TIPMAN” plus your message to Crimes (274637).

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necessity, especially if we divorce it from science. Instead of transporting all this gooey stuff we should finish it locally, invest in the necessary technology to mitigate CO2 damage and export the multitude of energy products the world needs. I would think a lot of jobs would be available. Right now it is very questionable that the USA will allow the new pipeline needed to transport the tar sands oil. I would bet the farm they would take the finished product. The Kyoto Accord is dead because of economic need and greed practiced by most of our world political leaders, with which Canada is amply blessed.

Imagination and guts are in short supply when needed the most. Of course, we Canadians, trying to be world leaders in controlling CO2 emissions, would also improve the job markets. There was a time we didn’t shy away from good values. It’s the shortcuts to profits that hurt us as a society. I can’t help but make a comparison to the dinosaurs. Maybe we will all eventually become an underground oil puddle, an ethical oil puddle of course. I can’t wait to power a V8 Chevy and become CO2 emissions with my friends in government. May the New Year bring you many high octane friends and high mileage muscle transportation.

Ensuring our Citizenship Oath Remains True to our Principles Courageous, dedicated, and hard-working people immigrate to Canada from all over the world. In proportion to our population, we welcome more newcomers than almost any other country in the world. Taking the oath of citizenship is a fundamental step toward becoming a Canadian citizen – it’s the moment when the person makes a commitment to our country, promises to obey the laws of our land, to respect our traditions, and to be loyal to our head of state and to Canada. Brave men and women have sacrificed so that we can enjoy our freedom. They fought fascism and communism in the First and Second World Wars, and they also fought to defend our freedom here at home. They built a country where individuals can forge their own paths, by giving them opportunities through freedom and equality under the law. That’s why we place such a high value on Canadian citizenship and why there are four requirements to become a Canadian citizen: first, to have a basic knowledge of Canada; second, to have a capacity to speak one of our two official languages; third, to have been a permanent resident in Canada for at least three years out of four; and fourth and finally, to take the oath of citizenship. Since taking office, our Government has identified improvements needed to strengthen the integrity of our system. For example, schemes had been set up by crooked consultants to cheat the system on the knowledge portion of the language test. As a result, we launched our action plan for Canadian citizenship, which includes a new test, raises the score needed to pass the knowledge portion from 60 percent to 75 percent, and includes the new study guide Discover Canada, which goes much more deeply into our history, shared values, institutions and symbols. And effective this week, everyone will be required to show their face when swearing the oath. This requirement, which should have been the rule all along, enables judges and everyone present, to share in the ceremony and to ensure that all citizenship candidates are in fact reciting the oath as required by law. We do not demand that individuals adopt a particular ideology or religion when they become a citizen. However, we do believe that everyone taking the Oath, which is a public act, should do so openly, on equal terms and without covering their face. To segregate one group of Canadians or allow them to hide their identity from us during this pivotal stage of the citizenship process is contrary to Canada’s commitment to openness and social cohesion. Canadian citizenship is not simply about the right to carry a passport or to vote. It represents our shared commitments and mutual responsibilities to each other and to our history and defines who we are as Canadians. We must ensure our traditions remain true to our principles. Please feel free to contact my office if you have any concerns or issues you would like to discuss. You may contact my office toll free at 1-866333-1933 or at 204-326-9889 or in Lac du Bonnet at 204-345-9762. You may write my office at 8 - 227 Main Street, Steinbach, MB R5G 1Y7, by fax at 204-346-9874 or by e-mail at toewsv1@parl.gc.ca.

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Help Children Stay Warm This Winter Manitobans are asked to help share the warmth and generosity of the holiday season with children who still need winter clothing by donating new or gently used winter coats, pants, boots, hats and mittens to the United Way’s Koats for Kids program. For more than 20 years, Koats for Kids has donated items of winter clothing to children who need them, including jackets and snow pants. Having proper winter outerwear is important for everyone in Winnipeg, but especially kids. In some cases, lack of warm winter clothing keeps kids at home and away from school, denying them access to a full education. Manitobans are known for their generosity and I am sure that together, we can help all of the children in need this year. New or gently used children’s outerwear in all sizes can be dropped off at any Winnipeg Perth’s location or Fire Paramedic Station.

South East Priorities for 2012 Finance Minister Stan Struthers has released Manitoba’s Mid-Year Economic Performance and Outlook and the 2011 - 2012 Quarterly Financial Report, April to September 2011, which provides projections of government expenses including this year’s unprecedented flood. When the economic downturn hit, your government made the choice to invest in protecting jobs and the services families count on most. When record flood waters hit this year, we promised Manitoba families that they won’t face this challenge alone either. But that’s resulted in hundreds of millions in unbudgeted expenses and it’s had an impact on our bottom line. The Quarterly Financial Report shows a projected deficit of $989 million, greater than the previously budgeted $438 million, due to significant costs in fighting the flood as well as other pressures such as public safety and corrections, and supports for families. We predict the costs of the flood to hit $815 million by the end of the 2011 - 2012 fiscal year. Manitoba is in year two of our five-year economic plan and we expect to return to balance on time by sticking to that plan. It’s a plan that’s kept our unemployment rate amongst the lowest in the country and our economy growing at better than the national average. The Mid-Year Economic Performance and Outlook shows that Manitoba has had a solid record of economic growth over the past five years, the highest among all provinces. Since Budget 2011, the medium-term economic outlook has weakened due to the impacts of spring flooding and the lower growth elsewhere in Canada and around the world. Manitoba’s growth is expected to improve, returning to the five-year average of 2.4 percent by 2012. Both financial reports can be viewed at www.gov.mb.ca/finance/ financialreports.html. We will be listening carefully to Manitobans to make sure their priorities are top of mind when we present the spring budget. The southeast is a scheduled stop in the pre-budget consultations which will be happening in January across the province. I would like to invite everyone of the southeast region to attend the meeting in Ste. Anne’s at the Knights of Columbus hall on January 25th from 5 pm - 7 pm. I am very pleased that Manitoba has received a commitment from the federal government to develop a long-term infrastructure plan in partnership with municipalities, provinces and territories. From roads to community centres, our public infrastructure constitutes services that families count on and they’re services that we have to keep building. We know the only way that can happen is by bringing municipalities, provinces and the federal government together to develop a plan and move forward on it together. In the coming months, the Manitoba government will consult with and work with provincial municipalities to ensure that local priorities are reflected in a new long-term infrastructure plan. Selinger noted that investing in and building community infrastructure has been a priority for municipalities across Manitoba and that recent infrastructure projects have created thousands of jobs. When the economic downturn hit, we committed to building our public infrastructure and protecting thousands of jobs because that’s what Manitoba families expected. A new long-term infrastructure plan will keep our economy growing and improve life for families across the province. As always, I appreciate hearing your comments and thoughts on these and other provincial initiatives. I encourage you to contact me by e-mail (rlemieuxmla@mts.net), by phone (878-4644), or by mail at 101-1309 Dawson Road, Box 517, Lorette, MB R0A 0Y0 and together we can continue to move Dawson Trail and Manitoba forward.

Ritchot Expands Recycling Services By Marianne Curtis The RM of Ritchot is making it easier for residents to dispose of recycling items by adding a new recycling compound at the municipal dump. The municipality recently agreed to construct a recycling compound at the dump to give residents a place to drop off waste oil, tires, batteries, propane tanks, pesticide containers, waste paint, clean lumber and other such items. The RM of Ritchot is investing $76,000 into the project which they expect will be available for use later this month.

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January 2012


The Billion Dollar Question Manitobans got a Christmas gift from the provincial government late in December that must have felt like a great big lump of coal. It came in the form of an announcement that the NDP government now believes that this year’s deficit will double in size to nearly $1 billion. While the NDP tried to chalk the massive deficit number up to the spring flooding, the reality is that the majority of the current deficit is a result of good old fashioned NDP overspending and mismanagement. What’s left to be answered is the billion dollar question of just how this massive overspending is going to be paid for? Greg Selinger still says he is committed to balancing the budget by 2014, a promise that is likely to end up on the pile of past broken promises. But ultimately, there are only three ways to reduce such a massive deficit. The NDP can increase your taxes again, make massive cuts to services or just push the problem back by continuing to spend and borrow. There is also the possibility that it will be some combination of these three alternatives. What won’t work is the strategy that the NDP have used for the past decade. That strategy involved relying on ever increasing transfer payments from Ottawa and raiding Manitoba’s Crown Corporations. It has been clear for some time that getting huge increases of money from the federal government every year is not sustainable. Neither is going back to Crown Corporations like Manitoba Hydro and taking money from them year after year. All that has done is ballooned their debt while causing Manitobans to pay higher and higher hydro rates. While we are fortunate that we are not facing the debt crisis that many countries overseas are or that the United States is, the fact is that debt in Manitoba is starting to hit home. The NDP will have difficult choices to make and it is not a situation they are accustomed to. For years, money increased from Ottawa at an unsustainable rate and Crown Corporations were tapped to hand over cash. But those days are coming to an end. As former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher once said, “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money to spend.” The NDP are about the find that out and the billion dollar question that remains is how are they going to pay for their spending now? I appreciate your comments and concerns. If you have any comments on these or other issues, you can contact me by writing, #3 – 227 Main Street, Steinbach, MB R5G 1Y7, by phone at (204) 326-5763, by fax at (204) 346-9913, by e-mail at kelvin.goertzen@leg.gov.mb.ca or by visiting my website at www.kelvingoertzen.com. I look forward to hearing from you.

La Broquerie Appeals for Help from Residents

Without much snow on the ground it seems like a mute point, but the RM of La Broquerie is preparing to address a huge issue in the municipality when it comes to snow removal. According to council there have been a number of complaints regarding private residents putting snow on municipal roads and in municipal ditches. Council has also been advised that people are placing obstructions such as large rocks and posts at the end of their driveway but placed on road allowances. “These obstructions may cause damage to municipal equipment and the traveling public and may become a liability to themselves,” council noted. The RM of La Broquerie wants residents to know that it is an offence to place obstructions on municipal property and they want it to stop immediately.


January 2012

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St. Malo Native Takes on Jets By Marianne Curtis St. Malo native Travis Hamonic was finally able to live his dream of playing hockey in Winnipeg when his team, the New York Islanders, faced off against the Winnipeg Jets on December 20. Prior to the game Hamonic tried to stay focused even though he was very excited to finally take to the ice before a Manitoba crowd at the MTS Centre. “I never really thought this would happen,” Hamonic told media before the game. “I am trying to keep my emotions in check but at the end of the day we have a task at hand and that is to win.” At the end of the night the New York Islanders took the win in a 3-2 shootout, a win that ended the Jets’ hometown winning streak. The Jets had won nine of their last 11 home games before meeting the Islanders. While the MTS Centre crowd was fairly subdued, it was obvious that Hamonic had some support in the stands. About 100 friends and family attended the game to watch him take to the ice and see him play in their own back yard. Despite the difficulty of obtaining tickets for the average fan, he personally managed to collect about 40 tickets to make sure that his family and closest friends could attend the game. It was important to him to be supported, especially by the fans that have not been able to travel to see him play elsewhere. “Some people were lucky and had season tickets while others were not so lucky,” Hamonic stated. “It’s my first time to play hockey in Winnipeg since my midget year, but at the end of the day it’s just another hockey game.” During the game Hamonic got one assist and made some big hits and plays. Unfortunately he did limp off the ice during the second period but returned to play another 29 minutes of game time. Hamonic added that despite the outcome of the game he was thrilled to play on Manitoba soil. “Winnipeggers are very passionate and to have an NHL team back is huge,” Hamonic added. “The atmosphere is It was quite the night for the nearly 100 friends and family of St. Malo’s Travis Hamonic in huge.” the stands of the MTS Centre when the New York Islanders took on the Winnipeg Jets.

