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letter from the EDITOR School is out and it's time to have fun in the sun! Los Cabos is an ideal destination for vacationers of all ages, so we have dedicated this issue to things to do with your family. Los Cabos has plenty of beaches where it's safe for the little ones to swim, as well as options like parasailing, ziplining and horseback riding for the more adventurous. By travelling, you give your family the wonderful opportunity to learn new things and to have experiences that will stay with them for their entire lives. Los Cabos has many cultural activities in which your family can learn about the Mexican culture and the history of Baja California Sur. If you're online during your vacation (although, in my opinion, disconnecting from all gadgets once in a while is a great feeling) be sure to visit for maps, things to do and even online booking. Time to go play!

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4 Los Cabos & South Baja: This incredible corner of the World 5 Useful Information: How to dial in Los Cabos • Driving Tips • Money & Currency • Important phone numbers 6 Activities: Fishing and Boating • Snorkelling and Scuba Diving • Golfing • Activities for Families • Adventures 10 Los Cabos Top Beaches: descriptions and tips about the best beaches in Los Cabos, La Paz, and Loreto.

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LOS CABOS & South Baja

Los Cabos (the capes) is located in the southernmost tip of the State of Baja California Sur and consists of four main areas: Cabo San Lucas, San José del Cabo, Todos Santos and the East Cape. In between you will find smaller towns and points of interest such as Santiago and Miraflores, located inland at the skirts of the Sierra de la Laguna, or Migriño and Pescadero which are located on the Pacific side, in between Cabo San Lucas and Todos Santos THE AQUARIUM OF THE WORLD. These are the words that Jacques Cousteau used to describe the Sea of Cortez. It is said that eons ago, back when the Earth and Continents were still taking their shape, the edge of Mexico split from the mainland to form the Gulf of California and the Baja Peninsula. This allowed the Pacific Ocean to rush into the gap and create the Sea of Cortez, or as some call it, Mother Nature’s own fish trap. Hundreds of varieties of fish and mammals found their way into this “trap” and either stayed in its warm shallow waters or ventured down into the cool bottom of the two mile-deep San Andreas Fault. For millenniums, the Colorado River has been dragging its rich minerals and nutrients into the Sea of Cortez, aiding the living species to thrive in these waters. In the months of January through March, Gray whales make their yearly migration from Alaska to give birth to their young in the shallow and warm waters of the Sea of Cortez.

THE BAJA SUR LOOP Take a look at the Baja Sur map below; you can see that the highways and towns form a loop. Ongoing road improvements and new highway constructions are making road trips quicker and easier every year. The new highway from Cabo San Lucas to Todos Santos is impressively well done, making it only a 45 minute drive. Cabo San Lucas Also just known as “Cabo,” is a tourist friendly town located on the tip of the Baja California peninsula that’s full of entertainment for every age and liking. The Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean meet at Land’s End, where you can observe the beautiful rock formations and the famous Cabo arch. Cabo San Lucas has the liveliest beach in the Los Cabos area, an impressive marina and countless restaurants and bars that keep the town alive day and night. The Corridor The corridor is the 40 km highway that connects Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo (about a 25 minute drive). Along this road you can find various hotels, luxury ocean front homes, championship golf courses and beautiful views. Have your camera ready and make a roadside stop at the Costa Azul view-point for photo opportunities or at the Cabo Real arroyo for a refreshing coco frío (cold coconut). San José del Cabo Walking around downtown San José will allow you to experience a traditional Mexican town. You will find yourself surrounded by colorful buildings and quaint cobblestone streets that lead to the town’s picturesque zócalo (main plaza). Over the years, San José has become an artistic and cultural centre with numerous fine art galleries in its downtown art district. From November through June, the popular Art Walk takes place every Thursday evening where galleries welcome


guests to sip some wine while they view their exhibits; however, the galleries are open year-round. San José del Cabo’s historical downtown also offers world-class restaurants from Mexican gourmet cuisine to authentic Thai food. San José has a beautiful beach where you can take a horseback ride and explore the estuary that is home to many different bird species. East Cape People often call it “the old Cabo” because of its pristine beaches and small fishing towns such as Buena Vista and Los Barriles. The East Cape begins just east of San José and extends about 100 miles up the Sea of Cortez coast. Sixty miles outside of San José is the Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park, an eight fingered coral reef that offers outstanding snorkelling and scuba diving and turtle nesting on the beach. Very popular for fishing and surfing, the East Cape also attracts kite surfers, campers and folks who just want to get away from it all. Todos Santos Located on the Pacific Ocean side of the peninsula, Todos Santos is an oasis where artists and surfers flock to enjoy the culture and excellent surf. Home to the famous Hotel California, this charming town offers great restaurants and a cooler climate than Cabo San Lucas and San José due to the Pacific’s breezes. La Paz La Paz is the capital of the state of Baja California Sur and is known for its warm people and beautiful beaches. This authentic Mexican city (as well as the general south Baja region) has been rated as one of the safest in Mexico and still maintains the small town feel that is very welcoming for tourists. La Paz is a departure point for tours and charters to the stunning Espiritu Santo Island as well as whale watching excursions. Stroll down the colorful malecón (boardwalk), walk hundreds of feet in waist high water at Balandra beach or have a fine dining experience; La Paz has a lot to offer. * | JUNE 2015


USEFUL INFORMATION Exchange rates - Dollars are accepted almost everywhere and you will get your change in pesos. The exchange rate varies every day, but some places have a set rate.

Cash or Card? - Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards are generally accepted, but you often run into cash only places. Always ask beforehand and carry cash. Your bank will most likely charge you international transaction fees if you pay with your card.


ATMs - The easiest way to get pesos is to simply withdraw money from an ATM in Los Cabos. Bank ATMs give the daily exchange rate (best possible rate) with reasonable fees. Examples include Banorte, Bancomer, Santander, Banamex, and HSBC. Non-bank ATMs located in the street will charge higher fees. Some ATMs only give you dollars, some only pesos and some give you the option to withdraw both. Pay close attention to what currency you’re withdrawing and try to get as much cash as possible in one transaction to avoid paying high fees. Buying groceries - In Cabo San Lucas, Wal-Mart and Costco are good options and easy to get to. You can always find a taxi outside of these stores. San José has a Wal-Mart and Mega. If you just need to grab something quickly, OXXO stores are small, reasonably priced convenient stores located all over town.

Driving - Renting a car will allow you to enjoy the freedom of exploring Los Cabos. Driving in Mexico might be intimidating, but if you just go with the muddled flow, you will realize that there is some organization within the chaos. If you are pulled over by local police for committing a driving infraction, the standard procedure is for them to take your Driver’s License. You will then have to go to the Police Station to pay your ticket and pick-up your license. There are two types of gasoline: Magna, which is regular, and Premium. Lleno (pronounced ye-no) means full. Major credit cards are accepted. Tipping the gas station attendant around $10.00 pesos is customary. ALTO STOP







HOW DO I DIAL? The local area code is 624 To dial to other countries: 00 + country code (1, 2 or 3 digits) + number From a Mexican land line or cell phone: To a Mexican long distance number: 01 + 3 digit area code + 7 digit number To a Mexican cell phone number: 3 digit area code + 7 digit number To a U.S. phone number: 00 + 1 + 3 digit area code + 7 digit number From your U.S. cell phone: To a Mexican land line or cell phone: 011 52 + 3 digit area code + number To a U.S. phone number: 00 + 1 + 3 digit area code + number Some U.S. cell phone carriers have arrangements with Mexican carriers and when you travel here your cell phone uses their towers. If this is your case, you will have to dial as if you had a Mexican phone. U.S. TOLL FREE NUMBERS (International rates will apply) To a 1 (800): 00 + 1 + 880 + phone number To a 1 (888): 00 + 1 + 881 + phone number To a 1 (877): 00 + 1 + 882 + phone number To a 1 (866): 00 + 1 + 883 + phone number

Have a nice afternoon - Que tenga buena tarde I want to play - Yo quiero jugar Adventure - Aventura A smile - Una sonrisa Verb conjugation: To smile - Sonreir I - Yo - Sonrío You - Tú - Sonríes He - El - Sonríe She - Ella - Sonríe We - Nosotros - Sonreímos You - Ustedes - Sonríen They - Ellos - Sonríen

IMPORTANT PHONE NUMBERS Emergencies: 066 from a local number Roadside Assistance: 074 from a local number Police Department: - Cabo San Lucas 143-3977 - San José del Cabo 142-0361 Fire Department – Dial 116 or: - Cabo San Lucas 143-3577 - San José del Cabo 142-2466 Highway Patrol: 146-0573 Tourist Police: 143-3977 Hospitals: Amerimed: Cabo San Lucas 105-8500, San José del Cabo 105-8550 Baja Medical Response: 144-3434 Blue Medical Net: - Cabo San Lucas Hospital 104 3911 - San José del Cabo Clinic 142-3511 Cabo Surgical Center: 172-6030 Hospital H+ Los Cabos: 104-9300 North American Hospitals and Clinics: 142-2770 One World Hospital: - Cabo San Lucas 143-4911 - San José del Cabo 142-5911 - Todos Santos: (612) 145-0600 Walk-in Medi Clinic: 130-7011 For a complete directory of Doctors, hospitals and clinics in Los Cabos, visit: Air Ambulances: Skymed Air Ambulance: (866) 805-9624 Air One Ambulance: (800) 236-8080 U.S. Consulate: 143-3566 Canadian Consulate: 142-4333 Taxi Cabo San Lucas: 143-2221 Taxi San José de Cabo: 142-0401 Immigration: 143-0135 Airlines: Aero Calafia: 130-7822 Aeromexico: 146-5097 Air Canada: 01 (800) 719-2827 (Toll free within Mexico) Alaska Airlines: 146-5166 American Airlines: 146-5302/5303 Continental Airlines: 146-5050 Delta Airlines: 146-5005/146-5217 Interjet: 01 (800)-011-2345 (Toll free within Mexico) Spirit Airlines: 1 (800) 772-7117 Sun Wing: 1 (800) 668-4224 Volaris: 01 (800) 7VOLARIS (Toll free within Mexico) US Airways: 146-5380 West Jet: 1 (800) 538-5696 | JULY 2015



activities in the area with 200 available slips for boats up to 400 feet. Amenities are similar to Marina Cabo San Lucas, though the boatyard’s 150-ton travel lift can accommodate larger vessels.


With calm waters, extraordinary fishing and perfect weather, some may argue that boating is the most popular attraction in Los Cabos. Whether you want to take a cruise to Santa María Bay on a luxury yacht or wake up at the crack of dawn for a fishing adventure, there are endless options to fit your needs.

FISHING There’s a reason why the world’s richest fishing tournament - the Bisbee’s Black & Blue - has taken place in Los Cabos for over thirty years. This part of the world offers abundant sea life and an exceptionally high catch success rate, no matter what your level of fishing experience is. What to Expect Most charters include a fishing li-

FISHING REPORT All that’s fishy from Lands End to La Paz by Gary Graham

cense, bait, tackle and equipment. Some also include food and drink or these amenities can be added at an additional cost. It is better to leave early, and trips usually begin at 6:00 and 7:00 am and last around 6 hours. Cost will depend on the number of people in your party and the size of the boat you choose to rent. It is customary to leave the crew a gratuity of 15% to 20%. Bait and Tackle Most likely, the boat you charter will include your bait and tackle. If you need your own fresh bait, you may buy it along the Cabo San Lucas Marina or the crew you hire may also stop to buy it from the local fishermen on your way out.

Seasonal Fishing Chart

BOAT RENTALS Private yachts and sailboats There are several charter companies that can accommodate your needs. What you do on your trip is really up to you, but it will typically consist of a tour of the landmark arch, a few hours of fishing, and a cruise to one of our beautiful bays for a swim. Most boats have fishing equipment and a knowledgeable crew, but the biggest difference between a yacht and a fishing boat rental is the cost. Fishing Boat Rentals You can always fish on a yacht, but cruisers and pangas and super-pangas are a more affordable option. Cruisers accommodate larger groups and are more comfortable when the sea is rough on a windy day. THE MARINAS Marina Cabo San Lucas, the area’s largest commercial marina, features 380 slips and accommodates vessels of up to 375 feet. Amenities include 24-hour security, electricity and potable water, a fuel dock, and convenient laundry and shower facilities. Puerto Los Cabos, located in La Playita, just north of San José del Cabo is the newest marina 6

Sport fishing flags commonly seen in Los Cabos

Stripers continue to dominate at the tip with the Cabo fleet frequently scoring multiple releases per day. Heralding the impending summer a few blue marlin, along with fewer sailfish, have been caught and released. The tuna that have been absent have recently returned with a few cows being landed approaching 200 pounds which is far easier to write about than to accomplish. The last holdout has been the dorado that still haven’t made much of a showing. Roosterfish up to 20-pounds, along with a few bonito and skipjack, along with a few dorado and jack crevalle rounded out the inshore scene. Working up into the Sea of Cortez, offshore at San Jose, the Gordo Banks has been producing decent catches of yellowfin tuna from football-size to several hundred pounds. There have also been reports of a good mix of billfish including blues, stripes and sailfish from Gordo Banks. Recent large swells have hampered the inshore fishery limiting the catch to roosterfish, jacks, a few snapper and wahoo. At East Cape, the fleet is finding a few BIG yellowfin tuna; one was hooked in a huge porpoise school weighing 242-pounds, was landed aboard the "Dottie B" and took four anglers to land. There have been reports of some larger blue marlin up to 400 pounds. The dorado action is better up into the gulf. There are more of the smaller schoolies that are fun to catch, but should be released until the larger variety are found. Since the limit is five single species fish, not how large or small they are, use your limitation wisely. Farther up into the La Paz area, Los Arenas is enjoying the best wahoo bite in years. Sea temps dropped after the storm, but seem to be rebounding as roosterfish and wahoo continue to climb upward. And the La Paz Fleet posts good catches of dorado, striped marlin and roosterfish inshore.

