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Destination Lofsdalen

We cannot be held liable for errors or price changes. Photo: Martin Olson, Joakim Lagercrantz, Bosse Lind, Judith Reischl, Martin Iversen, Nina Wenker. Some images financed by EU funding. Design and production: Mari Forsell Design Åre. Translation: Åre Translation. Printing: Printgraf

THE LITTLE VILLAGE WITH THE BIG OPPORTUNITIES After a year in Lofsdalen, I’m delighted to have confirmed my first impressions of the destination: a small, friendly mountain village with fantastic opportunities for alpine sports and recreation. The village’s size, the accessible mountains surrounding it and the lake in the middle of the village make Lofsdalen the perfect mountain destination for families and outdoor enthusiasts, whatever the season. It’s been an incredible luxury for me to enjoy 122 km of varied cross-country skiing on well-groomed trails. More than once, I’ve stopped to enjoy newly groomed tracks up on the mountain and the views across Sonfjället, Hovärken and the Sömlingshågna

massif. Naturally, the same applies to the snowmobile trails, which also make the mountains more accessible. Ahead of this winter, more improvements are underway in the trail system, including ski bridges, waxing cabins, wind shelters, etc. The ski slopes have both challenging pistes and gentler slopes for leisurely skiing. And if you thought that “Äventyret” was only for kids – no way! I’m happy to go and work on my balance until I’m bent double with laughter at least once each ski day.

summer of 2018 we’ll have more new crosscountry cycling trails to enjoy. Lofsdalen Bike Park has taught me the thrill of downhill cycling. I can ride at my own skill level and with more and less experienced friends. On hot days, I like to spend time on Lofssjön’s beach, in a boat, canoe, or on an S.U.P. – all I have to do now is to learn to fish. Yes, it’s easy to live an active life in Lofsdalen. It really is the little village with the big opportunities! I hope to see you in the mountains this winter! Maria Hasselgren

In the summer months, there are so many walking trails that I’m still finding new views and routes. Even more fun is that in the








In Lofsdalen you can rent fat bikes from Karins Sportbod. You can ride them either on the roads, specified snowmobile trails or on Karin’s fat bike circuit. “We recommend riding in the terrain when the surface is firm and dry. Ask us for advice before you rent so you won’t be disappointed,” says Elias.

Go hiking in snowshoes and get closer to nature. Perfect for people who want to stretch their normal walking legs. Walk with snowshoes on snowmobile trails or through the terrain.

Lofsdalen-Glöte fishery conservation areas are famous for their ice-fishing. Pack your rod, a thermos with a hot drink and perhaps some sandwiches. Then all you need to do is get out there. You can either rent a snowmobile or walk out onto Lofssjön. Fishing permits can be bought from Destination Lofsdalen or Karins Sportbod.

HOW ABOUT… …taking your fat bike in the snowcat from Karins Sportbod up to the waffle cabin – Våffelstugan? Then you can cycle as far as you want along the snowmobile trail to Stenruten and back. Enjoy a cup of coffee at the waffle hut before cycling down the snowmobile trail towards the lake and back to Karins Sportbod. This is an easy outing, perfect for families and beginners.


HOW ABOUT… …making a trip to the waffle cabin, Våffelstugan? This is south of the lake, about 5 km from Karins Sportbod. Follow the snowcat trail over the ice and walk up the mountain, or ride the snowcat to Våffelstugan and Sömlingshågna and walk down the hill home.

HOW ABOUT… …fishing on Lofssjön once the ice is thick enough? The smaller lakes such as Stråsjön, Östertjärnen or Yttersjön also have excellent fishing. A successful day’s fishing needs just two things: rod + fishing permit = winter adventure!

REAL ADVENTURE Winter in Lofsdalen offers incredible snow conditions and lots of fun things to do. Cross-country skiing on 122 km of groomed trails, alpine skiing down Hovärken’s pistes or snowmobiling on well-groomed trails in the amazing mountains. Snowshoes are an easy and pleasant way of getting into the outdoors and experiencing the quietness of nature. If you want a bit more adrenaline, try biking on the snow – a fat bike makes this fun and easy. Winter in Lofsdalen has so much to offer, all you need to do is get here and enjoy it.


GÖSTA LINDER Senior ski instructor

As Lofsdalen’s senior ski instructor, I’m happy to share the joy of skiing. I have skied in Lofsdalen since the mid-1980s and still haven’t tired of it. Even after skiing in other places, both in Sweden and in the Alps, Lofsdalen remains my favourite.

