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Peer Pressure

10 Signs You Need New Friends

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The influence of peer presusure on high school students (20) How media is creating a warped sense of body image (14) It’s time to eliminate unhealthy relationships from your life (24)

2 2. Teachers vs Students 4. Introvert vs Extrovert 6. Sports Recap 7. Sports Recruiting 8. Social Media as Athletes 9. Trends 10. Spring Break 12. Technological Attachment 14. Body Image 16. Distraction or Help? 17. Pen Pals 18. Political Status 20. Peer Pressure 22. Week without a Phone 24. Signs you need new Friends Cover Design by Talia Snow Table of Contents Design by Talia Snow Cover Photos by Donavan Murphy


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Teachers vS. STUDENTS How social media affected our teacher’s lives Written and Designed by Kaylie Borin

at a quicker pace. Our social interactions are defined by our phones, and have shaped the way we communicate today. High school is not only a stop on the way to college, but it is one of the most social locations we experience in our teenage years.

“I think phones are good for music and motivation or looking up something for schoolwork. Social media also plays a really big part in everybody’s life. (Otherwise) I think it can mostly be negative.”- Lee Oh



If you needed to say something to somebody you either had to wait or hope they’d answer the phone.

“I was in high school in the disco era, late seventies to early eighties. The biggest difference I see in high schools today is the large advance in technology. There was no such thing as cell phones back then, there were no computers. Everything was done by the book. Technology has changed dramatically. Everything was face-to-face. If you needed to talk to them you would call them on their landline. I think we had recorders back then, but not everybody had them. If nobody answered the phone you generally wouldn’t get your message spread. It was hit and miss. There was no instant access. If you needed to say something to somebody you either had to wait or hope they’d answer the phone. Today, I think the primary means of communication in young people is probably via texting or some kind of social media. I got my trends from reading the newspaper or watching the one of the 3 or 4 stations on TV and learning about what was going on. Also, music hasn’t changed a whole lot, so you get a lot of trends from listening to music.”

High schools today provide a much different environment than the previous generation. We live in a time of great technological advances, where we can submit assignments online with ease, access expensive textbooks at lower prices, and create our own educational material. It is because of this technology we can learn more about the world around us, and

COACH LEACH, CLASS OF 1982 “I graduated in the early 80’s, right after disco. Technology is the biggest difference I see. People have the world at their fingertips, I’m not sure that’s a good thing all the time. I would talk on the telephone with my friends. It made us become more verbal, we learned how to communicate with people better, face-to-face instead of texting and typing. More than anything else, we got our trends from television and music.”

MR. THOMAS, CLASS OF 1993 “I went to high school in the 90’s. There was no such thing as the internet, and there was no such thing as cell phones. Society revolves around internet and cell phones now and none of that existed at all. You couldn’t just google whatever you wanted to find out. Our means of communication were telephone calls or handwriting notes and passing them in the halls. It involved more personal interaction. We got our trends from TV and movies.”

MS. BROWN, CLASS OF 2006 “I don’t know if high school has changed much. I think we were more clique-ish back then. Not everybody had cell phones, not like now. Only a few of us did. You would have to go knock on somebody’s door and meet up with them. I was a really good note writer. I made their names really pretty when we would pass the notes. It was an easier way to catch your cheating boyfriend. You had more real friends instead of acquaintances or “Facebook” or “Instagram” friends. You could have thousands of those, but these were friends that we actually hung out with. We got our trends from TV shows and MTV. When Laguna Beach first started, we all loved it, and wanted to live their lives.”


Introvert Versus Extrovert Introvert When someone says the word introvert, most people immediately think of someone who is very shy and to themselves. Someone that’s scared of sharing opinions, and ideas. Introverts are very misunderstood, they express themselves differently. Whether being creative by art or writing, introverts fucntion differently than extroverts and ambiverts. Studies have shown that introverts require less stimulation from the world around them. This means they can stay in their own little world and function perfectly.



