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careersuccess magazine issue 1 2019


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careersuccess magazine issue 1 2019


careersuccess magazine issue 1 2019


Ed’s memo O

ne of our very first readers of CareerSuccess magazine, Charmain Fourie (she has been a loyal reader for 31 years!) sent us this quote! It is such a refreshing and beautiful attitude with which to face life and help those around us cope when the world seems to be falling apart.


had not seen this quote before and it’s become my hot favourite! The reason is obvious: For those inclined to have a negative outlook on life (i.e. Symbolically always see the glass as being half-empty) need to change their mindset because no matter what, the truth is that the “glass can be refilled” i.e. neither what troubles us nor unfortunate situations and circumstances are necessarily a lost cause! The ‘glass can be refilled’ in so many ways. Either we need to work (put serious effort) to change the troublesome situation or we need to change our mindset towards it. That is why it’s easier to be negative or a pessimist; you just have to complain and moan and do nothing!

So what’s the lesson here? To keep refilling our glass! Wherever possible also help those who can’t refill theirs. An important point to consider is that it helps to live with a sense of gratitude. To be grateful, every single day, for every single good thing that happens – because every day, no matter what, something good does happen: Even if it’s getting home and having food on the table! And what’s another possible lesson? That negativity is sometimes a cause of angst and anger! Not being able to see “the light” or work at achieving “the light” leads to a build-up of frustration that can even evolve into aggression. You will see that in this issue we pay a lot of attention to emotions and responses. And… to keep your glass full of interesting things we also give you some fabulous advice for your enjoyment and edification! Sunny regards Ana-Maria PS. Highly recommended for you the course on interpersonal intelligence by Erik Vermeulen. Please click here for further information. Editorial

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quick reads FYI

The rise of ‘tech neck’ You know that sitting at a desk every day can cause unnecessary strain on your back and neck. By making just a few small adjustments, you can relieve joint and muscle pain in these areas. You know that sitting at a desk every day can cause unnecessary strain on your back and neck. By making just a few small adjustments, you can relieve joint and muscle pain in these areas. Now a complaint, ‘tech neck’ is one of the biggest problems occurring in the body, due to bad posture. In fact, poor posture is known to be one of the major causes of back problems. Achieving a comfortable yet correct position at your desk The best way to sit or stand in this way is to imagine there is a string attached to the top of your head that’s pulling you up. This should lengthen your stance, improve the way that you’re positioned, and stop you from slouching. Make a conscious effort to sit back in the chair rather than perching on the edge will help your stop slouching

4 Simple Exercises - To Do At Your Desk

and offer your back some support. But don’t sit as far back so that your feet dangle. Now for your shoulders… Ensure that they remain in a relaxed position to reduce risk of developing any pain. Avoid hunching them up so that you can lean on the arms of your chair or rolling them forwards. Source the right equipment to support your posture Do make sure your chair supports the inward curve of your spine, otherwise adjust accordingly. Arm rests can help provide support, but they need to be the correct height. Your screen should be directly in front of you, around an arm’s length away with the top of the screen at your eye level. A neck rest can also be used

at your desk! While seated, try tapping your feet for 30 seconds at a time – or longer if you can! 3. Shoulder Raises

Here are the desk exercises - A quick workout while on the job! Exercises for a great stretch that will leave you feeling good! 1. Leg Planks Sit to the edge of your chair with your knees bent and feet on the floor. Gently extend your right leg out in front of you until it's straight and parallel with the floor. Hold the pose for 10 seconds, release, and repeat with your other leg. Do the exercise five times on each leg. 2. Foot Drill Remember how football players tap their feet in place while at practice? You can do the same thing

careersuccess magazine issue 1 2019

Raise your shoulders up toward your ear, hold for 10 seconds, and relax. For an even bigger stretch, do just one shoulder at a time, then alternate five times each.

to help relax your neck when you’re not typing. If your working day includes a lot of time on the telephone, you may want to consider switching to a cordless headset. The importance of moving around the office and often. Staying mobile throughout the day is key. But how can you keep moving at work? •

Stand during phone calls

Take a break from the computer every 30 minutes and stretching your legs

Walk to a colleague’s desk instead of emailing them

Doing some exercises.


