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The Reiki of the Fire Dragon A new look at the history of Reiki and its founder, Dr. Mikao Usui, with Reiki Master Teacher Michael Abedin

Everything you need to be a Reiki Master • History and concepts of Reiki. • How to do treatments on yourself and others, in-person and long-distance. • What the Reiki symbols are, and how to use them. • Attunement to First Degree, Second Degree, and Master levels. • A powerful Journey into Mastery meditation. • How to attune others. • Reiki Master certificate, and a chart tracing your lineage from Reiki founder Mikao Usui. • An opportunity to assist in future classes to receive Reiki Master Teacher certification. • Tips on setting up a practice, or incorporating Reiki into a current practice • Introductory manual, and illustrated handbook.

Friday Jan. 24 Sat. Jan. 25 Sun. Jan. 26

7-10pm 10am-5pm 10am-5pm

Register by Dec. 1 and RECEIVE 25% OFF

(512) 879-7299

“An outstanding teacher – clear, articulate, caring,

and careful in how you help people absorb the potent information. I wouldn’t do the class with anyone else. It’s Reiki on an accelerated level of learning.”


Instructor: Michael Abedin Reiki Master Teacher (Please include phone number with email)

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THE HAPPY CYNIC– Dr. Joe Vitale . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 HARVEST . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 RE: YOUR SPACE – Stacy Davenport Re-calibrating, Re-energizing, Re-booting homes and businesses TIBETAN SINGING BOWLS How to choose and play them THE FUNCTIONAL SYSTEM – Matt Furhmann The Mind-Body connection that prevents injury UNWINDING UNCONSCIOUS BELIEFS – Christina Allen . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 And breaking the chains that bind KINETIC PATTERNS – Michael Abedin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Judith Aston and the physics of humanity OZONE THERAPY Miracle with a History? Rima Star . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 THE STARDUST TAROT Why it works (Part 2:22) – Bruce P. Grether . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 UNRAVELING THE EGO – Bart Sharp . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 THE GREAT PUMPKIN – Nerissa Oden . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 NATURAL RESOURCE GUIDE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 UPCOMING EVENTS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 KRIYA YOGA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 The scientific process of Soul culture, and the royal path to Self-realization publisher/ editor Michael Abedin (512) 382-7354 Office (512) 879-7299 Mobile

DEAR ASHTARA – Ashtara Sasha White . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 RELAX, DON’T PHYT IT – Michael Abedin. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 Think sugar’s bad for your teeth? Meet phytic acid.

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A Letter to Our Readers

Anybody here seen my old friend John? Can you tell me where he’s gone?

Austin had another festival recently – seems there’s one almost every weekend lately. October’s Austin Film Festival had a sleeper – Whoopi Goldberg’s tribute to Jackie “Moms” Mabely. Kickstarted onto HBO, it documents the career of the black, gay, way politically incorrect woman who became a comedy hit in a career that spanned the 1920’s until her passing in 1975. Appearing in a frumpy housedress, no teeth, and an exaggerated accent, she looked non-threatening enough that she was able to get away with something that more confrontational comics couldn’t pull off – the truth. Politics, sex, racism – she nailed them. The documentary shows her singing an acapella version of Abraham, Martin, and John, the 1968 tribute to assassinated leaders – Lincoln, King, both Kennedys. The cliché is true. If you were on the planet November 22, 1963, you’ll never forget where you were when you heard John Kennedy was shot down in Dallas. Seeing Moms sing about it fills your eyes with tears – fifty years gone by. –Michael Abedin


The Happy Cynic It used to baffle me to see people being cynical or negative. It was even more confusing when they were cynical or negative about the Law of Attraction, The Secret, my book Zero Limits, or me. That never made sense. But I just had a revelation that parted the clouds and showed me the sanity behind the madness. In short, people who are cynical or negative enjoy it. They feel good when they find fault with others. But why? Answer – they get a burst of serotonin in their brain when they feel they’re better than someone else. It’s a status rush. They are, to be blunt, happily cynical.

There’s a problem with that “Smiling Pessimist” approach to life.

It all made sense to me when Dr. Loretta Breuning sent me her books. I didn’t (and still don’t) know her, but she dropped me an email and said she was sending me her three latest books, Beyond Cynical, Meet Your Happy Chemicals, and I, Mammal. Each sounded fascinating, and I truly wanted to see them all. But I had no idea the first one I picked up would blow the lid off my mind and lead to a profound insight into human behavior – mine, as well as yours. Beyond Cynical: Transcend Your Mammalian Negativity, grabbed me as soon as I read the back cover copy: “Cynicism feels good because it triggers the brain chemicals that make us happy. It triggers dopamine by making things seem predictable. It boosts serotonin by making you feel superior to ‘the jerks.’ It stimulates oxytocin by cementing social alliances. Cynicism relieves cortisol as you fight or flee in


your mind. Negativity is natural, but you can go beyond it if you choose.” Wow! All those negative, cynical people were actually enjoying their tirades, because their brain was flooding them with feelgood chemicals. Of course, they had no idea their negativity was a cocaine rush, and almost as addicting. They just felt it was “natural.” And the more they did it, the more the “happy” chemicals flooded their brain, making them want to continue in the behavior, even when negativity and cynicism hurt others.

They were addicted to the feeling good that comes from feeling bad. life.

Problem is, this cynical approach to life doesn’t improve

As Dr. Breuning writes in Beyond Cynical, “You may think your outrage serves the greater good, but it’s just a habit wired into your neurons. You can do more for yourself and the world by going beyond it.” The good news is that negativity and cynicism can be replaced with something far more healthy, happy, and productive. After all, as Dr. Breuning points out, being cynical ultimately isn’t helping you or the planet in any constructive way – it makes you powerless. A smarter approach would be to train yourself to become realistically optimistic. It’s called PARE in Dr. Breuning’s world – Personal Agency and Realistic Expectations: “Personal Agency is the awareness that you can meet your real needs through your own actions. Realistic Expectations are the knowledge that rewards are unpredictable, and frustration

is not a survival threat. When you PARE, you enjoy the act of meeting your needs instead of lamenting the world’s failure to meet them for you.” She goes on to explain that you can build a PARE habit “…in six weeks by spending one minute thinking about something good three times a day.” Sounds easy enough. I’ve got one minute three times a day. You probably do, too. According to the author, though, it may be tough going to overturn an old habit. After all, the neuron highway for negativity may be already paved, completed before you were six years old. You have to go “off road” a few times to begin to build a new path. Once you do, though, the new habit will have a new highway, and your new positive behavior will then be natural and automatic. I know this firsthand. Back around 1974, I sat on the steps of the house I lived in at Kent State University, feeling unhappy. A couple walked by, saw me sulking, and the woman said, “You look like the unhappiest man on earth.” I told the story to a college friend who said, “You’re just naturally depressed.” Today no one says I am unhappy, negative, depressed, cynical or anything of the sort. Over time, I retrained my brain to see the positive in life, and to get my brain chemical rush from optimism. Today people say, “You’re lucky. You’re just naturally happy.”


