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LOS CABOS & SOUTH BAJA by Michelle Monroy

Los Cabos (the capes) is in the southern most tip of the State of Baja California Sur and consists of three main areas: Cabo San Lucas, San José del Cabo and the East Cape. In between, along the coast as well as inland, you will find smaller towns and points of interest such as Santiago and Miraflores. THE BAJA SUR LOOP If you look at the Baja Sur map you can see that the highways and towns form a loop. There are ongoing road improvements and new highway constructions, so getting from one place to another will only get easier. The new highway from Cabo San Lucas to Todos Santos is impressively well done, making it only 45 minutes away. Cabo San Lucas Also just known as “Cabo”, is a tourist friendly town located on the tip of the Baja California peninsula that’s full of entertainment for every age and liking. You will find the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean meeting at land’s end and the beautiful rock formations that create the famous Cabo arch. Cabo San Lucas has the liveliest beach in the Los Cabos area, an impressive marina and countless restaurants and bars that keep the town alive day and night.

La Paz La Paz is the capital of the state of Baja California Sur and is known for its warm people and beautiful beaches. This authentic Mexican city (as well as the general south Baja region) has been rated as one of the safest in Mexico and still maintains the small town feel that is very welcoming for tourists. La Paz is a departure point for tours and charters to the stunning Espiritu Santo Island as well as whale watching excursions. Stroll down the colorful malecón (boardwalk), walk hundreds of feet in waist high water at Balandra beach or have a fine dining experience; La Paz has a lot to offer. East Cape People often call it “the old Cabo” because of its pristine beaches and small fishing towns such as Buena Vista and Los Barriles. The East Cape begins just east of San José and extends about 100 miles up the Sea of Cortez coast. 60 miles outside of San José is the Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park, an eight fingered coral reef that offers outstanding snorkelling and scuba diving. Very popular for fishing and surfing, the East Cape also attracts kite surfers and folks who just want to get away from it all. *

The Corridor A 40 Km highway that connects Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo (about a 25 minute drive). Along this road you can find various hotels, luxury ocean front homes, championship golf courses and beautiful views. Have your camera ready to snap some photos of the beautiful beaches and make a roadside stop at the Cabo Real arroyo for a refreshing coco frío (cold coconut). San José del Cabo Walking around San José will be more of a traditional Mexican town experience than Cabo San Lucas. You will find yourself surrounded by colorful buildings and quaint cobblestone streets that lead to the town’s picturesque zócalo (main plaza). Over the years, San José has become an artistic and cultural centre with numerous fine art galleries in its downtown art district. From November through June the popular “Art Walk” takes place every Thursday evening where the galleries welcome guests to view their exhibits, sip wine and dine at one of the five star restaurants. San José has a beautiful beach where you can take a horseback ride and explore the estuary that is home to many different bird species. Todos Santos Located on the Pacific Ocean side, Todos Santos is an oasis where artists and surfers flock to enjoy the culture and excellent surf. Home to the famous Hotel California, this charming town offers great restaurants and a cooler climate than Cabo San Lucas and San José due to the Pacific’s breezes. | DECEMBER 2013



Los Cabos


This is your chance to experience the underwater life in the Sea of Cortez, also known as the “Aquarium of the World”. Prepare yourself for nature to show off as you swim side by side with colourful schools of fish, eels, rays, octopus, turtles and more. There are a few ways to snorkel in Cabo: book one of the popular snorkel tours, drive to a beach and swim off the shore or charter your own private boat. Tours last around two or three hours and cost around $40.00 dollars per person. If you’re venturing out on your own, stay away from the Pacific side; its strong currents make it very dangerous for any kind of water sports.

SNORKELLING SPOTS Pelican Rock This rock attracts many fish and is just an easy five minute boat ride from the Cabo San Lucas Marina. Lover’s Beach Accessible only by water taxi. Be aware that this is a high boat traffic area and it’s not roped off for swimmers. Santa Maria Cove Santa Maria is a regular destination for snorkel tours. If you choose to drive there, it’s a very easy swim from the shore to the reef. Chileno Bay This bay is also a common destination for snorkelling tours and has a safe roped off area for snorkellers. Cabo Pulmo Cabo Pulmo is a Natural Marine Reserve in the East Cape that offers possibly the best snorkelling in the area. To get to this eight fingered coral reef you have take about a 2 hour drive from San José del Cabo, but it’s well worth it.


Note: travel time is from Cabo San Lucas marina Land’s End Intermediate-Advanced 50’-60’ and just 5 minutes by boat you’re swimming with sea lions and moray eels. Also a sunken boat can be seen in the Falls. Sand Falls Beginners - Advanced 30’-100’ Steep sand banks go down sharply into a canyon filled with tropical fish. A short boat ride from shore, the canyon runs from the depths of the Cabo San Lucas bay to within 30 feet off shore. Pelican Rock Beginners - 25’-80’ Just 5 minute boat trip to this large rock that attracts many tropical fish. Neptune’s Finger Advanced - 80’-100’ Spectacular canyon wall dive. Cabeza de Ballena Beginners - 20’-40’ 25 minute boat ride to dive through large boulders with lots of fish.


Santa María Cave Beginners - 20’-40’ - 35 minutes by boat, or dive from the beach. The entrance to Santa Maria canyon has a huge variety of fish who feed right from your hand. Chileno Beginners - 30’-70’ - 35 minute boat ride and a sandy and rocky bottom. PARKING Lots of turtles sited here, tropical fish, night dives. El Gavilán Intermediate/Advanced - 70’-100’ - 35 minutes boat time. Rocky ledge leading into a canyon where groupers and larger fish are often sited. Blow Hole Beginners/Advanced - 30’-70’ - 35 minutes boat ride from San Lucas, or just 10 minutes from Chileno beach. Rocky valleys present a variety of fish. Las Salinas Beginners - 30’-45’ - 1.4 hours by boat from San Lucas, or 1 hour by boat from La Playita. A sunken Japanese fishing boat attracts a large assortment of fish. Gordo Banks Advanced - 110’-120’ - 1 hour boat from La Playita, there is a seamount where you can see marlin, hammerheads, skip jacks and at times huge manta rays. Cabo Pulmo Beginner/Advanced - 30’-100’ - 1 hour drive East of San José on the paved road. 5 minutes by boat you’ll find the only living coral reef in the Sea of Cortez.

SNORKELLING & SCUBA DIVING COMPANIES Adventure Cabo Deep Blue (624) 143-7668 Amigos del Mar (624) 143-0505 Andromeda Divers (624) 143-8232 Cabo Adventures (624) 173-9500 Cabo Expeditions (624) 143-2700 Cabo San Lucas Tours by Johann & Sandra Toll-free from Mexico 01-800-822-4577 Desert Barrels (624) 144-6689 Eagle Divers (624) 143-9286 Manta (624) 144-3871 Nautilus Dive Tech (624) 143-0067 Ocean Riders Toll-free from Mexico 01-800-727-5391 Oceanus (624) 143-3929 Pez Gato (624) 143-3797 | DECEMBER 2013


SURFING Cabo has been a popular surfing destination since the ‘50s, but with its enormous growth and the quick and daily flights coming in from California, it has now become a surfer’s paradise.


San Pedrito • Level: Advanced •

Direction: Right, left Location: Pacific side right before arriving to Todos Santos Cerritos • Level: Great for beginners • Direction: Right and left • Location: Pacific side at Km 65 of the Cabo San Lucas-Todos Santos road Monuments • Level: Advanced • Direction: Left • Location: at Km 6.5 of the Corridor, closer to Cabo San Lucas El Tule • Level: Advanced • Direction: Right and left • Location: Exit at Km 16.2 at the El Tule bridge Costa Azul is made of three spots: The Rock or La Roca • Level: Advanced • Direction: Right Zippers • Level: All level • Direction: Right Acapulquito • Level: All levels • Direction: Right • Location: at Km 28.5. Access is below the Costa Azul bridge La Bocana at the estuary • Level: All levels • Direction: Right and lef • Location: San José del Cabo’s main beach, close to the Presidente Hotel Shipwrecks • Level: Advanced • Direction: Right • Location: East Cape, about 25 Km from San José del Cabo Nine Palms • Level: All levels • Direction: Long rights • Location: East Cape, about 30 Km from San José del Cabo

SURF SEASONS June through November The summer months are known to be the best as the Southern Hemisphere’s swells send great waves to the Pacific, Cabo San Lucas, San José and the East Cape. December through February

East Cape and Costa Azul are on the flatter side. The Pacific can be good this time of year because it’s exposed to the west swell.

March through May This is the windy season. Swells are consistent and you’ll run into fewer crowds.

SURF SHOPS For surf gear, board rentals and lessons: Baja Waterman Surf Central (624) 172-6110 Cabo Surf Shop and Mike Doyle Surf School (624) 172-6188 Costa Azul Surf Shop (San José and Cerritos) (624) 142-2771 Desert Barrels (624) 144-6689

SUP Mexico (624) 172-6046 Punta del Cabo Surfshop (624)105-24-29 Mario Surf School (Pescadero) (612) 142-6156 Zippers Surf Shop & Rentals (624) 172-6162 | DECEMBER 2013



BOATING & FISHING Calm waters, extraordinary fishing and perfect weather...some would argue that boating is the most popular attraction in Los Cabos. Whether you want to take a cruise to Santa María Bay on a luxury yacht or wake up at the crack of dawn for a fishing adventure, the options to fit your needs are endless.

BOAT RENTALS Private yachts and sailboats There are several charter companies that can accommodate you depending on what you need. What you do on your trip is really up to you, but it will typically consist of a tour around the arch, fishing for a couple of hours and a cruise to any of the beautiful bays for swimming. Most boats have fishing equipment and a knowledgeable crew, but the main difference between renting a yacht and a fishing boat is the cost.

Fishing Boat Rentals You can always fish on a yacht, but cruisers and pangas are more commonly used. Pangas and super-pangas are a more affordable option, but cruisers will fit more people and be more comfortable if the sea is rough. When booking with a fishing boat operator, make sure they include proper safety equipment such as; life jackets, GPS, VHF radio and shark repellent!


There’s a reason why the world’s richest fishing tournament - the Bisbee’s Black &


Sport fishing flags commonly seen in Los Cabos:

Blue - takes place in Los Cabos for over thirty years. This part of the world offers an abundant sea life and an exceptionally high catch success rate. No matter what your level of fishing experience is, Cabo won’t disappoint you.

What to Expect It’s recommended to make a reservation at least one day before. Most charters include a fishing license, bait, tackle and equipment. Some also include food and drink or can be added at an additional cost. The earlier you leave the better; trips usually begin around 6:00 and 7:00 am and last around 6 hours. Cost will depend on the number of people in your party and the size of the boat you choose to rent. 15% to 20% of your charter cost is a customary tip for the crew.

Bait and Tackle Most likely, the boat you charter will include your bait and tackle. If you need your own fresh bait you can buy it along the Cabo San Lucas Marina or the crew you hire can also stop to buy it from the local fishermen on your way out.


