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Spring Break Activities

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Ah, spring...always a refreshing season Families are excited for their spring vacation and students are getting ready to let loose and forget about school for a week. In Cabo, we wait with excitement for our spring visitors to bring their happy "vacation-mode" energy. Destino Magazine's purpose is for you to have the best vacation experience possible, so in this issue we have shared ideas and activities for a fun Spring Break. There is so much to do and see in Cabo and you can surely find an activity for any type of traveler. I wish you a perfect and much deserved break. Enjoy our beautiful beaches, taste our delicious food, meet our wonderful people, drink our refreshing margaritas and be safe! Michelle Monroy Editor in Chief

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LOS CABOS & South Baja

Los Cabos (the capes) is located in the southernmost tip of the State of Baja California Sur and consists of four main areas: Cabo San Lucas, San José del Cabo, Todos Santos and the East Cape. In between you will find smaller towns and points of interest such as Santiago and Miraflores, located inland at the skirts of the Sierra de la Laguna, or Migriño and Pescadero which are located on the Pacific side, in between Cabo San Lucas and Todos Santos THE AQUARIUM OF THE WORLD. These are the words that the Jacques Cousteau used to describe the Sea of Cortez. It is said that eons ago, back when the Earth and Continents were still taking their shape, the edge of Mexico split from the mainland to form the Gulf of California and the Baja Peninsula. This allowed the Pacific Ocean to rush into the gap and create the Sea of Cortez, or as some call it, Mother Nature’s own fish trap. Hundreds of varieties of fish and mammals found their way into this “trap” and either stayed in its warm shallow waters or ventured down into the cool bottom of the two mile-deep San Andreas Fault. For millenniums, the Colorado River has been dragging its rich minerals and nutrients into the Sea of Cortez, aiding the living species to thrive in these waters. In the months of January through March, Gray whales make their yearly migration from Alaska to give birth to their young in the shallow and warm waters of the Sea of Cortez.

THE BAJA SUR LOOP Take a look at the Baja Sur map bellow; you can see that the highways and towns form a loop. Ongoing road improvements and new highway constructions are making road trips quicker and easier every year. The new highway from Cabo San Lucas to Todos Santos is impressively well done, making it only a 45 minute drive. Cabo San Lucas Also just known as “Cabo,” is a tourist friendly town located on the tip of the Baja California peninsula that’s full of entertainment for every age and liking. The Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean meet at Land’s End, where you can observe the beautiful rock formations and the famous Cabo arch. Cabo San Lucas has the liveliest beach in the Los Cabos area, an impressive marina and countless restaurants and bars that keep the town alive day and night. The Corridor The corridor is the 40 km highway that connects Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo (about a 25 minute drive). Along this road you can find various hotels, luxury ocean front homes, championship golf courses and beautiful views. Have your camera ready and make a roadside stop at the Costa Azul view-point for photo opportunities or at the Cabo Real arroyo for a refreshing coco frío (cold coconut). San José del Cabo Walking around downtown San José will allow you to experience a traditional Mexican town. You will find yourself surrounded by colorful buildings and quaint cobblestone streets that lead to the town’s picturesque zócalo (main plaza). Over the years, San José has become an artistic and cultural centre with numerous fine art galleries in its downtown art district. From November through June, the popular Art Walk takes place every Thursday evening where galleries welcome

guests to sip some wine while they view their exhibits; however, the galleries are open year-round. San José del Cabo’s historical downtown also offers world-class restaurants from Mexican gourmet cuisine to authentic Thai food. San José has a beautiful beach where you can take a horseback ride and explore the estuary that is home to many different bird species. East Cape People often call it “the old Cabo” because of its pristine beaches and small fishing towns such as Buena Vista and Los Barriles. The East Cape begins just east of San José and extends about 100 miles up the Sea of Cortez coast. Sixty miles outside of San José is the Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park, an eight fingered coral reef that offers outstanding snorkelling and scuba diving and turtle nesting on the beach. Very popular for fishing and surfing, the East Cape also attracts kite surfers, campers and folks who just want to get away from it all. Todos Santos Located on the Pacific Ocean side of the peninsula, Todos Santos is an oasis where artists and surfers flock to enjoy the culture and excellent surf. Home to the famous Hotel California, this charming town offers great restaurants and a cooler climate than Cabo San Lucas and San José due to the Pacific’s breezes. La Paz La Paz is the capital of the state of Baja California Sur and is known for its warm people and beautiful beaches. This authentic Mexican city (as well as the general south Baja region) has been rated as one of the safest in Mexico and still maintains the small town feel that is very welcoming for tourists. La Paz is a departure point for tours and charters to the stunning Espiritu Santo Island as well as whale watching excursions. Stroll down the colorful malecón (boardwalk), walk hundreds of feet in waist high water at Balandra beach or have a fine dining experience; La Paz has a lot to offer. * | MARCH 2015



USEFUL INFORMATION Exchange rates - Dollars are accepted almost everywhere and you will get your change in pesos. The exchange rate varies every day, but some places have a set rate.

Cash or Card? - Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards are generally accepted, but you often run into cash only places. Always ask beforehand and carry cash. Your bank will most likely charge you international transaction fees if you pay with your card.

ATMs - The easiest way to get pesos is to simply withdraw money from an ATM in Los Cabos. Bank ATMs give the daily exchange rate (best possible rate) with reasonable fees. Examples include Banorte, Bancomer, Santander, Banamex, and HSBC. Non-bank ATMs located in the street will charge higher fees. Some ATMs only give you dollars, some only pesos and some give you the option to withdraw both. Pay close attention to what currency you’re withdrawing and try to get as much cash as possible in one transaction to avoid paying high fees. Buying groceries - In Cabo San Lucas Wal-Mart and Costco are good options. San José has a Wal-Mart and Mega. Mega is a higher-end option with more American products. If you just need to grab something quickly, OXXO stores are small, reasonably priced convenient stores located all over town.

Driving - Renting a car will allow you to enjoy the freedom of exploring Los Cabos. Driving in Mexico might be intimidating, but if you just go with the muddled flow, you will realize that there is some organization within the chaos. If you are pulled over by local police for committing a driving infraction, the standard procedure is for them to take your Driver’s License. You will then have to go to the Police Station to pay your ticket and pick-up your license. There are two types of gasoline: Magna or verde (green) which is regular and Premium or roja (red). Lleno (pronounced yeno) means full. Major credit cards are accepted. Tipping the gas station attendant around $10.00 pesos (less than a dollar) is customary. ALTO STOP







HOW DO I DIAL? The local area code is 624 To dial to other countries: 00 + country code (1, 2 or 3 digits) + number From a Mexican land line or cell phone: To a Mexican long distance number: 01 + 3 digit area code + 7 digit number To a Mexican cell phone number: 3 digit area code + 7 digit number To a U.S. phone number: 00 + 1 + 3 digit area code + 7 digit number From your U.S. cell phone: To a Mexican land line or cell phone: 011 52 + 3 digit area code + number To a U.S. phone number: 00 + 1 + 3 digit area code + number Some U.S. cell phone carriers have arrangements with Mexican carriers and when you travel here your cell phone uses their towers. If this is your case, you will have to dial as if you had a Mexican phone. U.S. TOLL FREE NUMBERS (International rates will apply) To a 1 (800): 00 + 1 + 880 + phone number To a 1 (888): 00 + 1 + 881 + phone number To a 1 (877): 00 + 1 + 882 + phone number To a 1 (866): 00 + 1 + 883 + phone number



Emergencies: 066 - (equivalent to 911) Police Department: - Cabo San Lucas 143-3977 - San José del Cabo 142-0361 Fire Department – Dial 116 or: - Cabo San Lucas 143-3577 - San José del Cabo 142-2466 Highway Patrol: 146-0573 Tourist Police: 143-3977 Hospitals: Amerimed: - Cabo San Lucas 105-8500 - San José del Cabo 105-8550 Baja Medical Response: 144-3434 Blue Medical Net: - Cabo San Lucas Hospital 104 3911 - San José del Cabo Clinic 142-3511 Cabo Surgical Center: 172-6030 North American Hospitals and Clinics: 142-2770 One World Hospital: - Cabo San Lucas 143-4911 - San José del Cabo 142-5911 - Todos Santos: (612) 145-0600 Walk-in Medi Clinic: 130-7011 Air Ambulances: Skymed Air Ambulance: (866) 805-9624 Air One Ambulance: (800) 236-8080 U.S. Consulate: 143-3566 Canadian Consulate: 142-4333 Taxi Cabo San Lucas: 143-2221 Taxi San José de Cabo: 142-0401 Immigration: 143-0135 Airlines: Aero Calafia: 130-7822 Aeromexico: 146-5097 Air Canada: 01 (800) 719-2827 (Toll free within Mexico) Alaska Airlines: 146-5166 American Airlines: 146-5302/5303 Continental Airlines: 146-5050 Delta Airlines: 146-5005/146-5217 Interjet: 01 (800)-011-2345 (Toll free within Mexico) Spirit Airlines: 1 (800) 772-7117 Sun Wing: 1 (800) 668-4224 Volaris: 01 (800) 7VOLARIS (Toll free within Mexico) US Airways: 146-5380 West Jet: 1 (800) 538-5696 | MARCH 2015


Baja Cleanse | MARCH 2015



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LOS CABOS 101 | MARCH 2015




FISHING REPORT All that’s fishy from Lands End to La Paz by Gary Graham

Seasonal Fishing Chart:


With calm waters, extraordinary fishing and perfect weather, some may argue that boating is the most popular attraction in Los Cabos. Whether you want to take a cruise to Santa María Bay on a luxury yacht or wake up at the crack of dawn for a fishing adventure, there are endless options to fit your needs. BOAT RENTALS Private yachts and sailboats There are several charter companies that can accommodate your needs. What you do on your trip is really up to you, but it will typically consist of a tour of the landmark arch, a few hours of fishing, and a cruise to one of our beautiful bays for a swim. Most boats have fishing equipment and a knowledgeable crew, but the biggest difference between a yacht and a fishing boat rental is the cost. Fishing Boat Rentals You can always fish on a yacht, but cruisers and pangas and super-pangas are a more affordable option. Cruisers accommodate larger groups and are more comfortable when the sea is rough on a windy day. THE MARINAS Marina Cabo San Lucas, the area’s largest commercial marina, features 380 slips and accommodates vessels of up to 375 feet. Amenities include 24-hour security, electricity and potable water, a fuel dock, and convenient laundry and shower facilities. Puerto Los Cabos, located in La Playita, just north of San José del Cabo is the newest marina 8

Sport fishing flags commonly seen in Los Cabos:

in the area with 200 available slips for boats up to 400 feet. Amenities are similar to Marina Cabo San Lucas, though the boatyard’s 150-ton travel lift can accommodate larger vessels. FISHING There’s a reason why the world’s richest fishing tournament - the Bisbee’s Black & Blue - has taken place in Los Cabos for over thirty years. This part of the world offers abundant sea life and an exceptionally high catch success rate, no matter what your level of fishing experience is. What to Expect Most charters include a fishing li-

cense, bait, tackle and equipment. Some also include food and drink or these amenities can be added at an additional cost. It is better to leave early, and trips usually begin at 6:00 and 7:00 am and last around 6 hours. Cost will depend on the number of people in your party and the size of the boat you choose to rent. It is customary to leave the crew a gratuity of 15% to 20%. Bait and Tackle Most likely, the boat you charter will include your bait and tackle. If you need your own fresh bait, you may buy it along the Cabo San Lucas Marina or the crew you hire may also stop to buy it from the local fishermen on your way out.

As February departs with its memories of Valentine's Day and Carnival fading, March is rolling in and is shaping up to be a month filled with promise of both the expected sierra mackerel and yellowtail as well as the unexpected yellowfin tuna that are normally more common later in the spring. Though often ignored by some, the flesh of the sierra is the basic ingredient of "ceviche," popular in many local restaurants. Known for their voracious appetites, the sierra can often be seen slicing through schools of bait they have driven to the surface, creating an exciting visual for those fishing inshore. Another option for sierra is to fish for them from shore. One of the largest beach tournaments held in Baja targets sierra in March and attracts over 250 anglers, mostly locals, for the three-hour event. Yellowtail are usually found down deeper in the water column near rock pinnacles that dot the ocean floor surrounding Baja's tip. Tough fighters, they can be difficult to land. An early March arrival are yellowfin tuna that can come in small, medium and large sizes ranging from 5 to 100 pounds. . Meanwhile, old favorites like billfish, striped marlin and an occasional blue marlin, are often still in the neighborhood and can be spotted either leaping about or feeding on the surface. The ever-popular dorado dazzle anglers with their golden color and their ability to jump several feet higher than their length above the waves, rounding out another solid month of March Madness. *

One of the largest beach tournaments held in Baja targets sierra in March and attracts over 250 anglers, mostly locals, for the three-hour event. | MARCH 2015



Prepare yourself for an incredible show of nature as you swim side by side with colourful schools of fish, eels, rays, octopus, sea turtles and more. The Sea of Cortez or the “Aquarium of the World” offers many opportunities to experience incredible underwater wildlife.

