How to Install QuartzGrip Stair Treads

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HOW TO INSTALL... Stair Treads QuartzGrip Stair Tread Covers are the ultimate solution for slippery steps and stairs. Covering the whole step and the front edge, the anti-slip surface is completely ridge-free, making it the safest option in any weather. Choose a Landing Cover for the top step to extend the non-slip surface to the next set of stairs.

Step 3 Choose the correct fixings. For wooden stairs choose wood screws For metal plate stairs choose selftapping screws For concrete, stone or brick use wood screws with rawl plugs.

Get Creative If you want a contrasting edge but don’t like to options we stock, you can create your own by using Stair Edging Strips and panels of our AntiSlip Flooring. Just instll the

We also recommend you apply glue to prevent moisture from sitting underneath causing damage to the surface.

Step 1 Decide what colour you want. We stock plain treads or ones with contasting edges. For public places we recommend choosing one with a contrasting edge but for your home or garden you can choose whatever works best with the surroundings.

Step 2 Cut the treads to fit each step and check they sit comfortably. If they’re cut too tight, they may buckle slightly.

Step 4 Pre-drill the Treads and the stairs. in each corner or the top surface and at 100cm intervals on wider steps.

Step 5 Apply glue to the top edge of the Tread and press it firmly onto the step. Screw it down securely and you’re ready to go.

NOTE You should always ensure stairs are adequately lit and have a sturdy handrail

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nosing so that the cut edge is on the top to join smoothly with the flooring Flooring panels can also be used on the riser of the steps to hide the original material completely.

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