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your community garden 2 010 D E S E R T B O T A N I C A L G A R D E N A N N U A L R E P O R T



the year in review Dear Friends, For many, the year 2010 will be remembered as the “Year after Chihuly.” As such, it was the year Garden operations returned to normal levels and we settled back into our more typical rhythms of attendance and operations. Still, it was a year of great progress and success. There were three major accomplishments in 2010 of which we can all be extremely proud: •

The Garden was granted reaccreditation by the American Association of Museums in June 2010. This outcome followed several years of intensive preparation by all board and staff members, and represents the highest honor a museum can receive from its peers. The Garden was first accredited in 1983, reaccredited in 1999, and again in 2010. Currently, there are 779 accredited museums in the nation and, of these, only 24 are gardens. Accreditation certifies that the Garden demonstrates best practices across all platforms of its operation, including its four key mission areas of education, research, exhibition and conservation of desert plants.

• T  he Garden’s cactus and agave collections were recognized as the National Collections of these plant groups in May 2010 by the American Public Garden Association’s North American Plant Collections Consortium (APGA NAPCC). This distinction comes after more than 70 years of cultivating and curating our cactus collection of more than 1,319 taxa (different species and/or cultivars) and our agave collection of more than 346 taxa. Designation as part of the APGA NAPCC signals the highest standards in plant collection management by the Garden, and its willingness to provide other gardens with germplasm for taxonomic studies, evaluation, breeding, and other research. • T  he Garden’s board and staff completed the first phase of strategic planning for the period 2012 to 2017. After consultation with all Garden departments, volunteer groups, and board committees, a framework for the 5-year period starting in 2012 was created and adopted by the board. Garden members were invited to join in the planning process using an online survey in December 2010, with more than 1,000 member households participating. The plan, now being finalized, is ambitious and calls for expanding excellence in all areas of the Garden’s operation. We look forward to sharing the plan with you in future Garden publications. As the following report from Garden Treasurer Steve Tufts details, 2010 was a financially successful year. Memberships, admissions, and the endowment performed well during the “year after Chihuly,” and the Garden continues to be financially healthy. We express our gratitude to all of the 903 volunteers who in 2010 collectively logged more than 77,000 hours of service in support of the Garden’s mission. The Garden could not flourish without you, and we are so very fortunate to benefit from your personal commitment to our mission. We also thank our hardworking staff and trustees: your excellent work and your thoughtful stewardship of the Garden’s assets are what make the Garden worthy of its accredited status. And to Garden members: we thank you for all that you do to advance the Garden’s mission. You are now more than 23,000 households strong and your participation and support are vital to every aspect of our operation. We couldn’t do it without you. With best wishes,

Lee Baumann Cohn President, Board of Trustees

Ken Schutz The Dr. William Huizingh Executive Director


financial report Fiscal 2010 Financial Highlights October 1, 2009 through September 30, 2010

Fiscal year 2010 is probably best described as a year when the Garden was catching its collective breath from the previous recordbreaking year coupled with a struggling yet recovering economy. While many people were going “back to basics,” they were also going “back to the Garden.” In both good and challenging economic times, the Garden’s beauty, serenity, activities, and life continues to draw members and guests from around the world. Despite a challenging economic year, the Garden continues to maintain a healthy balance sheet. Below are some of the financial highlights for the year: •

Total revenue declined 30% from $16.2 million to $11.4 million in this “year after Chihuly.”

 evenue from Admissions to the Garden declined 60% from $6.2 million to $2.5 million. R While this is down substantially from the record-breaking previous year, it does represent the second best year ever. Excluding the record-breaking fiscal year of 2009, attendance of approximately 367,000 visitors represents the third best attendance over the past 10 years.

 embership revenue was off less than 2% to $1.9 million. This reflects the strong value M people receive from their membership to the Garden.

With the decline in attendance, Retail and Beverage Sales were down 31% to $1.4 million.

Net realized and unrealized gain on investments increased from $545,000 to $644,358.

➢ Total expenses decreased 11% from $12.8 million to $11.5 million. Expenses were cut in all major categories. ➢ With the challenging economic year, our operating performance resulted in only a slight negative change in net assets of $96,369, after depreciation. ➢ The Garden strengthened its balance sheet by redeeming $3.7 million of outstanding bond debt throughout the year. As of September 30, 2010, outstanding bond debt totaled $600,000. ➢ The capital campaign, Tending the Garden, came to conclusion during fiscal year 2010. The Endowment that resulted from the Tending the Garden Campaign grew 31% from $6.7 million to $9.2 million. Despite the challenging economic environment of fiscal 2010, the Garden maintained its strong financial foundation and continued to provide great enjoyment to its members and guests.

Stephen Tufts Treasurer Board of Trustees



2010 Revenue

Consolidated Statement Of Financial Activities For the year ending September 30, 2010


(with comparative totals for the year ended September 30, 2009) (Before Depreciation)


Other Revenue

Gross Profits on Retail & Beverage Sales




Gross Profit on Retail & Beverage Sales 22%


2010 2009

$1,419,202 $2,064,155




Contributions, Grants & Special Events



Investment Income (net) Memberships Other Revenue








Investment Income

Total Revenue 35%

Contributions, Grants & Special Events


Program Expenses



Retail, Marketing & Visitor Services



General & Administrative

1,329,955 1,584,597

Fundraising & Membership

2010 Expenses 10%

Fundraising & Membership



$11,387,019 $16,198,444



Total Expenses

10,210,994 11,658,908

Change in Net Assets

$1,176,025 $4,539,536



The Statement of Activities above reports the results of Garden Operations excluding the effect of depreciation expense. Depreciation refers to the systematic allocation of the cost of long-lived assets, including buildings, furniture, fixtures, and equipment to the periods that benefit from their use. Recording depreciation has no effect on the liquidity or cash flow of the Garden. It reflects an estimate of the using up of the economic value of tangible assets. In the financial statements it reduces the Change in Net Assets (and, therefore, Total Net Assets) and the carrying basis of Property and Equipment. Unlike industrial firms, not-for-profit organizations do not provide for the addition or replacement of major longlived assets out of operations. Historically such entities look to capital contributions for those improvements. Hence, the financial performance for not-for-profits is best evaluated by analyzing operating results excluding the effects of depreciation. Depreciation expense recognized in the Garden’s records for each fiscal period reported here was approximately $1,272,000.


Retail, Marketing, Visitor Services


Auditor’s Opinion

The Garden has received an unqualified opinion from its auditors, Schmidt Westergard & Company, PLLC, on the audit of its financial statements for the year ending September 30, 2010. Copies of the audited financial statements are available upon request from the Desert Botanical Garden business office at 480 481.8155.

Consolidated Statement Of Financial Position September 30, 2010 (with comparative totals as of September 30, 2009)


Cash & Investments



$2,366,939 $6,256,785

Pledges & Other Receivables



Inventories & Other Current Assets





Total Current Assets

Cash & Investments (noncurrent) Pledges Receivable (noncurrent) Property & Equipment (net) Other Assets Total Assets









$29,883,069 $33,656,645


Garden Attendance (Number of visitors by thousands)



Bonds Payable




Total Liabilities







$29,883,069 $33,656,645


Total Net Assets Total Liabilities & Net Assets



Total Current Liabilities






Annuity Payment Liability







Deferred Revenue






Accounts Payable and Accrued Liabilities


board of trustees

Thank you to the Desert Botanical Garden’s 2010-11 Board of Trustees! Pictured (left to right):

Row 1  Robert E. Page, Ph.D., William Huizingh, Ph.D., Stephen Tufts, Shelley Cohn, Lee Baumann Cohn, Jan R. Lewis, Donald R. Ottosen Row 2  Craig Clifford, Tom Bekey, Carolyn Polson O’Malley, Marta L. Morando, Robert Tancer, John D. Burnside, Barton Faber, Ken Schutz


Row 3 Barbara Hoffnagle, Dawn Goldman, Amy Flood, Mari Koerner, Ph.D., Peggy Mullan, H. Clifton Douglas Top Row William Wilder, Gail Bradley, Jeff Hebets, Hazel Hare, Bruce Weber, Steven G. Zylstra, Ken Udenze Not Pictured  Rebecca Ailes-Fine, Kathryn Baker, Teniqua Broughton, Robert Bulla, Lou Comus, Jr., Martha Hunter, Bruce Macdonough, Tammy McLeod, Paul Morell, Nancy Swanson

by the numbers FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2010


367,047 23,230

HORTICULTURE Acres at Desert Botanical Garden 145 Acres under cultivation 50 Annual Plant Sales 2 Attendance at Plant Sales 10,637

Schilling Library Books 7,557 Botanical Prints 600 Journal and Newsletter Titles 342 Maps 2,376

Volunteers Individual Volunteers Community and Corporate Organizations New Volunteers Landscape and Gardening Total Active Hardy Perennials Desert Landscaper School (10+ years) Graduates 2010 88 Total Hours Contributed Desert Landscaper School Awards for 2010 Graduates Cumulative 1,155 100+ Hours Plant Hotline Questions Answered 1,271 (Calls-712 / Emails-559) Length of Service Awards: 3,490 Ask a Gardener Visitor Interactions 500 hours Living Collection 1,000 hours 2,000 hours Total accessioned plants 20,770 3,000 hours Total accessioned seeds 4,142 4,000 hours Total number of species 4,117 5,000 hours New accessions added 124 6,000 hours New species added 29 8,000 hours 401 Rare and endangered seed collections 19,000 hours 987 Rare and endangered plants Herbarium Total Specimens RESEARCH Publications

66,323 5

903 83 191 146 77,670 274

31 16 4 4 5 1 2 2 1

Docent Interpreter Interactions with the Public 89,236 Education and Tours School Tour Participants Children in Camp Children in Seedlings Preschool Program Girl Scout Participants Adult Education Class Participants Staff Full-time Part-time and Seasonal

33,313 90 219 444 4,088

92 91


in appreciation The Desert Botanical Garden is grateful to all 23,724 members and donors for their generosity. On these pages we recognize individual, company and foundation donors who made single or multiple contributions and pledges totaling $150 and more between March 16, 2010 and March 15, 2011 to support annual programs, Dinner on the Desert, and special projects such as Tending the Garden Campaign and the Desert Towers Initiative. In addition, special recognition sections acknowledge donors who made gifts during the past quarter for memorial and tribute gifts and gifts in kind of $150+. + Patrons Circle members, including, Saguaro, Curator’s, Director’s, President’s and Founder’s Circle contributors, are identified with a + $25,000 + Anonymous Connie & James Binns+ Oonagh & John Boppart+ Lee & Mike Cohn+ Jacquie & Bennett Dorrance+ William Huizingh+ Betty Kitchell+ Jan & Tom Lewis+ Barbara & Donald Ottosen+ Jennifer Theobald+ Connie & Craig Weatherup+ Barbara B. Weisz $10,000 - $24,999 Rebecca Ailes-Fine & Peter Fine+ Joy & Howard Berlin+ Beth Byrnes & Barton Faber+ Rachel K. Dirkse+ JoEllen & Philip Doornbos+ Marilyn & H. Cliff Douglas+ Mary & Jeff Ehret Ardie & Stephen Evans+ Juanita & Philip Francis Kathleen & John Graham+ Janet & Michael Halvorson Melissa & Ted Lagreid+ Tahnia & Jeffrey McKeever+ Marta Morando & William Moio+ Craig Pearson+ Rheinlander Trust Ken Schutz & Craig Thatcher+ Louise C. Solheim+ Betty Lou Summers+ Nancy Swanson+ Carol DuVal Whiteman+ $5,000 - $9,999 Marlene & Ralph Bennett+ Nancy & Charles Brickman+ Robert Bulla+ Virginia Cave+ Karen & William Clements+ Meredith L. Dreiss Kate & LeRoy Ellison+ Jeanne & Gary Herberger Ruth Ann & Thomas Hornaday+ Martha & Ray Hunter+ Jane & Malcolm Jozoff+ Faye & James Kitchel+ Sue & Mark Landy+ Sally & Richard Lehmann John Lewis+ Ruth D. Mathews-Getz Kathy & Charles Munson+ Carolyn & Mark O’Malley+ Rosellen & Harry Papp+ John Sallot & Randy Lovely+ Kim & Scott Schaefer+ William Schoedinger+ 10

Marilyn & Jon Shomer+ Shoshana & Robert Tancer+ Kathleen & Bruce Weber+ Kathleen & Brian Welker & Irene O’Donnell+ Liisa & William Wilder+ $2,500 - $4,999 Anonymous Donors (2) Susan & William Ahearn Susan & Bryan Albue+ Gene Almendinger+ Kathryn M. Baker+ Jean & Barry Bingham+ Joy & Craig Clifford+ Shelley Cohn & Mollie Trivers+ Kitty Collins Robyn & Michael DeBell Geri & Mike DeMuro+ Ruth DuVal Beverly & Paul Duzik+ Deborah & Michael Gilman Lexine & Jeff Hebets Amy Gittler & Michael Sillyman+ Sue & Mike Gregg+ Elaine & Daniel Gruber Jean & Dee Harris+ Nancy & Kenneth Husband+ Barbara H. Johnson+ Diane & Michael Kulow+ Sharron & Delbert Lewis Dana & Bruce Macdonough+ MaryLynn Mack Katie & Bill McCullough+ Betty & Dennis Mitchem Adrienne & Paul Morell+ Sara & J. L. Pete Morgan+ Catherine & Michael Murray+ Michele & Robert Page+ Mary & Matthew Palenica+ Suzanne & Peter Richards+ Diane G. Roush+ Carol & Randy Schilling+ Janie & Archer Shelton+ Diana Ellis Smith & Paul Smith+ Martha & Donald Squire+ Diana & Allan Winston+ Barbara & Charlie Young + $1,250 - $2,499 Anonymous Donors (7) Hilda Allred & Roy Ageloff Jean Andino+ Catherine Babcock Jean & Harold Bachman+ Billy Jane Baguley+ Kay Bechtel+ Uta Behrens+ Shirley & Thomas Bekey+ Susan Hubbard Belt+ Gena & Harry Bonsall+ Betty & Herbert Bool+ Brett C. Boyer+ Gail Bradley+ Teniqua Broughton+ Catherine Bryson & Larry Bryson Barbara & Richard Carlson+ Bianne Castillo Anne & Fred Christensen+ Sue Clark-Johnson & Brooks Johnson

