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Volume 24 Issue 3

Boss of the Year速 2011 finalists Change is not just about



service means what?

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Key Feature – The essence of personal change – Ruth Tearle advises


Special Feature – Handling that fragile customer encounter with great service Lerato Ramalepe shares her views


Pushing towards maturity – Steve Murphy explains how

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Boss of the Year 2011 - Finalists announced!


PA of the Year 2011 Review


PA Summit 2011 Review

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Ed’s Memo – iThank You… Steve Jobs


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careersuccess • issue 1


Ed’s memo

iThank You Steve Jobs

The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.” Steve Jobs Steve Jobs, the iconic founder of Apple, has passed on. We need to pay tribute to this genius who has changed our lives forever. Like Thomas Edison and the success of his electric light discovery which changed the world forever, Steve Jobs did the same with his innovations. Steve Jobs founded Apple, on April Fools’ Day, 1976, in his parents’ garage when he was 20 along with Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. He had no formal technical training and no real business experience. What he had instead was a vision that computers could be more than a company’s workhorse. His company Apple came to dominate the digital age, initially first through the creation of the Macintosh computer and later through the iPod digital music player, the iPhone wireless handset and more recently, the iPad tablet. The world has lost a visionary, but his legacy lives on. • Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak: “It’s like the world lost a John Lennon I mean Steve was clearly the most outstanding business thinker and almost everybody high up in the technology business recognized that somehow he had the ability to think out new ways of doing things, not just ways to improve what we


issue 3 • careersuccess

encouragement, he showed all of us how innovation can change lives. I will miss him dearly, as will the world.”

have (do a better version of something) but do it in a totally different way that the world would swing towards.” •

Apple’s Board of Directors: “Steve’s brilliance, passion and energy were the source of countless innovations that enrich and improve all of our lives. The world is immeasurably better because of Steve.”

President Barack Obama: “Steve was among the greatest of American innovators – brave enough to think differently, bold enough to believe he could change the world, and talented enough to do it.”

Walt Disney President Bob Iger: “Steve was such an ‘original,’ with a thoroughly creative, imaginative mind that defined an era.Despite all he accomplished, it feels like he was just getting started.”

Steve’s own family: “In his public life, Steve was known as a visionary; in his private life, he cherished his family. We are thankful to the many people who have shared their wishes and prayers during the last year of Steve’s illness.”

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates: “Steve and I first met nearly 30 years ago, and have been colleagues, competitors and friends over the course of more than half our lives. The world rarely sees someone who has had the profound impact Steve has had, the effects of which will be felt for many generations to come.”

Hamba Kahle Steve Jobs. May your courage to see beyond the visible inspire us all to see beyond our capabilities.

Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang: “Steve was my hero growing up. He not only gave me a lot of personal advice and


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issuec 3 • careersuccess

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Career Guidance More Than A Numbers Game


An approach to career guidance needs to combine traditional objective methods with innovative subjective techniques. The private meaning of work and career choice should be complimented by assessment techniques that are objective and rational. The narrative approach to career guidance offers exciting possibilities: the focus is on life and career stories and the constructions of self-identity, which emphasise the way an individual experiences his or her world. It is built around meaning making and interpretation and on how a person describes their experiences through language. Career guidance practitioners listen for life themes and attempt to interpret an individual’s life in progress rather than merely counting interests and abilities. Career guidance techniques that are appropriate for the narrative approach include autobiographies: • Early life recollections, • Genograms, • Family histories, • Life lines and life career history interviews, life roles and selfcharacterisation. Narratives capture events and experiences in a way that assist career guidance practitioners to examine reflectively what an individual is learning about and who they may be becoming. Qualitative assessment processes augment the objective quantitative method of career guidance: The consequence of including a qualitative approach in the career guidance process is the creation of a more holistic understanding of an individual by simultaneously exploring their private yearnings and objective reasons. At Career Development Strategies, our career guidance sessions and workshops are based on both qualitative and quantitative career guidance techniques. We conduct life career history interviews and combine exercises for self-exploration with objective questionnaires. We look for life themes and emerging patterns of meaning and supplement the findings with the more rational and objective results obtained from psychometric testing. For more information on Career Self-Exploration Workshops with Career Development Strategies, contact Heather Jones on (011) 3122082 or e-mail: secretrain@xsinet.co.za; www.careerway.co.za

careersuccess 1 issue 3


The Essence of Personal Change


issue 3••careersuccess careersuccess issue4

Key Feature

This article attempts to answer some questions about managing personal change by looking at it from the point of view of the head, the heart, and the soul. By Ruth Tearle


Managing change seems to be the current theme. Many people are feeling scared and frustrated about their lives for a number of reasons. • Some, have been employed and are facing possible retrenchment. • Others are in their own businesses, but are not earning. Their clients are cutting back. The products and services that used to sell easily, are no longer a priority in a recession. They know they need to change their business model, but something inside of them feels stuck. • Yet others, are employed in the corporate world; but they are feeling bored. A small voice deep within them is saying ‘its time to follow your passion.’ But they are scared, because they know that chasing after a dream, during a recession is very risky. Many people are asking questions about dealing with personal change: • How can we reduce the risk? • How do we handle the fear? • How do we become unstuck? The head, heart and soul of personal change. To manage the very real fear associated with change, it helps to look at it from three different view points. The head: What you should do. This is often known as ‘rational intelligence’. The heart: How you and others will feel. This is known as emotional intelligence. The Soul: Accessing your inner wisdom. Becoming yourself. This is often called spiritual intelligence.

