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November 12, 2011

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Vanselow wins in Johnsburg



Elections 2011 By John Grybos NORTH CREEK — Ron Vanselow isn't waiting until Jan. 1 to get involved as Johnsburg's new town supervisor. The morning after the elections, he was down at town hall scoping out space for his new office. “It's certainly a humbling experience, and all the times I've been put in of fice it's been an honor to serve,” he said. “I hope I can meet the voters positive expectations.” Vanselow ended the election with a sizable lead of 422 votes over Chuck Martin, who tallied 178, accor ding to unofficial results. In meet the candidate forums prior to election day , Vanselow said he wanted the supervisor's o ffice t o m ove closer to the town hall entrance, so he can be r eadily available to hear the voices of his constituents. “It's important that I be front and center when I'm not busy with other things, like county meetings,” he said. Vanselow said he plans to meet with Highway Superintendent Dan Hitchcock, who was r eaffirmed in an uncontested race, later in the day to talk about a town road plan for the future. Saratoga & North Creek Railway Conductor Steve Conklin assists children as they board a passenger dome car Nov. 3 at the Saratoga Rail Station Building r epairs will be prioritized, said V anselow, to celebrate the debut of the railway’s holiday Polar Express excursion trips. See related article on page 4. Photo by Thom Randall and he's thinking about the




By John Grybos




P9 P11 P12-13


P15 NORTH CREEK — Honoring veterans in the digital age, Cherie Ferguson, Johnsburg town secretary, is building a Facebook album featur-

ing local men and women who've served their country. The Facebook album, titled “Town of Johnsburg - Honoring our Vets!!” is an effort by Ferguson to pay tribute and is part of the town's Facebook profile. Ferguson's b een b uilding t he a lbum with photographs and service years of Johnsbur g veterans since sometime around Veteran's Day last

HOMETOWN OIL Automotive Service, Inc.

Student council is active at Minerva Central. PAGE 9 IN SPORTS

Lake Champlain Bridge opened to traffic. PAGE 10

Some of the information she has on the veterans is limited, often just a name, branch and years served. Especially helpful is when r elations comment on photographs to pro vide some extra details. Sometimes wellversed locals have a tidbit about the veteran because of their community service or high-profile local work, CONTINUED ON PAGE 4


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year, she said. Her approach is limited by available equipment and spar e time. Cherie said she often has to photograph t he p hotographs s he's g iven to convert them into digital bits for uploading. Ferguson said she has a lar ge backlog of about 200 photos, and it's slow going pr ocessing them in her off hours.

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Veterans Day is Nov. 11









Local veterans honored in online album



Folk musicians will gather to raise flood funds.

2 - News Enterprise • Johnsburg

November 12, 2011

JBurg history marked with new signs By John Grybos JOHNSBURG — Five new markers installed in North Creek and Wevertown tell a little bit of the history of Johnsburg's edifices, and sign designer Michelle SanAntonio said ther e's plenty of history to make more, if funding can be found. She was inspired to create the 18- by 24-inch signs during a walking visit to Montpelier, Vt. Signs describing local landmarks seemed like a great idea for Johnsburg, she said. SanAntonio chose the buildings for what will hopefully be the first o r und of informative signs on merits of the narrative the building represents and its access to visitors. She got some requests for private buildings to be r eviewed for a marker , but the dif ficulties of visitors trampling ar ound and inspecting such places wer e too much for the initial five-sign installation. The signs featur e a history of the building and images provided by the Johnsburg Historical Society from the structure's past. “It allows locals and tourists to see what the building looked like in its former life and how it's transformed,” said SanAntonio.

In the North Country we are strong, hardworking people! We value friends, family and our neighbors! We come together in times of need! We aren’t afraid to lend a helping hand! We stand on common ground! We stand in agreement! We stand UNITED!

Toy drive seeks donation box spots

There’s no greater feeling; than coming together as a community!

NORTH CREEK — The Adirondack Community Outr each Center(formerly named the North Country Outreach Center) is gearing up for their Annual Toy Give-Away. This yearly event distributes new toys to more than 125 families in the area. This year the T oy Drive will be assisted by the local boy scouts of Troop 36 in distributing the donation boxes. Donation boxes for new unwrapped toys and boxes for Now at cash donations will be at local businesses thr oughout the •RELAXATION TRIMMERS community. •THERAPEUTIC SALON New unwrapped toys can be brought to any of these loca• ONCOLOGY MASSAGE tions or to the Adirondack Community Outreach Center at By Appointment 2718 State Route 28, Mondays fr om 10 a.m. to noon or Thursdays from 2 to 4 p.m. If you would like to get a donation box for your business NORTH CREEK 623-9898 or for more information please call the Outreach at 518-251WARRENSBURG 623-9898 3481.


With 39 partner agencies, our health and human service network provided assistance to 80,000 people in Clinton, Essex and Franklin Counties last year.


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Sixth Anniversary Celebration Nov. 19th & 20th, 2011

Great Antiques, Home Décor and Gift Items Help us Celebrate with Refreshments and Savings up to 20% on Fine Merchandise. For more information call: (518) 494-3192



United Way of the Adirondack Region Inc. 45 Tom Miller Road, Plattsburgh, NY 12901 Ph: (518) 563-0028 • Fax: (518) 563-0270 Web: OUR MISSION: To be a leader in community partnership building and to increase the organized capacity of people to care for one another

A sign was installed at the Copperfield, formerly the American Hotel, which burned and was rebuilt a decade later. Down the street, the Foothills store's sign features a photo showing how it has a completely different front than it did 100 years ago. Boutique stor e Poiema Vault's marker cites the building's former role as the First North Creek National Bank. In W evertown, Beaver Br ook Outfitters added a sign detailing its history as the St. Borromeo Catholic Chur ch. On the other side of the intersection, the Community Center's plaque r ecalls how it moved acr oss the r oad during Route 8 construction. Though she picked two W evertown locations because she didn't want to focus too much on North Cr eek, SanAntonio said most of the buildings in the hamlet have enough history for a plaque. The Main Street drugstore once hosted town board meetings, and an opera house upstairs brought stage performances to North Cr eek long befor e the T annery Pond Community Center was built. The train station at Riparius and churches in Bakers Mills ar e also candidates for futur e signs, said SanAntonio.


November 12, 2011

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4 - News Enterprise

November 12, 2011

Saratoga-North Creek Railway launches its holiday ‘Polar Express’ By Thom Randall

For the themed rail trips, children are encouraged to wear pajamas to immerse themselves in the spirit of the story. Three choices of seating options are available, including the railway’s signature dome cars. Goodman said she anticipates that the Polar Expr ess will draw thousands of riders in its debut year, introducing them to the amenities of the scenic rail line. Those who purchase a quantity of tickets receive a bonus which give them that opportunity. Passengers who purchase four Polar Express tickets for a November trip receive a voucher for two free coach tickets on the Gore Mountain Snow Train. Tickets for Polar Express, ranging from $10 to $55 depending on a passenger ’s age and seat selection, are available online at Details ar e avai lable at that website, or by calling (877) 726-RAIL.

Veterans Day Santa greets Arlinda Birdsall and her triplet g randchildren Nick Luke and Kate during a session Thursday Nov. 3 kicking off the Saratoga & North Creek Railway’s Polar Express excursions running from Nov. 18 through Christmas. The round trips to ‘the North Pole’ feature singing elves, dancing chefs and retelling of the classic children’s holiday tale. Photo by Thom Randall

“It will be a fantastic experience — it’s their first train ride ever.” Debra Goodman of the Saratoga & North Creek Railway predicted that the Polar Express excursions out of Saratoga this season would enchant childr en and adults as they have in other railways in the western U.S. operated by Iowa Pacific, the local railroad’s parent firm. “The Polar Expr ess is much mor e than an event,” she said. “The experience is tr uly special because of the emotion it cr eates.”


SARATOGA SPRINGS — T rain Conductor Steve Conklin helped one pajama-clad child after another boar d a passenger car parked Thursday in the Saratoga Rail Station. “Next stop, the North Pole,” he announced with a grin. Soon afterwards, about two dozen children and their parents were treated to a visit by Santa Claus and served hot chocolate — in a kickof f of the Saratoga & North Cr eek Railway’s Polar Express train rides. These themed excursions offered by the railroad begin Nov. 18 and run through December. The excursions r e-tell the classic childr en’s story of a magical Christmas train, a tale that was turned into a movie in 2004. The series of 64 Polar Expr ess train trips, taking childr en to “the North Pole” and back, are a first-ever for the Capital Region. During the one-hour excursions, the classic tale comes to life, complete with singing elves, dancing chefs and a visit by Santa. The story is r ead aloud and the music of the movie plays aloud during the trip, prompting sing-alongs. The Polar Express events are offered at 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. on select days in November and daily from Dec. 2 through Dec. 23 — plus two trips on the concluding days of Dec. 27 and 28. At the Nov. 3 media event, Arlinda Birdsall and three of her grandchildren — young triplets Nick, Luke and Kate Sesselman — experienced a taste of the upcoming Polar Express trip. “This is so exciting for my grandkids — they’ve been talking about this non-stop,” Birdsall said of her youngsters, garbed in Santa hats and pajamas. “They ar e playing hooky fr om pr eschool to be here.” Kaitlin Carter, a new r esident of Saratoga Springs, said her children Kadyn, 4, and Lawson, 1, wer e excited about an upcoming ride on the Polar Express.

