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38 Great Republic Dr, Gloucester,
MA 01930 |

The official 2023-24 Discover Gloucester Visitor Guide is funded, in part, by the Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism. visitma.com

This guide was made possible by a grant administered by the North of Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau. NorthofBoston.org

This guide provides information for the use of visitors to Gloucester and Cape Ann, MA. Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy of information. Discover Gloucester cannot guarantee rates or other dates herein or assume any liability for errors, omissions, or for damages which may result from reliance on such information. Please contact individual organizations for their latest rates, dates and other specifics.

Publisher, Ad Sales, Editorial: Tess McColgan, Executive Director, Discover Gloucester

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Proofreading and Fact Checking: Elizabeth Carey

Editorial Contributors: Cape Ann Museum, National Geographic, Elizabeth Carey, Ocean Alliance, Halibut Point State Park/DCR, Mass Audubon, Justin Demetri & Maritime Gloucester, Gloucester 400+

Gloucester Tourism Alliance, Inc. d/b/a Discover Gloucester is a Destination Marketing Organization. Discover Gloucester works to promote tourism and the visitor based economy by increasing awareness of Gloucester and Cape Ann as a premier visitor destination.

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Enjoy Our 400+ Anniversary!

On behalf of the City of Gloucester,

I’m proud to welcome you to our beautiful and historic seaport. It’s an exciting time to visit and live here — our community will be alive and busier than ever this year as we commemorate our 400th anniversary! Our downtown and neighborhoods will be bustling with festivals, events, and activities throughout the year as we reflect on our rich cultural, ethnic, indigenous, and social history, while giving thanks to our incredible residents. This 400+ Commemorative Edition of the Discover Gloucester Visitor Guide is the perfect place to uncover Gloucester’s treasures, adventures, and highlights.

As America’s oldest seaport, Gloucester is an authentic waterfront destination where residents and visitors have countless opportunities to experience all our City has to offer! Gloucester is home to historical landmarks, incredible natural wonders, first-rate dining, endless ocean excursions, and much more. I welcome you to explore this remarkable community’s unparalleled sights, attractions, and heritage.

During your visit, you will witness the charm and spirit of our lively working waterfront and have the chance to sample the fresh local seafood offered at our first-rate restaurants. Whether it’s a scenic sail on our historic schooners or an exhilarating trip to some of the best whale watching — Gloucester’s harbors and coves offer limitless opportunities to enjoy our breathtaking ocean. Visit our world-class museums that showcase stunning local and international artwork while celebrating historic local artists.

Gloucester’s flourishing Main Street, charming neighborhoods, and engaging cultural districts will be even more full of life and energy as we acknowledge our 400th anniversary. We have much to celebrate and reflect on this year, and I invite you to join us on our journey as we bring our storied history to life and look ahead to an even brighter future. Our generous and kind-hearted residents are happy to welcome you and proud to share our unique character and traditions during your stay.

I am confident you will quickly see all of the extraordinary qualities that make Gloucester a world-class cultural and leisure destination. I’m honored to welcome you to the City of Gloucester!


On the Cover

Schooner Thomas E Lannon at the Paint Factory by nautical photographer, Mary Barker. Mary is a candid environmental photographer who has been documenting Gloucester’s schooners, boat restoration, and life on the docks since 2021.


M A Barker Photography on Facebook

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Gloucester WELCOME TO


Gloucester, Massachusetts is a charming coastal community located on Cape Ann, about 40 miles north of Boston. As the oldest fishing port in America, we take great pride in our 400+ year history and our continued major role in the fishing industry. Our town has also gained notoriety from the reality TV series Wicked Tuna and Hollywood blockbuster The Perfect Storm.

Gloucester offers an abundance of unique experiences for visitors. You can take a sunset cruise on one of our community-built historic schooners, indulge in seaside dining featuring “today’s fresh catch”, or embark on an awe-inspiring whale watch excursion. You’ll discover some of the east coast’s most valued treasures, and meet local characters along the way.

Exploring our historic homes and museums is a must-do activity and be sure to visit America’s oldest artists colony on

Rocky Neck. Strolling Main Street will take you on a journey through an eclectic mix of locally owned shops and cafes. Enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds you in our gardens, parks, on our hiking trails, and beneath our breathtaking sunsets.

If you’re seeking a truly authentic New England experience, Gloucester, Cape Ann is a must-visit destination. Come discover the charm and history of our coastal community and create unforgettable memories!

Whales Are Leaping For The Hurricane! The Hurricane II - the most popular whale watch boat in Greater Boston! The largest, fastest vessel, with the most viewing space! Cape Ann Whale Watch - 800-877-5110 415 Main St., Rose’s Wharf, Gloucester Reserve Online: www.SeeTheWhales.com We have everything for your whale watch adventure! • Guaranteed free parking - no meters. • Experience - we are the area’s pioneers of whale watching. • Fastest to the whales! • Named one of the top 5 whale watches in the US. • Enjoy food and beverages on board at great prices. • Guaranteed sightings! Celebrating Our 45th Season! Order Tickets Online! The World Cetacean Alliance has chosen Cape Ann Whale Watch to be the only U.S. based ambassador for this international organization. The WCA is dedicated to “raising the standards of whale watching worldwide through education.” Trip Advisor 5 Star Rating! Home of the Hurricane II (1/2022) DiscoverGloucester2023bleed.indd 1 1/31/23 4:42 PM DiscoverGloucester.com 5

Hopper Cape Ann &

FROM JULY 22 TO OCTOBER 16, 2023, the Cape Ann Museum in Gloucester will be hosting a once-in-a-generation exhibition titled Edward Hopper & Cape Ann: Illuminating an American Landscape. This exhibition will feature over 60 works by the American artist Edward Hopper, including many of his early works painted during his visits to Cape Ann, which played a pivotal role in launching his success as an artist.

Before his time on Cape Ann, Hopper had painted in relative obscurity and had only sold one painting before the age of 40. However, with the encouragement of his eventual wife, Josephine “Jo” Nivison, Hopper began painting the iconic watercolor landscapes and houses that would come to define his style. This exhibition aims to highlight the largely ignored but significant origin story of Hopper’s years in and around Gloucester, Massachusetts, which imbued his paintings with a clarity and purpose that had eluded his earlier work.

The exhibition explores the concept of place as a creative catalyst and charts the dramatic social, political, and economic transformations that occurred during Hopper’s visits to Cape Ann. It features Hopper’s work in all media, including his early and ongoing fascination with boats, as well as his etchings, drawings, watercolors, and oils. The exhibition also includes a collection of Josephine N. Hopper’s paintings, showcasing her as an artist in her own right, rather than just as Hopper’s muse and model.

The exhibition is curated by Dr. Elliot Bostwick Davis, a nationally recognized curator and former museum director, and includes an unprecedented loan from the Whitney Museum of American Art, which is the major repository of Hopper’s work. This major exhibition offers a fresh look at one of America’s best-known artists at the crucial moment that profoundly shaped his art and his life, and it hopes to help restore Jo N. Hopper to her rightful place as an artist.

Photo by John Abisamra
6 DiscoverGloucester.com
The Mansard Roof by Edward Hopper; Pictured above: Gloucester Mansion by Edward Hopper
DiscoverGloucester.com 7



Captain Dave Marciano is a seasoned fisherman and one of the original five captains of the hit TV show, Wicked Tuna. In an interview with Discover Gloucester, he revealed that the show was born when one of the executive producers heard about Gloucester’s reputation for bluefin tuna fishing and its beautiful scenery. Marciano was one of the first captains selected to participate in the show and has been a part of it since its beginning in 2012.


When asked about his favorite local spots, Marciano recommends restaurants such as Gloucester House and local haunts like Mom’s Kitchen and Lee’s. He also enjoys hiking and visiting Eastern Point Lighthouse and Halibut Point State Park in Rockport.


One of the biggest surprises for Marciano since being on Wicked Tuna has been the doors that have opened for him because of the show’s success. He has had the opportunity to work with National Geographic, shoot commercials in Croatia, and explore other business ventures that have stemmed from building his own brand.


Marciano also co-owns Angelica Seafoods with his sister, Christine Marciano Sciola. The seafood company was founded with the goal of providing fresh, day-boat seafood to customers all over the country. They only sell wild harvest seafood from the Gulf of Maine and are committed to educating consumers on the benefits of sustainable fishing practices. While tuna is their premier product, they also sell lob-

sters, clams, scallops, haddock, and other New England favorites.


The response from customers has been fantastic since the company’s launch in

8 DiscoverGloucester.com

September 2022. Marciano hopes to open a retail location in Gloucester in the next year to accommodate customers’ requests.


Overall, Captain Dave Marciano has had a fulfilling career as a fisherman and TV personality, and he continues to explore

new opportunities in the fishing industry and beyond.

Wicked Tuna airs on National Geographic on Sundays at 9/8c, and past seasons can be streamed on Disney+. For more information on Angelica Seafoods, visit their website at angelicaseafoods.com.

DiscoverGloucester.com 9

This once in a generation exhibition offers a fresh look at one of America’s best-known artists at the crucial moment here on Cape Ann, that profoundly shaped Hopper’s art and life.

Edward Hopper & Cape Ann is presented in collaboration with the Whitney Museum of American Art, the major repository of Hopper’s work, and with the support of other institutional and private lenders.

Timed-tickets are available June 1 at capeannmuseum.org.

27 Pleasant Street, Gloucester, MA

image: Edward Hopper, Cape Ann Granite, (detail), 1928, oil on canvas, private collection. © Heirs of Josephine N. Hopper / Licensed by Artists Rights Society (ARS), NY

’Grammable Gloucester ’Grammable Gloucester MOSTSHARED SHOTS ONCAPEANN


With 62 miles of shoreline on Cape Ann, there is much to explore in our rich varied waters. Fishing vessels, charter boats, lobster hauling, marine railways and schooner sails offer a colorful backdrop to this active nautical harbor. Add an interactive visit to Maritime Gloucester’s new Science Education Center to your trip!


Also known as the Gloucester Fisherman’s Memorial, this iconic statue rests on a five-foot granite frame located on Stacy Boulevard. The inscription featured on the base of the sculpture reads: “They That Go Down To The Sea in Ships, 1623-1923.”


Thanks to Generous Gardeners, these vibrant displays of multi- colored flower beds are enjoyed by all who stroll along the iconic boulevard. May-October.


The former home and laboratory of John Hays Hammond Jr., the castle’s stunning architectural style is a mix of Medieval Castle, a Medieval French Village, and a Gothic Cathedral. The Museum has a robust list of indoor and outdoor events. Experience this magical architectural landmark overlooking the water.


A National Historic Landmark and summer home of interior designer Henry Davis Sleeper, this restored house remains an inspiration to anyone interested in design and architecture.

DiscoverGloucester.com 11

the home and laboratory

of John Hays

Hammond, Jr., one

of the most

prolific inventors

of the 20th century.

Visitors may

explore the many rooms

of the castle as

well as


the beauty

of the grounds and view

of the Atlantic coast

The museum

offers rotating

exhibits and many educational and cultural arts programs

throughout the year including: concerts,

movies, as

well as

candlelight &

spiritualism tours


nearly a


old, the museum

is not

handicapped accessible and is

Photo by: Carin MacNamara

Visit One 978-283-2080

listed on

of Historic Places.

the National Register Scan here for tickets.

e P h o t o s b y : F r a n k C G r a c e 12 DiscoverGloucester.com

80 Hesperus Ave. Gloucester, MA hammondcastle.org
Hammond Castle Museum was
Of Cape Ann's Most Unique Treasures


Take a stimulating walk through the many trails in Dogtown and read Babson’s boulders for lessons in self-improvement. ‘Courage,’ ‘Help Mother’ and ‘Get a Job’ are but three of the 24 slogans chiseled into stone.


A visit to Gloucester MUST include a stop at the famous Gloucester House. A truly rich story awaits you here with displays of fishing gear, Wicked Tuna boats and whimsical chronicles.


Serving as a guide to ships entering the scenic and commercial Gloucester harbor from the Atlantic Ocean, this 36-foot-tall cylindrical brick tower was built in 1832 and automated in 1986.


We recommend a beautiful sunrise walk on Good Harbor Beach with a view of Salt Island and Thacher Island in the foreground.


A most unique challenge indeed! The Greasy Pole is a contest where brave souls run across a heavily greased telephone pole trying to capture a flag.


For more than three centuries, the schooner has been the enduring icon of Cape Ann’s seagoing heritage. No other type of vessel rivals its power and magnificence. Be sure to schedule a sunset sail aboard one of Gloucester’s schooners.


Annually, whales migrate to feeding grounds just off Gloucester’s coastline. Experience the world’s largest creatures up close and in their natural environment on a whale watch.


Gloucester’s fishing industry is an integral part of the community promoting accessible and sustainable seafood. Fresh seafood is available daily in our restaurants and markets. Snap a photo of your luscious lobster roll, creamy clam chowder, or dressed haddock taco!

Use #discovergloucester for a chance to get featured! Follow us at @discovergloucester

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Thar She Blows!


cean Alliance’s

research and education

Oprograms have the objective of advancing whale conservation by enhancing humanity’s knowledge of these magnificent creatures and how we can protect them.