Ruth Tearle is an international strategy and change management consultant. Contact her on www.changedesigns.net

THE HEAD The more careful you plan your change, and the more research you do before you launch into a new life, the less stress you will feel. To plan a change you need to answer three questions clearly. 1. Where do I want to be? Whom do you know is already successful doing what you want to do, or doing something similar to your dream? Learn from them. • What makes them successful today? • What do they do regularly to stay successful at what they do? • What has contributed to their success? • What path did they follow to achieve their success? • What do they have in place now, that they didn’t have when they started? • What new rules do you think you are going to have to follow, to be successful in your dream? • Create a vision of what you would be doing if you were where you wanted to be. Draw a picture, create a collage or write a story about your future life. 2. Where am I today? Where are you today, compared to the rules you will need to follow to be successful in your dream? • What are you already doing today, that you can build on for your future? • Think creatively about what you already have – that you simply need to use differently. e.g. experience, knowledge of a market, industry

or field, contacts, a reputation, or a market that already knows you. Think of what is out there, that you could use to support you - e.g. social networking sites, computer systems, or existing products. What or whose work can you piggyback onto? How can you build on what you already have, to create something new and fresh? Be quite creative here. Look at everything you know, do and enjoy doing, from the point of view of your ‘new rules for the future’. Ask yourself how you can adapt your strengths or passions towards helping you achieve your dream. For example, a consultant once told me she was having trouble getting business because she hated marketing. She had a love of writing. She then began to use this passion for writing to market herself. She now has a website, a blog, a newsletter and contributes regularly to social networking sites. Suddenly her marketing is taken care of.

3. How do I create a bridge between the two stages? Many people create unnecessary stress for themselves by simply ‘taking a leap of faith’ into a new career or life. A simpler, more effective way is to develop a bridge, and to cross into your new life a step at a time. • What are the steps you need to follow to move from your current world towards your dream? Base this on the research you did.

Continued on next page careersuccess • issue 3


The Essence of Personal Change Continued from previous page •

Which steps can you begin working on right now, without any risk to yourself? What small things can you do each day, without having to sacrifice too much? • How can I reduce my risk? When starting a new business, or learning a new skill, many people (and their families) make comments like “I must make it within 2 years or I will give up.” That is a cruel form of self-sabotage. Sustainable success never happens in an instant, or even a year. It creeps into a lifetime of habits. It takes 21 practice times to create a habit. And it takes 10 000 hours of practicing a habit to achieve mastery of anything. Don’t sabotage yourself with impossible deadlines.Give yourself enough time THE HEART 1.

How you and others will feel

The most difficult part of any change is coping with the feelings - both our own feelings, and those of other people around us who are affected by our change (a vacuum of the unknown). The more dramatic the change is, the greater the leap of faith we expect ourselves (and others close to us) to make. 2.

Get more information. Do your homework. Learn from others who have achieved what you want to achieve. Find out what risks they took. Ask them what they’d do differently this time. Test the market before investing in a new product.

Create a bridge between the old and the new, based on limiting your risk.


Understand feelings

Remember it is not only you, who is affected by a change you make. Others around you will also be forced to experience the 4 emotional stages of change. These are: • Control. This is when we feel confident and we operate mainly on habit. The first challenge we and our family/friends will face is the willingness to let go of our old habits. •

Habit and fear

To manage change we need to master two powerful adversaries: ‘habit’ and ‘fear’. Habit is what we do automatically, without awareness. Any change, requires us to change habits. Changing a habit means we can no longer act ‘automatically’. We have to stop, become aware of what we are doing, compare this to what we need to be doing in terms of achieving our dream, and make an active choice. It takes 21 times of practicing a new way, to let go of an old habit and create a new one. This takes time and energy.

Chaos. When learning something new, we all experience a time when nothing seems to work. We we feel vulnerable, frustrated, lonely and scared as there are no encouraging results on the horizon. The challenge is to practice patience. To perservere. To keep doing what you know is right. And to close your ears to the people that preach the lie of ‘quick success’. Learning takes time.

Creativity. If you keep perservering there will come a stage when things will begin to get easier. You will feel ‘in the flow’.You will start to achieve results and

Fear is defined as ‘ a feeling of anxiety and agitation caused by the presence or nearness of danger.’ The best way to cope with fear, is to remove the perceived danger. You can reduce risk by following these principles: • •


Take small first steps Start small. Test out your ideas. Experiment. Risk only what you can afford to lose without stress.

issue 3 • careersuccess

Resistance. It takes effort to change a habit.We have to stop and think, compare what we are doing, to what we should be doing. This makes us feel insecure, and frustrated at times. It is much easier to go back to acting automatically.And both we, and the people around us will be tempted to ‘go back’ to what we feel comfortable with. At this stage the challenge is to accept that it is okay to feel frustrated and unconfident, and to remind ourselves that as we keep practicing the new way, it will get easier. Remember it takes 21 times of practicing a new habit, before we will feel okay about letting go of an old habit.

life will feel exciting. You will begin to be aware of the power you have within you. As you begin to use your power, many new exciting opportunities begin to open up to you. Life feels promising and exciting. •

Control: As you master the new way, you feel secure and confident again. But after a while, you may feel bored, and be tempted to begin a new change. And so the cycle continues.

