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Art + Design in Refraction Senior Showcase 2018

Featured at the

African American Cultural Center December 8, 2018

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Dedicated to Roy G. Biv, and everyone we didn’t thank enough along the way.

Foreward: About Art + Design The newest of the studio-based majors, the Department of Art + Design is an experimentative discipline that encourages explorations through various media and methodologies to produce rich and immersive narratives. Nurturing fine art skills, but also demanding active problem solving, interdisciplinary attitudes, and technical prowess, the Art + Design curriculum offers a broad and vibrant realm for students to discover and refine the story they want to tell the most through their work. The undergraduate program is characterized by two concentrations: Fibers + Fashion and Animation + New Media. Students begin their experience with foundational courses to develop their design thinking skills but are also given the opportunity to enroll in a breadth of specialized courses to hone their techniques and individual paths. Welcoming many methods of thinking, the Art + Design discipline is a collaboration not only of mediums but also of interests and ideologies. The goal of any Art + Design student is to express, engage, and explore, both intelligently and conscientiouisly. The works that have been and will be created by students in the program will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact. Innovators and re-inventors, an Artist + Designer can tell a story like no other, and invites any and all to join in for an unforgettable experience.

Prism: Art + Design In Refraction The 2018 Senior Showcase theme is “Prism: Art + Design in Refraction.” Intended to reflect the multifaceted nature of the senior class, this showcase is a culmination of the work produced by the students during their four years at NCSU’s College of Design. Most importantly, Senior Show is an opportunity to celebrate and explore works by the students in various fields such as animation, fibers and fashion, game design, print and surface design, illustration, photography, garment making, sequential art, digital modeling, and virtual reality. Within Prism, each designer is represented by a unique hex code embodying their respective design philosophies that subsequently “color” their body of work. By using such a fundamental design principle as the visual language for the Senior Show, the collaborative class project provides yet another opportunity for the students to reinvent and reimagine an existing concept. Together, these seniors create a spectrum of rich hues and values; an idiosyncratic color palette only found within the personalities and projects of this years’ Art + Design senior class.

#91191f Black Currant

Téa Blumer Hoping to evoke a sense of intrigue in her work, Téa’s style is enchanting, delicate, and deceptively simple. With a background in the fine arts and a minor in graphic design, she is intimately attentive to detail and can work in variety of mediums and breadths. At the same time, she favors illustrations, animations, and interactive media for their storytelling qualities. Her design process is tumultuous yet strategic, meticulous yet efficient – and her love for interdisciplinary work lends her to always learning something new. Ever-curious and eager to adapt, when Téa faces unfamiliar territory she is undeterred by the fear of risks and more charmed by the realm of possibilities. Her body of work is elegant and sophisticated, balancing a quiet confidence with humility and receptivity to improve.

#ff0033 Raspberry Rose

Emily Sikkel Emily is a curious and ambitious designer with a passion for all things print and pattern. She feels compelled to create pieces that are delicate, intricate and feminine, yet are inherently bold, powerful and challenging. She enjoys designing and illustrating a range of products including clothing, undergarments, and accessories. Retro silhouettes and details, bold organic prints, and conceptual and often introspective narrative are some common threads throughout her work. Emily’s international background also often tends to influence her concepts as she strives to create work that illuminates the world in a unique perspective. She finds beauty in the existing methods, cultural traditions and history of fibers and fashion, but is fascinated by modern and innovative techniques and technology. With an eye for seeing the details, her work intrigues and innovates. Her cheerful outlook brings life and color to her work and hopes to inspire those around her.

#d31a2c Oxford Red

Samantha Bratzke Samantha Bratzke is an intelligent and driven individual. She has the ability problem solve, envision a product, and execute a deliverable with immaculate attention to detail. She is ambitious, focused, and a perfectionist in all her endeavors. She sets her standards high, and her goals even higher; she sometimes spreads herself too thin, but is always able to deliver a superb product in a timely manner. Samantha is passionate and forward with her thinking and communication, making her a valuable collaborator. Samantha’s creative endeavors are diverse, including interests in traditional practices such as: embroidery and corsetry, as well as, contemporary practices related to new textiles, and athletic wear. Overall, she values learning, specifically, using tactility as a way to teach problem solving and creative intelligence. She views life as a hands-on experience, preferring to engage with others and the world around her.

