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2 - EMS Salute

Spring 2014

lake george ems ]By Thom Randall LAKE GEORGE Ñ With the local population swelling to as many as 50,000 people in the summertime for various activities on water and land, the Lake George Emergency Squad must be ready to respond to virtually any kind of incident. In addition, the squadÕ s responsibilities include fulfilling the needs of people attending the massive events held during summer in Lake George. The squad responds to 700 to 900 calls annually, including water-related incidents, crashes on I-87 Northway, and ice rescues, as well as the routine medical emergencies. The dedicated members of the agency, primarily volunteers, are always up to the challenge, Lake George EMS President Bruce Kilburn said. Although itÕ s more and more difficult to maintain a deep roster of volunteers due to demand on peopleÕ s time nowadays, Kilburn said, the Lake George EMS members have outstanding commitment to the community and dedication to acquiring all the lat-

est skills. Ò Our core members may be getting older, but they have outstanding commitment to the squad and community,Ó Kilburn said. Ò They have this drive to respond and help others Ñ theyÕ re workhorses. They keep on giving and giving.Ó Kilburn added that new members have recently joined, and are now undergoing training to augment the talented volunteer and professional staff now onboard. The agency is well-equipped and is generously funded by the town of Lake George. The agency is looking toward replacing one of its three ambulances, and has a grant pending for new, advanced pediatric equipment. The town has also been exploring options for a new squad headquarters. The Lake George EMS squad roster includesJoyce Azukas, Jason Berry , Mike Berry, Peter Berry, Melody Myers, Hank Chrzanowski, Kristina Dreps, George Dunklee, Rosemarie Earl, Tony Fidd, Carolanne Fitzgerald, Lauren Fitzgerald, Grant Gentner, Micki Guy, Chris Hawley, Bruce Kilburn, Howard MacDonald, Pat Mellon, Chris Ost, Tammy Ost, Matt Oswald, Ryan Romano and Vickie Waters.

lake george fire

By Thom Randall LAKE GEORGE Ñ The Lake George Volunteer Fire Department has a historic commitment to protecting the lives and property of area residents and visitors, and new personnel has been joining the team recently to carry on the tradition, the agency’s officers have said. Fire Department President Barbara McKinney McGuirk said the skilled firefighting team has about a dozen new members that have been undergoing intensive training. Ò Our ranks are strong, and weÕ ve got new Ô young blood,Õ she said. Ò But weÕ re always looking for more volunteers.Ó In recent years, the departmentÕ s membership proved its remarkable expertise Ñ in dousing a blaze that threatened a major downtown block and responding to Tropical Storm Irene, the worst flooding event here in many decades. This last year, the department responded to several substantial residential fires, again proving its ongoing readiness to protect the security of area citizens, McGuirk said. The agency responds to about 300 calls per year. “Our fire department has a grand tradition, and itÕ s important to bring youth into the agency, keep them active, encourage their training and ensure they are involved,Ó she said. The key to recruiting and retaining new members, is to nurture the departmentÕ s tradition of camaraderie Ñ and members helping each other in time of need, she said. Ò In our agency, weÕ ve developed a Ô second-

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familyÓ relationship,Ó she said, noting that the new younger members are readily adopting the spirit. Ò WeÕ re there for each other, whenever anything is needed Ñ helping other members move, plowing a driveway, preparing a meal, or cutting wood for those members who have particular needs.Ó The new firefighters are also are adopting the agencyÕ s longstanding tradition of giving back to the community, she said, by working on fire department projects, whether its sponsoring the organizationÕ s annual Lake George Family Festival or working on the Hudson Valley Volunteer FiremenÕ s Association convention and parade Ñ the largest of its kind in the Northeast. The Lake George Fire Dept. is well equipped, considering its $3 million firehouse built in 2009, its 100-foot tower truck and a 34-feet water rescue boat employed by its skilled scuba dive team.

Lake George Fire Dept. roster:

Line Officers — Chief: Jason Carmody; 1st Assistant Chief: Paul Sullivan; 2nd Assistant Chief: Hugh Sullivan; Captain: Christopher McGuirk; 1st Lieutenant: Mike Berry; 2nd Lieutenant: Jason Berry.

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Company Officers — President: Barb McGuirk, Vice President: Hank Chrzanowski, Treasurer: Robert Leombruno, Financial Secretary: Hugh Sullivan, Secretary: Doni Smith, Howard MacDonald Jr.: Director, Chris McGuirk: Director, Joseph Oswald: Director. Members: James Barber, Peter Berry, Ray Calore, Joshua Clark, Holly Dunn, John Earl, Donald Fangboner, Ryan Fregoe, Dennis Gallo-

way, Chris Gearwar, Irving Gerber, Christopher Hawley, Robert Hickey, Rodney Holden, John Kearney, Bruce Kilburn, Paul Livingston, William Manion, Robert McKinney, Thomas McKinney, Dennis Mitchell, Alan Moon, Mathew Oswald, Mike Parsons, Brian Reichenbach, Damon Reisz, George Schuster, Mike Shaughnessy, Scott Smith, George Stannard, Joe Sullivan and John Sullivan.

Spring 2014

EMS Salute - 3

bolton fire

By Mauranda Stahl-Sorensen

BOLTON — Bolton fire continues a long-standing tradition of community support. ÒW e support many organizations and help with fund raising,Ó said Chief Jeremy Coon. ÒW e help the BoyÕ s and GirlÕ s Scouts, school scholarship fund, the annual after prom

party and we almost fully fund the community little league as well as sending 7 kids to Camp Colby every year.Ó Bolton fire is funded by the town for equipment and apparatus but relies heavily on community donations and support for other financial obligations and training. The 32 member squad sends out yearly mailings seeking donations.

“The donations fluctuates,” said Coon. ÒS ome years are better than others.Ó The squad is responsible for a majority of the coverage of Lake George extending from Hague to the lakes Long Island. Due to the vast area on the lake that is served the department has a fire rescue boat that is utilized in coordination with the Bolton EMS squad for

island and lake rescue. Coon sights this as the only way off the islands in the event of a medical emergency. The squad also has an air boat for ice, river and open water operations. In 2012 they purchased a new Pierce rescue pump to add to their fleet. ÒS ummer is by far our busiest time,Ó said Coon. ÒI n 2013 we saw 300 calls on the year

and about 30 a month in the summer. A majority of those calls are motor vehicle accidents or lake rescue.Ó Members of the Bolton roster include Eugene Baker, Gregory Bolton, Paul Brown, Harvey Coon, Jeremy Coon, Steven DeLorenzo, Dean Fisher, Jesse Foy, George Guercio, Gilbert Howse Jr., Thomas Jordan, Corey Kelle, Richard Kober,

bolton ems

By Mauranda Stahl-Sorensen

BOLTON Ñ Separating from the fire company in 2011 sighting the need for paid staffing and billing services Bolton EMS recently secured status as a nonfor-profit 501C3. The 28 person squad with about 12 active members looks ahead to fund raising as its focus for the summer season. A craft fair held by the community in support of the departments held annually Memorial Day weekend in the park. The company also sends out yearly mailings asking the community for donations. Ò We are always looking for more people,Ó said Earl Mikoloski. Ò We have a good group, but we could use more.Ó Bolton EMS has already seen about 80 calls for the year and is expecting a 300 call total for 2014. Officials stated the majority of their calls are seen in the summer and are medically related. So far in 2014 they have seen

no major issues and are thankful for that fact. Ò We currently have out competitive bids for a smaller vantype ambulance,Ó said Mikoloski. Ò Our 2003 ambulance is soon to retire, the smaller van would save money and be about half the cost.Ó Bolton EMS officials also stat-



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ed that they are thankful for the good cooperative relationship that they hold with the Bolton Fire Department. Members of the Bolton EMS roster include Doreen Brown, Steve DeLorenzo, Laurie Fitzgerald, Peter French, Anne Green, Scott Jacobs, Bernie Marki, Earl Mikoloski, Shawn Perry, Ilse

Petermann, Bruce Randall, Rick Schroeder, Ed Sheridan, Harold Shippey, Holly Marek, Jeffery Dunn, Pamela Fischer, Lisa Hudson, Dennis Iverson, Joshua Jacobs, Katheryn Krzys, Tony Lipari, Jason Poland, Heather Romano, Bill Southwick, Holly Steady, Gregory Wright and Karen Wright.

