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We want to try to change customers’ habits at petrol station by giving them healthier choices than the usual unhealthy options. Customers seem to have the intention to buy healthy, however they do not follow that intention once at the petrol station. We want to nudge them in the right direction.

Re-fuel yourself

HOW MIGHT WE make people re-fuel themselves as well as they re-fuel their cars?

HOW can we make petrol station food contents healthier with less calories and high fat ingredients? We believe that by not changing the appearance of traditional petrol station food and rethinking the ingredients in making them healthier can unconsciously lead to healthier purchases. We replace the largest portions with the healthy option, thus not influencing the customer’s freedom of choice. We’re thinking of doing this by implementing a new EasyFood product line called “Re-fuel Food”. This complimented with a proper ad campaign.

WHY do we want to get customers to choose healthy food at petrol stations? People think that healthy food can not be found at petrol stations and are usually tempted to buy high calorie foods. With EasyFood we think that the increasing health issues such as obesity and diabetes around the world are becoming very alarming. Nudging truckers and men at petrol stations in changing the ingredients in their nutritional choices is a first attempt to solving this dilemma.

What is the BEHAVIOUR we have OBSERVED for men at petrol stations? We have noticed that this target consumer buys high calorie foods once inside the petrol station such as pizza, burgers, chips, cookies etc. They also tend to buy the largest portion as a default purchase.

What TARGET BEHAVIOUR do we want to target for these men/truckers? We would like for them to keep on consuming petrol station goods without noticing that their choice is, in fact, nutritionally healthier than before. This being possible with the new “Re-Fuel Food” products that differ from the other products by the ingredients and not by the appearance. For example, a “Re-Fuel Pizza” would look like a Domino’s pizza but the nutritional benefits are much healthier.

How can we MEASURE the impact of our “Re-Fuel Yourself” project? We are thinking of two means to measure our success evaluated from now to 6 months time: • 10% increase in EasyFood products sales at petrol stations. • 10% decrease in calorie and high fat consumption at petrol stations.