from page 1 she said. When all's said and done, Ferguson said the Johnsbur g Historical Society will r eceive the collection for their archives. One veteran documented by Ferguson is Patrick Porter of Riparius, who served in the Navy at the tail end of WWII and the opening of the Korean War. He did his basic training at Camp Perry in V irginia. His first assignment was on a troop transport carPatrick Porter rying soldiers home from Japan. He transferred to the supply division, where he said the mattr esses wer e much thicker and the rooms much more accommodating. Porter was at Bikini Atoll during atomic bomb tests following the end of the war. The ship he was on was 20 miles from the detonation site. The cr ew wer e all issued dark glasses because of the high-intensity flash caused by an atomic e xplosion, b ut P orter w as s till w arned t o t uck h is eyes into his arms. Two minutes or so following the detonation, Porter felt a wave of heat wash over him. “Boy, it was warm,” he said. When he dr opped his arm fr om his eyes, the signatur e atomic mushroom cloud loomed over the horizon. “I think about it once in awhile,” said Porter, “but it was many years ago. It's kind of fading out now.” He went to Iowa State following his WWII service, and was enlisted in the Navy Reserve. After money got a little tight, he left school. His timing put him out of college just as the Korean War was ramping up. He was called back to bring a ship out of mothballs. He r ode along during the ship's shakedown run, where it was tested for problems, to Jamaica. When he got back, his reserve time was up, so he went home. Porter's family ventur ed west out of the Johnsbur g area during the Great Depression, and he was born in Washington state. They returned to the family farm between Wevertown and Riparius when Porter was about a year -and-ahalf-old. “The good old Adirondacks; there's no place like 'em,” he said. After he got out of the service, he worked 10 years at A&B Oil near the train station, then worked as a custodian at the school. He ended up at Imperial Wallpaper, which changed ownership a c ouple t imes b efore h e r etired t o R iparius, where he lives now. Another local veteran posted to the page is Richard Villaneuve. He was an Army repair tech in Vietnam. He went through basic training in New Jersey in the winter. “It was miserable,” he said. “It was cold and damp, probably more than half the company had upper respiratory infections by the time we were done.” He followed up with repair training at Fort Benning, GA, and then it was off to a mountain valley near Qui Nhon in what was South Vietnam. In his r epair work, backpack radios would sometimes come in with bullet holes, r eminding Villaneuve and his team about the importance of their work. “We took that as a challenge,” said V illaneuve. “Those poor guys in the field, their lives depended on it.” Radios were the lifeline that soldiers used to call medivac, air support and artillery coordinates, he said. The repair work came so fast that the crew he worked on had to open a night shift to catch up. It seemed like aespite r to Villaneuve, who thought he'd sleep away the hot days and work during the cooler nights, but his internal clock didn't agree. He spent a lot of sleepless days under mosquito netting. The army used some really powerful bug killer around the complex, so the pests weren't too terrible, he said. After he r eturned fr om his tour in V ietnam, Villaneuve still had a year to serve, and taught communication equipment repair to enlistees. The radios would arrive with problems to fix, but often they were so messed up that the challenge was beyond novice r epair techs. The teachers would have to fix the bugs before re-breaking the equipment so that the beginners could learn. He returned to North Cr eek, where he fell into work at Gore for 35 years. His electrical training in theArmy helped him secure a position with repair crews at the ski resort, and he eventually headed his department. He also earned his guide's license, and still runs camping and fishing trips on the side to supplement his retirement.

November 12, 2011

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6 - News Enterprise • Op/Ed


November 12, 2011

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News Enterprise Editorial


Spending plans need to be Bridging the future presented in readable form I


larity in government is essential for the participation of the people. In few places is that clarity as important as a town or city budget. The town budget has a great impact on people's daily lives. But many budgets presented to citizens, especially in smaller towns, are difficult to read. The documents are full of abbreviations and tightly-packed figures that may capture the spirit and the most essential information on the budget process, but it’s meaningless to most citizens. A budget summary or narrative can be helpful. The issue with one of these attached to a budget that citizens can't read is that they don't know exactly how trustworthy or inclusive the information is; they can't verify it on their own. This is a tall hurdle that makes it hard for constituents to feel empowered. The role of government is the authoritative allocation of scarce resources. Towns' budget officers are working to stay under the 2 percent tax cap, and for some towns this can mean a few thousand dollars up or down. With that little wiggle room, informed feedback from constituents is more valuable than usual this budget year. The role of citizens is to hold their representatives accountable. If the citizens can't account for the money their government is spending, they're missing out on participating in the most important function of their governing body. The problem with many of these publicly distributed documents is their extreme brevity. There's a lot of information to put in there, but handing out small books for public review is awfully inefficient. Paper's not what it used to be in this 21st century. Space was a consideration in those

bygone days before data bits flew through cables and airwaves, bringing us funny cats and free news articles. Now, all that bandwidth required for Mittens' latest mishap can easily accommodate a bigger document packed with easier-to-digest line items. A modern revolution in information design provides many solutions to that problem. Cook County, Ill. made a visualization tool called “Look at Cook” available online for its citizens. The tool features an interactive line graph showing year-to-year spending, with line items that can be drilled down through until users see exactly where their town’s money is spent. The program is an open source, meaning it’s free to use, though it does require some amount of technical expertise. In Portsmouth, N.H., a city council candidate named Jack Thorsen has posted a tool that shows the municipal budget in a pie chart. That by itself is nothing impressive, but as soon as the user hovers their mouse cursor over the graphic it comes alive, spinning and expanding. When a slice of the chart is clicked, say “Library,” a list opens to the right of the chart, documenting how the library funds are spent exactly, from overtime to postage to book-binding. Thorsen is developing his visualization tool as a business venture. At a time when citizens and budget officers are calling for more creativity in allocating those scarce resources, a little creativity in presenting the budget can make community input a lot more valuable.

This editorial is the collaborative opinion of a board comprised of Thom Randall, Fred Herbst, Lou V arricchio, Keith Lobdell, Jeremiah Papineau, Andy Flynn and John Gereau. Comments may be directed to

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Fundraiser a success

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To the News Enterprise: Thanks to all of th e people that came out to the NCHF’s third annual Halloween fundraiser at the Inn at Gore. Rich and his c rew made our gr oup feel right at home. Everyone looked like they thoro ughly enjoyed themselves dressing up and being someone or something different for a few hours. Thanks to all of the local businesses that donated food. CSL came thr ough to pr ovide some devilish lighting. Brant Lake cab was on hand for safe rides home. The prizes for the costume contest were greatly appreciated as well. The list is too long for an individual Thank You. Steve Studnicky was conned into coming out of r etirement and pr ovide the music for us as well. A friend once told me that the r est of the world should take lessons fr om our tiny community. So, I must say thank you to all, once again. Wayne “Wayno” Bukovinsky Pres. NCHF

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ready struggling and in an t’s been called a miraarea where critical mass cle. Others call it a does not exist in comparinecessity. And yet by son to more populated resome it’s a matter of hisgions, the new Champlain toric proportion. But no Lake Bridge stands today matter what you call it our as a shining monument to two year and a month senwhat people and governtence of life in the North ment can accomplish when Country without the Lake truly pressed for a quick Champlain Bridge has now Dan Alexander realistic solution to a dire come to an end. Thoughts from problem. Estimated to take up to Behind the Pressline Perhaps like those who eight years to rebuild, the were here when the first span, condemned in OctoLake Champlain Bridge was erected in ber of 2009, had stood for over 81 years. 1929, every time they went by the The new bridge erected in the same historic spot now stands as a shining exam- bridge or travel across its span they remembered what travel was like before ple of what can be accomplished even the bridge stood. Never again in our life when the odds are not in your favor. times will we ever take the bridge for The public was repeatedly told just granted nor forget those days before the before its closure, that the bridge was Lake Champlain Ferry Transportation safe. Then like a lightning strike the Company was able to restore a tempobridge was closed and within a few rary passage across the lake. Never weeks completely demolished. Any again will any of us who depend on the chance of a reprieve for the old girl was bridge for our livelihoods, or even a day sent to the bottom on that cold snowy of relaxed travel ever forgot what life December day. Like so many things in life we take for was like without that all important link. And we should never forget all those granted, none of us living in the region who worked night and day through the imagined life without this major artery frigid cold of our North Country winbetween New York and Vermont. The devastation on family lives, work sched- ters, nor the blistering summer heat to restore the bridge. The bridge stands as ules, interstate commerce and medical a proud marker to the Bridge Coalition necessities seemed almost unbearable at and all those who played a role in its the time. Locals were quick to realize an restoration. None of us will ever cross extraordinary effort was an absolute this bridge or any bridge again without must, but the thought of getting two thinking of its importance to the people state governments, the federal governwho live there and have come to depend ment and a host of bureaucratic agenso heavily on the strength of its exiscies to come together, recognize the tence. gravity of the situation and respond True, heart felt “Appreciation” is a rapidly, even knowing what we know tremendous gift, and it’s the ribbon on now today, seemed like a lot to expect. top of that shining new bridge that once We all owe a considerable amount to again graces our beautiful Lake Chamthe many volunteer organizers who ralplain. May we never again think of anylied to the cause, all of our local elected thing but true appreciation for it and officials who joined in the effort, the state agency workers and the two gover- those who helped make it happen whenever it comes into sight. nors and their staffs all who clearly understood the significant importance of Dan Alexander is publisher and CEO of Denthe bridge between Crown Point, NY ton Publications. He can be reached at dan@denand Addison, VT. At a time when the economy was al-

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November 12, 2011

Op/Ed • News Enterprise - 7

Letters to the Editor

Community thanked for support of Moose Fest

We especially want to recognize and thank all of the festival activity facilitators, businesses, volunteers, visitors, Hamilton County Express, North Creek News Enterprise, Indian Lake and Blue Mountain Lake Fish and Game Association, NY DEC, Adirondack Museum, Indian Lake Museum, Indian Lake Central School District, Blue Mountain Fire DeTo the News Enterprise: partment, Adirondack Mountain Club, Indian Lake Theater, On behalf of the Indian Lake Chamber of Commer ce, we thank the community and visitors for their support and par- Prospect Point House, ALCA, North Country Crafters, ticipation in our successful second annual Gre at Adirondack American Legion, and Town of Indian Lake Parks and Recre ation Department for helping make our 2nd Annual Gr eat Moose Festival. Also, special thanks to our gener ous major Adirondack Moose Festival profitable, entertaining and edsponsors: Adirondack Museum, gra*Fix, Hamilton County ucational. Planning, Tourism & Community Development, Hutchins Once again, we thank our visitors, sponsors, volunteers Construction, Inc., Indian Lake Restaurant, T avern and and the community for your participation in our 2nd AnnuLiquor Store, Marty’s Chili Nights Restaurant, NCPR, Town al Great Adirondack Moose Festival. Your support and parof Indian Lake and WBR V. We achieved this year ’s level of ticipation helped to make our vision another successful r esuccess because of your support. ality. This year a new and exciting Festival highlight was our Brenda Valentine, first Moose Calling Contest. The contest, another first of its Christine Pouch and kind to be held in NewYork state, was a huge success. Thank Aaron Gadway you to the 140 people who attended the event and witnessed Chairperson and Co-chairs fun and sometimes bizarr e and authentic hooting and hollering moose calls from adult and children contestants. Thank you, George Virgil and your team for serving over 100 sausage and pancake br eakfasts during your “Logging in the Adirondacks” activities. Thank you, V icki Virgil and To the News Enterprise: Jennifer Zahray, who wer e hosts to 50 plus childr en who After three years of new bridges being built on the Harcame ready to walk, pop, sink, hop and find a moose during rington-Heath Road block in Wevertown, we finally have an the Festival Moosterpiece games and activities.