In safeguarding whales, Ocean Alliance’s efforts contribute to the well-being of local and global human populations by fostering a robust and productive ocean ecosystem. Healthy whale populations are essential to many ocean activities that we enjoy, such as whale watching, schooner rides, and seafood restaurants.

Ocean Alliance’s innovative technology, the SnotBot®, is a customized consumer drone that flies through a whale’s blow

and collects exhaled breath condensate, commonly known as “snot,” on petri dishes. SnotBot allows researchers to comprehensively evaluate a whale’s health status in a completely non-invasive way. Whale blow contains valuable biological data, including key indicators of whale health.

SnotBot has revolutionized whale science and conservation, propelling it further into the 21st century. It has also captured the public’s attention, inspiring numerous media stories, viral videos, and features in National Geographic and BBC documentaries.

Ocean Alliance is headquartered at the former Tarr & Wonson Paint Manufactory site, a picturesque location at the tip of Rocky Neck that has been an essential part of Gloucester’s fishing industry for over 150 years. Today, this site serves as a symbol of Gloucester’s rich maritime heritage and welcomes the community with a variety of cultural events.

To learn more about SnotBot and Ocean Alliance’s initiatives, visitors can visit whale.org.

Ever thought about adopting a whale? Or coming up with an appropriate name? You can help support Ocean Alliance’s work on the study and protection of whales and other ocean wildlife by adopting a humpback whale! You’ll receive a personalized adoption certificate with a photo and information about your whale. As well, you’ll receive email updates about whales in general, and if/when your whale is sighted, during the year of your adoption.

Join us on our pristine 65’ schooner. Daily & sunset sails, and large & small private charters in historic Gloucester Harbor. Have a safe, fun, and relaxing sail with us outside in the sun & fresh ocean air. It’s Fun! Sail with Us Photos:
Robert Serbagi,
William Congdon SCHOONER THOMAS E. LANNON (978)281-6634 · www schooner org info@schooner org 33 Rockport Road | Gloucester MA 01930 | 978-281-2900 Cape MotorAnnInn • Open all year • All our rooms overlook the ocean • Enjoy a great beachfront vacation or quiet off-season getaway • Dog friendly • All rooms have AC and Free WiFi DIRECTLY ON LONG BEACH CapeAnnMotorInn.com 16 DiscoverGloucester.com
Top - ©
Right - ©

Open Year Round

Located on Gloucester's historic working waterfront, our museum is home to America's oldest operational marine railway... hauling vessels since 1850!

Experience the Center of 400+ years of Gloucester's maritime history!

The NEW Maritime Science Education Center is your chance to see, discover and touch some of our local sea creatures. Explore our regional marine habitats, land the day's catch on our kid size lobster boat, and learn about modern environmental issues in our ImpAct Zone.


2 3 H a r b o r L o o p , G l o u c e s t e r w w w . M a r i t i m e G l o u c e s t e r . o r g
w w w . M a r i t i m e G l o u c e s t e r . o r g L a b o r D a y W e e k e n d
DiscoverGloucester.com 17

Halibut Point

Experience the breathtaking views of an ancient granite quarry and the picturesque Ipswich Bay beyond, while taking a leisurely stroll along the rocky coastline at the northern edge of Cape Ann.

The Visitor Center at DCR’s Halibut Point State Park, which was constructed in 1929 using granite dating back millions of years, now boasts museum-quality exhibits after being renovated. The center offers an excellent starting point for exploring the park.

As you make your way to the parking area, you will find helpful information and a newly accessible trail entrance. Follow the path for around five minutes to reach a stunning viewpoint of the quarry, which has now been filled with groundwater, and the Ipswich Bay.

The gravel path loops around the quarry and leads you to the Overlook, where you will find a pile of rocks known as a grout pile, where discarded granite pieces were once dumped. From this spot, you can take in breathtaking views of Plum Island, Massachusetts, the coast of New Hampshire (including the Isle of Shoals), and the top of Mount Agamenticus in Maine, which is 40 miles away.

In the winter months, the Overlook is an ideal location to observe wintering seabirds and waterfowl such as loons, scoters, northern gannets, red-necked and horned grebes, red-breasted mergansers, common

eiders, and purple sandpipers. Look out for loons diving beneath the water’s surface in search of fish, as well as Harlequin ducks with their striking colors feeding along the shoreline. Bring your binoculars along if you have them.

When exploring the shoreline, be cautious as the pounding surf can sweep over the rocks, making walking difficult, particularly after storms. During the spring and summer months, keep an eye out for wildflowers such as trout lily, violet, aster, and goldenrod, which grow in the rocky soil. At low tide, the rocky shore offers some of the best tide pool habitats in Massachusetts. Take the opportunity to observe marine organisms such as algae, barnacles, and snails as they cling to rocks while surviving this sometimes-harsh environment.

Did you know that the area now known as Halibut Point State Park was originally called “Haul About” by sailors? This was because they had to navigate carefully around the treacherous rocky shoreline jutting out from the coast by tacking their sails.

Today, Halibut Point State Park is open year-round from 8:00 am to sunset, with a seasonal parking fee of $5 for Massachusetts license plates and $20 for out-of-state plates, payable at a self-serve station.

GUARANTEED SIGHTINGS · SAILING FROM GLOUCESTER, MA NAMED YANKEE MAGAZINE’S “EDITOR’S CHOICE FOR WHALE WATCHING IN NEW ENGLAND” Scan nowtolearn more! 7SeasWhaleWatch.com 888-283-1776 “Would absolutely go again... hands down one of the best things we have ever done.” — Krista L. A spectacular family adventure! 7
Watch proudly family owned and operated DiscoverGloucester.com 19
Seas Whale
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Four Season Bird Watching


Cape Ann, with its scenic coast and charming towns, is a popular destination year-round for bird watchers. The diverse habitats offer productive bird watching opportunities in every season. During the spring migration, birders can witness tropical birds flocking north, especially when the winds are blowing from the southwest overnight. In June and July, Mass Audubon’s Kettle Island Wildlife Sanctuary in Manchester is an ideal spot to view elegant herons and egrets making their evening parade to their rookery. Late summer brings an abundance of shore birds migrating south, especially at the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge on Plum Island. However, few people know that Cape Ann is also a fantastic winter destination for bird watching.

As a Mass Audubon Community Science and Coastal Resilience Manager, I am often surprised by how many people are unaware of the winter bird watching opportunities on Cape Ann. Many species of birds that breed in the northern spruce-fir forests and arctic tundra of Canada, make Cape Ann their wintering destination. Every winter, our coastline becomes popular

with sea birds, such as ducks, loons, and grebes, that come here for the longer days, warmer weather, and abundant food.

Our weekly birdwatching outings meet at least once a month on Cape Ann during the winter season. Although many of the

Top Photo: Northern Gannet MATTHEW SHEEHAN Inset: Harlequin Ducks TOM SCHREFFLER
DiscoverGloucester.com 21

species we see off Plum Island can also be found here, Cape Ann’s rocky coast offers some unique bird watching opportunities.

We begin our three-hour tour at the end of Gloucester’s Jodrey State Fish Pier, which offers a great view of the innermost reaches of Gloucester Harbor. Here, we see plenty of birds on the water, including hundreds of gulls, with occasional rare ones mixed in. If birds in the harbor are abundant, especially alcids such as Razorbills and Murres, we will stop at the public parking lot on Rocky Neck to get good views of the middle of the harbor.

Mass Audubon’s Eastern Point Wildlife Sanctuary is another great spot for bird watching, with a mix of scoters, Long-tailed Ducks and Common Eiders in the outer harbor, and wonderful views of the seascape and distant Boston skyline over the iconic “Dog Bar” breakwater. The way out of Eastern Point passes the freshwater Niles Pond, where rare bird species often appear, such as Iceland or Glaucous Gulls, or waterfowl that are normally hard to find in winter such as American Coot or any one of many other “dabbling duck” species.

Next, we tour the stunning shoreline drive of Atlantic Road, and as we arrive at the part of the road next to the water, a tiny island known as “Cormorant Rock” appears, where Great Cormorants like to roost. These are not the abundant Double-crested Cormorants that crowd our coast in summer, but a species that breeds in the Gulf of St. Lawrence and uses our coast as their wintering grounds. As we drive along, we keep an eye out for Purple Sandpipers, one of only three sandpiper species that common-

ly winter here. Our other stop on Atlantic Road is at the Elks Club parking lot, where we observe the ocean off Bass Rocks. This is a particularly good spot to find Whitewinged Scoters and the occasional Black Guillemot. Although our larger caravans don’t fit well at Loblolly Cove off Penzance Road, one car can certainly stop along there, and it is the first of several spots where Harlequin Ducks can be found.

A pause in the town parking lot at the “T Wharf” in the center of Rockport is worthwhile for the public restrooms, sometimes a surprise duck species, and access to restaurants and other shopping. We move on quickly to our favorite spots where Harlequin Ducks and more seabirds are abundant. One of the good ones is Rockport’s Granite Pier, then another is at Cathedral Rocks just below the Emerson Inn. Between those two spots many species of sea ducks, including Harlequin Ducks, are all but guaranteed, and in fall and late winter migratory Northern Gannets may be going by in good numbers. The place with the greatest abundance of all of these species is Halibut Point State Park, where a walk of a half mile affords a majestic view of the sea and loads of Harlequin ducks and other species right next to shore.

Don’t miss the charm and relaxed off-season feeling of Cape Ann in winter, when seabirds are fantastic, and the chowder keeps you warm!

David Moon is Community Science and Coastal Resilience Manager for Mass Audubon North Shore, where he leads birding tours from Joppa Flats Education Center in Newburyport.

Clockwise from above: Long-tailed Duck, Surf Scoter, and Northern Gannet
22 DiscoverGloucester.com

Unique gifts, jewelry, women’s and men’s apparel, seasonal treasures, antiques, nautical décor, Tommy Bahama, Simon Pearce, Cape Ann sweats, tees, and much more!

Open 7 days. Free Parking

85 Main Street Gloucester | 978-879-4761 | TheBrassMonkey.org
Fine gifts, apparel,
seasonal treasures
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Great Gloucester Reads!

Samuel Sawyer’s commitment to a public library for the people of Gloucester continues to resonate. His vision echoes throughout the city and reverberates in every person who has ever walked into the Sawyer Free Library to take out a book, attend a program, or research a topic.

Come visit our library to learn more about Gloucester, to use our free internet access, or to find an event or program that will empower you through connection, inspiration and life-long learning.



Good Harbor

Anita Diamant

Two lives intertwine along a long stretch of Cape Ann beach.

Decline of Fishes

Peter Anastas

A novel about the struggle over the soul of the nation’s oldest seaport, Gloucester, Massachusetts.

Leaving Lucy Pear

Anna Solomon

Set in 1920s Cape Ann, the story of two women who are both mothers to the same unforgettable girl.

Children’s Books


Pat Lowery Collins

Katy and the Big Snow

Virginia Lee Burton

The Serpent Came to Gloucester

M.T. Anderson

St. Peter’s Fiesta

Alice Gardner

History & Non-Fiction

Fast & Able: Life Stories of Great Gloucester Fishing Vessels

Gordon Thomas

Swimming to the Top of the Tide: Finding Life Where Land and Water Meet

Patricia Hanlon

Hammers on Stone: A History of Cape Ann Granite

Barbara Howell Erkkila

Dogtown: Death and Enchantment in a New England Ghost Town

Elyssa East

Lone Voyager: The Extraordinary Adventures of Howard Blackburn

Joseph E. Garland

21 Main Street Gloucester MA 01930 • 978-325-5500 • SawyerFreeLibrary.org 24 DiscoverGloucester.com
2 Main Street | Gloucester, MA | tonnorestaurant.com | 978.879.4795 Italian seafood classics. Nightly specials. Catch of the day from local waters. Homemade pastas, full and half portions. Secondi courses featuring pesce & carne. Signatre dishes. Decadent desserts. Full service bar. Craft cocktails. Extensive wine list. DiscoverGloucester.com 25

Duncan’s Point

Since the early 1970s,

the small peninsula topped by Fitz Henry Lane’s grand granite house has been referred to as Harbor Loop. However, for most of Gloucester’s history, this region was known as Duncan’s Point and played a significant role in the growth of our waterfront and fishing industry.

While Gloucester fishing can be traced back to 1623, the industry as we know it today dates to the establishment of a “fishing stage” in 1639. By 1662, this property was in the possession of Peter Duncan, one of Gloucester’s first merchants. The path leading from Front Street (now Main Street) to his wharf (Solomon Jacobs Landing) became Duncan Street.

Duncan’s estate would pass into the hands of prominent trading families throughout the 18th and early 19th centuries. It’s difficult to imagine today,

but there was a time when Gloucester did more foreign trade than fishing. The area would be home to Gloucester’s once-large merchant fleet before the fishing industry’s resurgence.

In the 1850s, Fitz Henry Lane constructed his well-known stone cottage at the top of “Ivy Hill,” around the same time that the Burnham Brothers set up Gloucester’s first marine railway. Gloucester was poised to dominate New England fisheries, and as the fleet expanded, so did the infrastructure to support it.

26 DiscoverGloucester.com

to Harbor Loop

individuals that kept Gloucester fishing.

Duncan’s Point transformed into a bustling neighborhood of fishermen, caulkers, riggers, carpenters, lumpers, and various other trades required to support the fleet. To house the employees, their families, and hundreds of transient fishermen, Lane’s house was soon surrounded by a mishmash of tenements and boarding houses.