Aby Charters Office (624) 143-08-31 / Cell (624) 355-39-58 Desert Barrels (624) 144-6689 Dream Maker (624) 143-7266 JC’s Sport Fishing (624) 147-5821 Minerva’s (624) 143-1282 / 143-2766 Paradise Sport Fishing (624) 143-1033 Picante Sport Fishing (624) 143-2474 Pisces Fleet Sport Fishing (624) 143-1288 / 143-9488 / 143-8388 Rafael’s Sport Fishing Fleet (624) 143-0018 RedRum Sport Fishing (624) 172-0085 Salvador’s Sport Fishing Charters USA : (406) 980-1588 Silverados Sport Fishing (624) 147-0594 Solmar Sport Fishing Fleet (624) 143-0646 / 143-4542 Sushi Time (624) 147-5162 Top Anglers Sport Fishing (624) 122-1643 | DECEMBER 2013


GOLFING With the desert meeting the Sea of Cortez as a backdrop, there is no doubt why Los Cabos has become a championship golf destination over the years. From Nicklaus to Fazio, many of the big names in golf have designed courses in this unique landscape. Green fees vary based on the membership status of the golfer, time of day, season of the year and other factors. Many courses also offer a reduced rate later in the day during twilight hours. Appropriate golf attire is required on all courses and club rental prices range from $35 to $ 65.

Cabo San Lucas Country Club This course was designed by Roy Dye and is conveniently located outside of Cabo San Lucas and is the only one with views of Land’s End. It has more than 80 bunkers and slightly inclined fairways and one of the longest holes in all of Mexico at 610 yards. 18 holes, 7,220 yards, par 72. (624) 143 4654

golfer with risk vs reward type decision-making. 18 holes, 7,049 yards, par 72. (624) 145-8200 •

Cabo Real The newly renovated Robert Trent Jones Jr. designed golf course is one of the Corridor’s first championship courses and boasts beautiful views of the Sea of Cortez, elevation changes, and has hosted two PGA Senior Slams. 18 holes, 7,037 yards, par 72. (624) 173-9400 ext. 1 •

Palmilla With 27 holes of Golf, each 9 hole course offers something different. The Ocean, Mountain, and Arroyo courses all boast Jack Nicklaus Design and a fun and challenging layout with canyons and elevation changes. (624) 144-5250 •

Punta Sur Golf - Formerly Mayan Palace Golf This 9 hole course is a friendly course but make sure you hit ‘em straight because throughout the course you are

surrounded by homes and condos in beautiful San José. A fun course for any level of golfer. 9 holes, 3,141 yards, par 35. (624) 142-0900 •

Club Campestre San José Make sure you bring your creativity for the greens at Club Campestre, the newest Jack Nicklaus Design in Los Cabos. Almost every green has 2 or 3 different tiers, so spend some time on the practice green before your round. 18 holes, 7,055 yards, par 71. (624) 173-9300 •

Puerto Los Cabos The only composite course in the area with two different 9 hole courses designed by two legends of golf, Jack Nicklaus and Greg Norman respectively. Oceanfront holes, elevation changes, and incredible vistas make Puerto Los Cabos a unique and special experience for any golfer at any handicap. 18 holes, 6,818 yards, par 73. (624) 173-9300 •

Cabo del Sol Ocean Course - A Jack Nicklaus signature course with six ocean front holes (1.5 miles). Known for its “3 finest finishing holes in golf” the Ocean Course is said to be one of the most difficult yet beautiful courses in the area. 18 holes, 7,075 yards, par 72. Desert Course – Designed by Tom Weiskopf, this course winds through the desert above the Ocean Course and challenges the | DECEMBER 2013



Most people come to Los Cabos for a beach vacation and this area happens to have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. From floating in a turquoise bay with pink sand to riding some epic waves, each one offers something unique. Here is a list of the must-see beaches to help you decide which one is your dream beach.

Cabo San Lucas

Along the Corridor Las Viudas

Las Viudas (The Widows) beach is not visible from the road and is possibly the most private beach you will find on this list. What makes it unique are the rock formations that create small pools and coves where you can have a private and peaceful beach day. This beach is swimmable with caution, but if you find your own pool you can avoid the waves. Turn right at Km. 12.5 of the corridor and follow the dirt road down to the beach. There is a sign that reads “Las Viudas” but keep your eyes peeled because the entrance sneaks up on you. You won’t find any services or vendors so bring all your beach essentials with you.

Location: Tips:

Santa Maria A stunning horseshoe cove with coral coloured sand and an abundant marine life. Boat excursions and private charters often stop here to enjoy the snorkelling and scuba diving that this National Marine Preserve offers. This family friendly beach is relatively secluded, therefore you rarely run into beach vendors. Follow the sign that reads “Santa María” and exit the highway at Km. 13. Follow the dirt road until you reach the parking area. No services and hardly any shade. You can rent umbrellas on the beach, but if you happen to have one bring it anyway. Bring snorkelling gear!

Location: Tips:


A very popular location for snorkelling, swimming or just spending the day under the newly installed palapas. You’ll find tide pools at the east end of the beach and beautiful reefs for excellent snorkelling and scuba diving. This is the only beach with public rest rooms and it has plenty of palapas for shade. Follow the signs for Chileno Beach Club near Km. 14 of the main highway. If you visit Chileno on a weekend make an effort to arrive early; snorkelling visibility is often better in the mornings, you’ll avoid the mid-day snorkel tours and if you beat the crowds you’ll be guaranteed a palapa for that much needed shade. Bring Snorkelling gear!

Location: Tips:



This is where the action is. El Médano (as the locals call it) is a 2 mile stretch of hotels, restaurants and bars right on the sand. It’s a swimmable and family friendly beach with endless options for souvenir shopping. All water sports and activities are available. If you want to take a water taxi to Lover’s Beach, this is the spot to do it. Its stunning view of land’s end and the vast entertainment options makes it a mustsee. In the heart of downtown Cabo San Lucas. You can walk through the east side of the marina or access it via Avenida del Pescador street. Get prepared to be approached by souvenir vendors. If you’re not there for the shopping, the only thing you can do is say “No Gracias.” Prices don’t vary too much from one water sports rental place to another; just talk to someone and break out those negotiation skills. Make a trip to Lover’s Beach while you’re there.

Location: Tips:

Lover’s Beach

Getting there is an adventure in itself due to the fact that it’s only reachable by boat or kayak. The easiest way is to take a water taxi from the Cabo San Lucas Marina or Medano Beach. Prices are around $15.00 per person. Ask your captain to cruise by the arch and the sea lion rock for some great photo opportunities. Once you arrive you’ll notice the striking rock formations and caves that you will instantly want to go explore. Walk to the other side of the rocks and you’ll now find yourself looking at the Pacific Ocean; the locals call this Divorce Beach. This side is very dangerous for swimming because of the powerful undertow, so only swim on Lover’s Beach. Land’s End beside the famous arch. Only accessible by boat. There are a couple of vendors that offer beers and water but you won’t find any other services. A good idea is to spend the day at Medano Beach and take an hour or two to go to Lover’s Beach; this should be enough time to explore and enjoy this natural wonderland.

Location: Tips: | DECEMBER 2013


San Jose del Cabo



Isla Coronado

Palmilla is known for its family friendly calm waters and mile long stretch of beach. Located within the resort community of Palmilla, you will find yourself surrounded by oceanfront luxury homes, the One&Only Hotel and the world renowned Jack Nicklaus Ocean Nine golf course. Pangas and fishing cruisers are available for charter but you won’t find water sport rentals such as kayaks or jet skis. Take the Palmilla ramp exit at Km. 27. Follow the signs and turn into the main beach parking area before the entrance to the One&Only Hotel. Palmilla is popular among local families on the weekends, so arrive early if you want a palapa or bring your own umbrella. No services available.

Location: Tips:

Costa Azul

A wildlife reserve where visitors may anchor, snorkel, scuba and camp. The panga ride usually includes a cruise around the island where it’s very common to see sea lions, seals and even sea otters. The only swimmable beach on the island has pristine white sand and shallow crystal clear turquoise water, which creates ideal snorkelling conditions. Coronado Island is the ideal place for an adventure or to simply immerse yourself in nature and relax. About 7 miles or 30 minutes (on boat) northeast of Loreto. To get to Coronado Island you must take a boat or a panga. You will find pangas in Loreto’s Marina that you can hire to take you. The best option is to ask your concierge to arrange this for you. There are no services or restaurants on the beach. There are several large palapas with tables and benches and also an eco-restroom. Bring hiking shoes if you plan to explore the area. Bring Snorkelling gear!

Location: Tips:

If what you’re looking for is a good surf spot that doesn’t require driving out of town... this is it. Head over to Zipper’s for a surf session and lunch and beers at the restaurant. To the west of Zippers is Acapulquito beach where Cabo Surf Hotel and Mike Doyle Surf School are located. You can find surf shops in the area where you can rent surf and SUP boards and set up lessons. The surf is bigger during the summer and in the winter it’s a good spot for snorkelling and swimming. Exit at Km. 28 via the Costa Azul Bridge. Swimming with caution is possible in this area but keep an eye out for surfers.

Location: Tips:

La Playita

La Playita (the little beach) is a long stretch of beach where you will often find locals fishing from the shore and families with children enjoying the beach-front playground. On the right end of La Playita you will find a roped-off swimming area just outside the beautiful Puerto Los Cabos 500 slip marina entrance. To the left is the natural open beach where you can swim, skim-board and enjoy a peaceful beach day away from the crowds. Follow the signs to La Playita/Puerto Los Cabos form Boulevard Mijares in downtown San José del Cabo (across from the fire department). You will find new and well maintained bathrooms, palapas and fishing charters. There are no food services directly on the beach, but there are several casual restaurants in the surrounding area.

Location: Tips:

La Playita | By Michelle Monroy

On the Pacific Cerritos

Cerritos beach is a popular surf spot and swimming is relatively safe. The scenic 45 minute drive from Cabo San Lucas is well worth the trip as you drive along the pristine Pacific coast. The Cerritos Beach Club Restaurant is a perfect spot to spend a relaxing day on the beach or if you want to be active you can take a surf lesson at Baja Surf Camp or rent surf and boogie boards at the Costa Azul Surf Shop. Exit at Km. 66 of the Cabo San Lucas - Todos Santos highway. Watch the markers as there is no sign. Drive about 1.7 miles to the beach area. Lounge chairs, restrooms, food and drinks are available at The Cerritos Beach Club Restaurant.

Location: Tips:

La Paz Balandra

A stunning bay that will take your breath away. You can walk back and forth in the bay in waste high water that is crystal clear with shades of blue turquoise. Follow the shore towards the north-east side and you will find the famous “mushroom rock” as well as other interesting rock formations. You won’t regret visiting Playa Balandra! About 30 minutes from the boardwalk in La Paz. Simply follow the main drag along the boardwalk, then through Costa Baja Golf Course and continue to wind around the coast and through the mountains until you see the signs for the beach. No bathroom facilities. There is a trailer where you can buy water and snacks and rent kayaks, stand-up paddle boards and snorkel gear, but it is recommended to bring your own in case they are closed. There are some palapas and you can also rent an umbrella, chairs and lounges.

