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U.S. DESTINATIONS WITH A FOREIGN FEEL You might have lofty aspirations of a honeymoon



or wedding in some far-flung part of the World, but

a history of music greatness, it’s up-and-coming for lots

unfortunately, it’s not always in the cards. For those wanting an exotic feel a little closer to home, check out the fantastic

Nashville – Not only does this hip and friendly town have of other reasons too!


Savannah – It doesn’t get more Southern than Savannah

Florida Keys (page 23), family-friendly Vail (page 26),

and it has been a long-standing destination wedding

exclusive Beaver Creek (page 28), cozy Catalina Island

favorite for a reason, actually, lots of reasons.

(page 30) and alluring New Orleans (page 32).


Myrtle Beach – Much more than golf, this coastal locale also has beautiful and affordable wedding venues to suit



your Southern style.

Colorado Springs – For some lovebirds, the more remote the destination, the better! The Ranch at Emerald Valley certainly fits the bill with its tucked-away location in the




Rocky Mountains.

between their toes and wade through turquoise waters,

Wickenburg – This Arizona horse ranch has quintessential

these are our top ten picks for beaches in the Caribbean,

charm, a stunning desert location and endless activities Scottsdale – Four Seasons Hotels are known for capturing the beauty of their chosen locations and, set among rocky


Mexico and Hawaii.


for the cowboy or cowgirl within you.


Best Beaches – For couples wanting to feel the sand

Kaua‘i – A longtime favorite of us DID travelers, Kaua‘i has something to offer for every couple and at any budget.


Mediterranean – Come along as we go on the

outcrops and soaring cacti, the Four Seasons Scottsdale

Mediterranean sojourn of a lifetime and traverse through

is no exception.

Italy before setting sail to gorgeous ports of call.

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departments DESTINATION i do

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TO HAVE & TO HOLD – Dramatic Beauty Transformations Every couple wants to look their best on their wedding day


ASK THE EXPERT – Dressing the Destination Bride

and honeymoon and sometimes you want to go above-and-

with Randy Fenoli

beyond when it comes to new beauty routines. We’ve tried

One of our all-time favorites, Randy Fenoli of TLC’s “Say

and tested some of the most ground-breaking beauty

‘Yes’ to the Dress,” weighs-in on current wedding dress

treatments. From laser hair removal, to at-home facials

trends and shares his tips for a wedding away. Spoiler

– you’ll be ready for your close-up.

alert: He’s definitely pro-destination weddings.

86 46



Picking the real weddings to be featured in each issue is always

After a recent wedding industry event at the historic

bittersweet: they’re oh-so-gorgeous and inspiring, but narrowing

Biltmore Estate in North Carolina, the fabulous Kristy Rice,

them down is never an easy feat. We try our hardest to pick the

founder of Momental Designs, with the help of some

best-of-the-best and bring our readers interesting destinations

extremely talented vendors, created a dreamy photo

and trend-setting couples. From a lakefront soirée in Michigan,

shoot centered around artistry, romance and decades

a sweet backyard bash in Santa Barbara and a bold Costa Rica

past. This Fashion Forward takes the Romanticism

event, to a colorful Yosemite backdrop, the chic island of Malta,

of the early 1800s and brings it into modern day.

a customized party in Costa Rica and a classic, lovely wedding in Florida – we hope these real weddings feature something


THE GUEST BOOK – A Non-Traditional Welcome

which gets your heart racing and mind thinking.

We love the idea of “welcome bags” and have come up with some new and innovative ideas for creating the perfect destination-themed welcome.


BLUSH & BASHFUL – Financing Frustrations When planning the destination wedding of your dreams, you have no choice but to talk about one of the most taboo subjects: money. We get down to the nitty-gritty on how to handle awkward situations and how to make sure it’s smooth sailing from start-to-finish.


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Susan Zimmer, married May 25, 2013. Disney’s Wedding Pavilion.

The B Word “

editor’s LETTER

At the age of 16, there was one word which would automatically initiate an eye-roll when my Dad would say it – “balance.” He would tell me over and over how important it is to strike a balance in life to ensure a happy and fulfilling existence…how fixating on one thing could throw your life off kilter and disrupt your personal harmony. Work too much, your personal life can suffer, play too much and you risk rocking the boat at your job or in other areas of life. As much as it pained me to hear this proverb as often as I did, I will admit…yes Dad, you were right.

planning become more about the where’s and when’s than the you’s and me’s. Start your marriage off on the right foot – in perfect unison with one another. You may need to strike a balance of where to have it – perhaps the trip to Europe with 150 people doesn’t look like it will work out, so why not have it closer to home? We’ve got a great section on “U.S. Destinations with a Foreign Feel” (page 22) to help you have your cake and eat it too. This issue is packed with advice, ideas and inspiration to keep that “B” word in check! Our “Ask the Expert” article with the one and only Randy Fenoli will have you dressed and looking pretty (page 16), some serious old-world inspired fashion and reception décor at the Biltmore Estate will give you ideas galore (page 46) and your guests will feel welcomed when you see some of the fun welcome bag concepts we’ve come up with (page 58). Your wedding will be one of the biggest and most exciting days of your life – but remember – you still have a job, friends

Now, what on Earth does this have to do with your wedding, you

who may need your shoulder to cry on periodically, a fiancé to

ask? It has everything to do with it. First of all – a great event

consider and many other things to keep in balance as you plan.

needs to reflect the personality and style of you as a couple, yet

So go out there, put the “B” word into action and along the way,

balance with the needs and expectations of your guests. Let’s

let Destination I Do help guide you in your quest.

hiking into the jungles of Costa Rica and saying your “I do’s” at the top of a waterfall, with none other than your entire family (everyone from age eight to 80) there to witness. This is where balance comes into play (along with a bit of a reality check). There’s a good chance most people wouldn’t or couldn’t attend that type of wedding. Now, how could you create a state of

equilibrium between your desires and that of your guests? How about having your wedding on the beach in Costa Rica and then

Yours Truly, Jennifer Stein

taking a honeymoon jaunt to have a special picnic at the top of that waterfall? Your dream wedding can absolutely balance with the needs of your guests, even when it has to do with the tricky topic of finances. Check out our “Financing Frustrations” story on page 80 to help navigate this part of your wedding planning.

Follow Us: Pinterest: pinterest.com/destinationido

The second way balance effects your wedding planning is this –

Twitter: @DestinationIDo

your relationship with your fiancé. Too many times the wedding

Facebook: facebook.com/destinationidomag

becomes more about the planning than the couple. Don’t let the

Instagram: DestinationIDo Website and Blog: destinationido.com & destinationido.com/blog


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Photo courtesy of: Betrice Langrød

say your personality is extremely adventurous – you dream of


and Dream.



One magical celebration. Two lovers. Spectacular tropical locations. Unlimited-Luxury ® privileges including your room or suite with private balcony. 24-hour room service. Multiple gourmet restaurants. Unlimited top-shelf spirits. Land and sea recreation. Evening shows and more.



To find your local Romance Travel Specialist and book your Dreams destination wedding visit AllAboutHoneymoons.com

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SPRING: This bride from our Fashion Forward shoot, “Romanticism: Honoring the Opulent Past,” is ethereal in the “Abbey” gown by Claire Pettibone, makeup by Blush Asheville and hair by Emily Anne Hair. She is taking in the view from the iconic Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina and carrying a bouquet designed by Lily Greenthumb’s Wedding & Event Designed and made

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up of blooms purchased at FiftyFlowers.com. Photography courtesy of With Love and Embers, withloveandembers.com, styling and concept by Kristy Rice of Momental Designs.

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SUMMER: This real-life destination wedding couple canoodles on the beach near their Santa Barbara reception location. Her wedding gown is from Allure Bridals and his suit is from Vacano Tailor Made Suits. Photography courtesy of Gideon Photography, gideonphoto.com. Full story details on page 86.


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ask the EXPERT


RANDY FENOLI Interview by Jennifer Stein

Selecting the perfect gown for your wedding day away is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. Questions you may be asking yourself are, “How do I travel with my gown?” or “What comes first, the destination or the dress?” These are all answered in the next few pages. Fan favorite and star of the reality series “Say ‘Yes’ to the Dress,” Randy Fenoli, is here to give his tips and tricks on finding “the one” in regards to your destination wedding dress. 16

DID: What are some new and exciting trends you are seeing in wedding dress fashion?

RF: The biggest trends I saw during Bridal Market were not strapless dresses; they had yokes, they had straps, everything you could imagine except strapless – v-neck, halter, you name it, I saw it. I’m interested to see if these designs will be as popular and if they’ll sell. I saw fewer ball gowns and instead, slimmer silhouettes, lots of lace and tulle. But the tulle was in a softer, slimmer silhouette. The lace was all mixed, from Chantilly to Venise lace – mixed with patterns, layered and even ghosted lace. And the trains were shorter.

destinationido.com | S P R I N G & S U M M E R 2 0 1 4

Across the board, any kind of gown you could ever want was shown at Bridal Market Fall 2013. We saw 80 to 100 different

DID: When should a bride go dress shopping, before or after she selects her destination?

collections. I try to peek in at every booth we can get to so I can

figured out you’ll know the theme and feel for the wedding. Because there is so much variety, there is something for

Even though it doesn’t have to match the destination, it needs

everyone…a bride can be traditional, bohemian, blinged out,

to fit the destination. Maybe you are having a barn wedding, yet

sexy, Cinderella, she can look any way she wants to look. If a

want to wear something completely unexpected like a crystal

bride can’t find a dress for her, she’s not looking hard enough.

studded ball gown. You could make it feel like it belongs by

DID: Are there any trends you wish would go away? RF: All trends should go away. What I mean by this is that trends will date your wedding. Something traditional will stand

ask the EXPERT

RF: Pick the destination first because once you have that

come back and report on what is out there.

hanging a crystal chandelier above your altar. But know what you’re working with first. Perhaps you have a narrow aisle, but your dad is walking you down and you have a large dress…that could create a problem if you don’t know ahead of time, so pick the venue first.

the test of time. At one point, we saw so many designs inspired by “The Great Gatsby” and the movie came and left. By the time the dresses hit the stores, the trend had already made its way

DID: What should a bride do if she falls in love with a gown she can’t afford?

through. To go with a strong trend, later on you may say “Oh it’s so 2013.” I prefer a timeless gown. I do not think strapless is a trend, it’s been around for a long time and I believe it will stay. It

RF: That’s a tough one. My big no-no is trying on a gown outside of your budget. I will try with everything in my power

offers freedom of movement in a bridal gown…brides can party

to avoid a bride putting on a gown that is beyond what she can

and dance at their wedding.

spend. If you fall in love with it, then you’ll be broken hearted.

DID: When it comes to shopping for a wedding dress, are

It’s like driving a Lamborghini but having the budget for a Honda. Why would you put yourself in that position? It’s not about how

there any particular designs you think are tailored to the

much money a person has; it’s what they want to spend. What

destination bride?

they’ve allotted for the gown is what they should stick to unless

RF: I have seen three destination weddings in Cayman during the month of June. One I attended and dressed the bride in a Pnina Tornai gown which was corseted, with a long train. The next Cayman wedding in June, the bride wore a Carolina Herrera

they’re willing to cut somewhere else.

DID: Not everyone knows how to dress their body – do you have any tips and tricks for brides to look their best and embrace her particular “assets?”

with satin petals on the beach and the third was an Oscar de la Renta with silk/satin organza and a peplum. The point is, for destination brides they are not really choosing a look that would

RF: I think most women know how to dress in everyday clothes…they know how to pick jeans and know their size.

typically be identified as a “destination dress.” I think they select

They’ve never shopped for a wedding dress. They don’t

the gown they want and make it work with the location. You do

understand that all sample gowns come in a size 10, so not

need to keep in mind the elements and the weather. You don’t

everyone will fit into it correctly.

want to be getting married on the beach in Mexico wearing a heavy satin gown with long sleeves. A destination wedding can

My advice: keep an open mind. Try it on. So many girls say,

be anywhere – so there are endless options.

“I don’t want strapless, beaded or lace,” yet some end up

DID: Any tips and tricks for traveling with a wedding gown? RF: Keep in mind how it will pack. Lace packs beautifully and a lot of gowns this season are very packable. If you’re going to take a larger gown, check with the airline to see what the rules

walking away with a strapless, beaded lace gown.

DID: Veils: in or out? RF: Absolutely in. Without a veil you’re just a pretty girl in a white dress. Every girl should have some sort of hair accessory

are and if they can hang it for you in first class. If it’s really large,

to set them apart. This is the only time in your life you can wear

buy it an extra seat. If you’re going to pack it and if it will wrinkle,

tulle on your head without looking foolish!

know how to press it when you get to your destination. Certain fabrics don’t pack well; silk/satin organza wrinkles very easily.

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DID: Hot pink platform heels: in or out?

DID: If you could have your dream destination wedding, where would you choose to say “I do” and what would you wear?

RF: I say if you’re going to spend money on an accessory, ask the EXPERT

spend it on the shoes. I think you should spend $600 on shoes

RF: I personally love destination weddings over at-home

that you’ll wear again and again rather than $60 on a pair

weddings. It’s everything you dreamed about and planned for

of shoes that will go in the trash when the wedding is over.

and it’s over in eight hours? [A destination wedding] limits the

Accessories either elevate or depreciate your look. If you

guest list to people who are really important to you – the people

should add a pop of color, do it in a shoe.

who will actually pony up and be there. And that’s who you really want there anyway. Plus, it’s not just a one day affair. Instead of

DID: Covering up tattoos: in or out?

only a wedding day, you get to spend time with your guests for several days. I personally would do a destination wedding.

RF: Tattoos are part of your life’s history. What are you doing at your wedding but telling your story? It’s who you are, so why

I would choose a place with beautiful beaches and water and

cover it up? It doesn’t have anything to do with being a trashy

a beautiful ballroom which overlooks the ocean. I’d like to have

person or anti-religion. It had significant meaning to get it in the

both the ceremony and reception in the ballroom because, well

first place – so embrace who you are, never be ashamed of that.

let’s be honest, I don’t like to perspire. At all. I’d choose a place where there were beautiful sunsets and I’d love for my guests

I do have a funny story, though, of an exception to this. A bride

to experience a beach destination. There are so many things you

came in and she made a point to tell the consultants her family

can do at a beach wedding.

wasn’t allowed in the dressing room. Grandma went in despite the efforts of keeping her out and saw the bride’s tattoo which

I would wear one of the tuxedo jackets that I designed myself.

read, “This ass belongs to Joey.” She was marrying Mike. The

I have eight to 12 jackets where I selected the fabrics and they

wedding was almost called off.

really reflect my personality. Definitely a bowtie and a dress shirt with French cuffs, cuff links and, of course, patent leather shoes.

