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CIC announces one-year Vol. 4.07 |permit November 2013 bridging work for Temporary Foreign Workers By Cheryle Posadas-Guinsatao

As of February 1, a new transitional measure was announced for temporary foreign workers in Alberta. Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) is providing a one-year bridging work permit to temporary foreign workers in Alberta who are subject to the four-year cumulative duration limit, provided they meet strict criteria. This new measure only applies to workers who submitted applications to the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program by July 1, 2014 and who hold a work permit that expires in 2015. The new transitional measure will offer a reprieve to some workers as they wait for their permanent residence applications to be processed. April 1 is the deadline for workers under the program who have been in the province since 2011 or earlier to leave the country in accordance with the new Labour Market Impact Assessment criteria. “Employment and Social Development Canada will now provide a one-time exemption to these workers from being counted under the cap on low-wage workers imposed on employers provided they meet strict criteria,” the Multiculturalism Minister Jason Keeney letter says. “This should provide some relief to employers who have TFWs that have already applied for immigration and are in the queue waiting for their applications to

be assessed.” Another important part of this four year rule is that once you have lived and worked in Canada for four years, you must wait another four years before you are eligible to work in Canada again. You may, however, stay in Canada if you are not working and have legal status as a student or visitor. There are 10,000 workers on the waiting list for residency, but because of the specifics of the Express Entry program, it is unlikely that many of them will meet the criteria for permanent residency. CIC cautioned that the bridging measures are not going to be applicable to every TFW

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Editorial Cheryle Posadas-Guinsatao

Small Acts of Positive Resistance

“One of the extraordinary things about human events is that the unthinkable becomes thinkable.” – Salman Rushdie

There’s an old saying in the news industry, one that’s guided editorial thinking for decades: “If it bleeds, it leads.” That is, stories of violence, tragedy, calamities, war and corruption get top priority driven by the assumption that these are the stories the public will be most drawn to watch or read. But this is wrong. As a journalist, I believe that our job is to give the public an accurate picture of what’s going on. Just showing tragedy, violence and chaos misses too much the big picture perspective. How about the stories of how the public are responding to these problems, what they are doing to alleviate the effects of violence, poverty, and loss? And how about those other stories of artistic creativity, innovation, compassion and grace? If we only show the dark and negative side of an event, we at the media industry are failing at our jobs

factually and ethically. The year 2015 started off with the news of possible economic downturn as the oil price dips to a level that affects the value of the loonie. We also witnessed the closure of big retailers across Canada such as Target and Mexx. The news of massive lay-offs triggered also the decrease in home sales. There is also the cost cutting measures the government are taking to resolve the budget deficit this year along with the possible tax hike. Added to this doomsday news are the stories of temporary foreign workers whose four year accumulative stay will end on April 1. We have heard stories of abuse and desperation of some of them to find ways to stay here in Canada. Around the world, it seems terrorism and war has also become part of today’s reality. Apart from the 44 PNP-SAF death toll in Ma-

masapano Massacre in Maguindanao, Philippines, there’s also the ISIS beheading of Coptic Christians and the killings of captive journalists. While we will continue to cover the stories of what’s not working -- political dysfunction, corruption, wrongdoing, violence and disaster -- we want to go beyond “If it bleeds, it leads.” Diaryo Filipino is not talking about simple heartwarming stories, or aw-shucks moments. What I’m talking about is consistently telling the stories of people and communities doing amazing things, overcoming great odds and coming up with solutions to the very real challenges they face. And by shining a light on these stories, we hope that we can scale up these solutions and create a positive resistance that can expand and broaden their reach and application. This is the reason behind

the Search for TFW of the Year 2015. With all the negative comments on the TFWs stealing Canadian jobs, we looked for a different approach and come up with this tribute and search. On this tribute and search, we aim to show the government that given a chance to be permanent and citizen of Canada - temporary workers can be an asset and a viable link to their community. Nominees from across Southern Alberta brought to mind all their stories of struggles and triumphs when they arrived under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program until the time they received the permanent residence status. They also showed how they tried their best to give back to their community by involving in various community associations and events. It turns out that, contrary to the thinking behind “If it bleeds, it leads,” people



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that people were far more likely to share stories that stirred positive feelings. We see countless proof points on Twitter and other social media engine that positive continued on page 08

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Feature Article Santa Aquino-Posadas


WHAT WAS EDSA (EPIFANIO DE LOS SANTOS AVENUE)? WHAT MADE IT A SINGULAR SIGFNIFICANT EVENT ? EVERY FILIPINO SHOULD KNOW THE HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCE OF THE FIRST EDSA PEOPLE POWER REVOLUTION IN 1986 THAT SHOWCASED THE UNITY, SOLIDARITY AND BRAVERY OF THE FILIPINO PEOPLE IN PURSUIT OF FREEDON AND DEMOCRACY IN THE PHILIPPINES………. In reality, every nation has the right to call for change and reforms whenever the right to democracy is suppressed…………..Setting the historic template of a democratic revolution is a matter of all FILIPINOS should be proud of……….. We still continue up to now the aspirations of attaining freedom and reform, of real democracy

and morality in government. Freedom and reform or true democracy and a moral government are two national ideals our countrymen have been striving and fighting for……… Every February I am always reminded about a singular event that made it very significant to the Filipino people. It happened in 1986 and I was one of the witnesses of the so- called EDSA REVOLUTION. I just want to inform and impart to the young generation and the coming ones the value and the very importance of this singular event in the history of the Philippines. I am encouraging and even urging the young ones to follow the example of

the heroic deeds of those people who participated, joined and supported the movement. They were courageous and brave enough to demonstrate their love for freedom and democracy even in the most difficult situation that could endanger their own lives. EDSA has over the years replaced of “PEOPLE POWER” in popular discourse.The result has been to gloss over the political significance of the event with reference to its now barely recognizable locations.EDSA is a far cry of today from that of 1986. One can hardly recognized such landmark as Camp Crame 2, Camp Aguinaldo, so obscured have they become with the new high rising buildings, the fly-overs, the MRT( Metro rail transit). To say EDSA today is to refer in a place that is gone, erases from the present and so consigned irretrievably to some mythical past. Replacing PEOPLE POWER with EDSA has blocked us from understanding just what exactly was so powerful about the event at EDSA. The power marshaled by the people at EDSA was, pf course that of non-

violence . In 1986 such non-violence came as an entirely unexpected alternatives to the violence of the Marcos state-up till then, resistance to the dictatorship seemed to flourish only if it mimicked its violence by way of armed struggle ,often such counter-violence had the unintended effect of intensifying state repression, The uprising at EDSA was quite different , nonviolence overwhelmed the armed forces of the then Pres Ferdinand Marcos Prayers and songs proved more powerful than bullets. Massed bodies of nuns, housewives, students, workers, the poor, the wealthy and others turned back battle-hardened marines and they did so armed with nothing more than the fortitude and forebearance of their bodies. Why was non-violence so effective then?....As a strategy , non-violence consists of an appeal. It is a communicative act that demands to be heard . But in order to be heard nonviolence must also set the condition of its reception . The late Cardinal Jaime Sin took to the airwaves to call anyone who would listen to go to EDSA to

support the soldiers who had made a stand at Camp Crame, later joined by Fidel Ramos and Juan Ponce Enrile. His voice had an electrifying effect. Before computers and social media , radio played the crucial role of transmitting the coming of something . What that something was no one quite knew yet .Sensing that something was about to happen , people came in droves. First, but of curiosity then, as the days progressed, out of a deepening commitment. Anger at PRES. Marcos was sublimated into compassion and c are for one another. This is what nonviolence did. It made visible this capacity of people to turn to each other and forge relationship of mutual dependence. Driven to the streets by the call to help the soldiers who were facing danger , the people found themselves in danger as well. Total strangers

of different social background were joined by the students and irresistible realization of what they had in common .The commonality consisted of two things that they were all equally vulnerable to being attacked and killed, It was this shared condition of vulnerability that gave them a newfound basis of solidarity. They discovered that their precarious state was the source of this capacity to resist the state and aimed a growing danger , they found a saving power. Responding to the call of non-violence, the people took on an open-ended responsibility for one another, They fed each other, nursed each other, prayed for each other, kept vigil over one another. From my readings of some strategies, I have learned that non-violence is precontinued on page 12