Author: Lee Dover,md@ insightsforprofessionals.co.uk

4. Back Twist Sit in your chair and place your right arm behind your right hip. Twist to the right side and hold for 10 seconds, then repeat on the other side. Aim to do three on each side. Source: Patty Englebaugh https://www.doyouyoga.com/ exercises-to-do-at-your-desk/


quick reads FYI

WHAT IS YOUR BRAND SAYING ABOUT YOU? What is a personal brand and why should you care

What is the key to building a

that there isn’t information

compelling personal brand

about you available on the

that sets you apart from the

internet. So, what do you do if


something unsavoury comes

The most effective personal

up in your search?

brands will align with who you

The simple answer is to bury

about it?

are AND be relevant to your

Some define a personal brand is the set of characteristics

comes in figuring out how to

While it is challenging to

break it down and concisely

remove something once

explained it across multiple

it is online, frequent posts

media sources including social

about brand oriented content

media, personal conversations

will help to keep quality

and your CV.

information on your brand high

and values that immediately come to mind when people see or hear about you. But if you stop there, what you’ve described is more a reputation and not a brand. An effective personal branding doesn’t just describe your characteristics and values. It ALSO defines the promises you make to employers and the value you bring to their organisation. How has the advent and popularity of social media increased the need to build a personal brand? The reality of employment today is that recruiters and hiring managers are turning to the internet to look for and find out information on the people they might employ. Let’s face it, the queues of people lined up to get in the traditional doors of opportunity are worse than the lines

target organisation. The trick

• Start by identifying your values. What are the things you stand for, no matter what. What are your pet peeves? The things that irritate you if they aren’t done right? These questions might help you point to what you find important in life and work.


in the search engines and minimise anything that might not be so complimentary. Invest in building a quality, concise Brand There are several great resources available both online and off. One of the best investments you can make is

• Next, identify your strengths. What do you do better than others?

in your career. The small price

• Take the time to research the perspectives of others. Ask friends, family members and employers for feedback on your character, personality and performance. In fact, Performance Reports can be a valuable source of external information that will help you to identify where you excel and where you don’t.

multiple times over. Consider

nature of the work can make

with you.

• Finally, research the needs of your ideal employer or client. Take the time to consider the challenges that they are facing and how your brand would offer them value.

For those who chose to engage in the online world, digital

Final Thoughts

and perspectives on your

networking is playing an ever-increasing role in identifying

Monitor your online reputation

and creating new opportunities. Those who think their CV,

by frequently Googling Your


a newspaper and maybe a few company job posts via


For more information www.

Don’t think that because


at SARS on Tax Day. Your chances of being a successful applicant through these methods are slim. Furthermore, for hiring managers, they are labour intensive as for each job posting they put out they contend with hundreds of CVs. Job seekers and hiring managers would far rather “bump into” each other on the internet via their networks than sifting through hundreds of people they do not know. What If I’m not on Social Media? Even if you have made a personal decision to stay off social media and do not post information on the internet, monitoring and maintaining your online presence is essential. Your brand lives both online and offline. Just because you don’t interact with social media does not mean you do not have a brand. Social media is only one source for people to find and discover more about your brand, but it also exists in the employment reviews and personal experiences of those who know you and work

gumtree, career boards or company websites are the best or only tools available for career management are selling themselves short.

you haven’t posted anything

you’ll pay compared to your annual salary will pay itself off working with a qualified career coach or certified résumé writer who can help you to identify and articulate your personal brand on paper and via social sites. Many people feel like they can do this by themselves, but the intensely personal it difficult to be objective. If you do decide to DIY your career, then at a minimum get the advice and feedback of friends, family and co-workers who may have unique insights value that you might not have

Is your business performance not getting you to the summit?

Erik Vermeulen leads Ridgeline - a boutique consultancy that helps companies explore and build their brands from the inside out. “Strateteering� Workshops Corporate Culture Interventions and Re-engineering Keynote Presentations and MC / Conference Moderation Team Performance Programmes Behavioural Insights

