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Nina Puri

“There is nothing perfect. I believe being perfect and reaching there is a continuous process.” A Paprika Media presentation Design Matrix_May-June 2013.indb 1

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oman’s Day is not about celebrating the spirit of woman on a particular day, but it is about reiterating and reliving this fact in our everyday life. A woman is capable to perform almost anything and everything that

she wishes to. On one hand she can climb and reach the highest peak and on the other hand she can swim to the deepest depths of the oceans in search of Mother of Pearl. Today, she can handle the management of an organisation with proficiency and manage the daily chores of her household with efficiency. It is this diverse nature that makes her beautiful yet so compassionate, understanding yet so impressive. Harriet Beecher Stowe believes, “Women are the real architects of society.” Thus, each and every day can be dedicated to this spirit of woman. This issue, our ‘Cover Story’ on Nina Puri takes the opportunity to celebrate this woman power. Here, our ‘Cover Story’ shows that she is not only an interior designer, who is responsible for adding vigour to our homes but ensures that it assumes a class and a look of its own. Time and again, woman has proved that she not only has equal rights but in certain cases she has progressed beyond men. She is the boss! Kiddos to this strength and the power. In addition, ‘Event Report’ will showcase highlights from the industry related events, ‘Creative Ideas’ will elaborate on interesting Visionnaire. Regular section, ‘Product Update’ will exhibit exciting launches and the happenings from the industry. There are other interesting sections too. Enjoy reading the power-packed edition of Design Matrix.

Chandreyee Bhaumik

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Let us take a journey with Nina Puri: her

ANSA Interiors holds a gamut of fantasy for us. pg 97

experiences, her projects and so on. pg 22



Mozaic shows how colour is a significant factor in any design. pg 102

An exploration of the varied projects of the Design Museum, London pg 48


Dining is not any more about food alone. It is about spending good time in an apt surrounding. pg 106

A house becomes a ‘home’ with the right ambiance. Have a look. pg 56


CREATIVE IDEAS LUXURY DESIGN A sojourn with Amit Malwade pg 78

Visionnaire presents a delight for the eyes. pg 108

journey. pg 62




An in-depth knowledge on system windows. pg 86

A review of three top notch industry events pg 112



Expression is all about freedom. Witness a journey that is of course rare and uncommon. pg 91

A journey from campus to industry has different phases. But what you need is the right attitude and courage. pg 120

the student growth and development.



Jankidevi Public School as an architectural

Interiors from the Napean Sea Road store of Marc Cain. pg 94

A vivid exhibit of diversified range of products. pg 123

Sajjan Dokania, Chairman & CMD, Durian Industries Ltd, shares the company’s

A diverse yet unique range of products from Santushti Interiors. pg 64

INFRASTRUCTURE DESIGN A school needs an apt environment for

marvel. pg 72


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March-April 2013 VOL. 3 • ISSUE 3 • `100

Vivek Bhole The purpose of this profession is innovation. So if you are not innovative you cannot be in this profession.

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We would love to have your views, comments and/or suggestions on what you would like to see or read in our pages. Please email to: or write to Design Matrix, MRJ Creations Pvt. Ltd., C-201 Shyam Kamal Agarwal Market, Vile Parle (E), Mumbai-400 057 or Call on 022-26187132.


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The issue of Design Matrix is of very high

the magazine, Design Matrix, are extremely

quality. It aims at giving a wide view of the

well written.

entire world of architectural world as well

articles as well as take care of the 360 degree

as informs us regarding the top trends of

perspective of the industry.

These are well researched

interiors. The impressive paper quality along

Further, the articles are well supported

with perfect colour co-ordination helps in

with vivid images that make the reading

making the reading experience an exciting

an interesting and an exciting one. In


addition, several quote boxes along with the

I, thereby, take this opportunity to

highlighters help in fast reading as well as

congratulate the entire team of Design Matrix

grasping well of the subject. Kuddos to the

for bringing out interesting issues every 2

team spirit and the work well done!

Gauri Chauhan Aurangabad

months. All my wishes for a brighter journey!

Nalini Gupta New Delhi

There are several magazines of this genre but Personally I feel the magazine, Design Matrix,

this magazine has a class of its own. Every

is very different from the other magazines in

time it manages to bring a top notch of

the same or similar genre. With so many yet

the industry in the Cover Story section. The

clear cut sections, the magazine reaches out

interviews are well researched and interesting

to the entire value chain.

to read. They not only give us an idea about

I believe people associated with the

the professional life of the personality, but

architecture or interior industry can have

also highlight on their personal side: what

their pick from the entire gamut of ideas and

are their hobbies, what was their inspiration,


etc. The architects and the interior designers

Plus, this is not a drab magazine that

discuss how they maintain a balance between

reads like a journal. Indeed, the magazine

their personal and professional life, despite a

has an interesting way of explaining things.

hectic schedule.

In addition, I must agree that the design elements of the magazine are a visual treat.

Arvind Shah Ahmedabad

Therefore, by reading these, we are also motivated to carve out a niche for ourselves.

It does not really matter to which industry we

belong to. Thus, Design Matrix is not only a guide to the architectural world, but also how

Ranging from the top trends of the industry, the latest event reports, to the product launches and other aspects, the articles in

to be a true professional.

Manish Menon Bengaluru


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Cover story


A woman with

CONVICTION Calm, composed, yet determined, well defined in her thought processes would what describe Nina Puri. Balancing office work as well as home chores with a touch of expertise and finesse is what she stands for. Believing that perfection is a continuous process, she carries on in her journey. A loving mother of two daughters and an approachable boss, Nina Puri shares her journey with Chandreyee Bhaumik.

Nina Puri graduated from the Academy of Architecture, Mumbai in 1988 and after brief stints with Architect Ajit Bhuta, her brother and Architect Hafeez Contractor, begun her practice in 1992. Her repertoire of projects includes private homes and offices rendered with a wide palette of materials, colours and textures in a contemporary language. Her portfolio of discerningly selected projects ensures an individuality to each one. Meticulous attention to detail to create a holistic space attenuated to each client’s personal requirements with a distinctly unique character is her and her team’s design mantra.


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How has been your journey so far?

Share a little bit on your school and college life

wherein one of my brothers was an archi-

My journey so far has been a path of learning something new every day and my abil-

I had a simple school life, with the goal to

wanted to pursue either one of these two

ity in myself instilled in me by my husband

pursue architecture at the tender age of 15.

courses. However, the more I watched my

to believe that I can do it has paved my

I was exposed to architecture at a very early

brother create designs, build architectural


age as one of my brothers was an architect.

models, and express his creativity in a truly

The decision honed my study of the scienc-

artistic form I realised that the amount of

Why the decision to come to interiors?

es and I ended up doing well academically.

innovation and vision that architecture pre-

All three of my brothers, besides my desire

sented was something I would not find in

I do not think I ever planned it. I studied

were responsible for me to join the Acad-

almost any other field of work.

architecture but as soon as I completed col-

emy Of Architecture, an institute that was

lege I started working on interior projects

more of a home to us where I found my

that came my way and I realised that there

Love (Sanjay) and some wonderful friends.

is creativity in every small aspect of interior

tect and one a chemical engineer. I knew I

Any memorable moments of your life that can be regarded as your life-turner? I cannot pinpoint a specific moment as

period, this made me start to love it. As Fate

What has been your primary source of motivation and inspiration?

goes, I was flooded with more projects and

Being the youngest in the family, my source

pleted and the client is satisfied and thank-

since then there was no looking back.

of inspiration came from my older siblings,

ful to you for giving them a beautiful

designing and the result of one’s creativity was transformed into reality in a very short

there were plenty of memorable moments. The feeling when project has been com-


Design Matrix_May-June 2013.indb 24

4/27/2013 8:39:29 PM

home, such moments are the ones that I can cherish for times to come.

So, is it a story of love over architecture? …(laughs)…It is actually an amalgamation of the two. We had studied together and though we were in the same batch and there was zero competition between us I had always admired him and respected him and his work. It is architecture, which plays an important role in binding us together.

How do you manage your personal and professional life? We are in the same office but we handle completely different projects. We designed and built our home together and yes when MAY-JUNE 2013 • DESIGN MATRIX 25

Design Matrix_May-June 2013.indb 25

4/27/2013 8:41:24 PM

would be better to work separately. How-

What are the essential criteria for a perfect and a smart interior for you?

ever, in spite of working separately we share

There is nothing perfect. I believe being

our thoughts and ideas, always respecting

perfect and reaching there is a continuous

and considering each other’s opinions.

process. Standing at this point, even today, I

we were working together we were pulling our hair apart! Thus, we realised that it

feel that my best is yet to come. I would say

Is the knowledge on interiors an acquired one or have you developed it with experience?

that there is nothing that you can refer as an

I believe there has to be a burning desire

one looks at the interior that is important.

to gain knowledge inside you. It is not pos-

It might be perfect in my eyes but it might

sible to acquire it without truly wanting and

not be necessarily perfect in another’s.

working towards it. My passion for the sub-

Therefore, according to me, the idea of per-

ject and was initially moulded by people

fection is satisfying my clients needs; where

around me but the knowledge base cer-

I am content that I have delivered what has

tainly grew with experience.

been expected of me, and even more.

absolutely perfect interior. The concept is relative and it is the perspective with which


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Design Matrix_May-June 2013.indb 27

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Design Matrix_May-June 2013.indb 28

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Design Matrix_May-June 2013.indb 29

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he designer’s flair for contemporary interiors seems to match the clients’ aspirations and the design vocabulary they wanted for their own space.

The project location, not being within the comfort zone of the archi-

tect, she was reluctant to take it up. But after the site inspection, she was convinced to take it up as a challenge, as she saw great potential in the raw structure. A state of the art 5000 sq ft duplex on the 20th floor, situated on the Palm Beach road with a spectacular view, has been designed to incorporate all the latest hi- tech amenities. The client wanted a modern apartment with warm hues and clean lines. The major challenge that the architect had taken for herself was to define the space to feel like a bungalow atop a high rise block. The main door opens into the impressive living area with a view of the dazzling skyline. The volume was taken in consideration by stone wall cladding, which goes all the way to the ceiling enhancing the space of the dou-


Design Matrix_May-June 2013.indb 30

4/27/2013 8:44:44 PM

ble height. Care has been taken so as to plan all the important areas of the house to overlook the view. Instead of providing a staircase and reducing the size of double height cutout, a small indoor glass lift was provided. Integrated use of mirrors & mirror wall paneling has been done in order to bring in the view & create an unending space. A dark flooring of Armani brown marble was used for the entire house to create warmth. The colour palette of the house has been carefully matched with the strong character of the flooring marble. Colours like off whites and gold in rich leather and silken textures, brown veneers and carefully picked wall papers placed on the gleaming Italian marble therefore set the mood for the whole house. The design of the bedrooms and bathrooms has been created so as to portray the individual’s taste and personality, yet having its own identity. The home, however still looks like a ‘home’ and is primarily designed as a ‘bungalow in the sky’.


Design Matrix_May-June 2013.indb 31

4/27/2013 8:46:32 PM

Sheth’s Residence


Design Matrix_May-June 2013.indb 32

4/27/2013 8:47:16 PM


he lavish two – five bedroom apartment joined together for a high profile stock broker couple’s home is a fine example of a fusion collaboration of straight line design with Indian influence over it. The

house of 6000 s/ft was spread linear along the length of about 160 r/ft, facing the sea-link skyline of Mumbai. “We liked the simplicity and elegance of the property, and the fact that it is in the very heart of the city.” clients fact it out. This linear plan helped the architect to create individual area on either side, for the two generation of the family with living room being the central interacting area. “Glamorous lavish apartment with an Indian ornamentation & state of the art look” were the expectation from the family. The architect explored with rich colour palette in tune with off white-gold embedded mother of pearl


Design Matrix_May-June 2013.indb 33

4/27/2013 8:47:21 PM


Design Matrix_May-June 2013.indb 34

4/27/2013 8:47:27 PM

and highlights of different earthy colours & materials. Mother of pearl

pouring light into the would be dark passage leading to the bed-

embedding continues to the bedrooms & bathrooms giving the rich-


ness in silence. The entry is a large lobby with overlooking the terrace

Clients insisted on using varieties of flooring in different rooms

on either side which was highlighted by the free standing lights from

due to generation gaps, which at first was against the will of the archi-

‘Clove studio’ in Delhi. The living room is broken into two seating area

tect as she preferred using a same material for the entire house but

consisting of an Indian seating in the center with traditional jalli grill

eventually she took it up as a challenge and it turned out to be a great

ceiling, which is housing the projector. The space flows into the din-

experience. “It was really difficult,” she acknowledges, “but when you

ing room with motif pattern inlay of mother of pearl over the TV stor-

see something and you love it, you make it work.” Throughout the

age unit. Individual hanging lights over the dining table with orange

house, art is as carefully placed as the props in photos.

backdrop makes it the focal point of the room.

It is both glamorous and full of refined details, a grand and bold

The elongated corridor’s connecting the rooms along the length

mixture of high and low by giving every room its individual identity.

on either side of the apartment are brighten by the opening up of

“The line between trashiness and elegance is sometimes rather thin,”

the study room, gymnasium, prayer room with glass sliding partition

she says. “But when the thing is good and right, you just know it.”


