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Everything you need to know about Baja Sur



Everything you need to know about Baja Sur



Everything you need to know about Baja Sur


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letter from the EDITOR Bienvenido a Los Cabos! Thank you for visiting us, we hope you have a lovely time in this Mexican paradise. This issue of Destino Los Cabos has been dedicated to health and wellness, with an article about Yoga in Los Cabos, a Spa Report for that much deserved treatment, and ideas to stay fit while having fun on your vacation in Cabo. It's not easy to continue with your exercise and health routine when you're traveling, and hotel gyms can be boring or perhaps they don't have the equipment that you're looking for, so hopefully the ideas we give you "work-out" for you! Within the pages of Destino Los Cabos you can find useful information that will help you make the most of your vacation. Our goal is for you to have the best possible experience in Los Cabos. Don't forget that you can find all of our useful information online at: Enjoy! Note from Editor: I would like to make a special mention that in our November issue there was an unintended omission of Justin Biel's name in the byline of his column "Expat Chronicles."

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Healthy & Happy Holidays in Los Cabos by Alex Navarro

To all of you that are now visiting here, I would like to wish you very happy and healthy holidays, and share some things that could just be perfect to accomplish during your Mexican Cabo holiday vacation. Well, you know Mexico has great food, so I would like to tell you about some holiday season dishes and drinks and maybe you might want to try while you are here. One of the most popular is called “romeritos”, which literally means little rosemary. But it is not like the herb, this is a wild plant consisting of sprigs named seepweed and the dish is prepared by mixing it in “mole” sauce with potatoes and sometimes shrimp. “Mole” is kind of an almond and chili pepper sauce with many spices and nuts, and sometimes fruit. There are many different types of “mole” sauce in Mexico, but the most popular and common are “mole poblano” and “mole negro”. If you get a chance to try “romeritos”, go for it, because they are a very special and tasty dish as well as being very nutritious. One of my favorite holiday dishes that was always prepared in my house is called “bacalao”. The recipe came from my grandma on my father’s side. This is so delicious. It is made from salt dried Atlantic cod which is cooked in a seasoned tomato base sauce and mixed with diced almonds, cubed potatoes and a few raisins. It is usually served on top of toasted bread, but sometimes I eat it by the spoonful because it is so good. Let’s talk a little about some holiday season drinks and beverages here in Mexico. Immediately “ponche” and “chocolate caliente” comes to mind. “Ponche” is basically a hot fruit punch made with many fruits like apples, guayabas, tejocotes, raisins, plums, spices like cinnamon, and sweetened with piloncillo. Pieces of sugar cane are also added, and sometimes rum or brandy. This is a very heart-warming beverage just like “chocolate caliente”, which is hot chocolate and is also a very traditional holiday beverage in Mexico. My favorite is the one prepared with just water, natural cocoa powder and sweetened with piloncillo. Of course, let’s not forget to have a little “mezcal” or “tequila” these holidays. They are not really traditional holiday drinks, but when you are Mexico you have to have some for sure. Getting back to some great holiday season dishes, don’t miss out on having “caldo de camaron”. This is shrimp broth or soup. It is served in a big soup bowl and usually has lots of shrimp and is pretty spicy hot. It is quite popular during the holiday season here in Mexico, so try it while you are in Cabo because the seafood here is amazing. I suggest you add squeezed lime juice to your “caldo the camaron”. It tastes so good! As you can see so far, these dishes are very healthy and delicious. A couple of other dishes that come to mind are “tamales” and “pozole”. We all know tamales since they are a very famous Mexican food. You can find them all year round but are also very popular during holiday festivities. Here in Cabo you can find some great ones in downtown San Jose in the main plaza.



P o n c he


ldo de Camarón

They have many different flavors like chicken, beef, veggies and cheese, and even some sweet ones like sweet corn. Tamales are made from corn dough that is vapor cooked inside banana leaves or corn leaves and filled with stuffing like I mentioned: chicken, etc. These are the best bargain in town since they are less than a couple of dollars each and are quite filling. And finally, on the food talk, let me tell you about “pozole”. First of all, I love “pozole”. Besides being delicious and very nutritious and healthy, it reminds of many meals at my parent’s house with all the family at the table passing the ingredients to make our “pozole” just the way we wanted them. “Pozole” is a broth, usually from pork, with cooked hominy in it. It is typically served in a big clay pottery soup bowl and then you add all the toppings and seasonings you desire, like pulled pork meat, diced onions, powdered oregano, salt, lime juice, ground chili peppers, and salsa. In my house we would accompany the “pozole” with some “tostadas” with beans, diced tomatoes, grated cheese, salsa and fried chorizo, which is a spicy pork sausage. Mmm! I’m getting hungry! So those are some amazing and healthy holiday dishes. Basically, you could lounge all day under a “palapa” and do nothing and not gain a pound with these recipes. Well, of course, if you have four or five “tamales” that is a different story, then some long walks will be required. All kidding aside. For sure you are going to get outdoors and enjoy all that Cabo has to offer. I will mention a few of the great activities and adventures you can try which are some of my favorite. In the water, snorkeling for sure. This is the best time of the year for that because the bays and coves are calm. Surfing on the Pacific side also for sure. The northwest swells are arriving all through the holiday season at these beaches, so get out there and get a session in or a lesson if it’s your first time. Cerritos beach is perfect for learning. The Pacific side and its lovely towns like Pescadero and Todos Santos are always a great idea for a winter escapade. Another awesome thing to do during the holiday months is to do some sailing as the winds pick up nicely, and of course you can’t forget to plan a day trip to the hot springs in Santiago town as the chilly weather is ideal to relax inside them. But, the one thing that for me is one of the most magical things of the holiday season and winter time is the arrival and passing through of the grey whales in their yearly migration south to have their baby whales. It is such a beautiful thing to observe them in the gorgeous waters of Cabo. So for sure try to do a tour out of the Cabo San Lucas marina and hopefully you will encounter them. Plus, you will pass by the famous arch which will be in itself an unforgettable experience. Finally, to stay healthy you have to stay safe, always inform yourself fully on all activities you are participating in or places you are visiting. Don’t do anything past your own limits and always try to observe your environment to keep you and all around you out of harm’s way. So get out there and have a great time, maybe sometimes out of your comfort zone, but in control, to get that big adrenaline rush that feels so good. Again, thanks for visiting Baja and I would like to wish very happy and healthy holidays for all. i

Everything you need to know about Baja Sur


Los Cabos

(the capes) is located in the southernmost tip of the State of Baja California Sur and consists of four main areas: Cabo San Lucas, San José del Cabo, Todos Santos and the East Cape. La Paz is the Capital of the state. If you take a look at the Baja Sur map you can see that the highways and towns form a loop. The Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez meet at the very tip of the peninsula. It's very clear when you're on the Pacific side; the waves are much larger and powerful and the winds are stronger. If you go further north along the Pacific side the climate and beaches are very different than on the Sea of Cortez. It's usually a few degrees cooler, which is very pleasant during the warm summer months. The mountains meet the desert and the desert meets the ocean. The Sierra de la Laguna is a mountain range that lies at the southern end of the peninsula. Above 800 meters in elevation dry forests transition to pineoak forests. The main climate of the region is arid to semi-arid; however, there are farming areas where the soil is wet, especially on the Pacific side of the Peninsula.

"The aquarium of the world"

is how Jacques Cousteau described the Sea of Cortez. It is said that eons ago, back when the Earth and Continents were still taking their shape, the edge of Mexico split from the mainland to form the Gulf of California and the Baja Peninsula. This allowed the Pacific Ocean to rush into the gap and create the Sea of Cortez, or as some call it, Mother Nature’s own fish trap. Hundreds of varieties of fish and mammals found their way into this "trap" and either stayed in the warm shallow waters or ventured down into the cool two mile-deep San Andreas Fault. For millenniums, the Colorado River has been dragging its rich minerals and nutrients into the Sea of Cortez, aiding the living species to thrive in these waters. In the months of January through March, Gray whales make their yearly migration from Alaska to give birth to their young in the shallow and warm waters of the Sea of Cortez. Ready to explore? 10

destinations Cabo San Lucas

This tourist friendly town, also just known as “Cabo,” is located on the tip of the Baja California peninsula and is full of entertainment for every age and liking. The Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean meet at Land’s End, where you can observe the beautiful rock formations and the famous Cabo arch. In Cabo San Lucas you can find Medano Beach, the liveliest beach in the Los Cabos area, an impressive marina and countless restaurants and bars that keep the town alive day and night.

San José del Cabo

Walking around downtown San José will allow you to experience a traditional Mexican town. You will find yourself surrounded by colorful buildings and quaint cobblestone streets that lead to the town’s picturesque zócalo (main plaza). Over the years, San José has become an artistic and cultural centre with numerous fine art galleries in its downtown art district as well as world-class restaurants. San José has a beautiful beach where you can take a horseback ride to explore the estuary that is home to many different bird species.

The Corridor

The corridor is the 40 km highway that connects Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo (about a 20 minute drive). Along this road you can find various hotels, luxury ocean front homes, championship golf courses and beautiful views. Have your camera ready and make a roadside stop at the Costa Azul view-point for photo opportunities and a refreshing coco frío (cold coconut).

Todos Santos

Located on the Pacific Ocean side of the peninsula, Todos Santos is an oasis where artists and surfers flock to enjoy the culture and excellent surf. Home to the famous Hotel California, this charming town offers great restaurants and a cooler climate than Cabo San Lucas and San José due to the breezes coming from the Pacific.

East Cape

People often call it “the old Cabo” because of its pristine beaches and small fishing towns such as Buena Vista and Los Barriles. The East Cape begins just east of San José and extends about 100 miles up the Sea of Cortez coast. Sixty miles outside of San José is the Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park, Nationally Protected coral reef that offers outstanding snorkelling and scuba diving. Very popular for fishing and surfing, the East Cape also attracts kite surfers, campers and those who just want to get away from it all.

La Paz

La Paz is the capital of the state of Baja California Sur and is known for its warm people and beautiful beaches. This authentic Mexican city (as well as the general south Baja region) has been rated as one of the safest in Mexico and still maintains the small town feel that is very welcoming for tourists. La Paz is a departure point for tours and charters to the stunning Espiritu Santo Island as well as whale watching excursions. Stroll down the colorful malecón (boardwalk), walk hundreds of feet in waist high water at Balandra beach or have a fine dining experience; La Paz has a lot to offer.


Loreto offers the best of both worlds for tourists who long to escape to an 'authentic-Mexico' with settings that take you back-in-time along with ocean activities that rival that of any other modern coastal city. In Loreto you'll find historic buildings such as the enchanting Mision de Loreto - a mission-style church that was built in 1697 as well as The Islands of Loreto which boasts Mexico's largest marine preserve where dolphins, seals, turtles and sea lions all play in the sea. For those who are partial to adventures on land; there is hiking, biking, and nature-tours that fill up a camera with pictures of radiant natural settings. Loreto is the perfect place for everyone from honeymooners to large families.

