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November 28, 2009




Your Health

Local United Way’s executive director addresses concerns over CBS News report.

Chazy boys and girls soccer teams are recognized for state level recognition.

This week’s Health and Nutrition section focuses on topic of Alzheimer’s disease.

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Surveys will help decide fate of Dr. Clark’s house Town residents asked to voice input by Jan. 1 By Sarah L. Cronk CHAZY — After Dr. George Clark passed away in May, his house was left to the Alice T. Miner Museum. Now, the museum needs to decide where to go from there. Museum members hope the residents of the town of Chazy, including Sciota and West Chazy, will want to accept the house, with various ideas for plans to be decided. “Really, we would like the building to be used for the benefit of the whole town,” said museum board member David Martin. To determine what the people of the town would like to see of the building, a survey has been created, which Martin is asking people to complete by Friday, Jan. 1.

“We really would like people to know there is a survey and we hope they’ll participate,” he said. “It’s a great opportunity for the town of Chazy if we can develop a plan for using it and we would like that plan to be based on what the people in the town want.” If the circa 1813 house, located on Fiske Road, is not accepted by the museum within a year, the house will be surrendered to the Clinton County Historical Association. One potential issue with the museum accepting the house is the economic feasibility of the museum, explained Town Supervisor Staub G. Spiegel. “That’s the main concern right now is just seeing if it can all work. It would be a beautiful addition to the town to keep it as part of the history,” he added. According to Richard West, a

local builder, the house is in good shape. “But, of course any house needs a little bit of this and a little bit of that,” said Martin. In brainstorming options for the house, if the museum does accept it, Martin said there would be an exhibit in memory of Clark’s mother, Harriet, who collected furniture. “For instance, in Sciota, there used to be a furniture factory back in the 1800s,” explained Martin. “He has a bed, a school bed that was made in the Sciota Manufacturing Company.” Located in the house is another bed, which belonged to William H. Seward, the former Secretary of State known for purchasing Alaska for the U.S. Other ideas would be an exhibit devoted to childhood, as some of Clark’s toys and books from his childhood are still lo-

Dr. George Clark’s house, located on Fiske Road, has been left to the Alice T. Miner Museum. They have one year to decide if they want to use it. Photo submitted

cated in the house. However, there would be other plans for the house, besides exhibitions. Mar-

tin is hoping to have a reception hall as well as other programs. See HOUSE, page 3

Parade of Toys Getting creative for the holiday season celebrates its 25-year history By Sarah L. Cronk

By Sarah L. Cronk ROUSES POINT — Twenty-five years ago, Peg Barcomb approached the village board to present the idea of a Parade of Toys. Today, the annual holiday kickoff continues. In 1984, after hearing about a Parade of Bears being hosted somewhere in the country, Barcomb decided the village of Rouses Point should host a similar event. After approaching then-Mayor Paul Cloutier and the trustees, it was decided to have a Parade of Toys, so children and adults could bring their favorite toy, not just a teddy bear. “The first year we had several, including the mayor, and they all brought one of their favorite child’s toys of what they had when they were kids,” recalled Barcomb. The young and old alike marched from the Dodge Memorial Library to Rouse Park on Lake Street. After a successful first year, some women in the village decided to have hot cocoa and cookies for everybody at the park. See PARADE, page 10 2009 Ford Escape** STK#U17U, Rental Repurchase, 18,668 miles $21,900 2009 Ford Fusion Sport** STK#T94T, 1 Owner, 5,513 miles $20,900 *with 6 year/100,000 mile powertrain warranty on certified pre-owned

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ROUSES POINT — For the last 14 years, Naomi Treadwell has been putting her creative talent to work. Back in Maine, where Treadwell is from, she became a Creative Memories consultant, helping people gather their favorite photos in a unique way. Creative Memories, a scrapbooking company which began in 1987, began the scrapbooking revolution, according to Treadwell. “At that time, there were no scrapbook supplies in stores. It wasn’t something that a lot of people thought about,” explained Treadwell in terms of preserving photos. “When I first started out, you couldn’t go out to Wal-Mart to buy scrapbooking stuff; it just wasn’t there.” After hearing about the company on a radio program, Treadwell joined a class and eventually became a consultant. “I signed up and I’ve been doing it for 14 years,” she said. “I really 2008 Ford Taurus SEL** STK#T77T, 1 Owner, 29,425 miles $19,900 2008 Ford E250 STK#U33U, Rental Repurchase, 9,736 miles $18,900 **


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love it. I love their products.” After moving to Rouses Point earlier this year, Treadwell began a scrapbooking class Nov. 12. Now, she’s taking scrapbooking a step further, having her first cardmaking workshop, Thursday, Dec. 3. “I have a kit and it has all the prefolded cards and envelopes to make 18 cards,” explained Treadwell. “Basically, you make 18 Christmas cards. They may be a little more special,” she continued. “You wouldn’t send them necessarily to everybody on your list, but to special people on your list. [It] has a little more meaning than just buying it from the store.” Treadwell said the cardmaking class is suitable for adults and children, and would make a good mother-daughter activity. “I already have a mother-daughter team signed up to make Christmas cards,” she said. Treadwell even worked with her 10-year-old daughter, Katherine, to create sample cards. During the workshop, which will be held at Gaines Marina’s See CARDMAKING, page 10


2006 Ford 500 SEL**

Naomi Treadwell, a Creative Memories consultant, works on cardmaking for the holiday season. Treadwell will be hosting a cardmaking class Thursday, Dec. 3, at Gaines Marina in Rouses Point. Photo by Sarah L. Cronk

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SATURDAY November 28, 2009

United Way donations help local people, not pad pockets, executive director says “This is a story that’s resurfaced from June 2008,” said Bernardi. “It looks like [CBS News] was doing a story on charitable giving and just pulled this up as an example.” Recently, Kirk A. Stallsmith, vice president of the local United Way’s board of directors, learned of concerns regarding making donations to the organization from employees of Georgia-Pacific in Plattsburgh, where Stallsmith serves as general manager. Several employees had seen or learned of the CBS News report and mentioned they wouldn’t participate in donating to the United Way campaign as a result. Stallsmith immediately responded to the concerns by issuing a company-wide e-mail which clarified several key points in the news report. “People need to be cautious when they read or hear something on the news and not draw broad assumptions,” said Stallsmith. “It was clear by reading the CBS report that there was a branch of the United Way and a few select other charitable organizations

Executive director aims to put concerns to rest following recent CBS News report

“Nobody on the staff is getting a huge salary or bonuses or anything of that nature.”

