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Featured in this month’s newsletter •Tea Dance at Disabled Living •Spotlight on Bladder and Bowel UK Services Resources for Children and Young People •Toileting problems in Children •New Guidance Document – The provision of Containment Products for Adult Incontinence •Incontinence - The Engineering Challenge •NICE – Can You help – Potential Members •BBUK Education Events, September / October •Corporate Partnership Opportunities / Supplier Directory •Free Washable Products for Children •Loo of the Month

Welcome to this months Bladder and Bowel UK Newsletter

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Afternoon ‘Tea Dance’ at Disabled Living The team at Disabled Living ‘kicked off’ the 120 year celebrations , with a 1940’s themed Afternoon Tea Dance for people with dementia, their carers and relatives.

The event coincided with Health Information Week and we were delighted to have colleagues from the Alzheimer's Society to ensure our guests had up to date knowledge on the range of services available to support people with dementia. We welcomed representatives from Slater and Gordon Lawyers who came along to provide people with advice about wills, trusts and mental capacity issues.

Our guests also had the chance to experience our multi-sensory rooms to get a feel for the vibrant and relaxed atmosphere that they have to offer. Staff from across all Disabled Living’s Services (Bladder and Bowel UK, Enablement Service, Training, Redbank House and the Kidz to Adultz Services) attended this lovely event.

Spotlight on resources for children and young people: Who are our resources for? Bladder and Bowel UK has a wide range of resources available to support children, young people, their families and the professionals who work with them. What resources do we have? Our children’s resources have been developed to help understanding of why children and young people have problems with continence (problems with wee and poo) and what can be done to support them. Two special groups of booklets are the ‘Talk about...’ range of booklets, which have been designed for children to help them understand the problems, and the ‘Understanding...’ range, which is aimed at carers and professionals. The resources fall into the following categories: •Assessment: A range of leaflets and charts to help families and professionals understand the nature of a child’s bladder or bowel difficulties. •Bladder: Information about promoting a healthy bladder, day and night time wetting and the things that can help to make these better. •Bowel: Leaflets about bowel problems including constipation, a metaphorical story for children who will not poo on the toilet and information for parents and carers about this common issue. •Toilet training: Advice and support for toilet training children with additional needs, including autism, as well as for children who do not have any diagnosed problems. •Resources for professionals: Professionals may find any of • the above leaflets useful, but amongst other things, there are • also links to NICE Guidance and the National Guidance for the • Provision of Continence Containment Products to Children, • information about our study days and bespoke training.

Where can I find the resources: Our resources are on the website at The direct link to our children and young people’s resources is at: Resources for professionals are in the professionals section at: and Can I download or print the resources? All of the resources are free to download and print. However, we do ask that you do not modify or change them in any way. If you want to include some of our information in your own resources, please contact us.

Is there anything new coming? We are constantly updating and reviewing our resources and adding to them. So please do visit the website regularly. If you feel there is a resource that is needed, which is not on the website, then contact us. Email: or telephone: 0161 607 8219 I am a professional, is there an easy way I can keep in touch? Bladder and Bowel UK have a children’s special interest group for professionals. It is free to join and you will be sent email copies of our newsletter, information about our children’s study days and be told when new leaflets or information is available. To join email us at:

Do You Know About These Toileting Problems with Children? The Daily Mail recently featured an article “The nine year olds who still need nappies’ June 29 2017” about the number of children who are wearing nappies when they start school and “…children as old as nine who still cannot use the toilet properly.” It states that fifty years ago the average age for toilet training was 15 months. However, it does not seem to ask or answer the questions about why children are toilet training later than in previous generations, and why some still have problems in the later stages of primary school. Fifty years ago most mothers were at home full time and did not have access to good quality disposable nappies, that kept children feeling dry and comfortable and unaware of when they had passed urine or opened their bowels. Also back then, children wore Terry nappies. The child knew when they were wet or soiled and the mother had to wash the nappies, often by hand. It was easier for parents to sit their child on the potty after every meal or drink to ‘catch’ wees and poos, than it was to clean a nappy and the children had to be changed as soon as they were wet or soiled, or they would get nappy rash. Today, parents are often taught to wait to potty train until the child says they want to wear pants, or tells their carer that they need a wee or poo, in the belief that this will make training quicker and easier. Sadly, too often this is not the case. The child may not want to, or even realise they need to change a behaviour that has been reinforced since the day they were born. Many professionals receive no proper education about what is realistic for children in terms of potty training and parents or carers may receive conflicting or no advice, leaving them confused and uncertain on how to proceed. Continence problems such as daytime wetting, bedwetting, constipation and soiling have always been present. Nine year olds, or indeed any school aged child who “…cannot use the toilet properly” should be offered assessment and treatment for their health problem, in the same way they would if they had a mobility or speech issue. Parents and carers should be encouraged to seek advice and support from their GP, health visitor or school nurse in the first instance. If the problem cannot be resolved there, they may need a referral to a specialist children’s continence clinic or to a health care professional with a special interest in childhood continence. There is information about all aspects of children’s continence on the Bladder and Bowel UK website and there is a free confidential helpline on 0161 607 8219.

Guidance for the Provision of Containment Products for Adult Incontinence

The Guidance for the Provision of Containment Products for Adult Incontinence - A consensus document , is now available. This can be downloaded from the Bladder and Bowel UK website and may be accessed by clicking the links below. Adults – Resources or Professionals - Resources We would encourage you to share this guidance within your work areas. The document has been produced following wide professional consultation and is endorsed by the Association for Continence Advice, NHS England Excellence in Continence Care (EICC) Programme Board, Royal College of Nursing Forum and the United Kingdom Continence Society (UKCS) .

Can you Help? NICE are asking for potential members to join NICE’s Prostate cancer guideline committee: We are seeking committee members to work in collaboration with the NICE Guideline Updates Team (GUT) and other committee members in the development of the Prostate cancer clinical guideline. The committee will update the recommendations in NICE guideline CG175 Prostate cancer: diagnosis and management. They are looking for practicing healthcare professionals with current experience in the diagnosis and management of prostate cancer, in the following specialist areas: • A pathologist with a special interest in prostate or urological cancers • Two specialist nurses with a special interest in prostate or urological cancers • A general practitioner • A commissioner •NICE are also recruiting lay members to the guideline If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Adam O’Keefe at Project Manager – Guideline Updates Team - NICE Centre for Guidelines National Institute for Health and Care Excellence Level 1A | City Tower | Piccadilly Plaza | Manchester M1 4BD | United Kingdom Tel: 44 (0)161 870 3039 | Fax: 44 (0)300 323 0149 Web: The closing date for applications is 5pm, Monday 31 July 2017.

Bladder and Bowel UK Special Interest Education Days Bookings now being taken Adult Bowel Care Educational Day Thursday, 28 September 2017 9.15am-3.30pm Aimed at Healthcare Professionals involved with the care of Adults with Bowel problems and will include educational sessions on a variety of issues related to bowel care assessment, treatment and management, networking opportunities and a company exhibition. Follow link for full details Contact us to book and secure your place. Tel: 0161-607-8219

This day is £15 Venue: Redbank house, St Chad’s Street, Cheetham M8 8QA

Paediatric Special Interest Group Meeting and Educational Event Thursday, 19th October 2017 9.15am-3.30pm Aimed at all Healthcare Professionals involved with the care of Children and Young People with Bladder and Bowel problems and will include educational sessions on a variety of issues related to children’s continence, networking opportunities and a company exhibition. Follow link for full details Contact us to book and secure your place. Tel: 0161-607-8219 This day is £15 Venue: Redbank house, St Chad’s Street, Cheetham M8 8QA

Disabled Living Supplier Directory The Directory has been created at the request of people who use Disabled Living as a resource, to identify companies or organisations who sell or provide equipment, products and services to support disabled children, adults and older people.

