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Review by Scotti Moore Photos by Marc Nader

It’s 3:30 as I walk up to the front door of the Royal Oak Music Theatre and the loyal diehard fan base called “The Blood Legion” has already started to assemble. These people could be strangers to each other but you would never know it by how everyone is interacting and greeting each other. One thing unites them, their love and passion for In This Moment who are in the midst of the second leg of their HellPop Tour.

Many of the “Legion” have seen ITM more than once and have traveled to do so. It is now 5:00 and as they always do before each show the band is taking time to meet-n-greet some lucky fans recognizing the fact that without them they wouldn’t be where they are today. 6:30 and the doors are

opening. The 3 hour wait outside in the cold is over as everyone is ready to start making the run to be as close to the stage as possible. Interacting with the crowd is a big part of what ITM does. After four very worthy opening acts get the packed venue primed for tonight’s headliner you could feel the undeniable anticipation. This sold out theater was wanting to see the main 6 LIVE

attraction. During the set change I had the opportunity to talk to a couple people about ITM. I asked CJ Curtis of Flint just what it was that had brought him in tonight. “Their music and stage show creates a powerful energy that is hard to deny.” “It feels like they are up there playing just for me” added Christine Harrison of Chesterfield. The lights go out and the stage begins to DETROITLIVEMAGAZINE.COM

fill with fog as “It is Written” and “Rise With Me” begin to ring out over the sound system. The blood dancers crawl from below the drum riser as Tom Hane appears behind his kit and raises his sticks in the air bringing the crowd to a roar. It is about to begin and not a moment to soon. If there is any doubt on why they all came the frenzy throughout the theater makes it evident. The rest of the band materializes through the haze created by fog and lights they begin to play a strong opening number, their hit, “Adrenalize.” Lead vocalist Maria Brink climbs upon her skull encrusted throne and greets the crowd with raised arms and everyone automatically follows her lead, Bassist Travis Johnson is making sure the rush continues by finding his

Tragedy?” They begin jamming teasers from both “Prayers” and “Next Life” as a precursor to their the hard hitting fan favorite “Daddy’s Falling Angel”. After a brief departure she returns with what has become a signature statement song “Whore” with the hat to match. In This Moment exits the stage with the crowd raging for their return which didn’t fall on deaf ears, its time for an encore of the title track off their latest release “Blood”. Upon completing their encore the band gathers together at center stage to thank and salute the “Blood Legion” for the undying support and loyalty which was returned to them from all of us. This was a show that you wished would never end. If you haven’t seen them yet I will be the first to tell you that In This Moment should be on every music fans must see list. Hands down one of the best live shows I have ever seen. Nothing like living “In This Moment!”

way back and forth across the stage.

You can tell right out of the gate that this Metal-Core powerhouse were destined to be upon the stage. The songs “Blazin” and “Beast Within” follow with the emotion and power that everyone has become accustomed to from In This Moment. They finish playing “Burn” and the focus becomes solely on Ms. Brink as she sings her heartfelt ballad “Into the Light” and the “Blood Legion” is feeling every note with her. Guitarists Chris Howorth and Randy Weitzel make their way next to Maria and they pull out one of their earlier hits “Gun Show” then continue into a cover of Nine Inch Nails “Closer” which they clearly put the ITM stamp on. The band exits the stage and the spotlight remains on Hane for a heart pounding drum solo which leads into a back and forth dual guitar solo between Chris and Randy who are then rejoined by Maria and Travis for the band introductions. Brink now asks the question, “What’s the heaviest song off of Beautiful DETROITLIVEMAGAZINE.COM





from the depths of the forgotten ruins of a once-thriving industrial juggernaut known as Detroit, Underland is a 3-piece metal powerhouse, deriving its sound from their heroes of vintage metal along with the anger and intensity of todays metal. These veterans of the stage have been blowing the roof off of every establishment in the city for almost a decade. Their 2013 release “Hatewater” is a culmination of a lifetime of watching a once great city fall into ruin. The musical styling of Underland is a little bit of metal, and a little bit of everything else. In the same league as the hardest and fastest metal bands , but also can fall back into a melodic and emotional sound that is guaranteed to generate some type of emotional charge. Ranging from blistering fast, double-kick laden metal riff-dom, to acoustic masterpieces, to piano, this band can make you feel like there is more going on than 3 people can deliver, but they never leave a crowd disappointed. Going to an Underland show will literally take your breath away. Underland rocks out with the backbreaking intensity of their forefathers. They are not just three amazing musicians spreading their idea of what metal is, they are making you re-think what metal should be. Underland not only continues the tradition of Detroit rock n roll but are taking it one step further, no help, no handouts, just three guys busting their asses to bring you the best of what they’ve got. Lou Abraham, Chris Lucas and Lawrence Wilson are exactly what Detroit once was and could be again. Hardworking, never say die bad-asses that will never stop. To say it best Underland IS Detroit. DETROITLIVEMAGAZINE.COM


Benny & The Jets

By Benny Jet

The Column

What’s in a name? This column is going to be about NAMES. Lets see if your name or someone you know is in here?

