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A seismic shift

Do you hate or love your job?

Of Mastoora Ramiah, Carine Daniels and Angie Orsmond.

Getting people to respect boundaries

Time to press the happiness button

10 reasons why cybercriminals target samrtphones

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Ed’s memo Very warm greetings to you. Our first quarter of the year has come and gone, and here we are still smiling despite a somewhat difficult and challenging climate around us. And we battle on as professionals, doing our best, with our chin-up and holding the worthy pillars of our society together. I cannot stress enough how increasingly important the role of PAs is becoming! In a world where so little is constant and secure, executives face untold hurdles – and it is up to PAs to hold all the strings together so that the executives can do their best, which more than often in these days, is not even enough. This issue focuses on your well-being – and each article is a gem. We thank all contributors, and we hope the articles will act like true vitamins for your mind, heart and soul – that you keep strong, take care of yourself, and continue being the beacon we all need. PS: A special welcome to new assistant editor for 2017, Carine Daniels, South Africa’s PA of the Year. Carine has entered a whole new brave phase of her career, and this is just one of the new challenges. As PAFSA’s dedicated magazine, CareerSuccess, thanks all members of PAFSA’s Manco for their incredible energy and dedication. They are working wholeheartedly, selflessly and transparently, on making 2017 a wonderful year, and we are behind them all the way. Here is to a great season ahead. Ana-Maria


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careersuccess magazine issue 1 2017


news and views

80% of current professions are heading for extinction! You need to be alerted to this, not only for your benefit but for those around you.

Watch out – these jobs are going to disappear between now and 2030! Technology is now rapidly replacing the human factor at work. Impact on jobs by introducing driverless cars Take for example driverless electric cars which will do away with company drivers, truck drivers, chauffeurs, taxi drivers. This will impact on insurance policies, the car rental industry, courier companies, valet services and so on. The effect of drones Deliveries, for example, can be done by drones.

Renewed attempts to shine and perform or finally land that coveted position? Commonly referred to as “body-language”, nonverbal communication actually involves a lot more than merely how you physically present yourself. Dr Franzél du Plooy-Cilliers, a renowned Business Communication specialist and Head of Faculty: Applied Humanities at The Independent Institute of Education, provides some insights into how you can keep a check on non-verbal cues when considering promotion, interviews or career changes. Many factors communicate information about you, including the way in which you dress, the jewellery you wear, make-up, tattoos, shoes, hairstyle, and perfume. Also, if you attend meetings and you do not maintain eye contact with the chair of the meeting or other speakers, doodle, play on your phone, yawn and stare out of the window, the nonverbal message that you are sending is that of total disinterest, which will not make a good impression on your superiors and they will therefore be reluctant to consider you for promotion.

Agriculture will likely be controlled by drones. Drones will take over the overseeing and checking functions. The 3D and its role in manufacturing With the introduction of 3D printing and its costeffectiveness much of what is produced in factories can be done from home - by you: Ornaments, home appliances, clothes, shoes, and constructions items. Imagine how many people will find their skills extinct. Artificial intelligence and how it will replace professionals AI is going to be disrupting the

careersuccess magazine issue 1 2017

It’s good to be aware, and prepare our organisations, ourselves, and our youth – so that we start sooner, rather than later, looking into survival. Source of info: Ronaldo Nuzzi CEO of THOMPSON and lecturer at FCT.

Non-verbal communication & your (struggling) career 2. Dress appropriately and in line with the organisation’s culture. Make sure that you always have clean hair and fresh breath, and be cautious of any body odour. Also, do not wear overbearing fragrances. 3. Be punctual. The way in which we use time is also a form of nonverbal communication. 4. When you speak with people: •

Note these:

1. If inattentively you send out communication that is grammatically incorrect, and if you do not pay attention to language errors, you are likely to be judged as someone who does not pay attention to detail and does sloppy work.

way we look for professional advice and services. Attorneys, journalists, nutritionists, accountants, auditors, psychologists and infinity of professions which supply advice or diagnostics stand to be replaced by an AI expert service (called Watson by IBM).

Do not fidget or play with objects (car-keys, click a pen or crack your knuckles). Do not chew gum, and make appropriate eye-contact A lack of appropriate eye contact

can communicate that you lack confidence, that you are disinterested or even worse, untrustworthy. •

Do not look at your watch and your phone.

Do not slouch and do not cross your arms. Both postures send out negative messages.

Try to become more conscious of your nonverbal communication to be sure that you do not sabotage yourself without even realising it. More info on The Independent Institute of Education website www.iie.ac.za

5 Owing to the fact that sick leave is fully paid and the employer is obliged to pay out the employee’s full monthly salary on the usual pay day, sick leave abuse remains rife in many workplace environments.

day of fully paid sick leave for every 26 days worked. This means that during a three -year period, a worker is entitled to the sick leave

ARE YOU UNKNOWINGLY ABUSING YOUR ANNUAL SICK LEAVE? Kay Vittee, CEO of Quest Staffing Solutions, says that while every employee falls ill or requires recuperation time following a medical procedure or injury, many organisations still report concerns of employees taking advantage of using their sick leave to take time off work despite the fact that they are still mentally and physically able to conduct their duties and responsibilities. The reality is that each individual’s ability to function when ill differs from person to person. It’s often the case that people nearing burnout or those undergoing a lot of stress, whether it be in the workplace or at home, are more likely to contract and have a more adverse reaction to office bugs making their rounds. However, many employees incorrectly make use of sick leave to have an off day when they should in actual fact be applying for an annual leave day. Unless recommended by a medical professional, general fatigue is not generally considered a reason to take sick leave. 