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Pinay Quadriplegic TFW to leave Canada A temporary foreign worker is one step closer to deportation from Canada after she was unable to renew her work visa following a car crash that left her a quadriplegic. Maria Victoria Venancio was issued an exclusion order in a deportation hearing on Monday. The actual removal would have to come from Canadian Border Services Agency, at an as-yet unscheduled enforcement hearing. There, her lawyer will ask authorities to consider deferring the order while an application is considered for Venancio to stay in Canada on compassionate grounds. Venancio moved to Edmonton from the Philippines in 2011 to work at a McDonald’s franchise. Two years ago, the 29-year-old was commuting to her JOB by bike when she was hit by a

car and seriously injured. The accident left her in a wheelchair and unable to work. That meant she was unable to renew her visa and is now in the country illegally. “We’re still hoping that they can still allow me to stay here in Canada,” she said after Monday’s hearing. “I was so blessed and thankful for all my friends and church friends who came here to support me.” Her lawyer, Chris Bataluk, said if Venancio is forced to return to her rural home in the Philippines she will not have the kind of medical treatment she now needs. “There’s no public health infrastructure in the Philippines. It’s all a private system, so she’d be in a very difficult position as a result of that. “She’s becoming more independent. And here in Canada, where we have things we take for granted,

like paved streets and DATS buses, she has the opportunity to progress and live a relatively fulfilling life” Earlier this month, Venancio told CBC News that she was so apprehensive about her future that she hasn’t even told her family about the accident. “My mother right now, she doesn’t have any idea,” she said. “It’s been almost three years, what happened to me.” Since she is not legally in Canada, Venancio is not eligible for health care. She is currently taking part in a research project at the University of Alberta, which provides her with free treatment. She is also suing her former employer for medical and disability coverage. The McDonald’s franchisee claims she opted out of her benefits. (Source CBC News) | | Calgary 403.613.1182 | Edmonton 780.800.9792



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Greetings to the First Ever TFW Search and Tribute of the Year 2015

Pinoy couple facing deportation blames consultant for fraud By Rowena Papasin, ABS-CBN

VANCOUVER, Canada - A Filipino couple who worked as temporary workers in Canada is facing deportation after their immigration consultant allegedly On behalf of the Senate of Canada, I am delighted to extend my warmest greetings to falsified information in their applications for all attending the First Ever TFW Search and Tribute of the Year 2015. permanent residency. JR Peralta and his wife This outstanding initiative serves as a reminder of the priceless contributions and Vanessa Tomondong endless sacrifices of temporary foreign workers in Alberta. These temporary foreign have been in Canada workers form an essential part of the backbone of our economy, and it is our honour as temporary foreign and privilege to acknowledge and recognize the role they play in building and workers (TFWs) since supporting the foundation of our country. After all, it is the unfailing hard work and 2009. Their employer, the dedication of people like you that truly makes Canada the strong and free country Burger King branch in that it is. Victoria B.C., promised to help them become citizens only if they Let me also take this opportunity to thank and congratulate the organizers of this use AJ Segal as their event for a job well done. Your initiative not only brings us together to celebrate temporary foreign workers, but it also binds us as a community of diverse individuals immigration consultant. The consultant initially who appreciate each other’s differences and accomplishments. Your commitment them for $15,000. to your cause is indeed commendable, and we wish you success in all of your future asked “Sinabi ko hindi ko endeavours. kakayanin ang ganyan kalaking halaga. Bigla I am proud to represent you in the Senate of Canada. niya akong kinausap na ‘O sige, ilo-lower down ko Sincerely, ng $12,600’. Sa amin po, para lang magkapapel sige iga-grab ko yung pagkakataon na yan The Honourable Tobias C. Enverga Jr. tutal pwede mo pang Senator

pagtrabahuhan yan,” said Tomondong. Despite paying the downpayment, Tomondong said Segal filed their applications under the BC Provincial Nominee Program only last April, three months before their work permits expired. Because Segal gave incorrect location of their employment, their applications were denied. “Siya ang aming representative. Siya po ang gumagawa ng paperworks. Pagdating ng work permit ko nagulat ako dahil Richmond na po. Hindi niya po sinabi sa akin na Vancouver po yung LMO ko at wala akong idea,” said Tomondong. Without status after her work permit expired in August, Peralta and Tomondong filed for a temporary residence permit. They were given a 90-day extension which also expired last week. | | Calgary 403.613.1182 | Edmonton 780.800.9792

In the last three months, both of them were not allowed to work and have relied on their meager savings and the help of friends to make ends meet. “Napakahirap po sa amin dahil stressed po kami, di kami makatulog. Naghahanap po kami ng paraan para makapag stay pa dito para sa anak namin. Sinusubukan po namin ang lahat. Lumalaban po kami para makapag-stay dito,” said Peralta. Peralta is asking Canada to let them stay so they can give their son a better chance than what awaits them if they go back home. The couple is scheduled to appear before immigration officials this week. Meanwhile, AJ Segal denied claims that he falsified information in the immigration application of Peralta and Tomondong.


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English Only Please

Super Kilig “ENGLISH ONLY, PLEASE” with Jennelyn and Derek showing in Canada starting Feb 20! From February 20 to March 5, 2015 - the recent Metro Manila Film Fest 2nd Best Movie, the romance comedy, “ENGLISH ONLY, PLEASE” is slated to show in selected theaters sa Canada! Fresh from its successful showing in the Philippines, “English Only Please” is a big winner and much-talked about movie for its lead stars, JENNELYN MERCADO and DEREK RAMSAY. A light-hearted romantic comedy film, English Only,

Please is a combination of optimism, broken hearts and the fuzzy warmth of a newfound true love. “OO NA! AKO NA! AKO NA ANG MAG-ISA!” - Tere Super in ang mga dialogues and so real! Best watched with friends and loved ones as the lines deliver what’s in the hearts of anyone who can identify with love, laughter and relationships. English Only, Please tells of the charming rom-com story of the bond that develops between Fil-Am Julian Parker (Ramsay) and Tere Madlansacay (Mercado), the Filipino interpreter he hires. The two comes

from different worlds who have one thing in common – they are both brokenhearted. Julian comes to Manila from New York with only one goal: to perfectly recite the Filipino translation of his angry letter to his halfPinay ex-girlfriend Megan (Isabel Oli) — all with the help of the perky and feisty Tere, the FilipinoEnglish tutor he hired online. AWARDS GALORE Derek proved to be a perfect foil to the adorable Jennylyn, who both turned in the finest performance of their careers. Both fit their characters to a T

and act very naturally and charmingly in the movie. The awards the movie received are proof that English Only, Please is a refreshing and welcome change to the usual slapstick or horror movies lately being shown at Filmfests. Amongst these are:2nd Best Picture, Best Actor (Derek), Best Actress (Jennylyn), Best Director (Dan Villegas), Best Story (Antoinette Jadaone and Dan Villegas) and Best Screenplay: (Jadaone). Di ba sulit? SOCIAL MEDIA SUCCESS Celebrated indie filmmaker Antoinette

Jadaone, who co-wrote the unheralded romantic comedy with Anj Pessumal, verified the film’s success through its Facebook, Instagram and Twitter messages, with photos of sold-out and SRO screenings. Scriptwriter Antoniette Jadaone, who is also behind last year’s “Beauty in a Bottle” and “Relaks, It’s Just PagIbig,” agreed: “There is no publicity like positive word-of-mouth. I never imagined this would happen. There are people asking for a sequel… it’s heartwarming that viewers want to follow the lives of the characters

we created.” She has heard from netizens who saw the film more than once— “Three or four times, with different sets of friends. They shelled out hardearned money to share the experience.” Watch ENGLISH ONLY, PLEASE! Showing February 20 to March 5, 2015! Save the date with your friends and barkadas! Showing at Cineplex Sunridge Spectrum Calgary, Landmark Country Hills Calgary and Cineplex Movies 12 Edmonton. For details , visit EnglishOnlyPleaseUSand Canada


[ Long Term Care ]

By Len Chan

Gung Hay Fat Choy! Pacific Mall welcomed the YEAR OF THE SHEEP (RAM) February 7-8 with a variety of entertainment. There were Filipino and Thai performances like the popular dance choreographed by “Dance With France” school. Numerous Chinese nationals and other nationalities sing along, dance and visited the many booths for Arts and Crafts.