BAJA 101

useful information ATMs The easiest way to get pesos is to simply withdraw money from an ATM in Los Cabos. Bank ATMs give the daily exchange rate (best possible rate). Examples include Banorte, Bancomer, Santander, Banamex, and HSBC. Non-bank ATMs located in the street will charge higher fees. Some ATMs only give you dollars, some only pesos and some give you the option to withdraw both. Pay close attention to what currency you’re withdrawing and try to get as much cash as possible in one transaction to avoid paying high fees.

CURRENCY EXCHANGE Dollars are accepted almost everywhere and you will get your change in pesos. The exchange rate varies every day, but some places have a set rate. CASH OR CARD? Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards are generally accepted, but you often run into cash only places. Always ask beforehand and carry cash. Your bank will most likely charge you international transaction fees if you pay with your card.

GROCERIES In Cabo San Lucas, Walmart and Costco are good options and easy to get to. You can always find a taxi outside of these stores. San José has a Walmart and Mega. If you need to grab something quickly, OXXO stores are reasonably priced convenient stores located all over town.

HOW DO I DIAL? Local area codes: Los Cabos: (624), Todos Santos and La Paz: (612) - Loreto: (613) To dial to other countries: 00 + country code (1, 2 or 3 digits) + number From a Mexican land line or cell phone: To a Mexican long distance number: 01 + 3 digit area code + 7 digit number To a Mexican cell phone number: 3 digit area code + 7 digit number To a U.S. phone number: 00 + 1 + 3 digit area code + 7 digit number From your U.S. cell phone: To a Mexican land line or cell phone: 011 52 + 3 digit area code + number To a U.S. phone number: 00 + 1 + 3 digit area code + number Some U.S. cell phone carriers have arrangements with Mexican carriers and when you travel here your cell phone uses their towers. If this is your case, you will have to dial as if you had a Mexican phone. U.S. TOLL FREE NUMBERS (International rates will apply): To a 1 (800): 00 + 1 + 880 + phone number To a 1 (888): 00 + 1 + 881 + phone number To a 1 (877): 00 + 1 + 882 + phone number To a 1 (866): 00 + 1 + 883 + phone number DRIVING Renting a car will allow you to enjoy the freedom of exploring Los Cabos. Driving in Mexico might be intimidating, but if you just go with the muddled flow, you will realize that there is some organization within the chaos. If you are pulled over by local police for committing a driving infraction, the standard procedure is for them to take your Driver’s License. You will then have to go to the Police Station to pay your ticket and pick-up your license. There are two types of gasoline: Magna, which is regular, and Premium. Lleno (pronounced ye-no) means full. Major credit cards are accepted. Tipping the gas station attendant around $10.00 pesos is customary. There is a toll road that takes you from the airport to Cabo San Lucas or to the Todos Santos highway. By taking this road you avoid the taxi and shuttle traffic on the main highway. The cost varies from $63.00 to $75.00 pesos, depending on your destination. ALTO STOP





IMPORTANT PHONE NUMBERS EMERGENCIES: 066 from a local number ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE: 074 from a local number POLICE DEPARTMENT: - Cabo San Lucas 143-3977 - San José del Cabo 142-0361 FIRE DEPARTMENT: Dial 116 or: - Cabo San Lucas 143-3577 - San José del Cabo 142-2466 HIGHWAY PATROL: 146-0573 TOURIST POLICE: 143-3977 HOSPITALS: Amerimed: - Cabo San Lucas 105-8500 - San José del Cabo 105-8550 Baja Medical Response: 144-3434 Blue Medical Net: - Cabo San Lucas Hospital 104 3911 - San José del Cabo Clinic 142-3511 Cabo Surgical Center: 172-6030 Hospital H+ Los Cabos: 104-9300 North American Hospitals and Clinics: 142-2770 One World Hospital: - Cabo San Lucas 143-4911 - San José del Cabo 142-5911 - Todos Santos (612) 145-0600 Saint Luke's Hospital: - Cabo San Lucas 143-4911 - San José del Cabo 142-5911 Walk-in Medi Clinic: 130-7011 * For a complete directory of Doctors, hospitals and clinics in Los Cabos, visit: AIR AMBULANCES: SkyMed International Air Ambulance: (624) 154-4919 Air One Ambulance: (800) 236-8080 U.S. CONSULATE: 143-3566 CANADIAN CONSULATE: 142-4333 TAXI CABO SAN LUCAS: 143-2221 TAXI SAN JOSÉ DE CABO: 142-0401 IMMIGRATION: 143-0135 AIRLINES: Aero Calafia: 130-7822 Aeromexico: 146-5097 Air Canada: 01 (800) 719-2827 (Toll free within Mexico) Alaska Airlines: 146-5166 American Airlines: 146-5302/5303 Continental Airlines: 146-5050 Delta Airlines: 146-5005/146-5217 Interjet: 01 (800)-011-2345 (Toll free within Mexico) Southwest: 01 (800) 435-9792 Spirit Airlines: 1 (800) 772-7117 Sun Wing: 1 (800) 668-4224 Volaris: 01 (800) 7VOLARIS (Toll free within Mexico) US Airways: 146-5380 West Jet: 1 (800) 538-5696

Everything you need to know about Baja Sur


BAJA 101

Baja Sur

Baja Peninsula

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Cabo San Lucas 3


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Everything you need to know about Baja Sur


BAJA 101

San José del Cabo






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Cabo Fitness San Jose OMNIA Day Club Tienda 17 Wirikuta / La Kermés

The Corridor




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Cabo Fitness San Lucas Beach Blu I.O. Domani La Brisa Mariscos & Bar Simply Divine Wild Canyon Windermere Real Estate

Everything you need to know about Baja Sur


BAJA 101


With calm waters, extraordinary fishing and perfect weather, some may argue that boating is the most popular attraction in Los Cabos. Whether you want to take a cruise to Santa María Bay on a luxury yacht or wake up at the crack of dawn for a fishing adventure, there are endless options to fit your needs.


Photo courtesy

BOAT RENTALS Private yachts and sailboats There are several charter companies that can accommodate your needs. What you do on your trip is really up to you, but it will typically consist of a tour of the landmark arch, a few hours of fishing, and a cruise to one of our beautiful bays for a swim. Most boats have fishing equipment and a knowledgeable crew, but the biggest difference between a yacht and a fishing boat rental is the cost. Fishing Boat Rentals You can always fish on a yacht, but cruisers, pangas and super-pangas are a more affordable option. Cruisers accommodate larger groups and are more comfortable when the sea is rough on a windy day. THE MARINAS Marina Cabo San Lucas The area’s largest commercial marina features 380 slips and accommodates vessels of up to 375 feet. Amenities include 24-hour security, electricity and potable water, a fuel dock, and convenient laundry and shower facilities. Puerto Los Cabos Located in La Playita just north of San José del Cabo is the newest marina in the area with 200 available slips 16

for boats up to 400 feet. Amenities are similar to Marina Cabo San Lucas, though the boatyard’s 150-ton travel lift can accommodate larger vessels. FISHING There’s a reason why the world’s richest fishing tournament - the Bisbee’s Black & Blue - has taken place in Los Cabos for over thirty years. This part of the world offers abundant sea life and an exceptionally high catch success rate, no matter what your level of fishing experience is. What to Expect Most charters include a fishing license, bait, tackle and equipment. Some also include food and drink or these amenities can be added at an additional cost. It is better to leave early; trips usually begin at 6:00 and 7:00 am and last around 6 hours. Cost will depend on the number of people in your party and the size of the boat you choose to rent. It is customary to leave the crew a gratuity of 15% to 20%. Bait and Tackle Most likely, the boat you charter will include your bait and tackle. If you need your own fresh bait, you may buy it along the Cabo San Lucas Marina or the crew you hire may also stop to buy it from the local fishermen on your way out.


BOATING AND FISHING TERMS IN SPANISH Captain - Capitán Aboard - Abordo To fish - Pescar To float - Flotar Wind - Viento Tide - Marea Fish - Pescado Bait - Carnada Fishing rod - Caña de pescar Hook - Anzuelo Life preservers - Salvavidas Throttle - Acelerador Anchor - Ancla Bow - Proa Stern - Popa

BAJA 101


Prepare yourself for an incredible show of nature as you swim side by side with colourful schools of fish, eels, rays, octopus, sea turtles and more. The Sea of Cortez or the “Aquarium of the World” offers many opportunities to experience incredible underwater wildlife.

ACTIVITIES FOR FAMILIES Photo courtesy Wild Canyon

Adventure Parks There are several adventure parks in Los Cabos where you and your kids can experience zip-lining, backcountry ATV tours, a camel safari, and more. Zip-lines are appropriate for kids of 8 years and up and be prepared to hike from 5 to 15 minutes from line to line. Most companies include transportation. Parasailing If heights over land are not right for you, try a parasailing trip and gain some altitude to enjoy beautiful views of Cabo while tethered firmly to a speedboat!

SNORKELING SPOTS Cabo offers several methods for snorkelling. You may drive to a local beach and swim out, book a tour with one of the many popular companies, or charter a private boat. Tours are typically two or three hours. Stay away from the Pacific side of the peninsula; its strong currents make it very dangerous for any kind of water sports. Pelican Rock

Buggy, Atv, Or Bike Rentals There are several local companies which offer ATVs, buggies, and other off-road vehicles for trail and beach cruising. Strap on some goggles and hop behind the wheel of one of these off-road racers for an afternoon of fast-paced fun! Vehicles include typical ATVs or enclosed rail buggies or RZR ATVs. Tours are typically three hours, and drivers must be 16 years of age with a valid drivers’ license. If pedal-powered rides are more your speed, look into renting a mountain bike, beach cruiser, or joining a guided bicycle tour of town. Just make sure to wear a helmet!

Lover’s Beach This popular and uniquely-named beach is accessible only by boat. Be on the look-out, however, as the water is not roped off for swimmers. Santa Maria Bay Snorkel tours regularly visit Santa Maria Bay. If you choose to drive there, it’s an easy swim from the shore to the reef on the right side of the cove. Chileno Bay Snorkelers will find a safe, ropedoff area for swimming at this common tour destination. Cabo Pulmo A Natural Marine Reserve in the East Cape, and may offer the best snorkelling in the area. This eightfingered coral reef is about a 1.5hour drive from San José del Cabo, but it is well worth it!

Horseback Rides, Nature Walks, and Bird Watching Los Cabos (particularly San José del Cabo) offers a number of horseback excursions for all ages. Saddle up for a sunset guided beach ride, venture up a hidden canyon trail, or just sit back in the shade while experienced horse trainers give the kids lessons in horsemanship – there’s something for everyone! San José also boasts a natural estuary and nature preserve. Enjoy a peaceful, self-guided nature walk to observe some of the lushest landscape in the area. Species of flora and fauna are abundant: dozens of species of cactus, lizards, and birds can be spotted on this solitary walk, just a few minutes from downtown. Cactus-lovers may also want to check out the nearby cactus gardens Wirikuta, offering a large variety of cacti laid out in an artful outdoor setting.