I was naturally unhappy once. Today I’m naturally happy. Which is true? “Natural” seems to be something we can create, and then it’s viewed as natural. While Dr. Breuning doesn’t talk about the Law of Attraction, she does explain that we get what we expect. She says, “We don’t imagine ourselves sifting the world for evidence that confirms our expectations. But that’s what the brain is designed to do.” Expect the world to be messed up and people bad, and you’ll find evidence for it. Your brain will “attract it” by making it seem obvious to you. But by the same token, expect the world to be abundant and people good, and your very same brain will “attract it” by filtering out everything that doesn’t match your expectations. One dopamine-triggering later chapter in Beyond Cynical describes all the huge topics many people complain about today – climate crisis, economic crisis, social crisis – and balances them with a more objective and historic overview that proves things today are actually better, and improving. Dr. Breuning isn’t saying the world is perfect; she admits to problems that need a PARE attitude to resolve. But she says things are better. A cynic won’t see the better, and may never see how to make current issues better. They, too, will get what they expect. As I pointed out in Zero Limits and the sequel At Zero (coming in January), your brain can’t process all the 11,000,000 bits of data flying at you every second, so it learns to filter out what you don’t need. But the filter it uses is based on what you expect.

Until you become aware of how your brain works, you’ll expect what you were already trained to expect. For most, that’s just plain fear. To go beyond it, you need to retrain your brain to see something else. Much of Dr. Breuning’s book draws from research into animal behavior, which makes sense as we’re basically just animals with wallets. She quotes Robert Ardrey, who said –

“We are not fallen angels, but risen apes.”

Animals are wired to survive in any way possible, doing things that feel good but may not actually be good. That same mammal programming is in you and me. It drives us to food, sex, and status. The insights we gain from her book can make us far more productive, kind, and healthy. When I want to reach for something to eat, for example, I ask myself if this is what my body actually needs, or has my brain learned that food stimulates chemicals in my system, leads to the happy feeling of survival, and that that stimulation itself feels good? No animal would think that deeply about food. (See bananas, access survival odds of going for them with other monkeys around, decide to eat and run or just run.) From that new awareness of how my mammal brain is operating, as a conscious human looking at food choices, I can make a healthier decision. As I wrote this, a part of me felt the serotonin of feeling superior to all the naysayers out there. I enjoyed writing this, because I feel the article is a benefit to mankind as it informs you of books that can make a difference. But I’m very aware that a feel-good survival chemical went off as I wrote this for you. I liked it, too. I now see myself, and others, as “risen apes.” We aren’t awakened yet. We’re still driven by mammalian impulses to keep us surviving. With conscious effort, we can transcend these urges. You can probably draw numerous eye-opening insights about yourself and others by reading Dr. Breuning – as long as you aren’t cynical about it. (Her website is Attract Money Now LIVE in Austin in November includes a presentation on Authentic Ho’oponopono based on the upcoming sequel to Zero Limits, a copy of the new book, a photo opportunity with Joe, and a private Friday evening social function with Joe and other presenters.

Joe Vitale is a star of the hit movie The Secret and author of The Attractor Factor and dozens of other best-selling books, including At Zero, the new sequel to Zero Limits. Photo by: Brian Fitzsimmons



ess than a week after this publication hits the stands (love that turn of phrase, which conjures up 1930-ish black and white movie images of big ol’ stacks of newspapers hitting the ground in front of a newsstand with a thud, emblazoned with an exciting headline) …um, sorry. Ahem. Less than a week after this publication hits the stands, the state of Washington becomes the latest to let voters decide if foods with GMO’s – Genetically Modified Organisms – should be labeled as such. California took a shot at it, but opponents shot back with a late volley of millions of dollars of media buys, reeking with scurrilous half-truths and untruths. It went down fighting, a few percentage points shy of success. A couple of Northeastern states have actually passed such measures, but with weird, convoluted requirements that they won’t be implemented until something like four neighboring states pass similar laws, and then only on Tuesdays, when it isn’t raining, or some such – as if it were the law of the land for some strange medieval fiefdom, afraid of offending its neighbors. (Nary a peep from the usually vocal defenders of states’ rights, btw.)

GMOhNo! What’s the deal? Over 90% of Americans polled favor mandatory labeling so they can make an educated choice – something as simple as “Contains Genetically Modified Ingredients”. Not “Contains ingredients soaked with neurotoxins by Monsanto, a corporation founded in 1901 to manufacture saccharin, which later figured out a way to bio-engineer crops that can take a direct dose of Roundup, which you’ll be ingesting if you’re stupid enough to buy this.” Nope. (That’d be cool, though, huh?) Monsanto is said to have been about to belly up by 1903, but a benefactor stepped in and bought their whole batch of saccharin – Coca Cola, a big supporter of the Grocery Manufacturers Association. The GMA likes GMO’s, and poured millions into shooting down the California initiative – part of which came from Coke, who got some of those millions selling Odwalla juices and Honest Tea, which they own.


The first GMO crop in large production by Monsanto was soy – Roundup Ready, they call it, meaning little soybean plants could be sprayed directly with the herbicide that almost killed Austin’s giant Treaty Oak. Corn was next, some of it engineered to produce its own bug toxins. Corn is an interesting study. Once revered by Native Americans as the Corn Goddess, it’s now in almost every processed food, and so much GMO corn is grown for ethanol, oil companies’ cynical ploy to look green, that GMO soy production moved to Central and South America. Now rainforests are being clearcut to grow it and agrochemical health problems are skyrocketing in Argentina – a couple of reasons why this natural publication doesn’t greenwash itself with soy-based ink. Greenwashing – “turning sustainability into sales” as a marketing research firm recently called it – is big biz. At the 2013 Global Sustainability Conference, the topic was reaching consumers who want to feel good about their purchases, especially those elusive young Millennials – not the diehards who (they really said this) cut their own hair, put it in the compost, and go out of their way to buy sustainable products. Dang ol’ hippies – at least they’re cutting their hair now. Gets better, though. One of the two conference sponsors was (drum roll) the Grocery Manufacturers Association – and it was held in Seattle. Selah, as Dr. Gonzo liked to say. Stop and listen.

