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created by the skin health experts at Dermalogica all to help you build a better relationship with your skin for a healthy future.

speaking of the future

Dermalogica believes it should be a clean one. Whenever possible, our ingredients come from renewable sources, and our packaging is either recyclable, photo-degradable, or biodegradable.

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But we did ask teens, including talented high school filmmakers, to deliver what you need for your best-looking skin. This is how we Clean Start. Tell us how you Clean Start at

let’s not waste time Want to know why your skin is so, well, moody? Your skin is your largest organ, and is very much alive. Because it’s a living part of you, it’s always changing. Internally, it picks up imbalances in chemicals and hormones. Externally, it’s a sensory organ, designed to detect changes in environment, sense hot and cold, and even reflect our emotions (think of a blushing rhinoceros). So, is it even possible to bring skin, which is constantly in flux,

into a state of balance?

it is if you start now! Now is the best time of your life to start a healthy skin regimen. And by regimen, we mean getting clean, taking on issues, and protecting skin for a great-looking, healthy future.



getting clean Meet dirt. Meet grime. Then kiss them good-bye.

taking on issues It’s you versus the breakout. And this time, you win.


protecting skin There’s a place and time to be matte… or to shine!

getting clean Meet dirt. Meet grime. Then kiss them good-bye.

wash off face the day with a clean slate Lather up and rid dead skin cells, oils and build-up from skin, leaving a clean surface. all over clear tone up and clear out! Spritz on breakout and oil regulators for a clear face, chest or wherever.

Clean Start Book  
Clean Start Book  

Clean Start Book