The neighborhood was also part of Gloucester’s “entertainment district,” with numerous saloons, underground gambling dens, and other houses of ill repute. It could be a wild scene, but it didn’t discourage the close-knit community of hardworking

There is no doubt that this was a rough, blue-collar neighborhood. However, the region’s history is intertwined with Gloucester’s most notable citizens. No fewer than three Gloucester mayors ran businesses here, as well as several aldermen, fire chiefs, Master Mariners, customs inspectors, postmasters, merchants, and inventors.

This small waterfront patch played an oversized role in Gloucester’s history, from those earliest days until the mid-1960s. Gloucester’s Urban Renewal program necessitated the relocation of families and the demolition of all homes except for the Lane House. When everything was finished, Duncan’s Point went from being a working-class neighborhood to the current blend of open space and working waterfront known as Harbor Loop.

Photo featuring Duncan’s Point with historic barque and schooner from 1895.
DiscoverGloucester.com 27

Discover the magical light and creative community that is home to the oldest continuously operating art colony in the U.S. Rocky Neck has attracted artists to its magical location on Gloucester’s working inner harbor for over 150 years. Today, stroll along the harbor and on wood piers to visit our galleries and shops. Restaurants offer everything from coffee to seafood, all with prime views. The Cultural Center at Rocky Neck is a great starting point and one of Gloucester’s best art galleries with a full season of exhibitions.

The Cottage on Smith Cove

A unique shopping experience offering an eclectic collection of housewares, quality clothing & jewelry. There is something for everyone. New items arrive weekly.

75 Rocky Neck Avenue



Wonson St Rocky Neck Ave RockyNeckAve Rocky Neck Ave Wonson ClarendonSt Stevens Rackliffe FremontStreet Eastern Point Road East Main Street SMITH COVE ROCKY NECK PARK INNER HARBOR OUTER HARBOR MADFISH WHARF Horton St Water Shuttle Stop Parking
The Cultural Center at Rocky Neck 6 Wonson Street 53 Rocky Neck Ave 37 Rocky Neck Ave
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Neck This Summer
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Gloucester, Cape Ann, is a popular setting for movie and television productions, known for its beautiful scenery, historic architecture, and working waterfront.

Several famous movies have been filmed in the area, including the Academy Awardwinning film “CODA” (2021), which tells the story of a hearing 18-year-old girl who comes from a deaf family and must choose between pursuing her musical dreams or staying in Gloucester.

“Manchester by the Sea” (2016) stars Casey Affleck and Michelle Williams and showcases Gloucester’s Beauport Hotel and the Cape Ann Marina.

“The Equalizer” (2014) features Denzel Washington and highlights Gloucester’s Fisherman’s Memorial and Fisherman’s Wives Memorial.

“Moonrise Kingdom” (2012) is a romantic comedy-drama set in a fictional New England Island called New Penzance, but was primarily filmed in Gloucester, including

locations such as Good Harbor Beach, Wingaersheek Beach, and Stage Fort Park.

“The Proposal” (2009), starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds, was filmed in Rockport and features the famous “Motif No. 1”.

“State and Main” (2000) was mainly filmed in Manchester-by-the-Sea and is a movie about moviemaking, featuring an impressive cast that includes William H. Macy, Sarah Jessica Parker, Alec Baldwin, Julia Stiles, and Philip Seymour Hoffman.

30 DiscoverGloucester.com

“The Perfect Storm” (2000) is based on the true story of the 1991 Perfect Storm that impacted the North Atlantic coast, with Gloucester serving as the actual location of the events. Twenty-three years later, curious tourists from all around the world visit Gloucester to ex plore the sites featured in this gripping film.

“The Love Letter” (1999) is a romantic comedy set in Gloucester and stars Kate Capshaw, Tom Everett Scott, Blythe Danner, and Ellen DeGeneres.

“Captains Courageous” (1937) is a classic adventure film directed by Victor Fleming, adapted from Rudyard Kipling’s novel. The movie features exciting action sequences and tells the heartwarming story of a spoiled teenager, Harvey Cheyne, who learns valuable lessons after being saved by a humble fisherman.

Filmed on location in Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, and Gloucester, MA, the film received four Academy Award nominations and Spencer Tracy won his first Best Actor Oscar.

“Wicked Tuna” (2012-present) is a reality TV show that showcases the bluefin tuna fishing industry in Gloucester, MA. The series offers a glimpse into the lives of commercial fishermen as they compete to catch the most prized bluefin tuna, highlighting the challenges, vulnerabilities, and camaraderie among the different fishing crews.

“Townies” (1996) is an American sitcom that aired on ABC and set in Gloucester, MA. The show follows three lifelong friends who work together at a local restaurant in their 20s. The series stars Molly Ringwald, Jenna Elfman, and Lauren Graham.

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An Introduction to Gloucester’s 400+ Anniversary

GLOUCESTER, OUR BELOVED HOME, BOASTS A RICH AND DIVERSE HERITAGE, a unique way of life, and exciting opportunities for the future. As we approach the commemoration of Gloucester’s 400th birthday in 2023, we come together to celebrate the people who make our community special and honor those who inhabited this land long before the arrival of European settlers. On behalf of the Gloucester 400+ Organizing Committee, I invite you to join us in this joyous occasion.

Our community has planned a variety of special events to mark this milestone, including a Fisheries Festival on the working waterfront, a Cultural Heritage Festival called A Celebration of Place that features music, live theater, dance, food, and interactive art to celebrate our diverse community, and an Indigenous Film Festival showcasing films created by and/or about America’s oldest inhabitants with a focus on

>10,000YEARSAGO-2023| Ancestral Homeland

The City of Gloucester is located on the traditional and ancestral homeland of the Pawtucket people and their neighbors the Massachusett, Nipmuc, Penacook, and Wampanoag tribes.

New England tribes. These events will complement annual favorites such as St. Peter’s Fiesta, the Horribles Parade, Schooner Festival, and Veterans observations, with 400+ themes woven throughout their programs.

Let us come together to honor our shared past, celebrate our vibrant present, and look forward to a promising future. We hope to see you there!

Thank you to the Sawyer Free Library for these highlights from their Gloucester 400+ Timeline Project.

32 Gloucesterma400.org

A Date With History

IMMERSE YOURSELF IN THE VIBRANT CULTURAL EXPERIENCES that await you in Gloucester, including a special performance by the Cape Ann Symphony at the historic Tablet Rock in Stage Fort Park, Gloucester Fisheries Festival, T.S. Eliot’s Gloucester on board a ship and the landmark exhibit, Edward Hopper & Cape Ann, at the Cape Ann Museum. These exceptional events will be cherished for years to come, but there are many more exciting activities to discover!

If you enjoy walking, explore the surprising and delightful Dogtown or take a guided tour of cemeteries where our famous and infamous forebears rest. Their stories are waiting to be heard! For more information, please visit gloucesterma400. org. While you’re there, take a moment to scroll through the writings generated by our legacy 400 Stories Project, which capture and preserve the stories of people from all walks of life for future generations.

Join us as we celebrate our scenic beauty, our proud fishing industry, and our community’s rich history, while also embracing innovation for the future. Our entire community has come together to make this quadricentennial celebration possible, and we are excited to welcome you to Gloucester. Come and be delighted!


1606| Le Beauport Samuel De Champlain returned to Gloucester Harbor in September 1606 and named it “ Le Beauport”. Bob Gillis Ruth Pino
Gloucesterma400.org 33
Bruce Tobey

Why Gloucester Plus?


400 PLUS?

In preparing for 2023 – and the commemoration of 400 years of history – the organizing committee became increasingly aware of the historical inequities in how we chose to tell our stories. The committee determined to provide a more truthful and inclusive telling of our history, reaching into communities often overlooked, notably the Indigenous peoples who lived on the land we now call Gloucester and freed and enslaved persons. Gloucester has a diverse culture and Gloucester 400+ seeks to celebrate that richness.

Gloucester 400+ adopted a land acknowledgement statement prepared by our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility Committee:

We recognize that the land the City of Gloucester is located on is the traditional and ancestral homeland of the Pawtucket people and their neighbors the Massachusett, Nipmuc, Penacook, and Wampanoag tribes. We recognize and honor the Native and Indigenous peoples who have lived in this territory for more than 10,000 years, are here now, and will be here for generations to come.“ (Gloucester 400+ Diversity & Equity Framework)

Steven Peters, in his prepared remarks at the formal Gloucester 400+ launch event in January entitled Overture to 2023, wrote: “As a member of the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe, I honor those tribes and hopefully (can) begin the process of healing as we look to bring the sounds and activities of indigenous peoples back so they may once again be felt on this land.”

Created by SmokeSygnals in partnership with the Cape Ann Museum, this Native Initiative design is a play-off of Eastern Woodlands patterns with two common pots. The common pot represents multiple groups of people coming together around a meal. The design is formatted into a timeline with numbers representing 12,000 years of indigenous time on this land and 400 years since European settlement.

1623| Fellowship

Rev. John White of the Dorchester Company sent the fishing vessel Fellowship from Dorchester, England to establish a settlement. The group landed on Cape Ann.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >
34 Gloucesterma400.org

Grave Tales: Unearthing Gloucester’s History

If stones could talk, oh the tales they would tell

CEMETERIES HOLD A WEALTH OF KNOWLEDGE about a community’s past, and Gloucester’s cemeteries are no exception. Dating back to 1644, they are a testament to the multi-generational families, pioneers, and innovators that helped shape Gloucester into the vibrant city it is today.

Join one of the many cemetery tours happening in 2023 to hear stories of Gloucester’s fishermen, quarrymen, farmers, artists, veterans, and community members whose legacies live on through the headstones.

Explore Oak Grove Cemetery, the final resting place of renowned artist Fitz Henry Lane, opera singer Emma Abbott, historians John J. Babson, James Pringle, and Joseph Garland, and the philanthropists behind the Sawyer Free Library and Addison Gilbert Hospital. Discover the history of Gloucester’s fishing industry at First Parish

1798| The Gleaner

Burial Ground and Fishermen’s Rest in Beechbrook Cemetery, with a stop at the memorials honoring generations of fishermen and their families on Stacy Boulevard.

Learn about the less fortunate at Seaside Cemetery, where paupers’ graves serve as a reminder of the city’s social and economic struggles. From Revolutionary and Civil War veterans to those who served in more recent conflicts, Gloucester’s military history is also on display in its cemeteries. Tickets for tours can be found at gloucesterma400.org.

Judith Sargent Murray became the first American woman to self-publish | In 1792, Judith Sargent Murray assumed a male persona and published essays under the pen name “The Gleaner,” for her column in the Massachusetts Magazine. She published a collection of these essays in 1798, also called The Gleaner.

Gloucesterma400.org 35

Celebrate at these Community Events

JOIN US IN CELEBRATING GLOUCESTER’S RICH DIVERSITY with a series of special events happening throughout the year. Many of these events are offered free of charge! Visit gloucesterma400.org for a full list of events, details, and registration information.

Dogtown Common Theatre Production | May 19 & 20 | Sept 22 & 23 | 7:30 - 9:30pm

Partnering with Windhover Center for the Performing Arts, G400+ presents Percy MacKaye’s 1922 poem, Dogtown Common. Adapted/directed by Peter Littlefield. The performance tells the story of two legendary figures, Tammy Younger and her niece Judy Rhines, shunned for practicing witchcraft. It was inspired by Charles Mann’s 1906, The Story of Dogtown or In the Heart of Cape Ann

Gloucester Sails | June 24 & 25

In partnership with the Schooner Adventure, Schooner Thomas E Lannon, Maritime Heritage Charters, and Maritime Gloucester, this event will provide access to schooner sailing excursions for those in the community who would not otherwise be able to afford tickets.

August is Gloucester Fisheries Heritage Month

The State officially declares the entire month of August as Gloucester Fisheries Heritage Month. Join us on August 1 at the Fishermen’s Memorial statue on Stacy Boulevard to kick off the monthlong celebration. Participate in a slew of celebratory events over the course of the month to honor this designation.

AUGUST 3 | Catch a screening of Captains Courageous at Maritime Gloucester, projected on the sails of The Schooner Adventure!

AUGUST 10-13 | Gloucester Story Theatre

Production with the Annisquam Village Players at Maritime Gloucester

Cape Ann Symphony Outdoor Pops Concert | July 28

Join G400+ Partner, Cape Ann Symphony, for a special outdoor concert at Stage Fort Park. Enjoy a professional orchestra performance in commemoration of Gloucester’s 400+ anniversary.

AUGUST 12 & 13 | Fisheries Heritage Festival: Take part in a weekend of events celebrating Gloucester’s roots in the fishing industry, on the Everett Jodrey State Fish Pier.

AUGUST 19 | Fishermen’s Memorial Service

1801| Annisquam lighthouse built

Congress appropriated $2,000 in April of 1800 for a lighthouse at Wigwam Point, the northwesterly point of Annisquam | Gustavus Griffin sold six and a half acres of land for the station to the govern ment for $140. It was a 32-foot wooden tower, showing a fixed white light 40 feet above the water. A two-room, wood-frame keeper’s house was built near the tower.

