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Meghan Bergman Ceramic Sculptor

Meghan Bergman is a fine art ceramic sculptor who also makes handcrafted pottery and commissioned pieces for local breweries and coffee houses. Her sculptural vessels are statuesque earthly forms full of sculpted caverns, imprinted textures, and subtle coloration. Meghan’s sculptures are inspired by nature, resembling barnacle incrusted ocean artifacts. Her works command a presence, unique and powerful, whether in a gallery or in one’s home. Some pieces are very large, almost three feet tall, while others are smaller-sized and can have utilitarian purposes as vases or terrariums. Her light-filled new studio in Kennett Square is now open to the public by appointment.

Ellen Catanzaro Textile Designer

Ellen Catanzaro is a fine arts painter and creator of very popular textile designs. She specializes in large atmospheric abstraction art depicting landscapes, seascapes and clouds that are evocative and stormy in nature. Her painted rhythms of color are captured and magnified beautifully as abstract textiles in the form of pillows, fabric yardage and wallpapers. Ellen Catanzaro is naturally warm and friendly, and enjoys working closely with her clients to help them pick from her existing art and textiles, or work with them to create beautiful custom nature-scapes that complement the look and feel of their home.

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