Efficient Heat with Far- infrared I just started testing Far-Infrared heating and I wanted to share with you some of the benefits. I started on the path using Far-Infrared lighting therapy for my multiple immune disorder. I was told it would hopefully stop the swelling and reduce my pain. What it did was that within 15 minutes my pain was reduced. I was happy with the results. I continued to use this light therapy for 2-4 hours a day and found that almost all the damage caused by the immune problem had started to disappear. After about 2 months I could do almost everything I could do before this problem began. I now do not need medication or more than about 1 hour of therapy a week, so when I found out that I could use this positive sun energy in my home for heating I was ready to try. My whole family can now have the benefit of this healing light as it will also heat our home. It is called Far- Infrared Heating and consumes only half the watts of infrared heat. So when I learned I could have this in my home, I wanted to try. I have begun testing 3 units in my home. I just hung them on the wall, plugged them into my AC plug outlet and turned down my furnace. I put one in my living room, one in the bedroom and one in the family room. I am trying to not have to use my geothermal heating as much as possible as it consumes too much electricity. How does this work? Well there are a few different types of heat. Conduction is one type. Conduction heats material which is used as the transport medium. For instance, think of it like a cooking pot. The bottom of the pot is heated by a gas flame, or electric element, and the heat is then conducted to the inside of the pot. The heat will always travel from the hottest area (the bottom of the pot) to the coldest area (in this case the food in the pot) until both are equal in temperature. Convection is another type. With convection, the air is used as the medium for heat transportation. This particular way of heating is widely used in residential and commercial applications. This can be a forced air system, or a water/steam-based system whereby a radiator heats the air that rises to the ceiling and cold air is pulled through the return ducting or radiator’s base where it is heated again and creates an airflow which heats the entire space. Far-Infrared Method. Far-Infrared warms surfaces to have an immediate effect by warming the people in the space. Farinfrared operates at a part of the light spectrum that allows it to travel through the air virtually unimpeded to heat the floor and other surfaces. One of the primary advantages are that when doors or windows are opened the warmth does not escape but stays in the floor and other objects and within seconds to minutes of closing the door or window the space is warm again. Unlike traditional heating methods, there are no transportation or “duct losses”, no conversion losses and no air-flow losses because all stored energy can be used. Although convection has been used for generations, it is a poor and inefficient way of heating a space; the hot air rises and especially in tall buildings as much as 50-70% of the heat can be wasted (the heat rises to the open space above while the lower regions can be cold). For people, the upper body warms up but the feet stay cold. Also circulating air moves dust, fungi and pollen and the hot air escapes when doors or windows are opened. Far-Infrared is one of the light rays or wavelengths that come directly from the sun, and is in a spectrum of light that we can not see with the naked eye, but as all light does, it produces heat! When we recreate this light it takes far less power to produce it. This is how you save energy! If you have a high cost heating system this can help solve your problem. It is great for any size home or cabin. I have a 1,900 square foot home that I am testing Far-Infrared heating. I have talked to people who have this new technology and they are totally impressed by it. If you have questions or concerns or want information about this product join the conversation at Greening-MyWorld.blogspot.com.

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January 2012


Tributary Committee Plans Renewed Steinbach 55 Plus offers programs, activities, services and volunteer By Marianne Curtis opportunities, striving to promote healthy and active living for older adults of the southeast region. We invite you to come and pay us a visit and The RM of Tache council recently played host for the inaugural meeting between proponents interested in consider participating in some of our programs. For more information call the Seine River Tributary Diversion project. the center 320-4600. cv The meeting, which took place last month, brought together representatives from the RM’s of Tache, Springfield, Ste. Anne, Ritchot, Town of Ste. Anne, Cooks Creek Conservation and Seine Rat River Conservation. Up and coming events for January At the meeting the group began discussions on the potential to revisit the Seine River Tributary project. Back in 2000, the municipality’s of Tache, Ste. Anne and Springfield came together to consider the construction of a Dance Lessons: Thursday, January 19 to Thursday, March 6. Beginner new diversion that would divert water away from farmland and into the Red River Floodway. The municipality and Intermediate classes offered. $84 member, $96 non-member per couple. recently revisited the project after the province assured the RM of Tache that the province was prepared to Deadline January 12. provide financing if council got support from its neighbors. Old Time Country Dance: Friday, January 27. 8:00 pm to Midnight. Live The original proposal consisted of utilizing the existing ditch in the RM of Tache along the Trans Canada band: The New Country Diamonds: Tickets available at the centre: $8 highway starting at Hwy 12 on the north side until about 1 ½ miles from Deacons Corner. From there it would member, $10 non-member. have swung north into the RM of Springfield for 1 ½ miles then traveled straight west to the floodway. At the recent meeting, the newly founded committee determined that the next step is to draft a memorandum of understanding and that a few points be addressed in the document including, construction of an additional Monthly Programs drop structure to the floodway and conveyance structure to be constructed below prairie level. The group also Single Ladies’ Night Out: The first Friday of the month at 5:00 pm. Enjoy wants to include reduction in water quantities that localize and flood areas in particular the Arnold Road and supper out at a local restaurant. Call the centre for a place to meet. Grande Pointe areas and drains at the junction of Municipal Road 48N and Hwy 12 because they have reached Foot Care: The first and third Tuesday of the month from 9:00 am -3:00 their capacity. pm. Run by Val Fry, a professional foot care nurse. Cost: $25. Bring your The project is also expected to address gradient changes from the Ste. Anne area to the floodway, which are own towel. Call the centre to book an appointment. substantial and should be addressed to minimize erosion from rushing water by inserting control measures Pot Luck Supper: The second Thursday of every month at 6:00 pm. along the way. Also covered by the memorandum will be the funding formula which is based on a study Meat and beverages are provided. Cost: $5.00 per person. Bring along a performed by an outside agency to determine benefits associated to each stakeholder. casserole, salad or desert. Call the centre to reserve your seat. A draft memorandum of understanding is expected to be available for review by the group at their next meeting Birthday Party: The first Wednesday of the month. All members with a in the middle of January. birthday are invited for complimentary cake and coffee. Guests are asked to pay $2.00. Entertainment provided. Beltone Hearing: The third Friday of each month. Call 1-800-661-2653 for appointment. Brain Injury Support Group: Last Monday of the month at 7:00 pm Parkinson Support Group: Third Thursday of the month at 1:30 pm. Commencing February 15.

Weekly Programs 9:30 am - 10:30 am Fitness Class with instructor 1:00 pm Canasta 7:30 pm - 8:45 pm Tai Chi Tuesday 8:30 am - 3:00 pm Circle of friends Wednesday 9:00 am - 11:30 am Tai Chi 10:30 am Choir practice 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm Cribbage 1:30 pm Floor curling 7:00 pm Old Time Country Band Practice Thursday 9:30 am - 10:30 am Fitness Class with instructor 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm Bridge and Whist 1:30 pm Wii bowling Friday 8:30 - 3:00 pm Circle of friends Noon meals are available Monday through Friday. Cost $5.00. Call 3204605 by 9:00 am to reserve your meal for that day. Purchase your meal ticket at the receptionist desk before noon. Monthly menus available at the office or in the newsletter. Bring a friend. Billiards: Monday to Friday, 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm Computer Lab: Monday to Friday, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm. Cost $1.00. There are lessons with Alex Cupples on Wednesdays from 9:00 am - 12:00 pm Call the center for more information. Volunteer Opportunities include perogy making, decorating and setting tables, birthday party hosts, food preparation and serving, clean up, greeters, and receptionists. Membership at Steinbach 55 Plus is only $20 per year due in January of each year. Membership is for those 55 years of age and older. Benefits include reduced program rates, a voice in business meetings, voting rights, and eligibility to serve on the board or committees. For more information on our programs, activities or volunteer opportunities, drop by the Center Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm or call 320-4600 or go to www.steinbach55plus.com.

Municipalities Demand Action on Cellphone Service By Marianne Curtis


Non-Profits in Piney Plan for Geothermal Heat By Marianne Curtis The RM of Piney council has thrown its support behind two of the municipality’s community clubs as they attempt to secure funding for geothermal heating systems. Council recently supported two resolutions in support of Vassar Community Recreation Centre and the Badger Community Association. Both non-profit organizations are looking to improve their facilities with the addition of geothermal heating systems. The projects are both still at the conception stage so there are no cost estimates available at this time.

The RM of Piney has officially requested that the federal and provincial governments step in and ensure that proper cellular service be made available throughout the municipality through an official resolution of council. “Cellular phone service is an essential and necessary service to the general population and more importantly to emergency responders and people in need of assistance from emergency responders,” stated council in a letter to both governments and several cell phone providers. The southeast region contains vast areas that either lack cell service or service is inadequate, explained council. “All levels of government have a responsibility for preventing the loss of life, harm or damage to health and well-being of people, property and infrastructure in the case of an emergency,” council continued. While municipalities throughout the region have been asking for service for years, an extreme push to improve communications in the region comes as a result of several wildfire emergencies that took place just before Thanksgiving. “The potential for fatalities was great during the fires,” Stuartburn Reeve Jim Swidersky stated. “We want the provincial and federal governments to agree to the need for service and then act on it.” The Rural Municipalities of Stuartburn, Piney, Franklin, La Broquerie and Hanover all recently suffered from a massive wildfire event which covered immense portions of the region during which emergency crews had limited or no access to cellular phone service, causing delays in response time to reach or even be aware of fires which surrounded people and properties. “The lack of cellular service in the area leaves the Municipalities involved in a crisis situation unable to communicate with emergency responders, evacuees, volunteers, and people delegated to travel into areas within the vicinity of the emergency to deliver food, water and necessary supplies,” stated the resolution. All five municipalities are demanding that the Federal Government, Province of Manitoba, and cellular phone service providers take immediate steps to rectify this matter and provide the Southeastern region of Manitoba with life-saving consistent cellular service.

La Broquerie Establishes Tax Share Policy By Marianne Curtis The RM of La Broquerie has penned an agreement with the LUD of La Broquerie that will see additional tax dollars funneled into the community. According to council, it is common for municipalities to receive supplementary taxes each year from construction and improvement of properties during the fiscal year. It is also up to the municipality to decide if they want to share this money with the LUD. “Council has provided the LUD with their full share of supplementary taxes collected each year but there has never been an official policy,” noted council. The new policy specifies that the RM of La Broquerie will provide the LUD of La Broquerie with their full share of all municipal and school taxes collected each year. Under the new policy as it was approved by council, the municipality will pay out supplementary taxes annually in December.


January 2012

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Dawson Trail Dispatch

To Retire or Not Retire-2012 CPP Changes Canada Pension Plan has changed quite a bit. The changes were announced a couple of years ago, but now that it’s here the details are starting to emerge. If you are 70+ and already receiving your CPP, you are not affected, but read for your own pleasure and share with those that are younger than you! If you are 60 to 70, receiving your CPP and no longer working, reading this is also optional as there is no affect on you. If you are 65 to 70 and still working and receiving CPP, you need to pay attention! If you do not want to contribute to CPP, you need to advise your employer that you want to opt out. You’ll need to complete form CPT30 – Election to Stop Contributing to the Canada Pension Plan; give a copy to your employer, keep a copy for yourself and send the original to Canada Revenue Agency. If you do not file with your employer they will be required to deduct CPP from your pay until you give them the form. If you cannot get this form from CRA’s website, give me a call or drop by. You do of course have the option of contributing to CPP while you are working and between 65 and 70. More info below… keep reading! If you are 60 to 65 and still working, starting January 2012 your employer will need to start deducting CPP from your pay again. And will do so until you turn 65. Then you’ll need to “opt out” (see above). For the self-employed, if you are 60 to 65, you will need to contribute to CPP. As self employed, we contribute twice the amount: the employee’s portion and the employer’s portion. If you are self-employed and between 65 and 70, you can opt out of paying, which is likely the best choice. The good news in all of this is if you are receiving CPP and are required to or want to contribute to CPP, the contributions will increase your CPP the following year and for life. So if you are 65 to 70, receiving CPP and still working, should you contribute to CPP? Generally if you plan to live past 77 or so, you will “win” (get more than you put in). However, do you want more money now or in the future? Another major change is once you turn 60 you can begin to receive your CPP anytime and you do not have to be “retired” or lower your employment income. CPP calls it “removal

of the Work Cessation Test”. Before 2012, in order to qualify to collect the CPP retirement pension before age 65, a person must have reduced earnings for the month prior to collecting the pension and the following month. Now no reduction in earnings will have to take place in order to collect the benefits prior to age 65. The other major changes to CPP have to do with the reduced CPP from 60 to 65 and the increased CPP from 65 to 70. Starting in 2012 the percentage amounts used to reduce or increase the early or late taken pensions will be gradually increased. The early pension reduction will gradually be increased to 0.6 percent per month for each month that the pension is taken before age 65. This would be done over a period of five years. In 2017 the pension will be reduced by 36 percent for a person who begins collecting it at age 60. It has been only 30 percent up to now. So in 2012 it will be a reduction of 31 percent and in 2013 it will be 32 percent, etc. The late pension addition would be gradually increased to 0.7 percent per month for each month that the pension is started after the 65th birthday, up to age 70. This will be done over three years, and it started in 2011. So by 2014 someone starting their CPP at age 70 will have it increased by 42 percent! As you can see, CPP is encouraging retirees to begin their CPP later by penalizing the early ones (60 to 65) and rewarding the later ones (65 to 70). So should you start your CPP early? It’s a different answer for everyone. Keep in mind that CPP has other benefits. The ability to collect CPP disability stops when you start receiving it (or age 65 whichever is earlier). So if you still want that option while you are working it may be better to keep contributing and not collecting CPP. The times, they are a-changing. I think that would make a good song! All the best to you and your family for 2012. I hope our interpretation of the Mayan calendar is wrong. Hope we are still around after next December 31, 2012. I still have too much work to be done! Anni Markmann is a financial adviser and tax professional working, living, and volunteering in our community. Contact her at 422-6631 or annimarkmann@mymts.net or the new location at 36 Dawson Road in Ste Anne.