Most people have never heard of an ambivert, or even know how to pronounce the name. Ambiverts are a mix of both introverts and extrovert. They love being around people and having alone time. For most people, this is the category they fall into but have no idea. It’s the best of both worlds. Having fun with friends or staying in all snuggled in a blanket with snacks. They can observe and join in conversation. If you really think about it, everyone can relate to ambiverts. No one is just categorized as one thing and one thing only. Nothing is set in stone.


Just like introverts, extroverts get misunderstood. They are not always party animals that are immature. They are more vocal about opinions and ideas but they don’t just speak without thinking. Extroverts fun is just different than others, they like to hang out and talk. They are more outgoing and will do anything to make others laugh and have a good time. They are definitely able to break the ice easier than introverts and ambiverts. Communication just comes naturally to extroverts.

1) After a long day, how do you ‘recharge’ yourself? A) Play with a pet +0 B) Talk/rant to friends +3 C) Watch TV/Youtube -3

2) Do you often enjoy talking about your problems to others? A) All the time +3 B) Sometimes +0 C) Never -3

4) Do you secretly love when plans get cancelled? A) All the time -3 B) Sometimes +0 C) No +3

6) You get put in a group chat with friends and some strangers, what now? A) Mute it and never talk in it -3 B) Text some, but leave later +0 C) New friends! Must talk +3

8) You express your thoughts better in conversations than in writing. A) I agree +3 B) Usually +0 C) I disagree -3

10) When you speak, you say anything that comes to mind. A) I disagree -3 B) I agree +3 C) Usually +0


3) Do you feel like you’re two different types of people (Introvert and Extrovert?) A) Everyday +0 B) Sometimes -3 C) Never +3

5) What do you hate the absolute most? A) Being forced to go somewhere -3 B) Being excluded +3 C) Having to choose +0

7) When there’s a new kid in class what do you do? A) Go talk to them +3 B) Leave them alone -3 C) Create small talk +0

9) Being alone is boring and/or depressing. A) I disagree -3 B) I agree +3 C) Usually +0

11) When going out, I come back feeling energized and accomplished. A) I agree +3 B) Now and then +0 C) I disagree -3

Introvert -33 to -13 Being an introvert does not mean you’re stuck up or awkward. You are more of a people observer, you would rather spend time alone to recharge from the hectic world. As for some, being around people you don’t know can be terrifying. Normally you’re pretty calm and collective. What you say comes off more powerful.

Ambivert -12 to 11 You’re a little bit of an introvert and an extrovert, not necessarily outgoing all the time but also not to yourself. You get the best of both worlds. You like being around friends, but also relaxing by yourself. You do great in both calm or crazy environments. Being an ambivert can go from one extreme to the other but you’re normally in the middle.

Extrovert 12 to 33 You’re very outgoing and a people person. You are not afraid of voicing your opinion. Making friends just comes naturally. You can be the life of the party, and know how to make people laugh. You live for the chaotic world around you. You make people feel wanted and loved. You definitely know how to make others feel welcome.




Chat Session

with Gerald Liddell

How do you know that University Of Texas was the school for you?


Written and designed by Destiney Santiago

“I just felt like University Of Texas would put me in the best position as fas as how I want my future to go. It really makes me feel at home, and it’s close to home and my family could come see me play in games or just visit me. The coaching staff is great and it would bring the best out of me.”


How do feel about being recruiting? “I’m really eager about it I can’t wait too see what the future has in store for me. I’m looking foward too meeting my new teammates. “


Where do you hope to end up in the future?

Gerald Liddell lays up a two-pointer for the Knights against Clemens.Photo by Grace Burton


“I hope to end up on somewhere in the NBA.”

G: Caption copy in 10 point Palatino Italic, 27 characters per line, 6 lines deep. 9 picas wide X 6 picas deep. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipisci.