Location: Tips: | DECEMBER 2013


CABO HAPPENINGS | The Baja Film Festival 2013 By Fernando Rodriguez

After months of hype and anticipation, the Baja International Film Festival, kicked off its second year with honorary guest Charlie Sheen and a host of spectacular films that were the highlight of the event. A move from San José del Cabo’s convention center to the San Lucas Cultural Pavilion, and the Puerto Paraiso’s Cinemex theaters, also helped exposing film associated guests to the daily evening, postfestival party atmosphere of San Lucas. The film festival’s American presence included Jeff Skoll’s Participant Media; agencies Creative Artists Agency, Paradigm, Management 360, Palmstar Media Capital/Merced Media Partners and sales agents from Voltage Pictures, Panorama Media, XYZ Films, FIGA Films and Shoreline Entertainment. Hollywood’s Variety Magazine and a litany of other media representatives were on hand to cover the event for everyone back home and online. Three of the festival’s most awaited Mexican movies, “Mexico’s Most Wanted,” “Flying Low,” and “Natural Philosophy of Love,” were well received and every bit as good as their preview Youtube trailers. The film industry is starting to take Mexico’s talent pool more seriously. Thanks in large part to the success of talented comedian, director, producer, actor, and script writing genius, Eugenio Derbez’s bilingual box office hit, Instructions Not Included, which grossed over $44 million dollars. “It took me 12 years to complete the film,” Derbez told in an online September 16, 2013 interview. “Especially for raising the money, because it’s truly an expensive film for Mexico. It was a $5.5 million dollar film and the average for a Mexican film is $2.5 million dollars, so it was really hard to raise the money,” Derbez explained. “The success of the film comes at a watershed moment in recent American history, the U.S. is reacting politically and culturally to a demographic shift,” said William A. Nericcio, professor of English and Latin American studies at San Diego State University. Sony Pictures, Strand Releasing, and Tropical Pictures were also present as U.S.-based distributing representatives. ‘’Mexico’s Most Wanted,’’ is a crime thriller based on the reallife story of 1980’s career criminal Alfred Rios Galeana, who orchestrated bank robberies by day as a masked mariachi by night; while known as Mexico’s public enemy number one. ‘’Flying Low’’ was a well received musical comedy directed by Beto Gomez as an homage to 70’s-80’s Mexican cinema. In all, there were 166 film industry participants, who made this lower budget festival, an equally successful sequel to last year’s inaugural grand opening of Hollywood-style, red-carpet opulence and stardom. The festival’s main goal of building partnership bridges between Mexico, Canada and the U.S. was exemplified once again with the high attendee turn out and 36 % representation by American and Canadian executives, to match the 56% of Mexico’s industry professionals. “We have so many things in common,” said Baja Film Fest director Alonso Aguilar, “The Latin American community is the U.S.’s most important target audience; Canada and Mexico have similar production systems.” Opening night Wednesday, -November 13th’s gala screening was of Juan Jose Campanella’s 3D cartoon film, “Foosball.” The Baja Film Festival received 150 film submissions and


selected a total of 14 films to compete in the festival. Guests enjoyed films in a variety of languages such as English, Spanish and French. Movies that ranged in genre from romance love stories, to violent drama and documentary style pieces of teen angst. Max Zunino’s “Open Cage,” was a friendship tale between a jobless 65-year-old man and a young girl drifter. Elise DuRant’s fictional documentary hybrid, “Eden,” featured the story of a woman’s digging into her father’s past; Julio Fernandez Talamates’, “Bronze Nation” portrayed a hardened crime family, reminiscent of La Cosa Nostra’s Gambino Organization. For most of the films shown at the Baja Film Festival, this international venue was their world wide premier. Movies like ‘’The Dirties’’ directed by Mathew Johnson of Canada; Daniel Patrick Carbone’s, ‘’Hide Your Smiling Faces,’’ and ‘’I Used To Be Darker,’’ by American Mathew Porterfield. “We are finally closing the gap on three film industries that at have times been so disparate,” said new, first-time festival director, Alonso Aguilar, who professed that the Baja International Film Festival is about bringing Mexico closer to the Hollywood industry of Mexico’s North American neighbor. Chloe Robichaud’s, ‘’Sarah Prefers To Run,’’ was one of the many French language films that not only raised eyebrows at the European Cannes Film Festival in France, (which was founded in 1946), but was a major hit in the very young Cabo Film Festival as well. The latest Robert Rodriguez 2013 movie, ‘’Machete Kills’’, was the biggest budgeted film at the Fest that was extremely popular with attendees with its over the top action and premise. “The spirit of the festival is about giving Mexican filmmakers useful tools, and for them to be able to take advantage of industry professionals coming to Baja, so they can emerge with new allies that are normally inaccessible,” added Aguilar, pointing to the large number of distributors and sales agents who arrived from the U.S. and Canada. Sales agents that were a part of a workshop included Memento Films International’s Nicholas Kaiser, The Match Factory’s Brigitte Suarez, Christina Garza of Mundial, consultant Emi Norris, Rise and Shine’s Diana Karklin, Les Films du Losange’s Agathe Valentin and Latam Distribution’s, Mineko Mori. After a spectacular second year as the new film festival of the world, the Baja International Film Festival, added another solid block of foundation, with another fun-filled movie parade of mega-stars and brand new up and coming film makers, and aspiring actors; hosted in one of the most beautifully warm and magnificent cities of Mexico. ‘’This was one of the best film festival’s I have ever been to,’’ said San Antonio, Texas-based independent film director Steve Acevedo; whose film, ‘’El Crocodillo’’ recently won best short film at the Los Angeles International Film Festival, but made its debut at last year’s first ever, Baja Film Fest. ‘’I had such a great time last year, I couldn’t wait to come back,’’ added ‘’El Crocodillo’’ lead actor Jacob Vargas, who plays the part of United Farm Worker’s labor union leader and civil rights organizer, Cesar Chavez’s brother in Diego Luna’s, ‘’Cesar Chavez: An American Hero.” A film that marks Luna’s first attempt at directing a major feature film in English. The movie stars Michael Peña as Chavez, with America Ferrera as Helen Chavez and Rosario Dawson portraying Dolores Huerta. | DECEMBER 2013


EVENTS CALENDAR ON G OIN G E V E N T S ≈ Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:00 pm to 12:00 pm - FESTIVAL SAL Y MÚSICA. In downtown San José del Cabo. ≈ Wednesdays 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm - BIKE RIDE IN SAN JOSÉ. Meet at Plaza del Pescador before 7:30 pm. Bike rentals available at Sportia bike store located in Plaza del Pescador. More info: (624) 130-7159 ≈ Wednesdays 7:30 pm. EL GANZO FILM CLUB. Hosted by Art Director Marc Deniro whose credits include Troy, Master and Commander, among others. (624) 104-9000 ≈ Wednesdays. WINE CLASSES AT GRAND SOLMAR. A weekly class in wine-making at the resort’s La Roca restaurant. Classes are $49.00. For reservations call: (624) 145 7575 ≈ Thursdays 5:30 pm. WINE TASTING at DE CORTEZ restaurant in the Sheraton Hacienda del Mar. $35.00 per person. ≈ Thursdays 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm - SAN JOSÉ DEL CABO ART WALK takes place during the months of November - June. Galleries welcome guests to enjoy an evening strolling the

neighbourhood, viewing art, sipping wine and dining. ≈ Thursdays 7:30 pm - CINE CLUB EN EL PABELLON CULTURAL. Free movies at the Cabo San Lucas Cultural Pavilion located on the marina. ≈ Every other Thursday - LOS CABOS TOMATOES. A ladies social group. loscabostomatoes@yahoo.


≈ Fridays 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm - ART FEST downtown Cabo San Lucas in Plaza Amelia Wilkes. ≈ Saturdays 2:00 pm - EL GANZO POOL PARTIES on rooftop pool with special guest DJs. www. (624) 104-9000. ≈ Sundays 7:00 am to 11:00 am - CICLOVÍA CABO SAN LUCAS - The main street of Cabo San Lucas closes access to automobile traffic allowing bikers, skaters walkers and joggers to exercise freely. ≈ Sundays 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm - FAT LOSS SCIENCE SEMINARS with Robyn Littlewood, Personal Trainer, Weight Loss Expert and Health Journalist. Held in the hospitality suite at Villa del Arco. Call (624) 113-9532 for details.

UP COMIN G E V E N T S ≈ December 7, 6:00 to 11:00 pm - Los Cabos Humane Society presents the 8th annual DRESSED TO THE K9’S GALA Venue: Villa Marcela, Pedregal, Cabo San Lucas. 044 (624) 129-7399 ≈ December 8, 10:00 am to 3:00 pm - Los Barriles Art Association’s Holiday Art Festival at Colina del Sol. Food vendors, and local artists selling Christmas gift items for the holidays. Contact Dale Crawford at crawest@ ≈ December 10 - Liga MAC’s 7th Annual Christmas Fiesta at the Shoppes Palmilla. Bring an unwrapped toy for underprivileged children of Los Cabos. More information at or contact ≈ December 28, 9:00 am - Todos Santos 5K Race at the TS town plaza. Same day registration $12.50 USD. Raffles, prizes, medals, music and fun. Also a short 1,000 meter race for children. Benefits the Palapa Society’s Chino Project for local children with severe medical needs. www.palapasociety. org. Pre-registration information and contact,

≈ January 31, 10:30 pm to 1:30 am - Rock n’ Roll New Years Eve at DESPERADOS. Matt Sorum from Guns N’ Roses and his famous friends will rock the house on New Years Eve. Tickets $80.00 USD, include open bar. VERY LIMITED SPACE. To purchase tickets call: (624) 119-2289, 143-4313, 143-4331 or

Events and dates are subject to change. Contact us to add your events or live music schedule: contactdestino@gmail. com or call 142-4949/ 105-9700

celebrate NEW YEARS EVE 2013 like a



Matt Sorum & Friends

Matt Sorum / Gun N’ Roses Glenn Hughes / Deep Purple Steve Stevens / Billy Idol Gilby Clarke / Guns N’ Roses Donovan Leitch / Camp Freddy Franky Perez / Scars on Broadway Paul Ill, / Courtney Love Band

Ticket price: $80.00 USD. Open bar from 10:00 pm to 2:00 am. DJ after the show. VERY LIMITED SPACE. To purchase tickets call: (624) 119-2289, 143-4313, 143-4331 or email | DECEMBER 2013



You are the Chef! T h i s

H o l i d a y

S e a s o n

Our very own Creative Editor Yésica Pineda has shared her traditional family recipes. Enjoy!

Mexican Romeritos “Pineda Special” A sacred herb cooked in mole

Romerito Mexicanos “a la Pineda” Una hierba sagrada cocinada en mole.

The mole is prepared by you.

El mole lo cocinas tú.

Ingredients: 1 1/2 Kg Romeritos (already cleaned are better) 100 grams ~ Peanuts ~ Almonds~ Nuts~ Sesame seeds~ Onion~ Garlic 1 roll of french bread 1 Tortilla Raisins CHOCOLATE Ibarra/ Abuelita Chile Ancho Chile Pasilla Chile Mulato 10 – 12 Nopal cactus Small potatoes. Chicken to make chicken soup. You will only use the soup, if you don’t eat chicken use the wings.

Ingredientes: 1 1/2 Kg Romeritos (ya limpios mejor) 100 gramos ~Cacahuates~Almendra~Nueces~Ajonjoli~Ajonjoli~Ajo 1 Bolillo 1 Tortilla Pasitas Chocolate Ibarra/ Abuelita Chile Ancho Chile Pasilla Chile Mulato 10-12 Nopales Papa criolla Pollo para hacer caldo de pollo. Sólo vas a usar el caldo, si no comes pollo compra alitas o huacal.