#ef3e37 Scarlet

Justice Dunne Justice is a powerful designer who is filled to the brim with ideas, and is itching to act on each and every one of them. As a lover of stories, animation, and games, Justice draws from these varied interests to bring new perspectives into all of their work. Able to work well with others, but also willing to take charge and lead peers to create a wonderful final product, Justice has unique insight and a fun demeanor. Justice makes a point on every project to push the boundaries of what is possible. Justice is known for a deft touch at analyzing and organizing situations and stories, making work that is always intriguing and lively. As a lone creator with the intensity and repertoire of a full design team, Justice will keep on creating forever!

#ef820d Meet Me at Sunset

Madison Brown Quite confident, sophisticated, and intelligent, Madison powerfully and proficiently adjusts to any situation as a flexible problem-solver. As a critical thinker and creator, she consistently seeks ventures to passionately work towards a vision by developing ideas and analyzing concepts. With her drive and assertive nature, Madison strives for the finest, as she is rather meticulous, continuously observing the details at hand. Madison works well with people and supports those who are around her. She is very likable and easygoing. Although a committed and giving leader, Madison yearns for opportunities of further growth as a steward towards learning and obtaining new knowledge, honing her skills, and launching into another dimensional realm of higher thinking.

#efbd1f Golden Orange

Danny Schmidt Danny is a passionate, forward-thinking designer with an eye for detail, hailing from the land of Raleigh, North Carolina. He is an easy-going, flexible creator with a strong passion for learning new skills, while remaining goal-oriented and focusing on the “why� of his projects. With a concentration in illustration, 3D modeling, and game development, Danny focuses most of his time and energy on storytelling through these skills; he considers all of the details that go into his design, in order to weave a richer narrative tapestry. Danny heavily values group collaboration and communication, doing his best to orchestrate cohesion and fluidity between collaborators spanning across all concentrations and skill levels. He is a rigorous creator, with a keen focus on whatever task he’s dealing with, and executes new ideas in an organized and efficient way. Danny has learned to adopt a plucky, determined, stick-to-it-ive-ness attitude towards his projects and design in general, and is constantly striving to improve and grow as both a person and a designer.

#fadf14 Mustard Sunset

Katie Rant

Katie Rant is a passionate creative who always rises to

meet any challenge. She is a fashion, surface and print

designer who finds inspiration in tactile experiences,

culture and storytelling. Her fine art background, natural

graphic sense, and intensive study of design theory has equipped Katie with a superlative creative tool box.

As a non-traditional learner, Katie’s often inventive way of thinking offers eccentric, offbeat solutions. Ambitious

and hardworking, she takes full initiative thought every step of her creative process. Her energetic attitude and

memorable aesthetic tendencies lend themselves to

delivering designs with enormous panache. While small

in stature, Katie creates big things. She is a fearless risk taker whose dramatic imagination proves itself worthy

during the crucial ideation phase of creating. Katie’s keen

organizational skills help focus and nurture her thoughts and ideas while providing her with the optimum habitat

within which to practice precision. Katie, a firm believer in lifelong learning, cherishes exquisite craftsmanship while

always embracing both experimentation and play.

#fdeb81 Cheeky Daisy

Emilie Miller Emilie wants nothing more than to leave a positive and lasting impact; whether that be through her creative

work or in her daily life. She hopes her cheerfulness and

enthusiasm translates in her designs as passion, and will

motivate, empower, and inspire those who interact with it.

She has always had a love for sequential art and graphic

novels, primarily manga. Her Japanese background is an important part of her identity as a designer, and she loves

to embrace and honor this fact in her work. Emilie is an avid

student at heart; she thrives from listening to the unique perspectives of others, and loves to re-imagine things based

on what she’s learned. She sees storytelling not only as her purpose in life, but also as a useful tool for sharing profound

life experiences and the valuable insights gained from them.

By connecting with her work, she hopes you will be able to see the world as she sees it: bright, hopeful, and full of

endless possibilities.

#5c663d Hazel

Caitlyn Shanahan Caitlyn’s art is reflection of an everbuilding maturity and rediscovery of herself. Design is a channel in which she has been able to cultivate and express her own personal beliefs, and identity. As she has developed in maturity and experience as a designer, she is able to see things not for how they are, but for how to feel and interact around them. The two collections present in senior showcase use creative problem solving and exploration of self awareness to express the potential of ideas and beliefs. HEAP is about identity and acceptance. The collection urges viewers to expand their thinking and challenge their prejudice. A peaceful protest to the negativity and discrimination seen in society today. TIRE’D revolves around the idea of potential. The expansion of the creative mind to see beyond the intended use and discard of objects. The flexibility and manipulation of materials to give new life. These collections are a form in which she was able to channel her own transformation and potential. To understand her on-going journey as a designer and realize that progress does not end with a cap and gown, but merely enters a stage of new life and growth.