Freshman, Gabby Motta, digs her heels into the dirt behind the mound as the pitcher whales a strike, leading to the second out in the inning. Photo by Sam Nagy


Senior Desiree Caldwell controls the tempo of the game as point on the court calling out plays for the Lady Knight to dominate offensively. Photo by Sam Nagy

Joseph Gonzalez takes off from first base to steal second advancing his chances to score for his team. Photo by MacKenzie Oswalt

Sports Recap

Jalen Grills and runners compete in 4X4 relay at Heroes Stadium. Photo by Aidyn Vargas

SOCCER: Camryn Mcclean - Lubbock Christian University WRESTLING: Kamille Begeal - Oklahoma City University FOOTBALL: Caden Sterns - University Of Texas Brenden Brady - University Of Texas at San Antiono J.T. Woods - Baylor University Onyx Smith - Bowling Green State University Nicholas Holiday - McNeese State University Charley Zeno - McNeese State University Juan Henry - Trinity Valley Community College Jayveon Cardwell- Oklahoma State University BASKETBALL: Gerald Liddell - University Of Texas Jayden Martinez - University Of New Hampshire

Who’s Going

Where? Steele athletes work hard to do what they love. And for some, it all pays off by being recruited so they can continue their sport careers in college. Recruiting is a chance for college coaches to look over high school players during off season to get them on their team. These athletes have been recruited and will be a great representation of Steele High school.


Social Media AS AN x

Athlete By Marciano Parisano

While athletes are under so many restrictions already, social media can be tricky. Social media is a vast part of our society for communication, information, and our social lives. Social media is also taken into consideration in many job applications and college acceptances. Over the years, social media has grown more and more, and people look to it as a way to express themselves. However, social media could be harmful in athletic pursuits for scholarships and college acceptances. Athletes have to be cautious as to what they post on social media accounts. Certian content could be detrimental to ones future if viewed by recruiters, or college admissions. In the 21st century not everything that is posted can be deleted, and sometimes these post and even comments can come back to haunt you later in life. Many professional athletes have dealt with social media backlash of things they


have said in past years. Many senior athletes have committed to commendable schools. The first thing that is looked at before acceptance is their social media accounts, and if there is anything that admissions deems harmful for their institution and reputation they most likely won’t accept you. On the bright side social media can also have a positive outlook to build up popularity and networking with others. Social media can allow athletes to share information about themselves to many fans and friends. Social media is increasingly becoming an important job skill, that will give athletes an upper hand in being known and hopefully becoming professional. Social media is a way to branch out and provide future employers, recruiters, and admissions. Although athletes still have to be cautious of what they post, social media can be very beneficial on spreading their name.

“Social media as an Athlete can be tricky at times but overall social media has allowed me to communicate with a lot of people and let my name be known.” -Larry Bailey, 12th grade (Varsity Foootballl)

“We have to watch everything that we post. more than others because that is one of the first things that recruiters look at”. -Andrew Switaj, 11th grade (Varsity Soccer)

“Although i am not interested in becoming a professional swimmer, i do have to be cautious of my social media and what i post. i keep all my social media accounts private to be safe and keep a good reputation”. -Holly Bruner, 12th grade (Varsity Swim)

The odds and ends of today’s


#1 Al l

whit e sho


by: nydia bolmer




#2 Curly undercut

#5 chains #3 chokers

#7 half up- half down

#8 90’s windbreaker






#6 mini backpack


ber 11 bom

t jacke

#12 hair jewelry #10 wire frame glasses


Spring Break: ExpectatION VS. REALITY Story and Design By: Jasmyn Weaver


sprin tion: I hop g e spent break will my b o fun, l ut of town e isteni havin ng and T g aylor to Kanye Swift.

Reali ty

end u : I’ll prob p a and w waking u bly p o instea rking ever at 6 d of s yday p with friend ending tim s. e

-Bran don C lark, 10th


to be tion: I expe p c my bi lanning fo t r rthda y, and friend my s birt hdays .

Reali ty: I’ll pro

bab room ably be in my d home oing AP work .