ROMERITOS: Boil the Romeritos (herbs) in water, when the water gets dirty replace it with clean water and keep boiling until the Romeritos undo. It takes like 30 minutes. Use a colander and let them drip. 1. If you don’t eat chile, clean the chilis and take the vains out, which is what makes them spicy. 2. Boil the chilis with half an onion and a peeled head of garlic. When the chili changes color and gets soft you can turn the fire off. 3. Boil the almonds so you can peel them, otherwise the mole tastes bitter. 4. Fry in oil peanuts, almonds, nuts, and raisins. Fry them separetely, each of them have their frying time. Turn the fire off and use the hot oil to fry the sesame seeds, the sesame seeds jump, be careful to not get burn. 5. Cut the Nopales in fajitas and boil them in water with salt. Only a moment, when they look yellowish and dribble take them out and let them drip. 6. In the blender, start blending the ingredients you fried already. Don’t over fill the blender. 7. Boil the chicken, you want the soup. 8. Blend the chili with the chicken soup. 9. In another pan mix the spicy chicken soup ( not the chicken, only the soup) with the ingredients already blended. Move constantly, carefully, do not place your face close to smell it, the mole jumps. MOLE DOES NOT MIX WITH WATER, IT MUST MIX WITH CHICKEN SOUP, or it will jump when you are preparing it. 10. Add a spoon of chicken brock. When the mole is cooked, add 3 bars of chocolate Ibarra/Abuelita and taste it as you mix it to sweeten it to your taste with the chocolate. 11. Add the nopales to the mole when this is boiling. Add the romeros already cooked and stir, and stir, and stir the Mole. Taste it as you stir to adjust the salt, but you should not ad more than two spoons of it. 12. When it is almost ready, add the potatoes, you don’t need to peel them, around 10 minutos. Turn the fire off and let the mole settle. You will have enough mole to freeze for later. Just use the mole you need for the amont of romeritos you cooked. Mole tastes better when you reheat it. ¡Feliz Navidad!


ROMERITOS: Coce los Romeritos en agua, cuando el agua se ensucie, tiras el agua, y le vuelves a poner agua limpia, hasta que los romeritos se deshagan. Más o menos media hora. Los Cuelas y los pones a escurrir. 1. Si no comes chile, lava los chiles y quítale las venas, que es lo que pica. 2. Coce los chiles en agua hirviendo con media cebolla y una cabeza de ajo pelado. Cuando el chile cambie su color y lo sientas aguado, apago el fuego. 3. Pon a cocer la almendra en agua para poder pelarla, si no amarga el mole. 4. Dora en aceite cacahuate, almendra, nuez y las pasitas. Fríelos por separado pues cada uno toma su tiempo. Apaga el fuego y con el aceíte caliente fríe el ajonjolí. El ajonjolí brinca, ten cuidado de no quemarte. 5. Filetea en rajitas los nopales y ponlos a hervir en agua con sal. Sólo un hervor, cuando se pongan amarillitos y babosos los cuelas y escurres. 6. En la licuadora, licua los ingredientes que freiste, no llenes mucho la licuadora. 7. En otra olla pon a cocer el pollo, haz caldo de pollo. 8. Muele el chile con el caldo de pollo. 9. En otra olla revuelve el caldo enchilado con los ingredientes ya molidos. Hay que moverlo constantemente, con cuidado de no poner la cara para olerlo porque a veces brinca. EL MOLE NO SE MEZCLA CON AGUA, SE MEZCLA CON CALDO DE POLLO, o te brinca al cocinarlo. 10. Agrégale una cucharada sopera de consome de pollo. Cuando ya esta cocido, agregale 3 tabletas de chocolate IBarra/ Abuelita y pruébalo mientras lo mezclas para endulzarlo a tu gusto con el chocolate. 11. Agrega los nopales al mole cuando este hirviendo. Agrega los Romeros ya cocidos y mueve, mueve, mueve el mole. Velo probando para ajustar la sal, pero no le agregues más de dos cucharadas. 12. Cuando ya casi está listo, agrega la papa con cáscara, unos diez minutos. Apágalo y déjalo reposar. Tendrás suficiente mole para congelar y comer después. Sólo utiliza el mole suficiente para la cantidad de romeritos que cocinaste. El mole sabe mejor recalentado. ¡Feliz Navidad!

Mexican Bacalao ~ A New Year’s Eve Traditional Dish Ingredients: 2.2 pounds Salty Cod Fish 2 liters Tomate Puree (1.89 L is 1 Gallon so = a little more than 1/4 of a gallon of Tomato Puree) 2 liters Olive Oil 1 Onion 1 Garlic head 1/4 Almond 1 Jar of olives 1 Jar of Capers Cod fish: Leave soaking in water at least two days before cooking. Change the water every two or three hours, or whenever you are home. (The water reduces the salt flavor in the fish). 1. Cook the fish 30 or 40 minutes in a pot with water. Once cooked, take it out, drain it and then shredd it and de-bone it. 2. In an another pan heat the two liters of olive oil, fry the garlic head and when it gets tosted, take the garlic out of the oil. 3. Add the tomato sauce. Move and cook. 4. Add the shredded fish. 5. Almonds need to be boiled and peeled, otherwise they give a bitter flavor.Once peeled, crushed them. 6. Take the water from the olives and the capers and add them to the pan.

Bacalao ~ Un Platillo Tradicional en Año Nuevo 1 kilo pescado Bacalao 2 litros pure de jitomate 2 litros aceite de Oliva 1 cebolla 1 cabeza de ajo 1/4 almendra 1 frasco de aceitunas 1 frasco de Alcaparra Bacalao: Ponlo a remojar entero dos días antes de cocinarlo. Cambia el Agua cada 2 o tres horas, o cada que regreses a casa. (Para reducir lo salado del pescado) 1. Pon a cocer el pescado 30 o 40 minutos en una olla con agua. Lo sacas, lo escurres y lo desmenuzas. 2. En una cacerola calienta los dos litros de aceite. Sazona la cabeza de ajo, cuando se dore negrito saca el ajo del aceite. 3. Agrega el puré de jitomate. Sazonar y mover. 4. Agrega el pescado desmenuzado. 5. Las Almendras ha que ponerlas a cocer para quitarles el pellejito, sino amargan el platillo. Ya peladas, pícalas. 6. Tira el agua de las aceitunas y alcaparras y héchalas en el platillo. | DECEMBER 2013



every day; Tuesday, Flamenco Guitars; Wednesday, Soft Rock; Thursday, Solo Acoustic Rock; Friday, Latin Rhythms; Saturday, Soft Rock; Sunday, Bolero Guitar. ≈ CABO WABO - Tuesday to Friday, 7:15 pm, Cabo Uno acoustic rock patio set; Tuesday to Sunday 10:30 pm Cabo Uno electric rock set; Mondays, 7:15 Estrógeno patio set, 10:30 electric set; 624.143.1188 ≈ CERRITOS BEACH CLUB - Sunday, 2:00-5:00; 624.143.4850 ≈ DESPERADOS - Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm; Saturdays, 9:00 pm to 12:00 pm; Spanish guitar; 624. 143.4313


Tuesdays through Saturdays, Cuban jazz band & salsa; Monday, Howie Clifton on saxophone; 624.142.2444 ≈ HOTEL EL GANZO - Tuesdays, Jazz night, 8:00 pm; Thursdays, Mark Rudin, 8:00 pm; Fridays, Chaplin, 8:00 pm; Sunday Brunch, 9:00 am; 624.104.9000

Full Moon Jaz Concerts at 7 Seas

≈ FLORA FARMS - Tuesdays, The

Shamans; Thursdays, Robert Drake; Friday, Marcie Castro; Saturdays, The Shamans; Sunday Brunch, 10:00 am to 3:00 pm, Marcie Castro; 624.355.4564 ≈ H RESTAURANT - Saturdays 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm; Hugo “saxo” Moreno; Saxophone; 624-105-2974 ≈ JUNGLE BAR - Daily at 9:30 pm, Estrógeno. ≈ THE ROAD HOUSE - Thursdays 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm; Saturdays 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm; Peter Bacon on Piano

≈ TWO FOR THE ROAD CABO JAZZ SPOT - Monday to Saturday 7:00 pm to

Midnight; 624. 143.7759. The only Jazz Club in Cabo San Lucas . Kathy Daniels on Vocals, Martin Daniels on Piano, and Pablo Ceceña on Drums. ≈ VOILÁ BISTRO - Thursdays 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm; Hugo “saxo” Moreno; Saxophone; 624-130-7569 ≈ ZIPPER’S - Fridays, E.C Davis; Wednesdays & Sundays, Hot Steel; 624.172.6162 ≈ 7 SEAS SEAFOOD GRILLE - Full Moon Jazz Concerts; Call for schedule 624.142.2666 | DECEMBER 2013



CABO’S PARTY SCENE There is no denying that many come to Cabo for the beach parties and the nightlife. From trendy nightclubs to booze cruises, you will always find a party... anytime, anywhere.

FUN in the SUN Billygan’s Island is a fun beach club and restaurant where you can go for lunch and soak up the sun in their lounge chairs and beach mats. Don’t miss their house drink called Billygan’s Special and their daily contests and shows that will surely keep you entertained. Located in Medano beach. Mango Deck is the ultimate representation of spring break in Cabo. They have entertainment all day and night, from live music to beer drinking and bootyshaking contests. Great happy hour margaritas and a lively staff. Located in Medano beach. Nikki Beach is known for its white teepees, poolside lounge beds and sexy and stylish pool party scene. As the sun sets, resident DJs get the crowd going with beats of dance and house music. Located in the Hotel ME Cabo on Medano Beach. Sky Pool 180° view of the Cabo San Lucas Marina? Check. Contemporary electronic music with live DJ’s? Check. Drinks, pool and classy ambience? Check! Sky Pool is the only pool party located right on the marina in the Wyndham Hotel in Cabo San Lucas. The Office The perfect place to spend the day sipping on your choice of beach drink, swimming in the ocean, trinket shopping, people watching...and more people watching. The Office has great food and is more family friendly compared to other spots on Medano beach.

BOOZE CRUISES Cabo Escape Booze Cruise The name

says it all, booze while you cruise at sunset and bring your dancing shoes. Departs daily at 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm (Nov-Mar); Dock #3 Cabo San Lucas Marina. Cost: US $45.00 per person. Includes: chips, salsas, guacamole and veggie dips and open bar. Cabo Escape Floating Disco For the late nighters! Dance to current hip-hop and electronic hits. 18 years old and up only. Departs Wednesdays and Fridays 9:00 pm to 12:00 am; Dock #3 Cabo San Lucas Marina. Cost: US $45.00 per person. Includes premium open bar. Jungle Floating Disco & Club is the one and only late night floating night club with optional open bar or bottle service, VIP tables and STAR lounge. Departs Friday and Saturday from 9:30 pm to 12:30 pm. Cost: $35 usd per person. 18 years old and up. Includes: premium international open bar, dancing to current hits, hip-hop and electronic music. Jungle Reggae Booze Cruise is the ultimate Cabo San Lucas wild booze cruise. If you’re here for the famous Cabo spring break, this is the tour for you. Departs: Tuesday through Sunday from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm (winter) or 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm (summer). Cost:


$35 usd per person. 18 years old and up only. Includes: Allyou can drink booze, dancing, reggae and party music. No dinner included, make sure you eat before the tour! Pez Gato Dance, drink and play on a catamaran at sunset. Children are welcome! Cost: $39 usd per person and includes national bar. Ages 5-11 are half price and under 5 are free.

BARS and NIGHTCLUBS Cabo Wabo Cantina A Cabo San Lucas icon, Cabo Wabo has been owned by the famous rock star Sammy Hagar since it’s opening in 1990. You are guaranteed some amazing live rock music with their talented house band and if you’re lucky you might even see Sammy or any other big name artist hop on stage on any given night. El Squid Roe You can feel the high energy the moment you walk into this three story night club and restaurant. It’s very well known for its lively staff that not only serve you, but will entertain you all night long. Gigglin’ Marlin Just a fisherman’s bar in the beginning, this Cabo landmark is now a seafood restaurant that becomes a lively night club once the sun sets. The large image outside of a man hanging upside down next to a “giggling marlin” is hard to miss. One of the traditions of this bar is to hang brave souls upside down while they do a tequila shot! Jungle Martini Outdoor martini bar that also offers many other beachy cocktail concoctions for a guaranteed fun time. Located in Plaza Bonita. Knotty It’s unique decor and ambiance was designed by world renowned Davis Krumins. Dance to the beats of house music mixed by live DJ’s and even climb into the tree-like dancing cage in the middle of the club. Mandala When you’re waking the main street of Cabo, you will surely notice Mandala’s striking entrance and sleek Asian decor. If you are looking for the stylish nightclub scene and great dance music, this is where you want to be.

