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SCOTT WEILAND KICKS OFF TOUR IN MICHIGAN This March at The Machine Shop in Flint Scott Weiland and his band The Wildabouts kicked off their tour in front of a sold out crowd. The anticipation was high to see what songs Weiland and his crews were going to perform. It was a shaky start to the show with some technical difficulties. It took Scott about 3 songs to really settle in. But when he did Weiland and company took us on a historic STP thrill ride with an 18 plus set that included “Wicked Garden,” “Creep,” ‘Crackerman,” “Kitchenware and Candy,” “Big empty,” “Vasoline” and a 3 song encore that ended with “Sex Type Thing.” Several days prior this tour opener it was reported that STP had fired Scott Weiland. We are not sure of the details on this but what we are sure of is that without Weiland there is no STP. When it comes to performing live, Scott has had his up and downs. While this was a great nite, I wouldn’t consider this tour opener as one of his best, but judging by last night’s sold out venue, it’s Weiland that everyone comes to see! Marc Nader

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Benny & The Jets In this iPhone, Twitter, Facebook world, it is harder and harder to get and keep the readers attention. So let’s pull out the old stand by, Sex, Drugs and a Rock and Roll - Peepshow! Yep, that’s right an old fashion Las Vegas, sexy, Peepshow. Oops in The Facebook world we have to remember people are hooked on quick reads and photos so this might be a good spot to insert a pretty lady or a Las Vegas show girl.

While Pam the wife, was back stage talking and hanging out with Coco, Ice-T and the gang. I walked off to the men’s room, like lots of old rock stars do. (LOL again) and who do I bump into but Ceelo Green, of Gnarls Barkly and The Voice TV show fame. Ceelo kind of scared me, wanted to touch my beard, and as a rule I don’t like people touching the beard, especially in the men’s room. (oh man, LOL again)  But all and all, a great time, was had by everyone. Now I mention all this in the column not only to grab your attention, but to ponder the thought of stardom and entertainment.

In the column we much prefer to talk about local Detroit starts and entertainers. 50 amp fuse, Killer Flamingos, Yankeville, Pistol Day Parade, Kaleido, 3 Whisker Betty, D Counts and The Billionaires even that Benny and The Jets Band, the real local bands. We always believe Kid Rock, Big Sean, Jack White, (YES) Britney Spears, even Ice T You know what a Peepshow is, right? On and Coco can get enough press. 8 mile and Lincoln Park we always had the old fashion Peepshow and Peepshow  Maybe the difference between some machine where you put a quarter in of the best local and national stars is and saw some sexy or not so sexy gals the entertainment. We may not need, running around, and you got to take 40 year old, over weight, guitar players, a Peep! singing southern rock songs. (That is a BIG paragraph that should be read and  In Paris, Las Vegas and other fancy reread by many area musicians) destinations, they developed Peepshows into, well SHOWS. With singing, dancing,  Jack White brings on the all girl band comedy, sexy girls, and a PEEP or TWO. and staging that looks like a movie set. Kid Rock, with a fur coat and dancing  In Las Vegas at The Planet Hollywood girls, Our own, 50 amp fuse band, Casino, Coco, from The realty TV show, sometimes compared to GLEE (TV show) Ice loves Coco (Ice as in rapper Ice-T and and often mentioned as Detroit biggest Coco, as in sexy blonde Ice-T’s wife) stars local band, incorporating Britney Spears in the Vegas production of Peepshow. like dancing, staging, and production. This Peepshow is sexy, funny and entertaining. Singing, dancing and skits  I’m not saying a fat, beer drinking, 40 tell a rock and roll story. With modern year old, guitar player, in a white t-shirt, production, PA, sound and light system, wouldn’t look cool, singing southern the type you might see at any major rock rock songs, on a big concert stage. concert, mixed with old fashion sexy I’m just saying he better have a good Vegas show girls, song and dance skits, looking, entertaining, opening act, that all set up to tell a cute story and make can help sell out the show! Coco, look like the star her fans have  Find Benny and The Jets on Facebook, grown to love. e-mail or 313 730 1627 10 LIVE - DETROITLIVEMAGAZINE.COM




BUDDY GUY AND JOHNNY LANG AT THE FOX THEATER Buddy and Jonny ripped the place to shreds with an entire Review and Photos by Marc Nader

This past March at The Fox Theatre in Detroit Buddy Guy and Jonny Lang brought more than just the Blues to town. It was a night filled with love making between artists and their guitars. In my opinion the Blues comes from the soul; it is the ability to express feelings through sound and word. Buddy Guy and Jonny Lang are two of the masters at this craft, their status as blues legends is undeniable.

arsenal of blues riffs and guitar solo’s that left the audience in awe. Trading soul drenched riffs, the two played with heart, attitude and pin point placement of musical notes that you could feel down to the bone. It was clear they were there doing what they were born to do, play guitar.  Buddy say’s it best when he sings his song ‘Damn Right I Got The Blues!” With only a few stops left on this tour it would be shame if you missed this show.  For more images from this show go to


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The Detroit Live Magazine “Blow up my Band” competition rolled into Simon’s Bar in Allen Park and Crimson Lounge in Riverview last month to help one band get the publicity they deserve. At Simons Mary Janes Pride, Chase Engle band and Blind Season fought to advance to the next round of the competition. While the battle was close it was the originality factor that the judges sited as the determining factor that helped Chase Engle band emerge victorious.





The next evening’s competition saw powerhouses Concrete Angel, Soldiers Last Breath and Mindrought go head to head. It was a tough battle. Concrete Angel is an incredible band and Soldiers last Breath left all they had on the stage. Yet when the votes were counted it was Mindrought that squeaked by with a win and advanced to the next round. Join us at Simons in Allen Park on Wednesdays and at Crimson Lounge in Riverview on Thursdays this April to help some of Detroit’s best bands get the success they deserve.