36 Gloucesterma400.org

A Celebration of Place: The Cultural Heritage Festival | October 7 & 8

Free to the public and hosted at Stage Fort Park, this 2-day extravaganza will showcase the rich and diverse cultural history of Gloucester. The weekend’s festivities will include performances from local singer-songwriters, cultural dance performances, including those by the Wampanoag Nation Singers and Dancers, a collaborative community art project, and booths representative of our cultural communities.

Schooner Festival | September 1 - 4

Gloucester 400+ partner Maritime Gloucester presents the 39th annual Gloucester Schooner Festival! Steeped in history and jam-packed with events, Gloucester Schooner Festival has become an annual Labor Day weekend tradition for thousands of visitors.

T.S. Eliot’s Gloucester | September 16

The T.S. Eliot Foundation, in partnership with Gloucester 400+ has invited the public to take a chartered boat tour with commentary about the Dry Salvages (10:00). In the evening, there will be a lecture by the scholar Julia Daniel entitled “Water, Rock, Memory: T.S. Eliot’s Gloucester” as imagery used in T.S. Eliot’s poems, followed by a catered reception. For info go to tseliot.com.

Indigenous Film Festival | October 9 - 14

Starting on Indigenous People’s Day, this film festival will focus on the Native peoples of Cape Ann and will screen at various venues throughout the city. The festival will conclude with a panel discussion featuring film creatives, Indigenous community leaders, and historians.

FinnFunn New England Weekend | October 27 - 29

Join Cape Ann Finns for the 31st annual FinnFunn Weekend (finnfunn.org), a commemorative contribution to the quadricentennial anniversary. Presentations, activities, tours and performers use music, theater, dance, history, and culture as well as a look at modern Finland and a current animated film set on Cape Ann to feature the Finns on Cape Ann and in other FinnTowns. Come enjoy the funn!

1826| Advocacy & Activism

Thomas Dalton, a prominent abolitionist in Boston and the grandson of Gloster Dalton, helped found the Massachusetts General Colored Association | Born in Gloucester in 1794, Thomas Dalton was a business owner, activist, author, and education advocate. After relocating to Boston in 1817, Dalton helped found the African Humane Society in 1819. As a founder of the Infant School Association, he headed a petition to establish a public school with equal educational opportunities for young Black children and became an advocate for school integration in Massachusetts.

Cape Ann Museum’s Indigenous Heritage Day, September 2022 | The Wampanoag Nation Singers and Dancers GEORGE BEKRIS MIRANDA AISLING
Gloucesterma400.org 37

Gloucester400+ Stories Project




Project tells the stories of a cross-section of Gloucester’s people, including voices that have not generally been heard. “You don’t really know Gloucester ‘til you know its history; its people,” says Terry Weber Mangos, Stories Project Manager. Highlighted here are some of the hundreds of stories compiled about this city’s people, in honor of the 400+ anniversary.

On Rocky Neck with Ruth Mordecai

When you’re visiting the galleries on Rocky Neck, you’re visiting a place rich in history, and following the footsteps of renowned artists who’ve worked and created here for more than 150 years. Perhaps you’ll bump into one of today’s well-known artists, Ruth Mordecai.

Don’t Stop Believin’ | The Story of Brandon Blatchford, Age 12

Gloucester is known for its beautiful beaches and fishing history but, did you know it also has a happening music scene? Check out the story of up-n-coming singer, Brandon Blatchford! He’s just 12 but he’s one of many talented singers in Gloucester’s music scene.

1870| Steps in Granite

The Hollorans, a Legacy of Architecture

As you drive around Gloucester you have likely seen some spectacular examples of architecture. This stunning stone home featured in this photo is part of a legacy of architecture by members of the Holloran family of Gloucester. As described in the full story, the house, nestled among boulders, looks like it somehow “erupted elegantly from the landscape.”

The Cape Ann Granite Company provided a 18’ x 7’ slab of granite for the front step of the Baptist Church on the corner of Pleasant and Warren Streets | The Cape Ann Granite Company used 15 oxen to tow the largest slab they had tried to move anywhere to the Baptist Church. The step stayed in its place until 1966 when it was moved to the path to the Fitz Henry Lane House.

38 Gloucesterma400.org

An excerpt from The Little Al

‘A GRAY HAZE ROSE from the sea of darkness. Without the grace of warning, the weather turned fierce and a Nor’easter unleashed her fury on the Little Al—the 115-foot dragger ground fishing 83 miles out at sea. The national weather band issued a high sea alert with gale-force winds as heavy snow thundered down on the captain and his seven-man crew. Too far from Gloucester’s shore to change course, my father, Captain Alfonso Millefoglie’s only option was to ride out the storm and battle the angry sea. There was no turning back.

At the helm, the captain gripped the wheel with all his force; his legs, solid as ship masts, stood firm on the deck. He jogged his dragger as her bow mounted the face of each wave and plummeted down its backside. Under the speed of five knots, the Little Al slogged into an endless series of 22 foot waves. With each wave, he heard the shudder of the boat’s wooden hull and prayed that his ship would be seaworthy in this storm.

It was critical to keep his ship from turning broadside into the seas—a risk heightened by 80,000 pounds of cod and haddock in its hold.

Crashing waves transformed the masts, gear, and nets into ice sculptures. The crew, faces cloaked with frost and hands numbed by bitter cold, had set and hauled nets for the last seven days and nights. Each one had risked everything for what was now a ‘broken trip.’ Forces worked against them as winds increased and visibility worsened. The captain radioed a distress call to the Coast Guard. The station master replied: “Storm conditions unsafe for a Coast Guard rescue.”’

Continue reading this story, and find the full collection at gloucesterma400.org.

1883| Howard Blackburn

Howard Blackburn rowed in a dory to Newfoundland after a winter storm separated him from his schooner | Blackburn and his dorymate Tom Welch were fresh halibutting out of Gloucester on the schooner Grace L. Fears when they were caught in a storm. Welch froze to death, but Blackburn rowed to Newfoundland, losing all his fingers, half of each of his thumbs, and most of his toes in the process. When he returned to Gloucester, he opened a saloon on Main Street.

Gloucesterma400.org 39
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Commemorative Book Annoucement

Our People, Our Stories

The long anticipated Official Commemorative Book of the Gloucester 400+ will be available in the Fall of 2023. This collection of stories from our awardwinning Stories Project will reflect the experiences of both those who lived in Gloucester and Rockport years ago and current day residents. Authors include people from all walks of life, first time writers, and seasoned writers. All have a story to tell about what makes Gloucester unique.– its people.


Ed and Jo

A story of the love and lives of Edward Hopper and Josephine Nivison in the summer of 1923. Both were gifted artists, who, like many, were inspired by the natural beauty and light of Cape Ann. In addition to its intriguing main characters, the book captures the character of historical Gloucester and its people. Set during Gloucester’s tricentennial, all proceeds from the book now benefit Gloucester’s quadricentennial commemoration.

Gloucester Encounters

Essays on the Cultural History of the City 1623-2023

A collection of photos and essays from local writers addressing 400+ years of history from Native peoples and European settlers through the modern day. The book collectively captures the unique treasure that is Gloucester and the people that, through their accomplishments and hardships, have shaped it through time.

These books are available at Gloucester 400+ office, The Bookstore, Cape Ann Museum gift shop, and Dogtown Books, while copies remain in print. Visit gloucesterma400.org for more information.

1902| Festival of the Crowning

The first Festival of the Crowning at Our Lady of Good Voyage Church | On October 27, 1900, Captain Joseph P. Mesquita and his 15-person crew on the Mary P. Mesquita were run down by the British steamer Saxonia in the fog. The schooner sank and 14 of the 15 crew members survived. To give thanks for their survival, Captain Mesquita vowed to institute an annual crowning ceremony in the parish of Our Lady of Good Voyage. A silver crown was designed and made in Portugal and was sent to be blessed by Pope Leo XIII, arriving in time for the first ceremony in 1902.

44 Gloucesterma400.org

Hold a Piece of History in the Palm of Your Hand

Gloucester 400+ Commemorative Medal

THE GLOUCESTER 400+ COMMEMORATIVE MEDAL is a limited edition, specially minted medal available in both silver and antique bronze.

The medal features an image of the City of Gloucester as seen from the harbor, with a mixture of historic buildings and modern-day wind turbines. The image represents progress and the future, while the codfish swimming be neath the waves serves as a reminder of the ocean’s im portance to the local economy.

On the reverse side of the medal, the iconic Man at the Wheel is featured against a rising sun, symbolizing the hope and optimism of a new day. The design was chosen through a juried competition, with two entries by Gloucester natives Beth Swan and Jill Chipperini selected.

Both Gloucester 400+ commemorative medals are available at The Brass Monkey, 85 Main Street in Gloucester. By owning one of these medals, you will be holding a piece of history in your hand. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to commemorate Gloucester’s 400+ year history.

1922| Camp Annisquam opened

The camp, also known as Camp Fernwood, was located on Little River at Stanwood Point and was owned and operated by Abram Resnick, who bought the property in 1922. The Resnick family provided meals and entertainment for between thirty and fifty Jewish families during the summer months.

Gloucesterma400.org 45

Gratitude Extended to Gloucester 400+ Sponsors

A Collaborative Celebration

WE ARE IMMENSELY GRATEFUL to all our sponsors who have contributed their time, resources, and exceptional talent to help amplify the voices of our community. Together, we celebrate Gloucester’s rich culture and mark its 400th anniversary, thanks to the confidence and pride demonstrated by our major sponsors. We extend a very special thank you to the City of Gloucester and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for their unwavering support. At Gloucester 400+, we understand that language matters, and we are committed to diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility frameworks as we continue to honor our city’s history and culture.

Howard Blackburn Sponsor

Good Harbor Sponsors

Cruiseport Gloucester

National Grid

Bruce J Anderson Foundation

Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Inc.

Pier 7 Marina LLC

Sudbay Automotive

Captain Schooner Sponsors

Fisherman’s Field Sponsor

Wingaersheek Sponsors

Lighthouse Cove Sponsors


Ace Hardware

The Snider Foundation

Carrol K Steele Insurance

Braces Cove Sponsors

Cazeault Solar

Brace Cove Foundation

Brookline Bank

Babson Historical Association

Vadala Real Estate

Lanes Cove Sponsors

Ocean Crest Seafoods, Inc.

Salem Five

1923| 300th anniversary

The Gloucester Tercentenary Permanent Memorial Association sponsored an artistic competition to commemorate Gloucester’s 300th anniversary and to permanently memorialize the thousands of fishermen lost at sea | The English sculptor Leonard F. Craske’s design, based on an interpretation of a painting by Augustus Buhler, was accepted. The base is of sea green granite, quarried from the famous “Blood Ledge” in Bay View. It includes an inscription of bronze letters taken from the 107th Psalm, which reads: THEY THAT GO DOWN TO THE SEA | IN SHIPS | 1623 – 1923

46 Gloucesterma400.org
Judson and Lisa Reiss

Who is ?

GLOUCESTER CELEBRATION CORPORATION, a 501c3, is the umbrella organization for the Gloucester 400+ Planning Committee. There are 14 steering committees representing different areas of interest including Cemetery, Athletics, Arts, Diversity & Equity, Marine and Waterways, Fisheries and many more. All meet monthly, together with G400+ staff who help bring focus and process to managing the many events and people involved. On top of all sit three volunteer Tri-chairs, responsible for both friendship building and fundraising.



1926 | Statue of St. Peter

Captain Salvatore Favazza commissioned a sculptor to recreate the statue of St. Peter, patron saint of fishermen | It was brought to Gloucester and kept in a storefront window. The fishermen’s wives celebrated the arrival of St. Peter with a novena, or nine days of prayer and song for protection and good fortune from the sea. They requested it be mounted to a platform and paraded through the Fort, so they collected $1 from every fishing boat for a proper alter. The following

Fiesta officially began.

Action Inc. • Alexandra’s Bread • Annisquam Village Players • Arpeggione Ensemble • Awesome Gloucester Foundation • Backyard Growers • Biomimicry New England • Brit Barry Design • Cape Ann Animal Aid • Cape Ann Art Haven • Cape Ann Artists Alive! • Cape Ann Artisans • Cape Ann Cosmos • Cape Ann Farmers Market • Cape Ann Finns • Cape Ann Media Productions • Cape Ann Motor Inn • Cape Ann Museum • Cape Ann Symphony • Cape Ann YMCA • Cape Ann Transportation Authority (CATA) • City of Gloucester • Discover Gloucester • Down the Fort • Essex Historical Society and Shipbuilding Museum • First R Foundation • Generous Gardeners • Gilded Lily Charms • Gloucester Adventure, Inc. • Gloucester Cinema • Gloucester Cultural Initiative • Gloucester Education Foundation • Gloucester Meetinghouse Foundation • Gloucester Merchants Association • Gloucester Stage • Gloucester Writers Center • Gloucester Marine Genomics Institute (GMGI) • Good Morning Gloucester • Greater Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce • Greenbelt – Essex County’s Land Trust • Hammond Castle Museum • Harborlight Homes • International Dory Races Committee • Jonathan Bayliss Society • League of Women Voters of Cape Ann • LEAP for Education • Manship Artists Residency & Studios • Maritime Gloucester • Melissa Cox Photography • NOAA Fisheries • Northshore Community Development Coalition • Ocean Alliance • Pathways for Children, Inc. • Rekindled History • Rockport Music • Rocky Neck Art Colony • Sawyer Free Library • Senior Care, Inc. • The Open Door • Schooner Thomas E. Lannon • Weber Writing and Research • Wellspring House
St. Peter’s
+ Gloucesterma400.org 47

Dogtown — Gloucester’s Abandoned Village

THE FORESTED UPLANDS OF CAPE ANN, located in the interior of Cape Ann, are commonly referred to as “Dogtown.” In colonial times, enterprising citizens of Gloucester populated Dogtown because its ample open areas offered safety, a long view, and a safe walk down and back to the harbors.