Possibilities & Issues

Volunteers needed for community conversations on issues and possibilities within long-term care in Calgary, Alberta 

From the Filipino Community talented singer Mariedelle Velasco continues to shine on stage with her booming voice and delights the audience. Another unforgettable performance was that of

the young performers doing ballet from Dance With France. Chinese New Year Celebrations are held in a number of locations in Calgary especially in Chinatown.

Are you Health Care Aide interested in sharing your vision and ideas about key issues and possibilities within long-term care in Alberta?

If so, we invite you to participate in a research action project on issues and possibilities within long-term care. In this project, we use the term, ‘long-term care’ to include the continuum of care provided in Alberta for older adults and others requiring ongoing care other than the acute hospital setting The purpose of this project is to explore various individuals’, groups’ and communities’ perceptions of issues and possibilities within long term care (LTC) in Alberta, using Calgary as a case example. The findings of this project will be used to develop a policy brief (both in a written and video format). The policy brief will be used as a catalyst for further community conversations about LTC and to provide recommendations to service providers and decision makers. We will be asking you to participate in a 1.5 hour audio-taped focus group about issues and possibilities, then (at a later date) a two hour feedback session to review and edit the draft of the policy brief: Date: Tuesday March 10th, 2014 Time: 6:00PM-8:00PM Location: TBD For more information about this project, or to volunteer for this project, please contact Crystal Kwan at 403-383-8389 or This project is being completed by the Gerontology Social Workers Action Group and Faculty of Social Work. This study has been reviewed by, and received ethics clearance through, The Conjoint Faculties Research Ethics Board (CFREB) at the University of Calgary. | | Calgary 403.613.1182 | Edmonton 780.800.9792

News Feature



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MAKIALAM Ni Kiko Ibarra KKK sa Mamasapano Masaker:

Katotohanan, Katarungan at Kapayapaan Sinamsam na ng iba’t ibang imbestigasyon ang kahila-hilakbot na pangyayari noong ika-25 ngEnero sa Mamasapano, Maguindanao na kung saan nasawi ang 44 miyembro ng Philippine National Police-Special Action Force (PNP-SAF).

terorista ang habol ng PNP-SAF, napatay si Marwan, nakatakas si Usman at nakasagupa ang separatistang Moro na sa ngayo’y nasa usapin ng pangkapayapaan.

Batay kay PNP OIC Leonardo Espina, brutal ang dinanas ng mga Hindi man tayo aktwal operatiba ng PNP-SAF na saksi sa kaganapan na nakunan ng video at at nakakalap na lanaging laman ng You mang natin ang mga Tube. Ayon sa kanya, impormasyon sa “social sa kumpirmasyon ng media”, hindi napipigimedico-legal may mga lang nabubuo sa ating nabuhay pa sana kung kaisipan ang mga aral at hindi binaril ng malapitan sa uloat ang isa pang pang-unawa na minsan emosyonal subalit pulis ay inalisan ng bullet nilalanghap pa rin ang proof vest saka binaril sa katotohanan. Ito ay dibdib. Kung tooto man bahagi ng ating usaping ito dapat managot kung panlipunan. sino ang gumawa. Dagdag pa niya, “Kahit ano Hangad ng mga naulila o pa yang violation na iyan … kahit na po sinabing pamilya ng mga yumaong pulis ang totoong walang koordinasyon…. nangyari. Alam nila, Kahit pa sabihin pa natin masalimuot na tukuyin kung sino ang unang ang landas ng katotonagpaputok, kausap iyan hanan. Ang tama sa akin eh sa usaping pangkatahimikan, peace talks… ay mali sa iba. Tanging mga konkretong ebiden- My men, I tell you buhay sya o katibayan at mga na buhay iyan eh… hindi wagas na saksi ang higit ninyo man lang pinauwi, namagdidikta sa tunay kasama ng kanyang mga na kaganapan. Alam anak. Dapat fair play naman nating lahat na lang ho ang lahat. That’s nababaluktot ang totoo what I want, that’s what lalo na saating bansa. I request fairness and justice for my men.” Hanggat maari ay ayaw natin ang giyera subalit Dapat ding usigin ang hindi maiwasan ito. matataas na opisyal ng Dalawang pusakal na gobyerno at kapulisan

na muna ang BBL at tugisin na muna ang may kasalanan at kapag nabigyan na ng katarungan ang Sambayanang Pilipino, ipagpatuloy uli ang usapan.

How to Choose the Right Tires By Manuel Perez

Nawa ay may KKK ang kakahantungan ng imbestigasyon at sana’y di ito matulad sa Maguindanao Massacre na at panagutan ang mga sa ngayon ay wala pang maysala. Hindi man napatunayang managot. kagustuhan ni P-Noy ang Pananagutan, bagay na kinahinatnan ng panghindi kayang intindihin yayari, bilang commander ng may pabaon. Ang hiin chief ay umako din siya rap ng marami ay sagana ng pananagutan. Hangsa ilan. Sa bandang huli gang doon lang? kaya ay walang lalabas na maysala at ito’y mabaDismayado din ang mga baon na lang sa limot? inosenteng mamamayan ng Mamasapano. Sa mga naulila, tuluy-tuPansamantalang nakati- loy lang ang pakikibaka, wangwang ang kabudadaloy at aapaw din hayan dahil sa nangyaring ang hustisya at biyaya bakbakan. Ang komuni- ng Diyos. Nakikiisa at dad ay may takot lalo na nakikidalamhati ako. Iisa at “all out war” ang sigaw lang ang aking PIliping ilan laban sa hukbong nong Pulis- PNP lang ang sandatahang kalaban aking pulis. ng gobyerno. Huwag na tayong mag-udyok ng marahas na pamamaraan. Sampung Ang mga Pilipinong nasa Salita kaitmugang Mindanano ang lubos na nakakaalam ng sitwasyon. Tayong mga 1. Giyera hindi namuhay sa Mind- war anao, kung gusto nating makiaalam ay dapat mag- 2. Masaker karoon man lang ng responsibilidad na mag-aral massacre at palalimin ang intindi sa isyu ng Mindanao. 3. Dismayado disappointed Pinakulimlim ng isidente sa Mamasapano ang pagpapatibay ng Bangsa Moro 4. Bakbakan fighting Basic Law. Naghinay-hinay ang mga mambabatas tungkol sa nilalaman nito 5. Saksi , sa ngayon ay nakabinbin witness sa Kongreso at Senado. Ang tanong matutuloy pa kaya ito? Magkakasundo 6. Marahas pa kaya sa pinagkasunviolent duan? Tama lang na ihinto 7. Pinakulimlim over shadow 8. Mambabatas lawmaker 9. Tugisin Go after 10. Naulila Orphaned, left behind