In accordance with the Basic Conditions of

Employment Act (BCEA), every worker is entitled to one

equal to the number of days they would normally work in a six-week period. This amounts to 36 days for workers working six days a week, and 30 days for workers working five days a week. Willy-nilly taking unnecessary sick days not only lowers productivity but puts additional strain on work colleagues who will have to pick up the slack of you not being in the office. Whether one likes it or not taking large amounts of sick leave also comes with reputational implications. Even if you are genuinely sick, taking lots of sick leave may impact your career growth or even performance bonus.  People, who take lots to time off work or are regarded as not pulling their weight, rarely get promoted or recommended for a salary increase.

Part of the problem when it comes to sick leave abuse is that many people are not aware of what sort of physical ailments constitute valid reasons for taking sick leave. No one wants to get sick but unfortunately no one is immune to illness. Your best bet is to first identify your symptoms and then make an educated decision as to whether you are well enough to go to work, or whether you should stay at home or seek medical advice. And while employees need to ensure they act responsibly and with integrity when taking sick leave, organisations need to ensure they have a realistic leave policy in place and that it is regularly communicated to staff. It is essential for organisations to ensure they implement a watertight leave policy and that all employees are aware of its requirements and implications. Quest’s website www.quest.co.za

careersuccess magazine issue 1 2017


news and views

What's your mindset? Fixed Mindset

The mindset we adopt shapes our everyday actions and the future possibilities of our world. The common types of mindsets are profiled below. See which one is most descriptive of you.

Growth Mindset

Benefit Mindset

Everyday experts who seek perfection and avoid failure

Everyday learners who seek growth and development

Everyday leaders who seek to 'be well' and 'do good'

Focus on reproducing what they know

Focus on improving how they do what they do

Focus purposefully on why they do what they do

Believes their strengths are innate gifts that can't be developed and focus on perfecting their abilities.

Believes their strengths can be developed with effort, reaching higher levels of achievement and ability.

Believes in developing their strengths and meaningfully contributes to a future of greater possibility.

“In a Growth Mindset people understand that their talents and abilities can be developed through effort and persistence. They don’t necessarily think everyone’s the same or anyone can be Einstein, but believe everyone can get smarter if they work at it.” - Carol Dweck

"In a Benefit Mindset people build on a Growth Mind-set by using their development to make a meaningful difference. They bring people closer together - promoting wellbeing on both an individual and a collective level. Carol Dweck

“In a Fixed Mindset people believe their basic abilities, their intelligence, their talents, are fixed traits. They have a certain amount and that’s that, and then their goal becomes to look smart all the time and never look dumb.” - Carol Dweck

How can we become more conscious of the future we are creating? Become more mindful! See which mindset you would prefer to have - and work on it! Source: The above is an excerpt of an article Nature of Mind-sets written by Ash Buchanan, Wellbeing Design.

live music IDEAL FOR YOUR



084 964 1122 careersuccess magazine issue 1 2017

info@philipmoolman.co.za www.philipmoolman.co.za


careersuccess magazine issue 1 2017


key feature


Things Really Great Assistants

Refuse To Do

Yes, there are certain behaviours that a professional will not engage in. Layne Tinsley shares with us what these are. careersuccess magazine issue 1 2017



aving worked in office administration for as long as I have (over 20 years), I’ve picked up a few things here and there. That also means I’ve been around the block with managers of all styles – both the good and the bad. I’ve also worked with different personalities of assistants – once again, both the good and the bad. But there are seven things a really great assistant refuses to do…

44 Lie An assistant is relied on to provide accurate and insightful information. Sometimes this puts the assistant between “a rock and a hard place” when it comes to both upper and lower-level colleagues. We’re not talking the office snitch here, but we are talking relevant information that a manager should be made aware. The assistant is generally the eyes and ears of the company, interacting with various personnel, and making sure the boss/manager is aware of anything that may be an issue.

44 Work With a Bad Attitude The “great” assistants just don’t have that. I mean, there are days, but they keep it in check. They make efforts to see that the people they work around and deal with each day feel comfortable coming to them for requests and even conversation in-confidence. The best assistants are fun, funny, efficient, and pretty direct. They will respect your time and offer suggestions and alternatives. They are quite resourceful. Great assistants won’t stick around if it is a place that creates an atmosphere that cultivates a bad attitude.

44 Gossip An assistant won’t be caught dead hanging around the water cooler chatting it up. Executive-level assistants tend to be privy to personnel information. So an assistant who likes to hang with a group and gossip will not be seen as a reliable confidant by their manager. In essence, you won’t last long.

Assistants are smart, funny, engaging, organised, efficient, respectful, direct, honest, considerate, and can keep their cool when “the house is on fire!”

This is also a skill. Like I said, it’s not about keeping a list and telling the manager what everyone is doing. You are not the Corridor Monitor. But the manager can count on you to provide accurate and insightful information when asked.

44 Phone It In Most managers have just the one assistant that “knows” them. An expectation for dependability and reliability is not unrealistic. An assistant doesn’t “phone it in.” That means both taking unexpected days off or coming to the job and accomplishing the bare minimum. This just will not do. Great assistants take initiative. This is something assistants learn over time working with their manager regarding what needs to be brought to the manager’s attention and what is taking up their time and attention unnecessarily. It’s always good to lay a foundation of what is acceptable and what is overstepping bounds. Essentially, getting permissions. It can be a fine line. It’s a tough job assessing these decisions!