For generations, until the 1750s, Dogtown was the centralized living space of Cape Ann and regularly took part in economic commerce and social trade. Tinkers and peddlers crossed the interior, bringing goods and wares from the Northeast and Europe to Cape Ann. However, as logging and work in the fields grew harder, and fishing became the mainstay of life, the wealthy moved down to Gloucester proper, leaving the old houses of the interior Cape to be rented out to poorer people. The last of the houses was torn down in 1845, and since then, Dogtown has remained the subject of poetry, romance, and mystery.

Over time, the colonial village was abandoned, the buildings collapsed, and cellar holes filled in. Numerous stories of witches and myths of buried treasure have been created to maintain an air of

mystery. Yet for decades, Gloucester looked at Dogtown skeptically, unsure of what to do with it or whether to simply ignore it. By the 1930s, as the open areas were beginning to be reforested, Dogtown saw its pastures routinely visited by cows and pigs.

Today, people gather on weekends, including archaeologists, photographers, geologists, botanists, teachers, and bird watchers. For almost 100 years, Dogtown has been a frequent destination for amateur archaeologists, such as Professor Frederic Norton, Edward Spurlin, Irvin Sucholiki, and Leslie Bartlett.

The late Roger W. Babson was greatly interested in the preservation of Dogtown Common and bought up and gave his native Gloucester a sizable portion of the area as a watershed. He had identification numbers carved for each cellar hole and slogans of inspiration carved on large boulders. The carved Babson Boulders form a part of any hike into Dogtown today. And the glacial moraine with thousands of erratic boulders marks the passage of time leading by path to Whale’s Jaw, Peter’s Pulpit, and Split Rock.

While the Cape debates usage and protection for Dogtown, and blueberries are hard to come by, visitors can still access Dogtown via two major entry points. Join a tour of Dogtown with Les, scheduled in June and July. Visit Gloucesterma400.org for details.

1939| Folly Cove Designers

Several neighbors joined Aino Clarke for a sixmonth weekly class in design with Virginia Lee Burton, which started the Folly Cove Designers | The Folly Cove Designers were composed almost entirely of women, who had almost no artistic training prior to being involved with the group. Class standards were high, the workload was demanding, and Burton was a dedicated teacher.

48 Gloucesterma400.org

Gloucester 400+ | Legacy

2023 MARKS 400 YEARS since English colonizers first settled on the land that is now called Gloucester. To mark this anniversary, the Cape Ann Museum is coordinating Native Waters; Native Lands, a collaborative partnership between the museum, the Gloucester 400+ Planning Committee, Discover Gloucester, the City of Gloucester, and SmokeSygnals, a Wampanoag curatorial firm. With support from the local partners, SmokeSygnals will create a wetu (traditional structure) at the Cape Ann Museum Green in the spring of 2023 and a mush8n (traditional canoe) at Stage Fort Park for A Celebration of Place: The Cultural Heritage Festival on October 7 and 8, 2023. Together, the wetu and mush8n highlight how Native communities live, travel, and fish in this region both historically and today. Following the festival, they will be displayed together at CAM Green in 2024 and 2025 to continue the conversation about Native Waters; Native Lands in Gloucester.

This project is funded in part by the Essex County Community Foundation’s Creative County Initiative.

1950| Annisquam River Bridge Built

A. Piatt Andrew Bridge was built over the Annisquam River | On the morning of August 21, 1950, the last rib of the southerly arc was fitted into place, ending the island nature of Cape Ann.

The Future of Gloucester

WHAT WILL THE GLOUCESTER OF 2048, 25 YEARS HENCE, LOOK LIKE? None of us know. But we do know its potential and proven ability to evolve and adapt to the new economic, social and environmental realities its people will face. Gloucester families, the next generation, and new immigrants from all over the world, will thrive in this small city surrounded by the sea; inspired by its natural beauty and its evolving opportunities. As proven in the past, Gloucester’s kind and resilient people will work hard to solve its many challenges.

“Gloucester is steeped in tradition coupled with innovation. Ship building, fishing, icemaking, wireless remote control, frozen foods.” This quotation is from Dr. David R. Walt, founder of Gloucester Marine Genomics Industry (GMGI), made at Overture to 2023, the opening event of Gloucester 400+. “I am excited to see all the innovations that will be created by both the blue and bioeconomies that are in their nascent stage and that will emerge over the next century,” said Dr. Walt.

1999| Floating Protest

A member of the 2023 cohort of GMGI’s Gloucester Biotechnology Academy, Margaret Polatnick, had this to say about the Academy:

“This program means a way into a career in biotechnology that I never thought would be possible for me financially and educationally. The program gives me the skills and confidence to go after my dreams of helping solve climate/environmental issues. It’s the best commitment I’ve made in my adult life so far.”

Fishermen staged a floating protest on the Back Shore due to fishing restrictions | Local fishermen were protesting stringent regulations aimed at saving cod.

2022| CODA Wins Oscar

The movie CODA (Child of Deaf Adults), set and filmed in Gloucester, was awarded Best Picture by the Academy of Motion Picture

Arts and Sciences. John Doyle, Education Director of Gloucester Biotechnology Academy with students Margaret Polatnick (L) and Oz Diensthuber (R).
COURTESY OF GMGI 50 Gloucesterma400.org

A Sampling of G400+ Events

Gruppe Family Legacy Art Exhibition | April 29 & 30

Dogtown Common Theatre Production | May 19 & 20

Cemetery Walk Series | June - October

G400+ Track and Field Day | June 18

Gloucester Sails | June 24 & 25

International Dory Racing | July 8

Generous Gardeners 11th Gloucester Garden Tour | July 8

Blackburn Challenge | July 15

Cape Ann Symphony Pops Concert | July 28

Fisheries Heritage Kickoff Ceremony | August 1

Captain’s Courageous screened on the sails of The Schooner Adventure at Maritime Gloucester | August 3

Gloucester Story Theatre Production with the Annisquam Village Players | August 10 – 13

Gloucester Fisheries Festival | August 12 & 13

Fishermen’s Memorial Service | August 19

Songs of the Seafarer | August 19

400 Years Race | August 25

Schooner Festival | September 1 – 4

Jonathan Bayliss Society’s Walking Gloucester | September 9 & 10

T.S. Eliot’s Gloucester | September 16

Dogtown Common Theatre Production | September 22 & 23

A Celebration of Place: The Cultural Heritage Festival | October 7 & 8

Indigenous Film Festival | October 9 – 14

FinnFunn New England Weekend | October 27 - 29

Northeastern v BC Women’s Hockey Match | November 25

Celebrating Home, A Solstice Exhibit | December 9 & 10

Remembering Our Roots | December

Scan the code to learn more about Gloucester 400+ and upcoming events. www.gloucesterma400.org
DAVID-DVORACEK Gloucesterma400.org 51

Explore All Four!


Cape Ann, situated on the Massachusetts coast, is a beautiful region composed of four unique and enchanting communities: Gloucester, Rockport, Essex, and Manchesterby-the-Sea. Each offer a range of adventure and attractions that are sure to please visitors of all ages and interests.

Essex, a small, picturesque town with just over 3,500 residents, is famous for its delicious seafood, particularly the fried clam. The first deep fried clams were made on July 3, 1916. The creator: Lawrence Henry Woodman, owner of a small restaurant sold his new creation of the fired clams to passersby. Today, Woodman’s Family Restaurant is known the world over as a premier dining destination. In addition to its culinary offerings, the town is also known for its love of antiques and its rich shipbuilding history. Visitors can explore the Essex Shipbuilding Museum and take a kayak or boat ride down the scenic Essex River for a unique view of the area.

Manchester-by-the-Sea, located at the southern end of Cape Ann, was founded as Jeffrey’s Creek in the mid-1800s. It features the stunning Singing Beach, where the sand resonates as you walk on it, and Tuck’s Point, which is home to an abundance of retail shops, restaurants,

and galleries. Visitors can learn about the town’s history at the Manchester Historical Museum’s Trask House and appreciate its historic architecture.

Rockport, a quintessential New England seaside village at the most northeasterly part of Cape Ann, is known for its beaches, lighthouses, Motif #1 and art galleries. Its downtown area features a wide range of quaint shops, including, bookstores, cafes, art studios, outdoor dining, and ice cream parlors. Visitors can take a leisurely stroll along charming Bearskin Neck and Dock Square while taking in the beautiful scenery. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Shalin Lui Performance Center, and Halibut Point State Park as you stroll along the scenic shores that inspired Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau.

Exploring all four of these unique communities is a must-do when visiting Cape Ann, as each offers its own distinct blend of history, culture, and natural beauty.

52 DiscoverGloucester.com
Shalin Liu Performance Center, Rockport Autumnal colorful scene in Essex
DiscoverGloucester.com 53
Inns of Rockport Come and stay in our seaside village at one of our distinctive accommodations. An affordable and enchanting getaway. InnsOfRockport.com Find Yourself in Emerson Inn Seaside Resort A view you will never forget—authentic New England getaway with European style, 35 renovated guest rooms, expansive oceanfront outdoor dining and salt water pool. ONE CATHEDRAL AVE. | 978 546 6321 TheEmersonInn.com
White Seagull Gallery Original paintings by award winning artist Susanne E. White. Commissions welcome. 7 BEARSKIN NECK | 978-546-3449 SusanneWhite.com Experience our historic art colony and shop from local makers in our authentic seaside village. Savor fresh seafood in our ocean view restaurants. Enjoy our rocky harbors, beautiful beaches, and scenic lighthouses. 54 DiscoverGloucester.com

Let the locals show you the best spots

Gloucester Fishing Boat Char ter s

Agawam Boat Charters

21 Pickering Street, Essex 978-768-1114


Offers visitors a variety of adventures from exhilarating sport fishing to relaxing day excursions. We are committed to providing the ultimate excursion and will assure your trip provides lasting memories

Charlie’s Charters

Fishing and Sightseeing

415 Main Street, Gloucester

978-281-8992 978-879-7517


Enjoy an exciting fishing adventure or scenic Cape Ann tour with Charlie’s Charters Experienced and knowledgeable, safety is our priority. Morning or afternoon private charters starting at $300 includes everything needed, free parking.

Tuna Hunter

75 Essex Avenue, Gloucester



Specializing in Giant Bluefin Tuna, experience deep sea fishing at its finest Inshore for stripers, or offshore for tuna, sharks and haddock. Custom 36ft sportfisherman. Professional captain, crew, and tackle. 40 yrs experience.

Gloucester Fleet

Deep Sea Fishing & Charters

75 Essex Avenue, Gloucester



Gloucester Fleet is a small family-owned/operated business. We run fun and safe deep-sea fishing trips for all skill levels and ages.

Family-run business since 1992 serving classic regional Mexican dishes in a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere
DiscoverGloucester.com 55
88 Main St, Gloucester | 978-283-8228 | jalapenosgloucester.com | @jalapenosmexrestaurant
Corner of Church & Middle Streets gloucestermeetinghouse.org Corner of Church & Middle Streets gloucestermeetinghouse.org • Gloucester’s Meetinghouse since 1806 • First Universalist Church in America • History of Equality, Social Justice and Separation of Church and State Your oceanfront retreat awaits WWW COVEATROCKPORT COM (978) 203-2840 1 KING STREET, ROCKPORT, MA 01966 150 Years of History THE EMERSON INN | 1 CATHEDRAL AVE, ROCKPORT, MA | 978.546.6321 | THEEMERSONINN.COM
56 DiscoverGloucester.com
longest running full-service hotel. Today, the Inn takes you back to the roaring twenties — as the good life used to be surrounded by local art, craft cocktails, local cuisine, and beautiful ocean breezes.

Get Outside and Enjoy Nature - right here in Gloucester!

Greenbelt welcomes you to discover our trails on beautiful conservation land in Gloucester. Enjoy walking (bring your dog!), hiking, biking, trail running and winter activities. Perfect for observing birds and other wildlife, or simply relaxing outdoors in nature. Our properties are free and open to all, from dawn to dusk daily.

Discover Greenbelt trails in Gloucester and beyond

Kleimola Reservation

Goose Cove

Harvey Reservation

Natti Woodland

Seine Field

Stoney Cove/Presson Point

Tompson Street

Rockport Gloucester Manchester-by-the-Sea Essex 127 128 133 2 1 7 6 8 4 5 3 9 EXPLORE GLOUCESTER
Protecting land and nature for you, our communities and the future FREE TRAILS APP ecga.org/GreenbeltGo Download Now! G GreenbeltGo Real-time Trail Location GreenbeltGo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Annisquam Woods Carter Reservation


A spectacular trip!

Lighthouse Cruise

A fascinating 2½ hour tour circling Cape Ann aboard the King Eider. 2:30pm

Lobstering/ Harbor Tour

1¼ hour narrated Gloucester Harbor tour. Watch lobster traps being set & hauled. 1pm

Gloucester Harbor Water Shuttle Hop on/Hop off all day Only $10.

