How to Install QuartzGrip Stair Edging

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HOW TO INSTALL... Stair Edging QuartzGrip Anti-Slip Stair Edging is designed to add extra grip where it’s most needed. It’s so easy to slip when going up or down stairs, especially if the edge is damaged or has worn smooth with age. Stair nosing is quick, easy and economical to install and suitable for use on any kind surface including wood, brick, concrete, stone and metal. Just ensure you use the correct fixings.

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Choose the correct fixings.

Pre-drill the Edging Strips and the stairs. You only need to screw down the top surface - which is slightly tapered to reduce the risk of tripping - at each end and every 20-25cm.

For wooden stairs choose wood screws For metal plate stairs choose selftapping screws

Step 5 Apply glue to the top edge of the strip and press it firmly onto the step. Screw the nosing down securely and you’re ready to go.

Step 1 Decide where to put your Edging. There’s no need to go across the entire width of each step - leaving a small space at each side looks great and makes it easier to sweep the steps if you need to.

Step 2 Choose the colour you want. Our Stair Edging is stocked in a range of colours designed to match or contrast with the stairs you’re fixing them to.

For concrete, stone or brick use wood screws with rawl plugs. We also recommend you apply glue to prevent moisture from sitting underneath causing damage to the surface.

For public places we recommend using a contrasting colour so that visitors can see the edge clearly.

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NOTE You should always ensure stairs are adequately lit and have a sturdy handrail

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