Bridge work finally over

end in sight. This year was the biggest bridge, which impacted us the most being right on the corner of our property and just outside our bedr oom windows. The fellows fr om Arch Bridge Company — Bob, Lee, Tom, Andy and Bernie — have tried very hard to make it as easy for us as possible. We are the local traff ic which was sometimes fun when trying to get to our house. The bull dozer always wins! It was amazing what you could learn to sleep thr ough on those days when they had to start at 6 a.m. These fellows had many obstacles to over come in the process of building this bridge, not the least of which was an overabundance of rain. Our usual calm creek in the summer spent most of the summer raging at record highs. Hurricane Irene and then Lee put them out for almost two weeks. Then there was all the equipment break downs that were so frustrating for them. Now it's almost finished and we'll get back our quiet country r oad again. Guess it'll be boring! However , for all the hard work these guys did they pr obably put on a few pounds with all the donuts and cookies that David Newkirk supplied them with everyday! Never heard any complaints. Thanks guys for considering us while you did your work. You made it mor e pleasant for us then it might have been. Time for a block party to celebrate, well almost. The town still has to finish the littlest bridge they started last summer . Sandy Sangster Wevertown

Question of the Month

What is your favorite holiday? Mrs. Williford's MCS kindergarten: “Halloween because we get to wear costumes.” Breanna Hayes “Halloween because we get candy fr om people. I take turns walking and getting a ride from my dad when I trick-or-treat.” Shelby Tuller

Kayla Gonyo

gifts. I like to play in the snow, too.” Nolan Pierson “I like Christmas because I get special gifts like my DS.” Evin Morehouse

Mrs. Flanagan's JCS kindergarten: “Halloween is my favorite because it's when you trick-or-treat.” Cole Sears “My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because I get to eat my favorite food, turkey.” Mrs. Watson's JCS third grade: Cadence LaVergne “Halloween because I get to scar e little Pre-k at JCS: “Halloween is my favorite because I go kids at the haunted house. Sometimes I hide “Halloween because I get to go trick-ortrick-or-treating.” under the table. I would growl and people treating.” Nathan Robinson give me candy. It is so much fun! Jaden Bombard Clayton Schmale “Halloween because I like pumpkins.” “Halloween because I get a lot of candy. Joshua Colon Mrs. McKenna's JCS first grade: I get to say a rhyme. If nobody is home we “Easter because I get lots of candy and “My birthday! I get presents and the day go to Warrensburg. I love Halloween.” Easter eggs.” is so much fun!” Aileen Stevens Kaylie O'Hara Dominic Selleck “Halloween because you can scar e little “Halloween because I get a lot of candy. kids saying 'hi' in scary costumes. You can Mrs. Knickerbocker's JCS kinderI like trick-or-treating with my mom.” get candy, and by the end of the night I get garten: Aisha Brouthers two bags of candy. The bad part about this “I like Christmas because you get lots of “Halloween because I get to wear scary Halloween is I'll probably be sick.” presents when Santa comes.” costumes. I also like to go trick-or -treating Ethan Gereau Lilian Monroe and get candy!” “I like Christmas because Santa comes. “Halloween is my favorite because I go Serenity Wood He gives me lots of toys and candy . That's to houses and get candy in my bags, and the why I like Christmas.” bags get heavy. My mom always has to carMrs. Sherwood's JCS second grade: Jaxon Roblee ry them!” “My favorite is St. Patrick's Day. It is spe“Easter because it's close to my birthday. Tristan Millington cial to me.” I like getting tons of candy, too. I like going “I like Christmas best because you can Ian Heid to find eggs with candy inside.” make snow angels.” “I like Christmas because I get a lot of Phoebe Glover

Event will raise funds with folk music By Katherine Clark

also lost her business to the storm.Also performing are Roy Hurd, Peggy Lynn and Dan Ber ggren, song writers and INDIAN LAKE — Local folk musi- song collectors. Some performers fr om neighboring cians will come together to put on a communities include the Beeline Ramshow that’s fun, has gr eat music and blers, a duo fr om the Berkshir es, who makes a dif ference for their communiheard about the devastation from Irene ty. and volunteer ed to help, and Car olyn The Adirondack Flood Relief Gala Bischoff and T om Akstens, two perConcert will be held at the Indian Lake formers fr om Johnsbur g will also perTheater on Nov. 13 at 2 p.m. form in the program. Bringing their neighbors together to Gallagher and her husband have enjoy acoustics, nine local folk musibeen working to raise money locally cians will pool their talents to perform ever since their home in Keene was seat the Indian Lake Theater in hopes of verely damaged in the flood. Gallagher making a dif ference. They’re raising released an appr opriately named almoney to help with damage from Tropbum, “The Water is Wide,” in which all ical Storm Irene. proceeds go dir ectly to help those afTom Akstens, a coor dinator for the fected by Irene. The album is a collecconcert, said the event was put together after a few members of the local mu- tion of “calming and soothing songs.” Gallagher said she wants to help her sic scene came together and decided to neighbors and thank those who have use music to uplift the community. helped her through her music. “The event is a r eason to get togeth“My home was one of many severely er, and I think people want to help, have fun, and enjoy good music,” Akstens damaged by the flooding. People fr om said. “It’s about having a good time and many communities in the r egion have being able to do something worthwhile helped us try to r ecover,” Gallagher for the community. There will be no sit- said. “I have wanted to help those who are still struggling and thank those who ting around at this fund-raiser.” Performers include renowned harper have helped; what I can offer is music.” The money generated fr om the conMartha Gallagher and her husband cert will go dir ectly to the Adirondack Dennis of Keene, whose home was severely damaged in the flood. Performer Community Trust (ACT) wher e every dollar earned will go to parts of the Julie Robinson-Robar ds of Upper Jay

The I ndian Lake Theater will host a benefit concert f or flood damage fr om Tropical Storm I rene No v. 13. Harpist M artha G allagher’s home was damaged in the flooding. Adirondacks with the most need. ACT is a collection of funds that ar e pooled and invested thr oughout the Adirondacks. The or ganization strives to allocate funds ef fectively by r esearching grant-r eceiving nonpr ofits before approval. Akstens said the event is a celebration of everything that has been lost and a celebration of the people of the Adirondacks coming together and helping one another. Tickets purchased in advance are $20 and are $25 at the door. Tickets may be reserved by calling the theater at 6485950.


id you get out and VOTE? Jean O. Bateman was able to come home from the Adirondack Tri-County where she spent some time for rehab. She and hubby Butch are doing much better. Hank Allen is still in the hospital after having surgery. Lois Allen is a patient in Glens Falls Hospital. Jeff Wemett was able to get out of bed with much help and is improving a little each day. Our thoughts are still with Jeff Baroudi and his family while he is in rehab. There will be a Pork Dinner at the Minerva Firehouse on Nov. 12 from 4 to 7 p.m. Everything served will be homemade. The price for adults will be $10. For youth it will be $5. The fund-raiser is to buy a Wilderness Rescue Ambulance, towed behind a snowmobile or four-wheeler. Tony Robillotta and his brother enjoyed the weekend at their camp in Bakers Mills. They stopped to see Earl Allen while in the area. The Community Compassion's Flea Market/Bake Sale was a great success. There were so many great soups served for those eating lunch. The funds will help in serving those in the community when there is a need. Eileen Cummings is excited about becoming a great-aunt to Martha Claire. born on Nov. 4th. Keisha Sprague,Dezore and Khaleah Cleveland and Kjerstia enjoyed having dinner with Earl Allen after church on Sunday. Mark your calendar for another Pot Luck Dinner and Concert at the North River Methodist Church Sunday night, Nov 13th. Gordon Jensen will be in concert after the Pot Luck supper. Pot Luck at 5:30 p.m. There will be a Fall Sale at the Adirondack TriCounty Nursing Home on Nov. 17th. So sorry to hear about the death of Ted McCullen. He was married to my cousin, Carolyn Heath McCullen. Kjerstia Schilinski had to see Dr Petroski one day last week with a bad wrist. Keisha Sprague had to go to Columbia Hospital again in New York City on Friday. Nancy Studnicky was her driver. Whether we agree or disagree with a candidate why do we feel the need to bring up things of the past and put it in the paper. The one to tell about this event didn't even want his/her name mentioned. Brian and Patty Warrington celebrated their 33rd wedding anniversary on Nov. 5. It was a good memory for them by attended the sale at the Sodom Community Church on this date. They were married in the church by Rev. Daisy Allen. LOST: Patty Warrington had her coat on the back of her lunch while eating lunch at the sale. Did someone pick up the coat by accident? Happy Birthday to: Caleb Werger, Keisha Sprague, Crystal Hayes, Sandy Chaineo, Kevin Stafford, Dan Bacon, Adam O'Dell, Steve Howe Jr, Jessica Morehouse, Brianna Allen, Nicholas Mulligan, Paul Logue.

Christmas Bazzar returns NORTH CREEK — The Adirondack Tri-County NRC Auxiliary in North Cr eek will hold its annual Christmas Bazaar and T ea in the activity r oom of the nursing and Thursday, Nov. 17 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Crafts, foods, Christmas white elephant items, books, puzzles and assorted gifts will be available. Refr eshments will be served.

8 - News Enterprise

November 12, 2011

In Brief IL Central considering foreign students INDIAN LAKE — Newcomb Central’s for eign student enr ollment program will be discussed by Skip Hults, Newcomb Central Superintendent, at Indian Lake Central School's next Board of Education meeting Tuesday, Nov. 15 at 7 p.m. in the school cafeteria. Indian Lake School is exploring starting a similar program. Those interested in learning more about this program, especially if interested in being a host family, be sure to attend.

Crafters sought LONG LAKE — A call is out to all crafters and vendors who would like to have a booth at the Holiday Craft Fair sponsored by the Friends of the Long Lake Library Saturday, Dec. 10. The craft fair will be part of the town-sponsored “Celebrate the Season” weekend, also featuring open houses at businesses, homes and chur ches and a concert. For information and an application, call Jackie Mallery at 518-624-2056.

