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Someone Said No Spotlight on Marilize van Niekerk

How to build professional credibility

PE0PLE change when the PURPOSE is meaningful!

Neck and shoulder pain resulting from desk job

Memories are made of this

Heidi Stiger takes the coveted title

Potentially You!

Don't Sell your tomorrows

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Singer, Entertainer, Harry Sideropolous

PA of the Year FInalists The role of music in productivity

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careersuccess magazine issue 3 2017


Ed’s memo And so we are here…approaching the end of the year!

Soon 2017 will give way to 2018, and a new year which we hope will be happy and fulfilling. This year our features in CareerSuccess have been truly fantastic and we hope each one of them have inspired and made you stronger, more skilled and more confident. We thank all contributors who give of their best in terms of knowledge and experience to make the world of PAs a better world. I thank Carine Daniels, the immediate past PA of the Year, for her role as Assistant Editor this year, and wish her a continued blessed career. She has been a warm, caring and dedicated PA of the year, and we salute her. As the official magazine for PAFSA, I would like to thank all members of PAFSA for being loyal to this association. A special word of appreciation to those PAs who take on office as volunteers to steer some of PAFSA’s departments, and I refer to Masoora Ramiah, PAFSA's President, Rene Potgieter and her team of PAOTY judges, Angie Orsmond, Yolande Otto, and the PAOTY 2016 tribe. I look forward to working with the new PA of theYear, Heidi Stiger, and her special tribe. A very warm thank you to all the staff at CareerSuccess and PAFSA. Last but not least, a huge thank you to all the advertsers as well as prizegivers and sponsors who make it all possible. Your support for PAFSA as an association, and for its networking lunches as well as the PA of the Year award, is heartwarming, gratifying and inspiring. Bless you all. My best wishes to you all for a grand closure of 2017 and an even grander start to 2018. Sunny regards Ana-Maria Editorial

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news and views by a temp employee can damage your company’s reputation or jeopardise your relationship with suppliers and customers.

Should temporary staff be screened? • The answer is a definite yes! according to Rudi Kruger, general manager of Risk Solutions at LexisNexis Data Services. Organisations need to apply the same level of background screening on temporary workers or even volunteers as they would on permanent staff, as the level of risk remains the same. Reasons to screen temp staff • Temporary workers are often provided with some level of access to a company’s data and resources. This makes it imperative to have all the necessary facts about the prospective temp before the hire, as access to information should never be given to questionable characters. •

An employee, whether an interim addition or otherwise, represents their employer. Negative actions, attitudes or any form of criminal activity

Three steps crucial to making a successful transition, by Amanda de Lange. 1. Leave the old behind Most of us know we need to let go of the things that are holding us back, or the things that cause pain. But the good stuff? Yes, some of that will have to go as well. It might have served you in some way where you have been, but it might very well work against you in your new season. Don't drag the old into the new. 2. Stop running away from what you fear, and start running forward If you continue to run away from that which scares you, you will falter even before you had an opportunity to embrace the first challenge on your path. No matter how daunting it seem, make the conscious decision to not run away.

In some instances, temporary employees can become front runners when permanent positions become available due to inhouse experience and familiarity with the operation. In such circumstances, a background check conducted in the early stages eliminates the hassle of having to screen the candidate or having to find out something unsavoury. The onus remains solely on your company to ensure your business

and employees are protected. It is detrimental to assume the temp agency you are utilising to fill positions within your company is following the necessary procedures. Background screening is simplified with Lexis® RefCheck, a background screening solution that verifies a wide range of personal information, including the identity of the candidate, information held by credit bureaus, criminal records, driver's license, academic qualifications and professional association memberships. More information on: www.lnrisk.co.za

Ready for change in 2018? 3. Be vulnerable. Allow yourself to be known in new ways. Don't try to hide your weaknesses, but surround yourself with those who will help you design the kind of healthy armour that will protect you and bring you into places of greater strength. Be with people who are willing to see your

weaknesses as something that can be built upon and not as something to be used to break you down. Amanda de Lange is a specialist in strategic change, and a qualified Master Coach. More info on 0846090344 or amanda.dlange@gmail.

DON’T WAIT … DON’T HESITATE … JUST DO IT! careersuccess magazine issue 3 2017

Make every day the Most beautiful day of your life.

FREE YOURSELF FROM THE STRESS OF THE CITY AND REVIVE YOUR SENSES. Find excitement with an array of outstanding sporting facilities and cultural activities. With the finest accommodation, delectable fare and every possible creature comfort, it’s more than just a hotel in the mountains, it’s a unique experience.

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Where friends and family meet


news and views

3 Types of Employees that can cause a data breach When it comes to cybercrime, it is easy to imagine that the biggest threat to your company is external. However, more and more companies are realizing that trusted and trained employees can also pose an enormous threat. Innocent Actions Examples – and true-life stories - of human errors are: a mobile phone being lost, letters being misaddressed and even a filing cabinet containing sensitive data being sold to a third party. Careless of Negligent A survey by Google in 2013 discovered that 25 million Chrome warnings were ignored by 70.2% of the time partly due to the users’ lack of technical knowledge, which led to the tech giant simplifying language it uses for its warnings. Malicious Unfortunately, as well as human error, malicious actions by employees also play a part in insider

Work has changed dramatically over the last few decades, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal - it’s become more time-consuming, less stable, and more flexible. In 1973, 6% of Americans said they worked excessive hours; in 2016, 26% said they worked more than 48 hours a week. Insurance coverage by employers has also dropped since 1973, although companies now provide more benefits to aid work-life balance, such as paid parental leave and remote work options. Businesses are spending less on employees, both in terms of compensation and capital investment, while

data breaches. This is illustrated by the story of communications regulator OFCOM, which discovered in 2016 that a former employee had sneakily been gathering its third-party data over a six-year period. What can be done? Increase employee awareness Employers have to ensure that all employees are aware of the potential impact of their actions, and how to avoid inadvertent data loss. It is also important to involve all employees in appropriate training and not just those involved directly with IT. 1.

Keep information safe

There are many reasons why one should encrypt data – while not embraced by all, encrypting data could be an important part of preventing data loss.

2. Monitor data, and behaviours

Keeping a close eye on computer use and the behaviour of individuals enables businesses to remain aware of and identify unusual or risky activity. BYOD (Bring your own device) schemes which operate in many companies should also be carefully monitored and controlled. 3.

Look to the future

With the risk posed by employees – however innocent – potentially catastrophic to business, it is hardly surprising that employers seem set to take a much tougher approach to insider security threats in future years. Workplace cybersecurity can be improved through ESET’s free cybersecurity awareness training.

