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COVER PHOTO by BRUCE HERMAN In the photo: Mike Doyle, World Champion surfer and paddle boarder

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This incredible corner of the world will create a lifetime of memories By Michelle Monroy

Los Cabos (the capes) is in the southern most tip of the State of Baja California Sur and consists of six main areas: La Paz, Todos Santos, Cabo San Lucas, the Corridor, San José del Cabo and the East Cape. If you look at the Baja Sur map you can see that the highways and towns form a loop. There are ongoing road improvements and new highway constructions, so getting from one place to another will only get easier. The new highway to Todos Santos is impressively well done, making it only 45 minutes away from Cabo San Lucas.

Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas, also just known as “Cabo”, is a tourist friendly town located on the tip of the Baja California peninsula that’s full of entertainment for every age and liking. You will find the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean meeting at land’s end and the beautiful rock formations that create the famous Cabo arch. Cabo San Lucas has the liveliest beach in the Los Cabos area, an impressive marina and countless restaurants and bars that keep the town alive day and night.

The Corridor

A 40 Km highway that connects Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo (about a 25 minute drive). Along this road you can find various hotels, luxury ocean front homes, championship golf courses and beautiful views. Have your camera ready to snap some photos of the beautiful beaches and make a roadside stop at the Cabo Real arroyo for a refreshing coco frío (cold coconut).

San José del Cabo

Walking around San José will be more of a traditional Mexican town experience than Cabo San Lucas. You will find yourself surrounded by colorful buildings and quaint cobblestone streets that lead to the town’s picturesque zócalo (main plaza). Over the years, San José has become an artistic and cultural centre with numerous fine art galleries in its downtown art district. From November through June the popular “Art Walk” takes place every Thursday evening where the galleries welcome guests to view their exhibits, sip wine and dine at one of the five star restaurants. San José has a beautiful beach where you can take a horseback ride and explore the estuary that is home to many different bird species.

Baja region) has been rated as one of the safest in Mexico and still maintains the small town feel that is very welcoming for tourists. La Paz is a departure point for tours and charters to the stunning Espiritu Santo Island as well as whale watching excursions. Stroll down the colorful malecón (boardwalk), walk hundreds of feet in waist high water at Balandra beach or have a fine dining experience; La Paz has a lot to offer.

East Cape

People often call it “the old Cabo” because of its pristine beaches and small fishing towns such as Buena Vista and Los Barriles. The East Cape begins just east of San José and extends about 100 miles up the Sea of Cortez coast. 60 miles outside of San José is the Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park, an eight fingered coral reef that offers outstanding snorkelling and scuba diving. Very popular for fishing, the East Cape also attracts kite surfers and folks who just want to get away from it all.

Todos Santos

Located on the Pacific Ocean side, Todos Santos is an oasis where artists and surfers flock to enjoy the culture and excellent surf. Home to the famous Hotel California, this charming town offers great restaurants and a cooler climate than Cabo San Lucas and San José due to the Pacific’s breezes.

La Paz

La Paz is the capital of the state of Baja California Sur and is known for its warm people and beautiful beaches. This authentic Mexican city (as well as the general south | JUNE 2013



Los Cabos


This is your chance to experience the underwater life in the Sea of Cortez, also known as the “Aquarium of the World”. Prepare yourself for nature to show off as you swim side by side with colourful schools of fish, eels, rays, octopus, turtles and more. There are a few ways to snorkel in Cabo: book one of the popular snorkel tours, drive to a beach and swim off the shore or charter your own private boat. Tours last around two or three hours and cost around $40.00 dollars per person. If you’re venturing out on your own, stay away from the Pacific side; its strong currents make it very dangerous for any kind of water sports.

SNORKELLING SPOTS Pelican Rock This rock attracts many fish and is just an easy five minute boat ride from the Cabo San Lucas Marina. Lover’s Beach Accessible only by water taxi. Be aware that this is a high boat traffic area and it’s not roped off for swimmers.

Don't miss out on

this incredible experience. April - September

Santa Maria Cove Santa Maria is a regular destination for snorkel tours. If you choose to drive there, it’s a very easy swim from the shore to the reef. Chileno Bay This bay is also a common destination for snorkelling tours and has a safe roped off area for snorkellers. Cabo Pulmo Cabo Pulmo is a Natural Marine Reserve in the East Cape that offers possibly the best snorkelling in the area. To get to this eight fingered coral reef you have take about a 2 hour drive from San José del Cabo, but it’s well worth it.


Note: travel time is from Cabo San Lucas marina Land’s End Intermediate-Advanced 50’-60’ and just 5 minutes by boat you’re swimming with sea lions and moray eels. Also a sunken boat can be seen in the Falls. Sand Falls Beginners - Advanced 30’-100’ Steep sand banks go down sharply into a canyon filled wit tropical fish. A short boat ride from shore, the canyon runs from the depths of Cabo San Lucas bay to within 30 feet of shore, making the Bay one of the deepest in the world. WWW.CABOEXPEDITIONS.COM.MX

Pelican Rock Beginners - 25’-80’ Just 5 minute boat trip to this large rock that attracts many tropical fish. Neptune’s Finger Advanced - 80’-100’ Spectacular canyon wall dive. Cabeza de Ballena Beginners - 20’-40’ 25 minute boat ride to dive through large boulders with lots of fish.


Santa María Cave Beginners - 20’-40’ 35 minutes by boat, or dive from the beach. The entrance to Santa Maria canyon has a huge variety of fish who feed right from your hand. Chileno Beginners - 20’-40’ 35 minutes boat ride and a sandy and rocky bottom. PARKING Lots of turtles sited here, tropical fish, night dives. El Gavilán Intermediate/Advanced - 70’-100’ 35 minutes boat time. Rocky ledge leading into a canyon where groupers and larger fish are often sited. Blow Hole Beginners/Advanced - 30’-70’ 35 minutes boat ride from San Lucas, or just 10 minutes from Chileno beach. Rocky valleys present a variety of fish. Las Salinas Beginners - 30’-45’ 1.4 hours by boat from San Lucas, or 1 hour by boat from La Playita. A sunken Japanese fishing boat attracts a large assortment of fish. Gordo Banks Advanced - 110’-120’ 1 hour boat from La Playita, there is a seamount where you can see marlin, hammerheads, skip jacks and at times huge manta rays. Cabo Pulmo Beginner/Advanced - 30’-100’ 1 hour drive East of San José on the paved road. 5 minutes by boat you’ll find the only living coral reef in the Sea of Cortez.


(624) 143-7668

Amigos del Mar (624) 143-0505 Andromeda Divers (624) 143-8232 Cabo Adventures (624) 173-9500 Cabo Expeditions (624) 143-2700 Cabo San Lucas Tours by Johann & Sandra Toll-free from Mexico


Eagle Divers (624) 143-9286 Manta (624) 144-3871 Nautilus Dive Tech (624) 143-0067 Ocean Riders Toll-free from Mexico


Oceanus (624) 143-3929 Pez Gato (624) 143-3797 | JUNE 2013


SURFING Cabo has been a popular surfing destination since the ‘50s, but with its enormous growth and the quick and daily flights coming in from California, it has now become a surfer’s paradise.


San Pedrito • Level: Advanced •

Direction: Right, left Location: Pacific side right before arriving to Todos Santos Cerritos • Level: Great for beginners • Direction: Right and left • Location: Pacific side at Km 65 of the Cabo San Lucas-Todos Santos road Monuments • Level: Advanced • Direction: Left • Location: at Km 6.5 of the Corridor, closer to Cabo San Lucas El Tule • Level: Advanced • Direction: Right and left • Location: Exit at Km 16.2 at the El Tule bridge Costa Azul is made of three spots: The Rock or La Roca • Level: Advanced • Direction: Right Zippers • Level: All level • Direction: Right Acapulquito • Level: All levels • Direction: Right • Location: at Km 28.5. Access is below the Costa Azul bridge

La Bocana at the estuary • Level: All levels • Direction: Right and lef • Location: San José del Cabo’s main beach, close to the Presidente Hotel Shipwrecks • Level: Advanced • Direction: Right • Location: East Cape, about 25 Km from San José del Cabo Nine Palms • Level: All levels • Direction: Long rights • Location: East Cape, about 30 Km from San José del Cabo

SURF SEASONS June through November The summer months are known to be the best as the Southern Hemisphere’s swells send great waves to the Pacific, Cabo and East Cape. December through February

East Cape and Costa Azul are on the flatter side. The Pacific can be good this time of year because it’s exposed to the west swell.