Detroit Live Magazine - the name kind of say’s it all. (hmmm I think I got that from Best Damn Sports Bar LOL) DLM - great name for a magazine, about music, in My name is Benny. As in Benny and the the Detroit Area. We have a list of band Jets: the song, the band, the van, the names, that you often see in this magazine beard, the book, the movie, the radio and maybe no where else? Kaleido with show, the PAWN STAR TV GUY, or in this Christina Chris, Two Timin Band, The case, lets call in the column. Nightmare, Bloody Mary, Howard Glazer, Treynrek, Cruzin Jupiter, Howling Diablos, A column about NAMES. Names that catch Killer Flamingos, Shock Wave, Bulletproof your attention, turn your head, make you Snow, Citizen Zero, Superlast, Dead in 5, wonder, and maybe more important, make Crackjaw, Half Light Music, Otto Vector, you remember. Pawn Star sounds like Pistol Day Parade, Rusty Lunchbox, Mercy PORN STAR. Kind of a neat play on names. Brown, Saving Abel, Fall Prey, Critical Bill, Pawn Star TV show about life at the Las War Machine, Dr. Mike and the Sea Vegas pawn shop. Rick, Big Hoss, the old Monkeys, D Counts and the Billionaires. man, and Chummily have become names. Some band names help explain the band. Do you know the name, Do Hickey’s War Machine a KISS band, Nightmare an Pub in Wyandotte? The logo is of an old Alice Cooper band. But Pistol Day Parade? model T car, but I heard the name goes Killer Flamingo’s? Dead in 5? Well everyone back to a grandpa Hickey? Paul Hickey has to stand out in a crowd. the former GM and Chef at Portafino’s Restaurant, bought his own place and is Have you heard about a band in Toronto bringing the magic to Do Hickey’s. Chef called #trainreaction This # hash tag stuff Tim and Chef Eric will come to your table is new to me too. LOL. But I hope someone and talk to you. Dianna, Mitchell, Sarah, takes the time to look this band up and tell Kelly, Micky and the staff, will take care of them their name (and hash tag) made it you and like Cheers, (from the TV show) into Detroit Live Magazine. Trainreaction, will know your name. Do Hickey’s chefs two acoustic guitars and a drum - no not only prepare world famous Burgers, relation to our friend Chain Reaction, play but high end chicken and fish dinners on the subway trains in Toronto. People at pub prices. NOTE: Yours Truly Benny enjoy them, talk about them, Youtube Jet trying something new on Saturdays them, and are making their NAME famous. LIVE MUSIC and DINNER. 6 till 9pm bring this paper and Buy One get One HALF Sponsors names are important to them, OFF. Rick Melechuk from the Wyandotte but maybe more important to Detroit Spring Fling, has been helping Paul bring Live Magazine, and us the readers, and LIVE MUSIC to Do Hickey’s. Recently bands. No sponsors - No Magazine. If you singer songwriter Shane LaMay, 50 Amp want to be a sponsor, or advertiser or Fuse (unplugged), Shawn Z and Brittney, know someone who should, contact Wisteria, Eklektik band, Peter McCauley, Darian 734 775 9991. Hydrospot in Wayne Slew, Acoustic Rewind,  Paul and Bodine often found on the back cover. The All (who work with Bridge and Mitch Ryder) Around Bar in Taylor - Downrivers hottest bands (darts and pool too), Raddiaudio. DR. MIKE AND THE SEA MONKEYS


Christina Chriss 10 LIVE


com,, Needbenefits. info, Rocky’s Pub in Riverview (great name great venue), Carefree Foods 734 946 7902, Perfect Pitcher Bar and Grill Music Venue in Taylor, Lupus Out Reach, Garden Wise Grow Supply in Riverview, SHOWTIME Clothing in Detroit, Buster’s Place in Trenton. Anytime Fitness in Brownstown, Tittle Construction, so nice lets say it twice Tittle Brothers Construction in Lincoln Park,, Mike Cary Music new and used equipment and music lessons in Wyandotte, The Arena in the famous Thunderbowl bowling ally Allen Park,,  Biker Bob’s Harley-Davidson in Taylor, and Rodgers Chevrolet in Woodhaven. JT the Brick, interesting name. Brick sounds like Knick, JT is a sports fan, a NY Knicks fan, and for the last 16 years has been a late night, after the gig, national sports radio host. Heard locally here in Detroit on WDFN 1130AM. JT and his radio partner Tomm Looney (another interesting name) have moved the show to the 7 till 10pm time slot on WDFN. So instead of listing on the way home, we can tune in on the way to the gig! JT has a new book out called the HANDOFF and some crazy guy from Detroit named Benny Jet calls the show every Wednesday. For more information, to hire Benny and the Jets band or Benny Solo for your club. party, or event, call 313 730 1627. See Benny Thursday’s OPEN MIC at Redford Moose. Friday’s 6 till 9pm with Chief Zak, at Peterlin’s on Farmington Road south of 9 mile. Saturdays 6 till 9pm at Do Hickey’s in downtown Wyandotte. ­ BENNY JET




Photo Kathy Wyras


Whenever you plan a late January show in Michigan you run the risk of having attendance low due to weather conditions. This year especially. No matter to fans of the bands Thunderkiss, Sins of a Madman, Bloodstone and Alive Rock City or perhaps it’s better attributed to fans of Rob Zombie, Ozzy Osborne, Judas Priest and Kiss. Either way, despite difficult weather conditions, on Jan. 25th Rocky’s Pub was the place to be for the Detroit Live Magazine Masters of Metal tribute Show. This show was actually an encore presentation of a show Detroit Live did in late 2013. On Oct. 5th Detroit Live brought together fans of Kiss, Ozzy, Rob Zombie and Ronnie James Dio for a stellar show at Rocky’s pub. It was such a great experience Photo Rick Brooks


Sins of a Madman. If you are a fan of Ozzy you must see this band. Lead singer Stonecage, who in every day life doesn’t particularly resemble Ozzy Osbourne, somehow transforms into the bat munching son of Satan the second he hears the first note of Mr. Crowley. Sins of a Madman Opening the evening was Rob Zombie has been impressing crowds all over the Tribute Thunderkiss. This bands thick sound Midwest for years now. In addition to emerged from what seemed to be an exact musically reproducing the Ozzy sound sample of the intro to More human than Sins knows how to bring the whole show. human. Creepily costumed and flanked by Stage props like tombstones, crosses and undead imagery this zombaic foursome an ample amount of fog combined with infected the room with their high energy the undeniable musicianship of the band stage show. From the killer costumes to help to give the audience the feeling they the spot on sound drops this band served are being dragged to the gates of hell with up what any fan of Rob (or White) Zombie lovable Uncle Ozzy. would kill or die for. music fans demanded we do it again. For the January 25th Show the Dio Tribute, Holy Divers was unavailable so in their place stepped Judas Priest Tribute Bloodstone. (Don’t worry we’ll see the Holy Divers again soon!)

Photo Rick Brooks


Photo Rick Brooks

Photo Kathy Wyras

Next up Judas Priest tribute, Bloodstone. Being more that a casual Priest fan I was excited to hear this band. Opening their show to the song Metal Gods got things off on the right foot. It wasn’t long until we were Breaking the Law and Heading out to the Highway with leather clad hard driving screamin’ machine. Lead singer, Daniel Fieg has the ability to reach those high notes in true Rob Halfords style. The bands thick metallic sound provides the perfect platform from which to launch Fieg’s Halford-esq vocal stylings. Great job…can’t wait to see this band again. The Main Course. Alive Rock City. In the last 6 months ARC has become one of the areas most popular Kiss Tribute bands. Photo Rick Brooks

Photo Marc Nader

Photo Marc Nader

Wondering the crowd in full make up and posing for crowd shots helps to increase the anticipation. Fans see the make up and realize that impressive wardrobe and intricate make up do all they can to give the look of the 70’s rock gods, but the proof is in the music. This night we had all the proof we needed. From Rock and Roll all night to Detroit Rock City this fire breathing, blood spitting rock and roll behemoth gave the crowd exactly what they needed. Detroit Live Tribute shows are always a blast. Most of the tribute bands are true fans of the bands they portray and are accomplished musicians in their own rite. They provide a show that uplifts the entire venue. At a Detroit Live Tribute show there

is detectable sense surprised wonderment at how authentic the bands performances are. Creating an accurate performance in full make up and costume takes an incredible amount of practice, preparation and investment. Yet with impassioned determination these artists bring as a show that would truly be a value at any price… Yet this night we had the time of our lives for just $10. Don’t miss the next Detroit Live Tribute March 1st at All Around Bar in Taylor featuring Stevie Ray Vaughan tribute - ARV, Robert Plant / Zeppelin tribute - Tall Cool One, Alice Cooper Tribute – Nightmare and introducing “ The Farleys meet the Stooges”. Get advanced discount tickets for only $7.50 until Feb 24th.