A quick five-minute ride from the Cabo San Lucas marina or Medano Beach is all it takes to get to this fish-attracting rock.

Wet Fun Water Park Located about 20 minutes from San José, this water park has shallow pools and small slides for young children, water mushrooms, a pirate ship and a giant bucket that dumps water on the bystanders bellow. For the adrenaline seekers, several fast and large slides stand tall and mighty and offer a great view of the beautiful surrounding mountains. To get there take HWY 1 north from the San José International Airport towards La Paz and East Cape. After about 15 miles, the exit for Caudaño and the water park will be at km 66. Follow this road for a few minutes and you will find the park on your right. Turtle Release Every year, several species of endangered sea turtles nest in the warm sands of Los Cabos. Your family will have the opportunity to help these fragile and tiny creatures make it safely into the sea. Children will learn about the importance of conservation and they will surely enjoy the experience of helping these little friends. Sol de Mayo Waterfall Cascade Located about an hour and a half away from Los Cabos, the Sol de Mayo Oasis is yet another natural beauty of the Southern Baja California region. The hike leads the adventurous to a majestically beautiful oasis where everyone can swim and even dive into the cool, serene waters. Be sure to pack a lunch, and take plenty of water. There are plenty of signs to guide everyone to this wonderful piece of paradise. After arriving in Santiago, turn right up the little hill towards the town square. The cost is $6 US per person to access the easy hike to the clear-water falls.

Everything you need to know about Baja Sur


BAJA 101



Baja Sur has been a popular surfing destination since the ‘50s. The East Cape is popular for kite surfing and the Pacific coast has several surf breaks where you will find less crowds. See our Baja Sur map and look for this symbol to locate the surf spots mentioned bellow. SAN PEDRITO Level: Advanced. Direction: Right, left. Location: Pacific side right before arriving to Todos Santos. Have you ever had a dream about flying like Superman or maybe swimming like a dolphin? Dreams can come true in Cabo! The FlyBoard is a device connected and powered by a personal watercraft, which allows propulsion underwater and in the air. Users are connected to the board by wakeboard boots, under which, water pressure provides thrust. A certified trainer controls the power and height and you control all the movement. Available at Medano beach or in the Puerto Los Cabos Marina in San José del Cabo.


There is something special about paddling out and finding yourself floating in the ocean with just a paddle and a board. Stand up paddling is a great way to see marine life and to get a great workout and while enjoying nature. At Medano beach you can rent boards in several locations. Certain companies offer paddling lessons and some have yoga classes on the board.


This sport is most popular in the East Cape due to the El Norte winds. Playa Norte (the north-east side of the beach) in Los Barriles is said to be the most popular destination and is also the location for a professional kite-boarding school. La Ventana is also a popular spot and is closer to La Paz. There is less wind in Los Barriles than in La Ventana, but the surf is bigger. The best months are January, February, March, October, November, December. Every January, the Lord of the Wind tournament takes place in Los Barriles. 18

CERRITOS Level: Beginners. Direction: Right, left. Location: Pacific side at Km 65 of the Cabo San Lucas- Todos Santos road. MONUMENTS Level: Advanced . Direction: Left. Location: at Km 6.5 of the Corridor, closer to Cabo San Lucas. EL TULE Level: Advanced . Direction: Right, left. Location: Exit at Km 16.2 at El Tule bridge COSTA AZUL consists of three breaks: The Rock or La Roca Level: Advanced. Direction: Right. Zippers Level: All level. Direction: Right. Acapulquito Level: All levels. Direction: Right. Location: at Km 28.5. Access is below the Costa Azul bridge. LA BOCANA AT THE ESTUARY Level: All levels. Direction: Right, left. Location: San José del Cabo’s main beach, close to the Holiday Inn. SHIPWRECKS Level: Advanced. Direction: Right. Location: East Cape, about 25 Km from San José del Cabo. NINE PALMS Level: All levels. Direction: Long rights. Location: East Cape, about 30 Km from San José del Cabo. SEASONS June through November The summer months are known to be the best as the Southern Hemisphere’s swells send great waves to the Pacific, Cabo San Lucas, San José and the East Cape. December through February East Cape and Costa Azul are on the flatter side. The Pacific can be good this time of year because it’s exposed to the west swell. March through May This is the windy season. Swells are consistent and you’ll run into fewer crowds.

Everything you need to know about Baja Sur



Everything you need to know about Baja Sur



If you’re looking for the action, this is where it is. El Médano (as the locals call it) is a 2-mile stretch of hotels, restaurants and bars, right on the sand. It’s a swimmable and familyfriendly beach with endless options for souvenir shopping. Numerous activities and water sports are available. If you want to take a water taxi to Lover’s Beach, this is the best spot to do it. Its stunning view of Land’s End and the vast entertainment options make this beach a must-see. Location: In the heart of downtown Cabo San Lucas. The beach is accessible by foot through the east side of the marina or via Avenida del Pescador. Tips: Be prepared to be approached by souvenir vendors. If you’re not there for the shopping, just respond with “No gracias.” Water sports are available such as jet skis, parasailing, flyboarding, stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, and more. Visit Lover’s Beach while you’re there.



Imagine floating in a turquoise bay with pink sand, snorkelling with colorful fish or walking for hundreds of yards in waist-high water, every beach in South Baja offers something unique. Here is a list of the must-see beaches to help you decide which is the one for you or just visit them all!


Getting there is an adventure in itself, due to the fact that it is reachable only by boat, kayak or stand up paddle board. The easiest way is to take a water taxi from the Cabo San Lucas Marina or Medano Beach. Your captain will cruise by the arch and the sea lion rock for some great photo opportunities. Once you arrive, you’ll notice the striking rock formations and caves. Walk to the other side of the rocks and you’ll find yourself looking at the Pacific Ocean; the locals call this Divorce Beach. This side is very dangerous for swimming because of the powerful undertow, so swim on Lover’s Beach only. Location: Land’s End beside the famous arch. This beach is accessible only by boat. Tips: There are a couple of vendors who offer beer and water, but you won’t find any other services. An hour or two should be enough time to explore this natural wonderland.


Santa Maria is a stunning horseshoe cove with coarse coral-colored sand and abundant marine life. Boat excursions and private charters often stop here to enjoy the snorkelling and scuba diving that this National Marine Preserve offers. This familyfriendly beach is relatively secluded; therefore, you rarely run into beach vendors. However, the beach does have brand new bathrooms and 22 SANTA M ARI A



Travelling west from Cabo San Lucas towards San José, follow the sign which reads “Santa María” and exit the highway at Km. 13. Follow the dirt road until you reach the parking area. Tips: Swim from the shore towards the rocks on the right side of the beach for a great snorkeling experience.


Chileno is a very popular location for snorkelling, swimming or just spending the day under the newly-installed palapas. You’ll find tide pools at the east end of the beach and beautiful reefs offering excellent snorkelling and scuba diving. Public restrooms are available and there are plenty of palapas for shade. Location: Going from Cabo San Lucas towards San José, follow the signs for Chileno Beach Club near Km. 14 of the main highway. Tips: If you visit Chileno on a weekend, make an effort to arrive early; snorkelling visibility is often better in the mornings, you’ll avoid the mid-day snorkel tours and, if you beat the crowds, you’ll be guaranteed a palapa to yourself for some much-needed shade. Bring snorkelling gear!


Palmilla beach is known for its family-friendly calm waters and a mile-long stretch of beach. Located within the resort community of Palmilla, you will find yourself surrounded by oceanfront luxury homes, the One&Only Hotel and the world renowned Jack Nicklaus Ocean Nine golf course. Pangas and fishing cruisers are available for charter, but you won’t find water sport rentals such as kayaks or jet skis. Location: Take the Palmilla ramp exit at Km. 27. Follow the signs and turn into the main beach parking area before the entrance to the One&Only Hotel. Tips: Palmilla is popular among local families on the weekends, so arrive early if you want a palapa, or bring your own umbrella. No services are available here.


If what you’re looking for is a good surf spot you can find it here without driving out of town. Head over to Zipper’s for a surf

session and lunch and beers at the restaurant. To the west of Zippers is Acapulquito beach where the Cabo Surf Hotel and Mike Doyle Surf School are located. You can find surf shops in the area where you can rent surf and stand-up paddle boards and set up lessons. The surf is bigger during the summer, and in the winter this is a good spot for snorkelling and swimming. Location: Exit into the arroyo at Km. 28 via the Costa Azul Bridge. Tips: Swimming with caution is possible in this area but keep an eye out for surfers.


Cerritos beach is a popular surf spot and swimming here is relatively safe. The scenic 45-minute drive from Cabo San Lucas is well worth the trip as you drive along the pristine Pacific coast. The Cerritos Beach Club Restaurant is a perfect spot to spend a relaxing day, maybe even get a massage on the beach. If you want to be active, you can take a surf lesson at Baja Surf Camp or rent surf and boogie boards at the Costa Azul Surf Shop. Location: Exit at Km. 66 of the Cabo San Lucas to Todos Santos Highway. Watch the markers and look for the signs. Drive about 1.7 miles to the beach area. Tips: Lounge chairs, restrooms, food and drinks are available at The Cerritos Beach Club Restaurant. The ocean currents are strong and the waves can be quite powerful on a big day, so swim with caution.