Pat Wentworth Comus & Louis F. Comus Jr.+ Pamela Cooper & Margaret Wilson+ Janet & John Cotton+ Jane McKinley Crane Leslie Dashew & Jack Salisbury+ Jo & Ron Davis+ Joan Davis Pamela & Greg Dean David D. Dodge+ Julie & John Douglas+ Dianne & Charles Dunn Casey Durham Dirk Ellsworth & William Schmidt+ Betty & Bert Feingold+ Barbara & Terry Fenzl+ Stephan Fincher & John Snyder Margaret & Robert Fippinger Amy Flood & Larry West+ Terry Flood+ Sheila & F. Michael Geddes+ Joan Goforth & Carlos Oldham+ Dawn & Donald Goldman & Jill Goldman Mary Heiss & Harold Dorenbecher+ Peggy Herz & Philip Smith+ Shirley & Ernest Hodas+ Barbara & Thomas Hoffnagle+ Heather & Eric Holst+ Carrie & Jon Hulburd+ Shelley & Bill Jacoby+ Mary & Robert Johnson+ Maurine & Jeffrey Kahn+ Marc Kellenberger & Richard Tollefson+ Randy & Ken Kendrick+ Mari & Frank Koerner+ Carole & Richard Kraemer+ Mitzi & Stephen Kurtz+ Karen LeDonne & David Berk+ Barbara & Ron Lieberson+ Heidi & Andy MacFarlane+ Robert E. MacNeil+ Beckie & Donald Mayberry+ Joseph McAuliffe Carol & Howard McCrady+ Patricia & Gerald McKenna+ Tammy McLeod & John Hamilton+ Lynne & L. Richards McMillan, II+ Helen A. Mead Mary Melcher+ Irene Metz+ Cindy & John Millikin+ Lilly L. Moore+ Peggy Mullan+ Nancy & Henry Newlin+ Susan D. Noack MaryLynn Mack Franca Oreffice Karen & David Paldan+ Mary Dell Pritzlaff+ Maritom Pyron & Anne Huffman+ Laree & Arch Rambeau Linda & Leon Reivitz+ Ann B. Ritt Patti Ross+ Jeannie & Fabrizio Saraceni+ Sophann & Thomas Schleifer+ Judith & William Schubert+ Susan Shattuck+ Susan & Jim Shipka

Ann Siner+ Dorothy & Harvey Smith+ Jacque Sokolov & Mitzi Krockover+ Margarete Somers+ Mary Lou & PJ Stevenson+ Betsy & Bruce Stodola+ Carolyn & John Stuart+ Anne & Robert Stupp+ William C. Torrey+ Missy & Stephen Tufts+ Angela & Ken Udenze+ Candice & James Unruh+ Roberta & James Urban Marsha & Charles Van Dam Crystal & Marcos Voss Ginger Weise+ Ann & Steve Wheeler+ Lola & Tom White+ Tennille Williams+ Tina Wilson+ Roma & Raymond Wittcoff Sheila & David Young+ $700 - $1,249 Anonymous Donors (4) Sydney & Bob Anderson Patricia & Fran Atlee Lowell C. Bailey, Jr. Paula & Robert Beck Carol Bedner Lydia & Philip Bell Sandra & Ralph Benell Allison & Robert Bertrand Suzanne & David Bland Sandra & James Brophy Ted Brown Laura & Richard Burgis Susan & Dan Buskirk Stephanie Caldwell & Thomas Kneidel Patricia & John Case Gayle & David Clinehens Colleen & Bob Cookson Arthur Cunningham Margaret & Daniel Curtis B.J. & Ken Dahlberg Molly & Nick DeFilippis Tracy Denmark & Marc Schwimmer Casey Durham William G. Farrow Diana & Mark Feldman Tom Fridena Juan Galeana Sandra & William Goodheart Barbara & Ken Hand Delbert J. Harr Bonnie & Mark Howard Marlyne & Robert Jones Alan Knobloch Pam Koester & Charles Arnold S. Kyker Krauss Linda & Kevin Kriegel Marjorie V. Lebold Haskel I. Lentz Sara & David Lieberman AnnRose & Jeffrey Lund Ann & Frederick Lynn Janis & Dennis Lyon Patricia F. Martin Ralph H. Martin Elaine & David McGinn Lois Mihaylo

The Desert Botanical Garden allows us an opportunity to connect our passion for nature to our shared love for each other. Ullman Terrace holds significant memories for us: enjoyable evenings with superb music and close friends; picnics in a serene and inspiring setting; and most recently, where we became engaged! ~ Colin Tetreault and Jenny Holsman

Carmine & Joseph Miller Deborah & Marc Miller Eileen Mitchell Donna Moog & Leonard Landsbaum Ana & Thomas Moore Susan & Mark Mulzet Robert A. Neumeister Jody & Andrew Page Laura & Dan Perin J. Doug Pruitt Kathleen & John Replogle Cynthia Reusche Nancy Selover & Thomas Brightwell Mary Swanson & Bob Jacques Kay & Charles Thompson Mary Tipton-Gibson & James Gibson D. Rae Turley Kathleen & George Tyson Sharon & Donald Ulrich Roberta & James Urban Kristen & John Van Denburgh Nancy L. Walker Carolyn & Ted Warner Virginia A. Weise & Richard H. Weise Patricia Weegar & Kurt Slobodzian Helen B. Wooden $500 - $699 Anonymous Donors (5) Susanne & John Alcock Steen & John Allard-Lawson Talitha Arnold Kathy & Steven Ashby Stephen Bartlett & John Ness Judy & Larrie Bates Ken C. Behringer Kay & Arnie Benson Regina & G. Peter Bidstrup David R. Bornemann Tabitha & Frank Bradley Carol & Lawrence Brecker Melinda & Charles Brown Jennifer Brya & Karen Linkins Rebecca L. Burnham Cara Carboni & Brett Dusek Sandra & Harry Carroll Deborah Carstens Jean & W. Thomas Castleberry Sylvia Chapman Susan Lee Chappell Kathleen Church Charlotte & Sidney Clark Christina Clark Patricia F. Cocking Elva & Lattie Coor Monique Cordova Susan & A. Ennis Dale Vivian & Daryl Dawson Robin & Richard Donnelley Angelica Elliott Karen & Kenneth Evans Lisa Farrar Szilvi Forbes & James Phillips Lois & David Gardner Carol Gates Susan & Richard Goldsmith Caroline & Steven Gonzalez Heidi & Paul Good Judi & Robert Gottschalk Cheryl Greene Alfred Guhl Marilyn & Allen Gula Barbara & William Gullickson Roberta D. Hall Rojon & Jay Hasker Martha & Douglas Head Anne & Kevin Healy Sharon Hendrickson Betty Hum & Alan Yudell Harriet Ivey & Richard Brashear D. Jane & Douglas James Karen & James Janas Agnes Johnson Susan & Roland Johnson Nancy Jordan & Peggy Jordan Sandy & Mel Kemp Linda & Allen Kiesel Billie Klein Susan & Frederick Klein Kathy Kolbe & William Rapp Debra & Jim Larson

Cynthia Lasko & P. Douglas Folk Stefanie & Michael Lipson Kathy & Robert Londeree Joyce Ann Longfellow Halee Lynch Kirti Mathura Betty & Michael Matwick Janet Maurer & Marty Davis Richard D. McClure S. Dennis McDonald Patricia & John Meinert Eleanor & George Mink Debra & John Mitchell Susan & Stephen Moody Margaret & Duane Morse Rosemary & Joseph Nadeau James Nafziger Maureen Olmsted & Michael Rosenberg Victoria & Eric Ossowski Valerie & Gregory Patten Laurie Ramsbacher Joyce Rolfes & Nancy Broerman & Del Rae Rolfes Gard Roper Jennifer & Charles Sands Ronald F. Sassano Adrienne & Charles Schiffner Jay E. Seashore Sandralyn Seidel Rebecca Senior & Jeff Oesterle Patricia & Allen Skinner Marilyne A. Smith Susan & Rodo Sofranac Cindy & Lorand Spyers-Duran & K.C. Sehr Mary Jean Tate Susan & Ronald Telesko Elsie Travers & Judy Travers Susan & David Truax Edgar Turcotte Cynthia & William Turner Maureen & John Voloudakis Julie Winslett Wagoner & Jason Wagoner Renee Walter Elaine Warner Debra Webster Linda Wegener Sandy Werner Shirley & Garret Weyand Martha J. Wicksall Joanne Wiksell Mary Jo & Robert Wilmes Elaine & Richard Wilson $300 - $499 Anonymous Donors (5) Debbie & Kenneth Abbott Margaret & Quentin Achuff Lyle Ackman Maryann & Gerald Acuff Rebecca Albrecht & Norris Livoni Amy Alexander & Kelli Shepard Cindy & John Alfonso Catherine & Scott Allen Richard C. Allen Theresa & Steven Allen Rebecca Allison & Margaux Schaffer Nancy & Donald Alpert Bonnie & Steve Amelotte Suzanne & Donald Anderson Barbara & Richard Andrews Sandra & Clint Anthony Lee & Art Atonna Phyllis Ayer Dale Baker & Michael Baker Loretta & John Barkell Norma & George Barratt Barbara & Craig Barrett Marianne Barrett & Raymond Pernot Mary & Geoffrey Beams Shirley & William Behrens Ann Beisser & Kandy Kendall Janice Berg & Brittany Olsen & Andrew Olsen Charles J. Berger Valerie & Kimball Bernard Deborah & Graziano Bertini Margaret & Charles Beyer Elaine Billingsley

The Garden is an amazing place that touches all my senses. It’s an island of tranquility in an ocean of hectic life. It encourages me to slow down and appreciate things such as friends, family, and all the blessings in life.” ~ Archer Shelton

Jean Black Marsha & Patrick Blackwell Claudia K. Blankenship Fran & Fritz Bloemaker Joyce & Richard Bond Dana & Doug Bondon Evelyn K. Boren Gwendolyn K. Branch Marilyn & Donald Brickley Arlene Brockmeyer & Patty Shepard Martha Brodersen Shirley J. Bruns Mildred Bulpitt & Jane Merritt Sue Bunch Shelly Bunn & Daniel Suhr Barbara & Peter Burkholder Marilyn Cahoon Debra & William Cain Mary Lee Cakos Edward D. Campbell, Jr. Naomi Caras-Miller & Alvin H. Miller Jim Carlson Elizabeth & Victor Castioni Christine & Charles Celania Kipp Charlton Janice & Laurence Chartier Charlene Choc Dorothy M. Cholnoky Sandy & Dennis Cielaszyk Bruce & Jane Cole Christine Coleman & Anna Schwartz Carol & Robert Collins Tanya Collins & Patricia Martin Rebecca Comstock M. E. Conger Mauri & Mark Congleton Theresa Conti & Peter Conti Jane A.S. Cook William H. Cope Dorothy Cowley Jennie & Jerry Cox Vicki & Larry Cox Bonnie & David Cunningham Lynne & Glen Cunningham Doris & Richard Dale Patty D’Angelo Diane & Phillip Daspit Paula & DeDario-Martori & Peter Martori Pam Del Duca Brenda Dennert & Frank Agnone Sharon DeQuiza & Robert Schwandt Chris & Bob Diller Nancy & Edmund Dobak Russell Dorsey & Jimlord Joya & Carol A. Dorsey Shannon & T. Kevin Douds Kate Downes Kirsten & Steve Drozdowski Rachel & Alan Duke Sydney & Mike Dye Linda & Mark Eberle Tara Egita & Thomas Parascandola Nancy Ehlen & Larry Sawyer Susan Ehrlich & James Hair Michele Eichermueller John H. Elken Judith E. Elton Melissa & Mark Esbenshade Lynn & Ron Etter Gail Fadenrecht & Walter Flom

Dorothy & Evert Farmer Catherine & Edward Felten Vera Lynn Ferris Ann & George Fisher Karen & David Fleischer Marian Fleming & R. Stephen Amato Britt-Marie Flynn Sylvia Forte Natalie & Sam Freedman Barbara J. Freehill Karen & Grady Gammage Carole Ann & Thomas Gardeski Patti & Tim Garvin Suzie & Cal Gauss Karen & Eric Ginsburg Donna & Harvey Goth Elle & Jim Gould & Jeanne Habenicht Margaret Green & Michael Cunningham Virginia & Bob Greenberg Victoria Griego Susan Lynn Grieshober & Randy Sumner Henry Grimmett Josephine B. Griswold Angela & Richard Guerrerio Anne & Anthony Gully Jeanette Hall David Hamilton Elly & Steve Hammerman Nancy & Peter Hammond Kathleen & Robert Hand Christine Hardy & William Howe Catherine Hartin Janett & Larry Hartley Nancy & William Haug Martha Hayes Susan & Richard Helzer Robert M. Henderson Jaye Herr Diana & William Herron Christine Hill Lynette & Douglas Himmelberger Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Hise Bettina & Kary Hisrich & Katy Hisrich Kara & Keith Hjelmstad Elizabeth & Fred Hoffert Joyce & Stanley Hoffman William Hosking Peg Howerton Mary & Thomas Hudak Linda & Frank Huff Geraldine & Robert Hurckes Winnie & Roger Hyde Judy Ihrig Laverne & James Irwin Susan Jenkins & Stephanie Jenkins Ellen Johns Lois & Michael Johnson Alison H. & Richard C. Johnston Steven Jones & Carlos Ramirez Joan & Helge Jordan Wilma Kaslly & Megan & Nicole Carlyle 11

Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust Board of Trustees Susan I. Katz Carol Ann & William Keane Carolyn & Douglas Keats Amy & Gerry Keim Carole & J. Richard Kelso Leslie & Aaron Kern Nancy Kinney Margaret & Daniel Kisiel Brian Kissinger & Todd McCandless Leatrice & Jon Kitchell Jody Klingfuss Susan & Mark Kolman Jo Ann & Jeffrey Kovan Barbara & Ruskin Lack Lyn Laflin Maxine & C. A. Lakin Barbara Lambesis Elizabeth & Leonard Langdon Janet & Thomas Lathrop Patricia & Frederick Lau Charles Lee & Patricia Hance & Julie Hance Lucinda & David Lee Nancy & Robert Leon Pam Levin Rodney S. Lewis Shirley & Dwayne Lewis Jacklin & Nils Lindfors S. Ann Lloyd & Mary Ann Bria Trish & Franklin Loffer Pat Long Keith Longpre Ami & John Lotka Joan & James Lowery Jean Luce Sandra & A. Daniel Luechtefeld Sharon D. Lytle-Breen Carol & Harvey Mackay Margaret Madden Mary & Neil Maddox Jane Maienschein & Richard Creath Elizabeth & Paul Manera Tamara K. Marburger Audrey Jane & Stephen Marmon Gregory Marsh Barbara F. Marshall Patricia Martin & Timothy Berg Kathryn Martino Judi & Alan Max Patricia Mayes Patty & Thomas McCabe Christopher McCabe Beth & Irvin McDonald Judy & Ed McDonough Carol L. McElroy Mary McGonigle & Cathy McGonigle Sarah & Brian McGuire Mary McHugh Janet & John McKelvey Rosemarie Mecca & Carl Gross Carolyn & Donald Metzger Lee J. Miller Mary Lynne Mitchell Philip Mitchell 12

Kim & Jay Mohr Jennifer & Sam Money Deborah & Duane Monroe Linda M. Moore Maryanne Morella Joan & James Morgal Shirley & William Moroney Judee & David Morrison Linda Munger Patricia A. Murphy Nola Musser Mary Lynn Napier & Margaret Napier Georgia & Ronald Nelson Barbara & Lawrence Nilsen Debbie Nordenberg & Stephen Cleveland Linda & Lee Nussbaum Verity & Harry Oberkfell Patricia & Sam Obregon JoAnn R. Osborne Cynthia Peacock & Robert O’Connor Sandra & William Pauley Debra Peevey & Candy Cox Judith N. Pelham Jody Pelusi Barbara & Albert Peters Lisa & Phil Petersen Patricia Pfister Nancy Philippi & James LeValley Victoria Pickard-Brown & Thomas Brown Pamela Ploetz & John Henderson Robert B. Polacchi Linda & J. Michael Powers Ginger Price Sandy & John Raffealli Barbara G. Rankin Bobbe Ray Joal & Eric Redmond Katie Reynolds Janet & Roger Robinson Maureen & Rudy Rojas Patricia & Robert Rolfe Merle & Steve Rosskam Gary Rutherford & Stephen Bonnet Val & Ray Sachs Nicholas Salerno Vicenta & Cayetano Santiago Micheline Sarrail Joan & William Sawyer Lorraine & Gregory Scaven Shelagh & Thomas Schaefer Kristin Schloemer Carol & James Schmidt Johanna & Robert Schofield Wilda & Alfred Schommer Mary Schottstaedt Jacqueline Schuetze Arleen Schwartz Linda Scott Enid & Michael Seiden Judith & Richard Seplow Jennifer L. Sharlit Cathy Sue Shell

The Piper Trust strives to make Maricopa County a stronger, more nurturing community through strategic investments in nonprofits. The Trust’s partnership with the Desert Botanical Garden has been one marked by superb leadership at the Garden and creative thinking about the needs of a 21st century cultural center. ~ Judy Jolley Mohraz, Ph.D. President & CEO Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust

Sally & Clive Sherling Linda & Gerald Shields Victoria Shimp Melissa & Fred Shulski Maria Silva & William Passey Laura & Michael Simms Karen Smith Alice & Richard Snell Nancy Snyder & Jack Sombrio Marianne & Kurt Solem Joanne & John Solomon & Maria Solomon Margaret Sova & Robert Kreitner Martha Spruell & Charles Sargent & Loretta Kelly Lisa Stapley M. Theresa Stevens Rebecca Stewart & Steve Lamberty Celia & Robert Stretmater Nancy & John Stubblefield Patsy & Tom Tait Fran Thatcher & Mary Jane Schumacher Anita & Charles Theisen Yvonne & Michael Thomas Jerolyn & William Thompson Shari & Ben Thompson Mr. & Mrs. William C. Thornton Candace & Michael Tooke Michael Tucker & Gregory Sale Brenda Tuxbury Linda Vance & Larry Reed Martha C. Vizcaya Beverly Ann & Albert Voirin Paige Walend & Larry Tamburro Jackie & John Wallace William E. Way Kay Weaver Dorothy & Bruno Wegner Kathryn Whalen Nancy White Willard E. White Nancy & Rick Widden Suzanne & C. Anthony Wight Lisa Wilkinson-Fannin & Robert Fannin Jane & Steve Williams Linda & Jim Williams Marva Willis-Perry & Dean Murphy Mari Wimer Eileen & Terry Winters Peggy & Robert Withers Salpi & Jack Wolper Mary Jo & Joseph Worischeck Louise Young Linda & Robert Zinn

$150 - $299 Anonymous Donors (28) Maura Abernethy Penny & Fred Abrams Betty L. Absey Karen L. Adams Roberta Adams & Andrew Glantz Bette Adelman Kim & Robert Adria Frederica Agins & Fred Alfano Gloria Aguilar & Aaron Carreon Janet & William Albert Marietta & Murray Aldrich Barbara & Richard Alexander Sean Alfonso Eileen & Arthur Allan Judith & Peter Allard Cynthia Grace & Robert Allen Elizabeth & Harry Allen James M. Allen Mary A. Allen Sidney M. Allen Susan & Charles Allen Theresa & Steven Allen Toccara Allen Ute & Billy Allen Rebecca & Kenneth Allison Susan & David Allison Liz Almond Barbara & Christopher Alter Lisa & Scott Altman Penny Altman & Ronald Friedman Cheryl & Jim Amato Diane & James Ambre Carol Amy Elvia Anaya Sharon Anck Beverly S. Anderson Debbie J. Anderson Diane & Robert Anderson Janet & Al Anderson Jeanne & William Anderson Kim Anderson & Michael Lewis Vicki & Chris Anderson Fredrik Andersson Nancy Andison Katharine Andre & Marie Ortiz Rebecca & Herbert Andreen Ellen Andres-Schneider & Ralph Andres Robin & C. Scott Andrews Kim & Herman Aranda Jacque & Mojtaba Ardebili Anneke Arellano & Tom Forbes Bonnie & Arnold Arens Virginia & Andrew Armstrong Inez Artico Doris & Laurence Ashkin Luz Marina & James Aten Christine & John Augustine Patrice & Neal Auspitz Charles Avery Carl E. Babcock Terry & Steven Bachenheimer Donna J. Bachman Janis & Ron Badley Colleen & Tracey Bailey & Frances Godfrey Michelle & James Bailey Helen Baird & Mark Plesnar Diane Bajus Barbara Baker & Teri Schultz Glenda & Andrew Baker Judy & Webster Baker Nancy & Robert Baker Wilma Baker Charlotte & Thomas Bakker Ambika Balasubramaniyan Kate Baldoni & Dino Coppi Nancy & John Baldwin & David Baldwin Chris Bale & Doug Bale Beverly Balfour Candace Ball Moya & Alan Ball Gary Ballantyne Nina L. Ballinger Deborah Bamonte & Melvin Cunningham Valerie Banks Rhonda Bannard & Steve Parsons

Lea Banner Ellen Banta & Steve Banta Sharon & Robert Barak Barbara J. Barber Carol & Elden Barmore Margaret Barney & Tracy Barney Kati & Noe Barrera Judy & Earl Barrett Abraham Barrs & Stephen Barrs Susan Bartholomew & Carey Dahlstrom Maria & Dennis Bartlett Joyce & Ken Bash Sherri Basha & Fred Cordes Annabel & Donald Basnett Mary Ann Bateman Esther Battock Michaelene & Roland Baumann Joann Baxter & John Hasenmiller Margery A. Bayless Daniel L. Beach Marjorie & James Beaton Diane G. Beatty Vicki & John Beaver Karen Beckvar & David Sprentall Christopher A. Becvar Gretchen H. Beers Mary Ann & David Beers Jane & David Behrens Shirley & William Behrens Shirley & George Bekey Dana Stagg Belknap Denise & Walter Bell LoAnn & Edwin Bell Carolyn & Harry Bending Barbara & Durward Benham Arlene & Giora Ben-Horin Ann C. Benjamin Joan & Glenn Bennett Karen & David Bennett Geni Bennetts & Patricia Tuck Maria & Paul Bennewitz Sara & Gary Benson Catherine C. Bentley Catherine & Heinz Berg Joanne & James Berg Barbie & Richard Bergerson Mary C. Berkley Barbara Berman & Peri Berman Sarah Ayres Berman & Neil Berman Brenda Bernardi Nancy Bertino & Anne Ruddy Debbi Bertolet Johanna & Richard Best Carmen & Allan Bieber Peggy & Robert Biegler Mary & Michael Biehler Sierra Big John Irene Binggeli & Annalise Binggeli Christine & Horst Binzer Bill Birgen Linda & Jerry Bish Linda Bisnett Ann Bixel Sue & Joel Bjerkestrand Debra & Robert Black Gretchen & Michael Black

Rebecca & John Blackburn Bobette Blackwood Cindy & Peter Blandino Rachel Blank Carlene & Mark Blayney-Moore Sherree J. Bleyer Mary & Craig Blight Janice & Rex Blisard & Shasta Blisard Krystal & Thomas Blondin Dana & Fred Bloom & Donald Bloom Eileen Bloom & Marvin Siegel Jacqueline & Joseph Bloom Linda & Philip Bloomberg Judith Blumberg & Mary Emerson Carol Blumer Karen Blush Kat & Armand Boatman Elizabeth & Marc Boatwright Teri M. Bobko Gina Bode & N. Bruce Randall Sarah & David Bodney Janice K. Boerner Rosa & Robert Boettger Bill Bogle & Mark Moore Sandra & Charles Bonstelle Wendy S. Boorn Barbara Border Vivian Boucher Susan Bovee & Linda Wallack Karen & Stephen Bowers Tonya Bowes & Scott Attarian Beverly & Tom Bowley Jan Bowlin & Tammy Titchener & Amy Duncan Catherine & Judd Bowman Judith Ann & Tom Bowser Carol & P. C. Boyle Sherrill Boyle Tabitha & William Bradley Mary Ellen Bradshaw & Jonathan Weisbuch Jane Brady & Mandy Impson Mariko Bragg & Chris Bragg Thomas Brand Diane & Mark Branda Harry Bray & Paul Huffman Frances & L. David Breazeale Constance Breker Mary Bremer Charles L. Brenner LuAnn Brentlinger Janice & Adam Bridge Louise & Gregory Bridges Paula Brimhall Erica Brinker & Steven Zylstra Cheryl & Richard Brock Helen & Carl Brockway Debby & Tom Brooks Kathleen Brophy Gisela & David Brosius Alfie & Bruce Brown Bryan E. Brown Catherine Brown Claire & Robert Brown Donna Brown

Liisa and William Wilder at Dinner on the Desert

Dustin Brown Elaine & Frank Brown Ena & Peter Brown Frances Brown Sallie F. Brown Susan Brown & Charles Sorrels Mindy & John Brusky Glynis Bryan Patricia & Robert Bryant Donna L. Bublitz Roberta & Robert Buchanan Karen & Bradley Buckhout Nancy & Donald Bucklin Adriane Budavari & Tyler Glenn Angelica & Juan Buenrostro Myra & Peter Buettner Joanne & Ed Bular Judi & Ron Bunda Lisa & Joel Bunis Louise & Craig Bunker Joy Bunt & Linda Turley Serena & Greg Burckner Geri Burgess Angela Burke Deborah J. Burns Frances & Jose Maria Burruel Karen & Ray Burstein Jane Burtnett Joan Burtnett Kathleen & Dan Burton Marcia J. Busching Mona & Ray Buse Cynthia & Brian Buskirk Linda & Steve Buszka Lynn & Steve Butler Penelope Butler Gail & Robert Buuck Michele A. Cadle Sandra R. Cail Thomas H. Caldwell Shirley Call M. James Callahan Josi Callan & George Cole Laryn Callaway & Christiaan Blok Anton Camarota C. J. Campbell & Keith Larkin Evelyn & Scott Campbell Janie Campbell & Parshalla Wood Melissa Campbell Karyn & Ed Canavan Erin Cannon Michelle & David Cano Elin Cantliffe-Guenther & Douglass Guenther Cindy & Ron Capek

Jennifer & Michael Caplan Sylvia & David Caplow Shari Capra & Neil Wake Elizabeth Carey & Timothy Hochberg Stefanie & Jerry Cargill Deborah & Charles Carlise Pamela & David Carlson Diane Carmichael Peggy & Cy Carney Judie Carpenter Catherine Carroll Marian Carroll Sally J. Carroll Sue & Jack Carroll Virginia & Peter Carroll Jacqueline & Joshua Carter Pearl Carter Margaret Carter & Isabel Cater-Kahn Susan & William Cartmell Linda A. Cassett Gayle & Rick Cassidy Lauren Caster Mary & Tim Catellier Katy Cavanagh Mary & Paul Cedarberg Nancy A. Celaya Janice Celotti & Lorraine Celotti Barbara Cenalmor & Brian Cluff Elisabeth & Paul Cereghini Denise Chamberlain Nancy & Ken Chambers William Chambers & Daniel Lee & Sam Lee Tina & Ken Chaney Ruth Chao & Anna Cline Wanda Lee Chapel Lindsay & William Chapman Daniel Charous Lisa & David Cherney Karen & David Cherrill & Barbara Woods Victioria Chesnik Joanna & Dale Chesnut Annetta & Robert Chester Margaret Craig Chrisman Diane M. Christensen Jeanne & Walter Christensen Carol Christine Judy & Jerry Chruma Michelle & Woody Chung Catherine N. Church Martha & Thomas Churchill Veronica & Robert Ciancola Karin & David Cikra Robin & Chris Cioffi