March through May This is the windy season. Swells are consistent and you’ll run into fewer crowds.

SURF SHOPS For surf gear, board rentals and lessons:

Baja Waterman Surf Central (624) 172-6110 Cabo Surf Shop and Mike Doyle Surf School (624) 172-6188 Costa Azul Surf Shop (San José and Cerritos) (624) 142-2771 SUP Mexico (624) 172-6046 Punta del Cabo Surfshop (624)105-24-29 Mario Surf School (Pescadero) (612) 142-6156 | JUNE 2013



BOATING & FISHING Calm waters, extraordinary fishing and perfect weather... some would argue that boating is the most popular attraction in Los Cabos. Whether you want to take a cruise to Santa María Bay on a luxury yacht or wake up at the crack of dawn for a fishing adventure, the options to fit your needs are endless.

BOAT RENTALS Private yachts and sailboats There are several charter companies that can accommodate you depending on what you need. What you do on your trip is really up to you, but it will typically consist of a tour around the arch, fishing for a couple of hours and a cruise to any of the beautiful bays for swimming. Most boats have fishing equipment and a knowledgeable crew, but the main difference between renting a yacht and a fishing boat is the cost.

Fishing Boat Rentals You can always fish on a yacht, but cruisers and pangas are more commonly used. Pangas and Super Pangas are a more affordable option, but cruisers will fit more people and be more comfortable if the sea is rough. When booking with a fishing boat operator, make sure they include proper safety equipment such as; life jackets, GPS, VHF radio and shark repellent!


There’s a reason why the world’s richest fishing tournament - the Bisbee’s Black & Blue - takes place in Los Cabos for over thirty years. This part of the world offers an abundant sea life and an exceptionally high catch success rate. No matter what your level of fishing experience is, Cabo won’t disappoint you.


What to Expect It’s recommended to make a reservation at least one day before. Most charters include a fishing license, bait, tackle and equipment. Some also include food and drink or can be added at an additional cost. The earlier you leave the better; trips usually begin around 6:00 and 7:00 am and last around 6 hours. Cost will depend on the number of people in your party and the size of the boat you choose to rent. 15% to 20% of your charter cost is a customary tip for the crew.

Bait and Tackle Most likely, the boat you charter will include your bait and tackle. If you need your own fresh bait you can buy it along the Cabo San Lucas Marina or the crew you hire can also stop to buy it from the local fishermen on your way out.

Sport fishing flags commonly seen in Los Cabos:


Dream Maker (624) 143-7266 JC’s Sport Fishing (624) 147-5821 Marlin Masters Sport Fishing (624) 144-4481 Minerva’s (624) 143-1282 / 143-2766 Paradise Sport Fishing (624) 143-1033 Picante Sport Fishing (624) 143-2474 Pisces Fleet Sport Fishing (624) 143-1288 / 143-9488 / 143-8388 Portus Sport Fishing (624) 104-3775 / 355-4561 Rafael’s Sport Fishing Fleet (624) 143-0018 RedRum Sport Fishing (624) 172-0085 Salvador’s Sport Fishing Charters USA : (406) 980-1588 Silverados Sport Fishing (624) 147-0594 Solmar Sport Fishing Fleet (624) 143-0646 / 143-4542 Sushi Time (624) 147-5162 Top Anglers Sport Fishing (624) 122-1643 | JUNE 2013


GOLFING With the desert meeting the Sea of Cortez as a backdrop, there is no doubt why Los Cabos has become a championship golf destination over the years. From Nicklaus to Fazio, many of the big names in golf have designed courses in this unique landscape. Green fees vary based on the membership status of the golfer, time of day, season of the year and other factors. Many courses also offer a reduced rate later in the day during twilight hours. Appropriate golf attire is required on all courses and club rental prices range from $35 to $ 65.

Cabo San Lucas Country Club This course was designed by Roy Dye and is conveniently located outside of Cabo San Lucas and is the only one with views of Land’s End. It has more than 80 bunkers and slightly inclined fairways and one of the longest holes in all of Mexico at 610 yards. 18 holes, 7,220 yards, par 72. (624) 143 4654

TRAVEL surrounded by homes and condos in beautiful San José. A fun course for any level of golfer. 9 holes, 3,141 yards, par 35. (624) 142-0900 •

golfer with risk vs reward type decision-making. 18 holes, 7,049 yards, par 72. (624) 145-8200 •

Cabo Real The newly renovated Robert Trent Jones Jr. designed golf course is one of the Corridor’s first championship courses and boasts beautiful views of the Sea of Cortez, elevation changes, and has hosted two PGA Senior Slams. 18 holes, 7,037 yards, par 72. (624) 173-9400 ext. 1 •

Palmilla With 27 holes of Golf, each 9 hole course offers something different. The Ocean, Mountain, and Arroyo courses all boast Jack Nicklaus Design and a fun and challenging layout with canyons and elevation changes. (624) 144-5250 •

Punta Sur Golf - Formerly Mayan Palace Golf This 9 hole course is a friendly course but make sure you hit ‘em straight because throughout the course you are

Club Campestre San José Make sure you bring your creativity for the greens at Club Campestre, the newest Jack Nicklaus Design in Los Cabos. Almost every green has 2 or 3 different tiers, so spend some time on the practice green before your round. 18 holes, 7,055 yards, par 71. (624) 173-9300 •

Puerto Los Cabos The only ‘composite’ course in the area with two different 9 hole courses designed by two legends of golf, Jack Nicklaus and Greg Norman respectively. Oceanfront holes, elevation changes, and incredible vistas make Puerto Los Cabos a unique and special experience for any golfer at any handicap. 18 holes, 6,818 yards, par 73. (624) 173-9300 •

Cabo del Sol Ocean Course - A Jack Nicklaus signature course with six ocean front holes (1.5 miles). Known for it’s “3 finest finishing holes in golf” the Ocean Course is said to be one of the most difficult yet beautiful courses in the area. 18 holes, 7,075 yards, par 72. Desert Course – Designed by Tom Weiskopf, this course winds through the desert above the Ocean Course and challenges the | JUNE 2013



By Michelle Monroy

Medano Beach

This is where the action is. El Médano (as the locals call it) is a 2 mile stretch of hotels, restaurants and bars right on the sand. It’s a swimmable and family friendly beach with endless options for souvenir shopping. All water sports and activities are available. If you want to take a water taxi to Lover’s Beach, this is the spot to do it. Its stunning view of land’s end and the vast entertainment options makes it a must-see. In the heart of downtown Cabo San Lucas. You can walk through the east side of the marina or access it via Avenida del Pescador street. Get prepared to be approached by souvenir vendors. If you’re not there for the shopping, the only thing you can do is say “No Gracias.” • Prices don’t vary too much from one water sports rental place to another; just talk to someone and break out those negotiation skills. • Make a trip to Lovers Beach while you’re there.

Location: Tips:

Lover’s Beach

Getting to here is an adventure in itself due to the fact that it’s only reachable by boat or kayak. The easiest way is to take a water taxi from the Cabo San Lucas Marina or Medano Beach. Prices are around $15.00 per person. Ask your captain to cruise by the arch and the sea lion rock for some great photo opportunities. Once you arrive you’ll notice the striking rock formations and caves that you will instantly want to go explore. Walk to the other side of the rocks and you’ll now find yourself looking at the Pacific Ocean; the locals call this Divorce Beach. This side is very dangerous for swimming because of the powerful undertow, so only swim on Lover’s Beach. Land’s End beside the famous arch. Only accessible by boat. There are a couple of vendors that offer beers and water but you won’t find any other services. • A good idea is to spend the day at Medano Beach and take an hour or two to go to Lover’s Beach; this should be enough time to explore and enjoy this natural wonderland.

Location: Tips:


Las Viudas

Las Viudas (The Widows) beach is not visible from the road and is possibly the most private beach you will find on this list. What makes it unique are the rock formations that create small pools and coves where you can have a private and peaceful beach day. This beach is swimmable with caution, but if you find your own pool you can avoid the waves. Turn right at Km. 12.5 of the corridor and follow the dirt road down to the beach. There is a sign that reads “Las Viudas” but keep your eyes peeled because the entrance sneaks up on you. You won’t find any services or vendors so bring all your beach essentials with you.