A stunning bay that will take your breath away. You can walk back and forth in the bay in waist high water that is crystal clear with shades of blue turquoise. Follow the shore towards the north-east side and you will find the famous “mushroom rock” as well as other interesting rock formations. Pictures just don’t do it justice. You won’t regret visiting Playa Balandra! Location: About 30 minutes from the boardwalk in La Paz. Simply follow the main drag along the boardwalk, then through Costa Baja Golf Course and continue to wind around the coast and through the mountains until you see the signs for the beach. Tips: No bathroom facilities. There is a truck where you can buy water and snacks, but it is recommended to bring your own in case they are closed. There are palapas, but not a lot. You can rent kayaks and snorkel gear. i Everything you need to know about Baja Sur



by M i c h e l l e M o n r oy

T H E T R E AT M E N T: SPA PEDICURE and FULL BODY MASSAGE. Pedicures are always nice (and necessary) and they are widely available throughout Los Cabos, but a relaxing pedicure in a spa is even better, especially at The Spa at Pedregal, where the specialist will take her time to pamper your tired feet. Top-quality nail polish brands are available, such as OPI and Essie, and luxurious balms and exfoliants will be used do soften your skin. Go for a pedicure and use the spa's facilites, shop the beachy items they have available, and perhaps addon one of their delightful massages for a complete spa day. T H E R A PI S T: Anna T H E FE E L : Boutique and private. The air feels "light" as you float through this luminous spa that is perched in the heights of Pedregal. If privacy is what you're searching for, The Spa at Pedregal offers this as you usually have the wet areas to yourself. T H E WOW: A spa with views! Glare out on the vast Pacific Ocean from many areas of the spa, including the gym, the jacuzzi, and showers. • +52 (624) 143-4432

DESERT SPA at Villa del Arco

T H E T R E AT M E N T: DESERT SPA TOTAL BODY RITUAL. As you walk into the treatment room your therapist gives you the choice of three all-natural exfoliants to be used during the treatment, one mild, one medium and one that's more intense. The exfoliation is followed by a deep moisturizing aloe and mineral body mask, you are then wrapped to allow the mask do its magic and covered with a warm towel that gives you a feeling of being embraced in a gentile warm hug. During the wrap, your therapist focuses on giving you a splendid scalp massage that allows you to journey even deeper into relaxation, until you hear a whisper in your ear indicating that it is now time to rinse off in warm water and proceed to the final part of the treatment, a full body massage with an exquisite body lotion and with the pressure of your choice. For a full spa day you should precede your body ritual with a DESERT SPA SIGNATURE ENZYME FACIAL. Turn back the clock with this result driven anti-aging facial that includes a stimulating cinnamon enzyme peel that brings oxygen and nutrients to the surface cells while dissolving rough skin and revealing a more vibrant complexion. This is immediately followed by a series of collagen inducing masks and a unique protein enzyme that activates cellular metabolism. The result is tighter, brighter and more youthful looking skin. T H E R A P I S T S : Facial: Mariana, Body Ritual: Elvira. T H E F E E L : A soothing oasis in the desert. The well thought-out design of the Desert Spa includes a high ceiling dome centered over a round jacuzzi which's edges merge with the ground. Harmonic curves and arches are prominent features in the architectural design of the impressive hydrotherapy areas, including a lotus flower on the floor made of smooth pebbles. Arrive early to enjoy the hydrotherapy circuit in order to relax before your spa day. T H E W O W: This is an award winning 31,000 square foot spa and the largest in the state of Baja California Sur, with 17 state-of-the-art treatment rooms, two exclusive VIP suites with private Jacuzzis and showers and full-service beauty salon. • (624) 145-7202

THE AUBERGE SPA at Chileno Bay Resort

T H E T R E AT M E N T: The AZTEC HEALING RITUAL. As indigenous music plays softly in the background, the ritual begins with a copal purification to clean the energy, followed by a scrub made from a special selection of herbs used by the Aztecs. After the scrub you are covered in an arcilla (local clay) body mask, preparing your body for the "casa de vapor" or herbal steam room. As you step into the private steam room adjacent to your cabin, the aroma of herbs such as rosemary, eucalyptus, mint, and other local herbs, penetrates and purifies your lungs. You are then handed a cold tea to complement and withstand the healing heat. After you spend a few minutes in the steam room you proceed to have a personalized massage with arnica oil to relieve the stress over the muscles and recover from aches. The materials used in this treatment, as well as others at the Auberge Spa, are designed to link the material with the spiritual, leaving you with a sensation of being grounded to mother earth, yet floating in the heavens. This treatment will transport you to a mystical Prehispanic Mexico. T H E R A P I S T: Ruth T H E F E E L : A luxurious and deep-rooted Mexican Sanctuary. You're advised to arrive one hour before your treatment in order to calmly enjoy and explore the outdoor purification garden, an area designed to cleanse the body, clear the mind and jumpstart the healing process. Among these healing elements in the garden is the first Himalayan salt room in Mexico and a reflexology pool. The heated salt room's walls are made of Himalayan salt and the floors are covered with granulated salt, and steam from a salt and water mixture exits a heater which alleviates respiratory issues. If possible, book your treatment for the late afternoon so you have the opportunity to see this spa at night. T H E W O W: The Auberge Spa has given a few of their therapists the opportunity to design their own treatments, including the Aztec Healing Ritual, which clearly transmits in the feeling of the treatment. • (888) 965-5778 or +52 (624) 104-9760


T H E T R E AT M E N T: HydraFacial™ is a multi-step treatment cleanse that exfoliates and extracts to get rid of impurities and dead skin cells while at the same time quenches the skin with vital nutrients like antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid. The HydraFacial™ super serums are made with nourishing ingredients that create an instantly gratifying glow and the results are both instant and longlasting. With this type of facial you can treat anything from fine lines, elasticity and firmness, even tone and vibrancy, to skin texture, brown spots, oily and congested skin and enlarged pores. Manoma Spa has one of the few HydraFacial™ machines in the State of Baja California Sur. T H E T H E R A P I S T: Erika. T H E F E E L : A one-stop-shop for all your beauty needs. Manoma Spa uses and sells all natural products, as well as a large variety of teas, and has cutting edge equipment for face and body treatments. From laser hair removal to pulsed light facials, Manoma also offers traditional spa treatments such as several styles of massages, facials, manicures and pedicures. T H E W O W: Manoma Spa offers the most affordable HydraFacial™ in Los Cabos, all within a professional, yet soothing, environment. • +52 (624) 105-2900

ARMONIA SPA at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach

PAZ BODY & MIND SPA at Cabo Azul Resort

T H E T R E AT M E N T: ZEST LAPIS. You will feel like royalty as you enter the treatment room with the ceiling draped in white fabric and an adorned Moroccan style lamp. The age-defying treatment begins with a conditioning natural rice scrub, followed by a warm mixture of yogurt, honey and oils drizzled all over your body, which is left on your skin as you are wrapped in a warm blanket. As you absorb the moisture of the yogurt mix, your therapist will give you a vitamin-infused mini facial and an indulging lengthy scalp massage. A after you shower, the pampering continues with a healing massage that will reveal a glowing, more youthful you. T H E R A P I S T: Patricia T H E F E E L : A Mediterranean healing water cave. The textures in the pebble stone walls and floors, and the water features throughout this dim lit spa, allow you to feel in touch with the elements. As you wander you will notice soft white petals covering the ceiling in the halls that lead to the wet areas, where the "underground water cave" welcomes you to sit still and get lost in the patterns that the water's reflection creates on the walls. T H E W O W: The contrast of the white and black colors of the walls, floors and furnishings, is a perfectly elegant way to design a very soothing and Zen-like environment. • +52 (624) 163-5100


T H E T R E AT M E N T: LUXURY MASSAGE C+C VITAMIN AROMA BALM. This revitalizing treatment will recharge your skin with the benefits of Vitamin C and the powerful infusion of antioxidant properties embrace your skin, making it an ideal treatment before or after sun exposure. As you walk out of your treatment the friendly staff receives you with a glass of champagne and a chocolate truffle, the perfect complement to the romantic environment of this spa. T H E R A P I S T: Rubi T H E F E E L : A relaxing chateau. The water reflecting on its mosaic covered walls and the soft light coming from the medieval-like lanterns will transport you to a relaxing chateau in some other time in history. The relaxation room has a mystic Moroccan feel with white draping covering the ceiling, carved ornate wood and a Chromotherapy feature to guide you into deep relaxation. T H E W O W: As you check-in, a warm lavender pillow is placed around your neck and shoulders, embracing you immediately. As you fill-in your information sheet, they offer you the option to mark the areas of your body that are your favorite, and your therapist really does spend more time focused on this area! • +1 800 990-8250


T H E T R E AT M E N T: HEALING TEMAZCAL [temasˈkal]. The use of temazcals in ancient Mesoamerica was part of a curative ceremony to purify the body after exertion such as after a battle or a ceremonial ball game. It was also used for improving health and for women to give birth. The temazcal at the Milagro Spa is a modern day representation of this ancient ritual that will take you on a healing journey. Before entering the domed round stone structure your energy is cleansed, and you are then guided to enter to the left and circle around the pit to find your seat. After every participant has entered, hot volcanic stones called abuelita - grandmother - stones are brought into the pit in the middle of the room, which are then bathed in chamomile water which produces the steam that contributes to the physical purification of the respiratory system. The door then closes and the ninety minute ceremony begins with drums and healing chants. After a while, the door is opened to allow fresh air to enter and new stones are welcomed and brought inside. This process repeats a few times until the ritual is over. T H E G U I D E S : Silvia and Jorge T H E F E E L : A physical and spiritual healing journey. The feeling of being in the temazcal is a deeply personal one. Even though every participant is experiencing the same room temperature, the same type of seat and the same amount of steam, each experience is very unique, as the healing of the temazcal brings out the individual physical and emotional toxins of each person, leaving you in the end with a sensation of being cleansed. T H E W O W: The power of this healing ceremony and the way you feel afterward. • (624) 163-5550 US toll free (866) 936-2268

SPA MINDFULNESS for Hotel El Ganzo, by Mexsun

T H E T R E AT M E N T: BALINESE WEDDING RITUAL, a romantic escape for couples. This is an authentic wedding ritual done for the king and queen of Bali in preparation for their wedding ceremony. The ritual is done every day for 40 days leading up to their wedding. This very special and exotic treatment has been done for over 400 years. The Balinese massage uses a combination of acupressure, reflexology, lymphatic drainage, hot stones, and aromatherapy are used to reduce stress and anxiety. To relax the tense muscle tissue, a combination of standard massage techniques are used like kneading, stroking, and skin rolling is used, along with Jasmine Frangipani oil, known as an aphrodisiac, for the women and Ginger Spice for the men. After the massage, an authentic Lulur body exfoliation is done using yogurt, turmeric, and curry on the women, and on the gentlemen a white pepper and ginger exfoliation is used. The couple then bathes in a luxurious exotic body wash and finishes with a final application of essential oils and lotion to go on and enjoy the private jacuzzi accompanied with mimosas, fruit, flowers, and candles. T H E R A P I S T S : Aidee and Blanca. T H E F E E L : An artsy, laid-back, boutique palapa retreat. The simplicity of this Spa invites you to relax with no worries while you listen to the soothing sound of water in its outdoor wet areas under a tropical palapa. T H E W O W: The Balinese massage's unique moves add a twist to your usual Swedish massage, which allows you to enter another level of exotic relaxation. • MEX: +52 (624) 104-9000 - USA: (866) 501-7291 Everything you need to know about Baja Sur