What would Chuck do? Nobody really wants GMO’s, except the corporations that make them. Even Chuck Norris came out against them, in an uncharacteristically erudite blog on a God ‘n Guns website. (Possibly ghostwritten, but the thought’s there.) So, what’s to be done? Can this weird harvest be stopped, or at least slowed? Call anyone you know in Washington State. Tell ‘em to vote for I-522 November 5. Visualize the Corn Goddess rising out of the jungle, ready to help Chuck kick ass and take names. Then visualize that stack of papers, with the headline “GMO LABELING PASSES!”


RE: YOUR SPACE Re-calibrating, Re-energizing, Re-booting homes and businesses by Stacy Davenport Each of us is deeply influenced by the world around us, and by the condition of the energy in our environment. Did you know, though, how much the unseen world of subtle energy within a structure directly affects your life – emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually? You hear a lot about how to clear and release energy within your physical and cellular structures, through things like Reiki, breath work, and crystals. The one key conversation that’s missing is what you can do to shift and recalibrate dysfunctional and stuck energy within the environment of your home or workspace. Physical space acts like a sponge, absorbing the radiant energy of all who pass through it. Prior occupants, experiences, employees, and events in any space leave an energetic imprint in its grid that creates positive or negative influences on the environment and all its current occupants. This energy grid holds stuck, stagnant, and negative energetic imprints, and their influences.

HOME AND BUSINESS CONSULTATIONS UÊExperience happiness and well-being UÊEnhance your company’s environment and bottom line UÊRaise customer satisfaction UÊSell your home quicker

Stacy Davenport, CPCC



Nature’s Treasures Certified Feng Shui Expert Transformational Life Coach Akashic Records Consultant Life Purpose Hand Analyst

(512) 740-8101 10

Yuck! Imagine you’re moving into a home that’s twenty years old – and no one cleaned the bathtub all those years. Yuck. The unseen energy of previous occupants residing within a space is still there, like a bad bathtub ring, and will have its impact on your life until it’s shifted and recalibrated. Working with the Hartmann Curry grid of energetic lines, you’ll find that if you don’t identify these energetic imprints and recalibrate them to their higher vibration, the same situations, behaviors, and patterns repeat themselves. Let’s say you attend a weeklong retreat in New Mexico. While you’re there, you reconnect to yourself in a great way, and feel more at peace. You return home – and within a few weeks you’ve lost that peaceful feeling and are back to your old ways of thinking and being. This happens because energy that’s held in your home holds your old energetic imprint, and can pull you right back into the same old patterns.

The bobber. The Energy Grid Recalibration process consists of a consultant coming to your space and explaining the Feng Shui Bagua layout, bringing a dowsing tool (a “bobber”) and the items used to perform the Yu Wai Energy Clearing Ritual. t 5IFDPOTVMUBOUTUBSUTBUUIFGSPOUEPPSBOETMPXMZ moves through the space. t 8IFOUIFCPCCFSNPWFTVQBOEEPXO JUTUFMMJOHUIF consultant that energy is moving. t 8IFOJUTQJOTDPVOUFSDMPDLXJTF JUUFMMTUIFDPOTVMUBOU that energy is stuck. t "UUIJTUJNF UIFDPOTVMUBOUTUBZTJOUIBUTQPU BTUIF bobber continues to recalibrate the energy to a higher vibration. t 0ODFEPOF UIFCPCCFSNPWFTVQBOEEPXO JOEJDBUJOH that energy is flowing once again. Once the grid has been recalibrated, an essential oil or two will be put throughout the home underneath the windowsills, counters, and doorframes. Once this last step is performed, the recalibration is finalized by performing the Yu Wai Energy Clearing Ritual. At this time, the energy grid of your home or office will be recalibrated to support your personal transformation, and a definite shift in the quality of energy held within the environment will be felt. (You’ll have to clean the bathtub yourself.) Stacy Davenport, CPCC, is a Certified Feng Shui expert and founder of The Energy Factor. Home or office recalibrations, inperson or Skype. Basic Energy Grid Recalibration class, Dec. 15, 10am-5pm. Nature’s Treasures. Info, registration, and sessions: (512) 740-8101, or

How to choose se and se annd play pla pl lay lay ay

TIBETAN SINGING BOWLS Tibetan singing bowls owls have been used for centuries for meditation, relaxation and healing, and are really more like upside-down bells than bowls. Traditionally, they’re a unique alloy of seven metals – gold, silver, mercury, copper, iron, tin, and lead – said to represent sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Singing bowls produce a continuous tone with multiple overtones, harmonics, and frequencies that resonate with your body, and with the frequencies of brain states different than normal consciousness – like being transported to another dimension, where body and mind are one. Some overtones, in fact, increase alpha brainwaves said to focus healing energy. Holistic practitioners often use them to enhance energy work, and at least one cancer center uses singing bowls to help patients.