Has your 9-to-5 workday disappeared? investors get triple the payout from 30 years ago. This has all contributed to workers increasingly acting like free agents in the job market; while they have more control and flexibility, the “safety net that once came with full-time work has frayed.” Source: Your money: Report: Work has become more timeconsuming

ERRATUM: Apolgies to Paula Pereira who is PA to the CEO of Cell C, José dos Santos, whose designation was incorrectly published as COO in the Zippy profile of our previous edition.

careersuccess magazine issue 3 2017

dISCOVER Mongena’S conference and teambuilding facilities Easily accessible by tar road, 40 mins from Pretoria and 1.5 hr from Johannesburg Mongena’s conference facilities offer: ( ( (



State of the art AV equipment Tabletop power points for laptops A choice of 4 air-conditioned venues with exciting break-away options like the chapel, boathouse boma and bush venues Bateleur seats 90 pax cinema style, 80 pax banqueting style, 60 pax schoolroom & 40 pax double U-shape Woodlands boardroom seating 14 Malachite boardroom seating 10 Tshukudu seats 20 pax schoolroom, 14 pax U-shape Rolling lawns, swimming pool, volleyball and beach soccer ideal for outdoor teambuilding activities Gourmet cuisine

a place where nature and true luxury meets

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news and views

Whether you are catching a plane abroad or road tripping up Africa here are HomingPIN’s Holiday Travel Checklist December holidays are nearly upon us and countless South Africans will be packing their bags and setting off on holiday soon. Amidst the thrill of an adventure, the stressful activity of preparing can cause anxiety to the most seasoned of travellers. To help ease the burden, note: The Essentials

• • • • • • •

Passport Visas Itinerary Credit/debit cards Foreign currency Birth certificates and certified documentation for children International Driver’s License

careersuccess magazine issue 3 2017

• • • • • • •

Car registration documents Correct stickers for vehicles going into Africa Airline ticket Emergency contact details Travel Insurance Cellphone and charger Set up roaming for your phone

A HomingPIN tag for your luggage and any other valuable items, can be used on bicycles, golf clubs, cameras, laptops, car keys, passports, wallets, cellphones, fishing rods etc.

Top Tips - Photograph your important documentation in case of loss Be sure to check your baggage allowance before arriving at the airport in order to avoid

exorbitant fines! Whether it’s a long haul flight or a an “are we there yet” car journey to your destination of choice, travelling in general is not very comfy. Here are some items to help create an experience that is either restful and soothing or as entertaining as you would like it be.

• • • • • • • • • •

Earplugs Travel pillow Books and magazines Travel sickness tablets Ipad/ Tablet Headphones Laptop and charger Plug adaptors Travel games for children Wishing you happy travels!

About HomingPin: It’s integrated with the worldwide World Tracer system, and available at select Cape Union Mart Stores


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key feature

That all powerful two-letter word NO can be empowering or disempowering! Layne Tinsley says that if you have heard it recently, it can mean that you need to find a different way, which may lead you down a more interesting path, a unique path meant just for you.

careersuccess magazine issue 3 2017


Someone Said No T hat’s all we ever hear. We’re wired to say “no” first. It’s not that we necessarily mean "no", it’s that we may need more information or a reason to say “yes.”

In today’s highly commercial environment, adults have difficulty defining what is necessary and what is a waste. We even say no to help when we know we could use it. Our first thought is that someone may have an agenda or just the thought that you will then owe someone. We have become sceptical of everyone and everything around us. Sometimes I just want to say yes to everything and I do ! No agenda, just because I can. Saying yes engages us with other people, being helpful, contributing. And it’s fun! How about saying YES to: •

Mountain climbing when you have never done it.

Reading to the elderly.

Eating something you’ve never tried before, and being either delightfully surprised or enormously grossed out. (Either way, it contributes to expanding one’s experiences.)

Sometimes we say no because we have already had a bad experience. I remember when I introduced my kids to sushi. It was on separate occasions so each one had a different experience. My son loved sushi where I took him to my favourite sushi restaurant. However, I treated my daughter to sushi while we were shopping in the mall and grabbed a bite to eat at something akin to the food court. She hated it for years until, in her adult years, she had sushi with friends at a lovely establishment. This is actually a perfect example of the second or third time being the “charm.” Interestingly, my daughter will now even sushi rolls from the deli section of a grocery store. Needless to say, the older we get, our taste, style, and spirit changes. Although we also have the case of where something is so ingrained in us, we are frozen in our belief not to say yes. Something our mother or father said to us growing

up, something our church or pastor may have referenced, something an older sibling or a bully roped in our confidence to not venture. Sometimes we find our confidence, or lack thereof, just being around the people we hang out with. That is why who we spend our time with is so important. The surroundings we find ourselves in are connected with the type of people we are with and the circumstances we find ourselves in  -  good or bad. Saying yes, we stand to create mental pictures of memories. Saying yes brings an opportunity to laugh and smile more, rather than being consumed by regret. It is still good to say no, but paying attention to what we say no to is important! Paying attention to what we say yes to is equally as important! It is a juggle we handle every day which is barraged with choices. Which brings us back to point: Someone said "no". Maybe it’s your chance to prove why they should say yes. Maybe it’s a good no. Maybe it’s a no at the moment, but there is a yes in the future. Someone saying "no" means that we need to find a different way and that may lead us down a more interesting path, a unique path meant just for you.

Layne Tinsley is an entrepreneur helping businesses with processes & procedures, increasing productivity, while focusing on alleviating and solving administrative struggles, and challenges. Layne’s career has comprised of administration, human resources, and office management with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management & Administration. Layne’s mission is to inspire and empower women to grow, lead, and embrace their unique talents. She lives in Georgia with her daughter and their two dogs, Honey and Lucy. You can connect with Layne on Facebook: Administrative Sparkle (www.facebook.com/Administrative.Sparkle/). www.mykta.com

careersuccess magazine issue 3 2017


interview correspondence. As soon as my boss arrives we have a quick morning catch-up meeting to discuss his schedule for the day ahead and thereafter a morning team meeting at 08h30. I also attend all meetings with the General Manager to take minutes, managing his mailboxes, scanning of calls, meeting VIP guests on arrival, just to name but a few.


What inspires and motivates you?

I absolutely love my job! I love the staff and I love the brand. It gives me great pleasure and satisfaction to ensure people around me are happy and I grab every opportunity to make a positive impact on their daily lives, doesn’t matter how big or small. I am immensely grateful to have a job that I have a passion for, and what mostly inspires me is that I have a ‘boss extraordinaire’ who believes in me with a focus on my growth as an individual.

Carine Daniels interviews

Marilize van Niekerk

and we get to know her better


What have been the highlights of your career so far and why?

Without a doubt the moment when I was rewarded with the Marriott International UNICEF Hero Award in 2016 – raising R1,000,000 at the annual Charity Ball knowing that what I was awarded for was for the difference I made in the lives of others.


In the work environment, Jacqui Williams the General Manager at the Townhouse Hotel, and in a personal capacity my dear Sister Elize van Niekerk.




8 9

Can we start with a little background information? Where are you from?

I have been in the hospitality industry since 1990, my career having started at Umhlanga Sands Hotel. I have been living in Cape Town for the past 20 years. Since moving to Cape Town I had the privilege of working in some of the best 5 star hotels, The Bay Hotel, Vineyard Hotel & Spa, Cape Grace, The Grace in Rosebank, and have now been at the Westin for the past 5 years.

How and why did you become a PA/EA/ Administrative professional?

I have an absolute passion for planning, administration processes and the general smoothing running of an office environment. I thrive on planning and implementing processes to establish a successful work life for me as well as my boss.


Briefly, describe a typical day at your office?

I am an early riser with a typical day starting at 06h15 – attending to the writing of Welcome Cards to all our VIP guests checking in on the day, Birthday cards to our staff members, replying to all overnight emails and careersuccess magazine issue 3 2017

Who has had the most influence in your life? Mentor?

How do you relax and de-tress?

I thoroughly enjoy spending time with my two Godchildren, Ilan and Steffan and my loved ones, this revitalizes my soul and my inner being. I make sure I have “ME TIME” - this is when I recharge and regroup my focus for the new week ahead.

What gives ‘light ‘to your life? To your being? Without a doubt, My Family!

What is the most challenging or daring thing you have ever done? Why?