B aja's treasures


Art & Beer on a Desert Highway


at Art & Beer with my fiancé, Rose. Photos are mounted to the wood walls, stacked on top of one another in odd, cracked frames, desert residue clinging to the glass. One person, in particular, stands out in the images. The man has a massive white beard, a wrinkled, tan face, and big, intelligent eyes. Looking at the pictures, we realize that some are from distant locations – we see Mediterranean beaches, European cathedrals, dense jungle mountains, and far-off destinations we can’t place – but the remainders were taken in this very room. Besides the photo-collage, the bar is the room’s main feature, and near its end, the man from the pictures is seated, smoking a cigarette and drinking a beer. I look from him to the pictures and notice how little he’s aged. He appears timeless - either stuck in time or existing outside its confines. He greets us, and shortly afterward, a young woman settles in behind the bar and hands Rose a menu. We order a blackberry mescal margarita and beer and then sit back in a state of awe. There are brightly colored expressionist paintings hung from the walls, and beyond the bar, a wooden path extends towards the Pacific. Like a self-guided tour of the property, the trail snakes through seating areas and next to art installations sitting under the shadow of Cardon cactuses. It's an impressive outdoor space, but on this particular day, we are the only ones around. We learn that the man from the pictures is Alfredo and that he is the owner of Art & Beer. Talking to him, I have to wonder about the workings of the mind behind this integrative experiment of painting, drinks, and up-cycled art. How long this creation took him, or how long Alfredo has lived here, we can’t discern. Many questions are rolling through our brains, and yet Alfredo shares little else, preferring his cigarette and beer to further conversation. With Alfred no longer engaged, our attention drifts to the bartender who is busy putting the final touches on our drinks. Using fresh ingredients, and lots of them, she prepares the largest cocktail we’ve ever seen. The beverage is garnished with fresh fruits and poured in a frosted, two-liter mug. Rose takes hold of the margarita, her hand appearing miniature next to the cup. We’re both wondering if the bartender has made a mistake. “No mistake,” she says, “this is the normal size.” Rose and I share a look, as nothing about the size of this drink is normal, but once we taste the cold fruit-booze concoction, we welcome the challenge. The smoothie-like blackberry blend is both sweet, and tart and the distinct, smoky-bite of mescal is lurking underneath. After a single sip, I push my beer aside and stick a second straw into the cocktail, hoping my honey is in the mood to share. We follow a staircase up to the second floor, sitting at a table overlooking the property. By now the sun is setting, and an orange hue pours over houses, dirt roads, and the Pacific. Below us is the maze of Art & Beer, our position offering a birds-eye-view. It’s a mashed visual experience, with odd statues, spinning geometric sculptures, and multi-colored bottles encased in concrete pyramids. Adding to the sensory experience, music emanating from hidden speakers plays across the property. Within seconds, I pick up the tune. There’s no mistaking it. Sinatra’s low, resonant voice calls out, serenading us in the fading light, his youthful bravado reaching our ears before spreading across the land. We head down to explore the garden path. The sky is turning to purple behind a fading blur of 28

orange-red, and the stars have arrived, fixed like diamonds on the universal canvas. We stroll along the creaky, vaulted path. It leads us to a stage, the size perfect for a string quartet. There are no musicians or any other people. There is only Sinatra's voice, and his message rings out loud and true. I’ve lived a life that’s full. I’ve traveled each and every highway, But more, much more than this, I did it my way. I take Rose’s hand, pull her close, and with only the desert wildlife to witness, we begin to dance. i

Ex-Pat Chronicle – Lesson's Learned From 1. If you’re searching for the essence of the Baja, try watching the sunset from the patio of Art & Beer. 2. The quickest path to originality is through creativity. 3. In life, there are endless moments, yet only a handful we truly remember. Article Location: Art & Beer - El Pescadero, Baja California Sur About the Author: Leaving his home state of Colorado behind, Justin now calls the beaches of Baja California home. A writer and new expat, he is a resident of Todos Santos, Mexico.


ST A Y IN SHAP E d u r i n g y o u r va cation By Dr. Kevin McCaleb

Spectacular views from the "Radio Tower Hill" Hike

With the growth of websites like Tripadvisor and Yelp, it’s becoming easier for you, the tourist, to experience some of the activities that the local population enjoy every day. However, only the most dedicated fitness freaks among you are willing to do research ahead of your vacation. For the rest of you, a boring daily trip to the underwhelming, cramped hotel gym is undoubtedly on the agenda. But let’s face it, to most of you that idea seems about as appealing as watching paint dry. Vacations are about getting out and exploring. Enjoying whatever that destination has to offer. For those of you who are very dedicated to your fitness, and can’t go a week or more without working out, don’t fret because I’ve got you covered. The Los Cabos area offers a wide variety of outdoor activities for us locals to enjoy. But for the constraints of time, here is the inside track on three of the best of them. The first should appeal to almost everyone because it won’t cost you a dime. It is often simply referred to as “The Hill,” or “Radio Tower Hill.” However, simple it is not. It’s been kicking ass and taking names ever since they carved out a road to the top. I’m speaking of the hill behind Home Depot just outside Cabo San Lucas, adorned at its peak with various radio towers. Whether you choose to walk, jog, run, or mountain bike, the hill will undoubtedly get your heart rate up. The trek to the top offers some of the most beautiful panoramas San Lucas has to offer. It’s the perfect opportunity to capture some of those unique photos that are sure to make everyone back home jealous. The fact that you’ll get a great workout on the way up is icing on the cake. To find the hill, turn right immediately after the small Santa Carmela Market about a quarter of a mile before Home Depot when driving towards Cabo from San Jose. Follow the road to the top of the hill where it turns to dirt. Park there and follow the dirt road to the top of the mountain. Happy trails! The second option takes a bit more of an adventurous spirit. If you already know how to surf, then no doubt you’re already very familiar with Los Cabos. But if you’re a novice, or always had a desire to give it a shot, the area has a variety of different breaks for all skill levels. For the purposes of this article, I’ll detail one of those breaks that’s perfect for beginners. The break is located just out from the Cabo Surf Hotel, which is on the highway a short distance past Palmilla. This is before you reach San Jose when driving from Cabo. The break goes by a couple of different names, most commonly Old Man’s because of its slow moving, easy wave. Not only are the conditions normally great for beginners, on the beach you will find a great selection of boards to rent and experienced instructors that will take you out for a class if you don’t have the courage to go it alone. I guarantee your cardio workout will never have been more fun. The third and final option gets you on the beach among likeminded individuals in time to watch a beautiful Los Cabos sunrise while sweating it out. Modu Seye is our resident trainer extraordinaire and he’ll put you through the paces with his rigorous bootcamp on the beach, bright and early at 6:00 am every Monday and Friday morning. An excellent way to burn a ton of calories in a beautiful setting with great people, all before most have even gotten out of bed. For pricing and availability check out So there you go. Three great options that will get you out of the hotel and into the beauty of Los Cabos that we locals fell in love with. All three experiences are sure to not only work the body, but feed the soul at the same time. Enjoy! i



WHALE WATCHING SEASON 2017-18: Take a Trip with a Marine Biologist

by L aura Ty r rel l, PA DI I D C St af f inst r uc tor and d ive guid e at C ab o Trek

A BRE ACH, A SL AP, A FLUKE of its tail and a song that boasts an uninterrupted 22 hours at the record breaking level: The Humpback whale is back in Cabo. They have come to socialize, to find mates and to give birth before the long, dangerous slog back to the north with their new young. The most common whale encounter of tourist excursions in Cabo is that of the humpback whale. That’s not to say you won’t catch a glimpse of a shy Grey or maybe even an enormous Blue Whale: the largest animal on the planet measuring up to an incredible 110 feet. Pods of Orca also travel through and have been seen by excursion boats year-round. From December 15 until April 15, the whale watching boats of Cabo get the go ahead to take groups just outside the bay in to the mouth of the Sea of Cortez, or perhaps along the west side beaches of the Pacific Ocean: you don’t need to go far to see the whales traveling between the two oceans. Whale watching is a regulated activity; a flag must be displayed on the boat, you may only approach the whale at the tail end and reserve a distance of 60 – 80 feet (a tip - smaller boats get closer), the boats must maintain a speed of 4km or less, and a maximum 30 minutes observation time per whale, per boat. Most operators are very respectful of these rules. What sets apart operators is the standard of the guides themselves. Look for a tour company that employs marine biologists. They often work specifically with whale research projects and will be full of information about the current status of these whales, can explain precisely what behavior is being displayed, and try to explain the most current theories as to why. They may even be able to identify an individual based on the pattern of the tail. Most whales are unfortunately in the ‘threatened’ level of conservation status. So, part of the experience of viewing these magnificent animals should be to learn a little bit about them as we go. Take a trip to see these 55 foot, 40 ton beauties breach, slap and fluke right in front of your boat. Take the kids, take lots of photos and get more from this bucket-list experience by choosing a responsible company with marine biologists as your guide. i 30


ALL THAT'S FISHY From Land's End to La Paz Mont h ly F ishi ng R e p or t by G ar y Gra ham


elcome to Baja Sur. Although the fishing has been hot, the weather has begun to cool. Don’t panic ... even December temperatures will not hamper your fishing or for that matter your pool and beach time. It appears the striped marlin fishing that has always drawn anglers from around the world is right on schedule to be at a high-point for the holidays. There might be a longer boat ride than expected, even approaching 40 miles as the fish seem to have settled in on the Finger Bank; however, it’s worth the ride. Double- digit releases have been common. It’s fun fishing with plenty to look at. There are high circling frigate birds, aka mano’-wars, swooping down from a football-field length to scoop up unsuspecting baitfish in many places. The poor things are the victims of a cycle of Mother Nature. First the striped marlin along with yellowfin tuna, dorado and wahoo, to name a few, consider the small baitfish as one of their prime sources of food. So, to get away from the predator fish, the little critters flee toward the surface, which then makes them vulnerable to the swooping birds above. Recently, I was fortunate enough to be with the Gray Tag Team when they were deploying a satellite tag that tracks fish in real time. We were in the area less than four hours and managed to tag and release seven fish ... one with a satellite tag and the other six with spaghetti tags. For those of you looking for something to eat, the yellowfin tuna are biting from La Paz to the tip and range from football-sized to OMG! Like one caught at the recent WON Tuna Tournament held here in Cabo. If you were hoping for a big tuna, be careful what you wish for; one in the WON Tuna Tournament weighed a whopping 338-pounds that earned the team a remarkable $252,425 check. Not to be outdone, there was a black marlin caught by the boat, C Bandit, in the Bisbee Black and Blue that weighed 569 pounds that earned the angler Frank D'Anna and his team $764,966 for his efforts! La Paz has begun to experience the North Winds that are common this time of year. When the winds settle down, the dorado are still willing and eager. Lots of smallish fish around, but some nice-sized 10- to 20-pounders are in the mix as well. There is no shortage of dorado if that’s what you want to catch. Remarkably, the tuna schools that showed up off the south end of Espirito Santo Island, not far off from Bonanza Beach, are nice-sized fish up to about 20 pounds and are boiling around the boats. Down at East Cape the North Winds are also a factor. However, it’s the same story, different place, when the winds back off a bit. The bite has been exceptional with yellowfin tuna, dorado, wahoo and blue marlin providing steady action. Finding the larger tuna on porpoise schools has been very difficult, but the high spots off Pescadero, La Ribera, Rincon and Los Meganos have provided limits of the smaller grade for anglers using calamari and sardina. Wahoo have been cruising the same high spots and it has not been uncommon to get bit off while drifting for tuna. Another oddity for this late in the year are the larger roosterfish that are still prowling the East Cape beaches. The $64 question is how long it will last? And that hasn’t been answered yet. Unless conditions take a left turn on us, the fishing could well go beyond Thanksgiving. i

Everything you need to know about Baja Sur


As recently as fifteen years ago, yoga in Los Cabos felt like an exotic discipline. You could count the yoga teachers with the fingers on one hand, and students in one session were never more than five. Most thought yoga was a religious practice, few resorts gave space to it unless their guests booked a private yoga class, and to be seen upside down, on top of the head, in meditation, was seen as a superpower.