Photo Rick Brooks


Photo Rick Brooks LIVE 13

The Rikki Roxx Effect By : Rikki Roxx

The Rikki Roxx Effect By : Rikki Roxx

Welcome back, this is the fifth installment of The Rikki Roxx Effect, this is also the fifth part in a series of articles to help you start a band, or for that matter, get your band back on track. Last month we covered all the preparations, and the performance of your first show. We talked about stage performance, the basics of load ins and set times, the image of the band, making your band something that you can not only listen to, but is also entertaining to watch. Most importantly we talked about the importance of setting your band apart from the rest of the crowd, and the necessity to be front and center if you have any hopes of leaving your scene and growing outside of your small club circuit. Now that the first show is out of the way, what can you, as the band leader, do to keep the momentum going? The obvious answer would be to book another show, and rinse and repeat for the future, over, and over again. That is what logic would tell you to do, however, is that the most productive thing you could be doing? Simply put, no. There

are myriads of other things that you could do to help further your bands cause at this point.

productive and worthwhile out of town gig are by networking with the bigger bands in that area.

First being, that hopefully your first show was a huge rousing success, and tons of people came out and the vibe was good. This is when you start hitting up publications around your town, ask them to check out your record, try to use the first show you had as leverage into better shows. While doing all these things concurrently, and hitting up markets outside of your own, you will soon find that you have many connections, and the possibility of going out of state, or GASP, tour.

So what is a band to do? The goal is to play out of the area, to grow the fan base, but how can a band do that when club owners won’t book them? The trick is, again, networking, at this point it is your job to find a band who is also looking to get out of their area, and into your area (where you now have a following). This is when it would behoove you to learn the art of ‘show swapping.’ There are tons of articles all around the internet on how to do this, and even sites that will aid in your quest to show swap.

Ideally that is every bands dream, to go out on the road and play a different city every night, and make money doing it. It’s not as farfetched and outrageous as one may think, if you have the drive, and an almost inhuman work ethic, you can make it happen.

What is ‘show swapping’? In laments terms, show swapping is the task of giving an out of town band a show in your area, in exchange for a show in their area at a different date. This way that band from out of town will play a show with you, in front of your fans, and in the future you will play a band in Tour can be anything from a week, to their town, in front of their fans, do this a indefinitely, but the goal is not to do a one week tour, only to never hit those cities ever couple of times, and before you know it, you again, you have to have a long term goal, and will have plenty of out of town dates (as well plan to hit those venues out of town again, as plenty of show dates in your own area). otherwise any ventures out of town will be Which leads into a caution that I must let for naught. you all in on at this point, this is the trap Getting gigs out of town is very tough, simply I find a lot of bands in particular in this because you have no fans outside your own Detroit area fall into nine times out of ten. That trap is what booking agents and venue little area, meaning that clubs will be very weary on bringing you in, knowing damned owners call ‘over exposure.’ well that you will make little to no money Over exposure is exactly what it sounds like, for the bar, while at the same time asking the club for some gas money and some food when you are playing every weekend in the to get to the next gig. Obviously, that is not same neighborhood, or in the same circuit around town. Obviously, no matter how a very sound business decision for any bar, that’s when your networking prowess kicks good your band is, your friends and family, and even new fans, will not want to see into gear again (remember we learned the you guys play every weekend. So with show importance of this several months ago). swapping, you risk over exposure in your own town, so tread with great care when Chances are that you will not be able to book a very long or successful tour begging planning on show swapping. club owners and booking agents for a gig on a Tuesday night. Your best chances for a So, at this point in your bands evolution, you have recorded a couple of songs that you are hopefully getting out into the world, you have played your first show, and you are looking at spreading your wings out of town (which is what will be your litmus test as to whether your band can last). Next month we will discuss what else you will need when you finally get out of town, and are on the road, your first out of town gig. What will you need? How



Cont. on 27






By Jeff Marzolf

Citizen Zero: You Can’t Keep a Good Band Down

it takes to fill arenas here and around the world. Citizen Zero’s music is melodic while at the same time being hard rocking and full The music business is a matter of survival of hooks. Many of the songs sound like rock of the fittest. It’s a business in which only anthems. Songs like the unreleased, “What the strong survive. Many bands are here A Feeling,” for example, which the band today and then gone tomorrow. But the four played during its set at the Fillmore Theatre members of Citizen Zero have proven that in Detroit in December when it opened for they’re up for the challenge. Having endured The Rockets. personal tragedy and events that would have caused other artists to quit and throw Despite the band’s initial success the in the towel, Citizen Zero keeps on swinging. members collectively are thoughtful, But it’s no surprise that a band that’s cut its accessible and grateful to have accomplished teeth on Detroit Rock n’ Roll is poised and what they have so far. The four were ready to conquer the music world. pumped getting the chance to open for Kid Rock at D.T.E. last summer. John Dudley The lineup that includes Greg Dudley (Bass), tells of his father’s dream for the group to John Dudley (Drums), Sammy Boller (Guitar) someday play the venue before he dies. John and Josh Mayle (Vocals and Guitar) has a smiles when he says, “Well, we’ve checked collective vision. It’s to be the next musical that off our list and Dad is still here.” If the act that hails from Detroit—the city that experience of playing D.T.E. wasn’t enough, the rest of world owes a debt of musical the band was getting the thumbs up from gratitude. It’s a lofty goal for sure, but one the members of “ZZ Top” as they performed. that the members insist that keeps the band focused. They agree that it’s time for Mayle emphatically states that the group is another Eminem or Kid Rock or The White a “live” band. That’s how the group works Stripes; music that truly embodies the city best and how it records its tracks. No Pro that is the self-proclaimed Home of Rock n’ Tools allowed. Citizen Zero spends a lot of Roll. time in the studio jamming. Mayle says, “Our philosophy is to make our best eight songs It’s easy to imagine Citizen Zero reaching our worst eight songs—to continue evolve legendary status like many of the Detroit and get better.” Most nights the band can artists who have come before them. The be found working on new material at Rust band has an incredible stage presence, a Belt Studios in Royal Oak. The band’s selfhuge sound, and great songs—exactly what titled first E.P. “Citizen Zero,” was as a paying 16 LIVE