#b6ea73 Wasabi

Thomas Huneycutt Thomas Huneycutt is a driven creator who combines multimedia and storytelling to form a unique user experience. He has a wide range of skills and interests that include: animation, modeling, rigging, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality. Each of his projects, whether tied to a screen or utilizing immersive technology, is carefully designed for an intuitive and distinct audience encounter. He is a rock, a source of stability which his team can always rely upon. He focuses intently on active listening and communication with teammates to ensure every project gets completed without a hitch. Thomas’s singular critical thinking skills and laser sharp attention to detail set him apart as a designer and creator.

#69c6b3 Mint Green

Katie Hall

Time to Play! Katie is a quirky and engaging artist. Through her work she introduces her audience to a new world, where nonsense and imagination reign supreme. Her unique perspective and creativity create new views and different approaches to any projects she takes on. Despite this, she is also able to be very methodical and organized, by approaching a problem from multiple angles and perspectives. With a strong focus on others and community, she is a strong, dependable team player. Her fun-loving, energetic attitude offers a burst of personality to any project she takes on.

#9fd6c1 Aphros

Tierra White Tierra White is a multifaceted, highly adaptable designer. She is able to tap into her bountiful skills to solve any problem thrown her way. Persistently positive and energetic, Tierra knows how to keep a team motivated with her witty and endearing humor. The passion she has for her work is evident in the delicate details present in every piece she produces. Specializing in graphic illustration, realistic portraiture and pyrography, Tierra also enjoys character design and comic illustration (especially within the genres of fantasy and sci-fi). Distinguished by her love of all things lore and astrology, she frequently incorporates folk magic and various mythos into her work. Tierra has a fondness for writing stories that reflect the experiences of women and LGBT people, and aims to use her own personal understanding to enrich these important narratives.

#8eafaf Hurricane Teal

Nikki Knapp

Nikki is a sincere, community oriented designer. Her motives are driven by curiosity and a restorative eye for the potential in everything. Guided by principles of servant leadership, her resilience and authenticity shine when collaborating both one on one and with a team. Nikki thrives in chaos, but has an eye for detail. Due to her meticulous care in everything she does, Nikki can struggle with rapid decision making and time management. Design Thinking directs her process, and is utilized in various interdisciplinary pursuits, especially at the intersection of design and science. She imagines a world where humans live with the natural world rather than on top of it. This translates in the way we treat and advocate for others; Nikki constantly keeps in mind the ethical responsibilities she believes designers should carry. Through empathy and research, she holistically considers peoples’ cultural and intersectional values, as well as individual needs when problem solving, making decisions, and encouraging teammates. Nikki hopes to pursue human-centered service design or UX design after college.

#43bff4 Horizon Blue

Kat Higgins Kat is an artist and designer who lives in the happy medium between playfulness and dedication. Often described as quiet and meticulous, but also thoroughly chaotic, they are a creator who is as mutable as their own personality. They studied a variety of fine arts from a young age, and make use of their jack-of-all trades character build to tackle every new project with aplomb. Today, Kat is a story artist, animator, and character designer who loves goofs, games, and stories of all kinds (tomorrow, they’ll probably also be playing games and listening to DnD podcasts). Above all else, Kat’s never-ending drive to improve as an artist, designer, and storyteller is matched only by their passion for their work- there’s nothing else in this world that they’d rather be doing.

#44a3db Saturday Morning

Micaelah Scott A walking wellspring of enthusiasm, Micaelah is an illustrator and a designer that has the same appetite for learning as she does for a tall glass of orange juice (a big one)! She loves to make people laugh, but this love of play stems from her mission to wake up the child inside everyone she meets. She strives to instill compassion in everything she does, and to act in sincerity, in wisdom, and in love. Her chief aim is to create exuberant, hope-filled stories that will make your heart swell a size and maybe- just maybe- teach you something too.