I have to admit, working as an administrative assistant can feel a bit lonely at times. So if this is a job you are doing or are interested in, you may find yourself spending most of your lunches on your own. It’s the nature of the beast.

44 Say, “That’s Not in My Job Description” We know that there are things that are not in anyone’s job description, so let’s assume here everyone realises reasonable tasks. Requests that come to the assistant require clarification as to the details and expectations. The great assistant will communicate that they will see what they can do and possibly how much time they will need.

44 Show Up Unprepared The assistant is quite possibly the most organised person in the office. Many assistants keep a repository of information in their head - don’t ask me how they do it, but they get asked questions at the drop of a hat all the time by the manager. However, they also keep lists, checklists, information, desk manual, SOPs. continued on next page careersuccess magazine issue 1 2017

10 continued from previous page Any job you first start out you are not going to have all the answers, and you ask a LOT in the first couple of months. After a while the assistant starts seeking out the people and resources to have the answer. The assistant doesn’t always have the answer in the moment, but you will find they are the ones with the resources to get you an answer in a timely fashion.

Best Practice for you!

44 Make Excuses “Great” assistants value communication. Managers should not give their assistants a reason to make excuses. Communication – even if it is email status – ensures that everyone is informed in the various stages and primarily when issues arise. I have found the most frustrating job is working with/for managers that do not communicate with their assistant, respond to emails for confirmations, etc. Assistants I have worked with or gotten to know within my circles LOVE their job! I mean, really LOVE it! They see themselves as the funnel where everything comes in and they route the demands and tasks seamlessly and efficiently. They are proactive in saving time, money, and alleviating the demands on their manager. The assistant works with more people within a company on all levels of job titles than anybody else in the company. The assistant is smart, funny, engaging, organised, efficient, respectful, direct, honest, considerate, and can keep their cool when “the house is on fire!” Someone always wanted on your team! Not everyone can do the job. It is definitely a job with MANY hats, patience, and tolerance. You get it already.

Order your copy today! for only R125.00 (inclusive of vat and postage)

The Best Practice Manual for PAs and Admin Assistants gives

you everything - and Layne Tinsley is an entrepreneur helping businesses with processes & procedures, increasing productivity, while focusing on alleviating and solving administrative struggles, and challenges. Layne’s career has comprised of administration, human resources, and office management with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management & Administration. Layne’s mission is to inspire and empower women to grow, lead, and embrace their unique talents. She lives in Georgia with her daughter and their two dogs, Honey and Lucy. You can connect with Layne on Facebook: Administrative Sparkle (www. facebook.com/Administrative.Sparkle/). www.mykta.com

careersuccess magazine issue 1 2017

more on how to best perform as a PA vist www.pafsa.co.za to get full information on contents. Order your copy be emailing us on admin@pafsa.co.za


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Briefly, describe a typical day at your office? My typical day starts at 7:00 with organising the

CEO’s electronic calendars; reply to incoming/outgoing correspondence to the CEO’s office; set up venues for in office meetings, and arrange functions and events for the CEO’s office. During lunch I get a cup of coffee at my desk to be refreshed for the next round.

4 5 6 7

What inspires and motivates you? The everyday challenges that my position requires brings a new motivation to my being, and

the thought of knowing that I accomplished something new to my job description always inspires me.

What have been the highlights of your career so far and why? Being recognised for the hard work that I put in,

Carine Daniels interviews

Wilanda Swartz

and we get to know her better

in both the roles of an administrator in previous years as well as an EA now.

What industry are you in? Tourism Industry, and it has become an industry

that I have grown to love.

Who has had the most influence in your life? Mentor? Previous Executive Manager: Nzima Soci, he has

equipped me with the necessary skills to develop and


Can we start with a little background information? Where are you from? Born and raised in the Overberg area in a small town

called Botriver; youngest of three sisters and one brother. Matriculated in 1999 a year just before the millennium started and graduated in 2002 with a diploma in Tourism and Hospitality.


How and why did you become a PA/EA/ Administrative professional? I completed a commercial rather than academic matric,

strangely enough I never thought of the profession of a PA/EA or office administrator. Through the years I have worked myself up the ranks and started off as an Information and Reservation consultant thereafter Finance and HR administrator followed by the EA for Fincorp head of department. At this point still not realising that I enjoyed the career of being an EA, and later found myself in the hot seat of the EA to the CEO. careersuccess magazine issue 1 2017

grow myself into an EA extraordinaire.

8 9 10

How do you relax and de-tress?

Plenty of sleep, manicures, pedi’s with a book well worth the read.

What gives ‘light ‘to your life? To your being? Spending time with my loved ones, having

picnics, taking long runs on the beach.

What is the most amazing or daring thing you have ever done?

Driving my car at 200km/h on the freeway to experience some adrenalin rush like the formula one drivers do.


careersuccess magazine issue 1 2017


productivity tips

How to prepare to take


To succeed at any task, your focus should be on preparation of which professional minute-taking is no different! Here are a few basic guidelines that Faradiebah Sharief follows in order to alleviate the stress that goes with minute taking and presenting the final Minutes document. Preparation is Key to Success!


s Executive Assistants, Personal Assistants and Secretaries,

I’m sure most would agree that minute-taking and compiling the minutes tops the list of the least liked tasks of our job - however it’s a very important task! From the moment we step out of that meeting room all other tasks

careersuccess magazine issue 1 2017

suddenly seem more important than typing up those minutes. Although seemingly a fairly simple tasks, it is time-consuming and complex. As professionals we all know that whilst the information is still fresh in our mind, it is best to get into it immediately, however as mortal beings we procrastinate, and the longer we put it off the more anxious we become.


conversation” with the meeting chair with the intention of finding out what are going to be the really important points for the upcoming meeting. •

Firstly and mainly: Don’t panic… it’s all in a day’s work! •

Ensure you are familiar with the key members attending the meeting.