DETROIT MUSCLE: The Hard Edge Radio Show Celebrates First Year on the Air By Sabrina Deville The Hard Edge Radio Show debuted in 2012 on and has been igniting the Internet airwaves with the best in local and national hard rock and heavy metal ever since. Created and hosted by Detroit rock promoter Howie Herula, The Hard Edge Radio recently celebrated its oneyear anniversary with a balls to the wall party at The Ritz in Warren, Michigan featuring some of Detroit’s heaviest hitters including Wulfhook, Dead in 5, Crackjaw, Ignoring The Echoes, 3 Phase and Through Our Eyes.

DL: What were some of the highlights of your first year on the air?

Howie: Well, in addition to getting the chance to celebrate with all the fans and the listeners, some who’ve been with us since day one, I was able to showcase some of the best bands we have to offer here in the Motor City. We had a great mix of hard rock and metal bands that are in my opinion bands that both kicked some major ass and got attention in 2012, or who I believe are going to do big things in 2013. The show’s first successful year is something I’m proud of and I wanted to have a great time with everyone!

Howie: God, there are quite a few. Just some off the top of my head would be: getting Battlecross and Evans Blue for my very first show. It started with a bang and that momentum really kept DL: For us rockers with A.D.D. – describe me going. Just getting to interview some bands that each of the bands that rocked your I really, really dig. Talking anniversary party in 2 words: to Michael Poulsen from Wulfhook – 2013’s Overkill Volbeat was huge. I love those guys. Also, Justin Dead In 5 – Outlaw Craziness from Killswitch Engage, Jamey from Hatebreed, Crackjaw – Insanely Intense Bobby from Overkill, and Elias from Nonpoint. Getting to interview Hank III Ignoring The Echoes – Alternative Madness for the show, catching up with an old friend that I hadn’t talked to in some time. All great, stand out 3 Phase – Straight-up Rocking memories over the last 12 months. DL: What can listeners look forward to on the Hard Edge Radio show on 2013?

Through Our Eyes (Acoustic) –

Female Goodness Howie: Honestly, I’m just trying to keep it real, The Hard Edge Radio airs on Thursday nights keep it relevant and entertaining. I want to keep from 8 pm – 10 pm on For getting national acts to call in. I love letting the fans more information on The Hard Edge Radio visit know what’s going on with some of their favorite Also in attendance was The Hard Edge Radio bands. I want to keep showcasing some of the great Show’s in house rock vixen and co-host Leyna. local talent that we have here in Michigan and the surrounding states. I’m proud to have achieved so Recently Detroit Live sat down with Howie to much in the last discuss the making of The Hard Edge Radio year with the Show, highlights of the show’s first year and the show. I’ve been anniversary bash. through four cohosts, - two of DL: Why did you start The Hard Edge Radio them were for Show? only one show! 1673 FORT STREET WYANDOTTE MI 48192 734-283-4550 Now with Leyna Howie: I started the Hard Edge because I really I really think wasn’t happy with a lot that was going on with we have great Terrestrial Radio. The same songs and playlists chemistry and were getting old and I felt there were so many are the perfect good bands that needed to be heard. Plus I was team. I want kind of bummed about WRIF ending the Motor The Hard Edge City Riffs show. The Detroit area, and Michigan in to continue to general, has so many bands that are just awesome grow and become and deserve to be heard. The Hard Edge is the something that kind of radio show that I would enjoy listening to. EVERYONE Many people must feel the same because the show is talking about has just been growing so much this last year. and listening to. If there’s a hard DL: Had you had any experience in radio prior rock/metal fan out to this (for readers who don’t know you have a there, I want them VOICE made for radio!)? to know about The Hard Edge Howie: Haha thanks! I’ve been hearing that for and to check us YEARS, and honestly it never gets old. I never really had the chance to do anything on air before. out! I did some stuff for some local stations but it was DL: What made more promo and street team stuff. I’ve always the Hard Edge wanted to do something but wasn’t sure what or Anniversary with who or what station. Olin from Tapdetroit. Show at The Ritz com had been asking me for about 8-10 months special? to put together a hard rock/metal radio show and finally the timing was right, it worked and here we are one year later!






DMA Nominee - National Indie Label Rock Artist/Group By Darian Counts

“One of the most versitle, creative and approachable Rock Stars in the Motor City, in the 90’s he kept the Music of Detroit alive on a National level when very few could... and continues today with all His other projects. No one deserves more respect for keeping this city Rockin Then Vinny....” Doug Podell 16 LIVE - DETROITLIVEMAGAZINE.COM

Photo Marc Nader


Ask almost anyone to name famous Detroit Musicians and you’ll most likely hear Bob Seger, Ted Nugent or Kid Rock. Yet there is one musician who, while his name may not be on the tip of every mans tongue, is definitely known by Detroit music fans. For the last 2 decades he’s been serving up a variety of flavors of motor city music to people all over the world. Ask any musician in Detroit about him and the respect and admiration he garners is instantly evident. Of course I’m referring to Vinnie Dombroski of Sponge. It was the early 90’s. A time when music was in an in-between stage. The glam and posing of the 80’s was over and no one quite knew where music was going. It was post Teen Spirit yet preHootie. It was then that Vinnie along with Mike and Tim Cross, Joey Mazolla and Jimmy Paluzzi stepped up to create the band Sponge. The Gritty and powerful vibe of songs like Plowed and Molly seemed to fill a musical void and were immediately embraced on a national level. Sponges 1994 release, “Rotting Piñata” was immediatley absorbed by radio stations all over the world. By the end of the year the album went gold. In addition to radio airplay the album received substantial air time on MTV (back when MTV actually played music) and the track “Plowed” was included on motion picture “Empire Records” soundtrack. In 1995 sponge continued their momentum by releasing their follow up to “Rotting Pinatta”, “Wax Ecstatic”. The CD featured the hit single “Have you seen Mary” which appear on the sound track for the Kevin Smith/Ben Affleck movie“Chasing Amy”.