C O N TAC T E r i k Ve r m e u l e n e r i k@ r i d g e l i n e .g l o b a l +2 7 8 3 6 0 3 7 1 1 9



quick reads for you and the boss

Workplace conflict Positive perspectives and opportunities for growth Conflict is a reality in the working environment, and if dealt with successfully, it can result in creative and inspired solutions, stronger relationships and progressive development. Conflict is an agent of evolution and change and a sign telling us that we can no longer maintain the status quo. Thomas International’s Head of Psychology, El-Karien van der Linde, explains that although team members may shy away from conflict situations, they must be willing to deal with it. A safe environment must be created in which team members can be candid and direct. They must be able to see the feedback as points of reference rather than personal attacks. Team members get to know their colleagues better and productivity will subsequently increase as they have a better understanding of what makes others ‘tick’. Employers and employees need to move past conflict by learning how to manage conflict and

careersuccess magazine issue 1 2019

disagreements as it is an invaluable opportunity for personal and business growth. The more the cycle repeats, the more everyone will become adept at handling these situations resulting in stronger and more fulfilling relationships between colleagues in the workplace. “Taking advantage of this sort of productive conflict may help us explore new possibilities, foster greater understanding and generate an array of new ideas and strengths that can fuel up productivity, creativity and innovation,” El-Karien explains. El-Karien further says that conflict is an inevitable part of the workplace: “It is how we manage it that is important. Conflict at its core is essentially different opinions; when we respond negatively we close ourselves down. It can be to the detriment of high-performing teams

when co-workers choose to shut down rather than communicate their challenges. It puts everyone in a combative state, and the hope for a great end result is diminished. Viewing conflict positively can help us improve things, learn to appreciate individuals and tap into their own insights, knowledge, soft and hard skills that you yourself might not possess.” El-Karien quotes Dan Dana (1988) – “Unmanaged conflict is the largest reducible cost in organisations today, and the least recognised.” It is therefore a choice whether to make it a source of learning, growth, self-development and professional advancement or simmering frustration and stagnation. More information: Thomas International www. thomasinternational.net/en-za



key feature

The four kinds of personal assistants: Where are you and where would you like to be, asks David Finkel


Types of Personal


What you deem to be the role of a PA may not quite be what your boss agrees with or needs. Below we have profiled 4 types of PAs and it would be interesting to see whether you and your boss agree on which type of PA you are or a combination of two.

careersuccess magazine issue 1 2019



PA as The Gofer

Assistants, usually at this first career tier require direct instructions and close supervision. They can move objects from point A to point B. They can send emails on behalf of the executive - when told exactly what to write. They can take transcriptions and scan documents and file those documents in folders according to your instructions. With gofers, directions are given every step of the way.


PA as The Administrative Assistant (AA)

An administrative assistant or "admin" is somebody that can handle many tasks well, just so long as there's a clear process laid out for them and those tasks are well within the boundaries of what they're expecting or what they're used to handling. Admins are considerably more autonomous than gofers. Admins can really help to leverage a boss’ time as long as they're following known processes and procedures to get known results. They excel with concrete, defined tasks. Sometimes they can get into trouble when things become ambiguous - when they're asked to handle tasks where success isn't guaranteed. They are generally afraid of messing up because they know that they'll be held accountable for their errors. They might get in trouble. That's they may be reluctant use their own discretion.


PA is an Assistant (EA)


Executive assistants aren't put off by uncertainty. They can take an unclear assignment and actually figure out, within certain boundaries, how to make it work. They can handle tasks that are sketched out instead of being engineered out. Engineered assignments - the kinds of assignments with which administrative assistants feel most comfortable are really well processed-through. The necessary steps are laid out clearly in advance.

things you might want to take under consideration. You figure the rest out." Executive assistants are highly autonomous; they just need help understanding the context of your requests. They need a certain base amount of information to help them make good decisions on your behalf. They need the boss to communicate the expectations and preferences. For instance, when it comes to travel, the EA needs to know under which conditions the boss likes to upgrade to a higher class of airplane service, what kind of hotels she/he likes as well as what kinds of hotels/places are preferred.


PA as Project Operations Co-ordinator (POC) or Project Manager (PM)

Finally we have the PA who is almost like a personal COO. They understand the boss’ objectives. They know who all the key players are. And they're capable of getting results on their own while taking much - or even most - of the administrative load off of the boss’ shoulders. A POC will take initiative and actually follow up and check in with your direct reports on your behalf. Whereas an administrative or executive assistant might take notes in a meeting, a POC will spot items that need to be followedup on and do that follow-up themselves. A POC will take it upon themselves to circle back with Cindy after the meeting to make sure that she really did have a clean hand-off of those four items and then check back two days later to see how she's doing on them. Please note: * The above titles are arbitrary. * The suggested titles of POC and PM are nomenclatures suggested by Ana-Maria Valente, editor of CareerSuccess magazine.