Access to the Supplier Directory is via the Disabled Living Website

Throughout 2016 we have consulted with a wide range of people who use Disabled Living’s Supplier Directory – professionals, service users, commercial colleagues and third sector organisations. They told us how much they valued the Supplier Directory, so we have made it easier to navigate and search for equipment, products and services. We have increased the number of words you can submit to describe your products and you can have separate wording for each category. You can list your equipment, products or services in up to five relevant categories. At Disabled Living we have access to over 52,000 (continually increasing) people on our databases. We have had 386,926 page views, 98,945 visitors and 133, 845 sessions on our websites. Contact us to see how you can become part of our Supplier Directory.

Corporate Partnership We are keen to continue working with our existing partners, who kindly support us here at Bladder and Bowel UK but would also welcome discussions for new partnership opportunities. please contact Andrea Greenfield Email: Tel 0161 607 8219 Bullen Healthcare offer people a home delivery service for stoma, urology and wound care appliances to improve patient experience and choice. They can also provide medication prescriptions for customers using their home care delivery service. For further information on this service please visit Bladder and Bladder and Bowel UK website

Product of the Month For any commercial partners wanting to showcase products, we are always looking to promote innovation and new ideas in continence care. Please contact Andrea Greenfield to discuss: Email: Tel 0161 607 8218

Twitter & Social Media As a charity, social media is a relatively new way of communication with our audience. However, we are now increasing our followers on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. To keep up to speed with current events, articles and general tweets/articles... Please connect with us!! Bladder and Bowel UK, Disabled Living, Burrows House, 10 Priestley Road, Wardley Industrial Estate, Worsley, Manchester, M28 2LY

Please can we ask you to share this event Kidz to Adultz Scotland Thursday 14th September 2017 Royal Highland Centre, Edinburgh, EH28 8NB 9.30am - 4.30pm One of the largest FREE UK events with 80+ Exhibitors supporting children & young adults up to 25 years with disabilities and additional needs, their families, carers and the professionals who support them.

Plus 10 FREE CPD Seminars running throughout the day – topics include:Home safety in relation to Autism. Jeanie Macfarlane, Senior Autism Advisor Scottish Autism

New Social Security Agency for Scotland Jeane Freeman OBE MSP Minister for Social Security, Scotland

Accessing Public Services – a problem solving approach. David Williams, Training Officer, Cerebra

Autism and Transitions: Getting it right to achieve positive outcomes. Lynsey Stewart, Strategic partner of the Scottish Strategy For Autism.

The Sleep Scotland model: a cognitive behavioural approach to sleep problems. Jane Ansell, CEO of Sleep Scotland and Teens+

Managing continence in schools Davina Richardson, Bladder and Bowel UK, Disabled Living

The Benefits of Counselling Talk Time Edinburgh

Legal Matters, Moving & Handling and more...

Win £250 worth of vouchers! Register online & attend an event in 2017 to be entered into the draw. The winner will be announced on our website December 2017.

Email: or Tel: 0161 607 8200 Tickets are not compulsory you can register on arrival. FREE Parking! Sponsored by:

Organised by:

FREE Children’s Incontinence Products – Washable Underwear Bladder and Bowel UK have been given a large number of new washable pants with a built in pad for boys and girls. The pants which are in the original packaging were donated by Attends Lifestyles.

We can send you up to 6 pairs of pants , free of charge For further information please contact Bladder and Bowel UK Tel:0161 607 8219 Email: Please send a large SAE with affixed postage stamps to the value of £3.50. stating waist size, and if pants are for Boy / Girl

Sizes available: •3-4 years •7-8 years •9-10 years •11-12 years

Loo of the Month .. Toilet on Kepler Track New Zealand

BBUK July Newsletter 2017  

Read about Disabled Living's tea dance, free washable products for children, and our Loo of the Month.

BBUK July Newsletter 2017  

Read about Disabled Living's tea dance, free washable products for children, and our Loo of the Month.