Patrons Circle Garden Tour, England, May 2010 Left to right: Barbara Ottosen, Lee Baumann Cohn, Connie Binns, Susan Belt, Donald Ottosen, Diane Roush, James Binns, Geri DeMuro, Nancy Swanson, Jan Lewis 13

Rose & Joe Circello Richard J. Cirillo Eileen & Michael Clancy Kathryn & Lawrence Clark Barbara & Ken Clarke Rosemarie & Mike Clayton Mary Ann Clifft & Rob Hodges Sharon & Ron Clymer Meri Coash Marian & Norman Cocanour Sandra M. Cocks Shannon Coey Betty & Monte Coffman Muriel & Samual Coffman Kim Coffman-Romero & Fred Romero Gertrude & Martin Cohos Catherine Colby & Gene Kuzma Suzanna G. Colby Dorenda Coleman & Robbie Gaffey & Dieline Coleman-Benninghoff Renee & John Collie Jan & Bruce Collier Ann & Joseph Collins Carol A. Collins Eileen & Ray Collins Morgan Collins Robin Collins & Michael Fowler Wanda & Norman Collins Dianne & Greg Combs Bonnie & Glenn Compton Cheryl Comstock & Thomas Giovanelli Juliana & Jim Condon Margaret & James Connolly Susan & James Connor Kitty Conover & C. B. Conover

Gary Craine & Michael Seaburgh Cynthia & Stephen Crandall Carla Cristelli & Michael Lazaro Linda Croft Jacquelyn & Bill Cromett Muriel Cronin Elizabeth & David Cronk Sharon Cronkrite & Teresa Gruhn Elizabeth Crouch Mary & Scott Crozier Diana & John Crummey Elizabeth & Peter Culley Susan & Peter Culp Bonnie J. Culver Pam Culwell & Charles Case Jan Cummings Joan & Terry Cummings Mary Cummins & Curt Smith Kathie Cuomo Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Curtis Arlene & William Curtis Halina Czerniejewski & Gary Sollars Marla Dailey Mireille & Conan Dailey Susan Dale & Todd Johnson Lisa & Mark Daliere Julie Dallas & Kelli Dallas Elysa Daniels & Ed Fedoruk Christine Danielson & Heather Morris Claire & Sheldon Darlow Sue Darrington Dorothy & John Dart Sally & Donald Daughton Myrna & Floyd Dauphine Teri & Robert Davies

Wasn’t it the Persian mystical poet Rumi who wrote about the garden of the soul? We have deeply appreciated the Garden as a personal invitation to return to what is calm and wise and peaceful within ourselves. ~ Michael Tucker and Gregory Sale

Pat & Frank Consalvo N. Machel & Thomas Considine Alice & David Cook Carol & Roland Cook Cecily & Paul Cook Hester Cook Marilyn Cook & James Cook Patricia & Philip Cook Linda & Gary Cooke Carol & Michael Coon Beverly Ray Coope Sarah & John Cooper Pat & Bill Corbin Margot Cordova Connie Cornelius & Dave Ashby Melanie Corrao Anne Corsello & Dave Sproatt Nancy & James Cotterman Peggy & Dave Cottle Kathy Clark Couey & Paul Couey Randy & Jim Courtice Elaine & Donald Couture Rondi E. Cox Jane Elizabeth Crafter Barbara & Redmond Craig Darlene M. Craig 14

Gerry & Curt Davis Jeanne Davis & Jacob Crutchfield Judy & Michael Davis Karen & Gerald Davis Lynne Davis & Ted Hicks Phyllis & Harold Davis Carol & Jeffrey Dawson Lian Day & Christine Day Linda & John Day Sheree Deardoff & Kenneth Burbridge John De Bolske Larry L. DeBus Peter M. Deeley Bette DeGraw & Augustus Feather Nina De Lange & Jonathan Fink C. Martin Delano Jonae & Don DeLong Christine Del Re & Nicholas Hartmann Zsolt Demeter Donna & Richard DeRosa Carol Derryberry Betsy DesJarlais & Linda Jackson Cliff DeVlieg Catherine & Jack DeWaard Lorraine & William Dicke

I appreciate the Desert Botanical Garden because it shows the public how to grow plants in the Sonoran Desert. My favorite activity is to walk the paths during Las Noches de las Luminarias. ~ Rachel Dirkse

Christina & Charles Dickinson Gail & Michael Dickson Margaret & Regis Dietrich Shelley & Jason DiGiacomo Carl E. Dillon Thomas H. Dilts Mary Ellen Dirlam & S. Mark Hay Daniel F. DiTuro Shae & William Dixon Daniel Dobbin Tralee Dobson Marie & Ronald Doetsch Sharon & Tom Dolbow Soleil Dolce & Carol Hobson Colleen Donahue & Kathy Ellerman Dorothy Donelson Debra A. Doring Sandra & David Doubleday Vonnie & Dean Douglas Debbie Downing Cathy & Barry Downs Kathryn & Larry Doxsee Jacqueline Doyle & Erin Dwiggins Linda & Dallas Doyle Jeanne & Walter Drabiak Anastasia Dragun Martha & James Draper Janet & Leo Dressel Heather Drieling Regina Driscoll Kathy & Alexandros Drivaras Barbara & David Drost Alice Duffy & Beth Aspedon Janine & Douglas Dunn Dawn Duquaine Marion & Jim Durham Anne W. Durning Robert W. Earl Deborah Eastwood Jane & Charles Eatherly Peggy & Bill Eaton Naomi Ebertin Cynthia Ecker & Laura Lewis Ruth L. Eckert Vanessa & Lonnie Eckman Diane & John Eckstein Cheryl Edmister & Annette Reese Jennifer & Tom Edmondson Sue & Jay Edmondson Carol Edwards Suki & Fred Edwards Gail Rae & Charles Ehrler Kimberly & John Eisenhower Margaret Eiserman Julia & Michael Ellegood Robert F. Ellig Electra & James Elliott Kathryn Elsaesser Christine A. Emmons Patricia Emmons & Steven Schroeder Gerri Tipton Empey & Michael Empey Barbara & Edward Encinas Mary & Lynn Endorf Gretchen Engquist & Peter Burns Jo & Glenn Ensor Ruann Ernst & Bill Riffle Susan Ernst Judith Espino Shelly & Timm Esque & Bernard Benson Marilyn & Leonardo Estrada

Sarah Evangelista Jane Evans & Gene Joseph Karen & James Evans Doris & Lawrence Ewert Dena & David Fackler Joan Fagerburg Suzanne Fallender & Thomas Catlaw Annie & Jon Faltis & Whitney Faltis Donna & Larry Farnsworth Nora Farnsworth & John Van Orden Louise & Jim Farr Karen & Joe Farugia Kay & Fred Fathe Chris & Jeff Faucett Rose Stapley Fausch Patricia & Terrence Fay Teresa & Charles Feldmayer Cathy Felkey & Sharon Felkey Jane Ferguson Jane Ferguson & L. Lee Ferguson Pamela Ferguson & Fran Jobe Pam Ferrari Susan Fetter Sarah & Fred Fickling Dixie & Paul Fiedler Tambora & Cliff Fielding Patricia Fields Sharon & Victor Figarelli Penny & Charles Fine Nancy & Dave Finger Jean & Jim Finnegan Patricia & Richard Fisher Shirley & Donald Fiske Shirley & Frank Fitch Alan Fitzgerald & Henry Richards David Fitzpatrick & Eric Schab Janis & Gary Fjeld Sally Flanders & Jane Rowen John Fleckenstein Daphne & Dick Fletcher Marleigh Fletcher Patricia Flickner & Jeff Schmidt Kathy & James Fliehler Liz & Kieron Flint Jo & John Flittie Debra & Armondo Flores Ellen B. Flynn Marcia & Andy Flynn Martha Foglesong Billie Foltz Jeanne & Deane Foote Sandy & John Foreman Sandy Fornell & John Baldwin Wanda Foss & Greg Lyckman Monica & Larry Foster Jane A. Fouts Harriette Fox & Susan Hayward & Jennifer Ellen Rebecca & Thomas Fraker Evelyn & Evan Fram Sybil Francis & Michael Crow Barbara & Peter Frank Roberta & Rick Franke Wayne Frasch Maggie & Kurt Freund Edith Frieband Barbara Friedbacher Carol & Tom Friedel Ellen & Jere Friedman Kathleen K. Friesen

James M. Fritz Jennifer & Brian Frownfelter James K. Fruehling Dawn & Mark Fuller Rebecca S. Fulton Anita & Bill Funk Jerome Funk Gloria & James Gabler Christine & Robert Gale Mary Ann & Edward Gallagher Susan & Michael Gallagher Angila Gallenstein & Eric Morrison Esther H. Gardner Jane & Daryl Gardner Margo & Richard Gardner Sandy Gardner Stephanie & Mo Garfinkle Cheryl & Victor Garnice Georgia Garrett-Norris & Judith Rosenthal Harriett S. Gartner Janet & Chris Garton David Gass & Donald Karl Leigh & David Gass Carol & William Gasser Harry B. Gate Cynthia & Tom Gauthier Darlene Gee Richard D. Gehrke Susan Gerard & Megan Gerard Carol & Paul Gerlach Renee & Peter Gertsman Gregory Gessay Judith & Stanley Getch Jean & Charles Gibbs Lee Gibbs Susan & James Gilbert Susan & G. Grant Gilfeather Anita & Richard Gilford Mary Gill & Michael Smith Bruce Gilleland Sue Gilmore Patricia Gimson Ann M. Givey Eve Glantz Barbara & John Glass Debby Gleason & Robert Barlow Robert Gleason & Patrick Moore Cynthia Glidden-Tracey & Terence Tracey Richard W. Glitz Angela & Jeffrey Glosser Lisa & Keith Goade Lorraine Godbey Sharan Godwin & Michelle Godwin Elaine Goldberg Sandra & Lawrence Golden Fran & Edwin Goldstein Kathleen Gonzales Isley Gonzalez & David Dumble Lorrie & Ralph Gonzalez & Victoria Gonzalez Merrilee & Stephen Good Deborah & Matthew Goode Estelle Goodell & Johelen Carleton & Alexis MacDonald Peggy & Richard Gooding Morton L. Goodman Elizabeth & Frank Goodyear Carol & Andrew Gordon Roberta Gordon Esther & Z. Gorgol Linda & Andrew Gorkis Kathy Gott Amy Jo & John Gottfurcht Donna & George Gowans Leslie & Patrick Grady Mary T. Graettinger Jean Gragg Karen & James Grande Carlyn Grant & Tim Elder Barb Grasso Peggy Graver Terri & Eric Graves Mary & John Gray Mary Ann & Edward Gray Monica L. Gray Deanne & John Greco Adam Green & Glenn Swartz Bonnie K. Green Judy & John Green

Margerie Green & Keith Scoular Sendy & Jeffrey Green Cathy Gregg & Larry Winter Paula Gregg Sara & Brad Gregory Tara Gregory & Joshua Blocher Carol & Jerry Grethen Debra & Walter Griffin Carol Ann & William Griffith Barbara & Bill Griffor Leslie Grinker & John Broan Lindsay Grizzle & Luke Demler Susan & Barry Grodin Ilene & Mark Gross Phyllis & Jon Grossman & Alina Edberg Sarah Grostick Donna & Ted Grove Mary Alyce & Charles Grube Caran Grund Guy Gundaker Liz Gunzelman Anne & Richard Gutekunst Patricia Guy & Don Hebert Kathy & Michael Haake Patty Hackman & John Boyer Tracy L. Haddad Rita C. Hagel Donna & Edmond Hahn Susan & Ronald Hahn Cindy & Kirk Haines Karen & Roger Hale Merideth & John Hale Carol & Robert Hales Chris Hall & Matthew Crum Jean & Robert Hall Lysistrata Hall & Erik Huntsinger Patricia & Willis Hall Madeline Halpren Barbara Halter & Myra Sena Catherine & William Halvorsen Eva & Jim Hamant Dana Hamilton June & Harvey Hammer Burghilt & Knud Hammerbeck Michael S. Hammond Mary & Geoffrey Hamway Paul Handiboe Judith & Kevin Hanley Leigh & J. David Hann Rose & Brian Hanne Abby Hansen & Loretta Hansen Lise & Erik Hansen Dianne Hansford & Gerald Farin Silke & Peo Hansson Rose Hardenburger Fran & Kenneth Harder Nita Hardie & Mary Sue Hyatt Joan & John Harding Kristy Harding Charlotte Hargreaves Karen Harkins Lily & Hosea Harkness Sharon Harlan & Ed Hackett Joan & Dave Harmonick Cynthia & John Harper Nancy & William Harrington Judith Harrison Patricia & Sandy Harrison Linda Harrison-Parsons & Rick Parsons Patricia & Montgomery Hart Carolyn Hartley Jack Hartley Lori & Jim Hartman Margaret & Leendert Hartoog Cheryl Hartzler Tiffany & Matthew Harvey Nancy & Jeffrey Harwin Greg Hash & Tim Charron Kathleen & Jack Haslup Anne & Roger Hathaway John M. Haugen Mark Haugen SaraSelene P. Hausman Judith & Ian Hawksworth Mary Ellen & Gates Hawn Connie Hayes Joyce Hayes Joliene & Craig Hayton & Diane Hayton Cecilia Healy & Richard Zwycewicz