Make a concerted effort to find out how each item (objective) of the previous meeting has been achieved, and if not, why? And what the current status is of the outstanding actions. Once again, the more you know the more prepared you will be.

This exercise will ensure you are familiar with the important focus points as well as the style and tone of the meeting.

Important key points to keep in mind when constructing the Minutes document (have a template): »»

Familiarise yourself with the roles of the participants and where they fit into the “bigger picture”. i.e. relevance to the meeting.

Refer to the meeting name, date and time and where the meeting took place.


Familiarise yourself with the agenda - what are the objectives of the meeting?

List the meeting participants (including apologies) as well as the Chair.


Review previous minutes, especially if the “rough draft notes” are still available.

The Minutes should follow the same sequence of items as the Agenda.

Thereafter thoroughly familiarise yourself with the final minutes that have been signed off and distributed. This will ensure you “get the feel” for the important points.

If possible, set minute informal

The more you know before the meeting, the better prepared you will be. »»

Include an action column to show the responsible person for each action to be taken.


Show the next meeting date.


Make provision at the bottom of the document for the approval signature of the chair person.


Do a spell and grammar check.

If a situation arises whereby you were not able to attend a meeting yourself, but you are still required to write up Minutes based on notes or a recording, the pointers above can also be used to effectively produce professional minutes. I have been fortunate enough to be exposed to different environments whereby meeting content, style and objectives vary. However when it comes to minute-taking and writing up of Minutes, basic rules (as above) apply. Always remember... with knowledge comes confidence and with confidence comes excellence. And we are all capable of our “own excellence”.

For most of Faradiebah Sharief's career she has been in the medical and pharmaceutical industry. Since 2015 she has been the Personal Assistant to the Head of Faculty of the Anatomy & Histology Division at the University of Stellenbosch,

up a 5 “touch-base

careersuccess magazine issue 1 2017


work trends

A seismic


Nawaal Dreyer shares how her boss’s workday has changed over the last two years, and how this impacts on her role as a PA.

careersuccess magazine issue 1 2017


I have been working together with my Executive for five years. His role has shifted from being the manager of a division to deputy CEO and ultimately CEO. We have shared a path that grew us into a phenomenal team. With his latest role, the strategic realignment of the executive team into new roles and the change management process that followed (which had to be ultimately rolled out to the rest of the company) involved many strategic conversations which he expected of me to form part of, and furthermore even required my input.

The technology and the 24/7 factor This entire process was completely new for me! Up to now I had been quite content with being the back office support assistant. Whatsapp has now become an integral part of my everyday office life as most of my instructions come via this communication tool, it is quick, accessible and easy to use. A further change that was implemented to my routine was receiving my e-mails as well as my boss’s e-mails directly on my mobile, as at this point, it is crucial to the change management process to enable us to remain contactable all times.

All this was super new to me and has wrenched me from my comfort zone into a fast-paced corporate world filled with responsibility and adrenaline.

Let me give you a further glimpse into my changing worlds from back office assistance to the front row seat of: •

Meeting attendance to serve as his proxy.

Being available and contactable 24/7.

Liaising directly with clients and executives during his absence to ensure well maintained relationships.

I have become his first check in point when he returns from a trip to provide an update of what he may have missed.

Responding to all e-mails that landed in his inbox.

Added responsibility and adrenaline All this was super new to me and has wrenched me from my comfort zone into a fast-paced corporate world filled with responsibility and adrenaline.


here has been a seismic shift in the way Personal Assistants have adapted to accommodate for sudden or drastic diary changes, last minute travel and client demands that impact on the Executive, and then directly on the Personal Assistant.

The decision I’ve made to adapt to the new circumstances, and to face the challenges ahead with a positive mindset, has provided me with the confidence to succeed in this changing environment. Whilst I am very grateful for the trust and confidence that has been placed in me and my abilities, I am aware that the playing field can change at any given time and you have to be ready to adapt and to expose yourself to the unexpected challenges. I believe in the slogan of the wellknown financial institution I work for and apply this thinking in every situation I face: “How may I help you?". Always be ready for change and be ready to assist!

Nawaal Dreyer is passionate about the PA industry and has been with Metropolitan since 2013, with 11 years Editorial Administration experience whichshe obtained from working at the Independent Newspaper.

careersuccess magazine issue 1 2017


Do you hate or

LOVE your Job? Loving or hating a job can cause either more, or less, stress in life. How many people do you know who are unhappy with their current position and some even sabotaging the success of their workplace! An unhappy or unhealthy work environment is bad for a business’ bottom line and bad for employees. The article below is courtesy of Mental Health America.