BE BOLD It’s time: up in the lift to Hovärken’s summit, 1125 m. The piste is freshly groomed and skiing starts on the sunny side. With the ski instructor beside you it’s easy to cross the threshold and your limits. In modern ski schools we are happy to talk about passing on the joy of skiing. Our instructors always adapt their lessons to the pupils, so that everyone gets the most out of the experience. “There’s always something to learn or develop. Perhaps just being a bit more daring, or discovering the perfect turn, whether in a snowplough or a clean edge,” says Gösta Linder, ski instructor in Lofsdalen. The time when ski schools were only for kids has passed. Practice long carving turns with a skilled ski instructor on uncrowded slopes.


“My aim is that everyone can develop their skiing and think it’s fun,” says Gösta. “Be bold and enjoy it,” he laughs. “During our ski lessons, particularly for adults, we also try to add some guiding and information about Lofsdalen and the surrounding mountains,” says Gösta. “There’s so much to see! Not just the 25 pistes, the nine lifts and the three parks and ski cross course. Lofsdalen has so much more to offer.”

OUR 5 BEST TIPS – Treat yourself to an hour with your own ski instructor, focusing solely on you and your skiing – Try jib, ski cross and off-piste skiing – Take an hour’s cross-country skiing lesson with our expert instructors – Head up to Lofsdalens Skybar and enjoy the view – Grill sausages by the ski slope



THE WORLD’S BLUEST, KINDEST AND MOST MISCHEVIOUS BEAR Long ago, on an icy-cold night, Loffe was born in a bear’s den close to Hovärken. Back then, he was brown and furry like all the other bear cubs, but when summer came his mummy realised that he wasn’t at all the same as the others. Loffe thought that bilberries were the best thing ever. Lots of bilberries. Loads of bilberries! Loffe ate so many bilberries that he finally turned blue from top to toe. Not only that, but he got so perky from eating all the bilberries that he didn’t want to hibernate when the winter came. So, while all the other bears are sleeping, Loffe plays with his very best friends: the children in Lofsdalen.


A HOLIDAY WITH THE FAMILY The whole family can have fun on a skiing holiday in Lofsdalen – there’s plenty of space to play. The ski slopes are family-friendly and the lifts are easy to learn. Lofsdalen also has a convenient conveyor lift that makes getting up the slope easy, even for our littlest guests. Loffe, Lofsdalen’s little blue bear cub, dances, jokes and plays with the children. Lofsdalen’s kids’ area is in Snölandet, close to the picnic cabin, playground and Aktivitetshus, which has a bowling hall, simulators and playland. This is the perfect place to gather the family. At the ski school, children can learn to ski on safe, gentle ski slopes. Lessons are adapted to the children’s level of knowledge and their wishes. The ski school is fun, with plenty of games for the younger children and exciting skiing with tricks, forest skiing and speed for the older ones.

Once a week, everyone who wants to can go on a treasure hunt with Loffe. Loffe has lost his treasure chest! The children help Loffe to find it. Loffe and a ski instructor collect the children from outside Skidboden with a snowmobile and sledge. Then we travel to Loffe’s cabin to look for treasure! He’s already waiting for winter so that all of his friends can come and visit him! The Loffe Cup is held at the end of the week. This is when children have the chance to show off their skills along with all their new friends. Zigzag past all the figures and cross the finish line, where Loffe is waiting with a medal and a big hug!

– Cross-country skiing in the fairytale world. Our magical trail, Sagospåret, is 640 metres long, well-groomed and easy to ski. – Visit Aktivitetshuset’s playland, the biggest in Härjedalen! – Rent a mini snowmobile for the kids at Lofsdalens Skoteruthyrning. They can ride on a track by themselves. – Try the carousel beside Snölandet, where the childern can go around and around and around. – Go on a treasure hunt with Loffe. He picks up all the children with his snowmobile. – Play in Loffe’s playground, just next to Snölandet and Aktivitetshuset. – Eat waffles at Våffelstugan, the waffle cabin, and watch the reindeer.

WELCOME TO THE LOFFE CLUB! Children can enjoy fun and adventures with Loffe and the ski school. All Loffe Club members get entry to the ski school’s activities and competitions. The welcome meeting is on Sundays at 3 pm, outside the entrance to Skidboden, and provides all the information about the week’s activities. For current information and prices, please visit or the ski school’s reception desk.


SKI CROSS FUN FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY Ready, steady, go – take the challenge and compete against the entire family on Lofsdalen’s ski cross course!

Ski cross is perfect if you want to challenge your friends, parents or a ski instructor. First one down wins!