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YOGA in Los Cabos by Yeye, Namaste La Onda Natural

Los Cabos, as an international resort town dedicated to luxury and fun living, offers a natural environment that gives free will to all minds projections, addictions, pleasures and labyrinths, here is an adventure and a maze, you are indeed on vacation at Land’s End. Nothing exists beyond this piece of earth, but an ocean of possibilities. This is the desert. Baja is Mexican territory, one thousand miles of sand, cacti, starry skies, oceans, coral reefs, lagoons, snakes, scorpions, medicinal plants, tarantulas, deer, gold, silver, tons of salt, and humans in search of their freedom; ours is an art of living,

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Originally yoga was learned directly from the great Yoga Sutras of Patanjali who, through his own exploration of the body-mind connection, discovered yoga to mean chitta vritti nirodha referring to stilling the mind in order to experience Ultimate Reality, the removal of the fluctuations of the mind, and the cessation of thinking. Asana, the physical practice, was barely mentioned in passing, and it was designed and customized to the human body by subsequent yogis in time, mostly as a way to keep the body healthy, flexible and strong, with the sole intent to help the body resist longer periods of stillness in meditation. Each posture was meant to sit the mind in stillness, for as long as comfortably as possible, so the yogi could focus attention on the breath and observe the sensations of the body while training the mind to see things as they are, and not as we want them to be, in awareness and equanimity, until oneness and enlightenment manifests in the mind of the practitioner. The core of the practice was to connect with G-d, the Ultimate Reality, described as pure and clear awareness and equanimity, an awakening from the illusion of the material world. A discovery of the creative force. An integration with Brahman, the cosmic center of the Universe. True Magic. Quantum Physics at its best.


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a yoga style in itself. The peninsula of Baja California has no history beyond the Spanish Jesuits, Franciscans, and the Dominicans establishing 27 missions during their time colonizing the “New World”. It is said that by 1697, at the time of first contact with the Spanish, the Native Americans living in Baja California may have numbered as many as 60,000. None of them practiced yoga. At first glance, Los Cabos has no Indian ancestry, and Buddha seemed to have kept himself in view only as an intellectual concept, because by the turn of the XXI century, most Cabeños were skeptical of Yoga. They rather keep it at bay because, well, Gotama is not believed to be a catholic, but a Buddhist, and without yoga the mind seems to fear that which it does not know. By 2000, barely anyone in Los Cabos knew that there is more than one Buddha in the history of Buddhas, fewer knew that Buddha means “the enlightened one” or that the word is used on any person who accomplishes mastery of the mind, she who awakens to peace, he who masters truth and clarity, those who embrace the wisdom of awareness and equanimity, as a lifestyle. Even today, when we can recognize the yogi spirit completely alive and vibrant in Los Cabos community, while many studios are found throughout the several towns that form the Baja California sacred road, we are still not very able to fully understand yoga, to fully establish ourselves in the path by cultivating love and compassion, not many have mastered the observation of the breath and its direct connection with the mastery of the mind, and certainly perhaps none of us are fully developed in all paramis, the perfections that evolve when the true yogi has realized, by experience, the ultimate natural law, the law of change. In the modern world of yoga in Los Cabos, competition and ego driven sports are a common ground and it is still a rare find to meet a yogi or yogini who is savvy in yoga’s foundation, and its meaning, no matter how often they do asana, and how complex their pose may look in their Facebook “I love yoga” picture. Did you know that before asana - the physical practice one must practice Yamas and Niyamas - the moral discipline and observances of yoga? Are you aware that practicing the postures does not necessarily mean you are practicing yoga, and that


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May your yoga experience in Cabo bring you happiness. i

BAJA ZEN IN CERRITOS Yoga Studio & Retreat Center Cerritos Beach, Baja California Sur @BajaZen 011-52-1 (612) 142-5038 BAJA SOUL YOGA Calle Via de la Paloma, Amalfi, 23467 Los Cabos, BCS, México Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur @BajaSoulYoga 044 (624) 122-3693 CUATRO VIENTOS Horizonte next to La Esquina, Horizante cerca de La Esquina Todos Santos, Baja California Sur FULL MOON YOGA Mindfulness Spa by MexSun El Ganzo Beach, Puerto Los Cabos @MexSunLosCabos 01 (624) 142-6801 HEALING YOGA CABO Valerio Gonzalez Canseco S/N Plaza Tamarindo Local 5 || Col. 1 de Mayo San José del Cabo, Baja California Sur @HealingYogaCabo 01 (624) 218-6790 INNER FLOW YOGA December 1-3, Retreat and detox at Los Naranjos Buddhist Center San José del Cabo, Baja California Sur @InnerFlowYoga.Cabos LOS CABOS YOGA Carretera Cabo San Lucas-San José del Cabo, San José del Cabo, Baja California Sur @LosCabosYoga 01 (624) 174-0883 MANOMA SPA & WELLNESS Koral Center, Planta Alta, Carretera Transpeninsular km 24.5, Col. Cerro Colorado, San José del Cabo, Baja California Sur @ManomaSpa 01 (624) 142-1975 MEXICO SANGHA YOGA FEST Todos invitados @SanghaYoga Fest January 5-7, 2018 MEXSUN DAY SPA 1121 Avenida Centenario San José del Cabo, Baja California Sur @MexSunLosCabos 01 (624) 142-6801

NAAM YOGA & THERAPIES Carretera Transpeninsular San José del Cabo, Baja California Sur @LolaNaam 01 (624) 358 1932 NAMASTE LA ONDA NATURAL Conscious Multimedia NAMASTE YOGA Centro Todos Santos Baja Sur (612) 204-4432 PACHAMAMA MEXICO Calle Camino Viejo Todos Santos, Baja California Sur @PachamamaTodosSantos 01 (612) 183-2676 PLANETARY MOODS Live Music/ Power Yoga / Friends and Nature / Yoga Concerts @PlanetaryMoods 01 (624) 155-71883 PRANA YOGA Colonia 4 de Marzo, Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur @PranaYogaStudioLosCabos 01 (624) 178-1537 Prana del Mar Playas Migriño Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur @PranaDelMar 01 (415) 310-2909 SHANTI YOGA LOS CABOS Retorno del Caudel #30 Col. Puertas del Sol, Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur @ShantiYogaLosCabos +1 (209) 559-1223 THE SPA AT PEDREGAL Camino de la Barranca, El Pedregal Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur @TheSpaAtPedregal (602) 425-5253 or (624) 143-4432 UMA YOGA SANCTUARY in Cabo San Lucas - Kids yoga Av. Lopez Mateos S/N entre Morelos y Zaragoza Col. Ejidal, Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur @UmaYogaSanctuary 01 (624) 355-3070 YOGA LOS CABOS @YogaInLosCabos 01 (624) 108-1417

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You are on vacation, we know that, and we like it, because it keeps us thinking about all the possible ways to make you feel happy and at peace. So here we leave you with your first lesson: Peace does not require two people but only one, and it has to be you.

ACADEMIA INTERNACIONAL DE YOGA ZANTORY Boulevard Hidalgo 233 local 17-18 PLAZA GOLDEN PALACE Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur 01 (624) 121-8667 or 01 (624) 132-6637


It’s true that yoga in Los Cabos is a very transcendental evolutionary space of mind, within the local and international emotionally intelligent community. Families, youth, children, everyone is welcome; when it comes to yoga in Los Cabos there is an inspiring experience for all levels, and all ages. Ours is a celebration of natural beauty, art and music, a mantra dance, barefoot, our prayer for peace, a mirror to the Universe we live inside, a way to recognize each other’s divinity, a natural way to unite the community so we can heal the collective consciousness, and survive this desert as one, and learn to care for each other. As above, so below. You can find a variety of styles, trends, and excellent yogis and yoginis, who have chosen the path of the teacher, and teach yoga as a lifestyle. To tell the story of each one of them separately, would be to tell the story of every yoga teacher in time. A journey to the Self, through the Self, for the benefit of all. What we teach and how we teach it depends on experience, as that is what a teacher does. Ideally, we teach you what we have learned only by experience, to help make the world a peaceful and happy place of mind.

Compiled by Namaste La Onda Natural

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Let’s just say that yoga in Los Cabos has flourished to be a wonderful Cabo activity for the traveler and the seeker, one you can find easily these days, like snorkeling and scuba diving. Because of our natural beauty, many retreats are organized in Baja by local and international yoga teachers, several local studios offer classes on a daily basis, most all resorts and boutique hotels offer yoga, and some have now designed spaces specifically for its practice, counting a few who exist only for that purpose. Los Cabos is now savvy in what you might call mindful living.




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asana is only meant to clean the body and quiet the mind, so it can focus on the real yoga? Did you know that yoga’s only purpose is to still the mind in meditation until wisdom gets established and enlightenment vibrates everything with love and compassion? That is of course if your intention when practicing yoga is really to establish yourself in the path of happiness, and to purify your mind until its only reflection is peace.


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A “Pueblo Mágico” is a designation appointed by the Mexican Government to a region of Mexico known for its natural beauty, cultural riches, and historical relevance.