Top 5 Reasons for Happy Employees

Top 5 Reasons for Leaving A Job

1. Relationship with co-workers

1. Minimal wage growth

2. Contribution of work to organisation’s business goals

2. Lack of opportunity to advance


Meaningfulness of the job

3. Excessive overtime hours


Opportunities to use skills/abilities


A work environment that does not encourage teamwork

5. Relationship with immediate supervisor


A boss that doesn’t allow you to work flexibly

careersuccess magazine issue 1 2017

healthy mind in a healthy body

Stress from work can also impact their family life, mental health, and even increase risks for chronic illnesses and heart attacks. So what separates the few who are excited about their work from the majority of people? While there are some differences among age groups and types of employment, a healthy work environment is key to job satisfaction. The happiest employees tend to include interpersonal relationships, commitment to the organisation, and a sense of meaning or purpose among the parts of their job with which they are most satisfied. Conversely, those leaving their jobs tend to cite lack of respect, teamwork, and potential for growth among the top reasons for quitting. A healthy workplace is one where individuals feel valued and supported, provides a positive workspace, and shows respect for other aspects of a person’s life. If you’re uncertain as to whether your workplace is on the path to wellness, the signs below may provide some helpful tips:

1. Productive Atmosphere Clean, functional and well-lit space. Good working relationship with all staff. Employees feel respected, appreciated, incentivised, and rewarded. Signs of intimidation, bullying, sexual harassment, and fear are absent.

2. Liveable wage Providing a liveable wage encourages a committed and sustained workforce.

3. Accommodation of disabled Employers and employees have to work collaboratively to identify reasonable accommodation (not special treatment) in the workplace for physical as well as mental disabilities. From changing physical work space and schedule to the use of interpreters or technologically adapted equipment, it can run the gamut.

A healthy workplace is one where individuals feel valued and supported.


tudies have shown that being unhappy with, or unfulfilled, by work can take a toll on our health, relationships, and even lifespan. Those in unhealthy work environments tend to gain more weight, have more healthcare appointments, and have higher rates of absenteeism.


4. Health, Wellness, & Environment. Provide a comprehensive health insurance plan including smoking-cessation, weight-loss, and substance-abuse programs.

5. Open Communication Keep the communication process transparent. Creating an environment of open communication contributes to a more energetic and productive workforce where all employees can feel invested in the company.

6. Employee Accountability It takes two to make a healthy workplace. Employees have to come with a "can-do" attitude and be willing to support each other as well as management.

7. Management Accountability Allow employees to provide work-related feedback to their supervisors. It can be anonymous to avoid the possibility of negative repercussions.

8. Work/Life Balance We now live in a world where technology is available to keep us connected to work around the clock. Work options such as flexible scheduling, hoteling (reservationbased unassigned seating) or telecommuting ought to be considered, and implemented if applicable.

9. Clear & Positive Values Be transparent and definitive about what the organisation stands for. People in as well as outside of the company should have a good understanding of this.

10. Fitness Offer a gym membership, fitness class or even just an exercise space that encourages employees to become physically active and stay fit. If possible, incentivise employees to access such services Source: http://www.mentalhealthamerica.net/workplace-wellness

careersuccess magazine issue 1 2017




With more than 21 years experience in the industry Event Inspirations has naturally expanded our service offering. We facilitate high-quality team building events, décor hire, function design as well as tours and transfers. We specialise in the facilitation of exhilarating and fun corporate teambuilding events with a difference. Event Inspirations recently merged with Affordable Adventures and being members of both SATSA

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team building

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Help us find South Africa’s Sometimes one comes across a PA who is just awesome! It could be a PA who works in your organisation or perhaps one who works in another company, but whoever these stellar PAs are, or wherever they are, you need to let us know about them!

PA of the Year You can play a key role in helping us identify a winner!

Please nominate here Closing date for nominations: Wednesday 12 July 2017

Top PAs are in the corporate world as well as government and civil society. Tell us who they are!

If you have difficulty nominating online, please request a nomination form by emailing us on: head office@pafsa.co.za or call us on 011 616 7401

careersuccess magazine issue 1 2017


Zippy profile


fast questions for PAFSA President 2017 Her current position: PA to Chief Operating Officer, at Sun International


What is the most challenging task you have ever tackled as a PA?

It’s a daily challenge to handle the diary of an extremely busy COO. It is no easy task! He is in such high demand that it requires him to be in many back to back meetings.

1o swift answers 6

What kind of music/song invigorates you? Which relaxes you?

“When the going gets tough the tough get going”. There are 2 interpretations to this: One is: “Those who act tough and proud will leave a difficult situation”.


What do you do when you don’t know what to do?

I always reach out to my peers as I believe we are all team players and should never work in silos.

The other is: “Those who are strong become fully engaged in a difficult situation”.


What is the most daring thing you have ever done? Why?

I am the latter. I don’t quit when things aren’t going my way.

Moved from Durban to Johannesburg 21 years ago to start my career, taking a huge risk and absolutely still loving it two decades later.


When the day gets rough, what do you do? Pray? Scream? Hide in the WC? Have endless cups of coffee? Cry? Write on Facebook? I always reach out to my daily motivational quote that I put up every morning. That is something that truly inspires me and keeps me going.


Where would you choose to go for a week’s sponsored vacation? Why?

A tour of Europe. From watching the travel channel, I’ve picked up that there are so many places to see and things to do. Hopefully, one day!

ora Ramia Masto h

Pleasures by Estee Lauder – The freshness of the fragrance relaxes me completely.



Which world figure (sportsperson/author/ entertainer/politician/celebrity) would you like to be a PA to? Why? I don’t have one specific person in mind. Those I admire – as rolemodels - are the individuals who have assisted me in shaping my future at particular stages of my life. In turn, I consider myself to be a role model for the younger generation to pursue their amibitions by working hard and to set achievable goals in life.

careersuccess magazine issue 1 2017


What is your favourite fragrance? Where does it take your mind?