highpoint of your career. But it’s funny, looking back, and we have plenty of reverence for the stuff we’ve done in the past, but it’s the future that really motivates and inspires us. But I would have to say that opening for Kiss at the old Tiger stadium has to be up there as far as highpoints. Getting to play with Alice in Chains and being able to hang with Jerry Cantrell and Layne Staley shortly before his death was an incredible experience DC: What can you tell me about the new Sponge CD? Vinnie: This record is a combination of new tunes and our 2010 EP “Destroy the boy”. We’ve wanted to roll out a full length record for a while. That was the intent with the “Destroy the boy” EP. Fast forward a few years and we’ve got al lot more songs to add so we decided to put out a full length CD. It’s called “Stop the Bleeding.” And should be available in April. DC: I heard the band has kicked off the “Sponge air guitarist contest”?

Vinnie: Yeh, the idea is that we are going to try to do an air guitar contest at every Sponge show. Throughout the year we will do air guitar contest at our shows then the winner will get a trip to Las Vegas. DC: How do you judge an air guitar contest? Vinnie: Well air guitar is all about entertainment value. I mean you have to have skills, but when it comes to air guitar it’s all about how entertaining you can be. I mean we had one girl that was so damn excited she rocked until she just fell over backwards. She got right back up and finished her air solo. That’s the kind of passion that makes for a champion air guitarist…

DC: With the many projects that you do I’m sure you have tunes that just don’t get heard as much as the others. What’s a sleeper song or album that you’re proud of that many people may not know about? Vinnie: I really think the group did a great job on the Crud on Monster Island CD. The first Crud record took a while to kick in. We had to license a lot of stuff for TV and Movies. But the new Crud record I think is dynamite. DC: Are you still active with the Orbitsuns? Vinnie: oh yeh, for sure. I mean right now we’re on the road with Sponge. But before we left the Orbitsuns wrapped up 3 dates at Autorama. We played downstairs where all the rat rods were. It was an incredibly cool gig to play. DC: After the last 20 years as a working, touring musician what lessons have you learned???

Vinnie:… Vodka…Not Whiskey(laughs). I’ve learned that. But seriously, we’ve learned a lot, but one thing that comes in useful is that we’ve learned how to tour. I mean years ago I don’t think I made a dime on the road. Being In 1996 the band was asked to replace Stone out there with busses, tour managers and guitar Temple Pilots on the Kiss reunion tour at Tiger techs; by the end of the day there was just Stadium when STP singer Scott Wieland’s drug nothing left. We realized that all you really need problems became an issue. They’ve performed is a van and pair of pants...and actually the in arenas and local dives worldwide. Yet these DC: Who are some of your local hero’s? pants are optional. I’m mean now we approach days, while Sponge still does shows all over the country, it’s not uncommon to catch Vinnie at Vinnie: Well there are a lot, but one who comes a tour with a well thought our plan, back in the day we just threw a bunch of money at it. a local hotspot performing, if not with Sponge, to mind, while not actually a musician but Cont. on pg. 29 then with one of his many other critically still a major player in acclaimed projects like the super-charged fetish the Motor city music rock band, CRUD or his outlaw country band scene is Doug Podell. “The Orbitsuns”. He’s always been such a great advocate for Earlier this month I got a chance to talk with the local music scene. Vinnie on his way to a Sponge show in Cleveland. He turned us on to We talked about his past accomplishments as bands like Seduce. well as his current and future projects. I’m mean as a young musician we’d hear DC: You’ve had some incredible them on the radio accomplishments over the last 20 years. What and eventually go out would you say is the highpoint of your career? to the clubs and see them live. That’s why Vinnie: Well the highpoint of my career is the it’s such a real thrill show we are doing tonight at Peabody’s in for me to have David Cleveland (laughs)… When you’re on the road, Black in the band the show you’re doing tonight is always the Crud. The Orbitsuns



of heart and guaranteed to get your adrenaline Dana: “Sex Machine” by Dope makes me want to do bad things. flowing!

r best Nominatedrtfo t/Group is Industrial A

By Mike Jons

Detroit Live sat down with Crud muses Danielle DL:Who is your favorite freak and why? and Dana to hear how they get their freak on! Dani: Wendy O. Williams was definitely out there. Her live performances would bring out DL: Have you ever gone on Spring break? the freak as she was willing to go the extra mile And if so where and how was it? to entertain with chainsaws and by smashing televisions, smashing up buses and cars, and wearing nothing but shaving cream and duct Dani: Only once, by accident. It was spring tape on stage. Williams balanced that outer break in Key West in 2009. It was not my freak with a life style that would surprise most. scene at all. When I get crazy I like to get At home she was an advocate for animals, didn’t that out on stage. I didn’t like being in the masses with people being taken party, enjoyed gardening and took great care of herself. She was a freak I admired! out of bars in head locks, people vomiting everywhere, girls with Dana: The five-headed monster called CRUD! I their tits hanging out stumbling promise you – we will bring out YOUR Freak! into the street. That was a bad scene for me! Don’t miss Crud’s “SPRING FREAK” on Friday April 19 at The Ritz. Doors are at 8 pm and ages Dana: I went on spring break to Jamaica – met up with some local Rastas 18 and over are welcome to attend. – and then ended up living there for 4 For more on Crud visit and years! I guess it was pretty extreme – but raising 45 goats and living in a shack in the bush with no plumbing is really character building! DL: What was the freakiest thing that ever happened at a CRUD show? Dana: Before I joined the band – I saw Crud at one of their first shows. Dani was throwing raw meat at the

Crud’s Spring “Freak”

audience. It was love at first sight – I had to be in THIS band!