Design Matrix_May-June 2013.indb 35

4/27/2013 8:47:33 PM


Design Matrix_May-June 2013.indb 36

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Design Matrix_May-June 2013.indb 37

4/27/2013 8:48:00 PM


muted canvas of white & brown with shimmering accents brought in by the choice of materials &

furnishing fabrics outlines the interior scheme of this apartment. Suited to the comfort & convenience of the family the 8000 sft triplex in plush south Mumbai locality reflects high-class living, minus the typical flamboyance. The clients were very receptive to suggestions in terms of the creative styling & this allowed a lot of freedom, despite the serious interloping of Vastu principles. The designer’s effort therefore revolved around creating a charming, low-maintenance home for a busy family defined pockets create a clutter-free look. The house splits in 3-level consisting of main entrance at mid level for pubic entertainment, above is party terrace & lower for private space for the family. The staircase is the core heart of the house connecting the triplex with a beautiful skyline, at different time frame of the day the skyline provides impeccable & magical


Design Matrix_May-June 2013.indb 38

4/27/2013 8:48:21 PM

colour of shades giving different mood to the house. On the mid level of the triplex entrance leads to the lavish living – dining space. The huge L-shaped balcony floods the room with natural light, wonderful sea breeze & offers a spectacular view of the Mumbai skyline. Descending the staircase one reaches the private areas. Simplicity is the keyword of the space, where a bit of sheen & shimmer with bronze add a whiff of glamour to the serene backdrop of the space. Once again cleverly chosen materials & accessories are used to enliven the décor. The underlying parameter of the clients brief – to create a stylish, elegant home – is studiously followed all over. The highlight of the décor is the manner in which the interior work merges with architectural elements. The designers’ attention to detail is palpable. The Decor scheme unifies the two levels by the continuity in colour & character. The openness in plan has been beautifully balanced by the warmth offended by the material board & the colour palette. A thoughtful selection & placement of accessories enhances the raw, timeless appeal of the décor.


Design Matrix_May-June 2013.indb 39

4/27/2013 8:49:22 PM

Chopra’s Residence


ina Puri and her colleague

to change the entrance to the apartment

one side and a banquette on the other

Sangeeta Bajaj worked closely

so as to create a small foyer which offers

side. The lamp on the wall is Vietnamese,

on this project and their creative

more privacy’

made from wall hyacinth, while the bar counter is clad in stone mosaic.

inputs have helped them to shape the

Cement sheets have been used for the

space. This 2500 sqft apartment had an

wall cladding in the living room, creating

Large sliding doors in wood and

asymmetrical layout and four bedrooms,

visual interest by playing with the size and

glass enable the space to be air-condi-

which the clients decided were more than

thickness of the strips. Illuminated by spots

tioned, when required. The balcony has

they needed. So the architect made civil

from above, the relief is accentuated by the

Jaisalmer stone cladding on the walls in

changes with alacrity, shifting the kitchen

play of light and shadow. Bottocino marble

a grid design, its yellow tones adding a

and connecting the home theatre area

flows through the space while a wooden

cosy warmth. Bathrooms follow an earthy

to the living room, which provides cross

sofa from Red Blue & Yellow complements

aesthetic, with a round stone basin being

ventilation to the space.

the coffee table, which was designed

set at an angle in a cut-out in the counter,

‘And since this building has just one

using a wooden ball from Good Earth. The

while the powder room has an urli for a

flat per floor, it has not been very difficult

dining table is flanked by three chairs on

wash basin.


Design Matrix_May-June 2013.indb 40

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Design Matrix_May-June 2013.indb 41

4/27/2013 8:50:50 PM




Design Matrix_May-June 2013.indb 42

4/27/2013 8:51:31 PM


Design Matrix_May-June 2013.indb 43

4/27/2013 8:51:55 PM


s a complete deviation from the clinical look that most offices seem to possess these days with

modular furniture, the Aatman office is suffused with a clear sense of identity with each element custom made. Shades of grey and black dominate the palette of materials with deliberately extensive ornamentation enhancing spaces within this office. Opening into a large terrace the internal office spaces seamlessly integrate with the outside which is also rendered in the shades of grey. 44 DESIGN MATRIX • MAY-JUNE 2013

Design Matrix_May-June 2013.indb 44

4/27/2013 8:52:17 PM

Ornamental mirrors, screens, carpets, furniture accessories accentuate spaces

parts of the work areas echoing the company’s publishing profile.

and corners while streamlined rectilinear

The Aatman’s office design creates

compositions constitute the work spaces

a series of unique experiences with its

creating intriguing contrasts as are experi-

dynamic contrasts juxtaposition of varied

ences the volumetric dispositions.

styles within that are woven into each oth-

Graphical compositions created from world leaders and their quotations adorn

er inextricably to correctly form a distinct identity.


Design Matrix_May-June 2013.indb 45

4/27/2013 8:53:35 PM

Design Matrix_May-June 2013.indb 46

4/27/2013 8:55:02 PM

Design Matrix_May-June 2013.indb 47

4/27/2013 8:55:21 PM

Global eye

By: Harsha Kotak



Going through varied projects at the Design Museum, London was indeed a delightful experience, to say the least. Read on and catch the glimpses of the sojourn... 48 DESIGN MATRIX • MAY-JUNE 2013

Design Matrix_May-June 2013.indb 48

4/27/2013 8:55:30 PM

GALAXY SOHO, BEIJING Designed by Zaha Hadid

Five continuous, flowing volumes coalesce to create an internal world of continuous open spaces within the Galaxy Soho building – a new office, retail and entertainment complex devoid of corners to create an immersive, enveloping experience in the heart of Beijing.


Design Matrix_May-June 2013.indb 49

4/27/2013 8:56:17 PM



bring forth the most original and inspiring

lation and revelation that I came back

heavy rains on the streets of Mumbai

designs of the year. This year the 90 nomi-

with. The show had its usual eclectic self




and something magical happens – you

nated projects included the best designs

showcasing the loud and massive projects

can control the rain – it responds to your

from around the world in last 12 months

alongside the projects with smaller ambi-

movements and falls around you leaving

across seven categories: Architecture, Digi-


you dry.

tal, Fashion, Furniture, Graphics, Product

This is no hallucination but one of the

and Transport.

Here I have picked a few of the path breaking designs including the works of my favourite architect & designer Zaha

many magical projects selected for the Design of the year 2013 awards by Design

The visit...

Hadid and the Louis Vuitton collection by

Museum, London.

I took the opportunity to visit the exhibit of

Yayoi Kusama that I had featured in my ear-

Regarded as prestigious awards of

these projects at the Design Museum, Lon-

lier column.

the design world, these awards aim to

don and would like to share some stimu-


Designed by Moritz Waldemeyer for Ingo Maurer ‘Candles in the Wind’ is a revolutionary new lighting concept, using modern LED technology to recreate the experience of light from a candle flame. The minimal design is a bare circuit board featuring the latest in microprocessor technology paired with 256 high quality LEDs to evoke the natural flow and flicker of a candle.


Designed by Random International ‘Rain Room’ is a 100 sq m field of falling water for visitors to walk through, experiencing how it might feel to control the rain. On entering, visitors hear the sound of water and feel moisture in the air before discovering the thousands of falling droplets responding to theirpresence and movement to keep the visitors dry.


Design Matrix_May-June 2013.indb 50

4/27/2013 8:56:53 PM

THE SHARD, LONDON Designed by Renzo Piano The Shard is the tallest building in Western Europe, transforming the London skyline, the multi-use 310m vertical structure consists of offices,worldrenowned restaurants, the 5-star Shangri-La hotel, exclusive residential apartments and the capital’s highest viewing gallery.

LOUIS VUITTON COLLECTION Designed by Yayoi Kusama Bold and playful, the collection features the artist’s signature spots - which cover every item, from bags to dresses and even whole stores. The range is the fashion house’s most significant artist collaboration since it teamed up with Stephen Sprouse in 2001 to create his now iconic graffiti bags. As part of the range Vuitton stores and a special installation at Selfridges included Yayoi Kusama life-size models and large scale artworks.


Design Matrix_May-June 2013.indb 51

4/27/2013 8:57:37 PM


Designed by The Centre for Vision in the Developing World Self-adjustable glasses that allow the wearer to tweak the lenses until theyfocus clearly. These glasses are based on a fluidfilled lens technology thatis similar to that used in the Adspecs. While the Adspecs were designed for use by adults, the ‘Child Vision’ glasses have been developed specifically for use by young adults aged from 12-18.


Designed by MVRDV This mountain of bookshelves is contained by a glass-enclosed structure and a pyramid roof with a total surface area of 9300 sq m corridors and platforms bordering the form are accessed by a network of stairs to allow visitors to browse the tiers of shelves. A continuous 480m route culminates at the peak’s reading room and cafe with panoramic views through the transparent roof.


Design Matrix_May-June 2013.indb 52

4/27/2013 8:58:19 PM


Designed by Heatherwick Studio At just 8.5m high and weighing 16 tonnes, it is far smaller and lighter than previous ‘Olympic Cauldrons’. Heatherwick Studio incorporated 204 individual copper ‘petals’, each carried at the opening ceremony by each participating country to create an iconic image not only for the Olympics but also for London.

DONKY BICYCLE Designed by Ben Wilson

The steel beam running through this compact bicycle by British industrial designer Ben Wilson means it can carry heavy loads on its front and rear platforms.

Take away

than ‘desires’ and at the same time reflect

these designs and hope it inspires you all

I do not want to guess which out of the 90

the ambitions of each of these design pro-

in the same way.

selected entries will win the award for this


year. But most of these projects illustrate a

I felt a sense of adventure run through

Please send in your thoughts and

design’s ability to deal with ‘needs’ rather

my body while going through each one of

comments to MAY-JUNE 2013 • DESIGN MATRIX 53

Design Matrix_May-June 2013.indb 53

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Design Matrix_May-June 2013.indb 54

4/27/2013 8:59:39 PM

Design Matrix_May-June 2013.indb 55

4/27/2013 8:59:46 PM

Residential design


Design Matrix_May-June 2013.indb 56

4/27/2013 8:59:50 PM




Aakruti design is a proprietary firm headed by Chetan Shah and associated by Ashok Mewada. Highlights from a chat with Chandreyee Bhaumik What was your experience while working on this project? How much time did you require to complete this project? This was an old building. The carpet area is 1750 sqft. The the elder son with walk-in bedroom next to the kitchen is for th room next to it in dark wine wardrobe & shower area. The roo colour is for the younger son. The room on right with master bedroom of owners orange in furnishing is the mas with built in wardrobe & shower showe area. was a long corridor runFrom the main door there w ning to the other end. The clie clients wanted three bedhall, kitchen and a rooms, one guest bedroom, bedro the client’s requirements. temple. This was th plans and various We had made several se changes were incorporated. Finally we arrived at tthe decision. The house already had a British style balcony. they needed to install a Further, th 100 inch projector in the hall. And thus, thu the hall needed to be extremely spaceous and offer a extreme feeling of comfort. So, we had do away with the wall to d

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that was already there. In other words I wanted to offer something that was ‘clean’ and at the same time modern. The project took exactly 13 months to get completed.

What is the USP of the project? How is it different from others? One of the aspects that set this project apart from other similar projects is that the kitchen has a huge space. None of my earlier projects had such a huge kitchen. We expanded the kitchen by shifting the wall. In addition, lots of lights have been used and have ensured that there is scope of enough cross air ventilation. 58 DESIGN MATRIX • MAY-JUNE 2013

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How did you decide on the colour scheme of your project? I choose colours for my projects very judiciously. I have always tried to keep the floors and the ceilings in neutral shade. In this case, they are white in colour. This gives the clients, who are the residents of the household enough opportunity. They can change the look of the household, in terms of colour, by just changing the furnishings of the household.

How have you worked on the lights for the project? There was a passage going to the master bedroom. This corridor was extremely MAY-JUNE 2013 • DESIGN MATRIX 59

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dark. Thus, we had to lower the windows and take other necessary steps accordingly so that there was enough lighting.

Which is your personal favourite space in this project? My personal favourite space it is the master bedroom.

What was the primary thought that was running in your mind? Was there any set standard that you had to look up to? While working on this project there was always an important thought running in my mind. We had enough responsibility. These clients had never stayed at designer homes before. Therefore, they trusted us with open heart and it was our sole responsibility to live up to that level of trust. Here, I must mention they had never interfered with our work. Maximization of the space was our priority.

What were the obstacles that you faced while working on this project? As far as challenges were concerned getting permission from the authorities was difficulty.

Are there any other projects in the pipeline? Yes, we have several interior projects on our hands, both residential and commercial.

Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years? We do intend to grow at a certain specific pace.


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In focus


Exploring the industry Durian is a blue chip company with approximately 1200 people working all over the country. Sajjan Dokania, Chairman & CMD, Durian Industries Ltd., in a candid chat with Chandreyee Bhaumik explains trends, demands and so on of the industry. Excerpts… For how many years have you been in the trade/industry?

struction, etc. this industry has also got a very high production.

I was born in this industry, since my work for The Birla’s and that’s how I got

Elaborate on your furniture segment.

introduced into this industry. We started

With our first showroom in Ahmedabad in

our journey with the plywood industry,

1999, we became the pioneers in imported

with our first retail shop in Kolkata (then

furniture business and from there, there was

Calcutta) in 1973 and after that there was

no looking back. We started up to 50 show-

no looking back.

rooms all over the country. Since, we were

father was in the same field. He used to

already into the interiors domain, we ven-

How has the industry evolved with time?

tured into the laminate industry, connected to the same field, in 2006.