DID: Ombre: in or out? To follow Randy Fenoli – visit facebook.com/randyfenoli

RF: I saw a lot of it this season on the runway. I’m also seeing

or twitter.com/randyfenoli.

it in flowers and décor, from going from white in one room or area, to a light shade of pink to red.

For exclusive online content, info about how to get on the show

Photo courtesy of: TLC, © 2012 Discovery Communications

and more from this interview, log on to destinationido.com/randyfenoli.


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department HEADING


It’s the day you’ve been dreaming of all your life, so choosing the perfect setting for your wedding takes careful thought. You want a setting that makes a grand statement, yet is as warm and intimate as your first kiss.

WEDDINGS Newport Beach is minutes


you for the big day — no passport required.

Some say Newport Beach “takes the cake” when it comes to rich choices for your wedding, from the most sumptuous to a simply sweet ceremony for two. You say only the world’s finest resorts will do? Newport Beach prominently rises to the occasion. If you prefer a precious ceremony on the beach at sunset, Newport Beach shines. In this glamorous setting filled with promise, you can truly unwind with your family and friends to celebrate your new life together. Newport Beach is a place to return to often, celebrate anniversaries and introduce your children to the romantic spot you chose to wed. Spend your honeymoon days exploring the many Newport Beach neighborhoods as you “Play. Hide. Seek.” Rise and beam as a new day greets you as Mr. and Mrs. No need to crawl out from under the covers in your luxury suite. Just sleep in and toast your new life with a champagne breakfast–in-bed. Stroll the quaint streets of Balboa Village. Enjoy some beach time before you steer your Duffy electric boat to the nearest Dock & Dine. Explore the boardwalk on a bicycle built for two. Treat yourself to luxury shopping at Fashion Island, Balboa, Crystal Cove or Corona del Mar. Choose the next fine dining experience from ever so many choices. Borrow “something blue” from Newport Beach, an ocean of engaging choices for the ultimate wedding you seek. A paradise drenched in sunshine and rolling with verdant hills as idyllic as your future together. PHOTOS (TOP TO BOTTOM): KATE NOELLE, GEORGE KAMPER, WWW.THATGIRLPRODUCTIONS.COM, GEORGE KAMPER, GONDOLA COMPANY OF NEWPORT

S PR IN G & S U M M E R 2 0 1 4 | destinationido.com

from John Wayne, Orange County airport, meaning friends and family can easily join

HONEYMOONS Many Newport Beach lodging facilities are award-winning resorts with beaches, golf, tennis, fine dining, spas and other amenities. TOP TIP Newport Beach has the West Coast’s largest recreational harbor. Since the weather is Mediterranean-like — sunny and temperate all year long — couples take advantage with activities from paddle boarding to sunset cruises. Other options include kayaks, pontoons, dinner cruises, pedal boats and whale-watching excursions. CONTACT INFO 800-94-COAST, VisitNewportBeach.com/weddings

Vis itN ew por tB ea ch.com







It’s easy to daydream of far-flung destinations for your wedding away or honeymoon, but unfortunately not always plausible. Whether trying to save time, money or stress, these are some foreign-inspired destinations right here in the good ol’ U.S.A.


destinationido.com | S P R I N G & S U M M E R 2 0 1 4

Photo courtesy of: Courtney Cox

foreign FEEL

with a foreign feel


foreign FEEL

Photo courtesy of: Little Palm Island Resort & Spa


Florida has thousands of fabulous, romantic spots, but there’s just something about the Florida Keys. The islands interspersed with turquoise waters definitely feel closer to the Caribbean than the U.S.. I recently visited the luxe and private Noble House Hotels & Resorts property, Little Palm Island Resort & Spa on Little Torch Key. If you’re looking for an extra-special honeymoon experience without having to break out the passports, this is a legitimate and lovely option.

e: k i L s l e e F CARI THE



Pull into the resort’s unassuming gravel driveway, valet your car

beds, giant soaking tubs and private patios. Prepare to really

for the length of your stay and quickly check-in before being

get away, because the accommodations at Little Palm Island

whisked away on the resort’s private boat. Board your transport

don’t include televisions and have limited cell-service. In fact, the

to paradise and enjoy a 15-minute ride to the quaint and quiet

adults-only resort requests that you limit your cell-phone time in

Little Palm Island.

public – ensuring guests get a quiet, relaxing getaway.

The suites are reminiscent of Fijian bures with peaked, thatched

One downside to this particular island is that there isn’t a great

roofs and outdoor showers. These rooms are definitely

beach for wading or casual swimming. The calm surrounding

honeymoon-worthy with chandeliers, romantic king-sized canopy

waters are much better suited for water activities like paddle

S PR IN G & S U M M E R 2 0 1 4 | destinationido.com


A KEY WEST GETAWAY Words by Courtney Cox

foreign FEEL boarding, kayaking and snorkeling. Luckily, Little Palm Island


provides complimentary equipment. Be sure to ask a staff

member at the activities desk when the best times are to be and jellyfish.

After a busy day of activities or lounging by the pool, dinner at The Dining Room is a must. To truly feel a world away, request a table on the beach. As a heads-up, Little Palm Island does


Photos courtesy of: (top to bottom, left to right) Courtney Cox (1st-4th) & Ocean Key Resort & SPa (5th-6th)

in the water as there are lots of wildlife including small sharks

wide open spaces have famous residents: Key Deer. They’re harmless, but are

accustomed to human interaction, so don’t be surprised if one

of these miniature deer decides to join you for dinner. To cap off a beautiful evening, be sure to order the Key Lime Pie – it’s the best I’ve ever had.

A can’t-miss for any honeymooning couple on-island is a stop by the SpaTerre. The spa menu is surprisingly extensive and offers a wide variety of unique treatments. I opted for the Milk and Honey Body Wrap and it left my skin silky smooth. Couples should request the “Rainforest Room” to enjoy their treatment in a private hut boasting Vichy showers and an outdoor soaking tub.

a very similar feel, just on a much smaller scale. With its sandy walkways and lush vegetation, it’s a quintessential honeymoon resort with a laid-back, adults-only ambience, stellar service


an hour south to Key West, Florida. This area is huge with tourists and boasts lots of shopping and live music. The pedestrian-friendly Key West also offers a nightlife not found on the tame Little Palm Island. If you’re looking to say “I do” or stay

Having personally been to Tahiti and Fiji, Little Palm Island has

and romantic isolation.

For an exciting day away from Little Palm Island, continue

a night or two, Ocean Key Resort & Spa has a dream location right off the water. The rooms are spacious and recently renovated and the resort’s dock is a gorgeous sunset ceremony spot. Looking to explore the Florida Keys even more? Don’t fuss over the drive to and fro as Florida’s Highway 1 is both scenic and easy to navigate.

destinationido.com | S P R I N G & S U M M E R 2 0 1 4

You Do.






Do you promise to go diving or snorkeling together, try flats fishing and kayaking along pristine mangrove shorelines? Will you take an ecotour, and enjoy breathtaking sunsets while dining on fresh seafood? And will you spend time hand in hand, forging a bond that will last a lifetime? If you commit to all of the above, say I do to Key Largo. fla-keys.com/keylargo 1.800.822.1088 A ISL











Words and Images by Courtney Cox

When it comes to destinations in the U.S. which have a distinct European essence – Vail definitely fits the bill. This iconic mountain town is the perfect blend of the Colorado outdoor lifestyle and charming, Bavarian-inspired architecture. Vail Village in the summertime is a maze of running streams, vibrant floral displays and buzzing visitors. Bring the kids, bring the dogs – heck, bring the whole family; there’s something for everyone in this friendly and low-key town.

If you fly into Denver, the Colorado Mountain Express shuttle

Once you’ve gotten your shopping out of the way, head over

service is a reliable option for the two-hour drive west

to one of the 16 mountainside Specialty Sports Venture shops

and includes snacks and Wi-Fi. Once you arrive, The Arrabelle

for a different type of adrenaline-inducing activity. Explore Vail

at Vail Square is a quick (and beautiful) 15-minute walk from

Mountain any way you like, as this is the largest ski resort in

Vail Village and has more to offer than just its beautiful yellow

the United States with 5,289 acres of skiing.

and hand-stenciled exterior. Stay connected during your stay by borrowing a complimentary iPad or GoPro, or completely

Once you’ve worked up an appetite, the Big Bear Bistro in Vail

check-out at the spa. Their treatments are delightful with

Village is great for a delicious, quick lunch. Or, if you’re looking

heated massage tables and a signature oil made of pine, sage

to stay on the mountain, The 10th is a sit-down restaurant with

and rosemary.

stunning views of the Lower Range.

If you’re looking to be at the heart of it all, The Lodge at Vail

Whether you’re in Vail to enjoy your newlywed status or to say

was the first resort in Vail and understandably boasts the best

“I do” at the gorgeous Vail Mountain Wedding Deck, pour

location. Whether you’re honeymooning or bringing the whole

yourself a Bavarian beer, don your Lederhosen and take more

gang, there’s an accommodation which will suit your needs:

than a couple moments to enjoy this breathtaking destination.

hotel rooms, condos and even mountainside chalets with up to six bedrooms.


destinationido.com | S P R I N G & S U M M E R 2 0 1 4


Photos courtesy of: The Sebastian - Vail - A Timbers Resort

Situated in the heart of Vail Village you will find a modern, yet cozy boutique hotel boasting a European feel and a thoughtful approach to leisure – The Sebastian Vail.

A roaring fire in the oversized fireplace welcomes you as you

If you’re looking for a hearty steak, I would recommend Elway’s.

pass through the lobby and the natural light pours in through the

Located within The Lodge at Vail, this fine-dining experience will

glass ceiling like an open-air atrium. Considering this boutique

have you sharing dishes and opting for an ideal wine pairing at

hotel only has 100 rooms, the staff will immediately get to know

every course. From start-to-finish, the service, sumptuous food

you, offering a genuine smile and asking what they can do to

and ambiance had me ranking this restaurant among the best

make your stay more comfortable.

in Vail.

The accommodations are a marriage of rustic and modern,

If you’re looking to get married in the Swiss Alps or a small

but the overall experience at The Sebastian includes service

European village, but the distance or cost have you thinking

and attention to detail rarely found these days. From nightly

twice, I would recommend taking a peek at Vail Valley – it really

turn-down service which includes fresh baked cookies or cake

is a U.S. destination with that foreign feel you may be after.

foreign FEEL

Words by Jennifer Stein

pops, to the weekly “Sparkle & Pop” reception in their library (they serve sparkling wine along with white chocolate covered popcorn), you will find yourself wondering when you can get yourself back to the hotel again. A free ski valet service in the winter saves you from lugging your equipment from point A to point B while in the summer, they are happy to arrange just about any activity you can imagine. We enjoyed a guided hike to an area called Booth Falls and were awe-struck by waterfalls, breathtaking panoramic views of the Rockies and even a bear sighting. After a long day of strenuous activities, relax with a signature drink and expertly crafted casual dining menu at their cocktail bar – Frost, or unwind at Lenora, their wine and tapas bar.

S PR IN G & S U M M E R 2 0 1 4 | destinationido.com



Words by Courtney Cox

e: k i L s l e e F ISS A SW



Photo courtesy of: Vail Resorts

foreign FEEL


Beano’s Cabin

Beaver Creek, Colorado has a “foreign feel” in the sense that it feels worlds away from anywhere else. This quiet, gated ski village has all the options you could desire in terms of destination wedding venues and accommodations, but is still a quaint retreat for your home-awayfrom-home nuptials. The mountain-chic town is known for attracting public figures looking for privacy and world-class skiers determined to find a challenging ski run or two.


destinationido.com | S P R I N G & S U M M E R 2 0 1 4

foreign FEEL Photos courtesy of: (left to right) Vail Resorts (1st & 3rd) & Lakota Guides (2nd)

Chapel at Beaver Creek

The Osprey

If your guest list includes a number of families, The Beaver Creek

For the important task of saying, “I do,” the Beaver Creek

Lodge is a great option for where to lay your head. Not only is it

Wedding Deck is the best and most breathtaking option. It can

ski-in, ski-out, the property has a rental company on-site and will

accommodate up to 200 guests, is wired for sound and has

valet your equipment for easy comings and goings. The rooms

knock-your-socks-off views of Vail Mountain in the distance.

are recently renovated with a separate living room. For groups

The deck is available June through September and should

wanting to stay together, Beaver Creek Lodge also offers a

be booked a year in advance for holiday weekends and the

number of comfortable condos ranging all the way up to 3,400

month of September. As an added bonus, your guests will enjoy

square feet and complete with full kitchens.

expansive vistas during their commute thanks to the chairlift up the mountain.

Even if you don’t opt to choose Beaver Creek Lodge for your accommodations, you have to make your way to the

Speaking of getting around, Beaver Creek Village boasts

Rocks Modern Grill for a memorable meal. Executive Chef

a fabulous, complimentary service called “Dial-A-Ride” for

and Superman Justin Kalaluhi spends his days foraging for

anyone staying within the town gates. Thus, you don’t have

mushrooms and fishing for Rainbow Trout while cooking up

to worry about getting your guests to and from wedding events

sumptuous delights by night. I highly recommend the Beaver

– transportation is prearranged and included!

Creek corn chowder – the perfect start to any meal! For an adventurous ride, call up Lakota Guides for white water If you’re looking to skip the mountain-style décor, The Osprey

rafting and off-roading which will keep your guests’ adrenaline

at Beaver Creek is a modern, boutique option. It was named the

pumping and have them rolling with laughter thanks to the

“#1 Resort in the Continental U.S.” in the 2012 Travel + Leisure

company’s awesome guides.

World’s Best Awards Readers’ Survey and is the closest hotel in America to a ski lift – a mere 20 feet away.

While spending quality time with your guests is a major perk of a destination wedding, be sure to set aside a night to

On the flip side, if you want luxurious, quintessential lodge décor

yourselves to enjoy a romantic meal at Beano’s Cabin. A meal

(think a moose head wall mount, roaring stone fireplace and

here will definitely be one for the history books and is distinctive

sumptuous leather furniture), the SaddleRidge condos are right

enough for any event or special occasion.

up your flannel-loving alley. Each were decorated by former Ralph Lauren lead designer, Naomi Leff, with no expense spared.