Hourly trips

the stories, culture, and arts, shops, ships, and spirits of Salem, Massachusetts and discover how this coastal city is still making history. Just 30 minutes from Gloucester— plan your visit today at SALEM.ORG.
66 Harbor Loop, Gloucester 978-283-1979 58 DiscoverGloucester.com
Harbor Tours,
of Cape

Jan Murphy Fine Art

Gloucester studio by appointment only: 650-207-8395 | Visit: murphyartworks.com

It’s our 40th year!


invite you to visit them in their Studios!

Spring Open Studio Tour

June 3 – 4 10am – 5pm

Summer Mini-tour

August 12 10am – 5pm

(see website for participating artists)

Fall Open Studio Tour

October 7 – 8 10am – 5pm

Please visit our website for our full calendar of events.

Working in various media including ceramics, glass, jewelry, mixed media, mosaics, painting, photography and textiles 18 Cape Ann artisans open their 17 studios to visitors during their 2023 Spring and Fall self-guided Open Studio Tour weekends as well as a one-day tour with some of the artists open in August.

Visit www.capeannartisans.com for addresses, a map of the studio locations, PDF of brochure, blogs and images of their work.

“It’s such a treat to visit artists in the places in which they create and speak with them about their sources of inspiration” — 2022 CAA tour visitor


Commissioned painting of Gloucester Harbor
DiscoverGloucester.com 59
NORTH OF BOSTON Venture Salem, Gloucester, Newburyport & more FIND YOUR PORT AT NORTHOFBOSTON.ORG photo courtesy of THURSDAYS JULY & AUGUST 4:00-7:00PM Explore, enjoy, and celebrate the arts by land and sea. S u m m e r N i g h t s i n G l o u c e s t e r F i n d d e t a i l s a t d i s c o v e r g l o u c e s t e r . c o m 60 DiscoverGloucester.com
A NATIONAL HISTORIC LANDMARK 1926 Gloucester’s Flagship! WWW.SCHOONER-ADVENTURE.ORG Sail AT MARITIME GLOUCESTER 23 HARBOR LOOP 978-281-8079 PHOTOS © MARY BARKER See more at www.bethwilliams.com BETH WILLIAMS STUDIO Hand-made Glass Beads & Jewelry 17 Pleasant Street, Gloucester 978.283.5566 Discover your local source for • unique custom beads • contemporary art glass jewelry 1 3/23 GREAT MUSIC. SEASIDE. CLASSICAL | JAZZ | FOLK | WORLD rockportmusic.org :: 978.546.7391 DiscoverGloucester.com 61
62 DiscoverGloucester.com

Plan Your Visit

Dockwa.com | 978-282-3012

Town Landings

Pick up/drop off only at Cripple Cove, St. Peter's Square

Docking at Solomon Jacobs Park

From Boston

I-93 North to I-95 North-Peabody. Continue on Rte. 128 North to Gloucester, Exit 54. Travel time approximately 45 minutes.

From New York & Points South

I-90 East (NY Thruway) to Mass Turnpike. Exit at I-95 North, continue on Rt. 128 North to Gloucester. Travel time approximately four hours.

From Maine & Points North

I-95 south to Rt. 128 North to Gloucester.

Commuter Rail Trains available from Boston’s North Station. Gloucester Station is a fiveminute walk from downtown shops, attractions, and restaurants. | MBTA.com


Bus service and Stage Fort Park Shuttle to Good Harbor Beach CATA CannTran.com

Taxi Service

From Boston’s Logan Airport: Approximately 45-minute drive north to Gloucester. Subway service is available from Logan Airport to North Station, where MTBA trains depart to Gloucester regularly.

From Manchester, NH airport: about 75 minutes south to Gloucester.

Gloucester Taxi & Livery Service | 978-283-0099

Harbor Water Shuttle


P L O T & S H A R E Y O U R T R A V E L P L A N W I T H E A S E S k i p S i r i , A s k L o b l o l l y !
DiscoverGloucester.com 63


On Land

Beauport, the SleeperMcCann House

A National Historic Landmark

75 EASTERN POINT BLVD | 978-283-0800

Weds. - Sat., May 24 - October 14. Advance purchase strongly recommended. Visit website for tickets and open hours.


Cape Ann Foodie Tours



Embark on a walking culinary and cultural tour that both fills your belly and enriches you with tales from Cape Ann’s remarkable history. Delicious introduction to beautiful Cape Ann!

Cape Ann Museum



The Cape Ann Museum and the new Cape Ann Museum Green celebrate the ongoing story of Cape Ann’s legacy of nationally significant historical, industrial, and artistic achievement through world class exhibitions and engaging programs. see ad on page 10

Calvo Woodworking School

235 EAST MAIN ST. | 978-283-0231



Wood Carving Classes, Sign Carving, Dovetail Boxes, Bowl Carving, Tool Forging, Chair Making

Gloucester Meetinghouse Foundation

Summer concert series on the Green CORNER OF CHURCH AND MIDDLE STREETS | 978-821-5291

Fridays at 6:00pm.

GloucesterMeetinghouse.org see ad on page 56

Gloucester Stage Company

267 E MAIN STREET | 978-281-4433


Award-Winning Professional Live Theater. Entertaining and intellectually stimulating plays every week June - October. Entire season, dates, showtimes, and more online. Walk-up tickets available Tuesdays-Sundays (when not sold out). see ad on page 61

Hammond Castle Museum

80 HESPERUS AVENUE | 978-283-2080


Listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Guided & Self-Guided Tours Daily: May through October. Weekends and Special Days: April, November and December. Candlelight Tours and special events throughout the season. Not handicapped accessible. see ad on page 12

64 DiscoverGloucester.com

Maritime Gloucester

23 HARBOR LOOP | 978-281-0470


Experience Gloucester’s rich maritime heritage on our authentic working waterfront, museum, and our NEW Maritime Science Education Center. see ad on page 17

North Shore Arts Association

11 PIRATES LANE | 978-283-1857


NSAA occupies one of the most unique and inspiring art gallery settings on Cape Ann. Open free to the public. see ad on page 58

Sawyer Free Library

21 MAIN STREET | 978-325-5500


Free WiFi, free eBooks, and audiobooks. Discounted museum passes. see ad on page 24


Cogswell’s Grant

House Museum of American Folk Art

60 SPRING STREET, ESSEX | 978-768-3632


Fridays and Saturdays, June 2 - October 14. 11am - 3pm, with tours on the hour. Kite Day is Saturday, April 15.


Rockport Music, Shalin Liu

Performance Center

37 MAIN STREET, ROCKPORT | 978-546-7391

North Shore Brewery Tours



NSBT offers both public and private tour options where guests visit three local craft breweries, taste the libations, and enjoy lunch at one of the locations. Perfect for all occasions! Tours start from the Beverly Train Station and run up Cape Ann.

Sargent House Museum

49 MIDDLE STREET | 978-281-2432


Open for house tours from Memorial Day through Columbus Day. Go to our website for specific dates and times of our tours, outdoor events, on-line programming, and our latest gallery showing.


Rockport Music’s Shalin Liu Performance Center is an intimate concert hall with magnificent views of the Atlantic Ocean and presents classical, jazz, folk, world and pop concerts year round. see ad on page 61

Hikes & Trails

Greenbelt, Essex County’s Land Trust



Greenbelt has 9 properties in Gloucester for you to explore! Open daily, FREE of charge. Go to ecga.org for maps and directions, and to download our GreenbeltGo trails app! see ad on page 57




Wooded trails and old stone walls and boulders. Take a map. Trails are often difficult to track. Parking on Dogtown Road off Cherry Street and Gee Avenue.


Gloucester Harborwalk


A free self-guided tour that is great for all ages. Start at St. Peter’s Square. Explore the 42 Harborwalk granite posts downtown from The Gloucester House to Stage Fort Park.


Halibut Point State Park

ROCKPORT | 978-546-2997

You can explore the parks, trails and tide pools, picnic on the rocky ledges, and learn about the history of Cape Ann’s granite industry. TheTrustees.org



600 acres of woods, granite boulders and carriage trails. Visitor center, hiking, biking, crosscountry skiing, dogs welcome, required leash and pick up. Parking on Rte. 127 Western Ave. TheTrustees.org

At Sea

7 Seas Whale Watch



Guaranteed whale sightings! Gloucester’s leading whale watch company since 1983. Daily trips to Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary aboard the Privateer IV, Gloucester’s newest, high-speed whale watch vessel. see ad on page 19

Beauport Cruiselines

6 ROWE SQUARE | 978-865-3210


Experience the North Shore’s most exciting venue, the luxurious Beauport Cruiselines! Dine, dance and enjoy a public cruise, private event, or dream wedding in true New England style while sailing Gloucester’s historic harbor. see ad on back cover

Cape Ann Whale Watch

415 MAIN STREET | 800-877-5110


Sail aboard the “Hurricane”, the largest, fastest vessel in Gloucester. Named one of the top five whale watches in the US by Joshua Horwitz, author of “War on Whales”! Free parking! Seasonal. see ad on page 5

Charlie’s Charters

Fishing and Sightseeing

415 MAIN STREET | 978-281-8992 | 978-879-7517

CharliesCharters.com see ad on page 55

Cape Ann Cruises



Docked at The Gloucester House. Experience an authentic part of Gloucester’s heritage aboard the iconic WEJACK, a 46 passenger classic yacht. Sunset & Music Cruises, Nature & Harbor Tours, Fishing Charters, Private Events: Parties, Wedding Celebrations, Corporate Outings, Full Bar, Catering, & Fun! see ad on page 55

66 DiscoverGloucester.com

Gloucester Fleet

Deep Sea Fishing & Charters

75 ESSEX AVENUE | 978-559-1978


Gloucester Fleet is a small family-owned/ operated business. We run fun and safe deep-sea fishing trips for all skill levels and ages. Call for information and reservations. see ad on page 55

Harbor Tours, Inc.

66 HARBOR LOOP | 978-283-1979

CapeAnnHarborTours.com see ad on page 58

Schooner Adventure



Sail onboard Gloucester’s Flagship! 122’ National Historic Landmark schooner built in Essex in 1926 and a highliner of the Gloucester fishing fleet. Authentically restored, she sails today as an educational resource for visitors, students and the community. Join us for Public Sails, Private Charters, Dockside Tours and Educational Programs. see ad on page 61

Maritime Heritage Charters

Sailing from Maritime Gloucester

23 HARBOR LOOP | 978-290-7168


Enjoy the beauty of Cape Ann under sail aboard the Schooners Ardelle and Isabella. Choose from a wide variety of sailing experiences from 2-hour public sails, sunset sails, music sails and special events to affordable small and large group private charters. All sail tickets include admission to Maritime Gloucester. see ad on page 29

Ocean Alliance Docks

32 HORTON STREET | 978-281-2814 EXT. 100 Whale.org/Ocean-Alliance-Docks

Brand new 132 linear feet of docks are located at the head of Gloucester Harbor at the headquarters of Ocean Alliance and the historic Tarr & Wonson Paint Manufactory site. Your dock fees directly support ocean research and conservation. Dockage for vessels 30’-150’. Electric, bathrooms, showers, water, WiFi, and parking are available. The site is within walking distance to restaurants, shops, galleries and parks on Rocky Neck.

Schooner Thomas E. Lannon



Schooner sailing aboard the Lannon is relaxing, romantic, and fun. It’s an experience unlike any other. We offer public sails and private charters for all occasions. Come join us for a sail! see ad on page 16

Tuna Hunter Fishing Charters

75 ESSEX AVENUE | 978-407-1351

TunaHunter.com see ad on page 55


ESSEX Agawam Boat Charters

21 PICKERING STREET, ESSEX | 978-768-1114


see ad on page 55

Essex River Cruises & Charters

35 DODGE STREET, ESSEX | 978-768-6981



North Shore Adventures and Outdoor Center

9 TUNA WHARF, ROCKPORT | 978-546-5050


We are your one stop shop to Adventure on Cape Ann. We can equip and guide you for all your paddling, hiking, and biking needs around the beautiful North Shore.

Beaches Cressy’s Beach


This is a great place to spend the day as you can sit and observe the activities on the Harbor, have a picnic or cookout, or play games in the park.

Good Harbor Beach


Wide flat beach excellent for walking, body surfing, volleyball. Lifeguards, food, changing rooms restrooms, fee for parking.

Half Moon Beach


Half Moon is a small quiet beach located in historic Stage Fort Park. It gets its name from the crescent shape of the beach.

Long Beach


Great sunrise views of Thacher Island Twin Lighthouses. Fee for parking.

Pavilion Beach


Gloucester Harbor and lighthouse views. Behind the Beauport Hotel. Perfect beach to view the Greasy Pole contest.

Wingaersheek Beach


Flour soft white sand, tide pools, lighthouse views, calm water. Lifeguards, food, changing rooms, restrooms, fee for parking.


(For info on all Gloucester beaches, and to reserve parking.)

Plan Your Wedding

The Atlantic Ocean Room at the Elks at Bass Rocks

101 ATLANTIC ROAD | 978-282-3200




An ocean-front facility located directly on the water with panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean. We can accommodate up to 200 guests for the flawless ceremony and reception you’ve been dreaming of.

