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Featured in this month’s newsletter • Symposium 2018 Roundup • Bowel Award Winner and Runners Up Projects • Spotlight on Bladder and Bowel UK Services – Helpline • Adult Bowel Education Day Group Meeting • Paediatric Bladder and Bowel Education Day • ACA /BBUK Look Good Feel Good Award • ACA Conference including Paediatric and Care Home Workshops • New PEE Newsletter • Loo of the Month

Welcome to this months Bladder and Bowel UK Newsletter

Bladder and Bowel UK, Disabled Living, Burrows House, 10 Priestley Road, Wardley Industrial Estate, Worsley, Manchester, M28 2LY

BBUK Symposium 2018 Roundup It was wonderful to see so many people attending BBUK’s Annual Symposium which is held at the Bolton Arena and attracted over 160 delegates, who despite some adverse weather conditions, travelled from all over the UK.

This year’s conference brought together both new and regular attending delegates, enabling all to participate in valuable networking, attend lectures and view the extensive exhibition,to update on products and information. The symposium offers delegates three educational streams, Adult Bladder, Adult Bowel and Children and Young People, covering a wide range of clinical presentations. Delegates are able to attend any of the lectures. The lectures provide delegates with a wide range of clinical topics, from both local and national experts in this specialist field. Lectures included Male Lower Tract Symptoms and Prostate Cancer, The Modern Management of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, Nocturnal Enuresis: Managing the Difficult to Treat Child, The Poo Passport, The Challenges of Promoting and Maintaining Continence in the Older Age Population... Its not always hi tech, Digital Rectal Examination and Assessment, Day Time Wetting, Complexities of ISC: Multicultural Society and the Practicalities, The Role of Biofeedback in Bowel / Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, IBD in Younger People, The Law and the Nurse.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the companies who attended the exhibition and who continue to support the work and events of Bladder and Bowel UK. We would not be able to put on these type of events without their valued support .

We are always pleased when other charities colleagues from the Bladder and Bowel arena agree to attend the Symposium. This year, 32 company stands exhibited on the day. The Symposium allow clinicians, not only the time to choose and attend lectures, but to also have the opportunity to visit the extensive exhibition, display which allows all a wonderful opportunity of updating their knowledge and awareness of resources and information that are available. The exhibition was a hive of activity, enabling delegates and exhibitors to network together, looking at new products, reviewing current products and update knowledge on what is available to help treat and manage people with bladder and bowel problems.

Thanks from the team at BBUK to our volunteers, David and Gill for helping with registration. We would also like to extend our thanks to Mark Birbeck who was released from his place of work with the Meat Hygiene Service, to volunteer his photography services to Disabled Living Charity for the day and to the staff at Bolton USN Arena.

The aim of the awards is to recognise excellence in bowel care Background The Healthy Bowel Clinic (HBC) at Aintree University Hospital is Physiotherapy – led specialist clinic provide a service, treating patients presenting with functional bowel problems (constipation, faecal incontinence and obstructed defecation) in an outpatient setting. The team offer specialist assessment, medication management, lifestyle advice, pelvic floor re-education, Posterior Tibial Nerve Stimulation, rectal irrigation and cognitive behavioural therapy. They have also been involved in research, which has been published in the Lancet and have audit/research to demonstrate outcomes.

Bladder and Bowel UK - Bowel Award Winner

“Healthy Bowel Clinic Pilot Study Aintree University Hospital/ Accident and Emergency Department “ Bowel Care Award 2018 Sponsored by Coloplast

Sandra Blythin, Julie McAteer, Zoe Crook, Kelsie Riley Healthy Bowel Team Aintree University Hospital

Outline of Project Following data collection regarding admission to hospital, with a primary diagnosis of constipation, the team made a successful application internally, to support an 12 month pilot project, to develop and implement a new pathway, linking Accident and Emergency Department (AED) and the HBC specialist services to manage patients presenting to AED with a primary diagnosis of constipation. The aim was to provide more effective, consistent management of patients presenting with a primary diagnosis of constipation and to promote a more cost effective way of managing these patients and avoiding unnecessary admission.

What happens in HBC/AED clinic? Assessment Medication regime reviewed Dietary advice Education Follow – up Phone / face to face appointments Outcomes Discharge back to GP if managing If on-going problems – referral to HBC for further investigation and management Consultant referral for red flag symptoms.

Benefits for patients and staff include •Patient’s dignity more easily maintained as they have support to manage their constipation in their own homes •After improvement in their constipation symptoms, patients will be assessed and managed to prevent further admissions with constipation. •Adequate management will improve quality of life. •AED staff will have a specialist outpatient clinic to refer these patients to appropriately •Patients will have a quicker journey through AED freeing up AED resources and reducing the burden on bed stay •Reduction of admissions will increase ward staff resources This type of care pathway is not available in any other trust.