SCUBA DIVING DESTINATIONS Note: travel time is from the Cabo San Lucas marina. Land’s End Intermediate-Advanced - 50’-60’ Five minutes by boat and you can share the water with sea lions and moray eels, with a sunken boat visible in the Falls. Sand Falls Beginners - Advanced - 30’-100’ Steep sand banks drop sharply into a canyon filled with tropical fish. The canyon runs from the depths of the Cabo San Lucas bay to within 30 feet of the beach. Pelican Rock Beginners - 25’-80’ This large rock attracts many tropical fish and is only five minutes from shore. Neptune’s Finger Advanced - 80’-100’ A spectacular canyon wall dive. Cabeza de Ballena Beginners - 20’-40’ A 25-minute boat ride leads to a dive through large boulders with many fish. Santa María Cave Beginners - 20’-40’ Reachable from the shore or a 35-minute boat ride, the entrance to Santa Maria canyon has a huge variety of fish which feed right from your hand. Chileno Beginners - 30’-70’ This location offers parking, sea turtle sightings, tropical fish, and night dives over a sandy and rocky bottom following a 35-minute boat ride. El Gavilán Intermediate/Advanced - 70’-100’ This rocky ledge leads into a canyon where groupers and larger fish are often sighted; 35 minutes by boat. Blow Hole Beginners/Advanced - 30’-70’ 35-minutes from San Lucas, or just 10 minutes from Chileno beach, this dive

offers rocky valleys presenting a variety of fish. Las Salinas Beginners - 30’-45’ - A sunken Japanese fishing boat attracts a large assortment of fish at this beginners’ dive; about 80 minutes from Cabo San Lucas or one hour from La Playita. Gordo Banks Advanced - 110’-120’ - A seamount provides views of marlin, hammerheads, skip jacks and at times huge manta rays; one hour from La Playita. Cabo Pulmo Beginner-Advanced - 30’-100’ A one hour drive east of San José or five minutes by boat and you’ll find the only living coral reef in the Sea of Cortez. SNORKELLING SPOTS Cabo offers several methods for snorkelling. You may drive to a local beach and swim out, book a tour with one of the many popular companies, or charter a private boat. Tours are typically two or three hours. Stay away from the Pacific side of the peninsula; its strong currents make it very dangerous for any kind of water sports. Pelican Rock

A quick five-minute ride from the Cabo San Lucas marina or Medano Beach is all it takes to get to this fish-attracting rock.

Lover’s Beach This popular and uniquely-named beach is accessible only by boat. Be on the look-out, however, as the water is not roped off for swimmers. Santa Maria Bay Snorkel tours regularly visit Santa Maria Bay. If you choose to drive there, it’s an easy swim from the shore to the reef on the right side of the cove. Chileno Bay Snorkelers will find a safe, roped-off area for swimming at this common tour destination. Cabo Pulmo A Natural Marine Reserve in the East Cape, and may offer the best snorkelling in the area. This eightfingered coral reef is about a 2-hour drive from San José del Cabo, but it is well worth it!


With the desert meeting the Sea of Cortez as a backdrop, there is no doubt why Los Cabos has become a championship golf destination over the years. From Tiger Woods to Nicklaus and Fazio, many of the big names in golf have designed courses on this unique landscape.

Many courses offer a reduced rate later in the day during twilight hours. Appropriate golf attire is required on all courses and club rental prices range from $35 to $ 65. CABO DEL SOL Ocean Course - A Jack Nicklaus signature course with six ocean front holes (1.5 miles). Known for its “3 finest finishing holes in golf” the Ocean Course is said to be one of the most difficult yet beautiful courses in the area. 18 holes, 7,075 yards, par 72. Desert Course – Designed by Tom Weiskopf, this course winds through the desert above the Ocean Course and challenges the golfer with risk vs reward type decision-making. 18 holes, 7,049 yards, par 72. (624) 145-8200

CABO REAL The newly renovated Robert Trent Jones Jr. designed golf course is one of the Corridor’s first championship courses and boasts beautiful views of the Sea of Cortez, elevation changes, and has hosted two PGA Senior Slams. 18 holes, Par 73, 7,461 yards. (624) 173-9400 PALMILLA With 27 holes of golf, each 9 hole course offers something different. The Ocean, Mountain, and Arroyo courses all boast Jack Nicklaus Design and a fun and challenging layout with canyons and elevation changes. (624) 144-5250 PUNTA SUR GOLF - FORMERLY MAYAN PALACE GOLF This 9 hole course is a friendly course but make sure you hit ‘em straight because throughout the course you are surrounded by homes and condos in beautiful San José. A fun course for any level of golfer. 9 holes, 3,141 yards, par 35. (624) 142-0900

CABO SAN LUCAS COUNTRY CLUB This course was designed by Roy Dye and is conveniently located outside of Cabo San Lucas and is the only one with views of Land’s End. It has more than 80 bunkers and slightly inclined fairways and one of the longest holes in all of Mexico at 610 yards. 18 holes, 7,220 yards, par 72. (624) 143 4654

CLUB CAMPESTRE SAN JOSÉ Make sure you bring your creativity for the greens at Club Campestre, the newest Jack Nicklaus Design in Los Cabos. Almost every green has 2 or 3 different tiers, so spend some time on the practice green before your round. 18 holes, Par 71, 6,966 yards. (624) 173-9400

PUERTO LOS CABOS The only composite course in the area with two different 9 hole courses designed by two legends of golf, Jack Nicklaus and Greg Norman respectively. Oceanfront holes, elevation changes, and incredible vistas make Puerto Los Cabos a unique and special experience for any golfer at any handicap. 18 holes, Par 71, 6,848 yards. (624) 173-9400

QUIVIRA GOLF CLUB This Jack Nicklaus designed course that was built atop the Pacific cliffs on 1,850 acres of a planned gated community. The course features huge Sea of Cortez sandy dunes, and rolling desert landscape foothills. The crashing waves below, and rising holes above, are proof that the challenging course is definitely one of the newest marvels in Los Cabos. (624) 142-9973 | MARCH 2015




Baja Sur has been a popular surfing destination since the ‘50s. The East Cape is popular for kite surfing and the Pacific coast has several surf breaks where you will find less crowds. See our map on page 5 and look for this symbol to locate the surf spots mentioned bellow. SAN PEDRITO Level: Advanced. Direction: Right, left. Location: Pacific side right before arriving to Todos Santos.


This sport is most popular in the East Cape due to the El Norte winds. Playa Norte (the north-east side of the beach) in Los Barriles is said to be the most popular destination and is also the location for a professional kite-boarding school. La Ventana is also a popular spot and is closer to La Paz. There is less wind in Los Barriles than La Ventana, but the surf is bigger. The best months are January, February, March, October, November, December.

CERRITOS Level: Beginners. Direction: Right, left. Location: Pacific side at Km 65 of the Cabo San Lucas- Todos Santos road. MONUMENTS Level: Advanced . Direction: Left. Location: at Km 6.5 of the Corridor, closer to Cabo San Lucas. EL TULE Level: Advanced . Direction: Right, left. Location: Exit at Km 16.2 at El Tule bridge COSTA AZUL consists of three breaks: The Rock or La Roca Level: Advanced. Direction: Right. Zippers Level: All level. Direction: Right. Acapulquito Level: All levels. Direction: Right. Location: at Km 28.5. Access is below the Costa Azul bridge. LA BOCANA AT THE ESTUARY Level: All levels. Direction: Right, left. Location: San José del Cabo’s main beach, close to the Holiday Inn. SHIPWRECKS Level: Advanced. Direction: Right. Location: East Cape, about 25 Km from San José del Cabo. NINE PALMS Level: All levels. Direction: Long rights. Location: East Cape, about 30 Km from San José del Cabo. SEASONS June through November The summer months are known to be the best as the Southern Hemisphere’s swells send great waves to the Pacific, Cabo San Lucas, San José and the East Cape. December through February East Cape and Costa Azul are on the flatter side. The Pacific can be good this time of year because it’s exposed to the west swell. March through May This is the windy season. Swells are consistent and you’ll run into fewer crowds.



There is something special about paddling out and finding yourself floating in the ocean with just a paddle and a board. Stand up paddling is growing to be more popular each year and is available all around Los Cabos. It’s a great way to see marine life, to get a great workout and to enjoy nature. At Médano beach you can rent boards in several locations. Paddle along the rocks of Land’s End to make your way to Lover’s Beach and the Arch. Certain companies offer paddling lessons and some have yoga classes on the board. Tips! • Your feet should be parallel, about hip-width distance apart, centred between the board rails (edges). • Keep toes pointed forward, knees bent and your back straight. Balance with your hips and core. Keep your arms straight and twist from your torso as you paddle. Think of using your torso to paddle rather than your arms; you have more strength in the abdominal muscles than in your arms. Your gaze should be level at the horizon and avoid staring at your feet. • If you’re paddling on the right, your right hand is lower and on the paddle shaft. Your top left hand is on the top of the grip. The elbow (angle) of the paddle faces away from you. • Plant the paddle by pushing the blade all the way under the surface, pull it back to your ankle, then out of the water. To go in a reasonably straight line, paddle about 4 or 5 strokes on one side, then switch to the other. When you switch sides, you’ll reverse hand positions. • When you fall aim yourself to the side so you don’t fall the board.


Visit the Pescadero Skate Park located on km. 64 of HWY 19, in the town of El Pescadero. The park is surrounded by lush gardens, and the cost to enter this pro-park is $2.00 USD. | MARCH 2015



Los Cabos is an ideal destination for families with children of all ages. Ask your concierge to help you book any of these activities.

Blown Glass Factory Don’t miss this factory located in Cabo San Lucas where youngsters can watch the highly-skilled artisans perform the art of glass-blowing. Adults can shop for that one (or probably more than one) perfect piece to take home. Make sure you visit the factory before 2:00 pm in order to catch the show. Adventure Parks There are several adventure parks and eco-adventure companies in Los Cabos where you and your kids can experience zip-lining, back-country ATV tours, a camel safari, and more. Zip-lines are appropriate for kids of 8 years and up and be prepared to hike from 5 to 15 minutes from line to line. Most companies include transportation. Ask your concierge to set-up your adventure. Swim with Dolphins Los Cabos has a few facilities where you and your kids can swim with trained dolphins. By visiting one of the dolphin centres you and your kids will experience a one-on-one connection that will be memorable. You will learn special hand signals and ways to communicate positive reinforcement to the dolphins. Wet Fun Water Park Located about 20 minutes from San José, this water park has shallow pools and small slides for young children, water mushrooms, a pirate ship and a giant bucket that dumps water on the bystanders bellow. For the adrenaline seekers, several fast and large slides stand tall and mighty and offer a great view of the beautiful surrounding mountains. To get there

take HWY 1 north from the San José International Airport towards La Paz and East Cape. After about 15 miles, the exit for Caudaño and the water park will be at km 66. Follow this road for a few minutes and you will find the park on your right. Turtle Release Every year, several species of endangered sea turtles nest in the warm sands of Los Cabos. Your family will have the opportunity to help these fragile and tiny creatures make it safely into the sea. Children will learn about the importance of conservation and they will surely enjoy the experience of helping these little friends. Whale Watching Whale watching in Los Cabos is an unforgettable experience for any age. During the months of December through March, it is not hard to find whales breaching just off the shore. Book a private charter or take one of the many whale watching tours available.


Los Cabos offers a number of entertainment options for adventure seekers. From guided bicycle tours to a sunset horseback ride on the beach or a highspeed zipline across one of the many local canyons, pick an adventure that is right for you and get out there! Buggy, Atv, Or Bike Rentals There are several local companies which offer ATVs, buggies, and other off-road vehicles for trail and beach cruising. Strap on some goggles and hop behind the wheel of one of these off-road racers for an afternoon of fast-paced fun! Vehicles include typical ATVs or enclosed rail buggies or RZR ATVs. Tours are typically three hours, and drivers must be 16 years of age with a valid drivers’ license. If pedal-powered rides are more your speed, look into renting a mountain bike, beach cruiser, or joining a guided bicycle tour of town. Just make sure to wear a helmet!

Parasailing, Bungee Jumping, and Ziplines Get ready to shout “Geronimo!” as you leap off a platform in one of the most extreme outings! Several local adventure-parks provide bungee jumping packages and high speed zipline canopy tours are offered in a number of local canyons. If heights over land are not right for you, try a parasailing trip and gain some altitude to enjoy beautiful views of Cabo while tethered firmly to a speedboat!

Horseback Rides, Nature Walks, and Bird Watching Los Cabos (particularly San José del Cabo) offers a number of horseback excursions for all ages. Saddle up for a sunset guided beach ride, venture up a hidden canyon trail, or just sit back in the shade while experienced horse trainers give the kids lessons in horsemanship – there’s something for everyone! San José also boasts a natural estuary and nature preserve. Enjoy a peaceful, self-guided nature walk to observe some of the lushest landscape in the area. Species of flora and fauna are abundant: dozens of species of cactus, lizards, and birds can be spotted on this solitary walk, just a few minutes from downtown. Cactus-lovers may also want to check out the nearby cactus gardens Wirikuta, offering a large variety of cacti laid out in an artful outdoor setting.

Horse-back lessons at Cuadra San Francisco This world class equestrian centre was established in 1994 by Francisco J. Barrena M. and is home to about 50 horses. Each one has been trained by professionals to ensure safety and an enjoyable ride. The riding school’s speciality is high level dressage, which is an excellent way to perfect any riding discipline. The staff can accommodate riders of any age and skill level. Cuadra San Francisco is located at km. 19.5 of the main highway between Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo. | MARCH 2015



Imagine floating in a turquoise bay with pink sand or riding some epic waves: every Baja beach offers something unique. Here is a list of the must-see beaches -- visit them all to decide which one is your dream beach!