(512) 276 -2448 3204-B Guadalupe Austin, TX 78705 SPECIALIZ ING IN : Tibetan Singing Bowls Prayer Beads Zafus            

15% OFF

All Tibetan Singing Bowls

Becoming a player. It takes a little practice, but learn to play one bowl and you’ll be able to play others more easily. t 'JOEBDBMN DPNGPSUBCMFFOWJSPONFOU$MPTFZPVS eyes for a moment, become still. t .BLFTVSFUIFCPXMJTPOUIFGSPOUPGZPVSflat palm – a common mistake is to grab with your fingers. t 8PPEFOTUSJLFSTHJWFBMPXUPOF MFBUIFSXSBQQFENBMMFUT even lower. If you strike near the rim or side of the bowl before playing, the sound resonates for a while. t 1SFTTUIFTUSJLFSÜSNMZBHBJOTUUIFPVUTJEFSJN Keeping constant contact, move it slowly around the rim with even pressure. You’ll hear it hum, or sing. If it sounds choppy, slow down. t 4MPXMZJODSFBTFTQFFE XJUIPVUHPJOHUPPGBTU4PNF bowls come to full volume in a couple of seconds; others take ten or more. t #ZBEKVTUJOHTQFFEBOEBOHMFPGUIFNBMMFU UIF sound changes. Practice to find the proper balance of angle, speed, and pressure to make your bowl sing continuously, as long as you’d like. Older, handmade bowls are more expensive and have character, personality, and history, but hand-hammered new bowls have the same intricate sound. Find the bowl that sings to you – and give it a history and personality of its own. Mandala Tibetan Shop specializes in Tibetan singing bowls, prayer beads, zafus, CD’s, books, Tibetan jewelry, incense, clothing, and meditation products, and can help you choose the best singing bowl for you or for a unique holiday gift. Holiday special – 15% off all Tibetan singing bowls. 3204-B Guadalupe (512) 276-2448.


FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT The Mind-Body connection that prevents injury by Matt Fuhrmann

The camel’s back.

You want a strong mind. You want a strong body. Just so happens they’re interrelated, and fitness training can develop both. Done purposefully, the mind and the body can ping-pong into a continuous cycle of strengthening one another. How?

Train the nervous system. It’s in charge of every function of the human body – and the vestibular system, the labyrinth in the inner ear that all systems run through, is in charge of it. Strengthen the vestibular system, and the whole body is stronger and more coordinated. A few very important things begin to happen: t :PVSFHBJOBOEJODSFBTFSFøFYJWFTUBCJMJUZ XIJDIJTJO charge of mobility. t 1SPQSJPDFQUJPO ZPVSTFOTFPGCPEZQPTJUJPOBOE movement) and awareness go way up. t :PVDSFBUFBEFFQFSDPSFDPOOFDUJPO IFMQJOHMJOLUIF body as one unit.


What are functional movement patterns?

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Even though this is a physical endeavor, it’s really a way of training the brain by getting both sides to fire at the same time, creating new neural pathways and eliminating neural pruning – the loss of neural pathways. In other words, you’re literally building a better mind-body connection. Once you’ve established a neurological foundation, you can build functional movement patterns onto it. The word functional has been thrown around the fitness industry until it’s started to hold little value – in training, functional is simply anything that has real world carryover and application. A pattern is something you do repetitively. So, what you’re looking at is repetitive patterns that have real world carry over and serve a function – and one very important function of the human body is longevity. Are you performing your functional movement patterns – in your weight training, cardio class, cross fitness – properly, or are you compensating? Compensation leads to injury. You can put strength on top of dysfunction all day, until, at best, you hit a major plateau in your training. At worst, you hit the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

More importantly, are you performing them properly, and to the best of your capability? Cool thing is, there’s a test of sorts, a functional movement screen, which tells you if you’re compensating and gives an exact recipe to remove compensation before stacking on strength and risking injury. You’re only as strong as your weakest link, and the Functional Movement System (FMS) shows exactly where it is. FMS starts by checking the squat, lunge, and hurdle step, progressing to shoulder mobility, trunk stability, rotary stability, and active straight leg raise. These are what strength is built upon – when performed properly. Until movement patterns are corrected, loading only causes problems. Someone compensating in the squat, for example, may lean forward when holding an un-weighted bar, but can squat just fine with weight – among other things, the weight’s holding them upright to make up for the compensation. Adding weight to this movement pattern only encourages it, and won’t fix the issue at hand. To do that, find your weakest link and the right recipe of techniques to remove compensation, create the proper systematic firing of the muscles, and build a truly strong foundation – and dramatically lower the risk of injury. Matt Fuhrmann, founder of Tao Health and Fitness, offers Functional Movement, Primal Move, progressive calisthenics, Indian clubs, kettlebells, martial arts, yoga, qigong, Reiki, and oldtime strongman training. Free introductory class – call or text (512) 653-1495.





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O I C S UNCONS F E I L E B Freeing the chains that bind us by Christina Allen The Law of Attraction tells us we attract what we think. Many of us go to great lengths to think positively, intending to attract that perfect someone, job, car, or house – but when we have unconscious limiting beliefs running beneath the surface of our conscious ones, they derail our positive intentions. We can tell ourselves we matter and deserve the very best, but if we have unconscious programs from childhood lurking in the shadows telling us we are bad, undeserving, forever a victim, or must be punished, we can chant affirmations until the cows come home, but we won’t manifest our dreams.


Pioneering psychologist Carl Jung termed the parts of ourselves, good and bad, that lay unclaimed within us as shadow. Our limited and unconscious beliefs act as the chains that bind these parts and keep them hidden, even from ourselves. The only way we see them is if we project them outward onto other people and circumstances. Because we cannot see them, it’s very difficult to access and heal these parts without help. We know they are there, however, because we’re locked into destructive patterns and illnesses, unable to claim who we want to be.

Mommy and Daddy’s demons.

In his book The Biology of Belief, biologist Bruce Lipton notes that a surprising 95% of our actions are based upon unconscious beliefs and programs. As youngsters, we build a view of the world based on our experiences. Most of this worldview is locked into place within the first five years of our lives. At this young age, we usually see the world revolving around ourselves and our needs. When we cry, we’re fed, or our diaper is changed. If this doesn’t happen, we internalize the lack of response and think Mommy and Daddy neglect us because of who we are (or are not), instead of it being because they’re preoccupied with their own dramas and demons. Based on these early perceptions, we create limited beliefs about the world, beliefs like “I don’t matter” that become


embedded into our psyches and imprinted upon our souls. We all have these roadmaps etched into the very fabric of our being, guiding our thoughts and creating the filters through which we experience the world. The ancient Vedics of India called these illusionary perceptions maya. Much as we don’t notice the color of our sunglasses’ tint, we can’t see maya – it’s the very lens we see the world through.

Body, mind, and soul connection.