Electro rockers Crud are perhaps Detroit’s most dangerous live band. The chemistry between lead singer Vinnie Dombroski, burlesque beauty DL: Favorite CRUD Danielle Arsenault, legendary guitarist David song to get your Black, Dana “Deadly” Forrester on bass, and new addition James Trunko on drums, is nothing FREAK on and why? short of electrifying. Dani: “La De Da.” That song just always The band’s live shows are notorious affairs known as much for their wild themes as Crud’s effects me the most it stimulates me! titillating onstage antics. Whether Dombroski dons an ape or astronaut suit -with temptress Arsenault as his co-pilot – the dynamic duo are Dana: “Assume the Position” - that masters at rock and roll debauchery. song could be the soundtrack for “Fifty Crud’s upcoming “Spring Freak” show on Shades of Gray!” April 19 at The Ritz in Warren, Michigan is a celebration of the odd and unusual. In addition DL: Favorite NONto Crud’s headlining concert, some of the CRUD song to get Midwest’s most thrilling sideshow acts will be your FREAK on and performing including The Revolution Circus, Doppelganger Sideshow Circus and Apocalypse why? Theatre. From razor blade swallowing to pierced Dani: Yikes – this is a guilty pleasure – weightlifting, contortionists, belly dancers and R.Kelley! snake charmers – this show is not for the faint


22nd Annual Detroit Music Awards To Honor Suzi Quatro, Kem, Motown Producer Harry Balk and Attorney Mike Novak Ground-breaking female rocker Suzi Quatro, Detroit R&B hero Kem, Motown executive Harry Balk, and the late Detroit entertainment attorney Mike Novak will join metro area musicians in being honored at the 22nd Annual Detroit Music Awards, taking place Friday, April 19 at the Fillmore Detroit (2115 Woodward Ave., Detroit, MI 48201). Doors are at 6pm, and ages 18+ are welcome to attend.  Suzi Quatro will perform at the event backed by the Motor City Horns, along with Detroit-born New York songstress Ife Mora, Americana singer/songwriter Katie Grace, Christian rockers Sweet Crystal with David Winans, industrial/ electronica bands Cybertrybe & HafLife, hip/hop rap duo Passalacqua, jazz stylists Blackbyrd Revue, and comedic singer/ songwriter Mike Ridley.  Tom Daldin, host of the Emmy Award-winning PBS program “Under the Radar Michigan”, will emcee.  Since 1992, The Detroit Music Awards Foundation (DMAF) has supported and recognized Detroit’s musical community across a variety of genres and styles. In keeping with their long-standing tradition of celebrating all genres of Detroit music, the DMAs will present over 70 awards across ten musical categories ranging from rock to rap, country to classical, folk to electronic. 

album “What’s Going On” despite Barry Gordy’s disapproval of the political statements it contained (‘What’s Going On’ sold 100,000 on its first day of release, convincing Gordy to get behind the album.)

Motown Recording Artist KEM, whose albums have sold in excess of 2.2 million units, will be honored for his “Mack & Third LIVE: A Call to Service” event, an annual day-long concert & food drive to benefit the homeless that he founded in 2009 at Detroit’s Cass Park. KEM, who still makes Detroit his home, has served thousands of Detroit’s homeless citizens a meal, collected tons of canned goods and entertained scores of people at the free “Mack & Third” events (named for the area where many of Detroit’s homeless citizens reside).  The annual event is KEM’s way to give back to Detroit’s homeless community and its services, which supported him throughout his journey from homelessness & addiction to sobriety & success.

Mike Novak was one of Detroit’s most prominent entertainment attorneys, much-loved throughout the community and known across the country until his unexpected death in January. His clients included Bob Seger and Kid Rock, Jeff Daniels’ Purple Rose Theatre, and  One of the most important female broadcasters such as Ken Calvert, Steve rock figures ever, Suzi Quatro started performing with her sisters in the Pleasure Kostan, Mike Stone and the team of Drew Lane & Mike Clark, Seekers when she was just 15.  From there, Quatro basically invented the  The DMAs are similar to the Grammy leather-clad rocker chick persona Joan Awards. Award winners are determined Jett and Chrissie Hynde rode to fame, by local musicians and music industry albeit overseas, where she achieved professionals in southeast Michigan, a string of number one hits in Europe and presented in ten music genres; throughout the 1970’s and early 80’s.  Folk/Acoustic, Blues, Jazz, Gospel, Her American fortunes changed in the Country, Classical, Rock/Pop, R&B/Hiplate ‘70s, when she had a short-lived, Hop, Electronic and World. The DMAs semi-regular stint on the sitcom Happy Days as the guitar-playing, sassy Leather are the only local music awards in the nation to be presented by a not-for -profit Tuscadero. organization. Voting is accomplished entirely via the Internet. For a list of 2013  Harry Balk founded Inferno Records in 1967, which was absorbed by the Motown nominees and past winners, please visit empire when Berry Gordy Jr. bought out Balk in 1968.  A well-known figure on the  All fans of Detroit Music can visit the Detroit scene, Balk went on to a career DMAF website to vote for the vitaminwater as a Motown creative director and A&R People’s Choice Award, where you can man for Gordy.  Balk was instrumental vote for your favorite artist and download in launching the careers of artists such their song for free as well. The winner will as Rodriguez (whose first single “I’ll Slip be announced at the awards show. Away” was produced by Balk in 1967), Del Shannon, and Marvin Gaye.  Balk was instrumental in releasing Marvin Gaye’s 20 LIVE - DETROITLIVEMAGAZINE.COM

Suzi Quatro


Attorney Mike Novak

Outstanding National Small/Independent Label Album

Metal/Hard Rock Artist - Rocktropolis

Pistol Day Parade

Vinnie Dombroski

Outstanding Urban/Funk Artist/Group

The Infatuations

Outstanding Tribute Band

Outstanding National Single

Outstanding Country Vocalist

Danny D & the Vagabonds

Ty Stone

Rock/Pop Artist/Group & Outstanding Live Performance


Outstanding Country Songwriter

Don “Doop “ Duprie

Outstanding Live Performance

The Ruiners


April 19th the fillmore

Outstanding Electronic /Dance Recording

Otto vector

Outstanding Country Recording

Jennifer Westwood

Outstanding Urban/Funk Artist/Group Bdab

Outstanding Christian Act

Sweet Crystal


photo by Marc Nader


If you told me that I would be covering a Rihanna show I would have laughed and told you just how insane you really are. After all, my roots as a rock journalist would never allow this to happen. So when I was asked to cover this show my first reaction was “Ya Right” but after carefully reconsidering the situation I thought, why not take the opportunity to expand my horizons even if it was going to be an absolute stretch!