Beaver Creek is one spot which will cement itself in your

Head over to the Clubhouse for a dramatic reception beneath

heart and will keep you and your guests coming back for

soaring forty-foot vaulted ceilings and surrounded by the largest

years to come.

collection of American Western antiques outside of a museum. Hold court with General Custer’s hat and Geronimo’s tomahawk as you celebrate your union as man and wife. S PR IN G & S U M M E R 2 0 1 4 | destinationido.com



Words by Courtney Cox

e: k i L s l e e F THE ST I COA F L A AM

Catalina Island is only about an hour ferry ride from both Long Beach and Dana Point, California, but you’ll feel as if you’ve been transported to an island far, far away. In fact, Catalina Island’s long-standing relationship with Hollywood has seen its shores transformed into the beaches of Tahiti, the coast of North Africa and many more locations around the World. 30

Hop aboard the Catalina Express and upgrade to the Commodore Lounge for a bottle of bubbly en route to your own personal getaway. Dock into Avalon Bay like many Hollywood starlets before you and check into the Pavilion Hotel. An easy walk from the dock, this boutique hotel boasts recently renovated rooms and a complimentary wine and cheese hour every day. The city of Avalon resembles a miniature Amalfi Coast and is entirely pedestrian-friendly – making it easy for your destination wedding guests to explore at their leisure. The reasons are evident why the island was so enormously popular with the rich and famous in the 1930s: the views are breathtaking, the

destinationido.com | S P R I N G & S U M M E R 2 0 1 4

Photo courtesy of: Santa Catalina Island Resort Services

foreign FEEL


foreign FEEL Photos courtesy of: (top to bottom, left to right) Courtney Cox (1st-5th) & Santa Catalina Island Resort Services (6th)

ambience relaxed, and the air smells like homemade candy and

September and October as the water is warmer and you’ll miss

waffle cones. What more could you want when trying to get away

the summer crowds.

from the everyday hustle and bustle? For a little adventure, take a drive through the interior to see the For a quick lunch, swing by The Lobster Trap for classic clam

island’s bison population. They were left behind by a film crew

chowder and phenomenal lobster rolls. Looking for a nice

and have since become famous residents. Stop by the Catalina

dinner out? The Avalon Grille has a hit on their hands with

airport for lunch and enjoy a bison bonanza burger at the “Airport

Executive Chef Paul Hancock. Catalina is famous for their

in the Sky.”

lobsters and Chef Hancock contracts directly with local fishermen for the best.

If you’re looking to see more of the island, keep driving all the way to Two Harbors for a much quieter, quainter ceremony

Looking to say “I do” on-island? There are options for every

or reception. The Banning House is a beautiful and historic

couple, whether you want a beachfront ceremony or a reception

option for couples and the 1910 Craftsman-style home offers

high in the hills with a view of the bay. Descanso Beach Club

unparalleled views. The wrap-around porch can accommodate

can not only be the setting of your beachfront ceremony, but

100 guests, but research accommodations as options are limited

is ideal for catching some sun with your guests. It’s one of the

on this side of the island. While you can drive to Two Harbors

only beaches in California which serves alcohol and also boasts

from Avalon, we would recommend taking the ferry from San

fire pits and luxurious cabanas. Descanso can accommodate a

Pedro, California if you’re going to host your event here as

wedding for up to 200 guests and the nearby lawn is perfect for

the drive, while beautiful, is long and quite bumpy! As another

a tented reception.

optional activity, consider taking a historical tour of the island’s iconic casino in Avalon.

If you’re looking for a more historical setting, the Catalina Country Club is gorgeous with Spanish vineyard-inspired

This charming island’s history as “Hollywood’s exotic backlot”

architecture and an outdoor courtyard which can comfortably

will weave itself into your event and offer you and your guests

seat 150 guests. March through October is considered

a dreamy getaway – just like the 1930s stars looking for a trendy

Catalina’s wedding season, but the local experts recommend

respite from the glitz and glam of fame.

S PR IN G & S U M M E R 2 0 1 4 | destinationido.com



THE FRENCH CONNECTION Words by Shana Kinnerup

New Orleans proved to be a place rich in culture, history and European influence. Having had the opportunity to travel to many amazing international locales, what struck me as so appealing about New Orleans was the feeling that I was strolling the streets of an international destination, but on a domestic budget.

The French influence, in particular, is so prevalent you see and feel it in everything from the architecture to the infamous wrought iron balconies, street names, restaurants and even street performers. This culture embodies the (appropriately named) French Quarter and the romance oozes around every corner. Having to remind myself on more than one occasion that I was on assignment for a bridal destination story (and not a European travel blog), my immediate excitement turned to the wealth of opportunity New Orleans affords for bridal parties and out-of-town guests to experience something so close to home, yet feels like they are an ocean away. With a European flare for tolerance, this is a city with a real sense of humor and filled with some of the friendliest people I’ve encountered. The destination couple has options ranging from a historic cathedral ceremony and opulent ballroom reception, to a private garden or even quaint restaurant as their


destinationido.com | S P R I N G & S U M M E R 2 0 1 4

Photos courtesy of: (top to bottom, left to right) NewOrleansOnline.com, Alex Demyan # NOMR4 & Jennifer Stein

foreign FEEL

Never having had the opportunity to indulge in the party scene of Bourbon Street in New Orleans, I was eager for the chance to see what all the hype was about. I was surprised, and pleased, to discover that the infamous drink-fest experience known as Bourbon Street was just one small piece of an amazing destination.

backdrop. One of the most decadent options I found was at the luxurious Omni Royal Orleans, located in the heart of the French Quarter. This historic property is the only hotel with a private, unobstructed roof-top space, with views which lend themselves to a romantic celebration. Also offering a grand ballroom and

Consider other local flare to add some character to your wedding such as horse-drawn carriage rides through the French Quarter or your own brass marching band by hiring a second line. Having accidentally stumbled upon a wedding second line on my last night, my jealousy was immediately palpable. Your own band will lead you, your bridal party and wedding guests on an escorted parade through the streets of the French Quarter to your next destination. Envision a ceremony at the historic St. Louis Cathedral followed by a bridal party parade to one Photo courtesy of: Omni Royal Orleans

of the rich banquet rooms at famous Brennan’s New Orleans. Enjoying my last morning in New Orleans, I reflected on a few things I learned during my experience. Bourbon Street does not define New Orleans. Beignets are not just for tourists. The French Quarter is, visually, like no other place in this country. The European culture will, without encouragement, embellish the destination wedding (that’s in $, not €).

foreign FEEL

garden courtyard, they can host up to 400 guests.



The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs has a longstanding reputation for its luxury accommodations, world-class service and extraordinary cuisine, but now guests can experience all this and more in a rustic setting surrounded by 100,000 acres of pristine national forest. At an altitude of 8,200 feet, this new all-inclusive mountain retreat, located a short 45-minute drive from its parent property, defines rustic charm at its finest. If you are looking for a private escape without sacrificing creature comforts, look no further than The Ranch at Emerald Valley. 34

destinationido.com | S P R I N G & S U M M E R 2 0 1 4

rugged RETREATS Photos courtesy of: The Broadmoor

During your stay you can enjoy hiking, biking or horseback

in between. For added variety, guests can be whisked down the

riding and the dedicated staff will even patiently teach you the

mountain for a round of golf, pampering at the spa, a few sets

fundamentals of fly fishing in their well-stocked, pristine alpine

of tennis, shopping or dining in one of The Broadmoor’s fine

lake. After your day of mountain activity, a glass of fine wine is

restaurants. The two properties offer the best of both worlds.

only steps away accompanied by the scent of pine and a Rocky Mountain sunset that rivals any you’ve seen. Soak away any

The Ranch at Emerald Valley is a perfect romantic honeymoon

remaining stress in the outdoor hot-tub or relax in your private

retreat for those who love the outdoors or are looking for a

mountain log cabin by a roaring fire.

mountain setting for an exclusive destination wedding event. The expertise that has been refined by The Broadmoor staff

The beautifully appointed Grand Lodge is the hub of activity

will have every detail covered. This is truly one of our “Dearly

and where the carefully prepared meals are served. The same

Beloved” properties.

fine dining you would expect at The Broadmoor is found here with chef-inspired gourmet offerings at every meal and snacks S PR IN G & S U M M E R 2 0 1 4 | destinationido.com




A horse ranch in Wickenburg, Arizona may not be the first place you think of when you begin dreaming of your destination wedding day. That’s okay; it wasn’t entirely on my radar either when I was invited to check out a historic property called Rancho de los Caballeros. But after visiting, touring the property and indulging in all they have to offer…I’m a believer. 36

This charming ranch feels like a throwback to the 1950s. Much of the furniture and décor is original, giving it a vintage feel, but you’ll find modern luxuries throughout. Located on approximately 20,000 acres, the resort property boasts its own golf course, spa and all-inclusive dining. Many of their guest rooms can open up to one another, making a buy-out or even partial buy-out, ideal for destination wedding groups. Each room is spacious, cozy and unique – really giving you the feel of a bed and breakfast rather than a hotel or resort. One of the top reasons people visit the ranch is for the horses. They have 100 saddled horses and several wranglers to make sure you’re matched with the right one. Grab a cowboy hat

destinationido.com | S P R I N G & S U M M E R 2 0 1 4

Photos courtesy of: Rancho de los Caballeros

Words by Jennifer Stein

SCOTTSDALE SPLENDOR As you plan your destination wedding, you want to make sure the location you select offers not only an ideal escape, but sumptuous food, crowd-pleasing activities and breathtaking backdrops. One getaway I experienced first-hand, provided all of

Photos courtesy of: (top to bottom, left to right) Rancho de los Caballeros (1st & 2nd) & The Four Seasons Scottsdale (3rd)

this and more.

(they’ll loan ya one if you don’t want to pack it) and hold on

The Four Seasons Scottsdale treated my husband and I to an

for the ride of your life! With the 20,000 acres of meandering

overnight stay, culinary delights, relaxing spa treatments and just

desert, and morning and afternoon rides, you can ride to your

enough quiet time to refuel and rejuvenate.


Words by Jennifer Stein

heart’s content. First stop: signature margaritas and a lazy dip in the pool. After Their spa is a stand-out as well. Don’t worry about the fact they don’t have a locker room – it’s actually a major plus because each luxury-appointed treatment room has its own private bathroom, shower and changing area. You can hang around your treatment room as long as you like, because at Rancho de los Caballeros, their goal is to get you to slow down and enjoy your experience.

meeting some “regulars” from New York and hearing why they have been coming back every year for five years, we headed back to our luxury-appointed room, complete with panoramic views of the sprawling desert landscape. We were greeted by homemade seven-layer dip and pomegranate sangria. Reservations at Talavera Restaurant kept us from eating every last bite of our in-room snack and promised even more

The all-inclusive dining here is impressive. Buffets are offered at breakfast and lunch and a formal dinner with menu selections at night. Their food is expertly crafted and inspired. One activity you should definitely take advantage of is their outdoor cook-out. Dine under the stars, toast marshmallows over an open fire and take in the crisp, dry desert air.

culinary talent and stunning sunset views. Our server gave suggestions and brought over a few favorites: wagyu short rib ravioli and chilean sea bass with potato risotto. Our table was quiet and romantic; the service and experience start-to-finish was outstanding. The next day we indulged in Swedish massages with a few Thai elements which had us both relaxed and recharged. We walked

There are countless places to have your wedding here – from

through the resort to check out the different areas to hold

large open spaces on the ranch to the lush green golf course –

a destination wedding and were struck by how peaceful and

couples will be surrounded by views of the Bradshaw Mountain

serene the property was. The three on-site ceremony locations

Range in the distance.

are ideal for any destination couple and would promise a flawless backdrop and place to say “I do.”

From stunning sunsets and rustic elegance, to endless activities and relaxing respite, Rancho de los Caballeros is an ideal locale

Between the sunsets and scrumptious food, this was no ordinary

for a destination wedding. If it wasn’t on your radar before, we

overnight getaway, but one aimed to fulfill each of our senses

hope it is now.

at every turn.

S PR IN G & S U M M E R 2 0 1 4 | destinationido.com


Photo courtesy of: Nashville Convention & Visitors Corporation

southern CHARMS Words by Courtney Cox

Much More Than Country 38

destinationido.com | S P R I N G & S U M M E R 2 0 1 4

southern CHARMS Puckett’s Grocery & Restaurant

Photos courtesy of: (top to bottom, left to right) Nashville Convention & Visitors Corporation (1st & 4th) & Courtney Cox (2nd, 3rd & 5th)

The Hermitage Hotel

The Hermitage Plantation Ryman Auditorium

Nashville might not be an obvious choice for a destination wedding or honeymoon, but those are the spots I personally love most: unexpected, original and surprising. The city has recently come into the forefront of pop culture thanks to the ABC hit show “Nashville,” but what you might not realize is that this iconic, hip town has been making a name for itself for years – and in more ways than one. The city has seen a record-breaking number of visitors in the

The Hermitage Hotel was built in 1910 and would make

past three years and after going, it’s not hard to see why. Beyond

a stunning home for your honeymoon or destination wedding

the diverse and impressive music scene, Nashville is being

festivities. Everything about this five-star, five-diamond hotel is

hailed by many as a major up-and-coming foodie destination.

glamorous and unforgettable. If you’re expecting a large number

Stand-outs are Puckett’s Grocery & Restaurant because of

of guests, the Gaylord Opryland Resort is the option for you.

the live music and succulent fried chicken, Peg Leg Porker for

The Opryland Resort can handle just about anything you throw

classic, inexpensive West Tennessee BBQ and The Southern

at it and boasts massive conservatories and twelve restaurants.

for their fresh oysters and biscuits. While none of these eats are

While the hotel is right next door to the Grand Ole Opry, it is 20

particularly new, the folks in Nashville are doing classic comfort

minutes outside the city, so plan on driving most places.

food really well. For a night out on the town, there are, of course, the infamous For a place to hang your hat, any one of these hotel options

Broadway honky-tonks. However, don’t be surprised to hear all

has something wonderful to offer. The Omni Nashville Hotel

kinds of live music coming through those swinging doors; rock,

is a brand-new property located in downtown Nashville and

jazz, and blues – you name it, Nashville’s got it. Look for the

is the only four-star hotel in the area. It just so happens to be

“Live Music Venue” signs shaped like guitar picks outside of any

attached to the Country Music Hall of Fame and boasts a rooftop

venue which has live music at least four times a week.

pool and comfortable, modern rooms. For a more historic option, S PR IN G & S U M M E R 2 0 1 4 | destinationido.com


southern CHARMS Arrington Vineyards

The Hermitage Plantation

Country Music Hall of Fame

Belle Meade Plantation

Broadway Honky-Tonks

For country music fans, the Ryman Auditorium, a.k.a. the “Mother

is perfect for a rustic reception and the formal gardens are

Church of Country Music,” the Grand Ole Opry and the Country

understated and lovely for your ceremony. History nerds need

Music Hall of Fame are all musts. Music buffs in general would

to make time to visit The Hermitage: President Andrew Jackson’s

enjoy a tour of Music Row, a neighborhood of unassuming

homestead dating back to 1804. The level of authenticity here

buildings which house some of the biggest recording studios in

is captivating and more than 90 percent of the home and its

history. Elvis recorded more than half his entire music catalog

interiors are perfectly preserved.

here and the list of other famous names who have made music here is mind-blowing.