customer at Rust Belt. But since then the band signed a production deal with The Rust Brothers—and it now has free reign over Studio B to record. The band continually tries to top itself when it comes to its recordings. And all members admit that they’re their own worst critics. Mayle points out that, “A good song is a good song. It’s undeniable.” The band wants to create songs that are considered classics. Pop Music is not a dirty term to these guys. “Pop” means popular to us,” adds lead guitarist Boller. The band is not ashamed to admit that it wants its music heard by the masses. The band has received airplay on WRIF for, “DOA Sunday.” Greg Dudley recalls the first time he heard the song on the radio. He was working in a machine shop when he got a heads up from Mayle that the song was in the queue. “Here I am all covered in grease and oil—working my day job and then our song comes on the radio.” Dudley admits that, “It was cool and strange all at the same time.” The band’s second E.P., “Life Explodes” consists of six straight ahead hard rocking tunes, à la The Foo Fighters. The entire disc has an aggressive sound. The intro to the opening cut, “Crooked,” quickly lets the listener know what’s in store from the record. From Greg Dudley’s menacing bass

line, to his brother John’s crashing symbols and kick drum, to Boller’s searing guitar lick, capped off by Mayle’s primal scream— the band puts the pedal to the metal and doesn’t take its foot off the gas. When asked about the collection of songs, John Dudley acknowledged that the pace and feel of the E.P. was definitely by design. “We picked the most in your face tracks that we have,” said Dudley. Mission accomplished. There are, however, about 20 unreleased songs that represent the depth and breadth of the band’s songwriting. Many of the songs are all over the map stylistically, but are all tied together by the band’s incredible tightness from working tirelessly together to create their own unique sound. John Dudley admits that it’s difficult to paint the full picture of the band with an E.P. “There’s not enough tracks to create a “V” like you do on a full-length recording. The “V” Dudley refers to is the typical up and down tempos of songs that make a full album of songs.

hard. They wanted to continue as a band. They dismissed the idea of continuing as a trio. Enter Sammy Boller. After five minutes of jamming with the young guitar sensation, the guys knew that

as Matt, but we did,” Mayle confides. Recently Detroit Live named Citizen Zero one of its Bands to Watch in 2014. It may not be too far into 2014 before Citizen Zero becomes front and center. The band is in talks with a few major record labels.

Photo Chris Bjornberg

The latest edition of the group has been together for about a year and a half. The band started out with the three Dudley brothers—but their oldest brother Matt tragically took his own life in April of 2012. After dealing with the devastating news, brothers Greg and John and Mayle had to make a decision on how they would continue. The three of them had worked so

there was a fit with Sammy according to Greg Dudley. Boller has the chops to grace covers of guitar player magazines insists Mayle. “He’s that f*cking good.” Mayle considers that the band caught lightening in a bottle again with the addition of Boller. “Matt was an incredible talent. We didn’t think that we’d be lucky enough to find a replacement who possesses as much talent DETROITLIVEMAGAZINE.COM

According to Mayle there is no “official” news regarding a record deal, but he did say that “the future looks bright.” Download, “Life Explodes,” at ITunes. And check out the band’s Facebook page for additional news and for upcoming concert dates.



DALE BOZZIO By Eric Harabadian

a spiritual person who fully acknowledges and espouses her many blessings of career and family. “I’ve got a favorite song on the new album called ‘The More We Love,’ says Bozzio. “ I actually sang that for my “Words,” “Destination Unknown,” “Walking mother. She passed away last year and I in LA,” “Mental Hopscotch”; these are decided to go back to work, full-fledged. songs that were staples all over MTV in the I wanna make an album, go on tour and early ‘80s. The band that performed them possibly host a TV show. I’m just full forge was called Missing Persons and the person ahead! I’ve also written a cook book, a selfthat penned many of their introspective help book, my life story and a poem book. and thought provoking lyrics was vocalist I’m looking to get those published. I do a lot and front woman Dale Bozzio. After a long of writing. I’m in love with the pen, pencil hiatus from the spotlight, Bozzio is back and paper. It eases my pain.” fronting Missing Persons. It’s been 25 years since the group released any new material The 50-something mother of two sons, ages and Bozzio plans on putting a contemporary 21 and 23, recalls with fondness her humble spin on a classic and rock/pop sound. beginnings as a young girl from Boston, The album—to be released by Cleopatra Records on March 4th—is appropriately called Missing in Action and was produced Massachusetts. by former Yes and Circa band member/ She was a shy multi-instrumentalist Billy Sherwood. kid raised in a loving Italian Currently residing in Las Vegas, the blond- home who haired alt-icon is most excited to share her spent a lot of joy about the origins of this new project. waking hours “Billy Sherwood is a genius,” says Bozzio. watching old “We wrote all the music together—just he black& white and I. I think it all flows pretty good. I have movies on a great guitarist named Patrick Boland who television. coached me through the whole album. Her dream Actually Cleopatra contacted me and sent was to go to me over to visit with Billy. He and I talked Hollywood for like ten minutes and, bang, right on to and become recording! He played all the instruments an actress. on the album. We’re magic together. Our Her early friendship is incredible. He’s just right in the inspirations vein of where I was at.” were film legends like Dale Bozzio uses a lot of animated and Judy Garland, demonstrative words to describe her Jean Harlow fascination with life and upbeat attitude and Marlene towards her work and current place in the Dietrich. world. The former new wave chanteuse is She studied 18 LIVE


voice and acting at Emerson College and the Boston Repertory Theater and prepared herself for that eventual move to the Left Coast. But, sometimes, life has a way of derailing one in a completely different direction. For Dale Bozzio that was certainly the case! In 1976 the attractive and diminutive Bozzio weighed only 88 lbs. and had been working as a Playboy Bunny for over a year. In fact, she was voted “Bunny of the Year” in Boston and felt her status would open up some doors within the Playboy organization and toward an aspiring acting career. One of her main goals was to meet Hugh Hefner and move into the Playboy mansion. “I drove cross country with two Playboy bunnies Charmaine and Cissy who had the courage to come with me,” recalls Bozzio. “On February 10th, 1976 I made it to California and went to Hugh Hefner’s house for a meeting. But when Hefner came to the top of the stairs I completely panicked! I had an anxiety attack and told him I had to leave. I rushed out, jumped in my Firebird and drove down to a studio lot looking for a guitar player friend of mine.” What happened next is just like a plot from one of the movies that the singer used to watch so fervently as a child. She heard Frank Zappa’s music ringing somewhere