We’re all aware of the mind-body connection. When we were young and had a test at school we weren’t prepared for, we’d feel sick the morning of the exam. What’s been forgotten in our culture, however, is that just as our minds affect our bodies, our eternal spirit or soul acts as an unconscious energetic blueprint for our minds and bodies. The ancient Shamans see illness, at all levels, as a direct result of energetic imprints on our soul. They know that if they treat us first at the level of the soul – or lightbody – it will subsequently change the mind and body. They call this working upstream. It’s the equivalent of using a magnet to move a group of metal filings, rather than picking them up one by one. They know that without removing an energetic imprint from the lightbody, the mind and the body will continue to download our old roadmaps and unconsciously recreate what they always have. Shamanic work is especially effective because it’s directed at the shadow imprints that keep us from healing and manifesting our dreams. Once they’re addressed and removed, we are free to soar. Christina Allen, shamanic healer, teacher, destiny coach and founder of the Austin-based Blue Raven Circle of Light, combines a strong science background (BA Physics, MS Neuroscience) with decades of applied ancient spiritual wisdom (Master Yogi, Reiki Master and Shamanic Healer based on the Q’ero Indian traditions of Peru) to help you clear imprints and align with your highest destinies. She will be sharing her wisdom in local classes soon. Visit or call (512) 383-5561 for an appointment.


KINETIC PATTERNS Judith Aston and the physics of being human by Michael Abedin

It messes with the pattern.

All movement reveals a pattern. These patterns can either support or conflict with our ease and expression in life. â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Judith Aston Even if youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re a spiritual being having a human experience, as the bumper sticker says, the body youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re having it in tends to get a little banged up now and then. Stub the little piggy that goes weeweewee all the way home on your way back from the bathroom in the middle of the night, and youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re probably not gonna be feeling real spiritual â&#x20AC;&#x201C; although you might use the name of a deity or two. Bumps, bruises, strains, sprains, and more serious damage all leave their mark, as do less catastrophic day-to-day onslaughts â&#x20AC;&#x201C; say, sitting on your rear end at a computer all day, racking up a case of mouse-itis in your wrist. Even (maybe especially) some of the repair work, like surgery, has the same effect.

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Be in Your Best Bodyâ&#x20AC;?

Michelle Wald PT, LMT Advanced Aston-KineticsÂŽ Practitioner

DOES your body need more support? DO you ever wonder if there was a solution to your pain? DO you want an integrated system to resolve that nagging pain?

Whole body ergonomics.




Your bodyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s an intricate assemblage of patterns, reacting to and interacting with the patterns around it in the world. Dealing with nagging aches and pains that all your remedies and modalities only fix for awhile? You may need to tweak a few patterns back into shape â&#x20AC;&#x201C; your own, and the ones around you. Judith Aston came to that conclusion about fifty years ago, when she was developing movement education for actors, dancers, and athletes. The legendary Ida Rolf asked Aston to develop a program for the Rolf Institute, and today her system of kinetics is considered a paradigm of three-dimensional movement, used by practitioners from massage therapists to athletes. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not a magic bullet or a quick fix, though, says Michelle Wald, an Austin advanced practitioner. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Lingering problems are often the result of habitual postures and patterns, and it takes specific work and repetition to resolve it â&#x20AC;&#x201C; changes in awareness, and attention to the fundamental physics of being human.â&#x20AC;? Dealing with old nagging pains in a session, she explains, is a three-part interaction between practitioner and client: t -JTUFOJOH BTTFTTJOH ZPVS XIPMF CPEZ QPTUVSF tension, and movement, and together creating a hypothesis as to why youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re feeling the way you are. t 3FMFBTJOH UIF UJHIUFTU BSFBT BOE CBMBODJOH UIF SFTU of the body using a specialized three-dimensional myo-fascial massage technique that addresses the most restricted areas to the most superficial. t .PWFNFOU DPBDIJOH UP VTF DIBOHFT JO BMJHONFOU This may involve movements or cues to take home, to continue integrating the changes.


Fitness Classes and Practitioner Training

It also involves what she calls whole body ergonomics. â&#x20AC;&#x153;This is a way of looking at the math of the body and modifying the environment to support the whole structure. This could include cushions, and teaching how to position or set up your body. Instead of buying a chair with lots of gadgets, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a system of educating you to use the best alignment for your unique body.â&#x20AC;? Every session, she says, is crafted to the individual, and might run the gamut from stretching to cranio-sacral work. Oh, and speaking of running a gamut, she knows a thing or two about movement and bumps and bruises herself â&#x20AC;&#x201C; sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a former roller derby girl.

(512) 633-7471 16

Michelle Wald, PT, LMT, was a Physical Therapist when she discovered the system of Aston-Kinetics, and is now an advanced practitioner. Fitness classes and practitioner training coming soon. (512) 633-7471.



A miracle with a history?

by Rima Star From being used in World War I and II for treatment of war injuries, including burns and wounds of all kinds, ozone therapies have evolved into an array of medical and nonmedical treatment modalities. You might have received an ozone injection for a sports injury or other inflammatory condition, regularly receive ozone therapy when being treated by your dentist or hygienist, had your aesthetician use topical ozone as part of your facial, received a massage using ozonated oils, or enjoyed an ozonated sauna or hot tub. Nathanial Altman, author of The Oxygen Prescription, reported in his 2007 edition that hundreds of clinical studies around the world since his previous edition in 1995 “resulted in an impressive amount of new information about the continued safety and effectiveness of therapeutic ozone and hydrogen peroxide.” This led him to subtitle his book The Miracle of Oxidative Therapies. Not only did he discover there were breakthroughs in ways to administer ozone, there were breakthroughs showing ozone is actually produced by the body to help fight disease, and works to support the body’s own immune system. It’s been shown to increase oxygenation and energy production in cells, reduce the body’s acidity level, and kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Dr. Frank Shallenberger, MD, founder of the American Academy of Ozone Therapy, lists five key properties of ozone: • Regulates the immune system. • Stimulates increased oxygen uptake. • Improves circulation. • Increases anti-oxidant protection more than any other therapy, including vitamin C. • Powerful mitochondrial stimulant.

Miracle? Why, yes – don’t mind if I do.

In 1984, researching ozone for a medical condition a family member was facing, a doctor, clinic or hospital providing these treatments couldn’t be found in the U.S. – even though they’d been used since the early 1900s in other parts of the world. Today, ozone therapies in the U.S. are becoming more commonplace among health practitioners and in people’s lives, and a good bit more cost effective than other treatment options available in this country in 1984 – or now. It’s a joy to see friends and clients find help for conditions causing them distress. If they want to call it a miracle, I’m all for it.