Selecting the perfect tires for your automobile is an extremely important, and often overlooked, decision. Your car’s tires are what holds your car to the road and can affect your vehicle’s performance and even its fuel economy. Most important, poor and worn down tires are a major safety hazard for you and your family. No matter how great and expensive a car you own, if it doesn’t have quality tires, all that horsepower and luxury will certainly be in vain. Know when to replace your tires. Look for signs of serious tire wear. Obviously, if you have a flat tire or can visibly see parts of your tire falling apart, it is time for a new tire. Smaller signs, like a simple worn down tread, are less obvious but just as important. The most common method for detecting whether you need new tires requires just a penny. If you place the penny into your tires tread and can still see any part of Queen Elizabeth head, your tires are too worn down and should be replaced. Many new tires are equipped with colored bars within the tread that will show themselves when the tires are too worn down, so this is even more obvious. Most of the time, though, you can feel when a car tire is in bad shape while driving. Keep your tires well-maintained. By rotating your tires counter-clockwise every 10,000 to 15,000 km. You will ensure that none of your tires, specifically, garner too much wear. Consistently maintaining the correct level of inflation in your tires is also extremely important for all your tires’ health. Figure out the size of your tires. Those seemingly random letters and numbers on the top of your tires do actually have a significance. A common label may read, “P200/70R16,” where “P” indicates that the tire is a passenger tire, “200” is the width of the tire in millimeters, “70” is the tire’s aspect ratio (height to width ratio), “R” indicates a radial tire, and, finally, “16” is the diameter of the wheel in inches. If you are replacing just one tire on your vehicle, making sure the new tire’s measurements and style match up with the other tires is absolutely mandatory. Think about the most demanding aspect of your regular driving routine. If you drive in bad weather conditions throughout the year, look for all-weather, year-round tires. If you drive a lot every day, week after week, look for long-lasting tires that won’t wear out quickly. You can also choose to equip your vehicle with a different set of tires based on the season. Some people do have a set of summer tires for their vehicle and a separate winter-weather set of tires, too. Compare tread life between the tires you are thinking about purchasing. The best indicator of tire quality is tread life. This indicates the durability and stability of varying tires’ treads. While each tire company comes up with a fancy new sort of tread, many are rather similar in quality, so durability may be what you want to be looking at. A tire’s speed rating is also important, especially if you live in a state with a higher speed limit. Some tires are equipped to go faster than others, so make sure you have a tire with a high speed rating if you plan on consistently driving your vehicle over 120 to 129 km per hour. Last note. Always read and follow your owners manual. Happy driving everyone. | | Calgary 403.613.1182 | Edmonton 780.800.9792


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By Marietta Pangan-Dutkoski



Raven Yray

I was born in Vancouver BC, and at the age of 9 I moved to my parents’ homeland the Philippines. I currently reside in Stampede City of Calgary Alberta. My parents are Edison and Vida. I have 3 siblings Marc, John and Kristiana. 1. Tell us something that will make us remember you. I believe that everyone is capable of being beautiful because beauty to me is not only superficial, I measure beauty by how we impact people, how we share our talents and help one another to reach our full potential.

3. What or who motivates you, and why? The women in my family. My mother is very strong, resilient, selfless individual. Sometimes when I feel that negativity is empowering my thoughts I think of my mother. She is one of my strengths. My sister who is smart, loving and kind. And myself I strive to be a better me then I was yesterday. 4. What bothers you the most about what is happening in the world today? Why?

2. Describe yourself in three adjectives and explain why.

The poverty and war going on in other parts of the world. In the Philippines, I’ve seen how people Compassionate – I put my heart in struggle to barely make enough everything that I do. I believe that if money to have something to eat you treat a person with respect and love then it shall be reciprocated. Being and feed their kids. They can hardly afford proper medication or proper able to live in my parents’ homeland therapy for disorders, and have to has opened my eyes to how blessed we are here in Canada. It has motivated resort to stealing or other terrible me to fight for ways to give back to the ways just to get by. community. In other parts of the world, people have these problems too. But on top Resilience- when I left my parents of it, they have to worry about getting homeland I was on my own here in killed by rebels or extremists. Canada it has taught me how to be independent. Life can be so stressful, I feel blessed to be living such a unstable and full of challenges, and wonderful life in Canada. To be I, being resilient, I have always tried given an opportunity to represent to see things positively, focus to do something that can make things better. this beautiful country, and help organizations make the world a better MWC is actually a good example, but place to live in for everybody. I am determined to do my best in this journey to be able to meet its purpose. 5. How do you think you can make an impact on society? Humble- it’s a must in the family. I will always remember to appreciate By being an example I hope to start everything that is happening in life. a positive change in society wherein Whether it be good or bad. I believe each of us would help one another in life we should never stop learning. I to reach our full potential. Miss World always thank God for all the blessings, for every overwhelming event in my life Canada is my platform to bring more awareness and support, to be a voice and for the things to come. and a role model to our future young leaders and the community. continued from page 02

Small Acts of Positive Resistance messages have more engagement and obtain more reach on our global platform than negative content. Judgment has always been an essential part of the news business. But somewhere along the way our definition of what’s news became synonymous with violence, mayhem and disaster. And not only do the media seldom cover the stories of solutions or best practices and of what’s working at the

same time we lavish plenty of attention on stories that are barely newsworthy. Last week, for example, our national conversation came to a screeching halt for hours talking of whether President Noynoy Aquino of Philippines should resign or not. Just how far removed is our media coverage from reality? Our world is full of crises, dysfunction and corruption, with often tragic

human consequences. And we will of course continue relentlessly to cover all of them, from ISIS and Boko Haram to climate change, Ebola, youth unemployment and growing income inequalities. But even in these stories the picture presented needs to be much more complete. How people are responding, how they’re reaching out to their neighbors, how they’re rising to the occasion is far too often left out. When we don’t give the public the complete picture, there are multiple op-

portunity costs, including growing cynicism, resignation, pessimism and ultimately despair about the possibility of problems ever being solved. And when we do give people the complete picture, their response shows how hungry they are for it. The more that we hear about events and suffering and trauma that pull at our proverbial heartstrings, the more likely that some of us just withdraw and no longer have that strong motivation to help. Truly a more positive form of journalism or of any re-

6. Name one living person that inspires you Oprah Winfrey She is such a positive role model, she has been through a though childhood but still treat everyone with respect and care. She teaches us to forgive and forget. She has dedicated her whole life improving other people’s lives, she gives selflessly and never expects in return. What I love about her the most is she teaches us to believe, to believe in ourselves and in our dreams. 7. What is the biggest challenge faced by female youth today. Here in Canada I would say Bulling. This is a serious matter and can affect a person socially, physically and emotionally it can have long term affects and in extreme cases lead to death.

sistance will not only benefit our well-being; it will engage us in society, and it will help catalyze potential solutions to the problems that we face. We hope that by translating the work of each of our advocacies, vision and mission to events, we’ll be bringing news of those solutions around the world to start a broader conversation on what’s working. But we can’t do it alone, which is why we’re partnering with our sponsors, supporters and community to help educate and train the next | | Calgary 403.613.1182 | Edmonton 780.800.9792

generation of journalists and advocates to paint the full picture of the human story. We want the next generation to change the world with their journalism -- but also to change the world of journalism and the world at large. The small acts of positive resistance such as the TFW of the Year offers an opportunity to do both. To all the nominees of the Search of TFW of the Year 2015; thank you and congratulations. May your stories bring hope to many.



Main Ingredient



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The Main Ingredient

Halibut Featured Chef:

Ramil Paje By Marietta Pangan-Dutkoski


February 2015

Savoury Entree:

En Croute Halibut in Lemon Beurre Blanc Sauce Ingredients 3/4 cup Flour 3 Tablespoons Butter 1/2 cup Water 1 Tablespoon Sugar 1 teaspoon Salt 120 grams halibut 1/3 cup Aragula 2 Tablespoons Sun dried tomato 1 and 1 /3 Tablespoons Shallot 2 Tablespoons Cream Cheese 1 and 1/3 Tablespoons Feta Cheese 1 and 1/3 Tablespoons White Onions, sliced, julienne 1 and 1/3 Tablespoons Bell Pepper, sliced, julienne 4 Tablespoons Olive Oil salt and pepper to taste Procedure for Puff Pastry:

As food lover Chef Ramil was so eager to discover and learn new techniques and better ideas in creating dishes. He is generous in terms of sharing his passion in food presentation and preparation. Our featured chef, Ramil M. Paje was native of San Antonio Zambales. Chef Ramil recently celebrated his birthday last February 16th. His new found motivation is because of his family, particularly his 16 months old son Khaily Kristan and her fiancee Kristine Joyce . Chef Ramil has more than a decade of cooking experience under his belt and currently working as cook at Boston Pizza Chestemere, Alberta. Our chef not only creates his forte in Japanese, Korean and other international cuisines , beyond that, he also very comfortable preparing menu for big and several events. He is one kind that roll up sleeves and gets everything done on a short notice. According to Chef Ramil his mentor Executive Chef Adrian Viray, was his inspiration who made him as his prodigy. His achievements is something to be really proud of, from being commis chef to becoming head chef in the Philippines. It such a is big leap on his career and he so proud of it. Chef Ramil was also a Chef Instructor at Blue Spoon Culinaire (Philippines). He enjoys assisting the students while showing them different how to prepare international cuisines and plating techniques. He enjoys teaching most about bread and pastry making. Chef Ramil is one truly versatile chef in culinary world. He is also a proud and certified a member of Canadian Culinary Federation Chefs and Cooks (CCFCC) and Calgary Academy of Chefs and Cooks (CACC). Our very humble yet very determined chef also received certificates during the recently held Mccormick Online Cook Off contest and Sushi making at SAIT in 2014. The Main Ingredient and Diaryo Filipino is very privileged to showcase a talent and passion in cooking of our featured chef, no less than Ramil Paje.