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January 2012


Bike Riders Wanted for New Winter Festival By Marianne Curtis

Ponies and Wheels As the title would suggest, our children’s Christmas was made up of ponies for my daughter and wheels for my sons. No ponies or wheels were under the tree for my wife or myself. I guess we’ve outgrown that stage in our lives, then again, a nice, new, full-sized truck under the tree would have suited us just fine. My daughter, the pony lover, was extremely excited when, on Christmas morning she unwrapped a gift from Mommy and Daddy and found a play set that included some My Little Ponies, a hot air balloon and some small accessories. All afternoon she went about the house with her ponies and the hot air balloon. It wasn’t hard to find out where she was either since the hot air balloon played music when a button was pushed and, let me tell you, that button was pushed a lot! Now, having been a young boy once myself, I can still remember the joy of getting wheels for Christmas. Didn’t really matter what kind of wheels or what they were attached to, just so that it could roll and I’d be happy. Now I see this same joy in the eyes of my two sons. My oldest son received a Hot Wheels car hauler and wouldn’t you know it but he had a great time loading up his cars and hauling them all around the living room and the kitchen. Holding 24 cars in total, that rig can sure move a lot of vehicles in one pull. Now my youngest son received a toy where you put balls into the middle area and they bounce around and music plays before the balls roll out the side. (Special note: a ball is also a wheel, it just has the ability to travel all directions). The funny thing about this toy is that, while rated for little, little kids… my wife and I had a hard time of trying to get his older siblings to back off a little and give our littlest one a chance to play with it, too! Guess it just goes to show that, no matter the age, everybody loves wheels. Until next time, take care and keep your world spinning.

La Broquerie Reports Deficit By Marianne Curtis The RM of La Broquerie has found itself in the position of having to report an operating fund deficit as a result of costs incurred during spring flooding. The municipality was recently forced to notify the Minister of Local Government that it has a pending operational deficit in the amount of $50,000 for 2011. Under the Municipal Act, a municipality is required to advise the minister immediately if expenditures are likely to exceed its approved operational budget. In order to approve an operation deficit a municipality must obtain permission from the minister which may include conditions.

A new winter festival taking place on February 18 and is gearing up to “celebrate human resilience” in southeastern Manitoba. Actif Epica is a selforganizing community festival, centered along the checkpoints of a corresponding 130 km bike challenge from St. Malo to St. Boniface. Organizers are seeking participants for the bike ride, volunteers to help along the route, and grass-roots Co-Actif events to join in and be promoted as part of the winter festivities. According to Ian Hall, one of the organizers of the event, businesses, community organizations and fun-loving individuals will organize outdoor activities at festival sites along the Crow Wing Trail and will be promoted as part of the larger Actif Epica Winter Festival. “More than 30 bike enthusiasts have already expressed interest in channeling their “inner voyageur” to tackle the 130 km bike route, with finish times anticipated at 10 to 20 hours,” stated Hall. “Some are seasoned racers pitting their skills against the winter and some are winter bike commuters planning to ride more casually in small groups.” The starting line for the ride will be in St. Malo during their Festival des Amis and Festival du Voyageur hosting its finish line. Actif Epica expects to bring together Manitobans of all backgrounds, ages and activity levels to gather, participate and enjoy the outdoors in the winter. Festival sites in St. Pierre-Jolys, Otterburne, Niverville and St. Adolphe will provide warm checkpoints for the bike riders and form hubs for “Co-Actif “ events from organized events like hockey tournaments or birding walks to casual games of pick-up shinny and family winter picnics. Winnipeg’s Green Action Centre will host “Bougeons en hiver: The Jack Frost Challenge”. Teams are encouraged between 1-5 friends, family, co-workers or classmates to sign up to skate, bike, ski, snowshoe or walk a combined total of 130 km in the week leading up to Actif Epica. For more information contact Hall and David Pensato at 204-9606743.


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January 2012

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Performers and Visual Artists We are taking applications to perform at the Summer in the City Festival on June 15-17, 2012. Applications are due March 1, 2012.

SRSS Theatre

Steinbach Recycles Christmas Trees

Join Lee and Owen Melville at their lakeside cabin for a relaxing weekend By Marianne Curtis of fishing and brotherly bonding in The Melville Boys. See what happens To all SESD and BTC students - classes resume Jan 9th. We hope you had when their plans are not-so-rudely interrupted by two attractive, and very As of December 29, a few different, sisters. Doors open at 7:00 pm at SRSS Theatre, Tuesday, January a great holiday and look forward to seeing you at class! Christmas trees have been laid out 24. to be picked up by the City of Family Pyjama Party Steinbach’s Solid Waste Department Art Exhibit and it is expected that most trees will Time for a pyjama party with the whole family! Join us at SRSS Theatre be ready for pick-up in the next week You are invited to the opening exhibit for Edmund Raguindin and Revita or so. on Saturday, January 21 at 2 pm for an exciting performance by Prairie Theatre Exchange as they bring the characters of Robert Munsch to life. Kroeker. This dynamic duo has paired up to present ‘Old Concepts to Eldon Wallman head of the Solid We’ll be serving up milk and cookies too, and the winners of the story Modern Art’ and ‘Creating Memories’. The exhibit opening is Wednesday, Waste Department, explained that it writing contest for Grades 1-3 and 4-6 will read their stories. If you would January 11 at Steinbach Arts Council at 7 pm. Come for refreshments. usually takes about two weeks after like to enter our story writing contest, write down a story about a funny Toonie donations are gratefully accepted. December 25th for most of the trees life incident, 2 pages max, and drop it off at the SAC office by January 16. to be put out for pick-up. However, Kids: winners get free tickets to the show for their whole family! the Solid Waste Department Join our ‘Creative Community’ Corporate Campaign continues to pick up trees well into the New Year as time permits. Show your support of how the arts enhance our lives by becoming an Social Fun Dance Once the trees are picked up by Arts Council sponsor. We have a big goal, $50,000, and without you we’ll the City of Steinbach, they are taken never get there. Bring a friend. Social Fun Dance at Paradise Village Rec Centre, Saturday, to the landfill for disposal in a very January 21, at 7:30 pm. Enjoy an hour of dance and an evening of fun, not special way. to mention a delicious potluck! Please bring along a potluck snack and New this year-Art and Culture Legacy Builders “We try to keep the trees with our beverage of your choice. The cost is $5 per person. Please RSVP by January clean wood pile for chipping in 13, 346-1077 or email programs@steinbachartscouncil.ca Attach your name to a studio, a class, an event, or an exhibit—like the spring,” Wallman explained. “We Three Way Builders Studio and the Century 21 Home Tour & Tea. A then use the chipped wood, mixed successful investment that is sure to leave a legacy. Social Dance Classes with dirt, as cover material in our active cell at the landfill.” Don’t forget to register for Social Dance Classes! They begin February Wallman added that the wood Build your Resume 2 to April 12. And for the first time, beginners can choose to sign up for 5 mulch created from Christmas trees or 10 week sessions. Classes run 8:15 – 9:15 pm followed by free practice Join our art teaching mentorship program where you can learn how to is not suitable for flower beds time at Friedensfeld Community Centre. teach a visual arts class. Please submit resumes to because of the high acidity of the visualarts@stienbachartscouncil.ca. pine needles.

Keep Creative, Keep Well

Steinbach Arts Council would like to help you make a New Year’s Resolution that you can keep! Check out our Winter Class Line-up: (Mon) Cardio Kickboxing, Pilates—beginning and continuing, Zumba, (Tues) Body Pump, Yoga, Belly Dance with Jessica, (Sat) Belly Dance with Ildiko.

Cooking and Language Classes Multicultural Cooking (Mon), French Beginner 1 (Tues), Spanish (Thurs) for Level 1 & 2.

Give the Gift of Creativity Give the Gift of Creativity with Visual Arts Classes: Adults 17 and up: Pottery, Digital Photography, monthly Writers’ Group (Wed), Exploring Acrylics (Thurs), Teens (Fri), Clay Works (Mon), Graffiti Fantasy (Tues). Kids: Art X-Travaganza (Mon), Clay Creations (Tues).

Join a creative club Photo Club with Kyle McIntosh: meet monthly with other photographers the first Monday of every month. Southeast Artists’ Group: meet informally to paint and connect with other artists every Tuesday morning. Unique opportunities to showcase your artwork and be the first to know about upcoming events. Writers’ Group: meet once a month to share your work and get great feedback from fellow writers the first Wednesday of every month.

Open Judged Art Exhibit Artists! Get your creative works on display at our annual Art Exhibit. Applications are due Fri, January 13th, so don’t delay! Download forms online or come into the SAC office. There are two age categories: juvenile and adult and the exhibit is open to artists of any art medium. All works will be on display in our hall gallery April exhibit.

RCMP Bust Drug Op

On December 21 the Steinbach General Investigative Section (GIS), along with the Steinbach RCMP, executed a search warrant under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act for a Marihuana grow operation located in the RM of La Broquerie. Police located a small indoor marihuana grow operation with a street value of $21,000. One male adult and one female adult from the RM of La Broquerie were arrested for production of marihuana. Both will be appearing in February at the Provincial Judge’s Court in Steinbach.

Local PC MLA’s Assigned Their Jobs By Marianne Curtis Manitoba PC Leader Hugh McFadyen has assigned new critic roles to the members of the Manitoba PC Caucus. The new critic assignments will allow the party’s five new MLA‘s to make an important contribution to the efforts of Manitoba’s Official Opposition, while more experienced members of Caucus continue to focus on established responsibilities. “The new members of our Caucus have already made a significant contribution in holding Greg Selinger’s arrogant NDP government to account,” said McFadyen. “As the NDP’s debt-fueled house of cards starts to falter, our Caucus will continue to ensure the government is held to account.” Five new MLA‘s joined the PC Caucus following the October 2011 election including MLA for La Verendrye, Dennis Smook. As part of McFayden’s team he has been appointed Critic for Consumer Affairs, Entrepreneurship, Training & Trade and lead critic for Small Business Issues.

Kelvin Goertzen, MLA of Steinbach, will continue to serve as Justice Critic and Constitutional Affairs in addition to serving as Deputy Leader and Caucus Whip. Cliff Graydon, MLA of Emerson, will assume the role of Critic for Cooperative Development, Manitoba Lotteries Commission and Gaming.

