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from jane Dear fellow skin care professional, I’ve spoken to you previously about looking at your business, and then looking at your business as supported by Dermalogica. I mentioned if you were looking to shake things up, to learn a new approach for a product-savvy clientele, to redefine your business no matter the conditions of the market, that Dermalogica would help you change your business forever. You’ve heard the talk, now it’s time to walk the walk! This is the book that teaches you how to redefine your business with the power of Dermalogica. Dermalogica is more than a great product. It’s your ultimate tool for success no matter the state of business. Because we know that, outside of amazing products that deliver results, the greatest support we can give you is the tools and knowledge to stay competitive. In this industry of products that are here today, and gone today, I take pride in telling you we’ve been in this industry for over 25 years, researching and developing products that challenge industry standards, and never wavering on our support of the skin care professional. It’s proven through our award-winning education, and marketing and business support that I know is unparallel. Moreover, I take great pride in stating that just like our accounts, members of the Dermalogica corporate family have been with us for 5 years, 10 years, 20 years – some since our inception! So, while some product line support ends once products hit the shelves, and come and go with the changing trends, be assured Dermalogica will always answer your call, and is already planning your most successful future. Xxxxxxxxxxxx,

Jane Wurwand Dermalogica Founder and professional skin therapist

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products hero worship Dermalogica Has a Customized Regimen for Every Client, Every Condition For over 20 years, our products have been on a mission of skin health; standing tall as beauty-focused brands have flooded then failed to deliver what today’s consumer really wants – straight talk and serious skin health results. That’s who Dermalogica is, and always will be. Skin health heroes on a crusade to deliver customized skin health for every skin condition. That’s right – every client who enters your business can leave with a customized Dermalogica product regimen for their unique skin condition. What other product system on the market can say that?

the making of a hero From day one, Dermalogica products raised eyebrows in the industry. We were the new kid on the block, touting skin health and fitness over beauty; presented in a sleek shade of gray rather than colors that would compliment luxurious bathroom tile; shunning the industry norm of using cheap chemicals like Mineral Oil, Lanolin, S.D. Alcohol, and artificial fragrances and colors for cutting-edge ingredients that delivered real results. These first formulas are still some of the most prescribed, most coveted, and most beloved products by magazine editors, skin care professionals, and clients alike.

the legacy continues Dermalgica continues to challenge industry standards for product formulation and skin health results through the research and development of treatment-specific lines. These robust systems include MediBac Clearing™ for the treatment of adult acne, AGE Smart™ to help control skin aging on a biological level, ChromaWhite TRx for brighter, more luminous skin, and Shave, helping men achieve healthier skin through the daily ritual of shaving. Since bursting onto the scene, these treatment-specific systems have once again raised eyebrows in the industry and in the press, garnering praise for being revolutionary, forward-thinking, as leaders setting the bar for standards in product performance, and even winning such awards as “Best New Product Launch.” The consensus? No matter the condition, with Dermalogica on shelf, you can take it on.

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core products

What is it: The first innovative products researched and developed to deliver skin health maintenance. Founded on the principle of better-looking skin is achieved through ingredients that deliver skin health results. What it includes: Cleansers, Toners, Exfoliants, Moisturizers, Concentrated Boosters, Targeted Treatments, Eye Treatments, Daily Groomers, and Treatment Foundation available in 8 shades.

Who’s it for: Ideal for all clients of each gender and every age range.



5 | products | dermalogica core products

daylight defense

What is it: Sun protection with skin care benefits! Shield skin from its worst enemy with convenient, customized formulas that fit easily into any skin care regimen. Features UVA and UVB protection, as well as UV Smart Booster Technology for an extra boost of skin-shielding antioxidants when skin is exposed to daylight. Who’s it for: Clients of all ages.

Gossip Girl’s

Leighton Meester’s Favorite Sunscreen

spf gets kudos from cosmo girl! Cosmo Girl! names Super Sensitive FaceBlock SPF30 as a celeb favorite, and seals it with a Beauty Awards Kiss of Approval – meaning you shouldn’t ever be without it!



daylight defense | targeted needs | products | 6

body therapy

What is it: Skin health for the entire body! Apply the skin health benefits of Dermalogica from head to toe, and encourage clients to create an aromatherapeutic, completely customized spa-like experience in their home in between visits to your center. Who’s it for: Clients of all ages.

FPO NEED PR DS for Body retail


7 | products | targeted needs | body therapy


What is it: The health of skin is dramatically impacted by the daily shaving routine. Now male clients can take on irritation, sensitivity, redness, ingrown hairs and bumps while improving skin health. Dermalogica Shave is the first double-action system that focuses on delivering a maximum comfort, super-close shave and an enhanced skin condition. It’s also great for female clients!

for a smooth finish Nylon magazine says besides a razor, Dermalogica Pre-Shave Guard and Post-Shave Balm serve as “the only other tool you’ll need for a smooth finish.” P.S. – get a Shave Mapping , which “prescribes the right products” based upon skin condition and beard growth.



shave | targeted needs | products | 8

AGE Smart™

What is it: When clients ask the question, “What can you do to help control my skin aging?” You answer it with AGE Smart™, a powerful system of 11 products that helps control the biological triggers that lead to skin aging. You’ll never hear the words “anti-aging” associated with AGE Smart™. That’s because the system takes a fresh approach to skin aging by treating it at the source before it starts, all while managing current manifestations of skin aging for smoother, firmer, healthier skin. Who’s it for: Primarily aimed at the xx-xx female demographic, it’s no surprise that even men and women in their twenties are clamoring for these products that help control the signs of skin aging.

how potent is your lips that AGE smart™ Lip Renewal Complex is selected as one of “10 best reasons to pucker up” by Marie Claire because it “blocks free radicals that cause early aging.”



