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Annex # 1 Bachelor’s degree programme Admission Requirements and Rules Page 1/4

Steps in the Admission

The admission process at the Kolding School of Design consists of several steps. In order to


be considered for admission the following requirements must be met: A.

The applicant must have passed a qualifying examination or obtained exemption from the requirement of having passed a qualifying examination



The applicant must have received a passing grade in the home assignment


The applicant must pass the admission examination with a satisfactory result

For both the home assignment and the entrance examination the applicant will be assessed based on the following attributes: •

talent and potential for development

ability to research and grasp complex issues

ability to create and develop ideas

ability to handle and develop form, function, materials and media

ability to present and communicate


academic abilities

Re. A) Qualifying

Applicants who have passed a qualifying examination must complete the KOT (the

examinations or

Coordinated Enrollment Application Form). The application deadline is 15 March of the year

exemption from having

in which the student wishes to enroll.

passed a qualifying

The following examinations are recognized as qualifying for admission:


A-levels/ High School Diploma

Higher Preparatory Examination (hf)

Higher Business Examination (hhx)

Higher Technical Examination (htx)

Special Courses for Foreign Language Students (GIF)

Danish/French Baccalaureat (DFB), European Baccalaureat (EB), International

Foreign examinations approved by the Danish Government as being equivalent to a

Baccalaureat (IB) or Option International (OIB) Danish qualifying examination, including A-levels from other European countries or EØS countries [Countries or areas included in the European Economic Area (EEA)]. The applicant needs only a passing score in the qualifying examination. The Kolding School of Design will assess diplomas from countries outside the EU and EØS to

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determine whether they can be recognized as equivalent to a qualifying examination. Please refer to for additional information regarding recognition of foreign diplomas. Applicants who have no qualifying examination may apply for an exemption. Exemption from having passed a qualifying

An application for exemption must include: •


Documentation of one’s own creative works and/or studies of high quality. The documentation may consist of original design projects or photos of these projects.

Submission of an assignment illustrating the applicant’s academic potential.

Please refer to the admission brochure for the respective year for information about the dispensation application. For the applicant who fulfils the formal admission requirements the next step in the admission Re. B) Home

process is preparation of a home assignment and a portfolio. Here the prospective student


has the opportunity to demonstrate his or her artistic and design abilities. The assignment will be available on the Kolding School of Design’s webpage as of a specific date. This date will be included in a letter sent to all applicants who fulfil the formal admission requirements. The applicant is given two weeks to complete the assignment, which will be assessed by a panel of design professionals. Each applicant will be given a number in order to assure an impartial and anonymous assessment of the assignment. If the home assignment is accepted the next step in the application process is the admission examination. The admission examination consists of an interview of approximately 15 minutes based upon

Re. C) The Admission

the applicant’s home assignment and portfolio.

Examination All applicants will be informed of the result of the entrance examination in writing. Only the most qualified of the applicants who have passed the admission examination will be accepted. Thus having passed the admission examination is not synonymous with being admitted to the Kolding School of Design.

Language requirements (for foreign applicants) Language requirements,

All lectures and instruction at the Kolding School of Design are held in Danish, and applicants

the Master’s Degree rule,

must be fluent in Danish both written and spoken in order to be able to complete their studies.

the Three-times rule,

Foreign applicants whose qualifying examination has no Danish language component must

special considerations, and pass a test in Danish. Scandinavian applicants who are fluent in Danish, Swedish or tuition

Norwegian are exempt from this rule. The Kolding School of Design requires foreign applicants to pass the language test, ”Studieprøve i dansk som fremmedsprog for voksne udlændinge” (also called ”Studieprøven”) in all four subjects scoring a minimum of 2. A passing score in the previously used test

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”Danskprøve 2” will also be accepted. In addition to the KOT application, foreign applicants have to provide proof that they have passed one of the two above-mentioned examinations. As a general rule, the prospective student must have passed the language test by the time he or she applies for admission. If the applicant has enrolled in the language test after the application deadline that enrollment application must be attached to the application. Proof that the applicant has passed the language test must be forwarded to the school no later than early July. The Kolding School of Design will only waive the language requirement under extraordinary circumstances. Applicants who already have a Master’s degree will only be accepted in case there is unfilled The Master’s Degree rule

capacity at the respective lines of study. The same applies to applicants who have previously

and the Third-time rule

been enrolled in two other advanced studies without completing the courses. Requests for exemption from the language requirement, the Master’s Degree rule or the

Exemption from the

Third-time rule must include a clear indication of what type of exemption the applicant is

language requirement, the seeking and the reason for the request. Relevant documentation must be attached to the Master’s Degree rule or the KOT application. Third-time rule

It is beneficial, both for the school and for the applicant, if applications for exemption related to the language requirement, the Master’s Degree rule or the Third-time rule are received and processed prior to the application deadline for admission to the Kolding School of Design. The applicants are requested to submit their applications for exemption at their earliest convenience. Applications for special consideration must reach the school no later than 15 March of the

Special considerations

year in which the applicant is seeking admission.

As of 1 January 2008, students from non-EU/EØS countries are required to pay a tuition fee. Tuition

Please contact the school to enquire about the amount of the fee. Students who have been granted permanent residency in Denmark, or have temporary resident permits with the possibility of permanent residency, and students with dual citizenships in an EU/EØS country and a non-EU/EØS country are exempt from paying tuition. All applicants who have been admitted must expect to pay for materials.

Kolding School of Design has reserved a few wait listing spaces; the applicant must indicate Wait-listing

in the KOT application whether he or she wants to be considered for the wait list. It is not possible to apply exclusively for a wait-listed space.

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If the applicant is wait-listed but receives no offer of acceptance within a specified time frame, the wait-listing is automatically converted to an acceptance for admission the following academic year to the institute and line of study for which the application was submitted, provided that a new application is be submitted the following year.

Appeal Option

If the applicant wishes to appeal against the Kolding School of Design regarding his or her application for admission to the Basic Studies Programme they can file an appeal with the school. The appeal must be well justified and must be addressed to the Vice Chancellor. The school will consider the appeal, and the appellant will receive a written response. In cases involving legal matters, the Kolding School of Design’s admission decision can be brought before the Danish Ministry of Culture. Decisions involving academic considerations cannot be appealed to a higher jurisdiction. The appeal must be submitted to the school; the school will respond, and the appellant can submit comments within a period of no less than one week. The school will forward the complaint to the Ministry with the school’s response and the appellant’s comments attached.

Deadline for appeal

The deadline for appeal is two weeks from the day the appellant receives the decision.


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