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JUST MY LUCK DIR: BILL HASS / FORT WORTH, TX / 1HR32MIN Marshall Dixon is an average normal family guy, with one small exception. He never loses at anything, ever. He has just learned that the unbelievable luck he has depended on for his entire life is the upside of a generational curse on his family. The downside is, he’s going to die on his fiftieth birthday. Which is less than two weeks away. Can Marshall figure this out and turn his luck around before it’s time to cash in for the last time? SATURDAY JULY 30, 2016 - PEARL FULL GOODS BUILDING 10-11AM CHILDREN’S SCREENING RECOMMENDED FOR AGES 7+ LOOT BAG JUNIOR $10 (LIMITED TO 100 SEATS)

Through imaginative tales that brim over with laughter, music, and exploration, this international collection of animated short films shines a light on the power of creative problem-solving, individuality, and overcoming obstacles. Program in association with the TIFF Kids International Film Festival. SATURDAY, JULY 30, 2016 – TOBIN CENTER 11AM - 12PM CARLOS ALVAREZ STUDIO THEATER WOMEN IN THE FILM AND TELEVISION INDUSTRY PANEL

Join us for an in depth conversation of the past and future of women in the film industry, women in the Texas film and TV industry, and women discussing the paths they blaze as they move forward in this incredible time of unlimited, worldwide venues available for your passion in the entertainment industry. All genders welcome! Panel leader: Laralee List. SATURDAY, JULY 30, 2016 – TOBIN CENTER 12:15PM-2:30PM CARLOS ALVAREZ STUDIO THEATER BUSINESS BASICS OF THE FILM INDUSTRY

Are you interested in how things really work in the film industry? Do you want to have a career in the film industry? Lonnie Ramati will provide you with tips on how to achieve your dreams and the business basics of the film industry from his point of view based on his inside knowledge of the workings of both the business and creative aspects of the film industry. ALVAREZ STUDIO MIKEY


A likely home invasion turns out to be a much more personal encounter as a mother and son realize the magnitude of what has occurred. SHADOWS DIR: DEMAR GUNTER / SAN ANTONIO, TX / 5MIN A documentary on the hidden world of teen dating violence. LADY OF PAINT CREEK DIR: ALEXIA SALINGAROS / SAN ANTONIO, TX / 5MIN A woman, trapped in a society of mindless ritual and minimal emotion, must find it in herself to escape — and face the consequences. THE 1% CRISIS IN THE GREAT LAKES DIR: GRIFFIN OLIS / TROY, MICHIGAN / 7MIN The 1% explores the dangerous future (and present) of our nation’s most precious natural resource: the Great Lakes. WITCHES


‘Masciara’ in the southern Italian countryside is a witch, a marginalized, outcast woman. “Masciarae” brings you back to an old childhood season, under the sun of the Italian countryside, dried and sunburnt. The short film was made by a group of 20 students between the ages of 6 and the 18 who came from different schools and very different social and economical situations.


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22nd San Antonio Film Festival  

July 25 - 31, 2016

22nd San Antonio Film Festival  

July 25 - 31, 2016