THE SOUL Becoming you. Accessing your inner wisdom. In change, when we let go of everything that has made us confident and secure, we need to dig deep.We need to dust off the spiderwebs of the attributes that makeus powerful in our lives. The golden nuggets of • Courage. • Resilience. • Discipline. • Hard work. • Flexibility. The ability to adjust our plan according to what is and isn’t working for us. As we deep, we realise we have far more power and magic within us than either we, or the people around us ever imagined. Combining the head, heart and soul of change. In summary in any change we need to: • Do our homework on planning our change carefully, so as to reduce our risk as far as possible. • Understand and have compassion for ourselves and those around us, as we experience the emotions associated with any change. • Apply the golden nuggets of courage, resilience, discipline and hard work. As we integrate our head, heart and soul in any change we begin to revel in the freedom, power and energy that is ignited within us. And as we practice these new ways until they become a habit, we become truly ourselves.

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careersuccess • issue 3


The f Essence o Personal Change

In our line of duty we often come across a neatly packaged delivery clearly labelled “FRAGILE” – Handle with care. With much anticipation and curiosity we quickly leave whatever it is we were doing and rush to open the parcel. What’s in the box? ALIAS – it’s a customer waiting to be served, and indeed demanding our undivided attention. Contained in this box we find these types of customers: F

= Furious/fuming,frustrated, flaring tempers and fanning flames at the counter.| R = Rude, raging, ranting and raving, roaring like lions and the rational ones A = Angry, agitated, abusive, annoyed and ageing customers. G = Grumbling, groaning I = Irate and irrational who are throwing a tantrum, the indecisive and inquisitive ones. L = Lamenting and Long-winded compulsive talkers E = Emotional and Expressive.


issue 1 • careersuccess


It’s all in a day’s work. It is evident that this box contains customers who have diverse and often conflicting expectations. Some of the encounters are delicate and volatile situations just waiting to explode. What do we do when nice customers suddenly become noisy? Our natural instincts would tell us “fight or flight”. It will really be worth our while to take a page from Teddy Pendergrass’ pearls of wisdom and start singing along “Please be careful baby, how you talk to me, ‘cause I have a fragile heart and if it is broken …” The nature of our job requires that we remain professional, even when we are faced with the customer situations that drive us up the wall. We do not have to run and retaliate in kind. We have to - TURN THESE FRAGILE ENCOUNTERS into pleasant and memorable moments by OFFERING A GREAT SERVICE, which entails following the G.R.E.A.T principles.

G.R.E.A.T. PRINCIPLES G = Greet and acknowledge them as they arrive R = Respond promptly to their complaints E = Express empathy with their situation by using a calm speaking tone and maintain eye contact A = Acknowledge their presence and begin active problem solving T = Thank them for their time and for drawing your attention to the problem. We can further be of G.R.E.A.T service by having G = Goals R = Relevant information, E = Emotional Intelligence, A = Action plans, T = Timelines. Let’s understand the basics of customer service. We can make it easier for ourselves by looking at service as an acronym:

Lerato Ramalepe is Lecturing Business Administration at the Tshwane University of Technology, Dept of Office Management & Technology, Pretoria campus. For more info contact her on LeratoRamalepe@tut.ac.za

Special Feature

Handling THAT FRAGILE customer encounter with great service S.E.R.V.I.C.E.

SELF-AWARENESS, SELF-ESTEEM, SELF-MOTIVATION You need this in order to handle customers professionally. If you do not have self-esteem you will take their complaints personally and you will crumble instead of exhibiting a calm effective response. EFFICIENT, ENTHUSIASTIC These two attributes are what you need to show customers. There is nothing worse than a non-caring facial expression and bored voice. RELIABLE You need to do what you say you’re going to do. If you don’t, you will add ‘fuel to the fire that will fan the flames further. VALUES The organization you work for, and you as well need to have sound values of honesty, and customer care. If there values are not embedded in your organization’s operations, customers will walk away. IMPROVE, IMPROVISE Two very important attributes: Improve your customer service continuously. Go the extra mile. Exceed expectations. When you can’t give an immediate solutions, improvise one that will keep the customer happy meanwhile. CARING AND COURTEOUS Whatever you do, these two behaviors are critical. Show you care, and be extremely well-mannered no matter how angry the customer may be. Emotions sometimes overtake one, and the best way to deal with it is to listen the customer out. Handle with care. EMPOWERMENT, EMBRACE CHANGE, ENGAGING PERSONALITY Last but not least, you need to cultivate an engaging personality. People who look ‘‘distant’’ need to feel they are important. An engaging personality and manner show that they are appreciated for having bought from your organization. Conclusion We can all offer a customer service that enhances the image of our company. If we value our job, and we have self-respect for people, we have the foundation required. careersuccess • issue 1