Passion Nightclub Sexy atmosphere, cosy indoor

cabanas, special champagne cocktails and a spacious dance floor. Ladies night on Thursday. Guest DJs on Fridays. Located inside the ME Hotel by Melia San Lucas. Pink Kitty Known for its club scene and cosmopolitan style atmosphere, Pink Kitty is a popular spot for dance and house music. They often feature famous DJs that fire up the crowd on the dance floor until 4:00 am. The Jungle Bar Casual bar for good tunes, live music every night and local culture. Located in Plaza de los Mariachis, bellow Cabo Wabo. The Nowhere Bar A happening open-air bar with dance music and dance floor that’s located right on the beautiful Cabo marina. Known for its popular Tuesday lady’s night, Nowhere Bar is a hot place for celebrity sightings and has an excellent staff and service. Visit during the day for a refreshing happy hour beer or at night for a fun and stylish party scene. | DECEMBER 2013

A New

musical Season By Marilyn Graham

Fall and Winter bring a change in the climate, cooler weather, more tourists, the return of snowbirds, the organic markets, art walks and a new musical season in Cabo. If you are visiting Los Cabos for the first time, there are many great musical venues for you to visit. If you are in Cabo you do not want to miss the office, a restaurant on Médano beach. The Office offers great Mexican food and a fun casual affair for dinner. The music is always outstanding as well. Monday opens with Tito Rodriguez’s jazz group called “Shalom,” an extremely talented bunch of guys from all over Mexico. Tuesday you are lucky to listen to the Frida Kahlo of music, the one and only Luna Itzel who sings beautiful Mexican songs. Wednesday brings another fantastic group called Pulpos en Su Tinta, and they play a mix of pop and fusion jazz guitar, featuring the talented David Flores and singer Karla Kassaneth. Thursday they mix it up with a fabulous fiesta mexicana and mariachis. Then Friday you do not want to miss the very popular trio, the Daline Jones group, featuring the fabulous voice of Daline Jones, the gifted piano playing of Diego Ramírez and one of the best drummers around, Joaquin González. Saturday you will find a group called Kimbara fusion and Sunday tops it off with another very popular local group, Pura Vida. So if you are looking for a lovely venue, with great music and Mexican food, check out The Office! Another favourite venue of mine is D o c’s Wine Bar in Cabo, an authentic Italian restaurant owned by Pietro Gioco with exquisite fresh Italian food. It’s has a cozy fun atmosphere and Thursdays, you also have the pleasure of listening to a jazz duo with Diego Ramirez and Greg Haugesag. Another popular venue that has locations in both Cabo San Lucas and San José is the Ba ja Bre wery, always featuring top musicians, they are located in Puerto Paraiso or downtown San José.

ENTERTAINMENT Now if you are in San José del Cabo, there are several options for dining with music. The long-standing T ropic ana restaurant is located in the heart of San José del Cabo and features a fun atmosphere, good food and music. Wednesday you can listen to Luciana Pavel play violin. Thursday, David Rose salsa group is usually playing. Friday there is a pop rock group call The Mustangs, and there is also a small dance floor. Then Saturday and Sunday you can listen to “Grupo Voces”, a lovely mariachi group. A fabulous venue that you do not want to miss is F lor a Farm. Voted one of the world’s top 10 farmhouse restaurants, They have excellent food, great atmosphere and they always have a good selection of musicians, mixing it up quite a bit. Another selection might be the 7 Se a s Se afo od Grille . Located ocean front in Costa Azul with an exquisite view for their full moon concerts that feature some of the best jazz musicians in Los Cabos. In San José del Cabo is the Ta pa s Bar , in Plaza Pescadero. It is a new tapas bar and Saturday evenings Sexto Sentido has been playing there. Afterwards, walk down the plaza to local no. 1 and you will find Ro ck & Bre ws, a great venue for rock and roll and dancing. Last but not least, Hotel el Ganzo was featured in the last issue of Destino Magazine and is always an excellent selection for food and music. Call ahead of time to see who is playing. Sunday afternoon from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm you can cruise up to Cerritos beach, eat at the Cerritos Be ach club and listen to an afternoon of jazz, pop, standards, blues, a little bit of everything by Daline Jones and Diego Ramirez... Guaranteed to be a fun relaxing afternoon on the lovely beach with great music! Since the holidays are upon us, we look forward to music of the season with the Orquesta Juvenil de Los Cabos and their Christmas concerts, one in San José del Cabo’s main plaza and a second evening in the main plaza of Cabo San Lucas. On December 10th, 2013 the Liga Mac Choir at will perform at Tienda s de Pa lmill a for the 7th annual Christmas fiesta. Bring a gift for a child and enjoy the beginning of the season. I hope you enjoy your visit, that you find lots of good venues with great music. Happy Holidays! | DECEMBER 2013


Sunny Festivities By yeye

The Gift behind the gift

“For it is in giving that we receive.” St. Francis of Assisi

Sunshine. Take it all in and give it all out. Los Cabos is a favourite around the world. An energetic, vibrant and joyful land that resonates with friendship, freedom, water love, family fun, wild adventure, romantic bliss, healing nature, luxurious party, royal real estate, world class resort town, Mexican kindness and universal abundance. Charmed by its sunny days and its evolutionary lifestyle in eternal celebration, every Cabo day is a holiday. On Earth, time around the winter solstice is known as the holiday season because many celebrations of different religions and cultures take place around this time. Many festivals of light take place during December. Festivities are our way to honour tradition and remind our generations about who we are, where we came from, celebrating that which transcends through time to keep inspiring thankfulness in our hearts.

Holiday traditions It is through storytelling that we have learned about the spirit of these holidays. Stories of holy men and miracles invite us to reflect about the big questions on existence, and in our quest of wholesome happiness these are the days we turn to look at the divine. Some cultures celebrate December 8th as Bodhi Day, as the day of wisdom. It is said that the historical Buddha (Shakyamuni or Siddhartha Gautama), after forsaking years of extreme ascetic practices, resolved to sit under a peepal tree and simply meditated until he found the root of suffering and how to liberate oneself from it. As the morning star rose in the sky in the early morning of Bodhi Day, Siddhartha finally found the answers he sought and became a Buddha or “Awakened One”. Shabe Yaldā or Shabe Chelle is an Iranian festival celebrating the victory of light and goodness over darkness and evil. Shabe yalda means ‘birthday eve.’ According to Persian mythology, Mithra was born at dawn on the 22nd of December to a virgin mother. He symbolizes light, truth, goodness, strength, and friendship. The Dōngzhì Festival is one of the most important festivals celebrated by the Chinese and other East Asians during the Dongzhi solar term (winter solstice) on or around December 22 when sunshine is weakest and daylight shortest. It occurs on Saturday, December 21, 2013. The origins of this festival can be traced back to the yin and yang philosophy of balance and harmony in the cosmos. The eightday Jewish celebration known as Hanukkah or Chanukah, which means “dedication” in Hebrew, begins on the 25th of Kislev on the Hebrew calendar and usually falls in November or December. Often called the Festival of Lights, its intention is to bring more light into the world.

Christmas Day is celebrated as the anniversary of the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, two separate stories by the Gospel of Mathew and the Gospel of Luke are combined to celebrate what its call the Nativity. Mathew gives us the star of Bethelhem and the wise men called Magi who bring gifts to baby Jesus. Even though the date of when this happen is not recorded, historians tell us that long before Jesus was born, the Romans celebrated many pagan holidays particularly in December and these end of the year holidays set the stage for our modern Christmas holiday. Saturnalia, started December 17th and lasted sometimes 7 days! New Years was a 5 day party and between those two, there was a birthday celebration for a Roman related God in December 25th. Since the date fell near the winter solstice, the same celestial event celebrated by tribes of Northern Europe, Romans let ritual bonfires and candles to “push back” the darkness, the origin of our Christmas lights. Mexico for the most part celebrates Feliz Navidad y próspero año nuevo and the tradition starts with the celebration of our Mexican Posadas, a nine–day celebration that begins December 16th and commemorates Mary and Joseph’s difficult journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem in search of a warm place to stay the night (Posadas is Spanish for “lodgings”.) At dusk, a procession of the faithful takes to the streets with children often dressed as angels and shepherds. Religious figures, images and lighted candles are a part of the festivities. The group representing the Holy Family stands outside a series of houses, singing songs, asking for lodging. They are refused time and again until the group reaches the designated house. Finally, the travellers are permitted to enter. Prayer and song continue in the home, and festive foods are shared. The evening ends with a piñata in the shape of star, sweet colasión is given and hot Mexican fruit ponche is drank. The tradition continues each evening with a different house as the chosen Posadas. The last posada, held on December 24, is followed by midnight mass on Christmas eve. The nine days of Las Posadas is more than just a tradition: It deepens faith and strengthens ties within the community at a holy time. They are, in fact, a novenario — nine days of religious observance based on the nine months that Maria carried Jesus in her womb. The season reaches a climax and release on Christmas, creating momentum for the Gregorian new years party in December 31st. The jolly spirit continues until January 6th, when it ends with our celebration of the Three Magic Kings day, The Magi. And to say that it ends is not accurate indeed, because if you get the doll inside the bread of the day of the Magi, la rosca de reyes, you are committed to make tamales and gather again in February second. It is true, Mexico loves the fiesta, probably that is why you are here! Los Cabos sunny festivities is what brings you here this winter and our locals prepare every year to give you the best vacation during these holidays. Be certain that whichever choices you make you can’t go wrong, you will be giving the families of your favourite destination the greatest gift of all, the opportunity to serve you. Giving is what this season is all about, but opening yourself to receive is the gift behind the gift.* Los Cabos wishes you happy holidays!

December charities: A giving Season. 7th Annual Christmas Fiesta at the Shoppes at Palmilla Dec. 10, 2013 music by Liga MAC Choir, admission is a non-battery operated toy for a child up to 12 years of age. Liga MAC programs helped more than 2000 families in San José del Cabo with basic needs, medical assistance and ACE (Adelante con educación) scholarships. Book and Thrift Store open Tuesday and Saturday 9 am to 1 pm. Liga MAC booth at the Palmilla Organic Market. Los Cabos Humane Society is hosting the 8th annual DRESSED TO THE K9’S GALA on December 7, 2013 at Villa Marcela in Pedregal, Cabo San Lucas. Proceeds from this event aid in providing shelter to sick and homeless animals and support the organization’s mobile spray and neuter clinics, food, shampoo and medical supplies. For more information visit or call 044 (624) 129-7399.

The rosca de reyes (kings’ ring) is a traditional Hispanic oval shaped cake that is eaten on January 6th, honoring the arrival of the three Wise Men. On this day, children are normally given gifts as is done with Santa Claus on Christmas. There is an old tradition of hiding a baby Jesus doll in the cake and the lucky one to find it in their slice must host a gathering on February 2nd. 17


Los Cabos Souvenirs

photos by yeye

A cruiser' s treasure hunt

“The streets of Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo are lined with shops, ranging from open-air markets and small stores to large American-style malls and sophisticated boutiques and art galleries. A serious shopper would be spoiled for choice.” CruisePortInsider Welcome to Baja! Your ship dropped anchor just outside the port of Cabo San Lucas, and you have been dropped off at the Tender Pier, your landmark, which is located at the Cabo Marina at the center of Cabo San Lucas downtown area. Cabo San Lucas remains the most popular port on the classic Mexican Riviera route (Cabo, Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan), you can expect to spend between 7 and 8 hours ashore in Cabo. Time is of the essence, think fast, play together, have fun. Let’s go treasure hunt!