9 | products | treatment-specific concerns | AGE Smart™

vitamin c? “Vitamin C, renowned for combating wrinkles and spots, is notoriously difficult to keep stabilized because it oxidizes.” Dermalogica’s MAP-15 Regenerator contains encapsulated Vitamin C – preventing oxidization, which means when you apply it to fine lines, you’ll “deliver the potent Vitamin C intact.”

ChromaWhite TRx

What is it: It’s a new era in brightening from the skin health experts! ChromaWhite TRx works synergistically to prevent the formation of pigmentation on a cellular level while brightening and improving skin tone. Hydroquinone-free formula gives clients a home treatment for hyperpigmentation that won’t trigger irritation or damage related to hydroquinone. Who’s it for: Clients of all ages looking for brighter, more luminous skin tone.

Hydrate, brighten and protect with Pure Light SPF30: a product favorite lining the pages of ElleShops.

the future is bright with Hydrate, brig hten and protect with Pure Light SPF30 – a product favo rite of ElleShop s.

Nylon magazine says look forward to “visibly brighter skin” with Extreme C, one of six new ChromaWhite TRx brightening products from the skin health experts at Dermalogica.

“…erase the blight of sun damage past while also preventing any further pigmentation.”



ChromaWhite TRx | treatment-specific concerns | products | 10

MediBac Clearing™

What is it: Adult acne is on the rise, putting to bed the common misconception that breakouts only affect teenagers. Take on the unique challenges of an adult skin condition suffering from acne with 8 formulas designed to be layered onto skin, providing around-the-clock control of the four main factors that contribute to acne. What it includes: Cleanser, Toner, Masque, Targeted Treatments, Moisturizer.

Who it’s for: Males and females struggling with breakouts and oily shine.



11 | products | treatment-specific concerns | MediBac Clearing™

MediBac Clearing™ | treatment-specific concerns | products | 12

services sales on the rise by 40% Face Mapping®, Skin BarSM Give Business, Consumers a Boost Thousands of clients say it’s the source of their healthiest skin ever. But perhaps what’s more impressive is what Dermalogica businesses worldwide are reporting: with Face Mapping® and Skin BarSM in their business, client retention is increasing, and sales are up as much as 40%. Face Mapping® zone-by-zone skin analysis is performed by a trained skin care professional on a client. In this one-on-one format, a professional gets to know a client’s skin through sight and touch, then prescribes a subsequent Dermalogica product regimen customized for the client’s needs. Face Mapping® goes far beyond a question and answer session with a client to uncover their skin’s past and present for a healthy skin future. It serves as a client interaction tool that never feels coated in sales pitch. From treatment room to retail floor, Face Mapping® is a professional’s greatest weapon for results. When combined with Skin BarSM, a counter top complimented by a pool of Dermalogica products where clients test their regimen under professional guidance, businesses are proving education and hands-on interaction break the ice with today’s skin-savvy consumer. While Face Mapping® and Skin BarSM do require a professional’s touch, you can get retail staff in on the action with Speed MappingSM! Equipped with an easy-to-use prescription pad that guides retail staff through a brief question and answer section, anyone on your staff can recommend 5 Dermalogica products in under 5 minutes. Trust these exclusive Dermalogica concepts to drive your business, helping to reach a new breed of consumer looking for results, customization, and interaction.

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| services

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speed mapping


What is it: Speed Mapping

is retailing made easy, and helps turn down time into sales time! Through a brief question and answer session with clients, this quick analysis reviews 5 areas of the face to recommend 5 products in just 5 minutes. Convenient prescription sheet coaches team members through the question and answer process, helping with product recommendations. SM

Who it’s for: Speed Mapping

equips everyone in your business – including non-licensed retail staff, managers, owners, even stylists! – with the ability to retail products. SM

15 | services | speed mappingSM

face mapping®

What is it: Dramatically increase retail sales through the concept of prescriptive retailing! Face Mapping® is the revolutionary approach to skin analysis developed by The International Dermal Institute exclusively for Dermalogica. Rather than analyzing the skin in general terms, Face Mapping® divides the face into 14 distinct zones, each with it’s own set of potential problems and unique needs. Who it’s for: Combine training from our exclusive Face Mapping® skin analysis class with the Dermalogica Prescription Sheet as a guide, the professional skin therapist is able to conduct an inch-by-inch, methodical analysis of the facial landscape, dramatically enhancing not only the effectiveness of every treatment, but also making the prescription of a home care regimen as focused on the client’s actual needs as possible: which leads to a satisfied client for life.

face mapping® | services | 16

skin bar


What is it: When clients try, they buy! Skin Bar

is the interactive therapist/client zone where clients can receive their free Face Mapping® skin analysis, perform their own mini-treatment under the guidance of a professional, feel free to ask questions about their skin, and are more likely to purchase products and book treatments! You can incorporate Skin BarSM easily into your retail area, at an open hair station, or next to your Dermalogica tester unit. It’s also great for events! SM

Who it’s for: Clients love Skin Bar

because it’s fun, informative, and sales-pressure free. You’ll love Skin BarSM because it increases your bottom line. SM