Boss of the Year® 2011 Finalists Announced


The six finalists for the Boss of the Year 2011 Award represent an extensive cross-section of industries – from food to construction, water supply to banking and accounting to mining. A respected panel of judges was given the challenging task of selecting only six finalists; a daunting task given the calibre of entrants. MTN SA Foundation is the patron and main sponsor of this prestigious Award, which celebrates its 22nd anniversary, and is widely acknowledged and lauded for the role it plays in identifying and developing workplace leadership in SA. Eunice Maluleke, General Manager of MTN SA Foundation, says: “Leadership is both a responsibility and privilege, whether one is leading a company, a country or a class; the emphasis should always be about the team and the results that can be achieved. But since the team is made of individuals, it is the leader’s responsibility to nurture and recognise individual strengths. “We believe that the 2011 finalists have all displayed this crucial leadership ability and are an asset to their businesses and to the country.We encourage other leaders to follow in their footsteps and contribute to the building of a brighter future for our nation.” The 6 finalists are: (alphabetically)


Andrew Skudder – Enterprise Capability Director at Murray & Roberts, a leading South African engineering and construction group 2. Chantyl Mulder – Senior Executive: Professional Development,Transformation and Growth for the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants, the foremost accountancy body both in South Africa and the world 3. Chris Mukoki – Head of secured lending credit granting, Standard Bank 4. Gerald Dumas – Managing Director for Johannesburg Water; providing water and sanitation to three million residents of the city of Johannesburg 5. Greg Solomon – Managing Director for McDonald’s South Africa; business strategy and direct operations for 130 restaurants in South Africa 6. Octavia Matshidiso Matloa – CEO of Mukhundi Mining Resources, an aspirant global mining company The titlebearer is announced on National Bosses Day annually, at a gala banquet luncheon at the Hliton Hotel. Apart from the honour of being rated amongst the best bosses in South Africa, the recipient of the award and his/her nominator, as well as all the finalists and their nominators receive a constellation of prizes from an A-list of sponsors, including the Patron - MTN SA

Foundation, the Founder sponsor - Stabilo, Air Mauritius, Arthur Kaplan Jewellers, The Blue Train, Die Kunshuis Clanwilliam, Europcar, Jaguar SA, Sheaffer Pens and World Leisure Holidays. Says Ornella Trinco of Dictum Publishers, organisers of the Award : “As in previous years, the Boss of the Year Award® continues to be a real barometer of the people’s expectations of workplace leaders. “Workplace leaders have shown this year that meaningful leadership requires: courage and sensitivity, determination and resilience as well the ability to keep one’s ear to the ground with respect to the needs of people as well as to the needs of the communities they serve. “The Boss of the Year Award’s mission is , and has been for the past 22 years, the mirror of the realities that leaders have to cope with and overcome, of the challenges they face and deal with for the benefit of All. We get this information from the Nominations received and these are like camera snapshots of not only WHAT people think stands out but also of WHO stands out in their eyes. “That is why there is such an Award as this – giving voice to people at the coalface to express what and who they view as rolemodels! Because it is one thing for workplace leaders to feel armed with academic or theoretical knowledge and BELIEVE they are leading well, it is quite another when people who are being led have views and expectations which call for more than skill and competence –they call for the attributes of humanity, and fairness as well as that uncommon ability of both having an open mind and an open heart”.



Eunice Maluleke, General Manager of MTN SA Foundation


The scroll of honour for 2011 the six finalists are: Gerald Dumas, Managing Director: Johannesburg Water In his nomination, Qondile Zimu says of him: His leadership and work ethic can be described as follows: He leads by example. He Listens and welcomes feedback He builds a non racial and friendly workplace. He is visible, approachable, and accessible and he is a true team builder and player! Gerald Dumas values teamwork, provides equal opportunities and “walks the talk”. He has created a stable and committed workforce who feel recognised for their contribution to the success of the business.

Chantyl Mulder, Senior Executive: T & G SAICA (South African Institute of Chartered Accountants) Lerato Kotane, her nominator informs: Chantyl sets a vision we can all follow. She encourages us to be creative and independent, but stands by us as we learn through trial and error. She is transparent in her leadership, and the whole department know where the company is going at all times. But Chantyl is also a ‘ doer’ who really cares about each person working with her. She is changing the world and is letting us join her in this exciting journey.

Chris Mukoki, Head of lending credit: Standard Bank Johanna Nkabinde says in the nomination: Mr Mukoki is an admirable achiever himself but he shares his winning principles with us. Under his leadership we have clarity of goals and processes and results to be achieved BUT he ensures that people are viewed as the true assets of the bank. He treats everybody with respect and has created an environment of growth, participation and innovation. He is a calm, confident, caring and an intelligent boss. His open door policy makes it easy for us to approach him.


issue 1 • careersuccess

Andrew Skudder Enterprise Capability Director: Murray & Roberts Zelia Soares, his nominator, reveals: My manager is empowering and inspiring. He provides challenging work and expects superior performance. He is a role model in terms of behaviour and values. Whilst our delivery and financial performance is still of utmost importance, Andrew has shifted the culture to one where people are at the centre! Andrew has a strong work ethic, but it is never about him but about then organisation. He is a pleasure to work with!

Octavia Matshidiso Matloa, Chief Executive Officer: Mukundi Mining Resources Celesté van der Berg nominated her because she says her boss is: Our boss is one of South Africa’s finest: A boss who is respected inside and outside the workplace. She is a people’s person, a very good listener and communicator. She contains a wealth of compassion and dedication to serve, uplift and empower others. Octavia’s leadership style is one of encouragement and development. She has a hands-on approach, keeps people informed, invites participation, and presents us with challenges to grow and leave comfort zones. Every team member’s talents are stretched and celebrated.