Beauport Hotel

55 COMMERCIAL STREET | 978-282-0008


Your vision for a wedding by the sea starts here on our spectacular oceanside deck and beautiful Grand Ballroom seating 230 guests. After your reception, retire to one of our 94 guest rooms and suites featuring oceanfront balconies and more. see ad on back cover

68 DiscoverGloucester.com

Cruiseport Gloucester

6 ROWE SQUARE | 978-282-9700


Celebrate life’s momentous events at Cruiseport Gloucester, the area’s most luxurious waterfront destination. Our expert wedding planners ensure that your special day will delight you and your guests, and will be remembered for a lifetime. see ad on back cover

Maritime Heritage Charters

Sailing from Maritime Gloucester

23 HARBOR LOOP | 978-290-7168


Enjoy the beauty of Cape Ann under sail aboard the Schooners Ardelle and Isabella. Choose from a wide variety of sailing experiences from 2-hour public sails, sunset sails, music sails and special events to affordable small and large group private charters. All sail tickets include admission to Maritime Gloucester. see ad on page 29

Hammond Castle Museum

80 HESPERUS AVENUE | 978-283-2080


Start your Together Forever story at one of the most romantic settings on Cape Ann. Located on the rocky coastline of the Atlantic, the museum features breathtaking views of Gloucester Harbor, a drawbridge, and historic arches which are the perfect setting for celebrating life’s special moments. see ad on page 12

The Hotel at Cape Ann Marina

75 ESSEX AVENUE | RT. 133 | 978-283-2116


Our destination on the water location can host your guests in our hotel and wine and dine onsite at Mile Marker One Restaurant. New bridal accommodations. Captivating water views, picture locations for your memories. Event space available year round depending on the celebration and size of your guests. It’s all here!. see ad on page 2

Sharon’s Studio of Gloucester - Cape Ann Weddings

179 WASHINGTON STREET | 978-290-2989


A boutique photography studio located North of Boston. Focusing on Fine Art wedding and event photography. Creating Beautiful and Bold portraits of families, individuals and children. Modeling and Senior portraits are our specialties.



1606 Restaurant & Oyster Bar

55 COMMERCIAL STREET | 978-491-5090


Enjoy spectacular ocean views as you enjoy an alfresco breakfast, lunch, or dinner or a signature cocktail around the firepit. Located in the Beauport Hotel Gloucester.  see ad on back cover

Blue Collar Lobster Co.

63 ROGERS STREET | 978-283-1812

On Gloucester’s working waterfront • A fast, casual venue offering lobsters, lobster rolls, oysters, fried seafood, sandwiches, and salads • Full Bar • Family Friendly • Dog friendly • Large parties welcome • Home of Wicked Tuna Boats

• Live entertainment see ad on page 29


The Cupboard at Stage Fort Park

41 HOUGH AVENUE | 978-281-1908


Fresh native seafood and ice cream

Holy Cow Ice Cream Cafe

80 PLEASANT STREET | 978-281-0313


Check us out on Instagram and Facebook


Award Winning Homemade Super Premium Ice Cream. Home of the 2022 North American Ice Cream Association’s “Flavor of the Year”!

Jalapeños Mexican Restaurant

88 MAIN STREET | 978-283-8228


Since 1992, Jalapeno’s Restaurant is North Shore’s choice for traditional regional Mexican food made with local ingredients keeping the freshest produce, fish and spices most important to the business operations. see ad on page 55

Mile Marker One

Waterfront Dining at Cape Ann Marina


3 MAIN STREET | 978-879-4201


Don’t just consume, experience! Distinctive Food | Distinctive Drink | Distinctive LIVE Music | Distinctive views | Distinctive Service | DRIFT is about new friends, old friends, and turning strangers into friends. Come in: relax, eat, drink, listen & repeat!

75 ESSEX AVENUE/RT. 133 | 978-283-2122


Fresh local seafood with a cool local vibe. Open year round where you always sit on the water. Our River View Dining Room, Lounge & Bar. Or our deck and igloos. Live music. Serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, raw bar, cocktails and to-go. Come by boat too! see ad on page 15

MILE MARKER ONE 70 DiscoverGloucester.com

Minglewood Harborside

25 ROGERS STREET | 978-281-0223


Waterfront dining with an oversized deck and retractable glass walls that create an alfresco experience both inside and out. Fresh, local seafood, creative sushi and tavern favorites are complimented by refreshing cocktails. Acoustic music Tuesday - Thursday; full bands Friday & Saturday night all summer. see ad on inside back cover

Oak to Ember

9 ROGERS STREET | 978-289-5859


Located in the heart of Gloucester, Oak to Ember offers a unique dining experience inspired by live fire cooking in our open kitchen restaurant. The coastal American menu is curated and inspired by locally sourced ingredients from farms and makers. Local seafood, prime cuts of meat, and seasonal specials cooked over a wood fired grill with dining overlooking Gloucester’s Harbor Cove. see ad on page 25

Turner’s Seafood Market

Fish n’ Chips and Fresh Seafood Market

4 SMITH STREET | 978-281-7172

Turner’s Salem at Lyceum Hall

43 CHURCH STREET, SALEM | 978-745-7665

Turner’s Seafood Grill & Market

506 MAIN STREET, MELROSE | 781-662-0700


The freshest, best tasting, authentic New England seafood has three historic locations. Experience local seafood from dayboats’ fresh catch, within hours served to our dining guests and market customers.

Virgilio’s Bakery & Deli

29 MAIN STREET | 978-283-5295


It’s the bread that makes the sandwich. Italian and specialty breads and rolls, unique sandwiches on fresh-baked rolls, fresh cannoli, pastries, cookies and Italian ice made on site. see ad on page 20

Yella on the Water

25 WESTERN AVENUE/ 978-491-5334

Seaport Grille

6 ROWE SQUARE | 978-282-9799


The ownership and staff of Seaport Grille invite you to dine with us. We take pride in preparing all of our menu items with only the freshest ingredients and a shared passion to deliver superior food in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Come for the food, stay for the vibe. see ad on back cover

Tonno Restaurant

2 MAIN STREET | 978-879-4795


Italian Seafood Classic. Nightly specials. Catch of the day from local waters. Full-service bar. Craft cocktails. Homemade pasta, full and half portions. Secondi courses featuring pesce and carne. Signature dishes. Decedent desserts. see ad on page 25


ESSEX Woodman’s Of Essex

119 MAIN STREET/RT. 133 ESSEX | 800-649-1773 | 978-768-6451


Award-Winning Since 1914, Gluten-Free fried clams, seafood and clam chowder. Famous Lobster Rolls. Grilled Items. Full Bar. Family Friendly. Indoor & Outdoor Seating. Beautiful Marsh View. “Eat in the Rough”.   see ad on page 53





Cala’s delivers great food in a casual “Cheers” environment, where guests are treated like family, the beers are always cold, and the wine pour is never skimpy. see ad on inside back cover



Beth Williams Art Glass


17 PLEASANT STREET | 978-283-5566


see ad on page 61

Cape Ann Olive Oil Co.

Tasting Bar and Gifts

57 MAIN STREET | 978-281-1061


Common Crow

Natural Market

200 EASTERN AVENUE | 978-283-1665

The Brass Monkey

85 MAIN STREET | 978-879-4761


Explore our fine gifts, unique apparel, antiques, and seasonal treasures while visiting the West End of the historical seaport of Gloucester. see ad on page 23

Cape Ann Artisans



Spring Tour: June 3-4; Summer Mini-Tour: August 12; and Fall Tour: October 7-8. Meet 18 of Cape Ann’s most established makers during the 40th Cape Ann Artisan Open Studios selfguided tours. Enjoy pottery, painting, sculpture, mixed media, mosaics, weaving, sea glass, handmade art-glass and fine jewelry. see ad on page 59


@commoncrowglo @commoncrowmarket

Our one-stop shop for natural, local, organic and fair trade provisioning. Hot and cold grab and go. Family style. Pre Order meals. Coffee and pastries. Groceries, meats, produce and cheese. Bulk foods. Natural health and beauty.

The Cottage on Smith Cove

75 ROCKY NECK AVENUE | 978-281-5557

A unique shopping experience offering an eclectic collection of housewares, quality clothing and jewlery.


see ad on page 28

Design of Mine

33 MAIN STREET | 351-217-1137


Our eclectic style boutique offers a wide selection of women’s clothing and accessories at reasonable prices. Enjoy a personalized shopping experience in the heart of Gloucester’s West End. We are Cape Ann’s destination for Beautiful Wear.

72 DiscoverGloucester.com

Dogtown Books

132 MAIN STREET | 978-281-5599


Goodlinens Studio

130 MAIN STREET | 978-515-7646


kitchen • bath • home • gift

Mark Adrian Shoes

103 MAIN STREET | 978-283-4343



Women’s • Men’s • Kids’ Sandals • Sneakers • Hikers • Dress • Wedding • Fashion • Casual • Flips • Boots • Slippers • Socks • Bags

Your favorite footwear brands at the best prices. 5 generations of experience & unparalleled customer service - a Gloucester tradition for 48 years.

see ad on page 20

Happy Valley

38 GREAT REPUBLIC DRIVE | 978-515-5600


Happy Valley is Gloucester’s first cannabis retail store serving 21+ and medical patients. Whether you’re new to cannabis or an aficionado, we’re here to help unlock your experience. see ad on inside front cover

Rocky Neck Art Colony

6 WONSON STREET | 978-515-7004

Year-round exhibitions, talks, workshops, performances and events.


see ad on page 28

Jane Deering Gallery

19 PLEASANT STREET | 917-902-4359


JDG presents contemporary art by established and emerging artists, national and international. Artists living and working on Cape Ann, Massachusetts regularly exhibit. The gallery is adjacent to Cape Ann Museum. Gallery hours: Friday & Saturday 1-5pm; Sunday 1-4pm and always by appointment at 917-902-4359.

Jan Murphy Fine Art

EAST GLOUCESTER | 650-207-8395


Artist’s studio and gallery in East Gloucester, by appointment only. Representational oil paintings. Open year-round by appointment. see ad on page 59

Sample This Clothing

116 MAIN STREET | 978-865-3873


Sample This is the North Shore’s best kept secret. Clothing, accessories, gifts & so much more!!

Savour Wine & Cheese

76 PROSPECT STREET | 978-282-1455


Boutique wine and artisanal cheese shop with 20 wines on 5 wine machines to taste free daily.

Second Glance Thrift Store

The Thrift Store of The Open Door

2 POND ROAD | 978-283-4298


see ad on page 58



88 BASS AVENUE | 978-283-7873


SurfariStandUpPaddleSurf | supsurfari

Everything you need to play on the beach or in the water. Shop boards, swimsuits, flip-flops, wetsuits, clothing, sunglasses, gifts and more! Surfing and SUP rentals, surf lessons and camps.

Turner’s Seafood Market

Fish n’ Chips and Fresh Seafood Market

4 SMITH STREET | 978-281-7172

Turner’s Seafood Grill & Market

506 MAIN STREET, MELROSE | 781-662-0700


Turtle Alley Chocolates

42 ROGERS STREET | 978-281-4000


Turtles, toffee and fudge, oh my! Handcrafted chocolates made with all the love in Gloucester. Life is short. Sin a little!

Visitor Resources

Addison Gilbert Hospital

298 WASHINGTON STREET | 978-283-4000


Greater Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce

24 HARBOR LOOP | 978-283-1601


Cape Ann’s new year-round visitor center with information, restrooms and parking. see ad on page 56

City Hall

9 DALE AVENUE | 978-281-9722


Information, restrooms.

Discover Gloucester

HARBOR LOOP | 978-675-1818


Gloucester Harbormaster



North of Boston Convention & Visistors Bureau

I-95 SOUTHBOUND EXIT 90, SALISBURY | 978-465-6555


see ad on page 60

Visitor Welcoming Center

At Stage Fort Park

24 HOUGH AVENUE | 978-281-8865


Information, restrooms (seasonal), beaches, playground, dog park, tennis courts, picnic area, and concerts.


Eagle & Dove Ministries

Judah’s Roar Church & Worship Center



Gloucester 400+ Information & Merchandise



74 DiscoverGloucester.com

Accommodations at Rocky Neck


978-381-9848 | 978-804-0562


Located on Smith Cove in the heart of the Rocky Neck Art Colony walk to restaurants, shops and theatre. All rooms have water views, kitchenettes and decks.

Atlantic Vacation Homes

4 OLD COUNTY ROAD | 978-283-4777


We are the North Shore’s premier vacation rental and real estate company, with over 35 years of creating dream vacations for our guests. Book your next beach escape today!

Beauport Hotel Gloucester

55 COMMERCIAL STREET | 978-282-0008


The perfect New England coastal getaway with 94 rooms and suites, sweeping water views, rooftop pool/bar, distinctive dining choices and the area’s largest event space. A destination for every occasion. see ad on back cover

Blue Shutters Beachside Inn

1 NAUTILUS ROAD | 978-283-1198


Charming inn on Good Harbor Beach. Spectacular views. Rooms and suites, all with AC. Open year round. Walk to restaurants and supermarket. Minutes to downtown Gloucester and Rockport. Complimentary continental breakfast. Free WiFi.