Six-year-old Caleb Davis landed this wahoo recently fishing near their home in La Ventana with his father, James “Hawk” Davis … Photo credit, Tailhunter International | JUNE 2015



Prepare yourself for an incredible show of nature as you swim side by side with colourful schools of fish, eels, rays, octopus, sea turtles and more. The Sea of Cortez or the “Aquarium of the World” offers many opportunities to experience incredible underwater wildlife.

SCUBA DIVING DESTINATIONS Note: travel time is from the Cabo San Lucas marina. Land’s End Intermediate-Advanced - 50’-60’ Five minutes by boat and you can share the water with sea lions and moray eels, with a sunken boat visible in the Falls. Sand Falls Beginners - Advanced - 30’-100’ Steep sand banks drop sharply into a canyon filled with tropical fish. The canyon runs from the depths of the Cabo San Lucas bay to within 30 feet of the beach. Pelican Rock Beginners - 25’-80’ This large rock attracts many tropical fish and is only five minutes from shore. Neptune’s Finger Advanced - 80’-100’ A spectacular canyon wall dive. Cabeza de Ballena Beginners - 20’-40’ A 25-minute boat ride leads to a dive through large boulders with many fish. Santa María Cave Beginners - 20’-40’ Reachable from the shore or a 35-minute boat ride, the entrance to Santa Maria canyon has a huge variety of fish which feed right from your hand. Chileno Beginners - 30’-70’ This location offers parking, sea turtle sightings, tropical fish, and night dives over a sandy and rocky bottom following a 35-minute boat ride. El Gavilán Intermediate/Advanced - 70’-100’ This rocky ledge leads into a canyon where groupers and larger fish are often sighted; 35 minutes by boat. Blow Hole Beginners/Advanced - 30’-70’ 35-minutes from San Lucas, or just 10 minutes from Chileno beach, this dive

offers rocky valleys presenting a variety of fish. Las Salinas Beginners - 30’-45’ - A sunken Japanese fishing boat attracts a large assortment of fish at this beginners’ dive; about 80 minutes from Cabo San Lucas or one hour from La Playita. Gordo Banks Advanced - 110’-120’ - A seamount provides views of marlin, hammerheads, skip jacks and at times huge manta rays; one hour from La Playita. Cabo Pulmo Beginner-Advanced - 30’-100’ A one hour drive east of San José or five minutes by boat and you’ll find the only living coral reef in the Sea of Cortez. SNORKELLING SPOTS Cabo offers several methods for snorkelling. You may drive to a local beach and swim out, book a tour with one of the many popular companies, or charter a private boat. Tours are typically two or three hours. Stay away from the Pacific side of the peninsula; its strong currents make it very dangerous for any kind of water sports. Pelican Rock

A quick five-minute ride from the Cabo San Lucas marina or Medano Beach is all it takes to get to this fish-attracting rock.

Lover’s Beach This popular and uniquely-named beach is accessible only by boat. Be on the look-out, however, as the water is not roped off for swimmers. Santa Maria Bay Snorkel tours regularly visit Santa Maria Bay. If you choose to drive there, it’s an easy swim from the shore to the reef on the right side of the cove. Chileno Bay Snorkelers will find a safe, roped-off area for swimming at this common tour destination. Cabo Pulmo A Natural Marine Reserve in the East Cape, and may offer the best snorkelling in the area. This eightfingered coral reef is about a 2-hour drive from San José del Cabo, but it is well worth it!


With the desert meeting the Sea of Cortez as a backdrop, there is no doubt why Los Cabos has become a championship golf destination over the years. From Tiger Woods to Nicklaus and Fazio, many of the big names in golf have designed courses on this unique landscape.

Many courses offer a reduced rate later in the day during twilight hours. Appropriate golf attire is required on all courses and club rental prices range from $35 to $ 65. CABO DEL SOL Ocean Course - A Jack Nicklaus signature course with six ocean front holes (1.5 miles). Known for its “3 finest finishing holes in golf” the Ocean Course is said to be one of the most difficult yet beautiful courses in the area. 18 holes, 7,075 yards, par 72. Desert Course – Designed by Tom Weiskopf, this course winds through the desert above the Ocean Course and challenges the golfer with risk vs reward type decision-making. 18 holes, 7,049 yards, par 72. (624) 145-8200

CABO REAL The newly renovated Robert Trent Jones Jr. designed golf course is one of the Corridor’s first championship courses and boasts beautiful views of the Sea of Cortez, elevation changes, and has hosted two PGA Senior Slams. 18 holes, Par 73, 7,461 yards. (624) 173-9400 PALMILLA With 27 holes of golf, each 9 hole course offers something different. The Ocean, Mountain, and Arroyo courses all boast Jack Nicklaus Design and a fun and challenging layout with canyons and elevation changes. (624) 144-5250 PUNTA SUR GOLF - FORMERLY MAYAN PALACE GOLF This 9 hole course is a friendly course but make sure you hit ‘em straight because throughout the course you are surrounded by homes and condos in beautiful San José. A fun course for any level of golfer. 9 holes, 3,141 yards, par 35. (624) 142-0900

CABO SAN LUCAS COUNTRY CLUB This course was designed by Roy Dye and is conveniently located outside of Cabo San Lucas and is the only one with views of Land’s End. It has more than 80 bunkers and slightly inclined fairways and one of the longest holes in all of Mexico at 610 yards. 18 holes, 7,220 yards, par 72. (624) 143 4654

CLUB CAMPESTRE SAN JOSÉ Make sure you bring your creativity for the greens at Club Campestre, the newest Jack Nicklaus Design in Los Cabos. Almost every green has 2 or 3 different tiers, so spend some time on the practice green before your round. 18 holes, Par 71, 6,966 yards. (624) 173-9400

PUERTO LOS CABOS The only composite course in the area with two different 9 hole courses designed by two legends of golf, Jack Nicklaus and Greg Norman respectively. Oceanfront holes, elevation changes, and incredible vistas make Puerto Los Cabos a unique and special experience for any golfer at any handicap. 18 holes, Par 71, 6,848 yards. (624) 173-9400

QUIVIRA GOLF CLUB This Jack Nicklaus designed course that was built atop the Pacific cliffs on 1,850 acres of a planned gated community. The course features huge Sea of Cortez sandy dunes, and rolling desert landscape foothills. The crashing waves below, and rising holes above, are proof that the challenging course is definitely one of the newest marvels in Los Cabos. (624) 142-9973 | JULY 2015




Baja Sur has been a popular surfing destination since the ‘50s. The East Cape is popular for kite surfing and the Pacific coast has several surf breaks where you will find less crowds. See our map on page 40 and look for this symbol to locate the surf spots mentioned bellow. SAN PEDRITO Level: Advanced. Direction: Right, left. Location: Pacific side right before arriving to Todos Santos. CERRITOS Level: Beginners. Direction: Right, left. Location: Pacific side at Km 65 of the Cabo San Lucas- Todos Santos road. MONUMENTS Level: Advanced . Direction: Left. Location: at Km 6.5 of the Corridor, closer to Cabo San Lucas. EL TULE Level: Advanced . Direction: Right, left. Location: Exit at Km 16.2 at El Tule bridge COSTA AZUL consists of three breaks: The Rock or La Roca Level: Advanced. Direction: Right. Zippers Level: All level. Direction: Right. Acapulquito Level: All levels. Direction: Right. Location: at Km 28.5. Access is below the Costa Azul bridge. LA BOCANA AT THE ESTUARY Level: All levels. Direction: Right, left. Location: San José del Cabo’s main beach, close to the Holiday Inn. SHIPWRECKS Level: Advanced. Direction: Right. Location: East Cape, about 25 Km from San José del Cabo. NINE PALMS Level: All levels. Direction: Long rights. Location: East Cape, about 30 Km from San José del Cabo. SEASONS June through November The summer months are known to be the best as the Southern Hemisphere’s swells send great waves to the Pacific, Cabo San Lucas, San José and the East Cape. December through February East Cape and Costa Azul are on the flatter side. The Pacific can be good this time of year because it’s exposed to the west swell. March through May This is the windy season. Swells are consistent and you’ll run into fewer crowds.



Have you ever had a dream about flying like Superman or maybe swimming like a dolphin? Dreams can come true in Cabo! The FlyBoard is a device connected and powered by a personal watercraft, which allows propulsion underwater and in the air. Users are connected to the board by wakeboard boots, under which, water pressure provides thrust. A certified trainer controls the power and height and you control all the movement. Available at Medano beach or in the Puerto Los Cabos Marina in San José del Cabo.


This sport is most popular in the East Cape due to the El Norte winds. Playa Norte (the north-east side of the beach) in Los Barriles is said to be the most popular destination and is also the location for a professional kite-boarding school. La Ventana is also a popular spot and is closer to La Paz. There is less wind in Los Barriles than La Ventana, but the surf is bigger. The best months are January, February, March, October, November, December.


There is something special about paddling out and finding yourself floating in the ocean with just a paddle and a board. Stand up paddling is a great way to see marine life and to get a great workout and while enjoying nature. At Medano beach you can rent boards in several locations. Certain companies offer paddling lessons and some have yoga classes on the board. Tips! • Your feet should be parallel, about hip-width distance apart, centred between the board rails (edges). • Keep toes pointed forward, knees bent and your back straight. Balance with your hips and core. Keep your arms straight and twist from your torso as you paddle, you have more strength in the abdominal muscles than in your arms. Your gaze should be level at the horizon and avoid staring at your feet. • If you’re paddling on the right, your right hand is lower and on the paddle shaft. Your top left hand is on the top of the grip. The elbow (angle) of the paddle faces away from you. • Plant the paddle by pushing the blade all the way under the surface, pull it back to your ankle, then out of the water. To go in a reasonably straight line, paddle about 4 or 5 strokes on one side, then switch to the other. When you switch sides, you’ll reverse hand positions. • When you fall aim yourself to the side so you don’t fall the board.


Visit the Pescadero Skate Park located on km. 64 of HWY 19, in the town of El Pescadero. The park is surrounded by lush gardens. Donations are appreciated for park maintenence. | JUNE 2015



Los Cabos is an ideal destination for families with children of all ages. Ask your concierge to help you book any of these activities.

Blown Glass Factory Don’t miss this factory located in Cabo San Lucas where youngsters can watch the highly-skilled artisans perform the art of glass-blowing. Adults can shop for that one (or probably more than one) perfect piece to take home. Make sure you visit the factory before 2:00 pm in order to catch the show. Adventure Parks There are several adventure parks and eco-adventure companies in Los Cabos where you and your kids can experience zip-lining, back-country ATV tours, a camel safari, and more. Zip-lines are appropriate for kids of 8 years and up and be prepared to hike from 5 to 15 minutes from line to line. Most companies include transportation. Ask your concierge to set-up your adventure. Swim with Dolphins Los Cabos has a few facilities where you and your kids can swim with trained dolphins. By visiting one of the dolphin centres you and your kids will experience a one-on-one connection that will be memorable. You will learn special hand signals and ways to communicate positive reinforcement to the dolphins. Wet Fun Water Park Located about 20 minutes from San José, this water park has shallow pools and small slides for young children, water mushrooms, a pirate ship and a giant bucket that dumps water on the bystanders bellow. For

the adrenaline seekers, several fast and large slides stand tall and mighty and offer a great view of the beautiful surrounding mountains. To get there take HWY 1 north from the San José International Airport towards La Paz and East Cape. After about 15 miles, the exit for Caudaño and the water park will be at km 66. Follow this road for a few minutes and you will find the park on your right. Turtle Release Every year, several species of endangered sea turtles nest in the warm sands of Los Cabos. Your family will have the opportunity to help these fragile and tiny creatures make it safely into the sea. Children will learn about the importance of conservation and they will surely enjoy the experience of helping these little friends.