David Finkel is a Wall Street Journal Bestselling author and Maui Mastermind CEO. He is Co-author of 'Scale: Seven Proven Principles to Grow Your Business and Get Your Life Back' @DavidFinkel www.mauimastermind.com

By contrast, when bosses give an executive assistant a sketched-out assignment, they will you'll usually say something like, “Here's what I'm trying to accomplish. Here are a couple of variables at play. Here are some

careersuccess magazine issue 1 2019


workplace issues

What leads up to workplace violence almost always starts small. While it is possible for an employee to be “fine� one day and then come in the next with a firearm, such an incident is extremely rare. Escalation to violence is typically a process. So usually there are warning signs of workplace violence (and often many of them) before an individual actually commits a violent act.


Warning Signs of Workplace Violence careersuccess magazine issue 1 2019



ere are 5 suggested warning signs to keep in mind when concerned about a co-workers behaviour.

same weight. Gaining that power back - feeling safe and secure again - becomes immeasurably more important than the safety and well-being of others around them.

A Negative Change in Behaviour

Unreasonable Demands

The earliest indicator of a potentially violent individual is a significant, negative change in their usual behaviour. For instance, if a co-worker is typically friendly and easy-going, then either slowly or suddenly becomes rigid and withdrawn, something has clearly happened to cause this shift. It could be anything from a change in medication, a sudden “falling out” with a fellow employee, or a difficult/upsetting incident in their personal life.

It is uncommon for an individual to become violent without feeling justified in their actions. What instigates a violent action is when someone feels they are in a circumstance where they have to use violence in order to achieve their goal. One way to do this is to make outrageous or unreasonable demands. For example, if an employee wants to have a meeting with their boss, but is told the boss is out of town, they might make a demand to see the boss “right now.” Obviously this is impossible, yet it gives the individual a circumstance where they can feel justified in acting violently because their expectation is not met.

A shift in behaviour may only be temporary, and it very well may not lead anywhere close to the individual becoming aggressive or violent in their workplace. Yet it is always better to be over-cautious in such a situation, because it is just as possible that a negative change could escalate into something dangerous.

Increased Level of Passive Aggressive Actions Most people will begin aggression on a very small scale. Complaining to fellow co-workers, starting rumours about those in positions of authority, or even posting a stream of negativity aimed at their workplace on internet sites are such examples. These are some of the earliest warning signs of aggression escalating into an actual act of violence, yet they are a type that is rarely confronted or investigated further. Co-workers might notice these acts as unusual or concerning, but will remain silent because it is “not their business.” It seems too invasive into a person’s private life to bring up their social networking habits to their employer. Unfortunately, tolerating acts of passive aggressive behaviour leaves the door open for that behaviour to grow in severity.

Sense of Hopelessness Another red flag is when employees or clients become vocal about their sense of hopelessness or powerlessness. When they move past blame into a sense of doomed circumstances; that “this will never get any better” or that “they just can’t take it anymore.” This may be about a situation in their workplace, or some external circumstance in their personal life. When people feel powerless in a seemingly hopeless situation, the rules of social conduct do not hold the

Verbal Threats It is far more common than people think for an individual to give off warning signs of workplace violence before they commit a violent act. This is usually through verbal threats. If an employee plans to harm a fellow co-worker or an employer, for example, they might drop one or multiple hints. Usually it is on a more vague scale, such as using phrases like “Just you wait” or “You better watch your back.” Because of this ambiguity, others will often dismiss the threats as empty. Verbal threats are known to be a very powerful psychological tool for reaching a point of violence. They serve two main purposes: 1. The individual is bringing their mental plan into the physical world. Verbalizing that they will be violent is a bridge to actually committing the act; a form of “psyching themselves up.” 2. The individual is subconsciously looking for help. They want to be stopped before they actually commit a violent action, so they warn others in hopes that someone will recognize the danger and stop them.

Warning Signs of Workplace Violence – Final Thoughts In the end, it is always better to err on the side of caution with any of these warning signs of workplace violence. It can feel awkward or invasive to go to Human Resources with seemingly minor concerns about a co-worker or employee, but far too often these “minor” incidents are actually just predecessors to actual violence. Source:https://www.crisisconsultantgroup.com/crisis-interventiontraining/warning-signs-of-workplace-violence/

careersuccess magazine issue 1 2019


There is simply no equal to this!