17 | services | skin barSM

skin barSM | services | 16

treatments customize me! Delivering One Treatment that’s Different Every Time There’s a lot to be said about the paradox of choice: give a client too many options, and they’ll choose nothing. Don’t give them any options, and they’ll feel trapped. Skin care professionals must know how to meet in the middle, and Dermalogica has the treatment room solution. It’s called the Core Treatment, and it can be customized to deliver results on every single client. That’s right – one treatment that’s different every time. By relying on the principles of Face Mapping® skin analysis, you can assess your client’s true skin care needs in that very moment, allowing you to select the right professional products to address the immediate needs of skin. The result is a treatment that delivers results, turning them into a client for life! But what about clients who are in a hurry? Dermalogica is helping your business overcome the challenge of time-compressed clients with MicroZone® Treatments, the 20-minute targeted treatment that fixes skin issues in a snap. MicroZone® Treatments are not intended to replace the full Core Treatment (which should be administered every 4 to 6 weeks), however, they are ideal for solving skin care concerns between professional treatments. They can even be performed right on your retail floor, leaving your treatment rooms free for full services. And what makes these treatments even better? Through our efforts to customize every treatment, we’ve given the skin care professional ways to customize their business. Are you a destination spa who wants specialty add-on treatments for stylists, nail technicians, and body therapists? Look no further than our Touch Therapies and Thermal Touch Treatments. Are body treatments where your business lies? You’ll love our Thermal Body Treatments that deliver skin health and feel insanely great! When it comes to the professional realm of services, we’ve got treatments covered.

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| treatments

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core treatments

What it is: Get skin into its best condition. What’s involved: Customized every step of the way, the Dermalogica Core Treatment includes professional double cleansing, Face MappingŽ skin analysis, exfoliation, galvanic or high frequency electrocurrent (if needed), extractions (if needed), masque, hand, arm, and shoulder massage, toner, moisturizer, and daylight defense.

Best for: Skin treatment centers, salons and spas with at least one professional skin therapist on staff.

21 | treatments | core treatments

microzone treatments ®

What it is: Fix skin problems in less time than you take for lunch! MicroZone® Treatments are the 20-minute, highintensity, accelerated version of the Dermalogica Core Treatment that takes place in a 1/3 of the time, and offers clients the utmost in convenience, as there’s no need to change out of their clothes! What’s involved: MicroZone® Treatments can be customized to focus on a specific Face Mapping® zone or all 14 zones. Never intended to replace the Core Treatment, MicroZone® Treatments are, however, ideal for: • Solving skin care concerns between professional treatments. • Clients new to the world of professional treatments (cross-over clients). • Male clients. • Teens and tweens. MicroZone® Treatments provide a true skin care solution in just 20 minutes, and create a platform for prescribing a home care regimen of products to help maintain results.

Best for: Skin treatment centers, salons and spas with at least one professional skin therapist on staff.

microzone® treatments | treatments | 22

touch therapies

touch therapies and thermal touch treatments What it is: The perfect add-on to any service! From professional skin therapists to nail technicians and massage therapists, these intensive, 15 to 30 minute add-on treatments focus on a section of the body for the utmost in client customization. Best for: Best for skin treatment centers, salons, spas, and destination spas offering skin treatments, body treatments, massage treatments, nail services, and hair services.

23 | treatments | touch therapies and thermal touch treatments

thermal body therapy

Thermal Body Therapy Treatments What it is: Welcome to a new way of thinking about body treatments! Now you can deliver skin health for the entire body with our Thermal Body Therapy treatments that encourage skin health and provide the results clients want to see in skin. Founded upon the principles of Thermalism and complimented by an amazing system of professional Body Therapy products, these treatments will revolutionize your treatment room. Best for: Best for skin treatment centers, salons, spas, and destination spas offering skin treatments, body treatments, massage treatments, nail services, and hair services.

thermal body therapy treatments | treatments | 24

business beyond the product Fundamentals Grow Business, Help you Reap the Rewards Dermalogica is, hands down, the best product for your business. But, Dermalogica is more than a great product: the reason more accounts choose Dermalogica for their shelves is because of our fundamental support of your business, stemming from what we classify as the Core 4. The principles of the Core 4 are implemented daily by the highest, most successful, and most recognizable businesses worldwide: gaining clients, retaining clients, increasing retail, and increasing services. It’s how they’ve sustained growth no matter the market. But how do you start, how do you sustain it, and can it really be as easy as it sounds? It can be with Dermalogica in your corner. It starts with our Business Consultants, the first face you’ll become familiar with and identify as the Dermalogica experience in your business. As you commit to expanding Dermalogica’s role in your business, you’ll find your Business Consultant is an unlimited resource, providing marketing and retailing tips, help with setting up your Business Center account and placing your first order online, and even planning events to bring in new business!


UIFVMUJNBUFCVGmOH cloth trio with conditioning body wash gwp Back by popular demand – an ultimate favorite is now available with three DPMPSTJOPOFQBDLBHF/PXGBNJMJFT can choose their favorite from the 3-pack containing red, orange, and DMBTTJDCMVF5SBWFMTJ[FE$POEJUJPOJOH #PEZ8BTI BOWBMVF JTPO QBDLFE(81UPDPNQMFUFTFMMUISPVHI code: 4911 professional cost: $17.00 retail price:oBTBWJOHTPG

Looking to make money back on your investment? You’ll get it through Derm Dollars and your personalized marketing fund. They aren’t traded on the stock exchange, but Derm Dollars are a hot commodity, acting as an account’s “use as cash� bonus earned simply by making product purchases. Derm Dollars help you grow all 4 Core elements of your business, strengthening both retail and service revenues. It wraps with truly unique marketing strategies and tools including the Dermalogica Business Center, your online library and resource housing the most free-to-download merchandising materials that grow your business; our Co-op advertising program that pays you back for advertising your business; online account referrals that drive consumers into your business; and a rewards program that motivates you, and rewards you, when you unleash your greatest potential. Ž

coming in march:

online face mapping FWFOUIPTUJOHUPPMCPY

Where others say they’ll support your business, Dermalogica actually walks the walk. For more than 20 years, we’ve worked to help our clients achieve the Core 4, and are ready to do it for another 20, 30, even 50 years more.


derm dollars FYQJSFNBSDI

%FSN%PMMBSTFBSOFEJOXJMM FYQJSF.BSDI  From March 1 through March 31, you DBOBQQMZ%FSN%PMMBSTUPBMM .FEJ#BD$MFBSJOH™QSPGFTTJPOBM products. See your updated order form for codes for all the products, and call

business | your book for business with dermalogica | 26

Get your hands on Shave today.