By Jeremiah S. Papineau PLATTSBURGH — The story of scandal involving the salary of the former executive director of the United Way of Central Carolinas may be more than a year old, but it’s now beginning to have a ripple effect in the North Country. John C. Bernardi, executive director of the United Way of Clinton and Essex Counties Inc., said it has come to his attention a story which aired on CBS News Nov. 19 titled “Recession-Proof Job? Non-Profit CEO,” has raised concerns locally about charitable giving. In the report, the controversial salary of former Charlotte, N.C., United Way executive director Gloria Pace King was referenced, highlighting how King pulled in a $380,000 salary and $2.1 million retirement package.


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John C. Bernardi United Way of Clinton and Essex Counties

where perhaps the board and the leadership of the organization lost track of their ultimate mission.” Stallsmith also noted there are “vast differences in the size and scope of charitable groups depending on the population base they are serving.” “I would certainly expect a CEO of the United Way branch in a large metropolitan area to make a larger salary than someone in a small community with a small staff,” said Stallsmith. “It essentially becomes comparable to the size and scope of the fund raising and support effort.” However, the salary of the former executive director at the Charlotte United Way, was, in Stallsmith’s opinion, “absurd.” “The person who took over the position with a lower salary appeared to be in the proper compensation range given the responsibilities,” he said, adding however, there may be significant details not given to the CBS reporter that provided “some justification for how she was compensated.” “On the surface, it certainly sends a very poor message and I am sure in Charlotte, many United Way donors are seeking answers to their questions,” he said. The North Country, said Stallsmith, is fortunate to have a group of local community leaders who “understand what it means to serve, what the expectations are and the responsibilities associated.” “The people that I have met on the charitable boards in the North Country take their role very seriously and they do so with a very high sense of ethics and integrity,” he said. “Just because one thing occurred at one district, states away, does not make it a common practice nor should it paint a broad picture of United Way in general.”


Bernardi agreed, adding the report has “created obvious concerns.” “The idea, from our standpoint, is to let people know that we’re very healthy and our salaries are in line with other human service providers in the region. Nobody on the staff is getting a huge salary or bonuses or anything of that nature,” said Bernardi, who disclosed the combined annual salary for himself and two other employees of the local organization is approximately $140,000. Bernardi further noted only 12 percent of donations specifically designated for the local United Way goes toward administrative and management expenses, which he said is “quite low.” Onehundred percent of donations to specific partner agencies, however, go directly to those agencies, he said. “In our case, every penny goes to the organization,” Bernardi said. When compared to the United Way of Central Carolinas, the service area of the local United Way as well as the population served is a fraction of the size, said Bernardi. That’s even given the recent expansion of United Way of Clinton and Essex Counties into Franklin County, he added. “It’s increased the size of our service area significantly, both geographically and by population,” said Bernardi. “It’s significant, but we’re lucky in some respects because we do have a great network of volunteers. “Expanding into Franklin County is clearly going to be a big challenge,” Bernardi added. “We do think it’s going to be, in the long run, great for the region.” Though the organization is now in the process of “building relationships and beginning to form a positive presence in Franklin County,” the main focus of the current fundraising campaign of United Way of Clinton and Essex Counties will be on raising $700,000 for its existing 33 partner agencies, said Bernardi. The campaign is approaching the half-way mark, which is important, he added, because “the needs are so great” in the region. “We’re getting there,” said Bernardi. “We’d like to be a little further ahead, but we remain optimistic that we’re going to be able to make the goal.”

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Kjell Dahlen, M.D., Benjamin Vilbert, M.D., Frederick Shaw, M.D., John King, M.D., Robert Raut, M.D., Robert Johnson, M.D., Phil Dafler, M.D., Stanley Hatch, O.D., David Kirkpatrick, O.D., Richard Erenstone, O.D., Bradley Catton, O.D., Douglas Franz, O.D.

SATURDAY November 28, 2009


Santa Night returning to help Christmas Bureau By Jeremiah S. Papineau PLATTSBURGH — When Thanksgiving is over, many people’s thoughts turn to Christmas, and it’s no different for Alice E. Heckard. Heckard, along with Tammy J. Perrotte, oversees The Christmas Bureau, and this is the time of year when the nonprofit organization really begins to pick up steam, said Heckard. The nonprofit organization begins organizing donations of toys, clothing and other gifts to distribute to lowincome families in need at Christmastime. It’s a tradition that’s continued for more than 40 years. “[The Christmas Bureau] was started by a small group of women from local churches in the 1960s, I believe, and it grew from there,” explained Heckard. “They started by collecting food baskets then eventually started collecting used toys.” The operation grew over the years and even changed hands in coordination, Heckard said. Eventually, the Joint Council for Economic Opportunity of

House From page 1 “We’re fishing for ideas,” said Martin. If interested in voicing your opinion about Clark’s home, the Chazy-Westport Telephone Company will be sending out a copy of the survey to all of their customers. The survey will also be located at D & D Market in Sciota, Guma’s Restaurant and Dodge Library

Clinton and Franklin Counties coordinated the distributions — which then began consisting of new toys — and did so for a number of years until The Christmas Bureau was officially created as its own 501(c)(3) nonprofit. “It’s more like a business now than ever,” said Heckard. “And, it keeps getting better.” Heckard attributes the support of The Christmas Bureau to the generosity of people in the North Country, especially those behind an event known as “Santa Night.” The annual event involves members of the community dressing in holiday style and visiting local restaurants and bars, serenading patrons with Christmas carols. “Since they started doing this, every year it’s grown and gotten better and better,” said Heckard. “They started out by buying us toys to give to the families and now they give us a large amount of money each year. And, they still buy us toys and other things we need. It’s amazing.” Christopher J. Huchro, a financial advisor with West Bay Financial Group, coordinates Santa Night each year and said he is also overwhelmed with

the support Santa Night participants give year after year. “We want to help the less fortunate and there’s no simpler way than getting people on a bus and going to eight or nine places and singing — sometimes terribly — to raise money and bring attention to The Christmas Bureau,” said Huchro. Santa Night participants raise money to go caroling the second Friday each December, said Huchro, and collect any donations they receive that night to give to The Christmas Bureau. “And, we’re always recruiting more people to join us,” said Huchro. “We never know how many people we’re going to have.” Last year, roughly 40 people joined in on the Santa Night festivities, raising more than $23,000. This year ’s fundraising goal for Santa Night is $30,000, said Huchro. “We’re going to try really hard to make it,” he said, adding it will take the participation of even more people this year. “We need them to come out, even if they don’t have the

greatest singing voice,” he said, laughing. “It’s just a great time.” Heckard said by people getting into the spirit of the season, like with Santa Night, more and more families are helped every year. And, in a year following one of national economic decline, Heckard feels this year The Christmas Bureau will be needed more than ever. “We helped 1,138 families