Manitoba PC Leader Hugh McFayden showed his confidence in La Verendrye MLA Dennis Smook by appointing him to two critic positions in caucus.

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January 2012


Bothwell Marble Wins Awards By Marianne Curtis Fresh from celebrating their 75th anniversary Bothwell Cheese has once again wowed the judges at the 84th annual British Empire Cheese Show. For the 6th year in a row Bothwell Cheese has placed first at the prestigious 84th Annual British Empire Cheese Show. Bothwell walked away with the gold medal in the Marble Cheddar class and first place for the Specialty Style class of Monterey Jack variety at the international competition, which has been handing out coveted awards since 1928. The British “It’s been an Empire Cheese Show is one of the incredible year for largest cheese shows in Canada Bothwell Cheese and managed by the Central Ontario Cheese Makers Association. this award illustrates Bothwell Cheese has been entering the competition for the past six why we’ve been years and placed first in its around for 75 years.” respected category every year. “It’s been an incredible year for Bothwell Cheese and this award illustrates why we’ve been around for 75 years,” stated Ivan Balenovic, Bothwell President and CEO. “We have an extraordinary and talented staff who take pride in their work. It is owing to their great work and dedication that we’ve been successful in this prominent competition.” He noted that he doesn’t think that any other company has ever taken the same award home six years in a row. “We are excited about the win because we recognize that we do things a little different and we put a lot of extra attention into our cheese,” explained Balenovic. “With these awards our cheese makers and staffers are being recognized for what we think we are doing, which is producing the best cheese in Canada. We pride ourselves in that.” Bothwell Cheese is known for producing cheese made with completely natural ingredients, pure milk, and no modified milk Cheese makers from Bothwell proudly display their winning cheese and awards after a sixth consecutive win, as the team returns ingredients. They make their marble triumphant from the British Empire Cheese Awards. cheddar a little differently than other companies because it is milled. The company produces and distributes more than 20 varieties of cheeses throughout Canada. Over the past five years Bothwell Cheese, which used to be available only locally, has expanded to sell in about 1,500 stores across Canada.

Grunthal to Pay for Lagoon Project By Marianne Curtis Toward the end of January residents in Grunthal will have an opportunity to speak out on a $6.7 million borrowing bylaw that would allow for the construction of a water treatment plant and lagoon expansion project. On January 24 a public hearing meeting will take place at the Grunthal Lions Club in Grunthal at 7 pm, to discuss the proposed improvement and expansion project of the Grunthal Utility System within the community. The total estimated cost of the project is $6.7 million according to estimates prepared by the Municipal Engineering Supervisor. The project consists of several components including water treatment plant electrical and pumps at $300,000, water distribution system improvements at $500,000, lagoon expansion at $3.5 million, water treatment plant reservoir expansion for $1.2 million and aeration system for $600,000. The remainder of the proposal is slated for engineering and design and contingencies. For the purpose of this project the municipality intends to borrow the $6.7 million over 20 years at an estimated interest rate of eight percent per annum resulting in an annual debt servicing payment of $682,409.80. According to council, the municipality has committed to offset any debt costs in excess of six mils from the Gasoline Tax Allocation Reserve Fund to minimize the burden to ratepayers. The mill rate required to service the debt created by this project is 15.64 mills. A maximum rate of 6.00 mills would be levied against property within the community resulting to an increase of $540.00 per year (for 20 years) on a house with a current market value of $200,000.00. The RM of Hanover anticipates that there will be provincial and federal money available to help offset costs as the project proceeds. In 2011, Manitoba Conservation, Department of the Environmental Branch did note that the original two cell lagoon was continually used without groundwater monitoring as required and that a determination of the status of liner on the lagoon cells constructed in 1974 was not done. Manitoba Water Stewardship(MWS) was also concerned with any discharges that may impact the aquatic environment or restrict present and future uses of the water. MWS had requested clarification on the constituents of the waste water that may be different from the receiving waters such as Joubert Creek and the Rat River, which are fish bearing waters. Taxpayers wishing to object to the local improvement plan must file a notice of objection, by mail or in person, to the RM of Hanover no later than January 24 or at the public hearing. Any person who makes a representation at the hearing may file an objection with the minister, within 14 days after the notice is given.


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January 2012

Minister’s Award for Excellence and Innovation Community Futures Manitoba is pleased to announce that Community Futures Triple R has been awarded the 2011 Minister’s Award for Excellence and Innovation for their R Biz CampCamp EntrepreneuR project. The award, sponsored by Western Economic Diversification Canada (WD), celebrates the very best of Community Futures initiatives with people coming together to play an active role in the future of their communities. Youth aged 9 to 13 completed business camps hosted by Community Futures Triple R in Niverville and St. Malo this July. The R Biz Camp taught campers the basics of business and gave campers $20 to purchase supplies and create a product to sell at a market. The Niverville camp was instructed in English and the St. Malo camp was delivered in French with the assistance of the Economic Development Council for Manitoba Bilingual Municipalities (CDEM). The goal of the camp was to teach youth about business and to

encourage them to believe in themselves and their abilities. The campers sold a variety of products that ranged from sock puppet kits to heavenly brownies and flowers in a cup to chain-mail bracelets. One youth even designed, wrote and sold a video game. The campers got to keep the money made from sales and many sold out of their products.

Community Futures Triple R hopes to hold the camp in different communities within their region in the next few years to connect with the youth and introduce them to the concepts of business. CF Triple R gratefully acknowledges its partners in this project: CDEM, the Province of Manitoba and the Steinbach Credit Union.

Snowmobile Trails Closed in the Province By Marianne Curtis Snowmobile enthusiasts, both novice and experienced, are reminded to think safety first when enjoying the outdoors this winter. So far this year there is still a lack of snow and snowmobile trails throughout the region remain closed this season, including those in provincial parks. Snow is expected to arrive but milder temperatures have also prevented the ground and water from freezing, which could present a safety issue. Ice conditions are variable and riders are encouraged to drive carefully, use the proper equipment and make sure snow machines are well-maintained. When the trails open, provincial natural resource officers and the RCMP will be traveling the trails to ensure safe riding practices. Snowmobile trails in provincial parks have speed limits and warning signs posted along hills and curves. It is an offence to drink and drive when operating a snowmobile. “Manitoba has approximately 12,000 kilometers of groomed trails on Crown and private lands that are maintained by the Snowmobilers of Manitoba (Snoman) organization to ensure members of the public have a safe ride, “ said Snoman Executive Director Ken Lucko. “Due to the warm temperatures and high water levels in lakes, streams and swamps, we are asking people to be extremely careful as ice conditions can change dramatically,” Lucko said. “Riders are asked to please be careful out on the trails and encouraged to check our website regularly for trail condition updates.” In addition to trails maintained by Snoman the province grooms trails in the Whiteshell that includes Falcon and West Hawk Lakes which offers up to ten different trail systems across the park. Riders using the groomed trail network within these parks are required to purchase and possess a valid Snopass.

Dawson Trail Dispatch

2012 Provincial Green Team Grants Available Provincial Green Team grant applications are now available for nonprofit groups, universities, colleges, school divisions, schools, hospitals and rural municipal governments to hire youth between the ages of 15 and 29 for summer jobs in Manitoba, Healthy Living, Youth and Seniors Minister Jim Rondeau announced. “Many students rely on summer jobs to help them pay their education costs,” said Rondeau. “The Green Team helps young Manitobans to earn those funds, while gaining valuable skills and experience working on projects that benefit our communities.” Employers participating in the Urban and Hometown Green Team programs create summer employment opportunities that focus on improving neighborhoods, promoting community involvement and helping develop young leaders. This can include projects that support recreation, housing rehabilitation, neighborhood safety, park and riverbank cleanups, and public education related to community development. Grants focus on leadership of young community volunteers and priority is given to projects that give older youth and students the opportunity to supervise teams of younger Manitobans (ages 10 to 15) while they are doing volunteer work to improve their communities. “The Green Team provides multiple benefits to youth, their employers and their communities,” said Rondeau. “Engaging young people at an early age fosters a respect for the community and makes it more likely that youth will continue to be involved in their community as they get older.” Organizations can hire up to four young people between May 1 and August 31, and up to four more between June 15 and August 31. There are two intakes for applications, with deadline dates of January 16 and March 8, 2012. Since 2000, Green Team grants have supported more than 13,800 jobs throughout the province. Interested employers can obtain grant applications and additional information at www.manitoba.ca/healthyliving/youth/employers/ greenteam or by calling 204-945-3556 in Winnipeg or 1-800-282-8069 (tollfree).

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Friedensfeld Teen Dance at Friedensfeld Community Centre for grades 7-11 on Friday, January 27 at 7 pm - 11 pm. No alcohol or smoking permitted and there is adult supervision. There will be a security check of coats and bags before entering. Cost is $10 at the door and includes 1 drink token. Canteen on premises. Music provided by Summer Bounce Entertainment. Contact Dana at dana_kihn@hotmail.com or call 371-5950 or on Facebook under Teen Dance. Ile des Chenes The Ile des Chenes Minor Hockey Association is bringing in the Montreal Canadians Alumni team. Saturday, February 11 at 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm. General Admission Tickets are $15 and a limited number of VIP tickets for $75, which includes a pregame meet and greet with the players and free admission to the after game social in the newTransCanada Centre Hall. General admission tickets are available in Ile Des Chenes at the Country Store or at Wranglers Bar until quantities last. Kleefeld Community Playgroup for parents, caregivers and children ages 0-5. Activities include time for playing, stories, songs and snacks. Every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month at the Kleefeld Rec Centre. Contact Irene Ascough at 377-5013. La Broquerie Manitoba Coalition on Alcohol and Pregnancy Information Series free sessions. Friday, January 27 at 11:45 am - 1:00 pm. Topic is Stepping Out on Saturday (SOS) – Strategies. Contact Jean Carr at 346-7039. Mitchell Breakfast and Social every Tuesday morning, 7:30 am to 9:00 am, except the last Tuesday of the month when the social is held instead. Lunch starts at noon at the Mitchell and Area Seniors Centre. Contact for information 326-6944. Paradise Village Fun Social dance. Saturday, January 21 at 7:30 pm. An hour of dance and an evening of fun at Paradise Village Rec Centre. Bring a potluck snack and beverage. Cost is $5 a person. RSVP by Jan 13 to programs@steinbachartscouncil.ca or call 346-1077.

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January 2012

Vita SE Beef & Forage Day event on Monday, January, 9 at the Ukrainian National Home of Vita (Hall). Doors open at 8:30 am and breakfast is available Contact VITA MAFRI GO Office or call 425-5050 or email vivian.giesbrecht@gov.mb.ca. General The Super Start Program, A Healthy Baby program run through South Eastman Health/Sante-Est Inc., will be holding a monthly group session. This is a program for pregnant women and families with infants up to one year of age. Each session includes song and rhyme time, discussions and games on topics related to healthy babies and healthy moms. We offer door prizes and nutritious snacks. We also have milk coupons for all expectant moms or mothers who have babies up to six months of age who participate in the program. Next month our session will be held at: Blumenort – Jan 5 Thursday, from 10 am - 12 pm at the Blumenort EMC Church Niverville – Jan 10 Tuesday, from 10 am – 12 pm at the 4th Avenue Bible Church Ste. Anne – Jan 11 Wednesday, from 10 am – 12 pm at the Ste. Anne Dayspring Fellowship Church Kleefeld – Jan 12 Thursday, from 10 am - 12 pm in Village Oaks Sprague – Jan 17 Tuesday, from 10 am - 12 pm in the East Borderland Primary Care Centre St. Pierre-Jolys – Jan 19 Thursday, from 10 am - 12 pm in the St. Pierre Health Corner, 354 Prefontaine Ave. Ste. Agathe- Jan 24 Tuesday, from 10 am - 12 pm at the Ste. Agathe Hall Lorette - Jan 25 Wednesday, from 10 am – 12 pm at the Community Services Building Contact Terry from Super Start at 346-7021 or just drop in. Free monthly bus trips to the casinos of Winnipeg. Join us for a fun day at the Casinos. Pick up in Steinbach at 8:30 am and at Paradise Village at approximately 9 am. Must be 18 years of age or older. Prizes and $10 cash for everyone. There will be bingo on the bus. Please call Marilyn at 326-4939 for date information and to reserve your bus seat. The next scheduled trips are January 10, February 14 and March 13.