If you could have any company perk, what would

it be?

International travel with my family at least twice a year.


In one sentence, why would the world collapse if there were no PAs?

Bosses totally rely on their PA’s to run not only their office but their lives as a whole.



careersuccess magazine issue 1 2017


Zippy profile


1o swift answers

fast questions for PA of the Year 2017 Her current position: Executive Assistant Manager to the CEO at Cape Town International Convention Centre


What is the most challenging task you have ever tackled as a PA?


This is a “challenging” question; I don’t look at tasks as challenges but rather as growth opportunities. My mindset is focussed on opportunities, not challenges.


Me Too by Megan Trainor. It reminds me of my blessings and revitalises my confidence. Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen. It brings peace to my soul.

What do you do when you don’t know what to do?


I focus on projecting confidence; ultimately you can’t limp on the catwalk when the hill of your stiletto breaks.


Paragliding! Suffering from a fear of heights, standing on the edge of a cliff at Table Mountain and staring at your biggest fear in the eyes was surely daring. I’ve learned that fear is a mind matter, and that the power of the mind is stronger than any fear you face.







If you could have any company perk, what would it be?

Two weeks per year paid volunteer time to participate in an international voluntary programme. In this way I will be able to give back to the world by enhancing the life of the underprivileged and learn to truly appreciate what we have.


Which world figure (sportsperson/ author/entertainer/politician/celebrity) would you like to be a PA to? Why?

careersuccess magazine issue 1 2017

What is your favourite fragrance? Where does it take your mind?

Lime Basil & Mandarin, by Jo Malone. The smell of these natural elements reminds me of the beauty of simplicity but yet the value and Danie significance of sophistication.

I search for a quiet place, take three deep breaths and remind myself of who I am, to stay true to too myself and to believe in myself. My stress quote to myself: “Chin-up buttercup, you can do this!”

The late Coco Chanel, fashion designer and businesswoman. Her strong determination, ambition and energy that she applied to her life and career, and the influences she had post the World War era despite being female - is such an inspiration. Proving to me that if you have confidence and believe in yourself you can achieve the unthinkable, with a touch of finesse. One of my favourite quotes from her is: “Success is often achieved by those who don’t know that failure is inevitable”.

Where would you choose to go for a week’s sponsored vacation? Why?

Vietnam. I have been intrigued by this country’s beauty, the people, its history and art ever since I’ve read the novel “The beauty of the Humanity Movement” by Camilla Gibb.

What is the most daring thing you have ever done? Why?

When the day gets rough, what do you do? Pray? Scream? Hide in the WC? Have endless cups of coffee? Cry? Write on Facebook?

What kind of music/song invigorates you? Which relaxes you?


In one sentence, why would the world collapse if there were no PAs?

PA’s are the foundation of the working world! The purpose of a foundation is to distribute the load to prevent unequal settlement and to prevent movement of the supporting material, to secure a level and firm bed for building operations and to increase the stability of a structure as a whole, without a foundation the building will collapse.


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careersuccess magazine issue 1 2017


Zippy profile


career feature

fast questions for Social Club President 2017 Her current position: PA to Executive Director, at CSIR: Defence, Peace, Safety and Security



What is the most challenging task you have ever tackled as a PA?

It was related to my Manager when he went on a business trip to Orlando. During that night, his wife passed away in a car accident. For some reason, the news got to him on arrival in Orlando via the tow-away people who left a voice message on his mobile. He contacted me and told me to find out who’s the idiot who messaged him that his wife had been killed in a motor accident.



Starting the day with prayer is the order of each day, and if the day gets rough or tough, I pray again and ask for guidance. Then, I take a deep breath, exhale slowly and remind myself that I can’t solve every problem. So, I will temporarily reset my expectations for the day. Sometimes I need to lower my standards and be more realistic.


Oprah Winfrey. She inspires people to be their best self. She also believes that everyone deserves the same respect.

What do you do when you don’t know what to do?

I have a couple of “markers” to follow in times like this. • Pray for the strength to make the right decision. Focus on my values. • Focus on the end not the means. • Take action. • Discuss with other people to get their opinion/views, normally people who think and see things differently to me.

When the day gets rough, what do you do? Pray? Scream? Hide in the WC? Have endless cups of coffee? Cry? Write on Facebook?

Which world figure (sportsperson/author/ entertainer/politician/celebrity) would you like to be a PA to? Why?

On checking this out I discovered the awful truth. I had to identify her, contact him and confirm the tragic news. Giving someone news like this on the phone, is the worst thing ever. I booked him immediately on a flight back to South Africa. Job not over, because of the state that he was in, I had to do all the funeral arrangements.


1o swift answers


What kind of music/song invigorates you? Which relaxes you?

So many! Perhaps U2 - Beautiful day.

Orsmon d ngie


What is your favourite fragrance? Where does it take your mind?

Aromatics: Touches the sense and spirit in subtle pleasing ways. Takes my mind to femininity, classiness and romance.

Overcoming fear of heights! Twice!

The second one was jumping into the Devil’s pool at Victoria Falls, which is the world’s ultimate infinity pool; it’s adjacent to the famous Livingstone Island situated on the edge of the Victoria Falls, one of earth’s largest waterfalls a thrilliing and awesome experience. careersuccess magazine issue 1 2017

Where would you choose to go for a week’s sponsored vacation? Why?

Italy – it gives me the sense of romance and also my love for shoes,

What is the most daring thing you have ever done? Why?