-Ama ni La nders ,




sprin tion: I hop g e ing. I break isn’t my want borto shopp ing, a swim, go n d go t beach o the .

Reali t

proba y: It’ll b watch ly just be m ing N e e swim ming tflix, o mayb e goin nce, and gt -Sere na De o Six Flags. l

Toro, 9th


to hav tion: I hop e e spend the chanc I get e time with to and f f r iends amily .

Reali t

consu y: I’ll be m my cl ed studyi ng fo asses. r -

Tatian a


if I w tion: It’d be en i great t out and deal did stuff l ik an am usem e going to ent p visitin ark o g fam r ily.


t just s y: I’ll prob it at h ome. ably -E than

Smith ,

9t h

Jorge , 12th


win a tion: I wan gains t t Clem to socce ens in r.


t be do y: I’ll mos ing a t likel lo y like la ndsca t of work p ing. -Sant iago R

amer o, 1



Everyone has their dream Spring Break, though not everything goes as we plan. Most of the time our expectations get ruined by plans falling through or weather forcing you to cancel. More often than not, our expectations don’t match up with reality.


Technical Attachment Page design and article by Sabrina Ponce


Technological advancements in today”s society have pushed consumers to be dependant and overly reliant to their devices. Adolescents and youth have been greatly impacted by this new age of technology in ways former generations never experienced. A New Era Modern entertainment for children has strayed from outdoor socialization and exercise, to games on phones and indoor isolation. Teens of this generation are becoming more social in ways online than in person. The obsession with technology seems to reach no end for people of the 21st century. Instant gratification has played a major role in the addiction people have towards their devices. With virtually anything possible at the click of a button, it’s no question as to why people have become obsessed. Just as well, socialization among people has become more technical based than ever before. Social media sites make it possible to gain insight into a person’s life in a matter of seconds. FaceTime has made it possible to communicate to others regardless of distance, and online forums such as dating websites have made it possible to meet thousands of new people without leaving the comfort of home. In other words, technology has made the world much smaller in the aspects of socialization. Terminal Technlogical Ties Although people may argue there’s no damage in technical obsession, the reality is, spending too much time on technology can be harmful for human health. Overexposure to technology can result in both mental and physical health issues for adults and adolescents. Issues such as vision and hearing problems, anxiety, trouble sleeping, and depression, might make people reconsider how much time is spent on their devices.


social media’s impact on

Body Image Q: What do you think that our generation can do to help each other love themselves and their body features? A: “Set up a society of people that just help others who are not confident. Where all of them just compliment each other.” Ron Batista, 12

Q:What advice would you give to a girl or boy that is struggling with their own body positivity? A:“I hate to sound cliche‘ but nobody’s perfect. The features that we have gives us the uniqueness that sets us apart from everyone else. Learn to love yourself just the way you are.” Zailah Timmons, 12


Q: What are your thoughts on body positivity? A: “Accept the body you were given despite what others may think.” Alice Leyendecker, 12

Q: Have you ever struggled to accept the way you look? A: “Yes I have. For a long time I thought that since I was bigger than most people that I couldn’t wear the same things as them. But after awhile I thought “Why am I letting this get to me? I’m beautiful!” Morgan Varela, 12


80% of women say that the images they see from social media and television makes them feel insecure and pressured to change the way they look. 42% of girls from ages 6 to 10 say that they would like to be thinner.