From Dermalogica, the skin health experts, comes our new Shave system that will revolutionize men’s skin care as you know it. Our exclusive three-step regimen is the first in the industry to take into account beard type, hair growth pattern and skin condition for a shave that delivers the healthiest skin possible. What else would you expect from the world’s leader in skin health?

Get your hands on Shave today.

co-op advertising great shave. healthy skin.

Available at:

Shave Ad Slick We We recommend recommend using using 45 45 HelveticaNeueLight HelveticaNeueLight font(as font(as shown shown below) below) for for any any type type you’ll you’ll be be adding adding to to ad ad slick. slick.


Insert youryour logo, address, telephone number, etc.etc. in in Insert logo, address, telephone number, indicated space. SeeSee Co-op Advertising Brochure forfor indicated space. Co-op Advertising Brochure additional information. additional information.

Produced at 85 line screen for newspaper reproduction Produced at 85 line screen for newspaper reproduction

great shave. healthy skin. From Dermalogica, the skin health experts, comes our new Shave system that will revolutionize men’s skin care as you know it. Our exclusive three-step regimen is the first in the industry to take into account beard type, hair growth pattern and skin condition for a shave that delivers the healthiest skin possible. What else would you expect from the world’s leader in skin health? Only Dermalogica could unite skin health with the latest technology in skin brightening. ChromaWhite TRx is the synergistic system that rapidly delivers brighter skin and improved tone while enhancing skin health. Prepare, prevent and protect against hyperpigmentation with ChromaWhite TRx.

What it does: Simply use an approved Dermalogica ad slick,

Available at:

or use an approved promotional medium (direct mail) to promote your business and you are eligible for a 50% reimbursement of your costs, provided you have the funds in your Derm Dollar marketing fund. All of Dermalogica’s approved advertising and promotional materials can be found online at the Dermalogica Business Center.

Available at:

Get your hands on Shave today.

From Dermalogica, the skin health experts, comes our new Shave system that will revolutionize men’s skin care as you know it. Our exclusive three-step regimen is the first in the industry to take into account beard type, hair growth Only Dermalogica unite for skina health pattern and skincould condition shave with the latest in healthiest skin brightening. ChromaWhite TRx thattechnology delivers the skin possible. is the synergistic system that rapidly brighter What else would you expect from delivers the world’s leader in skin health? skin and improved tone while enhancing skin health. Prepare, prevent and protect against hyperpigmentation with ChromaWhite TRx.

Get your hands on Shave today.

What is it: Dermalogica’s Co-op Advertising program is a way of building your business, backed by the Dermalogica brand. Invest in growing your business and we’ll match your investment with contributions from your Derm Dollar marketing fund.

How to claim your reimbursement: At least 50% of the content and images of your customized marketing materials must be dedicated to Dermalogica skin treatments and / or Dermalogica products. The promotional message cannot mention another product line. If you are sending a direct mail piece, your postage, mailing list, and material costs are all eligible for a 50% reimbursement.

great shave. healthy skin.

Available at:at: Available

Pre-approval Pre-approval is required for all customized marketing pieces, not supplied by Dermalogica on the Business Center at the time of We recommend using 45 HelveticaNeueLight font(as approval, and invoice costs totaling more than $1,000.00. Please shown below) for any type you’ll be adding to ad slick. ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ allow extra time in your deadlines for the pre-approval process. 0123456789 This isaddress, your opportunity to modify your original ad (if necessary) in Insert your logo, telephone number, etc. in indicated space. See Co-op Advertising Brochure for additional information. order to qualify for reimbursement. Produced at 85 line screen for newspaper reproduction

Only Dermalogica could unite skin health with the latest technology in skin brightening. ChromaWhite TRx is the synergistic system that rapidly delivers brighter skin and improved tone while enhancing skin health. Prepare, prevent and protect against hyperpigmentation with ChromaWhite TRx.

27 | business | co-op advertising program

Available at:

Submissions for pre-approval will be accepted via e-mail or fax: E-mail Address: Fax Number: 310-900-4040 Subject Line: Customized Marketing Approvals

Reimbursements All reimbursements are provided in the form of a Dermalogica Product Credit Voucher. A Product Credit Voucher entitles you to a specified amount of Dermalogica retail and / or professional-

business center

What is it: The Dermalogica Business Center is your 24-hour-accessible online business building headquarters, where you have password-protected access to the tools that grow business. Find current order forms, free customizable client retention tools, step-by-step treatments, Dermcasts with Jane and members of our education team that provide insight on how to build your business, and so much more. What it does: Helps your business gain clients, retain clients, increase retail, and increase services.

business center | business | 28

circle program dermalogica circle 2008 award package

dermalogica circle 2008 award package What is it: Unleash your greatest potential, and get rewarded for it! The Dermalogica Circle program is designed to reward accounts who strive for the highest level of achievement. Accounts are rewarded based on three separate tiers of achievement: the Dermalogica Circle, the VIP Dermalogica Circle, and the Ambassador Dermalogica Circle. What it does: Helps inspire you and your staff to aim high, reach new goals, and maximize your potential as a Dermalogica account.

