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united to shape our future dental trade alliance

our sincere welcome Dear Colleague, Market information…Advocacy in Washington…Oral health public awareness…Industry networking…World class meetings…Education…Employee training…Export expertise… Trade show influence. Essentials for your business! The successful companies that are members of the Dental Trade Alliance take advantage of all these opportunities to help their business. DTA is committed to its members’ success and market growth. We are committed to producing the best products and services in the world. We work to build coalitions with the entire oral health community to improve the health of the public. Be an active member of DTA. We are united to shape the future of our industry. Sincerely,

Gary Price President & CEO


dental trade alliance

united to shape our future The Dental Trade Alliance (DTA) is an association of companies from the United States, Canada and Mexico. Our dental distributors, equipment and materials manufacturers and dental laboratories improve oral health care every day by providing the best equipment, products and services to dentists and oral care professionals. Oral health care is shaped by the quality products, equipment and innovations provided to dentists and other oral care providers by DTA members. To support its members, DTA provides a variety of benefits including dedicated industry advocacy, relevant industry reports, important networking opportunities to help you connect with your peers, and innovative educational programs.

DTA is committed to enhancing our members’ success, increasing dental demand and improving oral health. Through advocacy, information and opportunity we work to shape the future of our industry and the future of oral health care.

Join Today The Dental Trade Alliance is a proactive organization that is a catalyst for market growth. We are an invaluable partner to member companies on issues that affect their success. We want you to become one of our valued members. Visit and join today.


dedicated industry advocacy Kids’ Healthy Mouths Advocacy for Prevention The Dental Trade Alliance, DTA Foundation and more than 35 other organizations in the dental community formed the Partnership for Healthy Mouths, Healthy Lives and partnered with The Advertising Council to produce a major national public awareness advertising campaign about oral health. The goal of the three-year campaign is to raise awareness and educate parents and caregivers about the value of good oral health for their children and how it can be achieved.

Oral Healthcare Can’t Wait® is an awareness campaign developed by DTA to warn consumers about the risks of postponing regular dental checkups and recommended treatment. Downloadable marketing materials are available online for dentists to reach out to new and existing patients at

Regulatory Affairs and Standards Get the answers to your domestic and international regulatory questions with the help of a former FDA official who will assist you with 510(k) submissions, CE Marks and paperwork for exports. You’ll find real-world solutions and keep up to date about regulatory laws and procedures with our newsletter. In addition, the Regulatory Committee works closely with FDA and Health Canada on your behalf to educate these government agencies on ways to streamline processes, helping to get dental products approved for the marketplace.


A national oral health campaign to take action to reduce children’s risk of disease by making sure kids brush their teeth for two minutes, two times a day. Great information for parents and 2 minute videos for kids to watch while brushing their teeth and

strong relationships with professional societies

Coalition Building DTA actively participates with professional societies and other organizations to improve oral health care. The National Roundtable for Dental Collaboration is an annual meeting of all the dental specialties to focus on specific topics such as common challenges in the delivery of oral health care, developing a national public awareness campaign and research. The U.S. National Oral Health Alliance holds periodic colloquia to discuss ways to improve oral health through prevention and treatment for vulnerable populations across our country. DTA attends and participates in many events like these every year.

Exhibits DTA has developed important working relationships with all the major dental meeting organizers. In concert with exhibitors, DTA is planning and implementing strategic steps to improve dental meetings, increase meeting and exhibition attendance, help determine better meeting dates and locations and encourage consolidation in the dental meeting industry. Additional goals include providing better dental meeting metrics, improving ROI and providing better meeting information to help determine the benefits and costs for all dental meetings and exhibitions throughout the U.S.


important networking events U.S. Pavilions at International Trade Exhibitions Exhibit in DTA-sponsored U.S. pavilions at international dental shows including the world’s largest dental meeting, the International Dental Show (IDS) in Cologne, Germany. The U.S. Pavilion at IDS is a turnkey exhibit featuring more than 100 American dental companies with an exhibitor lounge, translators, internet service, food and beverages, as well as private meeting space. In addition, the DTA offers on-site consultation about European regulations and quality control. DTA offers similar pavilions for other international shows.

World Dental Trade Conference Experience this educational program, held before the doors open to the DTA Preview Show in Chicago. DTA secures business leaders and professional speakers to inform and educate members in the areas of management, communication and dental industry trends.