Cabo San Lucas

Along the Corridor

If you’re looking for the action, here it is. El Médano (as the locals call it) is a 2-mile stretch of hotels, restaurants and bars, right on the sand. It’s a swimmable and family-friendly beach with endless options for souvenir shopping. Numerous activities and water sports are available. If you want to take a water taxi to Lover’s Beach, this is the best spot to do it. Its stunning view of Land’s End and the vast entertainment options make this beach a must-see.


José, follow the sign which reads “Santa María” and exit the highway at Km. 13. Follow the dirt road until you reach the parking area. Santa Maria provides no services and hardly any shade. You can rent umbrellas on the beach, but if you happen to have one, bring it anyway. Snorkelling gear will help you get the most of this beautiful beach!


San Jose del Cabo


Las Viudas (The Widows) beach is not visible from the road and is possibly the most private beach you will find on this list. What makes it unique are the rock formations which create small pools and coves where you can have a private and peaceful beach day. This beach is swimmable with caution but if you find your own pool you can avoid the waves. Turn right at Km. 12.5 of the corridor and follow the dirt road down to the beach. There is a sign that reads “Las Viudas” but slow down and keep your eyes peeled; the entrance may sneak up on you. You won’t find any services or vendors so bring all your beach essentials with you.



Chileno is a very popular location for snorkelling, swimming or just spending the day under the newly-installed palapas. You’ll find tide pools at the east end of the beach and beautiful reefs offering excellent snorkelling and scuba diving. This is the only beach with public restrooms and it has plenty of palapas for shade. Going from Cabo San Lucas towards San José, follow the signs for Chileno Beach Club near Km. 14 of the main highway. If you visit Chileno on a weekend, make an effort to arrive early; snorkelling visibility is often better in the mornings, you’ll avoid the mid-day snorkel tours and, if you beat the crowds, you’ll be guaranteed a palapa to yourself for much-needed shade. Bring snorkelling gear!



Palmilla beach is known for its family-friendly calm waters and a mile-long stretch of beach. Located within the resort community of Palmilla, you will find yourself surrounded by oceanfront luxury homes, the One&Only Hotel and the world renowned Jack Nicklaus Ocean Nine golf course. Pangas and fishing cruisers are available for charter, but you won’t find water sport rentals such as kayaks or jet skis.

Location: Location:

In the heart of downtown Cabo San Lucas. This is accessible by foot through the east side of the marina or via Avenida del Pescador.


Be prepared to be approached by souvenir vendors. If you’re not there for the shopping, just respond with “No, gracias.” Prices don’t vary much from one water sports rental place to another. Visit Lover’s Beach while you’re there.


Getting there is an adventure in itself, due to the fact that it is reachable only by boat or kayak. The easiest way is to take a water taxi from the Cabo San Lucas Marina or Medano Beach. Prices are around $15.00 USD per person. Ask your captain to cruise by the arch and the sea lion rock for some great photo opportunities. Once you arrive, you’ll notice the striking rock formations and caves. Walk to the other side of the rocks and you’ll find yourself looking at the Pacific Ocean; the locals call this Divorce Beach. This side is very dangerous for swimming because of the powerful undertow, so swim on Lover’s Beach only. Land’s End beside the famous arch. This beach is accessible only by boat. There are a couple of vendors who offer beer and water, but you won’t find any other services. A good idea is to spend the day at Medano Beach and take an hour or two to go to Lover’s Beach; this should be time enough to explore this natural wonderland.

Location: Tips:




Santa Maria offers a stunning horseshoe cove with coralcoloured sand and abundant marine life. Boat excursions and private charters often stop here to enjoy the snorkelling and scuba diving that this National Marine Preserve offers. This family-friendly beach is relatively secluded; therefore, you rarely run into beach vendors. Travelling west from Cabo San Lucas towards San


Location: Take the Palmilla ramp exit at Km. 27. Follow

the signs and turn into the main beach parking area before the entrance to the One&Only Hotel. Palmilla is popular among local families on the weekends, so arrive early if you want a palapa, or bring your own umbrella. No services are available here.



If what you’re looking for is a good surf spot you can find it here without driving out of town. Head over to Zipper’s for a surf session and lunch and beers at the restaurant. To the west of Zippers is Acapulquito beach where the Cabo Surf Hotel and Mike Doyle Surf School are located. You can find surf shops in the area where you can rent surf and stand-up paddle boards and set up lessons. The surf is bigger during the summer, and in the winter this is a good spot for snorkelling and swimming. Exit at Km. 28 via the Costa Azul Bridge. Swimming with caution is possible in this area but keep an eye out for surfers.

Location: Tips: | MARCH 2015


La Playita (the little beach) is a long stretch of beach where you will often find locals fishing from the shore and families with children enjoying the beach-front playground. On the right end of La Playita you can find a roped-off swimming area just outside the entrance to the beautiful Puerto Los Cabos 500-slip marina. To the left is the natural open beach where you can swim, skim-board and enjoy a peaceful beach day away from the crowds. Follow the signs to La Playita/ Puerto Los Cabos from Boulevard Mijares in downtown San José del Cabo (across from the fire department). You will find new and well-maintained bathrooms, palapas and fishing charters. There are no food services directly on the beach, but several casual restaurants dot the surrounding area.

Location: Tips:

On the Pacific CERRITOS

Cerritos beach is a popular surf spot and swimming here is relatively safe. The scenic 45-minute drive from Cabo San Lucas is well worth the trip as you drive along the pristine Pacific coast. The Cerritos Beach Club Restaurant is a perfect spot to spend a relaxing day on the beach or, if you want to be active, you can take a surf lesson at Baja Surf Camp or rent surf and boogie boards at the Costa Azul Surf Shop.

Location: This bay lies about 30 minutes

from the boardwalk in La Paz. Simply follow the main drag along the boardwalk, then through Costa Baja Golf Course and continue to wind around the coast and through the mountains until you see the signs for the beach. No bathroom facilities. There is a truck where you can buy water and snacks, but it is recommended to bring your own in case they are closed. There are palapas, but not many. Kayaks and snorkel gear are offered.




A wildlife reserve where visitors may anchor, snorkel, scuba and camp lies on this island. The panga ride usually includes a cruise around the island where it’s very common to see sea lions, seals and even sea otters. The only swimmable beach on the island has pristine white sand and shallow crystal clear turquoise water, which creates ideal snorkelling conditions. Coronado Island is the ideal place for an adventure or to simply immerse yourself in nature and relax.

Location: Tips:


Exit at Km. 66 of the Cabo San Lucas to Todos Santos Highway. Watch the markers and look for the signs. Drive about 1.7 miles to the beach area. Tips: Lounge chairs, restrooms, food and drinks are available at The Cerritos Beach Club Restaurant.

About 7 miles or 30 minutes northeast of Loreto by boat. To get to Coronado Island you must take a boat or a panga. You will find pangas in Loreto’s Marina which you can hire. The best option is to ask your concierge to arrange this for you. There are no services or restaurants on the beach, but there are several large palapas with tables and benches and an eco-restroom. Bring hiking shoes if you plan to explore the area. Snorkelling gear is a plus!

La Paz


Balandra is a stunning bay that will take your breath away. You can walk back and forth in the bay in waist-high, crystal clear water with shades of turquoise blue. Follow the shore towards the north-east side and you will find the famous “mushroom rock” as well as other interesting rock formations. Pictures just don’t do it justice. You won’t regret visiting Playa Balandra! | MARCH 2015



events ~ music ~ nightlife


By Fernando Rodriguez

LOS CABOS is an energetic place. San Jose del Cabo buzzes with culture and tradition, while Cabo San Lucas alerts your senses with bright lights and sounds of a good time coming from every direction. Events such as fishing tournaments, festivals, triathlons, conventions, charity galas, trendy parties and concerts take place in Cabo year-round. Here are this month's events!

March 7 - Medano Beach Volunteer Clean-Up - The annual winter volunteer clean-up of Medano Beach will once again take place at its early 7:00 am start in front of Baja Cantina. Last year more than 20 volunteers from the City of Los Cabos gathered more than one ton of garbage, which generally consisted of cigarette butts, beer caps, and miscellaneous litter. Students from the University of Cabo San Lucas spoke on the importance of keeping Medano Beach clean, because it is the most popular beach in the region with an estimated one million visitors each year. "This is such an emblematic beach of Los Cabos with its archway, it needs to stay clean!" said college student Noe Cabrera from Tamaulipas; a volunteer who can no longer visit the beaches in his hometown because of oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico. Volunteers can stay as long as they please and most offer two to five hours of helping maintain the beaches’ wonderful appearance. March 12-22 - Todos Santos Film Festival - For everyone visiting Los Cabos, take the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful 40-minute road trip along the picturesque Pacific Ocean coast to Todos Santos. The trip will end with not just a tour of the Hotel California, but will include the rare chance to view short and full-length movies that are the showcase of the 12th annual Todos Santos Film Festival. Sylvia Perel, director of the San Francisco Latino Film Festival and the Latino Festival of Redwood City, California explaines, ''This fantastic festival brings together a terrific selection of feature films, documentaries and shorts from


across Mexico and Latin America that many folks would otherwise never have the opportunity to see. Many well-known film directors attend to present their films and lead audience discussions. It’s a truly great event.'' There will once again be an entry from the city's ''Youth in Video Program,'' which teaches select children of the Todos Santos area about filmmaking. The children always present the newest film they’ve made for the festival each year. Some of this year's films include entries from Spain, documentaries, and special ''Women in Film'' shorts that range from 8 to 15 minutes in length. For more information, please visit: March 12 - 22 - San José del Cabo Festival Tradicional - The 8-day San Jose del Cabo Festival, celebrated in honor of the city's patron saint, San José (St. Joseph), begins on Sunday, March 8 at 6:00 p.m. and will continue every evening until Sunday, March 22. The free admission gala event kicks off with live music, held in the plaza in the heart of downtown. Carnivals and parades will be held during the two weekends of the event which, year after year, has been a tremendously popular success, always drawing a boisterous crowd. The various food booths that can be found situated throughout the central downtown area will be serving up everything from fresh, warm tamales to corn on the cob (with or without buttered, powdered chili), tacos, enchiladas, an assortment of sweets, and sugared pumpkin candies. The Festival is an annual family-oriented affair, which is one of the biggest street parties the city puts on every mid-March. The popular local event will also feature its annual rodeo which takes place at the corral across the street from the city's fire department on the main street from the hotel zone into town. While the length of this year's festival has been shortened by a few days, none of the popular events have been trimmed back; the ''old-school, ranch-style'' cockfights remain a must-see for locals and visitors alike. It is an event which visitors look forward to attending every year. March 15 - Los Barriles Dog Show The small, sleepy town of Los Barriles, located 40 minutes north of San Jose del Cabo, is hosting their very first dog show to benefit the East Cape community. ''We're getting some great feedback from both dog owners and the wider community who are excited about being involved,'' echoed lead volunteers Emma Nicholson and Tracey Lewis. The much-anticipated event organized by the Baja Kennel Club will

take place at the Hotel Palmas de Cortez, starting at 11:00 a.m. in the center of town, and will be littered with fun craft booths, food stands, music, a raffle and bar. The entry fee is $50 pesos per dog, or $20 pesos per spectator. Children under 12 years get in free. The Dog Show will help raise money for the Kennel Club's neutering & spaying programs, their recycling initiatives, and will assist with funds towards the care and welfare of stray and abandoned dogs. To donate and obtain complete information, please contact (624) 151-2381 or visit March 16 - Benito Juárez Birthday Mexican President Benito Juarez (March 21, 1806 - July 18, 1872) is to Mexico what Abraham Lincoln was to the United States, and as such, the birthday of the iconic president is celebrated with live music and an assortment of community parties throughout downtown Cabo San Lucas and throughout all of Mexico. Benito Juárez was born in San Pablo Guelatao, Oaxaca, and was orphaned at three years of age. He became a lawyer at 34 and later held many public offices including state legislator, civil judge, government secretary, and governor. In 1853 he was exiled to the United States due to political conflict. The following year he helped publish the Plan de Ayutla, which ended the dictatorship of political leader Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, thus convening a new Constitutional Congress. Mexico celebrates the birthday of President Juárez every third Monday in March. March 17 - St. Patrick's Day Celebrations - Both Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo will be celebrating St. Patrick's Day with as much gusto as any restaurant and bar in America. Nearly every bar in each city will have Irish menu items, Irish drinks and green beer on hand and readily available. In San Lucas, Cabo Blue has traditionally hosted some great St. Patty's Day parties, as do Baja Brewery, Cabo Cantina, Cabo Lounge, Tanga Tanga, Cabo Wabo, Solomon's Landing, Squid Roe, and Pink Kitty. In San Jose DC, look for a great time at Rock N Brews, and every local bar in the historic central plaza area. Visitors to Los Cabos can also expect their respective resorts and hotels to offer a St. Patrick's Day of their own. The Road House, which is located a few hundred feet from Costco, will offer their Irish corned beef and cabbage afternoon luncheon that has become a local and tourist favorite. March 20 - March 22 - The Fred Duckett Golf Challenge - The three day Los Cabos Children’s Foundation’s fundraiser, that will feature | MARCH 2015

