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Rustibus® 035-5000

Product description The Rustibus® 35 is a lightweight hand tool designed for quick and efficient de-scaling using the rotating chain drum system. The machine is much faster, offers more flexibility, delivers far better results and is more user friendly compared to scaling hammers, flexible shaft scalers, etc. - High quality construction and ergonomic design. - Especially designed for the marine industry.

Recommended use The Rustibus® 35 is ideal for spot scaling (horizontal and vertical) and has proven to be very efficient. The unit requires very little maintenance. The Chain Drum is the main consumable part. When the Chain Drum is fully used, simply replace it with a new one without the need to repair it - simple and cost effective. - Realistic speed / capacity up to 4 m2 per hour. - Result ST3 +++ (SSPC-SP11 +++)

tECHNICAL INFORMATION Length: 580 mm / 23” Height: 300 mm / 12” Width: 165 mm / 6,5” Total Weight: 5,7 kg / 12 lbs Working track: 25 mm / 1” Result: ST3 +++ (SSPC-SP11 +++)

V: Single Phase 110 - 120 V A: 10 Hz: 50 / 60 RPM: 2500 (free speed)

health and safet


Noise level* : 97 dB(A) Vibration: 9,8 m/s² ELV 02:05 EAV 00:30 PPE: Gloves, eye protection, ear protection, dust mask, safety shoes, helmet.

Contamination: No contaminated blast media. * Noise level dependent on surface.

Rustibus® Product Datasheet

035 5000  
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