Further developments planned are to expand this pathway to in-patients where discharge is delayed by constipation. For further information, please contact the team Healthy Bowel Team at Aintree University Hospital on 0151 529 0422

BBUK Bowel Award Runners up .... The Children’s Anorectal Physiology Service (CAPS) – A novel service to treat children with Chronic Constipation and Faecal Incontinence.

Dr Elini Athanasakos, Paediatric Clinical Scientist, Mr Stewart Cleeve, Consultant Paediatric Surgeon. The Royal London Hospital, Barts Health NHS Trust. Establishment of a Children’s Anorectal Physiology Service (CAPS) and according to a recent publication search, is the first service in the UK to provide Awake High Resolution Ano Rectal Manometry (AHRAM) in conjunction with a multi-professional team (STAR team), setting up a unique service for children with chronic constipation and faecal incontinence. The future plan is to further expand the service by providing patient support group, improve marketing and communication and advance in academic research. The team’s mission is to make a difference in these children, who are suffering on a day to day basis with such a debilitating condition.

Supporting professionals to treat acute childhood constipation – using social media to empower parents and prevent acute becoming chronic. Sandra Hanson, Senior Sister Paediatrics, Darent Valley Hospital, Dartford and Gravesend NHS Trust The childhood constipation service is run as an educational clinic for parents/carers and professionals to empower parents to manage their child with telephone support. The team exploring internal options to record a video to support GP’s and parents and eventually obtained funding for a professional video and website. Writing the whole script, answering the most frequently asked questions by parents, the video has been shared on social media sites. On one site it is a pinned post that all parents are encouraged to watch. The video has been developed a platform to spread the message not only locally, but nationally so we can reach many more parents than our group sessions could ever possibly reach. It is also planned to make more video‘s on subjects such as regular toileting, managing withholding behaviour and personal care within schools.

Why not consider entering next years bowel care award?

Delegates feedback Specialist Nurse “This event has enabled me to gain greater knowledge and understanding on continence topics”

Prize draw winner for the book tokens Supported by Hunter Urology Gary Hunter, Joanne Hoyle BBUK & Julie Jamieson, Assistant Nurse Practitioner, Salford Bladder & Bowel Service

Continence Promotion Nurse “The symposium has allowed me to refresh and build on present knowledge”

Urology Specialist Nurse “Networked, learned about bowel management and updated knowledge” Nurse and Health Professional Trainer “My objectives of the day were met by increasing my knowledge and visiting the stands, learning about new products” School Staff Nurse “This day ensures I am providing up to date knowledge and correct information in clinic. It also broadens my knowledge of continence”. Continence Nurse Specialist “ It provides me with opportunity to update knowledge and CPD”. Senior Nurse Advisor “This day provides and allows me to update knowledge, visit the exhibition and learn about any new products” Continence Nurse Advisor “ Helps me be updated so I can improve care for my patients”

Thanks to everyone for supporting and attending the event, we look forward to seeing you next year

BBUK National Symposium 2018 Date for your diary Next year‘s National Symposium Wednesday, 6 March 2019 USN Bolton Arena, Horwich, BL6 6LB

Date for your diary Bowel Education Study Day Tuesday, 25 September 2018 Redbank House, St Chad’s Street, Manchester, M8 8QA • • •

Lectures will include: Updated RCN Guidance on DRE and MRF Bowel Treatment and Management - Physiotherapy led clinic Constipation Treatment and Management

Neurogenic Bowel Management

There will also be a company exhibition

Date for your diary Paediatric Bladder and Bowel Education Study Day Tuesday, 16 October 2018 Redbank House, St Chad’s Street, Manchester, M8 8QA Lectures will include: • • •

Constipation Developing Care Plans for Schools Other sessions to be confirmed

There will also be a company exhibition Book early to avoid disappointment

Date for your diary National Continence Symposium Wednesday, 6 March 2019 USN Bolton Arena, Arena Approach, Horwich, Bolton, BL6 6LB Three Concurrent Education Streams running throughout the day: Paediatric, Adult (Bladder), Adult (Bowel) including the 2019 Bowel Care Award Winner Extensive company exhibition Bookings being taken from Delegates and Companies

Introducing a New Award Bladder and Bowel UK, Enuresis Award 2018 Bladder and Bowel UK is delighted to announce the first ever Enuresis Award. The aim of the award is simply to recognise excellence in enuresis care with a prize of ÂŁ500! Have you, or your team, been innovative and made a difference to the care of children or young people with bedwetting? If so we would like to encourage you to apply. The award will consider how applicants promoted World Bedwetting Day (WBD), how they raise awareness of bedwetting, or how they improve parental/carer involvement and improve outcomes. For more information contact BBUK Or follow link

World Bedwetting Day 2018 Bedwetting is now a recognised medical condition from aged 5 years. Studies have identified that left untreated bedwetting can have a serious detrimental effect on the child’s self-esteem, emotional wellbeing and day time functioning, including school and social performance. Also, the impact on the child and their family is often underestimated and trivialised. The International Children’s Continence Society (ICCS) and the European Society for Paediatric Urology (ESPU) launched the first World Bedwetting Day (WBD) in 2015. This year will be the fourth consecutive year that the day will be marked globally and it will take place on Tuesday, 29th May 2018. The initiative will continue to raise awareness among the public and healthcare professionals around this common medical condition.