I’ve been lucky enough to travel all over the World, and there are certain places which have a palpable energy – a feeling in


If music doesn’t interest you or your guests, not to worry –

the air which makes you happy and excited to be there; Nashville

there’s always wine and historic mansions. Arrington Vineyards

is one such place. If you think Nashville is just country music,

and its rolling hills would be a beautiful spot for a rehearsal

you’re wrong. In reality it has so much more to offer: historic

dinner or a romantic date night. They offer free wine tastings

sites, ground-breaking restaurants, beautiful countryside and

every day and live jazz music on the weekends. Another

good ol’ Southern hospitality. Whether you visit for a few days

breathtaking spot for your wedding events is Belle Meade

to say “I do,” or stay a week for your honeymoon, for goodness

Plantation. The carriage house which dates back to 1892

sake – just make the trip!

destinationido.com | S P R I N G & S U M M E R 2 0 1 4

Photos courtesy of: (top to bottom, left to right) Courtney Cox (1st-4th, 6th & 8th) & Nashville Convention & Visitors Corporation (5th & 7th)


southern CHARMS

Make memories to last a lifetime in one of the most romantic place on earth. Whether you’re planning a tastefully intimate ceremony or an elaborate dream wedding event, choose Hidden Mountain for your unforgettable wedding or reception in a setting that will “wow” your guests! Our beautiful mountaintop gazebo is often chosen for the ceremony itself, and countless newlyweds have honeymooned with us in one of our romantic cabins, complete with all the extra amenities to make a stay worthy of the momentous S PR IN Goccasion! & SUMMER 2014

| destinationido.com


H A N N A V A S The




y t i C s s e t s Ho

Photos courtesy of: (top to bottom, left to right) The Kessler Collection (1st, 3rd & 4th) & Savannah Area Chamber of Commerce (2nd, 5th & 6th)

southern CHARMS y Words b ere Carolyn Ste

southern CHARMS Photo courtesy of: Savannah Area Chamber of Commerce

If there is one thing they love to do in Savannah, Georgia it is to host a party, particularly big, important parties. This historic and charming city is known for its warm hospitality, superb Low-Country cuisine, Southern tradition and picturesque settings. Located overlooking Savannah’s largest and most historic

Savannah dining experience can be found during the day at the

square, the iconic Mansion on Forsyth Park is a highly sought

family-style Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room, but get there early as the

after wedding venue for good reason. This newly renovated

line forms quickly. For a totally fun (and educational) culinary

boutique hotel is part of the Kessler Collection, known for well

experience for you and your guests, check out the 700 Kitchen

curated collections of local art on display throughout each

Cooking School where Chef Darin Sehnert expertly walks you

of their properties. The Mansion will not disappoint as a charming

through the preparation of some select Low-Country dishes,

place to lodge your guests, pamper them at the Poseidon Spa,

which you then have the privilege of savoring coupled with well-

share a meal at the 700 Drayton Restaurant and host them

chosen local wines.

for your wedding event. The black candelabras and cut-glass chandeliers catch the light in the Viennese Ballroom which

When it is time to work off the calories, things to do and enjoy

seats 200, or if you prefer a fresh air location, the Marble

abound in Savannah. Getting around is easy on foot or jump on

Garden Courtyard, overlooking the pool, palms and fountain

one of the trolley tours which will drop you off to stroll the town

is also exquisite.

parks and historic district. Since Savannah has the distinction of being one of “America’s most haunted cities,” be sure to spend

Located a short distance away directly on the Savannah

one evening on the Old Savannah Ghost Trolley touring sites

riverfront is its trendy sister hotel, the Bohemian Hotel Savannah

where you may encounter the paranormal.

Riverfront, where you can start your amazing culinary tour of the city. Executive Chef Zachery Martin is a master at preparing

Your guests will be delighted with your choice of Savannah

American comfort food with a decidedly Southern contemporary

for a truly unique destination wedding. Let the warm Southern

flare at Rocks on the River and a quick elevator ride opens to

hospitality of its wedding planning community help you with the

Rocks on the Roof, where you can enjoy spectacular views,

most important party of your life.

award-winning food and live entertainment. Another unique S PR IN G & S U M M E R 2 0 1 4 | destinationido.com


southern CHARMS

MYRTLE BEACH Words and Images by Courtney Cox

Broookgreen Gardens

As the proud spouse of a man who is entirely golf-obsessed, I assumed Myrtle Beach was merely a golf destination. However, after a recent visit, I found that not only does this portion of South Carolina’s “Grand Strand” offer amazing links, it’s ideal for destination weddings. Myrtle Beach provides similar Southern charm as its Charleston competitor, but with gorgeous beaches and lower prices. 44

destinationido.com | S P R I N G & S U M M E R 2 0 1 4

southern CHARMS Wachesaw Plantation

Willbrook Plantation Golf Course

If you’re looking to host your event at a resort, the Myrtle Beach

If you’re not looking for a country club or beachfront wedding,

Marriott Resort & Spa at Grand Dunes can handle anything

Brookgreen Gardens has stunning alternatives. This expansive

and everything thanks to its extensive event and conference

and sophisticated public garden is on 9,000 acres and includes

experience. With beach views and large spaces, it’s ideal for

immaculately groomed spaces and quintessential Southern

larger weddings, but be aware – you can’t have your ceremony

backdrops. For an intimate and picturesque reception, the

on the beach here due to city ordinances.

Holliday Cottage will charm the socks off of you and your guests.

A fun alternative to hosting your guests in a hotel is to rent

After a busy day touring the biggest and best wedding venues

a large beachfront home in Garden City Beach. These homes

in Myrtle Beach, I was continually surprised by the affordable

can accommodate as many as 26 people, but range in both

prices and logistically convenient packages. More often than

price and size. Overall, they’re surprisingly affordable and offer

not, a flat fee will get you most everything including set-up,

comfortable furnishings, large kitchens and spacious, friendly

rentals, wait staff, linens and even dinner. For a couple looking

back porches. Best of all, the beach in Garden City does allow

to get big bang for their buck and keep the planning process

ceremonies and receptions on the sand. To look into renting one

simple, Myrtle Beach is a fantastic option. Spring and fall are the

of these amazing homes-away-from-home, contact Dunes Realty.

most popular times of year for weddings so be sure to book a year in advance for the more popular venues mentioned above.

If you have a golf lover in your life, treat yourself and them to a ceremony and/or reception at one of these gorgeous,

In the time leading up to your destination wedding, treat your

world-class country clubs. The Grand Dunes Members Club

guests to some good ol’ fashioned fun at either Broadway at

has a high-end, Mediterranean-style feel and offers weddings

the Beach or The Carolina Opry Show. Also, take advantage of

on the beach since they’re just outside the Myrtle Beach city

the world-class golf since the majority of Myrtle Beach’s courses

limits. Pine Lakes Country Club is an oldie, but a goodie and

are open to the public and absolutely spectacular.

is considered the “granddaddy” of country clubs since it was the first golf course established in Myrtle Beach back in 1927.

Myrtle Beach surpassed my expectations and is undoubtedly

The dramatic clubhouse makes for a stunning backdrop for

a hidden gem within the destination wedding market. If you’re

your ceremony and the historic interiors, a charming reception

considering a beach ceremony or Southern charmer of

location. The Dunes Club is perfect for the modern couple

a wedding, definitely keep Myrtle Beach at the top of your

wanting a location with gorgeous views and chic, neutral

must-consider list!

interiors. Their spacious, oceanfront lawn is a great alternative to a traditional beach ceremony.

Broadway at the Beach

S PR IN G & S U M M E R 2 0 1 4 | destinationido.com


1: The historic Biltmore Estate in Asheville,


North Carolina is the setting for this photo

fashion FORWARD

shoot aimed to be a romantic nod to the passionate past. The table settings and dinner details are courtesy of East West Vintage Rentals, the linens are from La Tavola Linen, the wholesale flowers from FiftyFlowers.com were arranged by Lily Greenthumb’s Wedding & Event Design and the hoop art place cards hanging from each chair are by thimbleandthistle. Our

“The enjoyment of scenery employs the mind without fatigue and yet excercises it; tranquilizes it and yet enlivens it...” - Frederick Law Olmsted


destinationido.com | S P R I N G & S U M M E R 2 0 1 4

couple is elegant in a suit from J.Crew and the “Abigail” gown by Claire Pettibone.


fashion FORWARD





2: With the Biltmore Estate dating back

3: This hand painted stationery suite

4: Our bride takes a moment to admire the

to 1895, there were countless historical spots

by Momental Designs features a family-style

lovely, rolling hills of Asheville, North Carolina.

from which to pose. Our brides are gorgeous

crest monogram much like what may have

She’s equally as striking in the “Abbey” gown

in gowns by Claire Pettibone, jewelry by Lulu

topped the Vanderbilt family’s own letterhead

by Claire Pettibone, hair by Emily Anne Hair

Frost, hair by Emily Anne Hair and makeup

in decades past.

and makeup by Blush Asheville.

by Blush Asheville.

S PR IN G & S U M M E R 2 0 1 4 | destinationido.com


5 fashion FORWARD


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6 7


5 & 6: Bringing hand painted, watercolor details into the modern era was easy with this invitation placed in a container with lush foliage and moss and these custom cell phone cases. The designs were brought to life by Momental Designs and the calligraphy is by Meant To Be Calligraphy. 7 & 11: Inspired by the era of Romanticism, this classically beautiful tablescape is brought into modern-day with pops of pink. The natureinspired linens are courtesy of La Tavola Linen, the table settings and vintage details are from East West Vintage Rentals and the flowers from FiftyFlowers.com were arranged by Lily Greenthumb’s Wedding & Event Design. 8, 9 & 10: This couple manages to take their eyes off of the iconic surroundings in order to admire each other. The large wooden

9 10 11

initials pay homage to our inspiration of the estate’s massive art collection and were handcrafted by Skilltree Designs. Our groom is classically dressed in a suit by J.Crew and our bride is elegant in the “Abigail” dress by Claire Pettibone, jewelry from Lulu Frost, hair by Emily Anne Hair and makeup by Blush Asheville.

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12 & 15: These gorgeous bouquets were inspired by the feeling of the late 19th century, but are no doubt fit for any modern bride. The flowers were purchased

fashion FORWARD

at FiftyFlowers.com and the bouquets were created by Lily Greenthumb’s Wedding & Event Design. 13 & 14: These gorgeous brides may look like they just stepped out of an episode of “Downton Abbey,” but their hair by Emily Anne Hair, makeup by Blush Asheville and jewelry from Lulu Frost are timeless. 16 & 17: The rolling hills of Asheville, North Carolina and expansive grounds of the Biltmore offer endless options for canoodling.

12 13 14 15

Our couples take advantage in gowns by Claire Pettibone and a suit by J.Crew. The lovely wreath wrapping-up the couple in image 17 was created by Lily Greenthumb’s Wedding & Event Design.




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“I thought my life was over at 24 years old.”


Marisol Guerrero was in her twenties when she was diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer. With no money or health insurance, she didn’t know how she was going to afford her healthcare. Through a local organization funded in part by Susan G. Komen®, Marisol received financial assistance for her treatment. Today she leads a Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure® team that raises money to support Komen and uses social media to raise breast cancer awareness among young women.

Help save lives. Donate at IamSusanGKomen.org or text SGK to 90999 to give $10. $10.00 donation to Susan G. Komen. Charges will appear on your wireless bill, or be deducted from your prepaid balance. All purchases must be authorized by account holder. Must be 18 years of age or have parental permission to participate. Message and Data Rates May Apply. Text STOP to 90999 to STOP. Text HELP to 90999 for HELP. Full Terms: www.mGive.org/T. Privacy Policy: www.mGive.org/P. © 2014 Susan G. Komen. For financial information, please visit ww5.komen.org/donate/disclosurestatement.html

18 fashion FORWARD 18: Our bride is ethereal and worthy of the Biltmore’s lush surroundings in the “Abbey” gown by Claire Pettibone, hair by Emily Anne Hair and makeup by Blush Asheville. Her bouquet’s flowers were purchased at FiftyFlowers.com and put together by Lily Greenthumb’s Wedding & Event Design. 19: Taking a token from the estate’s massive art collection, Kristy Rice of Momental Designs hand painted this seating chart and placed it in a gilded, ornate frame.


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fashion FORWARD

19 20 20 & 24: Our couple holds their own against the Biltmore backdrop with undeniable romantic chemistry and sharp looks including a suit by J.Crew, the “Abigail” gown by Claire Pettibone, jewelry from Lulu Frost, hair by Emily Anne Hair and makeup by Blush Asheville. The flowers for our groom’s boutonniere were purchased at FiftyFlowers. com and designed by Lily Greenthumb’s Wedding & Event Design. 21: Basking in the light of love, these two make one enviable pair. He’s dapper in a suit by J.Crew and a boutonniere made up of flowers from FiftyFlowers.com and designed by Lily Greenthumb’s Wedding & Event Design. Our bride’s perfection in the “Abbey” gown by Claire Pettibone, hair by Emily Anne Hair and makeup by Blush Asheville. 22: Romantic, gilded touches from East West Vintage Rentals took our tablescape

21 22 23 24

over the top and perfectly complemented the linens from La Tavola Linen and floral décor ordered from FiftyFlowers.com and designed by Lily Greenthumb’s Wedding & Event Design. 23: This quaint and classic cake by the Biltmore was given a personalized touch with the addition of hand carved, wooden initials by Skilltree Designs. The table linen is courtesy of La Tavola Linen, the cake stand is from East West Vintage Rentals and the flower accents were ordered from FiftyFlowers.com.