“In ski cross, several racers start at the same time and ski down a course built with bends and jumps – similar to a motocross course but on snow,” explains Emma, ski instructor at Lofsdalen’s ski school.

“Competing against others is fun! It’s more exciting,” says Emma Rossander.

“Many kids love skiing on trails in the forest. In ski cross, they have the chance to ski in a more controlled environment, without trees and streams, but with other fun obstacles and challenges,” says Emma.

If you’re uncertain but want to have a go anyway, you can learn the basics of ski cross with Lofsdalen’s ski school. All with a focus on joy, safety and technique.


“You test all the elements of the sport alongside a ski instructor,” says Emma. Ski cross is a wonderful variation on ‘just’ skiing. Give it a go!

FEELS LIKE FLYING There’s the ramp, accelerate, jump – and now it’s time to fly! The park has ramps, rails and boxes to challenge every type of skier. Maximum pleasure, combined with the highest level of safety – this is how Lofsdalen’s parks are built. They have lots of rails and ramps of varying difficulties, for jibbers of every age! The parks are often a big favourite with youngsters. This is an excellent place to test new tricks and work on your balance. “For me, skiing in the park means I challenge myself, there’s always something to improve,” says Emma, ski instructor in Lofsdalen. Lofsdalen’s parks have everything from wide junior boxes to 12-metre rails, rainbows, battleships, flat downs and straight rails. “In jib school we train loads of practical skiing and balance, which makes you a better skier overall. We learn to jump and ski rails in the park in a safe way,” says Emma.


“Our park instructors make sure you have a good basis on which to build. Jib school is for everyone over the age of nine with a helmet and back protection. You can of course buy these from Skidboden. Lofsdalen’s ski school has jib school Monday–Wednesday if at least three people have signed up. “Of course, you can also book private lessons with a park instructor,” says Emma. Everyone, even the very youngest, can ski in Lofsdalen’s parks and discover the joy of jumps and tricks on the slopes. In Loffeparken, next to Loffeliften, children and beginners can learn jumps and rails in secure surroundings. Äventyret, is a fun slope for the whole family: it is a 1.9 km long natural fun park with ravines, jumps, trails and loads of exciting challenges. It’s the perfect place to train balance and control.

EMMA ROSSANDER Ski instructor

What I like most about Lofsdalen’s parks is that there’s always something new to try, to make it more difficult. Riding on the ski cross course is great training for balance, control and ski skills.

3 TIPS FOR THE PARK – wear a helmet and back protection – learn the basics at Lofsdalen’s ski school – have fun!


WE SUGGEST… Do you have your own skis? The rental workshop can help you with sharpening, mounting, repairs and waxing. Or why not just come and chat about skiing!?

You’ll soon be on your skiing holiday in Lofsdalen. But what about your ski equipment? Does it need updating? Is something broken, are the edges sharp, have the kids grown out of last year’s gear? Perhaps you want to try different types of skis? Instead of chasing the best prices, it’s easier to rent everything you need on site. In Lofsdalen you can rent equipment in two places: Fjällanläggningen’s ski rental, which is right beside the slopes, and Karins Sportbod, in the middle of the village. Each year, they both take in the very latest the market has to offer and have a wide range of alpine and cross-country skis, as well as snowboards. “Those of us who work in the rental shops are happy to help all guests find what suits them best,” says Josefin Nilsson, who works in Fjällanläggningen’s ski rental shop. “We have many different models and sizes of boots and skis, there’s something for everyone.” There are three different levels of skis for adults (16 and over) at Fjällanläggningen’s ski rental: basic, medium and advanced. Basic skis are suitable for people who are

learning to ski, they are soft and easy for snowploughing and learning to turn. A medium ski is fun and easy to ski on, particularly once you’ve learned to turn and either want to progress or mostly want to glide around. The advanced skis are not as serious as they sound. There are so many different types of skis in the advanced category that it is a bit simpler to find a ski that suits your skiing style. All-mountain, off-piste and race are a few of the different types. Their stiffness varies, but these skis are not soft, so they respond well and you can reach higher speeds. There are many different types of skier, and the right equipment can be rented for each of them. A ski that one person thinks is fun may be really boring for someone else. And this changes from person to person. When you rent, you can swap your equipment every day. You can rent online or on site.

JOSEFIN NILSSON Fjällanläggningen’s ski rental shop

I prefer snowboarding, but I do think the Salomon QST 106 and Dynastar Cham 87 that we rent out are fantastic skis. They have a surfing feel when you ride them, great fun!