Police Beat Man charged with rape JOHNSBURG — Felony char ges for first degr ee rape and sexual abuse in the first degree were leveled against Albert B. Denno, 30, of State Route 8 following his arrest Nov. 3. Denno is accused of forcing intercourse on a child less than 1 1 years old, who r eported the incident to family launching an investigation by the W arren County Sheriff's Office in July. He was arraigned in Johnsbur g court by Justice James French and released on his own recognizance to appear at a later date.

Albert B. Denno

Vermonter caught with marijuana WELLS — Daniel E. Magistrale, 24, of South Burlington, Vt. was issued an appearance ticket Nov. 7 for marijuana possession in the Town of Wells. Magistrale is due to appear in Wells Town Court Dec. 6, at 7 p.m.

Go to for breaking news posted daily 75782

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FEATURED ENTRÉES November 11-13, 2011 Friday: Panko- C rusted Haddock Fillet, Served Over A Salad Of Arugula, Red Onion And Lemon, Topped With A Broccoli Pesto And Roasted Baby Potatoes Of Red, Purple & Gold Saturday:Handmade Pasta Tortelloni, Filled With Roasted Vegetables And Fresh Basil, Served Over Greens And Tomatoes With Shaved Parmesan Sunday:Roast Pork Loin, Stuffed With Prosciutto, SageAnd Cheese, Served With A Tomato- M arsala Sauce. 29974

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9 - News Enterprise • Minerva

November 12, 2011

Community involvement big for MCS students By John Grybos OLMSTEDVILLE — With candidates for Minerva Central's special boar d election calling for better communication and mor e school spirit, the school's student council said they'r e already on it. The candidates got together in a meet the candidates for um Nov. 1 presented by Minerva's student council. The seating was mostly filled at the forum, a sign that the community is more interested in the school and efforts by the student council to increase involvement are paying off, said council member Tara Galusha. The active student council is summoning mor e school spirit, said council President Chris O'Conner. The atmosphere in the hallways is much more positive than last year's, he said. A recent pep rally for the school's successful soccer squads raised the roof. “Good things are happening,” said O'Conner. The credit goes to the student council and the student body at large, said school Superintendent Tim Farrell. “Change happens because the students want it to happen,” said Farrell. The change hasn't stopped outside the halls of education in Olmstedville. Kathy Feiden, advisor to the student council, said a new effort toward community service sent students to elderly er sident's homes to help with yard cleanup and winter preparation. Students also worked to clean up along ar ea nature trails and a have maintained a community garden. During the council's r ecent clean-up community service day , one group collected 15 tires junked along roads and trails. With about 20 per cent of the grades six through 12 participating in the council, Feiden said the community involvement instills a sense of home to Minerva that won't dispel for the students as they graduate or move away for work or college. It's important that the community's involved because some school programs are dependent on donations of time and money to work, like the music department, said Galusha. Gener ous donations from town residents have kept cuts in the music program from weakening it, she said.

THANK YOU YOU THANK to the voters of the Town of to the voters of the Town of Johnsburg for electing me to the Johnsburg for electing me to the office of Town Clerk office of Town Clerk on November 8, 2011. on November 8, 2011. BillRawson BillRawson

Galusha said in her time at Minerva Central, ther e's been a break between students and local citizens. W ith their new attempts to bring the school to the community and invite the community into the school, residents are seeing the school in a more positive light. “It's very contagious; it's very exciting,” said Farrell.

Minerva rescue hosting pork dinner for ambulance funds By John Grybos MINERVA — The local er scue squad is raising funds for a wilderness ambulance and have hit the halfway mark. They'r e hoping for a solid turnout at their Nov. 12 pork roast dinner for a boost to their efforts. Patty Warrington has been on K-9 and wilderness rescue operations for Minerva, and said a wilderness ambulance would make the unit much more effective in hard-to-reach spots. The wilderness ambulance is a canvas-enclosed vehicle towed behind a snowmobile or all-terrain vehicle, depending on the season. “It's kinda cute, actually,” Warrington said. It has an option for heat, which she said would be valuable in winter rescues. Last year, the squad tried to find a missing boy in the High Peaks. They unfortunately didn't find him, but if they had, he'd have certainly been suf fering from hypothermia. A heated compartment would greatly benefit patients in such conditions. There's enough room inside to easily accommodate a patient on a stretcher and two emergency medical service technicians. Because it's used for of f-road duty, the vehicle features air-ride suspension to smooth out rough rides. The dinner will be held fr om 4-7 p.m. at the fir ehouse and will include pork, mashed potatoes, carr ots, homemade apple sauce and rolls. Take-out is available. Adults will cost $10 and kids will cost $5.

CALL US : 800-989-4237


Boldest 27899 27899


Classifieds in the REGION !


Hosting a meet the candidate forum is just one way Minerva student council members are trying to bring the town and school closer together, here Adam McCall, Tara Galusha, advisor Kathy Feiden and Chris O’Conner check questions for the candidates. Photo by John Grybos

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10 - News Enterprise

November 12, 2011

Thursday, Nov. 10 INDIAN LAKE — Art House Thursday at the Indian Lake Theater, 7 p.m.

Friday, Nov. 11 LONG LAKE — Decoupage Box Craft Class at the Geiger Arena, 1 p.m. All ages welcome to participate. $2 per person. Call 624-3077 to sign up.

Sunday, Nov. 13 INDIAN LAKE — Goodbye Irene storm benefit relief, Indian Lake Theater, 2 p.m. All proceeds for flood relief, $20 in advance, $25 day of. Call 648-5959 to reserve tickets. NORTH RIVER — Gordon Jensen in concert at the North River United Methodist Church. There will be a potluck supper at 6 p.m. with the concert following.

Monday, Nov. 14 INDIAN LAKE — Town board meeting, town hall 7 p.m.

Tuesday, Nov. 15 INDIAN LAKE — North Country Crafters at the Byron Park Building, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. LONG LAKE — Senior Shopping Bus departs from St. Henry’s Church, 8:30 a.m. LONG LAKE — AA meeting at the Wesleyan Church, 7 p.m.

Wednesday, Nov. 16 INDIAN LAKE — Garden Club meets at the Ski Hut, 10 a.m. to noon. INDIAN LAKE — Library Writers Group meets at the town library. New members welcome. Call 648-5444. LONG LAKE — Community Chorus Rehearsal at St. Henry’s Catholic Church, 7:30 p.m.

Pictured above: Hundreds of spectators make their way up the new Lake Champlain Bridge after a ribbon-cutting ceremony the afternoon of Nov. 7. Inset: Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin and New York Lt. Gov. Robert Duffy, second from right, celebrate the opening of the new Lake Champlain Bridge by cutting a gold ribbon. The duo then walked over the bridge to Vermont. Photos by Andy Flynn

Thursday, Nov. 17

NORTH CREEK — Christmas Bazaar and Tea at the Adirondack Tri-County Nursing Home’s activity room. 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Crafts, food and more. MINERVA — Town board meeting, town hall 7 p.m. INDIAN LAKE — Art House Thursday at the Indian Lake Theater, 7 p.m. LAKE GEORGE — Annulment seminar, 6:30 p.m. Sacred Heart Parish Center, 50 Mohican Street. Call Dr. Sousa at 644-3861 for info or to sign up. WEVERTOWN — Town board meeting at the Wevertown Community Center.

Saturday-Sunday, Nov. 19-20 NEWCOMB — Holiday Craft Fair at the Newcomb firehouse. Saturday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Sunday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Food and locally-produced craftworks.

Sunday, Nov. 20 WEVERTOWN — Open house at the Adirondack Community Outreach Center. Refreshments and facility tour, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Call 518-251-3481 for info.

Wednesday, Nov. 23 LONG LAKE — Town board meeting, 7 p.m.

Election 2011



$ y l n O

from page 1

best committee assignments for his council members. In other Johnsburg balloting, Pete Olesheski earned the highest vote count for one of two open board seats with 435. Incumbent Eugene Arsenault earned the second seat with 353. Bob Nessle placed thir d with 245 and Roger Mosher earned 67.

Plus Tax, Shipping & Handling

A COLLECTION OF STORIES & PHOTOGRAPHS Reflections, photos and stories of the former historic 1929 Lake Champlain Bridge, to its destruction in late December of 2009 — and finally its rebirth as the new, modern structure that exists today.

Warren County

Ron Vanselow

For the county treasurer position, County Real Property Services Director Michael Swan defeated Michael O’Keefe, 7,056 to 4,426. The elder O’Keefe was er nowned for transforming the office by providing financial advice to county leaders — a tradition Swan has pledged to carry forward while making it easier for citizens to pay taxes thr ough electronic bank transfers and credit card payments.

Essex County

ELIZABETHTOWN — Newcomb Supervisor George Canon retained his seat with 237 votes, while Eleanor Yandon earned 48. In the Newcomb highway superintendent race, Mark Yandon leads by 24 votes in the unofficial tally with 155 over John Helms’ 131 votes. Preliminary r esults show the two seats on the Newcomb town council will be taken by Kenneth Helms Jr., at 170 votes and Joseph Novak with 147. Michael T racy tallied 125 and George Fennessy 101. The measure to extend the terms of some Newcomb of fices from two to four years passed, but notably failed for highway superintendent. The tax collector vote came in at 153 yes to 96 no. The highway superintendent extension was 123 yes to 125 no. The town clerk term was extended by a vote of 151 yes to 98 no. In the county-wide clerk race, incumbent Joseph Provoncha won with a tally of 5,209. Challenger Br ent Vosburg earned 2,704.

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Hamilton County

LAKE PLEASANT — The Hamilton County district attorney race found Marsha Purdue with a landslide win over her contenders with 1411 votes, while Allen Day tallied 348 and Paul Roalsvig 278. Vying for two seats on the Indian Lake town council, John Rathbun led with 317, Jack V alentine 261, Robert Curry 238, George Virgil 149. In Long Lake, Charles Farr secured his position as highway superintendent with 283 votes, with Martin Pierce tallying 80.