Greg Solomon, Managing Director: McDonald’s SA Nominated by Henriette Canny who says of him: Greg leads a highly motivated organisation that is aligned to a 5 year plan. In 2009/2010 McDonald’s was voted the best company to work for by Deloittes. In order to inspire people and mobilise them, Greg believes in a personal approach of being available and creating a sense of belonging – his leadership style motivates us to want to achieve the company goals . However, he does not only encourage us to achieve our goals, but empowers us to do so. Greg is totally committed to all employees at all levels and this is evident in all the Programmes, Awards, training, and Employee Value Propositions at McDonalds.


careersuccess careersuccess••issue issue 1 3


The semi-finalists are:

William Robertson, Accounts Executive, Gijima

Margie WorthingtonSmith, Head of Organisational Development, Allan Gray Orbis Foundation

Dr Therese Fish , Vice Dean, Stellenbosch University


issue 3• •careersuccess issue1 careersuccess

Raynold Zondo, Executive Director: Services, CSIR

Justin Hawes, Managing Director, Scan Display

Dave Emslie, Chief Executive Officer, Eastern Province Cricket

Dr Moraka Nakedi Makhura, Head of AERIS, Land and Agricultural Development Bank of South Africa

James Ndlovu, Chief Executive Officer, TCTA

Bongiwe Pityi, Assistant General Manager: Airport Operations, Airports Company South Africa: King Shaka International Airport

careersuccess careersuccess••issue issue 3 1



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Function Venues at Indaba The Ndaba Room Function Venue A gorgeous function venue, the Indaba Room can accommodate a maximum of 70 guests Ingidini Function Venue This stunning function venue can accommodate a maximum 120. Injabulo or Kgotla Function Venues The largest of our function venues, a maximum of 450 guests can be accommodated for a banquet Lecture Rooms 1 - 24 These function venues can accommodate from 15 to 100 guests and are perfect for small conferences or business meetings • • • • • 10

17 hectares of property – lots of open space 23 multi purpose conference / banquet venues 200 seater Auditorium 260 en-suite bedrooms – including 87 double queen deluxe rooms All venues have natural light 5)&"50;'031"T"/%0''*$&."/"(&34t&%*5*0/

William Nicol Drive Fourways Johannesburg Tel: +27 (0) 11 840 6600 Fax: +27 (0) 11 840 6610 1113 21 careersuccess careersuccess issue issue 5)&"50;'031"T"/%0''*$&."/"(&34t&%*5*0/ Email: sales@indabahotel.co.za ••

Problem: I have been in this secretarial position for five Lisa Pyne-Mercier is a detail orientated go-getter who enjoys a challenge and has a thirst for knowledge, new things and likes to be different. Contact her on ltd_pyne@mweb.co.za

years! I need to go places now. My aim is to get a promotion and apply for the position of PA to CEO. How do I best sell myself to HR?

It starts with your mindset.

Firstly, if you believe you can then you can…. If you believe you can’t then you can’t: either way you are right. So firstly,

Did you know?

Life is about changing and improving behaviours


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believe in yourself. If you do, then so will others around you.


Then you need to ask yourself, “Is this what I truly want?... Is this worth it?”

Ask for what you want, and let the other person know that it is ok if the answer is “no”. This removes the pressure from the situation for both parties. Are you curious about, or do you have a casual interest in what you are wanting to do? Do you want to see if you make the grade are worth it? OR Do you recognize and acknowledge that you have a burning desire to do, and have, more? What is the ideal person, character, skill sets that are being sought after? Develop your profile to fit the job! Ask open questions – Who What Where When How a nd Why What is your plan? What is your process? When the answer is “no” ask: “what do you really need? What are you looking for?” “Off the record … since you have decided that I am not the person for the position, what are you really looking for?” I know that this will take some bosses by surprise but if you don’t ask, you will never know. The information you get can be valuable. By adding the assumption that you are not going to get the position, you

force them to see the future of the position without you. Stating “off the record” allows both parties to talk openly. “Off the record” helps achieve the goal of getting the necessary information you need to understand what the concerns are and also, since they have decided that “you are not the person for the position…” compels them to bring the future into the present. They are seeing the position without you. Help them see the future with you in it. You should always look to be the complement. Complement your manager’s weakness, making your united role a strong force to be reckoned with. E.g. the Springboks have a great fly-half, a scrum-half and so forth – if they all had to have the same strengths – we would have the worst team in the world. Life is about changing and improving behaviours. Just like you’d go regularly to the gym to get fit. So too would you need to spend time improving your behaviours – with measureable outcomes. You may not use the tape measure or the heart monitor – your behavior is measured by the outcomes you produce, through reinforcement and follow up. Have a mentor or a coach – be accountable to someone. Select the necessary training tools that will assist you to improve your behavior – and keep them.