Actually speaking the plywood industry

To curtail our costs on imports, we set

has not changed much. But yes, due to

up our very own manufacturing unit in 2007.

the growth in related markets like the

This unit today manufactures all kinds of fur-

interiors industry, development in con-

niture which is in demand in the market.

In focus


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How do you take care of the tremendous and sudden demand and supply chain in the furniture segment?

In your furniture segment, which is your favourite product range?

sions of buying furniture were taken by

Everything that gives us money is close to

tion came only after the decisions were

us. However, according to us the market

started being taken by the younger

On seeing the acceptance of particular

for sofa’s has always been one of the most

generation. This was indeed a progress

types of products, many similar traders

saleable and interesting product.

marked by a change in the economy,

the head of the family. Thus, this revolu-

thought process, etc. Thus, the demand

joined this market. Competition grew

came and the import started. Gradually,

started manufacturing at our own fac-

What was your strategy behind the gradual yet a steady move from the plywood segment to furniture?

tory. Hence, we remained the most com-

My primary strategy was that I would have

started only 4-5 years back. Thus, there is

petitive players in the market.

full control over the raw materials. Other

a huge potential for this country.

and the prices also began to vary. To give our preferred customers the most competitive price and products, we

factors like controlling, pricing, etc, led to the concept of manufacturing furniture. It must be highlighted that manufacturing

players have to buy the raw materials and

How do you take care of the diverse target group?

then they enter into manufacturing. In this case, it was advantageous for us since

What are the latest trends in the furniture world?

Unlike most of our competitors, stan-

we had control over our raw materials.

Every year the fashion changes and

dardization has remained an important

it changes primarily in respect to colours. People here have a tendency to follow

India. Our priority is the satisfaction of

You have always been working on the glamour quotient as your marketing strategy. How does it work wonders for you?

our every customer.

This was decided by our advertisement

they explore anything new, they demand

department, which takes care of all these

the same. To provide customer satisfac-

Highlight on your ‘laminate’ and ‘veneers’. How do you rate yourself on the competitive scale of 10, in terms of other players?

aspects. They decided that we should go

tion, we need to remain up-to-date all

with the glamour factor. We have noticed

the time.

We ventured into the ‘Veneers’ industry

to call this as ‘furniture’ but always desired

in 1992. We were however not satisfied

to name it as ‘fashion’. Thus, it becomes a

Are you planning to come up with new products in the furniture chain and what is there in your pipeline?

with the limited types of decorative

lifestyle product.

Till last year we were manufacturing only

aspect for us. We manufacture furniture keeping in mind the sizes of our flats today and also the change in culture in

the European world. Thus, we are not the ones who decide. Today, people are extremely net friendly and whenever

that India is a Bollywood country and with a tinge of Bollywood, things change. It must be mentioned that we never wanted

veneers available. Our hunger, to excel

office furniture. But from this year onwards

types of veneer in 1993. Today we deal

In the furniture industry how do you think India is placed compared to overseas?

with more than 140 types of veneer from

I think we are still very weak. If one consid-

all over the world. Our suppliers keep us

ers the figures and numbers one would

updated about new varieties available in

notice that there is a huge gap in the

How do you overcome challenges?

the market. This being a personal type

furniture industry. Thus, the future of this

Luckily, since this is a simple and growing

of industry, we have to personally see

industry is going to be very high.

industry, we do not face any kind of chal-

in all that we do, made us further travel all over the world to import different

and determine the best available veneer.

we want to go for home furniture too. This industry has different varieties and there is no limit to customer satisfaction.

lenges in particular.

expensive segment of furniture industry

How would you rate India on a competitive scale?

and also there is severe competition in

Initially in India the concept of furniture

Where do you project yourself in the next 10 years?

this segment. Among the three compet-

was very different compared to other

It is difficult to talk about next 10 years

itors of decoration viz- veneer, laminate

countries. People never wanted to spend

but we are definitely in a particular line

and paper, laminate is the cheaper and

money on furniture and if they were inter-

and aim to grow in this field. We want to

‘look good’ option available.

ested to invest in furniture, then they

remain among the top in the interiors seg-

desired that the furniture would be long

ment, with a little more focus on manufac-

lasting, maybe for 20-30 years. The deci-


Veneer is considered to be the most

On a competition scale we definitely are among the top 5 national players.


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Candid chat

Today, Santushti Interiors is creating residences, offices, showrooms and salons. With an innovative outlook in place, the company has come a long way. Excerpts from the interview...

Rahul Gupta Interior Designer, Santushti Interiors

How has your journey been? It has been a fantastic journey since I started

If you have a creative instinct inside you

as an Interior Designer. I always wanted a

then it hardly matters what you are design-

profession in which I can do something

ing. Only thing that is important is that how

new every day and I am happy that I opted

you are designing. In interiors we have

for this profession.

some basic common elements, which are used in any kind of project.

You have worked on wide spectrum of projects, how do you maintain a balance along with versatility?

Where do you enjoy working the most? Hmm...salons‌ I suppose


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In conversation with

It has been a long journey since 2004, how has the demands and expectations of people changed since then?

How do you cater to such a change in expectations?

As far as the expectations are concerned, I

us. But yes, the quality of interiors and variety

will not say much. Whenever a client hires a

of materials used has changed a lot. We keep

What is the primary mission and vision that you follow? How do you incorporate such a vision in your work profile?

professional for interiors he expects him to do

ourselves updated with latest materials to

My vision, “Money earned is a current asset

wonders, be it in 2004 or today.

match with latest trends.

but a client earned is a fixed asset’’ so I pre-

The client always has high expectations from


Design Matrix_May-June 2013.indb 65

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fer to earn fixed assets rather than current ones. Just work for the client satisfaction, vision is incorporated.

Elaborate a little on your most outstanding project It is always difficult for an artist to choose his best creation because all are close to his heart. But even then if I have to choose, I will opt for my salon work in Shalimar Bagh, Delhi.We had thoroughly enjoyed working on that project.

What are the important aspects of an interior that stands out as well as are smart? It totally depends on what kind of project it is. If it is a residential project then anything that the client likes is smart, because he is the one who is going to use it. However, if it is a commercial space then we have to work on the choice of masses. For a design to be good, it needs to be neatly executed.

With so many salons and spas mushrooming, how do you ensure that you are on the unbeaten track? We always try to create something new and innovative. To be on an unbeaten track it is very important to deliver designs different from others, we never think of what is going on in the market, but we always try to create new trends instead.


Design Matrix_May-June 2013.indb 66

4/27/2013 9:06:50 PM

How hard is it to convince a difficult client? Yes, at times it becomes difficult to convince certain clients, but if you have full confidence in yourself and your designs they get convinced easily. We never try to change the lifestyle of our clients for the sake of designs, but we try to revolve around their lifestyle and make the designs accordingly.

What were your initial problems and how did you overcome them? Life is full of hurdles, you clear two…four are waiting for you.

Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years? God has decided everyone’s fate….who knows what is written in my fate. I will keep on working for client satisfaction. Rest is future.

Santushti Interiors Santushti Interiors started its creative journey in the year 2004. It was a one man army at the time of its commencement. It was started with a vision to create beautiful spaces with the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Hence, the name ‘Santushti’. Gradually, the company kept on adding satisfied customers to the list of esteemed clients. It never claimed to be the best designers in the industry, but have always tried to be the best human beings MAY-JUNE 2013 • DESIGN MATRIX 67

Design Matrix_May-June 2013.indb 67

4/27/2013 9:08:05 PM

in the industry. May be this is the reason that in this short span of years the company has more than 200 satisfied (santusht) clients in its family. The company believes to maintain a long relationship with its client, so they call it a family. Today,





residences/offices/showrooms and salons. It has a team of skilled and thoughtful interior designers, 3D visualizers to present their creativity in a manner so that the clients are able to understand our thoughts well, site supervisors, who can help in the execution of project with utmost finishing and quality and all these people working under the guidance of Rahul Gupta, who saw this dream 9 years back. Santushti Interiors believes in creativity and not copyist. that is why it creates all the designs with utmost love and creative thoughts. It believes that a home is more than just a beautiful house, but a sanctuary for heart, mind and body. Also, it is an extension of an individual’s unique personality. In other words, Santushti Interiors values its relationship with the customer. Further, Santushti Interiors firmly believes in ‘beauty with brains’ strategy. That is why it delivers creativity with longevity or strength. A creative design is only good if it is convenient to use and easy to maintain. And more importantly, a design, which is good today, should be good even after years… Only then it is called a good design. Thus, the creative journey continues...... 68 DESIGN MATRIX • MAY-JUNE 2013

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Money earned is a current asset but a customer earned is fixed asset Rahul Gupta

Rahul Gupta Hails from Delhi, born in a business family in 1977. Even after having an ancestral established business in Delhi that was running well for last 122 years he was not keen to join his family business. Being a Taurean by birth he had a creative mind. So he always wanted to go in a creative field. He became an interior designer in order to make his business his passion. A professionally trained interior designer from a reputed interior design institute in Delhi, he started Santushti Interiors in the year 2004 all alone. Being an entrepreneur by nature and family background, he took his company to a level in the industry, where he is recognised by his work. He is a graduate from Delhi University and has keen interest in creating new spaces with a vision and building relations with the client. He firmly believes that for a long term relationship the business should be totally transparent in nature; the customer should get the fullest value for his money. He believes that the greatest achievement or earning for a professional is a repeat customer. It is only if a customer is satisfied that he comes back to a professional in order to get the services again and again. MAY-JUNE 2013 • DESIGN MATRIX 71

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Infrastructure design

Jankidevi Public School

Setting a standard The due reverence to Smt. Jankidevi, who took Samadhi on 30th January 1999 at the age of 104 years, offered the perfect insipiration to build this school in her name.


he school Jankidevi Public School is an architectural marvel, and a subtly coloured imposing landmark. The

school is run on recent educational concepts and techniques. It propagates moral values and imparts quality education to meet global needs. The school has obtained ISO 9001:2000 certification. The school provides activity oriented education along with sufficient extra-curricular experiences. A plethora of activities


Design Matrix_May-June 2013.indb 72

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along with the best educational facility is what awaits the young toddlers in the beginning of their learning stage. Spacious, bright and well ventilated classrooms with colourful furniture provide an attractive and comfortable ambience. Equipment are regularly updated and upgraded in order to suit the requirements of the students. The school building provides full fledged infrastructure for curricular and cocurricular activities. It has a vast campus with facilities, which are essential for the all round development of the students. The school maintains a very high standard in terms of modernity and discipline.


Design Matrix_May-June 2013.indb 73

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Design Matrix_May-June 2013.indb 74

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Excerpts from conversation... Talking to Sunil and Merlyn Gomes a husband and wife team of The Design studio Mumbai specialising in Interiors and graphics, who designed the interiors of this school said by designing a low rise sprawling structure on a 7 acre plot, we have ensured that the campus has an international look. Adding the clock tower on the building gives the structure a distinct identity. We surfed the net for towers on institutions in India and abroad and created a simple clock tower that dominates the skyline in the locality. We have ensured that the pre-primary and primary students have customised classrooms. My team and I browsed through various books in the school library and created different montages of nursery rhymes and had them professionaly painted in different themes and colour schemes on the rear walls of each classroom. The school building has wide and natural lit corridors with access doors to all classrooms in bright primary colours. The central atrium on the ground floor was enclosed in glass which houses a large playroom ,a sand pit and a working train for the toddlers. All classrooms are air cooled with natural daylight and each

conference and assembly halls individually

classroom has a suspended projector, pro-

equipped with modern amenities for project

jector screen, green board and soft board for


interactive learning. All the benches of the

According to the clients brief extra-

classroom are ergonomically designed and

curricular activities should be an important

laid out with spacious isles to suit students of

feature of the school, so we allocated sepa-

different age groups.

rate spaces for boys gym, a girls gym, squash

We designed a 1200-seater auditorium

court, table tennis, chess, carrom and billiards

with a professionally designed stage for

and designed and built a large 22ft high ceil-

multi sets with state of the art audio video

ing sports hall of 10000 sqft with high bay

and lighting and separate green rooms for

lighting and clear demarcation in different

boys and girls. In addition to this we pro-

colours to convert the courts to basketball,

vided the school with separate convocation,

volleyball, tennis and badminton as required. MAY-JUNE 2013 • DESIGN MATRIX 75

Design Matrix_May-June 2013.indb 75

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Design Matrix_May-June 2013.indb 76

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Two separate swimming pools, one of international standard and a separate toddlers pool was installed in the school courtyard which separates a large playground with seating galleries. The school is provided with individual showers, changing rooms and lockers for boys and girls on every floor. In addition to this we have also provided an indoor rifle range and a large indoor roller skating arena. The library in the school building can seat 150 students in separate readings areas with easy access to print and electronic reference material. Open spaces, children friendly furniture, brightly coloured interiors and natural lighting gives the school its unique identity. MAY-JUNE 2013 • DESIGN MATRIX 77

Design Matrix_May-June 2013.indb 77

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Luxury design


11_Luxury Design.indd 78

4/27/2013 8:32:00 PM


CONVERSATION… A family owned business group, which has grown in the IT Sector in the last 15 years. Having 56 branch offices in India finally needed to have a Head Quarter Base in Mumbai, as it was operating through many satellite offices in Mumbai.