Los Cabos offers a number of entertainment options for adventure seekers. From guided bicycle tours to a sunset horseback ride on the beach or a highspeed zipline across one of the many local canyons, pick an adventure that is right for you and get out there! Buggy, Atv, Or Bike Rentals There are several local companies which offer ATVs, buggies, and other off-road vehicles for trail and beach cruising. Strap on some goggles and hop behind the wheel of one of these off-road racers for an afternoon of fast-paced fun! Vehicles include typical ATVs or enclosed rail buggies or RZR ATVs. Tours are typically three hours, and drivers must be 16 years of age with a valid drivers’ license. If pedal-powered rides are more your speed, look into renting a mountain bike, beach cruiser, or joining a guided bicycle tour of town. Just make sure to wear a helmet! Horseback Rides, Nature Walks, and Bird Watching Los Cabos (particularly San José del Cabo) offers a number of horseback excursions for all ages. Saddle up for a sunset guided beach ride, venture up a hidden canyon trail, or just sit back in the shade while experienced horse trainers give the kids lessons in horsemanship – there’s something for everyone! San José also boasts a natural estuary and nature preserve. Enjoy a peaceful, self-guided nature walk to observe some of the lushest landscape in the area. Species of flora and fauna are abundant: dozens of species of cactus, lizards, and birds can be spotted on this solitary walk, just a few minutes from downtown. Cactus-lovers may also want to check out the nearby cactus gardens Wirikuta, offering a large

variety of cacti laid out in an artful outdoor setting. Parasailing, Bungee Jumping, and Ziplines Get ready to shout “Geronimo!” as you leap off a platform in one of the most extreme outings! Several local adventure-parks provide bungee jumping packages and high speed zipline canopy tours are offered in a number of local canyons. If heights over land are not right for you, try a parasailing trip and gain some altitude to enjoy beautiful views of Cabo while tethered firmly to a speedboat!

Los Cabos Cañon Bridge at Wild Canyon

Horse-back lessons at Cuadra San Francisco This world class equestrian centre was established in 1994 by Francisco J. Barrena M. and is home to about 50 horses. Each one has been trained by professionals to ensure safety and an enjoyable ride. The riding school’s speciality is high level dressage, which is an excellent way to perfect any riding discipline. The staff can accommodate riders of any age and skill level. Cuadra San Francisco is located at km. 19.5 of the main highway between Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo. | JULY 2015



Imagine floating in a turquoise bay with pink sand or riding some epic waves: every Baja beach offers something unique. Here is a list of the must-see beaches -- visit them all to decide which one is your dream beach!

Cabo San Lucas

Along the Corridor

If you’re looking for the action, here it is. El Médano (as the locals call it) is a 2-mile stretch of hotels, restaurants and bars, right on the sand. It’s a swimmable and family-friendly beach with endless options for souvenir shopping. Numerous activities and water sports are available. If you want to take a water taxi to Lover’s Beach, this is the best spot to do it. Its stunning view of Land’s End and the vast entertainment options make this beach a must-see.


José, follow the sign which reads “Santa María” and exit the highway at Km. 13. Follow the dirt road until you reach the parking area. Santa Maria provides no services and hardly any shade. You can rent umbrellas on the beach, but if you happen to have one, bring it anyway. Snorkelling gear will help you get the most of this beautiful beach!


San Jose del Cabo


Las Viudas (The Widows) beach is not visible from the road and is possibly the most private beach you will find on this list. What makes it unique are the rock formations which create small pools and coves where you can have a private and peaceful beach day. This beach is swimmable with caution but if you find your own pool you can avoid the waves. Turn right at Km. 12.5 of the corridor and follow the dirt road down to the beach. There is a sign that reads “Las Viudas” but slow down and keep your eyes peeled; the entrance may sneak up on you. You won’t find any services or vendors so bring all your beach essentials with you.



Chileno is a very popular location for snorkelling, swimming or just spending the day under the newly-installed palapas. You’ll find tide pools at the east end of the beach and beautiful reefs offering excellent snorkelling and scuba diving. This is the only beach with public restrooms and it has plenty of palapas for shade. Going from Cabo San Lucas towards San José, follow the signs for Chileno Beach Club near Km. 14 of the main highway. If you visit Chileno on a weekend, make an effort to arrive early; snorkelling visibility is often better in the mornings, you’ll avoid the mid-day snorkel tours and, if you beat the crowds, you’ll be guaranteed a palapa to yourself for much-needed shade. Bring snorkelling gear!



Palmilla beach is known for its family-friendly calm waters and a mile-long stretch of beach. Located within the resort community of Palmilla, you will find yourself surrounded by oceanfront luxury homes, the One&Only Hotel and the world renowned Jack Nicklaus Ocean Nine golf course. Pangas and fishing cruisers are available for charter, but you won’t find water sport rentals such as kayaks or jet skis.

Location: Location:

In the heart of downtown Cabo San Lucas. This is accessible by foot through the east side of the marina or via Avenida del Pescador.


Be prepared to be approached by souvenir vendors. If you’re not there for the shopping, just respond with “No, gracias.” Prices don’t vary much from one water sports rental place to another. Visit Lover’s Beach while you’re there.


Getting there is an adventure in itself, due to the fact that it is reachable only by boat or kayak. The easiest way is to take a water taxi from the Cabo San Lucas Marina or Medano Beach. Prices are around $15.00 USD per person. Ask your captain to cruise by the arch and the sea lion rock for some great photo opportunities. Once you arrive, you’ll notice the striking rock formations and caves. Walk to the other side of the rocks and you’ll find yourself looking at the Pacific Ocean; the locals call this Divorce Beach. This side is very dangerous for swimming because of the powerful undertow, so swim on Lover’s Beach only. Land’s End beside the famous arch. This beach is accessible only by boat. There are a couple of vendors who offer beer and water, but you won’t find any other services. A good idea is to spend the day at Medano Beach and take an hour or two to go to Lover’s Beach; this should be time enough to explore this natural wonderland.

Location: Tips:




Santa Maria offers a stunning horseshoe cove with coralcoloured sand and abundant marine life. Boat excursions and private charters often stop here to enjoy the snorkelling and scuba diving that this National Marine Preserve offers. This family-friendly beach is relatively secluded; therefore, you rarely run into beach vendors. Travelling west from Cabo San Lucas towards San


Location: Take the Palmilla ramp exit at Km. 27. Follow

the signs and turn into the main beach parking area before the entrance to the One&Only Hotel. Palmilla is popular among local families on the weekends, so arrive early if you want a palapa, or bring your own umbrella. No services are available here.



If what you’re looking for is a good surf spot you can find it here without driving out of town. Head over to Zipper’s for a surf session and lunch and beers at the restaurant. To the west of Zippers is Acapulquito beach where the Cabo Surf Hotel and Mike Doyle Surf School are located. You can find surf shops in the area where you can rent surf and stand-up paddle boards and set up lessons. The surf is bigger during the summer, and in the winter this is a good spot for snorkelling and swimming. Exit at Km. 28 via the Costa Azul Bridge. Swimming with caution is possible in this area but keep an eye out for surfers.

Location: Tips: | JUNE 2015


La Playita (the little beach) is a long stretch of beach where you will often find locals fishing from the shore and families with children enjoying the beach-front playground. On the right end of La Playita you can find a roped-off swimming area just outside the entrance to the beautiful Puerto Los Cabos 500-slip marina. To the left is the natural open beach where you can swim, skim-board and enjoy a peaceful beach day away from the crowds. Follow the signs to La Playita/ Puerto Los Cabos from Boulevard Mijares in downtown San José del Cabo (across from the fire department). You will find new and well-maintained bathrooms, palapas and fishing charters. There are no food services directly on the beach, but several casual restaurants dot the surrounding area.

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On the Pacific CERRITOS

Cerritos beach is a popular surf spot and swimming here is relatively safe. The scenic 45-minute drive from Cabo San Lucas is well worth the trip as you drive along the pristine Pacific coast. The Cerritos Beach Club Restaurant is a perfect spot to spend a relaxing day on the beach or, if you want to be active, you can take a surf lesson at Baja Surf Camp or rent surf and boogie boards at the Costa Azul Surf Shop.

Location: This bay lies about 30 minutes

from the boardwalk in La Paz. Simply follow the main drag along the boardwalk, then through Costa Baja Golf Course and continue to wind around the coast and through the mountains until you see the signs for the beach. No bathroom facilities. There is a truck where you can buy water and snacks, but it is recommended to bring your own in case they are closed. There are palapas, but not many. Kayaks and snorkel gear are offered.




A wildlife reserve where visitors may anchor, snorkel, scuba and camp lies on this island. The panga ride usually includes a cruise around the island where it’s very common to see sea lions, seals and even sea otters. The only swimmable beach on the island has pristine white sand and shallow crystal clear turquoise water, which creates ideal snorkelling conditions. Coronado Island is the ideal place for an adventure or to simply immerse yourself in nature and relax.

Location: Tips:


Exit at Km. 66 of the Cabo San Lucas to Todos Santos Highway. Watch the markers and look for the signs. Drive about 1.7 miles to the beach area. Tips: Lounge chairs, restrooms, food and drinks are available at The Cerritos Beach Club Restaurant.

About 7 miles or 30 minutes northeast of Loreto by boat. To get to Coronado Island you must take a boat or a panga. You will find pangas in Loreto’s Marina which you can hire. The best option is to ask your concierge to arrange this for you. There are no services or restaurants on the beach, but there are several large palapas with tables and benches and an eco-restroom. Bring hiking shoes if you plan to explore the area. Snorkelling gear is a plus!

La Paz


Balandra is a stunning bay that will take your breath away. You can walk back and forth in the bay in waist-high, crystal clear water with shades of turquoise blue. Follow the shore towards the north-east side and you will find the famous “mushroom rock” as well as other interesting rock formations. Pictures just don’t do it justice. You won’t regret visiting Playa Balandra! | JULY 2015


destination, we were just three women sharing a new adventure and recalling all the others we’d had in the past. We explored Miraflores, Santiago, the hot springs at El Chorro, Los Barriles, San Bartolo, San Antonio, El Triunfo. For a history and nature nut like me, it was nirvana. Later, we took to the Pacific side, poking around Todos Santos and Pescadero. Cabo Pulmo was another very memorable daytrip, bouncing along the rutted East Cape oceanfront road for literally hours. We brought water and apples for the burros and caused a minor traffic jam. What I remember most, and what we still reminisce about, is how we were greeted like old friends everywhere we went. It brought us together. It brought us closer. Without that trip and renewing those bonds, I don’t think we’d be the people we grew into. Especially as I had known since the age of five that I would eventually live in Mexico. My kindergarten classmate, Alberto, and his family stole my heart all those years ago. I’d travelled to the mainland a number of times and lived and worked in Mexico City for a spell, but I didn’t think it would be this far-flung outpost that would capture my imagination. But there I was, seven months later, driving to my new life in San José. Over the years, a brother joined me, Mom began her annual pilgrimage, and my sister married and brought her husband down. Even my redheaded, sun-averse father parked his Winnebago in my yard. And it all sprang from the three of us taking time together. It’s true what they say: S o m e t i m e s yo u h ave t o g o f a r aw ay t o g e t c l o s e r.