1. Prepare the dough base sift the flour combining all white ingredients white sugar and salt using mixing bowl. 2. Make a well in the center & add chilled water using spatula mix all ingredients until flour is incorporated, do not over mix. 3. Turn the dough mix onto lightly flour surface knead the dough in few times by hand. 4. rap the dough using plastic wrap then rest the dough in the chiller for overnight. 5. To roll the butter first prepare the softened butter by placing it in plastic wrap. Use rolling pin to roll the butter in rectangular shape 5x8 inches and chill until ready to use. 6.Roll out the dough into rectangular of even thickness. 7. Position the butter in the center of the dough fold each edge of the dough around the butter enclosing properly. 8. Roll out the dough and butter into long rectangle shape and fold make a first fold by 4 layer cover w/ plastic wrap then rest for 15 to 20 mins in the chiller. 9. Using pastry brush, to remove any flour from dough surface to prevent the puff pastry from rising properly when baked. 10. Repeat the rolling & folding process, chilling bet. Every 1 or 2 turns until the dough has been turn total of 4 times and cover the dough w/ plastic wrap & chill for 20 mins. Arugula & Sun dried tomato puree: 1. Put the shallot, sun dried tomato, arugula, olive oil, in the blender machine. 2. Turn a high speed to puree the ingredients then season with salt & pepper. Set 3. Saute bell pepper and onion in small amount of fat or oil add spinach. Set aside. 4. On small mixing bowl put cream cheese and feta cheese .Add to the vegetables. Set aside. 5. Clean and season the fish with salt and pepper. 6. Rolled out the puff pastry dough get the exact size. 7. Spread arugula and sun dried tomato puree in the center of dough place halibut fish. Add sauteed vegetables with cheeses on top of the fish. 8. Brush both side with egg wash to seal the dough properly 9. Fold puff pastry over the fish and place on insert pan with parchment paper to avoid burning finish with egg wash 10.Bake at 378F to 165’c for 15 to 25 mins. Internal temp 150F. Lemon Beurre Blanc Sauce Ingredients 1/2 cup White wine 6 Tablespoons Butter, chilled 1 and 1/2 Tablespoons Shallots, chopped 1Tablespoons Lemon Juice Procedure: 1. Combine whine wine, lemon juice, chopped shallot in a small pan reduce the mixture until Au Sec (become dry). 2.Cut the butter into small cubes turn the heat on over low heat & whisk the butter 1 at a time & season with salt and pepper. 3. Ounce all the butter has been incorporated remove the sauce pan from the heat strain use fine strainer & hold the sauce at 100F to 130F for serve to avoid separation of butter and liquid. 1.For final plating cut the en croute halibut put on the center of the plate w/ sauce serve w/ mix butter vegetables. 2.Serve hot and enjoy! Yield 3-4 servings

Savoury Entree:

Pan Fry Halibut fillet in Mango Orange Sauce Ingredients: 60g Halibut Fillet 1 Tablespoon Bacon, diced 1/2 Tablespoons Onion Leeks 1 teaspoon Ebiko 5 pieces Nori sheets 1Tablespoon Olive Oil 1/3 cup Potato Sauce: 1/4 cup Mango, ripe, diced 1/3 cup Orange Juice 1 teaspoon Garlic 2 teaspoons Butter 2 Tablespoons, White Wine 1Tablespoon Lemon Juice Procedure: 1. Boil potato. Mashed then add butter, pinch of salt & pepper. 2. Scoop 3 tablespoons of mashed potato & make a square shape. Put bacon on top of mashed then bake for 2 to 3 mins. 3. Season the halibut fillet heat the small pan with butter or oil up to 320 to 350 F a.Place the fish in the pan be careful not to splash the hot fat. Cook until both sides are done, turning once halfway through the cooking process. b.Cook sauce by sauteing onion and garlic in butter. Add lemon juice, orange juice and mango simmer for 2 to 3 mins. c.For final plating arrange the mashed potato bacon & layered the fish & nori garnish with ebiko & onion leeks. Drizzle the sauce to design plate. Yield 1 Serving

MORE RECIPES ONLINE Grilled Halibut in Dill Foam Sauce with Puree Spinach and Vegetable Medley | | Calgary 403.613.1182 | Edmonton 780.800.9792

The Main Ingredient would like to thank GM John Bisharat and Boston Pizza Chestemere for all the ingredients used during the video demonstration of Chef Ramil Paje. Boston Pizza Chestemere. 200-186 Chestemere Station Way, Chestemere, AB (403) 235.0110




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MadameKC “Bruskong kay tikas, nasa foundation ang lakas” Dear Madame KC, Matagal ko na pong gustong sumulat sa inyo regarding sa problema ko. Tawagin ninyo na lang ako sa pangalang Yum, 34 male? Since bata pa lang ako nararamdaman ko na, na iba ang pagkatao ko, sa Dear Yum, Dumarating sa buhay ng tao na kailangan niyang mag desisyon. Bakit hindi mo timbangin ang mga bagaybagay kung saan ka magiging maligaya. Maging tapat ka sa

madaling salita kasama ako sa federation pero “hidden inside”. Alam ko, sa sarili ko, na hindi ako 100% na lalaki dahil attracted ako sa lalaki at the same time sa babae. Nagkaroon na rin ako ng mga girlfriends pero iba pa rin ang nara-

ramdaman ko kapag nakakakita ako ng gwapo at machong lalaki. Pero hanggang dun lang yun nung una. Nagkaroon ako ng experience sa kapwa kong lalaki nung 24 years old ako. Di ko alam kung paano at di ko rin magawang itago sa sarili ko ang

nakakahiyang pangyayaring iyon dahil pinsan ko pa siya. Actually, pumapatol siya sa mga gay, at kaya siguro na tripan ko rin siyang tikman pero almost same thing din ang preference namin kasi 50/50 din siya eh. After that incident super hiya

talaga ko sa kanya. Madame, di ko alam kung paano ko ilalantad ang sarili ko sa pamilya ko lalo na at 2 na ang anak ko at may kinakasama akong girl. Dapat ko pa nga bang ipagtapat? Pero hindi naman lingid sa kanila ang pagkatao ko eh, na medyo baklain

iyong kinakasama. Ang tukso mahirap talagang layuan lalo kung ito ay nasa harapan mo na. Ngunit ano man ang maging desisyon mo, asahan na may mga tao kang masasaktan. Ang pangungutya ay hindi din mawawala.

Walang sekreto na hindi nabubunyag. Kung tunay kang mahal ng iyong pamilya at kinakasama, mauunawaan ka nila. Ngunit huwag din pabayaan ang obligasyon sa mga anak.

Mas maigi nang may masaktan ka dahil ikaw ay nasa katotohan. Kesa pilitin mo ang isang bagay na hindi mo naman gusto at ikaw ay nabubuhay sa isang kasinungalingan. Kahit kailan ay hindi ka magkakaroon ng


nga ako. Andito ko ngayon sa Calgary, at maraming tukso.. Nagmamahal, YUM

Nagmamahal, Walang sino man ang pwedeng humusga Madame KC sa iyong pagkatao. Tanging ang ating mga sarili lamang ang may pananagutan sa ating Panginoon sa lahat ng ating mga gawain.