As I arrived Downtown Detroit my beloved city was transformed into Rihannaville and my Hockey Town, Joe Louis Arena became the largest nightclub you could ever imagine. JLA was surrounded by fans dressed as if they were heading to their favorite club in 80-degree weather; the problem was, it was a frigid twenty-degree’s and yet the buzz of seeing Rihanna had apparently got the blood boiling and the cold air seemed to warm with the excitement. As the venue filled to capacity I couldn’t help but succumb the anticipation of seeing this show. When the lights went out, I knew it was going to be utterly impossible to leave without multiple contusions to at least 90% of my body. With one giant motion, not a person was in their seat, as a matter of fact the majority launched in unison to reach the highest position on top of their chairs. The curtain then fell to the ground revealing what I can only describe as true artistic beauty. Kneeling

By Scotti Moore

on the floor, draped in a black robe under a single light, Rihanna began the evening in her angelic voice with the song “Mother Mary. With the forethought that there was no way this show could reel me in from my rock background into a genre of pop, it was at this moment I knew I was wrong!!! As the first song ended the entire stage was transformed into a marble palace filled with dancers and a full band. Rihanna commanded the stage as a true pop goddess would and set the tone for an incredible overall show. As the show progressed I realized I wasn’t the only one there with a rock background. Much to my surprise, Rihannas band was lead by the legendary rock guitarist from the group “Extreme” Nuno Bettencourt. As I was prepared for a whole lot of tracked music I never imagined seeing a great guitarist surrounded by great musicians that ultimately turned this concert into a rock pop show. For the first time I truly grasped the concept of Rihanna’s music and realized that it’ss very enticing; put that together with one of the most graceful entertainers to hit the stage and I found myself wrapped up into a visual fantasy that ultimately lead me to fall in love with Rihanna. You never know if you’re going to like music that you normally don’t listen to and now speaking from experience, get out and see this show because it rocked!


When it comes to elaborate show stopping concerts, there is a short list of artists that have given us unforgettable visual performances. P!nk has undoubtedly added her name to this list with her “Truth About Love” tour.

Review and photos by Marc Nader Glass”, which she performed tied to a couple bungee cords bouncing from the stage floor, to being caught by her male performers who were dangling from a metal shaped heart suspended twenty some feet in the air. At first it resembled a type of circus act but as the song progressed I realized it was more of an aerial dance that symphonized with her music. Throughout the rest of her performance if she wasn’t doing a death defying stunt she was getting down with her many back up dancers. Although P!nk’s show was jammed pack with Ariel stunts and visual effects, she still made her connection with the audience with a small acoustic set at the end of her extended stage with just her and the guitarist. This not only gave a warm family feel but it made the show personal. Her closing song was none other than spectacular when she strapped herself in to a wire tethered harness and at very high speeds she flew to every corner of the stadium including a straight up shot to the venue’s roof trusses only to drop out of the sky and stop within inches of touching the audience on the main floor. With a standing ovation P!nk’s show ended with class and style, it’s one I will never forget!

The Palace of Auburn Hills was filled to capacity and the anticipation that filled the air waiting for this show to begin was enough to excite anyone. From the moment the lights turned on P!nk performed a show of shows. Her first song was “Raise Your

P!nk is one of the hardest working girls in the business and it shows in her music and performance. Selling out shows in city after city is a testament to her success. She has added dates on the tail end of her tour which includes another visit to The Palace of Auburn Hills on November 6th. Get your tickets fast because this show will sell out quick.


White Shag

By Allison Martin

Nominated for Outstanding Rock/Pop Recording & Metal/Hard Rock Artist/Group

Photo Richard Blondy

The most cardinal thing I could tell you about Detroit rock trio, White Shag, is that they rock... hard. Say what you will about the lack of good rock bands, White Shag makes no qualms about the fact they here to change that up. Led by front woman and bass player Laura Mendoza, accompanied by her correlate Jorge Cortez on guitar, along with drummer Joe Leone, these sexy Detroit rockers pack quite a punch. Chalked full of live stage antics and moves reminiscent of Axle Rose and Cherie Currie, Mendoza slides across the stage on her knees, while licking her bass and signing in guttural undertones. She is your modern day Suzi Quatro. Cortez shreds his guitar, shirtless, to the beat of Leone brilliantly holding this threesome together. They are the embodiment of the frenetic energy that fueled live rock in Detroit in the 1970’s.

Eventually the two moved to the hip city of Ferndale, and so began search for the perfect drummer, a search that would give Spinal Tap’s drummer allegory a run for its money. While their past drummers may not have spontaneously combusted, the search proved difficult. Mendoza relays stories of drummers who “just always seemed to have something wrong with them”. She tells tales of attracting drummers who did not show up for gigs, who drank too much, and a drummer who “snuck backstage at a Kenny Olsen concert and drank all their beer while handing out White Shag business cards.”