Giving Guide Cabo San Lucas / San José Del Cabo

The Best Beer In Baja: Todos Santos Brewing Company By Justin Porter Biel

On a Sunday evening, the Todos Santos Brewing Company is filled with buzzed energy, jovial voices, and the pungent smell of craft beer. Friends sit at high- top tables, bar stools, or kicked back against cozy leather couches with their hands gripped around frosty pint glasses. On the back patio under a purple sky, local musicians sing jazz for an intimate crowd. Liz and Ted Mitchell, the hands-on owners of the establishment, are either behind the bar or chatting with guests, their smiling faces as appreciated as the craft beers they produce. Their taproom has an easygoing, welcoming vibe. But more important than the atmosphere is the craft beer lineup, debatably the best in all of Southern Baja. An immediate fan of their brews, I took time to talk to Liz and Ted during one of their “Sunday Sessions” music events. Between drinks, I asked them a range of questions, mostly about beer, but also about the ideation of the Todos Santos Brewing Company. Originally from Australia, Liz and Ted Mitchell never had the intention of living full time in Todos Santos, let alone starting the town’s first craft brewery. But while vacationing in neighboring Cerritos, the couple went out one afternoon in search of what they desired most - a taproom with excellent craft beer, air conditioning, and good food. “There was nothing like it,” said Ted, “Right then, I knew there was an opportunity.” Four weeks after that fateful afternoon, the Mitchell’s packed up their lives in Australia and moved to Mexico with a goal to open the first craft brewery in Todos Santos. After arriving they rented an old tortilla factory, redesigned the entire place, and in June of 2017, the Todos Santos Brewing Company opened for business. “From day one,” said Liz, “the reception has been amazing.” How amazing? “On opening night,” said Ted, “the beer we planned to sell in the first month was gone in two and a half hours.” As a resident of Todos Santos, I attended the opening night in June, curious to see what the new brewery had to offer. I remember the night well. It was a scene of controlled chaos, with Ted and Liz behind the bar, the Mitchell’s taking orders faster than they could pour. The opening was a huge success. “All in all,” said Ted, “around three-hundred people stopped by.” Even now, the Mitchell’s aren’t sure how word got out so fast. “We didn’t do any real marketing,” said Liz, “people just showed up.” The success of Todos Santos Brewing Company is due to many reasons, the biggest one being the excellent craft beer, which Ted brews onsite with the help of Liz and a small local team. Regarding their personal tastes, Ted and Liz prefer the full-bodied, hoppy IPA’s with names such as “Heavenly Beast,” “Deep Summer IPA” and “Gaslamp West Coast IPA.” Still, they were hesitant to admit to a favorite beer, because, “I have a new favorite every week,” said Ted. However, with nearly twenty taps, Todos Santos Brewing has something for everyone. In addition to IPA’s, patrons can choose from refreshing summer ales, blondes, reds, American pale ales, sour beers, and even a gose. A broad selection like this, which is a big plus for lovers of craft beer, was unheard of in Todos Santos before the Mitchell's arrival. But don’t let the name fool you. Todos Santos Brewing is not only about the beer. With an eye for marketing and promotions, Liz has developed weekly activities, trivia nights and music events, all of which draw crowds looking to kick back and connect with other members of the community. The Mitchell’s are methodical about every aspect of the brewery, which translates to a unique, memorable experience for each person who walks through the door. It’s all part of a broad vision for the company. “We want people to come for the beer,” said Liz, “but stay for the experience.” Hours have passed, and I'm reaching the end of my second beer. Inside there’s still one group chatting and laughing at the high tables, but the magnetizing pull of the music, the lights, and night sky has drawn everyone else outside. Before heading to the back patio, I thank Liz and Ted for answering my questions, hoping I can remember all the key points. I tell this to Ted, mentioning that I’ll bring a voice recorder for the next interview. Ted smiles, seemingly unaffected by my concerns. “Most times people don’t remember what you told them anyway,” he says, “what they remember is how you made them feel.” I walk out to the patio with a full glass and take a seat in the corner, my head nodding to soothing vocals and the sounds of a DJ playing impromptu riffs on an electric guitar. I take a drink of the beer, realizing I've forgotten a lot of the conversation already. But none of that seems to matter, as the feeling I have is just right. 34

Amigos de Los Niños (Friends of the Children) - 624 144 3195 Baja SAFE, Salud de los Animales y Familias con Educación A.C. The Bomberos Voluntarios (Volunteer Fire Department) Cabo San Lucas: 624 143 3577 - San José del Cabo: 624 142 2466. Building Baja's Future - 624 355 4314 Casa Hogar de Cabo San Lucas, A.C. - 624 123 1285 Gala de Danza A.C. Gente Joven Por Un Cambio, A.C. H+ Foundation Fund Liga M.A.C., A.C. (Mexican American Canadian League) - 624 120 1060 Los Cabos Children's Foundation, A.C. - 624 157 3851 Los Cabos Humane Society - 624 129 8346 Los Niños del Capitán, A.C. - 624 173 3807 Mobilize Mankind - 624 129 8223 Red Autismo - 624 166 8186 Sarahuaro - 624 122 4955 Solmar Foundation Fund Vifac BCS - 624 688 5062, 01 800 362 2207

East Cape

Amigos para la Conservacion de Cabo Pulmo, A.C. (ACCP) East Cape Community Urgent Care Clinic, A.C. East Cape Guild

Todos Santos

The Palapa Society Todos Santos, A.C. Todos Santos Community Fund

La Paz

Centro Mujeres, A.C. Como Vamos La Paz, A.C. Fundación Ayuda Niños La Paz, A.C. (FANLAP) Fundación Cántaro Azul, A.C. - Water and environmental solutions. La Paz Community fund Pelagios Kakunjá Raíz de Fondo Jardines y Educación, A.C.

Magdalena Bay

Vigilantes de Bahía Magdalena, A.C. Facebook: @vigilantes.bahiamagdalena


Eco-Alianza de Loreto, A.C.


ICF- Supporting Natural Disaster Relief throughout Mexico! by International Community Foundation

August and September were a tragic, deadly few months in the Northern Hemisphere. Mexico was one of the hardest-hit, with a sequence of natural disasters ranging from tropical storms, hurricanes, and of course two major earthquakes – all of which caused significant loss of lives and millions of dollars in damage across multiple regions of the country. Far too many families – particularly in some of the poorest regions of the country – have lost loved ones and homes and although the immediate relief efforts are winding down, reconstruction is just beginning. But the International Community Foundation (ICF) and their local nonprofit partners are working to make sure these communities are not forgotten, and to help people rebuild their lives. On August 31, Tropical Storm Lidia brought devastating floods throughout the Los Cabos area in Baja California Sur. Heavy rain and flooding resulted in the loss of life and destruction of basic infrastructure. While the quaint, historic downtown of San Jose del Cabo and tourist beaches were quickly cleaned up, many people who lost their homes are in the poorest communities and continue to lack shelter and basic necessities. One week later, a magnitude 8.1 earthquake struck the states of Oaxaca and Chiapas, two of Mexico's poorest and most underdeveloped states. This quake, the largest in at least a century, affected millions of people in Southern Mexico, killing over 100 people and demolishing thousands homes and infrastructure such as schools, hospitals, roads and historic monuments. While the government and humanitarian community was still reeling from the damage, tropical storm Katia hit the Yucatan peninsula and caused flooding in Oaxaca, and on September 19th, a 7.1 magnitude earthquake rocked the states of Puebla, Morelos and Mexico, resulting in the loss of 598 lives and over 6,000 injuries. Fortunately, ICF’s loyal donor community has responded to all of these disasters with generous contributions.

In the weeks following Tropical Storm Lidia, ICF’s Baja California Disaster Relief fund raised $15,000 to support local nonprofit organizations like Red Autismo A.C., who helped repair families’ homes; Amigos de Los Niños who provided food, water and other basic needs for families and children; and the Los Cabos Humane Society who protected abandoned animals by providing shelter and medical services. ICF will continue to make grants as ongoing needs become apparent. Since the two earthquakes in Mexico, ICF has raised over $300,000 for disaster relief in the five affected regions of Oaxaca, Chiapas, Pueblo, Morelos and Mexico City, and as of early November has granted more than $130,000 to organizations responding to immediate needs such as building temporary classrooms, making repairs to schools and orphanages, funding medical brigades, installing water filtration devices in rural communities, and offering post-trauma therapy for students. In the short term, ICF focused on normalizing lives for children as many schools have been destroyed or remain closed. As the holiday schoolbreak quickly approaches, many students may not return to classes or their regular routines until the next semester, if not later, setting kids behind on their education. This is just one example of the long-term impacts that these disasters will have on communities throughout Mexico. Now that we are into the recovery phase, ICF is working with local nonprofits and other funders in the region to devise a longer-term strategy and leverage matching funds for our contributions. It has certainly been a tumultuous year for families and communities across Mexico. However, through the continued generosity from the international community, ICF has been able to offer support for our Mexican neighbors in the most trying of times. ICF is proud to play a role in the rebuilding of people's lives and in restoring hope to those affected by the terrible tragedies in Mexico. To learn more about how you can continue to help families affected by these natural disasters please visit: or call 619-336-2254. Everything you need to know about Baja Sur




“It’s not about where you’re from, but whom you choose to become.”


BY JUSTIN PORTER BIEL MODU SEYE has always been motivated to aim high. A native of Senegal, Modu came to America as a young man, and then went on to earn his bachelors and masters degrees in business from the University Of Nebraska, Omaha. After a stint in corporate America, Modu was pulled to Los Angeles to pursue a career in modeling. It was in Los Angeles that Modu realized his passion for fitness. He earned his first certification for personal training in 2009 and then created ModuVated as a way to share his unique perspective on fitness and healthy living. From his start in Los Angeles, demand for Mudu Seye and his training style spread, taking him south to Cabo San Lucas. Modu operates two gyms, one located at the Koral Center in San Jose Del Cabo, and another at Diamante in Cabo San Lucas. Today, Modu Seye and his team are known as the top fitness professionals in Los Cabos. Here's a brief Q&A with the man himself: Where are you originally from? Senegal, Africa. Why have you chosen to call Los Cabos home? This place has given me everything, I’ve met a lot of special people and it has let me pursuit my dream and live my passion day by day. What are you most inspired by today? The same thing that has inspired me since I was born, my mother. Now I can also say my son and the fact that I don't want to let my team down. What new skill are you trying to learn? Become a Spinning instructor. What do you do to raise your energy level? Be around positive people . What do you do to decompress? Spend time with my son. What’s the best advice you’re ever received? Nothing worth having comes easy. Do you believe in chasing dreams? Yes. Why? Because I just think it gives you purpose in life, that's what makes you get up in the morning, otherwise you settle to be average. What emotion are you feeling right now? Truly blessed, that's how I feel, the fact that I'm healthy and successful. What would you tell anyone coming to Los Cabos? Its an amazing place, most people focus on the weather, the food and the beach, but for me what makes it special is the people.


ART DISTRICT View art as you stroll the enchanting streets of the Gallery District in downtown San Jose del Cabo. Later end your evening with a dining experience at one of the many exquisite restaurants in the area.

Musical Tuesdays

Enjoy traditional Mexican music and complimentary drinks at participating venues. Starts at 6:30 pm every Tuesday.



Everything you need to know about Baja Sur



LOS CABOS FILM FESTIVAL RED CARPET & GALAS by Just i ne Scho c k , y o u r g u i d e t o t h e C a bo Social Scene

Along with the busy season comes many of Cabo's most extravagant events!