Warren Kuhle, Ethan LaGoy, Robert LaGoy, William Lambert, Owen Maranville, Erich Neuffer, Erich O. Neuffer, Shawn Perry, Lise Petermann, Edward Reilly, Donald Roessler, Richard Schroeder, John Servelli, Ashley Sturdevant, Curtis Truax Jr., Jeffrey Urtz, John Urtz, Andrew Vanbourgondien, Donald Volkmann and Jack Reilly (Military).

4 - EMS Salute

By Thom Randall

Spring 2014

warrensburg ems WARRENSBURG Ñ Staffed with enthusiastic and skilled volunteers as well as professional medical technicians, the Warrensburg Emergency Medical Services squad possesses a remarkable camaraderie that has kept its roster robust. Area residents appreciate their dedication and skill level, particularly since the squad is one of the busiest agencies of its kind in northern Warren County. Warrensburg EMS has no less than 55 members Ñ hailing from all over the area Ñ with about 30 volunteers who are routinely ready for action any hour of the day. Bucking the statewide trend, Warrensburg EMS has increased its membership in the past two years. This roster depth is important, considering that since January 2013, the squad has acquired the responsibility for emergency medical response in the neighboring town of Thurman. Matching the boosted staffing, the squad has an enhanced inventory of equipment. It recently acquired a new compact ambulance which has all the latest amenities. The agency also has two new power stretchers which are designed to maximize patient comfort. Also, the squad is on the verge of obtaining new cardiac monitors. The squad is well supported by its host communities, as well as by donations from individuals and businesses in Warrensburg and neighboring towns. The current fundraiser is a raffle of a quilt created and donated by Lily Cameron

of Thurman. The winner is to be drawn in December. Squad Operations Manager Steve Emerson said team spirit of the squad, which keeps its roster lengthy, is reflected in the membersÕ dinner that routinely precedes the squadÕ s monthly meeting. These savory meals are cooked in the squad kitchen by Debbie Ranous of Warrensburg, Emerson added. Ò WeÕ ve got a good thing going Ñ IÕ m very proud of our members,Ó he said. Ò Our volunteers are the most dedicated of any agency I know of,Ó he said.

Warrensburg EMS squad roster

Line Officers — Stephen Emerson, Operations Manager; Jon Jones, Assistant Operations Manager; Stephen Romano, 1st Officer; Kati Curtis, 2nd Officer; and Heather Romano, 3rd Officer. Corporate Officers — Acting President: Jamiee Ross, Secretary: Doni Smith; Board of Directors: Robert Farrell, Chairman; Laura Eklund; Pam Fischer; Mike Nichols; John Swert-

ner; Keith Dubay; Tom Pettigrew. Members — Brooke Ackley, Brian Angell, Mark Bertsche, Beth Blasdell, Brittany Bushey, Pete Cafaro, Aineen Callahan, Anthony Collins, Brandon Combs, Jeremy Crispell, Cameron Dubay, Laura Ecklund, Cathy Emerson, Kathleen Emerson, Marnie Emrick, Ryan Fayette, Jocelyn Fischer, Pam Fischer, Andrew Fish, Eric Fitzgerald, Meaghan Flynn, Renate Flynn, Noelle Guimond, Dennis Harppinger, Lydia Hayes, Sarah Hayes, Travis Howe, Jon Jones,

Joycelyn Johnson, Rebecca Keith, John Kindred, Lydia Knickerbocker, Shawn McBride, Justine Monthony, Cheyenne Thomas, Tyson Nelson, Jennifer Nemec, Michael Nichols, John OÕ Neill, Jason Paul, Sabrina Pimentel, Deborah Ranous, William Ranous Jr., Cal Raphael, Jaimee Ross, Doreen Ryan, Doni Smith, Bill Soutwick, Michael Swanson, Brian Terpening, Bethany Tyner, Doug Van Nostrand, James Watsaw and Tiffany Weiler.

warrensburg fire

By Thom Randall

WARRENSBURG Ñ Since the inception of the Warrensburg Volunteer Fire Co. in 1921, the lo-

cal firefighters have been dedicated to enhancing community life as well as protecting the lives and property of area residents. The last two years, the fire company has responded to several substantial fires as well as aiding neighboring companies with major blazes. Last year, the firefighters responded to 170 calls. This skilled, well-equipped emergency response team has performed their duties with expertise Ñ but their commitment extends to the fire company’s longstanding focus on community service. Pride in this tradition among the fire companyÕ s members is a key factor in the agencyÕ s robust membership, Warrensburg Fire Co. President Kevin Geraghty said. He noted that the organization has recruited a dozen new members over the last three years. Whether it’s the fire company’s Community Thanksgiving Dinner, the Warrensburg Halloween Parade, the 9-11 Memorial Ceremony, the holiday visit by Santa Claus, or the Smoke EatersÕ Jamboree, the companyÕ s annual events are beloved by local residents. “The tradition and prestige of our fire company builds membership and loyalty,Ó he said, noting that the group also sponsors various youth ball teams and scholarships. The fire company is well equipped, and it’s soon to acquire a new tandem axle pumper-tanker with a 2000-gallon capacity, Geraghty said.

ÒW e have strong spirit in the company and one of the most active rosters in Warren County,Ó he said.

Warrensburg Volunteer Fire Co. roster:

Corporate Officers: Kevin Geraghty, President; Bonni Roth, Secretary; Sean Geraghty, Treasurer; Kerry Bateman, Director; Paul Bederian, James Hull, Director; Andrew Sprague, Director. Line Officers: Justin Hull, Chief; John Hensler, 1st Asst. Chief; Kevin Roth, 2nd Asst. Chief; Jason Hull, 3rd Asst. Chief; Chris Meyers, 4th Asst. Chief; Phil Hayes, Fire Police. Active Members: David Alexander, Donald Bagwell, Tyler Boutin, Jeremy Crispell, Roger Durkin, Brian Engle, Greg Francisco, Ryan Griffin, Richard Hull, Todd Lawson, Casey Marviglio, Jeffery Monroe, Jessica Monroe, Robert Nelson,Tyson Nelson, Eric Nilsestuen, Matthew Oliver, Matthew Perry, Kory Russell, Jeffery Smith and Douglas Van Norstrand. Honorary Members: Joseph Barlow, Bruce Belden, Terry Combs, Anthony Fortino, Bob Frye, Jonathan Geraghty, Gary Ross, David Spatz, Rudolph Squires. Fire Commissioners: Brian Engle, Chairman; David Spatz, Deputy Chairman; Kevin B. Geraghty, Secretary-Treasurer; Sean Geraghty, Deputy Treasurer; Paul Bederian; James Hull and Gary Ross.