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November 12, 2011

News Enterprise - 11

NFL Picking Contest Standings

By Tom Henecker

time for Big Blue’s playoff run. Maybe. Meanwhile, Jake Hitchcock took the difficult picking week with a strong 12-2 record. Brian Freebern suffered his first hiccup of the season, going 77 while the other Freebern, Dan, went 9-5, making up the two games he needed to enter into a tie for first. Good stuff right here. And as many have pointed out, if you look at our top pickers compared to any others, including those former athletes and coaches on major TV networks, we’re ahead of them all. Nice job, folks! Let’s all remember that Thursday night games start this week and be sure to get your picks in on time. The easiest way (and my preferred method) is to go to and use the form there. Bookmark it and you’ll have an easy time finding it the rest of the season. The Giants will extend their division lead this week with another win


ow. Just, wow. How ‘bout those Giants?! And Eli? What a game. What a fin-

ish. Now, those of you who have been playing our little game the last few years know that Denton’s Illustrious Managing Editor, John Gereau, had been the top picker a couple years. You also may recall he claims to be a fan of the New York Football Giants. Well, twice this season he has picked the Giants’ opponent (including picking the Evil Empire last week), and twice he was wrong. So, by the power vested in me by Big Blue fans worldwide, I hereby revoke Gereau’s Giants’ Fan Card and insist he suffer a mandatory ninegame Fan Card for the Indianapolis Colts. Depending on his behavior the rest of the regular season, he may be eligible to file for reinstatement in

Tom’s Week 10 Picks: San Diego 24, Oakland 10 Philly 6, Arizona 3 Jacksonville 20, Indy 7 Kansas City 13, Denver 10 Buffalo 28, Dallas 3 Carolina 21, Tennessee 20 Miami 27, Washington 3 Pittsburgh 24, Cincy 17 New Orleans 27, Atlanta 23 Cleveland 17, St. Louis 14 Tampa Bay 21, Houston 20 Baltimore 28, Seattle 10 Chicago 17, Detroit 14 GIANTS 45, San Fran 3 Jets 28, New England 27 Green Bay 30, Minnesota 21 over the ‘49ers while Buffalo takes care of the Cowgirls and the ‘Phins continue their newfound winning ways by downing the Deadskins. Oh, yeah, and the Jets will continue the demise of the Patsies. GO BIG BLUE!!!

JBurg squad named to Adk. field hockey all-stars ELIZABETHTOWN — Johnsburg’s Adirondack League Championship team didn’t play their last match following their 4-0 loss against Greenwich. With nearly all the members of the squad named as Adirondack League

All-Stars, they’ll play in a senior game at Glens Falls High Sunday, Nov. 17. All-stars first team: Shannon Ovitt, Ashley Loomis, Kayla W illiford, Arynn McAlonen, Sierra Galusha, Emily Davis. All-stars second team: Meghan Spon-

able, Jillian Urbonowicz, Moriah Amadeo. Honorable mention: Racheal Dunkley, Ashlee H itchcock, L ydia K nockerbocker, Emily Walter, Kayla Tyrel.

Brian Freebern Dan Freebern Jed Armstrong Wade Wnuk John Santasier Kathy TenEyck Fred Ohnmacht Tom Henecker Chris Fink Pete Burns Bill Russell Justin Bazil Ken O’Brien Sam Grant Lucy Hudson Mike Corey Jay Grant Eddie Munoz Richard TenEyck Linc Marsac Paul Schonewolf John Gereau DJ Alexander Jake Hitchcock Scott Robbins Sue Ringler Ryan Sherwood Emmy Santasiero Troy Galusha Darren West Daryl Smith Alexandra Morland Joe Sherwood Donna Mundinger Bill Callanan Cory Morse Randy LaFountain Ed Aldous Bruce Hodgson Bob Studnicky Patrick Allen Charlie Perilli Art Vandelay Ed Coats George Studnicky Jr. Jason Persons Nancy Studnicky Matthew Aldous Andy Flynn Kit Studnicky Willie Mack Gary Plansker Donna LaVergne Christopher Bennett Dwight King Deborah Aldous Daniel Allen Noel Davis Zachary Allen Steve Hayes Keith Lobdell Katy Smith Wendy Russell Joey Painter

Week 9 7-7 9-5 8-6 9-5 8-6 8-6 8-6 9-5 9-5 10-4 8-6 9-5 9-5 7-7 7-7 9-5 7-7 7-7 7-7 7-7 8-6 8-6 8-6 12-2 7-7 7-7 8-6 9-5 8-6 8-6 9-5 8-6 8-6 8-6 9-5 5-9 6-8 8-6 8-6 9-5 6-8 8-6 9-5 7-7 7-7 8-6 7-7 8-6 9-5 7-7 5-9 7-7 8-6 6-8 5-9 6-8 4-10 6-8 7-7 8-6 5-9

Overall 95-35 95-35 92-38 92-38 91-39 90-40 89-41 89-41 89-41 89-41 88-42 88-42 88-42 87-43 87-43 87-43 86-44 86-44 86-44 86-44 86-44 86-44 86-44 86-44 85-45 85-45 85-45 84-46 83-47 83-47 83-47 82-48 82-48 82-48 82-48 81-49 81-49 81-49 81-49 81-49 80-50 80-50 80-50 79-51 79-51 79-51 78-52 78-52 78-52 77-53 76-54 76-54 76-54 75-55 74-56 74-56 73-57 70-46 68-62 68-62 63-39 57-73 56-34 39-38


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November 12, 2011




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OUR OFFICES WILL BE CLOSED on THURSDAY November 24th & FRIDAY November 25th. We will reopen on Monday November 28th Vermont Zone: The Eagle, Green Mtn. Outlook Friday, November 18th at noon Northern Zone: North Countryman, Valley News & The Burg Friday, November 18th @ 4pm Southern Zone: Times of Ti, Adk. Journal, News Enterprise Friday, November 18th @ 4pm DENTON PUBLICATIONS 14 Hand Ave. Elizabethtown, NY 12932

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The Classified Superstore


VERMONT: Addison Eagle / Green Mountain Outlook



For weekly regional newspaper group. Applicants must have str ong communication and writing skills, be versed in page design and digital photography as well as Apple Computer Systems. Journalism experience, as well as a working knowledge of Quark Xpr ess, Adobe InDesign and Photoshoppreferred. The chosen applicant will create articles of general community inter est, take local photographs, edit copy and assist in laying out newspapers. Generous wage, health insurance, paid time of f, matching r etirement p rogram a nd l ife i nsurance offered. This opportunity to work for a 62-year -old independently owned company with an excellent business and financial reputation, that is growing. Send resume to: JohnGereau, DentonPublications PO Box 338 Elizabethtown, NY 12932 orE-mail: 75464

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November 12, 2011

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LEGALS News Enterprise Legal Deadline Monday @ 3:00pm Please Send Legals By EMAIL To:

NOTICE OF FORMATION OF FOGELSON COTTAGE LLC Arts. of Org. filed with the Sect’y of State of NY (SSNY) on 8/26/2011. Office location, County of Warren. SSNY has been designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail process to: 401 Murdock Road, Baltimore, MD 21212. Purpose: any lawful act. NE-10/8-11/12/11-6tc74995 ----------------------------THE DIESEL DOCTORS, LLC a domestic Limited Liability Company (LLC), filed with the SSNY on 7/25/11. Office location: Warren Co. SSNY is designated as agent upon whom process against the LLC may be served. SSNY shall mail a copy of any processes to 61 Barber Rd, Queensbury, NY 12804. General Purposes. NE-10/15-11/19/116TC-27775 ----------------------------NOTICE OF APP OF AUTHORITY FOR FOREIGN LLC: STAGEREADS, LLC. Authority filed with NY Secy. of State (SSNY) on 9/28/11. LLC formed in DE on 7/21/11. Office location: Warren County. SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail process to: 21B Sherman Ave, Glens Falls, NY 12801. Purpose: any lawful activity. NE-10/15-11/19/116TC-27774 ----------------------------NOTICE OF FORMATION OF LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY (LLC) Name: CELIA S TABLE, L.L.C. Articles of Organization filed with Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on September 26, 2011. Office location: Warren County. SSNY has been designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail a copy of process to: The LLC, 104 Sunnyside Road, Queensbury, NY 12804. Purpose of LLC: The business purpose of the company is to engage in any and all business activities permitted under the laws of the State of New York. NE-10/15-11/19/116TC-27767 ----------------------------SOUNDVIEW MTK LLC, a domestic Limited Liability Company (LLC), filed with the Sec of State of NY on 9/15/11. NY Office location: Warren County. SSNY is designated as agent upon whom process against the LLC may be served. SSNY shall mail a copy of any process against the LLC served upon him/her to The LLC,

22 Queens Way, Queensbury, NY 12804. General Purposes. NE-10/15-11/19/116TC-27781 ----------------------------M A L L A R D S LANDING LLC, a domestic Limited Liability Company (LLC), filed with the Sec of State of NY on 9/9/11. NY Office location: Warren County. SSNY is designated as agent upon whom process against the LLC may be served. SSNY shall mail a copy of any process against the LLC served upon him/her to The LLC, 536 Bay Rd., Ste. 2, Queensbury, NY 12804. General Purposes. NE-10/15-11/19/116TC-27782 ----------------------------NOTICE OF FORMATION OF LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY (LLC) Name: PINE M E A D O W S PROPERTIES, LLC. Articles of Organization filed with Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on July 14th, 2011. Office location: Warren County. SSNY has been designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail a copy of process to: The LLC, 21 Stewart Rd, Johnsburg, NY 12843. Purpose of LLC: The business purpose of the company is to engage in any and all business activities permitted under the laws of the State of New York. PUB: OCTOBER 14, 21, 28 NOVEMBER 4, 11,18 2011 NE-10/22-11/26/116TC-27793 ----------------------------NOTICE OF FORMATION OF LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY. Name: HIDDEN LAKE CAPITAL LLC. Articles of Organization were filed with the Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on September 9, 2011. Office location: Warren County. SSNY has been designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail a copy of process to: The LLC, 157 Hidden Lake Road, North Creek, NY 12853. Purpose: Any lawful purpose. NE-10/22/1111/26/11-6TC-27815 ----------------------------NOTICE OF FORMATION OF NORTH EAST SPRAY FOAM LLC. Arts. of Org. filed with Secy. of State of NY (SSNY) on 10/17/11. Office location: Warren County. Princ. office of LLC: 7 Rocky Ridge, Warrensburg, NY 12885. SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail process to the LLC at the addr. of its princ. office. Purpose: Any lawful activity. N E - 1 0 / 2 9 - 1 2 / 3 / 11 6TC-27839 ----------------------------FORCE OF NATURE II, LLC Notice of formation of FORCE OF NATURE II, LLC, a limited liability company (the LLC ) . Articles of Organization filed with