SILENCE ON THE MOVE Cross-country skiing in the mountains is like skiing through a place of quiet freedom. All you can hear is the swishing of the snow, your breathing and a sense of joy that can’t be described. 150 km of marked touring trails over vast mountains and 122 km of groomed trails for skating and classic style cross-country skiing. Yes, Lofsdalen has plenty to offer someone interested in cross-country or touring skiing. The trails have wind shelters and barbecue spots where you can enjoy a packed lunch and time together.

CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING Our easily accessible trails are popular with novices, families and recreational skiers. Some of the trails start just above the treeline and take you over undulating mountainsides with amazing views. Whatever the weather, there’s always a good trail to be found in Lofsdalen. On windy days, there are trails in sheltered forests and in beautiful


weather you can make the most of the scenery from the trails on the open mountainside. All the exercise trails are linked, so you can choose whether you want to ski one marked route or combine them. Much of the accommodation is close to the cross-country trails, but there are also excellent trail hubs to start from. Trails with lighting start from the trail hub beside Lofsdalens Fjällhotell.

SKI TOURING If you want to enjoy pristine nature and magnificent views, we recommend outings that start in Västvallen, on the other side of Lofssjön. If the ice is stable, you can ski across the lake to Västvallen from Karins Sportbod. If you want to tackle the hills up to the treeline that’s great, but you can also

ride up on a snowcat. Once up there, you can access the very popular route around Sömlingshågna. You can always take the snowcat down, but it is more fun to swish down the trails until you reach the lake again.

GOOD TO KNOW! Dogs are welcome to accompany their owners in the ski trails in Lofsdalen. Please ‘scoop the poop’ and leave the classic tracks to two-legged skiers. Equipment can be rented from Karins Sportbod or Skidboden at Fjällanläggningen. Both places can help with waxing. For more information and daily status updates, please visit

AN ELDORADO FOR SNOWMOBILE FANS There are no roads or paths out in the mountains. This is where adventure awaits you! The freedom of riding a snowmobile into the mountains as the sun rises is an experience in itself. With a total of 150 km well-groomed trails, Lofsdalen is an Eldorado for snowmobile fans. The trails, which are 5 metres wide, are groomed with a piste machine and have a number of great picnic spots and wellequipped barbecue cabins. Snowmobilers can use the marked trails to head out into the mountains and enjoy the amazing scenery. Snowmobilers say that Lofsdalen’s trails are among the best in Sweden, because the go so high above the treeline. You can ride towards Tännäs and Hede and, on the other side of the lake, there are trails towards Sömlingshågna and the mountains of Dalarna.

For the restrictions that apply in Lofsdalen, look for information via If you don’t own your own snowmobile, there is a rental shop in the middle of the village. You can choose between renting a snowmobile and driving it yourself, or going on a guided tour. For booking and more info: Or call +46 (0)680 410 10.

TRAIL UPDATES Lofsdalsspår always publish the latest trail updates on their website: and on their Facebook page. You can also call +46 (0)72 264 64 00 for the latest information.

TRAIL FEES Lofsdalen’s trails are maintained by Lofsdalsspår. To access them, buy a trail badge (for crosscountry skiing) or a trail card (for snowmobiling) from Destination Lofsdalen or in one of Lofsdalen’s shops. All income goes to the grooming and maintenance of trails.



Lofsdalen has skiing for children and novices, as well as for advanced skiers who enjoy challenging the laws of nature. Both 6-chair lifts take you to the summit quickly and easily. The clear and natural slopes that lead down towards the Lången Express make it easy to keep your family or friends together.

LIFT PASSES Children under the age of eight and wearing a helmet can ride the lifts for free. Everyone else must have a lift pass. Lofsdalen uses a lift pass system called SkiData. To register your details, you need a keycard that costs SEK 75. This can be bought from Skidboden, next to Fjällanläggningen. If you already have a keycard, you can charge it online via

9 lifts 25 ski slopes 492 m vertical drop 3 parks 1 ski cross course Lighting from the summit Evening skiing Two 6-chair lifts Kids’ area Freeskiing Steepest slope: 42 degrees 1 conveyor (with roof)




LÅNGEN EXPRESS 6-chair lift from the mountain’s foot to its shoulder. At the top, there are several family-friendly slopes, including Lången which has lighting and is 1.9 km long.