Santa Maria

A stunning horseshoe cove with coral coloured sand and an abundant marine life. Boat excursions and private charters often stop here to enjoy the snorkelling and scuba diving that this National Marine Preserve offers. This family friendly beach is relatively secluded, therefore you rarely run into beach vendors. Follow the sign that reads “Santa María” and exit the highway at Km. 13. Follow the dirt road until you reach the parking area. No services and hardly any shade. You can rent umbrellas on the beach, but if you happen to have one bring it anyway. • Bring snorkelling gear!

Location: Tips:

Chileno A very popular location for snorkelling, swimming or just spending the day under the newly installed palapas. You’ll find tide pools at the east end of the beach and beautiful reefs for excellent snorkelling and scuba diving. This is the only beach with public rest rooms and it has plenty of palapas for shade. Follow the signs for Chileno Beach Club near Km. 14 of the main highway. If you visit Chileno on a weekend make an effort to arrive early; snorkelling visibility is often better in the mornings,

Location: Tips:

Most people come to Los Cabos for a beach vacation and this area happens to have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. From floating in a turquoise bay with pink sand to riding some epic waves, each one offers something unique. Here is a list of the mustsee beaches to help you decide which one is your dream beach.

you’ll avoid the mid-day snorkel tours and if you beat the crowds you’ll be guaranteed a palapa for that much needed shade. • Bring Snorkelling gear!


just outside the beautiful Puerto Los Cabos 500 slip marina entrance. To the left is the natural open beach where you can swim, skim-board and enjoy a peaceful beach day away from the crowds. Follow the signs to La Playita/ Puerto Los Cabos form Boulevard Mijares in downtown San José del Cabo (across from the fire department). You will find new and well maintained bathrooms, palapas and fishing charters. • There are no food services directly on the beach, but there are several casual restaurants in the surrounding area.


Palmilla is known for its family friendly calm waters and mile long stretch of beach. Located within the resort community of Palmilla, you will find yourself surrounded by oceanfront luxury homes, the One&Only Hotel and the world renowned Jack Nicklaus Ocean Nine golf course. Pangas and fishing cruisers are available for charter but you won’t find water sport rentals such as kayaks or jet skis.


Take the Palmilla ramp exit at KM 27. Follow the signs and turn into the main beach parking area before the entrance to the One&Only Hotel.


Palmilla is popular among local families on the weekends, so arrive early if you want a palapa or bring your own umbrella. • No services available.

Costa Azul

If what you’re looking for is a good surf spot that doesn’t require driving out of town... this is it. Head over to Zipper’s for a surf session and lunch and beers at the restaurant. To the west of Zippers is Acapulquito beach where Cabo Surf Hotel and Mike Doyle Surf School are located. You can find surf shops in the area where you can rent surf and SUP boards and set up lessons. The surf is bigger during the summer and in the winter it’s a good spot for snorkelling and swimming. Exit at Km. 28 via the Costa Azul Bridge. Swimming with caution is possible in this area but keep an eye out for surfers.


Cerrit os

Cerritos beach is a popular surf spot and swimming is relatively safe. The scenic 45 minute drive from Cabo San Lucas is well worth the trip as you drive along the pristine Pacific coast. The Cerritos Beach Club Restaurant is a perfect spot to spend a relaxing day on the beach or if you want to be active you can take a surf lesson at Baja Surf Camp or rent surf and boogie boards at the Costa Azul Surf Shop.


Exit at Km. 66 of the Cabo San Lucas - Todos Santos highway. Watch the markers as there is no sign. Drive about 1.7 miles to the beach area. Lounge chairs, restrooms, food and drinks are available at The Cerritos Beach Club Restaurant.


Location: Tips:

La Playita

La Playita (the little beach) is a long stretch of beach where you will often find locals fishing from the shore and families with children enjoying the beach-front playground. On the right end of La Playita you will find a roped-off swimming area | JUNE 2013 | JUNE 2013


The dream of flying

by yeye

“I fly because it releases my mind from the tyranny of petty things.” ~Antoine de Saint-Exupery

The sky has no limit. Have you jumped free fall rushing into a moment of joyful adrenaline just for fun, and then realized that life can turn into a sequence of wasted moments unless we move the floor under once in a while and feel our on own subtlety? Have you been in the middle of a sand storm, totally overwhelmed by the wind, just to realize a magnanimous teaching about stillness? AIR is quite the element, it is the name given to the Earth’s atmosphere, and it gives sustenance to life on Earth. As Mark Twain writes in his semi-autobiographical travel literature book titled “Roughing it” - “The air up there in the clouds is very pure and fine, bracing and delicious. And why shouldn’t it be? - It is the same the angels breathe.”

Photo by Bruce Herman

“IF YOU WANT TO FLY, YOU GOT TO GIVE UP THE SHIT THAT WEIGHS YOU DOWN”, the American writer, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1993, Toni Morrison, wrote in Song of Salomon. As


all adventures, flying requires trust in the unknown. When there is nothing else there to hold you but your own mind, clarity it is of key importance. What is unique about flying is that once you trust, flying itself will clear any overload. SKYDIVING is one of the sports you will find in Los Cabos. You can feel the thrill of free fall from 13,000 ft, attached by a harness to the front of an experienced instructor, like Damian Hardlcka, who used to be on the US National Skydiving team. With 10 minutes of instruction, you and your certified tandem flying guru will fly in a turbine aircraft, and then jump out! You will experience one minute of free fall over the famous arch of Cabo San Lucas, after this , five more minutes of canopy ride above the Peninsula between the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean, ending with a soft landing on the beach. Cheers. AMAZING! THE BEST THING THAT HAS HAPPENED IN MY LIFE! THANK YOU! YOU HAVE MADE MY LIFE BETTER! As with faith, this is what you hear over

and over again from people that have taken the leap. Los Cabos’ Instructors have great skydivers, all certified by United States Parachute Association. (USPA), who, like sages, it is the awakening to the impermanence of life what they give to the adventurer. WE ALL HAVE DREAMED ABOUT FLYING. For those of us whose element is not air, flying happens only when we sleep. Quite interesting is that flying dreams fall under the category of lucid dreams, lucid dreams occur when you become aware that you are dreaming. If you need to read it again, here it is. Lucid dreams occur when you become aware that you are dreaming, meaning you are dreaming and suddenly you awake in your dream, but remain asleep (and usually there is an important message being delivered to you.) If you think about it then, it would be true to say that whether you jump from an airplane or you fly in your dreams, you can arrive at the same realization about the lightness of being... Life is but a lucid dream once you are awake.*

Photographer Paul Cooper Skydiver Stefania Martinengo


d L




c r

o v e e t

r o

Scorpion Bay the ride of your life

San Juanico Scorpion Bay


La Paz

Cabo San Lucas

Scorpion Bay, located in the town of San Juanico, is popular for its minute long ride and is known to have some of the best surf in all of Mexico. This town is still a typical sleepy fishing village of Baja, but when the south swells arrive, surfers flock from all over Baja and California. There are only a couple of small hotels in San Juanico and camping on the bay is very popular. The Scorpion Bay Cantina is the most popular camp site and restaurant; it’s right on the point and provides restrooms, showers and wireless Internet. There are a few restaurants and grocery stores in town, but no banks, so it is recommended to bring pesos. The closest airport is Loreto which receives daily flights from LAX. San Juanico is north-west from Loreto; the drive is easy and the road is in good conditions. Scorpion Bay has four main points that break to the right. What makes the surf break so unique is the way the points face to the southeast allowing it to only pick up south swells. Overall, it is a sandy bottom, but the third and fourth points have numerous lava rocks. This allows for steady offshore winds to perfectly shape the waves and generate the famous rides that can last well over a minute. The ride is so long that surfers are often picked up by ATVs that return them to the start.