#0e97b0 Blue Chill

Jason Haskins Jason is a dedicated and playful creative who spends his time inventing or seeking out new challenges that will lead to further exploration. He is rarely found bored, filling his time with work that allows him to express his desire to improve and problem solve. He thinks big picture, knowing that there is something more to every attempt than personal success or failure, and that his actions could lead to the benefit of others through patient trial and error practice. He learns through not only conceptualization, but through implementation and reflection of practice. His greatest learning opportunities comes from reverse engineering or exploring systems both methodically and playfully. While he may not always be able to deliver change, he knows that it is time for one, and is working daily to be a part of the solution. Rise.

#064669 Dark Cerulean

Keshauna Parker Keshauna is naturally a very curious person. Her inquisitive nature serves as the driving force behind her designs and is what allows her to be so persistent and thorough at every step of the design process. She is the pioneer of exploring uncharted creative territories. In Keshauna’s work with fibers and fashion, her projects are often characterized by the integration of transparency as well as explorations with layering. The fascinating visual effects achieved from her unique methods serve as a gateway to new and stimulating experiences. Through her designs, Keshauna hopes to transport the people around her from the mundane world to an immersive and exciting realm of possibilities of her own design. Often lost in this fascinating world of her own making, Keshauna is always genuine and playful at heart; she never fails to bring a smile to the face of those she shares her creative visions with.

#33414c Nothing Blue

X Reefer X Reefer was an illustrator/comic artist who was very meticulous with their work. They maintained an aura of zen to approach every project, and did their best to create pieces that would stimulate an audience. X aspired to be a tattoo artist as well as create graphic novels in their spare time. @x_reefer

#452ab9 Plum the Pumpkin Blueberry

Deanna Jones Deanna Jones is a driven designer; once she starts a project she strives to finish it. She is an enthusiastic creator who is able to get caught up in the crafting portion of making a project, but she is realistic in her goals and what she is capable in creating. Her preference is towards physical materials, but knows the importance of digital mediums as well. She is decisive in the direction she wants a project to go and is strong willed enough to take the project in that direction. At the same time, she is flexible and willing to take on different roles while working in a group.

#6e35c2 Luxury Purple

Jillian Spina Jillian Spina is a comic artist, writer, and illustrator. She loves to write and create stories that relate to 20th century history that also are grounded in drama and comedy. These stories are created through research and based on her family history and narratives. She hopes to be a published comic artist one day and strives to share her stories with the world.

#dfb4ef Lavender Sweetness

Jade Dickinson

Jade would love to be considered the “fun mom� of art and design. She’s always trying to bring good humor, unique stories, and emotional affirmation into all of the work she creates, spanning from illustration to games to just text on a page. She loves conceptualizing, researching, and creating her work, but most of all she loves collaborating with those around her. She does her best to balance her strong opinions and perfectionism with an intense desire to listen and bring the stories of others into her own perspective with expressiveness and accuracy. Jade knows life is complicated, but wants to make things easier by helping people open up their vulnerabilities to themselves and others. Her dream is to be a creator whose work sits happily at the crossroads of laughter and meditation, unrestricted by medium, memorable in its warmth. @jadesketches

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#af206e Raspberry Wine

Isabelle Miranda Isabelle is an enterprising and ambitious young designer excited to enter the User Experience market. She is comfortable in utilizing a multitude of skills; from natural dyes to wireframing. Her passion is problem solving, entrepreneurial pursuits, and creating useful, compelling products. Isabelle hopes to start her own venture in the future after gaining deeper experience within the intersection of design and business. Above all, Isabelle enjoys facilitating relationships between people and capitalizing upon their unique strengths. Her deep connections with others encourage her to empathize with all individual perspectives. Isabelle is a lifelong learner and creator.

#e95985 Hot Pink

Michael Pfeffer Michael Pfeffer rather enjoys the many aspects of making art but doesn’t fancy talking about it, or really hobnobbing with other “artistic” people at all. Sometimes he wonders if whatever all-powerful being that created everything (or random natural explosion of particles, who knows?) decided it would be funny to give someone who probably should have just worked in a trade natural artistic ability. Michael is uniquely driven to passionately explore the never ending depths of unparalleled artistic truth through the ever expanding media landscape with his fantastically dynamic design toolbox of skills. He hopes his work makes you happy.