TOPPEN EXPRESS 6-chair lift that starts where Lången Express ends, taking you all the way up to Hovärken’s summit at 1125 m.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9



Lången Express 1 583 m Loffe 391 m Snölandet 227 m Skogsliften 1 305 m Toppen Express 804 m Toppen 2 608 m Mellanliften 440 m Bergsliften 980 m Tvären 1 552 m

247 m 68 m 22 m 234 m 259 m 244 m 57 m 205 m 288 m





SLOPES 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

Stora Stugsvängen Äventyret Familjebacken Snutten Loffe SkiCross Parken Snölandet Lången Tvärvägen Björnrännet Västbranten Sadelsvängen

2 300 m 1 900 m 1 700 m 150 m 350 m 310 m 770 m 205 m 1 900 m 1 650 m 1 300 m 650 m 1 000 m

14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25

Puckelpisten Toppen Torgetleden Toppvägen Rännan Genvägen Hemvägen Granen Bergshanget Bergssvängen Tvären Mellis

700 m 900 m 600 m 1 100 m 600 m 1 000 m 2 300 m 500 m 550 m 1 300 m 1 800 m 800 m

Black post with yellow rings

Red/green cylinder

Dangerous area or out-of-bounds

Edge marker, with the green side towards the piste

Very easy


Easy Moderate Difficult Ski and snowboard area Lit walking path

Parking Doctor Cross-country trails Village centre, fuel, shops


REAL FLAVOURS Being on holiday is the same as enjoying life – and is there any better way to spice up your life than with good food and drink? We’d believe that this is what puts the icing on the cake.



LOFSDALEN SKYBAR Lofsdalen Skybar is located on Hovärken’s summit, at 1125 m above sea level. The bar sits on the edge of the mountain like an eagle’s nest, with a fantastic 360° view. Enjoying the scenery, the food and the drink is an unforgettable experience. The 15-metre diameter round building has an exclusive atmosphere and offers a 360° view of the mountains around Lofsdalen. The view stretches for miles and miles on clear days, when you can see all the way to the Norwegian mountains on the other side of the border to Grövelsjön, the western mountains of Jämtland, and Sonfjället, to name a few.

The furniture and interior design have been carefully chosen, and downstairs is Europe’s highest altitude whisky storage. Around 400 barrels of Mackmyra whisky are kept here. Lofsdalen also has its own brewery: Orsholms Brygghus. Jens Orsholm holds regular beer tastings up at Skybar. You can also eat light lunches or book events, conferences, weddings and dinners in Skybar.

“The weather here creates a feeling that just can’t be described,” says Ola Andersson, Managing Director of Lofsdalens Fjällanläggningar.

Getting up to Lofsdalen Skybar is an experience in itself. In the summer, you can take the lift up and then walk the last bit. In the winter, you can take the lift all the way to the top. After the lifts have closed, you can travel up in in a snowcat – an exciting adventure to spice up your evening.

If the weather is more aggressive, the experience is just as impressive. Just sink into a sofa and feel the protection of the massive panes of glass. Outside, you can see the landscape changing as the wind blows the clouds across the sky.





Whether you want to eat lunch, go wild at the après ski and nightclub, have a drink or eat a fine three-course dinner, Restaurang Hovärken, next to Lången Express, has something for everyone. Menu and booking: or +46 (0)680 553 20

With endless expanses in front of you, you can enjoy your coffee, waffles and other treats to the max. You can get to Våffelstugan by snowcat, snowmobile or crosscountry skis. Wilderness evenings are organised in the winter. Tel. +46 (0)70 895 0317

Lofsdalens café and campsite reception desk at the heart of the village. Serves hot and cold dishes, as well as coffee and cakes. Enjoy the spring sun and glorious views from the decking. Tel. +46 (0)680 730 997

LOFSDALEN SKYBAR Up at the top of the ski slopes, at 1125 m, the exclusive Lofsdalen Skybar has Europe’s highest altitude whisky storage and offers light lunches. Enjoy a luxurious après ski or a bespoke event, a party or whisky tasting. Info and booking: +46 (0)680 553 13.

RESTAURANG TRAPPER Restaurang Trapper is in the middle of the village and serves pizza and à la carte. Its sunny terrace is the perfect place to be in good weather. Menu and booking: +46 (0)680 411 50

AKTIVITETSHUSET Aktivitetshuset has a restaurant that serves lunches and dinners, as well as bowling, a playland with a bouncy castle and ball pit, air-hockey, sports bar, pizza and lots of other entertainment to make time fly by. Menu and information: +46 (0)680 553 19 or

LOFSDALENS FJÄLLHOTELL Lofsdalens Fjällhotell has various types of accommodation and two restaurants. The bistro, that serves everything from light lunches, pizzas and buffets to an a la carte menu, and a larger restaurant for bigger groups for dinner bookings. The hotel can organise food and accommodation for groups of up to 200 people. Menu and booking: tel. +46 (0)680 411 77 or