“We tell lies when we are afraid. Afraid of what we don’t know, afraid of what others will think, afraid of what will be found out about us. But every time we tell a lie, the thing that we fear grows stronger”. Send your email to continued from page 10

CIC announces one-year bridging work permit for Temporary Foreign Workers looking for a way to extend their stay in the province. However, it is estimated that more than 1,000 of the 10,000 individuals currently waiting in Alberta’s provincial nomination queue could be eligible to participate. While some of those workers are eligible to seek permanent residency through the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program, a glut of applications means current processing times range from 12 to 25 months. Applicants must have an active work permit to apply for permanent residency, but the lengthy wait times mean that many workers could find themselves still in the queue when their permits expire on April 1. That’s causing significant frustration for employers, many of whom are fearful of losing some of their best and most experienced employees, said Richard Truscott, Alberta director for the Canadian

Federation of Independent Business. “This is very much a looming issue for Alberta, with this April deadline coming up. Our members have been scrambling to find ways to keep these individuals,” Truscott said. “So we’re very happy to see these transitional measures implemented.” Mark von Schellwitz, Western Canada vice-president for industry group Restaurants Canada, also praised the move. “We do everything we can to hire Canadians first . . . But not everybody is cut out to work in the high-stress, high-pressure restaurant industry,” he said. “In many cases, these (TFWs) are workers who have worked here and established roots in Alberta communities. They’ll be very, very good Albertans, and it would be unfair to them to have their applications cut short because their work permit has expired.” | | Calgary 403.613.1182 | Edmonton 780.800.9792

But TFW advocate Marco Luciano of Migrante Alberta said there is still too much uncertainty about what these changes will actually mean. He said he has questions about how many bridging permits will actually be available, and is concerned that a one-year extension won’t be enough considering that it could take up to two years to get an application through the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program. “We believe that there should not be any restrictions for all TFWs that have applied for AINP. These workers should be allowed to stay until they get the results of their application,” Luciano said. “They contributed to the economy of Alberta and have established their lives here. They should be allowed to stay.”



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MESSAGE by Tomas Avendano

I was totally at a loss where to turn to for help. (President of MHHS Charitable Foundation) After 12 years as a hockey TFW of the Year for 2015 – Calgary, Alberta player at McDonalds, February 21, 2015 I opened my own restaurant. I employed had a good employment 1982 because the political Senator Tobias Enverga, jobless immigrants and situation in the Philippines track record and a leaders of the Filipinocaregivers. I felt that I have flourishing career in had changed. President Canadian community politics and the academe. contributed my share Marcos declared martial in Calgary, honoured by offering all kinds of But I opted to start a new law and people were guests, friends, ladies and life in Canada with my wife support I could afford, but expected to take sides. I gentlemen. Thank you all and 6 children. I came here my efforts were cut short was a city councillor, an for coming tonight. when I lost the restaurant, expecting to find a good officer of the government I feel humbled to stand job right away and live an because I helped feed too back then. I had fought here before you and many people for free. easy life, like what I had against homelessness and to honour all of you True, I lost the restaurant back home. I was wrong. poverty and succeeded hardworking men and but I gained hundreds and I found out soon enough women temporary foreign in getting housing for my hundreds of friends and that being in a new constituents. workers in Alberta. family members, every one country is a lonely At that time, you had I encourage you to stand of whom called me Tatay. experience. Contrary to to take sides. I could tall and proud because In 1996, with the help expectations, roads here while you are contributing have taken the side that of several friends from are not paved with gold. I to the Canadian economy decreed oppression and the Filipino-Canadian had no friends. I had no encouraged corruption. you are also contributing community, we started the career. to the Philippine economy. If I took that side I would Filipino Canadian Services I struggled to find a job, maintain my comfortable All of these- in exchange Society. We began helping position in government but and ended up working for being away from your other new immigrants by for twelve years playing I would violate my values loving your families. pointing out resources floor hockey --- mopping I feel proud of all the good and beliefs. I could have floors --- at a MacDonald’s and advising them on work you have done. They also taken the opposite other settlement issues. restaurant. I watched side but I would probably are a clear representation We helped out the live-in others face the same of the Filipinos’ great work be killed. caregivers, by providing struggles and battle the So I decided to leave the ethics and determination Philippines and everything same loneliness. I attended a place for them to get to succeed in life. together and meet others countless funerals for that I worked hard for Like you, I have gone who are in the same live-in caregivers who behind. I had a good through situations which situation for emotional from lack of emotional career in politics as a most new immigrants support. support and a place of city councillor. I was also and temporary foreign It has always been my sanctuary, decided that a professor teaching in workers experience. killing themselves was the dream to have a home various universities in Discrimination, isolation, away from home for those only escape. I wanted to Metro Manila. As you can inequality, loneliness. help out but I was helpless. who are in need of one. see, I am educated and I I left the Philippines in

By 2000, the modest Filipino Society has grown big enough to start the Multicultural Helping House Society. Soon enough the government recognized the impact that the Society had on new migrants. As a result, the government of Vancouver decided to grant the funds to the Society which was needed to build the facility where new immigrants and temporary foreign workers can get training, employment referrals and other settlement-related services to make their lives a little bit easier. That was a dream come true. But my dreams don’t stop. Until now I continue to advocate for a more inclusive Canadian society and workforce. We at the Multicultural Helping House Society or MHHS continue to work in providing training and scholarships to TFWs and Caregivers so they can upgrade their skills or acquire new ones to make them more competitive in the job market. Caregivers don’t need to be caregivers all their lives. Children of caregivers and laborers don’t need to be

caregivers and laborers like their parents. In MHHS, we are working on putting together a Placement Program which aims to employ trained Health care assistants in private or nursing homes with better working environment and better pay. The Multicultural Helping House Society building now stands tall at the corner of Fraser and 32nd Ave. It is a testimony that love and a desire to help others, faith, passion and dedication can definitely help change one’s corner of the world. Before I end, I would like to say keep the fire burning in Alberta. Let’s all continue to work together in improving the employment conditions of the temporary foreign workers and live-in Caregivers in Canada. Finally, I would like to congratulate the organizers of the first TFW Search 2015 for coming up with a brilliant idea of honoring our hardworking temporary foreign workers in Alberta. Thank you everyone and have a pleasant evening ahead of you.

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Metaphors from a Priest

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Life is about discernment By Fr. Edmund F. Vargas

At the heart of Christian life is our need to keep focused on God no matter what our walk of life is. The key is discerning the life that the Lord has called us to, something we can do if we heed his words. As we go about our own respective lives, may God’s word find a home in our minds and our hearts. May we always listen for God’s voice and follow Jesus’ teachings given to us with love and authority. Our job or profession can be transformed into a vocation when we go about our work hours, inspired and influence by the power and love of God in our life. If you are a lawyer or teacher, the teaching or law profession can be guided by a work ethic that is consonant with the mandate of the Gospel. Usually, our oath of office defines the pattern of activity we have to pursue in our respective profession. Work becomes ministry when it is not really all about the money or remuneration. Work becomes ministry when we don’t separate our faith from the office or workplace. Work becomes ministry when we not only work for a living but also making a life. When life and faith becomes integrated, a spirituality emerges. Work becomes more meaningful when it is unified with our faith life.

Morality or spirituality becomes the principle of our activity. When the Fathers of the Second Vatican Council defined the Eucharist as the center and source of all Christian life, what is being conveyed is that we have to pattern every effort, every act or activity to the self-giving and self-sacrificing spirit of Christ who sacrificed His own life for all of us. A Eucharist-centered life is a life of self-giving and self-sacrifice. In Psalm 95, it is exclaimed: “O that today you would listen to the voice of the Lord. Do not harden your hearts!” We can listen to God’s voice only in our silence. God speaks to us when we create a vacancy for him in our lives. Christ himself would go to a deserted place early every morning to be silent with his Father in the midst of his hectic schedule. This period described as prayer, to be silent physically as well as spiritually in order to listen to God. This is how we acquire our sense of vocation, that is, by shifting our focus from our own activities to God’s loving presence. We can move our focus from what we do to what God does in our life and in our world. In the end, what God does is far more important than what we do with our life.

Attracting immigrants with the skills and talents Alberta needs is an important part of addressing labour pressures – now and in the future. “Overview of Immigration to Alberta.” Government of Alberta Enterprise and Advanced Education. n.p. n.d. Web. June 2013.

Respond to Alberta’s need for immigrants.