C O V E L’ S


Open November 27th 9-8 Until Christmas

last year and we already know that number ’s going to be up this year. We can already tell by the number of applications coming in,” said Heckard. “I’m a little concerned this year our numbers are going to jump considerably and I’m hoping our donations aren’t down. If they stay where they normally are, we’ll be fine, but if they drop, we’re going to be hurting.” Those interested in helping

Come See Santa! Dec. 5th & 6th & Dec. 12th & 13th

The Christmas Bureau may contact Heckard at 562-1253 or visit the organization’s Web site at For more information about participating in Santa Night — scheduled for the night of Dec. 11 — contact Huchro at 561-9674 or visit the Santa Night Web site at

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in West Chazy, the Chazy Town Office, Alice T. Miner Museum, Chazy Central Rural School main office, and the Chazy Public Library. Upon completion of the survey, participants may return them to where they received the survey. “So, far people have been very positive,” said Martin. “They like Dr. Clark ... they like the house, and they would like to see this happen.” For more information, contact Martin at 493-3041.

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SATURDAY November 28, 2009

Cell coverage? Yeah, there’s an argument for that




Adirondack Humane Society




irby is a domestic long-hair that was abandoned at a local business and surrendered to the shelter. He is neutered, declawed, FeLV/FIV negative and up-to-date on vaccinations. He sometimes plays a little rough but it could just be the number of animals living in the shelter. Penney is a German Shepherd-Akita mix here at our shelter with her three puppies — Piper, Pixie and Petey. Each are looking for their forever home and are up-todate with routine shots and spayed/neutered.

Elmore SPCA

erhaps you caught the recent ad by Verizon Wireless. Playing off iPhone commercials, the ad states “There’s a Map for That” and presents a map that compares AT&T 3G coverage to Verizon’s coverage making Verizon look superior. Not liking the ad, AT&T filed for a restraining order to block the ad and, on Nov. 19, IDG News Service reported a federal judge denied the order and basically told AT&T to stop whining. It was reported AT&T did not dispute the truth in the ad, only it was misleading to customers. AT&T provides wireless service using three different technologies: 3G, EDGE and GPRS. Between all three technologies AT&T reaches more than 300 million people or about 97 percent of the population. Consider only 3G and the numbers drop off to about 75 percent. When AT&T 3G coverage is juxtaposed on a map it looks pathetic. What Verizon did was compare apples to apples; AT&T argued that was misleading and apples to oranges make more sense. There is no doubt the iconic iPhone is a super-sexy device. But, no matter how cool it is, some users are beginning to wonder why service routinely stinks. Consider a recent New York Times article “Customers Angered as iPhones Overload AT&T” where users are relating cell performance to dial-up



osie is an adult spayed female labrador retriever mix. She absolutely loves men! She needs to be the only dog in the house and will be a loyal member of the family. Tony is a beige 5-year-old neutered male American bull terrier. He is a big mush and loves people, toys, and playing with other dogs but would do well in a family with no small children. Tony is a great guy who has been waiting a long time for his human companion.

Adopt-A-Pet is a weekly feature in Denton Publications. For more information about these and other fine pets available for adoption, contact the Adirondack Humane Society, 134 Idaho Ave., Plattsburgh, at 561-7297, or Elmore SPCA, 510 Arthur Road, Peru, at 643-2451.

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Tech Talk

By Ron Poland

Ron Poland is a professor in the Computer Information Systems AAS program at Clinton Community College. Poland is certified in company repair and networking by the Computer Technology Industry Association (CompTIA). He is also a Cisco certified network assistant. Questions may be sent to him via e-mail at

Who says all video games are bad for you?



like speeds. So, what’s Verizon up to? For one thing, Verizon is smitten with the iPhone but the iPhone is contractually married to AT&T. Perhaps Verizon feels it can shake up the AT&T customer base. For another, insiders think a divorce may in fact be looming between the iPhone and AT&T. The exclusive deal between Apple and AT&T is thought to be over next year allowing Apple the option to switch to another carrier.

ccording to the December issue of Good Housekeeping magazine, the Nintendo Wii game system has surprising benefits for people with Parkinson’s disease. Researchers were amazed to find use of the Wii system for one month with 20 Parkinson’s patients improved their motors skills, increased their energy level, and alleviated symptoms of depression. The participants in the study, who are in all stages of the disease but do not have gait problems, played Wii tennis, bowling, and boxing for one hour each, three times a week. They continued to show improvement as long as they played regularly, however, when they stopped playing for one month, their motor skills depreciated and their symptoms of depression returned. The secret, according to researcher and occupational therapist Dr. Ben Herz from the Medical College of Georgia, is chemistry — specifically dopamine. Dopamine is the substance the brain releases responsible for normal movement. Video games and exercise both cause the brain to secrete dopamine, which is normally deficient in persons with Parkinson’s disease. Dopamine is essential for voluntary, functional movements, which can worsen rapidly in Parkinson’s cases if they are not routinely used. Use of the Wii system enhances both while having fun.

As Dr.Herz says, “Game systems are the future of rehab.” His next project involves Parkinson’s patients with gait problems to see how they respond to the Wii. The beauty of Wii games is they can be enjoyed in a home environment and closely simulate the activities they portray. The games require hand-eye coordination, depth and distance perception, and sequenced movement — all areas that improve with practice. The games are also a great way for caregivers to spend quality time with their loved ones, no matter what their ability.

Senior Connection

The Senior Connection is a column provided by the Clinton County Office for the Aging. For more information about services for senior citizens, contact their office at 135 Margaret St., Suite 105, Plattsburgh or call them at 565-4620.