CABO SAN LUCAS Clue #1: Located on the Marina in Cabo San Lucas is P_____ P______ where luxury boutiques and jewelry, restaurants, art galleries and coffee bars you’ll find in the largest shopping mall in the area. Clue #2: Located at Boulevard Marina between Giggling Marlin and Carlos ‘n Charlie’s is M_____o de A________s El Marlin. You will find nicely made textiles, straw hats and silver jewelry. Custom here is to bargain for a better price. Clue #3: Located in Pedregal Park, up the street from the Cabo San Lucas Cultural Pavilion, F_______n Custom Design Jewelry is. Fair pricing, quality service and products, and custom designs, their specialty. Clue #4: Located on Avenida Lázaro Cardenas at Calle Matamoros, Faces of M____o is both an art gallery and museum and with a very good collection of masks from all over Mexico. Clue #5: Located on Avenida Vicente Guerrero at Lázaro Cardenas, across from famous Cabo Wabo. El C______n offers you furniture, pottery, antiques, paintings and unique gifts by local artisans.

SAN JOSÉ DEL CABO Clue #6: Located at Centro Histórico San José del Cabo, Galería V___ka is where true art blossoms in silence. Here you will find the Great Masters of Folk Art. Clue #7: Located in San José del Cabo, at The A__ D______t you’ll find authentic Huichol arts, crafts and souvenirs, Mexican folk art from around the country, Hand made sculptures and jewellery made from fine Chiapas amber; Hand woven and embroidered textiles, art, and our local brewery. Clue #8: Conveniently located at Km. 31.5 of HWY 1, B___k to the R___k is a fashionable clothing consignment store where you’ll find something for everyone at the right price! Clue #9: Located in Plaza del Pescador on Paseo Malecón San José, at S__f __ P____s you will find surf board rentals and accessories and clothing for those who enjoy the beach. Be confident. You can’t go wrong when your intention is set on giving, you will find what you are looking for, a perfect souvenir. Seek. Seek and you shall find. Finding treasure is the seeker’s gift.*


#1 Puerto Paraíso, #2 Mercado de Artesanías, #3 Feinstein, #4 Faces of México, #5 El Callejón, #6 Veryka, #7 The Art District, #8 Back to the Rack, #9 Surf Si Puedes

Clue answers:

Treasure: The tree of Life. If at the end of your hunt you manage to identify which of the clues lead you to this piece, send us your guess with a photo of you in Los Cabos and we will publish it! | DECEMBER 2013


Don’t feel like hunting on foot?

RENT A SCOOTER! Renting a scooter will allow you to explore the town more in depth than by foot and will also help you complete the treasure hunt faster!

Cabo on Wheels offers brand new scooters that you can rent on the same day, so call (624) 3554760 / (344) 162-3331 or email to get your scooter delivered!

WELCOME TO OUR FAMILY Michelle Geisler Anderson From the East Coast of the United States, Ivy League Graduate of Cornell University, Michelle Geisler Anderson is Los Cabos friend since 1997. Currently, Chairperson of Strategic Planning of Liga MAC’s annual charitable fundraiser, known as Los Cabos’ “Jazz Fest”, she continues to provide business consulting in organizational development and design to new businesses and not-forprofit organizations, and as certified AMPI member and Los Cabos Realtor with Dream Homes of Cabo she represents buyers and sellers on all types of resale and developer-related real estate transactions, Michelle enjoys spending her free time socializing with family and friends, dining out and digging her feet in the sand! | DECEMBER 2013




“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Bible

Beach Asana ~ the practice of Mudras

Give, give, give. That is what we do all day. Every moment. Every exhale is a giving motion in us. We are all givers in essence. Our mothers taught us that giving is of elemental importance in building noble character. We were taught to share our toys with brothers and sisters, to hug our grandma, to let our aunt squeeze our cheeks; basically we were instructed to give anytime anybody needs to be given, that to be a giver is to be a good person. If we are lucky to land in a noble family, we learn that what is special about giving is not what we give, but how we give. Later, our own life experiences teach us in good timing that genuine giving is learned from our openness to receive. The more open to receive we are, the more genuine givers we become. To be open to receive is a challenge for most. It seems common practice to deny our vulnerability and mask ourselves with what seems to be strength, an adjusted understanding of independence, but truth is that we all need something or someone. There are times when we make the mistake of giving for the wrong reasons, missing in such giving the gift that, in reciprocity, we could receive. Clear is, “what you give is what you get.” If you want happiness, give happiness. If you want friendship, give friendship, if you want money, give money. If you want love, give love. If you want space, give space. If you want to be listened to, listen. Align your noble intention with your attention, and give it to that which you are trying to manifest. These holidays, you can choose what you give by finding a reason behind it that makes a better world. May your family and friends receive your gifts of kindness, may your enemies receive your forgiveness, may your lover receive the gift of your presence, and may these Cabo holidays be a gift to yourself, for it would be our most precious present to you, that for at least one breath, you open yourself to receive. It is certainly healthy living.*

Los Cabos Giving oportunities

Los Cabos Giving Groups Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Amigos De Los Niños - Bomberos Voluntarios - Volunteer Fire Department - 143-9000, 143-3577 Cabo Angels - Cabo Angels is an organization of local business owners who make their living by serving the tourists. We have organized to represent the interests of the foreign tourist and foreign residents. Casa Hogar Cabo San Lucas - Providing security, shelter, food, education and loving home environment for children. Campamento Tortuguero Don Manuel Orantes Sea Turtle Monitoring & Nursery. Cruz Roja Mexicana Cabo San Lucas Mexican Red Cross - (624) 143-3300, 7869. (624) 142-0316, 142-2188. Green Scholarship Program - The Program assists minority youths granting four-year scholarships for higher education. Grupo Apoyo Ray Thomas - G.A.R.T. Humane Society of San Jose del Cabo C.A.R.E. - Animal Shelter - Phone. (624) 130 3171;; www.


INEGI - The INEGI Los Cabos Children’s Foundation, A.C. Providing assistance to children, families, and support organizations in Los Cabos; Mex. Ph. (624) 144-3195. U.S. Ph. (605) 275-6305.; Los Cabos Humane Society of Cabo San Lucas -The Humane Society of Cabo San Lucas, A.C. is a group of men and women, both foreign and national, dedicated to the humane treatment of the domestic animals in Cabo San Lucas and Los Cabos. Visitors & volunteers are welcome. Cell (624) 151-6046 www. Los Niños del Capitan, A. C. - Captains Kids - www. Liga M.A.C., A.C - Ph. (624) 120-1060. Fax: (624) 1201070.; The International Community Foundation (ICF) Project KidSmart Cabo San Lucas - www. ProPenínsula - www. Rotary Club (Club Rotario) - . Ph. (624) 173 1188, Tortugueros Las Playitas Un Refugio de Amor para la Mujer y sus Hijos , A.C. Yo Reciclo Tourist International and National Police Tourist Assistance Daily. Camino Real Street & Lázaro Cárdenas, Col. Juárez. 8am-2am. CSL Ph. (624) 143-3977.

A Buddhist legend tells of when the historical Buddha was being attacked by an angry elephant, he simply held up his hand in the fearlessness gesture and calmed the raging animal. He was practicing a mudra. Mudras are hand gestures used by the practitioner for various purposes - like activating the various nerve centres, to convey a feeling, or to honour the divine. Our body is composed of the same five elements that form our cosmos - earth, water, air, fire and ether (space) These five elements have assigned functions in our body to keep it healthy. After intensive research, Indian sages have found that Hastamudras (hand gestures) keep a balance in the energy that flows among the five elements. All five fingers regulate the five elements of the body. Each finger represents one of the five elements—the thumb is fire, the forefinger is air, the middle finger is ether, the ring finger is earth and the little finger is water. There are two types of mudras, single-hand and double-hand. The single-handed mudras number 28 and are called Aasanyukta. There are 23 double-handed mudras called Sawyakta. Like asanas, mudras are directed towards the goal of enlightenment, but its daily practice can keep oneself healthy. Here are some mudras for you, may the journey be worthwhile.*

HAKINI People tend to naturally put their fingers in this position while talking, fingers tips touching. This helps to concentrate. It promotes the cooperation bet ween the right and lef t brain hemispheres. It is also recommended today in memor y training. It opens access to the right hemisphere, which is where the memor y is stored. This mudra also improves and deepens respiration, and the brain profits from it as well. BHUDI Improves feeling and intuition and helps maintain the fluid balance in the body. Tip of little finger (Mercury) touches tip of thumb for clear and intuitive communication. Harmonizing.

L INGA Interlock the fingers of both the hands and keep the thumb of the left hand vertically straight and encircle it with the thumb and the index finger of the right hand. It generates heat in our body. Practice it any time you want. But don’t practice it a lot as it produces heat in the body. It can cause sweating even in winter if you practice it longer. It stops production of phlegm and gives power to lungs. It cures severe cold and bronchial infection and it invigorates the body.

GYAN Touch the tip of the thumb to the tip of the index finger, with the other three fingers stretched out. As it is a mudra of knowledge. The tip of the thumb has centres of pituitary and endocrine glands. When we press these centres by index finger the two glands work actively. There is no particular time duration for this mudra. You can practice by sitting, standing or lying on bed whenever and wherever you have time. Increases memory power and sharpens the brain. Enhances concentration and prevents Insomnia. If we practice it regularly, it will cure all psychological disorders like Mental, Hysteria, Anger and Depression. It is true. If you want to see the results, start today! | DECEMBER 2013




The gluten effect

Natural Textile

Regardless of your definition of beauty, if you don’t feel beautiful you must look at what you are eating. It is ancient knowledge that what we eat provokes a chemical reaction in the brain which defines the electrical quality of our thoughts: positive or negative. When you look at the mirror and all you see is ugly, you can bet that in your diet something‘s gotta give, something that keeps you from seeing clearly, like gluten. Depression, stress, anxiety, mood swings, cravings, obsessive thinking about food, binge eating, are all symptoms hard to explain (as linked to gluten intolerance) to somebody that does not comprehend how diet can impact the way we think, but still these symptoms can be caused by your diet. In the case of the gluten effect, if you are sensitive to it, the least you can expect is a foggy mind. Gluten sensitivity can affect nearly every system in your body, with symptoms that include digestive effects such as frequent bloating or gas, being diagnosed with IBS or acid reflux, daily diarrhoea or chronic constipation, Neurologic & Skeletal symptoms such as migraine or headaches, joint pains or aches, brain fog, and Hormonal & Immune Symptoms such as depression or anxiety, ongoing fatigue, chronic eczema, acne or skin rash. However, people with gluten sensitivity frequently exhibit symptoms that clear up when they go gluten-free, according to the researchers’ experience. Your diet is unique to you. Since nobody else but you know exactly how you feel, it is only you who can accurately identify the effect any type of food has on your mind and body. If you suspect having symptoms of gluten intolerance, remove gluten from your diet and observe how you feel with the changes. In order to remove gluten from your diet, and therefore to seek a cure or betterment of symptoms, it is necessary to remember that gluten is present in all grains! It is becoming more well known that wheat, barley and rye need to be avoided, however other grains may also cause problems, such as rice, millet and corn. Also, a sufferer needs to be aware of where cross-contamination may occur, for example, in the processing of other foods, read your labels and be mindful that labels are not required to list their gluten use. The best way to be sure you are not ingesting gluten is to buy your food and cook it yourself. Fresh fruits and vegetables don’t contain gluten (but some of the mediums used to cook them do), nor do fresh meat, poultry and fish. Eat as simply as you can, using only fresh herbs, salt and pepper to season your foods. Try grains such as corn in serious moderation, and don’t introduce packaged foods — including those labelled “gluten-free” — until you have a better feel for the diet and how it affects your system. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. From the Latin, Gluten means “glue”. It was in the 7th century, that Buddhist monks discovered gluten, while kneading wheat flour with water to make a dough. An important source of protein, gluten is found in foods in their natural state and also as an additive in low protein foods, it is a mixture of two proteins present in cereal grains which is responsible for the elastic texture of dough, and is commonly found in wheat, barley and rye. Important is to understand that Gluten-free doesn’t necessarily equal healthy. You must balance your intake of vitamins, minerals, and fibre. Do you have to absolutely follow a gluten free diet? If you have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, the answer is easy: Yes, you have to.

