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Look inside for tips and advice on how to: • Pare down the guest list • Traditional and non-traditional ways to celebrate • Wedding Dress for Success • Find the perfect wedding ring • Wedding cake trends this season • Floral tips • Respectful ways to honor the deceased • Wedding musician pointers • Accessories essentials for brides and bridesmaids • Put your best foot forward with bridal footwear • Wedding day transportation options • Honeymoon How - To

Have fun, enjoy every minute, and smile.

- Ashley A., Keeseville


dddddddddddddddddddddd ouples are faced with many decisions when planning a wedding. One often overlooked decision concerns the guest list. Ideally, couples would love to invite all their friends and family to share in their special day. Realistically, however, budget often dictates just how many guests a couple can invite. Weddings are very expensive, and if Mom and Dad are paying they should have a say in who will be in attendance. The same principle can be ap-

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* Extended family: Each family is different, but make a rule and stick to it. Kretzer also suggested all family parties create a guest “wish list.” “Create a first tier and a second tier,” he said. “Starting cutting from the second tier list, bottom up, until the perfect number is reached.” Another way Kretzer suggested keeping the list shorter is to give serious thought to

those being invited. “If a proposed guest has not corresponded with the couple in two years or is not someone seen regularly and they live in the same town, they probably should not be on the list,” he said. Once the guest list has reached the magic number, Kretzer advises to “make sure the final guest list is acceptable to all parties involved in this process.”

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plied if the couple is paying for their own wedding. If the costs are being split down the middle, then both the groom- and bride-to-be should be allowed to invite the same number of guests. According to wedding planner Joshua Kretzer of pod studio in Plattsburgh, couples should first decide the size of the wedding based on what they can afford. “The smaller the guest list, the less money that will need to be spent on catering, flowers, rentals, etc.,” said Kretzer. “Also, the smaller the guest list, the more options as far as choice of venue. A wedding held at a private residence can be a one-of-a-kind experience for all in attendance.” To pare down the guest list, Kretzer provided the following suggestions: * Dates: Set a steadfast rule — if a guest lives with their significant other then they are invited. * Coworkers: Invite all or none. This should pertain to all groups (book club, sports league, etc.)

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When your parents are split up, you want to make sure everyone is happy. Remember that it is your day and not anyone else’s. They want you to be happy on your wedding day, so if some detail that involves both of them will make you happy, tell them that, and they will do it.

- Sarah L., Plattsburgh

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something new, something borrowed, something blue. Alternative: Wear all new items, all antique items. Borrow all of your wedding day apparel — it’s the bride’s choice. Traditional: Mother-Son, Father-Daughter dances at the reception. Alternative: Welcome everyone present to dance with a special member of their family so all eyes are not on the bride and groom, who may be self-conscious about dancing with their parents. These dances also can be skipped. Traditional: Bouquet toss for the bride and garter toss for the groom. Alternative: Toss beads or treats in the style of Mardi Gras to all of the guests, so it’s not only about single men and women. Traditional: Reception at a catering hall or hotel. Alternative: Reception at an alternative site, such as an aquarium, zoo or museum.

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ome couples want to celebrate their weddings in traditional fashion. Others want everything to be unique, new and exciting. Here’s a look at some of the traditional wedding elements and how they can be shaken up for a different spin. Traditional: Father walks the bride down the aisle. Alternative: A son, daughter, friend, or even both parents walk the bride down the aisle. She can also traverse the white carpet solo, if desired. Perhaps the groom meets the bride halfway and they walk the rest of the aisle together. Traditional: “The Wedding March (Here Comes the Bride)” plays when the bride enters. Alternative: Any favorite classical or modern song is played when the bride enters, as long as it is approved by the venue where the ceremony is taking place. Traditional: Something old,