Barbara & Frederick Hecht LuAnne & John Hedblom Joan O. Hedman Linda Hedrick Barbara Heidelman Judith & James Heidkamp Elizabeth Heinrichs Mary Jo & Paul Helmick Hanna & Kris Henderson Joeylee & Dennis Henkel Sue & Joe Hennelly Jo Ann & John Henningsen Anne G. T. Henry Bonny & Chet Henry Careen & Robert Henry Joe Henry & Joc Rawls Ann Henss Rebecca & Kevin Herbst Janice & Richard Herman Luciana & Phillip Herman Kay & William Hertel Janice Hess Sonya & John Hewitt Thresa & Fred Hickernell Susan Higgins Evelyn Jensen Hill & Marilyn Wakefield Leigh & Edward Hill Peggy & Neil Hiller Susan & Steven Hillman Micki & Dave Hillyard Carolyn & William Hilton Deborrah Himsel & Sal Ardizzone Emily & John Himstreet Sue & Ben Hippe Cherylee & Steven Hirsch Julia & William Hobart Shirley & Kenneth Hobbie Melanie & Frank Hobden Lisa & Bill Hobson Karen & Robert Hodges Larky Hodges & Kip Hodges Wendy C. Hodgson Darrell Hoerter Anna & Ronald Hoffman Marjorie G. Hoffman Margaret Hogan & Jim Hogan Cynthia Hogue & Sylvain Gallais Milja & Howard Hohnsen Marian & Marston Holben Christine Holbo Carol Holden Gloria & Stuart Hollingsworth DuVal

Helen H. Hollowell Jocelyn & Don Holmes Nancy Hook & Bob England Julie & Dennis Hopper Evelyn J. Horn Susan & Donald Hornbostel Claudia Christiansen Horne James Horner Roberta & Fred Horowitz Wilma & Joseph Horrall Susan & William Horsley Carol & Jim Horvath Mary Lou Houge Barbara Houlding Laura & Richard Houseworth Judy Hove James Howard Juanita Howard Michelle & Charles Howard RaNae & Jim Howard Dwight Howe Adrienne Y. Howell Harold Howell Lea & Tom Howell Johanna Hower Linda & Dennis Hrebec Joan Huang & Denny Loots Linda Hubbard Mathilde & Charles Huckins Richard J. Hudson Margaret L. Huebner Heather & Matthew Huentelman Barbara Huffman Meg & Richard Hufford Elaine & Steve Hull Kathy & Lonnie Hume Barbara & Kenneth Hummel Mike Hummel Nancy Hummel & Stephanie Hummel Elton Humphreys Suzanne S. Hurley Denise & Terry Hutchins Sally & Bob Hutchison Diane Ingrassia Rhoda Ingstad & Beth Ingstad Joell Ireland & Dustin Ireland Susan & Carl Irwin Elaine Isbell Abby & William Itule Ellen & William Jackson Angela & James Jacob Piya Jacob & William Kincaid Kim & Trace Jacobs

Carol DuVal Whiteman & John Schaefer

It’s not just cacti! I do love the Garden and it’s the most beautiful in Arizona; in fact the most unique and the loveliest garden I have seen anywhere... It is a joy to see the Garden bring such different types of music and sculpture to the Valley, and it was my pleasure this year to support exhibitions of work by Gwynn Popovac and John Schaefer. ~ Carol DuVal Whiteman


The Garden brings the moments of tranquility and inspirational beauty that is part of the Sonoran Desert. In addition, our family knows the Garden is active in scientific research that is helping preserve open lands and our beautiful deserts. This gives us all great satisfaction from our support for the Garden. ~ Bart Faber Bart Faber, Elizabeth Byrnes, Birch, Bryce, and Rocky

Scott Jacobson & Stan Gondzar Lynn Jaffe & Stuart Wecker Linda Jakse & Paul Hirt Constance James Kathy James & Fred Skoglund Sharon & Philip James Cindy James-Richman & Stephen Richman Deborah Jamieson & Scott DeWald Janet & David Jan Judy & Peter Janes Sandi Jansen Simone L. Janssen Susan & James Janssen LuAnn Jaramillo & Shirlene Cox Jane Jefferies & Tami Feenstra Mary Ann Jeffers Linda & James Jeffries Mary Anne & Russell Jenkins Mary M. Jenkins Helene & Charles Jenkins Patricia & Robert Jenkinson Carole & Peter Jennings Linda & Ralph Jensen Sharrie & Glen Jerdee Fang Jiang & Richard Effland Dawn Jobin & Pete Hernandez Rosemary Joganic Frances Johansen Victor Johansen Frankie & Lawrence Johnsen Barbara & James Johnson Betty & Allan Johnson Deborah & Roy Johnson Ethel & Donald Johnson Judy Anne Johnson Mary & Thomas Johnson Nancy & Don Johnson Nancy Johnson & John Steenbarger Robin & Keith Johnson Rosanna & Carl Johnson A. Louise Jones & Neva Johnson Brenda & John Jones Charla & W. Steven Jones Christopher Jones Gail & Thomas Jones George Jones & Kent Levin Linda Jones & Karen Vrable Ruth Jones Ruth Jordan Jim R. Junker Cynthia Kains Deborah & Terry Kaiser Leanne K. Kamben Diana & Steve Kaminski Barbara & Donald Kammerzell Peggy & Perry Kampa Tobin & Dennis Kane Kathleen & William Kanouse Dianne Kanzler Janet & Lawrence Karasz 16

Esther & Robert Karatz Pat & Bill Karcheski Phyllis & Richard Karp Martha Ann & Mitchell Kasovac Gail Kaufman Jane Kayser Mary & Donald Kayser Mary Kearl Betty & John Kearney Linda Kearns Cathy Keenan Lorraine & Thomas Keil Sylvia Keller & Bill Dewalt Jeri Kelley Ann & Keith Kelly Kathleen McIntyre Kelly & John Kelly Diane Keltner & Patricia Kratzke Cynthia & Alan Kempner Dawn & Michael Kennedy Mary & Rick Kenny Aloma & Earl Kern Jane & Charles Kerzan Madeleine & Michael Kesselman Marcia & Joseph Ketchum Kathleen Kienzle Linda V. Killmer Renee & Paul Kim Laurel & Bruce Kimball Cheri & James Kimble Clara Mae King Marie & Bil King Owena King & Saundra Nicely Donna Lenherr Kinney & Arthur Pearce Betsy & John Kinter Ann Kinzig & Charles Perrings Peggy Kirch & Arthur Piccinati Stefan Kirchanski Andrea & Charles Kircher Nancy & Mark Kirchner James Kirk Joanne & John Kirk Shalene Kirkley & Anthony Cea Darlene & Mark Klapprott Sue & Tiom Klein Sylvia Klevos Janis Klinefelter Mary & Stanley Klock Laura Klockow & Daniel Black Bonnie & Allyn Kluger Sherry Klusman Karen & Nick Knisely Kathy & Don Knoop Margaret & Bill Knopf Kathy & Bill Knowler Geri & Eric Koeppel Heidi & Kevin Kohler Kristin & John Kolman Christine Kondrat-Smith & Gregg Smith Michelle Korf

Lauren Kormylo Ann & Tom Korpalski Katherine F. Kossaras Susan Kovarik & Brian Schneider Lynn Krabbe & Bruce Kilbride Cheryl & Richard Krajewski Louella O. Krapf Paul Krause Bette & Timothy Krenzke Donna & John Kressaty Kit & L. Dean Kriens Cynthia Kristopeit & William Uminski Myrna & Robert Krohn Tammy Kronenberg Karen Kuecker & John Goranowski Ken E. Krueger Jan & Kenneth Kuenzli Dayna L. Kully Judith & Jim Kunkel Madge Kunkel Elizabeth & DeWayne Kurpius Gail Kursel & Franz Backus Arnieta Kurtz Dolores & Raymond Kurtz Dolores & Michael Labowitch Jennifer & Edward LaCroix Kathay & Joseph Ladrigan Catherine Laffler Jacqueline Brown LaFronz & Nichola LaFronz

Lynne Lagarde & Robert Stankus Armida Laidman & Caroline Robertson Delight & Tim Lane Lorena Lanese Elieen & Carl Lange Alexandra Langner Alexandra & Jay Langner Betty Langwig Sue Lanker & Jim Joling Janet K. Larsen Susan Larsen Joyce Foster Larson & Arlyn J. Larson Katie & Eric Larson Mary & Richard Larson Mary Larson & Gerald Osband Lawrence R. Lathom Diane Laush & Robert Dummer Ralie Lawrence & Tamsyn Cilliers Jane Lawson & Bruce Lawson Linda & Kenneth Lawson Rowena Laxa & David Brown Carolyn M. Lazar Mary & Duwayne LeBlanc Diana M. Lee Mary & Peter Lee Mary Gerry Lee & Thomas Lee Sunny Lee Wendy Lee & Harry Lee Ann & Steven Lehmann Nancy Ann & Donald Leifheit Robin Leigh Dianne & Joe Leis Joanne & Scott Leith Teri & Scott Le Marr Connie & George Leon Susan & Bill Leonardo Mary Kay & William Leonetti Nathan Lepp & Kevin Kriegel Rebecca & John Leshinski Nancy Lesko & Mike Quinlan Martin Lesniewicz & Gene Gardner Judith Levin & Gloria Caudraz Susan & William Levine Michael Levitt Josephine Levy & Robert Crawford Julie & Ian Lewin Debbie & Steve Lewis Elizabeth Lewis Joanne K. Lewis John R. Lewis Sharon Lewis Elna G. Lidman Lysbeth S. Lieber Carolyn & Barry Lieberman & Lorissa DePalma Norma & James Lightcap Mrs. V. L. Linam Karla Linam-Degan & Robert Degan Elaine R. Lincicome

Garden Volunteers at Dinner on the Desert 2011 Left to right: Dawn Goldman, Sandy Cielaszyk, Rita Hutt, Linda Overby, Judy Bates, Anne Gully, Margaret Green, Irene Bauer, Ruth DuVal, Bonnie Dicus

Janice & Paul Lindbloom Kathleen Lindell Melissa & Reese Lindenmeier & Lauren Lindenmeier Sue & Ted Lindley Barbara & Lawrence Lindner Gale L. Lindquist Judy & Gary Lindsey Judy & Sam Linhart Marigold Linton & Robert Barnhill Julie Liss & John Caviness Rita Litchfield-Good & Jay Good Betty Little Carol & Joseph Lizzadro Karen & John Loberg Maureen Locker-Fisch & Irvin Fisch Tunga Le Lodato & Nicholas Lodato Laurie Lofgren & Joan Lofgren LaDonna Loitz & William Churcho Elizabeth Lonetti Phyllis Lopp David M. Lord Katy & Paul Lorentz Kay & John Lorenzen Zona Loring Beth & Robert Loughrige Frederick Lovejoy Shirley & Douglas Lowe Marcia & James Lowman Kate Lowry Lynn & Matt Luger Donna Luke-Roman & Pete Roman Nancy & Steve Lung Sharron & Fred Luoma Arlene Lurie Mary Lou Lyding Karen Lyman Andi Lyons Donna & Bill Lyons Ann & Craig Lytle Ann & Michael MacDonald Colleen Mace Leeta & Ron Mackey Michele & Mark MacLachlan Barbara Macnider & Michael Sullivan Mary Jo Madsen Elizabeth Magnusson & Jack Ruffing Deepak Maheshwari Thomas C. Maiello Jennifer & Subhasis Maitra & Kirby Maitra Betty Ann Maline & Allan Armbruster Susan Maline & Charles Goss Diana & Lawrence Mallek Carole & William Mallender Lynda & James Mallery Raquel Mamani Carl A. Mangine Vicki & Tom Mangione Jan & Ted Manke Harold Mann Lorraine Manoukian Sue & Doug Maple Janet Margrave & Nat Reyes Patty Mariano & Jeff Denning Kristin L. Markham Sheila Markwell & Geri Kilgariff Sheila Marler & Maria Boetger Cindy Marple Debby & Jim Marquardt Lynn Marriott & Pia Nilsson Kaydie & John Marshall Patricia & Charles Marshall Kay Martens & Phil Cram Elizabeth Martin Kathryn & Stan Martin Lisa Martin & John & Jennifer Boccaccio Andrea & John Martincic Shirley & Robert Martz Carol & Robert Massengill Sandra Massetto Susan & George Master Dorothy & Patrick Mather Milicent & Alan Matheson Ann Mathews Lucy Mathews Teresa & David Mathews Beth & Robert Matthews Catherine & John Matthews Jean Matthews

Sandi Mattingly & Matthew Schroeder Stan Matzinger Angela & David Maxwell Carolyn May Deborah & Brian Mazoyer Tari McCabe Douglas M. McCants Cionne McCarthy Janice McCarthy & Jim Thompson Lynne & Pat McClure Kimberlie McCue & Michael Olson Kevin McConnon Carolyn McCorkle Barbara & Sanford McCormick Rita & Hugh McCoy Beth-Marie McCully Vicki & John McDonald Hugh McDowell Laretta & Robert McElhinny Carolyn & Dan McFarlane Elizabeth & Frances McGee Ken McGinty Janice McGivern Kay McGovern Gean & James McGrath Georgia McGraw Jill & Larry McGregor Carolyn & Thomas McGuire Ellen R. McIntyre Michael McKeown Sheryl & Collin McKinney Ruth & Al McLeod Merrill McLoughlin & Michael Ruby Nancy McMahon Sandra & Robert McMichael & Paul McMichael Bernardine & Preston McMurry Kathleen McMyler Jane & Bob McNamara Priscilla McNeil Carol & William McNulty John McSweeney & Mark Hunsberger Sue & Alan McVey Emily & Kenneth Medders Joseph Meeker Susan & Jerry Meer Carol & John Meier Jeannie & Donald Meier Maggie & Steve Meigs Nancy & Richard Meise Janet & John Melamed Flossie Melby Clara Melchiorre & Michelle Melchiorre Mona Mellegard Joyce & John Melter Sue & Glenn Melton Janice & Richard Merkel Kay & Dick Merkel James V. Merritt, Sr. Mrs. C. Messer Karen & Jeff Meyer Vicki Meyers Erum & Bilal Mian Camilla Ann Mican & David Meyer Inge Michel & Valetin Bernert Marsha Middleton Patricia Miles Carolyn & John Miller Debra Miller & Barbara Landini Jennifer Miller & Deborah Scott Linda & Robert Miller & Floyce Chavez Liz & Bob Miller Marion Miller Margaret & William Miller Richard J. Miller Karen Milligan Robert Mills Debra & Rick Mishler Denise & James Missimer Jacquie & Charles Mitchell Susan & H. Brian Moehring Susan Moeur Sally Moffat & Scott Moffat Barbara & Kenneth Moffitt Phyllis Moise Nancy Monsour Rosemary & Bruce Monte Dorothy Moomaw & Cheryl Langenberg

