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2011 September - October • VOL. 1 • ISSUE 6 `80


Reboni Saha „Sometimes a casual discussion could lead to brilliant designs‰

Dean DÊcruz „At Design Valley, we aim to create an alliance of creative minds for functional solutions‰

A Paprika Media presentation


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FIC Jalaram


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had been following Dean D’Cruz’s work for some time before I met and was totally charmed by him some years ago. During one of our meetings, he had expressed in passing, the desire to be able to connect with different design professionals.

Later, I got an email from him informing me about his partnering with Reboni Saha, a product designer, for a new venture – mozaic design combine. Architect – product designer, an interesting partnership, I had thought then. Still, I didn’t realize how exciting the possibility really was, until I visited Goa a few months ago for a holiday and met with Reboni. The soft-spoken designer I had interacted with over the phone turned out to pack quite a punch! To say that I had an enriching interaction is an understatement. The need to understand how their synergies work together and share all of that and more with all of you led to the Cover Story. The bonus was the information about Design Valley, their dream, of alliances across design streams. Alliances mean opening yourself to newer perspectives and ideas. It is, in my opinion, a sure way of enriching knowledge and erasing blind spots. Design also needs to be socially and environmentally relevant and things/events (both positive and negative) happening in the world around you tend to spark creativity. It was this discovery that conceived the idea of Design Matrix and in the past one year, we have shared the experience with you through all our issues. As we prepare for our anniversary, it’s your encouragement that keeps us going. Do keep those communication portals open…

Babita Krishnan

Now follow us on Partners: Location: Le Sutra; Jewellery: Anmol Jewellers; Make-up & Hair: Rudra Spa


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• Cover featuring: Reboni Saha & Dean D’Cruz • Photograph by: Tushar Rao • Location: mozaic Design Valley, Goa


COVER STORY Reboni Saha & Dean D’Cruz hope to create an alliance of like-minded design professionals at the mozaic Design Valley – for functional solutions Pg 14

AR. AAMCHER A Sirsi farmer prototypes an economic solution to back-breaking paddy transplantation Pg 27


The concrete industry ventures into green technology and reflects the simplicity of its application via the iCrete corporate office Pg 40

CREATIVE IDEAS The Tree House Resort underlines the fact that creativity is unbounded, with nature as the unstinting partner; trendy trimmings, unique themes and the ultimate finish characterize the design of wedding invitations Pg 50

Anju Kumar from Delhi talks about her influences and inspirations as a prolific sculptor Pg 72

PHOTO-FEATURE 9th century sculptures of the Solanki period reflect current fashionist fundas –swinging from the heavily adorned to the unfussy to the sacrosanct bare look.. Pg 76

RETAIL DESIGN Rupal Bhat creates a studio feel for the sprawling Durian showroom – a contemporary backdrop to showcase the furniture Pg 82


solus4 Architecture, Maine, addresses a tsunami research centre with a new typology for stationary in-water based marine projects Pg 28




The new Deli at the Taj, Kochi, employs a blend of rustic local flavours as its key design element Pg 32

Indoor landscaping can begin small via a salad garden in the confines of your home Pg 64





We map Eyewear trends and take a look at where they are going Pg 36

Designing sound speakers is an art that blends lifestyle with functionality Pg 66

Happenings; art conservation; book & product review; and events Pg 113

German designer Nils Ferber talks about design as a tool to debate, and chisel a meaningful future Pg 60

Erik de Laurens of the Royal College of Arts, London, endeavours to create new materials from everyday objects. Pg 90

MUSINGS We look at the art of Art Curation Pg 94

All the news from the market Pg 105


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I saw your the latest Design Matrix, and was

and commitment to the Earth and its resourc-

speechless. Kamal and Arjun are freinds, but

es was a different experience altogether.

reading about them was an expereince. I think

Thank you for sharing that part of her with us

its the first time, you made architects look like

because as students, there were many things

people! Wonderful presentation, where we

that we could not muster up courage to ask

get to read more about desingers’ views and


opinions. Most design magazines focus on

Jyoti Singh,

projects and there is an element of mystery,

Jamia Milia Islamia, New Delhi

when one would like to know more about the person behind the projects or objects. Con-

The cover story made for a really nice read.

gratulations, on your new role and hope you

After working with her, I can honestly say that

succeed in this new avatar.

she is a person with great ethics and very fine

Ramprasad Akkisetti Managing Director,

architectural works. I am her all-time admirer! Great work Design Matrix, congratulations!

Christopher Charles Benninger

Abhs Jain,

Architects Private Limited, Pune

New Delhi

Congratulations for a very graphic and strong

I have been creating “weird stuff ”, as my mom

cover (and cover story). It is a true example of

calls it, for the past two years for my friends as

a wonderful collaborative effort. We expect

notebooks, bags, etc. as gifts. Reading about

nothing less from the team. Keep it up.

Kirtana Krishnan in your last issue gave me the


Ninad Tipnis,

courage to try my hand at marketing some of

JTPCL Designs, Mumbai

it. Though I have started small, I already have a few people who have places orders for my

Congratulations for another outstanding pub-

handmade gifts. Thanks for the inspiration

lication. Its truly amazing. Since Design Matrix is

and encouragement

very popular among students and young pro-

Natasha Mehta,

fessionals who worship the field of work space


interiors, would like to suggest something. Eager to see some exceptional work space

I loved the cover of the last issue. From what-

designs which inspire them.

ever little I know of Revathi’s work and pas-

Deepang Nandu,

sion, that image brings forth all that and more.

Ex- Student,

I was very proud that my photographs were a

(Rachana Sansad- School of Interior Design)

part of the issue as photo feature. As a photog-

rapher, I really love your presentations where Being a student of architecture, I have done

images are an equally important part of the

a case study on Kachchi Kothi, the residence

content. Way to go Team Design Matrix!

of Revathi Kamath. Seeing it on the cover and


learning in her own words about her passion



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Cover story

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8/26/2011 5:12:47 PM

TWO TO TANGO Their professional ideologies fit together perfectly like the pieces of a jigsaw. Dean D’Cruz and Reboni Saha of mozaic design combine reveal to Babita Krishnan, their dreams of creating a Design Valley in Goa – an alliance of creative minds from varied fields to give functional solutions.

Words: Babita Krishnan; Images: Tushar Rao & (projects) SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2011 • DESIGN MATRIX 15 courtesy mozaic design combine

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 15

8/26/2011 5:12:56 PM

DDC: JJ was great with its beautiful campus right in the middle of the city. I remember my dad coming to college one day after about a year. I was with friends in the canteen and someone recognized the car and told me. So I bumped into him in front of the Principal’s office as he went in for a meeting that lasted precisely ten minutes. He was informed that his son will be in the canteen and probably learning more there than he would in the class. He couldn’t believe it! We were very chilled out towards academics but there was an eagerness to learn, which sadly seems to be missing now. BK: Dean had his roots in Goa, but Reboni, what prompted you to move here? Babita Krishnan: How did you gravitate towards your chosen professions?

RS: I generally don’t like to follow the crowd. So after NID when everyone started moving to bigger cities, I zeroed in on Goa

Reboni Saha: I was fascinated with machines and aero model-

because I could set my own pace and agenda here. People were

ing and greatly influenced by my travelling. Also, I have a thing for

not demanding. Though I could have moved abroad given my

3D; so the closest I could get to converting my dreams to reality

background and training at Bosch-Seimens Hausgerate, Germany, I

without becoming an engineer, was product design.

decided to stay back as it was the fantastic possibility to bring some

Dean D’Cruz: The intention was to do engineering since my dad was an engineer. I applied for IIT but couldn’t get in. So sought

conclusions to the chaos that is India that attracted me. Satisfaction comes from making a change and I knew, I could do that.

out whatever had free forms available (laughs), and as I was always good at drawing, sailed through the entrance exam. I dabbled at all

BK: So are the perceptions about product design changing?

sorts of subjects – from science to commerce and hoped to join my

RS: Yes, they slowly are. Product design is like an orphaned

dad’s shipping business. Architecture being very unconventional as

baby. While other design faculties have the support of the industry,

a course of study, was an eye opener for me.

media, public, etc. – be it fashion, IT, interior design, nobody quite knows where to fit product design, even though it has the most

BK: Both of you have done your professional courses at land-

advanced curricula of teaching.

mark institutes. How was the experience? RS: NID was one of the only two design institutes in India till the

BK: It must have been really difficult initially.

90s. Its focus was on real-life experiences and the most prized take

RS: Yes, simply because it was the bastion of engineers and

away was the design process – a method of creative discipline and

there was a general feeling that we were trying to venture into their

problem solving.

territory. We would face hostility and disinterest in anything new. In


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 16

8/26/2011 5:13:03 PM

fact, initially I had to overstep my boundaries. Unlike abroad, where

learning experience because it is very difficult to predict how future

you just design and then pass the baton onto the engineer, here I

development will take place. You just put in those checks that allow

had to do the detailing and the engineer’s job as well, just to prove

discerning future development and hope for the best. (Laughs)

that it can be done. You need a bit of pigheadedness and that got me through (smiles), though many times the products morphed into something I hardly recognized. But the work I’m doing now is more socially relevant and closer to my heart – gives me satisfaction as a designer. Though they might not be beautiful in the printing sense (laughs).

BK: This being your adopted home, are you also part of this movement? DDC: Oh, she is the face of the Goa bachao andolan… RS: I actually got dragged into it by just looking at the tip of the iceberg. We were able to pinpoint what was going wrong but realized that people across the country did not comprehend the

BK: Dean you have become synonymous with the beautiful

magnitude of the problem – Goa was just a tiny spot on the map!

Goan architecture and its conservation. How is it different from Por-

So in desperation, I thought let us hit where people will understand

tuguese Architecture?

it most – we took images of places that were close to everyone’s

DDC: Goan Architecture has been around from before the Por-

hearts; what tourists knew, and work on them. For example, Baga

tuguese came. It has developed climatically like Kerala Architecture

Hill across Panjim, where one is used to seeing the green spread; we

– small dark spaces, closer to the land, very agrarian in its approach;

took it away and photo-shopped it with buildings. The impact was

Portuguese Architecture, on the other hand is more lively, showy,

tremendous and I couldn’t believe that something done in such a

with high plinths, etc. But due to the local craftsmen working for

hurry could work that well. It galvanized this whole movement. I

the Portuguese, what came out was a very beautiful combination.

came to know a lot of interesting people who cared and had con-

For example, the cherubs have very Indian faces; in my own house,

nections and as a spin-off, each one has gone back to their own

the columns have cobras, which is very Indian. It is more like a Goan

area of expertise to contribute. They are looking at garbage, women

interpretation/adaptation of the Portuguese idea.

issues; somebody has a foot in the Govt.; so that helps in getting sanctions when required.

BK: Is Goa also facing the loss of heritage buildings to builders due to commercial/economic pressures like Bangalore?

BK: So what drives you?

DDC: In towns, yes; but not so much in villages. Goa has already

RS: As product designers, we need to look into the minute

lost its cultural identity owing to apathy of the authorities and

details as well. We can’t just design and leave it to a fabricator, we

people, and what we have today is just marketing gimmicks. That

need to look for material that is functional and looks good so that

whole lifestyle is now lost. There are a few groups working towards

people like using it as well. It is not a fashion statement. Like this

maintaining what is left, I’m also part of them. We are trying to do

composting machine that we have developed as an experimental

our bit towards getting landmark judgments against mining, intro-

project, is shaped like a mushroom. I saw the way people treat gar-

ducing composting, taking care of the environment, etc. I’m now

bage. That is a huge problem not only for the authorities who are

working with the government on town planning and it is another

not interested, but also for people because otherwise how do you

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 17

8/26/2011 5:13:16 PM

encourage them to separate garbage? I realized that people feel

of, you can concentrate on creating what you really believe in. It

a little eeked-out with this whole business of separating wet and

should become a vocation like Gaudi or in the times of kings, who

dry garbage and the fact that it starts to smell after a while. Being a

were patrons. Most of us are so caught up in other mundane issues

product designer, I decided to make something that was not eekey

that there is little time for creativity. And that is where collaborations

and a fun element; so we made it like a mushroom where the top

come in. Any project is never the work or vision of any one person.

lid can be spun to air the garbage and this takes care of the smell. All

Not that the clients don’t have a vision; but they have a very narrow

you do is spin it every now and then. At the end of the day, you just

spectrum, so we are trying to create a setting where everyone is

open a little thing underneath and scoop it out. It is at the testing

able to collaborate at what we call the Design Valley, because archi-

stage right now.

tecture is no longer intuitive.

Another area that interests me is the idea of compost toilets. Based on the premise that we are using water to clean something that we consider dirty and the same water is then purified as drink-

BK: How do the synergies work when both of you work together?

ing water, is precious. The initial concept and mechanism is ready

DDC: There was this project that we did for The Taj where we

and I’m going to install it in my new house for testing so that it

developed the brief together with the client, who was very demand-

is accepted by the middle class without being patronizing, rather

ing but educated about where each aspect of design came from.

adopting it as way of life. If I can slip it through the mind block of

We all got together, discussed and realized that the end result was

people towards something new, then I have won as a product

much better, much more polished and refined. Design is not one

designer. I don’t believe in creating something touristy but more

dimensional; there are so many aspects and it is better to involve

relevant to the environment around me. I put design in two boxes

everyone to ensure a richer product. Having a team like this ensures

now – design as an end in itself, and design as a means to an end.

that I will not miss out on anything because of my own blindness.

DDC: Right now there is this green agenda that we are working

RS: The ideal situation would be to get a client who under-

towards and I feel it is something that needs to come from within.

stands the importance of both, otherwise one tends to get over-

All these ratings etc. are all still very new – every building should be

shadowed. We have to take cues about what needs to go where

green. One might think it is a new concept, but traditional Indian

in a building; that needs research, which is part of my training and

architecture was always green. I wish there was a process where

thought process. That is my value addition to a project. Then of

architects went through something like priesthood so that they

course comes detailing – the spaces and the kind of feel we want to

don’t get into the business mode. If your daily needs are taken care


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 18

8/26/2011 5:13:22 PM

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 19

8/26/2011 5:13:30 PM

Exchanging ideas could lead to innovative product designs like this switch board.