By Sabrina Lear T h i n k i n g b a c k o n my first visit to Los Cabos brought a smile to my face and a flood of memories I hadn’t thought about in a long while. I remember that first glimpse of the tip of the Baja California peninsula like it was yesterday. I still can’t get enough of that view whenever I fly home. It was more than 25 years ago that I travelled here with my mother and sister. I was living thousands of miles away from my hometown and “face time” with them was a rare treat. We stayed in San José del Cabo, which, like Cabo San Lucas, was a small town back then. We didn’t have a bucket list of things to do: We’ve always been a spontaneous tribe, and just letting things fall into place was about all we were up for. We rented a car—a VW bug—the only car one could hire. Until 1993, the highway to San Lucas was two lanes and far more visually distracting. We still laugh about the times we rounded a bend to find a cow or a horse or a herd of goats in the middle of the road. And while they may no longer roam our four-lane highway, you’ll still see them occasionally on Boulevard Mijares, San José’s main street. Coming from a chilly Canadian winter, we soaked up the sun and spent a lot of time at the beach. Santa Maria and Chileno were favorites. On the point above Chileno sat the Hotel Cabo San Lucas. It soon became one of our special places for a drink. (Thirteen years later I would fall in love there.) The stately Hotel Palmilla and the Twin Dolphin, with its cave painting reproductions and divine restaurant; how I miss that place! When we finally got around to visiting San Lucas, we found Ocho Cascadas, the Hotel Hacienda, and saw our first whale from the Finisterra’s Whale Watcher Bar. In our trusty VW, we took to the road, heading out on Highway #1 to explore the landscape and tiny villages tucked away from view. The towering Sierra de La Laguna peaks reminded me of home without the evergreens. (I would soon learn that pines actually grew there at higher elevations). No maps, no particular


Los Cabos Now Fun-filled sunny days, spectacular scenery, an enviable climate and wonderful people have made Los Cabos one of the world’s most desirable vacation spots. If you add safe and very friendly to the mix you’ll have the perfect recipe for family time. Yet with so much to do nowadays, it can be daunting trying to choose the best activities for your family. If this is your first visit or you haven’t been around for a while, here are some helpful tips to consider before you decide. Your Location Los Cabos is a large municipality spanning the bottom of the Baja California peninsula. You may actually be farther from the things you want to see and do than you think. Working West to East, “Cabo” San Lucas, the Tourist Corridor, “San José” del Cabo and Puerto Los Cabos-La Playa span 25 miles one way. Before you book an activity, check to see if transportation is provided. Taxi rates are prohibitively high and it may be worthwhile to rent a car for several days, especially if you’re staying mid-Corridor and plan on doing a lot of exploring. Plan Your Day Around the Weather Our summer sun can be very intense, and especially so for young children. If you’re staying at a family-friendly resort, chances are it has a Kids Club for children three to 12 years of age. Plan your pool and beach time for morning or late afternoon hours. During the heat of the day, the air-conditioned, supervised club is the perfect place for playtime and cooling off. And a great break for moms and dads! Choose the Right Beach Summer is all about the beach in Los Cabos, with many stunning strands, from El Pedregal and Sunset Beach on the Pacific Ocean to Cabo Pulmo on the remote East Cape. Very few have services, so plan to take along supplies. And don’t forget plenty of water and sunscreen (and TP!). Kilometer markers dot the Transpeninsular Highway, beginning with Kilometer 0 in downtown Cabo, increasing as you travel the 30 kilometers northeast to San José. Not all beaches are suitable for swimming and most are self-supervised. Be sure to stay well above the tide line when walking, and especially on the Pacific side. Check Destino’s beach guide for beach locations and helpful tips. | JUNE 2015

Fun Family Activities Desert and Mountain Adventures If you’re thinking about heading out into the wild, choose the earliest available morning start time. Riding zip lines with Wild Canyon or Cabo Adventures is one of our area’s most popular activities for energetic families. If it’s on your agenda, your children must be at least seven years old and weigh no less than 55 pounds. Maximum weight per person is 250 pounds. Your family should be fit enough to walk on rugged terrain for 5 to 15 minutes at a time. This is a very fun family sport but it can be intense! Make sure to stay well hydrated and to pack caps and sunglasses for every family member. Other popular treks are mountain biking, ATV expeditions and camel rides. Yes, camels! Horseback Riding Although you’ll see horses on San José and Cabo’s main beaches, for a professional and authentic “trail ride” with over 50 exceptional horses, Cuadra San Francisco is the stable of choice. Located in the Corridor at Km. 19.5, across from Ventanas al Paraiso, this is a family-owned and -operated Equestrian Center and riding school on a beautiful ranch-like property within Cabo Real. Snorkelling and diving are very popular summer pursuits with no shortage of local providers. Be sure to book with a reputable company that’s known for excellent safety standards, qualified dive masters and an experienced crew. Sailing and cruising are a lot of fun, too, if you’re on the right boat for your family. Steer away from “booze cruise” scenarios and raucous party boats that may upset you or your children when “girls go wild.” Ciclo Vía With its roots in Bogota Colombia, Ciclo Vía (“bike path” in Spanish) provides a safe space for walking, cycling and other nonmotorized activities by temporarily closing streets to vehicular traffic. Ciclo Vía takes place early Sunday morning in downtown Cabo San Lucas and in San José. Check it out for a very fun family activity. At the Cabo location, the Los Cabos Humane Society’s booth has items for pets, along with visors and t-shirts for sale. If you’re a cat or dog lover, consider visiting the shelter to walk the dogs or spend some time in the cattery. It’s one way of giving back that’s fun for the entire family.

Cultural Activities The Pabellon Cultural (Cultural Pavilion) in Cabo San Lucas hosts many musical and cultural performances. Plaza Mijares, San José’s main square, always has something going on, and is a wonderful family-friendly place to visit any time. Check Destino for what’s going on while you’re here and don’t be shy to ask a local for information. Got Fish? Known as the “marlin capital of the world,” Los Cabos boasts more catches (and releases) of billfish than anywhere else on earth. If your family loves to fish, don’t miss the chance while you’re here. To pare down your costs, consider sharing a boat with other guests at your resort. Most fishing charter companies will also assist you in your search. Another, more affordable, option is to hire a panga (similar to a Boston whaler) with a Bimini top for shade. The downside? No “head” on board. The Cabo San Lucas marina, Palmilla Beach and the Puerto Los Cabo marina all have panga fleets. One thing you don’t want to do is make your fishing arrangements through “coyotes” trolling the marinas with “too good to be true” deals. Book a reputable charter company with a proven track record. Los Cabos is Latin America’s top golf destination with over a dozen courses and plans for more. Emerald greens designed by Nicklaus, Woods, Fazio, Weiskopf, Norman, Dye and Davis Love III snake through the desert and dunes to meet the azure Sea of Cortez and Pacific Ocean. Expect to pay upwards of $200 US during early morning tee times in summer. Yet twilight rates can drop to half that at some courses, and there’s another bonus: You’ll be playing later in the day when it’s not as hot. Finding the best activity providers for your family is easy if you use social media like Facebook and Trip Advisor and ask around for recommendations. Concierges are very helpful, and they will refer you to their preferred activities, so take time to research your options as someone else's favorite might not be the best fit for you. There’s always a lot to do for family fun in Los Cabos. When families ask me what’s the best thing to do together, I tell them to unplug. Put the smart phones and gadgets away for a few hours (or all day if you can) and enjoy each other’s company. Take a long beach walk, learn to surf together, or go snorkelling and see the world from the bottom up. Make the very best of your family time together, whether you’re on the water, in the desert or just staying put, chillin’ by the pool. *

Camel Quest at Wild Canyon.

Snorkel like a pirate aboard the Buccaneer Queen.

The longest wooden pedestrian and ATV hanging bridge in the world at Wild Canyon!

Sabrina Lear, one of Cabo’s favourite photo/journalists, thinks too much and asks a lot of questions. ‘Why’ is one of her favorite words. She talks to strangers, a lot, has a wacky sense of humor and loves to laugh. She can’t wink, roll her tongue or whistle well but she can carry a tune and travel light. She loves cooking, dancing, hiking, traveling, reading nonfiction books and being in or on the water. She once sailed from Cabo San Lucas to Acapulco using celestial navigation with a captain who single-handedly rowed a dugout canoe from Mexico to Fiji. Passionate about giving back, she donates her voice, pen and camera to many nonprofits from family and humanitarian issues to the environment and animal welfare. Sabrina lives in San José del Cabo with her dog, Bud. | JULY 2015



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Family Friendly Eating

in Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo

by Chef Tadd Chapman

With clean, swimmable beaches, water sports and adventure trips, Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo can be perfect choices while planning a family vacation. However when it comes time to choose a restaurant, it can be difficult to navigate through the night-club settings or adult themed performances to find a more child friendly atmosphere. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite family friendly restaurants to make dining with the kids a bit easier. ComicX This Superhero themed restaurant is right on the Cabo San Lucas Marina, directly behind Puerto Paraiso, and is a great pick for families. The menu is truly kid friendly with their variety of burgers, sandwiches and pizzas. The atmosphere and food from the restaurant is similar to what you would expect to find in a Planet Hollywood or Hard Rock Café. Your kids will enjoy the break from Mexican food, and you’ll enjoy the view of the boats coming to dock. SEÑOR SWEETS Also located on the Marina, Señor Sweets is the perfect treat for you and the kids. Staying true to the name the restaurant offers a wide variety of sweet desserts along with a number of Gelato options. In addition to dessert, the restaurant offers appetizers as well as main course options. THE OFFICE The Office has become an institution here in Cabo with their perfect location directly on Medano Beach. While you will find several other restaurants on the beach The Office is one of the few that offer “PG” entertainment, and attract less of a spring break crowd. The office is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and the kids will love playing in the sand while waiting for the food to arrive. The table placement makes it easy to keep in eye on your children while enjoying a mimosa and a view of the arches. RETRO BURGER BAR If you find yourself in San Jose del Cabo, Retro Burger Bar is a fun and low maintenance stop for the whole family. Known for their delicious burgers, Retro has a fun atmosphere that’s perfect for sport’s fan and families. With a daily drink and meal special the food this option is both delicious and economical. The restaurant is located directly down town so you can enjoy a bit of shopping to help burn off that burger. FLORA FARMS Also located in San Jose del Cabo is Flora Farms. While it may be a bit of a drive, Flora Farms is a wonderful choice for children due to their out door space. The restaurant has at least half a dozen rescue dogs that love to come and interact with patrons, as well as a its own pond and playground. The food is also a favorite among adults, as the farm features it’s own organic produce store. * 14

Gala de Danza Bravo! Dancing is always such a divine body, mind, and soul artful activity. Inspiration full of movement and beauty, discipline and passion, a complete surrender to the feeling of music and the stories they all tell. Gala de Danza was designed to bring the world’s elite artists to Mexico to enrich the community, and that is exactly what they have accomplished. Maxim Beloserkovsky and Irina Dvorovenko, Joseph Gatti and Adiarys Almeida. Timur Askerov, Islom Baimuradow, Paul Barris, Ashley Bouder, Fabrice Camels, Mariana Carrillo, Denys Drozdyuk, Aniello Langella, Anna Melnikova, Kristina Shapran, Antonina Skobina, Beckanne Sisk, Daniel Ulbricht; These are all stars of dance who make Gala Dance one of the foremost Galas in the world. Inspired and created by Christina Lyon and Lourdes Téllez, this year Los Cabos enjoys performances by the Mariinsky Ballet, New York City Ballet, and Joffrey Ballet, among others, and a special performance dedicated to finalists from Youth America Grand Prix as well as young talent scouted specifically for the Gala. Performances by Beckanne Sisk, principal dancer with Ballet West, and Fabrice Camels, principal dancer with Joffrey Ballet, have a unique contemporary twist. Their newly launched “Project Protégée” gives young dancers the opportunity to work with choreographers in works especially commissioned for Gala de Danza. ‘Beautiful artistry in an extraordinary place’ is their motto. Blessings to the people who support this Gala - One&Only Palmilla, Alaska Airlines, Del Mar Development, yellow tail, Fundación QUESTRO, Cabo Surf Hotel&Spa, Comercializadora Baja Import&Export, Casa Dorada Resort & Spa, Flora’s Field Kitchen, Casianos, M, La Europea, Emporio Arte Floral, El Cielo Valle de Guadalupe, Cabo Travel Services, Hethe Agua Natural - We love to see the arts in Los Cabos. *