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"%&.%/(),'Ā3Ā!-,)2%$Ā3Ā Ȁ+*#+),%Ā3Ā 1$.#0),'

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The Stardust Tarot How it Works

by Bruce P. Grether (Part 2:22 of 3:33) I love the strange voices of leopard frogs that sing from the lily pond in my yard. One night there was total silence, and I wondered if – as happens – a big water snake had come and eaten them all. Natural, only I guessed wrong. I was glad to find the frogs were plentiful and fine, and don’t know why they fell silent. Best to avoid assumptions and seek further information, to understand what’s going on… The world’s alive with information and teeming with important messages, if we pay attention. The Stardust Tarot helps you look at causes, rather than symptoms.

Is there any such thing as coincidence?

Does what seems like “coincidence” point to the fact that everything’s connected and meaningful? Images and patterns of the Stardust Tarot always speak of what’s going on – they’re inspired by the design of the Universe, and you’re part of the Universe. You’re designed the same way. • Look at the Periodic Table of Atomic Elements, compare the diagram with a set of Tarot Trumps laid out in order. You discover direct, precise parallels. Such correspondences aren’t coincidental – they’re meaningful, direct connections. • The order of Trumps from 0 to 23 parallels the families of atomic elements, from Heavy Metals that sink downward, to Noble Gases that float upward. • Trumps portray the behaviors and nature of atomic elements, as well as mythic archetypes of the Tarot, from the Fool to the Universe.

All ways.

The cards can be shuffled and laid out as an oracle to give you feedback, but you can also put them in numerical order, like a book, and see how they relate to the atomic elements that are the deepest root cause of the world in which we live. This Tarot is always, all ways, about you and your journey. How does this work for a reading if the cards are shuffled? When you open your awareness to synchronicity – the perfect correspondence of meaning – the order of the draw isn’t random. It’s perfect synchronicity! The Stardust Tarot works because it’s not random. It’s organized, like Nature itself – cells, molecules of DNA, atoms. Bruce P. Grether is a many times published novelist, Wizard, and a regular Austin All Natural contributor, and provides readings and consultations online and in-person via the Stardust Tarot, which he created. Learn more:


Unraveling The

by Bart Sharp

Put quality b discomfort a Feel Better, L Build Cartila Increase Col Tighten Sag Strengthen Lubricate Jo Increase Mo


The ego is a commonly used term, with many applications – but most don’t understand what an ego really is. According to David Hawkins, author of Power vs. Force, the ego is a part of our consciousness that’s unresolved, and is unconsciously trying to resolve our pains by expressing itself. In an odd way, this is reassuring, because you’ll act out what you need to deal with. Your job is to pay attention to how you act, to see your limitations. For example, if one of your base fears is about being abandoned by your mother, you’ll attract people that test that very fear. Maybe you’ll attract partners that re-create similar scenarios, again and again. It appears you’re placing yourself in your own version of hell doing this, not knowing why you create such conflict, or why you seem to keep making the same mistakes over and over again. There’s hope! You can transform these limiting patterns the ego reinforces. There are many steps to this transformation. For now, start with the first: Be willing to admit the problem always begins with you.

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A listener of actions.

The questions to ask when your ego presents limitations are: What am I doing to create this? What am I not getting about this situation I’m creating? There’s something about these questions that opens you up to a possibility of a perspective higher than that of your mind. Often, thoughts immediately show up that give you the insight you need. Why? You’re asking your heart and body for information, not your mind. One thing you can count on – the ego will most likely never go away. You can have a better relationship with it, though. It’s like an invisible, internal organ trying to express your weaknesses so you’ll see them. The best thing you can do for your ego is make allowance for it, and observe your behaviors and thoughts without judging. Be a listener of your actions. Tip: It’s judgment that causes behaviors to stick and inevitably repeat, over and over. Maybe transcendence of the ego is learning, truly, to honor your self in having limitations. Bart Sharp is an intuitive counselor, healer and author specializing in transformation of traumatic and emotional based limitations. Therapy For The Body, Mind And Spirit. (512) 809-6807




by Nerissa Oden

Halloween is over, but the Great Pumpkin lives on, a 9,000-year-old native of North America used as food and medicine by Native Americans. Early colonists adapted quickly, filling small pumpkins with milk, honey, and spices before baking them in smoldering embers – the original pumpkin pie. Pumpkins are thought of as vegetables, but are actually fruits belonging to the squash family, along with gourds, cucumbers, and melons. Pumpkin squash, planted in July and harvested September through November, can be stored all winter. Every part of this winter squash is edible – flowers, leaves, vines, skin, seeds, and flesh. Pumpkins aren’t among the top food allergens in the US, but it does occur, as does pumpkin sensitivity and intolerance. People and pets can react to pumpkin flesh, seeds, or even its salicylates – naturally occurring chemicals, found just under the plant’s protective skin, most potent when fruits aren’t ripe. You might be salicylate sensitive if you’re sensitive to common home or office chemicals – avoid canned pumpkin and make your own pumpkin puree, or use a substitute. The oldest known pumpkin? It existed about 7,000 B.C. in Mexico. You can probably find a fresher one at your grocery store.


Want to turn an almond milk recipe on its head? Use pumpkin seeds instead of almonds. (Makes 2-4 quarts) • 7 ounces of raw shelled pumpkin seeds • Filtered water: 8-16 cups • Large bowl with spout • Blender • Mesh strainer or colander • Nylon straining bag • Storage containers with lids Soak pumpkin seeds in filtered water overnight. In the morning, wash and rinse thoroughly. Put seeds into a blender with 2 cups of filtered water. Blend until no visible seeds are seen – about 30-60 seconds, depending on your blender. Over large bowl, pour half of blender contents into nylon bag. Add filtered water to bag. Twist bag top and gently squeeze. Add remaining contents from blender, and squeeze bag again. Add filtered water until you have desired thickness of milk. You can also add 1-2 tablespoons of vanilla extract and any sweetener or sugar substitute to taste. Some people also add salt. Refrigerate.


Nerissa Oden is a citizen advocate for knowing your unique individual food sensitivities via laboratory testing. Annual testing from one of a variety of sources can be an important aspect of individual wellness. Testing options, testimonials, and FAQS are available on her website,


The Other Side © Kell Creative.