Could your cellphone cause a plane crash


What was your reaction the last time you heard the preflight announcement:“Ladies and gentlemen, please discontinue the use of portable electronic devices”. Most people think it sounds ridiculous that a cell phone could interfere with the aircraft’s safety, but the latest reports indicate that perhaps there is some truth in the statement. The Federal Communications Commission’s regulation banning cell-phone use on airplanes has been in place since 1991. Several recent studies show, however, that passengers are not taking the rule seriously. Some passengers openly rebel. A report, by the International Air Transport Association based on survey responses from 125 airlines shows a whole range of in-flight incidents that can directly be attributed to interference from a mobile signal. “Twenty-six incidents affected the flight controls, including autopilot, auto thrust and landing gear, (another) 17 affected the navigation systems and 15 affected the communication systems.” Boeing engineer David Carson says interference occurs when signals hit the highly sensitive electronic sensors hidden in the passenger area. These sensors are particularly vulnerable in old planes. Combine that with a growing number of electronic devices and all it might take is a mobile signal “in the right place and at the right time to potentially lead to disaster”. The study also revealed that other portable electronic devices, like laptops and game-playing devices, can pose dangers to the normal operation of critical electronics on airplanes. “We can’t say categorically that these devices cause interference,” said IATA spokesman Chris Goater. “But there are enough anecdotal reports from pilots to raise the question.” Although the report does not verify that the incidents were caused by cell phones, narratives provided by the pilots and crewmembers are indicative of electronic interference. Boeing and Honeywell Aviation recently released a statement that the Phase 3 Display units used by pilots in Boeing 737 aircraft are susceptible to “blanking” in the presence of Wi-Fi equipment. No one is yet blaming any specific air crash on cell phones but some call the report by the International Transport Association “alarming” or a “wake up call.” “We found that the risk posed by these portable devices is higher than previously believed,” said Bill Strauss, who conducted a study with other researchers at Carnegie Mellon University. “Duma Travel places great importance on the safety of travellers and suggests that while the verdict is still out; travellers adhere to flight regulations and rather shut their cell phones and electronic devices off,” says Themba Mthombeni the CEO of Duma Travel.


Anel Martin, PA to Telkom’s Sales and Marketing Managing Executive, Grant Morgan, received the prestigious title of South Africa’s PA of the Year 2011. After undergoing a 3rd round of judging, Anel’s victory was announced at the closing ceremony of the exclusive PA Summit which took place at the Indaba Hotel on 22 September. Anel said that she was extremely honoured and humbled by the experience and was looking forward to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead of her this year. Her biggest aim is to be an ambassador for the profession in South Africa and to be involved in the development of the juniors in her company as well as in the profession as a whole. Asked about her job as a PA, Anel explained: “The working landscape for PA’s has changed drastically and we are more involved than ever as strategic business partners, in an ever increasingly complex way. We too need to innovate and keep abreast of our industry trends and new technology that can assist us in our role as support to the captains of commence.” On hearing the news her boss said that he was impressed with the achievement and congratulated Anel on a good effort. The chair of the judging panel, Judy van der Merwe, says: “We all know the critical role PAs play in ensuring our captains of commerce and industry can do what they have to do, because the work of a good PA enables them - and frees them - to focus on their priorities. “It is important, therefore, to acknowledge those good PAs whose task it is to keep the executive offices running smoothly. “It is precisely for that reason that the PA of the Year Award exists – to ensure that every year we ‘stop die bus’ – even if for just a while – to acknowledge those PAs who, on one hand keep up the good standards, and on the other, raise the bar! Organised by Dictum Publishers, this Award now in its sixth year, has gained a respected footprint in South Africa’s working landscape and each year the number of entries increase and with it the difficulty of narrowing it down to 9 semifinalists, and eventually to 6 finalists. The PA of the Year, and the finalists, received prizes from founder Sponsor Croxley, Brent Personnel, Bantex, Duma Travel, Parker Pens, Grant driver and ICAP. CareerSuccess magazine congratulates Anel and the other five finalists on their achievement and thanks all the sponsors for their support. The other outstanding finalists were: Charlotte Massey-Hicks – PA to CEO FNB Investments: CEO Premier Banking, Lezanne Human, at FNB Investment Products Adri Muller - PA to Managing Director, Adv. GPB Myburgh, at Lipco Group (Pty) Ltd Audetta Skosana - Executive Assistant to Chief Financial Officer, Jo-Ann Pohl at Ubank Ltd Marlene Strydom –Assistant to IJ Bettesworth, a Director at Bigen Africa Group (Pty) Ltd Ronel Petersen – PA to the Dean of Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, Prof. Niekie Dorfling


The coveted title PA of the Year goes to Telkom PA

CareerSuccess talks to

Anel Martin PA of the Year 2011 Q What does the title “South Africa’s PA of the Year” mean to you? A

It is a great honour for me to be the Title bearer for 2011/12, and more than that, I feel that it is a responsibility. It has given me a soapbox to promote being a PA as a career, not just as a job. Hopefully it will give me a chance to get involved in development of the Telkom and the South African PA pool in my own small, but unique way.

Q Who was the first person to congratulate you?

A My husband, Raymond who was in the audience. Q

Who was the first person you phoned to tell them you had won?


My Mother (of course!)

Q How did your office/ A

company react to the news?

I have had special messages from many of our top management and have been asked to feature in our online newsletter. This experience has really made me realize that what we do makes a difference and is recognised and important to the team.

Q How do you see yourself enhancing the secretarial profession in S.A?

A Definitely by getting involved on the development front, and showing others that PAs are individuals who each have special talents, skills sets and differentiating qualities. Our profession is definitely NOT one size fits all.


PA when the PA works for the top executives? and if so why?