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 20

8/26/2011 5:13:41 PM

The top lid can be spun to air the garbage and this takes care of the smell.

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 21

8/26/2011 5:14:26 PM

give, textures, etc. So giving shape to these requirements is where

the same old square or rectangular box, and that got me thinking

the architect plays a role. Also in interiors, there are many require-

that we should try and design a switch box that becomes a part of

ments where practical solutions are needed from a product design

the aesthetics. We have just finished prototyping this new design

perspective. Dean can probably make a sketch of what he needs

and it is very exciting. The most important thing is communication.

but the actual feasibility is what I have to design. On the other hand, there is a great synergy in terms of ideation.

BK: Is that how the idea of mozaic came about?

Dean is really great at concepts and ideas; so whenever I get stuck,

RS: Mosaic is a design that is created by the coming together of

I call him in and he just throws the problem open. Similarly, I can

different tiles – each independently beautiful but part of the whole

give a product thrust to his buildings. Many times architects get

pattern. Some years back, Dean had to shift out of his office and

so involved in the materials and other practical stuff that smaller

we saw a couple of soul-less places. So we decided to start from

details get lost. So I just step in, give a whacky perspective and that

scratch – land was cheap enough, and we just bought into it. Also,

adds to the overall effect. Sometimes ideas just crop up out of ordi-

as designers grow older you realize that richness of ideas comes

nary chats. A few months back over lunch, Dean mentioned how

from interaction, and sharing administration is an added bonus

disappointed he was with the designs of switches in the market –

(laughs). So there is architecture, interior design, product design and


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 22

8/26/2011 5:14:58 PM

‘‘We decided to make a design centre; other likeminded people bought into the idea and it just started rolling on its own. We all have a common value system, a common sense of where design should be.’’ SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2011 • DESIGN MATRIX 23

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 23

8/26/2011 5:15:11 PM

now with the mozaic Design Valley, we aim to bring different design genres under one roof to give complete solutions. DDC: In fact, by understanding the client and his requirements, we aim to give him the brief as well, rather than it being the other way around. The aim is to involve all aspects/parties concerned, right from day one, so that there is minimum confrontation at various stages of the project and the delivery time is reduced. BK: Design Valley sounds a very exciting concept. Do share more with us. RS: We don’t even know when it happened. There was this blank space where we decided to make a design centre; other like-minded people bought into the idea and it just started rolling on its own. There is no concrete plan but somewhere down the line we all have a common value system, a common sense of where design should be and the fact that we can pool our resources, draw from our experiences, and can hence, offer a much superior service. DDC: Architects are actually just assemblers of material manufacturers, so we need someone to look at the finer details. It is always better when people from different design fields collaborate: like products, planning, graphics, a business point of view, etc., create informal environment for people to come together and work. We are building a design centre that will hold workshops, training programmes, etc. and document each event there. We’ve been collaborating with universities abroad for exchange programmes. It is also like a retirement plan (laughs), something to do in old age. But on a serious note, all this comes from having worked for so long and realizing the ego has been beaten down and the service aspect needs to come to the fore. BK: Is design also being looked at as a commodity at Design Valley? DDC: Yes, why not. We have a concept that is viable and functional; that can be sold to the industry. For example, we are working on this idea of pre-fabricated homes, which will give you tremendous economic and ecological benefits. The drivers of this project will be the people from design fields, and others like finance, etc. will be the support group. There is a need to reconnect art with the industry. You see it happening abroad, it’s high time it happened here as well. BK: Looking back, what would you rate as one of your most cherished projects. DDC: Each one has been a learning in itself. Sometimes there were lovely projects, but lousy clients or lovely clients who lacked vision, at others everything just fell into place. It has been more about relationships than anything else. I’m still servicing clients and projects 25 years later – maintenance issues, little touches here and there. It is wonderful. RS: Every project that moves you out of your comfort circle is a challenge. But the greatest high was when I saw a train streak past me in Punjab with a ‘mozaic’ designed front end

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 24


8/26/2011 5:15:47 PM

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 25

8/26/2011 5:15:52 PM

“We all have a common value system, a common sense of where design should be and the fact that we can pool our resources, draw from our experiences, and can hence, offer a much superior service.” “Architects are actually just assemblers of material manufacturers, so we need someone to look at the ſner details. It is always better when people from different design ſelds collaborate”


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 26

8/26/2011 5:15:56 PM




irsi farmer and mechanical engineer, Raghavendra Hegde is the new hero in the small farmers’ circles. 12 months of

Ar. Aamcher gives a big ‘thumbs up’ to the new manually-operated paddy transplanter developed by Raghavendra Hegde…

labouring over revamping the mechanically operated paddy

transplanter into a manually driven, low-cost mechanism has borne fruit, and he is now ready with the working prototype of a simple (in construction and operation) transplanting mechanism, which he calls ‘Surya Sarala Naati Yantra’. The paddy transplanter is a well-known farming tool that facilitates the labour-intensive task of paddy farming. Generally available in sizes that cater to transplanting 4, 6 and 8 rows, the mechanism is often diesel-driven and comes at a whopping cost of `1.5 to 2 lakhs. While the transplanter benefits the farmer with its adjustable bill spacing (planting distance) and reducing water consumption up to 20%, also increasing yield by about 10% due to even planting density and reduction in uprooting of seedlings, it can only be afforded by those with sprawling estates. Besides, it is impractical to transport it to remote areas. Designed and developed in the interest of small and marginal farmers (those with half to two and a half acres of cultivable land), Hedge has worked on the same invention and improvised it with certain modifications that make it conducive to manual operation. Hedge’s version of the transplanter weighs a mere 28 kg for the larger (six row) and 20 kg for the smaller (4 row) operator. This makes for convenient handling by male and female members alike. It drastically reduces the farmer’s dependency on employing day labour; and thus cuts costs. Estimated cost: `15, 000 and `10, 000 respectively Estimated launch of transplanter: Late 2011 To share more such designs or experiences, positive or negative, contact Ar. Aamcher at aamcher@designmatrix.c


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 27

8/26/2011 5:16:22 PM

Marine design Words: Savitha Hira; Images: courtesy solus4 Architecture

Natural habitat informs the design of a new research vessel with under and over the surface facilities representing a new typology for stationary in-water based marine projects.


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 28

8/26/2011 5:16:37 PM




Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 29

8/26/2011 5:16:55 PM


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 30

8/26/2011 5:17:12 PM

ABOUT THE FIRM: solus4 is an architectural studio specializing in architecture, planning and interior design, headquartered in Kittery, Maine. The firm, while newly formed, has an extensive background in commercial, residential, institutional and hospitality design and planning through the experience of its partners. solus4 operates as a collaborative on a global platform, adding intensively focused experience to each commission through key team members who specialize in sustainability strategies, macro planning, community building, project logistics and team management.

The design is both aesthetically imposing and seamlessly integrated into its natural aquatic environment. In keeping with the nature of the universal ocean, the project is intended to be wholly energy efſcient.

recent international design compe-


and private. The spaces vary from research

tition for a marine research centre

labs, scientist bedrooms, library and aquatic

in Bali, Indonesia, gave architec-

garden to sea-water pool, swimming pool,

tural firm solus4 an opportunity to study

terrace, bar and an auditorium. The spaces

and architecturally interpret the structure of

are distributed above and under water and

tsunami waves. The competition, co-spon-

allow the visitors and scientists alike to take

sored by Arquitectum and Universitas Pelita

full advantage of the amazing landscape

Harapan in Indonesia, sought to address the

that surrounds the project.

need for tsunami research and preparation,

In keeping with the nature of the uni-

in response to the devastation caused by the

versal ocean, the project is intended to be

2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami.

wholly energy efficient. Photo-voltaic cells

Three major events are generally known

embedded in large glass-based panels –

to generate tsunamis: meteors, landslides,

both transparent and opaque – constitute

and large earthquakes. Underwater earth-

the skin of the vessel. The close in-to-shore

quakes — the most common type in Indo-

location allows for tidal/current generators

nesia — with epicentres close to coast lines,

to serve power requirements, while rain-

form the conceptual basis of the architectur-

water collection and seawater conversion

al proposal. The solus4 design team sought

systems take care of the domestic water

to understand wave dynamics and the

requirements. Deeper source seawater is

resulting wave force patterns that are gener-

circulated through the skin for radiant cool-

ated as tsunami waves are created and radi-

ing and temperature control of the overall

ate out from an epicentre. The wave forces,

anthropomorphic shape. Incidentally, the

when translated into linear patterns, inform

unique shape and programmatic require-

the shapes that are integrated into the build-

ments are proposed to serve as an icon for

ing form and result in patterns that seem

scientific study and tourism in this location.

to be born of the sea. The concept, thus,

The centre will serve not only as an

uses the initial elliptical pattern and cross-

architectural icon for Bali, but also as an

sectional diagram of the tsunami wave, one

international model for modern sustainable

of the main focuses of the centre’s research

design with its use of on-site renewable

and prevention efforts, as the morphology

energy resources through its integration of

generator and guide of programmatic orga-

such technologies as tidal wave energy gen-

nization for both, on-board scientists and

eration, natural ventilation, rainwater collec-

the interested visitor.

tion, passive solar energy, low E glass, and

The design is both aesthetically impos-

high reflectance fibre glass materials.

ing and seamlessly integrated into its natu-

This project represents a new typol-

ral aquatic environment. It is an imposing

ogy for stationary in-water based projects

fluid structure with an immediate and direct

reached by boat, which in the past have

visual connect to the exterior. Located just

been mostly relegated as merely work,

100 meters away, parallel to the shore of

non-destination platforms, both floating

Kuta Beach, Bali, the 2,500 sq. m. marine

and rigid, which do not take into account

research centre programme is composed of

the design possibilities presented by in-

three main components: public, semi-public


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 31

8/26/2011 5:17:49 PM

ts existence is probably as old as the his-


“The Queen of the Arabian Sea, Kochi,

tory of the recognized hospitality indus-

is well on its way to becoming a mega

try in India; yet the Taj Group of Hotels is

city. The two cities are represented in the

known to reinvent itself and remain in sync

abstract.” The Deli at Gateway sign, on a red

with the trends and moods of the day. So

background stands out of the map of Kochi,

when The Gateway Taj, Kochi, wanted a cof-

showing the harbour and main roads. The

fee shop that reflects “today” and appeal

area around the Gateway hotel has been

to the trendy young crowd, Fahed Majeed

mapped and extruded as metal compo-

of the Cochin-based 10X10 Design Consul-

nents of varying heights to compose the

tants knew just where to begin from.

name of the café. Similarly, New York has

With a casual seating and giving a

been mapped and extruded to morph

lounge feel to the 800 sq. ft. space, Fahed

into a bread stand. New York has a grid

managed to create a lively yet relaxing area

iron layout, which results in a more orderly

evoking the flavours of Kochi that would

arrangement of buildings; approximately

appeal not just to the hotel guests but the

5,000 MS chrome-plated components have

local populace as well.

been used to achieve this.

“The idea of a café being primarily a

One finds many such subtle touches

transit space was the basic premise around

that go beyond the brief and reflect the

which the design evolved,” Fahed explains

sensitivity of the designer towards the

the design that reflects local references in

many things usually considered mundane.

a site that is located opposite the Kochi

For example, the light installation that

port. Though the primary colour scheme

reflects nostalgia: “Today CFL and LED lights

has been restricted to shades of brown,

are phasing out the yellow bulb that all of

red being the corporate colour, was incor-

us grew up with. The humble incandescent

porated in the primary board and furniture.

light brings memories of home and ways

“The broad range of materials put to use in

of living that are being outmoded. This

the design have been specifically chosen

installation adds a touch of nostalgia, while

for their evocative qualities. The key design

acknowledging the changing preferences,”

elements holding the space together are

Fahed smiles. Keeping energy costs in mind,

the metropolis installation, saucer lights,

361 lights glow with a bare minimum inten-

the rusty wall, incandescent lighting and

sity so that only the filament glows. Then

the Kochi-New York installation,” he reveals.

you have the “saucer light” – the mundane,

Why New York? You ask; “It is the estab-

utilitarian vat used to mix cement and

lished melting pot of the world!” he quips,

aggregates at construction sites usually

With a casual seating and giving a lounge feel to the 800 sq. ft. space, Fahed managed to create a lively yet relaxing area evoking the ƀavours of Kochi that would appeal not just to the hotel guests but the local populace as well.


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 32

8/26/2011 5:18:20 PM

Hospitality becomes an experience of local flavours at the Deli at Gateway in Kochi, under the creative flare of Ar. Fahed Majeed.

BILLET-DOUX FROM KOCHI Babita Krishnan; Images: courtesy 10X10 Design Consultants

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 33

8/26/2011 5:18:40 PM

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 34

8/26/2011 5:18:52 PM

One ſnds many such subtle touches that go beyond the brief and reƀect the sensitivity of the designer towards the many things usually considered mundane. departs with the workers. “As a tribute to all those who labour to build the edifices of our cities, they were given a permanent place and put to innovative use here,” says the designer. A coat of the same paint as the walls and viola! The ordinary little vessel is turned into a chic light fixture. While it serves as mood lighting, it also dresses up the otherwise unexciting ceiling. An outdoor sitting area of about 200 sq. ft. in front of the café is ensconced in a glass wall that equips the passersby with an easy view of the café. It is also a good way to enjoy the famous Kerala monsoon. The seating is casual and very flexible with bean bags and movable swivel chairs that can be rearranged according to preference. The eye-catching red bar stools are provided for those waiting for their takeaway orders. There is nothing more satisfying than the appreciation of guests and we sign off with this interesting comment on the Metropolis wall by Meghan Young, a Deli customer: When I look upon the Deli at Gateway glowing wall, I can’t help but imagine that there is a society of fairies living behind it, lending a magical glow not only to their happy home, but also to Gateway visitors. Of course, that is not the case, but it still puts a smile on my face

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 35

8/26/2011 5:19:27 PM

EYE TO EYE Words: Sheena D’Lima

We map Eyewear trends and take a look at where they are going.