Alice & Bob Moore Debby Moore & Stuart Lane Julia & Everett Moore Nita & Dan Moore P. A. Moore Peggy & John Morehouse David Moreno Lucy Moreno & Manny Valenzuela Carolyn & Richard Morgan K. Jill Morrill & Grace Walraven Charlotte Morris Linda & Dillard Morris Patricia Morris Patricia & James Morris Robert E. Morris Laurie Morrison & Karen Hill Kate H. Morton Irene & John Moser Mary Lou Mosley & Donna Rebadow Jeannine Moyle Scott Muir Nina & Tom Mulherin Sharilyn Mumaw & Mel Kalkowski Janis Munsil Anna Murch & Eileen Kelley Gretchen & George Murnane Barbara & Casey Murphy Lynette & Paul Murphy Patricia & W. Robert Murphy Charlene & Eric Murray Eli & Ted Murray Patricia & David Murrish Leonard Muscolino & Suane Althoff Carol & Howard Myers Margot Myers & Gordon Helm Vijaya & Sateesh Nabar P. Jewel Nackard Marcia & Richard Nadolny Bobbie & George Nash Nicole & Christopher Natale Patricia Nay Janelle & William Nebeker Susan Nehra Lillian & Clifford Neimeth Karen & Walter Nellis Barbara Nelson Deb M. Nelson Diane Nelson Diane & Richard Nelson Maryann & David Nelson Mary Kay & Gary Nelson Tina Nelson Van Nelson & Yuri Grevtsev Diana Neuhardt Carolyn & David Newcom Susan & Alan Newman Jackie Newman-Osmon & Fred Osmon Hai Nguyen & Aaron Rudd Radha Nieburgs & John Pappas Wendy & Alan Niem Ewa Niemczynska & Richard Hall Julie & Derek Nietz Cindy & John Nigh Evelyn Nightingale & Patricia Nightingale Nancee & Karl Nilsen Suzanne & Ronald Niven Jennifer & David Nore Betty J. Norrid Barbara Norris Mark Norris & Gary Checkler Linda & Douglas Norton Tracy Norwich Mary & Bill Novotny Patricia J. Nulman Pamela Nunes Yolanda & Michael Nussdorfer Jennifer & Boyce O’Brien Beth O’Connor Nancy & Norman Odden Lynda Odell Phyllis & Michael O’Dell Jean & James O’Donnell Linda & Larry Offenberg Mizuki Ogata & B. David Cathell Leslie O’Hara Eve & Henry Ohlinger Judith Olsen & Amanda Olsen Mary L. Olson Odette & R. B. Olson

Mary Beth & Bruce Onderko Candia O’Neil Fara Oreshack Nancy & Don Orr Peggy Osselaer & Jackie Forbes Debbie & Van O’Steen Liz Oster & Leslie Bottorff David Otte Joy & Dick Ottenad Linda M. Overby Susan G. Owens Elaine Paasch Dorothy & Steven Pace Joey Amanda Pace & Vincent Pace Kimberlee Reimann Padilla & Amador Padilla Cheryl Pagel & Derald Cox Mary & Francis Palamara Barbara & David Palmer & Andrew Palmer Bobbi & R. Jay Palmer Mary Palsma & Frances Palsma Karla Panich & Mary Temm Pamela Pappas Gloria G. Park John R. Parker Carol Parlow & Joseph & Kate Fairbrother

Virginia M. Ullman

Virginia loved the natural world. She was inspired by the beauty of flora and fauna. She was proud to be a long-time director and supporter of the Desert Botanical Garden. She visited often, and brought many friends to enjoy the Garden, even late in her life. She was a generous philanthropist, and left her foundation to help community treasures on into the future. ~ Harry Papp, Managing Director of the Virginia M. Ullman Foundation


J. A. Partain & C. Ray Peery Dorie & Larry Pass Sundee & Dennis Paternoster Doris & James Patrick Katherine Paty Anne Paull Elaine & Steven Paulson Linda Sue Pavol George Payson & Gilman Alkire Huong & Russell Payson Jennifer Peacher Deann J. Pearce Jessica Pearce Sophia & Douglas Pease James Peck Mariana C. Peck Mara Pederson-Cranford & Darrell Cranford Ann-Marie Pendl M. Pamela Penn Gail & Tom Peoples Ann Peralta Patricia & Charles Perkins Nicole & Florica Petculescu Judith & Donald Peters

Mary Jo Pitzl & Walter Jayroe Charles Platt Rhonda & Leslie Plattner Tara & Anthony Plese Malinda & Bernard Pleskoff Andria & James Plonka Ari Plosker Susan & Larry Plosker Margaret Podlich Mary & Bill Pokorny Peggy Pokorski Mary Poquette & Charlotte Kelley Francine & Nathan Porter Paul Posillico Catherine & Karl Poterack Cherrelyn & Gary Potter Megan Powers Cecilia & Wolf Preiser Jane Z. Prescott Gail & Nick Prestera Barbara Previte Scott Price & Dudley Price Wendy A. Price Anne & David Prine Jane Proctor & Lyle Frederickson

Since the launch of the Monarch Society, we have met some bright, determined, and passionate people across numerous sectors of the Valley. It is one thing to visit the Garden with friends or loved ones, but it is a tremendous experience to actively work with other passionate, emerging professionals who love the Garden, believe in its mission, and want to see its elegance continue to flourish for generations to come. ~ Teniqua Broughton and Jayson Matthews

Darlene Petersen Pam & Chuck Petersen Anita Peterson Cynthia & Guy Peterson Jacquie & Bob Peterson Mary Peterson Kara & Perry Petri M. Jean & George Pettit Kathleen & Bruce Pettycrew Pauline Peverly Linda & Donald Pewitt Marcia & Robert Pfeffer Suzanne Pfister Judy L. Phalen Linda & Thomas Phillips Nora & Larry Phillips Maria C. Phipps Doreen & David Picerne Barbara Pickrell Marna & Philip Pier Judi Pimentel 18

Paulina Proper & Scott Proper Nashie & Salem Prouty & Martine S. Prouty Sandra & Robert Provost DeShon Pullen & Pam Bolio Peggy & Harry Purdy Danielle Pyevich & Marnie Kulbeth Jeannine & Ron Quagliara Patrick Quick & Tony Tam Carol & Tom Quijada Barbara & Jerome Quinn Gale & Roger Racut Mary Radford MaryEllen Radosevich Maxine & Michael Radtke Diane & Bill Raleigh Beth & Marvin Rallison Edgar A. Ralston Shirley & Thomas Ramaley Natalia Ramondo & David Lagakos Dorothy & Donald Randall

Scott Raney & Aris Gallios Harriet Raskin & Fred Newman Linda Rasmussen Mary C. Rasmusson Ann & Peter Rathwell Mary & Walt Reams Barbara & Timothy Redburn Linda & Charles Redman Patsy Redmond Judith Reed Bettiann & Jeffrey Reese Valerie & Leroy Rehrer Lari-Ann & Frank Reichenbacher Elinoe & Boyd Reifschneider Julie Reigle & Mark Smersky Judy & Harold Reihard Elizabeth C. Remillong Louise & Steve Rennecker Dean A. Rennell Nathalie Rennell Christina & Eric Reuss Blair & David Revak Ida & Robert Rhea Bea Rheaume & Lee Engle Kenda & Dean Rice Gillian Rice Marjorie & Robert Rice Katie & Steve Richard John D. Richardson Lioudmila & Samuel Richmond Karen & Richard Richter Judith Riden Valerie & Kerry Riedler Ann & Dan Rigby Dixie Riley Ernestine & Joe Riley Mitzi M. Rinehart Kay & Mike Ringo Rebecca Ripley & Tara Swinehart Julia & Wayne Rish Curtis L. Ritland Joan M. Ritsch Carolyn & Ed Ritter Dorothy Ritz & Marlin Besler Joanne & Al Rivard Jeane & Peter Robbeloth Marilyn & Donald Robbins Jackson Roberts Joan Roberts & Thetis Group Joan & William Roberts Victoria Roberts Annette & David Robertson Barbara & William Robertson Sarah & William Robertson Judith & Donald Robins Clarissa & Brian Robinson Gloria Robinson Nancy & Bill Robinson Susan & David Robinson Daryl Roche & Edward Ferrie Pauline & Leonard Rodgers Regina & A. Hugh Rodgers Delores Rodman & Dale Suran Pamela & Alan Rodney Jacquie & Alfonso Rodriguez Linda & Tim Rodriquez Jean & John Roehrs Veronika & Kilian Roever Karen & Sam Rogers Denese Rohrer Wilhelmina & Jerry Rolland Tom Rolston Isabelle & Stephen Roman Rosalie & Michael Roman Mary Romero & Eric Margolis Toni & Joe Romley Lynn & Mark Roosa Jane Roosen Karen Roots & Leora Schlaba & Leora C. Roots Eva Rosales J. Maxine & Paul Rose Jordan & Jason Rose Vada & Gerald Roseberry Harriet & Gil Rosen Mary & Robert Rosen Jill & Michael Rosenbaum Rosemary Rosenberger Rona & Robert Rosenthal Valerie J. Rosenthal Catherine E. Rosick

Beth & Gary Ross Laura Ross & Michelle Blasnig Paula & Chet Ross Keri & Justin Roth Judy & Chas Roudebush Laura Rouyer Patrice & Robert Rowan Diane & Robert Rowley Eloise & Nathan Rubin Jane & David Ruby Susanne Rudley & Dean Gain Faye & Kevin Ruffcorn Carmella Ruggiero & Kirk Smith Sarah Ruhlen Micki Ruiz Celia Rumann & Michael O’Connor Donna & Thomas Rumph Diane V. Runfola Janet & Dale Russell Juli Russell Nancy & Fran Russell Ann Ryan Janet A. Ryan David Ryder Stephen M. Sacker Beth Saiki-Olsen & Ginny Saiki Sheila & Duane Sailer Shirley & Anthony Sallas Gail Sallustro Estelle Saltzman Carol & Joseph Salvatore Stephanie & Ronald Sampson Alice & Jose Sanchez Melissa Sanderson & Lola Rassat Robert Sanderson Debra Sangnier & Rick Brough Janice & Charles Saniter Emily & Mike Santellanes Kindel Sartell Gary Sawyer Betty Sayler & William Parker Dorothy & Michael Sayre Pat Scalzi Margaret & Charles Scarrott Eileen & Joseph Scates Clayton Schad Linda Schahn Linda Schall Dianne & Russell Schaller Linda Scharf & Ruth Scharf Esther & Carl Schatz Anne Maria & Timothy Schaub Lori Smith Schell & Jeffrey Schell Dot Schena & Andrew Yee Audrey & David Scheven Cindy Schiemann Molly & Haskell Schiff Doris & Alfred Schiller Beth & Chris Schimel Leila Esch Schlabach Karen & Tim Schlax Dawn & Jay Schlott Sheila Schmidt & Greer Evans Lois I. Schneberger Art Schneider & Kyle Paskey Antje & Maurice Schneider Denise & Richard Schneider Elizabeth Schneider & Connie Onenoonff Paul A. Schneider Willa & Barry Schneider Ann & Jeff Schneidman Lyrna & Michael Schoon Chris & Kenneth Schopen

Marilyn Schrab & Laura Holub Jacqueline Schreider Alice & Karl Schroeder Virginia & R. W. Schuff Sally Schulzinger Phyllis & John Schumacher Donna & Gerald Schwartzberg Kathryn & David Schwarz Elaine Schweitzer Peggy S. Schwend Heather & Walter Scott Judie Scott Laurie Scott & Vaughn Langston Linda Scott Laura & Richard Scrivener Mary & Pat Sculley Janet & Kenneth Seegren Susan Segal Esther & Sidney Seidberg Mary Seidler Suellen Seifert Charles Seifried Pamela & Steve Seiler Orinda & Douglas Seitz Eric Sellen & Ronald Seidman Hannah & Mitchell Selznick Ingeborg & Donald Senuta Charlene & Steven Severin Donna Seward & Kelly Basfield Glenna & Lawrence Shapiro Lynne A. Shapiro Linda & Jon Shawl Janice & Speed Shea Pamela Shellhorn Alva-Gay Sheridan Sandra & Donald Sherline Paula & Arlie Sherman Linda Sherry & Edward Mulrean Carol & Michael Sherwin Kathy & Jim Shields Loretta & Donald Shields Kathleen & Maurice Shoger Ginna & Rex Short Susan Shows & Kristina Shows Betty Shults Catherine & Thomas Shumard Nancy Siegfried & David Edwards Andrea Siegrist-Baez & Maike Baez Kathryn & Harold Silver Howard Simon Kate Simpson & Mark Neils Gordon Sims & Darrell Sennich Mary Deane Sims Christy & J. Michael Sinclair Marcy & Mark Singerman Jeanette Sinohui & Margie Torres Kay & Dave Sinovic Nicolae Sinu Kathleen & Aaron Skinner Barbara Sklar Susan Slicer Lynn & Jeffrey Slutsky Debbie Smalley Althea & Earl Smith Amy & Thomas Smith Barbara & Denton Smith Cathie & Glenn Smith Charlotte & Robert Smith Corinne & Art Smith Elizabeth Smith & Pamela Smith Joyce & James Smith Linda & Charles Smith Mary E. Smith Melissa Smith & Robert Dupree