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or most brides-to-be, the choice of a dress is among the first and most important decisions in planning a wedding. By making some decisions before setting foot in a store, the search will be both easier and a whole lot more enjoyable. First things first Know your limits. To avoid disappointment down the line, determine the maximum amount you can spend on a dress — and don’t forget to include all the little extras, such as undergarments, shoes, jewelry, veil, and/or hair ornaments. Next, take an inventory of your personal style. If you know you’re not comfortable in strapless or sleeveless dresses, for example, you can immediately eliminate these options. The trick is to rule out a few style options before hitting the magazines or stores and then be open to all other options. Firm yet flexible There will be no shortage of opinions — from mothers, sisters, friends, and store personnel — about your choice of a wedding dress, but the decision, ultimately, is the bride’s alone. A great strategy is to be open to suggestions about dresses to try on, but reserve the right to choose the look that feels right to you. With so many potential options, you might want to consider bring-

ing along a camera and taking photos of yourself in the dresses that could be “contenders.” Go for a flattering fit Remember: Your goal is to find a dress that flatters your body and expresses your personal style — not to fit into a particular size. If you look ghostly in white, feel free to choose a creamier shade or a dress that has decorative accents of a different color near your neck, shoulders and face. Similarly, there’s no rule that a wedding dress has to be floor-length. If you’re planning a daytime or more casual wedding, you might want to consider a tealength dress (one that falls a few inches above the ankle) or go even shorter.

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Comfort is key Style and fit may be the two most important factors in choosing a wedding dress, but comfort should be a close third. Ask yourself if you will be comfortable in a particular dress given the setting in which your wedding will take place. For instance, if you’ve always dreamed of an outdoor wedding, you may want forego a dress with a long, trailing train that could trip you up on your walk to or down the aisle. Photo by Greer Cicarelli Photography


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Get crafty and save yourself a lot of money! My family and friends helped me make the centerpieces, invitations, favors and programs. It was a lot of fun and gave us all a chance to really take in the experience and bond.

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-Megan D. Broadalbin

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hoosing your wedding rings is one of the more important aspects of wedding planning. Your rings will symbolize your commitment to each other, and you should choose styles that reflect your personalities and preferences in jewelry ... but how? One of the first decisions you should make is whether you desire the rings to match in style. Many couples like to have rings of the same style, albeit smaller in scale for the bride. With this in mind, you can move on to whether you would like a classic ring or something more intricate. Classic rings are timeless and can complement many different styles of clothing. You can decide among ring widths if you desire something a little different. Plus, some classic styles feature engraving around the band for a little embellishment. Select the metal of your choice for the ring. Silver will be one of the more affordable options, followed by lower karats of gold. Platinum offers the look of silver or white gold, but with more timeless durability. However, platinum, due to its rarity as a metal, will cost more. On the opposite end of the ring spectrum are diamond wedding rings. Both brides and grooms can wear diamond-accented or completely diamond rings. Diamond rings can exude taste, wealth and elegance. Selecting a diamond wedding ring will require a bit more comparison shopping, since you’re now weighing the quality of the diamonds. While precious metals are typically classified by their karat, diamonds have a number of other factors, including the 4Cs: Carat, Cut, Clarity, and Color. Carat: The weight and size of the diamond Cut: Craftsmanship used in cutting the facets of the stone to maximize reflection of light Clarity: How clear the stone is and whether there is the presence of any inclusions, or birthmarks Color: Diamonds are graded based on how close to colorless they are, with colors D, E, and F being nearly colorless If you are choosing rings that do not match in style, the bride may want to pick a band that coordinates with her engagement ring. Today there are many jewelry designers that create ring sets, so both rings will look cohesive and fit well on your finger. If your engagement ring is very ornate and it does not come with a matching wedding band, consider a plain wedding ring or asking a jeweler if a custom one can be made. One other thing to consider is that brides need not necessarily wear their engagement ring and wedding ring on the same finger. If your engagement ring simply does not fit well or clashes with the wedding ring you love, by all means wear your wedding ring on the left hand and the engagement ring on the right. Some wedding experts also recommend that if you choose an ornate ring for your wedding ring, you may want to order a plain band for everyday wear or if you’re concerned about damaging the more elaborate one.