Because each point is so unique, you can find waves for any surfing level. The first point is a perfect spot for beginners because it is the shortest, smallest, and slowest waves. The second point is the most consistent wave and therefore, the most popular. This is the wave that most Scorpion Bay goers travel for. The third point is for more advanced levels because it can get fast and hollow. When the swell is big enough, it has been said that the third and second points connect, creating a ride of 3 minutes long. | JUNE 2013


art district

in San José

g al l e rie s ~ e v e nt s ~ d i nni n g


in love with color

and its ability to stir up

human emotions.

by yeye

Art Walk

Thursday Nights 6:00 to 9:00 November to June


“My first encounters with art was as a small child, watching my parents paint landscape paintings. We would go on photos shoots into the Oregon country side and I heard them discuss the violet in the shadows and the way color would dance across the water. I still feel that influence in my work, I’m drawn to horizons and and sky, sea and sky....most of my work makes reference to my love of nature and the painted landscape and since moving to the Baja, the expansive desert and sea have inspired my work immensely. My parents met at the Santa Barbara Art Institute and have since been professional landscape painters. I was painting with them in their studios since the age of three. I believe that those early years, experimenting with painting and drawing, gave me a sense of freedom to freely explore my own personal expression. I always knew I would be an artist, and after getting my BFA in Fine Art, I continued exploring mediums and methods. By the time I moved to the Baja in 2006, my work had evolved to large format color field pieces. But I fell in love with working on a raw canvas, the perminance of every mark created a new challenge yet pushed my work into a completely new style. Instead of sitting on the surface, as paint does on a primed surface, it stains the canvas.....and I found that throwing the paint gave it a very interesting texture and surface. I’m in love with color and its ability to stir up human emotions. I draw inspiration from so many artists but especially from the work of the Abstract Expressionists such as De Kooning, Diebenkorn, and Rauschenberg, and mostly from the etherial work of the Colorfield artists such as Rothko and Newman who were seeking the infinite and transcendence by enveloping the viewer in large “fields” of color. Yeah!” Tone, color, minimal landscape, Leah Porter’s art is like freedom,you can stay in it eternally. A reflexion of the Self is what awaits those who contemplate Leah’s paintings. Mine, it is like walking off the Earth into a space of ...well, the abstract, into a colorful world that is traveled in water bubbles, where it feels as if rolling down a soft prairie hill, in joyful child like laughter that inspires to run and run and run, then swirl with open arms in prayer meditation until the body falls to the grass with wide eyes open looking up into the sky. A breathe is what it takes to go into the next painting...or a sidestep. When I asked her which colors would she use if she was to create the Universe from its very start, Leah answered - I don’t think I can answer this question properly.....I guess I wouldn’t make changes..... the universe is light and the absence of light, therefore it encompasses all color. - Who are you? - I asked - Wow, that’s a good question, especially for this Gemini girl....I hope I find.... but maybe I enjoy the journey too much, life is such a huge adventure, thank goodness or I’d die of boredom.


by Bruce Herman

noche de muertos

Fuego Azteca

This was my very first day of dead photo ever. I had arrived in Morelia, the capitol city of the state of Michoacán, by bus late in the afternoon . It was nearing the end of October and day of dead preparations were going on everywhere . Checking into my tiny hotel room near the center of town I could hear the very evocative music from > Enigma < over a loud public address system coming from the town’s beautiful plaza, a few blocks away. I tossed my bags in a room, grabbed the camera, and quickly headed toward the music. The Plaza was buzzing with activity. I saw this fantastic guy and went straight for him. He was burning Copal, a heavily scented charcol incense, typical of day of the dead ceremonies. As he performed a slow purposeful dance he would bend over and blow smoke onto a table which held a scaled down model, a maquette, of the city of Morelia. At the end of the table were 4 small old oil painted portraits of distinguished looking men in beautiful ornate antique wooden frames. As I worked, I noticed a friendly looking well dressed woman watching with interest. Eventually I got to speak with her and asked what was going on. She explained that the ceremony was about honoring , remembering and giving thanks to those four men in the portraits, who had been the original architects and planners of the beautiful city of Morelia more than 400 years ago!! Raweli Gallery ~ Artist District ~ Ph: 624-121-2651 ~

Synergy: The new money by yeye Money, money, money... if we were not as focused in accumulating it as we are as individuals, it would naturally flow through everyone’s hands, at least once a day. And really, when we consciously think about it, that is all we really need from the energy of money, for it to pass through our hands at least once a day; enough to eat, enough to shelter, enough to give us time to ourselves to cultivate our spiritual growth and inner peace. Last edition, we spoke about Synergetics, as a way of doing business wisely. Los Cabo’s friend Seth Romans, spoke about his experience helping local and foreign businesses interact with each other in a successful way, without canceling out anyone’s importance while focusing in achieving specific goals that benefit all entrepreneurs involved, and includes the families who serve Los Cabos. It is inspiring, really, as the conversation in this column is an invitation for successful business lovers to share their experience as leaders in a community that greatly depends on the collaboration of all to succeed in keeping our land the paradise it is.

This column honors synergetics and naturally we follow the stardust of the word. In this edition, the invitee was Vanessa Fukunaga, the new President/CEO of Snell Real Estate, who in her interview with Dave Leathers, Cabo Living Editor, mentioned that partnering with Mario Gadsen to create her company’s division Snell Exchange created the ideal synergy. As soon as she accepts the invitation, you will be the first to know. The true meaning of success is measured not by what we do, but by how happy we are as we do it. The main question that the practice of Synergetics proposes is, how do I help others on their path to achieve real happiness? May the leaders of our world use space to give their time in the service of others wellbeing. That, indeed, would be the ideal synergy, true? | JUNE 2013

The Universal Design Sacred Geometry by yeye

“Let none enter here who are ignorant of geometry.” Plato’s Academy

GEOMETRY might not be the most thrilling read one might undertake during leisure time, unless your interests are of a creative nature, or you are thinking about designing the construction of a new space. LA BAJA offers great inspiration and the ARCHITECTURE IN LOS CABOS displays a collection of styles and

ethnicities that reflect abundance and the freedom that only beautiful natural space can give, with relaxation and luxury at the core of the sensations provoked by the intention of the artist.

The modern standardization of materials in building design ceased to be geometric and proportional, and became mathematical (hence the modern cereal box school of architecture seen today) but the science of unified energy presented by Sacred Geometry understands how any one (or all) of the different qualities

of nature can be used to create a desired energy effect. In practical

terms, the master of this energy science can create a wide range of beneficial effects through knowing how to find and apply the correct SHAPE or ANGLE or PROPORTION or MOVEMENT or COLOR or SOUND, etc. Randall Carlson, a master builder and architectural designer with 4 decades of study, research and exploration, incorporates Ancient Mythology, Astronomy, Earth Science, Paleontology, Symbolism, Sacred Geometry and Architecture in his work. In his essay about THE MEANING OF SACRED GEOMETRY he tells us that “Each line, curve, shape, gesture or operation takes on a significance far beyond the mere act itself, and reveals fundamental processes of creativity on a vast scale and range of phenomenon, from the geometry of atomic and molecular organization, through the forms and patterns of biological systems, to the scale of the cosmos itself and the very

To understand Sacred Geometry, one must go STRAIGHT TO THE POINT. It is a universal knowledge learned from the creative organization of life itself, in sacred geometry it is from the initial point that the construction can commence with either a straight line or the arc of a circle. Through the combination of straight lines and arcs the entire edifice of geometry can be produced, in which the potential of the entire universe of Space and Time is contained at the first moment of Creation.

“The beautiful power of the spiral to bring harmony and balance to the universe are still some of all time evolutionary seeds of knowledge.” In Sacred Geometry, relationships are displayed in ratios and fractions, or are drawn with compasses and straight edge. The Golden Mean develops spirals which are found duplicated, for instance, in the curve of a chambered nautilus shell and the growth pattern in an abalone shell, the helix of the seeds on a sunflower’s face, and the curves of a galaxy’s arms.

In the lighthouse village of La Playita, in San José del Cabo, a botanical desert garden designed to honor both the cactus in its many forms and the cultures and traditions of Mexico’s Indigenous peoples, opened in March. Wirikuta is designed following sacred geometry principles. Pyramids, a labyrinth, a sculpture grass garden, perfect circles of cactus and a Mayan mirror ground for meditation are an energetic vortex that, combined with the flora’s own natural healing energy, withdraws you into a reflexion of space and time.

The proportions of the Golden Mean are also seen in the proportions of the human body. If you follow the proportions of the Vitruvian man we are almost constructed from M the Golden Mean and the Fibonacci series measurements. These are all things which were discovered long before the advent of modern decimal mathematics. The beauty of the Parthenon comes from use of the sacred geometry in every aspect of the building, from its basic proportions to the slight convexity of the columns and their slightly curved layout on the ground plan. The soaring cathedrals, built to the Glory of God, were designed using the Sacred Geometry. Many of these ancient objects apparently have the facility to be a sort of calculator for the heavenly bodies. Stonehenge, for instance is laid out in such a way that one can determine the solstices, and predict eclipses.