P h o to g ra p hi c I n ter pret at i o ns

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The scientific process of Soul culture, and the royal path to Self-realization No written document records when the ancient tradition of Kriya Yoga began, but this quick and easy spiritual technique has been practiced by saints, seers, and sages from time immemorial. It was introduced to the West by Paramahansa Yogananda, in his famous book Autobiograpy of a Yogi. A sincere spiritual seeker who follows the path of Kriya Yoga with love, devotion, and a desire for spiritual growth can even attain the goal of Self-realization within one lifetime. This powerful yoga is a manifestation of the many yogas described in the Bhagavad Gita, but primarily it derives from: • Karma Yoga. Detachment from the fruits of actions in the world, and, more importantly, from the inner activity of the mind. • Jnana Yoga. A disciplined intellect acquires spiritual knowledge, and this wisdom creates freedom through detachment from the fruits of actions. • Bhakti Yoga. Unconditional love is awakened by gratitude and by the joy arising from the oneness with all creation, which is cosmic consciousness.

A simple, non-sectarian technique.


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Kriya Yoga is non-sectarian, and its simple technique causes no hardship, requires no austerities, and suits aspiring householders as well as monks. From the principles of Karma Yoga, Kriya Yoga teaches that all action, kri, is done by the indwelling soul, ya. Continuous awareness of the power of the indwelling soul can transform all activity into worship – and awareness that the soul must inhale every breath leads to mind control and liberation. The Kriya technique emphasizes the relationship between breath and mind. Breath influences mind, and vice-versa, and this reciprocal relationship reveals a simple secret. Breath control is self-control, breath mastery is self-mastery, breathlessness is deathlessness – and the breathless state of samadhi is the realization of the Absolute. Kriya Yoga offers an opportunity to reach higher states of consciousness and develop mind, intellect, and awareness of the soul, but it isn’t learned from a book or video. Kriya Yoga techniques are passed down in direct transmission from master to disciple, master to aspirant, and teacher to student. Kriya Yoga public lecture, Friday Dec. 6, 7:30pm. Open to all. $15 suggested donation. Unity Church of the Hills, 9905 Anderson Mill Rd., 78750. Kriya Yoga Initiation Program, Dec. 7-8. Registration required: Austin Kriya Yoga Center, (512) 916-9855, •

LESSONS from the Gulf

by HeatherAsh Amara When I planned my first visit to the Texas gulf coastline I bounced around like a kid for a week before the trip, excitedly gathering things for the journey. Sunscreen. Sand castle building tools. A good mat to lie on. I had visions of barefoot walks and sand between my toes, the lull of waves, playing with my dog. I was surprised by some of my friends’ responses when I told them of my destination. “The beaches of the Gulf are ugly, nothing compared to California.” “You probably won’t like the beaches of Texas.” Earlier this summer, while letting the waves kiss my ankles on a quiet Texas beach near Galveston, I mused about these not-so-positive responses to this part of the world. My friends made the assumption that since I had been to some of the best beaches in the world, there was no way I would like the small waves, brown waters, and oil tanker dotted landscape of the Gulf of Mexico. The truth is I don’t like the beaches of Texas.

I love them.

The Gulf doesn’t say, “I wish I was more like a tropical white sands beach” or “I wish my waters were turquoise blue instead of greeny-brown.” It simply is what it is, no excuses, no justifications, no comparison. If I had showed up for the first time and expected the Gulf to be like the beaches of the West Coast or of Asia, I would have been disappointed – just like I can get disappointed and frustrated when I expect other people, or myself, to be different. This doesn’t mean I don’t have any preferences. If someone asked, “If you had a choice, would you rather be on a beach in the Bahamas on a beach in Texas?” I’d go for the Bahamas. But while sitting on a hot Texas beach, I don’t let myself fantasize about being in the Bahamas, or wish this beach were any different. It’s perfect, exactly the way it is. HeatherAsh Amara is the founder of Toci – Toltec Center Austin – author of The Toltec Path of Transformation and No Mistakes, and cheerleader for the world to be living The Four Agreements.


Dear Ashtara:

Messages from Your Angels and Master Teachers Dear Ashtara, I was in a fairly new relationship that started at high speed and abruptly ended six months ago. The ending was terribly difficult because of a lack of understanding. I have had a wonderful experience of self-realization, but part of me still adores him. What does my heart do, and when will it completely heal? Nicole, 33, Austin, TX Dear Nicole, All I can say is it was half each of your fault. Transitions happen in many ways. He did not pay enough attention to you – therefore, you took it out on him. What does your heart do to separate from him? Frankly, he is dying that you two are not together. So why don’t you try to get back together? He feels he has learned a lesson and hopes that you have. He’s a bit too proud to contact you so try voxing, emailing or texting. If he does not answer, keep doing it for two weeks. After that, you have given it your own best shot. Your Archangel is Michael. Your Master Teacher is Metatron.

Dear Ashtara, I can’t seem to find the passion I really want to stay dedicated to. Am I doing something that is holding me back from my full potential? Michelle, 32, Austin, TX Dear Michelle, When you were birthed from the King’s Chamber, Abraham said, “You are here to become a doctor, a homeopathic specialist, or a healer.” When there is an enormous plan for someone’s life and they do not find it fully, they feel misplaced and, thus, not much passion for life. Your angels are Melchizedek, Metatron and Lord Maitreya. Your guardian angel is Gabriel. For you were birthed in the Angelic Kingdom. You are an angel on earth.


Dear Ashtara, I am lost. I feel I am in the wrong job and that I turned down the right job to stay in Austin. I am in a rocky relationship and I have lost my sense of purpose. What is my life’s purpose and am I on the wrong path? Victoria, 47, Austin, TX Dear Victoria, It seems that you are in the right place at the wrong time. You could have moved sooner and found another job that would be more complete for you. As far as your relationship, I would turn loose and see if he is still there. In other words, don’t hold on too tight. He needs space but not a lot of it. You also are a bit of a twin flame. His timing is not your timing. He is not as sensitive as you are. He wishes for you to be successful. Other than that, everything is okay. You are here to become a minister, healer, or chiropractor. As far as a wrong path, I can’t really see a path. Paths are generally spiritual paths. I think you know what I mean. Your high teacher is Melchizedek.