ENTERTAINMENT the Querencia and Palmilla Golf Courses in San José del Cabo, takes place during the weekend of Friday, March 20 through Sunday, March 22. The event's proceeds will help with what started in 2002, when Trisha Pacholski, Vice President of Snell Real Estate alerted friends in the USA health care industry that some children with leukemia in Los Cabos, Mexico needed help. South Dakota Dr. Marwan Hanna, one of the area's leading pediatric oncologists, offered to treat them, exclaiming, "absolutely, just get them up here!" Getting visas for the Mexican children and their families proved extremely difficult and time consuming. The first three children which were scheduled for treatment, passed away while waiting for their visas. As a result, the caring small goup, contacted the U.S. Consulate in Cabo and in Tijuana; as well as the INS in Tijuana to establish a system to make the process faster and more simple for the sick children and their families. Mike Houston, U.S. Consular Agent, became an immediate supporter of the project of helping the children get visas. Monte Ford, an executive with American Airlines, who also enjoys time in Cabo was sympathetic to the cause and as a result, American Airlines has provided airline transportation for all of the children and families who have been helped. For more information please contact Brenda Kuyper (in the USA) at (605) 275-6305, or online via email at

March 23 - Farm Fest-Liga Mac. 11th Annual Fundraiser - The event that everyone is waiting for, the LIGA MAC 11th Annual Fundraiser, is just around the corner. In the lush setting of Flora Farm’s Mango Grove, LIGA MAC

supporters will be entertained with the sounds of Nena Anderson. Born and raised in Encinitas, California, Anderson has been nominated for numerous San Diego Music awards in jazz, americana, acoustic and new artist categories. Her style is hard to pinpoint, described as anywhere from moody, minor-keyed, driving swamp-blues, to rollicking 60's piano soul, to catchy two-step country; all of which will be right at home grooving at the Farm. Anderson will be accompanied by her band and Grammy Award winner Alex Woodward. Late night entertainment will be provided by Flora Farm’s local famed talent, The Shamans, who will keep the party hopping. An incredible dinner by Flora Farm Kitchen will be served at various food stations throughout the event and a cash bar will be available. 100% of the bar proceeds will be generously donated by Flora Farm to LIGA MAC. LIGA MAC offers education, basic needs help, and medical assistance programs. More than four hundred and fifty local school children are enrolled in the ACE stay-in-school program. The Basic Needs program reaches out to families in distress. It is a three-month program that offers a dispensary service of clothing, household items and food as well as counseling; helping find solutions to emergency family situations. The Medical Assistance program connects patients in need of treatment with local programs and funding when all other avenues are exhausted. Tickets are US $150 per person, VIP $350 per person. For event and ticket information, email:; or contact Janet Dellaire:, 158-5005 or Linda Little:, 624-358-9361. Tickets also available on Fridays at the Organic Market-The Palmilla Shoppes, and Saturdays at the San Jose Organic Market-Huerta María. March 27 - 29 - The Hole Enchilada Golf Tournament - Created especially for Grupo Questro Los Cabos community members, the Hole Enchilada is a 36-hole team golf tournament for teams of two players that will compete on Friday, March 27 and Saturday, March 28. On Sunday, March 29, the annual event will allow members of Club Campestre, Puerto Los Cabos and Cabo Real to mingle with friends and family, including a ''Kid's Kamp'' at the Fundadores Beach Club at Puerto Los Cabos in San Jose del Cabo. Children will have a list of well-supervised activities to enjoy that include arts & crafts, sports, and dancing. A schedule of complimentary activities for the entire family include swimming with the dolphins, whale watching, yoga, cooking classes, spa services, Wild Canyon zip lines, horseback riding, and salsa dance classes. A welcome mystic and poker night evening at El Ganzo Hotel is also part of the weekend fun. For more information, videos, photos and invitation submission form, please visit | MARCH 2015


ENTERTAINMENT March 29 - Whaleman Los Cabos Triathlon - Making its inaugural debut and limited to 500 participants, the Whaleman Los Cabos Triathlon will kick off with a 1.2 mile swim from the pristine sands of Medano Beach to The Arch/Los Arcos and back. From there, participants will transition out of the sea and onto the four lane highway for a 56-mile bicycle ride to San Jose del Cabo and back. There, all contestants will close out the race with a gruelling half-marathon, or 13.1-mile run. This half-ironman course is a precursor for dedicated year-round athletes training and competing to ready themselves for the Los Cabos Ironman, the date of which has been moved to October 25, 2015. Entry fees for the Whaleman Los Cabos Triathlon are $175 US Dollars and participants must be at least 18 years of age. For more information and complete registration forms, please visit


LOS CABOS ORGANIC FARMERS MARKET - 8:00 am -12:00 pm. Pedregal, Cabo San Lucas. TUESDAYS

SAL Y MUSICA FESTIVAL - 6:00 pm to midnight. A street party that celebrates the city’s passion for music and food. Downtown San José del Cabo. WEDNESDAYS

LOS CABOS ORGANIC FARMERS MARKET - 8:00 am -12:00 pm. Pedregal, Cabo San Lucas. EVENING BIKE RIDE IN SAN JOSÉ - 7:30 pm to 8:30 zpm. Meet at Plaza del Pescador before 7:30 pm. Bike rentals available at Sportia bike store located in Plaza del Pescador. (624) 130-7159 WINE CLASSES AT GRAND SOLMAR A weekly class in wine-making at the resort’s La Roca restaurant. Classes are $49.00. For reservations call: (624) 145-7575 BIRDING IN THE SAN JOSÉ ESTUARY Go bird-watching in the beautiful San José estuary with a guided tour. Includes binoculars and scopes. Reservations required. For more information and reservations call (625) 144-3539 or email



SAL Y MUSICA FESTIVAL - 6:00 pm to midnight. A street party that celebrates the city’s passion for music and food. Downtown San José del Cabo. WINE TASTING at DE CORTEZ - 5:30 pm. Restaurant in the Sheraton Hacienda del Mar. $35.00 per person. SAN JOSÉ DEL CABO ART WALK - 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm between the months of November and June. Galleries welcome guests to enjoy an evening strolling by the neighborhood, viewing art, sipping wine and dining at the artsy neighborhood restaurants. Special events such as “artist in attendance” or openings of new work will enchant you. CINE CLUB EN EL PABELLON CULTURAL - 7:30 pm. Free movies at the Cabo San Lucas Cultural Pavilion located on the marina.



LOS CABOS ORGANIC FARMERS MARKET - 8:00 am -12:00 pm. Pedregal, Cabo San Lucas. BIRDING IN THE SAN JOSÉ ESTUARY - Go bird-watching in the beautiful San José estuary with a guided tour. Includes binoculars and scopes. Reservations required. Information and reservations: (625) 144-3539 or email SAN JOSÉ DEL CABO ORGANIC MARKET - 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Art & Crafts, food and music. CICLOVÍA CABO SAN LUCAS - Sundays 7:00 am to 11:00 am. The main street of Cabo San Lucas closes to automobile traffic allowing bikers, skaters, walkers and joggers to exercise freely. FULL MOON EVENINGS - Next full moon: March 5th

FREEBOARD FRESH DELI & CACAO BAR - Music and dancing, farm to table restaurant, skateboarding, fire pit and more. Free! Starts at 5:00 pm inside the Pescadero Skate Park. Km. 64 of Highway 19. Info: (612) 168-0711.























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ACROSS 1 Kind of apple or grass 5 Pain in the neck 9 Sugar sources 13 Loafer's lack 14 Moses' Mount 15 Scrabble draw 16 Mythical monster 17 Director DeMille 18 From the beginning 19 Pacific Spring Break destination 22 Addition solution 23 Kind of pity or praise 24 Pen pal? 27 Hot spots 30 They hold their horses 33 Fire proof? 34 Loses a habit 36 Produced some pitches 38 Social stratum 40 Light metal 41 Crowded number? 42 Gambling game 43 Astronaut's milieu 45 Spanish saint 46 Rio rhythm 49 Time period





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PALMILLA FARMERS MARKET - 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. At the Shops at Palmilla. ART FEST - 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Downtown Cabo San Lucas in Plaza Amelia Wilkes. FIRST FRIDAY OF EVERY MONTH - TODOS SANTOS ART WALK - From 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Enjoy the cool cultural scene that has helped to maintain Todos Santos as one of Mexico’s Pueblo Magicos for so many years.


50 Stretch out 51 Soothing stuff 53 Stocking stuffer 55 Atlantic Spring Break destination 62 Treat meat 63 Take place 64 Class struggle? 65 Computer operator 66 Cardiff's country 67 Course listing 68 Mexican bread? 69 Go after flies 70 Puts together DOWN 1 Stable sound 2 Meaty sauce 3 Farm fraction 4 Draft picks 5 European capital 6 Ancient Andean 7 They're at your fingertips 8 Black and white whale 9 Celestial sea creature? 10 Isn't the wrong way 11 Tell it to the judge



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12 Put in stitches 14 Garlicky dish 20 Pachyderm's pride 21 Stein filler 24 Get ready to go 25 Key chain? 26 West African republic 28 Makes a scene? 29 Does without 31 Kind of shark 32 Kind of peek or preview 35 Metal fastener 37 Trait transmitter 39 Tijuana topper 41 Low voice 44 Provides the provisions 47 Club for swingers 48 Makes possible 52 Cockatoo cousin 54 Botanical swelling 55 Explosive igniter 56 Rock group 57 Golden State sch. 58 It takes two 59 Gave the boot 60 Hit the ground 61 Flightless flock 62 Half-pint | MARCH 2015



Photo: Justin Miller

by Marilyn G raham


Mondays CABO WABO - Sammy Hagar’s legendary night-club. Music Monday through Sunday. 624.143.1188. EDITHS’S RESTAURANT - Traditional Mexican music every night 6:00-10:00 pm Tel. 143.0801. JUNGLE BAR - 9:30 pm. Estrogeno, Rock. THE OFFICE - 6:30-9:30 pm. Shalom & Tito Rodriguez. Tel. 624.143.3464 Tuesdays BAJA CANTINA – 7:00 pm Eric Daniel Pina & Lizanka. 624.143.1111. BAR ESQUINA - 8:00 pm. “Mala Rumba”, Flamenco Guitars. 624.143.1889. CABO WABO - Sammy Hagar’s legendary night-club. Music Monday through Sunday. 624.143.1188. CLUB CASCADAS - 6:30 - 9:30 pm. Daline Jones and Diego Ramirez. 624.143.1882. DESPERADOS - 6:30-9:30 pm. Guitarist Roberto Fiallo. 624.143.4313. EDITHS’S RESTAURANT - Traditional Mexican music every night 6:00-10:00 pm Tel. 624.143.0801. THE OFFICE - 6:30-9:30 pm. Luna Itzel. Tel. 624.143.3464 TWO FOR THE ROAD - 8:00 pm. Live Jazz Spot. Montana, keyboard, and vocalist Kathy Daniels. Wyndham Hotel. Local A-15. Closed Sundays. 624.143.7759 or 624.132.2282. Wed nesdays BAJA CANTINA BEACH CLUB - Medano Beach. Noche Mexicana. 624.143.1111. BAR ESQUINA - 8:00 pm. “Totoy”, Soft Rock. 624.143.1889. Sammy Hagar’s legendary night-club. Music Monday through Sunday. 624.143.1188. CABO WABO - Sammy Hagar’s legendary night-club. Music Monday through Sunday. 624.143.1188. DOS MARES RESTAURANT – on the Marina. Daline Jones and Diego Ramirez. 6:00-9:00 pm. 624.143-0582. EDITHS’S RESTAURANT - Traditional Mexican music every night 6:00-10:00 pm Tel. 624.143.0801. THE OFFICE - 6:30-9:30 pm. Robert Dudley Oldies But Goodies. 624.143.3464 TWO FOR THE ROAD - 8:00 pm. Live Jazz Spot. Montana, keyboard, and vocalist Kathy Daniels.