Wirikuta Botanical Desert Garden, Puerto Los Cabos

Randall also brings awareness to the fact that at the University level in Egypt, ADVANCED ARCHITECTURE students are shown how to design according to energetic principles, tie buildings into the Earth’s own energy patterns as was done in the Sacred Design of ancient times (so that buildings act as living organs conducting the Earth energy through them, as was done with the Ancient Egyptian Temples). Also, all modern technology is based on the twin variables of SHAPE and MATERIAL; different shapes create different energetic

effects, just as different materials offer a full spectrum of different useful energy qualities (energy expresses

differently through metal electrical conductors than it does through wood, for example). Shape is really a pattern of energy movement frozen in space, a pattern which nature gives a specific power. For example, the same geometric form known and kept very secret by the Greeks over 2500 years ago (because they said it could cause great destruction if misused) is shown in modern declassified military documents to be the exact same shape used to create the world’s first atomic bomb.

GEOMETRY is a prerequisite for successful completion of the journey that awaits the pilgrim who presumes to tread the path of knowledge. How long it takes you to realize its sacredness is just a matter of enlightenment.*

structure of Space and Time.” | JUNE 2013



would go By yeye

Keep calm and shaka on. Life is good. If the water is deeper than your waist, stop walking and start paddling. If you think you see a better way to paddle than the way people usually do it, you should go for it. We will watch. Aloha never dies. In this crowded world, the surfer can still seek and find the perfect wave, the perfect day, and be alone with the surf and his thoughts. The board you ride tells a lot about you as a person. Choose a high-performance sustainable Eco surfboard made with the latest advancements in green chemistry and renewable materials, designed to reduce the board’s environmental and toxic impact. Polynesian ”invented” the surfboard before anyone else and there invention was simple, strong, and easy to reproduce with local, non-toxic materials. If it ever broke, you could reuse or recycle it for something else (like building your house), or, let it simply biodegrade quickly back into the earth where it helped to grow new surfboards. The surfing community depends on a healthy natural environment. Only a surfer knows the feeling. Courage, stillness, patience, definitely no mind. Surfing is the way of a Zen warrior, its discipline requires at least a commitment to the cycles of nature, its foundation is balance and the journey is pure joy. Just paddling out into a big wave is a big commitment. You can’t just call time-out and stroll on into the beach if you don’t like the way things are going.

Photo by Bruce Herman

Feelings are much like waves, we can’t stop them from coming but we can choose which one to surf. If you feel fear, remember “Courage doesn’t mean you don’t get afraid. Courage means you don’t let fear stop you.” Life is better when you surf. In La Baja Sur you will be stoked to surf the waves located in three regions: Scorpion bay in the north, Todos Santos in the southwest and Los Cabos on the southern tip. Cabo San Lucas, San José del Cabo and

the East Cape have several good surf spots but not all for the average surfer. You can find a mellow, long-board surf brake at Playa Acapulquito or “Old Man’s”. If you are thinking about surfing for the first time, remember that Life wont’ wait for you. Surf now. If you are an experienced surfer visiting Los Cabos, remember a good surfer will not get wet, when in doubt, paddle out, and yes, amigo, Eddie would go.

Surfer Alan Blynth 30 years isn’t that long ago, but in Baja Years, it is. You often meet Los Cabos natives and expat old-timers that proudly tell stories about what it was like in the 1980s. Such stories always have something in common...there was nothing here, not even electricity, and the surfing world didn’t know surf like this existed on the Sea of Cortez.

2012 National Champion

“Above the surf break The Rock was the area that became known as Gringo Hill. It was the first neighbourhood for surfers who started showing up in the ‘70s. World Surf Champion, Mike Doyle and a few others started their claim to that hill and were some of the first extranjeros to the area. They moved down and built homes because of their great love for surfing and the quiet peaceful vibe of San José,” says Chris Johnson,

a surfer from San Diego, California that arrived to Costa Azul 29 years ago.

“When I arrived in April of 1984, I first camped at a park on the beach ran by a local family. The original palapa that gave the camp shelter is still there in the middle of the restaurant called Zippers.” “The first thing I noticed when I pulled into the camp was a sign at the entrance that read -Home of the world’s Surfing Champions in Baja-. I was intrigued and felt that this was going to be another adventure, a place out of time, on the beach in front of a fantastic wave and practically no one there. We surfed alone until the mid ‘90s.”

The Rock surf break

Photos courtesy of Chris Johnson


*Photography courtesy of HighTide® Surfer Alan Blynth

In a journey to the Self, Alan Blynth is the only one National Surf Champion in Los Cabos and he deserves to be recognized. Destino had in mind to write a profile about World champion surfing legend Mike Doyle who, only by his surfing, made Acapulquito beach the famous learning spot for travelers who want to surf, also establishing his school here, the sweetest surf in San José del Cabo. Still, when we asked some of our favorite surfers who they would like to read about, Alan Blynth was the request. Understood, all that’s legendary serves us as an idea about that which can

become, inspiration though is looked for in the creative power of the possibilities held only in the future, just as the waves are, one by one, always new and unique. As Alan “El pro” gets ready for the 2013 Los Cabos Zippers Classic, Acapulco Open Surf, Quick Silver Copa El Salvador and New Quay corn wall UK, he spends his time surfing in service of our adventure travel and Eco-tourism industry, teaching as the captain of HighTide Surf division. Shaper of his own quiver and surfing designs, Alan’s example to our new generation of surfers who share a dream of legends, shows that to be persistent and self-motivated is a great quality.

SURFIN’ N’ RIDIN’ by Alex Stream Once, I met a great girl and boy from Canada. They were visiting Baja Sur to explore, surf and maybe work in surf services. They had packed a ‘70s van with half a dozen plastic molded surfboards for learning made by BIC company, yeah, the same one that made the pen which I originally used to write these words with. Checking out those cool boards, which were light and durable, I was amazed at how basic the concept for making those surfboards was. I wish not to compare different methods for shaping and making surfboards, they are all some kind magical process. What I am trying to say is that I believe we are blessed to live in a planet where you can ride boards in infinite places, and not just that, we are living in an era where

the boards technologies are at very high levels and constantly getting fine tuned.

‘LOS CABOS OPEN OF SURF, music and surf fest’

Think about it. I am not trying to say it is more fun to ride boards today than it was thousands of years ago. The rush is perpetual. I really believe riding boards is something that can save any soul. Be it surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, or any other board sports. I am still impressed with how lucky we are today, how lucky we were back in 1999 when I met that girl and boy with the BIC surfboards, how lucky they were thousands of years ago with tree boards and how lucky we will be forever. So let’s go SURFIN’ N’ RIDIN’

Photo by Bruce Herman

The MENS 6-STAR EVENT has officially been added to the ASP North America schedule, unfolding at Cabo’s righthand cobblestone pointbreak of Zippers from June 17 through 23, 2013. This prestigious event and first of it’s kind in Mexico will place Los Cabos on the map as a world class surf destination. E! Entertainment, ESPN, Space Channel, as well as surf magazines and other international media outlets will broadcast the event live throughout the world. It will also include a series of beach concerts with international artists and DJ’s, beach bars, a food fair offering fresh, local cuisine, fashion shows featuring some of the top surf brands, art walks and Eco-friendly activities, showcasing the best of the surf lifestyle. The Los Cabos Open of Surf represents the second stop on the 2013 ASP North America regional series and is the first of two events scheduled to unfold in Mexico this year. In addition, the Cabo event’s ASP 6-Star status offers crucial points towards surfers’ ASP WCT qualification campaigns and will draw premier surfing talent from around the globe. The board of tourism and organizers have committed to making this an annual event, with the hopes that it will become the most important stop in Latinamerica for international surfers in the World tour.

For more information visit: loscabosopenofsurf

16 | JUNE 2013

What is West A 1,000 mile journey into baja california by foot and stand up paddle

Justin and Bryan, two friends from La Fayette, Indiana shared an idea, to walk Baja. Supported by The Young Explorers Grant funded by National Geographic, they are producing a documentary film that will highlight the beauty and mystery of Baja. Their walk started February 1st, and they have agreed to send photography to Destino so we can keep up with their travels. May their journey be one of Self-discovery, as they walk through the ultimate truth of natural law, change.*

“Hiking burns many calories and we find it hard to keep up with our “burn rate.” Many times we try and combine high calorie foods with things we can buy off locals along the way. Here I’m roasting a corn tortilla purchased from a local fisherman with peanut butter we bought while in town. Delicious!”