More coupon secrets: big stores, bigger discounts


n many areas, shoppers have several grocery stores to choose from. The same area may have smaller grocery markets, discount grocers that offer “everyday low prices” and large-scale, major-chain supermarkets. Many people tend to consider large supermarkets to be more expensive than their low-price, themed counterparts. This is a reputation that the large supermarkets typically don’t deserve, as they can be some of the best places to save big. Consider this point: Grocery stores that offer “everyday low prices” definitely have prices that are not too high. But prices here are also usually not too low, either. These stores offer the same prices on items week to week, with few to no sales. By contrast, the larger supermarkets offer “high/low” prices. On any given day, it’s true about half the items’ prices will be higher at the supermarket than at an “everyday low price” store. But prices on the other half of the items will be lower. Those are the items that Super-Couponers watch for price drops on. When the prices take a big dip, that’s when we can move in with our coupons and bring the price down even more. This is an advantage supermarkets can have over other stores. During a typical 12-week sales cycle at a supermarket, the price of any particular item will fluctuate from high to low. But just once during that time does the price hit its lowest low — we call this the “12-week-low.” This is the lowest price that item will appear at during the price cycle. Why is it a good idea to watch for these 12-week-lows? That 12-week-low price is typically 50 percent lower than the regular shelf price. Any time we’re able to buy something for half the original price, even without a coupon, it’s

time to buy it! Of course, we also want to use coupons at that point to bring the price down even more. With coupons we can often save 70 percent or more off the original price. Here’s an example. A box of granola bars is usually $3.29 at my large supermarket. The same brand of granola bars is $2.99 at an “every-day low price” grocery in town. The grocery store doesn’t change or cycle its prices; the granola bars are $2.99 every single day. But at the supermarket, the granola bars will go on sale numerous times over the By Jill Cataldo next 12 weeks. Some weeks the bars will be the full $3.29, but other weeks the price will be lower … and lower still. I watched the bars over several weeks and saw them go on sale for $2.99, and $2.49 and $1.99. But one week, the bars dropped again, to “2 for $3,” or $1.50 a box. During this entire time, I was holding onto a $1 coupon for the granola bars. When the bars hit $1.50, they were now on sale for less than half their original price. I used my $1 coupon and took the box home for 50 cents. If I had purchased the granola bars at the “every-day low price” store with my $1 coupon, I would still have paid $1.99 a box. But I picked them up for a quarter of that price … at the larger, so-called “more expensive” supermarket!

Coupon Queen

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SATURDAY November 28, 2009


Chazy celebrates boys and girls soccer success a very good season,” McAuliffe added. “But, when we stood out on that stage in Oneonta yesterday, the team that wasn’t supposed to do anything, did a whole lot and we’re CHAZY — After a long weekend for the boys and girls varsity soccer teams from very proud of these boys.” During the assembly, the girls varsity Chazy Central Rural School, an assembly team was also on stage, taking second place was held Nov. 23 in honor of their success. in the state. The boys varsity team, coached by Rob “I think the hardest thing about standing McAuliffe, played rival Hamilton Nov. 21 in Oneonta, beating them 2-1. On Sunday, the up here is all of us love to win,” said girls varsity coach Karen Sherman-Trombley. “We boys were announced the state champions all want to win. We all want to celebrate a for Class D, after beating Northville 1-0. win.” “On Saturday, we played a team that beat Despite coming in second place in the us last year in the state finals,” explained state against Section V’s Arkport at Homer McAuliffe during the assembly. “It was a difficult task, we knew that. That was al- High School, Sherman-Trombley couldn’t deny how proud she was of her team. ways hanging over us.” “One of the things I think we forget, especially in a small town ... is being a part of Chazy and being able to wear the jerseys that the guys get to wear and the girls get to wear,” she said. “And walking on that field and seeing our fans yell ‘Chazy!’ Everybody knows Chazy.” Sherman-Trombley also stated the stats for the girls team, with their record being 21-0-1, scoring 107 goals, and only letting five goals slip through from opposing teams. “So, the goal that was scored against us on Saturday, was our fifth goal all season that was scored on us,” explained Sherman-Trombley. To put everything into perspective for the students at the assembly, who ranged from kindergarten to 12th grade, superintendent Kevin R. Mulligan explained a few statistics. “Two teams that represented, out of a possible eight teams, four for the boys, four for the girls, you’re looking at two teams that came back with Chazy Central Rural School’s girls varsity coach Karen Sherman- medals, with plaques, with Trombley speaks of how proud she was of the girls team making championships,” said Mulligan. “Our girls team, they did it to the final four, during an assembly held at the school. lose the finals, they lost a very tough game to Arkport, but they came in second place out of close to 200 “To go there and to play the way we did and to come from behind to beat Hamilton schools in New York State.” Mulligan also explained no other school in ... was a special moment for us,” he added. Coming to the field on Sunday, McAuliffe the state was able to have an assembly like took note of the eight or nine seniors from CCRS, because no other school had both Northville who started the game, against the boys and girls varsity soccer teams in the final four. freshmen and sophomores from CCRS. “We are the only school in New York State “They’ve got kids who weigh 200 pounds that can have an assembly that has number and I’ve got kids who weigh 120 pounds,” he said. “It’s difficult, but there’s something one and number two on stage together,” he said. special about these boys.”

By Sarah L. Cronk

“Many didn’t believe that we would have

Chazy Central Rural School superintendent Kevin R. Mulligan speaks during an assembly honoring the boys and girls varsity soccer teams Nov. 22. Photos by Sarah L. Cronk

Chazy Central Rural School’s boys varsity soccer coach Rob McAuliffe shares the stage with the boys and girls varsity soccer teams, speaking about the boys’ state championship win during an assembly at the school.

A Commitment of Spirit, Pride and Service in Our Community

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SATURDAY Noverber 28, 2009

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SATURDAY November 28, 2009


Alzheimer’s Disease Assistance Center continues advancements By Sarah L. Cronk

History of the center PLATTSBURGH — When Dr. Taher Zandi began the Alzheimer ’s Disease Assistance Center in 1987, there was little he could do for his patients. “Basically, we would assess the patients, and we had about 30 percent probability of accurate assessment,” Zandi, a clinical neuropsychologist, explained. “So, 70 percent we didn’t know. Now, we’re at about 80 percent accuracy.” Other progresses made in the last 20 years include being able to assess a patient, and if determined to have Alzheimer ’s disease, offer them medication. “Twenty years ago, they would come here, and I would assess them and I would diagnose them ... and I had nothing to offer them,” he recalled. In matching with the advancements on how to treat the disease, services have increased as well. “We have so many things going around in this area, which we had nothing in the past,” said Zandi. “It was more like a death sentence in the past.” Some of the services Zandi refers to are the Third Age Adult Day Center, which has been a “home away from home” for patients since 1990. The Alzheimer ’s Disease Assistance Center sponsors the day center, which provides educational, social, physical and therapeutic recreational activities. Located in Sibley Hall at the State University of New York at Plattsburgh, the day center also allows patients to work on hobbies, be motivated, and increase their self-esteem. “[Before the day center] there were only caregivers,” Zandi said. “So, things have certainly improved.”