The Project The CMD’s vision is greatly reflected in the company’s understated yet distinct growth in the last 5 years. The company strongly believes in equal opportunities to all its employees & the client’s brief was to reflect the same in the design while maintaining an understated hierarchy. The architects took inspiration from the down to earth attitude and grounded values of the client, to design a contemporary Head Office for an expanding international group. A visitor to the office is pleasantly greeted by a backlit laser-cut form of a tree symbolizing firmly grounded roots MAY-JUNE 2013 • DESIGN MATRIX 79

11_Luxury Design.indd 79

4/27/2013 8:32:34 PM

of an ever-growing company, a constant

connecting the two blocks also has been

reminder of the company’s support to its

planned in such a way that they lead to

associates & employees. The need of a

common amenities like wash rooms, pan-

single level office leads to the client pur-

try & fire escapes, giving easy proximity

chasing two separate units from different

to staff. The north block comprises of the

wings connected by a narrow enclosed

accounts, supply chain management, IT

bridge. The total built up area of 18000

department and server room along with

sq ft was a challenge to design since two

a 12-seater meeting room & an 8-seater

separate floor plates had to be smoothly

informal meeting room. The total strength

integrated into one office, creating an

of the staff being 200.

easy flow for the staff and yet maintaining


the hierarchy in this high-density office.

The challenge in this project was work-

Office set up

ing on a high-density use yet providing

Basic Vastu principles were followed in

a spacious and open atmosphere; here is

the executive areas. The office is basically

where materials played an important role. The apt use of transparent and reflective

divided into a south block & north block. The lifts take you up directly into the

the office. The executive area in the south

material in key areas to give the illusion

reception of the South block, which lead

block houses the plush CMD & 2 MD cab-

of space and seamlessness helped the

to two entries into the office, one lead-

ins, VP Cabins, a 24-seater board room, a

architects achieve this aspect in design.

ing into the executive area and the other

MD secretarial area, an 8-seater executive

An integrated look could be achieved by

towards the north block, which houses

meeting room, VIP lounge & a MD pan-

use of the same materials through the

the main staff departments. The recep-

try. The Business Managers, HR & Credit

entire floor plate whether executive level

tion has two four-seater meeting rooms

Department along with the Product

or staff with slight tweaking to maintain

to service staff interaction with visitors

Managers are also hierarchically placed

hierarchy in design. Use of materials like

thus maintaining a controlled access to

in the south block. The transition space

brown glass mirror and stain free frosted


11_Luxury Design.indd 80

4/27/2013 8:33:02 PM

brown glass led to a fresh approach to

contemporary minimalistic first glimpse

reflective surfaces rather than an in the

of the office. Use of solid surfaces in white

face 100 per cent reflective regular mirror.

over the cleverly designed compact secre-

Clear mirrors have been used to double up

tarial tables opened up the space entering

spaces thus making optimum use of the

into the executive and board room area,

limited area and varied functions. A unique

thus lending a bright and clean atmo-

use of brown stain free mirror cladded

sphere to an otherwise introverted space

on the reception table provides an easy

with no access to natural light. The visitor

to maintain surface along with lending a

lounge showcases the company’s motto

11_Luxury Design.indd 81

4/27/2013 8:34:11 PM

ARCHITECTS Amit Malwade Director Projects, PCA Group Komal Malwade Director –Design Services, PCA Group PCA Group 12A & 14, Blasian Apts, S V Road, Amboli, Andheri (West), Mumbai

Our committed professional relationships are our guiding force and help fuel our mission.

What kind of projects is PCA & Beanstalk Designs primarily into?

What is your mission and you aim to accelerate?

Spaces. That is what we specialise in. Operat-

Our committed professional relation-

ing under PCA Group, we are a multi-faceted

ships are our guiding force and help fuel

architectural firm committed to providing

our mission. Simply put, our mission is “To

varied services in the field of architecture,

create and modify spaces with a focus to

urban design and regional planning since

evolve a better tomorrow”. And our aim is

1991. With the best talent and qualifications

to accelerate your success.

on board, our company thrives on the challenge to provide a spectrum of solutions

What are your primary services?

from concept design right up to completion.

Our company works with the objective

This we make possible by working

to meet all space related needs and is

closely with our group firms Beanstalk

designed to provide a gamut of services

Designs, which handles interior design ser-

and solutions all under one roof. We are

vices, Paradime Décor Pvt Ltd that handles

equipped and have the capabilities to

Furniture & Turnkey services & Planning Con-

handle specialised projects of varying

sultants that handles architectural projects.

magnitude and size.

We provide a ‘total solution’ to our clients for

• Urban Planning

their projects working closely with our asso-

• Architectural Design

ciate consultants from specialised fields like

• Interior Design

structural engineering, infrastructure and

• Land studies for Project Pre-Planning

other services, construction management,

Our project planning, designing and

landscape design, etc. We pride on the

detailing thoroughly complies with all stat-

fact that we can and do provide the most

utory requirements governing approval of

professional service and over the years this

projects and ensures obtaining approv-

earned us the respect and confidence of all

als within the time frame predetermined

our clients.

by us.


11_Luxury Design.indd 82

4/27/2013 8:34:45 PM

How has the interiors and the demands of the clients changed in a decade?

project a few years ago was an extremely

Technology has played a very important

because of the client architect relationship.

role in the design trends over the last

Be it architecture or interior design, we

decade. Architects & clients have been

cherish them all.

special experience. The Compuage office has been another special project especially

increasingly exposed to newer ideas & & accessories have been available in the last

How difficult it has been in convincing your clients?

decade. People have been travelling glob-

Today’s client is well versed with the cur-

ally to be a part of the global design move-

rent trends at the same time quite aware

ment. Exposure to trade & design fairs has

of his wants & needs. Logical & practical

helped get the latest in international mar-

solutions with a good design sensibility

kets available for your project. Clients are

are easy for a client to understand and get

increasingly open to now get such interna-


trends. A lot of choices in materials, fixtures

tional products for their projects.

Which is the project that is the closest to your heart? Elaborate on it more.

What kind of luxury projects are in the pipeline? At present we are working on • Interior design of a 5000 sq. ft private resi-

There have been many projects and it is

dence at Marine Drive for a young couple

rather difficult to choose one. We always

• Architectural design of a private villa at

are dearly associated with all projects.

Goa spread over 14000 sq ft of plot area.

However, I can say that working as consul-

• A boutique villa’s layout over 5 acres near

tants to Deepak Fertilisers for the Ishanya

11_Luxury Design.indd 83


4/27/2013 8:35:53 PM

speed, value, reliability in imagery of pho-

The staff areas carry the same colour

The state of the art 24-seater

tographs that are derived from subjects

schemes even in materials like laminates

boardroom (Raintree) has been designed

one sees in daily life, which were carefully

avoiding a sudden contrast in these

to handle various meeting & presentation

picked by the architects from an artist

areas. Compact workstations have been

modes. The entire conferencing &

photographer. Conversation starters have

designed with translucent fabric sand-

lighting system that now connects the

been created at transition spaces such as

wich glasses and stain-free glass dividers

multiple offices of the company by video

corridors, cut off lobbies with the help of

to continue the spaces between depart-

conferencing can be handled through a

statements such as ‘walking through’ or

ments. The sandwich glasses are cleverly

single ipad.

‘wash’ ‘cleanse’ ‘purify’, along with graph-

used by the employee as their personal

ics creating an element of interest. All the

soft boards with post its.

The office is consciously designed as a step towards energy saving with the

meeting rooms were named after trees

The architects have cleverly integrat-

use of LED lighting systems throughout

depending on their size and function, thus

ed the use of multiple materials like differ-

the office. Use of UV resistant blinds

beautiful logos designed by a graphic art-

ent veneers, wood, brown mirrors, solid

&VRV air-conditioning system has also

ist were articulated in laser-cut steel and

surfaces, wallpapers & leatherette panels

lowered the energy consumption.

installed outside each meeting room with

in the Directors area. The artwork of a

The entire office along with its

a story to tell. A combination of light and

Buddha temple sources from a Thai artist

furniture was customized and executed

dark veneers stain free white glass, used to

gives a peaceful backdrop in the informal

on site in a total project period of 7

enhance the feeling of space in the office.

seating of the Chairman’s cabin.



11_Luxury Design.indd 84

4/27/2013 8:36:34 PM

11_Luxury Design.indd 85

4/27/2013 8:37:14 PM

Design insight



12_Design Insight.indd 86

4/27/2013 10:01:28 PM

Kushal K Bajaj Executive Director Geeta Aluminium Co Pvt Ltd He is the 4th generation into the business under the guidance of his father trying to change the people’s perspective about aluminium in the country. He has done his high school education from The International School Bengaluru. He joined business post his Bachelors in Business Administration & International Monetary Economics from University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign. He believes that anyone and everyone can make most free social media platforms for communication and marketing purposes. In addition, he is a cricket and football enthusiast. Loves jogging every day, but do not mind junking out once in a while.


12_Design Insight.indd 87

4/27/2013 8:38:44 PM


here is a saying that, “Necessity is the mother of Innovation”. Human being is the most progressive

mammal on the earth and he finds the ways to achieve maximum comfort to live his life. If you see about the Indian civilisation from an ancient era, good architectural structures were always a key to make the best out of the natural resources and technology that was at our disposal then. Consider all the forts, havelis, palaces, one will always find that great importance was given to cross ventilation through many openings in the main civil structure. These openings in the building envelope, such as windows, doors, glazing are known as “Fenestration”.


After the British Rule viz. after 1947, the

In late 1960’s Aluminium windows was

The mid era of Indian Architecture (1800-

designers and architects started finding

being installed in the reach areas of the

1950) has a lot of impact on imperial

the alternatives for wood, as Burma War

Coastal cities such as Mumbai, Chennai,

designs and concepts, as the British were

which started during 1960’s, had affected

Cochin and Kolkata. At that time there

ruling the country and wood was the most

the availability of the Burma Teak Wood

were only few fabricators, who were con-

suitable material for all windows, door

that was popular for windows and doors.

trolling the entire Aluminium window

frames, glazing, according to imperial stan-

The cost effective and natural replace-

market through their proprietary Window

dards as wood is a bad conductor of the

ment turned out to be mild steel windows.

Systems. Aluminium architectural profiles

heat/cold and in Great Britain, severe con-

Soon, within a span of 5 years steel win-

were not easily available in the open mar-

ditions during winter was the main con-

dows became famous as replacement for

ket and hence the monopolistic situation

cern. All leading architects of British ruling

wooden windows countrywide; but the

lead this market to stubbing designs, rigid

era replicated the same into Indian society;

major disadvantage was “rusting”, which

techniques and deprived R&D activities.

that is why we still see huge consumption

was immediate for steel windows in all

The open market for Aluminium archi-

of wood in old buildings across regions in

the coastal areas of the country. Again,

tectural profiles started in late 1970’s. The

India especially in some areas of southern

architects and structural engineers started

market was in transition mode, moving from

Mumbai such as Fort, Churchgate, Marine

looking for alternate solutions and they

conventional way of doing things to quality

Drive, etc.

ended up with Aluminium windows.

and innovation. With demand in time for a


12_Design Insight.indd 88

4/27/2013 8:39:15 PM


12_Design Insight.indd 89

4/27/2013 8:39:53 PM

Efficiency The efficient designs of system profiles give solutions for cleaning, maintenance and proper water drainage through the windows. The usage of the anti rattling guides; capillary pads ensures the rattle free and whistling noise free window. Lock guides, anti lifts ensures the safety of the windows not just from the outside but from inside as well. Specially designed rollers according to the weight of the window shutter helps in smooth running of the same. Corner joinery or corner cleats, wing connectors take care of the alignment of the window. Properly

sudden surge of high rises; rigorous R & D,

conventional windows have failed to adhere

new-fangled approach gave birth to system

to the quality norms of the end product, as

compatible gaskets and felts (weather-strips)

windows era in early 2000’s.

a good window is the outcome of mixture

ensures proper sealing of the windows

of efficient design of the profiles, good

hence to avoid noise, air and most impor-

Decoding the meaning

aluminium alloy (IS63400 or 6063), compat-

tantly water leakage through windows.

But before coming to the system windows

ible hardware, window fabrication/assembly

Specially designed KPa (reinforced)

let us understand the difference between

and installation techniques. Unfortunately

series in sliding as well as casement window

Conventional Aluminium Windows and

all Conventional Windows fail to offer the

sections takes care of the high wind pres-

System Aluminium Windows. The major dif-

same. On the other hand System Windows

sures in multi-story / high-rise buildings.

ference between the two is that the former

offered by the system house such as Geeta

Geeta Aluminium not only sells these

window sections are simply produced or

Aluminium and other system companies in

window systems, but also shares the knowl-

extruded by the extruder and these are sold

India offer one stop solution for all alumini-

edge about the same with its customers and

to the wholesalers, he then sells the same

um architectural needs. The flawless designs

makes sure that unsurpassed quality product

to the retailer, retailer then sells it to either

of the profiles, compatible accessories and

is installed on site through its unique model

fabricator or mistry or even directly to the

hardware, the right techniques of fabrica-

“Geeta Support System�.

end consumer. Apart from the first category

tion and installation makes System Windows

rest of the two hardly have any knowledge

far better than those of the Conventional

of window techniques. Hence we see major


12_Design Insight.indd 90

Please send in your thoughts and comments to

4/27/2013 8:39:57 PM

Zoom in

Mukund Iyer

Knowing that expression is all about freedom is common; believing in it is a little rare and practising is uncommon. Social Artist Mukund Iyer talks about how he has achieved it…

He is a social artist and a Bio architect, very a passionate doodler. He uses sketching as a medium to socialise with people. As a bio -architect he is a cofounder of a community called ‘Put your hands together’, who practise using locally available natural materials as medium to build shelters for communities. His other passions also include wall doodling,illustrating, photography, carpentry and scrap sculpting.