throughout this rehearsal studio and as she neared the room where the music was coming from she read a sign that said: “If You Value Your Life Do Not Open This Door.” Of course the impetuous young woman saw no other choice at that point. She pushed it open and there was, indeed, Frank Zappa standing there in the flesh! “He said, what are you doing here, you’re from Boston?” says Bozzio. “He remembered me because I met him backstage at a concert in Boston in ’72. He introduced me to his band of Terry Bozzio, Patrick O’Hearn and Eddie Jobson who were rehearsing. Frank said he was glad I popped up and what are you doing now? I told him about walking out on Hugh Hefner and that I was broke, hungry and needed a job. He said he was working on a new album called Joe’s Garage and would hire me for the part of ‘Mary.’ So he put me on the payroll and told me to come back later that night. I came back around midnight and Frank said Terry Bozzio would take care of me. I went home with Terry that particular evening and we stayed together 9 ½ years.” Out of the Frank Zappa band came the musical eeds that would yield Missing Persons. “Frank was very inspirational to me,” says Dale. “He had so much courage that I listened to everything he told me. He directed me into this incredible career that I’ve had. And he gave it to Terry, Warren and many other people that worked with him.” Drummer and eventual husband Terry Bozzio and guitarist Warren Cuccurullo joined Dale in some international touring with the Zappa organization. However, in 1977 the singer received another curveball when she suffered a treacherous 40 foot fall out a hotel window. She was on life support for several months and owed Zappa and his family a huge debt for supporting her and getting her back on her feet. Eventually Dale regained health and Zappa was instrumental in Dale, Terry and Warren joining forces and starting their own splinter band. He even put them in touch with famed engineer Ken Scott and produced the demo that would lead to their signing with Capitol Records. The original Missing Persons consisted of husband and wife Terry and Dale Bozzio, Warren Cuccurullo, bassist Patrick O’ Hearn and keyboardist Chuck Wild. Perhaps their biggest album was

Photo Marc Nader

1982’s Spring Session M which heralded many of the afore-mentioned hits. Two subsequent albums were released, with the band eventually breaking up in 1986. Unfortunately, Dale and Terry’s marriage dissolved as well, with the ensuing years finding Dale assembling various versions of Missing Persons personnel for periodic touring and special events. She embarked on a solo career in the late ‘80s and, through a friend Jamie Shoop, got a deal with Prince’s Paisley Park Records to make the album Riot in English. Bozzio had some international success in 1988 with a dance single called “Simon Simon” and the album sold a respectable 350,000 copies.

someone else,” recalls Bozzio of her former self. “I once took a poster off the wall to wear one night on stage. Now I’m trying to keep my clothes on and sing the notes the best that I can. I wanna make every performance great.” --Eric Harabadian

Actually Dale Bozzio has kind of come full circle, with her creative approach to the current Missing Persons album. She’s gone back to the well, so to speak, and informed many of the new songs with a timeless energy and message. “I put a book together called Everything I’ve Learned So Far,” says Bozzio. “Actually it’s a poem book I wrote in 1977. I presented a number of these poems to Terry and Warren when we were about to make the album Spring Session M. A lot of Missing Persons songs like ‘Destination Unknown,’ ‘Words,’ and ‘Windows’ came out of that. I did the same thing with this book for the new album.” The once new wave anarchist known for extravagant sci-fi-based outfits and multicolored hair-dos, has gone back to the basics. But it’s a place she is perfectly at home with. “I wasn’t gonna wear anything store bought because I could never look like DETROITLIVEMAGAZINE.COM




Patti LaBelle

Photo Marc Nader

Motor City Casino Sound Board (1/26/14) By --Eric Harabadian

Fifty Two years in show business is no mean feat for any artist. But then Patti LaBelle is not just “any” artist! She certainly proved that on this cold and blustery Sunday at Motor City Casino’s Sound Board. It might have been record frigid temperatures outside, but LaBelle and her nine piece band brought some heat to the venue and melted the hearts of adoring fans in the process. Hitting the stage just slightly after 8pm, Ms. LaBelle graciously addressed the crowd and broke into, one of the first of many hits throughout the night, “New Attitude.” Looking svelte in a stunning white dress and heels, the nearly 70 year old performer gave it all she had and then some. LaBelle likes to have fun with her audience and her persona. She mugged for photographers and self-effacingly joked—“You better take some pictures now…..before everything falls apart!” After a lengthy lead-in, one of the original divas eased into the mid-tempo “If You Asked Me To.” This lovely ballad provided a vehicle for LaBelle to really work the crowd stating “I’ve got all night!” Another chart topper “If You Only Knew” seemed to really captivate the audience, with an instrumental vamp by the band that allowed LaBelle’s tremendous chops to soar like an unfettered dove. But it wasn’t all slow jams and ballads. LaBelle and company tore it up on the funky and upbeat “The Right Kinda Lover” and even got into some solo breaks where her guitarist and bassist were able to shine. The hits just kept on coming, with, perhaps, one of the biggest solo career singles, that she originally had with Michael McDonald, “On My Own.” Music director and pianist John Stanley joined Patti on the tune and his robust tenor paired perfectly with her boundless pipes.

went down, with the spotlight on LaBelle and her accompanist Stanley. More hits brought the house down; “Love Has Finally Come At Last,” “Little Girls” and the pensive “Come What May.” Well, it was Sunday, and Patti drew from her gospel roots for an extended rave-up that got the majority of everyone on their feet. LaBelle led the charge and got the spiritual vibe going, but then graciously handed the reins over to her music director and, more specifically, her two backing singers. There was a legitimate revival going on and one would have to be dead not to feel the presence of the Lord at this point. Ms. Patti was, of course, not done yet. She was just getting started! And the night would not be complete without, undoubtedly, her most universally well known hit “Lady Marmalade.” Again, LaBelle likes to commiserate with the crowd and have fun so she invited a few men on stage to “sing” with her. That term was certainly adhered to loosely as six volunteers from the audience gladly mixed it up with Patti. Everything from When there would be a lull in the twerking to really off key warbling took place action or a transition into the next song, as the band jammed on the chorus of the periodic chants from the audience of “We ‘70s funk classic in the background. It was love you Patti” or “Go ahead Ms. Patti” filled a major hoot for all involved, with one of the air. About mid-point in the show the lights the volunteers, Caleb Gutierrez of Detroit’s

Infatuations, actually giving Ms. LaBelle a real run for her money. After a brief break, Ms. LaBelle came back out, with a costume change donning a black dress and fur collar. She tore into “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and it was, indeed, heart-melting time. Her balance of emotion and technical precision was phenomenal and she concluded the piece by kicking off her heels, knocking over her microphone stand and laying her heart bare on the stage. And just when you thought that was all she had to give, she went one better by delivering her take on “The Lord’s Prayer.” Periodically, throughout the performance, Ms. LaBelle spoke to the crowd and said she wanted to “take her time.” It was as if she was asking for permission from those who braved the bitter elements to come and see her. I think everyone was in accordance that they were glad she took her time and, hence, made that re-entry into the dark night just a little easier to bear. Bravo!