Private Sessions can be scheduled (in person or phone) that include psychic, medical, profound healings, questions answered and more. Ashtara Sasha White is a ‘gifted’ psychic, profound healer, and channel from the Ascended Masters/Archangels. She is also a Reiki Master Teacher, Sound Current Healing Master Teacher, speaker and teacher of the Light. Join her group on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 6:30PM. See her events at Call (512) 278-0559 or email Ashtara@ to submit your question for ‘Dear Ashtara’ (10 to 20 words) with name, age, city and state.

RELAX, DON’T PHYT IT Think sugar’s bad for your teeth? Meet phytic acid.

by Michael Abedin Get ready. Holidays are coming, a tsunami of pies, cookies, fudge, fruitcakes, sugarplums. (Don’t know what a sugarplum is? Visions of them have danced in your head since you were a kid.) From the time you sit down at Thanksgiving to when you wake up New Year’s Day and start making resolutions, a healthy diet gets harder to follow. Sugar, of course, is the big culprit – calories, screws up your metabolism, turns kids into banshees, bad for your teeth, all that. No worries. You have an iron will, and can get through the holidays subbing whole grains, almond or soy milk, and nuts and seeds for sugary, starchy treats. Fact is, you eat like that all the time – spend all day munching big ol’ handfuls of raw nuts and seeds and such, right? Got a little news for you.

The bad…

Nuts, whole grains, seeds, and legumes (especially soy) are chock full o’ what’s charmingly known as an anti-nutrient – phytic acid. Its molecular structure looks like a snowflake, perfect for holiday ambience, but within its lacy pattern lurks the ability to block absorption of nutrients – iron especially, calcium, magnesium, zinc, and vitamin D, needed to absorb and metabolize minerals. Guess what bone tissue needs, to grow and repair? Yep. Minerals. That includes teeth, the part of your skeleton growing outside your skin – and you read that correctly, “to grow and repair.” Holistic dentist Dr. Matthew Carpenter points out that you can not only prevent decay, you can reverse it. Takes time, work, proper supplementation and diet, but it can be done.

…and the good.

You can reduce phytic acid in your fave foods – overnight soaking is one way, and sprouting and fermenting. Some grains and nuts have more than others. (Chestnuts are low on the scale, especially roasted on an open fire like Native Americans did, long before they heard Christmas carols.) You’re better off eating healthier goodies over the holidays. A few nuts and seeds won’t make your teeth fall into the clam dip at the Christmas party, but if they’ve been your dietary mainstay for a long time – well, how are your teeth? Transcend Dental Health, with Dr. Matt Carpenter and Melissa Russ, ND. Holistic dentistry and supportive natural healthcare, including natural protocols to prevent and reverse decay. (512) 255-3618 •

COVER US The Third Annual Austin All Natural

Cover Art Contest

Remember the old ads in the back of comic books, the ones with a sketch of Abe Lincoln, or a horse? The caption said, We’re looking for people who like to draw! We’re looking for people who like to draw, paint, photograph, photoshop, and otherwise exercise their creative juices. Austin All Natural is known for colorful and creative cover art, and we’re looking for new talent in 2014. Previous years’ entries were featured in articles, and winning pieces were used as covers.


• Entries must be in a high-resolution digital file (pdf or jpg, at least 300 dpi resolution), with CMYK color settings. Scanned or hardcopy submissions not accepted. • Up to three submissions of original photographic, digital, or traditional work. • Get creative. You can submit something for a specific month (like a New Year’s cover for January), or something we could use at any time. Anything clever but tasteful that won’t get the magazine (or publisher) burned by crazed fundamentalists of any spiritual persuasion. • Happy, smiling, holistically healthy people, arms raised joyfully in the air, will be immediately disqualified. A blood oath was taken early on never to use that old tired cliché on a cover. (It’s our contest – we can do what we want to.) • A strong central image and colors that grab the eye walking past a magazine rack twenty feet away is best. Detailed and subtle doesn’t work. • Entries featured in an article, and may be used later. • Entries must be received by Dec. 10, 2013, accompanied by the artist’s name, email, and phone number. (No phone number, no entry.) Send all entries to: and you’ll receive an entry and release form (and may also request full, detailed specs).



The Better Than Thou Remedy

Bach Chronicles, Part Twenty-one

In the 1930’s, English physician Edward Bach created a series of thirty-six flower remedies, prepared from plants found in his native England, to address underlying mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of physical disease. by Michael Abedin Now Available: THIEVES Essential Oil Blend Call About Our Aromatherapy Workshops


You’ve done your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, metaphysical, and multi-dimensional work, polished your aura, aligned your chakras, cleared your karma for enough past lives to cover misdeeds as an amoeba in the primeval soup. Now if only everyone else would do the same. They won’t, though, will they? They never do. They blunder along, drinking Diet Coke, texting while they’re driving (too slow or too fast), breathing up perfectly good air. The masses. The great wad of humanity that’s nowhere near as enlightened or aware as you are. They should just put you in charge, shouldn’t they? You’d tell ‘em, if they’d just get their thumbs out of their, um – ears – and listen.

The other B-word.

DISCOUNTED SUPPLEMENTS Vitamins, Herbs, Bach Remedies, Body Care Name Brands at great discounts Fast, free shipping on some orders Use code PKB615

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Quit your b**ching, and start Beeching. Beech is Edward Bach’s flower remedy for intolerance, arrogance – the inability to put up with everyone else’s faults, failures, and foibles. Everybody gets a little Beechy every now and then, but if every day is like standing in line at the airport until, as comedian Sandra Bernhard says, you start to hate everybody in the line ahead of you – get some Beech down the hatch, ASAP. Being hard on everybody else? Guess who you’re really being hard on? Give yourself a break when you feel like the world would be a much better place if everyone were as evolved as you are – particularly since you’ve worked so hard to get there. Felling better than thou because the thou’s don’t have the right politics, gender orientation, coloration (uh-oh), or spiritual persuasion? (That includes dietary snobbery – the new religious intolerance for the New Age.) Beech, b**ch. The big danger, Joe Vitale points out, is when you start to enjoy being right about how wrong everything is, endorphins start pumping every time anyone proves it to you – and you become, as Joe calls it, the Happy Cynic. Michael Abedin offers classes on flower remedy combinations. (512) 879-7299. (Information only, not intended to diagnose, blah, blah, blah…) Purchase discounted Bach products at – use code PKB615 for up to 10% off first order.

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Austin All Natural November 2013  
Austin All Natural November 2013