The details:

dermalogica circle 2008 award package

- Spend $2,500 and begin earning 1 Derm Dollar per $50 spent on Dermalogica. Refer to the Derm Dollars section to uncover all the amazing ways you can use your Derm Dollars to grow your business!

dermalogica circle 2008 award package

- Spend $25,000 and receive a Dermalogica Circle package with the following: A personal welcome letter from Dermalogica owners Jane and Ray Wurwand Priority referral on 500 bonus Derm Dollars Dermalogica Circle Pins for staff members A Dermalogica Circle plaque

skincare center name here dermalogica circle 2008 award package recognized member in 2007 29 | business | circle program

- Spend $50,000 and receive a VIP package with the following: A letter of congratulations from Dermalogica owners Jane and Ray Wurwand Priority referral on 1000 bonus Derm Dollars Dermalogica Circle pins for staff members A VIP badge to add to your Dermalogica Circle plaque

dermalogica circle 2008 award package - Spend $100,000 and receive an Ambassador package with

the following: 2000 bonus Derm Dollars Dermalogica Circle Pins for staff members

derm dollar

n march:


What is it:new For every $50.00 you spend on Dermalogica winter skin bite-sized solutions: product, we’ll give youtools Dollar you for success in acan wild card class 1 Derm

towards: tough economy Yourapply favorite 3-hour class session will focus on tips and tools to overcome winter skin Is there really a way to recession-proof your business? challenges, and how to host your own event • education In February 2009, Dermalogica’s new Bite-Size Solutions with our online Winter-Proofing Skin event workshop will focus on a changing consumer market marketing tools! •t-FBSOUIFQIZTJPMPHZPGESZ Dermalogica’s international Congress and how to keep your business on target. Attend our new Bite-Size Solutions workshop, Tools for Success in a winter skin. •t6OEFSTUBOEUIFLFZ4LJO#BS customized marketing costs Tough Economy, and learn while networking with other skin care owners and managers. Two-hour workshops fit product recommendations. •t7JFXBEFNPOTUSBUJPOPG support materials conveniently within your busy day and inspire real-world solutions. You’ll even receive complimentary Dermalogica Ž Winter Neck and Chest Recovery • product business and marketing tools to take back to your business. (Winter Skin Saver)samples Treatment. •t-FBSOIPXUPCPPTUIPMJEBZBOE tester units and tester products post-holiday revenues. • merchandising materials 'PS1SPGFTTJPOBMTwUIFOi#VTJOFTT$FOUFSw • client collateral mOEZPVSPOMJOFFWFOUVOEFSUIF • promotional items an event • professional apparel wnload checklist, bag stuffer, class update: • instructional materials boston idi has moved treatment, tools and technology NFOU XBUDIUIFWJEFP BOEDVTUPNJ[BCMF Our•Boston IDI location will reopen on promotions on professional-use-only December 8th at our new location: Ž? products U/FFEBSFGSFTIFSJO'BDF.BQQJOH 131 Middlesex Turnpike Burlington, MA 01803 • customized marketing costs Phone: (781) 221-4880 Ž


Speak with your Business Consultant or call (888) 29-CLASS (25277) for dates and times at your nearest Training Center.

Spaces are limited. Find dates and times in your Dermalogica calendar, then call (888) 29-CLASS (25277) or speak with your Business Consultant to reserve your seat!

Are you challenged by the multiple medical machines in today’s marketplace? Not sure where to start when it comes to purchasing electrical treatment tools? Wondering where hands-on skin therapists can meet machinery in the middle for skin health results?

It’s time to sign up for our updated Treatment, Tools and Technology class. Cut through the hype and get down to serious skin health tools that will enhance – not overpower – your current professional products and hands-on techniques. Work in a medical or clinical setting? This class is a must! See your Dermalogica calendar for dates and times, then sign up for the new convenient ½ day or full day attendance option that fits your schedule!

class before hosting the event! Fax (781) 221-4883

Have questions or need to reach us? You can always call (888) 29-CLASS (25277).

You can view your Derm Dollars account balance on the Ž class, BOUUPTJHOVQGPS'BDF.BQQJOH Business Center anytime, and can call Customer Service when you’re ready to apply your balance.

Please Note: Customer Service will be closed Thursday 11/27/08, and Friday 11/28/08 in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday. We will also be closed Thursday 12/25/08 and Friday 12/26/08 in observance of the Christmas holiday. dermalogica customer service hotline (800) 345-2761 fax (888) 738-7546

corporate office: 1535 Beachey Place Carson, CA 90746 USA

What it does: Trade them free and clear to help your business gain clients, retain clients, increase retail, and increase services.

derm dollars profit flash FYQJSFNBSDI December 2008

save 20%* on

%FSN%PMMBSTFBSOFEJOXJMM professional products FYQJSF.BSDI  December’s annual promotion is back! Save while boosting treatment profits when you purchase professional products at a 20% savings. Refer to your order form to confirm products eligible for savings.

* Offer may not be combined with “two for� discount; the highest savings will be applied.

From March 1 through March 31, you DBOBQQMZ%FSN%PMMBSTUPBMM .FEJ#BD$MFBSJOH™QSPGFTTJPOBM products. See your updated order form for codes for all the products, and call just in time $VTUPNFS4FSWJDFUPQMBDFZPVS to save‌ Derm Dollars order.


Events are an a thought of the

Your Business Business Cent retail sales.