The day when I accepted the responsibility to arrange, coordinate and obtain funds through sponsorships to host the annual UNICEF Charity Ball; 2017 will be the 4th event arranged. Planning and arranging a social event is one thing but knowing that raising funds through such an event to impact the lives of the underprivileged has an enormous impact on me! But the satisfaction of succeeding in making a change in the lives of other is just so worth it!



careersuccess magazine issue 3 2017


productivity tips One can be professional but not necessarily productive. In order to be both, some behaviours are essential, so says Amanda Philips.

How to build

professional credibility

careersuccess magazine issue 3 2017


1 Ask & Listen – Ask the right questions and always listen to understand. Always admit when you don’t know and be willing to learn.

11 Help others – Without expecting anything back in return. This allows you to create stronger bonds and you will be known as a valued resource.

2 Show concern – Colleagues tend to show more trust towards you if you show care and concern towards them.

12 Know your strengths and weakness – Work on ways to enhance your strength and mitigate your weakness.

3 Own your Mistakes & Be Honest – Admit when you are wrong. The worst thing you can ever do is to hide your mistakes or blame others for them. Own it, learn from it, and move on. 4 Keep confidentiality – This builds and develops trust and maintains your professional credibility. 5 Keep Commitments & Meet Deadlines – Keeping your commitments and deadlines builds your reliability. If you are unable to keep this, make sure that you inform others in advance. 6 Make your appearance count – Look the part you want to play! 7 Follow through – If you say you are going to do something, make sure you keep to your promises and commitment. This shows that you are trustworthy and ethical. 8 Remain professional – Regardless of what comes your way, it is vital to remain professional at all times. Make sure you have a firm handshake, maintain eye contact and speak with a clear voice. 9 Always be well prepared – Especially when attending meetings. Do your research, have your back up and always be prepared for questions. 10 Go above and beyond – Always do more than what is expected of you, you will gain both the respect and reward for it.

Regardless of what comes your way, remain professional at all times.

13 Always be on time – Being on time also shows that you respect people and their time. 14 Welcome critical feedback – Asking for feedback shows you are confident in your work, but humble enough to want to improve. 15 Be respectful – Showing respect and being polite to everyone from the head of the office, all the way down to the cleaner, shows your character and kindness, which others will look up to and respect. 16 Be Transparent – When you are transparent, you portray trust by revealing you have nothing to hide, and you also establish yourself as an honest and credible person. 17 Learn the ‘business’ – Learning the business is essential in gaining credibility. Understanding the activities of the various departments in the organization, helps you understand and speak the language of the organization as a whole. 18 Be respectful when speaking of your competition – Rather build your own brand then tearing others down. Being professional and respectful under all circumstances, is what will help you win the business. 19 Always be loyal – Being true to who you are and your values, allows you to be trusted and relied on. 20 Trust – Delegate responsibility and show trust in the ability of others, which in turn builds up your credibility.

xxxxxx Amanda Philips is Executive Assistant at the One&Only Hotel. She has been in the hospitality industry for the last 9 years, and loving it!

careersuccess magazine issue 3 2017


work trends

PE0PLE change when the PURPOSE is meaningful!

In life, there are always people who will start a Mexican wave, ones who would watch in eager anticipation for their turn - and those who wonder if they’ll mess it up with their “two left feet”. Monique Bassi shares some thought-provoking thoughts.




We know that the common goal is for

change in the workplace,



the successful implementation of the



new strategies, but a workplace is

changes can be met with varied

made up of individuals with different

responses, similar to the reaction

backgrounds, past experiences and

by those who witness the start of a

even personal goals.

Mexican wave.

these beautiful differences that add

Those who will eagerly wait for their turn - and those who wonder if they’ll mess it up with their “two left feet”!

careersuccess magazine issue 3 2017

It is exactly

the “spice to life”- if our leaders understand this, and ensure that the communicating processes are varied to take into account the various

19 emotions and various states of mind of

Bosses should consult their PAs before setting off a communication chain informing of changes. We have our ear on the ground and can therefore make suggestions as to whether the messages are conveyed adequately to all audiences. If the purpose of the change is communicated correctly, that is half of

If the purpose of the change is communicated correctly, that is half of the job done! If people understand the purpose they are more likely to sing from the same “hymn sheet”.

their people.

the job done! If people understand the purpose they are more likely to sing from the same “hymn sheet”. Let me give you an example: Have you ever seen a group of delighted guests after

4. A mutual sense of purpose

To sustain its sense of purpose, every

Every high-performing team believes it

team needs to strive toward specific,

A happy crowd of disparate but joyous

exists for a compelling reason and that

real achievements that will fulfil that

hearts pull off one of the most well-

the world will be better for what it does.




Its purpose is not the task or work it

Suddenly everyone is united with the

does, but rather the benefit it delivers.

Shaking up comfort zones

It’s the difference between “We scrub

“Inspire and set your team on fire” is

hospital floors” and “We prevent the

how our bosses are told to ‘get things

spread of deadly infections.” This is

done!’. During these challenging – for

what pulls people together and makes

some ‘exciting’ – times, we know and

them feel part of something bigger

understand that a shift in thinking is

than themselves.

required to ripple all the way through

a Sunday lunch breaking off into song?


same purpose: To enjoy themselves. There





individual performance is insignificant - and in spite of what anyone does right or wrong, the ebb and flow of the songs pulsate as if automated. The pull and power of purpose works miracles: In the Harvard Business

5. Tangible goals based on that purpose.

Review guides I picked up two

Purpose must be made concrete or it


will quickly wither.





the organisation. continued on next page


careersuccess magazine issue 3 2017

20 continued from previous page Implementing the new ‘5 step plans’ requires focus and drive but the reality is that teams are not necessarily ready to pump their chests and cry “Yippee!” at the mere announcement of these shifts in processes. Creatures of habit tend to resent a shake-up of their comfort zones. In addition to knowing the purpose well, is it also not about

Changing the direction that a sunflower faces, is only by following the sun.

I am daring to suggest that the

notion of changing people will be as futile as attempting to manipulate the movement of a sunflower’s arc with a flashlight. Instead, it’s best to help our bosses ensure that the ‘messages’ celebrate the uniqueness of our teams, and that in the new processes we sincerely treat each other as valued and valuable human beings!

who we share our ‘journeys’ with? “Seek out people to work with who are brimming with talent, energy, optimism and generosity”, said Martha Stewart. Former President Barack Obama said: “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” Sir. Richard Branson that “generating employee and consumer loyalty are both about the same thing – creating a level of engagement that supersedes what’s in the paycheque or the bonus loyalty plan points”.

careersuccess magazine issue 3 2017

Monique Bassi, is Personal Assistant to the GM at the Vineyard Hotel She is actively involved in the hotel's Wellness Programme. As an avid outdoors person, she is deeply appreciative of nature's awesomeness.


careersuccess magazine issue 3 2017


healthy mind in a healthy body

Neck and shoulder pain RESULTING FROM DESK JOB

Sitting at a desk and looking at your computer screen for long hours, coupled with bad shoulder posture as you type, will potentially lead to a stiff neck and tension in the shoulders. CareerSuccess advises on how to quickly and effectively ease the strain.

careersuccess magazine issue 3 2017


here is no need to continue with a task at hand if your neck and shoulders are showing strain. You can pause for about 6-8 minutes and relax those muscles by a combination of breathing deeply and doing the three exercises shown on the next page. Neck and shoulder tension can be the result of stress due to a deadline, long work hours facing a computer; poor posture; your keyboard not being correctly placed for you comfort; or the monitor is not aligned to your best view.