Types of Alzheimer’s The Alzheimer ’s Disease Assistance Center serves the people of Clinton, Franklin, Essex and St. Lawrence counties. Throughout the four counties, 12 percent of the population are vulnerable to Alzheimer ’s. “They’re over age 65,” said Zandi of the 12 percent. “As the age increases, the vulnerability increases. If somebody is in the range of 74 or over, and they have some memory problems, they are better off to get in touch with a provider or get in touch with us, so we can do assessment and treat them.” However, some people are at risk for Alzheimer ’s, not be-

When Zandi opened the Alzheimer ’s Disease Assistance Center 22 years ago, it was the only one of its kind in the area. “There was absolutely nothing here for the older adults,” he said. “When you look to a bigger city, event as big as Albany, which is not that big, you had a multitude of services for geriatrics. We had none in the area.” By having a center in the area, Zandi was able to work with patients to keep them in the mild to moderate stage of Alzheimer ’s. “Typically, if you have a treatment in place, you can prolong the mild stage,” Zandi said. “If I can keep this person in the mild to moderate stage as much as possible, I’ve done a great thing for them versus if I let it go and treat them as if they’re just old, they’re going to fall into the severe stage and they’re going to stay in the severe stage for many years.” “Life quality is a factor,” he added.

Importance of treating Alzheimer’s

cause of their age, but because of genetics. “There are different versions of Alzheimer ’s disease,” explained Zandi. “There is a presenile dementia of Alzheimer ’s disease, which happens before age 65. That is the most hereditary version of the disease.” For those who may be worried they are at risk for Alzheimer ’s because one or both parents suffered from the disease, Zandi said it’s best not to worry about it. “We can always collect what we call a baseline,” he said. So, if somebody is thinking that ‘Oh gosh, something might happen to me,’ we can always do a baseline for that and see how they do down the road. Nevertheless, I don’t see any particular reason for people doing that, simply because it’s anxiety provoking.” The other version of Alzheimer ’s disease, is post-senile dementia, which occurs in people over the age of 65, and is often less hereditary.

Quick references for Alzheimer’s Caregiver Support Group


he Alzheimer ’s Caregiver Support Groups meet at eight locations throughout Northeastern NY. The following is a list of meeting times and places.

Elizabethtown Second Wednesday of the month at the Horace Nye Nursing Home conference room, Park Street. 12 p.m.

Hogansburg Third Thursday of the month at the senior center, 29 Business Park Road. 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Malone First Wednesday of the month at the Third Age Adult Center, 24 Fourth St., Suite 7. 7 p.m.

Plattsburgh First Monday of the month, State University of New York at Plattsburgh, Sibley Hall, Rugar Street. 11 a.m. Note: Respite provided. Must call Third Age Adult Day Center at 564-2329 to register before 2 p.m. on the Friday before.

Saranac Lake Fourth Thursday of the month at the Adirondack Medical Center first floor conference room, Lake Colby Drive. 6 p.m.

Ticonderoga Second Tuesday of the month at the InterLakes Health, Ethan Allan Library, 1019 Wicker St., 4 p.m. For more information regarding the caregivers support group, contact the Alzheimer ’s Disease Assistance Center at 564-3377.

Evaluation The center is a neuropsychological site, which offers an extensive evaluation of both mood and memory in patients. “The reason we do mood is because so much of the mood difficulties will translate into memory difficulties,” Zandi explained. “It just robs you of memory, concentration, things like that.” During an assessment of a patient, to determine whether or not they have Alzheimer ’s, Zandi will meet with the client for three to four hours and decide on the best course of treatment, with follow-ups every six months.

Why is it so important to be treated for Alzheimer ’s, instead of letting it run its course? “From the economic perspective, it’s a huge difference,” Zandi explained. “The cost of going to a nursing home is about $85,000 a year. People can’t afford it, so they go on Medicaid. Then, Medicaid breaks down, as we know.” Instead, Zandi believes spending $15,000 on medications and treatment is a much better way of helping the patient, and they are able to stay at home. During the severe stage of Alzheimer ’s, Zandi also explained a patient is at greater risk of wandering away from home, not being able to take care of themselves, and will be unable to recognize things around them. “They jeopardize their lives,” said Zandi. Also during the severe stage, patients are at risk of ending up in a vegetative state. “You’re really not functioning,” he said. “You’re living, you’re alive, but you’re not really functioning on a social basis at all. And, a seizure may occur.”

Looking to the future Zandi pointed out the number of changes that have taken place, in terms of Alzheimer ’s disease, in the past 20 years. During the next 20 years, Zandi expects even more advancements in medicine. He also believes if people understand some of the risk factors of getting Alzheimer ’s, the number of people affected will decrease. “Lifestyles are very important,” Zandi said. “So, for the people to eat good, exercise, stay away from smoking and too much alcohol, is something that will help them a lot as they get older.” According to Zandi, statistics have shown people with poor diet and those who smoke are at great risk for high cholesterol, hypertension, and diabetes — diseases often associated with the heart. “These are the three enemies of the brain,” he explained. “We typically look at it from the heart perspective, but anything that goes back to the heart, goes to the brain. Also, Zandi expects there will be a way to take out the gene that causes Alzheimer ’s, which will reduce the chance for it to be hereditary.

For more information If interested in learning more about the Alzheimer ’s Disease Assistance Center, located at Sibley Hall at SUNY Plattsburgh, call 564-3377 or visit their Web site at



SATURDAY Noverber 28, 2009


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LIVE UNITED.™ The village of Rouses Point is continuing the tradition of the annual Parade of Toys for their 25th year, Dec. 4. Last year, then 5-year-old Kai Birtz sat with Santa, one of the highlights of the parade. File photo

Parade From page 1 Eventually, it was decided to have the Parade of Toys also be the day the village lit their Christmas tree, with the tradition continuing through today. “I think it’s good that they’ve kept it for all these years,” said Cloutier. “One of the few things that have lasted all these years in Rouses Point. It’s kind of neat that they’ve kept it going.” Barcomb had similar sentiments. “I think it’s wonderful,” she said. “It’s something that now it’s been going on so long, everybody in the village looks forward to it. With the older people bringing their toys as well as the children, it’s made for a lot of good conversation. I think it’s turned into a wonderful thing.”






From page 1


GIVE. ADVOCATE. VOLUNTEER. United Way of Clinton & Essex Counties Inc.