Giving Back Education

“Adelante con la Educación or ACE”, LIGA MAC’s scholarship program, has operated in San Jose del Cabo since 2004. ACE provides tuition fees, mandatory uniforms and school supplies to students in good academic standing who are in jeopardy of leaving school because of financial hardships at home. More than 450 students are now enrolled in ACE in eight local junior high schools (Secundaria), five local high schools (Preparatoria), and several local universities. Social workers and administrators in each school recommend students to the ACE program. Once accepted, students and their parents must sign an agreement with LIGA MAC to provide report cards, to participate in LIGA MAC’s Community Service projects, and to attend lectures and classes provided by LIGA MAC. Each year, student files are reviewed and updated by LIGA MAC and school authorities. Students register at the Support Center during June and July, where files are maintained according school for each student. At registration, students are provided with vouchers from local stores for school and sports uniforms, shoes and school supplies. Students’ tuitions are paid as well. The average cost for tuition, school supplies, uniforms and shoes is approximately $425 USD per student per year. In 2014, 452 students were able to continue their education with support of this program. LIGA MAC believes that education is an essential component to ensuring a quality life. For information about how to get involved please visit: www.ligamac. org/index.phpsupport-us/donate-now | JUNE 2015




a Restaurant Review

By Bonnie Chase

When the Destino Magazine team decided to start a true restaurant review, I immediately volunteered. I absolutely love food, and all of my travels have always been heavily motivated by my need to experiencing the food from around the world. Unfortunately, I didn’t think that having a healthy appetite necessarily qualified me to review restaurants, so I commissioned the help of a good friend of mine with a very extensive culinary background. Jacobo Turquie has run extremely prestigious restaurants in various pockets of Mexico and abroad, and earned those opportunities as a graduate from The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. He was the perfect person to bring along. We chose Las Estrellas for our first restaurant because we wanted to do a breakfast review, and we had heard that they have a really nice breakfast. Las Estrellas is an outdoor restaurant on one side of a beautiful pool area with a large palapa bar. The palm trees that are sprinkled around are adorned with iron lanterns in the shape of stars (“Las Estrellas” is Spanish for “The Stars”). Our waiter immediately greeted me, placed my napkin across my lap, filled my water glass, and asked me if I’d like some coffee or juice. I love fresh juice, but I was worried that if I had one that I wouldn’t be hungry for breakfast, so I declined the offer when Jacobo ordered one for himself. What I found to be a show of good service was that the waiter brought out two of them, and told me that they’re extremely fresh and delicious, and he wanted me to try one. He was right! It was made with celery, green apple, spinach, mint, chlorophyll, and coconut water, and I loved it! When the server came back to take our order we weren’t quite ready, so we asked for a few more minutes, which might have been a mistake because several other tables were seated all at once, so it ended up being more like 15 minutes before he made it back to us. This was really the only downside to the entire experience. Once he took our order, it was a very short time before the food was served. Jacobo ordered the Cabo Benny, which is an eggs benedict, but with avocado, beans, chorizo, ranchera salsa, and cilantro. I ordered the Huevos Rancheros, which is an egg on a crispy corn tortilla with beans, ranchera salsa, avocado, and manchego cheese. It was heaven! The first thing I’ll say about it is that I ordered my eggs over-medium, and they were perfectly prepared. Overmedium is typically perfect for me, but I rarely get my eggs served that way when I’m out to breakfast. Jacobo’s eggs were beautifully poached, too; they were fluffy and delicious. We were off to a good start with the eggs! What really took the breakfast to the next level were the amazing sauces, which were flavorful, but not overwhelmingly spicy. We learned that they’re are all made fresh every day. Even the jams and marmalades that were served with a basket of freshly baked breads are all made in-house. The thing I liked best about our breakfast at Las Estrellas was the top-notch service. The waiter made recommendations for us, kept our water and coffee glasses full, checked in on us regularly, and brought us wet towels for our hands that smelled of lemongrass. While the food was really good, what made the over-all experience was the service. I would definitely recommend Las Estrellas, anwill personally be going back for lunch and dinner. * For hours of operation and menus, visit Las Estrellas online at

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Where to begin

“Yoga is not something we can do. Yoga is the state of mind we have while doing anything.” Bryan Kest / founder of PowerYoga®

Life is transient. Be happy. TThe world is created by visionaries, but it is made of memories -- a collection of moments that make up the story of who we are and how we got here. In family fun there is nothing more important than wellness; to be well is the very core of a fun time. Through our lifestyle choices, we create the environment that directly affects our cellular behaviour, our brain power, our mind clarity, our emotional balance, and our physical vitality... all essential pieces of a lifetime spiritual journey. And what is "spiritual," if not a conscious awareness of life and death as natural cycles? Spirituality grants us an opportunity to find purpose, a reason to be, a meaning to our existence that benefits everyone. Healthy Living is more than a generational trend; healthy living is what we all want for our children, so why not start with our inner child? Here, as I start again -- focusing my attention on the breath as it comes in and as it goes out, observing all sensations as they arise and pass away, free from judgement and expectation -- I clear all negativity and animosity in my mind, I expand my understanding of things as they are, not always what I want them to be. From this experiential truth, I learn to be still, so I can see for myself... Oh my! The ultimate truth, the one universal natural law that rules this universe: Everything is always changing. Yesterday you were there, today you are here. As you collect your memories and design your visions, let Baja be the medicinal remedy for all times. Baja living is healthy living. The quest we all share here strives to be only one: How can I help You be happy?



I feel a good starting point is to clarify this topic of yoga. The literal definition of yoga is union, communion, to join, to yoke, to concentrate one’s attention. It is the union of our will with divine will, a poise of the soul, which enables one to look evenly at life in all its aspects. The Path of Yoga is a path that brings one into balance or harmony, which is our fullest potential. To do this we need to get to know ourselves. We need to find what needs to be strengthened or enhanced -- the aspects of ourselves where there is room for growth and expansion. Not coincidentally, 99% of all yoga practices that I have experienced deal with the mind. Experience tells us that the body is limited and the mind is unlimited, so if I wish to continue growing, evolving and expanding, I will have to start to tap the limitless aspect of myself which is my mind. In the West we have taken that 1% or less of what yoga is and have made it almost 100% of our practice, because in the West we are obsessed with our bodies. Namely, physical appearance and performance, neither of which brings any lasting peace or happiness or, for that matter, health. So, to evolve on the path of yoga, we need to go beyond society’s obsession with physical culture and explore the more powerful dimensions of who we are. The objective of the practice is to transcend the yoga mat and permeate our lives, to take this understanding and put it into constant, incessant practice. For those of us who do not know, yoga is truly not something we can do. Yoga is the state of mind we have while doing anything. * S ansk r i t Gl o s s ar y A dh o - muk ha s v anas ana: D ow nw ar d f a c in g d o g


Movement starts at home

by Dr. Kevin McCaleb / Chiropractor I was always really active growing up. It was as if my natural instinct was to keep moving, whether it was organized sports or just jumping on my bike and riding. I attribute this inherent desire for activity to my parents. I come from a close family; my parents just celebrated their 47th wedding anniversary (for which they deserve much props, considering it’s hard to be around either one of them for more than a few hours). I’m kidding of course -- I joke because I love. My best childhood memories come from camping trips to the lake, where my brother and I learned how to water ski, from snow skiing trips in the winter, from countless days outside with my dad teaching me how to snap my wrist for the perfect jump shot or put the correct spiral on a football, and summer nights in the backyard playing volleyball with family and friends. I look back now at the way that I was raised, and realize just how lucky I was. In today’s society, a great deal of family time is spent indoors, often in separate rooms being distracted by something artificial, rather than outdoors being engaged in something active, together, as a family. The dramatic rise in problems such as obesity and early-onset diabetes has been widely documented and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to make the correlation here. The body is an extremely complex organism that needs activity to flourish at its optimum level. Your body has built-in postural reflexes to coordinate muscular activity for support and movement. If your posture has deteriorated, it is likely these reflexes are not being allowed to work properly. For example, stress may be causing you to stiffen your neck and tighten your shoulders. These actions will override your natural mechanisms for balance and movement. Constant inappropriate use of these muscles will eventually corrupt how you move. The more we move in a poor way, the better we get at moving this way until it feels right. Such is the phenomenon known as muscle memory. It is not uncommon for the neck, back, and knee pain experienced even by fit people to be traced back to poor posture and joint misalignments. This can have an inhibiting effect on nerve tissue, thus affecting muscle tissue as well. In addition to proving an effective treatment for injuries that have already occurred, chiropractic and associated methods such as massage therapy and acupuncture engage your own healing abilities to stabilize joints and return functionality to your back, neck, wrists, knees, ankles, arms and legs. It keeps your nervous system, which controls the functions of the entire body, operating at an optimal level and can act as a preventative measure against future injury. A complete system of healthcare focused on restoring, preserving, and optimizing health by natural hands-on care is very beneficial; but, like most things, movement starts at home. And it starts when we’re young. Activity and exercise are so important for obvious reasons, but I only knew life to be this way because my parents set the example. By doing so, they allowed me to learn and form the habits that would carry me into healthy adulthood. You don’t need to be athletic or play a sport to be active, and it’s never too late to change the family dynamic. Los Cabos offers a wide variety of activities that can be fun for the whole family, from taking surf lessons, snorkelling, or hiking the many trails in the area to simply riding bikes around the Ciclo Via on Sundays. There is no debate over the importance for activity and exercise. The benefits are well-known and apparent. I mentioned earlier that I come from a | JUNE 2015

HEALTHY LIVING close family, and that my parents just celebrated their 47th wedding anniversary. There are also some benefits to active families that can be a little more obscure, a little less obvious. In fact, it often takes a lifetime to appreciate them. * Dr. Kevin McCaleb is a well known Chiropractor at Blue Net Hospital in Cabo San Lucas. He earned his Doctorate from Life Chiropractic College in the San Francisco bay area in 2003. He then worked to perfect his craft in one of the busiest family practices in Northern California. However, by 2007 Kevin’s thirst for a new challenge and desire for a better lifestyle brought him to Los Cabos. When he is not in his office, Kevin enjoys mountain biking, riding his motorcycle, going to the beach with friends and “trying” to surf, or simply relaxing at home with his lovely wife and two dogs.

Organic Lighten Up!

by Isabelle Gagnon / Health Coach and Lifestyle Educator My sister and niece were recently here in Los Cabos on a three week vacation. Watching them unpack a selection of expensive commercial beauty products reminded me how much more simple and organic my skin care regimen has become since living in Los Cabos. The skin care industry has become more complicated than ever with so many products filled with all sorts of ingredients and promises. Confusing and overwhelming to say the least. When it comes to caring for our complexion, less is more and simple is best! I strongly believe that the healthiest body and face products are the ones with “the least distance between the earth and the skin.”

Here are some “simple organic favourites” of mine to start with: *100% natural organic coconut oil: Gentle make-up remover; great hair mask; wonderful after-shower body oil, known to hydrate right down to the bone (you can add essential oils); *Cornstarch: Great setting powder for make-up – goes on white, but becomes transparent within seconds. Also absorbs excess oil and sweat like nothing else! For darker complexion, you can mix in a smidge of pure organic raw cacao powder. *What’s good for the inside is also good for the outside! When at home cutting open a papaya or peeling a mango, I love to rub the inside of the peel all over my face. I also love making natural masks with “foods in season." Full of enzymes and vitamins, it gives you an instant glow.

actions that promote local identity, recognition and that blend all cultural expressions with the intention to overcome extreme poverty by furthering education, health and sustainable development. We value respect, transparency, responsibility, but it may be solidarity others admire most. Eco Baja is everyone’s dream, you make it reality. Eco-friendly tips for the family • Respect and value the local cultural heritage. • Promote local participation by participating in local initiatives. • Use your money in projects and products created by alliances that are committed to endorse eco initiatives. • Support the participation of students in eco programs, prioritize new generations living in eco communities and those who provide experiences that reinforce their social commitment; know, respect and value their cultural diversity. • Stimulate the skills and professional development of eco-living by sharing your own experiential truth.

Baja Healthy Living Events

• Baja Yoga & Ayurveda @ Clarananda Todos Santos Pueblo Mágico - Free Ayurveda

Intro Seminars at the Pura Vida Health Food Store, private Baja Yoga & Ayurvedic wellness / lifestyle consultations and classes, Vedic Astrology, Astro Palmistry, Numerology Readings and Intuitive Energy Healing. Ongoing permaculture classes, Yoga Teacher Trainings and Ayurveda seminars. • Baja All-inclusive Detox & Celanse Retreats @ Los Barriles • Yoga & Surf Retreat Center @ Baja Zen Cerritos Beach • The Joy of Floating @ Floating Spa in Pescadero • Islands of Loreto Wellness Week Retreat @ Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto


Lightens + Hydrates + Anti-wrinkles Ingredients: 1/4 ripe papaya 1/4 cucumber 1/2 banana Directions: Peel and blend all ingredients in a blender until smooth. Spread over your face, avoiding the areas around the eyes and mouth. After 15 minutes, loosen the face mask with warm water. Finish rinsing off the mask with cold water. Enjoy!

ECO-Friendly Baja is a peaceful destination with plenty of space for children to play and adults to unwind in a natural, eco friendly lifestyle. The transformation that occurs to all Baja travellers like you comes from knowing and understanding your role as a link that serves to connect Baja Healthy Living with the rest of the world. Your visit generates new opportunities for individual and social development and has the power to create balance between the cultural wealth and the possibilities of sustainable economic development. Our towns unite in tandem to generate | JULY 2015


18 | JUNE 2015 | JULY 2015



baja's unknown treasures

Lessons learned from by Lissa Coffey

The soul is stirred by travel. I have found this to be true with every trip I take. There's always some purpose that I find, some lessons that I take with me, and carry with me long after I have departed a place. So much so that I am following the Dalai Lama's advice when he said: "Once a year go someplace you've never been before." Oftentimes we take a vacation to relax, to unwind, or to disconnect from the real world. But what we find is that after we've gone through this process, we wake up, we reconnect with our true self, and with everything that is indeed "Real." This is how I feel after my trip to Loreto, Mexico. What started out as a getaway to a luxury resort ended up as an enriching spiritual experience, one that I will remember always. Here are some of the lessons I learned from Loreto: 1. Honor Where You Are. Loreto is one of those "middle of nowhere" places. When most people think of Baja, California, they think of Cabo San Lucas - a popular tourist destination. But Loreto is a jewel that is often overlooked. Situated on the east coast of Baja, and set on the pristine Sea of Cortez, Loreto offers the beauty of nature and an authentic experience of Mexican culture and cuisine. Eight-hundred square miles of Loreto is a National Marine Park that includes its five islands. Jacques Cousteau was a frequent visitor. As a National Park, the animals, including whale, dolphin and a wide variety of birds, including the blue-footed booby, are protected in the marine sanctuary. We ventured out to see the islands and enjoyed lunch at Honeymoon Beach where a seagull stole an unattended sandwich! It's his home; we were just visiting, so I didn't mind sharing. The Pitaya cactus plants found throughout Loreto are tall and proud, some more than 200 years old. These are also protected in Mexico, both revered and appreciated by the locals.


