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The satisfaction is based on the sense of togetherness and shared experience.

Play On-Eat Healthy

We have created a satisfying feedback which not include unhealthy food after sports

“Play On� will achieve behavior change! We have created a product that will nudge people to choose the healthiest food for them after sports, and share it together.

The world needs our product. The unhealthy choice is often the easiest and most appealing. It is healthy to do sports, but if you combine it with an unhealthy snack, you will lose the advantage. The customers need a good alternative to the unhealthy choice, which can compete with the branded snacks, in both visual appeal and taste.

The OBSERVED BEHAVIOUR of our target group: We did our research in various sports halls. We watched gymnasts from all levels of society and different ages, choosing unhealthy food choices after sports. We thought about the absurdity of this behavior, and wanted to change it.

The WANTED BEHAVIOR of our target group: Our product will be available to buy at the sports hall cafeterias. Our product is designed for the use by a variety of people. The product encourages people to choose healthy food, and continue the team spirit after sports. The togetherness feeling and sharing with others, will give a great satisfaction, which replaces the need of unhealthy food for the individual.

MEASURING the impact of our project? Our nugde will be measurable in the decreasing sales of unhealthy food and snacks. The highest expected decrease, will be in the sales of sodas. Sodas will simply not be available as a part of the ”play on”-product. The appealing packaging will be competitive with the easiness of snack brands, which offen are the quickest choice. A successful implement of the ”play on” brand, will have a measureable decrease in sales of both sodas and snack products.