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the Secretary of State of NY (the SSNY ) on July 27, 2011. Office location: Warren County. The SSNY has been designated as agent of the LLC, upon whom process against it may be served. The SSNY shall mail a copy of any process to the LLC, at 4 Queensbury Place, Queensbury, New York 12804. The purpose of the LLC are to engage in any lawful purposes; to incur indebtedness, secured and unsecured; to enter into and perform contracts and agreements of any kind necessary to, in connection with or incidental to the foregoing, as the Members in their discretion may deem desirable. N E - 1 0 / 2 9 - 1 2 / 3 / 11 6TC-27842 ----------------------------NOTICE OF FORMATION OF LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY (LLC) N a m e : M O U N TA I N TO P LANDWORKS, LLC. Articles of Organization filed with Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on September 22, 2011. Office location: Warren County. SSNY has been designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail a copy of process to: The LLC, 7 Lake Tour Road, Lake Luzerne, NY 12846. Purpose of LLC: The business purpose of the company is to engage in any and all business activities permitted under the laws of the State of New York. N E - 1 0 / 2 9 - 1 2 / 3 / 11 6TC-27841 ----------------------------NOTICE OF FORMATION OF LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY (LLC): Name: THE FREDETTE FAMILY LLC. Articles of Organization filed with the Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on October 5, 2011. Office location: Warren County. The street address is: 26 Ogden Street, Glens Falls, NY 12801. SSNY has been designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail a copy of process to: THE FREDETTE FAMILY LLC, 26 Ogden Street, Glens Falls, NY 12801. Purpose: Any Lawful Purpose. N E - 1 0 / 2 9 - 1 2 / 3 / 11 6TC-27849 ----------------------------FIRST: THE NAME OF THE LIMITED LIABLITY COMPANY IS: Golden Paws Excavation & Trucking, LLC Second: The county, within this state, in which the office of the limited liability company is to be located is: Warren Third: The Secretary of State is designated as agent of the limited liability company upon whom process against it may be served. The address within or without this state shall mail a copy of any process against the limited liability company served upon him or her is: Jon Gilles 106 Homer Dr., Lake Luzerne, NY 12846, USA Purpose: Any lawful Act

N E - 1 0 / 2 9 - 1 2 / 3 / 11 6TC-27850 ----------------------------NOTICE OF FORMATION OF LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY. NAME: PSYCHOLOGICAL SERVICES OF THE ADIRONDACKS, LLC. Articles of Organization were filed with the Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on 08/10/11. Office location: Warren County. SSNY has been designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail a copy of process to the LLC, c/o Psychological Services of the Adirondacks, LLC, 30 Old Deer Camp Run, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866. Purpose: For any lawful purpose. N E - 1 0 / 2 9 - 1 2 / 3 / 11 6TC-27851 ----------------------------NOTICE OF FORMATION OF LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY (LLC) The name of the Limited Liability Company that was formed is: 1054 ROUTE 9, LLC. The Articles of Organization were filed with the Department of State of the State of New York on October 21,, 2011. The office of said Limited Liability Company is located in Warren County. The Secretary of the State of New York has been designated as agent of the Limited Liability Company upon whom process against said Company may be served and the post office address within the state to which the Secretary of State shall mail a copy of any process is: 1054 Route 9, LLC, 1054 Route 9, Queensbury, New York 12804. The purpose of the LLC is to engage in any and all business activities permitted under the laws of the State of New York. N E - 11 / 5 - 1 2 / 1 0 / 11 6TC-27885 ----------------------------THE ANNUAL ELECTION of the North Creek Fire District will take place on December 13, 2011 at the North Creek Fire House, 134 Main Street, North Creek, New York 12853, in the Town of Johnsburg, State of New York between the hours of 6 and 9 p.m.. To be eligible to vote, persons must have been registered with the Warren County Board of Elections by November 21, 2011 The purpose of the election is to elect one (1) Fire Commissioner for a term of five (5) years commencing on January 1, 2012 and ending on December 31, 2016. Petitions are to be filed no later than November 23, 2011 with the North Creek Fire District Secretary, PO Box 62, North Creek, New York 12853 William H. Thomas Secretary North Creek Fire District N E - 11 / 5 - 11 / 1 2 / 11 2TC-27848 ----------------------------NOTICE OF FORMATION OF LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY (LLC) The name of the Limited Liability Company is MOUNTAIN’S E D G E DEVELOPMENT LLC.

The date of filing of the Articles of Organization with the Department of State was October 17, 2011 . The county in New York in which the office of the company is located is Warren. The principal business location is: 14 Walkup Cutoff Road, Lake George, NY 12845. The Secretary of State has been designated as agent of the Limited Liability Company upon whom process against said Company may be served and the Post Office address within the state to which the Secretary of State shall mail a copy of any process is: Mountain’s Edge Development, LLC c/o 14 Walkup Cutoff Road, Lake George, NY The business purpose of the company is to engage in any and all business activities permitted under the laws of the State of New York. N E - 11 / 5 - 1 2 / 1 0 / 11 6TC-27872 ----------------------------NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the Board of Supervisors of the County of Warren, New York, is considering the adoption of a proposed Local Law No. 12 for the year 2011, entitled "A Local Law Reapportioning the Weighted Vote of the Members of the Warren County Board of Supervisors", said Local Law, generally provides for the number of members of the Board of Supervisors, majority and twothirds vote requirements, and the reapportionment, as of January 1, 2012, of the Warren County Board of Supervisors through the use of weighted voting with such reapportionment plan to be continued until the 2020 Federal Census unless an official census is conducted before that date. The law also provides for committee voting, the repeal of Local Law No. 10 of 2001 and the adoption of the same subject to a permissive referendum. NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that, pursuant to a resolution adopted by the Board of Supervisors on November 9, 2011, a public hearing will be held by the Board of Supervisors at the Supervisors’ Room in the Warren County Municipal Center, Route 9, Queensbury, New York, on November 18, 2011, at 10:00 a.m., at which time and place all persons interested in the matter of such proposed Local Law No. 12 for the year 2011 will be heard concerning the same. A copy of said Local Law is available for inspection during regular business hours by contacting the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors at the above-stated address. By Order of the Board of Supervisors. DATED: November 9, 2011 JOAN SADY, CLERK Warren County Board of Supervisors N E - 11 / 1 2 / 11 - 1 T C 27914 ----------------------------NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING ON TENTATIVE BUDGET NOTICE IS HEREBY

ADIRONDACK TRI-COUNTY Nursing & Rehabilitation Center CNA’s, LPN, RN ChargeNurses FT, PT & Per Diem AllShifts Applications/ResumesAttn: HR 112 Ski Bowl Road North Creek, NY 12853 in person M-F, 8am-5pm fax518-251-5543

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GIVEN, that the Budget Officer of the County of Warren has prepared and filed a proposed budget for the fiscal year of 2012, and that the Board of Supervisors will meet in the Supervisors Room at the Warren County Municipal Center on the 18th day of November, 2011, at 10:00 a.m., for the purpose of holding a public hearing on the tentative budget of the County of Warren for the fiscal year beginning January 1, 2012, and that at such hearing any person may be heard in favor of or against the tentative budget, as compiled, or for or against any items therein contained. Copies of said tentative budget are available at the Office of the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors in the Warren County Municipal Center where they may be inspected or procured by any interested person during business hours. Pursuant to Section 359 of the County Law, the maximum salaries that may be fixed and payable during the fiscal year 2012 to members of the Board of Supervisors and to the Chairman thereof, are hereby specified as follows: Members of the Board of Supervisors $16,457.00 each Chairman of the Board of Supervisors $20,605.00 FURTHER NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the following is a summary of the tentative budget of Warren County for the fiscal year beginning January 1, 2012: Gross appropriations of $145,243,023., less estimated revenues, not including sales tax credit, and surplus appropriated, amounting to $106,040,290., leaving a balance of $39,202,733., to be raised by taxation. By Order of the Board of Supervisors Dated: November 9, 2011 JOAN SADY, CLERK Warren County Board of Supervisors N E - 11 / 1 2 / 11 - 1 T C 27912 ----------------------------NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the fiscal affairs of Newcomb Central School District for the period beginning on July 1, 2010 and ending June 30, 2011, have been examined by Conroy, Boulrice, Telling & Trombley, PC, and that the report and management letter prepared in conjunction with the external audit by the independent public accountant has been filed in my office where it is available as a public record for inspection by all interested persons. Pursuant to Sec. 35 of the General Municipal Law, the governing board of Newcomb Central School District may, in its discretion, prepare a written response to the report of the external audit and management letter by independent public accountant and file any such response in my office as a public record for inspection by all interested persons not later than January 30, 2012. N E - 11 / 1 2 / 11 - 1 T C 27908 -----------------------------

AMERICAN MANAGEMENT Association, a worldwide leader in training, business solutions and management development is looking for (2) Temporary Delivery Coordinators (40 hrs/wk) in Saranac Lake, NY to provide accurate content/delivery of pre-meeting and post meeting materials for all AMA seminars. HS graduate, college preferred. W orking knowledge of PC (30-wpm), ability to work effectively in a high volume, high stress environment. Excellent communication skills; oral and written. Strong organizational skills, ability to prioritize and close attention to detail. Ability to work overtime if workload requires. Adapt well to change. Please apply to Careers @ www AMA is an EOE/AA employer. M/F/D/V ADA compliance organization.