Because Loreto is so far from large cities local chefs emphasize foods that can be grown in their own gardens. Chef Alfonso Pelegrina grows many herbs and vegetables right on the property of the Villa del Palmar at Loreto and uses them in the recipes he makes for his three restaurants. Super fresh, organic, local, cared for with love -- what could be better? This! Whether you are gluten-free, vegan, kosher -- whatever your particular dietary needs are -- the Chef is happy to accommodate and create something special just for you. "Honor Where You Are" also can be taken in a spiritual sense. How are you feeling? What does your body need right now? It's being in tune with your senses, and giving yourself that gift of care. During morning yoga on the beach I felt refreshed by the salt air. I adjusted each pose gently, honoring my body's need to stretch without overdoing it. Yoga isn't a competition; it's a personal practice. Yoga on the sand is an extra challenge, but a delightful one. 2. Practica Tus Sonrisas. This translates to "Practice Your Smiles!" In a small town like Loreto, with a population of 15,000, it's easy to see how we are all connected. The Law of Relationship says that we are here to help each other learn and grow, and that's even more true in the "middle of nowhere." We rely on each other. Everyone becomes your friend. The people in Loreto are so warm and welcoming and happy and helpful. I was greeted with smiles everywhere I went. Loreto was established in 1697. Now those were difficult times! To set up a city in the desert was tough. No water, no electricity. There were many obstacles to overcome, and it took several decades. You can see process of building the Nuestra Senora de Loreto Mission by looking at the styles and ages of the brick walls. Somehow they hung in there and got it done. At one point, explorers thought that California, and Baja California, was one big island. The Museum in Loreto has old maps that illustrate this. As a California native I especially appreciate the glimpse into history.

In town I bought a beautiful, handmade sterling silver ring to keep as a souvenir. I also indulged in a homemade frozen guava treat -- vegan, of course! I'm sure the ice cream store's owner, who served me personally, grew the guavas himself, too. It was so yummy on a hot day as I strolled through the arched trees marking the start of the original El Camino Real, a California landmark. How could I not have a smile on my face? We can surprise ourselves by all that we can accomplish when we set our minds to it. There are no limits -- even if we think there are. It's just pure potential. We have the capacity to do whatever it is that we want to do. We have the desires that we have for a reason, because it is possible for us to achieve them, to make them a reality in our own lives. There are examples all around us. 3. Leave Some Time to Just Hang Out. Life keeps us busy, that's for sure. We're constantly jumping from one thing to the next, with hardly a pause in between. We're so in the habit of this that we continue the pace even when we're on vacation. I can think of many places I've visited where our scheduled were jam-packed with activity, and the only rest I got was in the car on the way. But Loreto is different. Instead of an ocean that is in constant motion, the Sea of Cortez is calm, almost still. It's gentle quiet sets the pace. Rather than going surfing, people go paddle boarding, and snorkeling. The water is like glistening gems - aquamarine, emerald, and sapphire in color - clear, clean and beautiful. You can hike along the surrounding ridges and see the islands from a higher vantage point, nestled in the sea like they were placed there artistically and with precision. You can't help but stop and take in the glory of nature that is everywhere you look. There's no rush. There's room to breathe, and time to enjoy. I came home from Loreto refreshed, renewed, and inspired. A little sun, a little spa, and some good food does wonders for the soul. I enjoyed both the adventure of exploring a new place, and the relaxation of feeling completely comfortable. Loreto is a place I will return to, as there are many more lessons to be learned.* | JUNE 2015


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Solution for puzzle on page 22

SAVE MONEY! Find where to use these coupons on the Destino Magazine maps. | JULY 2015



Solution on page 21

ACROSS 1 Satchmo's forte 5 Pleasing to the palate 10 Controversial flavoring 13 Buffalo's lake 14 Leave out 15 Author Austen 16 Had a bawl 17 Pittsburgh product 18 Comic King 19 ___ carte 21 Rum favorite 23 Coastal flier 26 Sound investment? 28 Family man 29 Life saver 32 Lavish party 33 Mexican moolah 34 Bridal path 36 Relatively important meeting? 42 Word with sharp or shovel 43 Dentist directive 45 like some fiction 47 Sapporo send-off 50 Fight site 52 Quick drink 53 Nautical journal 54 Sweet sauce


58 JFK guess 60 Top-shelf 61 Seasonal song 63 Fashion 67 Alamo alternative 68 It's a long story 69 Lion's locks 70 Roll call response 71 Study stations 72 Viva voce DOWN 1 Temple attendee 2 "You ___ what you eat" 3 Kind of code 4 Greek character 5 Seed or street 6 PC key 7 Like the fabled piper 8 Head light? 9 Sub station? 10 Ill will 11 Watchdog warning 12 Lamp dweller 15 Quick trip 20 Research room 22 Hive head 23 Uncommon sense 24 Coral creation

25 Rocket launcher 27 Gets in the game 30 Feline fellow 31 They leave tracks 32 Winter woe 35 Roomy ride 37 Dental device 38 Make the cut? 39 Charged particle 40 Milky white gem 41 Infamous Roman 44 Old equine 45 Iran, once 46 College credits 48 Rates of return 49 Make a choice 50 Not the way to be held (2 wds) 51 Screen Superman 55 Word with rain or rock 56 Cabbage kin 57 Pupil's place 59 It's loaded 62 Timber tree 64 Boating blade 65 Letters from your parents? 66 Slim swimmer | JUNE 2015 | JULY 2015



event s - live music - nightlife - so cial scene



at Destino Magazine debuted their new interactive website at a cocktail party last month at El Patron restaurant in the Villa del Arco Resort. The event was attended by many local business owners and community leaders, who had a chance to meet and hear from Owen Perry, the owner of Destino, and Michelle Monroy, Partner and Editor in Chief. Guests learned about the new image of the magazine, the team’s commitment to provide relevant and up-to-date information to tourists and locals, and about plans to integrate their new state-of-the-art website into the mix of resources for both readers and advertisers. Guests and the Destino team sipped champagne, sampled delicious appetizers, mingled, and saw a live web demo. The event was am overall success, and Destino hopes to host similar events in the future.

Photo: Luis Flores Tillman, the 2015 winner.

Kim Clapham & Fernando Azcona

Alberto Diosdado & Fernando Gay

Photo James Longton

Blake Harrington, Michelle Monroy & Modu Seye

Carla & Paul Little

Cecilia & Jesús Corral

Marilyn Graham & Michelle Monroy

DOG SURF COMPETITION. On June 13th local event promoter Kim Wexman hosted the Second Annual Dog Surf Competition at Los Cerritos Beach. And it was quite a success! Spectators from all over Los Cabos showed up to enjoy what was truly an incredible performance. All proceeds from the event went to benefit Local Dog Rescue in the surrounding area through the organization Pesky Dog Rescue. For more information visit,, or

Photo James Longton

Guests were able to experience a live demo of the brand new Destino Magazine website. Photo James Longton

Ali Lohrman, Michelle Monroy, Owen Perry, Yésica Pineda & Bonnie Chase.


Photographer Bruce Herman has contributed with several Destino Magazine cover shots.

Photo: Luis Flores Chocolate, another competitor. | JUNE 2015

ENTERTAINMENT LOS CABOS OPEN OF SURF. On June 9-14th Los Cabos was host to this surf competition that is gaining more and more popularity each year. Destino Magazine decided to cruise by and give out some refreshing popsicles and re-usable bags to spectators and surfers while they all had fun under the warm Baja sun.



Volunteers, both local and tourist alike, are invited to help with the annual Medano Beach clean-up. Organizers ask everyone to meet in front of Baja Cantina at 7:00 am to assist in keeping this wonderful beach in vacation paradise looking beautiful.

JULY 2015 By Fernando Rodriguez

Thursday July 2 - Saturday July 4 BAJA BIKERS 2015

Pro surfer and LCOS ambassador, Anastasia Ashley.

In the third year of what organizers are continuing to establish as an annual event, motorcycle bikers from all over the United States and Mexico will be riding their two-wheeled chopper vehicles into Cabo San Lucas from San Jose del Cabo, Loreto and La Paz. This soon-to-be international event has been growing every year, and the venue now occupies the parking lot next to the Cultural Pavilion where there will be booths offering an assortment of Harley Davidson and other motorcycle products, as well as a showcase of the many colourful and exotic bikes in Baja California. The event will take place on Saturday, July 4 from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm.

Saturday, 4th of July

The first week in July, the Baja Brewing Company will be celebrating their 4th Anniversary, 4th of July Weekend Party at their rooftop location above the Cabo Villas Resort. The Sea of Cortez ocean view festivities above beautiful Medano Beach begin at approximately 8:00 pm and will end at 1:00 am, when the dazzling fireworks display that lights up Cabo San Lucas Bay and the Arch has reached its climactic finish. Reservations are highly recommended. The restaurant/bar will once again feature live music for this once-in-a-lifetime Mexican tribute to America’s Independence Day. Many other Medano Beach resorts hold smaller fireworks display versions of the Baja Brewing Company’s 4th of July spectacle for their tourist guests. ‘’The celebration at Pueblo Bonito Blanco was fabulous,’’ said California visitor Tony Rubino in 2014. ‘’It was $28 US per adult; that included drinks, a fabulous buffet, and a really fun band with dancing that went on for hours. It was one of the most fun and affordable nights I’ve had in a long time.’’ Baja Junkie will be hosting a 4th of July party with DJ Lucky Lou of LMFAO, a great way to end your day!

Wednesday, July 15- Sunday, July 19 THE RESORT AT PEDREGAL 4TH ANNUAL CABO CULINARY FESTIVAL "The Art of Taste" The Resort at Pedregal will host their 4th Annual Cabo San Lucas Food Festival from Wednesday, July 15 to Sunday, July 19, 2015. This year’s event, “The Art of Taste," will feature internationally-renowned chefs, wine makers and top mixologists in an epicurean adventure led by The Resort at Pedregal’s Executive Chef Yvan Mucharraz. Joining Mucharraz are the following award-winning guest chefs: Tim Hollingsworth, Chef Owner of Barrel and Ashes and Former Chef de Cuisine of The French Laundry; Rory Herrmann, Culinary Director of Sprout LA and Co-Owner of Barrel and Ashes; Brian Malarkey, Executive Chef and Restaurateur of Searsucker and Herringbone; Devin McDavid, newly-appointed Executive Pastry Chef of The Resort at Pedregal, and formerly of Quince and Cotogna, The French Laundry and Blue Hill.

The festival will kick off with a seaside reception with Boutique Vintners sharing their wines and perfectly paired canapes. Additional event highlights will include interactive chef-led cooking demonstrations, a tour of one of Baja’s most notable organic farms, a tequila seminar, wine and cheese tastings, a beach barbeque, a specialty five-course dinner, with each course individually crafted by a different chef, and a celebratory after-party. Tickets to this exclusive food festival in Cabo are available to the public and are limited to 120 participants, creating an intimate, handson experience for guests. The Food & Wine Festival package starts at $290 USD per person, per night plus 19% tax and 15% service fee for an Ocean View King room. For more information please visit To make an overnight reservation, book online, or call tollfree from the United States: (844) 733-7342.


The festivities in honour of a woman believed to be a protector of the Mexican nation begin with various cultural craft vendors taking | JULY 2015


ENTERTAINMENT to the streets in Cabo San Lucas. In the afternoon, a parade of school children are followed by mothers with families and puppeteers as the entourage wind their way through the downtown streets, ending at the dusty soccer fields near the Walmart overpass. Bullfights also take place in the afternoon at the Toro Stadium. A small fishing tournament run by the city also takes place during this festival day.


