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July 17, 2010

Beauty in the ‘burgh

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News and Views Coalition keeping a corner of the city beautiful as part of Adopt-A-Spot program.


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15,000 Plattsburgh Homes

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Bringing the news and views of Plattsburgh

NCCCA program encourages kids to explore the world of art. your front door.

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Promoting literacy Fraternity brothers help Journey Into Reading.


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Mayor’s Cup

Calling all contestants!

Youngster to get chance to qualify as part of luge team in Lake Placid

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In the Burgh

City holds annual Mayor’s Cup Regatta and Festival.

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Bringing out the bluebirds By Jim Engelbrecht

Special to Denton Publications

7/17/10 thru 7/31/10


he New York State Bluebird Society actively maintains the U.S. Route 11 and State Route 22 Bluebird Trails in Clinton County. Perhaps you have noticed pairs of bright yellow-orange birdhouses, or nest boxes as they are sometimes referred to, along those highways as you travel. These boxes are paired due to the abundance of tree swallows in our area. Bluebirds and tree swallows make good neighbors and will defend their territories from others of their species. Bluebirds belong to the thrush family — as do robins. Like robins, eastern bluebirds lay

blue eggs and have a russet colored breast. Bluebirds, however, are secondary cavity nesters and are therefore limited in where they can nest. In nature they will occupy tree holes that have been excavated by woodpeckers or other primary cavity nesters. There is much competition from other cavity nesters for these nest sites, hence the need for the NYSBS boxes. Once a bluebird lays an egg in a nest box, a sparrow spooker is put on top of the box to scare house sparrows away. While this unsightly contraption (we use a wire frame with mylar strips) devalues the bird house, the bluebird’s egg investment ensures the box will not be abandoned. House sparrows are fierce competitors and will kill bluebird young and adults when coveting an occupied nest box. Satellite Route 11 Bluebird Trails include the North Country Golf Course in Champlain, the Barracks and Bluff Point Golf Courses in Plattsburgh, the Glenwood Cemetery in Champlain and the Maple Hill Cemetery in Rouses Point. A new addition is the Clinton Community College overlooking Lake Champlain in

South Plattsburgh. While all of these trail locations have had bluebirds, Clinton Community College attracted two pairs of bluebirds just two weeks after the boxes were put out. They now have eight healthy young bluebirds awaiting fledging (first flight). NCGC is having their most productive bluebird year. There were five successful first brood nests from which 18 young bluebirds have been fledged. There are three second brood nests containing nine eggs. The NYSBS bluebird exhibit at the Clinton County Fair will be featuring an “In the Nest Box” video which shows an eastern bluebird laying and hatching eggs and feeding the young. We invite interested bird lovers to see our exhibit in the Fish, Game and Wildlife Building, Tuesday, July 20, through Sunday, July 25. For more information, contact me at or 297-3278. Jim Engelbrecht is coordinator of the New York State Bluebird Society for the Clinton County region.


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Friday, July 16th Craig Hurwitz


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Eat. Sleep. Funk. at 10 PM

Saturday, July 16th Eat. Sleep. Funk. Sunday, July 17th Doc the Night Owl 54534

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July 17-23, 2010


at 10 PM the ‘burgh


Giving back to Family Promise

Trust your only pair of eyes to Experience Plattsburgh 566-2020

When he and his family left the program, Noelting was asked to stay involved in a different capacity — serving on Family Promise’s board of directors. “I jumped at the chance because, partly, I felt it was my way of giving back,” he said. “Seeing the seedy underbelly of homelessness in Plattsburgh — people eating out of garbage cans and things like that — I was like, ‘This is how I can do something about this.” Noelting brought enthusiasm and a fresh view of the plight of homelessness in Clinton County, said Bradish. “I still hear on a regular basis that people don’t think homelessness is a problem here,” said Bradish. “There’s especially a lot of young people who don’t know this is a problem. What Brandon’s trying to do is help us reach peo-

ple his age.” One way Noelting is trying do that is by planning a concert at Coffee Camp Saturday, July 31. The show — which will so far feature the bands All the Rage, Crown of Lions, and the Irradiated Beef Project — is a means of building on past Family Promise fundraisers like performances by The Gibson Brothers and annual Carl King Memorial Golf Tournament. “I wanted us to be able to reach the younger generation,” said Noelting, who noted younger people might not necessarily be attracted to Family Promise’s other fundraisers. “I just wanted to add to what [Family Promise] was doing.” “What Brandon’s doing is great,” said Bradish. The July 31 concert will start at 5 p.m. The cost is $5 per person with all proceeds to go to Family Promise.

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e Mer Th e Makry

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PLATTSBURGH — Brandon Noelting knows what it’s like to be homeless. And, it’s something he doesn’t want anyone else to go through. Noelting and his family — his wife and their three young children — were facing life on the street last year after their were forced to move out of substandard housing in the town of Dannemora. “Our toilet was going to fall through the floor, the floor in the kitchen was bowing to the point when you walked on it you could feel it shaking, there was no insulation in some of the walls,” recalled Noelting. The Noeltings were put up in temporary housing at a hotel by the Department of Social Services, but after problems with management, Noelting

said he and his family were forced to leave. “We had nowhere to go,” said Noelting. That’s when Noelting learned about Family Promise of Clinton County, a nonprofit organization which locates housing for families who have become homeless. The organization helped provide shelter for Noelting and his family for three months, until a permanent solution was found. Most of all, Noelting credited Family Promise director Maureen E. Bradish for her compassion and dedication to helping him and his family. “My wife and I were both full-time college students. I was trying to find work and we were both trying to support our three kids. We had a lot on our plate at the time,” said Noelting. “Maureen jumped at the chance to help us.”


By Jeremiah S. Papineau


Local man plans event to help organization that once helped him


Eye Care for the Adirondacks

the ‘burgh

July 17-23, 2010

news and views •


Museum’s Cold War exhibit needs cold, hard cash PLATTSBURGH — The Clinton County Historical Museum recently opened its newest exhibit on the North Country’s role in the Cold War. The exhibit is titled “MAD,” which is the acronym for Mutual Assured Destruction or the military doctrine based on the capability of the Soviet Union and the United States capability of annihilating each other with nuclear weapons. The exhibit covers the period of the Plattsburgh Strategic Air Command base from 1955-1995 when it was home to an arsenal of nuclear bombers, refueling tankers, and thousands of airmen. The area’s strategic importance became even more obvious in 1960 with the installation of 12 Atlas missile sites in a 50 mile radius around Plattsburgh, the only intercontinental ballistic missiles east of the Mississippi.

le Availab! Nocowpy before

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MAD highlights the incredible rush to complete the construction and arming of the missile sites during the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. The civil defense side of the story is also on display with supplies from fallout shelters and civilian evacuation directions since Plattsburgh was deemed a Category One target. The Clinton County Historical Association, which operates the museum, is in the process of raising funds to supplement a $3,000 grant received from the Association of Air Force Missileers to create the exhibit. “We need to raise about $2,000,” said museum curator and director Carol BlakesleeCollin, who noted the exhibit went over budget. “We’ve asked retired missileers who were involved with research for the exhibit and retired FB-111 pilots,” she said, adding the

Carol Blakeslee-Collin, curator and director of the Clinton County Historical Museum, discusses an exhibit about the Cold War now on display at the museum.

Hey Kids!

Photo by Jeremiah S. Papineau

request is also being put out tot he general public. Those interested in making a contribution toward the exhibit may send donations in care of the museum to 98 Ohio Ave., Plattsburgh N.Y. 12903.

You can get your Free July copy of Kidsville News at any of these locations!

For more information, contact BlakesleeCollin at 561-0340 or e-mail The museum is open Wednesday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and by appointment.


Empire Vision CHAZY/WEST Rent-A-Center Library CHAZY Yando’s Big M YMCA Guma’s Restaurant United Way NCCC For Arts Dodge Library Cumberland Bay Market Villari’s West Chazy Plattsburgh Office Homestead Restaurant Champlain National Bank PERU Plattsburgh Pediatrics ROUSES POINT Peru Free Library Burger King - Skyway Mountain Mart Grand Union One Work Source Cornerstone Drug Southside Grocery Dodge Memorial Library Westaff KEESEVILLE Eye Care for ADKS CHAMPLAIN Bourgois IGA MTN Lake PBS Kinney Drug Keeseville Free Library Champlain Centers Champlain Memorial AuSable Chasm Food Court Library Hannaford Market DANNEMORA/ Price Chopper MOOERS SARANAC Applebee’s L & M Grocery Chase’s In Dannemora CV-TEC Mooers Free Library Maggy’s Pharmacy Burger King - Cornelia Dannemora Free Library CVPH ELLENBURG Jingle’s Dr. Thompson Sarah Munsil Library

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July 17-23, 2010


the ‘burgh

Improvements made to Battle of Plattsburgh museum tresses, and Misconceptions: Women in the Northern Theater of the War of 1812.” The exhibit, which opened May 22, chronicles PLATTSBURGH — If you the lives of women and families haven’t been by the Battle of left behind when the men went to Plattsburgh Museum lately, then war. Handsome, locally-designed you haven’t seen how the musevignettes, when combined with um has been making some histothe cosmetic improvements at the ry of its own. museum are what Parker-Wingler The museum has recently unhopes will attract more visitors. dergone several improvements as “It’s very important we make part of a $6,000 capital project. improvements and keep exhibits The changes, said museum manup to date because we have a lot of ager Kristina Parker-Wingler, repeat visitors,” she said. “If we have included incorporating the become a museum that people War of 1812 Museum and Allan S. have already seen and don’t have Everest Interpretive Center into a reason to come back, we’re going the main museum building on to be just one more place that dies Washington Road, relocating and and fades into the background.” expanding the BOPA gift shop Parker-Wingler ’s plans for the and office space within the musemuseum are hardly over just beum. cause the recent improvements are “We have to change with the complete. Eventually, she’d like to times,” said Parker-Wingler. see a 8-10 minute interpretive film “There’s always new things disproduced that would be shown at covered when we look at history.” the museum on a continuos basis. Parker-Wingler ’s favorite “That would really complete the change to the museum was one of experience,” said Parker-Wingler. the simplest improvements — repositioning a 5-foot by 15-foot Battle of Plattsburgh Museum manager Kristina Parker-Wingler stands next to a display in the exhibit “Misses Mistresses, and Miscon- ”It’s the only piece to the puzzle table-top model replica of the Bat- ceptions: Women in the Northern Theater of the War of 1812.” The exhibit now occupies newly-renovated space at the Washington that’s missing. It all comes down Road museum. to money and if we can get the tle of Plattsburgh. Photo by Jeremiah S. Papineau money together, we can do it.” “We actually took the legs off The Battle of Plattsburgh Musethe diorama, built a platform and um is open Tuesday through Satcatching the eyes of visitors, said Parkerlaughing. made it leaning to give an aerial view. Now, urday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. For more information, Wingler. The improvements have also given a betvisitors can stand back and get a better view including how to make a donation to the “People actually have commented that we ter arrangement for new exhibits, including of the Battle of Plattsburgh. museum, call Parker-Wingler at 566-1814. must have gotten a new diorama,” she said, the museum’s most recent one, “Misses MisThat change alone is one that’s already

By Jeremiah S. Papineau

Oglesby completes nuclear training course ‘Play to Give’ tourney sign-ups being taken BALLSTON SPA — Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class Justin E. Oglesby, recently completed the Navy Nuclear Power Training Unit course with the Nuclear Power Training Unit. Oglesby received instruction about nuclear theory, chemistry, physics, reactor operations, safety and security. Upon completion of the course, Oglesby was designated a nuclear power operator. Oglesby, a 2008 graduate of Plattsburgh High School, joined the Navy in August 2008. He is the son of Charlotte and Jason Halaburda, Plattsburgh.

WEST PLATTSBURGH — The 7th annual Play to Give Co-Ed Softball Tournament is set for Saturday, Aug. 21, and Sunday, Aug. 22, at American Legion Post 1619, 219 Rand Hill Road. The team entry fee is $125 for either the company or community division and rules state there must be two female players on the field at all times. Proceeds benefit the FitzPatrick Cancer Center. Free entertainment will be provided and trophies will be awarded per division. For more information or to register, contact Lola Miller at 860-8221 or

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the ‘burgh


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July 17-23, 2010


news and views •


‘Learn to Sail’ helping more enjoy Lake Champlain By Jeremiah S. Papineau PLATTSBURGH — The North Country has one of the most important resources for a thriving community, says Chris Duley, but it’s one he considers greatly underutilized. “I think that Lake Champlain, especially Cumberland Bay and the western shore of the lake, is probably the best-kept secrets going,” said Duley, who serves as head of the Cumberland Bay Community Boating Center. “It is, by far, the best sailing and boating venue that there is in the Northeast.” Duley has been trying to promote an increased use of nonmotorized watercraft Lake Champlain for the past six years. Through coordination with the City of Plattsburgh Recreation Department, Duley has continued to offer the Learn to Sail program to do just that. “Learn to Sail is a week-long program we offer twice in the summer for both kids 12 and up and for adults,” explained Duley. The concept behind the program is to get people of all skill levels acclimated to sailing under the direction of certified instructors teaching land- and water-based activities. Participants learn the basics of concepts such as “rigging, points of sail, sailing maneuvers, safety and recovery.” However,

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6 • news and views

that’s just the beginning of what Duley said he’d like to see offered by the Cumberland Bay Community Boating Center, which currently has no official home. “We are in the process of trying to offer a much larger program,” said Duley. “We’re trying to coordinate with the city to get a permanent place on the waterfront that would allow us to eventually host something longer than one-week sessions.” Extended sailing camps and incorporating canoeing and kayaking clinics are among some of the ideas, said Duley. “The biggest thing for us before we proceed is to have a permanent, physical presence on the lake,” said Duley, who noted the center is only visible when the program operates off Wilcox Dock. Having a permanent building would allow for secure boat storage as well, he added. Currently, the program’s 10 boats are left outdoors during the winter months and are subject to the elements. “We demast the boats and put those away for the winter, but the boats are left outside,” said Duley. The center relies on volunteers to help prepare the boats for use each summer, he said, adding the Adirondack Young Professionals are organizing a clean up day this Saturday, July 17, at Wilcox Dock. The nonprofit civic organization is recruiting volunteers to help with the effort from 7-10 p.m. “It’s a lot of manual labor to bring them down to beach clean them up and put the masts up, explained Duley, who encouraged people to volunteer their help this weekend. “Many hands make light work.” Those interested in volunteering this Saturday or in participating in the Learn to Sail

Chris Duley, with the Cumberland Bay Community Boating Center, kneels by some of the boats used by the center’s Learn to Sail program. Volunteers are needed for a clean up day this Saturday, July 17, at Wilcox Dock to prepare the boats for use in the coming weeks. Photo by Jeremiah S. Papineau

program may contact Duley at 572-9477 or by visiting The program will be held Tuesday, July 27, through Saturday, July 31, and Tuesday, Aug. 3, through Saturday, Aug. 7. Sessions for youths will be held from 1-4 p.m. and sessions for adults will be from 5-8 p.m.

Participants will receive a U.S. Sailing certification book upon completion of the program. The cost is $175 per program with registration also available by contacting the City of Plattsburgh Recreation Department at 324-7709.

Library has curbside book return installed PLATTSBURGH — Plattsburgh Public Library has a new addition. The library recently unveiled a new curbside book return box, accessible to patrons by vehicle at the corner of Brinkerhoff and Oak streets. Funded by library patrons and community donors, the box is capable of holding more than 330 books and other library items. The box was suggested by Jamie Marshall in May 2008, and has taken two years to fund. Marshall, with two small children, had difficulty finding a parking place near library so she could return her books. Since that time, a large number of donors have stepped forward to show their community spirit by generous donations. In addition to the general public, the book return box is expected to be especially useful to the disabled, the elderly and parents with chil-

dren. The library board of trustees thanked the following donors: Donna E. Herbold, Robert T. and Helen Booth, James Rothe and Kathaleen Miller, E.J. and E.W. Burke, Francine C. Luck, Louise Meisenheimer, Karen F. Peryea, J. Derek and Helen Allan, Gina L. Doty, Brian Poitrass, Neta E. LeBlanc, Eleanor and Irving Goldman, Joseph and Lynne Hubbard, Peggy Murphy, Lola Johnson, Matt Loach, Sharon A. Bickford, Lisa Lewis, and Morris and Brenda Towne, given in memory of Doris Haley, Dannemora Librarian. The board also thanked the Sam’s Club Foundation and Phil’s Dry Cleaning. After approval by city engineer Kevin Farrington, the book return box was installed on a concrete slab by Mike Brodi and the City Public Works Department crew.

