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permit, call Central Oregon Interagency Dispatch Center on the day you plan to burn for air-quality information specific to that day and location before lighting a fire.

Fire Prevention Agencies and Their Responsibilities

The Oregon Department of Forestry is responsible for wildland fire protection and suppression on all state and private forest and range lands inside of their protection district boundaries. These responsibilities include regulating outdoor burning and industrial operation on forest lands and providing assistance to landowners by inspecting and offering advice for reducing risk on fire-prone rural properties. The Deschutes National Forest is responsible for fire protection on National Forest lands. National forest personnel cooperate with other agencies to suppress fires. Rural and city fire departments provide fire protection within their respective districts or city boundaries. Departments will respond to wildland and structural fires inside their jurisdictions. Their primary responsibility is the protection of lives and improved property. They will assist other agencies.

Oregon Department of Forestry Protection (private lands inside the protection boundary)

Legend ODF Protection

Federal Lands

United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service Bureau of Land Management

Deschutes County Rural Living Handbook


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