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Portable devices are becoming more prevalent in our everyday lives, and most of us are accustomed to leaving them plugged in overnight, for much longer than they need to charge.


How Might We encourage users of portable electronics to change their charging habits?

It´s time to takeCHARGE Our solution is takeCHARGE, a system of conveniently-located charging stations that provide users with the opportunity to charge their devices during the day, thus reducing the need to plug in at night, and giving them a better sense of how little it actually takes to charge a portable device. This interface also gives DONG Energy an opportunity to interact with their customer, and offer additional information about the different energy sources behind everyday electricity.

92% of our network leave their phones charging overnight On a global level, the future of technology is in portability, with charging becoming a daily necessity. It is imperative, then, that we develop sustainable habits around this type of electricity usage.

What we observed People normally charge their portable devices at night. They are generally unaware of the different types of electricity generation in Denmark. Peoples charging habits:




Survey counducted with 100 people arround the world

Charging towards the future We are looking to encourage our users to reduce the amount of time they charge their devices for. In the process, they will also gain a strong positive awareness of DONG Energy, and its efforts to promote clean and sustainable electricity.

From idea to impact We will measure the impact of takeCHARGE based on the following: / Number of ”Din Strøm” applications downloaded / Variations in household elecrticity bills / Facebook presence / Total number of phones charged by takeCHARGE