Intelligent, healthy, sustainable living. Natural High lifestyle advises us to manufacture locally, under fair trade conditions and use sustainable, biodegradable natural resources like hemp, organic cotton, buckwheat hulls, and FSC certified plywood to promote efficient use of Earths resources, and inspire the evolution of human consciousness by providing tools for yoga, meditation, and adventure travel.

México has a great tex tile tradition that goes back to pre-Hispanic times (loom pedals). Our tex tile designs are traditionally made with pedal loom and shut tles, cot ton yarn used, colours are naturally dyed, handmade. The colours are as natural as the cochineal insec t, nocheztli, which stains red and purple. The jiuquilitl or indigo for blue. The tishinda, a marine snail, gives purple. The black leaves acacia pod and cof fee, a walnut shell. Blouses, dresses, bags, shawls, hammocks, cushions, blankets and bedspreads, tablecloths and napkins, rugs, cur tains, dolls, ribbons and sashes, entangling skir ts and hats, do for great organic holiday gif ts.

100% Organic Huer ta Los Tamarindos, in San José del Cabo, proudly presents our Mexican design as fashion for a natural lifest yle. Beautiful.

Spa A Man’s right to relax

For some men going to the spa is like wearing pink. Only masculine confident men feel comfortable enough to do it. Thankfully for all men, these are the new times, when being successful includes taking time to rest and cultivate peace and balance. “Do not squander time for that is the stuff that life is made of,” Ben Franklin said. Most likely, he was not talking about going to the spa, but as a leading author, printer, political theorist, politician, postmaster, scientist, musician, inventor, satirist, civic activist, statesman, diplomat, “the most accomplished American of his age and the most influential in inventing the type of society America would become,” surely he would agree that a man has the right to relax.* All resort and hotels in Los Cabos offer healing spa sessions in different traditions by internationally trained professionals, and in-suite or on-the-beach massages are available. At Ixchel Spa inside the Hilton you can enjoy a golf massage therapy session, a men sport facial deep tisue massage, a healing shiatsu, a Baja desert cleanse, or do a traditional Temazcal and sweat it all out. *

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, if your eye seem to not find the beauty in yourself, try a gluten free diet and look into the mirror one more time. You are beautiful. *

Farmer’s Markets

*Organic produce, food, local arts&crafts and music*

SAN JOSÉ ORGANIC FARMER’S MARKET: Saturdays 9am to 3pm THE SHOPS AT PALMILLA: Fridays 9am to 1pm LOS CABOS ORGANIC MARKET -PEDREGAL, CABO SAN LUCAS: Wednesday & Saturdays 8am to 12pm | DECEMBER 2013




My Experience with



Plastic artist

Art is the language of the spirit. When a human being explores the most intimate parts of art and penetrates the sacred spaces of its divine existence, links and bridges with the universe are created and the human being becomes its interpreter. Tendencia Magazine about Iván Hernández Olivera

Indian Hands is not only the name of the foundation he created to support indigenous Oaxacan children, exhibit artists and artisans, and open art workshops for youth, it is his Indian hands the soul behind his art. In the world of art - and to anyone that has tried to paint them for that matter- hands are one big challenge known to realism artists. Beautiful hands are not easy to paint, beautifully, but the hands artist Iván Hernández Olivera paints are the kind of hands that inspire other artists to vow and compliment his work. For the rest of us, the simple observer, it is in his expression of children vulnerability and pure insight where the enchantment happens, the provocation of our dearest compassion and tenderness for what life is, a sweet mystery. Who we are, where we come from, where are roots are, what makes us one. You see, we all have been children ourselves. Iván Hernández is easy to find in Los Cabos, he is where his art is. You will find him painting whether you are visiting his gallery in the Art District of San José del Cabo, or painting golf at Diamante. A quite, meditative, grounded energy will silently attract you to him, as any other meditative practice, in painting also stillness creates magnetism and attracts others to it. It does, indeed. Steén-de nuu̱ ná. Indian Hands Gallery also hosts 7 other artisans from Oaxaca, who design Mexican folk art that excels. When you are inside, you will know you found it. Give a little, take a little. A percentage of what you buy will benefit the children of México.

The Island of Janitzio in Lake Patzquaro, Michoacan, is really one of the iconic centres for day of the dead celebrations in Mexico. Even several days before the actual event on November 1st and 2nd everywhere you look you will see everyone involved in the elaborate traditional preparations. These women were preparing atole - a corn masa based beverage usually taken hot in the morning from clay pots after chilly all night vigils in the cemeteries. We joked as they worked that atole may be a good morning antidote for those who may have had too much tequila or mescal during the festivities of the night before. Raweli Gallery Artist District 624-121-2651 |

San José del Cabo

Art Walk Every Thursday evening between the months of November and June, the galleries welcome guests to enjoy an evening strolling the neighbourhood, viewing art, sipping wine and dining at San José del Cabo downtown’s exquisite restaurants. The Art Walk happens from 5:00 to 9:00, but the Art itself never stops! The Art District is open all day, every day!

22 | DECEMBER 2013



Puerto Los Cabos Golf & Spa Resort

Puerto Los Cabos Marina | Photo by Dwight Harrington

The month of December awaits the oppening of Secrets Puerto Los Cabos. A walk in the beach is all it takes to get there, but then you would be missing the beautiful landscape design that Puerto Los Cabos is offering to those who travel through the lighthouse village of La Playita, in San José del Cabo. Between this Mexican artsy town and the East Cape Laguna Hills, Secrets Hotel welcomes you, with this only one requisit, you must be an adult, nonetheless an adult with a childlike heart. The oceanfront 500-suite adults only Secrets Puerto Los Cabos is all about luxury and relaxation. Their creators promise incomparable dining experiences, with Gourmet dining options such as the Barefoot Grill for grilled Specialties, CoCo Café for premium Coffee & Pastries, El Patio for traditional Mexican food, Himitsu for Pan- Asian Specialties, Oceana for seafood, Portofino Italian Cuisine, the Seaside pool-side Grill, the World Café International Buffet and unlimited premium drinks at six chic bars and lounges. They invite you to enjoy unique spa treatments, for over 20 years Pevonia has been the go-to brand for the world’s most prestigious spas and professional aestheticians and Secrets guests in Los Cabos will enjoy a combination of the latest hydrotherapy and indigenous treatments for relaxing rejuvenation and an invigorating peaceful experience. Your adventures here are set in a beach club, two expansive pools, 24-hour room and concierge service, a full service beauty salon, and a fitness center, but if it is business what you are here for, Secrets facilities live entertainment include a convention center seating for up to 850 people along with a full service center, flexible meeting rooms and a 16,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art meeting space. Secrets Puerto Los Cabos wants you to know that their anticipatory service and luxury ocean view suites combined with the incomparable beauty of the Puerto Los Cabos marina promise you a fun-filled, unforgettable vacation of a lifetime.

Our Best wishes!

Puerto Los Cabos ocean front hole | Photo by Michelle Monroy | DECEMBER 2013




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And away we go... High season’s return brings optimism to the market.

Sure, it has crossed your mind once or twice “awe, how great would it be if this was my life,” or “I can imagine living here!” Well, you are not alone when you daydream about making Los Cabos a part of home. Many American, Canadian and a growing number of other foreigners, have been migrating to Los Cabos over the last 30 years or more. The convenience to Canada and the United States, often on direct flights, have made Los Cabos a popular second home; but now, more than ever, Europeans and other immigrants from far off countries are finding their a very similar way of life here on the sunny shores of the Baja coast. Not only has Los Cabos experienced significant development and economical growth from International Retirees, but also from those who are purchasing second homes and income properties who are not even nearing retirement. This development and growth has been an inviting destination for foreigners to relocate their families for unique employment opportunities, to start new businesses or a home for those who are escaping the economic crisis and political views of their home countries.

By Blake Harrington/REmexico Real Estate

In a resort town like Los Cabos, a constant flow of tourists feeds us new life and new business, but mostly on a seasonal basis. As the Real Estate community braces for the return of the season, hopes of increased business and sales is real amongst the Real Estate professionals in the area. With the housing market in the States continuing to show signs of rebound and strengthening, the trickle down effect has started to show in Los Cabos and buyers are out to scoop up the remaining great deals from the last few years. What the market usually expects and sees is an influx of inventory beginning in October/November, when seller’s have decided to list their property in the peak viewing time to attract those buyers in the market. What is common is to see homes listed in the Fall and sales and pending sales increasing as the new year approaches. This trend continues usually through Spring time and as summer approaches, activity starts to slow. Another factor in our market gaining momentum is that there has been some exciting news and publicity cast on our market. For starters, there is a bill proposed by the Mexican Government, that has already been approved by one of the legislative branches, that would allow foreigners to buy and hold title to real estate as Fee Simple - title in hand. As many know, the current instrument for foreigners buying real estate within 30 miles of the coastline is called the Fideicomiso. In short, the Fideicomiso is a trust that is backed by a financial institution and allows foreigners all the benefits of property ownership. However, with a potential switch over to Fee Simple, this will make the buying/selling process that much easier and the confidence in the buying public should react positively. With some new developments starting to push dirt around again and build, we as real estate agents and Realtors, all seem to agree that our market is on the rebound and exciting times are ahead of us. Our market is at the point where there are still some great deals to be had at all price ranges, yet some consistent sales numbers seem to show that we are a more healthy and steady market than in years past.*