ORSHOLMS BRYGGHUS Orsholms Brygghus is Lofsdalen’s local craft brewery, run by Jens Orsholm. It organises beer tasting, guided tours and barbecues. The beer is available at most local restaurants, supermarkets and at Systembolaget (state off-licences) locally in Jämtland/ Härjedalen and for order. We also make small releases of more unusual beers in local restaurants over the year. Tel. +46 (0)70 333 7660

CAFÉ VÄRMESTUGAN Café Värmestugan is an oasis on the slopes, next to the Lången Express valley station. You can grab a cup of coffee, eat a burger, waffle or a warming goulash. If the weather is good, you can sit on the sunny southfacing terraces. Tel. +46 (0)680 553 20



REAL MOUNTAIN ACCOMMODATION Coming home to a cosy cabin or a spacious apartment is wonderful after a day out in the snow. Take a sauna and light the fire. Gather around the kitchen table, cook a meal together and just relax. Lofsdalen has a great range of different types of mountain accommodation.


STAY IN THE MOUNTAINS, THE WAY YOU WANT Regardless of whether you choose to stay in a cabin, apartment, hotel, hostel or campsite, Lofsdalen has the right accommodation for your mountain holiday. Much of the accommodation is close to or within walking distance of the village centre, restaurants and ski facilities. We have presented a selection of Lofsdalen’s accommodation on the following pages. For more information about accommodation, special offers and booking, please visit








Lofsdalen Panorama has a beautiful location on Hovärken’s treeline. The rustic buildings are close to ski trails and pistes. Their décor has been chosen with care, with custommade oak furniture on floors of natural stone, slate and oak. Fjällripan Lodge is on the shore of Lofssjön, but just 500 m from the slopes. All cabins are built of timber and natural stone, and have a terrace and barbecue. This is accommodation for people who want exclusivity and attention to detail.

Hovärken, Höglandet and Lövhammaren are the areas that stretch from the foot of Hovärken to the treeline. The houses are privately owned and personally decorated, giving them a cosy homely feeling. Some are ski in/ski out. The reasonably priced and popular apartments at Laxvägen 9, with amazing views of the mountains, are also located here.




Uppvallen has a real mountain feel and is close to snowmobiling and cross-country skiing. Stay close to nature, with the cross-country trails right outside the door.







LOFSENS FJÄLLBY Lofsens Fjällby has cabins with 4-8 beds. Some of them have been recently renovated, while others retain the cosy pine décor. Pets are allowed in some of the cabins. All the cabins in Lofsens Fjällby Övre (numbers only), Lofsens Fjällby Nedre (letter and number) and Fjällbäcken are well-equipped, each with a fireplace, private sauna and terrace.

LOFSFOTENS STUGBYAR Large semi-detached, two-storey houses with ski in/ski out and 10 or 12 beds. Ideal for large groups or several families who want to spend their mountain holiday together. The cabins are at the foot of the mountain, with lifts and ski trails just outside the door.

CENTRAL ACCOMMODATION, CLOSE TO RESTAURANTS AND LIFTS, NEXT TO THE SLOPES FJÄLLTERRASSEN, HJORTRONET, VANDRARHEMMET BJÖRNEN AND LOFSDALENS FJÄLLHOTELL All this accommodation is located centrally, close to lifts, restaurants, Aktivitetshus, the gym and Fjällanläggningens Sportshop. Fällterrassen’s apartments have 8 beds and are located by the ski area, close to the 6-chair lift and kids’ slopes. Hjortronet is for smaller groups, offering 4-bed apartments situated 150 m from the lifts, restaurants and ski rental.








Björnidet is great value accommodation for large groups. Cross-country enthusiasts will enjoy having the trails close by. The ski slopes and village are accessible via a path.

Tallbacken offers 35 sq m apartments in semi-detached buildings, next to the crosscountry trails and close to Mellanliften. This is a great-value option for four people who want somewhere compact, but with a good location for cross-country and downhill skiing.




Fjällripan Gulärlan







Sikvägen Talltitan F-vägen Gråsiskan Laxvägen E-vägen Harrvägen Lavskrikan


Gösvägen D-vägen Hammarvägen

Uppvallen shieling Vesslan C-vägen



Linnéa Mosippan


Mården Björnen



Lodjuret A-vägen Älgen Renen



Lägergården Camping To Sörvattnet and Västvallen



Centre ICA supermarket Lin & Lilja Café Gamla Skolan Restaurang Trapper Karins Sportbod Ski rental Snowmobile rental Petrol station Estate agent


Destination Lofsdalen Booking – Reception Tourist office




The map is also on our website, so it’s always accessible via your mobile phone. K-vägen

RENT OUT YOUR CABIN WHEN YOU’RE NOT USING IT Make a good income – rent out your cabin when you’re away. Destination Lofsdalen offers agency services for cabins in Lofsdalen. Renting out through us is simple, convenient and secure. There is currently high demand for cabins and apartments in Lofsdalen, so we are always on the lookout for more of them.