A handful of drummers later, Mendoza reached out to Detroit drumming legend Joe Leone. Leone is known most recently for his role in the hit band Amy Gore and Her Valentines, and also Formed by a chance meeting at a video store in Ann Arbor, for drumming in Back in Spades, formed by musician Jackson Smith, Mendoza and Cortez met, fell in love and birthed a wild love child the son of punk singer Patti Smith and late MC5 guitarist Fred “Sonic” Smith. Leone offered to help out the duo by filling in for gigs they call White Shag. After a stint of living with her family and earning a music degree in Chile, Mendoza had moved to Ann Arbor where those aforementioned drummers had flaked. Neither Leone, nor the other members had any intention of him becoming part of to begin an internship at Big sky Recordings. Cortez instinctually the band. “It naturally just progressed,” said Mendoza, “having Joe knew a good thing about music when he saw it and quickly asked Mendoza to join his band. After the serendipitous meeting at the in the band made us great, he was the piece of the puzzle that was video store, each knew they had found their counterparts in music missing.” and in love. And so it was, the birth of White Shag- a band who Cortez, also of Latin decent, was born the son of a South recently released their self-titled EP with tracks tilted “Violate Me”, “Penetration”, “Die for Me”, and “78 Trans Am”; a band who are American mother and a Transylvanian father. He is a self-taught musician formally of the band the Brothers Cortez, Jorge was quite quickly earning their stripes as a legitimate rock band in the Detroit music scene. Prestigiously nominated by the Detroit Music Awards the seasoned musician and no stranger to rock ‘n roll success. His for best outstanding rock/pop recording as well as metal/hard rock band had opened up for the likes of the Temptations as well as artists/group, White Shag can be seen rocking out at major venues The Isley Brothers. Cortez was now on the hunt to form a band that would express his love of stoner rock and his Chuck Barry like across the state while gearing up for their first national tour. moves. DETROITLIVEMAGAZINE.COM - LIVE 23

choice cuts Detroit Pleasure Society, Detroit Pleasure Society (www. ): Quick, what do you think of when someone mentions Detroit culture? Cars, Coney dogs, championship sports teams and world class rock, soul and techno music might immediately come to mind. Well, now you can add Dixieland to the Motown repertoire courtesy of vintage jazz revivalists Detroit Pleasure Society. They’ve single-handedly taken that classic genre, mostly associated with New Orleans, and given it a freshness that stays true to its carefree and uninhibited spirit. Tunes like “Bogalusa Strut,” “Jazz Me Blues” and “Riverboat Shuffle” bop and swing like there’s no tomorrow. And “Big Butter and Egg Man” is a showstopper featuring great choral vocals by the group and guest Jennie Knaggs. DPS recently played P.J.’s Lager House where they tore it up! Good stuff! Mudhoney, The Story of Mudhoney: I’m Now (DVD, King of Hearts Productions KOH-03): This documentary tells the story of one of the key bands that was on the ground floor of the so-called early ‘90s “grunge” movement, Mudhoney. Named for a Russ Meyer movie, the Seattle quartet never quite achieved the commercial status of fellow hometown bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam. However they were highly influential nonetheless. Clocking in at 102 minutes, filmmakers Ryan Short and Adam Pease do a nice MTV/VH1-styled “Behind the Music” type piece that gets you up close and personal with the band, delivers a ton of historic live and backstage footage and features a number of insightful interviews with friends, journalists and notable rock celebs such as Kim Thayil ( Soundgarden), Keith Morris ( Circle Jerks/ Black Flag), Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament ( Pearl Jam) and Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth).


Eric Harabadian

Southern Hospitality, Easy Livin’ (Blind Pig Records BPCD 5152): From opening track “Southern Livin’” you know immediately where this band is coming from; deep in the heart of the Bayou Country. Damon Fowler (guitars/ vocals), Victor Wainwright (keyboards/vocals), JP Soars (guitars/vocals), Chuck Riley (bass) and Chris Peet (drums) are leading lights that are the next wave of modern Americanafueled soul-drenched blues/rock. Every song has its own character and unique style. And with three writers in the band their depth of creativity is limitless. Imagine if Little Feat, Wet Willie, CCR and the Allman Brothers got together with Commander Cody and filtered it through Muscle Shoals Studios. This is, as they say, the real deal folks!

Rock Candy Funk Party, We Want Groove (J&R Adventures PRAR93549): Essentially, RCFP is a collective of veteran session cats and sidemen that have allied for the sole purpose of keeping jazz-rock fusion and funk alive. And when you gather guys with credits that have played with everyone from Weather Report’s Joe Zawinul, Tito Puente and Prince to Conan O’Brien’s Basic Cable Band, Hugh Masekela, Black Country Communion, etc., some sparks are definitely gonna fly! This is definitely a musician’s musician disc, but don’t think it’s something technical and over the top either. RCFP are all about the groove as evidenced by cuts like the sinewy mid-tempo cooker “Octopus-e.” “Spaztastic” is another fun one, with an in-the-pocket feel and cool guitar riffs. The title track recalls vintage Crusaders and L.A. Express, with guitarists Joe Bonamassa and Ron DeJesus laying it down. Also included is a DVD that features behind-the-scenes studio footage.

Sena Ehrhardt, All In (Blind Pig Records BPCD 5151): She’s got the fire of vintage Janis Joplin matched with the soul of Mavis Staples and the grace of Etta James. Simply put, Sena Ehrhardt is a young blues/rock vocalist on the rise. This is the follow up to her criticallyacclaimed 2012 debut Leave the Light On. She progresses on that successful path by continuing to co-write a lot of her material with her lead guitarist father Edward Ehrhardt. It is that winning combination that has spawned more modern blues nuggets like the rich and robust album opener “Buried Alive.” Other highlights include the funky James Brown influenced title track, the ultra soulful vocals and screaming guitars that define “ I Want to Get You Back” and the rootsy boogie rocker “Man Up.” This record will, undoubtedly, wind up on a lot of critics favorites lists again for 2013, beginning with this reviewer!