MediBac Clearing™ Masque

also inside:

Part 1 and Part 2 are now available for individual sale. Now you can order the exact quantity you need in case you run out of Part 1 and Part 2 at different times. You’ll get amazing results with these two products together — order with the help in December to ensure your 20% savings.

step 1: Enrol to host an even

*Offer applies to professional sizes only. There is a Host a Winter-Proofing Skin event of Dermalogica and your Business Consultant! %FSN%PMMBSMJNJUQFSPSEFS/PUXPGPSIBMGPGG MediBac Clearing™ Masque – Part 1 savings available when using Derm Dollars to purchase QSPGFTTJPOBM.FEJ#BD$MFBSJOH™QSPEVDUTJO.BSDI MediBac Clearing™ Masque – Part 2

step 2: Ask y

display cards/b

step 3: Down

step-by-step 2 talking points f

size: 6 oz code: 213341 professional cost: $21.50

step 4: Order

size: 4 oz code: 213371 professional cost: $21.50

dermalogica customer service hotline launchpad honors e (800) 345-2761 fax (888) 738-7546 corporate office: 1535 Beachey Place, Carson, CA 90746 USA


Best Eye Care Product

Clearing Mattifier

Best Acne Product Special Cleansing Gel

Best Cleanser

Skin Smoothing Cream

Best Moisturizer

Dermalogica received eight Reader’s Choice awards calls upon industry professionals to vote for the best produ business. See how Dermalogica stacked up against the rest

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business consultant What is it: Every Dermalogica account has access to their own personal Business Consultant, in-person or on the phone. Need help with logging on to the Business Center, placing your first online product order, or help hosting an event? Call on your Business Consultant for support that’s never far away. What they do: Helps your business gain clients, retain clients, increase retail, and increase services.

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buy 12, get 2 free!

It’s back – your favorite promotion to help jumpstart the New Year: 14-to-a-dozen! Purchase 12 of the same retail product to get 2 of the same product free*. Savings expires January 31, 2009, so place your orders now.

what will you do with your extra 2? t3FTUPDLTIFMWFTBGUFSUIFIPMJEBZSVTI t3VOBQSPNPUJPOGPSZPVSTLJOUIFSBQJTUTPSSFUBJMTUBGGXIPFWFS performs the most Face MappingÂŽ or Speed MappingSM skin analysis sessions in January wins two products. t)PMEBOJOTUPSFSBGGMFFBDIDMJFOUUIBUNBLFTBNJOJNVN Dermalogica purchase or re-books a treatment is entered to win. t6TFBTXJOUFSTLJOUSFBUNFOUTFMMUISPVHI6TFUIFQSPGFTTJPOBM size during a treatment to get clients hooked. Then prescribe the retail size, giving clients the opportunity to continue the professional treatment results at home! Here are some of our winter skin favorites:

Super Rich Repair Features serious winter skin busters including Oil of Evening Primrose, Shea Butter, Colloidal Oatmeal, Vitamin E, Borage Oil, and Jojoba Seed Oil.

Daily MicrofoliantÂŽ Gentle exfoliation is key: remove dry, dulling cells to help moisturizers better penetrate skin and defend against dryness without aggravating already delicate skin.

Body Hydrating Cream A winter skin essential – artificial color and fragrance free hydration far surpasses perfumy, pretty-inpink lotions that can further irritate dry skin.

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MultiVitamin Power RecoveryÂŽ Masque The ultimate skin health weapon. Restorative vitamins C and E, Beta-Glucan, and Panthenol bring skin back to life after dehydrating holiday activities (including those egg-nog parties!).

What is it: Ongoing Product Savings • Save 5% on the purchase of 6 of the same retail products, or get one free with the purchase of 12. • Order one speciality professional-use-only product, receive a second of the same product for 50% savings. • Receive 12 free samples treatment! with every dermalogica contest winner gets the “famousâ€? Dermalogica order. “It’s worth every second to help your team learn, listen and love On November 20th, an entire building was buzzing with Pictures from left to right: Robin with Jerry Wenker (President and COO of Dermalogica); Allison Jones (Regional Training Manager – West) and Robin; Raymond Wurwand, Jane Wurwand, Robin, and Jerry Wenker; Robin and Jane at Dermalogica on Montana, prepping for the professional skin treatment!

“connect! it’s worth it!� news – the Dermalogica contest winner was at Corporate Headquarters, ready to encounter the home of the Dermalogica experience!

Conditioning Body Wash This non-soap cleanser is a real multi-tasker. Use as a mani/pedi soak, when cleansing hands and feet before a treatment, and during all Thermal Body Therapy treatments. “Sneek in a sale� tip: Put a retail-sized bottle in your bathroom: clients will love the intoxicating essential oils and will want to buy!

*Offer may not be combined with “two for� discount; the highest savings will be applied. Applies to all retail products excluding skin kits and promotional accessories.

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what we do – if you don’t know how to do this, just ask for help from the skilled and incredible team that works for Dermalogica.� “Connect! It’s worth it!�

What it does: Helps increase retail and increase

Robin Kelleher, a Dermalogica user since 1989 and a professional skin therapist for 6 years, was chosen amongst 200 submissions from skin therapists touting their favorite Dermalogica product. As the grand prize winner, Robin received a visit to Los Angeles to see the sights, a trip to Corporate Headquarters, and a professional skin treatment by Dermalogica Founder Jane Wurwand at Dermalogica on Montana, our concept space in beautiful Santa Monica.

service revenues.

“I am more confident than ever that we, a Dermalogica tribal family, are headed in the right direction. I encourage every skin therapist to speak up! Dermalogica is truly listening.�


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here’s what robin had to say about the experience: “A treatment from Jane‌ WOW! Having this experience has changed my outlook on my profession. Not only was it over the top and fabulous, I can truly understand Jane’s passion for connecting with your clients. As a skin therapist, we can learn how to do a facial, we can learn our products, but we must choose to connect with people. Jane has taught me a vital skill – connection – it is the heartbeat of our industry.â€?