Spring 2014

EMS Salute - 5

stony creek

By Mauranda Stahl-Sorensen

STONY CREEK Ñ Operating as one unit Stony Creek Fire and EMS have attended a total of 29 calls on the year. 23 of those have been EMS calls and 6 for the fire squad. Boasting an EMS squadron of 8 emergency medical technicians and 1 paramedic the Stony Creek emergency squad is well equipped on the year. Ashley Black a 53 year squad veteran explained that they are maintaining volunteer numbers in the fire unit with 28 regular mem-



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Stony Creek Officers

Fire Officers: John Thomas-Chief Justin Thomas-Assistant Chief Rick Moses- Second Assistant Chief Brandon Thomas- Lieutenant Bill Glofky-Second Lieutenant EMS Officers: Peter Lagrasse-Captain Nathan Thomas- Lieutenant Dorreen Ryan-Sargent J-Ann Mosher-Fire Police

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has also sent out letters of encouragement seeking donations. Ò Every year we send out letters to tax payers for additional funding,Ó said Black. Ò This year already we have received over $5,000 and they are still coming in.Ó When asked his motivation for spending 53 years devoted to the department BlackÕ s answer was simple, Ò I enjoy it, I help out when I can, IÕ m not as agile as I used to be but I wonÕ t quit until I canÕ t pull myself up into the truck anymore.Ó For more information on Stony Creek Fire and EMS visit










bers and 1 one junior. Ò We get numerous junior members,Ó said Black. Ò Some stay some go on, the way its always been.Ó Fortunately for the department no major incidents have been sighted on the year to date. Ò Nothing major this year we have seen mostly electrical fires,” Black continued. Stony Creek sights funding and donations as a major focus for the year. Monthly dinners are hosted at the fire house the second Saturday of each month. Residents and patrons are encouraged to check the fire department’s facebook page for menus and details. The department

6 - EMS Salute

Spring 2014


By Mike Corey POTTERSVILLE Ñ With 124 calls in 2013 and 38 so far this year, the Pottersville Volunteer Fire Department is one of the most active in the area. The DepartmentÕ s in-house training program, especially, has gained a lot of attention. Chief Guy Swartwout listed some recently completed classes and the numbers of members that have taken these classes. They include: two for scene support, two for Fire Police basic, three for Fire Officer I, two for Firefighter I, two for chemical training for first responders, four for firefighter rehabilitation and medical monitoring, 9 for EMT original, two for EMT refresher, one for certified first responder, and four for apparatus operator Ð aerial. For the Department, two days per month are devoted to drills, to help keep all members sharp and ready to respond. Each drill is designed to be a scenario-based training event with activities to execute and problems to overcome that are as realistic as possible. There are 27 firefighters on the roster, with many of them also functioning as either EMTs or Certified First Responders. The Pottersville Volunteer Fire Department is always on the lookout for new members. To find out how to become involved in an organization that continues to give back to the community, please contact a Department member. A group of PVFD members and friends say hi to fellow member Tom VanPelt, who had deployed to Afghanistan. Back row, left to right: Rob Leszyk, Ben Bahr, Willie Morrisey, Mike Ferguson, Guy Swartwout. Middle row: Kathleen Modert, Lyn Swartwout, Rico Lopez, Jeff Finch, Izzy Modert, Gene Carman, Delvin Wheeler. Front row: Don Singleton, Kevin Feldt, Frank Meade, Jen Leszyk, Jenny Hack and Lisa Singleton.


CHESTERTOWN Ñ The Chestertown firecompany history started when Dr. Howard B. Swan saw the need for a fire company and spent days, weeks and months selling the town on the formation of their own fire company. In June 1932, after another serious fire, about 100 people finally met at the Odd. Fellows Hall to discuss SwanÕ s proposal. A petition was presented on December 29, 1932 for a meeting in January, 1933. The petition called for a meeting in the Ò parlors,Ó at the Rising House for the purpose of determining if the establishment of a fire district was in the best interest of the inhabitants of the territory embraced with the proposed fire district. On Sept. 21, 1933, at the Rising House the following Commissioners were appointed by the Town Board: Dr. Howard B. Swan, William Murphy, Walter W. Janser and Treasure of the District Ralph Barkley. C.J. (Neill) OÕ Connell was appointed Chief. At that time, there were 56 charter members. For information on how to join the Chestertown Volunteer Fire Department, visit their building at 5885 State Route 8, or call 494-2662. Members of the Chestertown Fire Department include James Barrett, Joe Bartlett, Laurie Bartlett, Ralph Bartlett, David Brown, Frank Brown, Chelsey Crossman, Jack Crossman, John Crossman, Pam Crossman, Frank Erickson, James Evans, Allen Fish, Daren Harvey, Brandon Johnson, Josh Kennedy, John MacMillen, Larry McAvey, Jim McDermott, Dennis Packer, Thomas Pereau, Scott Phillips, Glenn Redmon, Bill Rohm, David Scroggins, Joe Slattery, Jennifer Smith, Ray Stephens, Rob Stephens, Mike Turano, Thomas Urtz, Jason Willette and Maria Willette. Dan Stec 89792.crtr - Page 1 - Composite

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Spring 2014

By Mike Corey

EMS Salute - 7

minerva MINERVA Ñ After several years of preparation, the MVFD&RS (led by Chief Kerry Killon) this past January 2014 put into service its Ò wilderness ambulanceÓ , a vehicle that is designed to help get people out of backwoods locations when they are injured or ill. It has skids for snowy conditions and tires for mud, interchangeable depending on the season. Over the past several years the Department was able to acquire (mostly through fundraisers and donations) the wilderness ambulance, a quad-runner to pull it, and a trailer to haul both pieces of equipment to wherever they can be useful. The Company has made this equipment available to area fire companies and rescue squads. The MVFD&RS is an active all-volunteer company that serves the Minerva community as well as nearby communities when needed for mutual aid. With a roster of 33 volunteers (including four junior members), the Company is an important part of the community. It responded to 180 calls (both fire and EMS) in 2013, and 66 calls in 2014 so far (as of May 18). The Company has been very dynamic in regard to taking training courses and classes to improve its knowledge base and fire/EMS standing. In 2013, three members took a class that resulted in them being preceptors (practical experience trainers). In addition, a new EMT-Basic, a new Certified First Responder, and a new EMT-Critical Care were certified for emergency medical services. On the fire side, one new Firefighter 1, one Fire Officer I, two Wildland Fiirefighters, and two Rescue Techs were certified. So far in 2014, four Fire Police individuals, one Fire Officer I, one Scene Support Operations person, and two Emergency Vehicle Operations folks were certified. In addition, one current EMT-Basic is in the process of becoming certified as an Advanced EMT. In January Õ 14, the MVFD&RS placed into service a new I-Pad that is used to digitally record pre-hospital care report data that up until then had been recorded on paper. The new electronic system is a more accurate (and easier to read) way to record important patient care information and has improved the efficiency of the rescue squad. Stay tuned for the second annual Ò All Breed Fun Dog ShowÓ sponsored by the MVFD&RS, to take place on July 12, 2014 at Minerva Lake. The Department is always ready to welcome members to its ranks of volunteers Ð please consider joining the Department.