The Van Wormer Resorts located in Los Barriles of the East Cape is once again home to this year’s 11th Annual Dorado Shoot Out, where someone will win a brand new 2015 pick up truck. The contest is considered the largest fishing tournament in Southern Baja, with an average turnout of about 130 teams each year. This year a grand total of $165,000 USD is available in cash and prizes. This year’s tournament also offers optional side jackpots of $200, $300, $500 and $1,000. Last year’s winning jackpots reached over $80,000 US, in cash. For reservations for the Dorado Shootout, please visit:


A parade in San Jose del Cabo kicks off the Festival of St. James, which commemorates the Apostle James, who is credited with bringing Catholicism to the country of Mexico (albeit via his spreading of the gospel in Spain). The festivities include a re-enactment of battlefield skirmishes that are staged in the town square at the foot of the historic SJDC Catholic Church, in the heart of the Art District. After the 2:00 pm parade of costumed men on white horses, local shops close for the remainder of the day to indulge in the crowded street fair of music and entertainment throughout the central area.


LOS CABOS ORGANIC FARMERS MARKET 8:00 am -12:00 pm. Pedregal, Cabo San Lucas.


SAL Y MUSICA FESTIVAL - 6:00 pm to midnight. A street party that celebrates the city’s passion for music and food. Downtown San José del Cabo.


LOS CABOS ORGANIC FARMERS MARKET 8:00 am -12:00 pm. Pedregal, Cabo San Lucas. EVENING BIKE RIDE IN SAN JOSÉ - 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm. Meet at Plaza del Pescador before 7:30 pm. Bike rentals available at Spor-


tia bike store located in Plaza del Pescador. (624) 130-7159 WINE CLASSES AT GRAND SOLMAR - A weekly class in wine-making at the resort’s La Roca restaurant. Classes are $49.00. For reservations call: (624) 145-7575 BIRDING IN THE SAN JOSÉ ESTUARY - Go birdwatching in the beautiful San José estuary with a guided tour. Includes binoculars and scopes. Reservations required. For more information and reservations call (625) 144-3539 or email


SAL Y MUSICA FESTIVAL - 6:00 pm to midnight. A street party that celebrates the city’s passion for music and food. Downtown San José del Cabo. WINE TASTING at DE CORTEZ - 5:30 pm. Restaurant in the Sheraton Hacienda del Mar. $35.00 per person. CINE CLUB EN EL PABELLON CULTURAL - 7:30 pm. Free movies at the Cabo San Lucas Cultural Pavilion located on the marina.


ART FEST - 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Downtown Cabo San Lucas in Plaza Amelia Wilkes. FIRST FRIDAY OF EVERY MONTH - TODOS SANTOS ART WALK - From 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Enjoy the cool cultural scene that has helped to maintain Todos Santos as one of Mexico’s Pueblo Magicos for so many years.


BEACH SESSIONS - 11:00 am to 11:00 pm. House music and live sax at Tabasco Beach Lounge in Medano beach, Cabo San Lucas. BIRDING IN THE SAN JOSÉ ESTUARY - Go bird-watching in the beautiful San José estuary with a guided tour. Includes binoculars and scopes. Reservations required. Information and reservations: (625) 144-3539 or email CICLOVÍA CABO SAN LUCAS - Sundays 7:00 am to 11:00 am. The main street of Cabo San Lucas closes to automobile traffic allowing bikers, skaters, walkers and joggers to exercise freely. CULTURAL CIRCUIT, CABO SAN LUCAS MARINA - Summer schedule: Saturdays from 12:00 pm to 11:00 pm only during the first week of July, August and September - Booths featuring art exhibits, workshops, and music stages can be found arranged along the Marina behind the Tesoro/ Wyndham Hotel. The Cultural Circuit, organized by Solomon's Landing Restaurant owner Brian Solomon, showcases paintings and sculptures of local artists, free wine and tequila tastings, cultural workshops, live music, folkloric dancing and, of course, fine food at some of the city’s signature Marina dining spots. LOS CABOS ORGANIC FARMERS MARKET - 8:00 am - 12:00 pm. Pedregal, Cabo San Lucas. Send Destino Magazine your events: | JUNE 2015

ENTERTAINMENT Montana, keyboard, and vocalist Kathy Daniels. Wyndham Hotel. Local A-15. Closed Sundays. 624.143.7759 or 624.132.2282.




CABO WABO - Sammy Hagar’s legendary night-club. Music Monday through Sunday. 624.143.1188. EDITHS’S RESTAURANT - Traditional Mexican music every night 6:00-10:00 pm Tel. 143.0801. HOOLIGANZ CORNER BAR – 3:30 – 6:30 pm. Brian Flynn. JUNGLE BAR - 9:30 pm. Estrogeno, Rock. THE OFFICE - 6:30-9:30 pm. Pa’ax with Tito Rodriguez, Diego Ramirez & Josquin Gonzalez. Tel. 624.143.3464


BAJA CANTINA – 7:00 pm Eric Daniel Pina & Lizanka. 624.143.1111. BAR ESQUINA - 8:00 pm. “Mala Rumba”, Flamenco Guitars. 624.143.1889. CABO WABO - Sammy Hagar’s legendary night-club. Music Monday through Sunday. 624.143.1188. CLUB CASCADAS - 6:30 - 9:30 pm. Daline Jones and Diego Ramirez. 624.143.1882. DESPERADOS - 6:30-9:30 pm. Guitarist Roberto Fiallo. 624.143.4313. EDITHS’S RESTAURANT - Traditional Mexican music every night 6:00-10:00 pm Tel. 624.143.0801. HOOLIGANZ CORNER BAR – 3:30 – 6:30 pm. Brian Flynn. THE OFFICE - 6:30-9:30 pm. Luna Itzel. Tel. 624.143.3464 TWO FOR THE ROAD - 8:00 pm. Live Jazz Spot. Montana, keyboard, and vocalist Kathy Daniels. Wyndham Hotel. Local A-15. Closed Sundays. 624.143.7759 or 624.132.2282.


BAJA CANTINA BEACH CLUB - Medano Beach. Noche Mexicana. 624.143.1111. BAR ESQUINA - 8:00 pm. “Totoy”, Soft Rock. 624.143.1889. Sammy Hagar’s legendary night-club. Music Monday through Sunday. 624.143.1188. CABO WABO - Sammy Hagar’s legendary night-club. Music Monday through Sunday. 624.143.1188. DOS MARES RESTAURANT – on the Marina. Daline Jones and Diego Ramirez. 6:00-9:00 pm. 624.143-0582. EDITHS’S RESTAURANT - Traditional Mexican music every night 6:00-10:00 pm Tel. 624.143.0801. LA PALAPA RESTAURANT – 7:00-10:00 pm. The Brian Flynn Band. PUERTA VIEJA RESTAURANT - Rosalia de Cuba. Y pianist Fernando Lopez. 7:00 pm. Tel. 624-104-3334. THE OFFICE - 6:30-9:30 pm. Grand Music. 624.143.3464 TWO FOR THE ROAD - 8:00 pm. Live Jazz Spot. Montana, keyboard, and vocalist Kathy Daniels. Wyndham Hotel. Local A-15. Closed Sundays. 624.143.7759 or 624.132.2282.


BAJA BREWERY – 7:30 pm. Déjà vu, classic rock. BAR ESQUINA - 8:00 pm. “Chaplin” Acoustic Rock. 624.143.1889. CABO WABO - Sammy Hagar’s legendary night-club. Music Monday through Sunday. 624.143.1188. DESPERADOS - 6:30-9:30 pm. Guitarist Roberto Fiallo. 624.143.4313. DOC’s WINE BAR - 7:00 – 10:00 pm. Diego Ramirez on keyboard and Greg Haugesag on flugelhorn. 624.105.1034. DOS MARES RESTAURANT – on the Marina. Jimmy Sax 7:00-9:00 pm. 624.143-0582. EDITHS’S RESTAURANT - Traditional Mexican music every night 6:00-10:00 pm 624.143.0801. HOOLIGANZ CORNER BAR – 3:00 – 6:00 pm. Brian Flynn. LA PALAPA RESTAURANT – 8:00-10:00 PM. The Brian Flynn Band. LATITUDE 22 ROADHOUSE - 7:00-10:00 pm. Peter Bacon on piano. 624.143.1516. THE OFFICE - 6:30-9:30 pm. Fiesta Mexicana & Mariachis. 624.143.3464 TWO FOR THE ROAD - 8:00 pm. Live Jazz Spot. Montana, keyboard, and vocalist Kathy Daniels. Wyndham Hotel. Local A-15. Closed Sundays. 624.143.7759 or 624.132.2282.


BAJA CANTINA – 7:00 pm Eric Daniel Pina & Lizanka. 624.143.1111. BAR ESQUINA - 8:00 pm. “Totoy” Soft Rock. 624.143.1889. CABO LOUNGE BAR - 7:00 – 10:00 pm. Brian Flynn with Hugo Navarro and Bill Killbride. (Corner Bar 3:00 – 6:00 pm). CABO WABO - Sammy Hagar’s legendary night-club. Music Monday through Sunday. 624.143.1188. CLUB CASCADAS – 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm Luna Itzel. 624.143.1882. EDITHS’S RESTAURANT - Traditional Mexican music every night 6:00-10:00 pm 624.143.0801. HOLLIGANZ CORNER BAR - 3:00 – 6:30 PM. Brian Flynn and Francisco Dominguez. LA PALAPA RESTAURANT – 8:00-10:00 pm. The Brian Flynn Band. LATITUDE 22 ROADHOUSE - 7:00-10:00 pm. Peter Bacon on piano. 624.143.1516. PUERTA VIEJA RESTAURANT - 7:00-9:00 pm. Cuban Night with Rosalia de Cuba. 624.104.3334. RUTHS CHRIS STEAK HOUSE - 7:00 to 10:00 pm. Groove Mashin, featuring Ivan Ocampo on keyboard, Hector Ojeda, Sebastian Dimarco on bass, Sergio Hesting on drums, and Howie Clifton on saxophone. 624.144.3232. SHARKEY’S - 6:30-9:15 pm. Rock ‘n Roll. 624.143.5513. THE OFFICE - 6:30-9:30 pm. Kimbara Fusion. 624.143.3464 TANGA TANGA SPORTS BAR - 7:00 pm. THE OFFICE - 6:30-9:30 pm. Grand Music. 624.143.3464 TWO FOR THE ROAD - 8:00 pm. Live Jazz Spot.

BAJA BREWERY ROOFTOP CABO – 8:00 – 11:00, Blackbird, rock. 624.143.9199. BAJA CANTINA – 7:00 pm Eric Daniel Pina & Lizanka. 624.143.1111. BAJA MARIA FOODS & DRINKS - 9:00 – 12:00 pm, Brian Flynn. CABO MARINA - "La Silla Turca." 624.144-3805. BAJA BREWERY ROOFTOP CABO - Los Trillizos. 624.143-9199. BAR ESQUINA - 8:00 pm. Saturday, “Totoy” Soft Rock. 624.143.1889. CABO LOUNGE BAR – 8:00 pm. CABO WABO - Sammy Hagar’s legendary night-club. Music Monday through Sunday. 624.143.1188. DESPERADOS - 2:00-3:30 pm. Kethe, Afternoon Acoustic Jam. 624.143.4313. DOS MARES RESTAURANT – on the Marina. Music from the World (special guests). 7:00-10:00 pm. 624.143-0582. EDITHS’S RESTAURANT - Traditional Mexican music every night 6:00-10:00 pm 624.143.0801. HOTEL FIESTA AMERICANA – 7:00 – 9:00. Luna Itzel in the lobby bar. LA PALAPA RESTAURANT – 7:00-10:00 pm. The Brian Flynn Band. LATITUDE 22 ROADHOUSE - 7:00-10:00 pm. Peter Bacon on piano. 624.143.1516. SHARKEYS - 6:30-9:15 pm. Rock 'n Roll. 624.143.5513. THE OFFICE - 6:30-9:30 pm. Kimbara Fusion. 624.143.3464 TWO FOR THE ROAD - 8:00 pm. Live Jazz Spot. Montana, keyboard, and vocalist Kathy Daniels. Wyndham Hotel. Local A-15. Closed Sundays. 624.143.7759 or 624.132.2282.


BAR ESQUINA - 8:00 pm. Sunday, “Kimbara” Bolero guitar. 624.143.1889. EDITHS’S RESTAURANT - Traditional Mexican music every night 6:00-10:00 pm 624.143.0801. MEZCALTII BAR - 9:00 – 12:00 pm, Brian Flynn. PUERTA VIEJA RESTAURANT - Rosalia de Cuba y pianist Fernando Lopez. 7:00 pm. Tel. 624.104-3334. THE OFFICE - 6:30-9:30 pm. Grand Music. 624.143.3464


L’OSTERIA - 7:00 pm. Jazz Jam for musicians with The David Cantoni Trio; 624.146.9696.


CASA NATALIA - 624.142.5100 to check for music. FLORA’S FARM - "The Shamans", Classic Rock. 624.355.4564.