Wyndham Hotel. Local A-15. Closed Sundays. 624.143.7759 or 624.132.2282. Thu rsdays BAR ESQUINA - 8:00 pm. “Chaplin” Acoustic Rock. 624.143.1889. CABO WABO - Sammy Hagar’s legendary night-club. Music Monday through Sunday. 624.143.1188. DESPERADOS - 7:00-10:00 pm. Guitarist Roberto Fiallo. 624.143.4313. DOC’s WINE BAR - 7:00 – 10:00 pm. Diego Ramirez on keyboard and Greg Haugesag on flugelhorn. 624.105.1034. DOS MARES RESTAURANT – on the Marina. Jimmy Sax 7:00-9:00 pm. 624.143-0582. EDITHS’S RESTAURANT - Traditional Mexican music every night 6:00-10:00 pm 624.143.0801. LATITUDE 22 ROADHOUSE - 7:00-10:00 pm. Peter Bacon on piano. 624.143.1516. THE OFFICE - 6:30-9:30 pm. Fiesta Mexicana & Mariachis. 624.143.3464 TWO FOR THE ROAD - 8:00 pm. Live Jazz Spot. Montana, keyboard, and vocalist Kathy Daniels. Wyndham Hotel. Local A-15. Closed Sundays. 624.143.7759 or 624.132.2282. Fridays BAJA CANTINA – 7:00 pm Eric Daniel Pina & Lizanka. 624.143.1111. BAR ESQUINA - 8:00 pm. “Totoy” Soft Rock. 624.143.1889. CABO WABO - Sammy Hagar’s legendary night-club. Music Monday through Sunday. 624.143.1188. CLUB CASCADAS – 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm Luna Itzel. 624.143.1882. DESPERADOS - Singer/Songwriter Miguel Hill 7:00 pm -10:00 pm. 624.143.4313. EDITHS’S RESTAURANT - Traditional Mexican music every night 6:00-10:00 pm 624.143.0801. HOLLIGANZ CORNER BAR- 3:00 pm. LATITUDE 22 ROADHOUSE - 7:00-10:00 pm. Peter Bacon on piano. 624.143.1516. PUERTA VIEJA RESTAURANT - 7:00-9:00 pm. Cuban Night with Rosalia de Cuba. 624.104.3334. RUTHS CHRIS STEAK HOUSE - 7:00 to 10:00 pm. Groove Mashin, featuring Ivan Ocampo on keyboard, Hector Ojeda, Sebastian Dimarco on bass, Sergio Hesting on drums, and Howie Clifton on saxophone. 624.144.3232. SHARKEY’S - 6:30-9:15 pm. Diego Ramirez, Raul Herrera, Adrian. Sometimes Singer Corey Prentice. 624.143.5513.

THE OFFICE - 6:30-9:30 pm. Kimbara Fusion. 624.143.3464 TANGA TANGA SPORTS BAR - 7:00 pm. THE OFFICE - 6:30-9:30 pm. Pa’ax. 624.143.3464 TWO FOR THE ROAD - 8:00 pm. Live Jazz Spot. Montana, keyboard, and vocalist Kathy Daniels. Wyndham Hotel. Local A-15. Closed Sundays. 624.143.7759 or 624.132.2282. Sat u rdays BAJA BREWERY ROOFTOP CABO – 8:00 – 11:00, Blackbird, rock. 624.143.9199. BAJA CANTINA – 7:00 pm Eric Daniel Pina & Lizanka. 624.143.1111. CABO MARINA - "La Silla Turca." 624.144-3805. BAJA BREWERY ROOFTOP CABO - Los Trillizos. 624.143-9199. BAR ESQUINA - 8:00 pm. Saturday, “Totoy” Soft Rock. 624.143.1889. CABO LOUNGE BAR – 8:00 pm. CABO WABO - Sammy Hagar’s legendary night-club. Music Monday through Sunday. 624.143.1188. DOS MARES RESTAURANT – on the Marina. Music from the World (special guests). 7:00-10:00 pm. 624.143-0582. EDITHS’S RESTAURANT - Traditional Mexican music every night 6:00-10:00 pm 624.143.0801. HOTEL FIESTA AMERICANA – 7:00 – 9:00. Luna Itzel in the lobby bar. LATITUDE 22 ROADHOUSE - 7:00-10:00 pm. Peter Bacon on piano. 624.143.1516. SHARKEYS - 6:30-9:15 pm. Diego Ramirez, Raul Herrera, Adrian, sometimes singer Corey Prentice. 624.143.5513. THE OFFICE - 6:30-9:30 pm. Kimbara Fusion. 624.143.3464 TWO FOR THE ROAD - 8:00 pm. Live Jazz Spot. Montana, keyboard, and vocalist Kathy Daniels. Wyndham Hotel. Local A-15. Closed Sundays. 624.143.7759 or 624.132.2282. Su ndays BAR ESQUINA - 8:00 pm. Sunday, “Kimbara” Bolero guitar. 624.143.1889. EDITHS’S RESTAURANT - Traditional Mexican music every night 6:00-10:00 pm 624.143.0801. THE OFFICE - 6:30-9:30 pm. Pura Vida. 624.143.3464


Mondays L’OSTERIA - 7:00 pm. Jazz Jam for musicians with David Cantoni Trio; Eric Daniel Pina. 624.146.9696. Tuesdays CASA NATALIA - 624.142.5100 to check for music. FLORA’S FARM - "The Shamans", Classic Rock. 624.355.4564. Wed nesdays L’OSTERIA - Los Mala Rumba and Jankar Lorenzana. Ladies night 50% off. 624.146.9696. FLORA’S FARM - "Howie Clifton", Saxophone. 624.355.4564. TROPICANA - Mariachis. 624.142.4146 or 624.142.2311. Thu rsdays FLORA’S FARM - "Totoy" Classic Jazz. 624.355.4564. FRENCH RIVIERA BAKERY & CAFÉ - 7:00 -10:00 pm. Karla Kassaneth. 624.142.3350. L’OSTERIA - 7:00-10:00 pm. 10:30 pm, sometimes "Totoy" 624.146.9696. MOLLY’S – 5:30 pm during artwalk. Jimena Bautiste with Joaquin and Alex. 624.142.0744.

SYRIACCUS BAR - Thursdays 10:30 pm. El Javi and Jordi Marin. 624.142.3939. TROPICANA - Rosalia de Cuba. 624.142.4146 or 624.142.2311. Fridays AY AY AY - 11:00 pm. Bar, grill, karaoke with live mariachi. Karla Kassaneth. 624.142.0744. BAJA BREWING COMPANY - Downtown San José del Cabo. 624.146.9995. DON SANCHEZ CANTINA - Karaoke. 624.142.2444. FLORA’S FARM - Monique vocals and Daryl Currie on guitar. 624.355.4564. FRENCH RIVIERA BAKERY & CAFÉ - 7:00 -10:00 pm. Karla Kassaneth. 624.142.3350. JAZZ TAPAS BAR - 624.130.7257. Sometimes Marcie Castro. H RESTAURANT - 7:00 - 10:00 pm. Hugo “saxo” Moreno, Saxophone. 624.105.2974. L’OSTERIA - 7:00-10:00 pm. Flamingo music. 10:30 pm "Kilometro", rock. 624.146.9696. ZIPPERS - 6:00 pm-9:00 pm. Jesse Davis, Rock ‘n roll. 624.172.6162. Sat u rdays BAJA BREWING COMPANY - Downtown San José del Cabo. 624.146.9995. DON SANCHEZ CANTINA - Salsa. 624.142.2444. FLORA’S FARM - "The Shamans" Classic Rock. 624.355.4564. H RESTAURANT - 7:00 - 10:00 pm. Ruben Martin, guitar, saxophone, flute. 624.105.2974. L’OSTERIA - 7:00 pm. Monique Mendonca on vocals and Daryl Currie on guitar. 624-146-9696. SHOOTERS SPORTS BAR - 3:00-6:00 pm. "Skeleton Key", Randy Leach and Mark 624-146-9900. SHARKY’S - 7:00 pm. Diego Ramirez on keyboard and Raul Herrera on drums. 624.143.5513. TROPICANA - Karla Kassaneth, music of the 70’s and 80’s. 624.142.4146 or 624.142.2311. Occasional special guests like Marcie Castro. ZIPPERS - 6:00 pm-9:00 pm. Singer Jimena Bautista, Alex Garcia on keyboard, Jesse Andrade on guitar, and Joaquin Gonzalez on drums. 624.172.6162. Su ndays FLORA’S FARM - Brunch, jazz. 624.355.4564. 7 SEAS SEAFOOD GRILLE - Full Moon Jazz Concerts. Call for schedule. 624.142.2666.


CERRITOS BEACH CLUB - Sundays, 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm Daline Jones and Diego Ramirez. Tel. 624.129.6315.


Hotel Guaycura Restaurant - Fridays, 6:30 – 9:30 pm. Saturdays, jazz, 6:30 – 9:30 pm. Tel. 612.175.0800


THE CROSSROADS COUNTRY CLUB - Located 22 miles on camino de la costa pasing Punta perfecta on Vinorama. Tel. 624.157.9542 VIDASOUL - Ecofocused Hotel located at 1000 Camino Cabo Este, Boca de la Vinorama. Beach shows with local legends, such as Pura Vida and Kilometro Band, and U.S. acts like Tim Lang and Portland’s Bolt Upright. Tel. 624.142.1659.

For additions or corrections to this schedule, please email | MARCH 2015


18 | MARCH 2015 | MARCH 2015




SCENE Many come to Cabo for the beach parties and nightlife. From beach bars and pool parties, to trendy nightclubs and booze cruises, you will always find a party... anytime, anywhere.


of the top three major attractions on Medano Beach, this happy, melodious, fun and simple restaurant is where people go for lunch, beers and cocktails while basking in the warm sun on comfortable lounge chairs. Visit and sample their delicious alcoholic house drink called Billygan's. The restaurant also entertains crowds with special adult drink contests, shows and activities. Billygan’s Island is located at the beach base of Cabo Villas Hotel and Resort. MANGO DECK - The # 1 top party spot and perfect place for those who love a good time. The restaurant/bar offers entertainment all day long and into the night, which includes everything from live music, championship beer drinking, dancing and wet t-shirt contests. Great happy hour margaritas and beer bucket specials are served by a lively staff at their location on the beach in front of and next to Casa Dorado Resort, Medano Beach. NIKKI BEACH - Known for its white teepees, pool-side lounge beds and sexy and stylish pool party scene, Nikki Beach is still recovering from the aftermath of Hurricane Odile and expects to reopen soon. THE OFFICE - George Clooney, Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Jennifer Aniston are only a few of the Hollywood jet-setters that adore the Medano Beach locale, blue umbrellas, and eclectic atmosphere of The Office. Coupled with great food and hearty appetizers, The Office is the heart and soul of the people-filled, sight-seeing, bikini-watching, merchant-selling menagerie that is the Medano Beach party strip.

BOOZE CRUISES CABO ESCAPE BOOZE CRUISE - The Cabo Escape Booze Cruise is by far the most crowded, festive, and affordable boat party in all of Cabo San Lucas. During the fall and winter, the best ocean party show in Los Cabos departs daily at 5:00 p.m. and returns to the Wyndham Hotel Marina dock # 3 by 7:30 p.m. Tickets are available for $45 USD 20

per person which includes chips, salsa, guacamole, dinner and all-you-can-drink cocktails and beer. CABO ESCAPE FLOATING DISCO - This chic late-night disco booze cruise departs at 9:00 p.m. on limited Wednesday and Friday nights, returning to Dock #3 at midnight. The 18-andover festivities feature current hip-hop and electronic music hits. At a price of $45 USD per person, Cabo Escape offers the all-you-can-drink house bar which makes it so popular, as well as a premium cash bar. JUNGLE FLOATING DISCO & CLUB - Cabo visitors looking to get their drink on and party like its 1999 do so aboard the Jungle Cruise Floating Disco and Club which costs just $35 USD and departs at 9:30 p.m. on Friday and Saturdays only. VIP tables compliment this Medano Bay excursion that includes premium international drinks at an added cost. The all-youcan-drink festivities rage on until 12:30 a.m. with dancing to hip hop and current popular tunes. JUNGLE REGGAE BOOZE CRUISE - The $35 USD-priced Cabo San Lucas Jungle booze cruise on Medano Bay features reggae music and an atmosphere unequal anywhere else in Los Cabos. Always popular with the spring break party crowds, this over-18 tour exits the Marina from Tuesday to Saturday at 5:00 p.m. and returns at 7:30 p.m. The only thing this tour lacks is an included dinner. Enjoy this mad party scene for the serious Rastafarian reggae lover. PEZ GATO - Pez Gato's catamaran is undoubtedly the most recognized small, cozy, intimate booze cruise there is in Cabo San Lucas. The $39 USD per person cost is applicable to all adults, while children ages 5-11 cost only $19.50 and children under 5 are free. The Pez Gato booze cruise is the most unique small party cruise suited for families and couples who desire a close-knit memorable experience that only Pez Gato can offer.

beats of house music mixed by live DJs and even climb into the tree-like dancing cage in the middle of the club. Knotty is located near the corner of Hard Rock Cafe. LA VAQUITA BAR - The newest addition to the nightclub strip in Cabo San Lucas. This multilevel nightclub offers a fun environment with wild and colorful decor and great dance music until the late hours of the night. PINK KITTY - Known for its nightclub bottle service scene and cosmopolitan style atmosphere, Pink Kitty is a popular spot for dance and house music. They often feature famous DJs who fire up the crowd on the dance floor until 4:00 am. THE JUNGLE BAR - Casual bar for good tunes, live music every night with local culture. The Jungle Bar is located in Plaza de los Mariachis, below Cabo Wabo. THE NOWHERE BAR - A happening open-air bar with dance music that is located right on the beautiful Cabo Marina. Known for its popular Tuesday ladies’ night, Nowhere Bar is a hot place for celebrity sightings and has an excellent staff and service. Visit during the day for a refreshing happy hour beer or at night for a fun and stylish party scene. Uno Mas?

