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August 2012

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Ritchot Council Shuts Door on Advance Funding for Doctor Enticement

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Super Walmart Construction Progresses

By Marianne Curtis In a move that has upset many people in the community of Ile des Chênes, the RM of Ritchot has shut down a plan that was expected to entice medical services into the town. At a special meeting of council, the RM of Ritchot met to make a decision after the IDC Community Centre board came to council requesting an advance. The committee asked the municipality for an advance against future revenues in the amount of $169,000. The money was to be used to finish the 6,000 square foot second storey at the town’s new community centre. Council was told the committee had a commitment from a doctor who wanted to set up a medical clinic and a pharmacy. However, in order for the tenants to move in, the entire second floor would have to be finished. The committee formally requested the municipality to consider an advance on revenue so the project could move ahead. A few days later, on July 20, council held a special meeting to discuss the matter. A motion to allow the IDC Community Centre Board to proceed with building a medical clinic on the second storey with the municipality funding the costs was defeated unanimously. RM of Ritchot Reeve Bob Stefaniuk confirmed that his council shut down the board’s plans. “They wanted the money quickly to finish off the upstairs; the assumption is that it had something to do with another pharmacist setting up in town,” Stefaniuk explained. “The profits would not have been what they expected. We didn’t see the payback in their proposal.” Council then voted to block off the second floor to further use until a suitable tenant is found. A third resolution has council saying they would continue their search for suitable tenants and work with the board to pursue any leads that will result in filling the space and provide rent revenue.

The new Super Walmart in Steinbach is expected to be open in early 2013. Photo by Marianne Curtis

Construction on the new Walmart in Steinbach is moving along quickly. Walmart Manager Kevin Evans said that the Super Walmart is expected to open in early 2013. “We are leasing office space and when that is finalised we will be kicking off the hiring centre,” Evans said. The company will be looking to fill 200 positions. Meanwhile, the City of Steinbach is still trying to get the Department of The RM of Ritchot council denied the advancement of revenues to be used to lure a doctor Highways to speed up intersection improvements along Highway 12 in front of the new store’s location. The City of Steinbach blames Manitoba and pharmacist as tenants to the second floor of the Ile des Chênes Community Centre. Infrastructure and Transportation for being too slow to approve the plans. Photo by Marianne Curtis Traffic is expected to increase significantly once the new store opens. This could cause problems at the northern entrance to the store. The However, Stefaniuk denies that and surrounding area, such as a plans include improving the turning lanes and installing a set of traffic medical doctor, pharmacy, dentist, lights. council will make the decision. “It is up to the board what kind of and physiotherapist. businesses go in there; council is not in the business of making deals,” Stefaniuk continued. “If we handle this prudently we will have a facility that will serve us well into the future.” A Jack Russel Terrier deemed a dangerous dog in the RM of La Broquerie is now residing in the RM of Ste. Anne. Stefaniuk confirmed the On July 11, the RM of La Broquerie council hosted a public meeting in regards to an alleged dangerous dog living municipality is blocking off the in the municipality. According to council at least two individuals were bitten by the dog, which is owned by Tonya Hann. second floor. After listening to the victims, the municipality deemed the pup a dangerous dog under Bylaw No 8-2006. “We want to see what happens in “It is council’s opinion that the dog in question is a danger to the community,” stated council. “The said dog, a Jack the future. This project is now in a Russell Terrier, has been declared a dangerous dog.” holding pattern,” Stefaniuk Hann was served with a dozen conditions if she decided to keep the animal. These conditions include liability concluded. insurance, fencing, muzzling and obedience training. These conditions also included leaving a $1,000 bond with the The $6.7 million Ile des Chênes municipality until the conditions were met. In addition, the impounded dog would only be released to its owner when Community Centre was made the conditions were met. possible with $2.77 million in federal Council have given her ten days to comply. funding through the Community According to Reeve Claude Lussier, the owner complied with some of the conditions, picked up the dog and moved Adjustment Fund and the Rural to Richer. Municipality of Ritchot. “She has taken her dog back and we have notified the RM of Ste. Anne that she has moved there,” stated Lussier. “I The new centre includes a hall and hope and pray that no one gets bit in Richer.” a bilingual public daycare for 94 The RM of La Broquerie has taken steps to make sure something like this does not happen again. Council passed a children. There is also office rental new animal control bylaw. The municipality is using the Portage La Prairie dangerous dog bylaw as a template. Council space with a focus on bringing expects to approve the new bylaw on August 15. medical services to the community

La Broquerie Deals with Dog Owner

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Dawson Trail Dispatch August 2012  

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