Distinct Art Program Gets Funding By Marianne Curtis

A very special arts program offered exclusively in St. Malo has received a significant contribution from the Manitoba Arts Council so they can write, produce and perform a play come spring. Works of Beautiful Minds is an art program offered in St. Malo that includes dance, theatre, music and visual arts, specifically designed for the special needs participants at EPIC de St. Malo/Smile of St. Malo Inc. Southeast Manitoba Family Support Network meets with other families/caregivers supporting individuals living with children The program is made possible through a grant from the Manitoba Arts with special needs. Focus on caregiver health and wellness. Free instruction to relaxation and gentle exercise through Council. Pilates with instructor, Kim Koop. Invite your respite worker or extended family members who share the responsibility. Alix Babiak, director and coordinator of the program, explains that the Refreshments available. Starts Monday January 30 at 7 pm at 32057 Greenland Road, Ste. Anne. program is essential to the community because it encourages those with special needs to explore their creative side. Steinbach “Participants have enjoyed cartooning, puppetry, dance, musical Manitoba Agriculture, Food And Rural Initiatives is offering a one-day workshop to help farmers and food processors gain a theatre, drumming and craft workshops,” explained Babiak. The craft better understanding about how to successfully sell their food products directly from the farm gate. At the Mennonite workshop has been instructed by St. Malo’s own Lori St. Vincent from Heritage Village on Tuesday, January, 31 starting at 8 am. Contact and register by calling the Manitoba Agriculture, Food Little Details. and Rural Initiatives Office at 346-6080. Over the past couple of years EPIC has put on two plays: “You Can Seniors (60 +) Shinny Drop-in Hockey every Monday from 10:00 am-11:00 am at Centennial Arena. Contact Bob Barrow at Make it Happy” and “Cinderella” which were both written, directed and 392-3596 or email bob.r.barrow@gmail.com. choreographed by Babiak. Recently the group received a Manitoba Arts Council Grant to write, The Steinbach Rotary Club meets every Monday at noon at the Brass Lantern Restaurant, 145 Main Street. Contact Cornie at direct and choreograph the new play “I am a Somebody” in collaboration 326-3155. with the participants at EPIC, Kent Suss from Manitoba Theatre For Young People, Mark Cameron (Mr. Mark), Sharon Stearns (a playwright Winter Fitness Classes at Steinbach 55 Plus for adults of all ages from January 5 ending April 5 on Mondays & Thursdays and actress out of B.C.) and Judy Cook. from 9:30 am - 10:30 am. Instructor Christel Flaming. Payment options for 25 classes is $75 members, $80 non-member or “We are very excited about this production,” Babiak added. The play $4 walk-ins. Contact: Maggie at 320-4600 or email ssinc@mymts.net. will be held in St. Malo in May. Babiak noted that none of this would be possible without the help and Country And Pattern Dance Lessons at Steinbach 55 plus for adults of all ages starting January 19 and ending March 6. support of Helene Lariviere and the staff from EPIC de St. Malo/SMILE Sessions are from 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm. Instructor Sandi & Jerry Dion. Cost $84 member or $96 non-member per couple. of St. Malo Inc. Beginner & intermediate classes offered. Registration dead line January 12. Contact Maggie at 320-4600 or email Ste. Anne Monday Night Bingo to raise funds for Stacey Pchajek Memorial Foundation Inc. The foundation provides scholarships, bursaries and prizes to students graduating grades 8 and 12. Children Under 14 must be accompanied by an adult to be on premises and must play bingo. Doors Open at 5:30 pm at the Seine River Banquet Centre 80 Arena Rd. MGCC License # BI/ BO4164. Contact Doreen Pchajek at 204-422-5243 or email doreen@spmf.ca.

ssinc@mymts.net. The Manitoba FASD Centre will be holding Building Circles of Support for parents of children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) in the Summit room at Bethesda Hospital. Every Tuesday from 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm starting on January 10 and ending February 28. Information series for parents, caregivers, other family members and professionals who support children recently seen or diagnosed at the Manitoba FASD centre. Different topic each week. Contact Jean at 346-7039.

Monthly Self-Help group meeting for people living with multiple sclerosis. The group meets on the second Thursday evening of each month from 6 pm - 7 pm at Fernwood Place apartments. Contact Nadine Konyk, Rural Client Services Coordinator at 1-800-268-7582 or email nadine.konyk@mssociety.ca. South Eastman Transition Initiative presents Green Drinks South Eastman. Drop in on the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 7 pm at Lecoka 5-275 Main Street and grab a coffee and discuss sustainable living. Contact email rebecca_hiebert@yahoo.com.

Carillon Toastmasters meetings are open to adults who want to improve their leadership and communication skills. Meetings are held on Thursday evenings starting at 7 pm at the Jake Epp Library, 255 Elmdale Street. Guests are welcome without advance notice. The Steinbach and Area Lions Club meets on the second and fourth Wednesdays every month starting at 6:30 pm at the Magnolia Restaurant. Contact 326-2313. Canadian Blood Services is asking Steinbach and area residents to support patients in need by donating at the blood donor clinic from 12:30 pm – 3:30 pm and 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm. To schedule an appointment or for further information, please call 1 888 DONATE (1 888 236 6283). Located at Steinbach Evangelical Mennonite Church Gymnasium, 422 Main Street. Meetup Group for Women Solo-Entreprenuer group helps you connect with other women who are passionate about growing their business, led by Doreen Penner and meets monthly for 1 hour. Free, except for food and beverage. Monday, January 30 starting at 7 pm at Smitty’s Restaurant. Contact and to register call Doreen at 392-2698.

Garbage Contract Awarded By Marianne Curtis The RM of De Salaberry recently signed a new garbage collection contract for the communities of St. Malo and Otterburne. The municipality invited GNR Garbage, Bristal Hauling and the current provider, Valley Disposal, to submit tenders for pickup starting 2012 to the end of 2015. For the past three years Valley Disposal has provided the service to the municipality. Their tender started at $60,933 for 2012, $63,558 for 2013 and then $66,470 for 2014 and 2015. Bristal Hauling submitted tenders for a total of $54,652 for the next four years. GNR Garbage declined submitting a tender due to being too busy. After some discussion the RM of De Salaberry council awarded the four year contract to Bristal Hauling. The RM of De Salaberry also looked at their tipping fee schedule for those using the municipal landfill. According to council, the municipality will be required by Manitoba Conservation to construct a new landfill in the near future. With the province recently implementing a new waste reduction and recycling support program fee to all Class 2 landfill sites at a cost of $22,000 per year for De Salaberry, the municipality would like assurances that the proposed fees will be fair and sufficient to fund the new landfill cell. The municipality approved a tipping fee schedule that will charge residents and small businesses $42 in 2012, which will increase each year to a maximum of $55.90. Seasonal residents would pay $28.80 to $41.53. Small businesses would pay $84 to $111.80 and businesses with garbage bins will be charged $100 to $133.10 per year for bin space.

Youth is Missing

Are you concerned about a friend’s Mental Health? Are you caring for someone with a Mental Illness? Do you want to find out more about Mental Illness and how to help? Do you need to know more about Caring for the Caregiver in you? Information and support sessions for family and friends of people with mental health issues are held the 2nd Tuesday of every month from 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm at the Eden East building, 21 Loewen Blvd.. Contact Kim at 371-0824 or email eastmanmss@mts.net.

The Bethesda Regional Healthcare Auxiliary meets on the first Tuesday of every month except for the months of July and August at the Bethesda Hospital. We welcome anyone interested in auxiliary work. Contact Verna Thiessen at 326-3028.


Bianca Green

On December 10 Steinbach RCMP received a report of a missing 15-year-old female. She has been identified as Bianca Green and is described as Aboriginal, approximately five feet tall (5') and approximately 100 lbs. She has black shoulder length hair and brown eyes. She was last seen wearing a black jacket, blue jeans, and black runners. She was last observed on December 12th in Winnipeg, by Child & Family Services Workers in or around the Pritchard Street area. Police believe that she might be with family members or friends. Anyone with information on Green’s whereabouts is asked to contact the Steinbach RCMP at 326-4452 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS) or at www.manitobacrimestoppers.com or text “TIPMAN” plus your message to Crimes (274637).

Theft of Cattle Turns into Wandering Bovine

A theft of cattle previously reported has been found to be a case of missing cattle. Sometime between November 7th and November 9th, five cows and a calf went missing from a property in the RM of Hanover. While the cows and a calf were previously believed to have been taken from a pasture in the RM of Hanover, they were located by the owner in a bush area approximately 1.5 miles from the pasture. Three cows and the calf have been captured and returned to the pasture. Two cows remain elusive.


January 2012

More Than Just News!

Dawson Trail Dispatch

WSO Performs to a Sold-Out Crowd By Marianne Curtis The Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra’s Holiday Express pulled into Steinbach at the beginning of December and performed before a sold-out crowd. On December 6, residents in the southeast were treated to a very special performance by the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra at the Steinbach Mennonite Church. The performance showcased a variety of classical and contemporary holiday music. As part of the performance two middle school students joined the orchestra by playing ‘Champagne Poppers’ with the Symphony. The Hanover Symphony Singers, filled with some of the finest youth singers from the Hanover schools, was directed by Millie Hildebrand along with Ashley Klassen, one of our local artists.

Ashley Klassen performs with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra at a recent performance in Steinbach.

Celebrate Canada Funding Available By Marianne Curtis Communities that currently host festivals that celebrate Canada or their heritage or are thinking about hosting a celebration are encouraged to take advantage of a federal funding program. Provencher MP Vic Toews would like to remind the many communities in the region that federal funding is available to help plan Celebrate Canada 2012. The federal government provides financial assistance for eligible activities organized during the period of June 21 to July 1. “Each year it is important that we recognize what it means to be Canadian,” stated Toews. “I encourage organizations throughout Provencher to organize events celebrating our heritage.” Celebrate Canada runs from June 21 to July 1 and includes events that celebrate National Aboriginal Day on June 21, St. Jean Baptiste Day on June 24, Canadian Multiculturalism Day on June 27 and Canada Day on July 1. Those eligible for funding include Canadian not-for-profit organizations, unincorporated associations, Canadian businesses organizing projects of a non-commercial nature, Canadian educational institutions and municipal governments, and other municipal, provincial or territorial institutions. Applications can be submitted to the Department of Canadian Heritage until January 16. Applications can be found at www.canadianheritage.gc.ca/canada.

RCMP Arrest Woman on Fraud Charges On December 11 Steinbach RCMP executed an arrest warrant on 29year-old Angela Lee Ann Funk of Mitchell for failing to appear in court on numerous fraud related offences committed in the Steinbach area. Funk remains in custody for the failing to attend court, along with multiple other property-related offences committed during 2011. Angela Funk currently faces the following charges: one count of failing to appear in court, 19 counts of false pretenses, one count of theft of credit card, three counts of fraud, one count of theft over $5,000, one count of unauthorized use of credit card, four counts of draw document without authority, one count of possession of property obtained by crime, one count of break, enter and theft, two counts of uttering forged document. These offences occurred in both the Steinbach and St. Pierre Detachment areas. Steinbach RCMP would like to convey to the public to be wary when approached by persons requesting to cash personal cheques on their behalf - under any pretense. If you have concerns about any financial transaction, discuss the matter with your financial institution before proceeding.

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More Than Just News!

January 2012


Toews Visits St-Pierre-Jolys Students The Grade 9 students attending Institut Collégial de St. Pierre received a rare treat in the middle of December when Provencher MP Vic Toews paid them a visit. On December 16 students taking the Career Development Class were treated to a presentation by Toews where he spoke about the different roles he plays in government including his role as Minister of

Public Safety, Regional Minister for Manitoba and Member of Parliament for Provencher. He also shared with students about his past employment as a lawyer and his former roles as Justice Minister for both the Provincial and Federal governments as well as his experience as the President of the Treasury Board.