LIVE UNITED Want to make a difference? Help create opportunities for everyone in your community. United Way is creating real, lasting change where you live, by focusing on the building blocks of a better life – education, income and health. That’ s what it means to Live United. For more, visit


front building from 6:30-9 p.m., Treadwell will be available to give advice and will have her scrapbooking and cardmaking supplies for people to utilize. Treadwell hosts her scrapbooking workshop every Thursday from 6:30-9 p.m. at the marina, and people are invited to come as often

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additional $30 for the kit. To register, contact Treadwell at 206-4078 as soon as possible so she can order the kits in time. Treadwell will also host an open house Saturday, Dec. 5, from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. at the marina, 141 Lake St., to showcase her scrapbooking and cardmaking items.

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This year ’s Parade of Toys will be held Friday, Dec. 4, at 6:45 p.m. beginning at Rouse Park, and continuing down the street to the Peg Huchro Memorial Gazebo, near the village office. There, carols will be sung and the Christmas tree will be lit. Children will also be read a story and have time to meet with Santa Claus, who will be coming in on a fire truck. “I think all of the mayors [and trustees] were very kind in keeping it going,” said Cloutier. “They deserve some of the credit, too.” For more information about the Parade of Toys, contact the village office at 297-5502.

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Holy Angels Church Main Street, Altona. Mass–7:30 p.m. Saturday; 10:30 a.m. Sunday

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Living Water Baptist Church 9 Locust St., corner of Main and Locust, Champlain. Sunday School at 9 a.m. Service at 10 a.m. Thursday Bible Study at 7 p.m. includes activities for children. Phone: 298-4358

Sacred Heart Church Box 549, Chazy 12921. (518) 846-7650. Sunday Masses (Ant) 4 p.m., 8 a.m. & 10 a.m. Chazy Presbyterian Church 620 Miner Farm Rd., Chazy • 846-7349 Worship and Sunday School will begin at 11 a.m. email:

Three Steeples United Methodist Church -

491 Route 11, Champlain – 298-8655 or 298-5522. Sunday morning worship 9:30 a.m. Sunday School at same time (Sept. thru June). Steve Loan, Pastor. St. Mary’s Catholic Church Church Street, Champlain Saturday Anticipated Mass, 5 p.m. Sunday services, 8 a.m. & 10:30 a.m. St. Joseph’s Church Mason Road, Champlain Saturday Anticipated Mass, 7:30 p.m.

ELLENBURG St. Edmund’s Roman Catholic Church Route 11, Ellenburg Saturday Anticipated Mass, 4 p.m. Sunday Mass, 8 a.m. and 11 a.m. The Ellenburg United Methodist Church will meet at 9 a.m. at the church in Ellenburg Center. However, on Election

Day, Sunday, we move to the Ellenburg Methodist Community Center on Rt. 11.

ELLENBURG DEPOT Ellenburg Depot Wesleyan Church 2179 Plank Rd., PO Box 177 Ellenburgh Depot, NY 12935. Pastor: Robert R. Phillips. Phone: 594-3902. Sunday Family Bible Hour: 9:50 a.m. Sunday Worship Time: 10:50 a.m. Children’s/ Youth Ministries: Call for schedule

MOOERS St. Joseph’s Catholic Church Maple Street, Mooers – 236-7142. Anticipated Saturday Mass, 5:30 p.m. Sunday Mass, 10 a.m. Reconciliation announced special Saturday mornings 10 a.m. & by request. Mooers United Methodist Church 14 East St., Located adjacent to old Post Office. Sunday service, 9:30 a.m. Contemporary & traditional music, activities for children, youth and families, 236-7129,,

Mooers Wesleyan Church Maple Street, Mooers. Sunday school, 9:45 a.m. Morning Worship 10:45 a.m. Sunday Night Service 7 p.m. Wednesday Night 7 p.m. (518) 236-5330

MOOERS FORKS St. Ann’s Catholic Church Route 11, Mooers Forks. Mass: Saturday, 4 p.m.; Sunday, 8:30 a.m. Reconciliation announced special Saturday mornings 10 a.m. & by request.

ROUSES POINT St. Patrick’s Catholic Church Lake Street, Rouses Point. Saturday Anticipated Mass: 4 p.m.; Sunday Masses: 8 a.m. and 10 a.m.; Weekday Masses: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 8 a.m. Communion Service: Wednesday 8 a.m. First Presbyterian Church 52 Washington Ave., Rouses Point, New York 12979. Telephone 518/297-6529. The Rev. David A. Spaulding. Telephone

518/846-7349. Sunday Service 9 a.m. Sunday School 9:30 a.m.

SCIOTA St. Louis of France Catholic Church Route 22, Sciota. Mass 4 p.m. Saturday; 9 a.m. Sunday Sciota United Methodist Church Sunday service 9 a.m. Route 191

WEST CHAZY The West Chazy Wesleyan Church Pastor: Jonathan Hunter 17 East Church St., Fiske Road, West Chazy, NY. Ph. 493-4585. Sunday; Sunday School 9:30 a.m., Morning Worship 10:30 a.m. Evening Worship 5 p.m. Tuesday; Clubhouse Ministries 6:30 p.m. (Sept. thru May) Wednesday; Prayer Meeting 6 p.m. St. Joseph’s Catholic Church West Church Street, West Chazy. Saturday Vigil Mass, 4 p.m. Sunday Mass 8 a.m. & 10 a.m. Weekday Masses: Monday through Friday at 9 a.m. 11-14-09 • 27947

These Northern Tier Churches Are Supported By The Following Businesses: CHAMPLAIN SUBWAY AT BORDERVIEW GROCERY Rt. 11, Champlain, NY • 298-SUBS $5.00 Footlongs 3’ to 6’ • Party Subs Fried Chicken • Soft Ice Cream Stand 34285

RILEY FORD Route 9, Chazy, NY 518-846-7131 27948


CHEVROLET • OLDSMOBILE • PONTIAC The Parker Brothers: Rolla, Tim & Sean 622 State Route 11, P.O. Box 308, Champlain, NY 12919

Business Phone: 518-298-8272 • Chazy Area: (518) 846-7422 • Fax: (518) 296-8540


THE CHAMPLAIN TELEPHONE COMPANY Now Offering D.S.L. 1118 Route 9, Champlain, NY 518-298-2411 34282 DRAGOON’S FARM EQUIPMENT 2507 Route 11, Mooers Call: 518-236-7110 27951

“Your Health Is The Cornerstone Of Our Community” 72 Champlain St., Rouses Point 34283 518-297-DRUG (3784)

SAMPLE LUMBER “All Your Building Needs!” Route 11, Mooers. Call: 236-7788 27953


SATURDAY November 28, 2009

Send events at least two weeks by: • e-mail to • fax to 1-518-561-1198 • snail-mail in care of “Regional Calendar” to 24 Margaret St., Suite 1, Plattsburgh N.Y. 12901 ...or submit them on-line at!