Our Products Choose to view concern, or fav use video� clips Top: Robin enjoying her visit to Corporate Headquarters in Los Angeles. Middle: Zanoli van Daalen (Postgraduate Curriculum Brand Developer), Robin, and Gretchen Wobensmith (Training Center Manager). Bottom: Natalie Watanabe (Corporate Office Manager), Robin, and David Valenzuela (Regional Sales

For Profession Easily access th clicking on “Fo

marketing materials What is it: From product launches to treatment promotions, Dermalogica is dedicated to providing you with the marketing materials key to boosting business! To help make marketing your business as cost-effective as possible, you’ll often be provided with opportunities to save, or even receive for free, collateral with the purchase of special deals found within your Profit Flash: your newsletter packed with the latest treatment, promotional, and product ideas. And don’t forget about the Business Center, where you can always go to find free to download postcards, images, display sheets and more. What it does: Helps your business gain clients, retain clients, increase retail, and increase services.

costomer service What is it: Our online and customer service account referral program drives Dermalogica clients into your business. When consumers want to find Dermalogica, they need to look no further than our website, or merely place a call to our 800 number, to find the Dermalogica skin treatment center, salon or spa nearest to their location. We refer clients directly into your business to ensure clients get the professional interaction they need for skin health, and your business gains new clients. What it does: Helps your business gain clients, increase retail, and increase services.

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education education for a lifetime From Training Centers to Congress, Dermalogica Professionals Never Stop Learning Picture the largest gathering of skin care professionals from across the globe, united at an exotic location amongst 5-star luxury for treatments, training, ingredient updates, networking, and more. This is Dermalogica’s International Congress: join the Dermalogica tribe to be invited to this experience of a lifetime! Dermalogica’s international Congress is where skin care professionals from every point on the globe converge for training and networking, sightseeing, learning, and growth that rekindles a passion for our industry. A speaker list that reads like a “who’s who” combines with our international team of educators, making for a week-long adventure that inspires, ignites, and unites professionals. Simply put, Congress represents what Dermalogica’s award-winning education is all about – the skin care professional. While the Dermalogica story begins in 1986, the force of change in the industry started in Los Angeles, circa 1983. Jane Wurwand, a tenured, United Kingdom-trained skin therapist new to the American “esthetician” industry, recognized that continuing skin and body therapy education was practically non-existent in the United States. While her training had been comprehensive and serious, US students entered the industry licensed yet under-trained, and worse, under-respected. Jane put her education in action, opening a small classroom in Marina del Rey, California under the name The International Dermal Institute (IDI). She invited licensed skin therapists to get hands-on with the postgraduate training so critical to making them competitive in the business. Today, IDI is considered the international gold-standard for postgraduate skin and body therapy training with over 40 locations worldwide. IDI has, and always will be, responsible for researching and developing Dermalogica products, and no other product system on the market invests as much time and effort into training skin care professionals. Most importantly, the education connection between IDI and Dermalogica has played an active role in Dermalogica’s introduction of a powerful new element into the industry: the specialized expertise of the professional skin therapist.

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What it is: Dermalogica education, just like Dermalogica products, is researched and developed by The International Dermal Institute. Who it’s for: Only Dermalogica accounts have access to this exclusive education, valued at over $100, free of charge. As an added bonus, we extend a 25% savings exclusively to Dermalogica accounts on classes at The International Dermal Institute. With the Dermalogica Education Roadmap, you can transition seamlessly through the classes offered to you, based upon your needs as a professional skin therapist, business owner, and even front desk/retail staff team member. Start with the core 4 Foundation classes, mandatory to understanding Dermalogica, then, according to your needs, progress through Specialty Product and Intermediate Treatment classes, and Advanced Retailing and Business classes.

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the book

What it is: The professional skin therapist’s ultimate guide to the Dermalogica experience! The Book is your source for descriptions, product ingredients, professional application instructions, and prescription information for every single Dermalogica product, as well as treatment step-by-step information, details on Face Mapping® and MicroZone® Treatments, and The Test: your examination towards Dermalogica product knowledge certification. Who it’s for: Everyone in your business who will interact with, prescribe, and retail Dermalogica!

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education on demand

What it is: While we encourage all our professionals to learn about products, treatments, and techniques first-hand at one of our Training Centers, we understand that sometimes, you need education at your fingertips. We’ve made education and training a convenience through online Dermcasts, launch learning events, and training DVDs you can add to your education library. It’s education on demand, and on your schedule! Who it’s for: Everyone in your business who will interact with, prescribe, and retail Dermalogica!

on tours What it is: Education comes to you! Dermalogica is dedicated to providing education to our accounts, even if you’re far from a Training Center! Our best educators pack their bags – and their endless Dermalogica knowledge – to bring the best of our classroom education on-tour to you, all for free. Get up-to-speed with products, treatments and more with advanced learning On-Tours. Who it’s for: Everyone in your business who will interact with, prescribe, and retail Dermalogica!

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Congress is a tribal meeting of the minds, where skin therapists from over 48 different countries come together to share experiences, network, learn from each other – and have a phenomenal time in five star luxury! Maybe you’ve seen our Congressescovered by the national and international press, or perhaps you’ve had the opportunity to experience one for yourself – either way, Congress 2011 is sure to be the experience of a lifetime, and is a must-attend event for anyone serious about professional skin care.

Who it’s for: Every team member in your business!