Provencher MP Vic Toews met with Robert Berard’s Grade 9 Career Development Class to share his many experiences as a lawyer and in various government positions.

New Cleanup Bylaw in Ritchot By Marianne Curtis The RM of Ritchot is stepping things up when it comes to keeping the municipality clean by passing a bylaw that could see residents fined for not cleaning up their trash. According to council, Bylaw 5-2011 was passed with the public’s best interest for the safety, health and protection of residents living within the municipality and those passing through. The new bylaw prohibits littering either on private or public property, including roads and highways. “This includes debris falling off vehicles onto the roads,” stated council. “Its always good policy to secure your load when carrying items in a vehicle or trailer.” The litter bylaw pertains to all owners, occupiers or people passing through the municipality to ensure that no litter is blown or carried from one property to another property or public property. The RM of Ritchot has a bylaw enforcement officer who regularly patrols the communities to enforce all municipal bylaws, including the new litter bylaw. Those found to be in contravention of the bylaw could face fines from $100 to $1,000.


January 2012

Fund Raising to Expand Saint-PierreJolys Museum By Marianne Curtis The board of directors of the Saint-Pierre-Jolys Museum, St Pierre-Jolys would like to thank all past, present and future volunteers and supporters and at the same time put out a plea for help at a number of upcoming activities. Jacqueline Dotremont explained that thanks to the hard work of many volunteers the board has been able to redirect funds accumulated during events and admission to the facility towards expanding the museum’s hall. “Money normally used to upkeep and maintain the facilities, grounds and buildings are currently being used towards the expansion of the Cabane à Sucre’s Hall,” stated Dotremont. “We are thankful to the many people that help us keep our history present.” The hall is used by the museum for special events and is rented out to organizations or individuals for special events. The board is also looking for volunteers for a number of upcoming events including the Festival du Voyageur, February 17 to 26, collection of maple sap at the end of March, school programs and the annual Sugar Festival, which will take place April 10 to 15. There are also general board members and committee opportunities available. For more information contact Jacqueline Dotremont at 433-7535 or visit www.museestpierrejolys.ca.

Three Munshketeers Pajama Party Prairie Theatre Exchange is heading this way again with a school performance tradition of bringing the indelible and charismatic characters of Robert Munsch to vibrant life on the stage. On Saturday, January 21 at 2 pm in the SRSS Theatre the Steinbach Arts Council is bringing back some classic Munsch, including Wait and See, Moose!, We Share Everything, Where is the Gah-ning? and Just One Goal – all presented with the high-energy, kid-friendly fun their young audiences has come to expect. This is a pajama party! This is your opportunity to give your students the chance to experience the power of theatrical expression, and to enjoy live theatre in their own environment. Prairie Theatre Exchange is proud to contribute to the development of the “whole child”, which ultimately benefits all of us in society. Further, kids can enter to win free family tickets by joining the story writing contest! Children in grades 1-3 and grades 4-6 can enter the contest. Two stories will be chosen from each category and the chosen stories will be read to the audience, prior to the show, by the students! The subject will be based on a student’s humorous life incident – 2 pages maximum size on 8.5x11". Submit the story to your school librarian or the SAC Office. Deadline for entries is January 16th. The winners will receive free tickets for them self and their family to the show! All seats are only $10 each or the show package is 4 for $32. You can order your tickets by phone with Mastercard or Visa at 346-1077.

Greener School in St. Malo In an effort to create a greener community the École St. Malo is taking on the role of teaching students how to become more eco-friendly. According to Suzanne Remillard the principal, the ultimate goal is to make the school eco-friendly by getting the students involved in projects that help create a greener community. “If the school uses renewable energy, recycles and composts food waste, it demonstrates green living in action to children, parents and people in the wider community,” said the principal. In order to ensure this goal is reached, the school is participating in a blue box recycling program, eco-art projects, earth day celebrations, vermicomposting in the classroom (worms), community cleanup, ecogardening, eco-friendly cleaning products, LED lighting, creating an idle free zone, installing low-flow sinks and toilets and encouraging staff to carpool.

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Dawson Trail Dispatch

ATV Stolen in Steinbach On December 21 Steinbach RCMP received a report of a stolen ATV from the property of All Rig Customs on Life Sciences Parkway in Steinbach. The theft occurred sometime between 7:00 pm on December 20 and 7:00 am on December 21. The ATV is described as an Orange 2007 Arctic Cat 700, licence plate 932U3. It has orange rims and 3 snorkels attached to it. Tracks from the scene suggest that the ATV was driven away from the scene down Loewen Boulevard toward La Broquerie. Anyone with information regarding this or any other offences is asked to contact the Steinbach RCMP at 326-4452 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS) or at www.manitobacrimestoppers.com or text “TIPMAN” plus your message to Crimes (274637).

Immigrant English Students Graduate By Marianne Curtis The Eastman Immigrant Services, a Steinbach Chamber of Commerce program, recently graduated their second class of Advanced English students. At a special ceremony and evening on December 20, Eastman Immigrant Services graduated students through the English at Work/English Skills program which is funded by Manitoba Labour and Immigration. These students are the second group to complete the new English Skills for Work program which kicked off in the fall of 2010. According to Kyla Murray two new classes were added this fall. “One focused specifically on pronunciation skills, the other on writing skills,” explained Murray. “Both groups have completed their courses, and we honored both classes at the Graduation Ceremony.” This was the biggest event for the group as eleven students have completed the Pronunciation class and fourteen completed the Writing class. Last year Eastman Immigrant Services assisted over 200 new families settle in the region, while the number of clients accessing settlement services grew to over 900. Many of the immigrants were from Germany, Paraguay and the Philippines. Through the Chamber of Commerce, newcomers have access to job-specific language classes at four local workplaces including Valeant, Granny’s Poultry, HyLife and Barkman Concrete. Funding for these programs is being provided by the Province with over $700,000 coming into several different programs.

St. Pierre-Jolys Expanding with Completed Condo Development The community of St. Pierre-Jolys has grown by a dozen families after the recent opening of a new condominium project in town. In June, Maple Creek Condominiums was introduced to the community of St. Pierre-Jolys as a concept. The 15-unit complex was constructed adjacent to the Carillon Park and Recreation Diamonds on the same grounds where Robidoux Lumber sat for decades. After seven months of construction the project is nearly complete and fully occupied. Mark Duddridge explained that when they started this project the community was promised homes that would be beautiful, functional, and affordable. “Now that the project is almost complete, we believe those objectives have been met,” stated Duddridge. “We must not be alone in that opinion because all of the units sold out before construction was complete.” Maple Creek homes consists of 15 units built with an open-concept design that allows the natural light from its large windows to fill the entire home. Each 1,200 square foot unit features three bedrooms, two bathrooms (one in the studio suites), a living room, dining room, kitchen and pantry. While the majority of the condos have been sold, four suites were kept to be offered up as rentals.

Provincial Park Fees Come Back The free ride is over for people visiting any of the province’s provincial parks. The province of Manitoba kicked off the New Year by announcing that as of May 1 park vehicle permits will once again be required to gain access to a provincial park. Conservation Minister Dave Chomiak announced that although new park vehicle permits will be required beginning May 1, the cost will be modest at $4 per day or $8 per three-day visit. An annual pass will cost $30. “Manitoba’s camping, cabin and reservation fees are among the most affordable in the country,” said Chomiak. “Our plan will keep our parks affordable and help expand and improve them for everyone.” All park users, including campers, cottagers and commercial operators, will be required to purchase and display a provincial park vehicle permit. Permits will be available at all campgrounds and district offices as well as most business locations where fishing and hunting licences are sold. Although a number of provincial parks were affected first by flooding and later by dry conditions, Manitoba parks saw more than five million visitors in 2011. More than 64,000 camping reservations were made through the online and phone Parks Reservation Service, an increase of 2.4 percent over 2010.

Dawson Trail Dispatch

More Than Just News!

Compiled By Marianne Curtis Another year has passed and once again we take a look back at the news that mattered to residents throughout the region over the past 12 months. It has been a year of highs and lows which included top stories about both federal and provincial elections that brought out scandals and uprisings. Despite a struggling economy, federal and provincial funds flowed into almost every single southeast community and successfully created jobs and encouraged communities to flourish. There is always good news and bad news, but that really depends on the perspective of the reader. Join us now for a summary of the top news stories from each issue of the Dawson Trail Dispatch during 2011.

January 2012



More Than Just News!

January 2012

February 2011

January 2011 A year after Niverville Holdings purchased the personal care home in St. Adolphe, a meeting took place with the board of South Eastman Health. The health board offered to shoulder all the costs associated with replacing and setting up the existing 42-bed facility with a new 80-bed facility in Niverville, as long as Manitoba Health took over the operating costs. Construction of the new facility would commence 11 months later with a sod turning. On January 11, Robert Prior boarded a plane and flew to India where he received the controversial Liberation Treatment. It is the first ray of hope he’s had since finding out he had multiple sclerosis back in 1978. He returned and experienced some improvement to his condition as a result of the treatment. For the 5th year in a row New Bothwell Cheese placed first at the prestigious Annual British Empire Cheese Show. They won in the Marble Cheddar class at the international competition, which has been handing out coveted awards since 1927. The community of Ste. Anne excitedly prepares for the re-launch of their annual winter carnival after taking a break for a few years, including bringing back the communitywide snow sculpture contest.

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Fund raising kicked off to raise $750,000 to help fund the furnishings needed to complete the new energy efficient geothermal community center in Ile Des Chênes.

Ron Lemieux MLA for La Verendrye (prior to the election) announced that the province had found the $10 million needed to pave Hwy 210 between Ste. Anne and Landmark.

A record 17 snowmobile riders participated in the 2011 Journey for Sight which took place in the middle of January and raised over $20,000.

War resister, Joshua Key was among a dozen participants at a peaceful protest against Canada’s deporting American war resisters that took place in Steinbach outside of Provencher MP Vic Toew’s office.

April 2011

March 2011 After being closed since August 2009, residents in the St. Adolphe and area are thrilled to hear that the Pierre Delorme Bridge would be open to traffic at the beginning of the month. The RM of La Broquerie was once again on the hunt for a new chief administrator after John Livingstone was relieved of his duties. RM of La Broquerie Reeve Claude Lussier confirmed that his council terminated the contract signed in the fall by the former council. South Eastman Health’s chairperson Aurele Boisvert stepped down from his position as head of the local health authorities board of directors and Monique Vielfaure Mackenzie followed suit by stepping down as Chief Executive Officer. Construction of Bridgepark Manor, which included units geared towards independent living kicked off on the heels of a $3 million funding announcement by the federal and provincial governments with an official sod turning ceremony. Jordan Siemens, owner of Siemens Farms and Providence College student was named a 2011 Student Entrepreneur Manitoba Champion. Student Entrepreneur is a national competition operated by charitable organization, Advancing Canadian Entrepreneurship (ACE) with proud program supporter, CIBC. In St. Pierre, Marcelle Bergeron, owner of Country Charm Cleaning Services and MRB Enterprises, pled guilty to tax evasion and fraud. She was fined $47,335 and ordered to pay over $98,000 in back taxes and return over $43,000 in GST refunds she wasn’t qualified to receive.

The Hanover School Division made news province wide after they allowed students to construct and install a smoking shelter on school property. Initially the division stood by their decision to allow the structure until the province stepped in and demanded they remove it because it contradicted the Department of Education’s provincial smoking ban on school property. Three women and a man from Steinbach have been arrested and charged in relation to an alleged pyramid scheme after an investigation by the RCMP. Police began their investigation following complaints about “Business in Motion” operating in and around Steinbach. The charges related to activities that allegedly took place between Spring 2008 and Fall 2009. A year after Haiti was devastated by a 7.0 m earthquake which caused major damage to Port-au-Prince and affected nearly 3 million people, Marcel and Rita Courchaine from St. Adolphe spent a few weeks volunteering at an orphanage. While in Haiti, the couple worked alongside Haitian nannies taking care of thirty children, all under the age of two. When the province’s ice roads opened History Channel’s documentary style reality series called “Ice Road Truckers” started filming Season 5 with a Big Freight driver joining the show for the season.