A good percentage of MVFD&RS members stand before Minerva Ambulance 890, left to right: Simon Gardner, Terri Haley, Sharyn Wright, Kevin Fusco, Haley Killon, Karissa Wright, Karen Wright, Patty Warrington, Brian Warrington, Debbie Palmatier, Zachary Boucher, Cameron Dubay.

By Mike Corey NEWCOMB Ñ The Newcomb Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squad (NVFD&RS) has been very active in 2013, with that activity continuing on in Õ 14. The companyÕ s biggest project has been the renovation of the fire hall in downtown Newcomb, involving a rebuild of the building’s foundation, replacement of the associated drainage system, updated heating, and replacement of the air conditioning system. As a building that really is the center of the Newcomb, the fire hall gets a lot of use by community members. The Department stays active with EMS Week in May and Fire Prevention Week in October with visits to Newcomb Central School where hands-on activities are provided. This coming July 26, the NVFD&RS will hold its annual steak roast, which is a major fundraiser for the company. July 5th, the company will participate in the Newcomb LionÕ s Club chicken barbeque, which is always accompanied by fireworks at the end of the day. The NVFD&RS roster has 20 members, with Mark Yandon as Chief and Nelson Turcotte at President. In 2013, the Department responded to about 85 calls, including both fire and EMS calls. So far, in 2014, there have been 21 calls. The NVFD&RS is always looking for new volunteers to join the Department Ð there is something for everyone, whether in planning, helping out with activities and fire calls, driving, fighting fires, are providing emergency medical services. Contact a member for more information. Members of the NVFD&RS keep up-to-date and sharp with their training activities. Most recently, the members did simulation training involving cardiac/cpr issues, winter rescue, and other operations training. In June the Department will be involved in swiftwater rescue training.

Thank you, first responders!




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8 - EMS Salute

Spring 2014

north creek

ing of age their is a vested interest in the department and little training needs to be done to maintain retention. Ò We are always looking for new people,Ó NORTH CREEK — To date North Creek fire Said Studnicky. When asked what the largest has worked 20 calls in and around their terribarrier was with new recruits he stated, Ò ItÕ s the tory. training time, itÕ s a lot.Ó Ò WeÕ ve had good response to the last couple During New York recruit day on April 29, Ò (it calls,Ó Said Chief Steve Studnicky. Ò Glad they was) great to see the young guns stepping up werenÕ t real serious but you never know when to the plate and grabbing tools, taking directhe pager goes off.Ó tions, listening very well, and doing what we Studnicky is always high on recruitment with all strive to do, their best. Gives one hope for an aging force it is paramount to spark young interest. North Creek has started the Explorers our future.Ó Said Studnicky. Fund raising is always a topic of conversaad was created from the Club aThis program aimed to garnish the interest tion in volunteer departments and North Creek Ticonderoga Office of Denton of teenagers 12-20 in fire or police departments. is no exception. Publications. The ExplorerÕ s club serves as a way to teach Ò WeÕ ve tried spaghetti diners and things like dk TriCounty Nursing 44971.crtr - Page 1 - Composite teenagers theHome fire basics in hopes that with com-

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that but itÕ s not a big hit,Ó Studnicky said. Ò Our biggest event of the year is our breakfast with Santa.Ó The breakfast funds the annual Ô Santa Claus Is Coming To TownÕ charity event that the department hosts. Santa parades through the town with fire trucks making his way to the Johnsburg school where children are invited to meet with him and receive gifts. The department also holds an annual boot drive in correspondence with the White Water Weekend. They also host coin drops as a means to boost fiscal moral. ÒW e can be proud of ourselves and our brothers and sisters, that we care about what we do. For striving to be better, for being professional in our task.Ó Said Studnicky. ÒI t matters not what department you speak of North River, Johns-

Johnsburg ems The Johnsburg Emergency Squad is planning for its new building, shown here as an engineer drawing, which will be located on Peaceful Valley Road in North Creek. They hope to begin construction this summer and finish at year’s end. The dedicated members of Johnsburg Emergency Squad wish to thank all those whose donations have been such a big help toward seeing this dream on its way to completion. Special thanks to outgoing president Kelly Nessle, who’s dedication and volunteerism made this project happen. Last year Johnsburg Emergency Squad won Agency of the Year award from the Mountain Lakes Regional EMS Council and credits their volunteers for a successful year.

112 Ski Bowl Rd., North Creek, NY 12853 PH: (518) 251-2447 FAX: (518) 251-4207


General Information: Administrator Hal Payne:

burg, Garnet Lake, Bakers Mills, Riverside, or North Creek. The one common denominator when you ask any member, why do you do this, is for our community, will be one of the most spoken answers. We all care about the little towns we live in, and the people we share it with.Ó Members of the North Creek Fire Department include Scott Allard, Andy Baker, Dreu Briggs, Lloyd Burch, Randy Decook, Ralph Dubay, Aaron Ferguson, Cherie Ferguson, Alenyah Gardiner, DJ Gardiner, Justin Gonyo, Rich Kuhlman, Leo Kushi, Pat Kushi, Caelan LÕ hommedieu, Barry Mckinney, Rich Minucci, Scott Monthony, Jonathan Ordway, Mike Ordway, Thomas Ordway, Charlie Rawson, Paul Sears, Alex Smith, Steve Studnicky, Bill Thomas, William Thomas and Ed Tuttle.

Bakery and Coffee Shop

Thank you to all of our area volunteers

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259 Main Street, North Creek

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P 518.251.5839 56197


By Mauranda Stahl-Sorensen

Spring 2014


EMS Salute - 9

By Jon Hochschartner

RIPARIUS Ñ The Riverside Volunteer Fire Department in Riparius boasts a new truck bay which houses a brush truck, according to Fire Chief Bob Frevele. Ò We just saved for it through our funds,Ó he said. The organization had 21 calls in 2013 and nine calls this year as of May 13. It raises funds by soliciting donations from area residents. Ò We send letters out every year to people who have either houses or properties,Ó Frevele said. Ò We have a lot of out of town residents who own properties. We get checks. We usally average maybe $2,000 a year.Ó Frevele said the process of joining the organization was very easy. Ò Just come in,Ó he said. Ò Ask for an application. WeÕ ll bring it up at a department meeting.Ó The departmentÕ s roster includes Dave Delorme, Charlie Evans, Dave Filkins, Bob Frevele, Francine Kersey, Paul Little, Randy Miller, Harold Parker Jr., Dean Smith, Ray Smith, Rich Smith, Melinda Smith, and Hank Osterhout.

long lake

LONG LAKE Ñ The Long Lake Rescue Squad will be receiving a new vehicle later in 2014, according to Captain Donald Howe. Ò WeÕ re expecting a new ambulance at the end of the year,Ó he said, but added they have no recently-acquired equipment right now. Howe said the squad does not solicit donations. Ò We really donÕ t do fundraising,Ó he said. “We get our money from the fire district.Ó Howe said that those interested in joining the squad should contact him. Ò The best thing to do is call me or stop in,Ó he said.