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fashion FORWARD

“Kiss me, so long but as a kiss may live!” - Percy Bysshe Shelley

25 25: Our bride is breathtaking with hair by Emily Anne Hair and makeup by Blush Asheville – both inspired by iconic decades past. 26: This stationery by Momental Designs and calligraphy by Meant To Be Calligraphy nearly outshines our bride’s beautiful “Abbey” gown by Claire Pettibone. The floral, stitched belt is a perfect representation of the Romanticism period. 27 & 28: Kristy Rice with Momental Designs

26 27 28 29

was inspired by both the Biltmore’s art collection and lush gardens to create a series of stationery suites for the modern couple. Family crest-inspired details pay homage to the Vanderbilt family and menus in a vibrant hue are a respectful twist on tradition. 29: This invitation by Momental Designs is right on-theme with the bride’s “Abigail” gown by Claire Pettibone and jewelry from Lulu Frost.


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department HEADING

Riviera Destination Suit for purchase

Grey Aspen Slim Fit Tuxedo for rental

Destination groom’s attire Tan Havana Slim Fit Destination Suit for rental

Rent or Buy the Perfect Ensemble for your Destination Wedding!

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30 30: Our couple stroll the estate’s massive grounds with a glorious view of the Biltmore

fashion FORWARD

house. This U.S. National Historic Landmark provided all the inspiration we needed in creating a romantic, modern take on history. Our bride’s “Abigail” gown by Claire Pettibone and groom’s suit from J.Crew make for proper attire.

“Bursting with a sense of pride, the Biltmore is a place yearning for exploration.” - Kristy Rice, Momental Designs


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An Artist’s Reverie Words by Jennifer Stein

The magnificent Biltmore Estate was chosen as the setting for this issue’s “Fashion Forward” as it created such inspiration for artist Kristy Rice of Momental Designs. The property harkens to a bygone era, yet its rich history and stunning grounds have been preserved for visitors to appreciate today. “There is a timeless spirit at Biltmore which is completely unique to the property,” says Maura Scarmack, wedding designer with Biltmore’s catering and events team. “Visually, Biltmore’s lush landscape is a living tribute to the famed founder of American landscape architecture, Frederick Law Olmsted, who planned and designed the estate’s landscape over a century ago.” “The majesty of the Biltmore home and grounds was an


irresistible backdrop with all its beauty and splendor seen at every turn,” recalls Kristy Rice. “When I first approached the estate, cliché as it may sound, I felt as if I were stepping into a master’s painting. Immediately I knew, somehow this feeling of being immersed in a magical scene of historical magnitude,

Visit us at our new and improved BLOG for daily updates on the latest in destination wedding fashion, trends, etiquette, real weddings, travel ideas and SO much more!

needed to be distilled.” Rice, with the help of extremely talented wedding vendors exceptional, historic surroundings but with a modern twist. “Vintage details such as threaded buckles and floral appliques confirm the era of a time gone past, while watercolored crossstitch-inspired artwork adds a nod to modernity,” says Rice. Couples are offered something entirely exclusive when they select the Biltmore for their wedding celebration. “Biltmore is much more than a wedding venue; it’s a totally immersive experience for couples, their wedding party and their guests,” says Scarmack. “The caretakers at the Biltmore can often be found offering historical storytelling and take great pride in maintaining a national treasure,” says Rice. Where better to celebrate your timeless love, than in a classic and everlasting setting such as the Biltmore Estate?

Image by Trent Bailey Photography, trent-bailey.com

and the on-property staff, crafted a photo shoot to suit the

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guest BOOK Im

de en

La v &

y av

N by



W or



Ta y







Welcome Bags

As guests arrive for your destination wedding, there is no better way to welcome them than with a gift bag reflecting the local flair of your chosen location. Co-Founder of gifting website, Navy & Lavender, Michal Mufson explains, “It is incredible to have the people you love travel near and far to help you celebrate your wedding. Some have bought plane tickets, hotel rooms and even hired babysitters so they can make it to your special day.� Navy & Lavender shows us an array of unique gift bags to kick-off your destination wedding weekend and are guaranteed to show your guests just how much their attendance means to you. 58

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guest BOOK SOPHISTICATED CITY TOTE: Navy & Lavender’s New York City tote is perfect for welcoming guests to the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple! A box of Hampton Popcorn and Tate’s chocolate chip cookies will give them a taste of favorite local treats, while a personalized bag of coffee candies and two granola bars will keep them energized for all the fun a city wedding has to offer. $36

SEASIDE ISLAND TOTE: Guests will have fun in the sun at your wedding with Navy & Lavender’s islandthemed welcome tote! Salt-water taffy, kettle corn, sea salt & vinegar potato chips and all-natural fish gummy candies fit the bill perfectly. $36

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guest BOOK SOUTHERN COUNTRY TOTE: Show them some good old Southern hospitality by giving guests a welcome tote filled with lemonade cookies, a personalized bag of old fashioned candies, a scrumptious rice crispy treat and Low-Country traditional benne wafers. $38

RUSTIC MOUNTAIN TOTE: Navy & Lavender’s mountain-themed tote is perfect for those getting married out west. A bag of “Cowgirl’s” popcorn trail mix, a hand-stamped box of mountain rock candies, Deep River potato chips and fly-fishing themed cheddar biscuits are the perfect snacks to enjoy in the great outdoors. $34


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guest BOOK LIVELY VEGAS TOTE: Everyone wins with this wedding welcome tote perfectly suited for a weekend in Las Vegas! Cloud Nine popcorn, a playing card rice crispy treat, a “tall stack” of sugar cookies and chocolate poker chips in a hand-stamped muslin bag are all your guests will need for your wedding of luck and love. $44

DELECTABLE VINEYARD TOTE: Greet guests to your vineyard wedding with snacks which complement your event, such as wine crackers, cheese straws, rosemary & olive oil potato chips and sweet caramels. The wine crackers are hand-made with real wine! $36

These welcome bags speak for themselves in thanking your guests by providing them with delicious delights accentuating your wedding location. “Giving guests a welcome gift with local treats and a Rescue Me Kit that has one of everything they need while they are out-of-town, shows your guests you appreciate their presence,” says Mufson.

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10BestPICKS: Beaches in the Caribbean, Hawaii and Mexico Words by John Roark


For many of us, the beach represents the ultimate romantic getaway. We knew it wouldn’t be easy, but we’ve chosen our particular favorites in the Caribbean, Hawaii and Mexico.


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Photo courtesy of: One&Only Ocean Club

honeymoon HIDEAWAYS


honeymoon HIDEAWAYS

Photos courtesy of: (top to bottom) Four Seasons Hualalai & Jennifer Stein

Ka‘upulehu Beach Hualalai, Hawaii Located on Kona’s Kohala Coast, the Four Seasons’ private stretch of Ka‘upulehu Beach has everything that makes the Big Island so unforgettable: the irresistible combination of aquamarine oceanfront, sugar-white sand and rugged black lava landscapes. Beautiful, peaceful and private, you won’t find its equal anywhere else in Kona.

Juanillo Beach Dominican Republic Quiet and relaxed, this jewel on the eastern tip of the Dominican Republic has become a favorite of discerning travelers. Turquoise waves embrace velvet sands fringed with swaying palms. The beaches of the Punta Cana area are considered some of the best in the Caribbean; Juanillo Beach will show you why. S PR IN G & S U M M E R 2 0 1 4 | destinationido.com


honeymoon HIDEAWAYS

Riviera Maya, Mexico The Riviera Maya region is home to some of Mexico’s most sensational beaches, and Maroma Beach is considered its most captivating secret. Thirty miles south of Cancun in the heart of the Riviera Maya and facing the beautiful Mexican Caribbean, you’ll find white sand, tranquil azure waters and abundant vegetation. In 2010, the Travel Channel ranked Maroma “The Most Romantic Beach in the World.” Close your eyes and revel in the silken breeze. You’ve found paradise.

North Shore O‘ahu, Hawaii They say if there’s such a thing as the perfect wave, you’ll find it here. Stretching for more than seven miles, O‘ahu’s North Shore is a legendary winter haven for surfers – and a yearround favorite for non-surfers as well. In addition to O‘ahu’s dazzling natural beauty, you’ll see some of the most romantic sunsets you’ll find, period.


destinationido.com | S P R I N G & S U M M E R 2 0 1 4

Photos courtesy of: (top to bottom) El Dorado Royale Spa Resort & Casitas & Hawaii Tourism Authority - Tor Johnson

Maroma Beach (Located at the El Dorado Royale)

One&Only Ocean Club Paradise Island, Bahamas

honeymoon HIDEAWAYS

Under the canopy of the deep blue Bahamian sky, life is easy. Considered one of the islands’ most-prized private beaches, the One&Only Ocean Club Paradise Island’s powder-soft sands and beckoning blue waters will captivate you – and delight with some of the Bahamas’ finest snorkeling, diving,

Photo courtesy of: One&Only Ocean Club

wind-surfing and sailing.

Let our destination begin your journey. A beautiful destination wedding on North Carolina’s Outer Banks is the perfect start for your life together.

Real Weddings Over 250 Professional OBX Wedding Vendors OBX Wedding Blog 2014 Wedding Weekend & Expo

2300 S. Croatan Hwy, Suite 203 Milepost 10 Nags Head, NC 27959 252.449.9333

Find it all here www.obxwa.com

Photo by: Kristi Midgette Photography

Grand Cayman

honeymoon HIDEAWAYS

On the western shore of Grand Cayman, crescent-shaped Seven Mile Beach glitters with coral sands and warm crystal waters. Renowned for its beauty and named “The Caribbean’s Best Beach” by Caribbean Travel and Life

Magazine, as you stroll the shoreline the warm breeze and jasmine-scented air will conspire to enchant you.

St. Regis Princeville Kaua‘i, Hawaii Overlooking stunning Hanalei Bay on the North Shore of Kaua‘i, the St. Regis’ view spans emerald cliffs and lush vegetation. The beach is protected by Hawaii’s largest coral reef and is loved for its soft sand and gentle waters yearround. Be sure to ask how to find the best local fish taco stands – praised by foodies worldwide.


destinationido.com | S P R I N G & S U M M E R 2 0 1 4

Photos courtesy of: (top to bottom) Cayman Islands Department of Tourism, shot by Don McDougall & Courtney Cox

Seven Mile Beach

Imanta Resort Punta de Mita, Mexico

honeymoon HIDEAWAYS

Just north of Banderas Bay, 30 miles from Puerto Vallarta at the northern end of Mexico’s west coast, Imanta’s private twomile golden beach is flanked by natural rock formations and the backdrop of the plush jungles and soaring peaks of the Sierra de Vallejo Biosphere Reserve. Share your enclave with baby sea turtles in October and November, and watch for humpback whales

Photo courtesy of: Imanta Resort

December through March.


Contact 011-52 (984) 875-1700 ext. 5249 or weddings.mx@sirenishotels.com for reservations!


Photos courtesy of: (top to bottom) Courtney Cox & Westin Ka‘anapali Ocean Resort Villas

honeymoon HIDEAWAYS

Pinel Beach, Pinel Island St. Maarten Pinel Island is home to some of St. Maarten’s most picturesque beaches and best snorkeling. Follow the trails to some truly stunning reef-enclosed lagoons. You’ll swear you’ve found Eden. We love the tiny beachfront restaurants serving authentic Caribbean cuisine. Don’t miss: the fresh grilled lobster at Karibuni.

Ka’anapali Beach Maui, Hawaii One of west Maui’s most cherished retreats, Ka’anapali Beach was once a private retreat for Hawaiian royalty. Enjoy three miles of sparkling sand, shallow water near the shore and world-class snorkeling. Resorts, shopping and restaurants are a short stroll away. Don’t miss: the daily cliff diving ceremony off of the beach’s northernmost cliffs known as Puu Kekaa.


destinationido.com | S P R I N G & S U M M E R 2 0 1 4

honeymoon HIDEAWAYS

HAWAII Words by Courtney Cox

Once you’ve made the wonderful decision to have a destination wedding or a honeymoon, comes the daunting task of picking a locale. Here at Destination I Do, we’ve traveled the World looking for the most adventurous nooks and romantic crannies which will suit you and your guests perfectly. While we’ve scoured the globe, we find ourselves coming back to one destination again and again: Kaua‘i, Hawaii.


destinationido.com | S P R I N G & S U M M E R 2 0 1 4

Photo courtesy of: Courtney Cox


Photos courtesy of: (top to bottom, left to right) Courtney Cox (1st, 3rd & 5th) & St. Regis Princeville (2nd & 4th)

Napali Coast

honeymoon HIDEAWAYS

St. Regis Princeville

St. Regis Princeville

The Old Stone Dam

If you’ve never been to Hawaii before, we recommend Kaua‘i

Grand Hyatt Kaua‘i

because it strikes the perfect balance between modern

Located on the south side of the island near Poipu, the Grand

amenities and maintaining the quintessential Hawaiian lifestyle.

Hyatt is a sprawling property with beautiful gardens, large ponds

For example, you can opt for any number of luxurious hotels,

and more than enough ceremony and reception options to go

but none of them are going to be taller than a coconut tree

around. The level of luxury here is sure to please the adults,

– per island regulations.

but it’s definitely still kid-friendly. The Hyatt’s pool is unlike any I’ve seen before and offers a winding “lazy river” and multiple

Termed the “Island of Discovery” and “The Garden Isle,” there’s

private deck areas. If you’re looking to relax with a book and a

something for everyone – you just have to decide what fits

cold beverage, the resort’s salt water lagoon is a happy medium

your style, or budget, best. We visited some of the island’s

between the nearby ocean and pool.

biggest hot-spots, each of which offers something totally different. Spend time at your destination wedding or honeymoon

The St. Regis Princeville

at one or all of them, either way you’re guaranteed to have

If you’re looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, then the

a memorable experience.