July 17-23, 2010

Robert T. Booth returns a book in the new book drop at the Plattsburgh Public Library on Oak Street. Booth and his wife, Helen, were the first library patrons to contribute to the library’s Book Drop Fund. Photo by Stanley Ransom

the ‘burgh

ArtQuest brings culture to kids By Sarah L. Cronk PLATTSBURGH — Since 2002, the North Country Cultural Center for the Arts has been enriching the lives of children through their ArtQuest program. This year ’s program, which began July 12, will continue through to Aug. 13, featuring a different continent every week. “We try to pick a diverse collection of projects for the curriculum so the students get a mix of art, music and dance from each culture,” explained education coordinator Ali Della Bitta. “The number and length of time each project takes decides how many different cultures can be represented.” Della Bitta said she plans the curriculum by coming up with “inspiring” projects that can be focused around a theme. “Art can express a lot about the way people live, the environment around them, and the traditions that surround them,” she

said. “This summer ’s six-week ArtQuest program is based on experiencing a different culture each week through its artwork.” The second week, from July 19-23, will focus on Europe, where children will “visit a different country each day.” Week 3, from July 26-30, will have the children learning about Australia, creating their own didgeridoos and exploring the animals of the outback. During the fourth week’s session, from Aug. 2-6, children will explore North America, creating totem poles, dream catchers and sand paintings. During week 5, from Aug. 9-13, the children will learn about Asia, making a pet dragon and origami. The final week, from Aug. 16-20, will focus on South America and children will create rainforest masks, rain sticks and maracas. “Through the ArtQuest program, we hope students take away knowledge of art and its history,” said Della Bitta, “but also the en-

Children who participated in the first week of the North Country Cultural Center for the Arts Artquest program made face masks, as a way of understanding the culture of Africa. Photo by Sarah L. Cronk

joyment of expression and creativity.” To sign up for a session of the ArtQuest program, contact NCCCA at 563-1604. Each session is $85 and are held from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. or 1 to 4 p.m. The program is for chil-

dren age 6 to 14 and classes are limited to 15 per group. “Wear your messy clothes or bring a smock,” said Della Bitta, “and get ready to make some art and have fun.”

Plattsburgh State agreement creates extension site at HVCC

Hudson Valley Community College president Drew Matonak, seated at left, and the State University of New York at Plattsburgh president John Ettling, seated at right, sign an agreement enabling SUNY Plattsburgh to offer a degree in criminal justice through the community college. Joining them in back, from left, were Dr. Carolyn Curtis, Hudson Valley vice president for academic affairs; Dr. Ann Geisendorfer, Hudson Valley criminal justice department chairperson; Dr. Margaret Geehan, dean of Hudson Valley’s School of Liberal Arts and Sciences; Dr. Robert Golden, dean and assistant to the president at the SUNY Plattsburgh Branch Campus in Queensbury; and Dr. Sondra Valle, assistant to the vice president for academic affairs at Hudson Valley. Photo submitted by Michelle Ouellette

the ‘burgh

PLATTSBURGH — The State University of New York at Plattsburgh will now be offering classes in criminal justice at Hudson Valley Community College. In a July 7 ceremony, SUNY Plattsburgh president John C. Ettling signed an agreement with HVCC president Drew Matonak. The agreement will allow the four-year college to offer a bachelor ’s degree program in criminal justice with most classes taking place right on the community college campus in Troy. Criminal justice is one of the largest academic degree programs at Hudson Valley, with approximately 100-120 graduates each year. And, while the University at Albany and The College of Saint Rose accept many of those graduates each year, the Plattsburgh program will add another option for Hudson Valley students, according to Dr. Ann Geisendorfer, the Hudson Valley criminal justice department chair. “We have students this fall who will take advantage of this opportunity,” Geisendorfer said. “Plattsburgh is a SUNY school with an established program, so we are very pleased they will

July 17-23, 2010

be offering this option for continued study right on our campus.” The addition of four-year college offerings is part of a larger trend among community colleges within the SUNY system, according to Dr. Robert Golden, dean and assistant to the president at the SUNY Plattsburgh Branch Campus in Queensbury. Under the state’s guidelines, the community colleges cannot offer bachelor degrees. However, working with four-year colleges, like the one in Plattsburgh, they are able to offer most of the four-year degree requirements right on site. Under the existing guidelines, however, enrolled students will be required to attend at least one class at the SUNY Plattsburgh Branch Campus in Queensbury, because the site is an extension and not a branch campus. “Even so, this is a tremendous opportunity for individuals in the Albany area who, for a variety of reasons, are not able to attend other colleges in Albany and are not in a position to relocate to one of the other comprehensive colleges in the state,” said Golden. “We feel it is in our best interest to be of service to these students.”

news and views •


Vilas Home kicks off its summer concert series By Katherine Clark PLATTSBURGH— If you heard music coming from Beekman Street last week, you weren’t alone. The Samuel F. Vilas Home kicked off their first annual summer concert series with a performance by folk musician Gary Sargeant July 8. Every Thursday through Aug. 26, the Vilas Home will host a free concert at 6 p.m. on the back lawn of the property. “[The residents] love the storytelling, they love the singing, they love the family atmosphere that it brings, so we couldn’t ask for better,” said activities director Juliet Dubay. Dubay said at the first event, only 23 of the 43 residents attended the event because of the hot weather. “The 23 that did participate stayed for the entire hour and enjoyed it so much. It was very comfortable; under the tent it was very breezy,” said Dubay. While the idea behind the music is to be entertainment for residents, it goes beyond that, said Dubay. The resident council —

which consists of Vilas residents — is openly inviting community members as well as giving the public a “thank you.” “The residents of Clinton County have treated our residents with an abundance of kindness and sincerity over the past years the home has been in operation,” said Dubay. “Family involvement was one of the reasons [for holding the event], the other was to give back to the community. We have so many volunteers that come through here. They come and do activities, they drive the residents, and we want to say, ‘Please come here and relax.’” Another reason to invite the public, said Dubay, is to support the local musicians performing. “They’ve been so loyal to us over the years that this was a way to announce them,” she said. “Some of them haven’t played, some of them are up and coming musicians and haven’t played for other facilities, and we’d like them to get more exposure.” Artists scheduled to perform include Jack Wolfe & Joanna Dascoli, Roy Hurd, The Sweet Adelines, Charlie Stone’s The Split Rock Band, The Meter Maids, The Cast-

Gary Sargeant performed for a crowd at the first of several summer concerts to be held at the Samuel F. Vilas Home in Plattsburgh. Photo submitted by Juliet Dubay

aways, and Rod Driscoll. The full schedule of the summer concert series can be found on the Vilas Homes Web site at “It’s a great time of year to just come and relax and listen to some music, spend some time with this wonderful population,” said Dubay. “They enjoy seeing new faces and people, they enjoy talking to people and

they enjoy the music and they extend the invitation to you to enjoy the music as well.” Concerts are hosted free of charge. Refreshments will be served. Those interested in making a contribution toward future events at the Samuel F. Vilas Home, may send donations in care of the Vilas Home Resident Recreation Fund to 61 Beekman St., Plattsburgh N.Y. 12901.

Fire department receives award from county

Benefit Sunday for Ellenburg Depot man

PLATTSBURGH — The South Plattsburgh Volunteer Fire Department has been awarded a Community Partnership Award by the Clinton County Health Department. The CCHD acknowledged the South Plattsburgh Volunteer Fire Department as a staunch public Health partner with a shared vision of public safety and preparedness. The South Plattsburgh Fire Department’s work to upgrade its facilities came to fruition and resulted in a state-of-the-art community center of which their leadership willingly shares mass clinics (both human and animal) with a minimum of bureaucracy. Beyond this routine connection, they proved to be true preparedness partners by stepping forward at the height of the H1N1influenza pandemic to provide CCHD a staging center, meeting every storage criteria that was essential to efficient operations. They are also now a pre-designated point of distribution site and training locale for the local Medical Reserve Corp. The CCHD appreciates this partnership we are able to better serve our residents and provide a safer and healthier community.

ALTONA — A benefit spaghetti dinner for Ellenburg Depot resident Richard “Rick” LeClair will be held this Sunday, July 18, at the Rainbow Wedding and Banquet Hall, 47 Woods Falls Road. The event will begin at 11:30 a.m. and include a Chinese auction, silent auction, 50/50 drawing, and motorcycle run. Entertainment will be provided by Supreme Sounds DJ service. LeClair is a 47-year-old father of two who suffered two strokes on Mothers Day. LeClair was left partially-paralyzed from the strokes and is currently confined to a wheelchair. He is undergoing physical therapy. The benefit will help with LeClair ’s medical expenses. For more information, call Virginia LeClair at 594-7445. Donations may be mailed in care of Rick LeClair to P.O. Box 336, Ellenburg Depot N.Y. 12935.

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July 17-23, 2010

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Kids’ program looking for ‘summer scientists’ By Jeremiah S. Papineau PLATTSBURGH — Cornell Cooperative Extension of Clinton County 4-H is encouraging kids to explore the fun side of science. The organization will host “4-H Summer Scientists,” a free program for elementaryand middle school-age youths in Clinton County beginning next month. The program, explained coordinator Alexa King, will be held a three locations — Saranac Town Hall in Saranac, Northern Adirondack Central School in Ellenburg Depot, and the Ted K. Community Center in Plattsburgh. “We went to schools asking kids what they wanted to learn about,” King said of deciding on the curricula.

As a result, children at the Saranac and Ellenburg programs will learn about the science of rocketry and flight, giving them an opportunity to build rockets, gliders and planes. Children at the Plattsburgh program will be introduced to “eco-exploring.” “We take the kids to Point au Roche and show them how easy it is to walk around and appreciate all the great things we have out there,” King explained of the Eco-Explorers program. King said she’s especially looking forward to bringing the program to children in the Northern Tier as past summer programs offered by CCE haven’t reached out that far. “We haven’t had a chance to work with

the young people in Ellenburg before, so I’m really excited we’re expanding to another location,” she said. “I’m really excited.” The Saranac program will be open to youths in grades 3-6 and take place Wednesdays Aug. 4, 11, 18 and 25, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. The Ellenburg program will be open to youths in grades 6-8, beginning Monday, Aug. 2. That program will be held from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and continue Tuesday, Aug. 3; Thursday, Aug. 5; and Friday, Aug. 6. The Plattsburgh program will be open to all elementary- and middle school-age youths and also take place Aug. 4, 11, 18 and 25. That program will be held each day from 1-3 p.m.

Each program is free of charge thanks, in part, to funding from the state Office of Children and Family Services. All necessary materials will be provided. Registration is required and is first-come, first-served for the first 20 youth at each location. Though the deadline for registration is Monday, July 26, King encourages parents to still call after the deadline in the event of last-minute openings. “We’ll have a waiting list and, in the event we still have spots open, we’ll still take signups,” said King. “And, if parents want to come and play, too, we welcome that,” she added. For more information or to register, call the CCE office at 561-7450 or send an e-mail to



In Plattsburgh City, Town and PARC (12901 & 12903 zip codes) is your print advertising only going to 31.4% of the households?

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Students from the State University of New York at Plattsburgh were busy planting flowers at cleaning up a section of downtown Margaret Street recently by Benji's Café and Bakery. The students were donating their time on behalf of the Plattsburgh Campus/City Coalition to help the city’s Adopt-aSpot program. The program allows individuals, families, civic groups or businesses to adopt small plot of city-owned land and care for them. Shown here are Kelsey Latremore and Nick Lavigne. Photo courtesy of Plattsburgh Campus/City Coalition

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Press Republican

The Burgh

Total delivered in zip codes 12901, & 12903

Total delivered in zip codes 12901, & 12903

ABC Audit – 12/26/08

CVC Audit Pending 9/30/10

July 17-23, 2010



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Downhill sport heads upstate this Saturday By Sarah L. Cronk

A member of the luge team demonstrates how to use a luge on wheels during tryouts held last year for the USA Luge Slider Search. File photo

Enter to Win! We’re giving away tickets to the 3rd Annual Adirondack Unplugged Music Festival. STONEHONEY

Choices, Choices, Choices

Five lucky winners will be chosen at random to receive two tickets to the event!

On Thursday, August 5th, the Chateaugay Rotary Club, The Chateaugay Revitalization Committee and McCadam Cheese will host the 3rd annual Adirondacks Unplugged Music Festival. The event will be held at the Chateaugay Recreation Park on State Route 374 in Chateaugay.

s S o f ag at

tin Star

The Festival will feature Music Road Records recording artist Stonehoney. Stonehoney is currently on tour to promote the release of their new country rock CD entitled, The Cedar Creek Sessions. You can hear Stonehoney on home The CD was recorded live and is the best way to capture the harmony magic of this group. No question about it – Stonehoney brings a party!


Also performing will be the soulful and multi-talented Caroline O’Connor. Caroline is originally from Chateaugay and currently lives in Burlington, Vermont. We will also feature a new, classic rock band from Plattsburgh, The Angry Neighbors. This 6 member band creates a party atmosphere with their think harmonies and big sound.

Come out and enjoy this family friendly up tempo event and enjoy Stonehoney’s exciting return to the North Country. Ticket sales will be limited to the first 1000 and will be available on a first come, first served basis.

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Dawn’s Furniture Gallery


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Tickets are on sale at: Alix’s True Value and Wendy’s Quick Stop in Chateaugay, Dick’s Country Store in Churubusco or online at or .


Large Selection of Styles & Fabrics For You To Choose From! Excellent Warranties!

This event is made possible by our generous sponsors: Horizon Wind Energy, The P.K. Curtin Fund, McCadam Cheese, and the town of Chateaugay. All proceeds will go directly to the Chateaugay Theatre Revitalization project. The Ticket prices are as follows: Adults $7.50 and Students under 12 Free w/adult


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Gates will open at 5:00 PM with Caroline scheduled to open the show at 5:30PM follow by The Angry Neighbors. Stonehoney will hit the stage at 7PM and play through 9 PM. The Chateaugay Revitalization Committee will be serving hotdogs, hamburgers and macaroni and cheese. There will also be snacks, ice cream, water, soda and beer. This is an open-air concert and will be held rain or shine. Attendees are encouraged to bring chairs and/or blankets for seating. No coolers or alcohol are permitted but backpacks will be allowed for carrying in snacks/supplies. On-site parking is free with close-in parking for handicapped attendees.

MAIL YOUR ENTRY TO: Denton Publications, Inc. 24 Margaret Street., Suite #1 Plattsburgh, NY 12901

PLATTSBURGH — The USA Luge Slider Search first came to the area last year to find promising young athletes with the potential to one day compete at the international level. On July 17, coaches with the search will return. The slider search has been around for almost 25 years, touring the country to find athletic youngsters between the ages of 11 and 14. “It just made sense to ... start focusing in the region where the tracks are,” said luge coach Fred Zimny. “We’re doing a lot more in the Park City, Utah area and a lot more in the New York, Northeast area.” On July 17, there will be two luge clinics, one from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and the other from 2 to 5 p.m. Zimny said he will be looking for both physical skills as well as their skills on the luge itself. “[The clinics] consist of an on-sled portion where they’re actually riding the sleds down a hill and they take maybe six runs or so,” he explained. “During that, the coaches are evaluating them and looking at how their steering control is, their position.” The sled is actually a wheeled luge that the kids will ride down a hill at Clinton Community College, where the clinic takes place. “After that we also do a small battery of fitness tests,” said Zimny. “In the end, we look at how they did on the sleds as well as what their physical skills are.” Although most of the kids who will take part

in the clinic have probably never seen a luge, much less ride one, Zimny said they may still do well. “If a kid is involved in virtually any sport that teaches them how to use their body and teaches them athletic skills, that’s going to transfer very well to luge,” he explained. After the clinic, the coaches will choose those who they find promising to go to a one-week screening camp at the Lake Placid Olympic Center in the fall. “They would stay at the Olympic training center and really get a crash course in luge,” Zimny said. “They go out and slide on the actual luge run every day.” “[It’s] really a very intense week of training so we can really evaluate them and see who has the talent,” he added. Following the screening camp, the number of kids are narrowed down and will be named to the Junior Development Team. “It’s sort of the first rung in a ladder that could eventually lead up to an Olympic team one day,” explained Zimny. Those who are interested in taking part in the clinic may call 1-800-USALUGE or visit Although it is recommended kids sign up ahead of time, Zimny said there will probably be room for those who just want to show up the day of the event. There will also be two clinics at CCC Saturday, Aug. 14 and Saturday, Sept. 11. “If nothing else, just come out and try it,” Zimny said. “And, if it’s the beginning and the end of your luge career, at least you had a good time.”