L’OSTERIA - 8:30 pm. Michel Zura Ft. David Flores. 624.146.9696. FLORA’S FARM - "Howie Clifton", Saxophone. 624.355.4564. NICKSAN GARDEN PALMILLA - Rosalia de Cuba 7:30 – 10:30 PM TROPICANA - Mariachis. 624.142.4146 or 624.142.2311.


EL ENCUENTRO 4 - David Cantoni, 8:30 PM “Night 4 Girls.” FLORA’S FARM - "Totoy" Classic Jazz. 624.355.4564.

FRENCH RIVIERA BAKERY & CAFÉ - 7:00 -10:00 pm. Karla Kassaneth. 624.142.3350. L’OSTERIA - 7:00 pm Mala Rumba; 11:00 pm Totoy Band. 146.9696. MOLLY’S – 5:30 pm during artwalk. Jimena Bautiste with Joaquin and Alex. 624.142.0744. SYRIACCUS BAR - Thursdays 10:30 pm. El Javi and Jordi Marin. 624.142.3939. TROPICANA - Rosalia de Cuba. 624.142.4146 or 624.142.2311.


AY AY AY - 11:00 pm. Bar, grill, karaoke with live mariachi. Karla Kassaneth. 624.142.0744. BAJA BREWING COMPANY - Downtown San José del Cabo. 624.146.9995. DON SANCHEZ CANTINA - Karaoke. 624.142.2444. FLORA’S FARM - Monique vocals and Daryl Currie on guitar. 624.355.4564. FRENCH RIVIERA BAKERY & CAFÉ - 7:00 -10:00 pm. Karla Kassaneth. 624.142.3350. JAZZ TAPAS BAR - 624.130.7257. Call for schedule changes. H RESTAURANT - 7:00 - 10:00 pm. Hugo “saxo” Moreno, Saxophone. 624.105.2974. L’OSTERIA - 11:00 pm " Rock Band. Naco Pop. Tel. 624.146.9696. ZIPPERS - 6:00 pm-9:00 pm. Jesse Davis, Rock ‘n roll. 624.172.6162.


BAJA BREWING COMPANY - Downtown San José del Cabo. 624.146.9995. DON SANCHEZ CANTINA - Salsa. 624.142.2444. FLORA’S FARM - "The Shamans" Classic Rock. 624.355.4564. H RESTAURANT - 7:00 - 10:00 pm. Ruben Martin, guitar, saxophone, flute. 624.105.2974. JAZZ TAPAS BAR - Memo Ruiz on vocals and guitar. 624.130.7257. L’OSTERIA - 9:30 pm, The Currents. 624-146-9696. SHOOTERS SPORTS BAR - 3:00-6:00 pm. "Skeleton Key", Randy Leach and Mark 624-146-9900. TROPICANA - 624.142.4146 or 624.142.2311. Occasional special guests. ZIPPERS - 6:00 pm-9:00 pm. Singer Jimena Bautista, Alex Garcia on keyboard, Jesse Andrade on guitar, and Joaquin Gonzalez on drums. 624.172.6162.


FLORA’S FARM - Brunch, jazz. 624.355.4564. 7 SEAS SEAFOOD GRILLE - Full Moon Jazz Concerts. Call for schedule. 624.142.2666.


CERRITOS BEACH CLUB - Sundays, 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm Daline Jones and Diego Ramirez. Tel. 624.129.6315.


Hotel Guaycura Restaurant - Fridays, 6:30 – 9:30 pm. Saturdays, jazz, 6:30 – 9:30 pm. Tel. 612.175.0800


THE CROSSROADS COUNTRY CLUB - Located 22 miles on camino de la costa pasing Punta perfecta on Vinorama. Tel. 624.157.9542 VIDASOUL - Ecofocused Hotel located at 1000 Camino Cabo Este, Boca de la Vinorama. Beach shows with local legends, such as Pura Vida and Kilometro Band, and U.S. acts like Tim Lang and Portland’s Bolt Upright. Tel. 624.142.1659. For additions or corrections to this schedule, please email | JULY 2015



real es tate - baja lifes t yle - proper t y lis ting s

IMAGINE you live here by Dane Posey

Photo by Francisco Estrada

Real Estate questions asked by you, answered by local real estate expert Blake Harrington, of REmexico Real Estate.

Q: What does a Seasonal Market mean for buyers and sellers? A: Summer is now upon us in Los Cabos! Of course this means warmer temperatures, maybe a bit of rain, and for real estate, a bit of a slow market. That doesn’t mean that our market comes to a complete halt. In fact, this summer, we are expecting quite a bit of business. Our advice to buyers is that there are still great deals to be had in the marketplace and getting a deal done in the summer may work strongly to their advantage. Why? Because when our high season returns in October, there may be a recovery underway and those motivated sellers may be less. Sellers are usually a bit more motivated in the summer as they see less tours because of the low season. Summer may be that perfect time to capitalize on a great deal. For sellers, we advise them according to their specific and unique situation. If they are highly motivated to sell their home, we suggest offering bonuses to brokers if they bring a qualified buyer. Another strategy is to do consistent open houses with catering, ice cold drinks and refreshments. This has been successful in creating more interest in a listing during summer. For some sellers, while still interested in selling, they prefer that we withdraw their property from the market and take a few months off before re-listing in the fall. This keeps “Days on Market” down and gives the sellers a chance to make any repairs or cosmetic upgrades that may help the house sell in the high season. With our market showing signs of improvement, we expect a sizzling summer! * Send your Los Cabos real estate questions to: 28

An article was recently written in Cosmopolitan magazine by Noelle Hancock titled “Why I Gave Up a $95,000 Job to Move to an Island and Scoop Ice Cream.” It made the Internet rounds and to date has been shared over 500 thousand times. If you were one of the few it missed, the gist of the article is that pursuing inner happiness at the expense of societal norms and impeding opinions of loved ones was a decision that the author would never regret. Many that commented on the article identified with the high demands of the “Rat Race” and felt they were chasing a retirement that, if fortunate, they would be too old to enjoy. Others had dreamt of living in a beachside paradise but lamented that the personal decision to start a family young had prohibited fulfillment.

Advances in high(er) speed internet have made it completely possible to work remotely. Who wouldn’t want to send in their TPS Report while also rinsing off the sand between their toes? To the chagrin of Cabo purists Costco, WalMart, Starbucks, and the presence of Radio Shack would make you think you were in an affordable Newport Beach. Even In-N-Out Burger tested here leaving many hopeful. The ease of FedEx and DHL services allow for life to continue just like before except so much better.

If only there was a beachside paradise within a 5 hour plane ride of the furthest Mainland US grandparent. A paradise with a beautiful language and culture to explore yet still had modern healthcare and conveniences. If this topographical unicorn also had top rated bilingual schools that gave children an irreplaceable learning experience it would be certain to appeal to the masses, right?

The proliferation of quality Medical Practitioners choosing Los Cabos as their home has been multiplying as well. In May of 2015 Hospital H+ opened its State of the Art facility to rave reviews and added even more options for Locals and Ex-Pats alike. High quality medical care no longer means a drive to La Paz. By accepting almost all international insurance providers, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find an uncovered procedure in the area. In most cases a trip to the Dentist, Chiropractor, Dermatologist, or Physical Therapist will cost less locally than filling your grocery cart back home.

Every single reliable excuse not to follow your heart to Cabo has been addressed since the Economic Crisis of 2008. This has made living in our shared paradise the best thing one could do at any life stage. It is no wonder that the rate of “Full-Time” residents in Los Cabos has increased 17% year after year since 2012. There comes a time during each vacation when we are being completely honest and think, “I could see myself living here.” At the very least, coming back often for extended periods has never been easier.

Private schools in the area utilize small groups, leadership development, bilingual, and multicultural education to prepare their students to be accepted at all major Universities and Colleges worldwide. The learning institutions offer educational experiences that span from Pre-School to High School. In today’s competitive Global Economy immersing youths in a different culture and natural bilingual environment certainly would not hamper their admission application.

Luis Palacio, Chief Commercial Officer for the Los Cabos Tourism Board, recently proclaimed, “From 2011 to 2015, Los Cabos added an unprecedented 800,000 airline seats…” With the new Southwest route from Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport to San Jose announced in June, a week passing without a new Direct Flight seems more newsworthy lately. The increased competition for passengers to fill these seats has also done wonders for affordability.

The only other viable excuse is that you could never leave your friends and family back home. I promise that when they hear of your new address you will be pleased you decided on extra bedrooms. The next time you catch yourself reading and sharing the story of someone else that grabbed life by the coconuts without a single regret, remember that a beachside paradise awaits you right here in Cabo! *

The beautiful locals native to the area are friendly and welcoming. Even those that have immigrated from all over the world will go out of their way to help. Letting them know that you are learning Spanish but speak it horribly (In Spanish of course) goes a long way in showing them the respect they deserve as gracious hosts. Soon enough new foreign neighbors will be asking you the same questions you once found yourself curious to learn.

Dane Posey is a MLS Broker Associate with REmexico Real Estate Group and has a passion for all things Los Cabos. Email him:, Tweet him @poseknowscabo, or connect on Facebook: | JUNE 2015




San José del Cabo Art District • $425,000 • MLS# 14-68 This property is a huge lot in Palmilla Canyon with spectacular views of the golf Course and the Sea of Cortez. Located on the #2 tee box of the ocean course. Complete set of plans for a spectacular home with an abundance of amenities including a great water feature that runs from a fountain along the house and into the pool. Worth a look!

Jason Pryde

From U.S. or Canada: (925) 963-0389 Local cell: (624) 137-7322


San José del Cabo • $249,000 • MLS# 15-1223 Turnkey Baja Relaxation! Two bed two bath fully furnished condo in the 32 unit boutique community of Las Quintas in San Jose del Cabo. Walking distance to beach, restaurants, entertainment, and golf. Only steps to pool and strong rental history. This will not last! Exclusively offered by Dane Posey and REmexico Real Estate Group. For more pictures go to A steal at $249,000.

Find paradise an address.

Dane Posey

Local cell: (624) 161-2618


Pedregal • Cabo San Lucas • 7 BR • 8.5 BA • $7,450,000 • MLS# 13-1095 The Ultimate in Luxury Cabo Living, this dramatic cliff-side mansion is truly a one-of-a-kind offering. Enjoy the exclusivity and convenience of El Pedregal and live in a way most dream of in this 20,000 sq. ft. luxury residence. Set on a cliff and boasting views of both the Pacific and Sea of Cortez, nothing compares to this. A must see in person to appreciate.

Blake Harrington Local cell: (624)191-3462 | JULY 2015


HOME OCEANFRONT LUXURY VILLAS - MEDANO BEACH Two Bedroom Three full baths – Sleeps 8 Three bedroom Four full baths – Sleeps 10 Selling full and fractional deed specific ownership Price range from $200,000 to $1 million+

Private residences and resort-style living 80% sold Strong H.O.A. STAY A WEEK OR A LIFETIME Offering Full & Fractional Oceanfront Ownership on Medano Beach. Breathtaking beauty and personal pampering await you at Villa La Estancia. From your private view of Land’s End to full service ultra resort style amenities, Villa la Estancia has the most successful owner's rental investment returns in all Los Cabos. A rewarding personal and financial lifestyle choice - see for yourself why a high percentage of owners purchase more. Amenities Galore 24 hour security Assigned underground parking Dual desalination plants Back-up generators 45 ft under/above ground retaining sea wall Wifi and SAT T.V. Spa, workout facility, and tennis courts Concierge reception owner services Market deli and Doctor's office Located on Medano Bay at Land’s End. Swimmable and beautiful. Close to downtown yet private and secluded

We cordially invite you to attend our "GET TO KNOW US MONDAYS" enjoy complimentary cocktails and specially prepared botanas from our own La Casona Restaurant Chef. Every Monday from 4-6 PM. RSVP at or call 624-143-8121

2 Bedroom Villa

Average total Sq. Ft.: 2100

Mx 624 143-8121 | U.S. 619-683-7883 Toll Free 1-877-499-1901 | 30 | JUNE 2015

HOME | JULY 2015


HOME CASA QUACCIA - PLAYA TORTUGA, EAST CAPE $4,900,000 • 7 BR • 8 1/2 BA • MLS# 13-1942 For those looking for the ULTIMATE LUXURY retreat, here you go. A SPECTACULAR BEACHFRONT setting in Playa Tortuga in East Cape with all modern conveniences, yet completely self sustainable with solar power. The setting is second to none as the house rests on a view point looking East with endless beach and ocean views. Private patios, terraces, and guest houses allow for great entertaining for events and family. Don’t miss this chance to purchase one of the most coveted views and sites in the Baja region.


Blake Harrington Local cell: (624)191-3462 | JUNE 2015

Baja Cleanse | JULY 2015


34 | JUNE 2015 | JULY 2015


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