Ayva Perry and Kamryn Perry got into the festival spirit during St. Malo’s annual Festival of Friends.

“Yes I Can” scholarship winner Candace Maxymowich said she is especially grateful to her mentor, Michelle Gawronsky, for influencing her life and motivating her to follow her dreams.

In preparation for the May 2 Federal election, six candidates stepped forward to vie for Provencher votes including Vic Toews, Terry Haywood, Al Mackling, Janine Gibson, Ric Lim and David Reimer. They would spend the next month convincing voters that it was time for change. Starting and running a business in the Whitemouth-Reynolds Planning District became easier thanks to BizPaL, an online business permit and licence service that saves time spent on paperwork and helps entrepreneurs start up faster. The project was supported by the RM of Reynolds. Guy Lévesque is appointed by Manitoba Health as the new Board Chair of South Eastman Health. Lévesque is a long-time resident of the Town of Ste. Anne where he served as Chief Administrative Officer for over 26 years. A 15-year-old boy from Ste. Anne was arrested and charged based on allegations that he enticed an 8-year-old Ontario girl to send nude pictures to him via her iPod. Eighty-three year old, Ed Chatel from Woodridge is alive but homeless after an early morning fire on March 3 that destroyed his home. His life was saved thanks to a smoke detector. The Lorette Royals U14 Tween B ringette team made it a ‘double’ when they took the Provincial Ringette Crown at the Billy Mosienko Arena in Winnipeg. Two weeks earlier the girls won a hard fought series to take the Winnipeg Ringette League Championship.

Provencher MP Vic Toews was in Hadashville to personally inform Denis Lebel of Berger Peat Moss that the federal government was investing $1 million in the Hadashville area business.

The community of Niverville was left reeling after a $2.2 million fire destroyed the entire strip mall containing several businesses at the east end of Niverville.

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June 2011

May 2011 Maintaining his seat in a landslide election, Provencher MP Vic Toews captured over 70 percent of the total votes cast despite the fact that only 63 percent of the 62,180 registered voters in Provencher came out to cast their ballots. Sixty-one year old Raymond Stott of Niverville is found dead in the vehicle he was driving when it was swept away by flood waters earlier in April. Police report that Stott drowned after the vehicle he was in was swept away while he was trying to cross a portion of Allarie Road in the RM of De Salaberry. The Eastman Education Centre celebrated its fifth year since opening its doors. The Centre brought an array of education opportunities to the region previously unavailable in one location. Since then 4,500 students have come through the centre’s doors to take at least one course. Adrian Bruce received the Dr. Jack Hunt Memorial Development Award. Bruce is the head coach of the Niverville Wrestling Club as well as the provincial coach and head coach for Manitoba in the upcoming Western Canada Summer Games Former RM of La Broquerie administrator Lori Wood is charged by Maidstone RCMP with theft over $5,000 after a brief investigation. It was alleged she issued cheques without authorization for a total of over $15,000.

Leon Tetrault receives a Volunteer Service Award from Manitoba Lieutenant Governor Philip S. Lee.

Over 1,500 people came out to Culturama in Steinbach, making the one day event a huge success.

Thirty-two year old Ryan Letkeman from Niverville was killed after the motorcycle he was driving was struck by a vehicle full of teenagers who allegedly failed to stop at a stop sign. An accident between a cyclist and a semitruck in Steinbach claimed the life of 18-yearold Olivia Nesom of Woodridge. The long awaited construction project at Arborgate School in La Broquerie finally begins. The new building will increase the size of the school by almost 40,000 square feet. Once it is complete, the current building will be renovated so that the entire building will hold 450 students. The City of Steinbach and the municipalities of La Broquerie, Ste. Anne and Hanover strongly encourage all households that have yet to participate in this year’s census to do so because it determines the amount of provincial and federal funding that communities will receive. RCMP officers from the East District in Selkirk arrested 29 people, including three from the southeast in connection with drug trafficking as part of a year long investigation. Provencher MP Vic Toews was named Vice Chairperson for the new Cabinet Committee on National Security. This appointment came after the re-elected MP was re-appointed as Canada’s Minister of Public Safety.

The community of Ste. Anne joined the four local schools to celebrate the completion and grand opening of the SPADE playground project. The $1 million project saw a vacant field turned into a community park.

Visitors driving through St. Malo will notice this huge sign that proudly acknowledges four professional athletes who call the community home.

August 2011

July 2011 The RM of Ste. Anne council decided that instead of looking into options to expand or improve their municipal recycling program, they would cancel it completely, leaving residents to either not recycle or haul materials to drop off sites on their own. Representatives from the province were personally on hand to make the announcement that Manitoba Health will support a new 80-bed personal-care home in Niverville and provide an additional $1.7 million in new operating funds to include a special-care unit for residents with dementia, aggression and other challenging behaviors. Natalie Dearborn a grade twelve graduate from École Communautaire Réal-Bérard in St-Pierre-Jolys is one of ten students recently honoured with the Premier’s Healthy Living Award for Youth presented by Premier Greg Selinger. Construction of Villa Youville’s $7.8 million affordable housing facility, kicked off in Ste. Anne with an official sod turning and celebration. The project, which will replace the existing obsolete facility with 24 units of affordable, supportive housing. Construction also starts on the emergency room expansion at the Ste. Anne Hospital. John Stinson is named the new Chief Executive Officer for South Eastman Health.

January 2012

South Eastman’s Regional Suicide Prevention Committee celebrates the success of it’s first “Out of the Blue Campaign” with a gala that recognized groups for doing their part in raising awareness on suicide prevention.

The Susydka Ukrainian Dancers from Vita added the color gold to their costuming when they took home four medals after competing in the Teulon Ukrainian Dance Competition.

The south east lost one of the region’s hardest working political figures when former Steinbach MLA Albert Driedger passed away suddenly on July 18 after suffering a stroke. The agriculture community in St-PierreJolys mourned the loss of Ag representative Roger Robert who passed away suddenly after a lengthy battle with cancer on July 9. John Pendergrast of Kleefeld was recently recognised for his achievements when he received a second place in the Manitoba Venture Challenge with his product creation called Ticketorium. South Eastman Health is thrilled to hear that within a year residents from the region Eastman Recycling has added two new trucks to their fleet would see a new crisis stabilization unit that will improve service and safety for workers. constructed for the region in Steinbach. For the third year in a row the population in the tiny community of St. Labre boomed as several hundred locals and visitors took in the St. Labre 200. The weekend draws a dozen crews together who design, build onsite, and then race a go-cart. In his second race in the very competitive Formula Renault Italia Championship, Niverville’s home grown race car driver, David Richert, was able to come away with a top ten finish at the Misano World Circuit in Italy. A 16-year-old boy from Steinbach was arrested and charged with possessing, accessing and distributing child Hundreds of people came out to Richer to participate in the 5th annual Celebration Thibaultville. pornography.


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January 2012

September 2011

was renamed to Archie Plett Memorial Park in honor of Archie Plett. In 1957 Plett founded Landmark Mechanical and was instrumental in hooking up the community to a town sewage and water system. Work crews in the RM of Tache took advantage of the dry summer by undertaking several drainage projects expected to alleviate flooding in the Ste. Genevieve area after the community has been inundated with water over the past few years.

The 40th provincial election race kicked off and candidates pounded the pavement vying for the support of voters with 15 major contenders in five constituencies. Candidates had 28 days to convince voters to either vote for change or keep the status quo. The $1.5 million expansion on the Jake Epp Library commenced after the City of Steinbach awarded the construction contract for the project to Boretta Construction of Winnipeg. The expansion project will see the libraries space double in size. The otherwise quiet community of Sprague was stunned after a 47-year-old woman was arrested and charged with attempted murder after allegedly trying to blow up her common-law husband. Grade six students returning to classes in Niverville arrived to find new portables installed at Niverville Collegiate when the existing elementary school officially became a Kindergarten to Grade 5 school and the high school became a Grade 6 to Provencher MP Vic Toews met with more 12 school. than 150 municipal leaders from throughout During Landmark’s annual Friendship the riding. Festival, the community’s central park

The Landmark Playground committee accepted a Community Places Grant cheque from La Verendrye MLA Ron Lemiuex. The controversial presentation would land Lemieux in hot water with election officials because it was presented during the provincial election campaign.

November 2011 Many southeast residents spent Thanksgiving weekend grateful for their lives after a number of forest fires forced evacuations region wide. Evacuation orders started rolling in October 5 beginning with the RM of Stuartburn with an out-of-control grass fire. In a matter of a day smoke smothered the area from fires burning out of control near Gardenton, Stuartburn, Sundown, Piney, Sandilands, Marchand, La Broquerie and Pansy. Employees working at Granny’s Poultry in Blumenort were informed that an Improvement Order has been issued against Granny’s by the Workplace Safety and Health Division. The company was told they needed to improve air quality in the facility or they could be forced to shut down until the repairs are made. Farm Credit Canada’s (FCC) Drive Away Hunger program finished the last leg of its eighth annual journey in Steinbach after collecting 2.4 million pounds of food. On October 7, Provencher MP Vic Toews met with members of the RM of Hanover council to inform them of the Federal approval for $5.7 million in low-cost loans for 3 projects to upgrade their waste water and drinking water treatment systems.

October 2011 South Eastman Health was forced to recently revisit the tendering process for the Bethesda Hospital Emergency Room after receiving little response to tender calls. A number of rural municipalities, including the RM of Piney, are upset with the Selinger government after they were unexpectedly forced to become responsible to maintain Main Market Roads. After lengthy discussions with concerned municipalities, the province has offered to do minimal maintenance

Dawson Trail Dispatch on these roads until the end of the year. Three months after the RM of Ste. Anne canceled its municipal wide recycling program the municipality signed an agreement with Eastman Recycling Services in Steinbach. Under the agreement the company will provide recycling services every second Saturday. A group of riders and their horses dressed in pink hit the trail for three weeks regardless of the heat, wind, cold, rain and even frost when the Wild Pink Yonder riders came to the region to raise funds for breast cancer research. Their efforts raised $35,000.

Members from the RM of Piney fire departments recently met in Vassar for an official appreciation BBQ and to show off their equipment to their counterparts.

There was no shortage of mud to play in during the first annual St. Adolphe Mudfest.

December 2011 Exactly a year from when the sod was first turned, the machines have moved in and work has officially begun on the construction of a new seniors housing complex in Sprague. The facility is expected to be open for occupancy in August 2012. Provencher MP Vic Toews met with the owners of Puratone Corporation and Southern Comfort Mechanical Inc both in Niverville and Innovaat.com International Inc, near St. Adolphe to present to each company $50,000 in federal funding. A two vehicle accident along Hwy 12

Fourteen year-old Pazia Toyne from Lorette was honored with a Medal of Bravery for her role in saving a little girls life three years ago in Alberta.

In a deal cited as a first for Trans-Canada Pipelines the RM of Ritchot was presented with a $150,000 contribution from the company, which bought them naming rights to the newly completed community center in Iles Des Chênes.

The driver of this school bus has been charged after it was involved in a three vehicle collision along the Trans Canada Hwy.

north of Steinbach claimed the lives of two elderly women from Niverville. Sixty-six year old Ray Manegre, also from Niverville, is missing and presumed drowned after a boating accident that took place on November 14. Diane and Gerald Hebert won the $75,000 grand prize in the StBoniface Hospital Foundation 2011 Fall Cash Lotto. Last year the couple won a cool million in the same draw. The RM of Reynolds granted approval to Living Bible Explorers so they can create a permanent year round bible camp for children near Hadashville. For one hour students at St. Pierre Collegiate took over the school gym and set up a makeshift rink for a hockey game where they took on themselves and teams from local businesses. The annual event, which was organized by students and teachers alike, raised $2,517 for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Smoke rising from what is left of the Maple Inn, a popular truck stop just east of Richer.

After two years at the helm of the Steinbach RCMP Detachment, Staff Sergeant Davy Lee is saying goodbye to Manitoba and heading west. Lee started his career 22 years ago in Manitoba and has served at the head of three detachments: the Red River Valley, Sprague and Steinbach RCMP Detachments.