The Cash Box Kings, Black Toppin’ (Blind Pig Records BPCD 5150): On 2011’s Blind Pig Records debut Hollar and Stomp the Cash Box Kings flaunted a retro ‘40s/’50s era blues approach. On their latest they’ve retained a lot of that but have integrated a wider songwriting palette to include country, rockabilly, ‘70s-era Rolling Stones nuances and, even a Velvet Underground cover. The group is co-led by vocalist/harmonica player Joe Nosek and vocalist Oscar Wilson. Each singer brings something fresh and authentic to the table, with Nosek delivering some raspy and sweet warbling while Wilson specializes in weaving a bit of storytelling into the mix. The Cash Box Kings are keeping it real in 2013 by preserving the past and maintaining reverence for the innate integrity of blues music.

The Damned, Live Live Live in London 2002: Tiki Nightmare (DVD, MVD Visual MVD5647D): T h e Damned were one of the early punk pioneers from the ‘70s British invasion that emerged alongside The Clash, Generation X (Featuring Billy Idol), Ultravox, The Sex Pistols, etc. This DVD concert film from the early 2000s found the band in peak condition and at the top of their game. Hits like “Neat Neat Neat,” “New Rose” and “Smash it Up” never sounded so good. And the lineup features original members Dave Vanian (lead vocals) and Captain Sensible (guitar) along with ex-Gun Club/Sisters of Mercy bassist Patricia Morrison, keyboardist Monty Oxy Moron and drummer Pinch. The energy is truly intoxicating and palpable, with Vanian in fine voice and Captain Sensible playing incredibly focused and progressive licks and embellishments. Special features include a 5.1 digital mix, bonus photo gallery, discography and extensive band interviews.






Revolution of Rock By Tiny Tim Cook

April, it’s almost spring...wait we are in Michigan so it will be 85 degrees one day, snow the next, but that isn’t stopping us from thinking about good times and great local music. That got me thinking about songs from local bands that get you pumped up. A great example was back in ‘06 when former Ray Street Park bassist Terry Martin got the idea that every time Tigers reliever Joel Zumaya came out of the bullpen, the speakers should’ve been blaring RSP’s song ‘Comatose’. Tell me you don’t just want to kick some ass when you hear ‘Comatose’? Thinking about some other songs that get me slamming the gas pedal are Kastura’s ‘The Patriot’ and Fall Prey’s ‘Heart’. Back in December I received another speeding ticket thanks to the Romulus P.D. while I was listening to ‘The Patriot’ from Kastura, as I was head banging and fist-pumping along I looked down and realized I was doing 90 mph on I-94 by the airport, slowed down but not enough before I got popped. Oh well, I was in the f***ing zone with that song. That song kicks so much ass that it recently was the first 3-time champion on The Tiny & Plankman Show’s segment Band To Band Combat where we pit 2 songs against each other and the listeners vote for the winner. In it’s run it defeated 3 Phase’s


‘Breath’, SNAFU’s ‘Graves’ and Sick Smile’s ‘Fridge Full of Friends’, 3 awesome songs. ‘The Patriot’ received over 1000 votes during its run. Another “get you pumped” song for me is Fall Prey’s “Heart”. This song is so adrenaline pumping that Bellator MMA fighter Ronnie ‘Bam Bam’ Rogers uses it for his entrance music. I can’t get enough of this song. Go to their Facebook or ReverbNation page and check it out. ‘Heart’ is a little more aggressive than most Fall Prey material but Amanda can handle it. Considering a few female vocalists in this town copy her style let’s see if they can keep up with her after this song, Amanda is an original and I love the more aggressive Fall Prey. Check them out.

5th and Busby’s Death Chair on May 12th. Go to our Facebook page to get a full calendar plus we play nothing but local music. Plus you can hear me DJ every Tuesday afternoon from 3pm to 5pm where I feature mostly local music and requests on, then after that I do my show Beauty & The Freaks with my cohosts Jimmy Shotz, E-Rock and The Force from 5pm to 7pm on Tuesday where we always do a Top 5, Bro Code/Ho Code, F***ed Up News, FoodGasms, This Week in Boob History, Porn Star & Drink of the Week and In The Weeds, your weekly THC report. Check out all of my Detroit music heavy shows on Talk at ya again next month, until then follow me at or @tinytimrocks on Twitter. Don’t forget as always Earth, soul, rock ‘n’ roll and Life Rules!

Upcoming guests on the Tiny & Plankman Show on tapdetroit. com every Sunday night from 9pm to midnight include Primitive Tongue on April 14th, 34Bliss on April 21st, Mike Hopper Trio on April 28th, Sorrow For Tomorrow on May

is pretty sweet. I know Ty Stone is working his ass off. I love what Dupe is doing. Chris from the Deadstring brothers is out with a new record. I know he’s got a new band so I’m looking forward to his new release. Oh and Citizen Zero too…they’re a damn good band and are doing some great stuff as well.

After over 20 years, a gold record, opening for Kiss and touring the world, Vinnie is still as approachable and down to earth as any local musician. He’s done it all yet doesn’t feel the urge to talk about it. He’s a fervent supporter as well as pillar of the Detroit music scene and the bands that compose it. And while his latest music may not yet be in heavy DC: Which local musicians are you a fan of right rotation on what many would refer now? to as the big Detroit radio stations, it’s evident that when the history Vinnie: I had followed Whitey Morgan for a books of Detroit music is written, while. I really dig what he’s done with his band. there will definitely be much ink I know he’s gone thru a lot of changes but really and reverence given to valuable liked the sound of that band. I liked the records contributions and accomplishments they were making. I wish Whitey a lot of of Vinnie Dombroski. success. I know a lot of people are talking about Jessica Hernandez. What I’ve heard of her stuff

Catch Vinnie with Sponge at the Machine Shop on April 13th and at the Hamtramk Blowout at the Polish Alliance Hall April 27th. Readers in Kentucky can see him at the Newport on the Levee in Newport KY DETROITLIVEMAGAZINE.COM - LIVE 29

SPIRITUAL HOROSCOPE April 2013 by Aluna Michaels, M.A.