St. Regis should be at the top of your list. Located on the north side of the island and overlooking Hanalei Bay, this cliffside


resort cleverly sidesteps the coconut tree height requirement

Waimea Plantation Cottages

to offer the most breathtaking views possible. The beach here

This unique property resulted from the remaining sugar cane

is undoubtedly one of the best I’ve ever seen (see pg. 62 for

plantation cottages from around Kaua‘i being transported to a

our round-up of the best beaches) and the service is excellent.

single, gorgeous piece of land. The charming cottages date back

The St. Regis has partnered with a single local vendor, Martin

to the early 1900s and are perfect for large groups or families

Roberts Design, to handle all of the décor and flowers for their

on a tight budget. The full kitchens and multiple bedrooms are

on-site weddings, making things logistically simple

ideal for those comfortable with sharing, but keep in mind these

and absolutely stunning.

cottages haven’t been recently renovated. Waimea Plantation Cottages are for the more rustically inclined who are willing to drive to the best beaches. S PR IN G & S U M M E R 2 0 1 4 | destinationido.com


Photo courtesy of: Courtney Cox

honeymoon HIDEAWAYS

“Fly in and out of velvety-green canyons, under rainbows and try to keep track of how many waterfalls you spot.”


destinationido.com | S P R I N G & S U M M E R 2 0 1 4

honeymoon HIDEAWAYS

Grand Hyatt Kaua‘i

Black-Sand Beach at Waimea Plantation Cottages

Photos courtesy of: (top to bottom, left to right) Grand Hyatt Kaua‘i (1st) & Courtney Cox (2nd-5th)

Napali Coast

Waimea Plantation Cottages


of Napali, but plenty of wildlife along the way. However, stick

Tidepools at the Grand Hyatt Kaua‘i

to the summer months for calmer waters and take the helicopter

This romantic restaurant resembles waterfront bungalows and

tour instead if you’re prone to seasickness.

features waterfalls, an open-air atmosphere and circling koi fish. The setting and fantastic seafood make this a great option for

Photo Safari Hawaii

an intimate dinner for two or a rehearsal dinner.

If you’re a budding photographer, this company provides tours of the island geared toward capturing the best light to help improve your photography skills and exploring hidden gems of the island.

Gaylord’s Restaurant This historic spot at Kilohana Plantation is great for a lovely lunch and also frequently caters, no pun intended, to the

Scenic Helicopter Tour

wedding crowd. Thirsty? Stop by next door at the Koloa Rum Co.

If you only do one thing while visiting Kaua‘i, take a scenic

for a tasting and some Kaua‘i rum souvenirs.

helicopter tour. I took a doors-off tour with Jack Harter Helicopters and it was one of the most magical experiences

Makana Terrace

I’ve ever had. Fly in and out of velvety-green canyons, under

The stand-out restaurant at the St. Regis Princeville, the views

rainbows and try to keep track of how many waterfalls you spot.

from Makana Terrace alone warrant a romantic dinner here. They

I lost track around 20…

are open all day, but we recommend an evening meal of handWhether you’re looking for adventurous activities, world-class

crafted sushi and a signature Bloody Mary.

beaches or take-your-breath-away unspoiled beauty, Kaua‘i


has all of this and more. No matter where you end up opting

Napali Coast Sail

to celebrate your love or say “I do,” the “Garden Isle” of Hawaii

When it comes to discovering the island, the Napali Coast

is waiting to please.

is an absolute must-see. Kaua‘i Sea Tours offers a coastal sail on which you’ll not only see the stunning cliffs and valleys

S PR IN G & S U M M E R 2 0 1 4 | destinationido.com


WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD honeymoon HIDEAWAYS Words by Gordon and Carolyn Steere

With the endless possibilities awaiting you in Europe, you might find narrowing down the options for your dream destination wedding and honeymoon to be the most challenging part of planning. On our own journey, we found a few magical places which you may want to consider and some travel tips which we hope will make your experience seamless. 74

destinationido.com | S P R I N G & S U M M E R 2 0 1 4

Photo courtesy of: Crystal Cruises


honeymoon HIDEAWAYS Photos courtesy of: Il Salviatino


The day is perfect and even though getting married in Italy

Every girl has a vision for the day she marries her prince. Idyllic

can be complicated, the experienced wedding professionals

Tuscany with its lush green rolling landscape, picturesque

of Il Salviatino have every detail covered. All you have to do is

villages and grand domes in the distance, provides one perfect

share your vision and trust them to make it happen. Your guests

backdrop and the romantic Il Salviatino captures all that is best

will also appreciate the convenience to the city of Florence and

about this place.

the warm atmosphere and elegant surroundings. They will love sipping a glass of local Chianti as they enjoy the magnificent

Standing in the magnificent garden, with the city of Florence

view from the verandah. Il Salviatino is a perfect choice for

in the distance, adds to the wonder of the moment when the

a small, intimate wedding or an event in which you would be

groom sees his bride emerge from the palazzo. The peaceful

willing to buy-out the 46 rooms on-site.

surroundings make it seem like time has stopped.

S PR IN G & S U M M E R 2 0 1 4 | destinationido.com



steps away at Trattoria Il Pompiene where the menu includes

What better place to begin a romantic honeymoon than the

delectable Italian specialties. Walk off the tiramisu with a stroll

setting for the most famous love story of all time...“Romeo and

along the Adige River, around the ancient Roman amphitheater

Juliet?” The perfect place to stay is the Palazzo Victoria, an

or “people watch” on the Corso di Porta Borsari with its shops

exquisite palace built in the 14th century, located in the heart

and restaurants.

of the old city. After a few relaxing days of kicking back in Verona, hop on the


You can skip the motorized transportation, because this town is

fast train to Rome. Traveling via train in Italy is easy if you keep

pedestrian-friendly. Exit the hotel and you find yourself in a world

a few things in mind. First is to pack light because lifts are not

of cobblestone streets and vestiges of ancient Roman history.

available at every station. The second tip is to splurge on first-

Stop in to a local wine bar and savor some of the best red wines

class tickets. For a few euros more, the extra space for luggage

of the Valpolicella region. Dine-in at the Palazzo Victoria or a few

is a major help.

destinationido.com | S P R I N G & S U M M E R 2 0 1 4

Photos courtesy of: Palazzo Victoria

honeymoon HIDEAWAYS

“Exit the hotel and you find yourself in a world of cobblestone streets and vestiges of ancient Roman history.”

honeymoon HIDEAWAYS ROME Rome is a city which exudes high energy with motorbikes

Photos courtesy of: Regina Hotel Baglioni

weaving in and out of traffic, the vivacious Italian people and an endless number of things to do. Where to stay? The Regina Hotel Baglioni, located on the famous Via Veneto is a short walk from the famous Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, great shopping and sumptuous dining. The hotel is a perfect blend of luxury and elegance with a friendly atmosphere from the moment you arrive and a welcome place to return to after busy days of seeing the sights.

S PR IN G & S U M M E R 2 0 1 4 | destinationido.com


“...action-filled days of exploring ruins, admiring cathedrals, appreciating magnificent works of art and sampling local fare...” honeymoon HIDEAWAYS FROM ROME TO PORTUGAL BY SEA

An elegant and romantic penthouse stateroom was to be our

Following some action-filled days of exploring ruins, admiring

home for the next 13 days and from the moment we stepped

cathedrals, appreciating magnificent works of art and sampling

aboard we were pampered by the world-class service and in

local fare, we were ready to begin the sea portion of our dream

particular, our butler Jijio. Morning coffee, welcome advice on

trip onboard Crystal Cruises’ ship, the Serenity. Our voyage

where to go and what to do, dinner reservations and afternoon

starts in Rome, with our final destination being Lisbon. Inbetween

canapés were just a few of his gracious kindnesses.

are exotic ports of call, first-class on-board entertainment, leisurely afternoons by the pool, amazing food, more wine...

We cherished the quiet moments sitting on our private verandah watching the moon come up over the sea or watching how the ship was skillfully brought into port. Love filled and stress-free days and nights pass by all too fast.


destinationido.com | S P R I N G & S U M M E R 2 0 1 4

Photos courtesy of: (top to bottom, left to right) Regina Hotel Baglioni (1st & 2nd) & Crystal Cruises (3rd)


and your honey, the wind gives an exhilarating feeling

romantic location only to wake up in another exciting destination.

of freedom and a sense of awe as the ship cuts through

The Italian Riviera to the French Riviera and the principality of

the dark sea. Making new and interesting friends is one joy

Monaco, where fairytales do come true. Ole! Viva!

along the journey, but dining at a table-for-two enhances romance and is a must. Being an all-inclusive cruise line,

Spanish-style was next where we took in majestic cathedrals,

Crystal eliminates many of the “should-we or should-we-not”

sampled regional tapas and strolled along ancient paths in

choices, which we appreciated.

seaside towns on the Spanish coast. Crystal Cruises has a very sweet tradition of playing “What a Wonderful World” as the ship

What started just a few short weeks ago in Florence

leaves each port. It choked us up every time we heard it as we

is now coming to a close in Portugal. But a wonderful life

realized how blessed we were.

awaits at home.

honeymoon HIDEAWAYS

It’s easy to adjust to a comfortable routine of falling asleep in one

Cruising affords an endless array of activities, coupled with romantic moments that will be remembered for a lifetime. After

What a wonderful world indeed. Enjoy your journey!

nightfall, at the bow of the ship with no one else around but you

Photos courtesy of: Crystal Cruises

“We cherished the quiet moments sitting on our private verandah watching the moon come up over the sea...”

S PR IN G & S U M M E R 2 0 1 4 | destinationido.com


blush & bashful

Destination Wedding

FINANCING FRUSTRATIONS Words by Elaine Hilbelink


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Q: My future mother-in-law agreed to pay for our flowers, but now that the decisions have been made, she says she can’t afford it. How shall I handle this? A: The best way to avoid a situation like this is to know before your decisions are made what your budget is from the person contributing. Most people are not comfortable permitting ‘carte blanche’ when offering to pay for something. I would ask your mother-in-law now what she is willing to pay toward the flowers since she wanted to be involved in that aspect of the wedding. You then would have a choice of adjusting your expectations down to her budget or making up the difference yourself.

Q: My family and my fiancé’s parents are sharing the cost of our destination wedding, but one family has more expendable income than the other. Is it fair that they have to split the costs equally?

Q: I’m a member of a large bridal party for a friend’s destination wedding. We have been planning the shower and bachelorette party together, but I am having a hard time getting the other girls to pay their fair share. Any suggestions?

A: Since the bride’s parents typically shoulder the majority of

A: The best way I have found to deal with this issue is to have

the bridal expenses, you should speak with your parents first

blush & bashful

When boundaries are blurred about who will be responsible for the expenses involved, the finances of weddings can become a stress to all of the family and friends participating. The best way to avoid disappointments, misunderstandings and frayed relationships is to communicate clearly ahead of time with all of the stakeholders.

another person in the group responsible for collecting the money

and find out what your budget is from them. Your fiancé should

and keeping track of the expenses…the banker for the group, if

separately speak to his parents and find out what they are

you will. In that way, she can call and remind people they need to

comfortable spending. As a couple, you will then have an idea of

get their money in and it is not the person to whom the money is

what your total budget is and can plan accordingly, staying within

owed that is giving the nudge to pay up. Now that the situation

everyone’s level of comfort for spending. Neither side has to

is at the point where the collection has started, perhaps send a

know what the other side of the family is spending except for you

friendly reminder to everyone (could be in the form of an email)

and your fiancé.

and give specifics on what is owed. Sometimes a friendly note is all that is needed. If they all see who is on the email, they might not want to be “that girl” and have a little extra incentive to pay their portion.

Q: Now that we are engaged, my fiancé and I are having a difficult time agreeing on a budget. I want the wedding of my dreams and a honeymoon, and he does not want to take on any debt. Is there a middle ground? A: Living within your means and your budget is a lifelong skill that builds a healthy foundation for any marriage. Communicating with your spouse-to-be and the family members who might be contributing to the wedding will give you a baseline budget of what type of wedding and honeymoon you will be able to afford. If you need to take on debt to fulfill your dreams and your fiancé is not in agreement, you will be starting your life together on shaky ground. I suggest you find a compromise, and find it fast. Clear communication early on with all participants, along with reasonable expectations, can eliminate disgruntled feelings and start your life together with friends and families celebrating in harmony.

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Words by Jennifer Stein and Courtney Cox

Perricone MD – EYE SPY This trio of products create a solid combination for tired, dehydrated eyes. I used them for 10 weeks and saw a slight difference after continued use, but would say the results are best immediately after you’ve applied them. Kind of like the gym, you need to be consistent for best results. All products are available

Photos courtesy of: Perricone MD

at sephora.com or perriconemd.com.

Cold Plasma Eye: A supple, creamy

Hypoallergenic Firming Eye Cream:

No Concealer Concealer: This SPF 35

serum which treats your eyes to a cool,

A great moisturizing treatment you can

under-eye concealer works well for

hydrating treatment. I used morning and

use daily. I have trouble with many eye

daily use and looks great under mineral

night for several months and, although I

moisturizers as I have really sensitive

makeup without looking caked on.

didn’t see a huge difference in fine lines

skin, but there was no burning or tingling

However, it only comes in one color, so it

or dark circles, I did see a change in the

and I noticed it’s a perfect primer for

was too dark for my complexion forcing

hydration under and around my eyes.

under-eye makeup. ($65)

me to use a highlighter over it so I didn’t


create the very dark circles I was trying to avoid. If you’re fair skinned like me, make sure you try it at Sephora before you commit. ($45)


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HAIR REMOVAL LaserAway hair removal and aesthetics experts offer multiple

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services in a beautiful setting. The Scottsdale location is where I experienced my Skin Rejuvenation Facials and I looked forward to going back again and again. Each treatment lasted about 20 minutes and the results of smoother skin actually increased as time went on. If you’re thinking of having this treatment, make sure you haven’t been in the sun for several days prior and more importantly, will not be heading to the sun for about a week after. The reason: even though you may apply sunscreen, your skin is compromised and you could experience hyper-pigmentation. I learned this the hard way. $350/session (price goes down per session if you buy a package). LaserAway is also known for its laser hair removal and has a number of machines to choose from. Each is equally effective, but uses different cooling techniques during your treatment.

to expect around 60% hair loss after six treatments. While laser

I had never had this type of treatment before, but was put at

hair removal isn’t a complete cure to your shaving woes with just

ease with the professionalism of the technicians. The main

six treatments, it is a tremendous improvement and worth the

difference between laser hair removal and waxing is that your

investment if you have skin which is sensitive to shaving

technician is able to make mechanical adjustments and help

or waxing. Prices vary per package, per area, but, for example,

minimize your pain level throughout your treatment. The results

a Brazilian bikini for eight treatments is $1,275. Laseraway.net.

also last longer than waxing, but don’t last forever. I was told

TRX Suspension Trainer – TRX HOME KIT If you’re looking to lose a couple pounds or tone-up before your destination wedding or honeymoon, but don’t have time

Photos courtesy of: (top to bottom, left to right) LaserAway (1st) & TRX (2nd & 3rd)

to hit the gym, the TRX Suspension Trainer Home Kit is a great solution. The system uses your own body weight to help build strength, flexibility and core stability. While it’s been used in gyms for years, TRX recently introduced a Home Kit which has everything you need to train in the comfort of your own home: the suspension trainer, quick-start workout cards, six video workouts and a subscription program to access more workouts online. Best of all, the system can be easily modified to suit beginning brides or ripped grooms. The entire kit retails for $200 and can be purchased at trxtraining.com.