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 36

8/26/2011 5:19:53 PM


n the March of 2011, Tokyo city buzzed with tangible excitement as gaggles of giggly twenty-somethings made a bee-line for Japan’s biggest Fashion event of the year – The Tokyo Girls Collection Spring/Summer 2011. Fashion photographers weaving through

Design aspect

crowds of the pretty young things noticed that a particular trend was abound – lens-less glasses. The world watched in amusement as Fashion bloggers termed this new statement “a cross between Hipster Woody Allen and kindergarten play props.” While it may be a bit of a stretch to compare the edgy, eye-popping fashion traditions of Japan’s Harajuku girls to the rest of the world’s trends, one cannot deny that the humble pair of spectacles has travelled a long way. From being the (forced) staple style statement of the book worm, it has come to stand as an expression of your personality. Your eyewear, apart from making you see better (but myopia is hardly a prerequisite anymore), will instantly complete your look – whether its hipster, flower child, vintage, retro, diva or ubër-modern. New trends in eyewear are a fashion phenomenon that has hung upon certain icons in popular culture sporting a look that promptly took off as a worldwide fad. We take a look at some of eyewear’s biggest trends.

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 37

8/26/2011 5:20:17 PM

1990’S80’S BUG EYES

Two words – Bug Eyes. These were a style

of frame started out as tortoiseshell but


soon plastic and other materials began to

Beatle John Lennon’s’ tea-shade glasses – round and wire-framed with tinted lenses –

be used. Celebrities who wore this style

took off as part of a 1960s counterculture in certain states of America as well as sections

and came to stand as its ambassadors were

of Europe, and still have their own little throne on retail shelves today. On the other hand,

Nicole Richie in the nineties, Cheryl Tweedy

Jackie O’s made famous by first lady Jackie Onassis Kennedy’s oversized frames that went

and the Olsen twins.

down past her cheekbones began to sell themselves silly, and remain a celebrity favoured

of spectacle frames that made an appearance after the Cat Eyes fad but really picked up after the 60s were over and done with. These glasses, with almost opaque lenses were large and tended to protrude slightly away from the face when worn. The choice

choice even today.


The late fifties were marked by a kind of understated elegance. This was the era of pearls, low heels and elbow length gloves on one hand and debut of the bikini on the other. “Cat Eyes”— the famously tip-tilted glasses that imitate a feline-eye shape and used tortoiseshell frames – were first worn famously by singer Buddy Holly. However, the real game changer came in 1961 when Audrey Hepburn wore her Cat Eye shades in the film Breakfast at Tiffanys. After that, Cat Eyes went down in fashion history with icons like Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly sporting pairs. This era also saw the rise in the famous “Ray ban wayfarers” style in eyewear worn often by US Senator Robert Kennedy. 38 DESIGN MATRIX • SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2011

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 38

8/26/2011 5:20:37 PM

INDIA AND EYE Indians and glasses are about as much of a happy couple as India and say numbers, or India and Bollywood. In the 90s, the Western world especially Hollywood and British Television comedy jumped onto the stereotype of the bespectacled, earnest Indian, always in the background and interested only in academics. We too rested easy with the stereotype. Glasses were for the nerds and that was that. Now however, you don’t have to be a expert to figure out that this mindset is fast disappearing. Even if you don’t know your brands too well, a quick stroll down any city’s flea markets will show you spectacle frames in rainbow hues, iunconventional shapes and with detailing and design that would make our conservative ancestors of the erudite Gandhi glasses turn in their graves. “While initially, utility defined most of the mass market choices, nowadays Indians are more exposed to luxury brands and global styles and are a little more experimental,” says Ronak Sheth, Director of Eternity Lifestyles, who has been in the eyewear industry for fifteen years. Bollywood has had a huge impact on the eyewear fashion in India. Everyone still remembers the Preity Zinta frames fad (thick black rectangular frames), named after the glasses that the actor wore in the 2003 film Kal Ho Na Ho. Slightly before that, the blue-tinted glasses that Bobby Deol wore in Barsaat (1995) sparked a nationwide trend. “But its not just Bollywood, really,” confirms Sheth, “Rajiv Gandhi became known for wearing his high-end Cartier Glasses and will always remain associated with the brand.” As far as future trends go, Indians stand in a gray area. They’re experimental and edgy but aren’t really ready to go the double-take way. “It takes two or three years for a trend to catch on and while Retro styles like a Clark Kent (the glasses Christopher Reeves playing Clark Kent wore in Superman in 1978) can make a comeback, Vintage styles still don’t hold too much appeal,” says Sheth. Still, the writer of this piece can only look at a pair of Fushia and black striped frames displayed at a flea market in downtown Mumbai, and wonder whether the day when Indians wear lens-less glasses is just around the corner!


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 39

8/26/2011 5:20:58 PM

Green design


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 40

8/26/2011 5:21:20 PM



Words: Babita Krishnan; Images: courtesy FKA

Felderman Keatinge + Associates give iCrete’s LA office a space that reflects its corporate philosophy.


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 41

8/26/2011 5:22:04 PM


he concrete industry is one of the

employees. To this purpose, the LA-based

most important in the world as

Felderman Keatinge + Associates have

this material can be made relatively

created a non-traditional space that both

inexpensively from local materials and just-

expresses the raw and sustainable nature of

in-time, making it probably the most popu-

iCrete’s new product, as well as the innova-

lar building material. Founded by industry

tive nature of their own approach.

professionals and experienced entrepre-

Celebrated for looking to the future for

neurs, iCrete’s mission is to help bring con-

design inspiration, FKA was challenged to

crete production into the 21st century

combine showroom space with a working

by helping producers turn their data into

office. Designed not only to promote inter-

actionable information.

action amongst employees, the space also

The company understands that the

invites the visitor into the heart, or “hub”,

industry has historically had difficulties in

of the open-space. In place of a reception

introducing new technology and therefore

desk and waiting area, a long work surface

been unable to achieve many potential

provides layout space for the company’s

gains in productivity, quality, performance

products, while also doubling up as a con-

and sustainability. In many industries,

ference table. “Our focus is on creating

companies have taken advantage of data-

inspiring spaces that authenticate who our

driven decision making and integration

clients are. We co-create the environment

software to great effect and iCrete believes

together,” says Nancy Keatinge.

that the concrete industry needs and will

Particularly for this project, the mini-

have these solutions too and is working in

malist workstations were created to seem-

partnership with producers to accomplish

ingly float just above the gray carpet.

these objectives.

“There’s a sense of movement, a rhythm,”

When launching innovative and green

Stanley Felderman explains, “That’s almost

technology, iCrete wanted its new corpo-

musical.” By juxtaposing the sculptural

rate office in Los Angeles designed to reflect

white gypsum and refined architectural

its strong work philosophy. Desiring an

elements with exposed industrial and

open and minimalist space, they wanted an

mechanical systems, Felderman Keatinge

environment that would foster innovative

cleverly succeeds in creating a careful bal-

thinking and encourage interaction among

ance of yin and yang.

Desiring an open and minimalist space, they wanted an environment that would foster innovative thinking and encourage interaction among employees.


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 42

8/26/2011 5:22:48 PM


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 43

8/26/2011 5:23:34 PM


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 44

8/26/2011 5:24:22 PM

ABOUT THE FIRM: Felderman Keatinge + Associates (FKA) have always been future-forward: constantly in search of fresh perspectives and new frontiers, each new project stands as further proof of its commitment to oneof-a-kind solutions tailored to each and every client. Designing everything from architecture to furniture, FKA’s focus is to create a sense of community, and consistency and equality of design throughout a space. FKA takes a humanistic approach and views architecture as a living organism, which is an extension of people – effecting how they live and work. The firm’s goal is to elevate the quality of one’s experience of the built environment. FKA has designed for manufacturers like Herman Miller, Global, Hon, and Haworth. SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2011 • DESIGN MATRIX 45

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 45

8/26/2011 5:24:52 PM

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 46

8/26/2011 5:25:17 PM

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 47

8/26/2011 5:25:26 PM

Le decor

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 48

8/26/2011 5:25:30 PM

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 49

8/26/2011 5:25:43 PM


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 50

8/26/2011 5:25:52 PM


Words: Natasha Bohra; Images: courtesy Tree House Resort

The Tree House Resort is a fitting narrative to help convert a barren land into an ecologically balanced haven, where dwellings grow on trees, quite literally!


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 51

8/26/2011 5:26:10 PM


ittle that any modern hotel provides

or engineering. His simple knowledge of

explanation based on common sense and

can match up to the experience

the forest and the skills of locals led to the

an acute vision. What started off as a brown

of waking up in a bedroom that

creation of this rustic resort.

and shrubby landscape in the land of desert

literally falls in nature’s lap, or in this case,

The Tree House Resort is a replica of the

sands has today turned into a green forest.

her bosom. With a petite number of about

tropical rain forests – lush vegetation, brave

The consistency in plantations, water har-

22 rooms resting on real trees, in the

creepers and beautiful trees surround the

vesting and rural employment has made

outskirts of Jaipur, is the Tree House Resort.

entire site. “It may be hard to believe but

the Tree House Resort much more than a

Indeed, one can feel the magic of nature at

the fact is that there were absolutely no

hospitality project; it is an experience.

every sight.

designs or engineering drawings involved

To comprehend any vision, the pre-

Inspired by the famous hunter turned

in building this resort,” narrates the proud

requisite is an involvement of resources,

conservationist Jim Corbett, who built the

owner. What the entire workforce now calls

planning and management. However, it

Aberdere National Park in Kenya, Sunil Meh-

‘The Magic Wand’ is nothing but an iron

definitely is easier said than done. The chal-

ta visualized this resort, after his first tree

rod that Mehta carried to draw designs and

lenges faced in building a project of this size

house was built at his own farm house. A

pathways on the soft soil of Mother Earth.

and nature, were multifarious and unique

keen nature lover, Mehta managed to bring

Every little design from the structure to

pertaining to the area in conversation. The

together this unique concept despite no

the landscaping, was either drawn on the

first and biggest challenge was to create a

formal learning in the field of architecture

ground in the form of a map or was a verbal

fertile stretch out of a barren infertile land.


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 52

8/26/2011 5:26:27 PM


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 53

8/26/2011 5:26:57 PM


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 54

8/26/2011 5:27:33 PM

Devoid of standard brick and concrete walls, it instils a feeling of being in the midst of nature whilst continuing to enjoy the comfort of luxury. SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2011 • DESIGN MATRIX 55

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 55

8/26/2011 5:27:54 PM


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 56

8/26/2011 5:28:14 PM

It was through the basic understanding of

villagers who had once got used to seeing

Spanning across 40,000 square yards,

the landscape and soil that planned experi-

one or no crop during the monsoon flood-

the maintenance of a project such as this

ments were possible with a variety of plant

ing were now growing multiple crops due

involves periodic gardening and a consis-

species. Constant manure provisions and

to the water harvesting and dam construc-

tent scrutiny of the tree houses. Restored

rainwater harvesting helped enrich the

tion,” Mehta explains.

and standing tall is the 400-year old Pea-

soil and replenish the underground water

Encapsulated with wood and bamboo,

cock car that surely cannot be missed.

table. What started off as 95% mortality rate

rooms at the Tree House Resort provide

Another attraction of the resort is the fact

amongst plants has now fallen down to ‘nil’!

unimpeded spectacular views of the for-

that it is on the World Birding Map owing

Next on the list was educating neigh-

est. Devoid of standard brick and concrete

to more than 50 species of birds that can be

bouring villagers on the importance of

walls, it instils a feeling of being in the midst

spotted here.

afforestation and the benefits of rural

of nature whilst continuing to enjoy the

The Tree House Resort is an exquisite

employment and increased skill sets. “We

comfort of luxury. Sometimes a branch or

experience of nature infused with the spoils

adopted the school in the village and also

may be a tree trunk or the tree itself, accen-

of luxury for those who want to experience

held a number of training camps. The same

tuates the modern interiors.

the magic that is nature SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2011 • DESIGN MATRIX 57

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 57

8/26/2011 5:28:24 PM

Creative ideas


Words: Savitha Hira; Images: courtesy the designers

Elegance, style and exquisiteness mark the design of a wedding card, and the market and trends veer towards the unexplored and avant-garde …


ow does it feel to receive a wedding invitation that opens out to reveal a box with seven

katoris containing mishri, iliachi, kesar, etc., and each of the saat vachans printed under each katori? A delicate drawer slips open under this paraphernalia and gives you the requisite information on the wedding and its associated celebrations. Another beautiful design spells out a customized box with four different kinds of flavoured honey complemented by honey spoons and accompanied with a silver-leafed invitation. Well, you tend to store them away for keepsakes as they are too ‘wow’ to be discarded!


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 58

8/26/2011 5:28:38 PM

“A wedding card reƀects the status of the parties concerned and is indicative of the kind of wedding you are being invited to – extravagant, rich, simple...”

The wedding invite is no longer the

and to ideate and seek his approval. Then

demure calligraphic artistry that once was,

comes the productionization part,” says

but mastery of integrated solutions that

Surbhi, designer at the Ravish Kapoor studio

spell chic and are symbolic of social stature

of Innovative Invitations in Mumbai. Each

and progressive outlook. “A wedding card

request is handled exclusively and each

reflects the status of the parties concerned

invitation designed to perfection, integrat-

and is indicative of the kind of wedding

ing the mandatory ‘gift’ with the invitation

you are being invited to – extravagant, rich,

card. Themes are developed and discussed;

simple, you name it,” informs Nilesh Parekh,

colours and material are personalized to the

Partner, Parekh Cards, leading manufactur-

needs and wants of the client and voilà, a

And it is this emotional response that

ers of Indian wedding invitations based in

new tailor-made concept in sync with the

makes today’s weddings a grandiose affair.