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n recent years, wedding cakes have become more of an artistic centerpiece than just a confectionary treat. Couples often seek out renowned wedding cake bakers for a cake that will amaze the crowd and complete the theme of the wedding. The average couple will spend between $700 to $800 for their wedding cake. Although many catering halls or reception sites will include the wedding cake in a package deal, many couples choose to order their cake from a specialty bakery who creates culinary masterpieces. If television trends are any indication, many people are opting to spend several hundred to thousands of dollars on a customized wedding cake. These fondant and buttercream creations may be elaborate in nature, so much so they’ll likely need to be ordered several months in advance. Couples looking for something a bit different for their upcoming nuptials, many want to consider these trends in wedding cakes. * 3-D accents on the cake, such as graphic appliques. * A black-and-white motif that gives the cake a simplistic, yet trendy appeal. * A lot of bold color in the cake, instead of just white or ivory. * Dramatic monograms that can add class to the cake. * Painted cakes with edible food coloring paint that feature beautiful landscapes or a portrait. A work of art, they’re both delicious to eat and fun to admire. * Cakes that mirror the style of the wedding gown, including fondant ruffles and appliques. Many couples still opt for the traditional, and that is always in style. Instead of experimenting with the outside of the cake, couples can be creative with cake flavor and fillings. Imagine cutting open the cake to find red velvet or a chocolate ganache filling!

You should feed your guests practically right way when you arrive at the reception. I went to a wedding where they made the guests wait around for four hours before serving dinner. They are hungry, and the older people might not want to stay around all night to dance and party with the rest of you!

- Britt L., Saranac

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loral arrangements for a wedding can prove very expensive. But couples can trim those costs using more greenery in the floral displays and ordering less expensive, seasonal flowers. When discussing arrangements with the florist, explain that the budget can only allow so much for flowers, and work together to find ways to add aesthetic appeal without breaking the bank.

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Photo by Greer Cicarelli Photography

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ceased in the wedding ceremony and offer a special prayer in that person’s name. * Add a memoriam line to the end of the wedding program. * Dedicate a special song during the reception in the person’s name. * A bride who will not be able to walk down the aisle with her father can choose to do so with her mother or another relative and carry something that belonged to their father. * Set up a photo slide show that includes photos of the deceased. Choose poignant but upbeat music so the moment is not overly somber. * Leave an empty chair and place setting at the reception for the person who could not be there. * Display something that symbolizes the person at the wedding, such as a flag for a deceased veteran or an item that represents the person’s favorite hobby.

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We had a candle made with [my husband’s] father’s and grandfather’s names on it. When his mother was escorted in, we had her light the candle to signify if they couldn’t be there in person we could at least include them in spirit.

eddings are supposed to be joyous events, which can make it difficult to honor a deceased parent. Doing so in a way that does not compromise the upbeat mood of the event can prove quite a challenge to prospective brides and grooms. The death of someone close is rarely easy to accept, especially when it happens close to a couple’s wedding day. But there are many ways couples can honor a deceased parent at their ceremony. * Display pictures of the deceased with the wedding couple so the memory of these people can be part of the festivities. * Set up a table with a special floral arrangement and photo with a placard that states, “In memory of ...” * Wear a piece of clothing or jewelry that belonged to the deceased. Cufflinks from a father or a veil from a mother. * Ask the pastor or officiant to specifically mention the de-