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By Jon Hochschartner

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10 - EMS Salute

Spring 2014

indian lake fire

INDIAN LAKE Ñ Since 1939, the Indian Lake Volunteer Fire Department (ILVFD) has been protecting property and lives throughout the community. Over the past year, the ILVFD answered 66 calls. According to Bill Callanan, the challenges faced by the ILVFD do not stray far from those faced by most volunteer departments throughout New York State, namely, recruitment and retention of members, as well as maintaining fast response time. Here in the Adirondacks, these challenges are not different, but may be more formidable given an aging population and the current economic situation. Ò With the economy the way it is, and people having to work longer hours and at greater distances, volunteering time tends

to dwindle,Ó states Callanan. The point is also made that members having to go at a distance for employment tends to make response time maintenance that much more of a challenge. But Bill Callanan is quick to add that the ILVFD has not been too severely challenged due to the fact that it has a great group of dedicated members, many of whom work for local organizations. Callanan also singles out the support of a very active LadiesÕ Auxiliary, and a group of Junior Firefighters, of which the department is extremely proud, as key factors in helping the ILVFD meet its challenges and goals. The ILVFD helps support itself, in part, with a number of activities throughout the year. Among them are: an annual barbeque on July 4 weekend, a pig roast on Labor Day

weekend and breakfast at the fire house on PresidentÕ s Day weekend. Members of the Indian Lake Fire Department include Paul Strain, Sr. (Chief), Chris Aldous, Dalton Aldous, Dave Ameden, Tom Atwell, Stephen Benton, Paul Blanchard, John Boya, Charlie Bruso, Connor Burgess, Belinda Callanan, Bill Callanan, Shea Callanan, Walt Cuniff, Jeremiah Delong, Jeff Deshaw, Joe Deshaw, Joe Deshaw, Joe Dumond, Jay Griffin, Berry Hall, Ben Harrington, Dick Hoag, Zach Hoag, Brad Hutchins, Marty Hutchins, Brian King, Cody King, Steve King, Chris Mitchell, Jamie Mitchell, Matt Mitchell, Jordan Monthony, Shawn Morrow, Dale Roberts, Ben Shortt, Shane Shortt, Becky Strain, Jenny Strain, Kristina Strain, Paul Strain, Jr., Billy Walters, Brian Wells, Josh Wells and Bob Willemsen.

indian lake ambulance

INDIAN LAKE Ñ Founded in 1973, the Indian Lake Volunteer Ambulance Corps (ILVAC) has been providing critical and essential life-saving services to the community. The ILVAC has two ambulances and both are capable of supporting Advanced Life Support at the paramedic level. Between them, ILVAC logged 25,000 miles last year. In todayÕ s world, medical challenges are not the only kind facing ILVAC. With more retirees coming into the area, ILVAC is looking at climbing call volume, in the face of a declining number of ALS trained personnel. Currently, ILVAC Captain, Brian Boya, is the only Paramedic on the volunteer side. Faced with this shortage and wanting to maintain the Advanced Life Support level of service demanded by changing demographics coupled with the distance of the community from major medical centers, ILVAC is now hiring ALS trained personnel to assure a 24/7 coverage for the community. There are currently eight paid staffers hired through an agency used to maintain 24/7 coverage. In order to meet the added cost of having to hire trained personnel, while limiting the budget impact


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on the town, ILVAC has started billing for their services as of September 2011. Most of this billing is covered by the insurance patients possess and there are hardship programs to help patients that find themselves financially challenged in the face of the billing. Ò Right now,Ó comments ILVAC Captain, Brian Boya, Ò it looks like what we are paying out to hire trained personnel will be covered by the billing. If this continues, we will hopefully be able to limit the impact on the town budget.Ó Despite the fact that there is an ILVAC Junior Corps, many of these young people are lost when they leave to attend college or search for employment outside the area. As such there are very few young people in the squad that can take over the service in the next decade. It just doesnÕ t seem that the demographics and geographic location of the community can allow a diminished service offering. After all, lives depend on it. The roster includes Captain Brian Boya and board of directors chairman Bill LaPrairie, Richard Leonard, Kathy Bird, Judy Durkin, Charlie Bruso, Rosie Goliber and Peggy Fleming.

Spring 2014

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PUTNAM Ñ The Putnam Volunteer Fire Department monthly meetings are conducted at the fire house on the first Thursday of every month at 7p.m. sharp. Parties interested in volunteering are welcomed and encouraged to attend. The department is responsible for 33 square miles, 55 miles of roadway and 10 miles of railroad tracks.

Doug Thatcher said the Putnam Fire Department, like most volunteer fire departments, needs new members. Ò The answer most people give is we donÕ t have the time, we used to have a junior program but we didnÕ t have enough members to continue,Ó Thatcher said. Anyone interested in joining the Putnam Volunteer Fire De-

partment is encouraged to stop by the department and find out more, Thatcher said. Members of the Putnam Fire Department include Doug Thatcher, Dan Tucker, Sue ThisTucker, ad wasRichard createdStormer, from theBill Brown, Mike Alteri, Mike Bruce, Earl Harrington, Johns, Dennis Ticonderoga Office Allan of Denton Johnson, Sue Johnson, PJ KolyskoPublications. and Valerie Stormer.

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Spring 2014

schroon lake ambulance

SCHROON Ñ The Schroon Lake EMS continues its mission to provide professional emergency medical care to our community. Schroon Lake EMS has served the emergency needs of resident and visitors and surrounding towns. Fundraisers for the year include the annual Chili Cookoff, held in 2014 at Mountainside Bible Chapel. Back from left: Ed Russell, Amy Wheeler, Chris Swinton, Orlando Swinton, Larry Bellusio, Dan Riggins, Don Whitly, Wayne Dewey, Tracey Whitly, Larry Gleason, Tom Garcia; front from left: Lynn Donaldson, Ann Ververka, Mary Gleason, Arlene Whitly, Fran Ramirez, Bill Trebou, Tony Ramirez, Marion Weaver, Mary J. McCoy, Lester McCoy. Not present: Timothy Mahler, Jeff Subra, Melinda Whitly

SCHROON Ñ Every year The Schroon Lake Fire Department, made up exclusively of volunteers, answers more than 120 calls to help those in need. From car wrecks, boat fires on the lake, full blown dwellings ablaze and false alarms, these dedicated men and women are at the ready. “We could definitely use a few more poeple,” Ken Hedden said. Anyone interested in joining Essex County Emergency Services can call 873-3900 or send an e-mail to wwade@co.essex.ny.ustlee@co.essex.

schroon lake fire

Members of the department include Don Anslow Jr., Phillip Armstrong, Wayne Dewey, Lynn Donaldson, George Egan Jr., Dave Feltz, Thomas Finnerty, Don Fish, Joseph Flores, Tom Flynn, Lynn Gifford, Earl Gould Jr., Gordon Graves, Robert Haff, Dan Hay, Ken Hedden Jr., Randy Jacobsen, Don Jenks, Kevin Kelly Sr., Kevin Lavarnway, Tim Mahler, Amy McCoy, Brian McCoy, Kurt McCoy, Lester McCoy, John Mingo, Tom Ringrose Sr., Jonathan Ruggles, Ed Russell, Rodney Secor, Dana Shaughnessy, Larry Shiell, Bob Smith, Dan Smith, Paul Sprague, Jeff Subra, Bunny Suprenant, Orlando Swinton, Bill Tribou, Wayne Welch, Alan Wemett, Jared Whitley, Mark Whitney, Don Whitty and Melinda Whitty

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north hudson

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NORTH HUDSON Ñ The North Hudson Volunteer Fire Company was established in 1958, prior to this the community had to rely on neighbors and residents to assist in the event of a fire emergency. At present North Hudson boasts a 27 member squad. Responding to an approximate 70 calls a year a majority of which are medical related North Hudson remains a busy department. The hurdle to the department has been and remains pager reception members of the squad residing near the Blue Ridge Road

often are unable to pick up signal to hear a call. The squads womenÕ s auxiliary holds its annual car show the first week in May which put the department on the map for fund raising. While requirements keep climbing, enrollment with the department is still good, and the service they provide doesnÕ t just keep their neighbors safe-it keeps the towns budget in check. “The residents should thank the volunteer firemen. If you didnÕ t have those departments, you would need a paid service.