Mumbai. “This important element, which

client’s sensibilities is readied for posterity.

Budgets are often not a constraint as people

once formed only a miniscule part of the

Gone are also the days when nothing

are willing to traverse the extra mile for the

entire grand brigade, is today an iterant

less than a kilo of mithai or a box of rich dry-

extra edge. They demand exclusivity and

indication of one’s social status and spend-

fruit spelt the social stratum. “Nowadays,

style. While there are the unique personal-

ing prowess,” he continues, “And the bud-

people understand that the gift with the

ized and custom options as Ravish Kapoor

gets are no mean feat either.”

wedding card is a solemn shagun; the quan-

studio, there are also the Parekh Cards kind

The entire concept of the wedding

tity no longer matters, the quality of the

of retailers who are absolutely in sync with

invite has seen a sea change over the last

gift does. With mithai, dry-fruit and home-

market trends and tend to introduce close

decade. Certain western motifs and use

made chocolates passé, gifting options are

to a hundred new designs every year to

of more refined materials have silently

taking on novel dimensions – flavoured

reach out to a wider spectrum of society,

entered the wedding card market as a

honey, khajoor, home-grown fragrances, sil-

who want inimitability within the reach of

‘fusion’ of ideas and mindsets, where tradi-

ver leafed and gold plated murtis, silver bars,

their pockets.

tional ways have mingled, and co-exist with

not to mention a ground-breaking initiative

So, whether it is a card made of silver

open-minded perspectives. Calligraphic

that marked a hi-profile wedding with a

tissue-finish paper, or a stunning rich colour

art, which was once the ultimate diktat of

pre-programmed cell phone as the beauti-

shimmer-finish card with kundans and gold

a wedding card design has made way for

fully packaged wedding card cum gift!

laser-cut patterns, out-of-the-box invita-

more elaborate printing techniques, and

“It is a convenience that we offer when

tions have given the wedding card, and

paper is not the only substrate in use. Acryl-

we integrate the whole package,” elabo-

thus the couple, a special place, etched in

ic, cardboard, glossy foil, satin-brocade fin-

rates Surbhi. “Often, people want more

memory for posterity

ishes, etc. are some among a host of base-

than a single type of wedding gift, to be

material options. The overall look and feel

given at different occasions to different

is one that demands exclusivity and there

sets of people. Here, we create coordinat-

is nothing to delimit the creativity quotient.

ed settings according to tastes and sensi-

Where the quality of paper and print-

bilities. The wedding cards and gifts can

ing is an absolutely ‘no-compromise’ issue,

also be personalized with the names of the

and aesthetics are high in avatars that spell

individual guests. “These are little things

chic and sophistication, religious crypto-

that inadvertently underline the emotions

grams and designs have made way for

attached to the occasion and the people

neutral thematics, welcoming fresh colour

involved; it is a method of reaching

palettes and trimmings. Of course, this does

out to near and dear ones in a

not negate the conventional set-ups. Those

way that says ‘I’m glad you

are still very much a ritual, but are open to

are there for me’. It com-

being fine-tuned with innovative elements.

bines umpteen senti-

Innovation is where the name Ravish

ments that get min-

Kapoor makes a grand entry. In the field of

gled in an all-inclusive

‘innovative invitations’ for almost a decade,

package of gratitude

the brand brings you customized solutions

for favours granted,

and is best approached at least two months

presents received, sup-

before the grand day. “It takes a few meet-

port systems ensured,

ings to understand client requirements


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 59

8/26/2011 5:28:57 PM

RELEVANCE IS THE KEY Words & Images: Nils Ferber

Nils Ferber enunciates his belief in design as a medium of communication, to initiate discussion and provoke new thought.


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 60

8/26/2011 5:29:17 PM


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 61

8/26/2011 5:29:35 PM

When there is no increased radiation measureable all OLED rings remain off.


One glowing ring tells you that there is slightly increased radiation coming from your

ometimes I wish I could still believe

Being aware of these problems and

why things are just as they are. Even when

in the idea that the designer‘s role

feeling the urgent need to rethink our

a new design concept is not realized and

is to provide material wealth to the

lifestyle also makes me furious to see how

has no direct effects, it still opens up room

masses. Finding ways to produce appeal-

design is often used to sell the same need-

for discussions and thoughts that stretch

ing and affordable products in high quan-

less stuff again and again.

from status quo to the concept’s fiction.

tities in order to make them available to

Nonetheless, I love working as a

Therefore, I understand design as a tool

everyone, actually sounds like a respect-

designer. And that is not because I want to

to debate and create our future instead of

able task; the only drawback is that accom-

fuel the thriftless consumption even more;

just letting it happen.

plishing this is not easy.

but because I believe in design‘s potential

To give you an example of what I am

In our industrialized society, the con-

to alter reality. When I am working on proj-

talking about: The project “EX” is a three-

sumption of products has exceeded our

ects, I don‘t think about having them mass

wheeled, screwdriver-powered vehicle

actual needs by far; and has become a

produced later. I don‘t see my objects as

that can accelerate its driver up to 30 km/

serious problem for the earth‘s ecosystems

prototypes for the industry. I rather con-

hr. If you look at the vehicle from an indus-

and an equitable distribution of available

sider my works as tools to initiate discus-

trial or commercial perspective, it prob-

resources. We are currently living at the

sions and provoke new thoughts. In this

ably appears to you as completely point-

expense of the third world and are taking

way design can act as a communication

less. It is too slow to compete with real

a huge loan from our future generations.

medium to visualize abstract thoughts

motor vehicles; the batteries won‘t last

Therefore, it is an enormous but inevitable

and ideas to make them understandable.

long and there is pretty much no place

challenge to transform our squandering

By presenting a design concept to

where you could drive it. But as you can

lifestyle into a society that is based on

someone, one always shows how things

imagine, that‘s not really the point here.

renewable resources and ecological limits.

could be. That also implies to question

Instead of designing the next sports car


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 62

8/26/2011 5:29:38 PM



Two glowing rings mean there is significantly inreased radiation and your dish is not

The red ring tells you that the measured dose of radiation is beyond the limiting valu

with a huge but heavy engine, we wanted

is an ordinary kitchen plate with built-in

power‘s risks? Are we willing to accept an

to use a very limited power source and

radioactive metre and LED rings to visu-

increasing number of electronic aids to

create a vehicle that still looks dynamic,

alize food’s level of contamination. What

make our polluted environment inhabit-

aggressive and spectacular while provid-

seems like a real product on first sight is

able again?

ing a lot of driving fun. Everyone knows

actually my ironic comment on how I

There are plenty such questions in all

how little torque you gain from screw-

expect our technology-religious society

fields of societal and technological devel-

drivers and therefore there is the direct

to fight the risks of nuclear power. I was

opments and I think designers should

association of the amount of power one

almost waiting for a product like this after

imply such questions in their work. The

can deal with. But despite the screwdriver

the Fukushima accident. Not because it

future will somehow happen anyway. But

engines, it is surprisingly exciting to drive

would solve anything, but simply because

by asking questions and proposing ideas

the “EX” and with one‘s head close to the

people would buy it. So it didn‘t really sur-

today, we can moderate and negotiate the

ground, it definitely feels fast enough. So

prise me that there were a lot of people

process of future becoming reality. We can

the “EX” proves that using smaller engines

asking me where to buy the plate but no

choose from a broad variety of possible

is not necessarily a loss of driving fun but

one wondered how it worked or whether

futures and decide which way we want

can open up room for completely new

it could protect you from nuclear radiation

to go. Showing some of the possibilities

transportation concepts. You begin by

reliably. And if that doesn‘t make you think,

and encouraging people to actively shape

questioning cars as luxurious and exces-

here are some other questions I wanted to

their future is what really drives me as a

sive status symbols.

raise with the “Fukushima Plate”: What will

designer. And I know that there are scores

Another project of mine is the “Fuku-

happen to those who cannot afford their

of like-minded creatives out there some-

shima Plate” that I conceptualized shortly

own plate? Will superficial innovations

where, who share the belief that relevance

after the nuclear catastrophe in Japan. It

like this affect our estimation of nuclear

is the key to good design SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2011 • DESIGN MATRIX 63

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 63

8/26/2011 5:30:18 PM

Landscape design



TURF Words: Sharanya S; Images: Mohnish Dabhoya

We discover that squeezing a little garden in a cramped space isn’t as hard as you think – just stick your green thumb out.


hile urbanization has been a

workshops on organic gardening. Started

time specifically to water them. Every once

boon to mankind on the one

10 months ago in Pune, mostly because

in a while, trim the dried leaves. If you plan



he was tired of eating vegetables sprinkled

to grow flowers, consider colours that will

city life has been greatly compromised by

with pesticides, Dugar helps you grow your

complement the colour palette of your

space and greenery. A kitchen and dining

own vegetables and teaches you everything

room, ushering in joy and vibrancy.

room combined; treadmill in the corner of

there is to learn about seeding, taking care of

the living room for a gym; and the washing

the soil, watering, harvesting and more.


Once the plants are growing successfully, you can beautify decorate them in

machine in the bedroom, are only but a few

If you are imagining hours spent toiling

any way you like. “An advantage of living

instances of cramped spaces. A green corner

over manure, seeding and harvesting, let

in a city like Bengaluru is that I have space

then, apart from of a little bamboo plant on

me assure you, it’s a lot easier and the joy

to create a green patch right behind my

the desk and a money plant on the kitchen

of a bountiful garden is worth its value in

house. I buy plain earthen pots and paint

sill is almost non-existent.

gold. “You need to spend just about 10-15

them myself and I have three stone animals

But nature is a natural healer and people

minutes a day watering your plants,” says

around my cacti collection; a turtle and

turn to gardening as therapy, as a hobby, to

Dugar; and involving all members of the

two frogs. They just add a little fun ele-

eat organically or to enjoy the simple joys in

family in the upkeep of the garden is gener-

ment,” says Jaya V, a housewife who started

life. An edible garden within your own home

ally a good idea, he advises.

her own garden over ten years ago. “I only

is a healthy trend that seems to be catch-

The first step towards creating your

decided to grow edible plants recently. I

ing on; and lack of space is not a deterrent

own garden is planning. Restricted space

started with basil, mint and lemons. Now

here. “You can grow methi (fenugreek) or

means you can’t grow every plant you

I also have tomatoes, chillies; and I’ve just

coriander in an old carton of yoghurt,” says

wish to. Start slow. Pick something simple;

planted pumpkin seeds and hopefully, I’ll

Vaibhav Dugar. Dugar is the co-founder of

make sure you pick a location that receives

have beautiful vine growing soon.”

an organization called Ek Titli that conducts

adequate sunlight and shade and set a

For those who do not enjoy the luxury


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 64

8/26/2011 5:30:56 PM

of a backyard, there are many space-saving techniques that can be employed. The simplest being, pots that hang from roofs of balconies, or off balcony railings. A vertical rack that lets you set a number of pots anywhere close to a light source is an effective way to bring in some green into the room. Decorated pots also lend a touch of

SALAD BAR Get down and dirty, here’s how:

colour to the garden. Those lucky to have a

Coriander Use a container of any size and make a hole at the bottom. Fill it with a layer of

terrace or a verandah can place stone figu-

gravel and then put soil on top. Crush a few coriander seeds and add them to

rines, cob stones, mini-fountains or even

the container with a small layer of sand over it. A bunch of coriander leaves will be flourishing in less than a month.

a bright colourful bench to complement their plants If you’re a DIY kind of person,


or teapots and grow plants in them. You


While the benefits of plants in the house

Mint grows just like coriander does and needs a small container. Make sure you cut the dead leaves or it will continue to sap all the nutrients.

can even grow an assortment of herbs in a large wok or deep dish.

Slit a few chillies and spread the seeds in a pot. They will start sprouting in a week or so.

you can recycle old chipped mugs, buckets


Beans grow in a vine so you can twist them around a grill of your window or a pole.

are several, a little patch inside your house,

Tomatoes Tomatoes need more space and a small pot won’t do. Cut a small tomato

born out of your efforts can provide you with

into pieces and plant them in soil. Use a big, deep pot and make sure there is

a peaceful haven of clean, pure air and, to say

enough space for the plant as it grows. They take almost a month or more to

the least, the thriving beauty is a jackpot

start sprouting. You can even try and plant cherry tomatoes. SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2011 • DESIGN MATRIX 65

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 65

8/26/2011 5:31:03 PM


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 66

8/26/2011 5:31:14 PM


JACKETS Words: Varun Godinho, Images: courtesy Bang & Olufsen

The fascinating creativity that goes into chiselling speakers is nothing short of a work of art.