BARS and NIGHTCLUBS CABO WABO CANTINA - The one true landmark in the downtown Cabo San Lucas' party strip is the red-rocker Sammy Hagar's Cabo Wabo Cantina. Open since 1990, Cabo Wabo attracts everyone who enjoys 80's funk and soul dance music played by disc jockeys until to the live house bands take the stage and deliver the rock and roll goods in great fashion. CANIBAL BAR - The new kid on the block, located across the street from the back entrance to Cabo Wabo on Vicente Guerrero Street, the Canibal Bar offers a unique, wonderfullypainted mural aspect to their artistic décor, as well as live music or modern club beats. Open until 4:00 a.m. EL SQUID ROE - The most famous and widely-recognized club in Cabo San Lucas is El Squid Roe. The energy and legendary notoriety give credence as to why the place is always jam-packed with people, young and old, bumping and dancing on each of the three floors. They serve great complimentary popcorn, and the attentive staff keeps the drinks and party flowing well into the 4:00 a.m. closing time. GIGGLIN’ MARLIN - Just a fisherman’s bar in the beginning, this Cabo landmark is now a seafood restaurant that becomes a lively night club once the sun sets. The large image outside of a man hanging upside down next to a “giggling marlin” is hard to miss. One of the traditions of this bar is to hang brave souls upside down while they do a tequila shot! KNOTTY - The unique decor and ambiance of this club was designed by world-renowned Davis Krumins. Dance to the

UNO MAS? - This casual little palapa bar speaks for itself. Known for their fresh fruit drinks and the damn cold beer, you may stop for just one, but you will find yourself asking for Uno Mas! Located in Downtown Cabo San Lucas in Plaza Del Sol.

NIGHTLIFE IN SAN JOSÉ DEL CABO 11:11 DISCO ROOM - San José’s newest night club is an exclusive venue located in Plaza el Pescador which offers a hip and fresh concept for the Los Cabos’ electronic music scene. ROCK & BREWS - The founding partners, which include members of the band KISS, opened their first international location of Rock & Brews in March 2013 in San José del Cabo at the corner of Plaza del Pescador. The place offers live rock music with flat screen televisions playing some of the greatest moments in rock history. Rock & Brews is a restaurant offering great food and an energetic nightlife. The venue pays tribute to rock & roll with walls covered with rock-inspired art. SHOOTERS - This fun and casual bar located on a second floor terrace overlooks San José’s downtown area and is ideal for enjoying a beer or your favorite beverage while watching the latest hits or a sports contest on their flat-screens. Shooters is a popular place with local residents. | MARCH 2015 | MARCH 2015



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By Kale Cowell





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The idea of Spring Break in Los Cabos typically conjures images of bright beaches and clubs packed with partying coeds. With miles of beautiful sandy beaches, thumping beach clubs and a thriving nightlife, Cabo does not disappoint in this regard. Yet there are more attractions here which appeal to different types of travelers. Whether you’d like to spend your vacation walking on the beach or tearing through the desert on an ATV, whether you are a discerning wine drinker and gourmand or if micheladas and street-side tacos are more your style, you’ll find something to suit your taste.

For the Adventure-Seeker: Some people are content to spend their vacation lounging poolside, taking in sun and sipping drinks. Others prefer a more exploratory approach, searching for experiences and activities unique to the area, and Los


Cabos has many options to offer these people. View Cabo from the air, buzz through an arroyo on a high wire or on wheels, hike the back country on two legs or four – choices are plentiful for the adventure-seeker on spring break. Cabo offers some incredible aerial views on the flight in, but the real fun is had closer to the ground! Cabo Sky Tours provides breathtaking vistas as you and your pilot buzz over the Sea of Cortez and Cabo San Lucas in an ultralight aircraft. If an ultralight tour is a bit too extreme, try parasailing on one of a number of parasailing boats available for hire. You’ll get a view from above while still being safely tethered to a boat below. On the other hand, if heights are your thing, join Skydive El Sol for a unique vista as you leap from an airplane at 12,000 feet and freefall for nearly a minute before a peaceful ride down to the beach. The Baja landscape provides a unique desert landscape for exploration, and several canyons in the area are home to adventure parks. These exciting parks offer high-speed zip lines, rappelling trips, giant swings… even bungee jumping! Horseback and camel safaris are also available from several tour companies, offering knowledgeable guides and a memorable experience bonding with your mount. If you are looking for something a little faster-paced, try an all-terrain vehicle excursion. Local businesses rent various ATVs – four-wheelers, Rhinos, and Xrail buggies – for multi-hour trips guaranteed to leave you dusty and grinning!

For the Nature Lover: The Baja has a diverse ecosystem and a beauty unique to the area. Travelers can find many ways to observe the local flora and fauna of Los Cabos, from up-close encounters with marine mammals to bird watching. One example is in the San José estuary, an approximately 125-acre protected region where dozens of species of birds, lizards, and plants can be spotted. For a different aspect, explore the estuary by foot, horseback, or even by kayak! One of the Baja’s most striking natural formations is the Sierra de la Laguna mountain range. This stretch of mountains bisects the lower portion of the Baja California Sur and offers visitors some incredible day hikes. The mountains are accessible via a number | MARCH 2015

of granite canyons which wind back and up, many punctuated by freshwater pools, waterfalls, and even a few hot springs. Pass through the small town of Santiago, a short drive north of San José, to visit the only zoo in B.C.S. The Agua Caliente hot springs, among others, are just a short drive away. One of the most popular natural tourist draws in the Baja is the high number of whales which migrate here each year. These spectacular animals can be seen spouting and breaching from the beach or hotel rooms, but whale-watching boat tours offer a real upclose experience. These tours last around an hour and a half and guests can typically spot whales, manta rays, dolphins, and other marine life within a few yards of the boat. For a real hands-on experience, try swimming with dolphins at one of Cabo Dolphins’ two dolphin centers, in San José and Cabo San Lucas. There are several packages available with varying degrees of interactivity, all guaranteed to provide an unforgettable time. An even grander experience can be found just north in the city of La Paz. Here, guests can charter a tour for the chance to snorkel among migrating whale sharks – gentle, plankton-eating giants which are the world’s largest known species of fish.

A different kind of view can be found in downtown San José on Thursday nights, during the San José Art Walk. Local artists and galleries welcome guests to peruse their works while sipping wine and walking through the beautiful downtown area. Stop in at any restaurant you pass for food, drinks and possibly even a live band. For some, simpler is better. And it doesn’t get much simpler, easier, or cheaper than the well-known Mexican staple – the taco. Tacos are the tortilla-wrapped vehicle for whatever meats, cheeses, and toppings you choose to add, and Los Cabos is rife with excellent taquerias. In fact, they are so numerous on Avenida Lorenzo Cardenas in Cabo San Lucas that the street is known as Avenida Taqueria! Try a “Taco Walk” when hunger strikes – just march up and down this popular thoroughfare and stop at any taco stand you choose and sample the endless combinations available. You won’t be hungry for long.

For the Foodie: Los Cabos has become a hub of worldclass dining, boasting cuisines from across the world. Traditional Mexican fare – particularly seafood – is incredibly popular and plentiful at local landmarks such as Edith’s Restaurant, Mi Casa, and Hacienda Cocina y Cantina. Among the traditional Mexican cuisine, visitors can find a number of excellent restaurants offering Italian dishes, sushi, steak, and fusion menus. Ask at many upscale restaurants for tequila and wine pairings, or visit Los Cabos Winery for a wine tasting and lunch or dinner. Visit Don Sanchez in San José to choose from their impressive wine collection, or try Pancho’s in downtown Cabo San Lucas to sample from what may be one of the largest tequila collections in the world, with over 500 tequila and mescal labels. In addition to incredible food, many popular Los Cabos restaurants offer stunning vistas. Try the Baja Brewing Company atop the Cabo Villas building for an amazing view of Medano Beach, or visit Sunset da Mona Lisa just outside of Cabo San Lucas, which offers one of the best sunset views in the area. For a great view of Palmilla accompanied by wonderful food and drinks, enjoy the 7 Seas restaurant at San José’s Cabo Surf Hotel. A bit farther inland, the patio at Huerta Los Tamarindos showcases their lovely organic farm below.

For the Water Sports Enthusiast: Spring break in Los Cabos means there are endless opportunities to enjoy the beautiful waters of the Sea of Cortez. The area offers world-class fishing, and there are dozens of boats available for fishing charters. Jet skis are available for rent along Medano Beach for a buzz around the bay or a closer view of the famous arch. Many beaches offer boogie, surf, and stand-up paddle boards for rent, and some beach clubs offer lessons for newcomers. Zipper’s beach in San José is a popular local surf spot, while beginners may find the long surf and soft sand at Cerritos Surf Colony, north of Cabo San Lucas, to be more forgiving. Scuba diving excursions are also a popular draw in Los Cabos. Need to get certified? You can do that, too! Several local companies

offer PADI certification courses, designed for visitors who are short on time. Guests can often receive a limited certification and be diving in as little as two days. Real thrill-seekers can try their skills on the flyboard: a fairly new water sport device akin to a wakeboard atop water jets. The power of the jets is controlled by an operator on an attached jet ski while the direction is controlled by the user, allowing one to fly into the air and be propelled under the water. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to fly like a superhero, this may be as close as you’ll get!

For the Party Animal: Of course, no guide to spring break in Cabo would be complete without a nod to the party crowd! Cabo San Lucas has been known as a party destination for years, and during Spring Break, it more than lives up to its reputation. Libations flow freely every day along Medano Beach, where throngs of coeds, pumping music, and animated emcees hosting adult-themed competitions leave no doubt that Spring Break has come. During the day, Medano is the place to be. Farther up the beach is the ever-popular and raucous Mango Deck, where you can join in drinking, push-up, and even bootyshaking competitions while the crowd cheers you on. Billygan’s and The Office offer comfortable, quieter spots to sip delicious margaritas and watch people. Spend a day visiting these and other happening spots along the beach to find the one that suits you best. Once the sun sets, the party continues in downtown Cabo. With a bar seemingly every few feet along the main drag, there is no shortage of options for nightlife. Ask around about ladies’ night; one can be found every night of the week, and taking advantage can save you a bundle if you plan to partake. The nightclubs and bars in Cabo are as various as the people. Do not miss the landmark Cabo Wabo for your classic-rock fix, or try Happy Ending Cantina to challenge your friends to a beer pong match. Mainstays like El Squid Roe and the Giggling Marlin offer rambunctious fun and affordable drinks. Live music can be found most nights throughout Cabo – just follow your ears. If DJs are more to your musical preference, popular nightclubs like Mandala, Pink Kitty, and Knotty Cabo offer open dance floors and spectacular lighting to drive your dance moves. No matter where you start your night out, be prepared for a bar crawl – most places are within walking distance of one another, and your new favorite joint could be right around the next corner. * | MARCH 2015



Ruta Gastronómica by Yeye

“Pueblo culto, pueblo pacífico.”

Festival de Cine Todos Santos by James Longton

Lic. Vicky Perez - SJC Historic District Asociation

To contribute directly or indirectly to the stability and the quality of life in a community, it is key to understand the importance of starting at home. Vicky Perez, the Historic District Association’s PR and coordinator, is one to believe that when we travel to a new place, we enjoy looking at the families in the Plaza and seeing joyful children playing in the parks and people walking in the streets; thus, her efforts focus on being a motivating force to help make the ideal into reality. Ms. Perez is only one example of the many enthusiastic people who, with the intention to preserve San José del Cabo’s idiosyncrasy, values and customs, give birth to The Gastronomic Route. This is a route tracked by several restaurants and galleries that join in celebration on chosen days of the week to receive you and welcome you in creative ways that awaken your taste for Mexican food, drinks, art and music; basically our national lifestyle. In the very beautiful and unique Historic Downtown, Taste of Tuesdays invites you to discover its wonderful Chefs, who prepare something different each week; as you stroll along the route you can taste food and beverage samples for free, starting at 5pm. San José del Cabo's famous Art Walk on Thursdays, from 5pm to 2am, is a one-of-a-kind artsy experience offered by artists and galleries, where you can enjoy a fabulous glass of wine and dine in your favourite restaurant. Sal & Musica Fridays along the Gastronomic Route, is rhythm and flavour at every stop, starting at 6pm. El Sábado de Locales is Locals Night, 15% off until the party is over. Happiness is everywhere in an educated community; an educated community lives in peace. A cuisine full of joy is an art of living. San José del Cabo Historic District is an authentic downtown experience. You are it! * * Participating restaurants: Tortas Mackay, The View, Mesón del Angel, La Panga, Mi Casa, Tequila, Baja Brewery, Ay Ay Ay, Jazmin’s, dvur, Spicy Coopers, Shooters, Salsitas, Tropicana, La Osteria, The Retro, La Dolce, Don Sánchez, Molly’s.