“Both Bryan and I have spent over a decade exploring this coast in search of waves. No doubt we would bring a surfboard with us celebrate and interact with the ocean whenever time allows for a break from hiking and filming. “

Justin & Bryan Photographer Willy Forsyth

“The desert, more than any other place I know, transforms dramatically after a rain. We happened to catch a complete rainbow while hiking during a mid afternoon shower.”

“Lime and Habanero salsa make anything taste great! In areas without fisherman we would walk among thousands of clams at low tide. These shellfish helped supplement much of our calories we were able to carry on our backs. We would crack the shells with a knife, rinse the sand off in salt water, season them with lime and salsa and eat them raw. In remote stretches where fishermen are not present, clams as big as your hand line the shore in the thousands. Having a difficult time consuming as many calories as we burn while hiking, many days we collect clams to supplement our diet.”

“Mike invited us into his home constructed 25 years ago of local beach stones and wood from the Sierra Nevadas. He spends most of the year in Baja only returning in the fall to collect pine cones to sell online. Having spent over 35 years in this remote stretch of Baja, he is a wealth of knowledge on the natural world in which he lives.” | JUNE 2013


Farmer’s Markets

Organic Slow Food International

By Author of México Sano Chef Pia Quintana Slow Food International is a World-wide movement that started in Italy after a Mcdonalds fast food restaurant was built at the Piazza di San Marco in Rome. Today it has a network of over 100,000 members in more than 150 countries. Lifestyles have been moving into a fast life; slow food is all about living an unhurried life hence its logo: the snail which moves through life in a slow and calm way. Slow food International focuses on food that is good to the people, the producers, and the planet. Good, Clean and Fair Slow Food’s approach to agriculture, food production and gastronomy is based on a concept of food quality defined by three

interconnected principles: GOOD a fresh and flavorsome seasonal diet that satisfies the senses and is part of our local culture; CLEAN food production and consumption that does not harm the environment, animal welfare or our health; FAIR accessible prices for consumers and fair conditions and pay for small-scale producers. Slow Food, Intl arrived to Los Cabos 8 years ago where the first laboratory of taste took place. The intention of these labs is to support local products, create public conscience, and get to know producers . Chef Drew M. Deckman, of Restaurante Deckmans is the current convivum leader for Baja California Sur and will be holding laboratories of taste with other local members as well as other events. Celebrate the pleasures and the diversity of real food.

*Fruits, vegetables, organic produce, food, local arts&crafts and music* THE SHOPS AT PALMILLA: Fridays 9am to 1pm



Wednesday & Saturdays 8am to 12pm PUERTO LOS CABOS

Thursday 9am to 3pm

SPA Water & Salt ~ a natural healing

To join or renew your membership: http://www.

Los Cabos, is surrounded by the ocean’s salt and water. The cure for everything is salt water; sweat, tears, or the Sea. Why is that healing? Salt crystals are natural ion generators, emitting negative ions into the atmosphere. Negative ions restore and neutralize air quality. The evaporation of water through salt emits negative ions. Yes, enjoy a deep breath! Also, your skin is an excretory organ that mirrors the condition of your intestines. When you take a salt water bath (or swim), the salt minerals penetrate your skin in form of ions. This stimulation will cause natural cell growth in your living cell layers. Emitting negative ions into a living space increases chi and your body’s energy flow gets activated. This is healthy for you. During years of research and using high-speed photography, the now famous Dr. Masaru Emoto


found that crystals formed in frozen water reveal changes when specific, concentrated thoughts are directed toward them. Music, visual images, words written on paper, and photographs also have an impact on the crystal structure. Dr. Emoto theorizes that since water has the ability to receive a wide range of frequencies, it can also reflect the universe in this manner. He found that water from clear springs and water exposed to loving words shows brilliant, complex, and colorful snowflake patterns, while polluted water and water exposed to negative thoughts forms incomplete, asymmetrical patterns with dull colors. Dr. Emoto believes that since people are 70 percent water, and the Earth is 70 percent water, we can heal ourselves and our planet by consciously expressing love and goodwill. * | JUNE 2013

Traveler’s Yoga Besides cultivating calmness, feeling good is also important while traveling. To take care of the body is probably the foundation of wellbeing. A yoga recommended to travelers would be to listen to yourself and honor how you feel, fast change (as the one that we experience when we travel) tends to agitate us and we may fall pray of bad habits that usually are under control, like eating disorderly, not sleeping enough and not drinking enough water to re-energize our wellbeing. Be mindful. Nothing proves to us how much we are a product of our environment as clearly as traveling to new places. It is very common to behave in ways we usually don’t when we are at home. Traveler’s yoga would be to surround yourself, as much as possible, with beauty and peace, so the environment enhances those qualities in you. When far away from home, do not let others take you to their storm, you bring them to your light. A good traveler’s yoga pose (asana) is Savasana. This pose is about letting go completely. Proper relaxation is essential for the health of our mind and body, and for clarity of thought for making good choices. Mental agitation and tension are obstacles that make us miss the point of the journey. When traveling, cultivate inner joy. Remember, you are in paradise. Namaste *

Is your hair as healthy as it looks? Your hair is an extension of your identity. The cut, color, and length come together to show the world a piece of who you are. Eating right can help make your hair shine and luckily, lots of the nutrients that are good for your body’s health are also good choices for your hair. Here are some of the best and tastiest hair care tips: Salmon. Fish is full of protein, which is the chief component of hair. Milk, yogurt, and cheese. Dairy products are plentiful sources of calcium and protein. Nuts. Cashews, pecans, and almonds are full of zinc. Olive oil. This healthy oil contains beneficial vitamin E. Whole grains. Whole grains are full of B vitamins, iron, and zinc. Avocado. Eat avocado to get a good dose of vitamin E Broccoli, spinach, and chard. Dark green leafy veggies are full of vitamins A and C. Your body uses these foods to produce sebum, the oily secretion on your scalp that works like conditioner. Carrots, sweet potatoes. The vitamin A in orange vegetables can help keep your scalp healthy. Apricots are a good choice, too. Cauliflower and cabbage. These vegetables provide silica, a mineral that may help protect your hair against loss and breakage. Besides eating healthy, you can always pamper yourself by visiting a spa for a luscious hair treatment. Bodyworks Los Cabos offers great treatments and products to make your locks strong, healthy and shiny.

June 8 - New Moon. The Moon will be directly between the Earth and the Sun and will not be visible from Earth. This phase occurs at 15:56 UTC. This is the best time of the month to observe faint objects such as galaxies and star clusters because there is no moonlight to interfere. June 12 - Mercury at Greatest Eastern Elongation. The planet Mercury will be at its furthest angle from the Sun, known as greatest elongation. It will be at its highest point in the night sky after sunset. This is the best time to try to view Mercury since it stays so close to the Sun and doesn’t usually climb very high above the horizon. June 21 - June Solstice. The June solstice occurs at 05:04 UTC. The North Pole of the earth will be tilted toward the Sun, which will have reached its northernmost position in the sky and will be directly over the Tropic of Cancer at 23.44 degrees north latitude. This is the first day of summer (summer solstice) in the Northern Hemisphere and the first day of winter (winter solstice) in the Southern Hemisphere. June 23 - Full Moon. The Moon will be directly opposite the Earth from the Sun and will be fully illuminated as seen from Earth. This phase occurs at 11:32 UTC. This full moon was known by early Native American tribes as the Full Strawberry Moon because it signaled the time of year to gather ripening fruit. It also coincides with the peak of the strawberry harvesting season. This moon has also been known as the Full Rose Moon and the Full Honey Moon. | JUNE 2013



jazz by the sea

7 Seas Seafood Grill presented once again this talented trio from California: Peter Sprague on guitar, Bob Magnusson on bass and Tripp Sprague on flute and sax. As the sun was setting, guests dined and listened to the stories that they tell through their instruments. No need for dessert, this music is ear candy. These three talents visit Los Cabos a few times a year, so be sure to stay tuned for their next return.