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De Salaberry Expands Composting Program

January 2012


Manitoba Wild Pink Yonder Raises Almost $35,000

By Marianne Curtis The RM of De Salaberry has agreed to purchase a wood chipper to add to the services available as part of the municipality’s composting program. At a recent meeting, council authorized the CAO and public works foreman to purchase a used wood chipper for the estimated cost of $28,000. Funding for the purchase is coming from a $30,800 CLER Program (Community Led Emissions Reduction) grant that the municipality received for the De Salaberry composting program. A portion of the funds will be received by the municipality ($9,800) with the $21,000 balance receivable in March. The RM of De Salaberry has been working diligently over the past few years to put more focus on improving municipal wide recycling programs that are available to residents.

CT Scanner Slated for Bethesda Hospital By Marianne Curtis Residents in the southeast will benefit from a recent provincial funding investment which will see an additional $8.7 million to purchase advanced diagnostic equipment across the province. The provincial government has promised funding to South Eastman Health so they can purchase a new CT scanner for Bethesda Hospital in Steinbach. The new equipment will also allow for faster, more dependable testing and a more comfortable environment for patients while providing better quality imaging with advanced dose-reduction technology.

By Dan Guetre

Snowmobile Safety The weather’s great and snow conditions are excellent but one more element is necessary to make your snowmobile ride perfect:, safety. Its important to make safety your number one priority in order to protect yourself and your passenger. Snowmobiles are one of the leading causes of winter sports and recreation related injuries. Keep safety in mind this winter: - Keep your speed down and your eyes on the trail ahead to watch for hazards on the trail. - Watch for hidden obstacles such as guy wires that are attached to hydro poles, particularly when traveling through ditches. Sometimes a guy wire can be difficult to see if it is covered by snow or if the reflective markers attached to it have been damaged or removed. - Stay on the trail; do not trespass. - Stay off rivers and lakes whenever possible, particularly if there is a generating station or dam in the area. Use the “If you don’t know, don’t go” approach.

- Take a first aid kit as well as a knife, area map, compass, lighter, matches, flashlight, whistle and food. These items will come in handy if you or your passenger get hurt, run out of gas, or get lost. For more information on snowmobile safety, check the on line safety tips at www.hydro.mb.ca

The Manitoba Wild Pink Yonder organization, now armed with fund raising totals in hand, is set to turn over a $34,298.33 cheque to Cancercare Manitoba. The Manitoba Wild Pink Yonder ride took place this past fall with riders visiting over 20 communities throughout southern Manitoba in a 22-day ride. Communities and riders raised funds to go towards breast cancer research. “I’m tickled pink with the final figures,” says Manitoba organizer Pam Glover, a Ste. Anne area resident. “There was a lot of planning, a lot of juggling and an amazing response from most of the communities we rode through.” Glover, who lost her step daughter to breast cancer, says she was on an emotional roller coaster throughout the ride. “I heard tales from people in every community of loss and survival,” she says. “These people will definitely remain in my thoughts and heart. This trail ride gave me an opportunity, not only to spearhead fund raising and awareness but to meet amazing people and kindness from strangers.” The Town of Ste. Anne was named the “Pinkest” town in Manitoba for its efforts in raising the most money per capita and will now be decorated with signs at its main entry points into the community bestowing it with the 2011 title. It also gets to host an event featuring Manitoba band Two Dollar Pistol.

Snow Sculptures Wanted The Town of Ste. Anne in conjunction with the Comité Culturel Sainte-Anne (CCSA) have once again decided to hold its annual snow sculpture competition this winter. If anyone residing in the town of Ste. Anne would like to book a block of snow for sculpting, please contact the Town office at 422-5293. The sculptures must be completed by February 1 and the judges will be going around the town on February 5.


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January 2012

Dawson Trail Dispatch

Opening Ceremony Planned for Art Show The public is invited to the Opening Ceremony Celebration for Edmund Raguindin and Revita Kroeker ‘Old Concepts to Modern Art’ & ‘Creating Memories’ art showing. The Opening Ceremony is on Wednesday, January 11 at 7 pm at the Hall Gallery in the Steinbach Cultural Arts Centre at 304 Second Street in Steinbach. Edmund Raguindin was born and raised in the Philippines along with his big brother who helped him discover the wonderful world of Art. Edmund started off by keeping his pencil moving and started drawing cars and robots in his childhood years. During his elementary days he often joined art contests where he received some awards. His passion of painting came back again when he was encouraged by his wife to join the Open Judged Exhibit which was held in Steinbach Arts Council last March 2011. His first painting in Canada was a Monster Jam (JUMP!) which he submitted to SAC that obtained people‘s choice award. It inspired him to step up his

skills and to start painting on canvasses again. It was his sign making business back in the Philippines that lasted for almost thirteen years that helped him a lot to develop his talent and skills. It closed when he and his family decided to migrate here in Canada on June 2009. Revita Kroeker was born and raised in Paraguay, South America, Revita loved to draw whenever she could get ahold of a piece of paper. Art was her favourite subject in school.

When she grew up, she and her husband Chris moved to Canada, she joined an Art Club in Steinbach and years later in Paraguay, took private lessons. She loves to try new techniques and use creative ways to paint. She started off in watercolour and oil, but prefers to paint with Acrylics. Revita is currently teaching Art to children at her home in Rosenort, Manitoba. She likes to paint because God has given her this gift, and loves to show His beautiful nature through Art. She prefers to paint flowers, scenery and draw faces. Chris and Revita Kroeker have 3 children. The exhibit will run from January 11 to February 3.

How To Do More With Less In 2012 Time to take a hard look at reinventing how Canadians spend their money A wake-up call for Canadians came when the Canadian Taxpayers Federation analyzed how short pay cheques will be in 2012 compared with 2011. Employment insurance premiums paid by employees will increase by $53 bringing the total payroll taxes to $3,147 or $142 more than 2011. Couple this increase with the recent Bank of Canada report saying the household debt-toincome ratio is now at an unprecedented 152.8 per cent may mean 2012 will bring financial ruin for any Canadians living beyond their means. “If you received a year-end bonus or a gift of cash in the past it may have been treated like found money and deposited into a savings account but this year we are seeing more Canadians using the money to pay down their debt,” says Jeffrey Schwartz, executive director, Consolidated Credit Counseling Services of Canada. “Now that pay cheques are being reduced Canadians should look no further than their own mailboxes to see how much they owe and include savings and debt as expenses in their 2012 budgets.” Traditional household budgets have leftover money put towards saving and/or paying down debt. “Today, once expenses are subtracted from income, the objective is to have a zero bottom line. Our credit counsellors are advising Canadians to adjust their attitudes towards

spending 2012 and include savings and paying down debt as expenses in their household budgets,” continues Schwartz. If, at first brush, there are funds remaining it should be allocated to paying down debt, especially the one with the highest interest rate, in order to achieve a zero bottom line.

Toews Applauds Legislative Measures to Protect Children from Sexual Exploitation Vic Toews, Canada’s Minister of Public Safety and Regional Minister for Manitoba, welcomed the coming into force of Bill C-22, An Act respecting the mandatory reporting of Internet child pornography by persons who provide an Internet service. “The sexual of exploitation of children is a horrific crime that our Government is committed to addressing,” said Toews. “This legislation will help protect children from exploitation by Internet sexual predators.” Bill C-22 applies to suppliers of Internet services to the public, including those who provide electronic mail services, Internet content hosting services, and social networking sites. It requires them to: report tips they receive regarding Web sites where child pornography may be publicly available to the Canadian Centre for Child Protection; and notify police and safeguard evidence if they believe that a child pornography offence has been committed using an Internet service that they provide. Minister Toews also applauded the passage of Bill C-10, The Safe Streets and Communities Act, in the House of Commons earlier today. “This important legislation aims to better protect children and youth by cracking down on child sexual offenders and drug dealers who target children,” said Toews. “The passage of this Bill in the House of Commons brings us one step closer to fulfilling the promise we made to Canadians during the last election.” Bill C-10 will implement law-and-order legislation that fulfills the Government’s commitment to take action to protect families and hold criminals accountable. Among the measures included in Bill C-10 are increased penalties for sexual offences against children and the creation of two new offences aimed at conduct that could enable the commission of a sexual offence against a child. An on-line version of the legislation referenced above is available at www.parl.gc.ca. For more information on the Government of Canada’s National Strategy for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation on the Internet, please visit www.publicsafety.gc.ca/prg/le/oce-eng.aspx.

Dawson Trail Dispatch

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January 2012


Our Desire to Get it Right in 2012 Luke 7:36-40: Now one of the Pharisees invited Jesus to have dinner with him, so he went to the Pharisee’s house and reclined at the table. 37) When a woman who had lived a sinful life in that town learned that Jesus was eating at the Pharisee’s house, she brought an alabaster jar of perfume, 38) and as she stood behind him at his feet weeping, she began to wet his feet with her tears. Then she wiped them with her hair, kissed them and poured perfume on them. 39) When the Pharisee who had invited him saw this, he said to himself, “If this man were a prophet, he would know who is touching him and what kind of woman she is—that she is a sinner,” 40) Jesus answered him, “Simon, I have something to tell you.” “Tell me, teacher,” he said. (NIV1984) There are moments in life when most of us do some weird and wonderful things, things that stretch our imaginations, like making New Year resolutions. We know deep in our hearts that they are mere words or thoughts, but we do them anyway. However, there are those times when we look at life in a more serious way, and ask the question, “Lord, would you help me that I might bring honor to your name this year? Would you help me that I might understand the spiritual needs of others? Would you help me with that special insight so that I can recognize my very own short-coming?” Our conversation this month centres on the lives of two different people. One, a Pharisee by the name of Simon and the other person we will call, “A lady of the night, who sought salvation and received salvation.” Simon was so righteous that he misunderstood everything; he misunderstood the woman, he misunderstood Jesus, and I doubt that he even knew what he was about. He misunderstood the woman because he knew what kind of life she had been living and not what she wanted from Jesus. Christ, on the other hand, knew why she had come; she had come because she wanted peace in her heart. Consider this woman: She has been brought to repentance and is now in the act of worshiping Jesus. Simon can only see her past and therefore dismisses her without any further consideration, then fails to understand Jesus too. He was saying in verse 39, “if this man were a prophet, he would know who is touching him and what kind of woman she is—that she is a sinner.” But Jesus understood Simon, (verse 40) Jesus answered him, “Simon, I have something to tell you.” “Tell me, teacher,” he said. Then Jesus explains how he, Simon, did not understand what Jesus was doing. Our friend Simon thought that if Jesus was a prophet he would know all about this woman. Simon’s thinking was that if Jesus was a prophet he would surely reject this woman. Simon is right. Jesus did know her past, but he also knew the longing of her heart to be right with God, and that is, after all, the reason Jesus came – to bring hope and salvation to those who truly seek him. Simon even misunderstood himself since he himself was a sinner and just as much in need of forgiveness as this woman. Failure to see oneself as a sinner is why so many die in their sin. Simon was conscious of no sin in his life, and therefore felt no love and received no forgiveness during Christ’s visit. His thinking was that he was a good man both in the sight of God and mankind. The woman, on the other hand, was conscious of nothing other than a deep need and therefore was overwhelmed with a love for Christ who could supply the love and forgiveness she sought, and so she received forgiveness. It seems strange that perhaps the greatest sin is when people are conscious of no sin in their life. However, when we have a sense of need, when we have a sense that there is sin in our life, the door to God’s forgiveness will always be open. Why? Because God is love, and love’s greatest desire is for us to be set free from a guilty conscious. Christ wants to impart this love to us with no strings attached. Would you pray this prayer with me? “Lord Jesus, come into my heart. Forgive my sins. I want my life to change. My thoughts and my attitude need to change. I do not have the peace in my heart that I yearn for. I really want that peace, joy and happiness that fulfills my heart’s desire. Please let the Holy Spirit help me be the kind of Christian that will honor your name. Amen.”


January 2012

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