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public relations cover to cover Dermalogica in the News Means Demand for your Business Styles come and go. Scandals of the rich and famous fade. But Dermalogica remains a popular find on the pages of consumer magazines worldwide. Dermalogica has a unique approach to consumer-based advertising – we don’t do it. Any product mention you come across isn’t the by-product of an ad deal inked a year before. Just like we’re not sold through traditional retail outlets, Dermalogica chooses to gain exposure through old fashioned, yet highly regarded, word of mouth. Our products are the number one choice of beauty editors worldwide because they’re respected for the results they deliver time and time again. You’ll find we’re also a favorite amongst those in front of the camera, and behind it. Make-up artists use and recommend Dermalogica to their clients on set. Celebrities demanding a flawless face on the red carpet trust Dermalogica to deliver their best skin. Perhaps our greatest compliment is those who prescribe Dermalogica to clients day in and day out choose to use it on their own skin. When it comes to drumming up new clients not yet touched by the Dermalogica experience, our successful mobile marketing tour is an unstoppable force. Initiated on the sunny sidewalks of Santa Monica, California, our tour has stops planned nationwide with one goal in mind: to get Dermalogica in the hands of everyone who has skin! The interaction culminates with referrals to Dermalogica-approved skin treatment centers, salons, and spas in nearby areas. Meaning demand for your business’ products, treatments, and beyond.

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concept spaces spacing out with dermalogica International Concept Spaces Showcase Who We Are, What We Do, and Why We Do it At Dermalogica concept spaces, skin health is always in store. Our seven locations worldwide are raising the skin health bar with a unique, “frills-free” experience. Walk into any of our approachable, accessible, hands-on spaces where the consumer is first to experience our founding principles of education, innovation, and information in action, sparking the critical interaction and learning between client and skin health expert. At any of our seven dynamic locations worldwide, playing with products is as much on the menu as Face Mapping® skin analysis, 20-minute MicroZone® treatments, and of course our completely customized core treatment for optimal skin health fitness. Critical to the concept space experience is the skin care professional. At every moment, we’re engaging clients, teaching true skin health is only attainable through the hands of a Dermalogica-trained skin therapist. Upon returning to their hometown skin treatment center, salon, or spa, they understand their healthiest skin starts with you. Dermalogica concept spaces are your opportunity to get inspired by the latest Dermalogica concepts, treatments and retailing techniques. Come to learn, experience, and understand. Leave with skin touched by the best hands in the business!

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on montana

Dermalogica on Montana Dermalogica on Montana is the award-winning tribute to the hands-on, interactive personality that makes the brand famous. Coaxing Santa Monica’s casual beach style through its large store front window, the store’s sleek, clean design is both quaint and contemporary, illuminated by the sun and spectacular custom lighting. As the brand’s original concept space, pay subtle tribute to founder Jane Wurwand’s innovative vision where the company first established roots. Dermalogica on Montana brings to life the brand’s vision and unique Face Mapping®, Skin Bar , and professional treatments for an experience that’s serious about skin health, but isn’t too serious to have a little fun. SM

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in soho

Dermalogica in SoHo Dermalogica in SoHo is the approachable, accessible, hands-on concept space redefining the future of skin therapy through a new branded experience. As the newest location, this consumer-centric space springs to life out of the company’s founding principles of education, innovation, and information, sparking the critical interaction and learning between client and skin health expert. Leave your lab-coated, no-touch preconceptions of skin health at the door and say good-bye to cookie-cutter treatments. Face Mapping®, Skin Bar , MicroZone® treatments and the Skin Treatment guarantee every time you enter will be a unique experience that’s different every time. SM

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kensington Dermalogica Kensington is where locals are truly living skin health. On any given day, Londoners can experience Face Mapping® skin analysis sessions, mini-treatments at Skin Bar , and even an instructor-led yoga class amongst award-winning products on backlit shelves. Proximity to all things royal could give Dermalogica Kensington the right to hold airs; however, you’ll find this environment inviting, hands-on, and mindfully connected to its community. Crowning achievements include the innovative concept of “cashless” society (the store accepts only credit and debit cards), and the consumer education auditorium where all can learn about skin care or likeminded topics in line with this lifestyle brand. SM

dubai on burj At Dermalogica Dubai, there’s no question skin health begins at Skin Bar . Located in the center of the space, the clean, sleek setting seems to have a gravitational pull, guiding clients over to grab a seat to start playing with product! With skin health experts at the ready, you can also receive your Face Mapping® zone-by-zone skin analysis, which leads to your customized product prescription, recommendation. Skin health advances to either a MicroZone® Treatment behind a privacy screen of silver beads, or to a full Skin Treatment for the ultimate in skin health fitness. SM

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on the shore Since its arrival, Dermalogica on the Shore has demonstrated versatility and style amongst the well-heeled shops on the North Shore of Auckland City. Award-winning, high-profile retail space designer Adrian Nancekivell sourced Dermalogica’s sleek packaging style when designing the ultra-modern space, calling on the simplicity of a crisp-white color that lets vibrant hues of light illuminate two treatment pods and back-lit product shelves.

berlin Just off the beaten path of Berlin’s lavish shopping boulevard is Dermalogica’s concept space: and that’s just how this lifestyle brand likes it. Browsers, product junkies, and those hungry to learn more about skin health will enjoy the interactive approach to education through the hands-on Skin Bar , Face Mapping® one-on-one skin analysis sessions, and MicroZone® and professional Skin Treatments that conclude with product recommendations and a skin-friendly beverage. SM

mumbai On an upmarket, high-traveled street in Mumbai, the visual of skin health in action stirs up interest from the curious to the skin care fanatic. Signaling a trend in skin care as well as society, Dermalogica Mumbai brings the skin care “secret” out of the back room into the bright, open space through classic concepts including MicroZone® treatments, Face Mapping® skin analysis, and Skin Bar . SM

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For the latest updates, visit dermalogica customer service hotline (800) 345-2761 fax (888) 738-7546 corporate office: 1535 Beachey Place, Carson, CA 90746 USA

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