- Leslie L., Rouses Point

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ddddddddddddddddddddddd ive musicians or deejays are often the entertainment of choice. When hiring the entertainment, there are some important things to keep in mind. Deejay Dan Gates of G & B: Special Effects DJ Service in Plattsburgh advises couples to get client references from perspective deejays. “I would ... suggest relying heavily on a deejay’s past client reference list, which should be very extensive and include detailed information, as well as contact info so you could actually speak to a handful of past customers,” he said. “With 52 weekends per year, any deejay worth hiring should be able to provide an incredible, impressive reference list.” Provide the musical entertainment with some information to further help the wedding go off without a hitch. This may include but not be limited to the following: * Names of all wedding party participants so they can be properly introduced. * Name of the married couple,


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Photo by Semeraro Photography

SP B & G


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!~ nce


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including pronunciation of the last name, if necessary. * The title of the couple’s song. * The titles of songs to be danced with mother/son or father/daughter. * Special announcements that should be made, such as mentioning a guest’s birthday or another special event involving guests. * Whether a bouquet and garter toss will take place, and which songs should be played during these traditions. * Alisting of any preferred songs. *Any music that is off-limits at the reception. “You may include any specific details as an ‘add-on’ to your deejay contract,” said Gates. “Which may include your preferred play list. Keep in mind that you are also relying on the deejay’s experience and that you will want your guests to enjoy themselves, too.” “A good deejay should be to cater to your music requests in addition to satisfying the overall crowd and the varying age groups that may be present,” he added.


ea 20 Y

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You’re not in this alone! Don’t be afraid to ask good friends for help with important tasks, such as greeting guests at the reception site, giving vendors their payments, dealing with the caters, helping to pack up at the end of the night, etc. Good friends will want to help with anything. Just don’t forget to thank them.

- Sonal P-D., Plattsburgh

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s central as the wedding dress is, brides also know their look is never complete without the right accessories. Arguably the most important accessory, aside from the groom, is the jewelry the bride and her bridesmaids will be wearing on the big day. According to jewelry maker Lisa Gadway of Seyshelles in Plattsburgh, choosing the right jewelry obviously varies from bride to bride. “A lot of people like the bling. The bigger the better, and others just want a simple little pearl or a dangle or a bracelet. or something of their moms. It’s really up to the bride, her taste.” However, Gadway also suggests choosing something “elaborate” as she’ll want to feel like a princess on her big day. As for the other women in the wedding, bridesmaids can vary in the type of jewelry each one wears. “The girls will just go with it because it’s her day and they want to make her happy,” said Gadway. “I think there’s a little give and take on both sides.” And don’t forget the little girl of the wedding ... the flower girl. “You want her jewelry to kind of match the bridesmaids,” said Gadway. So the little girl feels a part of the wedding.” As a final tip, Gadway also suggests borrowing jewelry from the bride’s mother. “Sometimes if they want to use their mothers necklace, but they want their own style, you can redo it,” she said. “Take the pendant and put it on a newer necklace.” “Sometimes you can incorporate something that’s special to you and make it yours,” she added.

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any of today’s grooms are working with budgets smaller than they might have been in years past. Fortunately, you can get many gifts under $50, all of which will ensure lasting memories for years to come. Hit a Homerun Seemingly since the beginning of time, men have bonded over sports. Many websites and even local businesses have personalized sports gifts, complete with all your favorite MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, and even NCAA teams. Be it a personalized locker room print, a stainless steel hip flask or a stadium fan framed print, grooms have a host of choices under $50 that won’t break the bank but groomsmen will be proud to display every time they turn on the big game. Stock the Bar No man cave is complete without a fully stocked bar, and grooms can help their groomsmen transform their basement into a Mecca of man caves with a carefully chosen gift that’s sure to prove a proud addition to their groomsmen’s home bar. Grooms can choose a personalized Pewter Medallion Glass Mug that says Best Man, Groomsmen or Usher and personalize each mug with up to two lines. For the groomsman who already has his own beer mug, consider a personalized 5-piece Decanter Set that’s ideal for the man who loves to entertain. What’s more, this uniquely personalized set makes a timeless reminder of the groom’s big day whenever he visits his groomsmen to share a drink and a few laughs. Embrace Everyone’s Inner Executive For older grooms whose groomsmen are all established businessmen, perhaps no gift will be more proudly displayed than a personalized Executive Silver Plated Card Case and Pen Set. A gift no rising corporate baron can resist, this unique set is professionally engraved and can hold business cards and an executive pen. Executives on the rise will also love the personalized Executive Money Clip and Pen Knife Set, tailor made and personally engraved for the executive who’s always on the move.