Key reasons to attend PAFSA's Annual PA SUMMIT 1. Learn from the experts 2. Stay current and competitive 3. interact with other attendees and create long-lasting bonds 4. Listen to highachieving assistants 5. REVITALISE your passion for your role and profession

Diarise now to be there! Where? Sun International’s Menlyn

2019 THEME

Finding the CHAMPION in you! 

A full morning educational Summit Featuring 3 speakers of international repute

A Gala lunch Celebrating the profession on Secretaries Day

The announcement of the PA of the Year® Meet the finalists and be the first to know who South Africa’s PA of the Year for 2019 will be.

Maine Time Square

When? Wednesday 4 September 2019

Why? Because you deserve it!

For regular updates visit our Facebook page and for more info contact us on: headoffice@pafsa.co.za Tel: 011 616 7401

Every year we offer: Top local speakers Peer-to-peer engagement and an opportunity to celebrate YOUR profession! PRESENTING ONE OF THE KEYNOTE SPEAKERS


here! Be there! Learn! Celebrate!

ABOUT FEMI ADEBANJI Femi’s ability to intelligently deliver solid content around a high- performance culture and attitude has earned him the privilege of working with blue-chip clients as well being featured in interviews with leading publications and has been on numerous. His expertise, knowledge and insights will not only transform people but give them a professional strategic advantage.


RATES FOR 2019 PAFSA's Annual PA Summit and Secretaries Day Events on Wednesday 4 September 2019

You choose the option that best suits you! OPTION A - Diamond Package Full Day: 8h30 to 15h45 The morning Annual PA Summit The Secretaries Day Gala Lunch and the PA of the Year Ceremony Diamond Package

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ď‚° For further information on rates please contact our admin department on email admin@pafsa.co.za or 011 616-7401

Help us find Help us find South Africa’s PA of the Year


We all know that ONE PA who stands .out for her/his personality, dedication to service and committment to excellence

Let PAFSA know who she or he is!


To nominate please click here Closing date for nominations: Wednesday 3 July 2019 If you have difficulty nominating online, please request a nomination form by emailing us on: headoffice@pafsa.co.za or call us on 011 616 7401

. It’s our responsibility to get people recognised for their efforts of going the extra mile. Our nation needs role-models where they may be found.

Together we can celebrate the new titlebearer for 2019


health and wellness

Find success by shifting from INSTINCTIVE REACTIONS




n this desensitised state your conscious mind can become deaf to the signals that your masterpiece of an earth suite is trying to bring to

your attention. One could say that you are running blind as you navigate the world around without the ‘insight’ that your own earth suite has to offer. And then you wonder why you make poor decisions! You wonder why you find yourself in comprised situations again and again, but it’s like you just don’t see the signs!

careersuccess magazine issue 1 2019

It’s important to recognise that your body is not trying to sell you out. The fact that you experience a physical sensation in your body is a very good thing. Take your time to process how you feel in your physical state. Learn to recognise the condition of your physiology and identify the emotion that you have attached to the physical sensation. You can actively and intentionally shift the state that you experience in your physical body at any given time. There are three levers to be able to do this. The three levers we can use to shift our state. The first - Acknowledge the condition of your mental state. This means recognising the way your brain allows your mind to operate at any given moment, and the impact that this has on your emotions or physical experience in response to a stimulus. •

The second - Acknowledge the condition of your emotional state.

This means recognising your emotion/s at any given moment and the impact that they have on the caliber of your thinking and physical activity in response to a stimulus. •

The third - Acknowledge the condition of your body.

This means recognising how you experience sensation in your physical body at any given moment and the impact that has on the way that you feel (emotion) and how that influences the way that you think in response to a stimulus.

Let’s focus on the third: The body Becoming body conscious has to do teaching yourself to become more alert of the state your body is in. You can start by becoming aware of the condition of your physical body. By that, I mean recognising the level of discomfort that you experience in your major muscle groups. The easiest to learn and recognise - and perhaps the most obvious - is the sensation of strain in are your neck, shoulders and back.


The physical state of your body impacts on your energy levels. •

When you sit or stand in ‘healthy’ stance: Your spine is upright and straight, you allow the muscles of your body to function well. This also promotes better flow of blood to the major parts of your body which in turn ensures that you are oxygenated and can function well. This is achieved through an improved ability to practice effective breathing which significantly increases your lung capacity.