It is tempting to grab an antiinflammatory so you can just get on with the job, but unless this has been recommended by your doctor for severe strain, it is best to consider slow stretching exercises instead. We suggest these which are simple to follow. If you are not confident, ask a colleague to go through them with you, the first time, to ensure you do it correctly. Sit upright but relaxed. Before you start, breathe deeply three times. This is to ensure you switch your mind off work and allow yourself to relax.

healthy mind in a healthy body


Below are some suggestions for shoulder and neck tension relief The following excercises are to be done slowly and gently.

Shoulder rolls – exercise 1.

8. Repeat the above up to four times.

Roll each shoulder in forward motion in slow circles - 3 to 6 times.

Finish off by placing your head in neutral, arms by your side, closing your eyes, and breathing in deeply three times.

Now do the same by rolling your shoulders backwards.

Stretching the neck muscles has an immediate relaxing effect on your body and mind. The above exercises help defuse stress held in the body and induces a sense of well-being. This can also help prevent headaches.

Chin tuck – exercise 2 Breathe deeply and then begin.

You can avoid neck and shoulder strain by following these tips:

6. Stand or sit upright, keep your spine straight. 7. Push your head forward, jutting your chin out as far as possible. 8. Slowly reverse the movement by pulling your head back as far as possible, as if recoiling away from someone. 9. Your head should stay level throughout the stretch, which you’ll feel at the base of your neck. 10. Repeat up to four times.

Head tilt – exercise 3 Breathe deeply and then begin. 4. Face forward, tilt your right ear down toward your right shoulder. 5. Leave your left arm hanging straight down to increase the stretch. 6. Hold for seconds.



If your boss shows strain, please give these exercises to do.


1. Place your computer screen directly in front of you - not angled to the side, which puts your neck into an awkward position. 2. If our job sees you being on the phone frequently, do not cradle the phone between your ear and shoulder. 3. Use a chair with adjustable arm rests that allow your elbows to form a 90-degree angle. The arm rest and the arm angle help take tension off the shoulders.

Note: 1. If the above exercises do not help, you need to see a doctor or chiropractor. 2. The above exercises should not be done by anyone with a neck, head or shoulder injury before consulting a doctor first. Sources: Some of the information above was inspired by Yoga international (Relieving-neck-shoulder-tension) and Fast Company (5 Simple Exercises To Fix The Damage Your Desk Job Does) Image Source: http://myocarermt.com/massage-therapy-forneck-pain/

7. Straighten your head and now do the same but by tilting the left ear down to your shoulder.

careersuccess magazine issue 3 2017

24 On

pa summit 6




Day, PAFSA held its annual PA Summit, in Menlyn Maine and the theme was: “SHINE like the SUN SPARKLE like a STAR”

Platinum sponsors were Sun Time Square, Bantex and The Capital Hotel

careersuccess magazine issue 3 2017

CONFERENCE CONFERENCE  TEAMBUILDING TEAMBUILDING   WEDDINGS WEDDINGS   FUNCTIONS FUNCTIONS    SPA SPA Intundla Game Lodge & Bush Spa, only 55 minutes from OR Tambo/Johannesburg and 30 minutes from Pretoria, within the Dinokeng Big 5 Game Reserve. 9 Meeting rooms, 2 - 220 delegates Restaurant, Lounge Wedding Chapel

37 Luxury en-suite Chalets Executive & Honeymoon suite Large & Intimate Bomas

Tel: 012 735 9913 /4 • info@intundla.co.za • www.intundla.co.za


pa summit

PA SUMMIT PICTORIAL REVIEW Keynote speakers were: Craig Wing, Tlou Mathato, Chris Voysey. The MCs were Ana-Maria Valente and Erik Vermeulen. The welcome address was delivered by PAFSA's President, Mastoora Ramiah.

careersuccess magazine issue 3 2017


careersuccess magazine issue 3 2017


pa summit

During the morning of the Summit, the delegates met the six finalists of the PA of the Year Award, identified below.

Shantal Chetty

careersuccess magazine issue 3 2017

Linda van Noordwyk

Natalie Bassa

Heidi Stiger

Nadia Williams Mabaso

Milicent Chanetsa


FIND YOUR  VOICE!   If  you  are  a  writer,  ‘finding  your  voice’  means   the  way  you  sound  as  you  write.       So  how  about  the  way  you  sound  as  you   speak!?   The  way  you  express  yourself  is  really   important  to  the  development  of  your  brand   in  the  marketplace.   Companies  make  huge  efforts  to  turn  a   simple  product  into  a  brand  that  people   desire  -­‐  you  need  to  be  the  brand  that  people   desire:  

Use your  voice  and  body  to  make   an    impact,  understand  the  skills   that  help  you  connect  with  others   and  communicate  with  power.    


“Chris  was  phenomenal,  the  staff  loved    him.    He  was  extremely  engaging  and  

delivered a  strong  message.    He  was  fun,   inspirational  and  very  professional”   Carine  Daniels  Executive  Ast  Manager  –  Office  of  the  CEO,   CTICC  

“Chris  was  a  brilliant  Master  of   Ceremonies  at  our  world  conventions.     He  connects  well  with  audiences,  has  a   great  sense  of  humour  and  can  hold  a  big   event  together”   Roget  Uys,  CEO  GNLD  International    

Through personal  coaching,  group  workshops  and  motivational  talks  to  audiences,  Chris  Voysey  helps  people  discover  the     power  of  effective  communication.      Find  your  voice,  express  your  brand.   careersuccess magazine issue 3 2017


secretaries day

Secretaries Day Lunch

careersuccess magazine issue 3 2017

at Sun Time Square Menlyn Maine organised by pafsa

The VIP guest was Miss South Africa, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters


careersuccess magazine issue 3 2017


Entrepreneur • Public Speaker • Lecturer

Tlou Mathatho is a professional motivational speaker with more than 19 years of public speaking experience. Having started public speaking at the age of 14 in high school, his public speaking skills positioned him to be able to convey his message to his audience in a more practical and thought provoking way. With an inborn public speaking gift and years of corporate experience, Tlou is not only able to touch on business related topics, he is also able to provide motivation to people who need direction concerning key life decisions that they need to make. When dealing with business related topics Tlou draws from his own experience as an entrepreneur.

Tlou Mathatho Specialising in Leadership, Sales, Personal Development, Enterprise Development Seminars and Brand Activation Experiences Tel: (+27) 076 194 1596

careersuccess magazine issue 3 2017

Email: tlou@doxamarketing.co.za

pa of the year award


PA of the Year Award in pictures, held on Secretaries Day 6 September

careersuccess magazine issue 3 2017


pa of the year award



Heidi Stiger PA at Sanlam investments

CS: Congrats – what does it feel like to have been nominated and then elected South Africa’s PA of the Year? HS: I am feeling incredibly blessed, especially since my boss is retiring in December and for me this “crowns” our 8 years of working years together. My success is very much a response to Raymond’s Schkolne (Chief Human Resources for Sanlam Investments) trust and faith in me and the opportunities he has given me to stretch, to get involved and apply myself, so the timing of this award makes it even more special as I feel it represents both of us.It feels like I have been crowned.

CS: Who was the first person you told or called to say that you had received the Title? HS: Of course it was my boss, Raymond .

careersuccess magazine issue 3 2017

CS: What did your boss say? CD: …and his words were “get out of here”! He was sitting on a plane at the time, so although we couldn’t chat properly he did convey how incredibly proud he was of me.

CS: Do you have a typical day? If so, what is a typical work day for you? HS: Literally anything can happen in my day! It is obviously influenced by Raymond’s priorities and responding to them, as well as the projects and events I am coordinating. There are always issues that I am researching, trouble-shooting and reporting on, so usually my day involves a lot of juggling, meetings, dealing with various stakeholders across the business and generally having to stay on my toes!