All profits in Destination Lofsdalen are put into marketing activities, ensuring a high level of rental and helping you feel sure that we are doing all we can to rent out your cabin, even in the low season.

Rödingvägen Högbäcken



an Lövhammarvägen

Lofsdalens Ski Area



Reception Restaurang Hovärken Ski rental Lift pass desk Sportshopen Aktivitetshuset Ski school Café Värmestugan Conference Gym








10 3

4 5






No fixed costs – you only pay for our services when the cabin is actually rented out. We charge a fee of 26% if you sell at least five peak-season weeks through us. If you want to sell fewer than five weeks, the fee is 30%. Booking, price, key handover, final inspection and guest services are included in our fee.

A HOUSE OF YOUR OWN? Make your mountain dream come true. Plots of land are now for sale in Lofsdalen, high up and close to hiking, biking and skiing. Place yourself in the heart of the mountains with amazing scenery just outside the door. Everywhere is close by in the little village with the great skiing. Read more at






Lofsens fjällby Reception

Mot Sveg



MIKAELA THORVALL Reception and Fjällanläggningens Sportshop



Skidboden has everything for skiing, and a little more besides. You can buy a lift pass, rent skis, book skiing lessons and shop at Fjällanläggningens Sportshop. The shop has everything you need: skis, boots, helmets, goggles, gloves, hats, skiwear and Lofsdalen’s branded clothing. All under one roof, just ten metres from the slope. Tel: +46 (0)680 553 04,

Karins Sportbod is a family business with its roots in Lofsdalen. It has everything from fashion and jewellery to fishing gear and sportswear. Besides the shop, there is also a large and well-equipped ski rental shop. Tel: +46 (0)680 410 12,

There are a number of reasons to visit the sports shop. If your boots hurt your feet, we can mould a sole specially for you – soles are often where problems start. A “musthave” is a Lofsdalen t-shirt or hoodie and – of course – a little Loffe bear.

SHOPPING LIN & LILJA This little gift shop is in the middle of the village, in the old school house. Lin & Lilja sells interior design articles and special gifts. Tel: +46 (0)739 698 689.

ICA NÄRA LOFSDALEN ICA Nära Lofsdalen welcomes you to a wellstocked supermarket with a wide range of goods. ICA Nära is also an agent for Apotek, DHL, Svenska Spel and Systembolaget. Tel. +46 (0)680 411 30,



WSG84: 62°06’46.5”N 13°16’19.2”E RT90: 62.112909, 13.272002

TRAIN Take the Snötåget (snow train) from Stockholm via Mora to Sveg, and then a coach or rental car for the last hour to Lofsdalen. The return trip starts in Sveg.

COACH DIRECT COACHES, HÄRJEDALINGEN Coach travel is comfortable, convenient, safe and priceworthy. Advance booking necessary! For more information: +46 (0)680 605 80,

CAR FROM MALMÖ/HELSINGBORG It’s 880 km from Malmö to amazing skiing. Take the E4 north to Jönköping. Road 47 to Mullsjö. Road 26 to Mariestad – Kristinehamn – Filipstad – Lesjöfors – Mora Road 45 Mora – Orsa – Sveg. Road 84 from Sveg to Linsell. Turn off to Lofsdalen in Linsell. FROM GOTHENBURG Pack your bags and drive 610 km to wonderful Härjedalen. Take road 45 to Lödöse – Trollhättan – Mellerud – Åmål – Säffle – Grums – Torsby – Stöllet – Malung – Mora – Orsa – Sveg. Road 84 from Sveg to Linsell. Turn off to Lofsdalen in Linsell. FROM STOCKHOLM A ski resort close to Stockholm – only 500 km to snow. Take the E4 north to Uppsala – Gävle to Tönnebro. Road 83 via Bollnäs Road 84 to Ljusdal – Sveg – Linsell. Turn off to Lofsdalen in Linsell.

Östersund LOFSDALEN Sveg Hudiksvall Mora

FLY TO LOFSDALEN In just 2.5 hours you can get all the way here from Stockholm, Arlanda. You would have to search a long time to find quicker and easier trips to the Swedish mountains. Direct flights between Sveg and Arlanda operate twice a day, every day except Saturday. Book your ticket via: DO YOU NEED TO BOOK A TRANSFER? Call Mohlins Taxi: +46 (0)680 105 00 Coaches from the airport must be booked in advance: tel +46 (0)771 820 083. Book before 5 pm on the day before travel (Mon-Fri).



