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THE SKY Is Your Road Photos Daniel Nadelbach


hile flying is by far the most efficient way to get from place to place, most of us agree there is nothing particularly efficient, or even pleasant for that matter, about going to the airport. From long lines and delayed flights to missed connections and lost baggage, the public air transportation system can cause unnecessary grief, especially if you could just hop on your own plane and circumnavigate all that hullaballoo. Well with One Aviation, you can.

meetings, visit facilities and carry on business in multiple cities.” The public air transportation system is connected through hub and spoke systems, so you’re expected to connect through major metropolitan areas like Atlanta, New York or Los Angeles before your final destination. If your final destination is somewhere like Missoula, Montana, you probably have to go through Denver and then take a smaller regional aircraft to get there. When you have your own private mode of air transportation, that discontinuity and inefficiency is eliminated.

One Aviation offers the best in private jets — the 550-twin engine, the most economical light jet aircraft available today. “Think about the savings in time and efficiency,” says Ken Ross, president of One Aviation. “From a business perspective, an industry leader can utilize private air transportation to get to

“We manufacture the aircraft of choice, both for speed, cost and operational efficiency,” notes Ross. “It’s the best in terms of the aircraft sophistication in its class and also has the highest safety record of any twin engine light jet ever introduced. It’s an attractive product people want to fly. You see the benefits

both from a personal perspective and business perspective. It’s a sexy, good looking aircraft.” The Eclipse 550-twin engine holds six people — one pilot and five passengers. It also features the latest in advanced avionics, with an auto-throttle system that controls speed and thrust when you set the throttles to the settings you want. There has never been such a high level of sophistication in automation offered by an aircraft manufacturer for less than 10 million dollars; One Aviation’s is sold at less than three million dollars. The quality components built-in to make it safe, efficient and easy to operate are unparalleled in the industry. “Our customers love our product. We have a tremendous amount of brand loyalty,” says Ross. “The owner-operators

who fly our jets say it’s the only aircraft they need or want. With respect to maintenance and parts support, we have a 99 percent parts dispatch reliability within 24 hours, and it’s 100 percent within 48 hours, worldwide.” Because it flies at altitudes of up to 41,000 ft. at 420 mph with the most advanced features available, this is the aircraft of choice for people who want to move about efficiently and still be economical. It’s for those who live a lifestyle of adventure, timeliness and who want to travel in safety and elegance. One Aviation leads the way.  One Aviation Inc. 2503 Clark Carr Loop SE, Albuquerque 505.245.7555

The Sky is Your Road  

While flying is by far the most efficient way to get from place to place, most of us agree there is nothing particularly efficient, or even...