One was the over-the-edge experience by doing the Oribi George Swing, rated as the world’s highest gorge swing. It means plummeting into the 55-Storey deep gorge, at the astounding speed of 120 km/h in 2.5 seconds.



If you could have any company perk, what would it be?

House subsidiary or company car.


In one sentence, why would the world collapse if there were no PAs?

I personally don’t believe that the world will collapse without PAs, but “Just as the head needs hands to execute its thoughts, a manager requires the proficient support of a Personal Assistant in a strategic partnership.”



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Coaching by Brett Blumenthal



I am a newly-wed and my husband is becoming invasive and phoning me at work two to three times a day. Added to this, I have to work with our events manager who is constantly checking up on details. I feel trapped and suffocated. How do I deal with this?

Answer Most people have a sense of what is and isn’t appropriate when it comes to respecting boundaries. However, we are bound to find individuals who don’t. These people are abusive…and if we don’t deal with them properly, they will continue to break boundaries time and time again. As much as we strive for healthy relationships, we inevitably encounter individuals who are bullies, toxic or just plain manipulative. Some of these people KNOW what they are doing, but often, most “just don’t get it:” They have little-to-no self-awareness and feel that they are fully entitled or appropriate in their behavior. And what’s worse is that they frequently get away with it because others don’t stand up to them. This enables boundary breakers and convinces them that their behavior is acceptable. Here’s a news flash: It ISN’T. The best thing you can do is firmly establish boundaries. You’ll feel better about yourself and your relationship. Further, you won’t have to succumb to their inappropriate behaviour over and over again: 1. Know Who You Are Dealing with: The first step in this process is to identify those individuals who don’t respect your boundaries. Doing so will keep you on the look-out for times that boundaries need to be reinforced or put into place. 2. Tune-in: Start paying attention to how these people typically break boundaries. Some questions to ask: Are they pushy? Do they ask questions you feel uncomfortable answering? Do they discuss things with you that are inappropriate? Do they disregard

careersuccess magazine issue 1 2017

your wishes or needs? Do they always prioritise their needs before yours? 3. Trust Your Gut: If you aren’t sure as to whether or not a boundary is being broken, stop thinking and start feeling. Does something feel awkward, uncomfortable or wrong? Can you feel an adrenaline rush, but aren’t sure why? Do you feel nauseous during the discussion? At times, our guts have better listening skills than our ears. If you can feel a visceral reaction to the conversation at hand, you can be pretty sure that something isn’t right. 4. Think First, Speak Second: Once you realise boundaries are being broken, think about how you want to react. Reacting without thinking through your position and what you want as an outcome can lead to an unresolved situation, potential “room for discussion” or more broken boundaries down the line. 5. State Your Position: Tell the person who is breaking a boundary that they are indeed breaking a boundary. Sugar-coating it… umming and awing…playing nice…politely saying no… often doesn’t work with people who perpetually break boundaries. Unfortunately, many of these boundary breakers don’t have a clue as to the fact that they are crossing a line. The more obvious you can be, the better. 6. Don’t Back Down: If the person continues to push you on a topic, tell them the topic “isn’t up for discussion.” The more you stand your ground, the less likely the person will continue to try to push you on things in the future. No means no. Inappropriate is inappropriate. And, boundaries are boundaries. The more you set boundaries, the easier it will get.

Brett Blumenthal , is bestselling author of 52 Small Changes for the Mind. More info on www.sheerbalance.com


oshini i





The founder of roshini


naidoo evenTs is roshini naidoo herself!

Events and Incentive Agency Whether you are planning a corporate event or a private party, you want to make a lasting impression on your guests. That doesn’t happen by accident! Small or large, producing great events takes careful planning, creativity, coordination and time!

a young, dynamic and energeTic woman who has worked for


fashion accessories for over

18 years,

Roshini Naidoo Events offers full-service meeting and event management

organising producT

services, and is here to assist you with all of your event needs from concept

launches, overseas and

to completion.

local Travel, meeTings,

Roshini prides herself on attention to every detail and creating the most effec-

seminars and incenTives.

tive, highest-quality experiences for your guests and delegates, while accomplishing your event objectives. She works closely with you to ensure that your guests’ expectations are exceeded, and that your event goals are surpassed.

allow me The opporTuniTy To help you experience service excellence.

call us now on 011 885 1072 or 084 513 8332 careersuccess magazine issue 1 2017


Changing season time to press the happiness button! The end of autumn and beginning of winter is our time to gear for a new season, and to bring warmth to our life! so says Avril Prior.

careersuccess magazine issue 1 2017



his is the "cooling off" season... Nighttime arrives earlier and temperatures begin to drop. Climate change can have a negative or positive


effect on our physical and psychological well-

being. The cycle of the seasons is a bit like the cycle of life, each season brings new beginnings, as each stage

on YOU

in life brings new challenges that affect our well-being. So how do you define your well-being? “A person's subjective well-being is the extent to which one believes he or she is happy, healthy, and satisfied with his or her life”. David White (Academy at Study.com) It should be noted however, that our well-being fluctuates

On your journey towards your goals, stay positive!

throughout our lives, sometimes for reasons that are

Absorb what is useful, reject what is useless, add what

beyond our control. Nevertheless, while you may not be

is specifically your own. You need to place your trust in

able to control every influence on your own well-being,

something - a heavenly being, your gut, destiny, karma,

setting goals, and setting out to love what you do, can be

whatever. Remember the end of one journey can be the

an important way to maintain your own happiness and

beginning of the next, and a cycle changes!!