Within the UK this years Word Bedwetting Day will focus on empowering parents and is supported by information and resources on the website

Bladder and Bowel UK also have a range of free downloadable resources that can help support both affected parent and children . Follow link for further information

To further help children remember what they need to do to help with the bedwetting we have developed a snakes and ladders board game which is available to download from the BBUK website Click here for further details

Spotlight on BBUK Services: Helpline How do we contact you? The helpline is available Monday to Friday, 9am – 4pm, we are also contactable by email . So who contacts us? General public and their relatives/carers. Health and Social Care Professionals and other groups such as teachers/assistants and so on. We may also be contacted by other organisations such as charities and support groups. Duration of calls we receive? We receive a large number of calls, each day to both the helpline or via our email service. Enquires may range from a quick question being answered, but more often, enquiries to the helpline are more detailed, requiring us to dedicate time with the caller, to go through their concerns or query. Why do people contact us? General public contact us for a number of reasons. Some may request information on continence product’s, aids and appliances. Some are unaware of the existence of local bladder and bowel services and are surprised when we inform them that things can be done to treat, improve or better manage their situation. We always try to suggest they present for assessment and to signpost or put them in touch with their local services, so they can access the help they need locally. We may also signpost to other charities or organisations . We receive calls from a variety of Health and Social Care Professionals. Others may contact us for advice, such schools, nursing and residential homes, other charities to name but a few. This is may be for advice on latest products, toilet training, national guidance or regarding the training and events that we offer .

BBUK Training Bladder and Bowel UK (BBUK) has a strong focus on education for healthcare professionals, promoting excellence in clinical care.

Did you know that BBUK offers training on: • Continence Awareness • Assessment and Management • Bowel Assessment and Digital Rectal Examination • All Aspects of Catheterisation These courses are prepared, delivered and facilitated by continence specialist nurses who have a wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience within the speciality. The courses are available to NHS organisations and the independent sector. Courses can be adapted to meet your needs and fulfil organisational requirements. Education can be delivered at your venue or a venue can be provided by BBUK as part of an overall package.

For further information please contact BBUK on Tel 0161 607 8219 Email:

“Look Good feel Good Award” 2018 ACA Conference Mon 21st – Tues 22nd May

Reminder to companies Don’t be shy, why not consider entering new products into this year’s “Look Good Feel Good Award” at this years ACA conference in Bournemouth For further details The winner will be announced and presented at the Gala Dinner on Monday, 21st May

Others Study Days,Conferences, Research

The Trouble with Toilet Training *FREE WEBINAR* Supporting your child with additional needs to achieve their toileting potential can be tough. Challenges range from communication to postural, sensory to medical – sometimes a combination of all of the above. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your child needs to be a lifelong diaper wearer. Nearly all children with a physical or learning disability can achieve some level of toileting independence given the right support. It might be hard work, but so worth it in the end! Don’t wait until they seem ready, don’t wait until they’re older… register for our FREE webinar to hear Firefly talk to Bladder and Bowel UK about: •The importance of assessing every child’s ability to attain toilet skills •Establishing a pathway •The importance of consistency •Success stories Register here to join us on the FREE live webinar, or to receive the recording afterwards Got a question you’d like us to discuss? Send it to now. If you can’t make the webinar Davina and Firefly will be at Kidz to Adultz, South, Farnborough International Exhibition & Conference Centre, Etps Road, Farnborough, GU14 6FD on Thursday, 17 May 2018, this is FREE to attend

Click here or on the image to open. You can always find it on our website under professionals then resources

Loo of the Month Loo with a view in Kenya .....

Twitter & Social Media As a charity, social media is a relatively new way of communication with our audience. However, we are now increasing our followers on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to keep up to speed with current events, articles and general tweets/articles... Please connect with us!!

Bladder and Bowel UK, Disabled Living, Burrows House, 10 Priestley Road, Wardley Industrial Estate, Worsley, Manchester, M28 2LY

BBUK April Newsletter 2018  

See who our Bowel Award winner is and learn about our Adult Bowel Education Day Group Meeting.

BBUK April Newsletter 2018  

See who our Bowel Award winner is and learn about our Adult Bowel Education Day Group Meeting.