By Michelle Geisler Anderson/Dream Homes of Cabo

Finding a local real estate partner The demographic of international residents have gone from snow-birds who reside for just a few weeks or months to residents completely integrating to this more simple way of life. It almost, always starts with some general interest in perusing local magazines and having some initial conversations with a Los Cabos General Real Estate Agent who can represent and speak in depth about the variety of local real estate available on the market. Real estate is easy and safe for foreigners to purchase, but there is much to understand in the differences of the transaction. Finding a local real estate partner is key to not only uncovering the best deals but also for protecting you from developers’ private interests, problem neighborhoods or legal transactions or scenarios that can become costly at the end. It is easy to meet reputable Realtors when you reference advertised listings, visit general real estate agencies or search online for real estate agents affiliated with the local Los Cabos AMPI MLS affiliation. Select a perfect home site Most foreign property owners started with the same dream and image of living in Mexico as you may have contemplated sitting poolside at your hotel. Do not be fooled, almost every day is sunny in Mexico and the “no worries” attitude keeps you on your toes, but living here is not far from your vacation experience. Although the difference would be one that you would be living in a condo or home, or perhaps have selected a perfect home site lot to build your dream home on, but that more likely you’ll be making the margaritas. Live here The neighborhoods are not far off from what you are accustomed to back “home.” Most neighborhoods are diverse and multi-cultural with more American and Canadian foreigners than Mexican National residents. Learning to speak Spanish would take effort, simply to find someone to speak with, rather than learning the language quick enough. Shopping and consumer products are quite similar. Big box stores like Costco, Home Depot, Office Max, Sam’s Club, Wal-Mart and more and more specialty and gourmet products like imported goods or vegan and gluten free products are more readily available, making life here just as accommodating as living at home. In fact, some of those luxuries are being able to live so close to, or on, the beach for much lower values than elsewhere in North America. Private schools cost just a fraction of those up north and students learn to become fully bi-lingual with both English and Spanish spoken throughout the day and learned as part of the school curriculum. Utilities are comparable if not more reasonable and home care services and maintenance workers are so much more affordable; nearly everyone has a property manager and housekeeper take care of the less desirable of chores. Property taxes are just a few hundred dollars on an average priced home or beach front condo, and medical care is not only easily accessible but at such affordable rates that Medical Tourism is becoming more popular way many Americans to subsidize their healthcare costs. In fact, many US Healthcare providers such as Baylor University Medical Center, The Methodist Hospital of Houston, the Mayo Clinic and Children’s Hospital of Boston have affiliated with some of Mexico’s leading hospitals. One notable Mexican Hospital with these affiliations is nearing construction completion in San José del Cabo called American British Cowdray Medical Center (ABC), not to mention several other reputable medical clinics and hospitals established between Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo. The easy flights and proximity of Los Cabos quickly has made our towns an attractive retirement and income property destination for many. Reliable access to foreign satellites and Mexican telecommunication services allow foreign residents to finish their Los Cabos home as if they were simply down the street with the capability of watching their favorite TV shows, making reasonable international phone calls and browsing the internet. With this, you can even continue working, run consultation services and manage banking and credit cards all online and as if you were down the street from your current residence. Can you imagine living with a “no worries” attitude, among a community that comes together to share and integrate its culture, a place with little crime, pristine beaches, dynamic golf courses and thrilling fishing adventures…oh and smiles from the locals every day.

Yes, this can be your reality, imagine living in Los Cabos, and consider your journey before the opportunity passes you by. *

26 | DECEMBER 2013



Costa Azul, San José del Cabo • Starting in the $400,000’s • MLS #13-838; #13-850; #13-837; #11-1834

Developer-repossessed properties, offering rare SELLER FINANCING opportunities for only 30% down. Two Bedroom condos with large ocean views and modern, high quality finishes. El Zalate is desired for its beach front location, proximity to several world-famous surf breaks, low home owners dues, low density neighborhood, positive rental history, on-site services such as restaurant, gym, spa, 24-hour medi-clinic, and property management. Just steps from taxi and bus stations, grocery mart, and other convenient dining, restaurant and liveentertainment options. Michelle Geisler Anderson LOCAL CELL: (011-52-1) 624-157-1775 US/CAN: (908) 864-0530

CASA ESCARPA Cabo Colorado • $3,375,000 MLS# 12-494


Prestigious local architects, Monroy Arquitectos, designed this 6,600+ Sq. Ft. luxury estate into the escarpa red rock in 2010. Panoramic ocean views matched with sleek clean lines blend traditional and contemporary on a site that can not be duplicated. Sit down anywhere in this luxury estate and have the Sea of Cortez in your lap. Custom woodwork in every room and imported marble flooring and hardwood flooring throughout. No details spared. This property is only for the discerning buyer who truly recognizes and appreciates top quality and luxury living at its best. Virtual Tour:

USA & CANADA 858.200.4979 MEXICO 624.191.3462 | DECEMBER 2013




Corridor - Colina Blanca • $649,950 MLS# 12-1681

3 BR • 3 FULL BA

One house from the beach, Casa Kelly is your perfect Cabo Beach House getaway. 3 bedrooms/3 bathrooms and over 2700 sq. ft. of indoor living space. The 3rd bedroom has a full kitchen, great for renting out as a granny flat and generating income. Virtual Tour:

FROM USA & CANADA 858.200.4979 FROM MEXICO 624.191.3462


Cresta del Mar • $875,000 MLS# 13-361

5 BR • 5 FULL BA • 1 HALF BA

A Brand NEW custom built contemporary GREEN HOME/ESTATE in Cresta del Mar with Ocean Views. No detail spared. Built with ICF(Insulated Concrete Forms) for thermal and acoustic insulation & LED bulbs all around both in interior and exterior with a Solar panel which runs all the exterior lights. There is simply nothing available in Los Cabo at this price that can compare to Casa Uno.

FROM USA & CANADA 858.200.4979 FROM MEXICO 624.191.3462

28 | DECEMBER 2013



Villa La Estancia • $385,000 • MLS# 10-1754 This 1/8 share villa offers 6 weeks of carefree ownership in a spectacular 5 star luxury resort. Enjoy 3Bd, 4Ba, spacious living and stunning views from the villa and the terrace itself. Resort offers full service amenities galore, including world-class spa, fine restaurants, expansive pool, 24 hour room service, concierge and a truly spectacular setting right on the one and only Medano Beach!

Mx: 624 143-8121 U.S.:619-683-7883 Toll Free: 1-877-499-1901

Villa 3504

Villa La Estancia • $462,000 • MLS# 12-824 This 1/4 share villa offers 3 months of fabulous views, 5 star luxury, right on Medano Beach!!! This beautiful and spacious, 2 bedroom, 3 bath Villa is a perfect family vacation retreat. Fully furnished and turn key. Would be a great vacation rental or investment property. Own a quarter share at Villa La Estancia and enjoy fabulous amenities, 7 restaurants, full concierge staff, stunning grounds, sparkling pools, and too many luxury

perks to lists!

Mx: 624 143-8121 U.S.:619-683-7883 Toll Free: 1-877-499-1901

Penthouse 2804 Villa La Estancia • $4,180,000 • MLS# 10-978

This unbelievable full ownership penthouse has a 180 degree view of Cabo San Lucas bay! This penthouse perched above everything else in phase II, has commanding views, of city, mountains, ocean, Land’s has it all. Private jacuzzi and 5 star living at it’s BEST!

Mx: 624 143-8121 U.S.:619-683-7883 Toll Free: 1-877-499-1901 | DECEMBER 2013




Pedregal • Cabo San Lucas • $7,450,000 MLS# 13-1095

7 BR • 8.5 BA The Ultimate in Luxury Cabo Living, This dramatic cliff-side mansion is truly a one-of-a-kind offering. Graced with elegance in design and appointment, while complemented with a natural setting that is second to none. Enjoy the exclusivity and convenience of El Pedregal and live in a way most dream of in this 7BR/8BA 20,000 sq. ft. luxury residence. Set on a cliff and boasting views of both the Pacific and Sea of Cortez, nothing compares to this. Simply jaw-dropping, the attention to detail and craftsmanship is evident with abundant use of highest quality stone. A must see in person to appreciate.

FROM USA & CANADA 858.200.4979 FROM MEXICO 624.191.3462

30 | DECEMBER 2013 | DECEMBER 2013


IMPORTANT PHONE NUMBERS in Los CAbos Emergencies: (equivalent to 911) – 066 Police Department: Cabo San Lucas 143-3977 San José del Cabo 142-0361 Fire Department – Dial 116 or: Cabo San Lucas 143-3577 San José del Cabo 142-2466 Highway Patrol: 146-0573 Tourist Police: 143-3977 Hospitals: Amerimed: Cabo San Lucas 105-8550 San José del Cabo 105-85-50


Los Barriles: 141-0797 Baja Medical Response: 144-3434 Blue Medical Net: Cabo San Lucas Hospital 104 3911 San José del Cabo Clinic 142-3511 Cabo Surgical Center: 172-6030 North American Hospitals and Clinics: 142-2770 Walk-in Medi Clinic: 130-7011 Air Ambulances: Skymed Air Ambulance: 001 (866) 805-9624 Air One Ambulance: 1 (800) 236-8080

U.S. Consulate: 143-3566 Canadian Consulate: 142-4333 Taxi Cabo San Lucas: 143-2221 Taxi San José de Cabo: 142-0401 Immigration: 143-0135 Airlines: Aero Calafia 130-7822 Aeromexico 146-5097 Air Canada 01 (800) 719-2827 (Toll

free within Mexico) Alaska Airlines 146-5166 American Airlines 146-5302/5303 Continental Airlines 146-5050 Delta Airlines 146-5005/146-5217 Interjet 01 (800)-011-2345 (Toll free within Mexico) Spirit Airlines 1 (800) 772-7117 Sun Wing 1 (800) 668-4224 Volaris 01 (800) 7VOLARIS (Toll free within Mexico) US Airways 146-5380 West Jet 1 (800) 538-5696 | DECEMBER 2013


The local area code is 624 From a Mexican landline or cell phone...

To a Mexican long distance number: 01 + 3 digit area code + 7 digit number To a Mexican cell phone number: 3 digit area code + 7 digit number To a U.S. phone number: 00 + 1 + 3 digit area code + 7 digit number U.S. TOLL FREE NUMBERS (International rates will apply)

To a 1 (800): 00 + 1 + 880 + phone number To a 1 (888): 00 + 1 + 881 + phone number To a 1 (877): 00 + 1 + 882 + phone number To a 1 (866): 00 + 1 + 883 + phone number To dial to other countries: 00 + country code (1, 2 or 3 digits) + phone number From your U.S. cell phone‌

To a Mexican landline or cell phone: 011 52 + 3 digit area code + phone number To a U.S. phone number: 00 + 1 + 3 digit area code + phone number If you don’t have an international plan, be careful with internet data usage, calls and text messages; international charges can get very high. Some U.S. cell phone carriers have arrangements with Mexican carriers and when you travel here your cell phone uses their towers. If this is your case, you will have to dial as if you had a Mexican phone. | DECEMBER 2013


Useful Tips Driving Renting a car will let you enjoy the freedom of exploring the Los Cabos area without having to depend on taxis. Driving in Mexico might be intimidating to some, but if you just go with the muddled flow, you will realize that there actually is some organization within the chaos. Here are some tips if you’re behind the wheel: Road Signage - Most signs are self explanatory, but here are a few that might need interpretation: ARROYO



Dry riverbed

Speed bump




No parking


Gas stations - There are two types of gasoline: Magna or verde (green) which is regular and Premium or roja (red). Lleno means full. Tipping the attendant around $10.00 pesos (less than a dollar) is customary.


Money and Currency

Exchange rates - Dollars are accepted almost everywhere and you will most likely get your change back in pesos. The exchange rate varies every day, but some places have a set rate of $12.00 pesos to $1.00 dollar. Cash or Card? - Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards are generally accepted but you often run into cash only places, especially at restaurants, so always carry cash or ask before.

ATMs - There are many ATMs all over Cabo. Some only give you dollars, some only pesos and some give you the option of pesos or dollars in one. Pay close attention to what currency you’re withdrawing. Try to get as much cash as possible in one transaction to avoid paying more commissions. Commissions on the street ATMs are higher than going to a bank’s ATM. | DECEMBER 2013 | DECEMBER 2013


December 2013 - Sunny Festivities  

The gift behind the gift Los Cabos Souvenirs - A cruiser's treasure hunt

December 2013 - Sunny Festivities  

The gift behind the gift Los Cabos Souvenirs - A cruiser's treasure hunt