Pam Smith & Jerry Eden Ronald D. Smith Sharon & Dennis Smith Jacqueline & Robert Smits Julia Smock Nancy Snow Linda Snyder & Jennifer Snyder Michelle & Steve Snyder Pamela Snyder Sharmen Soderstrom Maureen & James Solheim Cattryn Somers Amy & Richard Sommer Cindy & Richard Sonstelie Mary Sorlie Estelle & Morton Sosland Richard Sourant & Wilson Jones Christine & Alan Southergill Kathleen & Mark Spangehl Gail Sparle-Kay Laura Spearman Louise & Tim Spears Nora A. Spencer Nancy & Robert Spetzler Tiffany & Erich Spillman Salvatore Spinella Judith & G. James Spinner Suzanne & Austin Spitzer Laila & Roland Spokely Ed Spomer Tomi St. Mars & Shane Rogers Kevin Ann Stahl Sandra Stahl & Richard Drain Shirley C. Stanhope Barbara & Allan Stanley Jan & Dan Stantus Joan & Howard Stapleton Rebecca & Philip Stapleton Judith & Robert Starkston Mary Joy & Jerre Stead Judy & Gerrit Steenblik Claire & John Steigerwald Floralou & S. Larry Stein Charlene & Gordon Stelting Margaret Stelzer Jean Craig Stengel & Leo Stengel Donna Stephan Lisa & Bill Stephens Alicia & Randy Sterna Cheryl & John Stewart Karen & Robert Stewart Marsha & James Stieber Jeri Stiles & Janet Sawyer Rise Stillman & Charles Thomas Kurt Stimac Dorothy & Wayne Stingley Amy L. Stirrup Karen & Doug Stites Dianne S. Stockdale Kyle & Mike Stoeckmann Ann Stone & Eric Hiser Maree Stone Betty Ann Story Carol Stotko Maggie & Michael Straley Cathleen & William Strauch & Krista Strauch Joan P. Strawn Jayne & Charles Stressman Janice & Tom Stringer Debbie Struble & Michael Mudge Amy & Aaron Strunk Helga & Charles Stubner Deanna Stulgaitis & Gina Baumgardt

Sandra & Bill Sturgeon Cheryl Sucato Al Sue Barbara A. Sullivan Sharilyn & Chic Sullivan Stephen Sullivan & Kristopher Kipfer Kim & David Summers Wendy & Thomas Summers Judith Sutton Linda & Barry Sutton Patsy & Gilbert Sutton Phyllis Swan Clancy Sweeney Mary & Robert Swift Karen Swoope Cheryl Sykora & William Welbes Jeanne Syverson Szulinski/Reiman/ Lysakowski Household Evan Taber & Art Foxall Phyllis & Philip Taber Starr Taber Mary A. Tabone Sam Tafoya Veronica Talavera Pearl Tang Ann & James Tanner Andree & Theodore Tarby Selma & Jerome Targovnik Maxynne & Eugene Tarkoff Betty J. Tatro Lenore & Richard Taubert Suzanne & Charles Taylor Peggy & Henry Tazelaar Kimberly & Warren TeBrugge Inge Terpening Dori & Dale Terry Toni Ann & Mark Tevik Debra & Frank Thody Bruce C. Thoeny Brinley Thomas Anne & Steve Thomas Mrs. Anson E. Thompson Cheri & Gene Thomas Karen & Tom Thomas Mary & Roy Thomas Ayanna & Derek Thompson Donna & Rod Thompson Judy & Charles Thompson Linda & Charles Thompson Gayle & Michael Thorneycroft Anna-Marie Thrysoe-Pope & John Pope Cathy Thuringer & John Martell Jean Tichenor Denise & Phil Tiemeier Elizabeth Tkacik Mary Lou & Stuart Tobin Kathleen Todd

Melissa & Steve Todd Rosemary & Robert Todd Dorothy Tolzman Kathleen Ward Tonis & Frank Tonis Susan & Tom Tonkin Joyce & Gust Totlis Janet & Richard Towbin Sammy & Leroy Townsend Rosemary & Richard Trelease Jan Trenter Victoria Trotta James Tucker III Alice Tuliano Kimberly & Charles Tuomi Beverly & Ralph Turnbull Rosamond & Thomas Turnbull Leslie & Scott Turner Kathleen Tuttle Tammy Tyree & Daniel Brooks Terry & Jim Uffelman Kathleen & Paul Ulrich Kay & George Umberson Andrea Umlas & Greg Poulos Florence Umphrey Tamsinn & Jon Underwood Emily Upstill Christa Utech-Winter Kathy & Thomas Van Arsdale Jill & Joe Van Dierendonck Ann & Tom Van Slyck Cynthia & John Van Vleet Courtenay VanDenburgh Kaye Vania & Diana Mahlman & Natasha Vania Bettejean & Edward Varney Sharon Vega & Nancy Aden Patricia & Charles Vencill Jennifer Verdier & Richard Burch William Verdini Kathleen Verhey & Heather Lynch Mary T. Versosky Margaret Vick Deanna & Lee Vickers Mary R. Victor Wendy Villalba Patricia Villarreal & Katherine Villarreal Emily & Bob Vincent Deborah & Mark Vinsen Cindy & Jack Viola Mr. & Mrs. Richard Viviani Susan Vlahos & Jeffrey Harris Marilyn & James Vogel Patty Vogel & Ron Davini Sharon Vogelsang & Richard Edelman Roberta & Harvey Volin Karla & John von Lehe Freia von Wedel Deborah & John Voris

At Dinner on the Desert. Standing left to right: Jennifer Theobald, Gena Bonsall, Stephen Evans, Jane Jozoff, Martha Hunter, Malcolm Jozoff. Seated left to right: Ray Hunter, Ardie Evans. 19

Barbara Vrabec & Hank Fried Leonora T. Vullo Wendie Waddell & Rocco Caldarella Betty & Tom Wagner Lisa Wagner Laurie & David Waite Lisa & Scott Wakely Anne & John Walchli Nancy & Gilbert Waldman Sandra & Edward Waldmann Amy Walker & Albert Sligh Diane & Jonathan Walker JoAnn & Fred Walker Margaret & Ron Walker Mary Walker & Ralph Engler Nadine & James Walker Debra Walker-Lewis & Hank Lewis Karen A. Wallace LaDonna & Carl Wallen Susan & John Wanat Sharon & Richard Wand Judith & Kevin Wandler Casidy Ward & Lyn Hofacket De Alva & Joseph Ward Joni Ward & Scott Bingham Patricia & Thomas Ware Anne & Ian Warrander Marc Wasserman Susan Watchman Judith Watkins & Danielle Watkins & Reenee Watkins Dwight Watland Virginia Watson Meredith & Jeff Watters Lisa & Charles Wayman Christine & Terry Weaver Kathleen Weber & Geoffrey Ossias Marlys & Ron Weberg William Weese Marleen E. Weflen Karen & Howard Weiner

Arnette Wessel Barbara Westenberg Mary Lu & Jameson Wetmore Jackie & David Wetta Cynthia Wheeler & Nicholas Warner Mary & Cory Wheeler Patsy Whipps & Victoria Motsenbocker Anne C. White J. D. White Jean & Charles White Nancy & Edward White Peter White Phyllis C. White LaRae & Milton Whitehead Carolyn & Christopher Whitesides Karen G. Wick Dawn & Glenn Wickerson Susan Wickes & Robert Torassa Walt J. Wictor Patricia Ann & Richard Wiedhopf Rose Wilcox Sue Wilcox Joy Wilhelm & Catherine Austin Mary & Stephen Wilhelm Patti & Gary Wilhelm Jan & Roy Wilkins Shirley & Harry Wilkinson Donna Willett Cherrylee Williams Demie & R. J. Williams Gai Williams Jennifer & Zach Williams Juanita L. Williams Lela Williams Mary Williams Melanie & Robert Williams Penny Williams Sandra & Jay Williams Mary Willingham & William Still Christine & Roger Willis

Jean Winfield Douglas Winner & Tim Baumhover Donna & Jesse Winters Robin & James Winters S. Robert Wise Susie Wissinger Janet & Robert Witzeman Christine & Lawrence Wolfe Helen L. Wolfe Leatrice A. Wolfe-Nolan Marilyn Wolfe John Wolff Renea Wolfrum & Robert Barton & Margaret Critelli Donna Wood & Judie Cameron Joyce Wood & Don Moss Pamela & Gary Wood Deirdre & Ben Woodruff Abigail & Daniel Wool Wendy Woolf & Patrick Athey Jane & Bernard Worth Emily Wrinkle Karen & Richard Wuensch James Wurgler Cheryl Wyatt & John Wenderski Jill Wysolmierski Mary & Richard Ya Deau Nancy & Daniel Yahraus Stephen O. Yap Sybil Yastrow Patti & Randy Yenerich Marcy Yonker & George Jennings & Carole Maisel Susan & Ray York Kay Young Robert Young & Shirley Schmitz Judith & Walter Younglove Sara & Henry Yu Marilyn & John Zahart Mary & Darwin Zahn Annette & Rafael Zarate Hector Zavaleta Linda Zeien & Jim Walejko Marilyn Zeitlin Jeanne & Peter Zenge Diana & Joseph Zerella Mary L. Zicarelli Joan & Roy Ziering & Geoff Ziering Janet Zimmer & Judith Diemand Barbara & Joseph Zinkovich Nancy & Kenneth Zoll Susan & Mark Zolno Sue & Andris Zvirgzdins The Desert Botanical Garden is honored to acknowledge the following individuals as members of the Sonoran Circle. These donors have thoughtfully included the Garden in their estate plans.

We both belong to many support groups in the community and agree that the Garden’s Patron’s Circle is one of the most inviting and enjoyable. We like the fact that we have met many new people and are forming lasting friendships with some very interesting and stimulating individuals. ~ Sara Morgan and Carolyn Stuart

Naomi & Gerald Weiner Sue Weinert & Joe Youssefi Jeanne & Tom Weir Amy & Larry Weiss Bonita & Roger Wellington Abbe Wells Crystal & Robert Wells Gloria Wells Judy & Robert Wells Wayne Wentz Heidi & Stephen Werden Noreen & Howard Wernick 20

Carol Willover Liz Wilmot Carol & Lewis Wilson Luella & Norm Wilson Mark Wilson Nancy & Jon Wilson Carole Wiltbank Helen & John Winandy Donna & Daniel Winarski & Tyson Winarski Patricia & Sidney Wine Shannon Winer & Edward Fredericks

SONORAN CIRCLE Anonymous Donors (45) Rebecca Ailes-Fine & Peter S. Fine Gail & John Allan Sidney Allen Mary Jo & Gene Almendinger Donna G. & Mason E. Anderson Lou Ella Archer* Rev. Talitha J. Arnold Billie Jane Baguley Judy & Web Baker Kathryn Baker Kate & Greg Bakkum Valerie Banks Diane Barker Lewis Barnard, Jr.* David Barnett Judy & Larrie Bates Robert A. Beane Patricia Beauvais Trust* Shirley & Thomas Bekey Sandra & Ralph Benell Myrna & Charles Berger Jean M. Besich Gail Bliss Marty Blood Oonagh & John Boppart Jane Burtnett Vera A. Carpenter Trust*

Joy & Craig Clifford Lee Baumann Cohn Patricia Wentworth Comus & Louis F. Comus, Jr. Harry R. Courtright Carol & Richard Crane Jerome W. Daub* Bernadette & Dean DeAngelis Diana Decker Patricia Dickerman* Rachel K. Dirkse Trust Heather & Richard Dohrwardt Marion & Jim Durham Ruth DuVal Beverly & Paul Duzik Lucille B. Earle* Alice Feffer* Mark Feldman Mary L. Ferro Virginia & Ernest Ferry* Corleah S. Fiery* Drs. Deborah & Michael Gilman Rose & Harvey Goertz* Elaine & Dan Gruber Delbert J. Harr Frank Hennessey* Florence L. Hinshaw * DeAnne & Mike Holt Charles A. Huckins William Huizingh Nancy & Ken Husband Dorothy D. & James L. Jones Cheryl E. Kantor* Melissa Kemp Raymond W. Kemp Betty Kitchell Debra Korobkin* Virginia Korte Arthur N. Krein* Florence Arlene Kriz Trust* The Kulow Family Trust Ann & Michael Linnett Fran & Dale Linowski Annelise Loeser* Beth Meyer Lohse & Rolf Lohse Paul Lorah Shirley & Douglas Lowe Jonathan Marshall* Mildred F. May* Scott B. McMahon Patricia A. & John K. Meinert Betty & Denny Mitchem Marta L. Morando Lorene D. Mullineaux* Kathy & Chuck Munson Patricia Anne Murphy* Arthur R. Murray* Marcia D. & Richard W. Nadolny Sherry New Terri Laird-Newton Susan D. Noack Carolyn & Mark O’Malley Sandra Ochterbeck Deborah & Benedict Ornburn Opal Oyaas* Karen & David Paldan Rosellen & Harry Papp Mathilda M. Parker Kathleen Passey* Craig Pearson Joel Prescott Doris Redlin Nancy & Robert H. Rheinlander* David J. Ritchie Mary Romero & Eric Margolis Jo Rose & Cynthia A. Rose Wallis Rae Rozga Leontine Sassell* Kimberly S. & Scott T. Schaefer Carol Schilling Ruth K. Schonthal* Kenneth J. Schutz Susan E. Shattuck Don Shaw Dorothy Lincoln-Smith & Harvey K. Smith Glenda Springer Dan Suhr Nancy Swanson Marilyn Swoboda Nikolaus Tendler