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July 17-23, 2010


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North Country Biggest Loser meets goal

Contestants of the North Country Biggest Loser finished off the first “season” losing more than 300 pounds. From left are Larry Mills, trainer Mary Duprey, Randy Hilliker, Rosemary Bell, Tamber Shepard, Jennifer Meschinelli, Aleshia Bond, Steve Pierce, Deb Mills, Jennifer LeCuyer, and Jim Snook. Pictured at right: Mary Duprey, trainer for the North Country Biggest Loser, received an award from the contestants for everything she did for them throughout the last four months. Photos by Sarah L. Cronk

By Sarah L. Cronk PLATTSBURGH — After four months of diet and exercise, contestants of the North Country Biggest Loser can say they collectively lost 314.9 pounds, rendering it a success. “I thought it went really well,” said the program’s trainer, Mary Duprey. “Most of the people had success.” Although a couple contestants did not complete the session, those who did were still able to meet the goal of an overall 300 pounds lost. “They were pretty excited,” Duprey said of the contestants when they passed their goal. “I know the last couple of weeks they were really pushing.” Duprey herself was also challenged during the program.

“I’ve never done anything like that before,” she said. Hoping to have a second session beginning in the fall, Duprey has already thought about what she’d like to change. “It’s hard to do group things when you have such a diverse group,” she explained. “I think that’s what I would focus on next time. Trying to get the same skill level together.” Steve Peters, superintendent of the city’s recreation department, is currently working with city council members to expand the program for its next “season,” including more trainers and 40 contestants. Contestant Jim Snook is already looking to be a part of the support group for the next session, as he found North Country Biggest Loser made a “huge impact” on his life.

“I think I started the program at 324 [pounds],” Snook said. “My last weigh-in was 264.” By reducing his caloric intake to about 1,200 calories a day, Snook not only lost 60 pounds, but several inches around his waist. “I probably was wearing a 46. I probably should have been at a 48,” he said. “I am floating around right now and am morethan-comfortable in a 40.” Overall, the whole experience of North Country Biggest Loser was “incredible” for Snook. “Being overweight is lonely,” he said. “You’re fighting with yourself. You feel like you’re by yourself. But, when I got into this program, I was immediately embraced by people that were just like me.” Through the program, Snook was also able to run a 5-kilome-

ter race July 11, during the North Country Biggest Loser 5K walk/run at the PARC Oval. “It’s better than anything I’ve ever done before,” he said of the race. “I’ve never ran in a 5K.” Although Snook has yet to take a stress test, he is also certain he will be coming off his blood pressure medication. For Snook though, the experience of the program not only affected him, but his family as well. “My wife has lost almost 25 pounds,” he said. “We eat healthier at home.” Snook is also working to help his mother and sister lose weight, through support and helping them to count calories. His personal goal is to lose 60 more pounds.


the ‘burgh

July 17-23, 2010

to your health •


Scenes from the Mayor’s Cup Regatta and Festival

Top Mayor’s Cup Weekend Honorees Fawn Leibowitz — Mayor’s Cup Tromso — Rotary Cup Endless Love — Boat Parade of Lights Bob Pooler — John Ianelli Spirit Award

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July 17-23, 2010

the ‘burgh

THE 2010

FREE Carnival Rides Tuesday, July 20TH - 12pm-1pm

JULY 20 TH - 25 TH


Telestar Fireworks Tuesday, July 20TH - At Dusk Sponsored by Reithoffer Shows, Fidelis Care NY & CC Fair

LIVE Entertainment

Opening Day Admission

ONLY $2 00 For Everyone 4 & Up! Please bring one (1) Nonperishable item for local food shelves

Tuesday, July 20

Wednesday, July 21

Thursday, July 22

“YESTERDAY” - Tribute to the Beatles at 8:00pm With Classic Cruisers Car Show



With 6 Winners for Best of Show on the Casella Waste Management State in front of the Akwesasne Mohawk Casino Grandstand Sponsored by Econo Lodge Inn & Suites, WIRY Hometown Radio and AT&T

on the Casella Waste Management State in front of the Akwesasne Mohawk Casino Grandstand Sponsored by Econo Lodge Inn & Suites, 97.5 Eagle Country & Key R-D Trailer Sales GATE ADMISSION ADULT - $7/Child 11 years of age & under FREE (FREE PARKING) PRE-SALE PRICE: TRACK SEATS $17.00 (Includes Front Gate Admission) GRANDSTAND $12.00 (Includes Front Gate Admission)

GATE ADMISSION $2/Per Person (4 years of age & over) Grandstand $5 (FREE PARKING)

12:00pm Carnival Rides Start

Sponsored by Adirondack Tobacco Free Network, Walmart, Reality Check, 97.5 Eagle Country, Pepsi and Kneucraft Fine Jewelry.


“Evening Madness SPECIAL BRACELET” 7PM-Close

Friday, July 23

Saturday, July 24

Sunday, July 25




Sponsored by Budweiser ADMISSION PRICE IS FREE (Pit Pass $5.00)

Wednesday, July 21

Children’s Day Age 11 & Under FREE

Wristband Day $17 Advanced Sale $18 Day Of Good All Day thanks to Reithoffer Shows

Sponsored by Dragoons Farm Equipment, Inc. & NYSEG. Admission Price is $5.00 in the Grandstands (Pit Pass is $5.00) Gate Admission Adult - $7/Child 7 Years of Age & Under FREE FREE PARKING

Thursday, July 22

“Evening Madness” Bracelet • 7pm to close Only $15.00

1:00pm & 7:00pm

Sponsored by Rent-A-Wrek, Budweiser & WOKO 98.9 Gate Admission Adult - $7/Child 11 Years of Age & Under FREE Grandstand $6 Each Show/Pit Pass $10 (Good For Both Demo Shows) FREE PARKING

Friday, July 23

Sunday, July 25 - 4pm

Special Day

Auction (Curtis Lumber Stage)

for special people are FREE & counselors & guardians are $3.50 (half price)

of the All Master Chain Saw Sculptures made during the week of the fair

*Proof of Group Required


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July 17-23, 2010


Fair Events TUESDAY July 20th Front Gate Admission: $2.00 per person 4 years of age and over; Press Republican Day (FREE newspaper to early birds). Please bring in one (1) non-perishable item for the local food shelves. Grandstand Admission: $5.00 “Yesterday” at 8:00pm Sponsored by Econo Lodge Inn & Suites, WIRY Hometown Radio and AT&T; With Champlain Valley Classic Cruisers Car Show Telestar Display Fireworks at dusk, Sponsored by Reithoffer Shows & Fidelis Care of NY • 4-H, FFA, Cattle & Horse Exhibits Open Daily • Domestic & Fine Arts Exhibits Open Daily

• FREE Carnival Rides 12:00 noon to 1:00 pm • Vendor Bldgs. Open Daily 10:00 am - 10:00 pm

9:00 am 4-H Horse Show (Begins in Horse Arena) 11:00 am 4-H Dog Show at the North Country Squares Building 11 am - 2 pm Lita Kelly & Jay Lesage in the Stewarts Shop Gazebo 12:00 pm Carnival Rides Start (First Hour FREE) 12 pm - 9 pm 4-H Dairy Bar Open 12:30, 1:30, 3:30, 4:30 & 6:30 pm • Swifty Swine Racing Pigs Sponsored by Ormsby Realty & Adirondack Energy & Adirondack Waste Solutions 1:00 pm 4-H Driving Classes 2, 4 & 7:00 pm Pipsqueaks Party Time Clown Show Sponsored by Price Chopper 2, 5 & 7:00 pm Masters of the Chainsaw Sculptors Sponsored by Key R-D Trailer Sales 3:00- 5:00 pm “Cumberland Bay Barber Shoppers & Friends” at the Curtis Lumber Stage.

16 Degrandpre Way, Suite 400 Plattsburgh, NY 12901

3, 6, & 8:00 pm Buffalo Barfield’s “Unherd-of-Entertainment” (Family Show) Sponsored by Bath Fitter 4:00 pm Crepe Eating Contest at Amier’s Kabob Restaurant (next to B&B Saloon) $5.00 entry fee, 1st place $50 cash, 2nd place $25 cash, Plus FREE ice cream for both winners the rest of fair week 6:00 pm Opening Ceremonies with American Idol Contestant Benjamin Bright at the Stewarts Shop Gazebo Sponsored by LaBarge Agency 6:00 pm Sheep & Goat Show (in the Goat & Sheep Barn) 7:30 pm North Country’s Got Talent qualifying round at the Curtis Lumber Stage with Mike & Sally Karaoke “R” Us. Qualifiers will go on to Thursday Night Finale Show. Sponsored by Pepsi, Adirondack Tobacco Free Network, 97.5 Eagle Country Radio, Reality Check (http:// ) Walmart & Kneucraft Fine Jewelry (No Bands Allowed) 8:00 pm Coin Hunt in the Sawdust Pile Sponsored by Adirondack Bank, UFirst FCU, GP Community FCU, Champlain FCU, Dannemora FCU, TD Bank North & Peru Central School FCU ($100 Added Each Day) 8:00 PM “Yesterday” A Tribute to the Beatles Sponsored by Econo Lodge ␣ Inn & Suites, WIRY ␣␣␣ Hometown Radio and AT&T on the Casella Waste Management Stage at the Akwesasne Mohawk Casino Grandstands, With Champlain Valley Classic Cruisers Car Show At Dusk Telestar Display Fireworks Sponsored by Reithoffer Shows & Fidelis Care New York TBA Fire Safety Demonstrations by CCFA & NY State Office of Fire Prevention & Control The Clinton County Fair reserves the right to add, delete or change this schedule.


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July 17-23, 2010

the ‘burgh

Fair Events WEDNESDAY July 21st Front Gate Admission: $7.00 (age 11 and under Free) “Children’s Day” Grandstand Admission: Pre-Sale Prices are $12 Grandstand Seating & $17 Track Seating for Justin Moore @ 8:00 pm. Day of Show Prices are $10 Grandstand Seating and $15 Track Seating (For Purchase at the Grandstands with proof of paid Admission to the Fair) Sponsored by 97.5 Eagle Country Radio, Econo Lodge Inn & Suites, and Key R-D Trailer Sales Wristband $17.00 w/coupon, $18.00 w/out coupon: Good ALL DAY! “Thanks to Reithoffer Shows” • 4-H, FFA, Cattle & Horse Exhibits Open Daily • Domestic & Fine Arts Exhibits Open Daily • Vendor Bldgs. Open 10:00 am - 10:00 pm 8:00 am 4-H Horse Show in the Saddle Horse Arena 9:00 am 4-H Dairy Cattle Show in the Denton Publications & Suburban Propane Cattle Barn 10:00 am Judging of Small Animals & FFA Exhibits in the Duprey’s Feeds & McCadam Cheese FFA Building 12:00 pm Carnival Rides Start 12:00 pm NY Sire Stakes Harness Race (FREE Grandstand) on the Graymont Materials NY Race Track 12 pm - 9 pm 4-H Dairy Bar Open 12-3:00 pm Roy Hurd Show in the Stewarts Shops Gazebo 12:30, 1:30, 3:30, 4:30 & 6:30 pm • Swifty Swine Racing Pigs Sponsored by Ormsby Realty & Adirondack Energy & Adirondack Waste Solutions

8:00 PM Justin Moore Sponsored by 97.5 Eagle Country Radio, Econo Lodge Inn & Suites, and Key R-D Trailer Sales on the Casella Waste Management Stage at the Akwesasne Mohawk Casino Grandstands TBA Fire Safety Demonstrations by CCFA & NY State Office of Fire Prevention & Control The Clinton County Fair reserves the right to add, delete or change this schedule.


Northeast Semi-Annual Event Public Auction Celebra Years of ting 40 Auctions

ing 40 CelebratAuctions f Years o

Saturday, August 21st, 2010 at 9 AM


Introducing the New Pink Portable Restrooms!

SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE Excellent Loading Facilities - Trucking Available in Canada and USA Local Motels & Restaurants - Lunch Available Located: 50 Miles South of Montreal - 150 Miles NW of Concord, NH 34 Miles North of Burlington, VT - 175 Miles East of Watertown, NY I-89 to Exit 21 - Take Rte. 78 West - Watch for Signs

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Rene J. Fournier

Farm Equipment, Inc. Rte. 78 West, P.O. Box 141 • Swanton, VT 05488 802-868-4050 • 802-868-3057 • Fax 802-868-3481 email:


the ‘burgh

We’ll Donate $5 To Local Breast Cancer Services

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• Septic Tank, Drywell, Pump Station Cleaning • Septic Tank Installation & Repair • Plumbing Repair & Maintenance • Septic System Inspection 1-800-287-8086 518-643-2731


Hay & Forage Technology

2, 4 & 7:00 pm Pipsqueaks Party Time Clown Show Sponsored by Price Chopper 2, 5 & 7:00 pm Masters of the Chainsaw Sculptors Sponsored by Key R-D Trailer Sales 2:30-4:30 pm 4-H Public Presentations in the 4-H Building 3, 6, & 8:00 pm Buffalo Barfield’s “Unherd-of-Entertainment” (Family Show) Sponsored by Bath Fitter 4-7 pm Qualifying for the Guitar Hero Contest at the Stewarts Shops Gazebo ($10 Entry Fee) Sponsored by Reality Check ( ), Aaron’s Sales & Leasing and Tammy PerrotteSears of Re-Max North Country. (Finale is Saturday @ 12:00 pm) 6:00 pm Coin Hunt in the Sawdust Pile Sponsored by Adirondack Bank, UFirst FCU, Champlain FCU, GP Community FCU, Dannemora FCU, TD Bank North & Peru Central School FCU ($100 Added Each Day) 7:00 pm 4-H Fashion Show 7:30 pm North Country’s Got Talent qualifying round at the Curtis Lumber Stage with Mike & Sally Karaoke “R” Us. Qualifiers will go on to Thursday Night Finale Show. Sponsored by Pepsi, Adirondack Tobacco Free Network, 97.5 Eagle Country Radio, Reality Check ( ) Walmart & Kneucraft Fine Jewelry (No Bands Allowed)


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orth Cou Serving T he Entire N