No small town can afford that,Ó Said Chief Don Dresser. Members of the North Hudson Fire Department include Chief Brian Caza, Jessica Besaw, Randy Bessey, Ryan Bessey, Brian Caza, Bruce Caza, Eric Caza, John Caza Sr., Dan DÕ Agostino, Donald Dresser, James Duntley, Ken Foster, Marshall Gero, Chris Keller, Matthew Keller, Dal Langworthy, Michael Marsden, Ronald Moore, Gareth Moses, Steve Ossenkop, Will Plumstead, Dave Tart, Chandler Thompson, Emmett Thompson, Steve Thompson, Ada Venner and Justin Wachowski.

Established 1848 HUB O F THE ADIRONDACKS

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Spring 2014

ticonderoga Police

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use,Ó said Johns. Ò But an increase in heroin and prescription drug use, I make a point in our drug coalition meetings that this isnÕ t just a problem here it is a problem everywhere. We are sitting down as a community and trying to address this problem.Ó The squad currently has 4 marked vehicles, 1 detective vehicle all equipped with a defibrillator to assist with emergency medical response. When asked why they continue to do what they do the response from the squad was cohesive. Ò We are proud to serve he community and we are vowed to them. We will be here as long as we are welcomed,” finished Johns. Members of the Ticonderoga Police Department include Mark J. JohnsChief, Thomas Ruby, Mark Belden, Adam Hurlburt, Dale Quesnel, Sean Mascarenas and Kortney Kraft-record clerk.

ticonderoga ems

Barber - Capt., Jamie Quesnel, Patty Cook, Josh Gijanto, Rick Morse, Isaac Trudeau, Joelle Stonitsch, Dave Woods, Cory Lake, Paul Barber, Dale Quesnel, Bryce Beuerlein, Pete Borho, Jordan Quesnel, Dick Clark, Josh Ross, Dan Cross, Kyle Stonitsch, Dave Downing, Richard Stonitsch, Mickey Fitzgerald, Ralph Todd, Randy Fleury, Corey Trudeau, Marjorie Hurlburt, Jeff Wallace, Debby Huth, Matthew Watts, Howard Huth, Michael Watts, Jen Lake, Ryan Wendell, Ann Morette, Corinna Woods, Alex Moser, Zech Yaw and Jason Poland.

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TICONDEROGA Ñ Ticonderoga Emergency Squad, Inc. was chartered in 1947 as a not-for-profit corporation and received no funding from the town; this remains true today. There were fewer than a dozen original charter members. The New York State Department of Health, the Mountain Lakes Regional EMS Council and a local medical director provide mandated oversight of the organization and its members which include EMTÕ s, and Advanced Life Support technicians The Ticonderoga Emergency Squad includes Mark

TICONDEROGA Ñ Approximately 350 calls are attended by the Ticonderoga Police Department monthly with the busier season being the summer. “At full staffing we have 7 full time officers and 6 part time officers,” said Chief Johns. Ò We handle all calls for service in our 88 square mile territory, ranging from minor traffic infractions to felony cases.Ó The Ticonderoga Police Department is a 24 hour 365 day a year squad with an officer always on duty. The department is comprised of Chief Johns a sergeant an investigator, officers and office staff. In their dedication to the community the department has officers devoted to the Community Drug Collation, the Essex County Narcotics Task Force and also to Ticonderoga Schools assisting in safety and programming. Ò We have seen a decrease in cocaine

Spring 2014

TICONDEROGA Ñ 2014 has started out to be a very busy year for us. In January we responded to 35 emergencies resulting in 585.4 man hours. We responded to four structure fires, one chimney fire, four motor vehicle accidents, five water emergencies, five fire, smoke or carbon monoxide alarms as well as 16 other miscellaneous emergencies. We also conducted four training drills that resulted in 242.5 Man hours. February slowed down but the severity of the emergencies didnÕ t change much. February resulted in 14 emergencies with 347.0 Man hours. There were two structure fires, two chimney fires, three motor vehicle accidents, three fire, smoke or carbon monoxide alarms

ticonderoga fire

as well as four other miscellaneous emergencies. We conducted four training drills that resulted in 215.0 Man hours. March continued to be steady with 16 emergencies resulting in 131.9 Man hours. There was one chimney fire, two motor vehicle accidents, five water emergencies, two fire, smoke or carbon monoxide alarms as well as six other miscellaneous emergencies. We also conducted four training drills that resulted in 215.0 Man hours. Now that winter finally seems to be over and spring is in the air many people will be getting outside and will start having barbecues. We want to make sure that everyone stays safe and enjoys themselves so here are a few safety tips when

CHILSON Ñ Chilson Volunteer Fire Department is an all-volunteer fire and rescue company whose mission is to be there when we are needed and to do our best in times of need. The department is organized to provide fire protection, fire prevention and rescue services including vehicle extraction, to everyone in our protection area. The department, founded in 1961, today has 44 members and 20 qualified active firefighters. The department serves the Chilson community, a 30-square-mile area that also includes Putts Pond and a large portion of Eagle Lake. Chilson VFD also responds to weather emergencies, clears downed trees from roadways, and provides assistance to home-bound residents during power outages and other emergencies. In addition to serving Chilson, the de-

EMS Salute - 15

using barbecues: •Always locate a barbecue away from any combustible wall. •Set up grill in an open area away from buildings, dry leaves or brush. •Be aware of the wind

blowing sparks. •Place grill on a level surface away from low hanging trees, deck railings, siding or any combustible materials. •It’s a good idea to keep a fire extinguisher within handy reach.

•Use long handled barbecue tools and flame retardant mitts. •Do not wear loose clothing and watch for dangling apron strings and shirt tails. •Never leave children or pets unattended near a hot grill

Anyone interested in information about the fire department or about becoming a member can stop by the firehouse any tuesday and thursday nights at 7 p.m. or contact any member.


partment provides mutual aid to surrounding departments. The departmentÕ s address is 60 Putts Pond Road, Ticonderoga, New York 12883. For more information call 585-2510, e-mail, or visit the department on Facebook at Ò Chilson Volunteer Fire Department.Ó Members of the Chilson Fire Department include Seth Hunsdon-Captain, Dustin Hundson, Tommy Forand, Larry Lawman, Danielle Garrow, Jim Davis, Mike Trybendis-1st Asst. Chief, Seve Hundson-Chief, Lance Dolbeck, Robin Lambert-Secretary, Casie Hunsdon-3rd Asst. Chief, RJ Fox, Bill Abare, Lynn Garrison, Steve Phelphs, John Blanchard, Tom Taylor, Cody Duval-2nd Asst. Chief, Jim Lambert-2nd Liutenant, Jake OÕ Hara-1st Liutenant, Skyler Torrey, Rachel Bennett, Ford Trepanier

by Wagon Wheel Rest. 54579 - Page 1 - Photo Composite Photo by Nancy Nancy Frasier Frasier