We are all about helping people have a great time. When people come to a hamiltons show we make sure they have a night to remember! -Robert Hamilton

The H Years ago when Robert Hamilton lost his good friend and writing partner, Cranford Nix. Robert became committed to making sure the music they were working on together saw the light of day.

Cranford had been performing with his band the Malakas, a dark punk band whose fan bas was mainly composed of a drug cultured youth. Says Robert, “some people may believe that Cranford died of an overdose…. totally not true he was a gifted soul with a bright light who had an incredible talent for song writing. He was in rehab when he died of a rare and undiagnosed condition”. It was a devastating loss for me, Cranford’s family and the world of music.” But Robert, being committed to making Cranford’s spirit live on thru his music has been working diligently for years creating a band that can perform, record and present the music of Cranford Nix to the world with the passion, pride and honor. The Band, The Hamiltons. Composed of Robert Hamilton, Bobby Black, Shane Sanders and Jessie Wasniak (formerly of Black Irish) is a band that is heavily steeped in talent. They’ve spent the last year in Wasniak’s studio (The Lodge Studio) recording and rerecording tracks in an attempt to get the sound that truly reflects the essence of Nix’s music and intent. Reflecting heavily on Roberts experience with Nix and previously written songs, Wasniaks production skills and musicianship helped illuminate and capture the sound and feel of Cranfords creations. The Mission: To Save Rock and Roll.

Photo Marc Nader 22 LIVE


Hamiltons SAVING ROCK AND ROLL to bring people together for the greater good of the music because and many people know, with the rise of the musical contest TV shows and the way radio has gone, I’m trying to save rock and roll. Granted there are a lot of great bands out there, especially in Detroit but with the way the music industry has changed it’s become very difficult to get your music out there”.

of musicians and music fans in Detroit who are committed to elevating the musicians around them and see the local music scene as a rising tide that can lift all boats. The Hamiltons look forward to seeking those people out and working with them to help save Rock and Roll, and with the help of Bobby Black, Shane Saunders, Jessie Wasniak, the music fans of the Motor city and most of all my good friend and mentor, Cranford Nix, I intend to do just that!”

to do is to bring people together for the greater good, as opposed to just for themselves. Because everyone has their own ideas of how things should be. But unfortunately based on society and the culture we live in most people think Make sure to get to Freddy’s in Clinton primarily of themselves as opposed to the Township on Feb 22nd for the Hamiltons big picture. The Hamiltons are committed Cd release party w/s/g Shotgun Soul. to helping to change that. There are plenty

“Today’s rock and roll has become morphed and homogenized into something unrecognizable.” says Hamilton, who feels that rock and roll should look to its roots, and has dedicated himself to taking rock and roll back to where it came from. “No drop “D” tuning, just straight up Rock and Roll that makes you happy when you hear it, stuff you can sing along to. To me rock and roll is all about great song writing, great choruses and hooks that you can sing along to. I mean think back to the Cars first record and the Ramones, The Rolling Stones when they were in their prime. In addition we are about the diversity of rock and roll we can come out and do a heavy song then follow it up with a bluegrass version of Wild Horses.” Says Hamilton

Photo MG Nader

The CD is available at all the usual online outlets, Itunes, Cd Baby. But the actual CD is also available at Showtime Clothing on Woodward in Detroit. Dan at Showtime is one of the biggest supporters of Detroit Rock and Roll and we hope people will stop in and pick up our Cd and maybe even do a little shopping at Showtime Clothing. The Hamiltons debut Cd is a mix of familiar tones and grooves that will connect with fans of all styles of music. Launched on the music of Cranford Nix, the first Hamiltons CD is not the final destination of this band. Robert and the crew are hard at work on the next Hamiltons album. “We are looking to take things to the next level with the next album. We’ve already begun writing and we feel when people get a chance to hear all of the Hamilton’s music our mission will become clear to the masses.” Says Dancer “One of the hardest things DETROITLIVEMAGAZINE.COM








NEW LINEUP, FEMALE LEAD SINGER BRINGS FORWARD MOMENTUM TO DOWNRIVER’S TREYNREK. By G.C.Good II McCartney and Lennon. Jagger and Richards. Hetfield and Ulrich. Osborne and Iommi. Some of the greatest songwriting teams of our time. All examples of the chemistry that it takes to have collaborative success and recognition. Anyone that has made the attempt to be in the band knows that it takes chemistry and similar background to achieve and put forth a style and sound that appeals to the masses. Finding the right combination, common inspiration, and cohesiveness of band members is paramount to having a successful band. After years of rotating members, Downriver’s Treynrek has found the combination to break out of the pack.

originals.” said Ratliff. “With the closeness we feel as band members and all the combined experience we have, we all knew that the next step is to combine everything together and start writing.” he said.

With founding members Jamie Ratliff (drums) and Ba Grassel (bass) new additions Melanie Parker (lead vocals), Jerry Farley (lead guitar) With the current line-up and the comradire, the ability and experience that exists within this five piece female fronted band, the forward and Dennis Currier (rhythm guitar) have the right line up to move momentum is evidentially exactly what Treynrek needed to propel from a cover band and take Treynrek to the next level. them into the next level and make them a band to keep an eye on in the future. “Jamie and I have been playing in bands since we were in High School.” Said Grassel. “We started playing in a band called Turmoil. “We did the whole circuit..Blondie’s, Token..playin out as much as possible.” I originally started out as a guitarist, but after the death of our original bassist, I took over on bass”. “ Finding the right singer and guitarist proved to be much more difficult than you’d expect 18 years in practice considering Detroit has such a huge scene.” he said. Specializing in: “Throughout the rotating members and various incarnations of Treynrek, we kept at it, but something was missing.” said Ratliff. “We knew Jerry, Dennis and Mel from doing shows with their respective bands.” “Jerry was the first to come on board. Mel came a little after. As we progressed and got tighter as a unit, it became clear that and addition of a second guitarist was needed to free Jerry up and expand our set list. Jerry and Dennis grew up together and after a practice or two, it was a natural fit.” said Ratliff.