Atlantis Oceanfront Inn

125 ATLANTIC ROAD | 978-283-0014


Our beautiful oceanfront location is a spectacular setting for the perfect vacation. Close to Good Harbor Beach. Ocean views from every room, outdoor pool. Enjoy our Breakfast Café with creative selections open to the public.

DiscoverGloucester.com 75

Cape Ann Camp Site

80 ATLANTIC STREET | 978-283-8683


200 mostly shaded tent and RV sites nestled in a variety of shade trees and shrubs. Big rig sites overlook tidal estuary. Hookups. One mile from Wingaersheek Beach. Pet Friendly. WiFi.

Harborview Inn

71 WESTERN AVENUE | 978-283-2277


Overlooking Gloucester Harbor, this fourseason bed & breakfast is perfect for vacations and weekends away. The Inn is within walking distance to downtown restaurants, museums, shops and attractions.

Cape Ann Motor Inn

33 ROCKPORT ROAD | 978-281-2900


Directly on the sands of Long Beach, we are open year round, with all rooms overlooking the ocean with views of the twin lighthouses of Thacher Island. Sunrises here are unforgettable! Dog friendly. Free WiFi and A/C in all rooms. see ad on page 16

The Hotel at Cape Ann Marina

75 ESSEX AVENUE/RT. 133 | 978-283-2116


Destination found, open year-round! Stay, Eat, Drink, Chill.Come see our new renovations. Our waterfront hotel rooms offer views of the river, marina and Wicked Tuna boats. Onsite, Mile Marker One Waterfront Restaurant with great food, a cool vibe, hotel bar and the best deck and igloo dining. Meeting space and groups welcome. Walk to beaches and town. see ad on page 2

Ocean House Hotel at Bass Rocks

107 ATLANTIC ROAD | 978-283-7600


Our waterfront hotel offers 51 rooms and suites with spectacular ocean views. Amenities include outdoor pool, hot tub and fire pit.

Sea Lion Motel & Cottages

138 EASTERN AVENUE | 978-283-7300


Conveniently located between Gloucester and Rockport, less than one mile from Good Harbor Beach. We have cottages, efficiencies, house suites, and hotel rooms and offer outside heated pool, WiFi, A/C.


The Vista

22 THATCHER ROAD | 978-281-3410


Overlooking Good Harbor Beach, with gorgeous ocean views from every room. Super clean, spacious rooms. Free Continental breakfast, outdoor heated swimming pool. see ad on page 23


Addison Choate

49 BROADWAY, ROCKPORT | 978-546-7543


Newly renovated boutique hotel in the heart of Rockport. Open year round. Stylist, coastal eclectic design, top notch hospitality, luxurious rooms, streaming TV, marble bathrooms, A/C and delicious complimentary breakfast.

The Cove at Rockport

1 KING ST, ROCKPORT | 978-203-2840


Charming, modern, clean, relaxing and peaceful. see ad on page 56

The Emerson Inn



A view you will never forget—authentic New England getaway with European style, 35 renovated guest rooms, expansive oceanfront outdoor dining and salt water pool. see ad on page 56

Inns of Rockport

Inns of Roc kpor t C o m e s t a y i n o u r s e a s i d e v i l l a g e a t o n e o f o u r d i s t i n c t i v e a c c o m m o d a t i o n s w w w . i n n s o f r o c k p o r t . c o m HOTELS & MOTELS | INNS & B&BS | VACATION RENTALS | COTTAGES & EFFICIENCIES | CAMPGROUNDS AND RVS | HOTELS & MOTELS DiscoverGloucester.com 77


For Gloucester 400+ event information, visit page 51.

APRIL 2023

Whale Watching Excursions Begin 7seaswhalewatch.com capeannwhalewatch.com

Hammond Castle

OPEN BEGINNING IN APRIL hammondcastle.org

30 Twin Lights Half Marathon Good Harbor Beach Yukanrun.com

MAY 2023

20 Dogtown 5-Mile Trail Run Dogtown Commons capeanntrailstewards.org

20 Motif #1 Day Rockport Rockportexchange.com

JUNE 2023

Cape Ann Art Haven

Art classes for students & adults arthaven.org

2-25  Private Lives  Live Equity Theater, Comedy gloucesterstage.com

3-4 Annual Cape Ann Artisans Spring Tour

Meet 16 of Cape Ann’s most established makers during the 40th Cape Ann Artisan Open Studios self-guided tour capeannartisans.com

4 Magnolia Community Farmers Market

SUNDAYS 10AM-1PM THROUGH OCT. 1 magnoliacommunityfarmersmarket.com

9-JUL. 9 Rockport Chamber Music Festival

Shalin Liu Performance Center, Rockport rockportmusic.org

17 Rockport Farmers Market

SATURDAYS 10AM-2PM THROUGH OCTOBER 14 rockportexchange.org

18 Gloucester Juneteenth Festival

Cape Ann Museum Green capeannmuseum.org

21-25 St. Peter’s Fiesta

5-11PM, ST. PETER’S PARK stpetersfiesta.org

23-25 St. Peter’s Fiesta Greasy Pole Contest

Gloucester Harbor - Pavilion Beach stpetersfiesta.org

24 Rockport Garden Club

10AM-4PM VARIOUS LOCATIONS, ROCKPORT rockportgardenclub.org

24 Rockport Farmers Market

SATURDAYS 10AM-2PM THROUGH OCT. 14 rockportexchange.org

30 Lanes Coven Theater Co, Windhover, Rockport The Importance of Being Earnest, 7pm lanescoven.com

JULY 2023

Bubbles and Books

Story time on the oceanside lawn

WEDNESDAYS, 10-11:30AM Hammond Castle hammondcastle.org

Culture Splash


Rocky Neck and Harbortown Cultural Districts discovergloucester.com

Summer of Spielberg Movies on the Lawn

THURSDAYS hammondcastle.org

Harbor Loop Summer Concert Series

THURSDAYS, JULY & AUGUST, 6-9PM Harbor Loop, Gloucester facebook.com/harborloopconcerts/

Music on Meetinghouse Green


Gloucester UU Church gloucestermeetinghouse.org

78 DiscoverGloucester.com

1 Rockport Farmers Market

SATURDAYS 10AM-2PM , THROUGH OCTOBER 14 rockportexchange.org

1, 2, 6,7, 9 Lanes Coven Theater Co, Windhover, Rockport The Importance of Being Earnest lanescoven.com

3 Independence Day Celebrations

Fishtown Horribles Parade and Concert 6pm Stacy Blvd, 9:15pm Fireworks on waterfront gloucester-ma.gov

6-10 The Gloucester Maritime Rendezvous

Gloucester Harbor and Maritime Gloucester Races, events and more. gloucesterschoonerfestival.com

7 - 23  Stew

Live Equity Theater, Pulitzer Nominee gloucesterstage.com

8 Generous Gardeners Annual Gloucester Garden Tour

Private garden tours throughout various locations 10am-4pm generousgardeners.org

9, 16, 26 Summer Concert Series

STAGE FORT PARK BANDSTAND davidlbenjamin.com

11 -27  The Ding Dongs

Live Equity Theater, Comedy gloucesterstage.com

15 Gloucester Downtown Block Party 6-10PM MAIN STREET

Music, entertainment, al fresco dining, store specials capeannvacations.com

15 Blackburn Challenge Row it, paddle it – party to follow blackburnchallenge.com

25-27 Gloucester’s Bluefin Blowout

N.E. premiere giant Bluefin Tuna Tournament Cape Ann Marina bluefinblowout.com

29 Annisquam Village Sea Fair


Children’s games and activities, used book sale, famous Wax Works Show annisquamvillage.org


Culture Splash


Rocky Neck and Harbortown Cultural Districts discovergloucester.org

Harbor Loop Summer Concert Series


Harbor Loop, Gloucester facebook.com/harborloopconcerts/

Bubbles and Books

Story time on the oceanside lawn


Hammond Castle hammondcastle.org

Hammond Castle Candlelight & Spiritualism Tours

THURSDAY EVENINGS hammondcastle.org

Rockport Farmers Market

SATURDAYS 10AM-2PM rockportexchange.org

4 Festival by the Sea


Art, Music & Food capeannvacations.com

4-6, 10-13, 17-20 Lanes Coven Theater Co, Windhover, Rockport Romeo & Juliet lanescoven.com

6, 13, 20, 27 Summer Concert Series

STAGE FORT PARK BANDSTAND davidlbenjamin.com

10-13 Annisquam Village Players, Special Gloucester 400th Signature Event Gloucester Story 7:30pm

Harriet Webster Pier-Maritime Gloucester annisquamvillageplayers.org

12 Gloucester Downtown Block Party

6-10PM MAIN STREET capeannvacations.com

12 Cape Ann Artisan Summer Mini Tour


Enjoy pottery, painting, sculpture, mixed media, mosaics, quilting, weaving, sea glass and fine jewelry. capeannartisans.com

12 Gloucester Blues Festival

Stage Fort Park

Annual event with world class blues music gloucesterbluesfestival.com

16 Blackburn Brew Fest

STAGE FORT PARK, GLOUCESTER, 1-4PM Over 30 Brewers across the region in attendance capeannchamber.com

19-20 Gloucester Waterfront Festival

9AM-6PM ON SAT., 9AM-5PM ON SUN., Stage Fort Park castleberryfairs.com


Hammond Castle Candlelight & Spiritualism Tours

THURSDAY EVENINGS hammondcastle.org

Rockport Farmers Market

SATURDAYS 10AM-2PM rockportexchange.org

1 Gloucester Downtown Block Party


Music, entertainment, al fresco dining, store specials capeannvacations.com

DiscoverGloucester.com 79

1-4 39th Annual Gloucester Schooner Festival

Gloucester Harbor and Maritime Gloucester Parade of Sail, Maritime Heritage Day, races, events and more. gloucesterschoonerfestival.com

1 - 24  Tall Tales from Blackburn Tavern Live Equity Theater, 400+ Folktales gloucesterstage.com

2 Concert on the Boulevard 6PM Fireworks off the Boulevard 8:30PM gloucester-ma.gov

2 Boat Parade of Lights


Best viewing from Stacy Boulevard

8 Music on Meetinghouse Green

Cape Ann Big Band gloucestermeetinghouse.org

9 Gloucester Harvest Music Festival, 11AM-6PM | 65 ROGERS STREET gloucesterharvestmusicfestival.com

15-17 Rockport Celtic Festival Shalin Liu Performance Center, Rockport rockportmusic.org

15-24 Trails & Sails

Explore Essex County with hundreds of free events. trailsandsails.org

16 Blackburn Brew Fest


Over 30 regional brewers! capeannchamber.com


Hammond Castle Spiritualism Tours THURSDAY EVENINGS hammondcastle.org

7, 14 Rockport Farmers Market

SATURDAYS 10AM-2PM rockportexchange.org

7-8 Cape Ann Artisans Fall Studio Tour capeannartisans.com

7-8 Annisquam Arts & Crafts Show

SAT. 10AM-5PM; SUN. 12-5PM

Annisquam Village Hall annisquamartsandcrafts.org

8-15 Annual Cape Ann Plein Air N.E. largest outdoor painting festival & competition capeannpleinair.org

21 Essex Clamfest

11AM-4PM MEMORIAL PARK, ESSEX capeannchamber.com


24-JAN. 1 Winter Lights on Cape Ann discovergloucester.com

25 Small Business Saturday–Shop Local

Downtown Gloucester shops gloucestermerchantassociation.org

26 Christmas Parade


26 Tree Lighting



Hammond Castle Candlelight Tours

THURSDAY EVENINGS hammondcastle.org

1-JAN.1 Winter Lights on Cape Ann discovergloucester.com

7 Ladies’ Night

THURSDAY 10AM-8PM, DOWNTOWN GLOUCESTER Refreshments, discounts, fun. gloucestermerchantassociation.org

9 Middle Street Walk

10AM-3PM Music, kids’ activities, historic tours. middlestreetwalk.org

9 Lobster Trap Tree Lighting


12 Lobster Trap Menorah Lighting

5:30PM, TEMPLE AHAVET ACHIM taagloucester.org

14 Mens’ Night

THURSDAY 10AM-8PM, DOWNTOWN GLOUCESTER Refreshments, discounts, fun. gloucestermerchantassociation.org

31 Rockport New Year’s Eve rockportnye.com

31 Beauport Cruiselines New Year’s Cruise beauportcruiselines.com


15 Martin Luther King Jr. Day Celebration Gloucester Meetinghouse Foundation gloucestermeetinghouse.org


Black History Month

MARCH 2024

Women’s History Month

AIR 80 DiscoverGloucester.com
YOUR LUXURY CAPE ANN ESCAPE Experience the Best of the North Shore. Special offers & packages available. BEAUPORTHOTEL.COM | 978-282-0008 A Fresh Culinary Direction. Head to our newly renovated Oyster Bar for the freshest Oysters, Cocktails and Ocean Views. At Beauport Hotel Gloucester 55 Commercial Street Gloucester, MA 01930 www.1606Restaurant.com 978-491-5090 SEAPORT GRILLE Come For The Menu, Stay For The Vibe Come For The Menu, Stay For The Vibe 6 Rowe Square, Gloucester, MA 978-282-9799 seaportgrillegloucester.com BEAUPORT CRUISELINES VIEW UPCOMING CRUISES ON beauportcruiselines.com 978-865-3210
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