July 17-23, 2010




6:30 pm Coin Hunt in the Sawdust Pile Sponsored by Adirondack Bank, 12 pm - 9 pm 4-H Dairy Bar Open UFirst FCU, Champlain FCU, GP Community FCU, Dannemora FCU, 12-4 pm “Motion of the Ocean” Youth Rock Band at the Curtis Lumber Stage Front Gate Admission: $7.00 (age 11 and under Free) • Grandstand 12:30, 1:30, 3:30, 4:30 & 6:30 pm • Swifty Swine Racing Pigs Sponsored by TD Bank North & Peru Central School FCU ($100 Added Each Day) Admission: FREE for North Country’s Got Talent @ 8:00 pm. 6:30 pm Master Hypnotist Michael Blaine Sponsored by Adirondack Ormsby Realty & Adirondack Energy & Adirondack Waste Solutions Sponsored by 97.5 Eagle Country Radio, Walmart, Adirondack Tobacco Tobacco Free Network on the Curtis Lumber Stage 1:30-3 pm Weigh-in for Horse Pull Free Network, Reality Check & Kneucraft Fine Jewelry 3:15 pm Meeting for Horse Pull 8:00 pm North Country’s Got Talent Sponsored by Pepsi, “Evening Madness” Wristband 7:00 pm to Close: $15.00 3:30 pm Horse Pull on the Infield of the Graymont Materials NY, Inc. Fair Adirondack Tobacco Free Network, 97.5 Eagle Country • 4-H, FFA, Cattle & Horse Exhibits Open Daily Race Track Sponsored by Chauvin Agency Radio, Reality Check ( • Domestic & Fine Arts Exhibits Open Daily 2, 4 & 7 pm Pipsqueaks Party Time Clown Show Sponsored by Price Chopper Walmart & Kneucraft Fine Jewelry (No Bands Allowed) • Vendor Bldgs Open Daily 10:00 am-10:00 pm 2, 5 & 7 pm Masters of the Chainsaw Sculptors Sponsored by Key R-D Trailer Sales on the Casella Waste Management Stage at the 2-4:00 pm 4-H Public Presentation in the 4-H Building 8:00 am 4-H Horse Show in the Saddle Horse Arena Akwesasne Mohawk Casino Grandstands 3, 6, & 8 pm Buffalo Barfield’s “Unherd-of-Entertainment” (Family Show) 9:00 am FFA Showmanship of Cattle Sponsored by McCadam Cheese & 8-10:00 pm “The Jay Walker” Band at the Stewarts Shop Gazebo Sponsored by Bath Fitter Duprey’s Feed in the Denton Publications & Suburban Propane TBA Fire Safety Demonstrations by CCFA & NY State Office of 5:00 pm Michigan Eating Contest in the Stewarts Shop Gazebo Sponsored by Cattle Barn Fire Prevention & Control $ $ $ McSweeneyís Red Hots 5 Entry Fee; 1st Place 100, 2nd Place 50, 10:00 am 4-H Beef Show The Clinton County Fair reserves the right to add, delete or change this schedule. $ 3rd Place 25 (All cash prizes) 12:00 pm Carnival Rides Start

Fair Events THURSDAY July 22nd


“The North Country’s Famous Michigans” • Michigans • Hamburgers • Hot Dogs • French Fries • Onion Rings • Hot & Cold Drinks

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BEEMAN TRUCKING • Excavating • Bulldozing • Land Clearing Sales and Delivery of Sand, Gravel, Topsoil Price Brings You In, Service Brings You Back Office: 846-8200 • Cell: 572-8200

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Clinton County Fair

Shuttle Schedule July 20-25, 2010

Ha ir Sa l o n

From Tuesday, July 20th through Sunday, July 25th, CCPT will run a special shuttle from the Government Center to the Clinton County Fairgrounds with stops at the Senior Center and the Champlain Centre Mall and back. The shuttle will run every hour. The first shuttle begins at 12 p.m. and the last shuttle leaves at 5 p.m. Fare will be $1 one way; free if you are 60 years of age and older with proof of age. If you have any questions, please call (518) 561-1452.

Fa m ily Salon

Foils Perms me We We lco

Tr a ce y B l a u se r

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Bus Stop Government Center Senior Center Champlain Centre Mall Fairgrounds Champlain Centre Mall Senior Center Government Center

J e n, B o b, J o n, H e i d i , M e ga n, A m y, Tr a c e y (518) 324-4555 Located at 2 Cogan Ave. Suite 107, Plattsburgh Open Tues.-Fri. 9:00am - 6:00pm • Sat. 9:00am - 4:00pm


12:00 12:10 12:20 12:30 12:40 12:50 12:55

1:00 1:10 1:20 1:30 1:40 1:50 1:55

2:00 2:10 2:20 2:30 2:40 2:50 2:55

3:00 3:10 3:20 3:30 3:40 3:50 3:55

4:00 4:10 4:20 4:30 4:40 4:50 4:55

5:00 5:10 5:20 5:30 5:40 5:50 5:55

CCPT 55020

July 17-23, 2010


the ‘burgh

Fair Events FRIDAY July 23rd

12:30, 1:30, 3:30, 4:30 & 6:30 pm • Swifty Swine Racing Pigs Sponsored by Ormsby Realty & Adirondack Energy & Adirondack Waste Solutions 1:00 -3:00 pm 4-H Public Presentations in the 4-H Building 2, 4 & 7:00 pm Pipsqueaks Party Time Clown Show Sponsored by Price Chopper 2, 5 & 7:00 pm Masters of the Chainsaw Sculptors Sponsored by Key R-D Trailer Sales 3, 6, & 8:00 pm Buffalo Barfield’s “Unherd-of-Entertainment” (Family Show) Sponsored by Bath Fitter 3-6:00 pm Small Animal Show (Pets, then Rabbits & Calves, then Poultry) at the 4-H Building 3-6:00 pm “Movin’ On” Band in the Stewarts Shop Gazebo

Front Gate Admission: $7.00 (age 11 & under Free) “Special Day for Special People” Special People are FREE and Counselors & Guardians are $3.50 Proof of Group Required & “Senior Citizens Day” Age 62+ are $3.50 Grandstand Admission: FREE for Street Legal Truck Pulls @ 6:00 pm. Sponsored by Budweiser Wristband $17.00 w/coupon, $18.00 w/out coupon: Good ALL DAY! “Thanks to Reithoffer Shows” • 4-H, FFA, Cattle & Horse Exhibits Open Daily • Domestic & Fine Arts Exhibits Open Daily • Vendor Bldgs. Open Daily 10:00 am-10:00 pm Open Cattle Show in the Denton Publications & Suburban Propane Cattle Barn English Horse Show (Dressage @ 8:00am) at the Saddle Horse Arena “Happy Time Ramblers” Band at the Gazebo Carnival Rides Start 4-H Dairy Bar Open

6:00 pm 6:00 pm

7:00 pm


8-10:00 pm TBA

Free Tasting


518.963.8181 55013

“Everything To Make Your House A Home” 55012

At Saint-Valentin For over 50 years Starting Pick Your Own Raspberries... Blueberries... Started

Colette & Joe LaBarr

North Country Quality work time after time Garage Doors Inc.


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Please call to make sure fruits are available! 450-291-3004

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“Authorized Collision Center” Insurance Work/Paint Specialist We’re Pull “ACCU DRAFT” ing For Yo u! Spray & Bake Booth The Latest Technology For Baking Your Automobile To A Factory Finish

On Sundays, serving waffles breakfast

Available Year Round: Bulles D’ Amour, Our New Sparkling Strawberry & Raspberry Juice, Regular Juice (New), Jams, Pies, Duck Sausages, Onion Confit, Chicken Mousse And Alcools

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the ‘burgh



NYS Law States: You have the right to have your vehicle repaired at the shop of your choice.

FEATURING • Running Boards • Bedliners • Bug Deflectors • Fog Lights • Visors • Sun Roofs • Box Rails • Tool Boxes • Step Bumpers

Horse Bowl Exhibition Coin Hunt in the Sawdust Pile Sponsored by Adirondack Bank, UFirst FCU, Champlain FCU, GP Community FCU, Dannemora FCU, TD Bank North & Peru Central School FCU ($100 Added Each Day) Master Hypnotist Michael Blaine Sponsored by Adirondack Tobacco Free Network on the Curtis Lumber Stage “Movin’ On” Band in the Stewarts Shop Gazebo Fire Safety Demonstrations by CCFA & NY State Office of Fire Prevention & Control

The Clinton County Fair reserves the right to add, delete or change this schedule.


Street Legal Truck Pulls Sponsored by Budweiser in front of the Casella Waste Management Stage at the Akwesasne Mohawk Casino Grandstands


9:00 am 9:00 am 11:00 am-2:00 pm 12:00 pm 12 pm - 9 pm

6:00 pm

Bring back home great products with no problem crossing the border!

July 17-23, 2010


Fair Events SATURDAY July 24th

12-3:00 pm

Guitar Hero Semi-Finale & Finale at the Stewart Shops Gazebo Sponsored by Reality Check ( ), Aaron’s Sales & Leasing, & Tammy Perrotte-Sears of Re-Max North Country (Prizes for 2 age groups) 12:30, 1:30, 3:30, 4:30 & 6:30 pm • Swifty Swine Racing Pigs Sponsored by Ormsby Realty & Adirondack Energy & Adirondack Waste Solutions 1:00 -3 pm 4-H Public Presentations in the 4-H Building 2, 4 & 7 pm Pipsqueaks Party Time Clown Show Sponsored by Price Chopper 2, 5 & 7pm Masters of the Chainsaw Sculptors Sponsored by Key R-D Trailer Sales 3, 6, & 8 pm Buffalo Barfield’s “Unherd-of-Entertainment” (Family Show) Sponsored by Bath Fitter

Front Gate Admission: $7.00 (age 11 and under Free) “Family Day” Grandstand Admission at 3:00 pm: $5.00 Adirondack Tractor Pull; $5.00 Pit Pass. Sponsored by Dragoon’s Farm Equipment & NYSEG • 4-H, FFA, Cattle & Horse Exhibits Open Daily • Domestic & Fine Arts Exhibits Open Daily • Vendor Bldgs. Open Daily 10:00 am-10:00 pm 9:00 am

9:00 am 10:00 am 12:00 pm 12 pm - 9 pm 12-2:30 pm

FFA Judging Contest for Students in the Denton Publications & Suburban Propane Cattle Barn & the Duprey’s Feed & McCadam Cheese FFA Bldg. Western Horse Show in the Saddle Horse Arena 4-H & FFA Dairy Judging in the Denton Publications & Suburban Propane Cattle Barn Carnival Rides Start 4-H Dairy Bar Open Legacy Paintball Match (Behind the Fair Office)

3:00 PM

Adirondack Tractor Pull Sponsored by Dragoon’s Farm Equipment & NYSEG in front of the Casella Waste Management Stage at the Akwesasne Mohawk Casino Grandstands

K & S Body Works

5-8 pm 6:00 pm


Master Hypnotist Michael Blaine Sponsored by Adirondack Tobacco Free Network on the Curtis Lumber Stage “Denim” Band in the Stewarts Shop Gazebo Coin Hunt in the Sawdust Pile Sponsored by Adirondack Bank, UFirst FCU, Champlain FCU, GP Community FCU, Dannemora FCU, TD Bank North & Peru Central School FCU ($100 Added Each Day) 4-H Gymkhana in the Horse Arena Fire Safety Demonstrations by CCFA & NY State Office of Fire Prevention & Control The Clinton County Fair reserves the right to add, delete or change this schedule.

e g n u o L s l l a F i H

(518) 643-2357


4 & 9 pm

Look for our



August 8th


Route 3, Saranac, NY 293-8505


Want to go to college tuition free?

Compliments of...

If you are graduating from a Clinton County high school and your cumulative GPA at the end of Junior year was 90 or above, tuition at CCC could be free.

The Chauvin Agency, Inc.

Clinton County Presidential Scholarship

“Insurance Service Is Our Product”

Chauvin: a trusted name in insurance for four generations. Official sponsor of the Horse/Pony Pull

For more information contact Admissions • 518.562.4170

I was considering other schools but when I learned I could attend Clinton for free, the decision was easy! I’m working on my degree, close to home, and saving money! - 2009 Chazy Central Rural School Alumna and CCC Presidential Scholar, Shauni Trombly

1033 Route 9, Champlain, NY 12919 (518) 298-2000 6064 Rt. 22, Suite 6, Plattsburgh, NY 12901 (518) 562-9336 5 Chapman St., Rouses Point, NY 12979 (518) 297-6602

Clinton Community College • 136 Clinton Point Drive • Plattsburgh, NY 12901


hauvin 18


July 17-23, 2010

Local Agents Serving Main Street America


the ‘burgh

Fair Events SUNDAY July 25th

1:00 PM

Front Gate Admission: $7.00 (age 11 and under Free) Grandstand Admission at 1:00 pm & 7:00 pm: Demolition Derby $6.00 (for each show) & $ 10.00 Pit Pass (one-time purchase at 1:00 pm, which is admission to both shows) Sponsored by WOKO 98.9, Budweiser & Rent-A-Wreck. • 4-H, FFA, Cattle & Horse Exhibits Open Daily • Domestic & Fine Arts Exhibits Open Daily • Vendor Bldgs. Open Daily 10:00 am-10:00 pm 8:00 am 11- 2:00 pm 12:00 pm 12 pm - 9 pm 12:00 pm 12:00 & 2:30 pm

1, 3 & 6:00 pm 2, 4 & 7:00 pm 4:00 PM 6-9:00 pm 6:00 pm

Walk/Trot in the Saddle Horse Arena Masters of the Chainsaw Sculptors Sponsored by Key R-D Trailer Sales Carnival Rides Start 4-H Dairy Bar Open Gymkhana Horse Show in the Horse Arena Sponsored by 98.9 WOKO & Durocher Auto Sales Master Hypnotist Michael Blaine at the Curtis Lumber Stage Sponsored by Adirondack Tobacco Free Network

7:00 PM


Demolition Derby Part I Sponsored by WOKO 98.9, Budweiser & Rent-A-Wreck in front of the Casella Waste Management Stage at the Akwesasne Mohawk Casino Grandstands Buffalo Barfield’s “Unherd-of-Entertainment” (Family Show) Sponsored by Bath Fitter Pipsqueaks Party Time Clown Show Sponsored by Price Chopper AUCTION of ALL Masters of the Chainsaw Sculptors made during the week of the Fair at the Curtis Lumber Stage “Just Us” Band in the Stewarts Shop Gazebo Coin Hunt in the Sawdust Pile Sponsored by Adirondack Bank, UFirst FCU, Champlain FCU, GP Community FCU, Dannemora FCU, TD Bank North & Peru Central School FCU ($100 Added Each Day) Demolition Derby Part II Sponsored by WOKO 98.9, Budweiser & Rent-A-Wreck in front of the Casella Waste Management Stage at the Akwesasne Mohawk Casino Grandstands Fire Safety Demonstrations by CCFA & NY State Office of Fire Prevention & Control

The Clinton County Fair reserves the right to add, delete or change this schedule.

12:30, 1:30, 3:30, 4:30 & 6:30 pm • Swifty Swine Racing Pigs Sponsored by Ormsby Realty & Adirondack Energy & Adirondack Waste Solutions 1-3:00 pm

“Just Us” Band in the Stewarts Shop Gazebo

A Trad itio n o f Pe r fo rm an ce We’re building great markets for Northeast family dairy farms!



gri-Mark is owned and controlled by dairy farm families from New England and New York. Our farmers work together in the marketplace so they can receive the highest possible price for all of the milk their farm produces and the best legislative representation possible on dairy issues. At Agri-Mark, we have two great brands that create great local markets and generate income for our farmers. Our awardwinning Cabot brand of Vermont cheddar cheese, butter, and other dairy products continues to

the ‘burgh

grow each year, adding to our farmers’ milk checks. Our Cabot cheese again won the title of “World’s Best Cheddar” in 2006. Agri-Mark farmers also own the McCadam brand of New York dairy products, and that investment is generating income for them as well. In 2007, McCadam won first place at the U.S. Cheese Championships in Wisconsin and the title “America’s Best Cheese!” Agri-mark had a record year of profits in 2007 and the future looks bright! For more information on working with other Northeast farm families for better prices, call our Membership Department toll-free at 1-800-225-0532 or contact us at

DRAGOONS FARM EQUIPMENT 2507 RT 11, PO BOX 238, MOOERS, NY (518) 236-7148

July 17-23, 2010




James C. Atkins TRUST MIDAS FOR TOTAL CAR CARE! Exhaust • Tires • Brakes • Oil Changes • Belts • Hoses Batteries • Radiators • Engine Diagnostics Factory Scheduled Maintenance Shocks • Struts • Headlamps Bulbs • Alignments & More!



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July 17-23, 2010

Corporate Headquarters PO Box 825, Plattsburgh Telephone (518) 561-5321 Fax (518) 561-5867


the ‘burgh

Getting hooked on some groovin’ By Jeremiah S. Papineau PLATTSBURGH — When Groove Junkies come to town, the band travels a long way to get here. However, if you ask them, they’ll tell you it’s worth the trip. “We absolutely love the fans here,” said Keith Vidic, bassist for the Waterbury, Conn. band. Vidic and his bandmates — rhythm guitar player and lead vocalist Eric Bleile, rhythm and lead guitarist Bryan Lendroth, drummer Chris Breton and lead vocalist Trish Radil — have been playing the Plattsburgh area for the past two years, first playing at Olive Ridley’s. The self-proclaimed “modern rock party band” has been entertaining audiences playing both originals and covers since 2001. “We came up with hundreds of possible names for the band, and it came down to “Groove Junkie” or “Hippopotamus and the Funky Monkey,” said Vidic. “We chose Groove Junkie because it was shorter and easier to say, although I still liked the Hippo one.”