NOTICE OF FORMATION OF RHDM PROPERTIES, LLC Arts. of Org. filed with the Sect’y of State of NY (SSNY) on 8/15/2011. Office location, County of Warren. SSNY has been designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail process to: The LLC, 160 Sherman Island Road, Queensbury, NY 12804. Purpose: any lawful act NE-11/12-12/17/116TC-27906 ----------------------------NOTICE OF FORMATION of Limited Liability Company ( LLC ) Name: Zogby Analytics Articles of Organization filed with the Secretary of State of New York ( SSNY ) on 7/25/11 Office Location: Warren. The SSNY is designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail a copy of any process to the LLC at: 1747 Call St. Lake Luzerne, NY 12846. NE-11/12/1112/17/11-6TC-27905 ----------------------------1468 STATE ROUTE 9, LLC, a domestic Limited Liability Company (LLC), filed with the Sec of State of NY on 9/27/11. NY Office location: Warren County. SSNY is designated as agent upon whom process against the LLC may be served. SSNY shall mail a copy of any process against the LLC served upon him/her to The LLC, 1468 State Rte. 9, Lake George, NY 12845. General Purposes. NE-11/12-12/17/116TC-27904 ----------------------------NOTICE OF FILING OF ARTICLES OF ORGANIZATION IN NEW YORK BY A LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY Name: Focus One, LLC. Articles of Organization filed with sec. of state of NY(SOS) on 11/1/11. Office location: Warren County. Corporation Service Company is designated as agent of LLC for service of process. SOS shall mail copy of process to 619 Aviation Road, Queensbury, NY 12804. Purpose: Any lawful act or activity. NE-11/12-12/17/116TC-27903 ----------------------------NOTICE OF FORMATION OF LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY NAME: 68 KAYDEROSS PARK ROAD HOLDINGS LLC Articles of Organization were filed with the Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on August 29, 2011. Office location: One Washington Street Street , City of Glens Falls County of Warren, New York. SSNY has been designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail a copy of process to the LLC, c/o Patrica E. Watkins, One Washington Street, Glens Falls, New York 12801. For any lawful purpose.

NE-11/12-12/17/116TC-27909 ----------------------------LEGAL NOTICE TOWN OF JOHNSBURG TOWN BOARD M E E T I N G RESCHEDULED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Town Board of the Town of Johnsburg has cancelled the Regular Town Board Meeting of November 15, 2011 at 7:00 pm at the Town Hall (Library), North Creek, New York and rescheduled the meeting for November 17, 2011, at 7:00pm at the Wevertown Community Center, 2370 State Route 28, Wevertown, New York to allow time for legal notice for the following public hearing: a Public Hearing on the 2012 Johnsburg Fire District Protection Funding at 7:00pm. Dated November 3, 2011 By order of the Town Board William E. Rawson, Town Clerk Town of Johnsburg N E - 11 / 1 2 / 11 - 1 T C 27918 ----------------------------LEGAL NOTICE PUBLIC HEARING ON FIRE PROTECTION Funding for Johnsburg Fire Protection District Notice is hereby given that the Town Board of the Town of Johnsburg, Warren County, New York, will meet and hold a Public Hearing at the Wevertown Community Center, Wevertown, NY on Thurs. Nov. 17, 2011, at 7:00 pm, for the purpose of considering funding proposed by said Town Board for the six volunteer companies for furnishing of fire protection in the Johnsburg Fire Protection District, at which time and place said Town Board will consider such proposed funding and hear all persons interested in the same. The following companies are included: North River Vol. Fire Co., Garnet Lake Vol. Fire Co., Bakers Mills/Sodom Vol. Fire Co., Johnsburg Vol. Fire Co., Wevertown Vol. Fire Co., Riverside Vol. Fire Co. Dated November. 3, 2011 By Order of the Johnsburg Town Board William E. Rawson, Town Clerk N E - 11 / 1 2 / 11 - 1 T C 27917 ----------------------------NOTICE OF FORMATION of Limited Liability Company ( LLC ) Name: Giant Mountain Studio LLC, Articles of Organization filed with the Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on 09/23/2011.Office Location: Warren County. The SSNY is designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail a copy of process to: c/o Giant Mountain Studio LLC, Po Box 163, Pottersville, NY 12860. Purpose: Any Lawful Purpose. Latest date upon which LLC is to dissolve: No specific date. NE-11/12-12/17/116TC-27922 ----------------------------In the market for a new home? See the areas best in the classified columns. To place an ad, Call 1-800-989-4237

November 12, 2011

News Enterprise - 15


Need an auto? Need someone to take that auto oĀ your hands?

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HANCOOK WINTER tires, 225/70R15. Used 1 winter only. Pair $25. 518-623-2737.

AUTO ACCESSORIES (4) 14” Swamper, decent, still have life, $75 OBO. 518-637-8502. (4) 85/65 R14 like new, 518-637-8502. ARTIC SNOW TIRES Set of T wo,215/60 R16,call 518-623-9906

TIRES (4) Continental L T275/70R18, load rating E. $50. 518-569-2767 TWO NEW condition studded Firestone Winterforce snow tires, 215/70R14, mounted and balanced on Ford Aerostar rims, $85 each. 518-585-5267 or 410-833-4686.


FREE GAS! Receive $300 Gasoline Savings! Gasoline Stimulus Program pro14’ ADIRONDACK Guide Boat, complete vides $300 gas savings to participants of w/trailer, oars, cover & cherry caned seats. driving survey. Local Stations - Major Brands Never been used. $6,000 firm. 518-642! Call now 877-898-9027 9576. LADDER RACK, used for cargo van, 3 cross 2005 SEASWIRL 2101 cuddy I/O 5.0 V olvo supports, aluminum, painted black, $99 downriggers/gps/etc., excellent condition. OBO. 518-585-9822. $23,000. 518-796-7570. SNOW TIRES - 4 mounted and balanced 195/60/15 Winter Traction snow tires. $200. 518-338-3060. 1978 FIAT Spider Convertible, classic, runSTUDDED SNOWS on alloy rims. Cooper 235/75R 15. Used one season. Asking $300. ning condition, garage stored. Asking $6,000 will accept offers. 518-668-2638. 518-251-5110.


1994 FORD Explorer, 4WD, new tires, runs good, needs shocks, has a little body rust, $1200. Bob 518-494-5687. 1998 F250 Super Duty V10 with Fisher Plow, $6500. 518-624-2580. 2002 CHEVY Blazer, 4WD, 2DR, 72k, black, good condition, NADA $7375 retail, asking $5500 OBO. Call 518-585-2267. 2003 DODGE Intrepid $1800, 2001 GMC 4 Wheel Drive $4500, 1998 Honda Civic 5 Speed $2600, 1995 Dodge Intrepid $1200. OBO on Any. 518-494-4727.

WANTED JAPANESE MOTORCYCLES KAWASAKI 1970-1980 Z1-900, KZ900, KZ 1000, H2-750, H1-500, S1-250, S2-250, S2350, S3-400 CASH. 1-800-772-1 142, 1310-721-0726

A-1 DONATE YOUR CAR! Breast Cancer Research foundation! Most highly rated breast cancer charity in America! Tax Deductible/Fast Free Pick Up. 800-771-9551


CARS/TRUCKS WANTED! Top $$$$$ PAID! Running or Not, All Years, Makes, Models. Free Towing! We’re Local! 7 Days/Week. Call Toll Free: 1-888-416-2330

1979 SOUTHWIND Motor Home 27’, sleeps six, self contained generator , air condition, micro over, everything works. Firm $3500. Call 518-494-3215.

2004 DODGE Durango, Silver , Sunroof, 2000 HOLIDAY Rambler Alumascape 5th Great Condition, Must See, $8,000. Call 518- Wheel Camper , Fully Loaded, 2 Slides, Clean. Low NADA Value $14,605, Selling For 585-7020. $9,000. Call 518-585-6913. 2005 JEEP Wrangler SE. Black/Black. ARCTIC CAT Prowler side-by-side for sale. Excellent Condition. No Options. No Excellent shape. Under 300 miles, always Modifications. Many Extras. Under 58,000. been in the garage. Has full hard cab (with $11,200. 518-791-4122. doors), winch, box enclosure and camo gun rack with case. $10,000. Call for details or to negotiate on the price at 518-585-2803.



DONATE A CAR - HELP CHILDREN FIGHTING DIABETES. Fast, Free Towing. Call 7 days/week. Non-runners OK. Tax Deductible. Call Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation 1-800-578-0408 DONATE A CAR - SA VE A CHILD’S LIFE! Timothy Hill Children’ s Ranch: HelpingAbused and Neglected Children in NY for Over 30 Years. Please Call 1-800936-4326. DONATE YOUR CAR to CHILDREN’S CANCER FUND of AMERICA and help end CHILDHOOD CANCER. Tax Deductible. Next Day Towing. Receive Vacation Voucher. 7 Days 1-800-469-8593

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Real Estate

Need a home? Looking for someone to fill that vacancy?

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TICONDEROGA - 3 bedroom, newly renovated, $840 + electric, heat included, security deposit. Call George 518-585-3222 or Rich 518-585-3273.

APARTMENT FOR RENT **FREE FORECLOSURE LISTINGS** Over 400,000 properties nationwide. Low downpayment. Call now 1-800-749-3041 EFFICIENCY UNITS in North Creek, NY for the working adult. Heat, hot water , cable & totally furnished. $125@week. Call518-251-9910.

MINERVA - 2 Bedroom, $575/mo. 1 Bedroom, $495/mo. 631-331-3010.

TICONDEROGA - Mt Vista Apts 3 bedroom $572 basic rent; util avg $203. Appliances/trash/snow. No smokers. Rental assistance may be available for income qualified household; must meet eligibility requirements. 518-584-4543 NYS TDD Relay Service 1-800-421-1220 Handicap Accessible Equal Housing Opportunity. TICONDEROGA 1 Bedroom Apartment, $550 + electric. Heat included. Security, nice yard, parking. George 518-585-3222 or Rich 518-585-3273.

SCHROON LAKE 1 BR/1.5 BA, pet friendly house on 5 private acres, 2-car heated garage, decks, mt views, near snowmobile trails, avail 1 1/15. $800/mo + util and sec. dep. 518-803-4048. SCHROON LAKE, 2 Bedroom, Garage, Full Basement, Laundry Room, W/D Hookup, Oil Heat, Well Insulated, New Windows, Rent+Utilities, References/Security . 518532-7705


FOR SALE - TRAILER NEEDS A HOME, 8’ X 25’ all 2x6 construction, Outside is all textured 1 11, inside is all knotty pine throughout. 6” insulation throughout, 3 axles, cathedral ceilings. $4,500.518-955-0222.

WILDWOOD, FLORIDA - Park Model, Porch, Storage, Year Round, Good Relocation, $10,200 OBO. 518-632-5418.