35 CS: What aspects of your job do you enjoy the most? HS: I get great satisfaction in working well with my boss and colleagues, working together as a team and knowing that they value my input and judgement is very important to me. Also, being part of project teams to design and implement our People & Culture initiatives, executive leadership programs and company events is probably one of my favourite aspects of the role as it also allows me to be creative.

CS: Why do you believe the secretarial/admin profession still remains relevant despite technological advances? HS: In part, it is exactly because of the technological advances and our ability to utilize that technology that makes us relevant. At the same time, our managers rely on us to not only be able to execute our jobs well, but to also be their right hand. If you had to ask your manager what they appreciate about you, I am certain that most of it would revolve around the personal traits you bring to your work, specific behaviours, attributes and competencies which underpins the way in which you support him or her as their business partner. Which is why I believe that due to the nature of the work we do, the human element of our role cannot easily be replaced but in fact, makes our profession even more in demand.

CS: What message do you have for PAs about staying relevant and proud of their profession? HS: As with each role, your job is what you make of it. I would suggest looking at your strengths, what you enjoy doing and try to find a way to weave more of it into your current role. Look for gaps and other areas where you feel you can add value even if it means taking on more work. Where possible, participate in meetings. Don’t be shy to express your point of view, make suggestions and be innovative. The benefit of stretching and growing will far outweigh any additional stress. Working in teams is also a great way learning more skills and sharing knowledge. And of course, be patient. It may take time for you to develop your role into something that is unique to your talents and skillsets, and in so doing, will help you stay relevant.

CS: How do you de-stress HS: Despite snow, hail or rain (or in our case, the South Easter), I love being outdoors so even getting 10 minutes outside and seeing the sky helps me refocus and put things into perspective. The absolute best part of my day is going for a walk along Sea Point Boulevard. I feel incredibly grateful to live near the sea and it is always a relief to come home and unwind.

CS: What is your favourite inspirational quote? HS: One of my favourite quotes is “In a world where you can be anything, be kind”.

CS: If you could have any five people in the world to have dinner with you, who would they be? HS: I know I should probably mention a world leader or at least a Nobel prize winner, but for me it would be spending quality time with those nearest and dearest to me over dinner.

Finalists with the Judging panel careersuccess magazine issue 3 2017


Keynote speaker interview

Chris Voysey was the closing Keynote speaker at PAFSA’s annual PA Summit based on his expertise in building the right personal brand. Career Success interviews him.



Chris, why do you believe it is an absolute essential for a PA to know the value of her professional potential in terms of brand? Knowing your brand (who you are and what you have to offer) is essential in making the best of your job; this way people know how they can rely on you and trust you in the very important role of a PA. Of course, people also discover their own brands as they grow in the workplace – this comes through being open all the time to who you are and what your strengths are as well as what else you still have to learn. If we ever think we have learned everything there is to know about the workplace (and the human beings in the workplace) we are in trouble! It is really important to answer three key questions:

careersuccess magazine issue 3 2017


What am I really good at?

What are my personal strengths as a human being (good listener, empathic, organised, communicate well, good listener etc)?

Do I really feel that this is a calling on my life?

Knowing yourself helps you to know what you have to offer and clearly helps you to know the areas of your life where you need to improve. How important is it for bosses to focus on their personal brand as well, and not just on the company brand? I think it is essential. Of course the company brand is extremely important and we must know what that brand is - and what it stands for - so that we can put our weight behind that personally, but we live in a time where there is a call for authenticity, for people to be real and not pretending.

Every individual must find, and express, their own individuality in any organisation – and that includes the bosses. They are human, after all (we hope!) and that human-ness is important; certainly from a communication point of view, being real is essential. People don’t share their lives with masks, they share their lives with real human beings. So, let’s be human! Do you believe social media can make or break personal brands? We need to be very aware of the power of social media – it has brought down governments in the recent past and continues to ‘expose’ wrongdoing and shady deals. It can bring you down as well. And of course it can lift you up. We must be aware that we are living under something of a microscope in this day and age; to maintain a professional persona you have to be professional all the time, not just when it suits you.


Personal behaviour and the way you conduct yourself is important … and also part of your brand. So that who you are, is who you are all the time - not just for show. And of course one can (and should) use social media to build one’s brand – posting information (and /or yourself in a situation) that shows the positive side of what one is doing in the workplace and what positive things are happening in South Africa.

What got you so interested in this subject?

Do you believe there should be internal workshops held at organisations on this matter? I say this because the personal brand of each employee makes up the company image and brand.

Communication is so powerful. We can spend hours in the gym or following certain diet programmes or joining walking and running clubs or investing in creams and lotions to make ourselves look good, but … the minute we open our mouths, everybody wishes we hadn’t! We can look wonderful but communicate in an abrasive or hyper-critical or judgemental way or we can speak in such a way that people simply don’t even understand us. Talk about brand!

Well, I have to say a loud YES to this question because this is what I do! And I love it! Helping people to look at the subject of personal brand and how we are all communicating our brands is very important in my opinion. It is often something that people are simply unaware of – how they come across or how their personal style affects the people they work with or, even more importantly, how it affects their customers! And I really like the way you refer to how the company brand and our personal brands can gel or conflict – this is an important subject to look at and all companies should be looking at it. In the same way, all companies should be helping their employees with the art and science of effective communication – this is how we behave and connect (or not) with each other in the workplace.

I have an advertising and marketing background and I am fascinated by the subject of communication and how it contributes to brand-building. Big companies spend millions on building a brand through communication and we, as individuals, do very little to build our own personal brands.

So much of our brand is defined and designed by the way we speak. We should spend as much time on that as we spend on trying to look good. We should use the wonderful gift of the voice and body more powerfully; expressing ourselves more vibrantly, connecting with people more energetically and empathetically – all this helps build a really strong brand and helps you get noticed in the workplace. That’s what advertising is about! Chris Voysey can be contacted on: Tel: (+27) 078 765 6623 Email: chris@chrisvoysey.com

careersuccess magazine issue 3 2017


Keynote speaker interview

Don’t sell your

tomorrows! Tlou Mathatho was one of the keynote speakers at PAFSA’s annual PA Summit chosen on his expertise in getting people to achieve more by gearing themselves in the right direction.





As for PAs planning their work

believe it is

day, every day, it is the one thing


that helps them have a work


essential, these


life which avoids the syndrome:


Activity without productivity! For

particular times we live in,





workforce is what counts because

their life better as well as their

every minute counts!

approach to their day's work?

How important is it for bosses to

Well, for any PA, planning is one

be reminded of this necessity as

of the key skills that any executive

well? There is such turbulence

could wish for!

around us it is easy to lose focus

As the popular saying goes “If

either at work or at home.

you fail to plan you plan to fail”.

Anybody can steer the sheep, but it

Remember vision transports you to

takes a leader to chart the course!

your final destination through the

This is where a leader’s capacity

faculty of your mind, but you have

to tap deep into his or her mind for

to come back to point A to draw

a clear plan of action on how to

out a plan of action to navigate

navigate his/her way to the desired

your way through the constantly

destination will clearly be seen.

changing world as you progress towards that destination.

careersuccess magazine issue 3 2017


remind PAs on how to plan both

A well planned course of action puts everybody - from executive

39 ranking

PAs can maximise on today’s automation

You said during your keynote: “Don’t

employee - at ease, as everybody knows

technology which allows them to have

sell your tomorrows”. This is very

what their responsibilities are as they

vital information at their fingertips for

powerful. What do you mean?

make meaningful contributions. Not only

quick processing of a number of tasks

should leaders plan, but they should be

to accomplish per day. Google calendar

willing to adjust their plans whenever

and many other automated time and

trends demand that they should do so.

activity management applications are

You either adapt or the business will die.

designed to ease their work loads.