RENTAL CARS SIXT +46 (0)70 250 2799 HERTZ +46 (0)70 662 9196


Destination Lofsdalen AB, Olsvensbacken 6, SE-840 85 LOFSDALEN. +46 (0) 680-413 50,,




Lofsdalen has lots to offer all year round – magnificent mountains scenery frames all the activities, making each visit an experience. Cycling, fishing and hiking, along with wildlife watching, are Lofsdalen’s major summer attractions, but people come here to relax and spend time together all year round. 1

BEAR WATCHING IN A COSY CABIN One of Lofsdalen’s most incredible experiences is an overnight stay in the cosy Lofsdalen Bear’s Den. This is a cabin in a secret place in the middle of the forest. A guide takes you on the secret route to the cabin, telling you about the bears in Härjedalen and particularly those in Lofsdalen. Thanks to bait placed close to the cabin, almost all overnight guests get to see bears in their natural environment. Listen to the quietness and the wild animals outside. The spot is also frequently visited by foxes, wolverines and a variety of bird species. There is a cosy room with windows facing the bait, with great opportunities for filming and photography. When you’re satisfied with the evening’s bear watching, you can sleep in a comfortable bed in the tastefully decorated cabin. More information and bookings: Tel. +46 (0)680 413 50,

EASILY ACCESSIBLE HIKING Lofsdalen has well-marked trails, pleasant excursions and open mountainside with wonderful views that make getting to the summit well worth the effort. Thanks to a road that goes a good way up the mountain, the entire family can take the chance to see and experience walking in the mountains. If you have the energy to walk a little further, we recommend a hike that starts in Västvallen. The path goes through the forest and up the mountain, with the views opening out as you rise above the treeline. There’s an outdoor gym next to the lit exercise trail. Perfect for adding a little variety to your running or biking.


5 QUICK SUMMER TIPS – rent an S.U.P., canoe or boat from the tourist office. – go on one of our popular children’s activities, such as the bear’s den outing. – treat yourself to a whole day on Lofsdalen’s lovely sandy beach in the middle of the village. – a cup of coffee on Café Gamla Skolan’s sunny decking. – take a sauna and swim trip on M/S Lofsdalen. Perfect after a hot day on the bike.

REAL CYCLING Discover Lofsdalen from the saddle – there is a huge range of great cycling, downhill, cross-country and on trails, or on the road. Steer your way through pines, spruce and mountain birches and discover Lofsdalen at a different speed and heart rate. In the summer of 2018 there will be several new cross-country trails on both open mountainside and in more sheltered terrain.

FANTASTIC MOUNTAIN FISHING Lofsdalen has tarns, lakes, streams and rivers, which makes the fishing varied and interesting. Mountain fishing is tricky, and the trout is a cautious, watchful beast, but Lofsdalen is famous for its good trout fishing. In 2016, the summer’s biggest trout was 9.8 kg and 90 cm long. What a catch! Fishing permits can be bought from Destination Lofsdalen/the tourist office in the middle of the village. Boats can be rented there too.

Lofsdalen Bike Park offers a total of 16 km of trails for downhill cycling. Eight trails of varying difficulty have been designed by downhill legend, Tom “Pro” Prochazka, Whistler Gravity Logic. Downhill and XC bikes can be rented from Lofsdalen Bike Park’s rental at Fjällanläggningen. At Karins Sportbod you can rent XC bikes, fat bikes and bikes for getting around on. Fat bikes make cycling in the mountains fun and easy.


DESTINATION LOFSDALEN Book cleaning, rent bed linen, purchase maps, buy fishing permits, buy permits for cross-country skiing and snowmobiling, book activities and accommodation, collect brochures, rent a rowing boat or canoe. You can also collect the keys for Björnidet, Lofsfoten, Fjällbäcken, Hjortronet, Höglandet, Lofsens Fjällby (Sunday hand-over), Lofsdalen Panorama, Fjällripan Lodge and private cabins.

Destination Lofsdalen AB Olsvensbacken 6, SE-840 85 LOFSDALEN +46 (0) 680 413 50

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Real Winter - Lofsdalen  

Your guide to the perfect winter holiday in the Swedish mountain area - Lofsdalen.

Real Winter - Lofsdalen  

Your guide to the perfect winter holiday in the Swedish mountain area - Lofsdalen.


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