Clubs tended to announce the band as “the Groove Junkies,” so the band just went with it, adding an “s” to their name,” said Vidic. “Our original idea for the music we play was modern rock, energy music with a groove feel,” explained Vidic. “Something you could dance to but still be entertained by watching the band perform.” Eventually, the band added to that theory, playing songs people know, but that aren’t usually seen performed by bands. “Having both a male and female singer gives us a lot of flexibility to play all types of music,” said Vidic. “I think we put our personalities into our sound and our show,” said Lendroth. “We tend to pick songs with energy that will keep the crowd going and wanting to see more.” The band has a new demo in the works, with plans in the meantime to play a charity fundraiser this summer. Though the majority of their gigs are in their native Connecticut, that doesn’t mean the Groove Junkies will be off the Plattsburgh radar. “You can find us all over Connecti-

cut, New York, Massachusetts and this winter up in Vermont for various shows,” said Vidic. “I don’t think booking started yet for Olive Ridley’s come fall, but I’m sure we’ll be back there a few times before next summer,” added Lendroth. And, the fans are what make the more than 500-mile trip to Plattsburgh worth the drive. “Fans in Plattsburgh seem to appreciate us more I think,” said Breton. “The cover scene is getting so over-saturated in the Northeast these days and I don’t think there are as many cover bands in the Plattsburgh area as there are in Connecticut.” “We love the fans in and around Plattsburgh — some of our most dedicated fans hands down,” said Radil. “We’ve even had some drive five hours to come see us in Connecticut. (Editor’s Note: Groove Junkies will perform Friday, July 23, and Saturday, July 24, at the Naked Turtle on Dock Street. The show will begin at 10 p.m. Their complete schedule can be found on their Web site, They may also be found on Facebook by searching the keyword “Groove Junkies.”)

Bull’s eye! Taylor Vanweort of Plattsburgh draws back her bow during an archery camp hosted by the Town of Plattsburgh Recreation Department last week at Everest Rabideau Park in Cumberland Head. Vanweort was one of several children who leaned the basics of archery under instructors like Jess Harrica, seen at right. Photo by Jeremiah S. Papineau 68242

the ‘burgh

July 17-23, 2010


nitelife •


Fraternity brothers donate hundreds to childhood literacy PLATTSBURGH — The brothers from the State University of New York at Plattsburgh’s Sigma Tau Gamma fraternity want to support childhood literacy. As a result, the chapter has traditionally held an annual bowl-a-thon, raising money for the national “Books for Kids” campaign. This year, however, the group wanted to do more and to make their efforts local. So, they set to work hosting a table in Angell College Center and “storming the dorms” to gather donations. Then, to top it off, they held the inaugural SigTauStock, a familyfriendly event featuring live music. These efforts netted $750 and 50 books, all of which were donated to the Child Care Coordinating Council of the North Country for Journey into Reading, an early literacy program. The program sends volunteers to read to families in Plattsburgh’s Champlain Centre mall from 4:30 to 6 p.m. every Thursday. After hearing a story or two, the children who attend get to pick out a free book. The program has given away 25,000 books during the last eight years. With around 100 books given away weekly, the fraternities’ donation will amount to about a month and a half worth of books. “Every penny will be used to buy books,” said Alice Sample, coordinator of the program, who was very impressed by the men of the fraternity. Sample went to SigTauStock and found

“they were just having a good ing success, and, in so time while doing good doing, give them the things.” confidence they need to And, those good things succeed in all of their have already made an impact educational endeavon her program. ors.” “Without fundraising efLavigne, who is also forts like this, the books the vice president for would not be there for chilpublic relations for the dren,” said Sample. Interfraternity Council, At its national roots, Sigma said the reason fraterniTau Gamma started out as a ties and sororities emteacher ’s fraternity. This hisbark on such philantory — combined with SUNY thropic endeavors goes Plattsburgh’s history as a back to the definition of teacher ’s college and the fact what a fraternity or a the local chapter has several sorority is. education majors — all make “Fraternities are the charity a good fit, said meant to take you and Nick Lavigne, the group’s vice make you into somepresident for recruitment. thing more,” said LaviIn fact, the brothers believe gne. so much in the cause that, in Sigma Tau Gamma addition to donating funds, Sigma Tau Gamma fraternity members pose with Alice Sample, coordinator of the Journey into advisor Elizabeth they intend to donate their Reading Program, after having presented her with a check for $750 and 50 books for children. Bernat said she is proud Joining Sample, from left, are Nick Lavigne, vice president for membership; Nick Brown, vice time and volunteer to read to to be associated with president for finance; Todd Lawson, vice president of programs; and Jon Witherell, fraternity children at the mall in the near fraternity men of such president. future. distinction, who, “as evPhoto submitted “A strong foundation in idenced by their dedicaerell. “It is our hope that the combined efreading is an essential component to each tion and enthusiasm for service to others forts of Sigma Tau Gamma fraternity and the child’s education, and, without that skill, like child care services, embrace and live out Journey into Reading organization can help children struggle in school,” said Sigma Tau the true spirit of fraternalism.” our community’s children to achieve readGamma Chapter president Jonathan With-

Dyson graduates basic training

Helping Haiti

Students from Momot Elementary School raised $1,724.66 earlier this year for victims of the earthquake in Haiti. The money was presented to Jeanie D. Roberts, executive director of the North Country chapter of the American Red Cross, seen here surrounded by students.

GREAT LAKES, Ill. — Navy Seaman Blake E. Dyson recently completed U.S. Navy basic training at Recruit Training Command, Great Lakes, Ill. During the eight-week program, Dyson completed a variety of training which included classroom study and practical instruction on naval customs, first aid, firefighting, water safety and survival, and shipboard and aircraft safety. An emphasis was also placed on physical fitness. The capstone event of boot camp is “Battle Stations.” This exercise gives recruits the skills and confidence they need to succeed in the fleet. “Battle Stations” is designed to galvanize the basic warrior attributes of sacrifice, dedication, teamwork and endurance in each recruit through the practical application of basic Navy skills and the core values of Honor, Courage and Commitment. Its distinctly ''Navy'' flavor was designed to take into account what it means to be a Sailor. Dyson, a 2006 graduate of Plattsburgh High School, is the son of Lorri A. Dyson of Plattsburgh.

Photo by Jeremiah S. Papineau

22 • around the


July 17-23, 2010

the ‘burgh

(All events hosted in Plattsburgh unless otherwise stated.)

Friday .July .16. CHESS CLUB MEETS. Plattsburgh Public Library, 19 Oak St., 2 p.m. 536-7437. CRAIG HURWITZ PERFORMS. Naked Turtle, 1 Dock St., 6-10 p.m. 566-6200. PIANIST JACK WOLF PERFORMS. Michele’s Fine Dining, 5131 U.S. Ave., 6:30-9:30 p.m. BABE BAND PERFORMS. Naked Turtle, 1 Dock St., 10 p.m. 566-6200.

Satur day .July .17. P L AT T S B U R G H FA R M E R S A N D CRAFTERS MARKET. Durkee Street Pavilion, 9 a.m.-2 p.m. 493-6761 or TOUR DE RAND HILL. YMCA, Oak Street, 9 a.m. Day-of registration 7:30-8:30 a.m. 561-4290. PLATTSBURGH — USA Luge Slider Search for children age 11-14, Clinton Community College, 136 Clinton Point Dr., 9 a.m.-12 p.m. 1-800-USALUGE or PLATTSBURGH — USA Luge Slider Search for children age 11-14, Clinton Community College, 136 Clinton Point Dr., 2-5 p.m. 1-800-USALUGE or WEEKLY RACING. Airborne Speedway, 70 Broderick Road, 6 p.m. 5613208. DOGS OF JAZZ PERFORMS. Michele’s Fine Dining, 5131 U.S. Ave., 6:30-9:30 p.m. THE ENVIRONMENT IS US WITH GURU LUIS MORENO BALANDRAN. North Country Food Co-op, 25 Bridget St., 7 p.m.

VISIONS PERFORMS. Coffee Camp, 78 Margaret St., 7 p.m. 324-2267. NATALIE WARD BAND PERFORMS. Irises Café and Wine Bar, 22 City Hall Place, 9 p.m. BABE BAND PERFORMS. Naked Turtle, 1 Dock St., 10 p.m. 566-6200.

Sunday .July .18. PIANIST JACK WOLF AND VOCALI S T J OA N N D E AC O L I P E R F O R M . Michele’s Fine Dining, 5131 U.S. Ave., 11 a.m.-2 p.m.

Monday .July .19. SCRABBLE GAME. Seniors Citizens Council of Clinton County Senior Center, 5139 N. Catherine St., 9 a.m.-12 p.m. 5636186, ext. 102.

Tuesday .July .20. BOOKMOBILE STOPS. Lake Clear Post Office, 6373 Route 30, 11-11:45 a.m.; park across from Corner Cafe, Gabriels, 12:45-1:15 p.m.; across from town hall, Bloomingdale, 1:30-2 p.m.; Vermontville Post Office, 6 Cold Brooke Road, 2:15-2:45 p.m.; Church of the Assumption, 78 Clinton St., Redford, 3:30-4 p.m.

W ednesday .July .21. BOOKMOBILE STOPS. Champlain Children’s Learning Center, 10 Clinton St., Rouses Point, 12:30-1 p.m.; Northern Senior Housing, corner of Route 9 and Route 11, 1:15-1:45 p.m.; Twin Oaks Senior Housing, Altona, 3:10-3:40 p.m.; D & D Grocery, Sciota, 3:50-4:30 p.m. P L AT T S B U R G H FA R M E R S A N D CRAFTERS MARKET. Durkee Street Pavilion, 10 a.m.-2 p.m. 493-6761 or

WII BOWLING FOR SENIORS. Seniors Citizens Council of Clinton County Senior Center, 5139 N. Catherine St., 1 p.m. 563-6180. GREAT BOOKS READING AND DISCUSSION GROUP MEETS. Plattsburgh Public Library, 19 Oak St., 6-7:45 p.m. 5630921 or WEEKLY FUN RUN/WALK SERIES SPONSORED BY THE FOUNDATION OF CVPH MEDICAL CENTER AND THE TOWN OF PLATTSBURGH. Cadyville Recreation Park, 114 Goddeau Road, Cadyville, 6 p.m. Categories for ages. 2938540 or 562-6860. THE REDISCOVERY OF AMERIKUA: CRADLE FOR THE FUTURE WITH GURU LUIS MORENO BALANDRAN. North Country Cultural Center for the Arts, 23 Brinkerhoff St., 7 p.m. OPEN MIC NIGHT WITH MIKE PEDERSEN. Monopole, 7 Protection Ave., 10 p.m. 563-2222.

Thursday .July .22. BOOKMOBILE STOPS. Beekmantown Senior Housing, 80 O’Neil Road, 1:30-2 p.m.; 39 Hobbs Road, Plattsburgh, 2:152:45 p.m.; Champlain Park, end of Oswego Lane, 3:15-4 p.m. JOURNEY INTO READING. Champlain Centre Mall, 60 Smithfield Blvd., 4:30-6:30 p.m. Reading for children up to age 16 with free book provided. Hosted at center court. JUMPIN’ IN JULY CONCERT SERIES FEATURING BASKIN AND MURPHY. North Country Cultural Center for the Arts, 25 Brinkerhoff St., 5-7 p.m. 563-1604. CHESS NIGHT. Great Adirondack Soup Company, 24 Oak St., 5 p.m. 5616408. FREE WILLY. Plattsburgh Public Library,

19 Oak St., 6 p.m.

Friday .July .23. CHESS CLUB MEETS. Plattsburgh Public Library, 19 Oak St., 2 p.m. 536-7437. PIANIST JACK WOLF PERFORMS. Michele’s Fine Dining, 5131 U.S. Ave., 6:30-9:30 p.m. GROOVE JUNKIES PERFORMS. Naked Turtle, 1 Dock St., 10 p.m. 566-6200.

Satur day .July .24. P L AT T S B U R G H FA R M E R S A N D CRAFTERS MARKET. Durkee Street Pavilion, 9 a.m.-2 p.m. 493-6761 or WEEKLY RACING. Airborne Speedway, 70 Broderick Road, 6 p.m. 561-3208. DOGS OF JAZZ PERFORMS. Michele’s Fine Dining, 5131 U.S. Ave., 6:30-9:30 p.m. GROOVE JUNKIES PERFORMS. Naked Turtle, 1 Dock St., 10 p.m. 566-6200.

Sunday .July .25. PIANIST JACK WOLF AND VOCALI S T J OA N N D E AC O L I P E R F O R M . Michele’s Fine Dining, 5131 U.S. Ave., 11 a.m.-2 p.m.

Monday .July .26. SCRABBLE GAME. Seniors Citizens Council of Clinton County Senior Center, 5139 N. Catherine St., 9 a.m.-12 p.m. 5636186, ext. 102.

W ednesday .July .28. BOOKMOBILE STOPS. M & M Country Store, 933 Norrisville Road, Peasleeville, 2:30-3 p.m.; Apple Valley Apartments, Peru, 3:30-4 p.m. P L AT T S B U R G H FA R M E R S A N D

CRAFTERS MARKET. Durkee Street Pavilion, 10 a.m.-2 p.m. 493-6761 or WII BOWLING FOR SENIORS. Seniors Citizens Council of Clinton County Senior Center, 5139 N. Catherine St., 1 p.m. 563-6180. OPEN MIC NIGHT WITH MIKE PEDERSEN. Monopole, 7 Protection Ave., 10 p.m. 563-2222.

Thursday .July .29. JOURNEY INTO READING. Champlain Centre Mall, 60 Smithfield Blvd., 4:30-6:30 p.m. Reading for children up to age 16 with free book provided. Hosted at center court. FLIPPER. Plattsburgh Public Library, 19 Oak St., 6 p.m.

Friday .July .30. BOOKMOBILE STOPS. Bright Beginnings, 62 Northern Ave., Plattsburgh, 11:30 p.m.; Pine Harbour, 15 New Hampshire Road, 1:35-2 p.m.; Lake Forest, Plattsburgh, 2:05-3 p.m.; South Acres Mobile Home Park, 16 Sonya Way, Plattsburgh, 3:30-4 p.m. CHESS CLUB MEETS. Plattsburgh Public Library, 19 Oak St., 2 p.m. 536-7437. RODNEY PUTNAM PERFORMS. Naked Turtle, 1 Dock St., 6-10 p.m. 5666200. PIANIST JACK WOLF PERFORMS. Michele’s Fine Dining, 5131 U.S. Ave., 6:30-9:30 p.m. TEN YEAR VAMP PERFORMS. Naked Turtle, 1 Dock St., 10 p.m. 566-6200.