13_Zoom in.indd 91

4/27/2013 8:42:41 PM


13_Zoom in.indd 92

4/27/2013 8:43:08 PM


raveling is my passion and sensing energies from the surrounding and transferring them through a medium

like ink is my dexterity. ‘Social Artist’ is what I call myself. My sketches I feel I cannot explain in words or actions, none the less these words might just be able to give one a hint of what runs through me. When I start sketching i always start with a circle, which symbolises completeness and stability. There onwards I let the energy flow through me as it wishes, a stroke of freedom that comes out in the form of black and white lines. Sometimes, there is a touch of color and sometimes there is a touch of words. This is a stage of life, where my awareness is taking me on a spiritual path and the connection between this spiritual and the real world are my sketches. Expression is all about freedom, I want to achieve inner peace through sketching and my subconscious mind is my tool. Creating lines that question the society, sometimes asking questions about existence and life, but mostly expressing the freedom and love that my inner child wants to receive and give back to this universe. Currently it helps to make people spiritually aware and to rekindle their social life.


13_Zoom in.indd 93

4/27/2013 8:43:18 PM

Trend corner

Marc Cain

Casting an

aesthetic spell

Punit Agarwal, Owner of Marc Cain, India, offers us an in-depth knowhow of the company. Witness the exotic journey…


14_Trend Corner.indd 94

4/27/2013 8:45:31 PM


he Napean Sea Road store of Marc Cain is spread across 2600 sq ft. The store houses skirts, shirts, blouses, tops, pants, dresses, jackets, blazer sets, hats, belts, scarves, shoes, accessories, bags. Talking about the store, Punit Agarwal elaborates, “We had thought of

a well-planned strategy to place the merchandise in a clutter free manner along the sides of the store in order to present maximum leg space for our customers to browse through the display. Also, we wanted the look of the store itself to speak for the luxury brand. We designed the store with a modern concept providing a classy ambiance due to its exclusive interior design. This warm and precious appearance is given through the dark parquet floor and the shiny metallic walls coloured in champagne. Thus, our customers appreciate the minimalistic design and concept. The store design invites customers to stay in the perfect ambience and enjoy a relaxed & pleasant shopping experience.”

Lounge area The store has a lounge area that is equipped with padded furniture covered with a textile in brushed metal appearance as well as shag-pile carpet and comfortable illumination. Commenting in this regard, Punit Agarwal highlights, “We have placed an Italian crystal ball near the lounge area for the perfect ambient lighting to fall on the display.”


14_Trend Corner.indd 95

4/27/2013 8:46:04 PM

Design concept

clearly about the product, which is at the

• General light illuminates the whole sales

It is well known that opposites attract. Just

entrance and these change depending on

area, but there are also spotlights aligned

as with the Marc Cain Collections, the Marc

the spring, summer, autumn and winter sea-

Cain Interior Design also displays an excit-

son. The mannequins are placed in a man-

ing mix of contrasts that at first sight seem

ner behind the glass façade so that they

opposed, yet which in fact creates a harmo-

can convey and describe what the collec-

• Lighting elements (surface mounted and

nious overall appearance. There is an amaz-

tion stands for. The recent Spring Summer

recessed mounted) are white and merge

ing interplay of light and dark, hot and cold,

collection 2013 connotes a jungle theme,

matte and glossy, soft and yet linear. The

which is created amidst Nature. The prints

dark stained oak parquet flooring contrasts

are all vibrant, with colours ranging from

with the modern, high-gloss lacquered sur-

shades of green and blue. Further, there are

faces, which stand out from the soft, com-

other colours like black and white that have

Zoning strategy

fortable elements such as the deep pile

been used to indicate animal prints.

Different zones are easy to recognise and

carpet. The U-shaped elements, which can

on the hanging goods and busts • Bright colours of the store concept support the warm and bright atmosphere

with the ceiling, which is also white • The metallic wall colours are shining glamorous in the cones of light.

to understand, they have different but also

be arranged in different constellations, are

Design elements

equal design elements. Recognition value

characteristic features of the clear aesthetic

The Marc Cain stores have a lounge area

of the store design is given in all zones and

aesthetic theme and skillfully highlight the

along with a trial room. The lounge area or

there are smooth connections between the


special seating area helps the customers


The dark stained oak parquet flooring contrasts with the modern, high-gloss lacquered surfaces and fit in harmoniously with the overall impression. The tonality is reduced. A clear white dominates and is complemented by a glossy, metallic champagne tone that creates warmth. In addition, elegant metallic effects accentuate the modern feel. Harmonious light installations complete the overall

While drafting the interior for the new

to relax while shopping or while waiting in

Marc Cain stores are divided into three

store, the main concern was the floor plan.

queue for the trial rooms.

main zones which are:

He says, “We decided to address the issue

• Reception desk, upholstered with glossy,

• Windows

by dividing the store into two parts. One

violet-coloured material

part would be open and wide whereas the

• “Ball Chairs”, Eero Aarnio

other would be set up in a narrow area. We

• “Fil de Fer” ball lamps, Catellani & Smith,

used this contrast to decide which area will

with a diameter of 1.20 m, uniting several

be used for which part in the concept. After


a lot of consideration we decided that the lounge and fitting-room area that should

• small “Fil de Fer” lamps above the reception desk

be more private are placed in the narrow





side open with versatile views into the sales area). • Sales area with hanging and laying goods and bust presentation, cash desk. • Lounge area with fitting rooms and seating furniture. Marc Cain fixtures and furniture come from Germany. All furniture, except for the

area and an open and wide area are now

Innovative lighting strategy

seats, was designed by Marc Cain Interior.

sales area and cash-desk area.

High brightness and good illumination in

Further, there are designer pieces: ‘Oxford

At the entrance, there is a large glass

the store are few of the dominant charac-

Chairs’ and ‘Egg Chairs’ by Arne Jacobsen,

façade, which has been intentionally cre-

teristics of the store. In addition to this, the

‘Plastic Arm Chairs’ by Charles & Ray Eames,

ated to attract footfalls. The coloured sto-

warm lighting colours add to the vibrance.

‘Ball Chairs’ by Eero Aarnio, ‘Meda Chairs’ by

rey and visual merchandising theme speak

Other significant aspects of lighting are:

Alberto Meda.


14_Trend Corner.indd 96

4/27/2013 8:46:27 PM

Design corner

ANSA Interiors:

Carving a niche

ANSA Interiors is one of the fastest growing Interior Designing & Architectural firms of India. Let us witness its journey, USP and so on...


15_Design Corner.indd 97

4/29/2013 11:07:50 AM


March-April 2013 VOL. 3 • ISSUE 3 • `100

Vivek Bhole The purpose of this profession is innovation. So if you are not innovative you cannot be in this profession.

DM_Front Cover_Mar-Apr12.indd 1

2/25/2013 9:01:28 PM


15_Design Corner.indd 98

4/27/2013 8:49:39 PM


stablished in 2003, ANSA is a

rior designers, decorators and consultants,

responsible, responsive and customer

who work dedicatedly on all places to come

friendly organisation, which brings

up with a set up, which optimally utilises

to you world class interior designs, turning

the available space in the most aesthetic

your dreams into reality by providing

yet practical manner.

classy designing, specialised consultancy

ANSA is among the best Conceptual

& effective supervision. Be it residential

Designers Firms in today’s niche market,

or commercial projects, ANSA promises

who also acts as consultants to ensure that

ultimate satisfaction through a complete

the customers get what they want.

range of interior design services, including

Within a short span of just 9 years ANSA

space planning, decorating, renovation and

is a successful player in the interior design-

new construction.

ing market and few of their renowned commercial projects include General Motors

The journey

Showroom at Jaipur, Golden International

ANSA was started by the very skilled design-

Showroom at Panipat, Hotel Krishinton Pal-

er duo Ankush and Sapna Aggarwal with

ace in Bengaluru, and many others. They

a vision of giving life to the dreams that

have designed some of the sumptuous

Ankush Aggarwal

people have about their homes or offices.

homes at Noida, Bengaluru, Greater Kailash,

The talented and ingenious interior

Each project is focussed and unique - a bal-

etc, in Delhi. They have sample flat at Divine

designer Ankush Aggarwal is the proud

ance of aesthetics, functionality, ergonom-

Meadows, Expressway Greater Noida and

owner of the leading interior designing

ics and economics to suit personal taste.

sample flat at Northwood Villa, Shelton and

firm, ANSA Interiors. He introduced ANSA

They assure that the new space reflects

Hudson Villa in Bengaluru.

in 2003 along with his wife Sapna Aggarw-

the unique personality, and not a standard.

As per ANSA, ‘Your building …from

al, an interior designer and consultant, with

They create an element of unpredictability

construction to finishing touches’, we are

a vision of challenging the conventional

and add subtle details that spark interest,

a group of professional interiors design-

styling and giving interior designing new

making you the proud owners, raising spir-

ers who believe that ‘You grow only if you

dimensions. Ankush a graduate in Com-

its and exuding life. The company’s strength

dream!’ So we listen to your dreams and

merce and Post graduate in Interior Design-

is the creative and dexterous team of inte-

make them a reality.”

ing from International Academy of Design


15_Design Corner.indd 99

4/27/2013 8:50:00 PM

is an ambitious & dynamic entrepreneur,

leading interior designing firm, ANSA Inte-

who decided to do something different

riors. For 9 years, Sapna has boldly mixed

rather than joining his father’s wholesale

eras and cultures from across the world

hardware business. With a firm determina-

with magnificent designs in enriching

tion and fresh ideas he set to spell magic

colours as a residential and commercial

in the world of interior designing with his

interior designer and consultant. She has

creative skills. In a span of 9 years, he along

enjoyed designing countless homes and

with his wife Sapna designed countless res-

offices into personal, classy & chic spaces

idential, commercial and hotel projects into

with her elegant taste & innovation in

chic & classy living spaces. With his inno-

designing. Sapna graduated in Home Sci-

vative ideas he created contemporary as

ence (Hons) from Lady Irwin College and

well as traditional interior designs of inter-

acquired professional qualification in Inte-

national standards. The interiors designed

rior Design and Decoration from IAD and

by ANSA represent a unique panorama of

diploma in AutoCAD from CAD Centre

elegance, style, unmatched designs which

in year 2001. Her flair for creativity began

can captivate anyone. The duo today

when she started working at her father’s

holds high accolades for the big projects

export house. And in the year 2003 along

designed by them like 3 star hotel in Ban-

with her husband, Ankush Aggarwal, who’s

galore, shopping mall in Mauritius, General

an interior designer himself, Sapna coined

Motors showroom in Jaipur, Designing of

ANSA. The name ‘ANSA’ is a combination

What was the brief given by the owners?

texture paint at Wagah Border and Hussaini

of Ankush (AN) & Sapna (SA). With setting

He wished a weekend home full of luxuries

Wala Border and various high profile resi-

up of ANSA, there was no looking back for

and contemporary in look. The require-

dence at Noida, Greater Noida, Bangalore,

Sapna. She created wonders with her work

ment revolved around making it a place to

Ambala etc. Creativity is Ankush’s best traits

with lots of innovative ideas & contempo-

rejuvenate, relax and get together. There-

and his team his strength. With the help

rary designs of her own & within a span of

by, the open air Jacuzzi, a large sized draw-

of his experienced and creative team he

nine years she along with Ankush created

ing room with ample sitting and separate

helped people build their dream home or

some of the most exquisite contemporary

bar and billiard room were incorporated.

offices into reality. From space planning to

and traditional interior designs for homes,

decorating & designing, Ankush Aggarwal

offices, showrooms, Hotels etc.

What suggestions were given by the design team?

Talking to Ankush Aggarwal & Sapna Aggarwal of ANSA Interiors about Jaypee Greens, Greater Noida

The design team revolved the designs

brought a revolution in the interior designing arena by offering bespoke services, promising utmost satisfaction.

Sapna Aggarwal Sapna Aggarwal, the young & dynamic entrepreneur, is the proud owner of the

around the furniture, which was bought at first go. Special attention was given to using items which are relatively low in maintenance. The design gave a touch of class and enhanced the overall look making the rooms look harmonious, but not making it over board. Special effects were added with the use of exclusive materials like silver leafing, stainless steel cutwork

How was the interior of the house planned?

and cut glass. Since each house designed

The interior was conceptualised keeping

ed for another client, the design options

the client’s requirement in the first prior-

given to the client carried his attitude and

ity. The designs are contemporary with

likings in the project.

by ANSA is exclusive and is never repeat-

emphasis on furniture and accessories. The

Importance is given to utilisation of natural

What are the basic things you keep in mind while starting a project. Any suggestions

light and the design revolves around the

Incorporating classy furniture yet keep-

contours of the building

ing the circulation spaces clear so that

false ceilings and walls are kept in the neutral tones for the shadowed background.