The Los Cabos International Film Festival started with a bang at Esperanza, an Auberge resort, on Wednesday November 8. VIP guests dined from a variety of elaborate gourmet food stations scattered around the Esperanza pool including made to order pasta, mouthwatering sliders, wood fired pizza, fish n' chips served from an upcycled VW bus, a guacamole station, tacos and more. Guests partied late into the night with an assortment of unlimited wine, tequila and spirits. There was even a cigar rolling station for cigar aficionados. Notables in attendance included Club of Crows star Luis Gerardo MĂŠndez, Mexican film director and producer Michel Franco, and actor and singer-songwriter Christopher von Uckermann, just to name a few. This event will definitely be at the top of my list next year! @EsperanzaResort


The Film Festival also brought four days of galas from November 8-11, which celebrated the films Battle of the Sexes, Downsizing, Molly's Game, and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. Fans and press lined both sides of the red carpet to watch celebs arrive and graciously take photos and sign autographs for admirers. Some of the noteworthy celebrities included Once Upon a Time star Jennifer Morrison, actor and telenovela star Christian Chavez, Cuban actor Alberto Guerra, Luis Gerardo MĂŠndez, Mexican singer and actress Camila Sodi, renowned Mexican jewelry designer Daniel Espinosa, Miss Baja California Sur 2017 Valeria Verdugo, actress and producer Sonia Franco, fitness expert Pepe Urueta, and American screenwriter and film director Paul Schrader who was honored with a special Film Festival tribute this year. Closing night concluded with Australian actress Nicole Kidman receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award, followed by a speech in which she expressed her appreciation to the film community. @CabosFilmFestival


Cabo loves a good party, so when Halloween falls on a weekday, you can be sure there will be two full days of festivities. This year Halloween was on Tuesday, but as most locals will tell you, Saturday is usually the best night to go out in downtown Cabo. Wild Cabo tours hosted two Halloween sunset cruises on Cabo Escape and the Buccaneer Queen, and Amber's Market/Mint Jungle held a spooky costume contest to celebrate their first anniversary later Saturday night. Tuesday brought many more costume contests with large cash prizes while crowds of local children filled the streets screaming "Feliz Halloween" to anyone with candy. Day of the Dead was celebrated the following day with some of the most elaborate altars in town displayed at Luxury Avenue in Plaza Puerto Paraiso. @CaboEscapeTours @BuccaneerQueen @LuxuryAvenue


Colombian reggaeton singer J Balvin made a stop in Cabo as part of his Energia World Tour on Thursday November 2 at El Squid Roe. With more than 20 million social media followers, a Latin Grammy Award and Latin Album of the Year from iHeartRadio Music Awards, this global music star has solidified his spot in the Latin music community. His songs can be heard nightly throughout most nightclubs in downtown Cabo. Balvin performed many fan favorites including 'Ginza', '6AM', 'Yo Te Lo Dije', 'Ay Vamos', 'Sorry Remix', and 'Bobo' to a crowd of screaming locals and tourists. He closed the night with 'Mi Gente', the number one song in the world this summer according to Global Top 50 on Spotify, with a music video that has been seen more than one billion times. 'Mi Gente' was an fantastic finale performance complete with raining confetti, balloons, and CO2 cannons. @JBalvinOficial @ElSquidRoeCabo


The Sand Bar Los Cabos


With the constant stream of parties this season, a few bad hangovers are likely to occur. And what do you do when you wake up feeling miserable and don't want to waste one of your few precious vacation days lying in bed? I recommend calling the Drip Spa for IV drip therapy. I was able to try it out for myself after a few too many Halloween cocktails last month, and I must say the results were amazing! After about 40 minutes (time varies by person), my headache was gone, and I had a lot more energy. They even have an anti-nausea booster if you are feeling a little queasy. The Drip Spa has a licensed doctor and trained nurses on staff and is very clean and professional. If you don't want to leave your hotel or villa, The Drip Spa will even come to you (for an additional fee). IV Therapy isn't the only service they offer, you can also make an appointment for Botox, dermal fillers, cold laser therapy and more! @TheDripSpa

* This holiday season is sure to keep your social calendar full. In the coming weeks we have Dressed to the K-9's, Sabor A Cabo, New Year's Eve, and countless company Christmas parties in store. So, don't put your party clothes away just yet and remember to have The Drip Spa on speed dial...just in case! *

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Lovers Beach Cabo San Lucas Mexico

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03 This year, the venue for the regional gastronomic festival will be the Huerta Orgánica Los Tamarindos, in Animas Bajas. The place was chosen because it has suitable rural characteristics. It retains a construction of more than 100 years, surrounded by an orchard with a history of about 300 years next to a river. Sabor a Cabo Rural was created to live together as a family and to boost the local economy of communities and farms by offering attendees the best of the regional gastronomy. The dishes are prepared with 100% local products from Baja California Sur, by restaurants interested in conserving traditional recipes such as birria, white barbecue, talayotes, roast kid, chanfaina, dialada, sweets, among others. Tickets are $500 MXN for adults and $250 MXN for children under 12. For ticket sale locations and more information visit: - Call: (624) 143-3944 - Email: ticket@


Each year Liga MAC teams up with The Shoppes at Palmilla to kick-off the “Spirit of Giving” for the Holiday Season during the first week of December. Admission is an unwrapped, non-battery operated toy for a child 1-12 years of age. The toys are given to low-income families assisted by LIGA MAC when Santa visits their Centro de Apoyo in El Zacatal for their Christmas Posada Day. Event starts at 6:00 pm and ends at 9:00 pm.



Join The Drip Spa for a fun afternoon of drinks and appetizers! Their nurses and doctors will be available for consults and on the spot treatment. Holiday specials on Botox, Dysport, Juvaderm, Laser Treatments and Drips. Look and feel amazing for the holiday season! 4:00 PM. 40

by Ami Doss and Michelle Monroy





Los Cabos Humane Society will present the 12th annual ‘Dressed to the K-9's Party’ will be held around the Sheraton Grand’s De Cortez Pool Deck, a stunning beach front location overlooking the beautiful Sea of Cortez. This year’s fundraiser will be a holiday season celebration titled the ‘Christmas in White Party’— guest are invited to wear all white and join the fun! The party features a cocktail reception followed by a scrumptious dinner with five grill stations. After the silent auction and raffle drawings, music by Totoy will have you on your feet dancing the night away. Good times for a great cause! Single tickets: $100 USD / $1750 pesos. Reserve a table for 8-10: $125 USD/ $2200 pesos per person. Tickets and full event information on the event page at All proceeds will benefit the Los Cabos Humane Society. Contact Margarita ( or Barbara by phone (143-2726) or email (

09 INTERNATIONAL FOOD AND WINE FESTIVAL Sabor a Cabo is an event created 100% by Los Cabos restauranteurs, who over the years have included wine and tequila houses in the event. Each restaurant participates with an impressive sample of their iconic recipes and chefs have the opportunity to cater to the more than three thousand people who attend. Sabor a Cabo has also invited chefs of international stature with Estrella Michelin, such as Dieter Koschina, Enrique Olvera, Richard Sandoval, among others. The main goal of the event is to support local charities in the Los Cabos area. For over ten years, everything collected in the Sabor a Cabo-Mango Event is donated to charities working to better this destination. The one and only EARTH WIND AND FIRE was recently announced as this year's entertainment. "Their sound is beyond category with a groove as deep as the soul of the planet," says Jacobo Turquie, Founding Partner and President of Sabor a Cabo. Clearly this will be a show that should not to be missed! Sabor a Cabo 2017 will be held at Quivira Los Cabos, situated on Los Cabos' beautiful Pacific coast. Tickets are $175 USD for general admission, $250 USD for a regular table and $350 USD for the VIP lounge area. Go to their website for ticket information and mouth-watering photos at




This is one of the most celebrated days in Mexico and it commemorates the Catholic belief that Virgin Mary, Jesus’ mother, appeared in Mexico in 1531. As the story goes, a man named Juan Diego encountered the Virgin Mary twice in Mexico City on December 9 and again on December 12. According to legend, Mary told Juan to ask the bishop to build a church on Tepeyac Hill. Juan returned to the hill to see roses in a spot where only cacti had previously grown. When Juan Diego returned, he showed the roses to the archbishop and also revealed an image on his cloak of the Lady of Guadalupe. It is said that millions of Mexicans were converted to Catholicism as a result of her appearance and miracle. Our Lady of Guadalupe Day is not a federal public holiday—sorry kids, you’ll still have school—but it is a religious festival celebrated in Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo with fireworks, street fairs and processions following mass.



Las Posadas is a novenario (nine days of religious observance) celebrated primarily in Mexico, beginning December 16 and ending on December 24. The ritual has been a tradition in Mexico going back 400 years. The word posada means ‘shelter’ or ‘inn’, which makes sense as this tradition specifically re-enacts Mary and Joseph’s search for a place to stay in Bethlehem. The celebration begins with a procession in which the participants hold candles and sing songs requesting shelter, and leading the way are the individuals dressed up as Joseph and Mary. In these modern times posadas have taken a new meaning, and if you're invited to one you will most likely not be participating in a procession; you will attend a party where ponche and tamales will be served and then a star-shaped piñata filled with seasonal fruit and candies will be torn-up! The Posadas are a very important part of Mexican Christmas celebrations.

UPCOMING EVENTS J anuary 21 Los Cabos "Beat The Sunset" Marathon


Stargazing /Astronomy programs Reservation in advance is required. (624)129-8701

Wednesdays: The Wirikuta Show


Stargazing /Astronomy programs Reservation in advance is required. (624)129-8701 San Jose del Cabo Art Walk 5:00 pm


Farmer’s Market at the Shoppes at Palmilla 9:00 am - 1:00 pm -


San José del Cabo Organic Market 9:00 am - 3:00 pm - La Kermés at Wirikuta 1:00 pm to 8:00 pm The Los Cabos Organic Market at Pedregal 7:30 am - 12:00 pm - Bird walks at San Jose Estuary Reservation in advance is required. (624)151-1565


Ciclovia Recreativa Cabo From 7:00 - 11:00 am a section of the main street in Cabo San Lucas closes for bikers and skaters. Great for kids!

NEW YEAR'S PARTIES NYE with Paul Oakenfold at ME Cabo

Looking for something to do on New Years Eve on Medano Beach? ME Cabo has you covered! Join them as you ring in 2018 with Paul Oakenfold at Blue Marlin Ibiza Los Cabos. Fireworks will light up the night above your head as you enjoy the Grammy Award nominee record producer and world famous DJ from England. This will be an adult only event so please bring your I.D. General admission tickets are $900 pesos per person. There are several bottle service and package options. Please check ME Cabo’s event page for up-to-date information. Tickets can be purchased at Ticketmaster México: You can also email or call (+52)624-122-2001 for reservations.


Enjoy a 3 hour party out on the water with appetizers and open international bar. 10:00 pm to 1:00 am. Boarding starts at 9:30 pm. $85 USD for Adults, $65 USD for children. BOOK NOW! Email or call 143 3797


Cruise for 3 hour and celebrate the new year at this party which offers a special New Year's dinner and an unlimited international bar. 10:00 pm to 1:00 am. Boarding starts at 9:30 pm. $85 USD for Adults, $65 USD for children. BOOK NOW! Email or call 143 3797 Everything you need to know about Baja Sur


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Everything you need to know about Baja Sur