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Gold in your facial serum?! That’s what I thought – and the


price tag seemed to me to be a bit of a gimmick. But I reserved

A brilliant little “tool kit” for any bride-to-be, the Bridetastic Kit

judgment until I’d actually experienced it. My very first application

has anything and everything you can imagine. If I were a

made me a believer. My skin felt so smooth, it was as if I’d just

wedding planner, I would have one of these on hand for every

returned from getting a professional facial at a day spa. The

event. A beautiful silver vanity case is filled with four smaller

scent is quite pleasant too. My only issue is it’s not ideal for acne

pouches each containing different “categories” of necessities.

prone skin: continued use had me breaking out. If I didn’t have

The Beauty Essentials pouch is filled with items like mini-hair

this issue, I’d be conducting weekly yard sales just to afford this

sprays, blotting tissues, earring backs and bobby pins. The

luxury. $1,000 (No, that’s not a typo). Orogoldcosmetics.com.

Fashion Essentials contains static remover, wrinkle remover, corsage pins and even sandpaper for scuffing slippery shoes. Bridal Essentials had the cleverest contents – extra wedding bands, emergency vows and toasts, drinking straw and even a “something blue” crystal – if you find yourself in a pinch. I’ll be ordering this one for future brides without a doubt. It retails for $75 and can be found at pinchprovisions.com.




If you want to try waxing for the first time for your destination


wedding or honeymoon, Uni K Wax Centers and/or their

If you want to give your skin an extra boost before W-day

products are a great place to start. According to the company’s

without forking out the big bucks for a facial or undergoing harsh

founder, Noemi Grupenmager, Uni K invented the bikini wax back

chemical peels, then Freeze 24-7’s SkinSmoothie pads might be

in 1993, and were the first centers solely dedicated to waxing.

the perfect solution. One pack includes 16 single-use finger mitts

They also introduced the first all-natural wax – making it perfect

and are a one-step, at-home glycolic treatment which will gently

for first timers or people with sensitive skin. If you already have

exfoliate and retexturize your skin. The best thing about the Skin

a waxing routine, consider adding one or all of Uni K Wax’s Body

Smoothie pads is they produce similar results as a chemical peel,

Collection products. The Body Collection is a face and body

but are gentle enough to be used twice a week and are travel-

skincare collection which uses natural and botanical ingredients

friendly. Freeze 24-7’s SkinSmoothie Retexturixing Glycolic Pads

to keep your skin in tip-top shape between waxes. The Body

are available for $75 a pack (two month supply) at Nordstrom,

Collection products range between $22-$33.

Bloomingdale’s, other fine retailers and at freeze247.com.


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Photos courtesy of: (top to bottom, left to right) OROGOLD Cosmetics (1st), Pinch Provisions (2nd), Freeze 24-7 (3rd) & Uni K Wax Centers (4th)

Then there are the Personal Care Pouch and Bridal Essentials.

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Words by Kinsley Brown Images by Gideon Photography, gideonphoto.com


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real-life WEDDINGS

Family comes first for Rachel and Jason, so it’s no small coincidence that the two met through a familial connection. Jason is the cousin of Rachel’s best friend, and after a few months, he finally worked up the nerve to ask Rachel out on a date. Unfortunately, time wasn’t on this couple’s side and after being inseparable for weeks, Rachel left Utah for college in Hawaii. Thankfully, the saying, “absence makes the heart grow fonder,” rang true for these two and after one semester, Rachel was back in Utah and ready to walk down the aisle.


real-life WEDDINGS When it came time to say “I do,” the couple knew they wouldn’t

For Rachel and Jason, keeping their wedding as small as

get the wedding they wanted by staying in Utah. Instead,

possible was key in executing their vision of a beautiful sit-down

they chose to host their destination wedding at Rachel’s

dinner with their friends and families. “Being that it was a smaller

grandparents’ home in Santa Barbara, California. Her parents

wedding…we were able to enjoy [everything] and feel a part of

had also gotten married at the breathtaking home, so not only

the party,” says the bride. “Some couples [have said] they don’t

was it historically significant, but it was beautiful to boot.

remember eating at their wedding or talking with certain people, but I loved our wedding because we felt a part of it all and didn’t

Come W-day, the couple was married at the Los Angeles

miss out on anything.”

LDS Temple and was joined by 150 family and friends for their outdoor reception.

Both the bride and groom are the middle of five children, so it’s easy to understand why family was such an integral part


in the planning of their destination wedding. While some of their friends were unable to make the trek to Santa Barbara, Rachel and Jason are confident they celebrated their union perfectly – as one big, happy family.

Ceremony and Reception Site: Los Angeles, California LDS Temple/Private home in Santa Barbara, California, Photography: Gideon Photography, gideonphoto.com, Wedding Coordination: Party Pleasers, partypleasers.com, Catering: Palazzio, palazzio.com, Cake: Bread Basket Cake Company & homemade by family members, breadbasketcake.com, Wedding Gown: Allure Bridals, allurebridals.com, Gown Alterations: The Bridal Center in Lehi, Utah, abridalcenter.com, Groom’s Attire: Vacano Tailor Made Suits, vacanonation.wix.com/vacanonation, Bridesmaids’ Attire: Blouses from Cotton On and skirts from Urban Outfitters, shop.cottonon.com & urbanoutfitters.com, Groomsmens’ Attire: Vacano Tailor Made Suits, vacanonation.wix.com/vacanonation, DJ: Don Henry with Music Memories and More, musicmemoriesandmore.com, Invitation Suite: Design By Lauren Ashley, designbylaurenashley.com, Rentals/Linens: Andrew Evans with Party Pleasers, partypleasers.com


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real-life WEDDINGS

Choosing the majestic backdrop of Yosemite National Park for their destination wedding was an easy decision for Sean and Kimberly. Not only was the location breathtaking, but the Northern California couple grew up vacationing in the park – both with their individual families and together. These nature lovers knew the area was a perfect fit.

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real-life WEDDINGS “We see being in nature as an integral part of our lives and

redwood trees. “Since all of our guests had already been

wanted that to be part of our wedding,” says Kimberly. “We

involved in our weekend festivities prior to the wedding day,

provided all of the cabins for our guests so we could be close

it allowed us to really enjoy the evening amongst friends

together, and turned the wedding into a three-day party

and family,” recalls the bride.

in the woods.” A professional wedding planner herself, Kimberly admits that

“YOSEMITE SEEMED LIKE THE PERFECT PLACE TO KEEP CREATING AMAZING MEMORIES.” The couple and their 60 guests spent the two days leading up to their October ceremony hiking and exploring the area. On the day of the rehearsal, the men embarked on a five-hour hike, while the women filled the guest cabins with wine-ands’mores welcome kits. The entire guest list was invited to the rehearsal barbeque. Having their guests bond before the ceremony helped create the fun and relaxing wedding day Sean and Kimberly envisioned – from their hand-written ceremony in a quaint red church in Yosemite Valley, to dining and dancing under magnificent

planning a destination wedding – especially in a remote area – has its challenges. And because there is no cell phone service in the park, the couple had to be even more prepared. Checklists, says Kimberly, are essential. In the end, the couple’s painstaking planning paid off. Just like the baby redwood they planted to commemorate their day, the memories from Kimberly and Sean’s “party in the woods” will last a lifetime.


Wedding Planner: LVL Weddings & Events, lvlevents.com, Photographer: Elle Jae Photography, ellejae.com, Ceremony Venue: Yosemite Valley Chapel, yosemitevalleychapel.org, Reception Venue: Wawona Hotel, yosemitepark.com/wawona-hotel.aspx, Floral Designer: The Petal Company, thepetalco.com, Vintage Rentals: Milk Glass Vintage Rentals, milkglassvintagerentals.com, DJ: Boutique DJs, boutiquedjs.com, Cake: Sweet Dreams Wedding Cakes, sweetdreamscakery.com, Linens: Napa Valley Linens, nvlinens.com


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IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel Paraíso, the world’s #1 all-inclusive getaway.

IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel Rose Hall #4

IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel Paraíso #1 All-inclusive Resort – World

Begin your life together in total harmony at IBEROSTAR Grand Hotels. These opulent, adults-only destinations combine breathtaking settings and endless pampering to create a wedding made in paradise. It should come as no surprise that IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel Paraíso, IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel Rose Hall and IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel Bávaro have received TripAdvisor’s Travelers’ Choice Awards for 2013 as # 1, #4, and #7 among the All-inclusive Resorts in the World. At all three, personal wedding coordinators take care of every detail. And with only one wedding per day you’re ensured your moment in the spotlight is truly your own. To find your local romance travel specialist, visit allabouthoneymoons.com







IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel Bávaro #7


real-life WEDDINGS


BRITNEY + TERENCE Words by Taylor Wilson Images by Sam Hurd Photography, samhurdphotography.com

An unforgettable fourth of July weekend on the Jersey Shore, a random reunion in Las Vegas and a movie-worthy proposal in a helicopter over NYC were all unexpected occurrences which led to this picture-perfect destination wedding in Nosara, Costa Rica.


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real-life WEDDINGS Planning a wedding in laid-back Costa Rica was difficult, but

Although the couple said “I do” in Costa Rica, they weren’t willing

Britney reminded herself to relax and stay focused. “Don’t lose

to sacrifice an ounce of sophistication. They held the wedding

sight of the most important part of your day – your love for one

at Finca Austria resort instead of on the beach, which allowed

another. There is no amount of money spent on any centerpiece

for a lighthearted and romantic black tie soirée.

or wedding dress that can top that. You are here to make a commitment to each other in front of your closet friends

While enjoying cocktail hour after the ceremony at La Luna,

and family, which is the most beautiful and important part of the

friends and family witnessed a beautiful Costa Rican sunset.

entire wedding.”

The real party started when guests loosened their bowties and kicked off their heels to dance the night away. “Everyone


was having a great time, exactly the way we envisioned it!” explains the bride. From seeing each other for the first time on opposite ends of the aisle, to the surprise fireworks show (representing when

With that in mind, the couple kicked off their wedding week with

they first met on the fourth of July), there was not a moment

a “Welcome to the Jungle” party at Beach Dog Café, complete

of imperfection. The following day, a pool party even had guests

with a specially made “Britney Taco,” which was a fun way

excited when they witnessed monkeys swinging from tree

to introduce all the guests and begin the festivities.

to tree. “We were truly immersed in the wild with all of our friends and family. It was a magical moment that will never be repeated in life, only in memory. A memory we are very blessed to have.”

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real-life WEDDINGS

“DON’T LOSE SIGHT OF THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF YOUR DAY – YOUR LOVE FOR ONE ANOTHER. THERE IS NO AMOUNT OF MONEY SPENT ON ANY CENTERPIECE OR WEDDING DRESS THAT CAN TOP THAT.” Ceremony Site: Finca Austria, fincaaustria.com, Reception Site: La Luna, Photography: Sam Hurd Photography, samhurdphotography.com, Event Planner: Cristina Verger Event Planning and Production, cristinaverger.com, Wedding Gown: Reem Acra, reemacra.com, Groom’s Attire: J. Crew, jcrew.com, Bridesmaids’ Attire: J. Crew, jcrew.com, Band: The Doyle Brothers, Videographer: Craig William Films, craigwilliamfilms.com, His and Her Gifts: Cartier, cartier.us, Shoes: Valentino, valentino.com, Printed Materials: Michael Zac Design Group, michaelzacdesigngroup.com, Hair: Maria Teresa of Piu’Tono Salon, piu-tono.com, Make-up: Eva Kleimenova, evakleimenova.com, Groomsmens’ Gifts: Siego New York Bow Ties, seigoneckwear.blogspot.com, Cake: Creative Cakes by Jessica, creativecakesbyjessica.com


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See what happens when girls fall in love with books. In the developing world, a girl doesn’t have a lot of options. She often has to drop out of school to work or marry young due to societal pressures. But an education can change that. The longer girls stay in school, the more likely they are to earn higher wages, marry later in life, have healthier families and educate their own children. Room to Read has helped thousands of girls gain the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in school and beyond. Honor the power of education on your wedding day with a gift that changes lives. Celebrate generously by visiting roomtoread.org.

real-life WEDDINGS Words by Kinsley Brown Images by Alicia Swedenborg, aliciaswedenborg.com




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real-life WEDDINGS

Ellen and Henrik opted for a destination wedding for many of the same reasons as most couples: “We wanted to gather all our loved ones at one of our favorite spots in the World – like having a vacation with everyone you care about.” What made this Swedish couple’s nuptials exceptional was their choice of the beautiful island of Malta. S PR IN G & S U M M E R 2 0 1 4 | destinationido.com


real-life WEDDINGS “[Nearly] the entire island is built out of limestone, which gives

On the big day, the couple exchanged vows in a ceremony

the island a very rustic and romantic, pale look,” says the bride.

led by a friend and surrounded by 90 of their nearest and

“We also wanted to have our wedding at a location where you

dearest. They put a special touch on the big day in the form

don’t have to worry about the weather – Malta has roughly 320

of transportation.

sunny days a year, so we felt calm about getting [our wish.]” “All the guests were transported in two old, local Maltese Henrik and Ellen own a vacation home on Malta, so this gave

buses – which got stuck in an alley on the way and arrived

them an advantage when it came to the logistics of planning

at the ceremony 30 minutes later than planned!” laughs Ellen.

a destination wedding. “We know many people on the island and they were all very nice to us and helped out…it would have

In the end, Ellen and Henrik got what they were after when

been harder without them since we did not have a wedding

it came to their destination wedding – a gorgeous backdrop,

planner,” says Ellen.

lots of quality time with family and friends, and a party none of their guests will soon forget. The bride has some words of advice


for other couples planning a wedding away, “Be well prepared so you feel you have everything under control, then when the day comes, let go of everything! Just focus on getting married and have trust in your friends/family/wedding planner.”