Do you believe people at work today

Do you believe learning institutions

future opportunities, there are others of

have enough time to actually PLAN?

should build PLANNING and GOAL-

us who are busy partying. When some

Are things around us not spinning out

SETTING into curricula?

of us are investing time and money to





of control?

Simply put, whatever activity you are involved in right now, you are either buying your future or selling it. When some of us are planning to further their studies to better take advantage of

build their careers or a business, there Certainly. Considering the level at which

are others of us who are spending all

I believe that the potential of our mind is

our learners and students are dropping

their time spending the little money they

so great that the more challenged we are

out of school, one can’t stop to wonder

have gained, thus selling out their future.

the more creative we become.

if these potential graduates had goals to

The future will come, and it might not

start with. A life plan for young people in

be friendly to some people, but it will

school could be the best tool to help curb

be friendly to some because they could

many social ills like crime and substance

foresee it and have prepared for it.

Although there are so many things that compete for our attention daily we need to exercise our dominion over time. We have to employ certain measures that will allow us to be in control even when things are out of control.

abuse. People who have a clear picture of where they are going are generally more productive.

Tlou Mathatho can be contacted n Tel: (+27) 076 194 1596 Email: tlou@doxamarketing.co.za

careersuccess magazine issue 3 2017


Focus on Interpersonal skills Career Success speaks to Erik




co-MC at this year’s annual PA Summit based on his expertise




immediate total emotional and mental connection with any audience.

MakE Connections! Learn from an expert


We believe it is an absolute essential for a professional PA to have the skill of connecting with all types of people: Can you give us a few tips on how to work on this skill? The short answer is that I cheat. Not really, but I have some short cuts that help me identify the behavioural style of the person, or people I’m dealing with or speaking to. There are 4 main behavioural styles that can be identified by simply assessing the behaviour of the people I’m dealing with and that helps me to adjust my own behaviour so as to allow them to feel as comfortable as possible.

careersuccess magazine issue 3 2017

41 I want people to feel “we get on so well, Erik’s just like me”. I do this by placing their inter-personal needs ahead of mine and then I give them what they need from the interaction. Example: Expressive styles for example are friendly, open and gregarious so I adapt to be like that. Analytical folks on the other hand want to deal with people who appear calm, organised and structured so I tone down my behaviour when dealing with them. I was first exposed to this concept in the late 90’s and since 2003 I’ve been running a two-day training programme called Effective Inter-personal Skills during which I teach people how to accurately assess behaviour and to adopt an effective communication strategy. We look at how to build relationships, how to minimise conflict and how to build teams using behavioural insights.

I believe I’ve earned the right to be on stage - so to speak. Credibility also comes from knowledge and experience of course. When I was at school I remember a teacher telling me to strive to know something about everything and everything about something. Three decades ago that was sage advice - but it came before Google wrecked that. Today everyone is an expert on everything after 10 minutes in front of their computer. So I just try to make sure I know more about my topic than anyone else in the room. I then invite the audience to interact with me online afterwards. As a keynote speaker, or as consultant, you are frequently singled out for your enthusiasm, down to earth attitude and refreshing approach to problem-solving. We believe these three attributes are actually key for a professional PA to have. Do you think they can be learned?

You have a very strong stage presence, an energy which captivates, and most importantly, you are nimble-minded. PAs are now asked to do presentations at conferences – what are the factors do they need to develop to convey ‘presence', energy and credibility?

They can certainly be learned. But like learning a language, and being fluent at it, you have to keep practicing it. A fellow speaker, and mentor, told me a few years ago that I’m a giver - that’s probably just part of my make-up - but I find fulfilment in taking people on a journey with me. I thrive on smashing it out of the park!

No-one believes me when I tell them that I’m actually quiet, shy and somewhat introverted. I draw energy from the audience and their responses to what I say and do on-stage. Obviously no-one would enjoy me being on stage as shy, quiet and introverted so I lift my own energy by opening sessions with content that I’m familiar with, and that the audience will resonate with.

Being down to earth is something my mom drilled into me from an early age. And when I think about it, I’m so incredibly fortunate to be able to do what I do and get paid for it, so I think the down-to-earth attitude is really driven by being grateful for the space I find myself in.

Presence also comes from acknowledging the audience. I don’t think one has presence in as much as it is afforded you by the people around you. I like being close to the edge too - without being rude or condescending. I think that as a society we are far too PC and so I like to push a boundary every now and then. It works once, or maybe twice during a gig because the audience doesn’t expect it. That’s the essence of presence and humour - to use a familiar construct but then adding an unexpected twist. I’m very aware of other speakers at the event, their content, news items and actuality in the environment in which the event takes place and I bring those elements in as well.

Solving problems from a refreshing angle comes from experience, to a small degree, but mainly from the fact that I’m not working in any particular industry for a long period of time. You can’t read the label from inside the bottle. I have found ways to apply solutions from one industry to another. Perspective is everything and mine is very different because of skills mix and varying interests - from behavioural consulting to leading adventure expeditions. Erik Vermeulen can be contacted on: Tel: (+27) 083 603 7119 Email: erik@xplorethisworld.com or erik@erikvermeulen.com

Credibility comes with experience I guess - and maybe age! But as a 20 year veteran on the speaking circuit

careersuccess magazine issue 3 2017


Celebrity Entertainer Career


met Harry at this year’s

PA of the

Year Award who was the MC at this prestigious


held at Sun TIme Square in Menlyn Maine

Harry Sideropoulos


larger than life speaker and entertainer

hank you being so entertaining as the MC at the PA of the Year Award function. Your DNA helps, I’m sure! Were your skills finely honed by your radio career? Believe it or not, I studied interior design before packing up my drawing board to replace it with stage and radio. Yes, the ‘live’ element of radio and the fact that you only have one chance to get it right certainly moulded a better understanding of an audience. But I love to watch and listen and that guides me. Each audience is different, that is why I like to always mingle with the guests before a show or event, that way I’m able to source amazing material for my

careersuccess magazine issue 3 2017

gig. Truth is always more entertaining than fiction. You are very complete as an entertainer – what qualities did you have to develop over time? I guess it’s my intense desire to make people laugh and to make them feel as though, they’ve spent a couple of hours with a friend. I’m not there just for an hour to stage the event and go home. I facilitate the mood of the entire event, creating a dialogue with my audience and that can only be achieved if you listen to your client and your audience and create a tailormade entertainment experience. I am an entertainer by nature, and I have always entertained my friends, so I took those same attributes and

brought them to the stage. We did not know you did public speaking until this year. What do you speak on and who are your target audiences? Again, I speak from true experiences. I am by no means a motivational speaker but my 18 years in entertainment have allowed me to hone speaking skills to create an entertaining talk that deals with real life experiences born out of my personal journey. I speak about achieving goals, and that growing older is the most undervalued commodity in our evolution. I speak about losing weight and my life-long journey of self-acceptance. I talk about how we as a species have never been more connected and yet so

43 disconnected. I speak about everyday things and how that can be translated into your work and home environment. And of course, always peppered with a lot of laughter and comedy. My 2 talks are titled “ How to change your life and still make it to lunch” and “ Waiter help, there’s a salad on my table”. So as you’ve gathered from the titles, they are very funny but with a lot of heart. I listen to my clients brief and angle the talk in the direction of what my client would like their guests to walk away with. Your love of good food is as great as your love of performing – and we believe you have combined the two for special corporate functions, How does this work? I have created entertainment packages that fuse amazing Mediterranean food, comedy, storytelling and song into a tapestry of sensory experiences. I work with various venues and together with the client we create an event, day or night where guests have a cooking experience with me as though they’re sitting in my home. I have now also launched a Mediterranean cooking team-building party where everyone gets to cook, eat, dance and play. As a man larger-than-life, what advice can you give PAs in how to grow one’s confidence? Listen first, speak last. Empathy towards everyone around you. Be kind and be generous with your time and always stand firm in your light of truth. When you honour yourself and your truth, you create an internal channel of strength that catapults you into spaces that you never thought you had the strength nor the courage to visit. Harry Sideropoulos can be contacted on: Tel: (+27) 082 380 0540 Email: harry@harrysid.co.za

careersuccess magazine issue 3 2017



Zippy profile


fast questions Linda van Noordwyk Your designation: Executive Assistant to CEO and CFO Where are you employed? TiAuto Investments (Pty) Ltd

by the 2017 PA of the Year finalists.