15_Design Corner.indd 100

4/27/2013 8:50:37 PM

What were the problems faced while handling the project?

special highlighting. The drawing room

was the primary objective. The rooms were designed so that each room had

The site with God’s grace went with least

border across dining to visually enlarge

its own personality yet there was a com-

possible problems.

the area. The pillars were highlighted with

there is no obstruction in movement

had a square mirror pieces with cut glass

mother of pearl and wood claddings. The

mon thread running in the whole house

drawing room had three sittings using

separated by a clear glass partition, so

How many levels and rooms? Please explain the design elements incorporated in each level (lighting, flooring, walls...)

that the outside could be an extension

Four levels and 6 bedrooms and sitting

basement sitting near swimming pool had

of inside. Similarly the drawing room was

areas on each floor. The flooring is done in

wicker craft furniture with cane paneling

separated by a clear glass from the lawn

Satvario, which is one the expensive and

to give a feeling of outside merging with

outside, so that the party area could be

classy Italian stone. It is offset by Travatino,

inside though separated with clear glass.

extended as and when needed. The false

beige in tone at a few areas like billiard

The walls were highlighted with judicial

ceilings were absolutely straight as per

room, and wooden floorings in bedrooms.

use of wall paper. And the main colour

client’s requirement and the walls in uni-

Lighting plays a very important role in

came from the beddings, accessories and

tone all over. Fire places were incorpo-

any interiors. Though special thought was

wall papers…everything changeable; so

rated to give the European feel and also

given to utilise natural light, but none-

that anytime one wishes to change the

add warmth in chilly winters. There was

the-less apart from general light, there

look it is just a blink of eye away. The use of

an element of surprise added on each

was a focus on mood lightings by using

exclusive rugs and throws made the look a

floor with special design elements. The

chandeliers and wall highlighters. The

little warm and welcoming.

focus was undoubtedly on the comfort

walls run in a neutral tone all over, but

and luxuries.

were enhanced at main focal point using

so that the home looked harmonious and not separate units. The basement had a swimming pool and sitting area

different material. The centre table was carved from stone to add a little rustic touch to otherwise very elegant house. the

Please visit


15_Design Corner.indd 101

4/27/2013 8:51:13 PM

Design promo


16_Design Promo.indd 102

4/27/2013 8:53:52 PM

Mozaic presents

‘Retro Twist’ With the summer sun shining brightly, it is time to bring out some colours inside as well as outside your home. Celebrate this summer with Mozaic’s new range of accessories that will surely bring lots of colour and positivity to your lovely home!


16_Design Promo.indd 103

4/27/2013 8:53:58 PM


ozaic, located in a beautiful old bungalow at Bandra, Mumbai, is known for the

mosaic of lifestyle solutions offered through ornate settings in each room. Mozaic’s new furniture range and line of artefacts and tableware is aptly titled ‘Retro Twist’. Classic shapes and forms have been given unusual modern finishes and colours. There is a whole new range of chandeliers, pendant lights and table lamps. Traditional chandeliers and floor lamps have a fun element worked into the design. Plus a whole new line of exciting dinner sets, glasses, platters; and other table ware. The vibrant collection will unquestionably add a special touch to the indoor as well as outdoor space. The striking range of accessories is also perfect for a garden setting. Colour plays a very important part in achieving that elegant, cheerful and perfect ambience. “At Mozaic, we lay a big emphasis on colour as a detail – and all our accessories including the glass ware are



Vases, table lamps, accent chairs, bowls, chandeliers in bright red, yellow, etc, are a visual delight”, explains Shilpa




, At Moza ic ig we lay a b on em p ha s is a co lou r a s d a ll d eta il – a n s o ri e s o u r a cce s the inclu d ing g la s s wa re d a re s ou rce ly. a cco rd in g



tinues to be Mozaic’s USP and their exclusive inhouse finishes continue to make this store the leaders in ‘Bespoke furniture and styling.”

About Mozaic Located on the ‘high street’ and housed in a beautiful bungalow– right in the


16_Design Promo.indd 104

4/27/2013 8:54:02 PM

heart of a prime shopping and residential district of Bandra in suburban Mumbai; with style and design sensibilities in perfect tandem; original and elegant with just that little quirky twist - Mozaic by Shilpa Gupta is as a ‘one stop shop’ for interior design and lifestyle solutions, covering everything from furniture and lights to wall treatments, accessories and serious art. One of Mozaics greatest strengths is the customised design service for bespoke furniture, by a team of designers lead by founder Shilpa Gupta. This is done not just by way of customising sizes or finishes – but designing specific pieces to suit different requirements depending on the clients’ space and needs. Combining aesthetics with ergonomics & aesthetics is one of Mozaic’s key fortes that set it apart from the others. Within Mozaic, each room and nook & corner has been utilised to display an entire story – how a bedroom or den or living area would actually look, with all the different pieces of furniture and accessories that complete the story. The old world charm of the property blended with the contemporary new age lifestyle accessories and furniture displayed in real rooms, make a visit to Mozaic a charming, memorable affair.

About Shilpa Gupta She comes from a hospitality background with formal training in both F&B and Marketing. She is not a designer by qualification – only by vocation and passion. It has all been hands on practical and technical training over the last 10 years. Customising spaces and individual pieces for clients over the last several years, finally lead to this retail platform and design service cell, all of her own. Victory Villa, Turner Road, Bandra (West), Mumbai - 400 050


16_Design Promo.indd 105

4/27/2013 8:54:51 PM

Spot light

Nom Nom

Exploring the grandeur Nom Nom, the best Asian cuisine restaurant in the city, has now spread its wings and arrived into the queen of the suburbs with great aplomb and many swanky additions. Read on…


17_Spot Light.indd 106

4/27/2013 8:56:55 PM


om Nom Bandra is not ‘just another branch’. It is an evolution and an experience by itself: strikingly different from the Versova outlet. It is a restaurant, which is as

much about the experience as it is about its culinary spread.

Ambiance… The atmosphere of the restaurant is contemporary and lively with charming black exteriors, somber lighting, yet warm and welcoming with décor inspired from all the natural elements, be it the coir ropes or the marble pebbles. Further, the bamboo mat along with the warp and weft of palm leaf adorns the walls of Nom Nom. The stoned bar lends its character and there are chopstick inspired chairs. The middle section of Nom Nom has been given a loungelike low seating on the wooden block in order to conceive a lounge experience for its patrons. The wooden blocks separates the lounge seating from the dining area along with the lamps adding that soft lighting, soothing the lounge experience for oneself. The coppered birds hanging from the ceiling over the lounge area just completes the look.

Take aways… Thus, take an indeed South East Asian journey with a ‘live’ sushi counter and a live- dim sum console and lots more, to extend a fun and the freshest Asian experience. It is a constant endeavour to tease the pallet directly from the woks in the kitchen, and the service staff will encourage all to have that ‘one more’ sake bomb for a fun filled evening. After all dining experiences are now more focussed on having a ‘good time’


17_Spot Light.indd 107

4/27/2013 8:57:37 PM

Creative ideas


A treat for the


The careful observation and interest for the world, society, and culture are the heart of creativity and modernity of Visionnaire. Thanks to this approach Visionnaire has had the opportunity to expand all over the world.


18_Creative Ideas.indd 108

4/27/2013 8:59:03 PM


xclusively for Fuori Salone 2013,

ens and outdoor area for private residential

Visionnaire dedicates its Piazza

spaces, but also lounge bars, restaurants,

Cavour Showroom to the world

clubs, hotels for public spaces.

of cinema. Luxury style and quality are the

Expert speak

basic elements of a brand like Visi-

“We have primarily chosen to retrace our

onnaire, which now goes beyond a

DNA,” says Visionnaire CEO, Leopold Caval-

simple design of furniture. Visionnaire

li. Cavalli continues, “Our Milan showroom

now operates in 90 countries through

was originally the Cavour, one of the city’s

a network of 18 mono-brand stores

best-loved cinemas, which saw a succes-

(Milan, Bologna, Rome, Bari, Istanbul,

sion of hundreds of movie posters, and

St. Petersburg, Moscow, Shenzhen,

welcomed generations of inner-city Mila-

Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shunde, Cairo,

nesi, the ones who created the so-called

Chisinau, Byron Bay, Jeddah, Abu Dhabi,

“Milano da bere” of the ‘80s and ‘90s.”

New Delhi). It is done through a dense

Cavalli adds, “We renovated the space

network of selected high-end multi-

when we moved here in 2006, but left

brand shops and luxury department store,

the magical presence of the big screen

and co-operation with the best interior

untouched. Even then we were convinced

designers in the world. The network is set

that there was a great affinity between

to expand in Europe (Paris, London), Africa,

Visionnaire and the cinema. Visionnaire’s

the US and Latin America in the coming 2

collections have been openly influenced

years. With these values the Visionnaire col-

by the fantasy genre. ‘The Chronicles of

lection currently has more than 2000 prod-

Narnia’, ‘The Da Vinci Code’ and ‘The Lord

ucts, proposing a ‘total look’ offer for major

of the Rings’, for example, have inspired

housing projects: from the living room to

the designers of pieces that have become

the bedroom up to the bathrooms, kitch-

some of our best-sellers. We love the sce-


18_Creative Ideas.indd 109

4/27/2013 8:59:30 PM


18_Creative Ideas.indd 110

4/27/2013 8:59:59 PM

nography of the cinema, and the dreams it

the blue sea of August’ with the ‘Dehors

inspires in people. This is what Visionnaire

Collection’ designed by Alessandro La

wants to represent for its clients- dreams

Spada; Michel Hazanavicius’s “The Artist’

and magic, combined with quality and

for the Home Theatre project designed

sartorial mastery. In addition, our furniture

by the Visionnaire Project Team/ Samuele

was chosen by Giuseppe Tornatore for his

Mazza/ Alessandro La Spada, and last but

latest film, ‘The Best Offer’- our lamps,

not least, Martin Scorsese’s ‘The Aviator’

consoles and sofas were used to decorate

for VisionAire Jet Design by Visionnaire

the home of the film’s main character. It

Project Team/Robin Dunlop CTM Design.

was a combination of all of this that gave

Thus, blow-ups of iconic scenes from

us the idea for the Fuori Salone concept.”

each of the films will form the backdrop

Famous movie posters on the walls,

of each setting. And that is not all- a mini

video montages projected onto the big

movie set will recreate the atmosphere of

screen and seven micro-islands will all

the films in each of the seven islands.

feature in the Visionnaire space. But visitors’ attention will mainly

To sum up

be focussed on the islands. Each island

The focus on quality permeates every

will be furnished with inspiration from

aspect of the business: the individual

a great film: Giuseppe Tornatore’s ‘The

heritage and identity of the brand are

Best Offer’ with the Hammond Living

defended by designers as well as the

Room designed by Roberto Tapinassi and

excellent Italian craftsmen, constantly

Maurizio Manzoni; Luchino Visconti’s ‘The

challenged to keep the tradition alive

Leopard’ with the Diplomate collection

through a continuous process of rein-

designed by Samuele Mazza; Federico

vention and innovation. Each stage of

Fellini’s ‘La dolce vita’, with the Portfirio

the process, both within and outside the

collection designed by Roberto Lazzeroni;

company, is carefully monitored to ensure

Sofia Coppola’s ‘Marie Antoinette’ with

creativity where quality is without com-

the Versailles Dining Room designed by


Alessandro La Spada; Lina Wertmuller’s ’Swept away by an unusual destiny in

Lights, camera, action…The rest? A surprise- in pure Visionnaire style.


18_Creative Ideas.indd 111

4/27/2013 9:00:02 PM

Event report


CELEBRATING ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL EDITION fensterbau/frontale india, organised by Germany’s NürnbergMesse Group in cooperation with the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce, ift Rosenheim and the International Fenestration Forum, recently presented another successful edition of the show. Promising to come up with another such successful edition next year, the event ended with immense knowledge imparting. Highlights from the edition…


19_Event Report.indd 112

4/27/2013 9:01:35 PM





Federation of Safety Glass, Confederation

facade and fenestration technology. is

of Construction Products and Services,

note in Mumbai on March 9. The

organised by Germany’s NürnbergMesse

Aluminium Extruders’ Council (ALEX)

third edition of the show witnessed

Group in cooperation with the Indo-

and the Indian Green Building Council.

participation from more than 9 countries

German Chamber of Commerce, ift

and attracted 5642 visitors. Mumbai,


the commercial capital of the country

Fenestration Forum.

recently concluded on a successful






Glimpses from the show The wide array of products on display

is always at the forefront when it comes

The event is further supported by

to real estate development. Building

Industry Associations including Glazing

to the highest quality standards and

& construction industry in Mumbai is

Society of India, uPVC Window & Door


always on the lookout for the latest in

Manufacturers Association (UWDMA),

uPVC & aluminium system solutions


fensterbau/frontaleindia innovative





19_Event Report.indd 113

4/27/2013 9:01:56 PM

on the topic of “Façade Technologies for




buildings”.. Dr Lang is an architect as well as Professor and Director of the Center of Energy Efficient and Sustainable Design and Building at the ‘Technische UniversitätMünchen’ (TUM). From 20082010 he was Professor of Architecture and Sustainable Design at Austin School of Architecture, University of Texas, and from 2009 - 2010 he had been Director of the Center for Sustainable Development.