Saturday, Nov. 28 LAKE PLACID — Harvest Market, Lake Placid Center for the Arts, 17 Algonquin Dr., 12-4 p.m. WHALLONSBURG — Square dancing with Gary FInney and the Upstate Boys, Whallonsburg Grange Hall, State Route 22, 7-9 p.m. $5 per person, children younger than 12, free. 962-4386. PLATTSBURGH — Production of “The Nutcracker,” Hartman Theater in Myers Fine Arts Building, SUNY Plattsburgh, 2 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. 534-9334 or PLATTSBURGH — Crow Party performs with guests Lost Dog, Monopole, 7 Protection Ave., 10 p.m. PLATTSBURGH — Hot Neon Magic performs, Olive Ridley’s, 37 Court St., 10 p.m.

Sunday, Nov. 29 PLATTSBURGH — Production of “The Nutcracker,” Har tman Theater in Myers Fine Arts Building, SUNY Plattsburgh, 2 p.m. 534-9334 or

Monday, Nov. 30 Clinton-Essex-Franklin Library Bookmobile stops: Port Kent Post Office, 31 First St., 1:30-2 p.m.; Keeseville Country Gardens, Hill Street, 2:15-2:45 p.m.; Curtains, Curtains, Curtains parking lot, 24 Rectory St., Clintonville, 3-3:30 p.m.; Ada Court, Cliff Haven, 4:15-4:45 p.m

Tuesday, Dec. 1 ROUSES POINT — Rouses Point Playgroup, Champlain Children’s Learning Center, 10 Clinton St., 10 a.m.-12 p.m. 314-1191. For children ages 0-6. PLATTSBURGH — Storytime for preschoolers, Plattsburgh Public Library, 19 Oak St., 10:30-11 a.m. SARANAC — Tomato Grafting Workshop, Campbell’s Greenhouse, 35 Ryan Road, 1-3 p.m.561-7450. PLATTSBURGH — Plattsburgh Green Committee monthly meeting, Plattsburgh Public Library second floor, 19 Oak St., 6 p.m. ROUSES POINT — Music Appreciation Club hosts Adrian Carr, Dodge Memorial

Library, 144 Lake St., 7 p.m. DANNEMORA — Adult book club, Dannemora Free Library, 1168 Cook St., 7 p.m. SARANAC LAKE — Saranac Lake Green Drinks, Captain Cook’s Bar and Grill, 48 Broadway, 8 p.m.

Wednesday, Dec. 2 DANNEMORA — Story hour, Dannemora Free Library, 1168 Cook St., 11:15 a.m. Ages 3 and older. WILMINGTON — Holiday wrapping paper workshop, Wilmington E. M. Cooper Memorial Public Library, 5751 State Route 86, 3-4 p.m. Reservations requested. 9467701. PLATTSBURGH — Storytime, Plattsburgh Public Library, 19 Oak St., 6:30-7:15 p.m. PLATTSBURGH — Champlain Valley Sweet Adelines, North Country Alliance Church, 7 Northern Ave., 6:30 p.m. Rides available. 563-6151. PLATTSBURGH — Adirondack Jazz Orchestra performs, Olive Ridley’s, 37 Court St., 8 p.m.

Thursday, Dec. 3 Clinton-Essex-Franklin Library Bookmobile stops: Senior Citizens Council of Clinton County, 5139 N. Catherine St., Plattsburgh, 11:30 a.m. to 12 p.m.; Vilas Home, 61 Beekman St., Plattsburgh, 11:45 p.m.; Flynn Ave., Plattsburgh, between senior apartments, 2-2:30 p.m.; Pine Rest Trailer court, Treadwells Mills, 3:15-3:45. SARANAC LAKE — Children’s story hour, Saranac Lake Free Library, 109 Main St., 10:30 a.m. 891-4190. LAKE PLACID — Children’s story hour, Lake Placid Library, 2471 Main St., 10:30 a.m. ELIZABETHTOWN — ElizabethtownLewis Chamber of Commerce Holiday Shopping Night. Town-wide. 5-8 p.m. LAKE PLACID — Joy to the Children benefit, Mirror Lake Inn, 77 Mirror Lake Dr., 6-9 p.m. ROUSES POINT — Christmas cardmaking class, Gaines Marina, 141 Lake St., 6:30-9 p.m. Registration required. 2064078. KEESEVILLE — Share a Piece of Local History with Anderson Falls Heritage Soci-

This week’s theme: “Literal translations?” ACROSS 1 Soft drink option 8 Regal rod 15 Get ready to eat? 20 Blue books? 21 Way over the ocean 22 Overcome glossophobia 23 TOG? 25 Law school subject 26 Pot creators 27 NASA rank 28 One of Jason’s men 30 Country’s Acuff et al. 31 Annual parade city since 1890 35 Like the vb. “be," e.g. 36 Shipbuilding wood 38 GLIBNESS? 44 H, as in “Hera” 47 Multicolored 49 Cantina fare 50 Symphonic wind 51 FELT? 55 Song on the Beatles’ “Revolver” album 57 Political position 58 Mecca for N.Y.C. art lovers 59 Penguin on skates, for short 61 Nautical pronoun 62 1968 self-titled folk album 63 Cock and bull 64 Pieces of 8? 66 GOES? 69 RAGE? 74 Squeezes (out) 75 Cancels 76 Island accessories

78 Monk’s address 81 Shocked intakes 84 “All __": 1984 film featuring an old song of the same name 85 Overly affected 87 Confessions may be given under it 89 SING? 92 Old Roman road 93 Picked 95 Silverware point 96 Light period 97 EARTH? 101 Micro ending 103 Mortgage pmt. component 104 Canal locale 106 B’way ticket abbr. 110 “Says who?" 115 Nitwit 116 Mild cigar 117 It’s traditionally placed to the right of the knife 118 STOP? 123 “Not possible” 124 12:30, on a ship 125 Beckett contemporary 126 Stuffs 127 Bargain hunter’s stop 128 Like some markets

DOWN 1 Olive Oyl’s creator 2 Maine town named for a Penobscot chief 3 Eccentric 4 Bear witness 5 __ XII, WWII pope

ety, Keeseville Civic Center, second floor, 7 p.m.