The 12th Annual Festival de Cine Todos Santos y La Paz is upon us, and as always, will be featuring a diverse and distinguished lineup of award-winning independent films from all across Mexico and Latin America. Presented March 12-22, this cinematic celebration will include over 60 films, full length features and documentaries, and a compilation of some of the best shorts from Spain. Screenings will take place at the Teatro Manuel Marquez de León Centro Cultural in Todos Santos, the Universidad Autónoma de Baja California Sur (UABCS) in Costa Baja, the Red de Cineclubes and Cinepolis in La Paz, and Dana’s Diner in Pescadero. The town will also be alive with a number of parties and events attended by several luminaries of Mexican cinema. Some of the stars like ground-breaking director Maria Novaro, environmental activist Nick Triolo, and actress Sofia Espinosa will be on hand to participate in an array of celebrations, post film interviews, and round table discussions. And like many of the cultural events of Todos Santos, the Film Festival works to benefit the community and promote continued education of the arts with the de-

velopment and funding of programs and workshops for local children and teens, as well as students at the University of Baja California Sur’s School of Communications. In addition to celebrating the emergence and influence of women directors and actors in Mexico’s film industry, this year’s festival is working to support efforts to protect the precious environment of Baja California Sur. For decades, companies have tried to gain mining rights in the Sierra de la Laguna, and over the past few years, Todos Santos in particular has been fighting against the threat of an open pit gold mine. Included this year is a film called “No a la Mina” produced by the Jóvenes en Video program (Youth in Video). The film will help to inform the public of this threat and to encourage the commitment to stop all toxic industrial activities and protect Baja’s natural resources. The Jovenes en Video (JEV) has long been involved with the Festival de Cine Todos Santos (FCTS), and their programs continue to enrich Todos Santos through the development of increased interaction with the film industry itself. Now that the JEV program has evolved into the Escuela de Cine de “Leonardo Perel” (ECLP), they are offering the opportunity to be part of this effort by obtaining a Membership with the FCTS/ECLP. Members become privileged to participate in special screenings and celebrations, pre-sale access and discounts to special events and fundraisers, and many more opportunities to support the Film Festival and Film School. * For more information on the Festival Schedule, visit And to find out about becoming a Member with the ECLP, visit www.jovenesenvideo.

Giving Back

Liga MAC is a Mexican non-profit organization dedicated to serving low income families in crisis in San José del Cabo. Mexicans, Americans & Canadians (MAC) working Mano con Mano, Hand in Hand, to help provide quality of life for all. The year 2015 began with lots of activities: ESL and self-esteem workshops for scholarship students, school for adults, and a garage sale (now on Fridays). Their bookstore and thrift store is open Tuesdays and Saturdays at El Chamizal, the organic market on Fridays at The Shoppes at Palmilla, and at La Huerta María on Saturdays, all from 9am-1pm. Your donation to Liga MAC helps fund their Centro de Apoyo, and their Basic Needs, Medical Assistance, and Educational Support programs. For detailed info visit * | MARCH 2015


Los Cabos Outdoor Markets


food, art, organic produce, music and more. San José del Cabo Organic Farmer's Market

Wednesday from 1pm to 5pm and Saturday from 9am to 3pm. San José del Cabo’s organic farmers market is located near the Estuary. Music, dance, art, crafts, yoga, and kid friendly fun activities on the grass, make this market an authentic Baja experience. You can eat everything from homemade Mexican dishes like sopes, tamales, cazuelitas, to oven pizza and fresh french fries; or simply enjoy a delicious juice or organic coffee. Breakfast here is a delight. You may find a variety of fresh fruits (watermelon, cantaloupe, mangos, bananas, tangerines, strawberries) along with an assortment of herbs (basil, dill, mint, lemon grass, cilantro) and locally grown vegetables; (tomatoes, baby lettuce, sweet potatoes, squash). Choose also healthy sweets of your preference, including homemade pastries and delicious hand-made ice cream. Water here is free.

The Shops at Palmilla

Fridays 9am to 1pm. At The Farmers Market at Palmilla you not only support local organic producers and artisans from Cabo but also learn all the benefits that they have for your health such as fresh cut greens among others. Regional wines and the number one sommelier in Los Cabos, traditional Mexican candies, and biodegradable cleaning products. 100% organic herbs, vegetables, fruits, fresh chicken, eggs, fish, seafood, wheatgrass, fresh baked bread, pasta, natural honey, and even organic beauty and spa products. Paninis, healthy muffins, cookies, ceviche, Mexican dishes, roasted chicken, coffee, fresh juices, jams, jellies, pesto, dressings, and sauces. Palms, landscaping services, potted herbs, and fine plants to create your own organic garden. Fashion trends, arts, crafts, ceramic, jewelry, books, maps, accessories, and also movies and popcorn!

Cabo San Lucas Organic Farmer's Market

Mondays, Wednesdays & Saturdays from 8am to 12pm. The Cabo San Lucas Organic Farmer’s Market is open all year long. Here you can meet up with friends, shop for the best organic foods, and make your appointments for the coming week for the various services. Seafood, organic chicken, eggs, cheeses, herbs and fruits, along with a selection arts and crafts make for a wholesome organic experience. Fresh Organic Vegetables, bakery items, and breakfast at Pedregal, it can’t get better than that. Ask about their Gluten Free baked goods.

The Todos Santos Market

Friday 9am to 12pm. Held downtown in the parking lot just next to the historic Hotel California. Considering its promotion and location, it is sure to get lots of attention and attendance. Being held every Friday morning from 9 am to 12 pm, it’s already becoming a local favorite. With several local shops and businesses getting involved, there is already an interesting array of both arts and crafts and different foods and beverages to either take home or to enjoy right on the spot. For information on participating in the Todos Santos market as a vendor, contact Reed King at

The Art Walk happens every Thursday evening between the months of November and June. The galleries welcome guests to enjoy an evening strolling by the neighborhood, viewing art, sipping wine and dining at the artsy neighborhood restaurants. Galleries are open from 5pm-9pm.


Pescadero Sunday Market

For anyone who loves a good Outdoor Market, The Sunday Market at Baja Beans in Pescadero is not one to miss. This well-established event has become a major staple and attraction for the small town just outside of Todos Santos, and by far one of the biggest ongoing social and economic events in the area. With fresh produce, arts and crafts, and even live music and other performers, the market continues to be huge draw for both tourists and locals. Sunday from 9am to 12pm. Pescadero Skate Park Market

Saturday and Sunday 3pm to 7pm. Another weekly market located in the farming town of Pescadero that offers house baked organic bread, a cacao bar, free water, art, music and a plant nursery. You can purchase produce from the local farmers or have a farm-to-table meal at Freeboard Deli, which offers free wifi and is open every day of the week. Explore the professional skateboard bowl which you can access for free and join the Fullmoon Family Fest every month at 5:00 pm. Located at Km. 64 of Highway 19. For more info: (612) 168-0711.

Zacatitos Organic Market in East Cape Zac’s OM celebrates natural activities offering fresh organic veggies, eggs, chickens, tamales, breads, muffins, cookies, brownies, cinnamon rolls, hand-painted clothing, jewelry, hats, bags, baby gifts, pet accessories, and more! A great Baja East Cape friends gathering. Support your local artists, farmer’s and live a healthy lifestyle.

a Amber Art - The finest Chiapas amber b

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collection includes perfume bottles, jewelry and sculptures. Arte Julian García - Julian García’s paintings and metal sculptures. Also featuring national and international art exhibitions. Casa Dahlia - Baja’s top contemporary artists. Casa Don Pablo - Custom ironwork, original Mexican art, Talavera, woodcarvings, fine silver, and local historic photographs. El Armario - Authentic Mexican folk art from many different regions around Mexico. El Lunario - Fine Art Gallery. Frank Arnold Gallery - Working in oil on canvas and cast bronze from his studio and gallery in San José del Cabo. Galería Corsica - This gallery specializes in figurative and abstract paintings and sculptures. Galería de Ida Victoria - Fine art by local and international artists featuring paintings, sculpture, photography and limited edition prints. Ivan Guaderrama Art Gallery Contemporary art with the use of

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different materials such as glass work and metal. La Dolce Art Gallery - Modern paintings that embrace colour, texture and self-expression. La Sacristía - Pottery, ceramics and silver jewellery. Mata Ortiz Gallery - Pottery molded and hand painted with different strokes and colors characteristic of the archaeological region of Paquime, Mata Ortiz, Chihuahua.. Muvezi - Sculptures of Shona Artists from Zimbabwe who are recognized as the world’s finest stone sculptors. O Gallery - A gallery that embraces a diversity of style from select artists and craftsmen. The show is ever-evolving, offering beauty and surprises. Patricia Mendoza Gallery - Mexico’s top contemporary artists such as, Lucille Wong, Javier Guadarrama, Eric Perez and Joao Rodriguez, among others. Old Town Gallery - Eight world renowned artists that uniquely capture the color, culture, and light quality of Baja. | MARCH 2015



by yeye

Body, mind, and soul...



"Living depends upon the selection of food, dwelling, and company." Swami Sri Yukteswar

What is body? What is mind? What is soul? The answers to these questions can be vast and will change depending on who you ask. True, that they are all connected, and to understand one, it helps to understand the others. According to New Biology and Quantum Physics sciences, what make our bodies, minds, and souls are not only the things we eat, drink, and breathe, but also what we think. Therefore, we are what we believe. Our personal experiences and the environment around us are what dictate cellular behaviour. We humans are made of cells. Living depends upon the selection of food, dwelling, and company. Food. Through observation and experimentation, we learn that a non-irritant diet (vegetables, fruits, roots, grains, raw milk and water) helps us gain a calmness of mind which every psychologist knows is the most favourable to mental activity, to a clear understanding, and to a judicial way of thinking. Dwelling place of man. A fresh atmosphere freely ventilated with fresh air and sunlight is the proper dwelling place for man according to Nature. Whether climbing a mountain, walking by the beach, contemplating a river, or sitting under a tree by the flowers in a garden, dwelling in nature is essential for a healthy body, mind and soul. The company we should keep. People whose magnetism affects us harmoniously, who cool our system, internally invigorate our vitality, develop our natural love, and thus relieve us of our miseries and give us peace are healthy company. By keeping such good company we are enabled to enjoy perfect health, physical and mental, and our life is prolonged. When we keep the company of people who affect us negatively, an opposite effect is produced and our health is impaired and our life shortened. Spring is the season we start again, the cycles of life end and begin, and we meet with the choice to leave behind all which does not serve us anymore. Unhappiness serves no one. March is a month of celebration, cleansing, renewal, new perspectives, and fresh beginnings. Baja Sur is the perfect place to start again. Body, mind, and soul. *


The inhale, the exhale, and the time without air; this is where awareness exists. In yoga and in life, the breath is our main guru. The yogi guiding the practice can be awarded and famous, I can be as flexible as rubber and as strong as Samson; still, if I am not observing the breath, I am not practicing yoga. To unconsciously hold the breath is a sign of overexertion. It is ideal to breathe freely in all activities, all postures, and all conversations. When the breath is shallow, we are thinking too much. When our breath is agitated, we are being ruled by emotions. When we breathe deeply, our mind is calm and our muscles relaxed and filled with oxygen, the element of youth. For sama vritti, or “equal breathing,” match an equal-length inhale to an equal-length exhale. This fundamental style of breath calms the nervous system, lowers blood pressure, and reduces stress. To power through more rigorous types of yoga, such as ashtanga, vinyasa, and power yoga, rely on ujjayi breath, (a.k.a. “victorious breath”). Simply breathe in and out through the nose, maintaining a slight contraction in the back of the throat. It sounds like the ocean waves.

Do you feel constantly tired? Obviously, rest is what you need. A very important part of a wellness fitness routine is to know when to rest, and even more, what type of rest is needed. Sleep, of course, is the master of restful restoration. We need sleep to regenerate at the very cellular level. ‘Beauty sleep' we call it. Sometimes, though, sleep seems not to be enough and we still feel tired. Then, it is time to cleanse the digestive system. Our digestive system continuously extracts water and nutrients from an astonishing amount of solid foods and liquids over our lifetimes, all the while fending off nasty microbes and processing waste. Toxins, parasites, and unnatural food will drain your energy and affect your body and mind nutrition, making you feel constantly tired and foggy. A deep internal cleanse might be the kind of rest your body needs. Baja is the perfect place to experience cleansing therapies designed to renew both your body and mind, such as a massage, a holistic facial, a colonic, acupuncture, ion detox, liver / gallbladder flush, ion cleanse, or simply following a juice diet. We guarantee you it will leave you feeling lighter, clearer, and energized! *

ECO-Friendly A home in Sydney looks like any other, but it is almost completely self-sufficient. A greenhouse in England is the size of ten tennis courts. The city of Paris embraces bicycles to cut pollution and congestion. In the Philippines the mounting problems of plastic waste has prompted business and consumers to increasingly be aware

Awareness and equanimity are developed by the practice of yoga; its discovery is a journey through the Self -- purity of body and mind are the vows a yogi takes to experience the wisdom of insight and true enlightenment. All yoga postures (asanas) are designed to cleanse and restore the body to its natural health, but there is only one pose that is essentially required to achieve mastery: breathing free. Namaste. * | MARCH 2015

HEALTHY LIVING of the environmental issues, choosing natural products over plastics, and as a throw away mentality gradually gives way to reusing and recycling, old crafting skills prevail. California has banned plastic bags. Scientists in Israel have found a way to produce large-scale solar power at a competitive price. In Mexico, some Baja towns are naturally 100% Solar. True is that the conservation of the environment is a matter of better management. Unconscious living is always a risk to the fragile balance of any ecosystem, Developers are taking it upon themselves to reduce their impact on the environment. Such is the case of EcoFriendly Cabo del Mar Ocean & Eco Park Village, who build 100% Solar residences and offer you to create the lifestyle that you have always wanted for your family, devoting much of its ground to eco-parks, free and ecological areas.