Olive Ridley’s to host Q & A event July 21 PLATTSBURGH — The Adirondack Builders Association will host a question and answer session event at Olive Ridley’s, 37 Court St., Wednesday, July 21. The event will begin with a happy hour from 5:30-6:30 p.m., featuring appetizers and a dollar off drinks. A buffet style dinner will follow with chicken wings, sausage & peppers, lasagna, rolls, and salad. A question and answer session with the City Mayor Donald M. Kasprzak will follow. Admission is $23 per person. Call 420-1020 for reservations and more information.

the ‘burgh

July 17-23, 2010

what’s happenin’ •


GEEK SQUAD By Pamela Amick Klawitter 1 5 10 14 19 20 21 22 23 26 27 28 29 30 31 33 35 37 42 46 49 50 51 52 54 57 59 60 63 64 65 66 68

ACROSS Addition, e.g. Five-sided home? Sandy color __ pants Princess Fiona, e.g. Ben-Hur portrayer Novarro (1925) Place for a speaker Letter after eta Welsh pop singing sensation Like some carpets Capital near the Gulf of Tonkin Davis who voiced Yar in “Dinosaur” Datsun starter? Cruising Gives, as homework 27-Across site, briefly Matter of interest? Cookie tidbit Place to pick up chicks Price limit Pageant prop If-__: conditional statements Stock market stat Off the mark 1860s Jefferson contemporary ERA component Function “The Awakening” author (1899) Gives a thumbs-up Curling tool Liam Neeson’s land Downs a sub? __ blocker

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Leader leader? Times to remember Clay pigeon hurler Powder mineral Choir production 1974 Lucille Ball role Yacht spots Knifehand strike Some 75-Down Cochise, for one Ice cream soda ingredient Broad-ended cravat Sensitive spots Pertaining to birth Strike lightly Sounds from Santa Entreaty Environmentalist’s concern Teen hangout Poivre companion Picked on Parts of a butcher’s inventory Stock market stats “Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina” singer “South Park” mom “Charles in Charge” costar Willie 1971 counter-culture film revue hosted by Richard Pryor Link in a chain? __ the Red Rolling in francs Actress Polo Bank caper Michaelmas mo. Workout consequences Signs of success, for short DOWN Starbucks choice Turkish chiefs Former prefix? Medal-worthy Woods or Els Play on which a Puccini

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This Month in History - JULY 17th - The air conditioner was invented. (1902) 17th - Walt Disney’s Disneyland opens in Anaheim, Ca. (1955) 19th - Winston Churchill uses the two finger “V” for victory sign. (1940) 20th - In “one small step for man, one giant step for mankind”, Astronaut Neil Armstrong becomes the first person to walk on the moon. (1969)



July 17-23, 2010

the ‘burgh

ADOPTION A CARING, LOVING couple seeks to adopt a newborn and provide happiness and security. Expenses paid. Please call us at 877-574-0218.

A TRULY happy couple with so much love to give wishes to share our blessings with a precious newborn. Please call Michael and Eileen 1-877-955-8355 ADOPT: A devoted, loving teacher hopes to adopt newborn. Financial security, unconditional love, extended family for your baby. Expenses paid. Denise @ 1877-309-5298.

KENMORE DRYER, Standard capacity, Nearly new, $225, 518-547-8471

5 GALLON gas cans, like new, all 5 for $35. Call 518-623-2203.


ADIRONDACKS DAY LILIES. 100 varieties all colors. Call for hours and directions. 518962-4801, Westport.

DIRECT TO home Satellite TV $19.99/mo. FREE installation, FREE HD-DVR upgrade. New customers - No Activation Fee! Credit/Debit Card Req. Call 1-800-795-3579 X-BOX 360 Rock Band Bundle “Special Edition” guitar, drum, etc. original box, like new. $149.99. Call 802-558-4860

FARM LIVESTOCK 7 SPRINGING Holstien heifers. 569-4328.


ADOPTION: ARE you looking for the best home for your baby? A childless, loving woman wishes to adopt newborn. Financially secure and close, extended family. Legal and confidential. Expenses paid. Please call Lisa at 1-866-855-2166

HAY FOR SALE: 4’x5’ large round bales $30.00 each. 518-962-4452

ADOPTION: LOVING parents and their 9 year old adopted daughter would love a baby brother or sister. Stay at home mom, professional dad. Expenses paid. Please call Becky/ Mike 800-472-1835

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PREGNANT? CONSIDERING ADOPTION? You choose from families nationwide. LIVING EXPENSES PAID. Abby’s One True Gift Adoptions. 866-413-6292. 24/7. Void/IL UNPLANNED PREGNANCY? CONSIDERING ADOPTION? Forever Families Through Adoption, licensed adoption agency, provides compassionate counseling, financial help, assistance matching you with the right family. Call Joy: 1-866-922-3678 UNPLANNED PREGNANCY? CONSIDERING ADOPTION? Forever Families ThroughAdoption, local licensed adoption agency, provides compassionate counseling, financial help, assistance matching you with the right family. Call Joy: 1-866922-3678



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ELECTRIC WINCH FOR SALE - X1 Superwinch 12 volt DC - power in and out 40 ft cable and hook, 1500 pulling power. $75 Lake Clear 518 891-7662 ENGLANDER WOODSTOVE, fire brick lined, glass in door. $450. Call 518-623-2580 weekdays between 3-8 p.m. or 9am-8pm weekends FOUR WHEELER w/ snow plow & brush buggy. Moving. $1,500 Exit 23/ I-87. 518232-5393. Anytime. GEO TRAIN TRACK set with 4 remotes, lot of extra attachments, $125.00. 518-585-7343 GIGANTIC GYM MIRRORS, $99 48”X100” (11 available) @ $115/each. 72”x100” (9 available) @ $165/each. 60”x84” beveled (3 available) @ $135/each. Will Deliver free. Installation Available. 1-800-473-0619. HARLEY HELMET headsets (2) for 1998 and later Ultra models. Never used. $250 for pair. Bill 518-420-3701. HOT TUB Cover, Like New, 86”x74”, Hunter Green, $200, Chestertown. Call 518-4945687. HOT WATER heater. Gas, 40 gallon. New/used only 3 months. Perfect condition. Ready to hook up. Asking $250. 518-9624599. HP DESKJET 460 portable printer BW & color with carrying case. Lightly used. New $350, asking $100. Michele 518-569-1829. LANDPRIDE 6’, 3 blade grooming mower 540 PTO, $1200, also 1978 1700 International dump truck with 6yd box, new motor, Asking $1000 or make an offer. 518585-7343 MEMORY FOAM THERAPEUTIC NASA VISCO MATTRESSES WHOLESALE! T$299 F-$349 Q-$399 K-$499 ADJUSTABLES - $799 FREE DELIVERY 25 YEAR WARRANTY 90 NIGHT TRIAL 1-800ATSLEEP 1-800-287-5337 WWW.MATTRESSDR.COM

ANTIQUE FAIR AND FLEA MARKET July 31 & Aug 1 Washington County Fairgrounds, Rte. 29, Greenwich NY. $2 admission. (Sat. 8a-6p, Sun 9a-4p) Featuring over 175 dealers. GREAT FOOD. Early-Bird Friday (7/30 - 6a-6p - $10). RAIN or SHINE. Call (518) 331-5004

1986 WARDS 8600BTU Air Conditioner, Model CWE-5665B 115VAC, Wt. 97lbs. Good Condition, $55 OBO 518-761-3399

BEAUTIFUL CHINA hutch, maple finish, 6’7”H x 53.5”, $400. 2-205/60R15 tires, excellent condition, $60. 563-3406 or 2489310.

OUTDOOR FURNITURE Includes Hexagon Table, Six Chairs, Lounge Chair with Cushions, $175, 518-494-4909


BIKE CARRIER for roof of car etc. $19.99 Call: 802-459-2987

SMALL DOG Quick Finder Safety Nail Clippers, New $35, Make Offer. 518-4940141.

30” ELECTRIC slide-in range and microwave with glass top, self-cleaning, Kenmore, white, $350. 518-585-9007 KENMORE ELITE propane gas dryer. Used 4 years. $450 new. Asking $200. 802-8773881.

the ‘burgh

ANTIQUE WOOD COOK STOVE excellent, Black, castw/ nickel trim, very pretty, $499.00. 518-962-8963.

BRINKMANN 2 Bruner Camping Stove with Gastank $50 OBO. Call 518-643-9391 CHERRY BEDROOM SET. Solid Wood, never used, brand new in factory boxes. English Dovetail. Original cost $4500. Sell for $749. Can deliver. 917-731-0425

MIGHTY MAC PS-350T-10 commercial sprayer, 50 gal. tank, pull behind tractor, $500. Hobart shredder & meat grinder, $500. 5lb. sausage stuffer, hand crank, $150. 518298-2135. OLD 1940’s hay rake, $75. 298-5144.

SNOW PLOW F017 Honda ATV. Used once cost $575. Sell for $200. Schroon Lake area. All calls returned. 518-532-9841. TELESCOPING ANTENNA Pole, 4 Stages, Goes Up About 50 ft., Never Used, $75, 518798-1426

TRAILER WITH sturdy 4x6 wooden box, spare tire, cover, lights, tie downs, $90. Call 518-585-7549. WESLO CADENCE G-25 Electric Treadmill, Great Condition, Space Saver, Currently Using, $200, Thurman. Call 518-623-2381.

FREE 2 ADULT male cats. Very pretty, neutered, all shots. Owner deceased. 563-7059. FREE TO a good home. Black 2 year old neutered male Shepherd. Great with children. 518-573-6321. MOVING: Head Racing Skis (plus others), Whitewater practice Kyack. $100 takes all. 518-232-5393. Anytime.

FURNITURE BEAUTIFUL OAK Corner TV/China Cabinet from Wood Carte, $150, Call 518-761-6192. BLUE & BEIGE sleeper couch, loveseat, & chairs. Brass & oak trim. 2 end tables, lamps. $350. 518-946-7116. BROWN TWEED full size convertible couch, excellent condition, must be seen, $100. 518-494-5030. MATCHING PAIR of upholstered wing back chairs, 32” x 40”, $50 total. 518-696-4273 PINE DINING Set, 60” table with two 12” leaves, 2 captain and 4 mate chairs, $200. Call 518-494-2056.

GARAGE SALES ATTN: GARAGE SALE ENTHUSIASTS! Buying or selling second-hand treasures? The New York State Consumer Protection Board, in conjunction with the Free Community Papers of New York, recommends checking the following websites to help assure that the item has not been recalled or the subject of a safety warning: and the Consumer Product Safety Commission at For other important recall and product safety information visit the Consumer Protection Board website at EVERY SATURDAY , 10-4 July-August. All kinds craft supplies with both patterns/ fabrics and more. Household items. 215 Cutting Rd., Elizabethtown. 873-6331.

MULTI FAMILY yard sale. Furniture, housewares, toys, computer desk, sofa bed & much more! Saturday 7/17/10 9am 3pm only. Located at: 7323 Rt. 9, Elizabethtown. PERENNIAL PLANTS. 3995 Rt. 9 (next to Snug Harbor Marina). Saturday, July 17th, 9am-3pm.

**ALL SATELLITE Systems are not the same. Monthly programming starts under $20 per month and FREE HD and DVR systems for new callers. CALL NOW 1-800-7994935 AIRLINES ARE HIRING Train for high paying Aviation Maintenance Career. FAA approved program. Financial aid if qualified Housing available. CALL Aviation Institute of Maintenance (888) 686-1704 AIRLINES ARE HIRING: Train for high paying Aviation Maintenance Career. FAA approved program. Financial aid if qualified Housing available. Call Aviation Institute of Maintenance. 866-453-6204. ATTEND COLLEGE ONLINE from Home. *Medical, *Business, *Paralegal, *Accounting, *Criminal Justice. Job placement assistance. Computer available. Financial Aid if qualified. Call 800-510-0784 ATTEND COLLEGE ONLINE from home. *Medical, *Business, *Paralegal, *Accounting, *Criminal Justice. Job placement assistance. Computer available. Financial Aid if qualified. Call 888-201-8657 ATTEND COLLEGE ONLINE FROM HOME. Medical, Business, Paralegal, Accounting, Criminal Justice. Job Placement assistance. Computer available. Financial Aid if qualified. 1-800-494-2785. ATTEND COLLEGE ONLINE from home. Medical, Business, Paralegal, Accounting, Criminal Justice. Job placement assistance. Computer available. Financial aid if qualified. Call 800-494-3586 BUILDING SALE! “ROCK BOTTOM PRICES!” Quick Delivery. 25X30 $4577. 30X40 $7140. 32X60 $11,950. 35X60 $13,990. 40X70 $14,650. 46X140 $37,600. OTHERS. Ends optional. Pioneer DIRECT 1800-668-5422 DIRECTV - $26OFF/mo! 150+ Channels & Premium Movie Channels $29.99/mo. FREE SHOWTIME - 3 mos. New customers only. 1888-420-9472 DIRECTV 50% OFF for one year! FREE HD/DVR Upgrades, Standard Install, 3mo STARZ + SHOWTIME. Get started for $0! New cust only, qual pkgs. DirectStarTV 1800-279-5698 DIRECTV SAVE $29/mo for a YEAR! NO Equipment/Start-Up Costs! Free HD/DVR Upgrade! Other Packages Start $29.99/mo! Ends 7/21/10. New cust. only, qual pkgs. DirectStarTV 1-800-620-0058 DISH - BEST OFFER EVER! $24.99/mo (for 1 year.) 120+ Channels, FREE HD! FREE DVR Upgrade! PLUS Call NOW & SAVE Over $380! Call 1-866-578-5652

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The Classified Superstore 1-800-989-4237.

July 17-23, 2010




GUNS/AMMO 30-30 Model 679 Mossberg Lever Action Rifle, $300, 518-546-7221.

TWO STANDARD bred mares. Trotters, 1-3 year old, 1-6 year old. All tack & equipment for racing. Also 3 horse gooseneck trailer. 962-4365.

2000 GMC W3500


24’ box with ramp, 25,500 GVW - no CDL, 444E V8 diesel, auto. trans., 256,087 miles. Runs well. $4,000 OBO

LAWN MOWER Troy-Bilt 21” Rotary Mower with grass catcher. Used very little, excellent condition. $199.00 (518) 546-9759

14’ box, low deck w/step bumper, 4 cylinder turbo diesel, auto. trans. w/OD, 270,056 miles, great running truck, too small for our needs. $4,500 OBO

Call Bill at (518) 873-6368, ext. 224

POWER MOWER 22” cut, runs good $25.00. 518-597-3939.


2001 International 4700

Call Bill at (518) 873-6368, ext. 224


CHECK us out at



RIDING LAWNMOWER, runs good, $200. Trolling motors, ran last year, $100 each or both $150. Call after 3:30pm. 963-7402.



ACCREDITED HIGH SCHOOL DIPOLMA. English/Spanish. Earn your diploma fast! No GED. CALL NOW! 1-888-355-5650

CLARINET, VIOLIN, FLUTE, TRUMPET, Amplifier, Fender Guitar $75 each. Upright Bass, Cello, Saxophone, French Horn, Drums, $189 each. Others 4-sale 1-516-3777907




6 3 FREE!

First Week

Second Week

FREE KITTENS 1 black, 2 grey and white, 1 black and white, will make good farm cats, 518-546-7978, you pick up, before 8:30am. Bring your own cage. LABRADOODLE PUPPIES, F1B’s: Family raised, paper trained, microchippec, first shots/wormings, vet checked, good hips for app./info. 802-860-5828, $1,000 PAPILLION PUPPIES, registered. Dachsund puppies, long haired. Pom-Chi pups (Pomeranian/Chihuahua). Many colors in all. 293-7505.

Rouses Point

Pug Puppies, M & F wormed,first shots, vet checked. $500.00 ea. Ready to go July 23rd.Taking deposit to hold one now. Call: 518-585-2690


North Countryman 12910



TINY TINY Shorkie puppies for sale. Vet checked, 1st shots, dewormed. Ready now. $400 each. Call 518-643-0167

West Chazy

Third Week Is On Us!*



The Burgh






Cadyville Redford

Schuyler Falls


FIREARMS REMINGTON 7600 carbine, 35 whelen, limited run, new in box, $575. Call 518-942-7868.

Peru Port Kent

KAYAK SPORT skirt for oversized cockpit measuring 21 1/2 wide and 40 long. Brand new, tags on $30. 873-2424

Rainbow Lake Au Sable Forks

Paul Smiths

How it works... Buy a 20 word ad in all three publications, that cover the areas shown on the map for $6 for the first week. Purchase the second week in all three publications for $3, and we’ll give you the third week FREE in all three publications!


Gabriels Bloomingdale


Lake Clear


Saranac Lake Raybrook

“REMEMBER... what no one needs or is looking for this week, could be a hot commodity next week!”

Essex Elizabethtown Westport

Tupper Lake

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*Payment must be received before classified ad can be published. Second and third week offers only good with two week minimum purchase. No refunds, $6...$3...FREE. All business ads are excluded. Example - Rentals, Pets, Firewood, etc. Call for business classified rates.


New Russia

Keene Valley

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BACK BRACE. Covered by Medicare/Ins. Substantial relief, comfortable wear. 1-800815-1577, Ext 417.