LIVE MUSIC SCHEDULES CABO WABO - Tuesday to Friday, 7:15 pm, Cabo Uno

acoustic rock patio set; Tuesday to Sunday 10:30 pm Cabo Uno electric rock set; Mondays, 7:15 Estrógeno patio set, 10:30 electric set; 624.143.1188 CERRITOS BEACH CLUB - Sunday, 2:00-5:00; 624.143.4850 DESPERADOS - Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm; Saturdays, 9:00 pm to 12:00 pm; Spanish guitar; 624. 143.4313 DON SANCHEZ CANTINA - Tuesdays through Saturdays, Cuban jazz band & salsa; Monday, Howie Clifton on saxophone; 624.142.2444 EL GANZO - Thursdays, Mark Rudin, 7:15 pm; Fridays, Chaplin, 7:30 pm; Sunday Brunch, 9:00 am; 624.104.9000 FLORA FARMS - Tuesdays, The Shamans; Thursdays, Robert Drake; Friday, Marcie Castro; Saturdays, The Shamans; Sunday Brunch,Marcie Castro; 624.355.4564 H RESTAURANT - Saturdays 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm; Hugo “saxo” Moreno; Saxophone; 624-105-2974 JUNGLE BAR - Daily at 9:30 pm, Estrógeno. THE ROAD HOUSE - Thursdays 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm; Saturdays 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm; Peter Bacon on Piano


Monday to Saturday 7:00 pm to Midnight; 624. 143.7759 VOILÁ BISTRO - Thursdays 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm; Hugo “saxo” Moreno; Saxophone; 624-130-7569 ZIPPERS - Fridays, E.C Davis; Wednesdays & Sundays, Hot Steel; 624.172.6162 7 SEAS SEAFOOD GRILLE - Full Moon Jazz Concerts; Call for schedule 624.142.2666

Photos by Daniela Fernandez del Busto, courtesy of 7 Seas Seafood Grill


Contact us to add your live music schedule to our list: or call 142-4949/ 105-9700 | JUNE 2013


There is no denying that many come to Cabo for the beach parties and nightlife. From trendy nightclubs to booze cruises, you will always find a party... anytime, anywhere.

FUN in the SUN

Mango Deck is the ultimate representation of

spring break in Cabo. They have entertainment all day and night, from live music to beer drinking and booty-shaking contests. Great happy hour margaritas and a lively staff. Located in Medano beach. Sky Pool 180° view of the Cabo San Lucas Marina? Check. Contemporary electronic music with live DJ’s? Check. Drinks, pool and classy ambience? Check! Sky Pool is the only pool party located right on the marina in the Wyndham Hotel in Cabo San Lucas. The Office The perfect place to spend the day sipping on your choice of beach drink, swimming in the ocean, trinket shopping, people watching...and more people watching. The Office has great food and is more family friendly compared to other spots on Médano beach. Nikki Beach is known for its white teepees, pool-side lounge beds and sexy and stylish pool party scene. As the sun sets, resident DJs get the crowd going with beats of dance and house music. Located in the Hotel ME Cabo on Médano Beach. Billygan’s Island is a fun beach club and restaurant where you can go for lunch and soak up the sun in their lounge chairs and beach mats. Don’t miss their house drink called Billygan’s Special and their daily contests and shows that will surely keep you entertained.


Cabo Escape Booze Cruise The name says it all, booze while you cruise at sunset and bring your dancing shoes. Departs daily at 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm (Nov-Mar); Dock #3 Cabo San Lucas Marina. Cost: US $45.00 per person. Includes: chips, salsas, guacamole and veggie dips; open bar. Pez Gato Dance, drink and play on a catamaran at sunset. Children are welcome! Cost: $39 usd per person and includes national bar. Ages 5-11 are half price and under 5 are free. Cabo Escape Floating Disco For the late nighters! Dance to current hip-hop and electronic hits. 18 years old and up only. Departs Wednesdays and Fridays 9:00 pm to 12:00 am; Dock #3 Cabo San Lucas Marina. Cost: US $45.00 per person. Includes premium open bar. Jungle Reggae Booze Cruise is the ultimate Cabo San Lucas wild booze cruise. If you’re here for the famous Cabo spring break, this is the tour for you. Departs: Tuesday through Sunday from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm (winter) or 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm (summer). Cost: $35 usd per person. 18 years old and up only. Includes: All-you can drink booze, dancing, reggae and party music. No dinner included, make sure you eat before the tour!

Jungle Floating Disco & Club is

the one and only late night floating night club with optional open bar or bottle service, VIP tables and STAR lounge. Departs Friday and Saturday from 9:30 pm to 12:30 pm. Cost: $35 usd per person. 18 years old and up. Includes: premium international open bar, dancing to current hits, hip-hop and electronic music.


Mandala When you’re waking the main street

of Cabo, you will surely notice Mandala’s striking entrance and sleek Asian decor. If you are looking for the stylish nightclub scene and great dance music, this is where you want to be. El Squid Roe You can feel the high energy the moment you walk into this three story night club and restaurant. It’s very well known for its lively staff that not only serve you, but will entertain you all night long. Gigglin’ Marlin Just a fisherman’s bar in the beginning, this Cabo landmark is now a seafood restaurant that becomes a lively night club once the sun sets. The large image outside of a man hanging upside down next to a “giggling marlin” is hard to miss. One of the traditions of this bar is to hang brave souls upside down while they do a tequila shot! The Nowhere Bar A happening open-air bar with dance music and dance floor that’s located right on the beautiful Cabo marina. Known for its popular Tuesday lady’s night, Nowhere Bar is a hot place for celebrity sightings and has an excellent staff and service. Visit during the day for a refreshing happy hour beer or at night for a fun and stylish party scene. Cabo Wabo Cantina A Cabo San Lucas icon, Cabo Wabo has been owned by the famous rock star Sammy Hagar since it’s opening in 1990. You are guaranteed some amazing live rock music with their talented house band and if you’re lucky you might even see Sammy or any other big name artist hop on stage on any given night. Pink Kitty Known for its club scene and cosmopolitan style atmosphere, Pink Kitty is a popular spot for dance and house music. They often feature famous DJs that fire up the crowd on the dance floor until 4:00 am. The Jungle Bar Casual bar for good tunes, live music every night and local culture. Located in Plaza de los Mariachis, bellow Cabo Wabo. Jungle Martini Outdoor martini bar that also offers many other beachy cocktail concoctions for a guaranteed fun time. Located in Plaza Bonita. Knotty This new hot-spot’s unique decor and ambiance was designed by world renowned Davis Krumins. Dance to the beats of house music mixed by live DJ’s and even climb into the tree-like dancing cage in the middle of the club. | JUNE 2013


22 | JUNE 2013

Who is the Chef? Ceviche de menta

Mint Ceviche

Ingredientes: 1/2 kg de filete de pescado blanco 8 limones medianos con semilla 1/2 taza de vinagre de arroz 50 grs de menta 2 pzas de chiles serranos Sal y pimienta al gusto

Ingredients: 1 lb White fish 8 limes ½ cup of rice vinegar 2 oz mint or spare mint 2 Serrano peppers Salt and pepper to taste

Procedimiento: Cortar el pescado en cubos de tamaĂąo mediano (1/2 cm). En una licuadora poner las hojas de menta, los serranos, el jugo de los 8 limones y el vinagre de arroz. LicĂşe durante 3 minutos (hasta que quede bien licuado y quede como una pasta.)

Method: Cut the fish fillets in 1/4 of an inch cubes and place them in a bowl. In a blender, place the lime juice, vinegar, mint leafs and Serrano peppers, blended for 3 minutes. Add this mixture to the fish, add salt and pepper to taste and wait for 15 minutes. Serve on tostadas or in a white dish.

Para 4 personas

L o s

C a b o s

l o v e s

Enrique Silva is owner of the famous Tequila Restaurant

Agricultural Engineer & Restaurateur

Agregue la mezcla al pescado y deje reposar por 15 minutos. Pruebe y agregue sal y pimienta al gusto. Sirva sobre totstadas o en plato blanco.

Serves 4 people

and the organic farm and cooking school Huerta Los Tamarindos, in SJC. Here, he shares his favorite recipe.






! | JUNE 2013


Los Cabos Events

J U N E 2 0 13 June 17 to 23 LOS CABOS OPEN OF SURF, music and surf fest

The MENS 6-STAR EVENT has officially been added to the ASP North America schedule, unfolding at Caboâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s righthand cobblestone pointbreak of Zippers.