When you practice poor posture: You are effective ‘crunching’ the life out of your body. Firstly, you are significantly compromising your breathing with an arched back and you are effectively compacting your lungs and chest cavity, thereby reducing the potential lung capacity available for to you to take in oxygen.

That is not the only stress you place yourself under with poor posture. With your spine in a compact position, you are placing all related muscle group under additional strain and your body translates this stress further to other muscle groups and body parts.

Importance of healthy breathing As you develop your ability to practice breathing with full lung capacity, you will enjoy effective dispersion of oxygen in your body and more effective extraction of impurities as you exhale properly. The first significant benefit - significant improvement of your energy. The second major benefit – improved state of your mind. Success and happiness are the by-product of learning to shift your states form negative to positive. You can work on this by reading the book "Get Activated, How to shift from instinctive reactions to intentional responses" by Robin Pullen. It’s available worldwide in paperback and ebook on Amazon. The audiobook is coming out soon. Direct link click here

Robin Pullen on why he wrote this book: “It started with a desire the discover some truth behind why some clients seem to be able to succeed and thrive while other just never find the ability to get free from the self-inflicted traps that hold us back from living our best life. In the end, the truth is that I have written this book for someone just like me. I hope that you join me on my journey as I set out to make sense of and master these thoughts."

Robin Pullen, now author, is considered a thought leader and behaviour management expert who practices as a professional speaker and has worked with more than 100’000 people, all before he turned 40. As a trusted business advisor and executive business coach his clients have taken him with them into 9 countries across the African continent. His learning materials and training products have been translated into 13 languages including French, Malagasy, Mandarin and Swahili.

careersuccess magazine issue 1 2019


Zippy profile


fast questions Mamosa Masuku Your designation: Personal Assistant/ Where are you employed? Corporate Governance and Traditional Affairs (Provincial Disaster Management Centre)


What is the most challenging task you have ever tackled as a PA? I had to allocate the unit’s budget per line items and I had never done the process before. I had to utilise my experience in the unit to identify relevant line items and the estimated budget for each item.

1o swift answers 6


What kind of music/song invigorates you? Which relaxes you? Traditional gospel music always rejuvenates me and refreshes my mind. At times, I listen to classic music to unwind after a long day at work and evening lecture.



What do you do when you don’t know what to do? I google it, research it, ask around…I am never shy to seek assistance/clarity from people who can offer the required knowledge on the subject matter. What is the most daring thing you have ever done? Why? Representing my senior management at a conference that was attended by executives and was hosted by one of our stakeholders. Fortunately, as I was knowledgeable on the subject, I successfully represented our branch and was able to respond to queries as they arose.


When the day gets rough, what do you do? Pray? Scream? Hide in the WC? Have endless cups of coffee? Cry? Write on Facebook? My day starts with a morning prayer which gives me strength to face any obstacles that I may come across.

Which world figure (sports person/ author/entertainer/politician/celebrity) would you like to be a PA to? Why? The President of the Republic of South Africa. I have vast experience in the Government sector, this would give me direct access to the President to highlight some of the challenges faced by PAs/Office Administrators and provide possible solutions. As a member of PAFSA, I’ve learnt a lot and continue to learn.

careersuccess magazine issue 1 2019


What is your favourite fragrance? Where does it take your mind? Azzaro Club for Women - I just ooze with confidence.

mosa Masuk a u M

I first search for a relevant verse in the Bible, then talk to my Creator through prayer which gives me spiritual healing.


Where would you choose to go for a week’s sponsored vacation? Why? New York. This City is full of iconic architectural landmarks, cultural venues and stunning views. So why not explore the Big Apple to its core with a Broadway show, a game at Yankee Stadium or a ferry ride to the Statue of Liberty?


If you could have any company perk, what would it be? Working flexi hours and being able to work from home. At times, one has domestic challenges and unable to report to the office but one would still be able to continue with the work at home.


In one sentence, why would the world collapse if there were no PAs? The PAs attended Secretaries Day on 5th of September 2018 and a government building burnt down!

Your cruising and teambuilding Specialists www.hartiesboatco.co.za


Zippy profile


fast questions Nerine Ungerer Your designation: Executive Personal Assistant to Anton Wessels (Managing Director) and Gary Ingle (Development Executive Where are you employed? TiAuto Investments (Pty) Ltd


What is the most challenging task you have ever tackled as a PA? I started as an Executive PA at my current company not knowing anything about being a PA. During my first month I faced a lot of challenges including an exceptionally high workload. It was as if colleagues expected me to provide services to them as well, because I was the PA. I had to be firm and show my fellow employees the processes in place and the organisational system.