Keene Lake Placid





Jay Upper Jay

Valley News Your Phone #



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Mail to... Attn: Gail, Classified Dept., Denton Publications 24 Margaret Street, Suite 1, Plattsburgh, NY 12901 You may also use these other methods to submit your ad: Fax to: 518-561-1198 eMail to:


AKC GERMAN Shothaired Pointer puppies. Tails docked, dewclaws removed, vet checked, 1st shots. 5 males & 5 females. White, liver, patched & ticked. $950. 518623-4152.

MAILED TO OVER 50,000 HOMES! Mooers Forks Mooers

HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA FROM HOME, 68 Weeks. ACCREDITED. Career Opportunities. FREE Brochure. Toll Free 1 - 8 0 0 - 2 6 4 - 8 3 3 0 ,

WEIGHTLOSS MEDICATIONS Phentermine, Phendimetrazine etc. Office visit, one month supply for $80. 1-631-4626161; 1-516-754-6001;

DP Fit for Life Trac 20 Weight Bench. Excellent condition. Will deliver within a certain radius

NEW NORWOOD SAWMILLSLumberMatePro handles logs 34” diameter, mills boards 28” wide. Automated quick-cycle-sawing increases efficiency up to 40%! 1-800661-7746 Ext 300N NH 276 BALER, Hay Wagons, *MF Loader / Ford Mounts fits 2000, *7610 w/ Forks & Buckets $1700.*Case Loader fits 30 - 60HP $500. * Int. 2350 $1700.* Loader off a C.I. H. Magnum $1700.* MF 30B Diesel w/ Loader $3000.* JD 2130 $2850.*Int. 784 $6500.* NH L 5180 $7550.* NH Rake 258-256-56. * New & Used Ag-Rims. OTHER EQUIPMENT AVAILABLE. 518-639-5353 OR 518-7965303.

LOCALBUSINESS FOR ALL Your Excavating needs, Call Brookfield Excavation. Serving Clinton & Essex Counties. Fully insured / Free estimates. Call 518-962-4592 or 518-802-0850. LANDOWNERS: PAYING top $ for all species of standing timber. 35 years experience. All harvesting supervised by foresters. Cash advance available. Timber harvesting, land clearing and road building. 518-293-8195. Trinity Forest Management.

LOGGING LANDOWNERS!! LAVALLEE LOGGING is looking to harvest and purchase standing timber, mostly hardwood firewood. Willing to pay New York State stumpage prices on all species. References available. Matt Lavallee, 518-645-6351.

Where do most car buyers look first? Classifieds, of course! 1-800-989-4237.


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July 17-23, 2010

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AUTO ACCESSORIES BLACK FLAIRSIDE truck cap. Fits F150. Wrap around windows. $200 OBO. 518-5633406 or 518-248-9310.

BOATS EVINRUDE 30HP, electric start w/control box, $1600. Johnson 15hp, electric start, $450. Scott-Atwater 7.5hp, $150. 946-8341. FOR SALE Minn Kota 35 electric troling motor 12volt -36” shaft Like New $95 Bob Rieman Lake Clear, NY 891-7662

CARS FOR SALE 1972 CORVETTE STINGRAY. 67,900 miles. 4-speed, stainless steel calipers, T-Tops, all original. VERY NICE, NOT MINT. $15,500 OBO. 518-563-2771. 1989 CADILLAC Brougham, $2100. Call after 5pm 518-962-2376

94 OLDS Regency, Florida car, rust, must see, 4 good tires, plus 4 new snows, 3.8 engine, leather, 109560 miles, 518-524-6973, $2550, Lake Placid.


1939 ALLIS Chalmers W/C tractor, loader, sickle bar, $2500. New Idea 10A horse drawn manure spreader, $1650. 2001 Tandem axle trailer, electric brakes & new tires, $975. 518643-9020 or 518-570-8367.

DONATE A Car Today To Help Children And Their Families Suffering From Cancer. Free Towing. Tax Deductible. Children’s Cancer Fund of America, Inc. 1-800469-8593

DONATE YOUR CAR, BOAT OR REAL ESTATE. Fully tax deductible, IRS recognized charity, Free pick-up & Tow. Any model or condition. Help needy children. 1-800-596-4011


DONATE YOUR CAR! Breast Cancer Research foundation! Most highly rated breast cancer charity in America! Tax Deductible/Fast Free Pick Up. 800-771-9551

DONATE YOUR CAR, Boat or Real Estate. Fully Tax Deductible. IRS Recognized Charity. Free Pick-Up & Tow. Any Model or Condition. Help Needy Children. 1-800-930-4543

DONATE YOUR CAR, “Food on Wheels” Program, Family Relief Services, Tax Deduction. Receipt Given On-The-Spot, Any Condition, FREE TOW within 3 hrs ,1-800364-5849, 1-877-44-MEALS.

DONATE YOUR CAR. FREE TOWING “Cars for Kids” Any Condition. Tax Deductible Outreach Center 1-800-521-7566

WANTED JAPANESE MOTORCYCLES KAWASAKI,1970-1980, Z1-900, KZ900, KZ1000, H2-750, H1-500, S1-250, S2-250, S2-350, S3-400. CASH PAID. 1-800-7721142. 1-310-721-0726.


DONATE YOUR CAR. FREE TOWING. “Cars for Kids”. Any condition. Tax deductible, 1-800-597-9411

DONATE YOUR CARÉ To The Cancer Fund of America. Help Those Suffering With Cancer Today. Free Towing and Tax deductible. 1-800-935-9372 DONATE YOUR VEHICLE UNITED BREAST CANCER FOUNDATION. Free Mammogram RECEIVE $1000 GROCERY COUPON 1-888-4685964

TRUCK OR VAN FOR SALE 1997 DODGE 1500, 4 x 4. Runs good. $1000 OBO. 578-5733. CHECK us out at

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BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES GET YOUR DEGREE ONLINE *Medical, *Business, *Paralegal, *Accounting, *Criminal Justice. Job placement assistance. Computer available.Financial Aid if qualified. Call 800-510-0784

HELP WANTED $$$ 47 PEOPLE WANTED $$$ EARN Up To $4,794 Weekly Working From Home Assembling Information Packets. No Experience Necessary! Start Immediately! FREE Information. CALL 24hrs. 1-866-8992756 $$$ START NOW $$$ Earn Extra Income. Assembling CD Cases from home! No Experience Necessary. Call our Live Operators for more information! 1-800-4057619 Ext 2181

the ‘burgh

$50/HR potential. Get Paid to Shop and Eat. Retail Research Associate Needed. No Experience. Training Provided. Call 1-800742-6941

THE JOB FOR YOU! $500 Sign-on-bonus. Travel the US with our young minded enthusiastic business group. Cash and bonuses daily. Call Jan 888-361-1526 today


**AWESOME CAREER** Government Postal Jobs! $17.80 to $59.00 hour Entry Level.No Experience Required / NOW HIRING! Green Card O.K. Call 1-866-477-4953 Ext 237.

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GOVERNMENT JOBS - $12-$48/hr Paid Training, full benefits. Call for information on current hiring positions in Homeland Security, Wildlife, Clerical and professional. 1-800320-9353 x 2100

**BODYGUARDS WANTED** FREE Training for members. No Experience OK. Excellent $$$. Full & Part Time. Sign On Bonus. 1-615-228-1701. 1000 ENVELOPES = $5000. Receive $5 for every envelope stuffed. Guaranteed. 800805-4880 ACTORS/MOVIE EXTRAS Needed Immediately for upcoming roles $150-$300 per day depending on job requirements. No experience, All looks needed. 1-800-5611762 A-104 for casting times/locations

ASSEMBLE MAGNETS & CRAFTS at home! Year-round work! Great pay! Call toll free 1-866-844-5091 ASSEMBLE MAGNETS & CRAFTS AT HOME! Year-round work! Great pay! Call Toll-Free 1-866-844-5091 AVON—EARN Extra $$ Sell from work or home. Reps. needed — All areas. For Info call: 1-800-796-2622 ISR BARTENDERS IN Demand. No Experience Necessary. Meet New People, Take Home Cash Tips. Up to $200 per shift. Training, Placement and Certification Provided. Call (877) 435-8840

MYSTERY SHOPPERS! Earn up to $150 daily. Get paid to shop pt/ft. Call now 800690-1272. TRACTOR TRAILER TRAINING: July Class if qualified , Pell Grants, VA Benefits, Tuition Assistance, Housing, Employment Assistance. NTTS, Liverpool/ Buffalo NY Branch 1-888-243-9320

HELP WANTED/LOCAL C A R E TA K E R / M A I N T E N A N C E Willsboro,NY Grounds maintenance Cabin repair/upkeep: light carpentry, plumbing, roofing, elect., painting. Possible on-site housing Applicants must be able to work independently and be self-motivated. Please send references to, 518 963-4126 DRIVERS: HOME Daily! Day Cab Paid Hol./Vac! Excellent Benefits! CDL-A. 800334-1314 x1155 recruiterjim on twitter MINISTER WANTED: First Baptist church, Plattsburgh. Must be affiliated with American Baptist beliefs. Contact Ron Shaffer, 5615213.

TRUCK DRIVERS WANTED! More Hometime! Top Pay! EXCELLENT BENEFITS! NEWER EQUIPMENT! Up to $.48/mile company drivers! HEARTLAND EXPRESS Call and place your listing at 1-800-989-4237 1-800-441-4953

July 17-23, 2010

THE WESTPORT Central School District is accepting applications for a K-6 Reading Teacher. Applicant must hold NYS certification in the area of Literacy (Birth-Grade 6) or Reading Teacher (K-12). Additional NYS certifications in Elementary Education and/or Special Education are preferred. Applications will be accepted until july 22, 2010. Please call the District Office at 962-8244 for an application or visit our website at Employment Opportunities.

INSTRUCTION & TRAINING HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA! Graduate in 4 Weeks! PACE Program. FREE Brochure. CALL NOW! 1-866-562-3650 Ext. 30 HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA! Graduate in just 4 Weeks! PACE Program. FREE Brochure. CALL NOW! 1-800-532-6546 Ext. 412


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***FREE FORECLOSURE LISTINGS*** Over 400,000 properties nationwide. Low down payment. Call now 1-800-749-3041

BUSY ROUTE 3 rental/office/distribution. 2300 sq. ft. plus attached garage area. $1850 month. Directly behind Rambach Bakery. Will divide. 518-572-3151.

2 BEDROOM/1 bath with Spectacular Eagle Lake views $700/month OR 2 bedroom/2 bath with Spectacular Eagle Lake views $750/month On Route 74 near Town of Ticonderoga. Rent includes utilities, heat, wireless internet, and cable TV. On-site caretaker who plows driveway to Route 74. Full Year Lease Agreement required with first and last month’s rent at signing. No pets please. Call 516-984-8900 or e-mail FOR RENT Elizabethtown 1 & 2 bedroom Apartments, private porch & entry, no pets, HUD approved. Call 518-873-2625 Judy or 518-962-4467 Wayne FOUR STUDENTS-4 bedroom, 2 bath college apartment. Large brownstone, furnished, includes washer/dryer. 92 Court St. $2150 per student/semester plus electric. 518-572-3151. LARGE, 1BDR apt. on Lake, Rouses Point. Laundry onsite, off street parking, stove, refrigerator, snow removal, garbage, water and sewer. No pets or smoking. $530. Call 518-570-7530. WESTPORT...2ND Floor Apartment...2 Bedroom, NO pets/smoking. $575.00 per month (includes heat). 1st month, security deposit & references required. 518-9628313. WILLSBORO 1ST floor, 1 bedroom, heat, water, sewer, rubbish included, Available Immediately, $575/month, plus security and references 518-569-2034


HOME FOR RENT EAGLE LANE, Westport. References required. 802-236-8459. HOMES FOR Rent, 4 Bedroom Home in Schroon Lake, Available August. 3 Bedroom Home New Russia, Very Private Acreage, River Frontage. 518-597-3270

HOME IMPROVEMENT REPLACEMENT WINDOWS $179 INSTALLED 30% Tax Credit avail. w/stimulus. Energy Star Pkg. Call Now! 1-866-2727533 STANDARD DESIGN AND CUSTOM BUILT POST FRAME STRUCTURES. Visit us online at 1-800940-0192

MOBILE HOME FOR RENT KEENE: 3 bedroom trailer for rent. In the center of town. Walking distance to all amenities. 518-524-7549.


REAL ESTATE $35,000 / 3BR COTTAGE ON ISLE MADAME, CAPE BRETON, NS, CA OVER LOOKING PETIT DE GRAT HARBOR WITH BEACH AND HARBOR ACCESS. NEAR CAPE AUGET ECO-TRAIL AND A MARINA. MANY UPDATES - ROOF, ELECTRIC, APPLIANCES, PARTIALLY FURNISHED, FULLY EQUIPPED KITCHEN. PUBLIC WATER/SEWER AND WIRED FOR CABLE/INTERNET. MORE INFO, PICTURES AT CA REALTOR LISTING WWW.MLS.CA. SELECT RESIDENTIAL PROPERTIES PRESS ENTER. AT TOP OF SCREEN ENTER MLS NUMBER 75008706 AND PRESS ENTER. THIS AD IS POSTED BY THE US OWNER (336-969-0389). ***FREE FORECLOSURE Listings*** OVER 400,000 properties nationwide. Low down payment. Call now 800-250-2043. 460 LAKE FRONTAGE! BEAUTIFUL 3.5 ACRES ON 170 ACRE MTN. LAKE Only $199,900 Nearby Jiminy Peak. NY/MA/VT Border Private, approved homesite. Enjoy boating, fishing, swimming, relaxing. Was $325,000. Financing available. Call Gary now at 413-884-1535 ADIRONDACK “ BY OWNER” 1000+ photo listing of local real estate for sale, vacation rentals & timeshares. Owners: List with us for only $275 per year. Visit on-line or call 518-891-9919

FACTORY DIRECT PRICING TO YOU. Ownership of 4 manufacturing housing plants. American Homes FARMS, REPOS, LAKES! 5 upstate NY counties! 16 acres- ABUTS STATE LAND$19,900 5 acres- LAKE LOT, 1 HR NYC$39,900 7 acres- MINI- FARM- $49,900 Catskills to the Finger Lakes! Owner terms avail! Hurry! 888-494-5358

FOR SALE BY OWNER: 8.2 acres with 2 cabins, 2 car garage, woodshed, outhouse, 200 amp electric service, phone, well, no plumbing, wood stove & LP heat. $60,000. Johnsburg, NY. 607-638-9007 for an appointment. GREAT LAND & Spectacular OceanfrontSurf & turf, the best of all worlds at OCEANVIEW on Virginia s Eastern Shore. Spectacular 1 to 4 acre lots, many with deepwater frontage on the mainland overlooking pristine oceanfront island less than 2 miles away. Each lot includes deeded ownership in private oceanfront parcel with crashing surf. Sun, sail, swim, fish, clam, and play on your private island during the days and dine at nearby quaint restaurants at night. May remind you of the Jersey shore many years ago. Unique opportunity makes these lots available at prices last seen in 1986! Waterfront lots $100,000, pond lots $65,000 and view lots at $40,000. Every lot has DIRECT ocean views. Owner (757)6654410, email: or HAS YOUR BUILDING SHIFTED OR SETTLED? Contact Woodford Brothers Inc, for straightening, leveling, foundation and wood frame repairs at 1-800-OLD-BARN. “Not applicable in Queens county” VIRGINIA MTNS -GALAX AREA 6 acres in river, great fishing, private, reduced! $59,500 call owner now. 866-275-0442

REAL PROPERTY FOR SALE BY OWNER: Own 1/4 interest in 2-bedroom Camp with 3.6 acres on Dry Channel Pond, Tupper Lake. Taxes/insurance less than $400 year. $28,000. For details 518-8915962 - 518-891-0775

Are you at the end of your rope with all kinds of junk? Don’t despair, sell it fast with a DenPub Classified A d 1-800-989-4237.