•Prenatal •Deep Tissue •Relaxation Massage •Closed Head Injury Care

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22433 Middle Belt Rd Farmington Hills, MI 48336

“I think that the combined years of experience of all of us playing out *AUTO AND WORKERS COMPENSATION PRESCRIPTIONS ACCEPTED* has had a huge impact on the diversity of our set list as well as the NO RECREATIONAL MASSAGE/MEDICINAL MASSAGE ONLY technical ability that we possess as a band.” said Farley. “ Ba and Jamie have been together playing out as kids, my experience with my first band Silent Aggression, playing all the clubs in Detroit, the festivals, opening for Testament, added to Dennis’ experience touring with D12 it just felt right. Adding Mel to the mix kinda tied everything much will it cost? Is there any way you can make it back into town together.” said Farley.


“The addition of a female vocalist to a metal band is a tricky situation. Most metal songs are sung by men. Getting a female vocalist that can hit the various ranges of a diverse set list isn’t as easy as it would seem, but with Mel’s vocal range and experience, her gender is a non-issue.” said Currier. “While metal is a mostly male dominated genre of music, I’ve been in the scene for a long time. I was in LA in the eighties and fronted various bands with some moderate success and recognition, but it wasn’t until I found my place with these guys that I felt like I was at home.” said Parker. “Sometimes I do feel like a den mother, but in all honesty, it’s like I have four brothers who are very protective of me” she said. While everyone agrees that there is no negativity with having a female front, all the members of Treynrek embrace the fact that it has given them a new perspective and motivation to move from a cover band and start writing originals. “In the beginning and up until our new line-up, we only had a few

without having bled out hundreds, if not thousands of dollars? We will talk about making money, and saving money on the road, next month.

At this point in the game, you are ahead of 95% of all local bands, you have taken the leap and are about to head out into the great unknown, which is any venue more than 3-4 hours away from your house. That is where I will leave you this month. If you have any hints, or some tricks that I may not have alluded to, send me an email to, and you may see your hint in a future article of The Rikki Roxx Effect. Hopefully these basic guidelines are helping you towards your dream of being a fully sustainable band. We are now five months into this ‘Instruction Manual’ of sorts, and it is getting to the point where you almost have the tools you will need to make informed and SMART decisions when it comes to managing your band. Check back next month when we take that one new step towards achieving your goals.



Eric Harbadians

February 2014

Howling Diablos, Return of the Funk Hand (Funky D Records): Detroit’s premier rock and funk representatives are back with some more good times, kicking grooves and wry humor. Lead vocalist Tino Gross has been at the helm for like, forever! And he just has that cool quality to his voice that falls somewhere between a stark monotonic Lou Reed and the melodic rasp of an Alex Chilton. The usual suspects are present, with Johnny Evans, in particular, shining on sax and various woodwinds throughout. There are special guests galore that spice up the festivities such as guitarist Wayne Kramer, The Vandellas, keyboardist Jimmie Bones, slide guitarist Jeff Grand, Sponge front man Vinnie Dombroski, guitarist Mary Cobra and other Funky D family celebs. It’s a colorful collage of mostly jazz and blues influenced takes of psychedelic cruises with George Clinton, James Brown’s legacy and mojo enhanced house parties as only the Diablos can do it. Snag a copy of this soon and, as they say, get your treats! Michael Des Barres, Hot ‘n Sticky Live (MDB Immedia, ): You really don’t hear a lot of live rock albums being released today. But there was certainly a time in the ‘70s and ’80s when captured live was at its peak. Vocalist/guitarist/front man Michael Des Barres knows a thing or two about being a consummate live performer because he’s lived it for nearly four decades. A veteran of critically heralded bands such as Detective, Chequered Past and The Power Station; Des Barres made a recent appearance at Los Angeles’ legendary Viper Room on a tour supporting the success of his current studio record Carnaby Street. This document of MDB and his band in their natural habitat is the real deal! The band is first rate and Des Barres is the epitome of rock star élan; soulful, raw and immediate, yet uncannily musical and diverse. Rockers like “Carnaby Street” and “Hot and Sticky” will hit you like a ton of bricks while “You’re my Pain Killer” and “Please Stay” are little nuggets of R&B perfection. Overall, the recording and performance are slightly rough around the edges but, then, that is, indeed, the point. Here’s proof that rock ‘n roll is alive and well! Cindy Shedd, Maybe We Could Dance ( ): Perhaps the somewhat abstract artwork that graces the cover of this album reflects the contents within. Muskegon-based singer-songwriter Cindy Shedd creates music that is confectionary pop on the surface but carries a lot more depth as you peel back the layers. The blond-haired songstress is a veteran of key mid and West Michigan rock and cover bands such as Invisible Lisa. Here she steps out on her own, with a self-released solo debut that spotlights her signature soulful pipes and production skills. Save for a handful of brief instrumental guest contributors, Shedd handled all of the vocals, guitars, keyboards, drum sequencing and overall sound design. The songs are diverse and well-crafted and touch on everything from straight ahead ballads to modern country. “Gold Digger Girl” is a cleverly devised tale of a femme fatale who always gets her man. “Cowboys Gettin’ Down” is a smooth country/hip-hop hybrid and “C’mon and Play” is a subtle blend of salsa grooves and techno beats. Eight songs in all; this is a welcome alternative to the same old predictable radio pabulum. Seconds Before Landing, The Great Deception ( ): This is truly a monumental and impressive achievement for an independent artist. Concept albums can be unwieldy and convoluted creatures to tackle, with lengthy narratives that can go horribly wrong or become self-indulgent if not handled with care. But, for composer/leader John Crispino and Pittsburgh-based Seconds Before Landing, that is, thankfully, not the case. This post-apocalyptic science fiction tale set in the future is a well organized and intelligently conceived project that will engage the voracious and adventurous listener from beginning to end. This is Crispino’s baby all the way and the principle vocalist, percussionist, keyboardist and sound designer employed a top flight team to accomplish the album’s musical demands. There are a number of backing vocalists and instrumentalists that guest at various points throughout the 14 song story. And the addition of King Crimson’s Trey Gunn on Warr guitar and bassist Tim Bogert of Vanilla Fudge, Cactus and Beck, Bogert & Appice fame certainly up the musical ante quite considerably. Comparisons to artists like Pink Floyd, Steven Wilson, Hawkwind and many other colorful and visionary artists will surely come to mind. It should also be noted that the album was mastered by two-time Grammy nominee and Pink Floyd engineer Andy Jackson. Listen to it in headphones! 28 LIVE