Knowledge platform The session was followed by a panel discussion


“Facade Technologies

for Future Oriented Buildings- Hope software,

an ideal platform for discussing the latest

India & Challenges” featuring eminent

opening and closing devices, coatings,

technologies and trends with key focus

personalities such as Ar. Ruchir Panwar

anchor channels, adhesives and other

on the trends in science & market, energy

(RSP Design Consultants) Ar. Vivek Bhole

production aids – the exhibition was all

efficiency and quality. The sessions

(Neo Modern Architects), Ar. Nilabh

inclusive and had something in store for

reflected and covered the current needs

Nagar (Ar. Hafeez Contractor), Ar. Prem


and demands of the window, door and

Nath (Prem Nath & Associates), Ar.

facade industry in India.

Sheetal Rakheja (Design & Development),







programme under the heading of

An important highlight of the

V. Suresh (HIRCO) and Prof. Dr. Werner

“Envelopes for Green Buildings” offered

conference programme was a special

Lang (Technische Universität München).

experts from India and all over the world

session with Prof. Dr. Werner Lang

The panel discussion was moderated by


19_Event Report.indd 114

4/27/2013 9:02:05 PM

Anthony John from Schueco and Ashish Rakheja from AECOM. Interesting to note, the second day of the conference programme coincided with the International Women’s Day. And prominent women from India’s fenestration industry were honoured for their contribution on this occasion. The recipients included Suhag Khemlani (Clean





(Alumayer India), Zeba Anwar (Milestone Aluminium)




(Design & Development). The move was intended to encourage more women to be part of the growing facade and fenestration industry in India, as their resilience and attention to detail is of paramount importance for the growth

quality end product. The move is also

hardware systems for better understand-

of the industry.

intended to upgrade low-end fabricators

ing of the latest technology.

The accompanying workshop for

in working with system windows, thus

local fabricators was an effort well

enabling them to learn about the

The next edition of the show will

appreciated by the industry – as a great

importance of using quality hardware for

take place in Delhi from the March 1-3,

initiative – giving ‘knowledge’ back

any architectural aluminium product.

2014 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

to the industry. The concept of taking

The event drew an overwhelming

fenestration to the grass root level is

response and had more than 500 plus

For further details log on to

seen as crucial to bridge the knowledge

attendees. In addition, there was a wide

gap and ensure installation of a high

display of different kind of windows and



19_Event Report.indd 115

4/27/2013 9:02:15 PM

Event report



The second edition of India Design Forum (IDF), one of India’s foremost design platforms, recently took place in Mumbai at the National Centre for Performing Arts (NCPA) on March 15-16, 2013. A review…


19_Event Report.indd 116

4/27/2013 9:02:24 PM



DF 2013 was inaugurated by Mr Rajeev

This year, YES Bank has partnered with

Sethi, Chairman & Founder Trustee,

the IDF for the first time. “We are certain

Virtuous Retail presented “Connecting

The Asian Heritage Foundation. He is a

that IDF will enable the catalysing of an

Communities: The IDF Happy Hour” a

leading designer and is noted internationally

enabling eco-system, apart from fueling

special capsule that was introduced for

for his innovative contribution to preserving

appreciation and demand for design and

the first time wherein ten young Indian

and celebrating the subcontinent’s rich

innovation in India.” avered Rana Kapoor,

designers presented a talk. Further, anoth-

cultural heritage.

Founder, Managing Director & CEO,

er highlight this year was the presentation

Yes Bank.

by Punj Lloyd about creating a cleaner India

The IDF 2013 is enabled by a network of innovative and forward thinking partners

Punj Lloyd, which has been associated

by solving the waste challenge in India’s

who, like IDF, believe that Design matters.

with the IDF since the first edition, pro-

public spaces using design-thinking meth-

YES Bank is IDF’s title partner for 2013, a con-

vides integrated design, engineering, pro-

ods and leveraging the Indian Railways as

tinuation of its support of creative platforms

curement, and construction along with

a platform for innovation and inspiration

across India. This year, IDF also welcomed

project management services in the ener-

by SAAF .SAAF is an initiative launched by

support from Absolut (Pernod Ricard),

gy and infrastructure sectors. “Punj Lloyd

THNK, The School for Creative Leadership

British Airways, Tata Elyxsi, JSW and Xylys.

has been a supporter of IDF from its very

in the Netherlands. THNK and Punj Lloyd

inception. We are committed to support

presented the SAAF initiative in the main

The backbone…

such an endeavour as we understand how

session at IDF 2013 as a panel discussion.

The IDF was founded last year by well known

design can transform the society and the

The initiative dealt with problems in rural

business woman, art collector and design

nation,“ explained Mr Atul Punj, Chairman,

India and ideas of how to improve infra-

aficionado Rajshree Pathy and her daugh-

Punj Lloyd Group.

structure including the Indian Railways.

has evolved into being one of the most


to promote innovative design thinking

prominent and influential design events in

The IDF featured over 20 speakers and

and create a high level of consciousness

India. Created by the Coimbatore Centre for

leading experts from multiple design

for the power of design. Our objective is

Contemporary Art (COCCA), the first edition

disciplines. The speakers examined how

to enable strategic alliances, encourage

of the India design Forum held last year in

designs inform the ‘world and change our

dialogue between academia and indus-

New Delhi served as an international design

lives, every day’.

try and facilitate cross-cultural design

“IDF was conceptualised as a catalyst

ter Aishwarya Pathy. In a short span, the IDF

platform bringing together top architects,

Some of the VIP Speakers included

interior designers, product designers from


India and the world over, in an exchange of

erwick Studio, a studio formed to make

ideas and design solutions for urban living.

unique design projects happen, famous

The IDF 2013 features talks by highly







thinking and application.” commented Aishwarya Pathy,Co Founder,India Design Forum.

Summing up…

acclaimed design experts from around India

Louboutin, celebrated designer Anouska

Moving from a rich legacy through a

and the rest of the world. ”IDF is a celebration

Hempel, visionary & designer Ross Loveg-

thriving present day scene to a promising

of India’s distinctive design aesthetic and the

rove, Deyan Sudjic, eminent Indian architect

future, the IDF 2013 will present experts

ways in which it continues its conversation

Rahul Mehrotra, Co-founder and Director-

and key players, who examine how design

with the international design world”, said

Droog Renny Ramakers, Nipa Doshi, Sabya-

informs our world and changes our lives,

Rajshree Pathy.

sachi Mukheree and Jonathan Levien.

every day.


19_Event Report.indd 117

4/27/2013 9:03:32 PM

Event report



EDITION OF SUCCESS Rachana Sansad’s School of Interior Design rang in the month of March 2013 by celebrating their annual event- SRUJAN 2013. This was a three day event commencing from the 7th March to 9th March, 2013. Glimpses from the event…


19_Event Report.indd 118

4/27/2013 9:04:43 PM

Highlights On the first day, we had the inauguration of the exhibition. The chief guests were Mrs. & Mr. S. D. Chitnis, Chairman, Rachana Sansad, while the Guest of Honour was Mr. Pradip Amberkar, Vice-Chairman, Rachana Sansad. The students had put up a show of all their works, which included exhibits of their portfolios, displaying all the works of art they had made (chair made of Bisleri bottles, lounge chairs, foil mannequin, and so on). The following day, March 8, was the SID Awards’ Night. The chief guest of the evening was Mr. Nitin Saolapurkar, Hon. Secretary, IIID. The Guests of Honour were Mr. Chitnis, Mr. Amberkar, and Mr. Yatin Kandolkar. The event was anchored by Principal Prasad Badle. The chief guest and guests of honour gave very warm and insightful speeches to the audience. The theme of the evening was felicitation of the senior male faculty. These teachers have contributed significantly to the college over the years. As is the practice every year, students who were meritorious the previous year were given citations and certificates, as were the current academic year’s students with the best portfolios. This year there was a new addition to the regular - the Best Student of the Year- award.

End note… March 9, 2013 was the final day of SRUJAN 2013. The day began with a cricket match between the faculty and students. The students triumphed. This was followed by a presentation by the final year degree course students. After this, there were a few activities lined up for our students like onthe-spot-painting, art from crap, rangoli, collage making, to name a few. However, the most awaited event of the day was the cultural programme, where the students performed on songs, fashion shows and what not. MAY-JUNE 2013 • DESIGN MATRIX 119

19_Event Report.indd 119

4/27/2013 9:05:13 PM

Youth corner



It is a long journey from the college campus to the actual handson jobs. However, it is the inner zeal coupled with right attitude thats required. Vanya Jain Shastri, Architect & Industrial designer, in a conversation with Chandreyee Bhaumik shares her experiences.

For how many years have you been working?

ing you to come back to earth! As a student,

I graduated in architecture in 2008 and went

with impossible submission deadlines and

on to do a post-graduate course in Industrial

endless work to be done. Architectural

Design immediately afterwards. Now, I have

education is very hands-on, one where you

been working for about 3 years.

need to continuously generate ideas, draw

one is always under tremendous pressure

out concepts, make 3D models and in the

How has been the journey from the college campus to the industry? Kindly elaborate on it.

end, keep the examiner happy. The industry,

College life in architecture is unlike college

working. Terms like building bye-laws, Floor

life in any other courses. Architecture is hec-

Space Index (FSI) and shear force are not just

tic, back-breaking (literally), time consum-

mundane technical terms. These are rules

ing, frustrating and more like ‘archi-torture’!

that determine your design to a large extent.

When you are in college, you are idealistic.

Once in the industry, you realise that you can

You dream of doing big things, of making a

no longer ask your teachers. You are on your

change in the existing norms. Teachers seem

own. But if you enjoy your work, nothing can

to be a constant pain, as they keep remind-

stop you from doing well in your field.

however, is a completely shocking experience. Reality comes knocking when you start


20_Youth Corner.indd 120

4/27/2013 9:07:31 PM

Please elaborate on your present work profile.

look at the project, not just from a designer’s

vided the classroom courses are updated

point-of-view but also to listen to the client’s

regularly! However, in architecture there are

I work on the concept designs based on the

ideas. Site meetings are extremely important

no absolute guide books or course books

clients brief. After the basic concepts are

to learn how to resolve issues on the spot,

that will teach you “correct” architecture.

cleared, it is time for design detailing and

deal with the work force and other agencies

There is no such thing as “correct” architec-

physical or 3D models to aid design visualisa-

involved, and also to make sure that it is MY

ture. It may be appropriate architecture. I

tion. Since I do not have enough experience,

design that is being finally implemented.

remember, for us, the easiest time of the year was during the theory exams. We

I sometimes have queries, which I do not

could sleep straight for 10 hours, go out

project, draw out Bill of Quantities (BOQs)

Often in most of the industries, the practical, hands-on industry job is very different from what is taught in the classroom. What about your industry? How would you clarify this?

and also prepare the boring working draw-

It is true that there is a big disconnect

session was during the final submission

ings. Luckily for me, I get to be a part of client

between what we are taught and what we

when senior architects from the industry

meetings as well as go for site visits. Client

actually practise. It is essential to learn the

would come and give their opinions on

meetings have taught me a lot about how to

basics in a classroom environment, but pro-

our design. In some sense, the external

hesitate to ask my seniors. It is important to continuously learn, adapt and evolve. At my office, there are no set patterns of work for any one person. Everyone is made to work on the interesting design formulation of a

with friends and even sit for the exam without touching any books. If we attended the lectures regularly, it was enough to write the exam. But the crucial part of the academic


20_Youth Corner.indd 121

4/27/2013 9:07:42 PM

faculty and the mem-

Nehru Centre in Worli, through which each

always knowing that I would be an archi-

bers of external jury are a

student showcases his/her academic proj-

tect one day, making London Bridge stand

sure-shot way of connect-

ects and areas of interests. A lot of design-

till eternity. After school, it was easier for me

ing to the industry and

related companies visit the DDS and have

to make my decision as compared to other

hence it is important for

on-the-spot interviews. All the same, a lot

friends. Even during my student days, my

such faculty members to

of companies have to be invited directly by

parents understood the tremendous pres-

be approachable by stu-

the student body for the selection process.

sure of deadlines that I was undergoing.


The general trend is that only IT companies

Many of my friends would often complain

It is also essential that

end up coming for placements. Whereas

that such was not the case at their home.

students be regularly tak-

most design studios do not participate in

Most importantly, even today I look up to

en on construction sites

this process. This puts the students interest-

my father for advice. So it definitely is a plus

to explain to them actual

ed in design at a disadvantage. Eventually

to have a family background in architecture.

they have to look for work independently.

At the same time, there is a lot of expecta-

work practices rather than relying on content from dated British construction meth-

abroad to broaden the horizon of a stu-

What, according to you, are the top trends of the industry and how do you cater to them?

dent’s thinking.

Earlier, government bodies and institu-

odology books. There should be regular guest lectures from architects in India and

tions were the major patrons of architec-

`How has IIT Bombay helped in shaping your career?

ture. Now the building industry is going

IIT Bombay was an eye opener. We were a

for builders and developers. Architecture is

small batch of students coming from varied

thus becoming trend-oriented as not many

backgrounds such as architecture, electron-

developers care for good architecture. This

through a phase, where the bulk of work is

ics, mechanical engineering, IT,

has resulted in a shift in priorities for

art etc. It was interesting to

the architects. While designs are still

learn how people from non-

important, their marketability takes

tions, especially from the outside world.