Young Leadership Group Connect at DTA’s educational programming and networking events for younger executives. These events are held throughout the country: CDA Presents in Anaheim, ADA Annual Session, Midwinter Meeting in Chicago, Greater New York Dental Meeting and more. Events include mentoring programs, speakers and networking receptions and are based around fun activities and interesting locations: boat cruises, tours and attractions.


important networking events

Annual Meeting Join industry’s top decision makers for the meeting of the year for anyone in the dental industry. The DTA provides premier speakers, educational programs and extensive networking time. This is the place for a wide exchange of ideas and to stimulate new business opportunities. This is a must attend event of the year!

Preview Show Highlight new products and technologies, explore private label opportunities and expand markets worldwide at the most popular business-to-business meeting. This event is held every February prior to the Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting in Chicago and draws hundreds of distributor representatives from around the world.



market data Electronic Market Data Reports Gain access to a variety of these reports that provide vital information about market share, total units sold, year-to-year sales benchmarks and future growth forecasts. DTA offers customized reports and special focus groups through Strategic Data Marketing (SDM). These reports are especially attractive as you prepare for a product launch. SDM sales reports are now available on a monthly or quarterly basis for those seeking the latest sales information and trends. DTA member discounts apply.


innovative educational programs Mini Dental School Participate in a two-day, intensive overview of dentistry and dental training at the University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine in Denver. Attendees study the composition of a dental practice as well as learn dental anatomy, nomenclature and dental specialties. You’ll have the opportunity to try your hand in dentistry by performing mock procedures. This training helps sales and marketing professionals understand the challenges facing practitioners and enhances their knowledge and skills in selling to dental practices.

Introduction to Dental Learning Provide your staff with a working knowledge of dentistry - a great tool for all employees. Train your staff with this online set of modules covering all aspects of dentistry. Testing is available for each module. Multi-seat discounts are available.

Skills Training Workshops and Webinars Learn about industry trends, market data, technology and more. DTA hosts various workshops and webinars throughout the year. Multi-seat discounts are available.


making a difference Dental Trade Alliance Foundation The Dental Trade Alliance Foundation (DTAF) improves access to, and productivity of, the oral health care system by identifying, nurturing and leveraging promising projects. The DTAF attracts and supports innovative initiatives that directly improve access to care for millions of North Americans annually. The following programs support the DTAF mission:

➦ Grants The grant program provides up to six different charitable projects $25,000 annually in seed money to support innovative, early-stage, potentially expandable oral health care programs that exemplify the DTAF mission and are collaborative, innovative, business-minded, ethical and sustainable.

➦ Dental Student Scholorship Program The Dental Student Scholarship Program recognizes a dental student’s commitment to community service and provides $5,000 in financial support to four third-or-fourth year dental students who demonstrate academic excellence, financial need and a strong commitment to community service.

➦ Dental ReSERVE™ The Dental ReSERVE™ website provides dental supplies directly to qualified charities. This platform allows dental manufacturers to donate equipment and supplies to non-profit organizations that give free dental care to those in need. Only charities that have submitted an application and proof of their 501(c)(3) status will be given access to request products from

To make a donation to the DTAF or for additional information, we invite you to visit


making a connection Dental Trade Alliance The DTA website has a multitude of functions that allow members to stay informed about benefits, advocacy and exclusive events. Make your go-to site for all the latest in industry and business information.

➦ Keep up to date on DTA happenings and industry events. If you want to post your event on our calendar, send an email to

➦ Sign up for an event or workshop with the click of your mouse with DTA’s online registration process.

➦ Discover solutions for your business in the form of market data reports, international exhibit opportunities, seminars and webinars.

➦ Join the conversation on DTA’s Twitter, Facebook and Industry News feed.

➦ Track NASDAQ returns.


dental trade alliance 4350 N. FAIRFAX DRIVE, SUITE 220, ARLINGTON, VA 22203 P703-379-7755 F 703-931-9429 DENTALTRADEALLIANCE.ORG

Dental Trade Alliance Prospective Member Brochure  

The Dental Trade Alliance is an association of companies that provide dental equipment, supplies, materials and services to dentists and oth...

Dental Trade Alliance Prospective Member Brochure  

The Dental Trade Alliance is an association of companies that provide dental equipment, supplies, materials and services to dentists and oth...