Billy Branch & The Sons of Blues, Blues Shock (Blind Pig Records, BPCD 5158): Chicago blues fixture and vocalist/ harmonica player Billy Branch bears his heart and soul right from the get go, with the ebullient “Sons of Blues.” He bursts out of the gate and really packs a wallop backed by the Chicago Horns. He smoothes it out a bit on the follow up “Crazy Mixed Up World” by Willie Dixon. The band jumps from funk to swing and don’t miss a beat. Holland/Dozier/Holland’s “Function at the Junction” is a welcome addition here as well as Branch and friends pay homage to the Motown sound. Another nod to Detroit can be found, with the inclusion of former Paradise Valley resident John Lee Hooker’s “Boom Boom.” Although still relatively a young man, Branch is a veteran that rose through the blues ranks and has paid his dues on over 200 recordings. This latest release under his own name has been a long time coming but was well worth the wait. ### --Eric Harabadian






SPIRITUAL HOROSCOPE Spiritual Horoscope for January 2014 by Aluna Michaels, M.A.

Aquarius (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18) – Happy birthday Aquarius! Mercury is retrograde, creating healing in self-esteem. Meditate on seeing your strengths so you can accurately assess them, and feel an increase in your value – as a relationship partner, as a worker, and as a soul evolving in the Universe. Also ponder your weaknesses, and release them through forgiveness without self-criticism. You’ll open a huge flow of financial and emotional prosperity!

Leo (July 23 – Aug. 22) – The more you love your body, the more emotionally centered you will feel. Meditate on how you can make positive changes with eating, rest, stress reduction. Write a gratitude list to gain respect for your body temple. As you make the changes, you’ll see emotional wounds heal. You’ll even encounter more prosperity! Your body will become a conduit of spiritual energies that will benefit you in many ways!

Pisces (Feb. 19 – March 20) – Your body is extremely sensitive, and so it your psyche. Meditate on what you eat, drink, or otherwise ingest. Make a list of what interferes with your health and happiness. Commit to let go of one of these foods (or soda, alcohol, cigarettes). Journal about what it could be an emotional substitute for. Also meditate on negative patterns of thought that drag you down, or even people or activities. Have the courage to release these from your life to heal your mind and soul!

Virgo (Aug. 23 – Sept. 22) – If your relationship isn’t going the way you want it to (or if single and want to be partnered), meditate on how you are being critical of yourself . . . or overly picky about partners. Make a list of what your ideal partnership would be like (how you and the other would be) – then talk about with your list with a trusted friend or mentor. Get a reality check and move in a healthier direction. You’ll be amazed at the changes that come quickly!

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21) – Mercury retrograde is showing you the silly ways you hold yourself back! Imagination can tell you all sorts of negative things and feed your fears -- when your ego is in control of your mind. Through meditation, your higher self will take control of your imagination – and show you divine possibilities! Evaluate each thought and see if it is rooted in fear or worry – or rooted in intuition and spiritual poise. Also ponder how addictions to substances (alcohol, nicotine, sugar, etc) play a role in limiting your life. Capricorn (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19) – You will have relationship breakthroughs as Venus moves direct in your sign. You can start a new relationship, or have huge improvements in current partnerships. Meditation will also bring a more peaceful relationship with yourself – especially if you deal with body image issues. Support these changes with loving, gentle affirmations about yourself. Refuse negative, critical thinking and get off your own case.

Libra (Sept. 23 – Oct. 22) – Mercury is retrograde Aluna Michaels is a second-generation astrologer and wants you to examine your health habits. and Soul Evolutionist practitioner. She also holds How do you soothe yourself when stressed? a Masters in Spiritual Counseling and has been Do you overeat? Do you stay up too late watch- teaching and consulting for more than two deing dumb tv? Do you seek out emotionally un- cades. Her book “Spiritual Gifts of the 12 Astrohealthy sexual relationships for temporary com- logical Signs” is now on Amazon in Kindle version. fort? Meditate on better choices and implement Ms. Michaels is available for appointments in her those more loving actions. Take more baths. home or by phone. Call (248) 583-1663 or visit Practice yoga or deep breathing. Spend time with spiritually minded friends. Treat yourself like the aweTaurus (April 20 – May 20) – Do you have friends some soul that you are! on the spiritual path? If not, seek some out. Join a yoga studio, or a meditation group. Maybe shift your schedule so you’re not just doing the same Scorpio (Oct. 23 – old things with the same old people. (Taurus gets Nov. 21) – Please into a rut . . . but it ok to let go of patterns and open up about change!) For a closer sense of spiritual connec- your feelings to tion, meditate on gratitude. You might even ex- those you love! retroperiment with laughter yoga . . . yes – it’s a real Mercury grade is urging you style! to look at the reaGemini (May 21 – June 20) – Please meditate sons you keep your 24 hr and release old resentments and fears regarding emotions and pasTANNING money! The Universe is trying to pave the way sions so hidden. It for new avenues of prosperity, but you must clear is often a protecout thought patterns and beliefs that limit your tion against feelcapacity to receive! On another level, also let ing vulnerable and go of negativity around trust, sex and intimacy. looking weak. Take Create space in your consciousness to attract ful- a risk and praise fillment with new partners, or to vastly improve people more ofcurrent connections! What you believe is what ten. Express your you live out, so surrender your mind and let heal- truth clearly and watch relationing happen. · CO- ED ships go to a whole · 24 HR CLUB ACCESS Cancer (June 21 – July 22) – Relationships are en- new level of fultering a new phase of fulfillment. Deeper bond- fillment and joy! · SECURE & CLEAN ENVIRONMENT ing is possible because of the work you’ve done Also, if you have · ALL CARDIO WITH PERSONAL TV’S to let go of old patterns. Good for you! Whether a pet with a puznew or long-standing, try to incorporate a time to zling health issue, · STATE-OF-THE- ART EQUIPMENT meditate together – or do spiritual reading, prac- meditation could · (INCLUDING: LIFE FITNESS & HAMMER STRENGTH) tice yoga, or something else that connects you on give insights about a higher level. Also, keep a notebook by your bed a simple remedy · PERSONAL TRAINING to record your dreams, as much guidance will be that corrects the 23796 WEST RD BROWNSTOWN MI 48183 734-675-24HR problem! there this month! Aries (March 21 – April 19) – I know you have a hard time with meditation, but Mercury is retrograde and is calling you to go within. Spend time breathing . . . or maybe analyzing your dreams. Get creative with ways to connect with your soul and intuition. On the job front, breakthroughs can happen where you’re earning more money . . . or someone can come into your work life that you really click with. Combine inner guidance with work for even greater success!







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