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Have a person for wedding staff/caterers/ videographer, ect. to talk to on your special day instead of you or hubby. This person will take care of the small stuff and only approach you with larger issues while you enjoy your beautiful day.

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hile a bride’s gown, hairstyle and other accoutrements are the first things others see when she walks down the aisle, it’s what she wears on her feet that may make the most impact on her wedding day. That’s because a comfortable bride is often a happy bride. And as anyone who has squeezed into too-tight shoes knows, one’s mood can certainly turn sour if feet are covered with blisters and walking is uncomfortable. While many brides are quick to pick the most beautiful shoes for their wedding day, perhaps they should choose more based on comfort than aesthetics. That said, there are still plenty of options that are beautiful as well as comfortable. Deciding on a Style Closed toe: These shoes are completely enclosed and may be prefered for the bride who wants to wear a full stocking. They create an unbroken line from the gown to the floor. They’re also elegant and ideal for winter weddings. Peep toe: This offers the benefits of a closed-toe shoe with a little peek of toe. They’re often considered sexy and sweet. Open toe: These sandal-like shoes are best worn in warm weather and without stockings for a clean look. Brides should be sure to splurge on a pedicure so their toes look neat and perfect. Slingback: These shoes expose the heel for a little bit of drama. Make sure they fit well otherwise the heel strap may slide down and become a nuisance. Choose Heel Height Many brides want to be the belle of the ball, and to them high heels seem to be the way to achieve this. However, choosing a lower heel or a flat may be a smart move where comfort is involved. A word of advice is to choose the lowest heel possible, which helps

avoid snags on a gown or unsteady traversing down the aisle or up and down church steps. Lower heels are also much more comfortable for dancing. Breaking in Shoes It is recommended to choose shoes prior to a last fitting so that the gown length can be adjusted depending upon the height of the heel. Purchasing shoes early also gives brides a chance to break in their shoes. Wearing the shoes around the house and scuffing up the soles not only makes them more comfortable and less slip-worthy, it gives brides practice walking in them. Plus, if upon breaking in the shoes she finds they aren’t what she hoped for, a new pair of shoes can be purchased. Remember, feet tend to swell as the day goes on, so brides may want to choose a shoe a half-size bigger for comfort later on. Bait and Switch Some brides prefer to sweat out the ceremony and pictures in one pair of less comfortable shoes and then switch into a pair of satin slippers or even sneakers for the remainder of the celebration. When favors or flowers are dropped off at the reception, a friend can tuck these switch-out shoes under the bride’s seat so that she can change into them at her convenience. Wedding Traditions Brides can create wedding memories by taking their shoes and having them bronzed, just like parents used to do with baby shoes. They can also have all of the unmarried bridesmaids sign their names on the soles of the shoes. The last name left that hasn’t worn off after the end of the wedding is the next person who will be getting married. Some brides prefer to wear shoes that match their wedding color or offer that “something blue.” Photo by Greer Cicarelli Photography

Use the people in your family and friends to help out with everything. Mothers are especially helpful with taking care of the little things.

- Britt L., Saranac


’s Restaur a a um


On the big day, remember what it is truly about. Don’t get caught up in the little things, because the show will go on no matter what. The marriage is what matters most.

- Sarah C-D., Cadyville

Today many couples are paying for weddings themselves, and if you’re spending all that money you want to enjoy it, so make sure you dance and enjoy all of it. If you forgot to say hello to someone, they will know where to find you!