Become a Regulated Immigration Consultant Full-time | Part-time | Online Apply online at or contact a program adviser at (604) 899-0803.

Ashton College | Vancouver, BC 604 899 0803 | 1 866 759 6006 w w w. a s hto n co l l e g e. co m

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WHAT WAS EDSA cisely unconditional generosity against which the armed might of the dictatorship proved powerless. It is a condition that is often devoted by the tagalog term”DAMAY”and resonates with another term for pity. “AWA”PEOPLE POWER when manifested through non-violence was possible only because people were willing to take care of each other, no matter who that other was. It means breaking away from the tight circles of family and friends to risk living in the common

ground of the streets, dwelling in the space of unbounded openness while taking on incalculated risks. Mutual responsibility required mutual sacrifice . It means letting go, at least for the moment of one’s familiar possessions, especially for the wealthy and the middle class, being at EDSA means giving up their hold on property confronted with the very real possibility of being killed, they chose to abandon the familiarity of their house, cars, clothes. ser-

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vants and all those other material goods that define their status in life. At EDSA the role of property was suspended It was as if a kind of asceticism took hold, and people found themselves freed from the grip of property. The use of PEOPLE POWER during the EDSA revolution has given us its two-fold significance. It has become a foundation. On a common powerlessness refashioned into the basis for resistance and compassion. It gives us the power to free oneself from the role of prophecy to dwell in common with others in all their differences. It is the power that has been forgotten today

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coursed through acts of non-violence, people power is nothing less than the democratic reinventions of social life which is to say of a possible life yet to come. I just pray and hope that the EDSA PEOPLE POWER REVOLUTION in February 1986 will mark the significant effect to the minds of those who have witnessed, participated and involved in this historical event, that only through non-violence alternatives, unity and solidarity amongst people, that we could possibly achieve a true freedom and democracy in our country. To the next generation to come, let ev-

eryone values the ideals of the PEOPLE POWER to sustain us in keeping PEACE and to defend our human rights in a democratic way. We are honored that many countries have followed and used the PEOPLE POWER in their pursuit of freedom and democracy as well as in their fight of graft and corruption and abuse of power of leaders. Let this be a valuable lesson and worthy event that every Filipino people should cherish and be proud of. Let us all be aware, be vigilant and be involve in keeping freedom and democracy of our country, Philippines. This is a challenge to the next gen- | | Calgary 403.613.1182 | Edmonton 780.800.9792

eration. It is clear, times are changing with the advancement of facebook, twitter and other forms of social media, thus, the essence of attaining democracy has to be manifested. It is imperative for the next generation to understand that the quintessential meaning of democracy is understanding the necessity of getting out of one ‘s comfort zones and participating in nation- building. Everybody must underscore the need for more hard work, more prayers and more active participation and involvement of the citizenry. Start now and take the challenge …..

Seniors Corner



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Manifestation of Love Seniors Point of View By Precy Atienza

Every senior has its own definition of love, according to their experiences and to their culture, traditions and values in life. To some, Love is with understanding and joy, because love is to give and to care. We always say, I adore you because of your smile when we dance, your songs, voice, body and beauty etc. When I am thinking about you, my heart starts to pound, and it is hard to stop because I am in love with you. But we learn that we never want to be taken for granted. A little love will always grow and grow if we had an attachment to the person whom we are always with. So much fantasies in our lives. Since we were young the connection with other people that make us strong, when that emotion and feeling

of belongingness gave us the way to love. I had that feeling to an extreme in my heart but then that strong feeling is controlled by my mind. We sat silently for a while, while listening to the sounds around us with sweet music. I allowed my mind to wander because my heart kept pounding. Eventually my heart stopped, one of our most urgent needs is to feel safe. I had experience with the unfaithfulness of people many times in my life. But at the same time, I had experience the faithfulness of The Lord. People shift and change. Because the word I love you is just a phrase. But we all deserve to be loved in any way, by gesture or by saying “I really care for you.” There are times when you experience rejection, it doesn’t mean

something is wrong with you. We must have healthy love and respect for ourselves. Our emotion and feelings get involved, and emotional pain is actually one of the worst kind of pain. The hurt that we may experience has no pain pills to take away the pain. You can live beyond your feelings by giving love and being loved. I believe that a lot of pain and tension causes a relationship, you don’t need to feel condemned. Understand the freedom of joy and happiness, despite the hateful feeling, the feeling of love is always there. It doesn’t remove or disappear completely, don’t let your past be the ruling factor of your l life. Make a decision that you are going to start fresh each day. With Joy. Everything is

upsetting when thoughts are negative. Learn to receive freely, the love you want to give the desire to show your love is tangible. Many people in the world feel that they are worthless because of their negative feeling towards love. The acceptance of being loved, we must do to our very best and not feel pressured to do so. Sometimes you are desperate, angry and we find ourselves crying out. Sometimes we notice that you are responding differently, no counteraction of a friend. We have no assurance that the person we love is always faithful. Our love will always give us an inspiration in everything we do. Love moves like a cloud in the sky. Love Moves Mountains because we trust ourselves, also that love is everlasting. I am very grateful that I had compassion for those people who rejected their love. We are supposed to be compasionate and make them realize that love will always be there. The fulfillment

and reality will be in our hearts and mind. If we love whole heartedly we feel the will of the creator and we must enjoy our lives. Most of us spend many years fighting the process and searching for our less painful path, but there are no crosses in life. There are times that were once difficult for us to go through and remain emotionally stable that are not difficult at all. Allow yourself to be loved, and be loved in real life to receive is to give. “Let us love not in word or speech, but in truth and action” (John 1:3-18) Love is patient, and love is kind. Faithful friends will serve us an inspiration is life because faithful friends give their innermost feeling and will lead us to the real path of happiness and joy. It is human nature for us to be smiling and cheerful if we develop strong feelings of emotion your success will be in part to other people. Stay away from people whose language is not acceptable, do not allow yourself to



be alone. Mingle with others, share your blessings because by sharing you can fill their love. Finally, now that we are at the last journey and stage of our lives let us LOVE reigns in our daily activities especially in dealing with our own family, relatives, friends and others. It is love that we are here on earth. It is the great love of OUR Father Almighty that He gave his own son Jesus Christ to redeem us in our sins. Let us certainly fall in love. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY TO ALL!




Ymor or Less

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Hapi Balentine’s Mapua and Adamson darling! Ayos! Professional Development Program. Synergy in action: By Ymor H. (aka Romy Honorio)

I scanned the two session rooms and there were a total of 17 participants. Both the Mapua (Alberta Chapter) and Adamson University (Calgary Chapter) Alumni Associations sponsored a Professional Development Program on Jan. 24, 2015, held at the Ethno Cultural Council of Calgary. The program is the first of its kind in Calgary, providing helpful tools and a preparation-like class for engineers pursuing their dreams in Canada. It’s somewhat of an uncommon collaboration between two prominent alumni associations to execute such an initiative, but both applied a high degree of professionalism and organizational maturity, exemplifying synergy in action.