What is the most challenging task you have ever tackled as a PA?


What do you do when you don’t know what to do?

I take a breath and try to refocus. I would also talk to someone and I find that sometimes when you step out of the current situation and return you get new perspective.

What is the most daring thing you have ever done? Why?


Where would you choose to go for a week’s sponsored vacation? Why?

Definitely Italy for the Romance and Disney Land (I am a huge animation fan).


What is your favourite fragrance? Where does it take your mind?

Emporio Armani - It just makes me feel really special.

a van Noord d w n Li


When the day gets rough, what do you do? Pray? Scream? Hide in the WC? Have endless cups of coffee? Cry? Write on Facebook? I normally eat a chocolate and go for a quick walk and have a chat to my husband; he inspires me and sometimes helps to give me different perspective


Which world figure (sports person/author/ entertainer/politician/celebrity) would you like to be a PA to? Why?

This is difficult question to answer as I don’t think I could single out one person at the moment.

careersuccess magazine issue 3 2017

What kind of music/song invigorates you? Which relaxes you?


Skydiving, I have a fear of heights and this was a really amazing experience I loved it.


Matt Redman - 10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord), this song relaxes me and gives me time to reflect on all my blessings

Completing my PA Diploma while working, being a mom with a busy 2-year-old and expecting my second child.


1o swift answers


If you could have any company perk, what would it be?

Being able to work from 07:00 – 13:00.


In one sentence, why would the world collapse if there were no PAs?

I don’t believe that the world will collapse but I know that PA’s are often the support structure that keeps the world in place.


Is your business performance not getting you to the summit?

Erik Vermeulen leads Ridgeline - a boutique consultancy that helps companies explore and build their brands from the inside out. “Strateteering� Workshops Corporate Culture Interventions and Re-engineering Keynote Presentations and MC / Conference Moderation Team Performance Programmes Behavioural Insights

CO N TAC T E r i k Ve r m e u l e n e r i k@ r i d g e l i n e .g l o b a l +2 7 8 3 6 0 3 7 1 1 9

RID GE L I NE careersuccess magazine issue 3 2017


Zippy profile


fast questions Milicent Chanetsa Your designation: Personal Assistant to Managing Director Where are you employed? Emeritus Reinsurance Company SA Limited

by the 2017 PA of the Year finalists.


What is the most challenging task you have ever tackled as a PA?


What do you do when you don’t know what to do?

Coordinating and facilitating a 3-day Directors and Shareholders (16 guests ) Workshop at our offices.

There is always a way, I believe in sharing and seeking assistance from others, teamwork.



Normally I make a creamy cup of coffee, its helps me to relax and carry on.


Which world figure (sports person/ author/entertainer/politician/celebrity) would you like to be a PA to? Why?

Basetsana Kumalo, I would love the experience of managing her busy diary schedule and getting to meet people of high calibre in her line of business. There is a lot to learn from her as she holds many titles.

careersuccess magazine issue 3 2017

What kind of music/song invigorates you? Which relaxes you?


Where would you choose to go for a week’s sponsored vacation? Why?

Afro Jazz depending on the mood of the day but one particular song of all times is by Behold Aaron, Champion.


Having to cut out my dress lining and make a head wrap out of it because my hair was so bad and I had a meeting to attend.



Klein Kariba in Bela Bela because it is so close to nature, the Spa, game drives and morning breeze is so amazing!

What is the most daring thing you have ever done? Why?

When the day gets rough, what do you do? Pray? Scream? Hide in the WC? Have endless cups of coffee? Cry? Write on Facebook?

1o swift answers

What is your favourite fragrance? Where does it take your mind?

nt Chanet sa li ice

Visage Bright Crystal - makes me feel important; announces my presence and gives me the confidence I need to see my day through.


If you could have any company perk, what would it be?

Outdoor Team Building at any holiday Resort in Mpumalanga.


In one sentence, why would the world collapse if there were no PAs?

Secretaries are that concrete beam between reception and CEO`s office, without it, the world would collapse.


careersuccess magazine issue 3 2017


Zippy profile



fast questions Nadia Williams-Mabaso Your designation: Personal Assistant to the CFO Where are you employed? Agribusiness Development Agency

What is the most challenging task you have ever tackled as a PA?

Proving to my colleagues that I am competent enough to run the Office of the CFO which has been very challenging. I have been in this position since 2012 and worked with numerous stakeholders and therefore have gained experience as to what is expected of my office or what my manager expects.

1o swift answers by the 2017 PA of the Year finalists.


Which world figure (sports person/author/ entertainer/politician/celebrity) would you like to be a PA to? Why? I would love to be the PA to Angelina Jolie; besides my love for her movies I am taken by her humanitarian work especially in Africa. Her line of work would allow me to travel the world, which is something close to my heart.


What kind of music/song invigorates you? Which relaxes you?

Firstly I seek the advice from my manager, then of fellow PAs. No matter how urgent a situation is, I find out as much as I can in order to make an informed decision.

I am a diehard music fan which makes it very difficult to have just one type of music or song that can relax me. I could go from hip-hop in the morning, to gospel or house music later on in the day.



Where would you choose to go for a week’s sponsored vacation? Why?


What do you do when you don’t know what to do?

What is the most daring thing you have ever done? Why?

Music is my escape to any difficult or sad situation, in fact even in happy times I turn to music. I find that when you in a rough situation acting immediately usually involves using your emotions and that can cause the situation to be worse. So I listen to a song that calms me down, and sometimes I add a cup of coffee to that mix. careersuccess magazine issue 3 2017

Will iams


a so


When the day gets rough, what do you do? Pray? Scream? Hide in the WC? Have endless cups of coffee? Cry? Write on Facebook?

Mpumalanga Province, it has so many beautiful sites. I would love to see (God's Window), Kruger National Park, the Caves and the views from their mountains. The pictures I have seen just blow me away.


In 2013 our COO was appointed, and did not have a PA for a year and I was requested to be his PA and assist his office (keeping in mind I was also the PA to the CFO). Within a few months of his appointment we were requested to join a government task team that would be assisting distressed dia farmers in KZN as per a cabinet Na resolution. I was appointed as the Secretariat of this Committee with no farming experience to assist people who have more than 10 years in agriculture. I read a lot books, surveys and gathered as much info as I could to be able to serve this committee and provide assistance to our province. To date, that was the best committee I ever served!



What is your favourite fragrance? Where does it take your mind?