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16 - EMS Salute

By Mauranda Stahl-Sorensen

hague fire and ems

HAGUE Ñ 8 person EMS squad has a rapid start in 2014. The Hague/Silverbay emergency squad have attended 30-40 calls since January. Ò Not every call is rewarding, but most are,Ó said Joanne Trudeau EMS lieutenant. In collaboration with Hague fire, the department sights recruitment and fund raising as the hurdles for their unit. Annually, their biggest fund raisers are the memorial day chicken barbecue, August steak roast and their February firemans breakfast and chilli bake. The Hague EMS has partial volunteer and partial paid staffing. Hague fire has attended 10 calls on the year. Chief Ray Murray spoke briefly on recruitment. Ò IÕ ve said it before thereÕ s nothing here to keep our young,Ó said Murray. Ò The average age of a member in our department is 55.Ó Hague fire is one of the few departments with a fire rescue boat. The boat was launched the last week of April and is inspected for use. The department no longer has a diving team; however they are supported by the Horicon Fire Department and their Zodiac boat when necessary. When asked the most rewarding thing about volunteering for EMS and fire comments from this department maintained consistent. Ò ItÕ s in my blood, we are a small community, everyone knows everyone we help each other,Ó Said EMT Mara Haskell. Ò The thing about doing what we do, is your have got to have it in your heart.Ó Said Mury.

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Spring 2014

Spring 2014

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crown Point

CROWN POINT Ñ The A.E. Phelps Fire and Rescue Squad is always looking to expand its quality of care through training courses. The members of the squad meet every Tuesday night at 7 p.m. The squad is always looking for new members. Any one interested in joining the squad is encouraged to attend a meeting for more information on how to help the local EMS.

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18 - EMS Salute

Spring 2014

Port henry fire

Photo by Nancy Frasier

PORT HENRY Ñ A deep sense of community is what drives firefighters to brave flaming structures and icy waters any time of day or night. The team is supported by the Port Henry Fire Department Auxiliary. The all-volunteer fire department has been active since 1874. Before the department as itÕ s currently known came about, Hughes said fire companies were organized by local families of influence. The last of those companies were the G.R. Sherman Hose Company and the L.F. Sprague Chemi-

PORT HENRY Ñ The Moriah Police department stays busy throughout the year with a multitude of responsibilities to the town, community and the school. The department dissolved from two units,

Thank You To All Our Area First Responders! (518) 585-6725

the Town of Moriah Police Department and the Port Henry Police Department in the early 90Õ s to form one unit. The squad ,now a two member team comprised of Officer in Charge Steve Stahl and Officer Art Brassard attend on average 150175 calls per month ranging on the higher end during the summer. Ò We see more calls in the summer than we do in the winter,Ó said Stahl. Ò It is just as busy during the day as it is at night.Ó Stahl stated that they see a majority of those calls in the areas of burglary, larceny and illegal drug use with a more recent swing in heroin related activity. Ò We are just like any other small town,Ó said Stahl. Ò We have our share of drugs and thatÕ s an issue.Ó It is the hope of the department that in the

near future the use of Narcan will become available. Narcan is a drug used to counter the effects of opioid overdose. When administered soon enough, typically by first responders it can save the life of a person suspected of a possible heroin overdose. Ò We donÕ t just make arrests,Ó said Stahl. Ò What we do everyday, its about helping people and doing everything we can to ensure the safety of our community and its residents.Ó Along with the day-to-day work the department also plays a large roll in the school system. The parking lot is patrolled daily, and the officers stop in as much as their schedule allows to walk the halls and touch base with administration. The squad has also taken on the job of security for the VikingsÕ football team, a collaboration that saves the town and the school

Moriah Chief Steve Stahl Photo by Nancy Frasier


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Phil Huchro-Safety Officer, James Hughes-Fire Chief, Mike Hughes, Jr., Charles Kolodzey, David Lafountain, Christopher Lee, Zachery Martin, Tim McCaughin, Chuck McCaughin, Tom McDonald, Mark McLaughlin, Ron Nesbitt, Sr., Ron Nesbitt, Jr., William Pratt, Nestor Rodriguez, Sr., Phil Smith-Lieutenant, Richard Stockwell, Jr., John Sweet, Bobby Tompkins, Tom Trow, LeRoy Vanderhoof, Ron Van Slooten-3rd Asst. Chief, Brian Venne, Jack Waldron-Safety Officer, John Waldron-2nd Asst. Chief.

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A Sincere Thank You to our Rescue Squads & Fire Departments for their continued commitment to our communities

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financially as this is an arrangement that the officers work into their already set schedule. In addition to the collaboration for football season the department has also retired a police vehicle to be used by the school drivers education program and another that is being utilized by Ed Roberts town Animal Control Officer. In 2013 the department acquired a new Chevrolet Impala cruiser. With JusticesÕ Rick Carpenter and Brian Venne the town is now holding court two days a week, an officer presence is required on a majority of these proceedings. Serving the town of Moriah encompasses a vast area including Witherbee, Mineville, Moriah Center, The Town of Moriah and the Village of Port Henry. Patrol also has the responsibility of the two campgrounds Bulwaga Bay and Sandy Beach. Ò It would be nice to have more people,Ó said Stahl. Ò With budgets the way they are we can only ask the taxpayers to give so much. We work with what we have in culmination with the State Police and SheriffÕ s Department.Ó The culmination that Stahl mentions was seen most recently in the 2014 Essex County drug sweep which held roughly a dozen criminals accountable for their actions. Stahl and Brassard alike are native Moriah residents. Both working in the community a majority of their professional careers. Brassard has a dedicated 17 years to the department and Stahl a 31 year career. Ò Moriah is our home, this is where we live, raise our families and where we have chosen to stay,Ó said Stahl. Ò It is a privilege to serve this community.Ó

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equipment and training for the local department. The Port Henry Fire Department includes Gary Badore, Jr.-Vice President, William Ball, William Blood, Thomas Boyle, Timothy Boyle, William Boyle-Lieutenant, Charles Bryant, Danny Bryant, Edward Bryant, Allen Burch III, Peter CuttingSecretary, Lester Daby, George Daly, Richard DeFelice, Robert DeFelice-Captain, Mike Dever, Linda DuRoss-Treasurer, George EdwardsCaptain, Thomas Edwards-1st Asst. Chief, John Eisenberg, Joe Gilbo, James Gregory, John Hickey,

moriah Police

By Mauranda Stahl-Sorensen

Ticonderoga • Port Henry Elizabethtown

cal Company. They merged 135 years ago to create the long-running local department. Though the crewÕ s served since the decade following the Civil War, theyÕ ve kept up with modern methods of emergency response. Part of their fund-raising are four annual coin drops.The KingÕ s Inn on Hummingbird Way has hosted a fireman’s benefit dinner every year for the department for more than 10 years. All the money raised for the dinner, which typically has two services during the evening, go toward