What kind of music/song invigorates you? Which relaxes you? I am totally in love with country music; but then I heard “Sweet; but a Psycho” by Ava Max and it was just the song that made me feel as if I am crazy enough to do anything.


Where would you choose to go for a week’s sponsored vacation? Why? Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya. It is one of Africa’s Greatest Wildlife Reserves. There are a wide variety of places to stay and the best is that you can customise your whole safari experience.

What is the most daring thing you have ever done? Why? I learned how to shoot a 9mm gun. I was afraid of guns because I was shot when I was 10. We went to a shooting range and I decided that I will shoot at the target until I am over this fear. That day I shot 79 shots and I felt great! When the day gets rough, what do you do? Pray? Scream? Hide in the WC? Have endless cups of coffee? Cry? Write on Facebook? Play my favourite song and dance like nobody’s watching.

careersuccess magazine issue 1 2019


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Which world figure (sports person/author/ entertainer/politician/celebrity) would you like to be a PA to? Why? Emma Watson, an actress and activist. She made headlines in July 2017 when she was appointed a U.N. Goodwill Ambassador, and in September 2017 when she launched the HeForShe campaign, which seeks to make women’s equality a men’s issue. Her message is instrumental in today’s feminist movement. She inspires me to know that I am valuable, powerful, fearless, ambitious and that I have a voice.


What do you do when you don’t know what to do? I ask questions, and sometimes a lot of questions. Luckily, I have a supportive system at work. There are two other Executive PAs in the office with more than 20 years experience. They are always willing to assist and share their knowledge.



This is where I learned to maintain a well-managed calendar and that it isn’t always a bad thing to say “no”.


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What is your favourite fragrance? Where does it take your mind? Narciso Rodriguez For Her Pure Musc Eau de Parfum. This fragrance is so powerful that whenever I use it, it feels like I’m in a garden full of scented flowers, my happy place!


If you could have any company perk, what would it be? Money isn’t everything, I seek greater meaning and purpose. My perk would be cultivating gratitude. Creating opportunities for fellow employees to get to know each other and appreciate what everyone does in their role. It is the little things in life that count.


In one sentence, why would the world collapse if there were no PAs?

PAs are the “glue” that keeps the Manager/Executive’s life together. Take away that “glue”, then this will happen… Manager/Executive minus “glue” = Total Chaos!




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fast questions Rachel Hugo Your designation: Personal Assistant Where are you employed? Imperial Logistics

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What is the most challenging task you have ever tackled as a PA? Having to host my first Global conference where SA/Germany/Nigeria came together - from Logistics to all required. I was so overwhelmed yet conquered It. 2016 gave me so much confidence.

hygiene but in the corporate world I would love to assist the minister of Social Services and Welfare It’s my passion to assist the people and help kids; my love for kids is bigger than anything.


What do you do when you don’t know what to do? Panic and then research what to do!


What is the most daring thing you have ever done? Why? Wow daring…. to call my previous boss for a sit down and try and see how we can work better together to find some common ground with each other as it was just not working for us. It was daring for me as I always keep quiet about how I feel in the office but now we like besties lol.


When the day gets rough, what do you do? Pray? Scream? Hide in the WC? Have endless cups of coffee? Cry? Write on Facebook? I Pray for calmness and remind myself how blessed I am to be where I am at and that I can do it through Christ then tackle the day ahead. .


Which world figure (sports person/author/entertainer/ politician/celebrity) would you like to be a PA to? Why? Anyone in the fashion industry. I absolutely love face and skin care and

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What kind of music/song invigorates you? Which relaxes you? I love R&B and Gospel music.

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chel Hugo

Where would you choose to go for a week’s sponsored vacation? Why? Mauritius! The views and the sea…. never been there but would love to!


What is your favourite fragrance? Where does it take your mind? I am a perfume junkie but Dolce and Gabana Light Blue makes me feel confident!


If you could have any company perk, what would

it be? To leave early on a Friday.


In one sentence, why would the world collapse if there were no

PAs? There would be nobody to keep everything coordinated!


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Coaching Travel Corporation



I have been tasked with coming up with suggestions for incentive travel for our company. Please help. As we have very different types of teams.