Paradiso by Roberto Cavalli. This was the first fragrance my husband ever bought me and it was a Christmas gift together with a necklace. He had organised a romantic dinner on Christmas Eve a few years ago and surprised me with this perfume. If you could have any company perk, what would it be?

An annually paid family vacation abroad.


In one sentence, why would the world collapse if there were no PAs?

PAs are the best support structure ever - not having PAs could lead to total and complete chaos.

H A R R Y S I D E R O P O U L O S I D E R O P O U L O SS is ready to





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COOKING And a whole lot of


“A consummate professional, generous with his time and talent, hysterically funny and able to entertain and access every single person in the room, irrespective of cultural background.” NEDBANK

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In our kitchen

we play with our food!


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fast questions Natalie Bassa Your designation: Execuitve PA to the Director of Africa Operations Where are you employed? G.U.D. Holdings (Pty) Ltd


1o swift answers by the 2017 PA of the Year finalists.

What kind of music/song invigorates you? Which relaxes you?

Organising an International Golf Tournament from South Africa in Zimbabwe.


Walking on Sunshine (Katrina & the Waves) & I did it my way (Frank Sinatra).



Where would you choose to go for a week’s sponsored vacation? Why?


What is your favourite fragrance? Where does it take your mind?

What is the most challenging task you have ever tackled as a PA?

What do you do when you don’t know what to do?

Ask, and seek as much clarity until I know what to do.


What is the most daring thing you have ever done? Why?

Taking a micro light flight even though I’m afraid of heights, it was something daring.


When the day gets rough, what do you do? Pray? Scream? Hide in the WC? Have endless cups of coffee? Cry? Write on Facebook? I hang in there, take a deep breath, lift my head high and remember the reasons why I love my profession.


Which world figure (sports person/author/entertainer/ politician/celebrity) would you like to be a PA to? Why? Paulo Coelho, because he is such a positive and inspirational author.

careersuccess magazine issue 3 2017

Belgium. It is a country full of history, culture and has beautiful buildings, art, and my favourite chocolate.

talie Bassa a N

Panache - it’s an old favourite, it’s the last thing I put on and it makes me feel complete and confident, and ready for my day.


If you could have any company perk, what would it be? A car allowance.


In one sentence, why would the world collapse if there were no PAs?

We are the gravitational pull that keeps the entire world around us together. "Without us the planets would not align nor would the sun shine."




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team building

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careersuccess magazine issue 3 2017


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fast questions Shantal Chetty Your designation: Senior Secretary to the Terminal Executive Manager Where are you employed? Transnet Port Terminals Maydon Wharf & Agri-Bulk Terminals


Stephen Spielberg, inspirational author and film director, bringing imagination to view by going beyond limits or Nick Vujicic, an eye opening gentleman that really makes us appreciate what we have.

regarding the distribution of tickets to employees. Having being inundated with people at my door, I

end of the function planning, I received compliments on the way things were handled.


What do you do when you don’t know what to do?

Take a deep breath, relax, pray, and all just falls into place.


Which world figure (sports person/author/ entertainer/politician/celebrity) would you

like to be a PA to? Why?

One of my challenges out of the top of my head, was when one of the departments asked me to assist

HR for the list of employee names and developed a spreadsheet, organising everything in order. At the

by the 2017 PA of the Year finalists.


What is the most challenging task you have ever tackled as a PA?

was initially stressing, but then said, ‘Look at the end result and work towards it, you got this!” I called

1o swift answers 6

What kind of music/song invigorates you? Which relaxes you?


Where would you choose to go for a week’s sponsored vacation? Why?

Love songs definitely relaxes me and then I let myself free with Latin American beat and dance moves,

Greece or an island, to be away from hectic lifestyles! Enjoying a slow moving day, day-dreaming on a hammock at the beach, or enjoying the beautiful scenery of green mountains touching the sky, like the island that Wonder-woman was born in!!

antal Chetty h S

What is the most daring thing you have ever done? Why?

Fire and Ice, a warm sweet scent that makes me feel like a princess.

Lol, walked into a huge shopping mall smartly dressed up, but with no shoes, just to please my daughter [age 5 at the time] and husband, as she didn’t bring her shoes and felt em-



I pray, then take it one step at a time and rise above it saying ‘Focus, You got this!’.

careersuccess magazine issue 3 2017

If you could have any company perk, what would

it be?

barrassed to be seen without shoes.

When the day gets rough, what do you do? Pray? Scream? Hide in the WC? Have endless cups of coffee? Cry? Write on Facebook?


What is your favourite fragrance? Where does it take your mind?

An executive company car and family holiday trips.


In one sentence, why would the world collapse if there were no PAs?

There won’t be anyone to push the heads of department, to ensure that they are organised, documents and contracts are signed and that customers are treated hospitably… there won’t be a backbone to any business.



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I have my own office next to my boss' office and I discovered recently when my boss was away for a whole week that listening to music (played softly) makes me more relaxed when I work and keeps me in a good mood. I would like to tell my boss this, and ask his permission to listen to soft music even when he’s in his office.

Listen to music on the way to work and at home. Some tips: •

Get Quality Equipment. Finding a good device to listen to music is exponentially easier than it used to be. There’s countless choices for digital music players, speakers, and headphones.

Organise Your Library. Create playlists and organise your music based on artist, season, or even your mood. Create playlists for focusing at work, doing chores etc.

Be Open to New. Expanding your music tastes can be a very personal experience for many of us. Keep your repertoire fresh by regularly updating your library with something out-ofthe-ordinary.

Step Aside, TV. Instead of tuning out in front of the television for hours in the evening, try listening to music.

Your Motivation Anthem. You know the one – that song that motivates you to jump out of bed, look your best, and take on the world at full force. Create a playlist of songs that give you that “I got this” feeling and play them as often as you need to.

Answer: The role of music in productivity


uite simply, music is transformational. The music you listen to most often colours your perception of the world, your well-being, and your relationships with others. Nearly every part of your brain responds to music in some way. Listening to music releases neurochemicals, directly impacting our mental health. A universal language, music ignites passion and emotion in all of us. When a favourite song plays on the radio, our spirits immediately lift. A soothing song can relax and calm our nerves. Music can inspire creativity and motivate us … music physically moves us. I believe you when you claim that putting music at the forefront of your daily life can make every task more exciting and pleasurable. Share these thoughts with your boss and it may make your case stronger! For those many office-workers who cannot play soft music at their desks, make up for this by surrounding yourself with music when out of the office.

careersuccess magazine issue 3 2017

A universal language, music ignites passion and emotion in all of us.

by Brett Blumenthal


careersuccess magazine issue 3 2017


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What is so fragile, even saying its name can break it?

What can run but never walks, often murmurs, never talks, has a mouth but never eats, has a bed but never sleeps?


Anyone can hold me, even without their hands, yet no one can do it for long. What am I?


I am always there, some distance away, somewhere between land and sky I lay, you may move toward me, yet distant I'll stay. What am I?



What has four fingers and a thumb, but is not made of flesh, fish, bone, or fowl?

I am not alive, yet I grow; I have no lungs, yet I need air; I have no mouth, yet I can drown. What am I?


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Answers 1. Silence 2. River,

3. Breath


The Horizon,

5. A glov, 6. Fire careersuccess magazine issue 3 2017

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Careersuccess issue 3 2017  

CareerSuccess is the ultimate magazine for PAs, secretaries, admin assistants and office managers Essential articles for you. Enjoy fabulous...

Careersuccess issue 3 2017  

CareerSuccess is the ultimate magazine for PAs, secretaries, admin assistants and office managers Essential articles for you. Enjoy fabulous...


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