As Steve Jobs noted…

In many ways, the benefits of setting and achieving goals are obvious: goals give us something to work towards, Goals allows us to change and accept change. When we make progress in that direction, we feel productive, which has a positive influence on our well-being. Ensure that you set and pursue SMART goals! That means they should

be specific (don’t be vague), measurable

(must know how you can assess yourself), attainable (be

“’Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.” So, our wish is that you find your happiness and treasure it.

realistic), relevant (must have meaning to you and your

Setting goals, and setting out to love what you do, can be an important way to maintain your own happiness and satisfaction.

life) and timely (appropriate timelines!).

careersuccess magazine issue 1 2017


techno feature

10 Reasons

Why Cybercriminals target smartphones!

While smartphones allow us to perform all sorts of tasks that make our everyday existence easier and more enjoyable, there is a real feeling that they are becoming a bigger target for cybercriminals, says Carey van Vlaanderen.


hy are criminals eager to get into our devices?

1. A smartphone knows everything about us

The amount of information stored on a smartphone has skyrocketed in recent years. The connectivity of apps means we

careersuccess magazine issue 1 2017

supply nearly every piece of information about ourselves, whether its bank account details or our preferred taste in pizza. For a cybercriminal potentially wanting to commit identity theft, a smartphone is a goldmine.

33 2. It’s a way into companies and other organisations The use of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has become one of the most prominent trends for companies around the globe. Cybercriminals are viewing these devices as an ideal gateway into stealing valuable corporate information.

The effects of such an attack can result in Bluesnarfing – where a phone’s private information is compromised, or Bluebugging, which allows a criminal to take complete control of your phone. But while there is a risk, these methods are becoming increasingly harder for hackers to exploit.

3. Security can be lax

8. Some scams are specific to mobile

The rise of BYOD has also caused plenty of headaches for a number of companies in various industries, mainly due to difficulties in rolling out a unified approach to security.

There are several well-known ways in which cybercriminals can use your smartphones to make quick cash.

In a recent Tech Pro Research survey of CIOs, tech executives and IT workers, 45% of respondents said mobile devices posed the greatest risk to a company’s infrastructure, with the fragmented nature of some mobile platforms cited as a primary reason.

4. Autofill has become our best friend One of the reasons our phones are carrying more personal information than ever before is primarily down to our desire for convenience. With our devices now handling a myriad of services and subsequent apps, we find ourselves with a larger number login details than ever before.

5. It’s a route into your wallet Our phones can be used to transfer money, pay our bills, and are even being used as a method of payment. Apps such as SnapScan and FlickPay are pushing mobile payments into the mainstream, and some experts expect it to be a trend that will continue over the next few years. Of course, the only drawback is that they are likely to catch the attention of cybercriminals.

6. Phones know where you are and where you are work In many circumstances, the reason behind tracking your device are entirely innocent, such as helping you get the most out of your data and your apps. For example, if you’re out and about, you can check out restaurant or business recommendations with just a couple of swipes. However, hacking a device’s GPS capabilities is not seen as a difficult task, with many gamers using it to cheat at the popular augmented reality game Pokémon Go in the hands of the criminals, a compromised GPS could be an unnerving prospect.

7. Bluetooth For several years now, Bluetooth has been a regular feature on smartphones and other mobile devices. Yet, like GPS, it is still seen as a potential entry point for cybercriminals.

In countries like China, for example, malware can be used to access devices and force them to call premium numbers that charge large amounts. These scams are not only potentially lucrative, but can also spread across large numbers of devices.

9. They’re a great way of sending spam Everyone hates spam. Well, apart from cybercriminals, anyway. There are several reasons why a criminal would want to send spam, but many of them see smartphones as the ideal platform for sending these communications. This is mainly because it is much harder for service providers to track down and block offenders.

10. Users are ignorant about the dangers Many of the most seasoned tech users are now well acquainted with best practices when it comes to using laptops or desktops, but smartphones often slip down the list of priorities. Which, in some ways is surprising, given that smartphones have increasingly been targeted since as early as 2005. However, as the threat is more visible than ever, we’re slowly beginning to understand that security matters. Let’s treat them with the importance they deserve.

Carey van Vlaanderen, ESET South Africa CEO. Since 1987, ESET® has been developing record awardwinning security software that now helps over 100 million users Enjoy Safer Technology®. For more information visit www.eset.co.za

careersuccess magazine issue 1 2017


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Test your

Wits and have Fun 1 2

A is the father of B. But B is not the son of A. How’s that possible? How can a man go eight days without sleep?

If a doctor gives you 3 pills and tells you to take one pill every half hour, how long would it take before all the pills had been taken


4 5

Some months have 31 days, others have 30 days. How many have 28 days? What goes up and down, but still remains in the same place?from?

Solutions below

Answers 1. B is the daughter. 2. By sleeping during the night time. 3. 1 hour! Take the 1st pill right away, half an hour later take the 2nd and half an hour after that the 3rd. Total time spent: 1 hour! 4. All months have 28 days. 5. Stairs. Source: www.brainbashers.com careersuccess magazine issue 1 2017

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CareerSuccess issue 1 2017  

CareerSuccess is the ultimate magazine for PAs, secretaries, admin assistants and office managers Essential articles for you. Enjoy fabulou...

CareerSuccess issue 1 2017  

CareerSuccess is the ultimate magazine for PAs, secretaries, admin assistants and office managers Essential articles for you. Enjoy fabulou...


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