As our generation is progressing, we are starting to rely more and more on social media. We use social media to get through the day; when we’re bored, when we’re tired, etc.. But the more we scroll, like, and retweet, the more we start to think differently about ourselves. Social media sites like Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter are used as platforms to “express ourselves”, but there are different definitions to that term. For example, models express themselves by showing off a lot of their assets and most of the time this causes people’s worst insecurities to come into the light. They start to feel like they need to look that way in order to fit in with society. As most may know, this way of thinking can cause major problems to occur among our population. Although people are told to love themselves no matter what they look like and to stay away from the things that trigger this certian mindset in the first place, there always seems to be some sort of negative entity that stays sheltered somewhere in your head that can keep you from fulfilling your true happiness. One thing that a person who is struggling with accepting the way they look should always remember is that they should never change themselves for the benefits of others. Although there are some people that don’t like the appearance of a certain person, there are those people that endure it. Body image is a very important issue that needs to continue to be taught about because it can decrease some of the events that the negative energy can cause. At the end of the day no matter what we look like, we can still have success in this world and do whatever we can to achieve inner peace.

When you think of beautiful things, don’t forget Story by Jaslyn Lewis to count yourself in.



is social media a

Distraction or help?

Story and Design by: Brylee Dibrell

Many people believe kids obsessions with social media and technology is detrimental to their education. However, many social platforms can be used to aid students in their education. Social media and technology enable students, teachers, parents, and administartors to have access to several tools right at their fingertips. Countless programs are available for students to use at any given time. Communication is a major way technology can help sutudents. Students can contact peers if they’re working on an assignment together, or just need clarification. Also, apps like Remind gives students and teachers a way to communicate. Whether the teacher uses it to send information to students as a one way mass message, or to talk to students directly. Technology and social media can also be used by students to access teacher websites, tutorials, and tools like calculators and dictionaries. Students can use these tools to help them understand, aquire, and finish school work efficiently. Not to mention, if teachers have their worksheets on their website, absent students can get their work printed


off there instead of relying on the teacher to give it to them. Social media can inspire students to be creative and unique, especially when it comes to artistic classes. Social media can give students an outlet to stay informed and use the knowledge they gather to reference real world events in essays or other work. Also, many kids look up to social media figures and want to be as successful as them, so many kids are encouraged to put effort into school to be like their idols. If social media and technology were actually proven to be such a distraction, students wouldn’t be required or allowed to use their phones so much in class to participate. There is a reason we are not returning to traditional studying techniques. Teachers and parents often say social media and technology are nothing more than a distraction to school, which at times it can be. Regardless, technology is advancing everyday to make our lives easier, and it’s doing just that. Without it students couldn’t be nearly as informed or involved with each other and society as a whole.

Fun Facts:


social networking teaches kids skills they need to survive in the business world by being able to create and make connections with people


1/4 of college admissions officers take digital footprints And social media accounts into consideration


53% of teens say phone calls they have last 4 minutes or less

4. 50% of students

aged 10-18 go online for homework help at least once a week

5.Digital content in

school can increase students interest and engagement

Pen Pals Ten years ago I made a friend named Noa. She was in my second grade class, and sadly I only got to spend one year with her. She spoke only Hebrew and the only English she knew was through hand games like “Ms. Mary Mac” and “Lemonade-Crunchy Ice”. We used this as our primary mean of communication and I could call her one of my best friends at the time. The end of second grade swung around and the last day of school was the last time I thought we would ever talk to each other. We said goodbye, and like kids, never thought anything of it again. Almost ten years later I get a notification on Facebook that Noa had added me. We talked again and


How people a world apart can be brought together through social media. By Kaylie Borin

this time it was a lot different. She knew a lot more English than she did ten years ago, but I still knew the same amount of Hebrew that I did back then -none. Second grade me would have never thought that it was possible for me to keep in contact with a friend that was miles and miles away. Technology has revolutionized the way we communicate. When it comes to staying in contact with friends who are thousands of miles (and a few time-zones) away, we now have access to these options very quick and easy. In the life of someone who constantly moves around, this communication is especially important.

“What do you think has changed the most about you since 2nd grade?” - “I think the main thing that has changed is my confidence and my attitude towards some people.” “Where do you live now? - “These days I am living in Israel.” “What have you been up to?” - “I have started going to youth organizations and volunteering more. I went on a trip to Poland to learn more about my culture.” “What are your future plans?” - “I am planning on joining the Israeli army after school and study.”