June 27 to June 30 Stars & Stripes Fishing and Golf Tournament

Cabo San Lucas â&#x20AC;&#x201D; This annual tournament features daily fishing and golf along with stellar cuisine and nightly entertainment. The purpose of the event, however, is to benefit children from the U.S and Mexico.

24 | JUNE 2013

Maps The distance from San Diego, CA to Cabo San Lucas is 1031 miles through 2 States, Baja California Norte and Baja California Sur, surrounded to the east by the Sea of CortĂŠz and the Pacific Ocean to the west. | JUNE 2013



The local area code is 624 From a Mexican landline or cell phone...

To a Mexican long distance number: 01 + 3 digit area code + 7 digit number To a Mexican cell phone number: 3 digit area code + 7 digit number To a U.S. phone number: 00 + 1 + 3 digit area code + 7 digit number U.S. TOLL FREE NUMBERS (International rates will apply)

To a 1 (800): 00 + 1 + 880 + phone number To a 1 (888): 00 + 1 + 881 + phone number To a 1 (877): 00 + 1 + 882 + phone number To a 1 (866): 00 + 1 + 883 + phone number To dial to other countries: 00 + country code (1, 2 or 3 digits) + phone number From your U.S. cell phoneâ&#x20AC;Ś

To a Mexican landline or cell phone: 011 52 + 3 digit area code + phone number To a U.S. phone number: 00 + 1 + 3 digit area code + phone number If you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have an international plan, be careful with internet data usage, calls and text messages; international charges can get very high. Some U.S. cell phone carriers have arrangements with Mexican carriers and when you travel here your cell phone uses their towers. If this is your case, you will have to dial as if you had a Mexican phone.


Bring this coupon to receive 20% off




La s

Pa lm


Base Filt











John Deer







From 25 sq.ft. to 300 sq. ft.

Maxi Space Los Cabos

(624) 172-5615

26 | JUNE 2013


NEW COUPON SECTION! Next advertising closing date: JUNE 8th

For advertising rates and placement, please contact: (624) 105-9700 / (624) 142-4949 | JUNE 2013


IMPORTANT PHONE NUMBERS Emergencies: (equivalent to 911) – 066 Police Department: Cabo San Lucas 143-3977 San Jose del Cabo 142-0361 Fire Department – Dial 116 or: Cabo San Lucas 143-3577 San Jose del Cabo 142-2466 Highway Patrol: 146-0573 Tourist Police: 143-3977 Hospitals: Amerimed: Cabo San Lucas 105-8550 San Jose del Cabo 105-85-50


Los Barriles: 141-0797 Baja Medical Response: 144-3434 Blue Medical Net: Cabo San Lucas Hospital 104 3911 San Jose del Cabo Clinic 142-3511 Cabo Surgical Center: 172-6030 North American Hospitals and Clinics: 142-2770 Walk-in Medi Clinic: 130-7011 Air Ambulances: Skymed Air Ambulance: 001 (866) 805-9624 Air One Ambulance: 1 (800) 236-8080

U.S. Consulate: 143-3566 Canadian Consulate: 1424333 Taxi Cabo San Lucas: 1432221 Taxi San Jose de Cabo: 142-0401 Immigration: 143-0135 Airlines: Aero Calafia 130-7822 Aeromexico 146-5097 Air Canada 01 (800) 719-2827 (Toll free within Mexico)

Alaska Airlines 146-5166 American Airlines 146-5302/5303 Continental Airlines 146-5050 Delta Airlines 146-5005/146-5217 Interjet 01 (800)-011-2345 (Toll free within Mexico) Spirit Airlines 1 (800) 772-7117 Sun Wing 1 (800) 668-4224 Volaris 01 (800) 7VOLARIS (Toll free within Mexico) US Airways 146-5380 West Jet 1 (800) 538-5696 | JUNE 2013

Useful Tips Driving

Renting a car will let you enjoy the freedom of exploring the Los Cabos area without having to depend on taxis. Driving in Mexico might be intimidating to some, but if you just go with the muddled flow, you will realize that there actually is some organization within the chaos. Here are some tips if you’re behind the wheel: Road Signage - Most signs are self explanatory, but here are a few that might need interpretation: ARROYO



Dry riverbed

Speed bump




No parking


Gas stations - There are two types of gasoline: Magna or verde (green) which is regular and Premium or roja (red). Lleno means full. Tipping the attendant around $10.00 pesos (less than a dollar) is customary.

Money and Currency

Exchange rates - Dollars are accepted almost everywhere and you will most likely get your change back in pesos. The exchange rate varies every day, but some places have a set rate of $12.00 pesos to $1.00 dollar. Cash or Card? - Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards are generally accepted but you often run into cash only places, especially at restaurants, so always carry cash or ask before.

ATMs - There are many ATMs all over Cabo. Some only give you dollars, some only pesos and some give you the option of pesos or dollars in one. Pay close attention to what currency you’re withdrawing. Try to get as much cash as possible in one transaction to avoid paying more commissions. Commissions on the street ATMs are higher than going to a bank’s ATM. | JUNE 2013


30 | JUNE 2013

YES YOU CAN Owning Real Estate in Los Cabos

by Blake Harrington

You’ve been to Cabo a few times and with our perfect weather year-around, beautiful beaches, stunning sunsets, and attractive lifestyle, you are now considering a more permanent move to Cabo. You are not alone! In the past 10 years, thousands of residents in Cabo have migrated from the United States and Canada making Los Cabos their home. Owning Real Estate is entirely possible and many foreign investors/buyers have come to the market to pick up on great deals in stable, safe Baja Sur. The basics for foreign investment revolves around the method of purchase available for foreigners, a bank trust called the “Fideicomiso”. The Mexican government realized they needed to make foreign investment available in Mexico and passed the Foreign Investment Act of 1993. Since the Mexican Constitution prohibits foreigners from owning property within 60 miles of the U.S. border, or within 30 miles off the coastline (as Los Cabos is), a secure form of holding title was needed and created with the implementation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in 1994. The “Fideicomiso” is a trust, just like an estate trust in the

U.S., which gives the Purchaser all rights of ownership and is the legal equivalent of Deeded Property, as we refer to it in the States. In order to obtain rights of ownership, the Department of Foreign Affairs in Mexico City issues a permit to the Mexican bank of the buyer’s choice, which allows the bank to act as “Purchaser” of the property. Simply put, the bank acts as the “Trustee” for the trust and the Purchaser is the “Beneficiary” of the trust. The trust is not an asset of the bank - the banks only act as the Trustee to hold the trust. Just like living wills and estate trusts in the U.S., the Mexican bank, or Trustee, takes instruction only from the Beneficiary of the trust. The Beneficiary has the right to use, occupy, lease/ rent and possess the property, including the right to build and improve the property as well. The Beneficiary may also sell the property by transferring the rights to another individual. The term of the trust is 50 years, but the trust can be renewed for additional periods of 50 years indefinitely, thus allowing long term control over the property. Another question that is popular is about financing for foreigners. Mortgages are currently available to Mexicans with many of the major national Mexican banks, and the loans are done in pesos. However, currently there is little to no availability for traditional financing through American banking institutions. Some hard money lenders are available, but interest rates can easily be in the double digits. What many buyers are exploring now is “seller financing”. In some cases, seller’s offer financing on their property with specific terms that depend on down-payment, interest rate, and length of financing. This is becoming a more popular trend in Cabo, but it is only offered on a case by case basis and depends entirely on the seller’s willingness to finance a buyer and required terms.

The housing market steadily improving over the last 18 months, 2013 shows great promise. I believe we are looking at exciting times to come in Cabo Real Estate as there are new developments building again and great pricing on quality properties all over. Our brokerage has seen a greater number of buyers in the market now compared to in the last few years and market times for listings are starting to decrease, showing a stronger, healthier market.

If you have any questions about Cabo Real Estate, REmexico takes pride in explaining the process of home ownership in Cabo and will gladly step you through the process. You can educate yourself on our market, search all listings in the area, and stay up to date on community news and events at

Blake Harrington is a licensed CA Realtor and the Managing Partner of REmexico Real Estate Group with offices in Cabo San Lucas, San Jose, and Loreto.

Destino Magazine June 2013  

SURF'S UP In the air Discover Scorpion Bay

Destino Magazine June 2013  

SURF'S UP In the air Discover Scorpion Bay