Honestly, I don’t think what you are called is as important as the value you add.

Q Describe a typical day in your office.

A Start up at my desk just before 7h00, at the office till about 16h00 and then on my mail and available by phone till about 20h00 (when required, as well as weekends). Q Where to from here?

A I love what I do, so hopefully I will go from strength to strength in my career! I have promised myself that I will embrace ALL the opportunities that come my way this year, ESPECIALLY the ones that scare me! So watch this space…

Do you think the title “PA” should be changed to Executive


Pictorial review...

Annual PA Summit 2011 Theme: Even eagles need a push!


issue 1 • careersuccess

Event took place in September at the Indaba Hotel

The Academy of Excellence met to discuss issues regarding the profession

The sponsors

careersuccess careersuccess••issue issue 1 3


The cost of immature behaviour is more extensive and expensive than most realize, so says More information from Steve Murphy www.stennyafrica.com

Steve Murphy



You know the children’s joke! “What do you call a nerd in 15 years from now?” The a nswer, “Boss.” The thinking prompting such humor, that intellectual intelligence (IQ) is the automatic panacea for success in life, has long being dispelled. Time and again studies confirm that IQ only counts for about 20% of the factors that make for success in life, with the balance attributable to other qualities of which emotional intelligence (EI. or EQ.*) represents a significant part. Even high IQ people do much better when their academic skills are married to good interpersonal abilities. Any senior management team will admit the absence of emotional maturity amongst colleagues is still the single biggest factor limiting organizations, governments and businesses from really excelling. The cost of immature behavior is more extensive and expensive than most realize. People with a high EQ. are frequently described as being competent in: 1. Self-awareness; 2. Self-Regulation; 3. Motivational capabilities 4. Being Empathetic; 5. Possessing Social Skills. Whilst we acknowledge that the above are certainly true, we note that of the five competencies only one really deals with managing and expressing emotions namely, being empathetic. The balance is rooted in cognitive skills of varying degrees.The ‘guru’ of EQ Daniel Goleman acknowledged this when he admitted


issue 1 • careersuccess



too little attention had been paid to the emotional composition of EQ.

Accepting our ‘humaness’ At the heart of emotional intelligence is an issue frequently over-looked, namely our willingness to be vulnerable (dropping our guard; risk being misunderstood; rejected, or even ridiculed) about our feelings, inner convictions, and doubts and uncertainties. What we forget is it is not so much our capacity to think and reason that determines success in relationships and business, but our willingness, to communicate, and to express ourselves with feeling and candor. Being vulnerable does not distract from our humanity, but reinforces it. It is a manager’s openness to share himself with feeling and appropriate emotion that communicates to staff the humanity and substance of superiors. It is the willingness to engage sensitively in the personal space of a hurting or disgruntled ‘other’ that reflects the values of care and strength what mission statements proclaim but can never demonstrate. Some of the BIG buttons of emotional behavior that evidence the emergence of substantial maturity concern practicing: ASSOCIATION OF

Forgiveness Willingness to face and admit error Generosity in attitude to others, and Impulse control and immediate gratification Letting go….

deferring needs.

It is forgiveness that we will address

in this article. The Stanford Forgiveness Project made some interesting observations regarding non “forgiveness such as: •

• •

Lack of forgiveness produced victims instead of masters of a situation; Non “forgiveness results in biased and erroneous views of the facts; Non forgiveness Insists on rules that cannot be enforced. Aggrieved people often want behavior and responses from those offending them that they have no prospect of achieving. Consequently they feel trapped between what they want and what they can get.

Lack of forgiveness traps people in the past instead of living in the future. When managers and leaders work with unresolved conflicts or frustration the impact on productivity, creative flair, cooperation and teamwork is devastating. (It’s expensive) Furthermore the time spent in checking the “grape vine” for the latest gossip and speculation further

undermines productivity and performance. Forgiveness does NOT require us to be friends with those who have offended us, but it requires us to let go of any ‘right’ to get even, and frees us to move into the future. There is nothing which ties a person to the past as much as non” forgiveness, there is nothing which makes people pioneers of a better future than being willing to let go of past hurts!

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ICAP Institute for Certified Administrative Professionals Telephone: 011 432 6841 Fax: 0861 179 688 Email: info@capinstittute.co.za Website: www.online-at-icap.com The Institute for Certified Administrative Professionals (ICAP) encourage employers to investigate the benefits of the CAP® and CAPOM® programmes to an overall secretarial training plan. The ratings facilitate professional growth and development, encourage pride in the secretarial / office professional role and provide holders of the above ratings with a constructive stepping stone to managerial responsibility. The CAP® and CAP-OM® ratings are the achievement of the internationally recognised standard of proficiency as a professional secretary / office professional. The CAP® and CAP-OM® qualifications will enable secretaries to reach a professional standard never previously available in this country. The CAP® and CAP-OM® programmes are available to study online, in classes or as a self-study, distance learning programmes and they ideally suited to office professionals who are planning on enhancing their career as an office professional ICAP is the authorized, licensed, exclusive agent for the International Association o f Administrative Professionals® in administering the Ce rtified Administrative Professional® (CAP®) and Certified Administrative Professional – Organisational Management (CAPOM®) programmes in Southern Africa.


issue 1• •careersuccess issue1 careersuccess

TOP 3 REASONS to keep yourself


1 3 2

By Kelly Williams CAP of the Institute for Certified Administrative Professionals and the Johannesburg IAAP Chapter at Large. RECEIVE UP-TO-DATE INFORMATION

The CAP® certification which is offered by the Institute for Certified Administrative Professionals (ICAP) offers up-to-date information to their students. Every 5 years the role of the office professional is examined and new updated additional material is added to the programmes.