Arty techture

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 67

8/26/2011 5:31:53 PM


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 68

8/26/2011 5:32:24 PM


They are the outcome of designers who have spent decades, not thinking ‘outof-the-box’, but rather ‘outsidethe-cabinet’.

f you’ve looked at a speaker and thought

But at what point does “bold and different”,

that it was part art and part science, then

become an esoteric practice, where the design

you’re probably looking at the latest range of

isn’t universally appealing and is more likely to be

speakers to come out of the factories (some call

the self-indulgent pursuit of a designer? “There’s

them design studios and sound laboratories) of

an element of selfishness in this,” says Grange. “I

few of the world’s leading speaker manufacturers.

think every designer should want to own and live



with what he or she designs. Therefore, I wanted

experiments hijacked by product designers with

to live with my designs and therefore, I could

absolute disregard for convention. They are the

begin to see them in my home, which is a mix-

outcome of designers who have spent decades,

ture of old and new, and furniture and function,”

not thinking ‘out-of-the-box’, but rather ‘outside-

said Grange. For some pieces, like the Fergusson

the-cabinet’. “There was really quite a tradition

Hill FH001 horn speaker, the design has just shat-

about how speakers looked for a long time;

tered every notion of what a living-room speaker

and they came from the way you could make

must resemble. The nearly 1.65m tall horn made

them and had to go on making them— and

of perfectly see-through acrylic is said to deliver

they were boxes,” said Kenneth Grange, the

sound that is as good as it looks. At approximately

former chief designer at Bowers & Wilkins in an

Rs. 9 lakh, they don’t come cheap.




interview with the B&W Society of Sound. “The

Another stunning speaker is the Nautilius

box was the dominating form. The cabinet, as I

that was the product of five years of research led

call it, is a natural piece of furniture [of the living

by Lewis. These are pieces beautiful enough to

room]. And I think, it poses the first big question

be lifted from your living-room and curated in

whether hi-fi is a piece of equipment or a piece

a museum. And some of them are. The Nautilus

of furniture. And I think that’s the designer’s

and B&W Signature Diamond speakers by Grange

dilemma,” he had continued.

are part of the collection housed at the Design

Such designer’s dilemmas are often resolved

Museum, London. Several Bang & Olufsen pieces

by unconventional methods. David Lewis, chief

by Lewis, including the svelte BeoLab6000, are

designer at Bang & Olufsen since the ’60s, has

part of the permanent collection at the Museum

apparently worked in a silo, barring a minimum lev-

of Modern Art, New York.

el of interaction with his team members. He report-

The pursuit by designers for a median that

edly visits the office every other week for just a day

blends lifestyle with functionality, led to creations

and uses the intervening days to mull over brilliant

like the beautiful BeoLab 4000 speaker. This

concepts, which he then focuses into execution on

speaker is as tall as a book and narrow as a tome,

that single day. He also claims that the designers at

designed by Bang & Olufsen’s Lewis, specifically

Bang & Olufsen do not associate with each other.

to stand inconspicuously in a bookshelf. Another

This unusual method of heightening the creative

example is JBL’s Control Now two-way satellite

instinct of designers has worked for them.

quarter-round-shaped speakers, two of which can

At work, Lewis uses cardboard when design-

be attached to form a semi-circle that can then be

ing his speakers and not paper and pencil. Mal-

mounted on a wall or even on the edge of a wall. At

leable and tangible, it serves him an added

approximately Rs 20,000 a pair, this is where design

advantage when designing his product. Grange

runs parallel to affordability. Although Bose’s col-

was an industrial designer credited with working

lection includes speakers with sharp edges and

on designs ranging from Kodak cameras to Ken-

unimaginative designs at large, the quality of their

wood food mixers. Lewis worked on designs for

sound especially that from the 5.1 Channel Home

refrigerators with Vestfrost. What their power to

Theatre Speakers and even their Bose Wave music

think laterally gave him, apart from the ability to

system packs a punch several times its size. So here

work as comfortably with optical lenses and cool-

appearance takes a backseat.

ing compressors as with acoustics, was an under-

The larger picture, however avers to the evolv-

standing of design as a means of communication.

ing design of speakers from top notch brands. The

The speaker designs by both Lewis and Grange

proverbial household ‘sound-boxes’ aren’t merely

took on forms that ranged from hexagonal and

objects placed in a living room they stand as dis-

round to oblong and irregular.

tinct objects within a space SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2011 • DESIGN MATRIX 69

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 69

8/26/2011 5:32:40 PM


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 70

8/26/2011 5:32:49 PM

These magnificent pieces aren’t physics experiments hijacked by product designers with absolute disregard for convention.

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 71

8/26/2011 5:33:36 PM



Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 72

8/26/2011 5:34:22 PM


PERFECTION Words: Priyanka Mathur; Images: courtesy Anju Kumar

When it comes to sculptures, Anju Kumar has become a name to reckon with. Her latest Ganesha collection is just a glimpse of what is in store for art-lovers. SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2011 • DESIGN MATRIX 73

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 73

8/26/2011 5:34:38 PM


he art of sculpting is an age-old one;

My school encouraged creativity in all

this is an expression that continues

forms. However, the seed of my passion for

to flourish with its evergreen three-

pottery was sown only in grades 11 and 12.

dimensional appeal for the simplicity with

I owe my strong foundations to my won-

which it can be understood.. There was a

derful school and dedicated teachers.”

time when sculpting was a means of liveli-

What started off merely as a hobby

hood in ancient civilizations. Over a period

soon grew into a full-fledged profession.

of time, this art form managed to wind its

With more than 80 solo exhibitions under

way into the inner circles of urban contem-

her belt, Anju has definitely arrived.

porary society, moving from the realm of traditional expression to one of ubër-chic.

Shut away in her basement studio, this self-taught artist spends long hours

How a work of art is created from

experimenting with mediums and design.

a lump of clay is something that would

Putting her creativity to good use, she has

intrigue any art-lover, and Anju Kumar is

been able to come up with fascinating and

no different. This Delhi-based artist first

unique shapes in different mediums, such

dabbed her hands in mud about 20 years

as wood, matte, leather and metal. She has

ago. She says, “It is said that creativity

created a range of earthen vases in gold

knows no bounds. This holds very true for

and copper hues, exquisitely carved vases

me. Sculptures, paintings, pottery…all are

in metallic tones with embossed floral pat-

creative works that are close to my heart.

terns, and the like.


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 74

8/26/2011 5:35:04 PM

Apart from making pottery, Anju creates garden sculptures, vases, urlis, garden

also love to do Buddhas in abstract forms, I do enjoy making Ganpatis the most.”

furniture, and murals in different materi-

About her recent collection, she says,

als. She has also decorated homes for the

“The handcrafted vases and sculptures

who’s who of Delhi, worked for the Jaypee

that I have created are a part of the Neo-

Chain of Hotels, The Radisson Hotel, The

Paleo collection. Also, apart from giving off

Oberoi Group of Hotels, Hotel Ibis, The

a positive Zen-like aura, they add elegance

Fortune Group of Hotels, OVL, Petronet,

and beauty to any corner. Earthen vases

ONGC, The Jindal University, The Saagar

are eco-friendly, add warmth and bring

School, to name a few.

an outdoor feel in the interiors. They also

Recently, Anju unveiled her Ganesha

make ideal gift items.”

collection, called the “5 Looks of Ganesha”.

With a new design studio in Gur-

Like most artists, she explains her fascina-

gaon, Anju continues to exercise her

tion with Ganesha, “Sculptures, in par-

individuality as a studio potter revising

ticular Ganeshas, are something I love to

traditional shapes, sizes, and designs into

create as I am spiritually attached to Him.

modern day design ethos while retain-

His blessings give me happiness and pros-

ing traditional ways of manufacture. The

perity. I have been creating Ganeshas in

self-taught potter infuses vibrancy in her

different moods and forms from the time

works through a host of textural tech-

I held my first show in 1990 and though I

niques and colours SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2011 • DESIGN MATRIX 75

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 75

8/26/2011 5:35:49 PM


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 76

8/26/2011 5:39:52 PM

Photo feature


SCULPTURES A Ph. D. student of Sculpture Art in the monuments of Gujarat, Dharti Patel traces the male and female costumes, hair-dos and head-dresses of Gujarat’s Solanki dynasty – a period recognized for traditional art by harmonious reconciling of the classicist style of emphasizing garments of the late 9th century. She chronicles hairstyles like Alakchura, Ghammil, Kuntal; costumes like Sari, Dhoti, Uttariya, Duppatta; also ornaments like the Katimekhla and Katiband that were used as costumes.

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 77

8/26/2011 5:39:59 PM


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 78

8/26/2011 5:40:10 PM


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 79

8/26/2011 5:40:20 PM


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 80

8/26/2011 5:40:30 PM


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 81

8/26/2011 5:40:37 PM

Retail design


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 82

8/26/2011 5:40:47 PM

SPACED OUT Word: Varun Godinho; Images: Prashant Bhat, courtesy the designer

Rupal Bhat and her team of interior designers just completed a back-to-the-basics exercise of renovating the Durian showroom in Mumbai.


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 83

8/26/2011 5:41:05 PM


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 84

8/26/2011 5:41:22 PM


urian’s showroom in downtown Mumbai, has been around for 12 years. You’d be forgiven if you

didn’t know it existed, especially since it is tucked away in a non-descript lane off Dr. E Moses Road in Worli. Shilpi Dokania, director at Durian Furniture, enlisted the services of Rupal Bhat and her design team at AR Intertect to make it distinctive from the clutter of furniture showrooms that dot the surrounding area. Given the 6,000 square feet showroom, spread across two levels, in a part of the city where every square inch of retail and residential space is worth its weight in gold, it made sense to re-do the look of the retail space to make every inch count. “We wanted to re-launch the showroom. The shell had to be retained while undertaking the project. We could not shut the store, which is why we had to complete the work phased out in sections,” Shilpi explains. Working with a well-known national brand that offers a collection of neo-classic, art deco, and modern furniture, Rupal decided to meet these designs mid-way – by placing them in a contemporary ambiance as far as the interior design scheme was concerned. Her team began by opening the space that formerly seemed cluttered. They opened the false ceiling, plugged the leakages, re-laid the carpeting on the top floor, installed an LCD displaying the catalogue of the store’s collection, and made all necessary surface alterations in keeping with the new look. The railing on the top floor of the atria, POP walls and IPS stone flooring on the ground floor, were left as they were. The project was completed within a record time of six weeks. “Each of our 50 stores across the country sport a look that is city-specific. So, while in Delhi we would require opulence with marble to impart a rich look; in Mumbai there is no need to be showy. Here, you are catering to the well-travelled and affluent sections of society,” says Shilpi. A furniture store commands a dynamic layout with its ever-changing range on display. Durian isn’t an exception. The inventory keeps changing to reflect changing SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2011 • DESIGN MATRIX 85

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 85

8/26/2011 5:41:34 PM


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 86

8/26/2011 5:41:43 PM

The renovated showroom isn’t an opulent masterpiece, but a persistent back-to-thebasics exercise. The project was completed within a record time of six weeks.

“We wanted to re-launch the showroom. The shell had to be retained while undertaking the project. We could not shut the store, which is why we had to complete the work phased out in sections,”


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 87

8/26/2011 5:42:25 PM

trends and this would include an entire

– become navigational pathways for cus-

range of furniture completely different in its shape and size than its predecessor. Rupal has met this challenge by compartmentalizing the store into two distinctive sections: the ground floor – a fixed section – is made available for home furniture; while the upper level is for office furniture. But the arrangement of furniture within

tomers; and being adjustable, they effec-

A furniture store commands a dynamic layout with its everchanging range on display.

tively light up the constantly-changing range on display. The renovated showroom isn’t an opulent masterpiece, but a persistent backto-the-basics exercise. The aim of giving customers a simple, yet classy habitat that doesn’t overpower the furniture it houses,

each section is flexible. The furniture dis-

is one of the most distinctive features of this

play can be easily played with. Strategically

store that is definitely turning more heads

positioned track lights serve two purposes

than it did before


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 88

8/26/2011 5:43:19 PM

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 89

8/26/2011 5:43:33 PM

Youth forum


SOLUTIONS Words: Savitha Hira; Illustrations: ©Ola Mirecka, courtesy Erik de Laurens


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 90

8/26/2011 5:43:40 PM

Exploring the realm of materials by challenging what they are and asking what they could be, product designer Erik de Laurens endeavours to create new materials from everyday objects.


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 91

8/26/2011 5:43:56 PM

M “The ſshing industry generates several circumstances where many tons of ſsh scales are leftover. Using this waste as resources for the production of ſshscale-plastic, I tried to highlight the potentiality of these industrial ƀaws.”

y work challenges assump-

three pairs of goggles and glasses inspired

tions that one can have on the

by swimming goggles and a table with

definition of industry in order

a fish inlay. Further, he has extended

to propose alternatives,” says product

the range of colours in the previously

designer Erik de Laurens, who just gradu-

designed fish-scale tumblers.

ated from the Royal College of Arts, Lon-

His other project called “The Milk Proj-

don and exhibited his innovative ideas at

ect” questions the production of plastics

the institutions’ annual show in the last

and works on the revival of casein plastic

week of June 2011.

as a regional product produced by dairy

Constantly striving to seek design alter-

farms. “These materials are so present in

natives that could have implications in the

our lives that they have become indispens-

social and economical realm, the young

able. But they are meant to get even more

man has a host of innovative products to

expensive over the next few years due to

his credit. While the material is as unusual as

the rarefaction of resources. Therefore it is

the application is common, it goes to show

legitimate to try to find other ways of pro-

what the calibrated mind can accomplish

ducing them,” says Erik.

when it ticks in the ‘now’ and ‘beyond’.

Based on the theory of reviving the use

Erik’s first product that stands out for its

of casein (milk) plastic to produce various

sustainable design is what he calls “The Fish

objects, the young man evaluates the cost

Feast”. A water dispenser made with fish

ratio of oil-based plastics to the milk plastic

leather; tumblers realized with fish scales

and finds that oil is worth three times the

and a table cloth patterned to explain how

price of milk; hence it is only logical to try to

to build your own boat. In his words, “The

revive the milk plastic material. He has it all

fish feast started when I was asked to design

worked out: Today dairy farms are the keep-

objects for the canteen of a primary school

ers of their region’s identity; anything they

of Macassar, a township of Cape Town.

produce, whether it is milk, cheese, butter,

When I was a kid, the sea was for me a very

cream or yoghurt, is evidence that things

important source of joy and daydream,

can remain simple, honest and authentic.

which surely led me to design. I decided to

This huge cultural content is a force that

create a monthly event in which the pupils

other plastics cannot compete with.

of one class would be brought for a ‘fish-

“Further,” says Erik, “The process of

ing day’ to a nearby beach. They would

making this plastic is somewhat similar to

then go back to school with the fish they

the process of cheese making and could

have caught, and prepare the traditional

easily be produced by a dairy. Moreover, it

cape kedgeree. To accompany this feast, I

would require no further equipment.”

designed a range of objects related to fish.”