Spiritual Horoscope for April by Aluna Michaels, M.A. Aries (March 21 – April 19) – Happy birthday Aries! All month Mars, your ruling planet, supplies you with tons of energy and ideas. But watch out for being over-enthusiastic, or even irritable if others don’t want to bound ahead as excitedly as you do. By May most people will be caught up to your advanced concepts, so don’t get frustrated. Meanwhile, meditate on new goals and put personal plans into practice, so you move toward results. Just be patient with slow-pokes! Taurus (April 20 – May 20) – So many planets are in Aries, and they are rustling up stuff in your subconscious. Meditate about hidden or suppressed anger. Acknowledging disappointments supplies energy that’s previously been spent pushing old stuff down. Forgiveness gives freedom and opens your heart to love, making new relationships come in, and current ones flow better. Also meditate on financial issues, since amazing solutions can pop into your mind! Gemini (May 21 – June 20) -- Spice up relationships by trying new activities or spending time together with interesting friends. If single you can meet someone new in the same ways. In meditation, focus on the areas of your life where you are jealous. It could be about other people’s better finances, relationships, looks, or their self confidence. Release your resentments or frustrations, so the same level of good can flow into your life! Cancer (June 21 – July 22) – You can get a new job this month! Or at least you’ll be making more money somehow – whether it be a raise, bonus or promotion. You could also meet a romantic partner at work if single – or maybe

have a new work partner who makes life easy for you. The key this month is to balance work with relationships. It might be easy to become workaholic-like. Don’t forget other people in your life who also need you!

planets are coming together and making you extra magnetic and appealing. However, your spiritual challenge is to observe how you could be subconsciously blocking that flow of energy. Let your power shine and make no excuses about your magnificence! You are not conceited – you Leo (July 23 – Aug. 22) – You’ll be open to are acknowledging how powerful the Universe is new spiritual paths, or have a revitalized interest at it flows though you! in meditation. Follow your enthusiasm and make good progress this month. The trick is not to Capricorn (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19) – It’s time drop your disciplines when the novelty wears to acknowledge how spiritually influential you off. You’ll have important insights if you persist are! Your meditation and self-improvement when stuff seems ho-hum or boring. Make a disciplines make you comforting and magnetic. commitment now not to be a spiritual dilettante. People gain strength and hope from being Stay true to your path to grow and evolve! around you – even if you are quiet and just being around them. It’s good to be humble, but please Virgo (Aug. 23 – Sept. 22) – If your see you have a special gift that you’ve worked relationship or sex life has been boring, this hard to cultivate! Keep up the great work and month it will explode with passion! If single, praise yourself! you’ll attract someone who sees that divine fire within you. Meditate and focus on your own Aquarius (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18) – Make an beauty, lusciousness and spiritual depth. You effort to observe your thoughts. You’re blessed have so much to offer as a lover and as a spiritual with a powerful and curious mind, but can get partner. Don’t settle for anything less, and don’t carried away with over-analysis, worry or overthink anything less of yourself! complicating things. The key is to blend your dayto-day intellect with your higher brain/intuition. Libra (Sept. 23 – Oct. 22) – Meditate Your intuition has simple answers to complex about releasing dysfunctional patterns you problems and can also soothe your mental observed in and absorbed from your family! You tensions. Relax into the fact that you don’t have can free yourself from subconscious relationship to struggle for all the answers! (Also contemplate sabotage. If single, you can begin a healthy that you could be “addicted” to your constant partnership. If already coupled, you’ll improve thinking!) your way of relating and be able to truly enjoy emotional intimacy. Also look at your eating Pisces (Feb. 19 – March 20) – You could habits and how foods alter your mood – and have exciting financial breakthroughs or new how those bad moods affect others as well as work opportunities. There will probably be a yourself! tie-in with something charitable or meaningful to society. In general, contemplate how you Scorpio (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21) – Your use your time and money. Could you be doing thoughts affect your health – physical and something that is service oriented and making a mental! Meditate and observe your mind – also contribution in some way? This is a sure-fire way observe your thoughts throughout the day. See to lift your Piscean spirits and to help you feel how negative and mean you can be to yourself. valuable and connected. Make a spiritual commitment to stop! This is like an addiction – ask for help like an alcoholic in AA Aluna Michaels is a second-generation asks for help from a Higher Power. You can be astrologer and Soul Evolutionist practitioner. free and happy! Don’t trust any idea in your head She also holds a Masters in Spiritual Counseling that is negative – it’s just your lower self trying to and has been teaching and consulting for more keep you down – it’s not some form of urging for than two decades. Her book “Spiritual Gifts of self-improvement! the 12 Astrological Signs” is now on Amazon in Kindle version. Ms. Michaels is available for Sagittarius (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21) – This can appointments in her home or by phone. Call be an amazing relationship month! So many (248) 583-1663 or visit

Meet Jeremy Porter & The Tucos by Sabrina Deville

Who: Southeast Michigan based power pop trio drenched in twang features Gabriel Doman on Drums, Jason Bowes on Bass, and Jeremy Porter on Guitars and vocals. What: The Tucos were named after the Eli Wallach character Tuco in The Good The Bad and The Ugly.  “Tie that rope good and strong, Blondie.  It’s got to be strong enough to hang a pig!”  Why: Their music is a classic blend of American power pop with a dose of alt-country and. Americana twang – think Cheap Trick and The Knack meets Uncle Tupelo, Waylon Jennings and The Replacements! Where: Jeremy Porter & The Tucos are currently on tour promoting their new record “Partner in Crime” (on Detroit’s New Fortune Records). The disc is now available in limited edition vinyl, CD and MP3 at shows and on ITunes and For more information – including Jeremy Porter & The Tucos tour dates visit 30 LIVE - DETROITLIVEMAGAZINE.COM



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