Trade name of


Spring 2014

moriah fire

EMS Salute - 19

moriah ems

Photo by Nancy Frasier

Photo by Nancy Frasier

MORIAH Ñ The Moriah Ambulance Squad takes care of 4,000 residents and 67 miles of road way, covering Moriah, the village of Port Henry, Mineville-Whitherbee, Moriah Center and Moriah corners. The squad, which was founded in 1962, has 21 members. The squad receives about 450 calls a year. The highest volume of calls received are from people worried about their health, some may be false alarms but squad takes every call seriously. Many other calls received are car accidents and other accidents. Ò We run the gambit, crashes, falls, cuts, lacerations,Ó Lou Paris said. Ò We take big city calls like drug over doses and small town calls like people getting kicked by cows.Ó With two ambulance, both equipped with advanced life support equipment, the squad responds to calls in the town of Moriah and provides mutual aid for Crown Point, Westport, Elizabethtown and Lewis. The squad is run entirely by volunteer efforts and remains free of charge to those in need of services. The entirely-volunteer group gets funding

from the town of Moriah, but the remainder of its budget comes from community donations. As the need for more volunteers and support is a problem all area departments are facing, Paris said the squad works hard to fund raise through events like the annual letter campaign, coin drops and other events. Something the squad is always trying to do is to encourage community members to join the squad. Ò Time for training and time away from work and families is something we hear a lot from people but every little bit helps, there are a lot of small things the community can do to help the squad,Ó Paris said. Members of the Moriah Emergency Squad include John Baldwin, Robin Baldwin, Carol Boisvert, Lauren Boyle, Judy Brassard, Jason Drake, Mark Fleury, Jr., Mark Fleury, Sr., Trevor Fleury, Kelly Greene, Jeff Greenough, Dianne Harvish, Kaycee Kolodzy, Rick Maye, Karen Paris, Lou Paris, Sr., Carla Russo, Schuyler Sheldon, Dixen Williams and Susan Walsh.


We at Support Our EMS Thank you for your hard work & dedication to our communities!


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tips, it dramatically cut down on wildfires. Moriah seems to have little trouble getting people to sign up for firefighting duty. Though requirements have increased and peopleÕ s personal lives are busier than ever, the firefighter rolls are steady. Members of the Moriah Fire Department include Rick Maye, Ryan Rogers, Bill Wykes - Fire Police Lieutenant, Brandy Michener Secretary/Fire Police, Justin LaValley, Tammy Fleury, Mark Fleury, Brian Glebus - Chief, Mike Beveridge, Bill Trybendis, Tony Carniglia, Gary Rancour - Captain, Rob Lake, George Harrington - Fire Police Captain, Dan McLaughlin - President, Trevor Fleury, Greg Quain - Treasurer, Rich Redman - Captain, Marcia Glebus - Fire Police, Jeff Greenough - Quartermaster, Dillion Adkins, James Michener - Lieutenant/PIO, Ed Roberts - 1st Assistant Chief, Bill Petro - 2nd Assistant Chief, Chuck French - Captain, Ernie Fleury Lieutenant, Brian Collupy - Lieutenant/Vice President, Ben Winters - Safety Officer, Alan Borden, Tori Fleury, Jordan Greenough, Jim Decker, Mark Fleury, Jr., Jason Sprague, Lari Trapasso, Derek Trepanier, Dixon Williams, Bill Petro III, TJ Brassard, Tom Brassard, Todd Malbon, Mike Moran, Ned Phinney, Pat Perkins - Fire Police, Joe Rogers - Fire Police, Wilbur Sprague - Fire Police and Bud Pereau - Fire Police.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer. 89831

Thank You First Responders For Your Dedication to Our Communities and Our Neighbors District Office 140 Glen Street Glens Falls, NY 12801 Phone (518) 792-4546 Fax (518) 792-5584

Legislative Office 940 Legislative Office Building Albany, NY 12248 Phone (518) 455-5565 Fax (518) 455-5710

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MORIAH Ñ The Moriah Fire Department continues its mission to protect and to serve the life and property of the Moriah Fire District. The department still has a 1937 Dodge truck that was in service when they were founded. The 48-member department has two pumpers, one with a 1,500 gallon per minute capacity that carries 1,500 gallons, and another with a 1,250 gallon per minute capacity that carries 750 gallons. TheyÕ ve got a tank truck to carry an extra 2,500 gallons of water to a fire, and an aerial to attack a fire from up to 85 feet up. They also have a brush truck for off-road needs that carries 250 gallons of water. ThereÕ s a miniature pumper that moves 450 gallons per minute and carries 250 gallons. Their equipment van carries supplies including their air tanks along with a compressor for emergency air refills. Their public outreach includes programs with Moriah students. They teach the young kids not to play with matches and to put out fires if they see them. That education doesnÕ t just help prevent fires with the youngsters, said Jaquish. The kids take home that knowledge and share it with their parents. Before the Department of Environmental Conservation instituted a burn ban in early spring, grass fires were a big problem for his department. When the kids brought home fire safety



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Spring 2014


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MINEVILLE/WITHERBEE Ñ The Mineville-Witherbee Fire Department first opened in 1916 when employees of the Witherbee Sherman and Company formed the H. Comstock Fire Department in 1916 and later the municipal district was created by the Moriah Town Board. The department has seen many disasters and accidents over the past 96 years and the 19-member company remains deter-

mined to protect area residents. The departmentÕ s coverage is a somewhat small area of about 20 square miles. For more information on how to become involved in the volunteer department contact Essex County Emergency Services at 873-3900 or stop by the department to pick up an application.

Members of the Mineville/Witherbee Fire Department include Henry Trombley Jr., John Santose (Safety Officer), Chief Adam Wright, Captain Matt Vincent, Second Assistant Chief Ray Briggs, First Assistant Chief Patrick Tromlee, John M. Zerbe, Ed Harter , Craig MacDougal, Jeff Farnsworth, Derick McCoy, Mark Blodgett and Commissionor Ron Hacoltine

Teach your children about 9-1-1 and how to use it in emergencies


hree-year-old Jaden Bolli, of Maple Shade, N.J. dialed 9-1-1 when his grandmother collapsed at home. The toddler had learned how to call emergency services just days before from his mother. The boy told the dispatcher that it was his grandmother Õ s blood sugar. However, she really had suffered a stroke. Paramedics arrived in time and were able to help the woman. Bolli saved his grandmaÕ s life. A parent never knows when an emergency will strike. His or her only hope may be the fast-thinking action of a young child who has called for help. Many parents wonder when the right time is for teaching youngsters about 9-1-1 or calling for emergency services. It doesnÕ t have to be based on age but rather maturity level. A mature 3-year-old may be able to grasp

the concept and learn how to use the phone. However, parents may have to wait a little longer for a less mature child. Some adults are apprehensive about teaching the 9-1-1 lesson because they fear a child may dial the number by accident or even on purpose when there is no emergency. Many a police officer has responded to a call only to find that a child has made the call. Some areas will give individuals a warning. Others may issue a fine if 9-1-1 is dialed too many times without an emergency. This can be a deterrent to teaching about calling the police. However, when done the right way, many children can grasp the difference between using 9-1-1 in the wrong and right way:

1. Explain the purpose of 9-1-1.

It is a method of contacting the police, fire department or ambulance when there is an emergency only. An emergency is when Mom, Dad or someone else in the house is hurt and canÕ t get up; there is a fire; or the police are needed, like if there is a burglar or a bad fight.

2. Adults rule

Indicate that the adults in the house will dial the phone whenever possible if there is an emergency. The child is learning only in case Mom or Dad canÕ t get to the phone.

3. Discuss the buttons

Show the child how to push them in the right order.

4. Where you at?

Now may be the time to also teach the child his or her full name and address. This is something many kindergartners are urged to know.

5. Roll-play with the child

Go over instances that are emergencies and non-emergencies so he or she will understand the differences between both and when 9-1-1 may be needed. Again, stress the importance that 9-1-1 should not be dialed just for fun. Mommy is not sick if she simply has a headache! With time, children can grasp the concept of 9-1-1 and be a lifesaver at a time when an adult cannot reach the phone.

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