What is your message to the students, who are aspiring to be architects?

priority. I feel that this is

Do not choose your employer on the basis

their thoughts to make

resulting in deteriora-

of money. Learn to get involved with and

design ideas work. At IIT,

tion of the quality of

enthused about your work. Teamwork is

I came in contact with a



important. Develop your thoughts and

lot of interesting people

Every thing is mon-

look into the details. More importantly,


do not let computers mar your creativity.

design background apply

with exciting ideas. From architecture, which looks at the


for architecture comes second.

macro aspect of design, I have started look-

Learn to rely on your hands more than the mouse! Go by your instinct but always keep updating your knowledge. In the

and whys of materials, technology, manu-

How did having a family background of architects help you?

facturing processes have become more

My father is an architect. When I was young,

assignments on your own to help gain

important for me in shaping my ideas. For

he used to take me sometimes to his office.


me now, design is not only about creating a

Ironically, I would sing the nursery rhyme

building, it encompasses the whole micro-

“London Bridge is falling down”, much to

Please send your feedback to

cosm of the building, right from the interior

my dad’s embarrassment! I think I grew up

ing at the micro aspect of design. The hows

beginning, it is a good idea to take small

layouts to the furniture to the actual building detailing too.

How efficient is campus selection of IIT Bombay? IDC in IIT Bombay does not have a campus selection process like the rest of the departments. IDCians have an independent Design Degree Show (DDS) every year at the 122 DESIGN MATRIX • MAY-JUNE 2013

20_Youth Corner.indd 122

4/27/2013 9:07:57 PM


H C N LAU Siddhartha

Frazer and Haws unveils its Buddha collection ima, Frazer For the occasion of Buddha Purn dha Bud its and Haws recently unveiled g udin incl s collection with different idol tam Gau Art, the Healing Buddha, Bodhi Buddha’, and Siddhartha. The ‘Healing sterling silver, is handcrafted in terracotta and hartha, is in a Sidd in a meditating pose, while ed on his plac s meditative repose with a lotu sterling and ble forehead, handcrafted in mar te. whi and silver and available in black Tel: 011 24647818


21_Product Launch.indd 123

4/27/2013 9:09:22 PM


showcases the ‘office of the future’ The American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC), the leading international trad e association for the Am erican hardwood industry, showc ased the ‘office of the fut ure’ at the Wallpaper Handm ade Exhibition, as par t of Sal one del Mobile in Milan. AHEC was invited to collaborate with Wallpaper and Ar. Adam Khan, to rethink the moder n workplace and present a radical new vision of how and where we should spend our working lives. The res ult is a striking timber compos ition, ‘Octopus’, which defi nes, divides and connects var ious work zones. Working closely with UKbased sculptor and fabrica tor Adam Kershaw, Khan has created ‘Octopus’, which combines natural and hea t-treated American tulipw ood with American maple floor ing in his design to create a warm, rich work environ ment. In addition, the nat ural colour variations in the tuli pwood create a dramatic marbled effect, which con trasts with the dark heat-tr eated timber, a material design ed for exterior use but also use d internally to provide a dar ker finish. ww

l e k y a P & r e Fish ’ Appliances dishwasher vative shows inno

washer in a novative dish in ’ es nc lia el App innovative Fisher & Payk for the most d ar aw e th , won tchen drawer form the Indian Ki of the year at t uc od erent. ff pr di n kitche y kitchen is all know ever e “W ce and . oi ss ch re Cong gned for family is desi ™ er w e, tall, ra id D w ish is The D erence ther your pref he W s multiple e. er nc off ie s conven Drawer™ serie ish D e th – le erial finishes double or sing choice of mat a ith w g on ns, al ting kitchen configuratio new and exis to in ly ss a, le seam y Head – Indi to integrate hwa, Countr ad W v ee nj Sa designs,” says Appliances. el yk Pa & Fisher w w w.fisherpa


21_Product Launch.indd 124

4/27/2013 9:10:14 PM

Redefine modern and contemporary furniture with

“CA Style”

Living In Style, Mumbai has launched CA Style, which brings to its patrons an ent lavish contemporary furn ire range of iture. Living In Style is a bra nd that emphasizes excellence a whole range of home and offers décor furniture & access ories that allure discernin expect unparalleled qua g ind ivid ual s who lity. An eye for magnificen ce and design has always Style, Mumbai stand out made Living In as the store that has see n itself transcend to evo display contemporary furn lving trends. It has on iture that is imported from various international bra Italy, Calia Italia, Kelvin Gio nds like Camel rmani, etc. Also by adding the new designs concep Living In Style, Mumbai aim ts to CA Style, s to make home décor sho pping an experience to also the charming vibe of be enjoyed and the store is sure to leave every visitor spell bound. Tel: 2875286/28773448

duced by Kalingastone has ry agglomerate stone pro Exotics of real marble, eve exotic natural marbles. ours which are close to the designs, pat terns and col s to choose from, with r 150 colours and pat tern Kalingastone comes in ove Space My Life - Bathroom outdoor applications. My innumerable indoor and vity to your bathrooms duct that stretches exclusi pro ed rch sea ll-re al we a is Concet ti hroom Concet ti is an ide lomerate marble tiles. Bat agg ed lish -po pre of in the form tallation procedures. ours, designs and easy ins option in terms of size, col ww

Kalingastone Bathroom Concetti from

Classic Marble Company MAY-JUNE 2013 • DESIGN MATRIX 125

21_Product Launch.indd 125

4/27/2013 9:10:52 PM

aura d n a r o d n Sple ith es w to your hom xtra Domestic E

t in laminate rgo – the bes Pe ny pa m co d ing the best Swedish base ed at provid m ai s ay w al the Domestic flooring have floorings; with to es m co it that very choice when s kept up with ha o rg ed Pe n, io been associat Ex tra Collect it has always e ic rv ts se es d an gg t e name su commitmen a range as th tr Ex tic es ith tic areas w with. The Dom ndle domes le signed to ha de ed ideal to hand de in is eans that it is m ch hi w r, ea mes. moderate w ens in our ho tear that happ d an mestic r do ea w to e th hen it comes w ce oi gs ch ct “A per fe minate floorin a range of la tr Ex tic ng es vi gi signs areas, the Dom decors and de ide range of w a in various ideas es ith m w co periment ex to ty ni rgo tu hwari, CEO, Pe you an oppor aresh Mahes N id sa ,” rs for your floo India Pv t Ltd. .com w w w.pergo

With Durian Laminates

imagination knows

no boundary


21_Product Launch.indd 126

One can now conver t your dreams, imaginations , and creatio ns on to laminates as one desires. D ig ital Print is a revolution, which has ex panded the dynamics of designing an d creativity in the world of Laminates. D ig ital Printing technology is way differen t an d versatile than the norm al roto-grauv eure print. Overcoming the problem s with screen printing and stamp/block printing, digi printing tech tal nology is muc h advanced and precise than other pr inting metho which are us ds, ed for printin g decor paper This technolo s. gy gives you the freedom print any crea to tive design on any surface with real RG B- CMYK prin tin g, which can bring life and real 3D print eff ec t on the decor print. Digital Printin g Technology gives us a pa norama to a wide range of designs which have been cr eated and introduced fo r kitchens, ch ild ren room, living room, wardrobes an d offices. w w w.durian. in

4/27/2013 9:11:26 PM

Tigerlily by Aparna presents neon pop collection Designer Aparna Upadh yaya Sanyal of Tigerlily By Aparna now introduces a new, whims ical and unique collection of sof t furnishings. Staying true to her love for colour and tex tures, the designer introduces her new neon pop collec tion . The se gorgeous gem encrusted cushions are made of pur e raw silk in acid pop colours. The y are hand embroidered with beautiful crystal gems in neon col ours and are fully lined. The sof t furnishing lines by Tigerli ly comprises of decorative cus hio ns, throw pillows and bolste rs. All lines are lavishly and lov ing ly designed using luxurious materials like silk, brocad es, vel vet s, digital printed satin silk s all embellished with exq uisite hand embroidery and crystal acc ents. ww

xander the 1920’s, Theodore Ale Golden Age of Travel, in the of e gag lug eers to create the Ven by Inspired ss Steel, Leather and materials such as Stainle ne fi t ins aga ri offer. These aha on Kal s ces jux tapose of a kind furniture pie uisite collection has one exq The s. other ign des and t d kin lnu a one of ebony macassar, wa tly crafted in mahogany, cen fi gni ma h item is are Eac s . ign que des l hni origina Kalahari finishing tec veneers with the exotic and ods . wo ign tive des ora and dec highly lity in craftsmanship represents the highest qua handmade by artisans and ww w.if

International Furniture Brands introduces

The Kalahari Collection

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GLOSSARY IFC: Lunawood Exterior Cladding & Decking • 935, Bhagwandas Wadi, Behind Kismat Talkies, off V.S. Marg, Prabhadevi, Mumbai 400025 Tel: (022) 24318222 Email: • 9/B & 9/K, Laxmi Ind. Estate, New Link Road, Versova, Andheri (W), Mumbai – 400053 Tel: (022) 26327733 / 34 Email: Pg. 1: Ebco Pvt. Ltd. 402-3, Hyde Park, Saki Vihar Road, Mumbai 400072 Tel: (022) 67837777 Email: Pg. 2: KiTEC KiTEC Industries (India) Limited C-18/11, Jeevan Bima Nagar, Borivali (W), Mumbai – 400 103. Tel.: (022) 2895 1144 Email: Pg. 3: Cera Cera Sanitaryware Ltd. Madhusudan House, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad 380 006. Tel.: (079) 26449781/26449789 Email: Pg. 4 & 5: Durian Veneers Durian Industries Ltd. 401, The Summit, Western Express Highway, Vile Parle (E), Mumbai 400057 Tel: (022) 26269000 Email: Pg. 6: Travette Engineered Hardwood Flooring MRJ Trading Pvt. Ltd. 201, Shyam Kamal ‘C’ Bldg., Agarwal Market, Vile Parle (E), Mumbai – 400057. Tel: (022) 26187132 / 26131442 Email:

Pg. 7: Prayag Prayag Polymers (Pvt.) Ltd. Customer Care: 9310002486 Email: Pg. 9: Kinlong Guang Dong KINLONG Hardware Products Co. Ltd., No. 102, A Wing, Camellia, Nahar’s Amrit Shakti, Powai, Mumbai, India- 400076 (M): 09619068685 Email: Pg. 11: CLS Blockboards CLS Industries Pvt. LTd. Plot no.38, 43, 44 & 45, Survey No.89, Meghpar Borichi, Anjar, Gujarat, India. Tel: 09711192810 / 09099052288 Email: Pg. 12: Concept Dekor Surface Dekor (India) Pvt. Ltd. Abdul Satar Lakdawala Comp., Jogeshwari-Vikhroli Link Road, Jogeshwari-East, Mumbai – 400 060 Tel: (022) 28242424/28362424 Email: Pg. 13: Armstrong Armstrong World Industries (India) Pvt. Ltd. B2, G-01, Marathon Innova, Off Ganpatrao Kadam Marg, Lower Pare, Mumbai – 400 013. Tel: (022) 3048 0800 Email: Pg. 14: FINfloor Laminated flooring MRJ Trading Pvt. Ltd. 201, Shyam Kamal ‘C’ Bldg., Agarwal Market, Vile Parle (E), Mumbai – 400057. Tel: (022) 26187132 / 26131442 Email: Pg.15: LG Hi-Macs New Patel Sawmill Group 204/B, Vertex Vikas, Sir M V Road, Andheri (East), Mumbai – 400069 Tel: (022) 26833377/0952 Email:

Pg. 16 & 17: Uniply Elementz Decorative Veneers Uniply Industries Ltd. #52, Harleys Road, Kilpauk, Chennai – 600 010. Tel: (044) 26605995 Email: Pg. 46 & 47: Uniply ATS Plywood Uniply Industries Ltd. #52, Harleys Road, Kilpauk, Chennai – 600 010. Tel: (044) 2660 5995 Email: Pg. 54 & 55: Le Cdeor MRJ Trading Pvt. Ltd. 201, Shyam Kamal ‘C’ Bldg., Agarwal Market, Vile Parle (E), Mumbai – 400057. Tel: (022) 26187132 / 26131442 Email: Pg. 85: UBM-INDEX Trade Fairs Pg. 89: Geeta Corporate Ad. Geeta Aluminium Company Pvt. Ltd. D/4, Ansa Industrial Estate, Saki Vihar Road, Saki Naka, Andheri (East), Mumbai – 400072. (M): 09930806685 IBC: Corian Solid Surfaces • Agar Bazar S. K. Bole Road, Dadar (W), Mumbai 400028 Tel: (022) 24318444/555 Email: • 9/B & 9/K, Laxmi Ind. Estate, New Link Road, Versova, Andheri (W), Mumbai – 400053 Tel: (022) 26327733 / 34 Email: BC: Durian Home Furniture Durian Industries Ltd. 401, The Summit, Western Express Highway, Vile Parle (E), Mumbai 400057 Tel: (022) 26269000 Email:


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