Erik has recently exhibited a selection

In continuation of ‘the fish feast’, Erik

of his research and latest work during the

created a surprising material made of

graduation show 2011 at the Royal College

100% fish scales (no added compound).

of Art. His work has been shortlisted for the

He explains, “The fishing industry gener-

‘Sustain RCA Award 2011’. He will show his

ates several circumstances where many

work in the Sustain exhibition, which will

tons of fish scales are leftover. Using this

take place during the London design week

waste as resources for the production of

in September 2011.

fish-scale-plastic, I tried to highlight the

Raring to go, the young lad is presently

potentiality of these industrial flaws.” In

looking to push both these developments.

order to test the material, he has designed

We wish him all the best


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 92

8/26/2011 5:44:09 PM


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 93

8/26/2011 5:44:28 PM



Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 94

8/26/2011 5:44:31 PM



OF THE MATTER Words: Priyanka Mathur; images: courtesy Time Out, Mumbai.

What is it like to be surrounded by brilliant pieces of art? What helps you decide which is worth showcasing? What does being a curator mean? SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2011 • DESIGN MATRIX 95

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 95

8/26/2011 5:44:35 PM


or many, art is chiefly about aesthet-

and form a fundamental institutional link

looks after a museum’s collection and orga-

ics. What looks beautiful is what

between the art lover and the artist. This

nizes its display. In recent years, the term has

counts. However, to a trained eye, art

brings us to some key questions: Who cares

come to be used for persons who concep-

is not just about aesthetics. It is about the

for these works of art? How are these works

tualize temporary art exhibitions.”

story it narrates; the era it represents; even

valued? How are they selected for exhibi-

the making of potential artistic influences.

tions? This is where the curator steps in.

Since art is subjective as a theme, the approach given to a particular work of art

Masterpieces like Leonardo Da Vinci’s The

Susan Hapgood, director, Mumbai

varies from curator to curator. It is up to

Last Supper and The Mona Lisa, Botticelli’s

Art Room and Senior Advisor, Indepen-

him/her to decide what kinds of works

The Birth of Venus, Michaelangelo’s David

dent Curators International (ICI), New York,

should be put on display. However, in order

and The Pieta and Pablo Picasso’s Les Dem-

enlightens. “An art curator is a person who

to be able to distinguish one work of art as

oiselles d’Avignon are some great works of

cares for works of art, manages an art col-

‘more deserving’ than the other, different

art that, apart from detailed artistry, repre-

lection, organizes art exhibitions, or any

kinds of expertise are integral to being a

sent thought processes of the times they

combination of these functions, as his /her

curator of visual art.

were created in – perhaps that is why these

primary responsibilities,” she says. “The job

Susan says, “What is of utmost impor-

paintings, withstanding the tests of time,

has been compared to being a producer or

tance is visual sensitivity and breadth of visu-

are considered as masterpieces.

a conductor or a deejay, and these are all

al experience. Other key expertise needed is

apt references as well.”

knowledge of the kind of art one is working

Museums around the world house several works of art, most of which date back

Well-known curator Girish Shahane

hundreds of years. Galleries are rampant

puts it simply, “A curator is a person who

with, study of art history, awareness of curatorial methodologies, and writing skills.”


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 96

8/26/2011 5:44:39 PM

‘‘Awareness about all contemporary artrelated practices that could include architecture, fashion, photography, design, new media, video and cinema, etc. and a receptive and open mind towards the past/present art and cultural history is a must for a curator. Added to this, is his belief in himself and in his artists.’’

Artist and curator, Bose Krishnamachari

on whether it is a commercial or non-com-

private collections. If there was more per-

concurs, “A curator should be equipped

mercial venture. The process begins with a

meability to the incoming and outgoing,

with awareness about all contemporary art-

concept and selecting works of art or com-

the art scene in India would be nurtured in

related practices that include architecture,

missioning pieces that fit the concept.’’

a more global way.” Indian artists, Bose and

fashion, photography, design, new media,

This process leads to another curatorial

Riyas Komu have made a commendable

video and cinema, etc.” He feels that the-

aspect: how to decide the value of an art

stride in this direction by introducing India

ory and practice should go hand-in-hand.

work. Just as any other trade functions, the

to the global Biennale scenario. The Bien-

Where am I curating? Who is the audience?

art ‘trade’ functions based on market condi-

nale will be the first international art festi-

How is the space? Such issues need to be

tions – i.e. by demand and supply, and what

val in India and will take place in Kochi and

addressed. “I would closely look at the nit-

people are willing to pay for it. Apart from

Muziris in 2012. Partnering with the Muziris

ty-gritty – invitation design, typography,

this, there are other practical, logistical,

Heritage Foundation, it will celebrate India’s

catalogues, interviews, etc., in addition to

conceptual, financial, and political consid-

rich cultural and social heritage, showcas-

making sure that everything is art-sensitive

erations that need to be deliberated upon.

ing some of the world’s most engaging art-

in the space,” he concludes.

In recent times, Indian art is marching

ists, both established and emerging, from

A curator also needs to have a good

ahead on the international radar. Susan

understanding of another aspect: commer-

points out, “Unfortunately though, the flow

Equipped with proficiency in the field

cial viability. Art and commerce are linked

is rather one-dimensional, because not so

and a keen eye, the role of a curator, is thus

together. As Girish explains, ‘‘The process of

many foreign works find their way into Indi-

becoming more well-defined and it is he/

curation, apart from other factors, depends

an galleries, museums, auction houses, and

she who plays a key role in the art world

India and abroad.


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 97

8/26/2011 5:44:43 PM


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 98

8/26/2011 5:44:51 PM

Design promo



This latest addition to the party scene in the Capital will pull at your dance-strings putting you among the A-listers…


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 99

8/26/2011 5:44:56 PM


clearly protecting its inner sanctum.

a given. Now we give you an option that

its decor – an artistic exploration of past

detail here. Luxurious tapestry in skilled

is not just the latest to the party scene in

and present that is beautifully translated

patchwork and intricately carved wooden

the Capital, but also has the potential to

into not just the ambiance but also in the

jaalis cover the walls, while bright fluores-

become your most favoured – the night

music that ranges from electro to pop,

cent LEDs add to the mood and give it a

club at The Lalit. This 10,000 sq. ft. multi-

from house to disco. The seating, lighting,

contemporary essence.

level, state-of-the-art, shrine of aesthetic

sound system, technology, all spell class,

A restricted and exclusive area aptly

innovation, opulence and music that was

while earthy shades, dark wood floors,

named The List tells its own story. One of

Dr. Jyotsna Suri and her son Keshav’s vision

evocative sculptures sourced from Khaju-

the rooms depicts the power of energy

of indulgence, has been conceptualized by

raho depicting scenes from the Kama

through a chandelier installation that is

Ar. Bobby Mukherjee and executed by The

Sutra, make one travel back in time, and

the brain-child of Dr. Jyotsna and Keshav.

Lalit project team. Calling it a shrine is only

want to celebrate sexuality.

Another chamber in this area celebrates

s the days move towards the week-

nightclub that comes equipped with its

end, the mind starts planning for

On stepping inside, one comprehends

own DJ console. Influences of India’s rich

it and a night out with friends is

the fusion brought alive in the form of

cultural heritage can be felt within every

apt, as exquisitely carved totem poles stand

Adjacent to the main dance floor is the

fashionable India complete with a mini-

on either side of the gold-gilded entrance,

The Salon – a mini nightclub within the

ramp that is the symbol of glamour. What’s


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 100

8/26/2011 5:45:01 PM

more, the privacy of the A-listers visiting this area is also assured. Especially made electronic key cards have been presented to extremely select guests to enable them free access to and from this area. The nightclub also boasts of a Champagne Lounge – The Dressing Room – that only serves the choicest of delectable champagnes, sparkling wines and cocktails made from the bubbly. Also on offer at the club are its inimitable range of branded merchandise – unique and imaginatively designed products that are fashionable but don’t lose out on that essential fun factor! Starting with T-shirts and flip-flops, plans are already underway

to extend the line to include shoes, bags

One of the rooms depicts the power of energy through a chandelier installation that is the brain-child of Dr. Jyotsna Suri and her son Keshav, the Executive Director of the group. It shows a chandelier falling on glass; breaks the glass but manages to stay intact.

and perfumes, among other chic items. This newbie is also setting some never-heard-before benchmarks. To discourage drinking and driving, exclusive pick and drop services are offered to the guests. Apart from this, a variety of special packages give enjoyment and relaxation an all-new definition! A certain sense of dignified and subtle aesthetic has become inseparable from its identity. The Lalit not only maintains its commitment to being modern in its thought, yet, not disconnected from its Indian roots, but this addition to its family, takes it a notch above the rest! SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2011 • DESIGN MATRIX 101

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 101

8/26/2011 5:45:05 PM

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 102

8/26/2011 5:45:09 PM

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 103

8/26/2011 5:45:45 PM


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 104

8/26/2011 5:46:20 PM


H C N LAU Bar accessories


Wasted Fish

Who said nothing good ever came out of a night of heavy drinking? Drinki Shahani & Imran Riz vi, dec ng mavens Chandni ided to sober up and des ign a range of bar access in line with their person ories that were alities. Wasted Fish the name of their venture is cheered on by every drin unique, quirky and ker. Their products range from shot glasses, upscal decanters to ashtrays and e wine glasses, even matchboxes. This ran ge is individualistic, and ones seen before. unlike any thing ww


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 105

8/26/2011 5:46:22 PM

Bath Accessories from


Luxury of the finest kind will make its way into you r bathroom with this set of gold bath accessories studded with Swarovski Crystals. The collection consists of a gel dispens er, brush holder, Q-Tip jar and a jar for cot ton balls. Unabashedly high-end but with a touch of class, gleaming with the utmost per fection, this bathroom collection is bound to grab eyeballs. The Acquav ivaAG collection is made with the latest technique s in metallurgy, resulting in products of the highes t quality. These crystal encrusted accessories wil l complement dark tile, stone and wood bathroom s and add glamour to your space. Exclusively available at Bat hline Sensations, A-232, Okhla Phase-1, New Delhi.

Watch from House of


Quartz The new Dior VIII 33mm chic, is r Dio of use Ho the from e. The tur refined and classic cou gant ele and e watch is feminin amic cer ech h-t hig with a black It has a e. cas el ste ss inle sta and ck ceramic turning Bezel set with bla with a set is wn pyramids. The cro d with a we scre ert ins ic black ceram has black steel case-back. The dial mond dia lacquer hand applied shaped indices. ww

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 106

8/26/2011 5:46:35 PM

Illuminated Pots from

Firefly Firefly brings a range of lighting accessories that will instantly transform eith your interiors or an outdoo er r space. Whether its illu minated plant pots up garden path leading to the your front door or a lam pshade with an illumin champagne bucket on a ated side table in the living roo m, Firefly helps you ensure that your home and gar den get a touch of class, elegance and luxury. Som the products are custom e of made and can be brough t out on special occasions. ww

The Rosenthal studio-line collection presents a designed dining concept of porcelain, glass, cutlery and accessories of excellent form and crafted by Precillia Urquiola. The transparency, a major feature of high quality porcelain products, is particularly evident in Urquiola’s design and reflects Rosenthal’s many years of competence and experience. The fine relief structure emphasises the shimmering effect of the waferthin porcelain.

Dining accessories by



Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 107

8/26/2011 5:46:46 PM

Wardrobes from


Elegant and spacious, wa rdrobes are an important par t of the household and the new range of wardrobes from Kiwa. An IKian venture, will not only reflect the elegan ce of your home but ignite a spark of flamboy ance and sophistication to the drawing room and bedroom. Kiwa’s latest innovation is the Falcon range of wardrobes with a matt finish on contem porary classic swing doo r compositions. The moder n wardrobe from Kiwa is an amalgamation of attr active designs and functional traits and is des igned to organize and distribute space. ww w.forz

Bedspreads from

NAS Home

This new line of bed line n from Nas Home has eve rything you need to brin your bedroom right from g a beautiful look to elegant and trendy design s, stunning shades to stu range of bedspreads inc rdy and comfy fabrics. Thi ludes comfor table cot ton s and trendy polyester, flora and stylish bed covers ma l bedspread collections de from specially hand pic ked nat ura are bright and bold shades l fabrics. The shades use d for this season adding elegance and sty le to your bedroom. This collection is also a merge r of attractive prints, vibran t themes and ethnic mo tifs. ww


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 108

8/26/2011 5:47:13 PM

Allure Brilliant Faucets



If you want to transform your conventional bathro om into a private spa, Allure Brilliant has the per fect fittings for you. A consistent design philos guarantees harmony thr ophy oughout the product line and elongated cubes wit chamfered edges rise from h every faceted sur face to meet at precisely defined intersections. The faucet s’ most extraordinary fea ture is the spout and cut square “Aqua Window” -out that provides for a unique view of the water flow per fect marriage of functio –a n and design, allowing fl owing water to become integral element of the pro an duct. ww

Horizons new range of LED lights (a massive 60 watt Luxo Brite EV07) guarantees you the satisfaction of doing your bit to save the environment by saving no less than 700 per cent more energy than your average traditional lighting. Besides this, the clean white light emitted lasts almost double the time of other lights and is, in the long run, a design wonder and excellent investment.