Ceremony and Reception Site: Palazzo Parisio in Naxxar, Malta, palazzoparisio.com, Photography: Alicia Swedenborg, aliciaswedenborg.com, Floral Design: David Grech with The Floral Designer, thefloraldesigner.net, DJ: DJ Coco from Sweden, Hair & Makeup: Malin Holmström from Björn Axén, Sweden, Cake Topper: Etsy, etsy.com, Wedding Gown: Yolan Cris, yolancris.com, Shoes: Christian Louboutin, christianlouboutin.com, Hairpiece: Lo Boheme, loboheme.com, Groom’s Attire: Bluecut from Douglas Menswear, douglasmenswear.se, Bridesmaids’ Attire: By Malina, bymalina.com, Groomsmens’ Attire: Tiger of Sweden, tigerofsweden.com


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SAve even mORe

UNBEATABLE OFFERS Receive up to $225 instant savings. Plus, save even more with our complimentary air seats, hotel stays, room upgrades, and other hotel group inclusions.

BOOKING MADE SIMPLE Enjoy the ultimate flexibility when booking your whole gang, even when traveling from different cities.

Program valid at participating resorts.

DESTINATION WEDDING BONUS Planning your destination wedding? Congrats! Say “I Do” in paradise and you’ll get a free bonus 2-night hotel return anniversary stay, exclusively with Funjet Vacations.

To find your local romance Travel Specialist visit AllAboutHoneymoons.com today!

real-life WEDDINGS Words by Taylor Wilson Images by Jen Kroll Photography, jenkrollphotography.com



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real-life WEDDINGS

Nostalgic sentiments of summers spent in Northern Michigan on Lake Leelanau made this destination wedding a treasured occasion for everyone in attendance.

S PR IN G & S U M M E R 2 0 1 4 | destinationido.com


real-life WEDDINGS When Alexa and Miguel got engaged, tying the knot at Alexa’s family’s summer home in Michigan was obvious. “[Lake Leelanau] felt the most like ‘home’ to me and I knew that I wanted to share this special place with Miguel’s family and our friends,” explains Alexa.


Ecstatic to share this special time with the couple, 200 of their closest family and friends joined in for the trip of a lifetime, including 40 of Miguel’s relatives from Portugal where the groom is from. In anticipation of the wedding, anxious guests put together a Facebook page to plan activities and excursions for the upcoming trip. “It was fun to see our friends from different parts of our lives coming together,” says the bride.

ceremony was held on the lawn overlooking the lake. With beautiful weather and a local guitarist serenading the guests as they waited for the ceremony to begin, the moment was perfect. After the ceremony, guests enjoyed an exceptional meal of local specialties from nearby farms. After dinner, the party was in full swing with guests dancing to the live band. Alexa recalls her favorite moment of the night when the band sang their final song.

Alexa’s grandmother and aunt organized a welcome party once everyone arrived at a beautiful winery overlooking Lake Michigan. This allowed guests to meet and mingle before the wedding in a stunning setting. The night before the wedding, the couple held a Portuguese rehearsal dinner at a local farm featuring Portuguese delicacies and plenty of wine.

“The band broke into ‘We are young’ by Fun. and I remember standing next to Miguel looking around at these important people in our lives, feeling so blessed and happy. As the chorus rang out ‘Tonight…we are young…’ it was incredible to see all of the smiling faces of our loved ones dancing and singing as we ended a perfect evening celebrating together.”

Ceremony and Reception Site: Family home on Lake Leelanau, Photography: Jen Kroll Photography (jenkrollphotography.com), Event Planner & Design: Alicia Caldecott with A Day in May, Event Planning & Design (adayinmayevents.com), Floral Design: Field of Flowers Farm (fieldofflowersfarm.com), Catering: Epicure Catering (caterleelanau.com), Groom’s Attire: Ermenegildo Zegna (zegna.com, Bridesmaids’ Attire: Jenny Yoo (jennyyoo.com), Band: Elan Artists, The Hudson Project (elanartists.com), Videographer: Coastline Studios (coastline-studios.com), Printed Materials: A Day in May Event Planning & Design (adayinmay.com) and Crane (crane.com), Hair: Pavlova Salon and Spa (pavlovaspasalon.com), Make-up: Mary Yoder, Impres Salon & Spa (impressalon.com), Cake: Aunt B’s Cakes & Desserts (cakesbyauntb.com), Décor/Rentals: Special Events Rental (specialeventsrental.com), Ceremony Music: Matt Hathaway, Cocktail/Dinner Music: The Bob Merbak Trio (bobmervak.com), Linens: La Tavola Linen (latavolavalinen.com), Nuage Design and Special Events Rental (nuagedesigns.com)


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real-life WEDDINGS


ASHLEY + MIKE Words by Sarah Padilla Images by Comfort Studio, comfortstudio.com


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real-life WEDDINGS

Sparks flew – literally – when Ashley and Mike wed on a pristine Costa Rican beach in February 2013. Mike surprised his new bride with a spectacular fireworks display during their reception. It was a fitting gesture for a couple whose love has burned strong since the moment they met at a mutual friend’s barbeque in Chicago in 2008.


real-life WEDDINGS Ashley describes their relationship as going from zero to 100

to create an unforgettable beach wedding with dining

miles-per-hour overnight. “From the moment we met, we were

and dancing under the stars, plenty of candlelight and

inseparable,” she says.

yes – fireworks. To give the event a romantic, vintage feel, Ashley’s mom hunted down enough antique lace linens

But only a few months later, Ashley was offered a job opportunity

to fill six suitcases!

in Zürich, Switzerland and she jumped at the chance. After six months of long-distance dating, Mike joined her overseas. Two years later, he proposed at dusk one evening on Zürich’s Burkliplatz Bridge.


With family and friends throughout the globe and having traveled extensively through Europe, Asia and Central America, choosing

Guests were sent home with bottles of a local hot sauce made

a wedding locale was tough. In the end, the couple chose Costa

by Ashley’s brother and adorned with a personalized caricature

Rica, a country they had fallen in love with when visiting Ashley’s

label. To up the local flavor even more, Ashley’s brother surprised

brother, who lives on the Guanacaste Peninsula. “For those who

the couple with a 30-person “comparsa” band that led the guests

have never been, Costa Rica is a place like nowhere else,” says

in a high-energy conga line along the beach.

Ashley. “The simplicity, the beauty and the ‘pura vida’ lifestyle “I am still in awe and amazed by our wedding day,” says Ashley.

are like nowhere else I’ve ever been.”

“Each time I think back to it, I smile with complete warmth, With help from wedding planner Aimee Monihan of Tropical

happiness and gratitude for all those who made it so special

Occasions, the couple took advantage of the beautiful simplicity

and unique.”

Wedding planner: Aimee Monihan of Tropical Occasions, tropicaloccasions.com, Photographer: Julie Comfort of Comfort Studio, comfortstudio.com, Location: Playa Bonita on the Hacienda Pinilla property; Guanacaste, Costa Rica, haciendapinilla.com, Florist: Tropical Occasions, tropicaloccasions.com, Wedding Dress Designer: Anne Barge, annebarge.com, Jewels: Toni Federici, headpieces.com, Shoes: Jimmy Choo, jimmychoo.com, Groom’s Suit: Brooks Brothers, brooksbrothers.com, Groomsmens’ Attire: Banana Republic, bananarepublic.gap.com, Bridesmaids’ Attire: Unique shades of coffee (Amsale, BCBG, Nordstrom, etc.), Décor: Lace/napkins handpicked by mother of the bride & other miscellaneous décor, Etsy, Etsy.com, Wedding Favors: RICANTE Hot Sauce personalized labeling together with Caricature Connection, ricante.com & caricatureconnection.com, Stationery: Momental Designs, momentaldesigns.com, Lighting: Cabo Luna Event Rentals, cabolunaeventrentals.com, Cake: Victoria Zoch Cakes, facebook.com/victoriazoch, Rentals: Costa Mesa Rentals & Eventos Artesano’s, costamesa.co.cr & costaricaweddingrental.com, Catering: La Posada Inn at Hacienda Pinilla, haciendapinilla.com/la-posada, Cinematography: Jonathan Yonkers, jonathanyonkers.com


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real-life WEDDINGS


Words by Kate Darnell Images courtesy of VUE Photography, vuephotographyonline.com


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real-life WEDDINGS

Brendan and Lauren hit the jackpot when they met during a summer internship nearly nine years ago. “We both attended the University of Florida, but we didn’t have the good fortune to meet on campus,” recalls Lauren.

S PR IN G & S U M M E R 2 0 1 4 | destinationido.com


real-life WEDDINGS When it came time to say “I do,” the couple’s goal was to have

Their reception was a flawlessly executed party – from Irish

a party-like atmosphere, yet keep things intimate, so a wedding

and Italian food to celebrate the couple’s heritage and

away was the perfect way to accomplish this. “We wanted

a custom-made corn hole game, to “late-night munchies”

a memorable and fun-filled event that would last an entire

and finally, fireworks – the couple didn’t leave out a thing.

weekend, not just a day,” says the bride. The Gasparilla Inn & Club was the location they chose after a suggestion from the bride’s grandfather. “Our family and friends loved the idea of a destination wedding! The Inn was amazed at how many of their rooms were booked immediately!”

“OUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS LOVED THE IDEA OF A DESTINATION WEDDING!” One of the bride’s favorite moments was when her brother,


who is in the Army, entered the salon while she was getting ready. “We weren’t even sure he could make it. He had to fly hundreds of miles and was only on the island for a few hours!” recalls the bride.

The wedding day was a perfect culmination of personalized details, many executed by the bride’s mom who acted

One piece of advice the couple has for others is to schedule

as the couple’s wedding planner. “Our ceremony was absolutely

your honeymoon for a few weeks after your destination wedding.

perfect! The skies were blue and there was a wonderful breeze…

“It was fun having something to look forward to and not having

I walked the rose petal strewn aisle on the inn’s croquet lawn

everything over in one fell swoop!”

with the Gulf of Mexico glistening in the background,” recalls Lauren. Location: The Gasparilla Inn & Club on Gasparilla Island; Boca Grande, Florida, the-gasparilla-inn.com, Photographer: VUE Photography, vuephotographyonline.com, Wedding Planner: Bride’s mother, Florist: Botanica International Design Studio, botanicaflorist.com, Videographer: Michael Wozney of Michael Alan Films, michaelalanfilms.com, DJ: Fitz Otis with Jay Goodley Entertainment, jaygoodley.com, String Quartet: Ensemble Lyrique with Jay Goodley Entertainment, jaygoodley.com, Invitations/Menus/Programs: Momental Designs, momentaldesigns.com, Calligrapher: Barbara Lewis, Makeup and Hair: James Griffith Salon, jamesgriffithsalon.com, Tent: TentLogix, tentlogix.com, Lighting: Lightworks Stage Productions, lightworks-productions.com, Fireworks: Zambelli Fireworks, zambellifireworks.com, Photobooth: Vanity Photo Booths, vanityphotobooths.com, Corn Hole Game Artwork: Melissa Nece, mmillernece.com, Bride’s Attire: Gown - Rivini, Belt - Junko Yoshioka, Short Dress - Free People, Shoes - Christian Louboutin, Bracelet - Tiffany & Co., Earrings: Swarovski Crystal; rivini.com, junkoyoshioka.com, freepeople.com, christianlouboutin.com, tiffany.com & swarovski.com, Bridesmaids’ Attire: Monique Lhuillier, moniquelhuillier.com, Groom’s Attire: Suit - Hugo Boss, Accessories and Shirt - Thomas Pink of London; hugoboss.com & thomaspink.com


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when you don’t want to fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” – Dr. Seuss


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Photo courtesy of: Alicia Swedenborg, aliciaswedenborg.com


“You know you’re in love

Exclusive Meets Inclusive:

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your Secret? Ours is Unlimited-Luxury®


*Additional fees may apply

It’s more than the romantic settings that make Secrets Resort & Spas so magical. Your wedding at any of our all-adult oceanfront sanctuaries gives you and your guests the privileges of Unlimited-Luxury® so everyone can enjoy as much of everything as they wish. Unlimited-Luxury® is our Secret. How you enjoy it is yours.

Secrets Capri Riviera Cancun • Secrets Aura Cozumel • Secrets Huatulco Resort & Spa • Secrets Maroma Beach Riviera Cancun • Secrets Marquis Los Cabos • Secrets Playa Mujeres Resort & Spa (Nov 2014) Secrets Puerto Los Cabos Golf & Spa Resort • Secrets Royal Beach Punta Cana • Secrets Silversands Riviera Cancun • Secrets St. James Montego Bay • Secrets Wild Orchid Montego Bay • Secrets Vallarta Bay Puerto Vallarta • Secrets The Vine Cancun

To find your local Romance Travel Specialist and book your Secrets honeymoon visit AllAboutHoneymoons.com S PR IN G & S U M M E R 2 0 1 4 | destinationido.com



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Perfection is just the beginning when it comes to your wedding at Le Blanc. Brilliant luxury amenities await you, as impeccable butler service ensures your every desire is fulfilled. Bask in the sublime serenity of our acclaimed spa, while expert planners handle every aspect of your ceremony, so your special day is as blissful as you’ve always imagined. Since it’s all-inclusive, all you have to do is revel in the pleasure of your perfect wedding coming true. When we’re poised to fulfill your every wish, suddenly three seem like too few .


To find your local Romance Travel Specialist visit our website at www.allabouthoneymoons.com today. destinationido.com | S P R I N G & S U M M E R 2 0 1 4

Profile for Destination I Do Magazine

Destination I Do - Spring 2014  

Destination I Do Magazine's spring issue featuring fashion, hot destinations, real weddings & more for destination wedding couples, honeymoo...

Destination I Do - Spring 2014  

Destination I Do Magazine's spring issue featuring fashion, hot destinations, real weddings & more for destination wedding couples, honeymoo...