#f2b49c Just Peachy

Alexa Molli

Alexa is a designer, photographer, and passionate about

print design and soft goods. Raised in Asheville, NC, her

design work was cultivated by a vibrant arts and craft

community. Alexa is always looking for the positive and bright side of things. She knows when to prioritize and can implement her creative skills to solve any design problem.

How can you not get along with Alexa? She shines when collaborating with others and is always flexible. Alexa brings the zen to teamwork.

#964f4c Marsala

Stephen Waddell Stephen is a driven individual and a self-actualizing creator. He uses multimedia to produce work with impact and clear usability. His naturally curious nature drives him to pursue a wide range of interests that feed his design skills. While ambitious in his fields of choice, Stephen is a relaxed and easy-going individual.

#ffffff White Space

Annie Dang

Annie’s professionalism and attention to detail manifests itself in her sleek designs. She possesses an ability to manipulate values and forms with such proficiency that consistently produces works which may be limited in color palette, but undeniably strong in composition. Always a team player and a natural leader, Annie possesses an array of skill sets which establishes her as a capable creator with a sophisticated design approach. She is an extremely driven individual who never gives up on achieving her goals. Her honesty and straightforwardness not only allows her to persistently and efficiently work away at any obstacles she encounters, but also helps her clearly express her creative vision with unrivaled precision. Annie’s love for storytelling through design and visual narrative is strongly influenced by her interest in how the world’s inhabitants and environments interact with each other. She believes that, as a designer, she is responsible for facilitating how information is filtered through her work. Annie often emphasizes the importance of cultivating diversity, culture, and representation in an increasingly globalized audience; her background in International Studies and Art + Design constantly intermingle in her work.

#000000 Black

Rhett Hissam Rhett Hissam is an intellect, artist, and designer that follows her curiosities relentlessly. An open minded individual, Rhett likes to ask big questions and is constantly seeking for truth in knowledge through experience. Learning the value of observation and illustration at a young age, her tool set has grown over the years throughout explorations of both 2D and 3D media. Her inspirations come from nature, including human nature and emotion. From realism to abstraction, concept and materiality are the main drivers of Rhett’s process. She chooses not to limit herself stylistically, but rather pushes herself to delve into the unknown. Overall she strives for continual self growth, and is passionate about creating meaningful work that connects with and empowers others.

Committees Project Manager TĂŠa Blumer


Micaelah Scott* TĂŠa Blumer

Keshauna Parker

Fundraising Emilie Miller* Katie Hall

Curatorial Annie Dang* Tierra White X Reefer

Rhett Hissam Nikki Knapp Kat Higgins

Photography Danny Schmidt*

Social Media & Publicity Jade Dickinson* Sam Bratzke Katie Rant

Digital Showcase Jillian Spina*

Stephen Waddell

Thomas Huneycutt

Statements & Signage Michael Pfeffer* Emily Sikkel

Deanna Jones

Light & Sound Justice Dunne*


Isabelle Miranda* Caitlyn Shanahan

Alexa Molli

Jason Haskins

Madison Brown

*Committee Heads

Special Thanks Faculty Advisor

Kathleen Rieder / Associate Professor of Art + Design

NCSU College of Design / Art + Design Faculty Mark Hoversten / Dean of College of Design Dr. Pamela Jennings / Head of Art + Design Chandra Cox Precious Lovell Marc Russo Emil Polyak Pat Fitzgerald Mike Bissinger Adrienne Mackenzie Hernรกn Marchant Dana Raymond Dr. Russell Flinchum Justin Leblanc Adrienne Mackenzie Katherine Diuguid

NCSU College of Design Staff

Community Contributors

The African American Cultural Center NC State European Center in Prague Social Media Icons designed by Chanut from Flaticon

Tih-Yuan Wang / Technology Support Analyst Lee Cherry / Technology Associate for Research and Scholarship Jaclyn Hage / Assistant Director of Development Parker Shields / Development Program Specialist Monique Delage / Director of Communications + Marketing Meghan Palmer / Digital Content + Social Media Specialist David Knight / Specialty Trades Technician, Materials Lab Tameka Allen Whitaker / Assistant Dean of Student and Academic Services Sarah Brewer / Undergraduate Student Services Coordinator Kathleen Monroe Fenner / Director of Career and Academic Advising

North Carolina State University College of Design Department of Art + Design Campus Box 7701 Raleigh, North Carolina 27695 Instagram: @artanddesign_seniorshowcase Facebook: @artanddesign_seniorshowcase

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