LED lighting from


18_Product Launch.indd 109

8/26/2011 6:35:59 PM

Animal shaped accessories from

Living in Style Living in Style brings you accessories that will brighten your home instan tly. Where else will you get a smug white china cat to sit majestically on your mantelpiece or a ma gnificent black horse rearing its proud head, ma ne a flutter? Imported from Italy, each accessory takes on its own individual character through meticulous hand work and attention to detail. The se ceramic animalshaped accessories will spr uce-up your ambiance with their beauty and add a touch of the exotic to your home décor. For more details contact

Ganesha Idol from

2877 3448


Episode, the renowned silv er brand in India, unveile d a large pure silver Gan casion of Ganesh Chatur esha close to the octhi. This magnificent pie ce, the first of the limited the making for over a yea edition series, has been r by master craftsmen and in Episode’s talented design ers. The deity has been placed on a base made in ony x and dressed with exq uisite hand-crafted jewelle ry. ww


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 110

8/26/2011 5:47:30 PM



Renaisaance Homez is a one-stop shop for elegant luxury furniture from leading brands of America and Europe. Rich fabrics, fabulous lighting and scores of unique accessories from renowned manufact urers are available to instantly transform your interiors. Every item is a fine harmony of distinct design and essential quality. Look out for the fabrics from Beacon Hill and Robert Alle n that offer quality and durability in every inc h. ww w.rennaissancehome

Grated Cheese Bowl from

Casa Bugatti

This colourful delightful set of bowls from Casa Bugatti are frivolous fun and a visual delight. We fell for the bright eye-popping colours like flame orange, deep purple, electric blue and moody grey. The cheese grated bowls come with spoons and have a SAN base. They have a pure white lid and a polished, altogether delightful finish and are available at the Home Collective store in Mumbai.


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 111

8/26/2011 5:47:41 PM

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 112

8/26/2011 5:47:45 PM


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 113

8/26/2011 5:47:57 PM



uly saw Planet One infrastructure

session with young volunteers on a 8 ft.

inviting ace architect and well-

x 6 ft. canvas in just over an hour, with

known sculptor Arzan Khambatta

him giving a presentation on his design




architect, writer and Professor Will Alsop, to unveil the logo of GODS – Global Open

process simultaneously. Everyone present got a lesson in having fun while at work. Global





Design Show – a platform where creative

conceptualized as a one-of-its-kind show

minds from diverse design fields will meet

that would bring together creative people

and exchange ideas. Alsop regards as

to interact with each other and enjoy

his architectural heroes Le Corbusier, Sir

the experience. Designed like none else,

John Soane, Mies van der Rohe and John

this show will be curated and presented

Vanbrugh. His avant-garde, modernist

in an environment that suits the creative

buildings are usually distinguished by

mind – that of being free-spirited. The

their vibrant use of bright colour and

guests will participate in presentations,

unusual forms.

workshops, exhibitions, debates, quizzes

The evening saw a congregation of

and a lot of other exciting activities.

architects, designers and students of

The added attraction will be the locale

design at Le Sutra Gallery eagerly awaiting

that will set the mood right from the

the interactive session with Professor

moment everyone receives the invite – it

Alsop for what was a unique painting

is destination Goa!


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 114

8/26/2011 5:48:10 PM


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 115

8/26/2011 5:48:23 PM


COLLECTIVE A store with home accessories that can rival collections from homes across the globe.


ome Collective is a home accessories store that caters to bar accessories like coaster sets, gardening utilities like bright jackets for your brown pots, and kitchen essentials like storage boxes among other items from 27 brands. The inauguration

was a star-studded event. The chief guests– Ira and Lilette Dubey – were hobnobbing with celebrities including Divya Palat, Suchitra Pillai and Nisha Jamvwal. The co-owners of the store – Pooja Kejriwal and Anay Choksey – had a task at hand while playing host at the event. Choksey, who is also known to be an excellent cook, personally welcomed the addition of Rashmi Uday Singh to the guest list. Choksey is a 26-year-old techie with a degree in economics. No doubt then that the products in the store, whether a wall-mounted wine rack or a wall clock made with silverware, are not only aesthetic and ergonomic but also economical. Most of the products in the store are priced from `250-50,000. “We have tried to put together an assortment of products that make your house a better and more organized place, with the vision to make your lifestyle better,” said Kejriwal. Although we were tempted to walk away with the `37,000 Vitalis 24-piece cutlery set, it was the magnetic key rack priced at `4,439 that caught our attention the most. We’re sure it would catch yours too when you visit the store 116 DESIGN MATRIX • SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2011

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 116

8/26/2011 5:49:19 PM



Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 117

8/26/2011 5:49:38 PM




ike so many things in life, the value of good-quality

fair, and the country’s pavilion will stretch over a space of 500

furniture can often be underrated. It should essentially be

square metres, and will be fronted by Singapore Mozaic, a group

a prerequisite for a fine and comfortable life, and keeping in

comprising of major furniture brands from the company, and led

tune with this, the MP International Pte. Ltd. (MPI) is collaborating

by the Singapore Furniture Industries Council (SFIC), thus further

with the International Furniture Fair Singapore (IFFS) Pte. Ltd. to

consolidating the fresh and exciting initiative undertaken for

organize the inaugural India International Furniture Fair, which

the exhibition.

descends upon these shores from November 16th to 18th, at the Bombay Convention and Exhibition Centre.

One striking and especially noteworthy aspect of the fair is the emphasis on the environment, and the organizers

The exhibition will feature around 80 participating brands

have stressed the need for the industry to think ‘green’ and

and companies from the world over, all household names in the

ensure minimal consumption of scarce resources, imploring

furniture industry globally, with several countries being dedicated

them to consider factors such as sustainability, protection

special country pavilion spaces. A majority of the exhibitors at the

and preservation of the environment. With this in mind, the

fair are expected to be international names. The concept for this

organizers have encouraged the companies displaying their

novel showcase has been derived from the Singapore International

products to focus on eco-friendly materials as well, and these

Furniture Show, which originated three decades ago, and is a

‘green’ products will be tagged with special labels, thus allowing

flourishing platform for furniture showcase and purchase today.

visitors at the fair to spot these particular exhibits with ease since

The primary function of the forthcoming exhibition is to provide

they will be tagged with distinctive green ribbons.

the industry with an insight into global industry and design trends

The show will, if all goes to plan, witness over 3,000 trade

as well as provide a respectable buyer-seller market and bring to

visitors from India and other parts of South Asia, while attempts

the fore, a space for idea exchange and interaction. It serves to fill

are being made to ensure the recruitment of 150 key buyers from

the void and hopefully provide leading furniture brands a chance to

metros and major cities across the country. The show is expected

enter the Indian market with high-quality products.

to follow a decentralized and evenly spread out format, targeting

The furniture industry in India has immense potential for growth,

furniture importers, retailers and distributors, as well as architects,

which is what the festival aims at capitalizing, with several eminent

interior designers, residential and commercial property owners,

European and Asian companies set to venture into the markets.

among several other segments.

One of the chief reasons for this potential is the development of

It will also host seminars on business sustainability and best

the country’s economy, with the furniture market in India currently

practices, industry challenges, and design trends, aside from various

worth $8 billion, and growing at a compound annual rate of 30 per

workshops and presentations focusing on relevant aspects of the

cent, according to a report compiled by KPMG.

industry, thus providing comprehensive insight into the intricate

Exhibitors from Singapore are expected to dominate the

functions of the booming furniture industry in the country.


22_Happenings_Furniture Fair.indd 118

8/26/2011 6:37:43 PM




he Institute of Indian Interior Designers (IIID) joined hands

include the fact that the installation is an instantly-alluring piece,

with the International Copper Promotion Council (India)

visible in all its resplendence from the entrance to the property,

[ICPCI], to organize the inaugural at the IIID Copper Award

as well as from the lobby, reception, and other parts of the hotel.

in Mumbai recently, celebrating the contribution of architects and

An artistic image of a tree adopting a curvilinear geometry stands

designers from across the country for their remarkable endeavours

out as an especially soothing aesthetic visual, with an enormous

at integrating copper as an intrinsic element in their works.

trunk providing the strapping foundation for the tree, while the

A distinguished jury comprising eminent names such as

branches interact with each other to form a sense of incredible

architect and sculptor Arzan Khambatta, industrial designer and

depth. Other notable contestants included Samira Rathod from

Director at the National Institute of Design, Pradyumna Vyas,

Mumbai for her work titled ‘Table – Shipwreck’, and Walter D’Souza

Rachna Sansad, among others, reviewed 30 shortlisted entries,

from Ahmedabad for ‘Sculpture – Ribbon’.

to finally award the prestigious prize to Saloni Shah from Surat,

The award night also featured a glorious photo exhibition

for excellence and best design executed in copper and its alloys

displaying copper works of illustrious architects and designers

(brass/bronze) in Architecture, Interior Design, Product Design

from across the world, including names like F Javier Bernalte

and Industrial Design, for 2010-11.

and Jose Luis Leon. These images captured interiors and iconic

The event, an annual feature this year onwards, aims at

landmarks, providing a peek into the tremendous use of copper,

recognizing excellence in interior design and providing a platform

for both its artistic merits and functionality. The exhibition

to showcase trends in design and incorporate these elements

comprised of over 60 images, and also included a few entries from

into everyday use. The organizers received entries from all over

the IIID Copper Award 2011.

India, which were finally shortlisted to 30 entries, which the judges

A live fashion show, on the theme ‘Copperlicious’, organized

evaluated. Shah’s prize winning entry was based around the theme

by the Rachana Sansad School of Fashion and Textile Design,

of the ‘Tree of Life’, assimilating symbols of prosperity and happiness.

added a lighter twinge and some zest to the proceedings of

She displayed a 12 feet wide by 31 feet long installation extending

the evening, as models walked the ramp in eclectic outfits

from the wall and stretching across the ceiling in the coffee and

predominant in copper and decked with copper jewellery for this

tea lounge at a hotel in Surat. Elements of the work that stand out

splendid celebration of copper SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2011 • DESIGN MATRIX 119

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 119

8/26/2011 5:50:03 PM


The art of conservation can be learned at: • Camboville College of Arts, London • Delhi Institute of Heritage Research and Management • The Vishwabharati Institute, Kolkata • Anupam Sah’s workshops and courses on conservation, Mumbai


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 120

8/26/2011 5:50:24 PM

PAST PERFECT Intervention that is ‘as little as possible’ and ‘as much as is necessary’ is the mantra of an informed conservation. Words: Varun Godinho


n 2006 Richard Speare, the European art consultant at Chhatrapati

mounting and weakening adhesive. Typically this would result in a

Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sanghralay (CSMVS ) Museum in Mumbai,

condition known as cockling that would manifest itself by way of

was sifting through the collection at the museum. Attempting

a wavy surface area on the manuscript/painting.

to clear the mounds of artefacts and paintings that lay in a corner,

• Biological damages could occur due to attack by termites and

that weren’t on display and whose origins hadn’t been conclusively

other insects. Keep a close eye on any traces of fungal growth

determined, he came across a Sword of Damocles painting.

on the work.

This painting, it turned out, was the work of Antoine Dubost,

• Chemical damages could occur due to acidity or reactivity of

commissioned by Sir Ratan Tata in 1922. For years this painting had

substances in close proximity to the work of art. These damages

been gathering dust, and steadily degrading. It was at this time that

may not be easily discernible to an untrained eye, but will show up

Anupam Sah and his team intervened.

in the lab under raking light.

Sah, the head of art conservation, research and training at

• If you do spot damage to the manuscript/painting due to physical,

CSMVS Art Conservation Centre, is known to pull back paintings,

chemical or biological reasons, carefully dismount the manuscript.

manuscripts and artefacts from the brink of ruin. Sah insists that there is a “design of degradation” that

• Place in an air-conditioned room with the temperature regulated from 18-25 degrees Celsius.

conservators must understand before they undertake their work.

• Wrap the work in a non-acidic archival tissue paper, which is

Unless a conservator can understand and deduce the mechanism

commonly available in stores where hand-made paper is available.

of degradation, he cannot reverse it. Restoration, he explains, is the

Do not place in a polythene bag as this can have an adverse

intervention on the image of the object to convey its message. The maxim that Sah and his team follow is intervention that is “as little as is possible and as much as is necessary.”

chemical reaction on the work. • Hand over immediately to a work conservationist for further assistance.

Omkar Kadu, a 33-year-old conservation assistant at CSMVS

Paridhi Sharma, paper conservator at the centre, outlines the

further interprets, “While undertaking conservation, we need to also

steps that are undertaken for the conservation of documents.

keep a close eye on aesthetics.” It is that care of aesthetics that has

“First we complete a condition-report that outlines the work

permitted him to work on a 1962 VS Gaitonde painting that belongs

required and the estimated budget for the manuscript. Following

to the NCPA and a circa 1965 MF Husain miniature painting that

that we propose a treatment and discuss it with the team

belongs to a private collector, among other projects.

before we begin to implement it.” But before that can begin,

Detailing indicative signs of degradation that private collectors

Sah insists on a dry-run through the entire process to ensure

should watch out for and immediate remedial steps before they

minute variables like where in the laboratory the piece will be

deliver a painting/manuscript to a professional conservator, Kadu

restored, ability of the conservationist to move freely around the

succinctly lists the following:

table and an assurance that the movement of chemicals near the

• Physical factors that can cause damage include improper

manuscript aren’t left to chance SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2011 • DESIGN MATRIX 121