Answer: Incentive travel ideas for you


ood question: Incentive travel is a significant trend for 2019 and can indeed be an excellent motivator for performance in the workplace. But budget, time constraints and employees’ personal preference must be considered (think personalisation). Consider these ideas:

Type 1: Immersive experiences Forget the regular city break or standard beach holiday. Social media-savvy Millennial employees and the Gen Xer are looking for authentic incentives. However, a tailor-made trip that includes authentic, personalised experiences is a lot of work. Plus, one person’s idea of a fantastic experience may be skydiving in Switzerland, while another’s could be sampling fresh seafood in a traditional market in Venice. Guided travel can be the answer. Guided holidays are ideal for individual incentive travel, as it doesn’t matter whether the traveller is travelling solo, with a partner or bringing the whole family along. Guided travel ticks the box of safety and security concerns as you’re travelling within the safety of a group and a range of immersive experiences are already all included, with the option to personalise the trip with extras. Forget the image of coach tours from a bygone era. Guided travel has evolved and is now hugely focused on authentic and unique experiences that travellers

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probably wouldn't find if travelling on their own. Think culinary tours that include dining with the locals and diving into culture learning about a destination’s heritage. Accommodation tells the story of the area and its people and these unique experiences impress even the savviest traveller.

Type 2: Off-the-beatentrack destinations Off-the-beaten-track holidays inspire individuals to work towards a trip that they couldn’t possibly put together on their own. Think out of the box when choosing a destination such as hiking in Nepal or exploring the Galapagos. Russia is also popular. Russia makes for an ideal different destination for South Africans. It’s also relatively rand-friendly. It offers so many out-of-theordinary moments, from meeting locals over drinks and canapés at the Theatre of Youth in the centre of St. Petersburg to a small group tour of the St. Petersburg’s Hermitage Museum.

Type 3: Travel that gives something back Sustainable travel and the chance to volunteer or make a positive impact on the destination is an added, feel-good incentive.


Consider itineraries that include time interacting with and supporting locals. That could mean joining an experience guided by a local, visiting an arts and crafts market, volunteering at an orphanage or school, saying no to single-use plastics or cleaning up a local beach.

Eco-friendly destinations are the perfect antidote and motivator for a tired employee. Peru, Norway, Iceland, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Jordan and Kenya, among others, all have amazing natural wonders that make re-connecting and recharging that much easier.

In the Andes of Peru with Trafalgar, it could mean learning how to spin, dye and weave multi-coloured textiles, a 10,000-year-old tradition; or, in the rural village of Demircidere, Turkey, enjoying a meal with the women and hearing how (with the help of a translator) theirs was the first village to elect a female muhtar (town leader) in 1933. In Perugia, Italy, Trafalgar introduces its guests to Marta Cucchia, a fourth generation weaver, in her workshop.

Leave your employees feeling valued and inspired and stay on top of your travel budget by choosing any of these four sought-after incentives.

By Jenna Berndt in collaboration with Teresa Richardson, Managing Director of the Travel Corporation in South Africa, which includes the popular guided holiday brand Trafalgar.

Type 4: Destinations rooted in nature Wellness travel is the fastest growing travel sector in the world, and there are numerous studies highlighting how holidays and time spent in nature benefit wellness and positive mental health.


Teresa Richardson

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Wits and have Fun Just for laughs Q: What’s the difference between a cat and a comma? A: One has claws and the end of its paws, and the other is a pause at the ends of a clause Q. How many mystery writers does it take to change a light bulb? A: Two. One to screw the bulb almost all the way in, and one to give a surprising twist at the end. A poodle and a collie are walking together when the poodle suddenly unloads on his friend. “My life is a mess,” he says. “My owner is mean, my girlfriend ran away with a schnauzer, and I’m as jittery as a cat.” “Why don’t you go see a psychiatrist?” suggests the collie. “I can’t,” says the poodle. “I’m not allowed on the couch.” Knock knock.” “Who’s there?” “To.” “To who?” “Actually, it’s to whom.”

careersuccess magazine issue 1 2019

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CareerSuccess magazine Autumn 2019  

CareerSuccess is the ultimate magazine for PAs, secretaries, admin assistants and office managers Essential articles for you. Enjoy fabulous...

CareerSuccess magazine Autumn 2019  

CareerSuccess is the ultimate magazine for PAs, secretaries, admin assistants and office managers Essential articles for you. Enjoy fabulous...