I chatted with one of the participants during a coffee break and I was surprised and intrigued with her story. Jane (not her real name), was a nurse in the Philippines for many years and upon moving to Canada, switched careers. There are a number of great opportunities in the engineering sector of Alberta, most notably in the Oil and Gas Industry (OGI). Jane knew this development program for engineers was one she wanted to attend considering the time spent and sacrifices made for her studies on AutoCAD Piping. Despite the uncertainties in OGI nowadays, Jane resolved to prepare herself for the future. She knew that when the OGI hit rock bottom the only way after was up. Consequently, the information she acquired

By Ymor H. (aka Romy Honorio)

from the seminar is and will be crucial for her presently and for the future. The wisdom and technical knowhow shared by the two associations was much needed in equipping her for the field of engineering. Additionally, engineers from other ethnic groups also attended the session. Everyone was serious (typical for engineers?) and participated well. Hat’s off to the officers and member of Mapua/ Adamson AAs. You deserve commendation for this selfless service to your fellow Pinoy and other ethnic engineers in Calgary! For more information please contact Wally (Adamson) at 403 861 2521 or Edwin (Mapua) at 403 471 5161

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Ring, ring, ring...”Hello!” sagot ni Kris sa kanyang cell phone. “Demonyo ka talaga! Bakit mo kami iniwan ng mga anak mo?” Pasigaw na sumbat ni Cora. “Asan ka ba? Bumalik ka dito!” dadag pa niya. Hindi namalayan ni Kris ang luhang dumaloy sa kanyang mga mata pagkatapos ng maikling sisihan, awayan at pakiusapan sa telepono. Ilang sandali pa, huminto ang sasakyan sa isang gasolinahan. Nahimas-masan si Kris ng lamig ng hanging umiihip sa kanyang mukha. Tatlong araw na silang nagbibiyahi mula sa Montreal patungong Kalgary. Hindi lingid kay Ronnie and sitwasyon ng kaibigan sa pamilya. At gayon din naman ang buhay ni Ronnie ay bukas na libro kay Kris. Bago paman lumisan ng walang paalam, matagal ng plano ng dalawa na makipag-sapalaran sa Alberta. Ano nga ba ang magiging kinabukasan nila sa Kebek? Kahit meron kang pinag-aralan pero ang pranse mong salita ay isa o dalawa lang, ano ang pagkakataon nilang umasenso? Brandon hanggang Kalgary ay malayo pa. Ang gabi ay malalim na. Pagal nilang katawan ay kailangang maipahinga. Ilang sandali pa, “Hello! Ditto kami sa Brandon Inn ngayong gabi. Maaga kami bukas para hindi gabihin sa daan.” Hikbi, hikbi, “Bakit mo kami iniwan. Makapag titiis pa naman tayo dito. Ano ang sasabihin ng ating mga kaibigan. Baka pag dumating ang araw iba na

ang katabi mo diyan sa higaan...” pa-gilti pa ni Cora. “Huwag kang mag-alala, ilang panahon lang magkakasamang muli tayo dito na sa Alberta.” Tugon ni Kris. “O sige darling, good night na. Tulog naba ang mga bata?” Pagsapit nila sa Brooks, dinayal ni Ronnie ang number ng kanilang kaibigang nasa Kalgary. Ang mag-asawang Kenny at Ashley ay dumating sa Kalgary ilang taon na ang nakaraan mula sa Kebek. Trabaho ay hindi naging problema at nakabili na sila ng bahay. Sipag at tiyaga ang naging puhunan ng mag-asawa. Sa kanilang magandang kalooban, ang bahay nila ang panandaliang tuluyan ng iba pang mga pamilya na nangagaling sa Kebek. “Andiyan na sila sa Brooks” sabi ni Kenny kay Ashley. “Tiis muna kayo sa basement. Kumpleto naman diyan. Dito sa taas ang lutuan. Bukas sasamahan naming kayo’ng mag-hanap ng trabaho. Nag-simula si Ronnie bilang fork lift operator sa isang warehouse. Bagama’t mahirap, tinanggap ni Kris ang maintenance position sa Crossiron Mills sa Balzac. Ilang lingo ang nakaraan, ang takbo ng buhay ng mag-kaibigan ay untiunting gumanda. Ang perang padala sa Kebek ay may katuwaang tangapin ng mga mahal sa buhay. Ilang buwan ang nakalipas ang maybahay ni Kris at Ronnie ay nakabakasyon sa Kalgary. Bayad ng telepono ay tumaas. Pag-uusap sa

long distance ay naging mahinahon. Mga balak ay nabuo. Ang bukas ay may anyong maaliwalas. Ilang linggo bago mag Balentine day tinanong ko si Kris kung bibisita siya sa Kebek. “Yong pamasahe ko ay idadag-dag ko na lamang sa perang ipadadala ko”. Tugon niya. “Kumusta naman si Ronnie?” “Wala akong balita mula ng siya ay bumalik sa Kebek.” Sagot ni Kris. Buhay nga naman nating mga imigrante ay minsan mahirap malurok. Merong mga tao na bukas at handang mag-bago kahit na sa pasimula ay may kalakip na hirap. At meron din naming iba na takot at umiiwas sa panandaliang pag-papagal. Sila ang mga taong kuntento at komportable na sa kanilang kalagayan. Ang pag-unlad ay nagsisimula sa isang hakbang na may kalakip na determinasyon at pagpupunyagi. Ang 2015 ay natatanging panahon upang bigyang pansin ang kahalagahan ng pagsulong na bunga ng bukas na isipan. Yakap sa katotohanan at hakbang ng pakikibaka (risk). Ang kawalan nito ay kabagalan ng kaunlaran sa ating buhay at kumunidad. Pati narin ang kulay ng pagmamahalan ng mag-asawa ay naaapektuhan. Ring, ring, ring, “Hello! Hapi Balentine darling!” and bati ni Kris sa asawa. “Sa iyo din”, sagot naman ni Cora. “I love you sweetheart”. “I love you, nag-pasok ka naba ng pera sa banko? Ayos!

JUAN more HIRIT The session in action

The participants with Edwin Marcelo (one of the resource persons

Valentine Pick Up Lines to the Max • Beer k aba? Kasi habang tumatagal tinatamaan ako sa iyo! • Google ka ba? Kasi lahat ng hinahanap ko ay nasa iyo na. • Pustiso ka ba? I cannot smile without you. • Bagay sa iyo iyang suot mo pero mas bagay ako sa iyo. • Ayoko na sa buhay ko. Ayoko na sa sarili ko. Pwede bang sa iyo na lang ako? • Di lahat ng buhay may buhay. Tingnan mo ako buhay pero patay na patay sa iyo. • Exchange gift tayo gusto mo? Akin ka tapos sa iyo ako. • Bakit baa ng likot-likot mo ayan tuloy natabig mo ang puso ko, nahulog tuloy sa iyo.

• Kung magiging lindol lang ako puso mo ang yayanigin ko. • Wala akong bisyo pero ng makilala kita di lang ako nagkabisyo na adik pa ako sa iyo. • Alam mo pwede kitang idemanda. Basta ka na lang kasing pumapasok sa puso ko eh. • Ano blood type mo? Type A, ikaw? Ikaw type ko. • Alam mo kung bola ka hindi kita maisho-shoot. Bakit? Dahil lagi kitang mami-miss. • Para kang tae. Ano?! Kasi di kita kayang paglaruan. • Papupulis kita. Ninakaw mo kasi ang puso ko. • Ulan ka ba? Kasi lupa ako. Sa ayaw at gusto mo sa akin ang bagsak mo. | | Calgary 403.613.1182 | Edmonton 780.800.9792



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HIRING FOOD SERVICE SUPERVISOR. PERMANENT FULL TIME Employer:Barrio Fiesta Restaurant Ltd Calgary Shift/Overtime/Day/Night/Evening/Weekend. Start Date: ASAP Location: 170-6800 Memorial Drive, NE Calgary Salary: Commensurate Experience Duties: Supervise and coordinate activities of staff who prepare and portion of food. Manage kitchen operationsEstablish work schedule. Train staff Procure Ingredient and supplies. Ensure food safety sanitation and quality is adhered by staff at all times. Maintain records of stocks., daily sales, food wastage and equipment repairs. Prepare and submit reports.. Qualifications:Must be knowledgable of Filipino Cuisines. Bondable. Ability to supervise 3 or more people. Completion of High School, some college/CEGEP/ vocational or technical training. Send Resume to: Attention Vi email: COOK. Permanent Full Time Employer:Barrio Fiesta Restaurant Ltd Calgary Shift/Overtime/Day/Night/Evening/Weekend. Start Date: ASAP Location: 170-6800 Memorial Drive, NE Calgary Salary: $ 13.85@ 40 hours/week plus gratuities Duties: Prepare and cook full coarse meals. Prepare individual dishes and foods. Ensure quality of food and determine size of food and proportions. Work with minimal supervisions. Prepare food to customers with allergies or intolerances. Clean and maintain kitchen and food service area sanitary at all times. Work with specialized cooking equipment (deep fryer, etc..). Organize and replenish buffets and banquets. Perform all other duties as per supervisors requests. Certificates/Credentials: Cook Trade certificate Experience: 1-2 years restaurant cook Send Resume to: Attention Vi email:


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