- Kathleen B-H., Plattsburgh

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here are many options in wedding transportation. The more traditional options include renting a car or limousine. The Bridal Association of America reports the average couple spends $400 to $500 for an automotive rental. However, prices may vary depending on geography and the type of vehicle rented. Wedding transportation is perhaps something grooms-to-be can get excited about. After all, we’re talking about cars — some fancy, some large, and many decked out with different features. Consider the following options: * Limousine: A limo is one of the most traditional methods of transport on a couple’s wedding day. A limousine’s size enables them to carry the bridal party in its entirety. Because the bride and groom often do not see each other before the ceremony, two limos may be rented, one larger for the bridal party, and one smaller for the bride and her parents, depending on personal preference. * Classic car: Sports car enthusiasts may want to make an entrance — and exit — behind the wheel of a sporty vehicle. These can include a highend Ferrari or an Aston Martin. Because of their high purchase price, sports car rentals may carry a premium. * Stretch SUV: The traditional limo has morphed into the stretch SUV of popular models, including the Cadillac Escalade, Ford Expedition or even a stretch Hummer. Because of their popularity, these rentals may be snatched up quickly. Be sure to book well in advance of the big day.

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* Party Bus: Many couples are leaning toward a party bus rental, which may be a single- or double-decker bus that can fit scores of people inside. These are particularly attractive to couples with a very large bridal party, or those who hope to begin the celebration even before reaching the reception hall. * Horse-drawn carriage: Some couples truly want the fairytale feel on their wedding day. A horse-drawn carriage can evoke feelings of a Cinderella-type day. The carriage tends to be best suited to warm weather. For winter weddings, a horse-drawn sleigh might make a better alternative. * Motorcycle: Exciting couples may want to ride off into the sunset on the back of a roadster or sports bike. * Horses: Horses can haul more than just a carriage. A bride and groom atop a handsome steed can make for a memorable wedding transportation option and equally memorable photos. * Boat: Individuals getting married by the sea or another body of water may want to consider attending the festivities via boat, be it a large vessel or a more intimate canoe or rowboat. Wedding day transportation varies depending on each couple’s preference. Here are some other things to keep in mind concerning transportation. * Be sure to have transportation options at the ready for guests who may have over-indulged on alcoholic beverages. * Wedding party participants who arrived at the wedding by a limo or other source will need a ride home somehow. * Find out if a hotel nearby offers complementary transportation to and from the reception hall.


eady for the honeymoon? Here’s some tips so you don’t break the bank. * Be budget-conscious. After all the stress of planning and paying for the wedding, couples will likely just enjoy the time away. Take this into consideration when planning a honeymoon. If a dream trip isn’t in the budget after all the wedding bills have come due, don’t fret. A less expensive getaway is still a getaway, and couples will enjoy their well-deserved break no matter where it is they’re putting their feet up. * Plan an off-season honeymoon. Most weddings occur during the summer months, when tourist season is in full swing.Couples who can put off their honeymoon until the off-season will no doubt find their dream honeymoon is much more affordable. * Start early. It’s never too early to start planning the honeymoon. The earlier couples begin to research possible destinations, the better feel they

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will have for what they can and can’t afford. Research can be done well in advance to give couples an idea of what their dream trip will cost. But don’t book any flights or make any reservations too far in advance. The best deals are often available a few months before the trip. * Spread the news that you’re newlyweds. Hotels love hosting newlyweds, and many will upgrade rooms for recently married guests. Let the hotel know you’re on your honeymoon when checking in, and they might just upgrade your room and comp you a bottle of champagne as a gift. * Think outside the box. When asked about a dream honeymoon, couples will often bring up Hawaii or even Paris. While those are beautiful places to spend a honeymoon, they’re also expensive. Fortunately, there are a bevy of locales, be it domestic or international, that aren’t nearly as pricey as the most popular honeymoon destinations but still make wonderful options for a honeymoon getaway couples won’t soon forget.

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