CAN’T WAIT UNTIL FALL! NEW YORK LAND FOR SALE! Our best deer tract: 97 acres surrounded by stateland - $119,995! Our #1 camp deal: 40 acres w/camp &stream - $59,995. Our best all-time deal: 5 acres w/wilderness cabin - $19,995. Call todayand receive FREE CLOSING COSTS! Private financing offered. 1-800-229-7843 COOL COLORADO river front lot, $18,000! $500 down, $200 monthly. Beautiful mountain area of good trout fishing, Good road access, near electric source. Owner 806376-8690. LAND SALE BANK LIQUIDATION PRICES Montana, Wyoming, Alaska, New Mexico. Acreage starting at $485/acre for 35ac FINANCING AVAILABLE OAC Buildable land, brokers welcome 1-800-682-8088

DENNISPORT, MA- Come experience the Pelham House’s private beach, pool, tennis, recently renovated waterfront rooms. Suites available, free breakfast daily, located on Nantucket sound. 508-398-6076 OCEAN CITY, MARYLAND. Best selection of affordable rentals. Full/partial weeks. Call for FREE brochure. Open daily. Holiday Real Estate. 1-800-638-2102. Online reservations:

HOME FOR SALE 2 BEDROOM, 1 bath, garage, large shed, fenced in back yard. Well maintained. Lyon Mountain. $65,500. 518-735-4320.

TOWN OF Chester, 2.87 acres of rolling, treed land with stunning view of Panther Mtn, 350’ of stream front including exclusive private road w/no other houses. Walk to Village and shop Unique opportunity $65,000. 518-222-8971

RENTALS 4 BEDROOM, 2 Bath house for rent in Port Henry, NY. Conveniently located within walking distance to stores, pharmacy, restaurants, library, and Lake Champlain and Port Henry Beach. Spacious kitchen, large living room, dining room, and laundry room. Newly weatherized. Easy maintenance yard. Available September 1st. $900.00/month plus utilities, security deposit and references. Call 518-597-3160 or 597-3545. PRIVACY & CONVENIENCE: 3 bdr. home, on 4 acres. 1 1/2 bath. 2-car garage. Unfurnished. Truesdale Hill Road, LG. Available Aug. 1. 518-232-5393. Anytime.


WANTED ROOM in exchange for low rent or light household duties. Nonsmoker, nondrinker, no pets. Professional cleaner. Contact Daniel at 643-9609 or

Up to 3,000 Sq. Ft. Very reasonable and negotiable rents!  FREE High Speed Internet Connection! Space good for just about anything! 1,000 Sq. Ft carpeted (four nice rooms for offices or art studios etc}. 2,000 + Sq. Ft. open space with plywood floor. Rent only as much space as you need! Large paved parking. Located off Rt. 22, halfway between Essex and Willsboro.  CALL Tony 963-7016

CITY, 8 GLENEAGLE DR. 2 bdr., 2 bth, liv rm., kitchen, porch, deck, shed, all appliances inc., new roof ,new hot water, nat. gas. Immaculate, move in asking $18,000. 4934140, 236-7654

Dannemora, 1/3 acre lot, 3 bedroom, 2 bathrooms, approx. 1800 square feet. Hardwood floors, large living room with fireplace. Master bath with jetted tub. OHW heat. Full Basement. GREAT home with many upgrades. Asking $139,000. Call 518-314-1353 or 518-570-7273

FORECLOSED HOME AUCTION 300+ NE Homes/ Auction: 7/31 Open House: July 17, 24 & 25 REDC/ View Full Listings RE Brkr 109901870

In the market for a new home? See the areas best in the classified columns. To place an ad, Call 1-800-989-4237.

Traditional Country Cottage.


• Features Includ: 4 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms • Gracious Living Room & Formal Dining Room • Bright & Cheerful Classic White Kitchen with Walk-In Pantry & Cozy Breakfast Nook • Open Concept Family Room with Woodburning Fireplace • First Floor Guest Room or Den/Office • Specious Master Bedroom Suite with Garden Tub Bath, Separate Shower, Dual Sink Vanity & Walk-In Closet





• Bonus Second Floor Recreation/Playroom • Seasonal Sunporch, Front Porch Entry & Extended Back Patio • Fully Landscaped with Perennial Garden & Large Backyard • 2 Car Oversized Garage - Full Unfinished Basement • Tatal 2,750 sq ft



July 17-23, 2010

the ‘burgh

INSURE THAT YOUR ADVERTISING DOLLARS REACH THEIR DESIRED DESTINATION. We offer total market coverage in Clinton, Essex and Warren Counties with an independently audited circulation of 78,023. 84.2% of those surveyed by Circulation Verification Council indicated they read their Denton Community Weekly regularly and of those readers 82% indicated they purchase products and services from the advertisements they read in

Denton Publications*. WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY IN YOUR AD IS IMPORTANT 窶ヲDISTRIBUTING THAT IMPORTANT MESSAGE, IS SOMETHING WE TAKE VERY SERIOUSLY !!!! Choose a Medium Independently Audited to know your Message Reaches its Destination.

14 Hand Ave.

Elizabethtown, NY 12932


*According to phone surveys conducted in September 2009 by Circulation Verification Council a national independent newspaper auditing firm.

the 窶話urgh

July 17-23, 2010



x à t à á X ‘This Week’s Real Estate Opportunities In The Region’ Well maintained 4 bdrm, 2 1⁄2 bath home features hardwood floors, large brick fireplace with woodstove insert, large master suite, new roof, pellet stove & plenty of room for the family. #137166B $199,000. Call Duley & Associates 518-563-3500


BUILT IN 2008 - This 3 BR, 2 bath 1680 sqft home on 2+ acres has in floor heat. The basement is plumbed for a bathroom and could easily be finished for additional living space. All Offers Considered! Asking $187,900. Call Ormsby Realty 518-324-4600

Conveniently located 3 bdrm ranch features a large family room addition with kitchenette area, 3/4 bath & private entrance & partially fenced big back yard with established plantings. #137044B $126,000. Call Duley & Associates 518-563-3500

E MORRISONVILL AVAILABLE SOON - Nice older farm house on 1.3 acres. This 1592 sqft 3 BR, 1.5 bath home has LR w/fireplace, DR has a woodstove, family rm. 2 car garage, storage building and two large covered decks. Many updates including roof, siding & flooring. Please Call For Details. Call Ormsby Realty 518-324-4600

Colonial style home features 4 bdrms, 2.5 baths, formal dining rm, breakfast area, family rm with brick F/P, freshly repainted inside with new carpet, finished basement rooms, large deck & 2 car garage. #136525B $229,900. Call Duley & Associates 518-563-3500

Move in ready 3 bdrm, 1.5 bath city home in good condition features an eat-in kitchen, hardwood floors, summer porch & family room with woodstove. #136769B $145,900. Call Duley & Associates 518-563-3500

Desirable end unit in a quiet, convenient location features a two-sided FP, spacious master BR with adjacent sitting rm., jet tub in master ba., private back deck, att. 2-car gar. #135440B $142,900. Call Duley & Associates 518-563-3500

SCHUYLER FALLS VERY NICE - 3 BR, 2 ba home w/large master BR w/oversized walk-in closet. Nice fireplace in LR. Lot is cleared & level with good appearance. decks front and rear, fire pit at rear of lot, 1 car garage & paved driveway. Asking $113,900. Call Ormsby Realty 518-324-4600


1988 COLONIAL RANCH STYLE HOME Outbuildings, workshop, deck, man made ponds, waterfall, flowers, fruit trees & greenhouse, all on 10 acres of quiet country living. MLS#134564 Asking $130,000. Call Ormsby Realty 518-324-4600


NICE 2 BEDROOM - 2 bath home with propane fireplace in the Peru School District. Great starter home. MLS#135449 Asking $74,900. Call Ormsby Realty 518-324-4600


At Your Service Directory A&L AUTO SALES ~ HOME OF ~



Automotive Service Engine Transmission Tune-Up Tune-Up Call for Details

Including Filter $39.95

Check Engine Light On? Electronic Diagnostic for Stored Trouble Codes and Advice

Free Towing with Major Repair Import, Domestic, Repair, Resealed, Rebuilt, 4x4 Axles, Drive Line, Rear Ends

Call Peter Wilson for appointment 518-536-2083 4164 Rt. 22, Plattsburgh 55339


F ree Rx Delivery

Digital P rocessing

288 Cornelia Street, Plattsburgh



We know that different people – need different insurance coverage. Let us help you determine what’s right for you. Local Agents Serving Main Street America

1033 Rt. 9, Champlain, NY 12919 (518) 298-2000 6064 Rt. 22, Suite 6, Plattsburgh, NY 12901 (518) 562-9336 5 Chapman St., Rouses Point, NY 12979 (518) 297-6602

hauvin Agency “Insurance Service Is Our Product”

July 17-23, 2010



Safe and Reliable Service

Serves Clinton County and City of Plattsburgh

For questions about the schedule and routes please contact

CCPT Dispatch at: (518) 561-1452 33161


Keeseville • Plattsburgh 518-566-7519 • Fax 518-834-9001

the ‘burgh

North Country 68 Cornelia Street, Plattsburgh, NY 12901 (518)563-1200 *

New Construction! 3 bdrm, 2.5 split level home. Cherry kitchen cabinets, tile floors, granite counter top. Propane fireplace with cultured stone work. Jacuzzi tub in master bath. $289,000 MLS# 133021 Call Kathy Bennett

City Colonial. 4 bdrm, 3.5 bath home in convenient & quiet city location. Cherry cabinets, Corion counter tops, hardwood floors, & built in oak entertainment center. Finished lower level. $229,900 MLS# 134517 Call Tammy Perrotte Sears

A Must See!! 3 bdrm, 2 bath home has been well maintained. Beautiful corner lot with a path to Lake Champlain. Two pass through fireplaces. Two car garage. Private setting. $195,900 MLS# 136655 Call Tom Tucker

Newly Remodeled Home Inside & Out. Spacious 4 bdrm, 1.5 bath city home has been completely updated for you. New windows, roof, siding, electrical, kitchen, appliances, all flooring, & light fixtures. $149,900 MLS# 136670 Call Michelle Bechtol

Location & Potential. 4 bdrm, 2.5 bath home is a work in progress. Owner never completed home so it allows for your personal, finishing touches. New pellet stove on the 2nd floor. View of the lake from the 2nd floor. $139,000 MLS# 136148 Call Kathy Madore

Nicely Maintained Older Home. 3 bdrms, 1.5 bath, hardwood floors, carpet, & laminate flooring. Fireplace in living room. Plenty of storage in the basement area. Convenient city location. $129,000 MLS# 135456 Call Kathy Bennett

Don’t Miss This One! Nice, comfortable, 2 bdrm, 2 bath home. Open floor plan. Laundry room. A nice package for the price. $65,900 MLS# 135397 Call Tammy Perrotte Sears

Neat As A Pin. 3 bdrm, 2 bath home is in move in condition. New roof, furnace, carpeting, tile floor in kitchen, & stainless steel appliances in the last 3 years. Open floor plan. Fresh paint. $164,900 MLS# 134234 Call Tom Tucker

Spacious Colonial located on a dead-end street just minutes from the city. 4 bdrm 2.5 home is situated on 1.3 acres. Maple cabinets, granite counter tops, center island & built-in office desk in kitchen. $279,900 MLS# 136925 Call Michelle Bechtol

Character & Charm. Spacious, 5 bdrm, 2 bath city home is well maintained. Enclosed, heated sun porch, fenced in yard. Hardwood floors throughout, 9 foot ceilings, & lots of closet space. $169,900 MLS# 136160 Call Kathy Madore

Wonderful Colonial 4 bdrm, 3 bath home is located on a quiet dead-end street. Oak kitchen with breakfast area. Natural gas fireplace in family room. Large walk-in closet. Recently painted. $299,000 MLS# 136380 Call Kathy Bennett

No Lawn To Mow! Carefree living in this 2 bdrm, 2 bath townhouse. All remodeled & freshly painted. Brand new kitchen cabinets, sink, light fixtures, & ceiling. Screened porch with new roof, carpet, & screening. $119,900 MLS# 135765 Call Tammy Perrotte Sears

Live on Lake Champlain! Enjoy summer days & nights with spectacular views from this 4 bdrm, 2 bath home with 170 feet of lake frontage and 3.2 acres of land. Fireplace. Large decks, 2+ car garage. $349,900 MLS# 136128 Call Tom Tucker

Wonderful Colonial in a convenient city location. 4 bdrms, 2.5 baths, newer covered front porch, above ground, heated pool. Formal dining room. Fireplace in living room. Recreation room in finished basement. $239,900 MLS# 136048 Call Ron Garrow

Raised Ranch With Many Upgrades. 3 bdrms, 2 baths is close to school & shopping. New 1000 gallon septic in 2008. New roof in 2007. 4th bdrm possible in the basement. $164,900 MLS# 136371 Call Kathy Madore

Victorian Charm. 4 bdrm, 2 bath home has newly remodeled kitchen & bath, stainless steel appliances. Enjoy the pool & beautifully landscaped lawn. Convenient to area businesses. $124,900 MLS# 137118 Call Mark Drown

Take A Look at this 3 bdrm, 1.5 bath Cape Cod in the city. Brand new kitchen. New half bath upstairs. All new windows will be installed prior to closing. Freshly painted. Refinished hardwood floors. $134,900 MLS# 136172 Call Tammy Perrotte Sears

Lake Front Home. 2 bdrm, 1 bath home has fantastic views of the lake & mountains. One car garage. 130 feet of lake frontage. Priced well below assessed value at $199,900. MLS# 136372 Call Tom Tucker

Enjoy City Living Without The City Taxes! 3 bdrm, 1.5 bath ranch features a large master suite, partially finished basement, hardwood floors, and too many other updates to mention. $154,900 MLS# 136352 Call Ron Garrow

Here Is Your New Home! Neat & clean 4 bdrm, 1.5 bath ranch is close to city, shopping, & schools. Back yard features a large deck with pool. Double sided fireplace in living & dining room. $149,900 MLS# 137067 Call Kathy Madore

Kathy Bennett

Tammy Perrotte Sears

Tom Tucker

Michelle Bechtol

Ron Garrow

Kathy Madore

Mark Drown








Each Office Independently Owned and Operated

the ‘burgh

July 17-23, 2010



DELLA Suzuki

Good on all new

2010 SUZUKI® models








MSRP $15,894


36 month lease-12k miles per year with $2,500 down plus 1st payment, tax and dmv fees extra. With approved credit. See dealer for all details. Offer ends 7/16/10.



Stk# 06959

MSRP $17,764


36 month lease-12k miles per year with $2,500 down plus 1st payment, tax and dmv fees extra. With approved credit. See dealer for all details. Offer ends 7/16/10




FWD FWD Stk# 06952






MSRP..................................................$23,588 DELLA CASH.......................................-$1,290 0%APR OR FACTORY REBATE...........-$1,500 TOTAL DISCOUNT...............................$2,790



AWD AWD Stk# 07014

199/MO. Stk# 06952

MSRP $19,734



48 month lease-12k miles per year with $2,500 down plus 1st payment, tax and dmv fees extra. With approved credit. See dealer for all details. Offer ends 7/16/10

All offers with approved credit. 0% apr for 60 months. Subject to credit approval from American Suzuki Financial Services (ASFS). Amount of down payment and other factors may affect qualification. 0% financing offer is in lieu of the standard customer cash rebate. Customer must apply Della cash toward purchase. Della cash is in addition to all other eligible incentives and may be combined with other offers so long as all conditions of each offer are met. Offer ends 7/16/10. See dealer for all details. MSRP does not include tax, title, license. Offers subject to change. Dealer not responsible for typographical errors. Photos for illustration purposes only. DEHO1204 • Only one (1) “free gas” card will be issued per purchaser of eligible vehicles. Maximum gas card value not to exceed $442. • EPA-estimated highway miles per gallon for automatic transmission SX4 Sedan is 30. Free gas for SX4 Sedan valued at $280. EPA-estimated highway miles per gallon for automatic transmission SX4 Crossover is 29. Free gas for SX4 Crossover valued at $290. EPA-estimated highway miles per gallon for automatic transmission Kizashi is 29. Free gas for Kizashi valued at $290. EPA-estimated highway miles per gallon for automatic transmission Grand Vitara is 23. Free gas for Grand Vitara valued at $365. EPA-estimated highway miles per gallon for automatic transmission Equator is 19. Free gas for Equator valued at $442.

ID# 7097815

7 Della Drive • Plattsburgh • NY

1-800-752-8105 See Our Entire Inventory 24/7 @ 32

July 17-23, 2010


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