Organic Zain Saraswati Jamal ORGANIC-RAW-VEGAN SuperCleanse Green Juice with anti-aging enzymes & nutrients has major healing benefits. This juice clears skin, cleanses liver & kidneys, removes toxins from blood, clears digestive waste like you won’t believe, alkalizes your body, and energizes! Enjoy this juice first thing in the morning to give your body a healthy kick-start for the day! Using a juicer and/or blender, juice: 1 Green apple 1/2 Cucumber 1 Lemon 1 Cup Spinach 1/2 Tbsp Raw Apple Cider Vinegar 1 Cup Arugula 1/4 Cup Microgreens 1 Cup Alkaline or Spring Water 1 Tbsp Aloe vera Juice

Baja Healthy living events • • • •

• •

LigaMAC 11th Annual Music Festival, a Country Fest, March 23 @ Flora Farms. Baja Detox Retreat @ Cooking Classes Every Tuesday and Friday @ Flora Farm Living a Course in Miracles Baja Winter Retreat March 1-7 @ Villa del PalMar Resort & Spa in Loreto www. March Yoga Retreats @ Prana del Mar On 4 March, Venus passes just five minutes of arc north of Uranus, a great opportunity to see Uranus, and a wonderful view through binoculars, where you may also be able to pick out Venus’ current gibbous phase. Mars is about five degrees in towards the sunset. Mars passes 16 minutes north of Uranus on 11 March. Full moon is on March 5th. | MARCH 2015



Whales in Loreto

by Yeye

“Biodiversity is a patrimony of great economic, aesthetic, and cultural value for which its preservation is a fundamental condition for life to continue on Earth, including our own as a species.” Las Ballenas del Golfo de California

Loreto has become a paradise for those who want to suntan, sail, scuba dive, and for those called eco-tourists who love to watch whales. Each winter, about 100 blue whales use the area between the cities of Loreto and La Paz in the southwest Gulf of California. The whales like it here; our waters are an important feeding, nursing and mating area, and the Sea of Cortez has been, through out centuries, a place of refuge and divine interaction. Nursing mothers prefer the coastal area and, along with the other whales, attract tourism to the National Park of Bahía de Loreto for whale watching activities from a fleet of several small boats. Significant coastal developments proposed for the area are already increasing maritime traffic and whale watching activities that will likely modify the habitat and behavior of the blue whale.

WHALES IN FULL FORCE by Frankie Grant/CaboTrek

Every year, starting in late November, some of largest creatures to have ever lived make their way to the waters of Los Cabos. Humpback whales have been migrating to these waters for thousands of years before humans even lived in this part of Baja California. The northern pacific population of humpbacks is in such force December to April that lucky tourists can whale watch from boats, local beaches and even from the comfort of their hotel balcony. While Cabo is hard at work rebuilding, now 6 months after hurricane Odile, tourists are slowly coming back but the whales are here in full force.

Here in Cabo San Lucas, whales are often seen breaching and using their flippers to slap the surface of the water, all part of a grand mating display put on by these large mammals. Male humpback whales also have lengthy song sessions, in which complex songs can last for more than 10 minutes and can continue for hours. Booking an educational and responsible whale watching tour is the highlight of many family vacations here in Los Cabos, and with good reason. Being up-close and personal with these gentle giants is an experience that will last a lifetime.*

The Humpback is a prime example of a baleen whale; adults can range from 40-50 ft in length and weigh between 30 and 50 tons. Baleen whale refers to whales which feed on krill and other small invertebrates using a large baleen filter. Feeding occurs during the 4 months they spend in Alaska before making the 4,000 mile journey to Los Cabos. Photos by Frankie Grant - This Summer the adventure patience & adrenalin mean Fishing B o o k

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Staying at Villa del Palmar Beach Resort & Spa

At the Islands of

Loreto Mexico

An alliance between researcher, government and tourism was formed (Grupo ballena azul de Loreto) to joined effort in the conservation of the blue whale in the National Park. Their results are to be shared with local authorities and whale watching service providers to help promote a new and unique passive approach for the watching of blue whales in this area in order to maintain a healthy population in the future. Why do I need to know this? Undoubtedly, this is the new millennium. Awareness is at the core of a balanced and abundant life, but most importantly, the evolution of our intelligence as a race is summarized in this simple truth: We are co-creators of reality. What we do at an individual level affects the whole. Curiosity about all which is different from us is a quality of our humanity; we love to discover the kind and compassionate nature of whales and feel the ecstasy ignited by their touch and sound during close encounters. It reminds us of our own nature and the miracle of existence. It feels joyful, it feels healing. Perhaps, one way I can help maintain the very delicate natural balance of whale life is to imagine myself as a whale, pregnant and nurturing newborn babies. How peaceful and pure would I like the world to be around me? I can imagine a whale enjoys the same. Be mindful. Be where others have yet to go. Discover the Whales in Loreto. 28

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Toll Free USA/CA 800 790 4187 | MARCH 2015



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E M U S | MARCH 2015


IMAGINE you live here By Kim Clapham / RMC Managing Director

Canadian native Kim Clapham has lived in Cabo for over 30 years, and it has provided her with the opportunity to self-design her life. Kim wears many hats: manager of tourism, yogini, natural builder, raw foodie, food forest gardener, perma-culturalist, surfer, and mother. Baja is a reflection of the very weave of her outgoing, dynamic, homesteading personality. To have Kim as Destino guest writer for this month’s column is not only a matter of achievement, but one of privilege and delight. Kim has been not only a fair witness to our destination's growth and change, but she is also an instrumental element in shaping the identity of Baja as a world-class destination within our international travelling community. Los Cabos loves Kim Clapham. Here, she shares with you her Baja story.


Real Estate questions asked by you, answered by local real estate expert Blake Harrington, of REmexico Real Estate Group

What is the closing process when purchasing a home in Los Cabos?


There are thousands of Americans, Canadians, and/or ExPats that reside in Los Cabos full time in their deeded full ownership property. The process of closing a deal on your next Baja dream home has continually improved over the years. While each transaction has its own characteristics, here's how it works in most cases and with our buyers at REmexico Real Estate Group. Deposits: Once the buyer and seller have come to an agreement on price and terms in writing, we categorize the property as "Pending" and/or "Under Contract". The initial deposit is usually between 5-10% of the purchase price, or as had been written and agreed upon in the Offer to Purchase submitted by the buyer, and delivered to an escrow account within 5-7 days of acceptance.

I arrived via La Paz down the windy highway along the Sea of Cortez. I remember the church steeples of San Jose glistening in the sun, its chiming bells echoing throughout town. I knew on first glance, first feel, I was in love, this was ‘IT’. And I hadn’t even learned to surf yet... What I loved about Cabo and Baja then, and now, are the community and pristine natural assets. Integrating the two becomes more exciting all the time. The small-town feel and the community bursting with opportunity and growth take shape, time and again-- becoming much more than the luxury resorts along the beaches. San Jose is a great town to ride your bike around still and, I hope, forever. A strong community of human resilience and support builds and weaves together. We are here, and we all see each other among the bustle as a big, united family. We are like-minded, like-hearted, adventure seekers of diverse nationalities. The sunrise is consistent, awesome against the big sky and big ocean. The moon, in her fullness, glows overhead every month as the waves continuously wash and purify

the shores. The ocean breezes over the beach and desert constantly create a fresh sand canvas for those amazing Baja stars capes. This is what is so special about Baja for me: we are in the full expansiveness of nothingness, and everything, connected with the Great Divine. We are humbled and aware of Mother Nature. We are in tune with her cycles. We are in touch with all that matters. The Baja’s fertile soils and incomparable growing seasons give us a multitude of fruit trees. During our winter months, we enjoy exceptional fresh food gardens brimming with fresh leafy greens, and a diversity of fresh living foods you find few places on earth. During the summer we are pampered with squash and melons, the amaranth and perslane that sprouts wild everywhere, and mangos hanging heavy on the trees. Whatever your ‘Daily Practice’, Cabo will awaken the artist within, and restore you. Larger than any wealth or international hot spot positioning, Cabo brings you home, to yourself, deep in the soul. It is a Soul Revival, and a conscious community nourishes and awaits you.*

Escrow: There are two commonly used escrow holders in Cabo. Stewart Title and Fidelity both have representatives locally and provide services for safe transfers of purchase or proceed funds for both buyer and seller. Each company, respectively, hold accounts in United States and Mexico so the principals/clients can determine which account best suits their needs. Our clients find piece of mind in using these well-respected escrow companies when purchasing a home and we do work hand in hand with the escrow companies on the closings of each deal. Title and Closing Time Frames: As we've discussed before in the Destino Magazine Q&A, the two instruments to hold title depend on your citizenship and status within Mexico. 1. For nationals of Mexico, they may use traditional title with "Escritura". This process is a quicker process where titles can be drawn up in as little as 30 days and closing thereafter. 2. For foreigners, the "Fideicomiso" takes a bit longer to draw up within the banks. So, this makes the closing process more of a 60-90 day process, with most closings happening around the 90th day. Notary and Closing: Once all paperwork, titles are ready for transfer, the buyers and sellers meet with their broker and attorney with a local notary to finalize the deal. At this point, funds are released and all legal documentation transfers are completed. At REmexico Real Estate, we understand that this process may be a bit confusing. However, that is why we are here! We take pride in our knowledge of the process and in assisting our clients through the closing process smoothly.

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Pedregal • Cabo San Lucas • 7 BR • 8.5 BA • $7,450,000 • MLS# 13-1095 The Ultimate in Luxury Cabo Living, this dramatic cliff-side mansion is truly a one-of-a-kind offering. Enjoy the exclusivity and convenience of El Pedregal and live in a way most dream of in this 20,000 sq. ft. luxury residence. Set on a cliff and boasting views of both the Pacific and Sea of Cortez, nothing compares to this. A must see in person to appreciate.

Blake Harrington Local cell: (624)191-3462


Find paradise an address.

San José del Cabo • $499,000 • MLS# 14-2136 HURRICANE SALE! Come home to Casa Pamela, a magnificent two story custom American build that appeals to every demographic. Located on Finistera Blvd, this 5 bedroom 6 bath home with separate income generating studio and rentable suite is priced to sell at $126/ sq. ft. after sustaining minor cosmetic damage during the hurricane. With 360 degree rooftop views and close proximity to beaches, Mega, and downtown San Jose, the search ends here!

Dane Posey

Local cell: (624) 161-2618 From USA: (310) 753-8898

ART DISTRICT HISTORIC BUILDING #3 San José del Cabo Art District • $425,000 • MLS# 14-68 ONLY HISTORIC BUILDING FOR SALE IN SAN JOSÉ. In the heart of the art district. This building is the third and last registered building in the district only surpassed by the church and Municipal building. Built in 1947 this property exudes the heart and soul of historic San José del Cabo.

Jason Pryde

From U.S. or Canada: (925) 963-0389 Local cell: (624) 137-7322

32 | MARCH 2015



HOME OCEANFRONT LUXURY VILLAS - MEDANO BEACH Two Bedroom Three full baths – Sleeps 8 Three bedroom Four full baths – Sleeps 10 Selling full and fractional deed specific ownership Price range from $200,000 to $1 million+

Private residences and resort-style living 80% sold Strong H.O.A. STAY A WEEK OR A LIFETIME Offering Full & Fractional Oceanfront Ownership on Medano Beach. Breathtaking beauty and personal pampering await you at Villa La Estancia. From your private view of Land’s End to full service ultra resort style amenities, Villa la Estancia has the most successful owner's rental investment returns in all Los Cabos. A rewarding personal and financial lifestyle choice - see for yourself why a high percentage of owners purchase more. Amenities Galore 24 hour security Assigned underground parking Dual desalination plants Back-up generators 45 ft under/above ground retaining sea wall Wifi and SAT T.V. Spa, workout facility, and tennis courts Concierge reception owner services Market deli and Doctor's office Located on Medano Bay at Land’s End. Swimmable and beautiful. Close to downtown yet private and secluded

We cordially invite you to attend our "GET TO KNOW US MONDAYS" enjoy complimentary cocktails and specially prepared botanas from our own La Casona Restaurant Chef. Every Monday from 4-6 PM. RSVP at or call 624-143-8121

2 Bedroom Villa

Average total Sq. Ft.: 2100

Mx 624 143-8121 | U.S. 619-683-7883 Toll Free 1-877-499-1901 | 34 | MARCH 2015

HOME CASA QUACCIA - PLAYA TORTUGA, EAST CAPE $4,900,000 • 7 BR • 8 1/2 BA • MLS# 13-1942 For those looking for the ULTIMATE LUXURY retreat, here you go. A SPECTACULAR BEACHFRONT setting in Playa Tortuga in East Cape with all modern conveniences, yet completely self sustainable with solar power. The setting is second to none as the house rests on a view point looking East with endless beach and ocean views. Private patios, terraces, and guest houses allow for great entertaining for events and family. Don’t miss this chance to purchase one of the most coveted views and sites in the Baja region.

VILLA EXTRAVAGANZZA - PRICE REDUCTION! - Open house Monday-Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Cabo Corridor • $399,500 • 4 BR • MLS# 14-323 GREAT beach vacation rental. 3 Master bedrooms all with own en-suite. 4th bedroom with full bath is a separate studio with kitchenette. Recent upgrades in 2013. New palapa bar and patio. Kitchen remodeled w/ granite counters, new cabinets and new appliances. New propane tank and all new fans. New paint inside and out. Window treatments throughout. Pebble tech salt water pool. Located in a beach-side gated community with a snorkel swim beach just steps away.

Blake Harrington Local cell: (624)191-3462

Julie Garnier Lands End Realty 52 (624) 157-9419 | MARCH 2015


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