EXTENSIVE LISTINGS in Central New York, including Delaware, Schoharie, Otsego,Chenango and Madison counties...go to

REAL ESTATE ***FREE FORECLOSURE Listings*** OVER 400,000 properties nationwide. Low down payment. Call now 800-250-2043.

HAS YOUR BUILDING SHIFTED? Contact Woodford Bros. Inc. for straightening,leveling 20 ACRES To Live On ONL Y $99/mo. TICONDEROGA 1 bedroom ef ficiency, and foundation repairs at 1-800-OLD-BARN / $0/Down. \’a0No Credit Checks, Money Back $375/mo. Heat and hot water included. 518- Guarantee, Owner Financing. Near Growing 585-7869 after 5pm. QUALITY, DURABLE AND AFFORDABLE El Paso Texas. Beautiful Mountain V iews! MINEVILLE 1 BR/1BA, nice, all new , deck, TICONDEROGA NEW Luxury apartment, Free Color Brochure. 1-800-843-7537 COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS. Free on-site quiet, near Bartlett Pond, security & refer- quiet, all appliances, no pets/no smoking, refconsultation. Call CB Structures 1-800-940- ences. 518-942-6552. erences required, 732-433-8594. 0192 or 90 ACRE Hunting Camp with Cabins, 4 NEWLY RENOVATED 2 Bedroom Apartment REPLACEMENT WINDOWS $179 Installed. Bedroom House, Of f Grid, Solar/Gen, TICONDEROGA: 2 bedroom, all in Quiet Country Setting. Ef ficient Monitor Secluded Area. $189,000 or Best Offer. 518Double Hung Tilt-ins, Lifetime Heat. Has w/d hook-up. Includes satellite TV. appliances, heat included, no pets, no 359-9859. Warranty,EnergyStar tax credit available. smoking, Suitable for professional couple, No pets/No Smoking. $620 per month + utiliCall Now! 1-866-272-7533 www.usacus$750/mo, 1 1/2 month sec., credit check ties. Security required. 518-547-8476 or 914ADIRONDACK “ BY OWNER” 845-561-5983 879-3490. 1000+ photo listing of local real estate PORT HENRY - 1 Large Bedroom. $450/mo. VILLAGE OF Port Henry - 1 Bedroom, for sale, vacation rentals & timeshares. No utilities. 518-546-4069. Stove, Refrigerator, Heat & W ater Included. Owners: No Smoking/No Pets. $500/mo. 518-546PORT HENRY - 4 bedroom, 1 half of house List with us for only $275 per year. 7584. upper level. W alking distances to stores, Visit on-line or call 518-891-9919 PORT HENRY - 2/3 Bedroom, security beach, etc. Includes all kitchen appliances. required, utilities not included, W/D, no pets. No pets. $600 + utilities. 305-240-5854. AVAILABLE NOW!!! 2-4 Bedroom homes 518-232-1365. Take Over Payments No Money Down/No PORT HENRY 1 BR/1 BA, Large 2nd TICONDEROGA 1 Bedroom Mobile home on Credit Check Call 1-888-269-9192 TICONDEROGA - COMMERCIAL rental floor apartment. Newly renovated with all Warner Hill Road. Stove & refrigerator includsuitable for retail or office, approximately 675 DO YOU HAVE V ACATION PROPER TY new carpet, paint, appliances, windows & ed, cable available. No pets, No smoking. sq. ft. $550/mo includes heat & electric. 518cabinetry. (802) 922-0714 $550 FOR SALE OR RENT? With promotion ton518-585-6832. 585-3487 early 5 million households and over 12 million potential buyers, a statewide classified PORT HENRY Village. 2 BR House for adcan’t be beat! Promote your property for rent, $625 per month. Call 802-363-3341. just $490 for a 15-word ad. Place your ad CROWN POINT - Newly renovated 4 bedonlineat or call 1-877-275-2726 1979 16’X80’ single wide mobile home for TICONDEROGA - 1 bedroom, $425/mo. + room, 3 bath with nice porches surrounding sale. 3 bedroom, w/ refrigerator , stove, dish STOP RENTING Lease option to buy Rent to utilities. Non-smoking building. No pets. the house. Near schools & stores. Some furReferences & 1 months security required. nishings. No Pets. Must have good credit and washer & washer/dryer . $1500 OBO. You own No money down No credit check Move! 518-585-6102. 1-877-395-0321 518-585-3487. references. $850 + utilities. 305-240-5854. MINEVILLE - 2 & 3 bedroom, 1 bath units, quiet area, w/d hook-up. $650 & $675 per month. No Pets. Security Deposit & references required. 802-545-5600.






Aunt Polly’s Material Girls

Is Moving as of Oct. 15th



Kim Smith

Licensed Zumba Instructor

Latin Inspired Dance Fitness Class

$6 PER CLASS • 251-4088


UPSTATE NY MINI-FARM! 9 acres Farmhouse/Barn - $124,900. Nice old farmhouse,15,000 sq. ft. barn, beautiful upstate NY setting, 3 hours NYC! Fields, views! Call NOW! 1-888-701-1864

REAL PROPERTY FOR SALE DEER CREEK STATE FOREST : 5 acres $19,900, 6 acres lakefront $24,900. 33 acres Bass Lake $39,900. 1-888-683-2626 GA LAND SALE 32 AC- $1,650/ac Perfect small/ hunting tract. Creek, hardwoods, planted pine. V isit our website www 478-987-9700 St Regis Paper Co. NEAR LAKE PLACID Olympic V illage, NY! One Acre Lot, Ausable Acres Development. 518-561-8777 Nancy Colon MLS#134340 NEW YORK STATE COZY CABIN ON 5 ACRES $19,995. Beautiful woodlands. Our best deal ever! Call 1-800-229-7843 or visit

NY FARM LIQUIDATION! 10 acres -$24,900 Best views in the County! Just north of the PA border! Nice meadows, stonewalls, 100% buildable! Won’t last at this price! (888) 7017509 NY LAND SALE: 5 acres borders Sandy Creek Forest with Deer Creek $19,900. 33 acres on Bass Lake $39,900. 40 new properties. Call: 1-888-6832626. NY STATE Land Liquidation Sale ends this Month! *Large Acreage *Waterfront *Lots w/ Camps *TOP HUNTING LANDS!! Over 150 tracts. ALL BARGAINS! Call 800-229-7843 Or visit TOWN OF Lake George - 1/2 acre building lot. V illage water , upscale neighborhood, build-out basement, mountain views. $59,000. Will hold mortgage for qualified buyer, 20% down. 518-668-0179.

TIMESHARES ASK YOURSELF, what is your TIMESHARE worth? We will find a buyer/renter for CA$H NO GIMMICKS JUST RESULTS! Call 888-8798612

HOME FOR SALE FLORIDA HOME For Sale 1500 sq. ft., Gated community , 2 bdrm, 2 bath, 2 car garage, paved drive, new roof, new heat pump/AC, wood, tile & carpet floors, screened porch, vinyl siding, lg laundry appliances stay. 352-362-0701.




Serving All of Your Computing Needs

Mens & Boys Haircuts

Sales & Service Residential-Commercial-Industrial

3239 State Rte 28 North Creek, NY 12853


Visit Our Website:

Over30 Years’ Experience

Gregory J. Fresca











Adirondack LogHome Restorations,LLC

North Country Storage

Heid’s Hodaka, Inc.

Kuhlmann’s Tree Removal

• Chinking • Rafters •R ottedLog Replacement • Foundation Repair • Log Railing/Stairs • Doors • Rustic Accents •I nterior/ExteriorFinishes Paul Burgess PO Box 3, Indian Lake, NY 12842

(518) 648-5488



PC Problem Solving

Self Storage Units 5x5, 10x10, 10x15, 10x20 24-hour access

518-251-3738 (Located off Route 28, North Creek)


Specializing in service on Polaris ATVs and Snowmobiles and BMW Motorcycles. We Service All Brands

Trimming & More Johnsburg, NewYork Licensed & Insured

2033 Garnet Lake Road, Johnsburg




3 Hudson River Rd. at the Hudson River Bridge Newcomb, NY

Tannery Pond Community Center Monday & Thursday 6-7pm Monday & Wednesday 9-10am Tuesday 4-5pm Friday 8-9am Minerva Firehouse Saturday 9-10am



UPSTATE NY MINI-FARM! 9 acre Farmhouse/Barn - $124,900. Nice old farmhouse, 15,000 sq ft barn, beautiful Upstate NY setting; 3 hours NYC. Fields, views! Call NOW! (888) 905-8847

NY FARM LIQUIDATION! 10 acres $24,900. Best views in the County! Just north of the PA border! Nice meadows, stonewalls, 100% buildable! Won’t last at this price!1-888-7758114


26 Cable Access Way, Minerva, N.Y. 12851 (off 28N between Firehouse & 14th Rd.) HOURS: Wed. 10-8; Fri. 10-5 Thurs. 10-5; Sat. 10-5


PRIME RESIDENTIAL/BUSINESS Building located on Main Street, Port Henry, NY. Extra lot included for parking, $99,000. 518-5468247.

ARIZONA BIG BEAUTIFUL Residential/Ranch Lots. Liquidation Prices Starting $99/mo.Guaranteed Financing. Call prerecorded msg.1-800-631-8164, promo code NYWKLY.





ESCAPE THE COLD & SNOW! OWN A FLORIDA CONDO FORECLOSURE! Sunny Sarasota/ Bradenton. Brand new upscale 2 bedroom, 2 bath, 1,675sf coastal waterfront condo only $199,900! (Similar unit sold for $399,900) 1st class amenities, prime downtown location on the water! Call now for special holiday incentives 1-877-888-7571, x 73

Call: Roy 518-251-3786 518-538-7153 Cell Or:Rich 518-251-5774

16 - News Enterprise

November 12, 2011


Located at the Newcomb Fire Hall

Local Made Crafts • Food Available GIFTS • QUILTS • HANDMADE HATS & SCARVES and SO MUCH MORE!

With a Special Visit from Santa Sunday at 1PM For More Events & Activities Visit 29878


A Denton Publication NFL picking contest By John Grybos By John Grybos 623-5588 New York State Inspections MINERVA P9 SPORTS P11 SIGN-UP TOD...


A Denton Publication NFL picking contest By John Grybos By John Grybos 623-5588 New York State Inspections MINERVA P9 SPORTS P11 SIGN-UP TOD...