Bruce C. Thoeny Shari & Ben Thompson Michael J. Tucker Carol & Bob Tulk Ethel Twitchell* H. W. VanLoo* Kathleen & Bruce Weber Gertrude Webster* Virginia A. Weise Gary R. Wolkovits Eugenia I. Wright* Karen Wyndelts Sylvia D. Yoder *Those whose gifts have been realized. The Garden is proud to acknowledge the following businesses and foundations for making annual gifts to support the Garden’s research, education and exhibition programs. $20,000+ Anonymous Donors (2) Alberta B. Farrington Foundation APS – Arizona Public Service The Arizona Republic Blue Cross® Blue Shield® of Arizona The Dorrance Family Foundation The Fred Maytag Family Foundation® John Douglas Architects JPMorgan Chase J. W. Kieckhefer Foundation National Fish & Wildlife Foundation The Ottosen Family Foundation Pearson & Co. Santa Barbara Catering Company SRP The Stardust Foundation The Steele Foundation, Inc. T. W. Lewis Foundation Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust The Virginia M. Ullman Foundation Wells Fargo

The R. Ruth Foundation Ryley, Carlock & Applewhite Snell & Wilmer L.L.P. Wells Fargo Private Bank Wiseman and Gale Interiors $2,500 - $4,999 Arizona State Forestry Division Atlasta Catering Service, Inc. Can-Do Fund Classic Party Rentals Design Within Reach The Evans Charitable Trust Globe Foundation Heidi’s Events and Catering Helen & Carlton M. Fishel Foundation Hyatt Regency Scottsdale at Gainey Ranch Illinois Tool Works Foundation Intel Corporation International Expeditions Inc. Keith Pitts Photography Kutak Rock LLP Natural Habitat Adventures Petal Pusher LLC Polsinelli Shughart PC Rest Assured Inc. Southwick Linens The Swingtips Two Plates Full US Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Management Victoria Canada Weddings & Events

$1,250 – $2,499 America’s Taco Shop Arizona Community Foundation Bruce Brown Catering Cactus and Succulent Society of America Celebrations in Paper Central Arizona Cactus and Succulent Society César Mazier Landscaping & Consulting, Inc. Charles G. and Rheta Krammer Foundation $10,000 - $19,999 Creations in Cuisine Catering Anonymous Donor Creative Plants Bank of America Deloitte & Touche The Boeing Company Environmental Fund for Arizona CFG Business Solutions, LLC Fox Sports Arizona Emerson Network Power Holler & Saunders Ltd., Inc. The F2 Family Foundation IBM International Foundation Fabulous Food Fine Catering & Events Jewish Foundation of Greater The Ferry Family Foundation Phoenix, Inc. Greenberg Traurig, LLP Latest Craze Productions Hensley Beverage Company Lowry Hill Herbert H. and Barbara C. Dow Metal Media LLC Foundation Osborn Maledon, P.A. The James and Katherine Randall P.F. Chang’s China Bistro, Inc. Park Fund Phoenix Suns Charities Margaret T. Morris Foundation PourMasters, Inc. Media Buying Services, Inc. Sprinkles Cupcakes Inc. Meridian Bank, N.A. The Stockyards Restaurant Northern Trust, N.A. Stupp Bros. Bridge & P. S. Studios, Inc. Iron Co. Foundation US Airways Themers LLC Vanguard Charitable Endowment Twirl Boutique Program $500 - $1,249 $5,000 - $9,999 Ambassador Landscaping 7033 First Avenue, LLC American Express Company Arizona Taste Catering, Inc. Arrowhead Solutions Inc. Aventura AT&T Mobility Cable One, Inc. Ayco Charitable Foundation CALA Alliance Azul-Verde Design Group, Inc. Chanticleer Chevron Humankind Matching Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. Gift Program Cox Charities Columbine Garden Club The David E. Reese Family Foundation Cosanti Foundation Davison Benefits Group, Inc. Design Inspiration, LLC Fennemore Craig, P.C. Gannett Foundation Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold, Inc. GenSpring Family Offices Herberger Trust Henkel Corporation Hyatt Regency Phoenix at Civic Plaza Henry and Horne, L.L.P. Louis Foundation Hensley Employee Foundation Miller, Allen & Co., P.C. Honeymoon Sweets Bakery and Phoenix Home & Dessert Bar Garden Magazine Honeywell, Inc. Prudential Financial Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies

The Desert Botanical Garden is like no other place in the world. It is a cultural centerpiece of Arizona that draws visitors as a point of attraction. I love its peaceful tranquility – a welcome relaxation after a busy week. ~ Tammy McLeod, Vice President & Chief Customer Officer at APS and Garden Trustee

Kensington Square Foundation Kornegay Design, LLC KTM Construction, Inc. Levin Family Charitable Foundation Madison Avenue Salon & Day Spa Maricopa Audubon Society Michael’s Catering Morningside Foundation The Nason Family Foundation Native Resources International, Inc. Rancho de los Caballeros red modern furniture Renaissance Charitable Foundation Inc. R. J. Bromley Construction, Inc. Rochester Area Foundation Schmitt Jewelers Simply Cinema Susich Design Company The Westin Kierland Resort & Spa $250 - $499 Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa ASU Foundation Baker Nursery Bank of America Foundation Ben Franklin Press Connolly Audio Corning Incorporated Foundation DELSTAR Companies Inc. Desert Tree Farm Enchantment Resort Erma Bombeck Memorial Fund ExxonMobil Foundation Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra Flipbook Memories General Mills Foundation Grainger Matching Charitable Gifts Program The Heard Museum Hermosa Inn Hotel Indigo – Scottsdale Jim David Photography Jim Sudal Ceramic Design JJR/Floor Liz Love Collections The Lodge at Torrey Pines Mancini Entertainment/Music Doctors Miguel Rodriguez Network For Good Nowell Tree Farm Ollie the Trolley/Dunn Transportation Paradise Distributing Phoenix Precast Products Inc. The Ritz-Carlton Royal Palms Resort and Spa San Diego Marriott Hotel & Marina Sheraton San Diego Silver Sun Wholesale South Mountain Landcare, LLC. Spurlock Poirier Landscape Architects String Serenade Sunstate Equipment Co., LLC Tektronix Foundation Topete/Stonefield, Inc.

HONOR & MEMORIAL GIFTS Honor and memorial contributions are used to support the Desert Botanical Garden’s horticulture, exhibits, education and research programs. These contributions have been received from December 16, 2010 through March 15, 2011: Honor Gifts: In Honor of Oonagh Boppart Julie & DeWayne Hevelone In Honor of Martha Fischer Deborah F. Teason In Honor of Laura & Bruce Kimball Betsey & Dale Bucks In Honor of Ruth Mathews-Getz’s Birthday Charles L. Ramay In Honor of Jessica Pearce Sean Alfonso Memorial Gifts: In Memory of Erik Anderson Janet E. P. Anderson Richard W. Danielson In Memory of Nan Beyer The Beyer Family In Memory of Helen J. Blood Christine Hill In Memory of Lucy Knobloch Association of Fundraising Professionals Marla & Ron Bassler Oslynn Benjamin The Bibik Family Diane & Frank Blake Braun Siler Kruzel PC Lee Baumann Cohn & Mike Cohn Cheryl & Raymond Egan M. Jean Hoag Barbara Huffman Alan Knobloch Peter C. Knobloch Lindsay & Eric Lindstrom Kristine & Leland Peterson Christi Pulley Laura & Neal Rockowitz Bridget & Josh Sammeter Barbara & Wayne Splawn Greg Whitehead Michelle Whitehead In Memory of Richard Preston Krecker Roberta Arthur John C. Ashe Brenda K. Russell Basso Judith Ann & Tom Bowser Gwendolyn K. Branch Katherine Branch & Michael Collier Robert Bulla Barbara & David Bywaters Bonnie & David Cunningham Deedee & Peter DuBrow FirstStrategic Communications & Public Affairs Nancy & Allen Hall 21

Michael S. Hammond Nancy Hunter Beverly & Edward Jones Denise Kemp-Kay Barbara & Ron Lieberson Vicki & Tom Mangione Jill McMaster Patricia & Alan Moyer Kathy & Charles Munson Paradise Valley Chapter NSDAR Marilyn & Jon Shomer Sherri A. Stephens Dwight Watland In Memory of Melodie Lewis Heather Allen & Bob Payne Patty & Bob Andrews Kathryn M. Baker Bank of Las Vegas Bank of Tucson Geni Bennetts & Patricia Tuck Catherine C. Bentley Gretchen & Michael Black Arline & Frank Bliss Blood Systems, Inc. Barbara & Randy Boesch Mary & Mark Bonsall Oonagh & John Boppart Mrs. Donald Buffmire Robert Bulla Carol & Charles Burr Central Arizona Bank Martha & Thomas Churchill Jeannine & Paul Clark Karen & William Clements Lee Baumann Cohn & Mike Cohn Commerce Bank of Arizona Cheryl Comstock & Thomas Giovanelli Susan & James Connor Elaine H. Corcoran Denise & Jim Crawford Marilyn & Cliff Douglas Bobette & Clinton Dunn Beverly & Paul Duzik Janice & Donald Earl Lynn M. Earl Robert W. Earl Lisa & Bon Fannin Pat & Kathy Fenney Debra & Armondo Flores Carol & David Flotz Juanita & Philip Francis Ann & James Frein Pat Ganser & John Strittmatter Joan & Robert Gardner Dean Greenberg Marilyn & Allen Gula Hazel Hare Mary Heiss & Harold Dorenbecher Christine & F. M. Helbock Jean Henderson-Peterson Patricia Hester & Ann Kuhn Betsy & Bob Holland James G. Horvath Laura & Richard Houseworth RaNae & Jim Howard William Huizingh Abby & William Itule Cindy James-Richman & Stephen Richman Camella & Steve Johnson Dawn & Michael Kennedy Nancy Kinney Jan & Thomas Lewis Dwala G. Mandas Kirti I. Mathura Elaine & David McGinn Lois H. McKenzie Roseann & John Munger Sally Myers Northern Trust, N.A. Carolyn & Mark O’Malley Marilyn & L. Roy Papp Rosellen & Harry Papp Pescatore-Cooper, PLC Nancy Philippi & James LeValley J. Doug Pruitt & Sundt Construction Inc. Kathleen S. Pushor Sandy & John Raffealli Rancho San Rafael May Museum 22

Joal & Eric Redmond Dean A. Rennell David Rennick Debby & Foster Robberson Laraine Rodgers Vada & Gerald Roseberry Barbara & Mel Rothman Diane G. Roush Kay & John Sack Kim & Scott Schaefer Pamela & Steve Seiler Marilyn & Jon Shomer Yvonne & Kelly Sutherland Nancy Swanson Diane & Bruce Thomas Melissa & Steve Todd Shoshana & Robert Tancer Ken Schutz & Craig Thatcher Bruce C. Thoeny Ken Tedford Jr. Ann & Thomas Toulouse Rose & Wendell Tyson Randy, Michael & Christina Venturacci Linda & Richard Whitney Liisa & William Wilder Peggy & Robert Withers Catherine & Patrick Yalung Patti & Randy Yenerich In Memory of Donna Louise Metcalf Jerolyn & William Thompson In Memory of Patrick Rink D. Rae Turley In Memory of Regina “Reggie” Shocklee Kim & Scott Schaefer In Memory of Mary Margaret Stephens Stephen Bartlett & John Ness Marilyn Dennett Carol & Brian Landsverk Janet & Martin McDonald Joan & Russell Ness Nancy Ness Nichols Marilyn & Jon Shomer Kristin Ness Willardson In Memory of Gary Schiller Martha C. Vizcaya In Memory of Alex Sykes Oonagh & John Boppart In Memory of Ansel Vizcaya Martha C. Vizcaya In Memory of James Vizcaya Martha C. Vizcaya In Memory of Sylvia VizcayaAlderson Martha C. Vizcaya In Memory of Flossie Wilcox Linda & Larry Offenberg IN-KIND GIFTS Listed below are donors who have made valued gifts of $150+ from December 16, 2010 through March 15, 2011: Judy & Larrie Bates Azalea Coleman Carol & Paul Gerlach® International Minute Press Ann Lehmann P.S. Studios, Inc. Singh Farms, LLC US Airways We attempt to ensure the accuracy of our donor’s names. If you note an error or omission, please contact Fran Linowski at 480 481.8144.


President Lee Baumann Cohn Vice Presidents Kate Baker Marta L. Morando Secretary Jan R. Lewis Treasurer Stephen L. Tufts TRUSTEES

Rebecca Ailes-Fine Tom Bekey Gail Bradley Teniqua Broughton Robert Bulla John D. Burnside Craig Clifford, CPA Shelley Cohn Lou Comus, Jr. Barton Faber Amy Flood Dawn Goldman

Hazel Hare Jeff Hebets Barbara Hoffnagle Martha Hunter Mari Koerner, Ph.D. Bruce Macdonough Tammy McLeod Paul Morell Peggy Mullan Carolyn Polson O’Malley Donald R. Ottosen Robert Page, Ph.D. Robert Tancer Ken Udenze Bruce Weber William F. Wilder Steven G. Zylstra TRUSTEES EMERITI

H. Clifton Douglas William Huizingh, Ph.D. Nancy Swanson Kenneth J. Schutz T he Dr. William Huizingh Executive Director


The Garden’s commitment to the community is to advance excellence in education, research, exhibition, and conservation of desert plants of the world with emphasis on the Southwestern United States. We will ensure that the Garden is always a compelling attraction that brings to life the many wonders of the desert.

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Desert Botanical Garden 2010 Annual Report  

Letter to Members, financial reports, Garden by the numbers

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