Crossword puzzles for your own revision Online discussion forum and chat rooms




As of 2011 the programme was updated and was redesigned. The CAP® programme is designed to give the secretary, assistant and administrator the basic knowledge of everything which happens and could happen in the office whether the boss is there or away.



The CAP® programmes are now offered as a 15 week online course. The only time the student is expected to leave the office is to write the examination which takes place on a Saturday. Students can expect to receive the following from the facilitator: • •

Up-to-date, Relevant notes Practice tests, to test your knowledge and take note of your progress

The CAP® programme is offered by the International Association for Administrative Professionals (IAAP). These programmes are designed to give each student not only a broad understanding and knowledge of what happens in the office world of South Africa but to have a grasp of the office worldwide. After the successful completion of the examination, graduates receive a certificate of competence for 5 years. Professional certification proves to the ability of those in a given profession. To ensure maintenance of these high standards, reassessment is used to verify that the graduate has kept themselves up-to-date. The CAP® rating makes a powerful statement of both having met initial high standards and maintaining those standards by means re-certification. For more information about the CAP® programme or ICAP events, please contact us on 011 432 6841 or kelly@capinstitute. co.za


Making the leap to remarkable The Johannesburg Chapter of the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) was formed in February 2010, giving administrative professionals in South Africa the opportunity to network with colleagues across the world. The vision of the IAAP is to “enhance the success of careerminded administrative professionals by providing opportunities for growth through education, community building and leadership development.” The IAAP is a non-profit, vibrant association and the core values are integrity, respect, adaptability, communication and commitment. Members can communicate globally via the blog page to find solutions for challenges in the office environment. Therefore the IAAP can make a meaningful impact on the career of dedicated members if they commit by visiting the website, joining the different e-groups that is available on the website, attending the Chapter events and reading the articles published on the website and in the different magazines of the Association.

By Esme van der Merwe, CAP, President Johannesburg IAAP Chapter-atLarge

Being a ground breaking Chapter, the great articles posted on the IAAP website library on leadership, best practice for Chapter management, member recruitment etc. assisted to create a Chapter that sets off on a sound platform. The IAAP has a Member of Excellence and a Chapter of Excellence programme. Although the Chapter’s Board decided not to participate in the Chapter of Excellence programme at this stage, it already meets most of the criteria for a Chapter of Excellence. This is quite a remarkable achievement for a young Chapter and we consider participating officially in this programme soon. At a Board meeting held on Saturday, 23 July, the 2011/2012 business plan and budget for the Chapter was discussed to put us on a growth path that would ensure member retention through exciting events, succession planning for board positions and obtaining the Chapter of Excellence

rating by 2015. The IAAP’s 2011/2012 theme is “Making the Leap to Remarkable”. The difference to being remarkable in an association for professional, dedicated people therefore lies in commitment and perseverance and knowing your capabilities and development areas. As Johannesburg Chapter we are definitely “Making the Leap to Remarkable” by taking different leaps to grow the Chapter and only commitment by members will determine our success. The first leap was to get our Chapter Bylaws approved. Another example is our Vice President, Lee Chapman who will be delivering a paper at an international PA conference in Brazil later in the year. We wish her all the best and congratulate her for taking the leap. Members participating in the Member of Excellence programme will demonstrate that they are taking up the challenge and making the leap to remarkable. Members that are not CAP or CAP-OM holders can take the leap to enrol for the programme and CAP or CAP-OM holders can take the leap to ensure that they recertify through continuous learning. Even at the office we can still make this leap to a remarkable career by exploring new ideas to do our work in easier ways and share the knowledge with others to enhance the face of our profession. If you would like to make the leap to a remarkable career, take the challenge and enrol for the Certified Administrative Professional® (CAP) programme or attend one of the Chapter’s networking events and meet career-minded colleagues in a professional environment. The next networking event will take place at 18:00 on 29 September 2011 at AdvTech House, Inanda Greens in Sandton. Contact Kelly Williams on 011 432 6841 or info@iaap-johannesburg.org for enquiries about the CAP programme or the Chapter’s activities.

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lunch hour

Try these brain teasers… brainfun Puzzle 1 Which letter of the alphabet is always trying to find reasons? Puzzle 2 “What letter of the alphabet has got lots of water?” Puzzle 3 “What letter of the alphabet is always waiting in order?”

brainbasher What are two things people never eat before breakfast?

gotcha puzzle

“What do you mean you like my green curtains - that’s the grass in the garden!”

Why did the man throw the butter out the window?

brainteaser Which room has no doors, no windows?

“What do you mean ‘can you have another’ it’s your turn to buy!” Source: www.brainbashers.com


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Puzzle 1 “y” (why?”) • Puzzle 2 “C” (sea)• Puzzle 3 The “Q”. (queue)• Brainbasher Lunch and Supper• Gotcha Puzzle He wanted to see the butterfly. • Brainteaser A mushroom.

sharpen your creative thinking skills

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