--------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------Left: Noa and I on the last day of second grade. Below: Noa, Yasmin and I playing games for the last time.




#Political Status

Written and Designed by Jayla Hatcher

Growing up in the day and age that we have, Politics is becoming a part of daily life. How does Politics affect YOU in your everyday life? Between social media and being around people in general, issues and things that are happening are becoming more and more noticeable to us at a younger age than generations before us. Many of our fellow students are even voting since they’ve turned 18! We have clubs at Steele, like Young Americans for Freedom, (YAF) which discusses different issues that are come up in current politics, or Identity Clarity, which is a new group on campus that celebrates

diversity. The students of the club discuss the topics of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, socio-economic status, physical and mental disabilities, and other diversity at their meetings twice a month. In addition to discussing existing issues they also now plan the Black History Month Program at Steele! Would you consider yourself political? Read further to see about the different ways teenagers around the world have demonstrated their political and social awareness!

#StudentActivismMovements Following the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting on Feb. 14 2018, multiple students, led by Emma Gonzales, planned a walkout for 17 minutes to pay their respect to the 17 teenagers who died in the shooting and to call for stricter gun control.


March for our lives

In South Africa in 1967, the government introduced a law that says schools must teach in English and Afrikaans, and only use indigenous languages for classes like music, religious instruction, or physical culture angering many students. Around 20,000 students participated but the protests were faced with extreme police brutality, and at least 176+ children were killed.


Soweto Uprising

Known also as the Mattress Performance, Carry That Weight was a senior thesis by Emma Sulkowicz, a student at Columbia University, to protest that a student who she, and other girls accused of rape, was held accountable for his actions. The girls carried the mattresses that go in the dorm rooms from September 2014 to May 2015 until Sulkowicz graduated,


Carry That Weight

During the Vietnam War, in Kent, the Ohio National Guard fired on unarmed students, killing 9 students and caused national outrage which led to almost 4 million students nationwide to protest.


Kent State shootings





Written and Designed by Hailey Giles

We live in a society where the amount of likes on your photos determines your self worth; where the amount of skin you expose determines your likeability. We care less about a person’s personality and more about their social media aesthetic. Eventually our entire society will crack under the pressure, crippling us from social media. We idolize people who struggle from crippling depression. Why? Because they show off skin and spend hours of their life devoted to making a perfect feed for their social media. Social media has consumed us, shaped us, and changed us. Before social media, I looked to friends for advice or for guidance; now I scroll through Instagram looking for answers I

will never find. Social media drives us to be so much harder on ourselves. We look up to models who struggle from eating disorders, because that is what society has shaped us to see as beautiful. Social media has completely and utterly changed how we see one another. So many of us put on a show for our followers, faking a perfect life while struggling with so many challenges. Unfortunately, every single one of us lies. We lie through apps that completely change the way we look, or through captions claiming to be happy while truly hurting inside. We feel so pressured to put on this fake life just to fit in; I for one, am completely tired of it. I spend so much of my time trying to maintain an “aesthetically

pleasing” social media account...but for what? I have analytics that determine my best times to post that will guarantee the most interaction with my picture. Why? Because I, like so many others, have grown obsessed with social media, and the pressure to have this perfect life has gotten to me. You see so many people saying they are “logging out” or “taking a break”, but that shouldn’t be necessary. We shouldn’t need a break, but we do, because social media has consumed us. Eventually, people will crack under the pressure. People will feel worthless, they will feel broken, they will be exhausted from putting on this show, but for now, we act as puppets in the play written and directed by social media.


Up for the challenge A week without my phone Written and Designed by Hailey Giles

Welcome to a week in my life, or should I say, a week where I challenged myself to live someone else’s life....

I’ve taken on a challenge for a week, 5 full days, with NO phone. And trust me, I knew this was going to be hard. On an average day I spend about 3 hours on my phone. Statistically, that’s an 8th of my day spent on my phone.