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 121

8/26/2011 5:51:16 PM


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 122

8/26/2011 5:51:28 PM

Book review

CORPORATE OFFICES IN INDIA Publisher: White Flag, `2995 Reviewed by Akhil Sood


he fundamental principle of shiny, glossy paper is, or should be: the bigger, the better. And White Flag, the publishers of Corporate Offices in India, follow this unwritten tenet to the hilt, pulling no punches in presenting an ambitious coffee-

table book in all its splendour, documenting the most visually attractive corporate offices in the country in a format that can only be termed as generous. Tastefully captured images of imposing office structures peek out gracefully from within the giant-sized pages, as one gets a true sense of the architectural marvel and vision that would have gone into the creation of these representations of ambition and design talent residing in the country and beyond, as well as of a flourishing economy. The book, with a foreword by well-known architect C N Raghavendran, highlights the structural elements of 20 of the finest corporate offices in the country, depicting finely detailed prints of the facades, interiors and wide shots of the buildings, placing emphasis on the stylistic fundamentals incorporated in their creation, as well as drawing attention to the work of the architects involved. Short captions complementing the photos reveal the nuances of architecture on display, and speak largely about the aesthetic design elements – be it minimalistic styling or imaginative restructuring of existing structures; also various other factors such as cost efficiency, economy of resources, lighting, comfort, and

environmental aspects, etc. Commencing with a long shot of the iconic Indian Oil building in Delhi, designed by J Subramaniam and Abhin and Vasudha Alimchandani, it includes comprehensive details of the architectural firms and teams involved, and brief histories of the company and the building itself, aside from the much-vaunted photographs that showcase the quality on display. With more than 200 pages of quality content, Corporate Offices in India pays ample attention to each building featured. (One finds spaces designed by Christopher Benninger, Hafeez Contractor, Mihir Thaker, etc.) The book also focuses extensively on the interiors – the 8 hours of the day, the 6 days of the week, the 12 months of the year, the spaces where a greater part of one’s productive adult life is spent, as the introductory passage states – and deconstructs the seeminglyintangible aspects that make functioning in the corporate world comfortable and calm. In fact, the book points out notable quirks and enlightening chunks of information about each of the 20 buildings it features. While a simple and not-especially impressive cover and minor editing and spelling errors do serve to hinder the entire experience of traversing through the book, these remain minor grievances. All in all, Corporate Offices in India largely justifies its hefty price tag for connoisseurs, making for pleasant yet intellectually stimulating coffee table conversation, giving life and emotional malleability to these concrete and brick constructs, which would precisely be the point behind its inception. The one real obstacle though, might be the task of actually managing to fit the entire book on a coffee table! SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2011 • DESIGN MATRIX 123

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 123

8/26/2011 5:51:51 PM


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct11.indb 124

8/26/2011 5:51:59 PM

Product review

LUXE-WRAP Design and luxury engage in a relationship that culminates into a new feather for the Porsche Design World Collection. Words: Savitha Hira; Images: courtesy Porsche Design Group


urist is a style of art that was developed in France in the early 20th century – characterized by the use of simple geometric forms and images evocative of objects produced by machine. Purist design combined with high-end materials

has been the iconic style-credo of the Porsche Design luxury brand ever since its inception in 1972. With contemporaries like S T Dupont, Montblanc, Gucci, and Prada, this luxury brand is particularly focussed on technically inspired products that are functional and timeless. The latest to hit the market in the Porsche Design World Collection is the hookah christened Shisha. Combining products from diverse cultural backdrops, the World Collection has a product portfolio that includes exclusively designed chopsticks, a tea and soup set, as well as a few fashion items that include a silk scarf (India). Shisha is meant to cater to the Middle East for its first Porsche Design store which is in Dubai. Made in Austria, the Porsche Design Shisha combines high-quality materials such as aluminium, stainless steel and glass and stands at a height of 55 centimetres. It only shows a discreet branding on the aluminium top of the Shisha and comes with a long flexible tube made out of TecFlex material, which is also used for the classic Porsche Design TecFlex writing tools. Public Relations Office, Porsche Design Group, Christian Weiss quotes Founder F A Porsche: “If you analyze the function of an object, its form often becomes obvious.” Weiss explains that the luxury brand has remained true to this idea. “Moreover,” he says, “A truly good product has to fulfil both aspects in order to be a long term success.” The “engineered luxury” and expertise of Porsche Design has won the company more than 130 national and international awards. As Weiss elaborates, “The functional, enduring and purist demand of the brand is combined in a way that not only captivates with its classic design, but also with the innovative combination of materials.” With a customer base that swears by the Porsche design signature, irrespective of their ownership of other celebrated Porsche products (specifically the Porsche sports car), Shisha was launched in mid-July 2011 at Harrods and is available in worldwide Porsche Design Stores. In India it is available at the Porsche Design Store at New Delhi. The extravagant indulgence is priced at Rs. 94,700 (US$ 1,960) SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2011 • DESIGN MATRIX 125

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Japan Jewellery Fair

2011 will be a one stop shop for sourcing

millions of home owners under one roof.

Japan, in particular, Tokyo city is known for

latest designs and supplies.

The Home Design and Remodelling Show

its edgy fashion sense as well as its keen

will witness record sales of home products,

business and technological know-how.

Date: Sept 1st- 3rd

This premier jewellery event in the heart

Venue: Manchester, U.K

of the city will be attended by jewellery

design and equipment. Date: Sept 2nd- 6th

jewellery manufacturers, jewellery design-

Madrid International Fashion Fair

ers, watch and time piece retailers as well

The Madrid International Fashion Fair, to be

Tableware Show

as student designers. The exhibitor’s pro-

held this year at the Feria de Madrid, will

The Tableware and Giftware Show gives its

file includes experts from the fields of

bring quality and variety to the runway and

participants the great possibility to dem-

antique jewellery, pearls, rubies, sapphires,

guarantees fashion investors and enthusi-

onstrate their novel, fashion and modern

emeralds, crystal and jewellery and acces-

asts an event where business can be mixed

tableware, décor elements both for cater-

sory design equipment.

with pleasure. Among the visitors you will

ing enterprises as well as for domestic use.


manufacturers, exporters, boutique

The Tableware Trade Show is the exhibition

Date: Sept 1st- 3rd

owners, traders and wholesalers. Experts

of new market opportunities, latest devel-

Venue: Tokyo, Japan

in the fields of fashion industry, mass retail,

opment tendencies of the tableware indus-

exclusive designer’s collections, and brand

try, analysis and development perspec-

name merchandise as well as representa-

tives. Dealers and distributors, re-exporters,

tives from major fashion institutes. Fashion

wholesalers, interior professionals, major

The Stitch and Creative Crafts Show 2011 is

publications and young designers will also

corporate businesses related to the table-

a premier event for the stitching, craft and

be in attendance.

ware and home textile industries are the

wholesalers, agents, duty free retailers,

The Stitch and Creative Crafts Show

knitting industry in the United Kingdom.

target visitors.

The show will provide a matchless oppor-

Date: Sept 1st- 3rd

tunity to craft enthusiasts to network and

Venue: Madrid, Spain

get inspiration from the most creative

Venue: Miami, U.S.A

Date: Sept 7th- 10th Venue: Kiev, Ukraine

knitting, stitching and paper craft from

Home Design and Remodelling Show, USA

the experts. Hundreds of exhibitors from

The Home Design and Remodelling Show

This Home & Garden Fair is an international

across the world will be participating in

is a five-day event featuring new home

mega event inviting people from all over

this show in order to showcase their latest

designs, and ways to remodel and reno-

the world. The show will provide an oppor-

products/services. Moreover, the fair will

vate old ones. The spirit of the show is that

tunity to all its visitors to see top-of-the-line

also include an educational programme

there is no other place like one’s own home.

quality of both, design, and technology in

and workshops, offering an insight into the

Architects and interior designers have an

furniture and other household products.

current trends in the stitch and craft mar-

immense opportunity to promote their

The event will be hosted by companies who

ket. The Stitch and Creative Crafts Show

expertise in the business for the benefit of

deal with household products and garden-

artists and learn about various skills of

Home and Garden, Salem


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8/26/2011 5:53:06 PM

ing products from all over the world and will

in product line like silver findings, burma

Western Productions and is a fabulous

draw experts from relevant industries. The

jade, crystals, be-venetian, swarovski, pearls,

home and decorating show featuring ven-

exhibitors will be related to china and glass

lamp work, silver, seed beads, vintage glass,

dors with everything for improving the

industry, innovative kitchen accessories, gar-

jewellery and much more. This year, the

home. Paintings and wall hangings, fur-

den and terrace floral accessories and also

Northeast Bead Extravaganza will be focus-

niture, tips on how to be energy efficient,

landscaping for the theme gardens.

ing on the machines and equipment used

flooring, windows and docking. If you offer

for stone mining. Stone processing will

a service in the home improvement area,

Date: Sept 8th- 11th

also be on display for visitors coming from

this is your show. Trade visitors will include

Venue: Salem, Germany

all over the world. The main focus of the

designers and re-modelers, interior design-

event will be on the buyers and importers

ers, luxury home builders, architects, pro-

of products and service-related people.

fessionals involved in home re-modelling.

LuxeHome Open House The LuxeHome Open House offers material

The general public are the target visitors.

for building and re modelling your home.

Date: Oct 1st- 2nd

Visitors can expect the widest selection of

Venue: Newark, U.S.A

products to fit all lifestyles, from modern

Date: Oct 8th- 9th Venue: Fort Collins, USA

European to classic American to traditional

Times Glitter

English. In addition to the extensive line up

Times Glitter is a grand exhibition for fash-

India Carpet Expo-Varanasi

of world renowned manufacturers, each

ion, jewellery and lifestyle sector in India.

The India Carpet Expo Varanasi will be held for

boutique offers the advice and insight of

The event will showcase elegant jewellery,

four days at Varanasi, India. It is organised by

knowledgeable designers who are available

fashion couture and trousseau products,

the Carpet Export Promotion Council under

to assist with every phase of an ideal design

which will create wonders for visitors. This

the aegis of Ministry of Commerce, Govern-

project. The profile for exhibit includes out-

three day show is being organized by Asian

ment of India to exhibit a range of hand-knot-

door furniture, hearth products, tabletop/

Business Exhibitions and Conferences Ltd.

ted carpets and various types of floor cover-

decorative accessories, garden accessories,

Manufactures from trousseau, menswear,

ings. Traditional rural inspired motifs and

statuary and cast metal furniture.

lifestyle, accessories and cosmetics will be

fine fabrics will be focussed upon. The fair

participating. The event, which will be held

provides an opportunity for dealing directly

Date: Oct 1st

at the J.W Marriot will be attended by lead-

with buyers and taking them to manufactur-

Venue: Chicago, U.S.A

ers in fashion, celebrities and other envoys

ing units, godowns and warehouses. Visitors

from the fashion industry.

will include professionals from the specialty

Northeast Bead Extravaganza, Newark The Northeast Bead Extravaganza, Newark stands alone as one of the largest shows

carpet stores, buyers and sellers, suppliers, Date: Oct 6th- 8th

carpet manufacturers, carpet importers and

Venue: Mumbai, India

exporters, handloom houses, designers, emporiums and the general public.

exhibitors are participating from across

Northern Colorado Home and Decorating Show

the world to showcase the latest brands

This event has been taken over by Great

related to the Gemstone industry. Many

Date: Oct 15th- 18th Venue: Varanasi, India


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GLOSSARY I F C: Jalaram z


Agar Bazar S. K. Bole Road, Dadar (W),

Pg. 12: Heritage Decorative Laminatess

Mumbai 400028. Tel: (022) 24318444/555

Deco Mica Pvt. Ltd.

9/b, k, Laxmi Ind. Estate, New Link Road,

306, 3rd Floor, Iscon Mall, Star Bazaar Bldg.,

Versova, Andheri (W), Mumbai – 400053.

Jodhpur Cross Road, Ahmedabad - 380 015

Tel : (022) 26327733 / 34

Pg. 1: Ebco

S.G.Highway, Ahmedabad – 380059. Tel: + 91 – 79 - 40017979

Pg. 89: Uniply Elementz Uniply Industrirs Ltd,

Pg. 13: Loom Crafts

#52, Harleys Road, Kilpauk,

HO & Manufacturing Unit: A-7/98 & 99,


402-3, Hyde Park, Saki Vihar Road,

South side G.T.Road Indl. Area,

Tel : 044-26605995

Mumbai 400072

Ghaziabad - 201009. U.P (India)

Tel: (022) 67837777 Fax: (022) 66920700

Tel.: +91 9871122239 / 9810031705


Email :


Pg. 102 & 103: Bright Outdoor Media Pvt. Ltd.

Pg. 19: Durian Office Furniture

8th floor, Crescent Tower, Near Maurya House,

Pg. 3: Durian Home Furniture

401, The Chambers,

401, The Chambers, Western Express Highway,

Western Express Highway,

Vile Parle (E) Mumbai 400057

Vile Parle (E) Mumbai 400057

Mumbai 400053

Tel : (022) 26269000

Tel : (022) 26269000

Tel: (022) 67140000




Pg. 4: Design Matrix Ultratech Excellence Awards

Pg. 46: MRJ Flooring Corporate Ad

Pg. 112: Surface Décor (India) Pvt. Ltd.


MRJ Marketing Pvt. Ltd.

Abdul Satar Lakdawala Compound,

201, Shyam Kamal ‘C’ Bldg., Agarwal Market,

W. E. Highway,

Vile Parle (E), Mumbai – 400057.

Pg. 6: The Art Lounge

Besides TATA Motors,

Tel : (022) 26187132 / 26131442

Jog-Vikroli Link Road,

Hodiwala Bhatehena & Co


Jogeshwari (E), Mumbai 400060

3, J. Tata Road, HP Petrol Pump,

New Link Road, Andheri (W),

Tel: 28362424 / 28242424

Near Ritz Hotel, Churchgate, Mumbai 400020

Pg. 47: Uniply ATS

Tel: 22878787

Uniply Industrirs Ltd,


#52, Harleys Road, Kilpauk, Chennai-6000010. Tel : 044-26605995

Pg. 7: VITA Vitrified Tiles

I B C: Durian Corporate Ad 401, The Chambers, Western Express Highway, Vile Parle (E), Mumbai 400057 Tel : (022) 26269000

383 – A, Vasu Smiriti, Flat No.4, 1st Floor,

Pg. 48: MRJ Le Cdeor


13th Road, Khar(W), Mumbai : 400 052.

MRJ Trading Pvt. Ltd.

Tel : 022- 42367900/909

201, Shyam Kamal ‘C’ Bldg., Agarwal Market,

Vile Parle (E), Mumbai – 400057. Tel : (022) 26187132 / 26131442

B C: Ultratech Paints & Textures


F 213A/1, Lado Sarai,

Pg. 10 & 11 : Le Cdeor

Old M. B. Road,

8/H, Laxmi Ind. Estate, New Link Road,

New Delhi – 110030

Versova, Andheri (W), Mumbai – 400053.

Pg. 49: Delta

Tel : (022) 26327733 / 34

Olympic Laminates Pvt Ltd



6, Patel Avenue, 1st Floor, Near Gurudwara,

Tel: (011) 46061549/50


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