I am way more social without my phone, which was kind of good, but also kind of bad. I was able to learn so much more about different people, but I didn’t learn anything in my classes because I was too busy socializing.


CONCLUSION This week was actually quite refreshing for me. I was able to learn more about so many people. I learned I don’t really need my phone to be “complete”.

I wasn’t really missing it at all, quite frankly, I was loving it. I felt like I was able to get so much more done without any distractions, I’m loving it.


Doing well, honestly all I’m thinking about is the amount of data I’m saving this week. The only problem I’m having is geting a hold of my parents after practice, I’ve had to use other peoples phone all week to talk to them.


Thursday I wouldn’t say I’m missing my phone, but I am missing the convenience. It’s just really hard to get a hold of people, I’m tired of having to ask people for help.

24 Hours of Silence I spent 24 hours not speaking at all. All my teachers were notified before, and honestly that made it much easier. It seemed to be debate day in all of my classes, and I would consider myself to be quite an opinionated person, so not speaking was actually pretty difficult for me. I’ll be honest, I broke once or twice, once because I was frustrated, and second because I honestly forgot. It was really cool to observe, rather than always contribute.


“I loved every product! I have acne prone skin, and I rarely ever choose to venture out from my typical routine, but honestly these products were amazing.” - Hailey Giles

“Mary Kay is nice, it made my skin soft and glowy. My skin is much less greasy. Also, I loved how the pore minimizer was iridescent!” - Jasmyn Weaver

Shannon A. Hale Independent Beauty Consultant Facebook Page: IG: Cell: 443-388-3555 Website: Email: ADVANCED SKIN CARE CONSULTANT

“I have very sensitive skin and can’t use a lot of the different products out there, but this was great and my skin was super soft after.” -Talia Snow

“I loved the products. I used the pore minimizer, and I would actually buy a full size of that product”- Kaylie Borin

10 TO


Written and Designed by Talia Snow

We can almost all recall a friend,

or an ex-friend that was toxic, but we kept them around to later learn our lesson the hard way. It’s sometimes hard to know whether it is the right decision to end a relationship. This guide will help you decide if those “freinds” that make you want to pull your hair out are really worth the fuss.


They make everything about them.

You are having a serious conversation with your friend, discussing an issue that’s been bothering you, or your’e telling a story about your day when all of a sudden they’ve changed the subject and you’re suddenly discussing their skin care routine.


The negatives outweighs the positive.

If you can recall more reasons not to keep this friend, than reasons to, or if you have had numerous negative interactions latley but can’t recall many positive ones.


You feel like they’re using you.

If they only want to hang out when they’re “sooooo bored”, or if they suddenly become your closest friend the night before a test and need your notes, or always borrow things without returning the favor, this may not be someone deserving of your kindness.


They aren’t proud of your accomplishments

Do they want you to be successful... but not so much that it hurts their ego?


Eveything is a competition between you two.

For some reason you two can’t recognize that you each have strengths and weakness that differ from one another. You somehow make every single thing a competition about who is better.


You talk behind each other’s backs

If you are both guilty of gossipping about each other that’s a pretty good sign that you are in a toxic friendship.

7 8

They always create drama.

If this friend is constanatly causing you stress, then they may be toxic for you. Just think, are they worth the drama?

You are drifting apart.

You don’t really WANT to hangout, but you should and so you guys just say “aw, I’ve missed you! We’ll hangout soon.” Don’t feel obligated to be fake, it’s okay to not be friends with someone’s friend, that doesn’t make you a bad person.


They make you feel self-conscious.

If you feel like you have to act different around them, or prove yourself, then the relationship isn’t a strong one.


Guilty by Association.

If your friend has bad character or morals, they may not be good for you. You should be proud of who you call your friends, not embarassed or guilty.


“The One Where they put their Phones Down”

Season 2 Episode 3

Profile for Digital Publisher

The Squire  

Spring Issue

The Squire  

Spring Issue