Friday, Dec. 4 . ELIZABETHTOWN — ElizabethtownWestport Garden Club’s 55th annual Greens Tea, United Church of Christ, 7580 Court St., 11 a.m.-2 p.m. 873-6493. ESSEX — Holiday Sampler art exhibit, Cupola House Gallery, 2278 Main St. 11:30 a.m.-4 p.m. 963-7494. LAKE PLACID — Harvest Market, Lake Placid Center for the Arts, 17 Algonquin Dr., 12-4 p.m. MORRISONVILLE — ADK Club Algonquin Chapter Annual Pot Luck, Clinton County Fairgrounds Conservation Building, 74 Fairgrounds Road, 5:30 p.m. Bring dish to share, own place setting and cup. PLATTSBURGH — Benjamin Bright performs, Olive Ridley’s, 37 Court St., 6 p.m. PLATTSBURGH — Family swim night, CVPH Wellness Center, 295 New York Road, 7-9 p.m. LAKE PLACID — Film depiction of slavery and racism in the time of John Brown, Lake Placid Center for the Arts, 17 Algonquin Dr., 7 p.m. JAY — Zip City performance to benefit JEMS, Amos and Julia Ward Theatre, 8 p.m. WILLSBORO — Champlain Valley Film Society movie “The Hurt Locker,” Willsboro Central School, 29 School Lane, 8 p.m.

Saturday, Dec. 5 KEESEVILLE — Keeseville United Methodist Church’s 7th Annual Holiday Gala, Keeseville Elks Lodge, 1 Elks Lane, 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Luncheon served from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. Gifts for sale, silent auction, bale sale and more. Photos with Santa for $5 per picture from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. MALONE — Free pancake breakfast, St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, 34 Elm St., 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Santa and Mrs. Claus to visit at 10 a.m. 521-3477. LAKE PLACID — John Brown Symposium, High Peaks Resort, 2384 Saranac Ave., 9 a.m. March to John Brown’s grave to follow. SARANAC LAKE — 2009 Winterfair

6 Text-interpreting technology, briefly 7 Flattened 8 Gulf War foe 9 Poet John who translated Dante’s “Divine Comedy” 10 Stumble 11 Mideast political gp. 12 Letter before upsilon 13 Sicilian resort 14 Put through one’s paces again 15 Copter blades 16 Curling gadget 17 Legal opening? 18 Rebuke before the senate 19 Cheep place to stay? 24 Ambulance letters 29 Welcoming ones 31 Revolutionary pamphleteer 32 Crowd seen at a film festival? 33 Around the corner 34 Marketing pro 37 “Beowulf," for one 39 Indiana senator 40 Beantown team, casually 41 Certain PCs 42 Early matchmaker 43 Type of therapy 44 Film feline 45 Aquarium swimmer 46 Riding for __: acting overconfidently 48 Yankees’ #5, familiarly 52 Govt. security 53 Flight training milestone 54 Iowa State home 56 Classy entranceway 60 Metallica drummer Ulrich 63 Slob’s creation 65 Farm storage spots 67 Ticker tapes, briefly? 68 Second time to the top 69 Sass 70 Pollster Roper 71 Warning 72 Far from fragrant 73 New York town on the Susquehanna 75 Reagan biographer Peggy 77 Discman maker 78 S&L protector 79 Dr. who wrote “Sex for Dummies” 80 Word after Bay, gray or play 82 Magic word 83 Bite-sized food 85 Pavarotti, e.g. 86 Metal containers 88 Seaside raptor 90 Member of many an idol’s fan base

91 94 98 99 100 102 105 107 108 109 110 111 112 113 114 116 119 120

and Gift Shoppe, Northern Lights School, 57 Church St.,10 a.m.2 p.m. Crafts, games, puppet show, refreshments and entertainment. Admission $3 per child, $5 per adult, or $12 maximum per family. ROUSES POINT — Scrapbooking open house, Gaines Marina, 141 Lake St., 10 a.m.-2 p.m. 297-7000. PERU — Fall into Winter Craft Show, St. Augustine’s Church, 3035 Main St., 10 a.m.- 3 p.m. Gently-used clothing, baked goods, workshops, food and entertainment by Sweet Adelines from 1-1:30 p.m. WHALLONSBURG — Holiday Craft Bazaar, Whallonsburg Grange Hall, State Route 22, 10 a.m.-3 p.m. 963-4166. ESSEX — Christmas Bazaar, Essex Community Church 2743 State Route 22, 10 a.m.- 2 p.m. Luncheon 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m. PLATTSBURGH — Christmas Tea and Bazaar, First Presbyterian Church, 34 Brinkerhoff St., 12-3 p.m. Book sale starts at 11 a.m. 561-3140. MORRISONVILLE — Square dancing, North Country Squares Building, Clinton County Fairgrounds, 84 Fairground Lane, 7 p.m. 561-5801. TUPPER LAKE — Open Mic/Broken Ear hosted by Philadelphia Jones, The Park, 8 p.m.-12 a.m. Special guests “Tres Amigos,” Yod, Ron Jones, Kirk Gagnier and others. No cover. WILLSBORO — Champlain Valley Film Society movie “The African Queen,” Willsboro Central School, 29 School Lane, 8 p.m. or 963-8662. PLATTSBURGH — Mike and the Monsters performs, Olive Ridley’s, 37 Court St., 8 p.m.

Sunday, Dec. 6 ELIZABETHTOWN — John Brown Commemorative, Adirondack History Center Museum, 7590 Court St., 873-6466. CHAZY — Friends of the Chazy Public Library Christmas open house, Chazy Public Library, 9633 State Route 9, 11 a.m.-1 p.m. 314-1161 or 846-7302. WESTPORT — John Brown Coming Home, Westport Marina and Heritage House, Washington Street, 12-2 p.m. $15. 873-6466. PERU — Winter Greens Production

“Catch Me If You Can” star Trendy club Super Bowl XLII champs Act as middleman, perhaps It’s not important Liquefied by heat Rock music genre Mrs. Gorbachev Spring bloomers Accept, as a coupon Egyptian fertility goddess Shelter org. Exactly Give an edge to Disney duck princess Support staff? Geom. class line part Airer of baseball’s Division Series 121 Stephen of “Interview With the Vampire” 122 Swab

Open House, Rehoboth Homestead Farm, 66 Jabez Allen Road, 1-3 p.m. 561-7450 or ELIZABETHTOWN — John Brown Coming Home, United Church of Christ and Old County Courthouse, Court Street, 3-5 p.m. 873-6466. PLATTSBURGH — Soulful Christmas Concert, SUNY Plattsburgh’s Hawkins Hall, E. Glenn Giltz Auditorium, Beekman Street, 5 p.m. CHAZY — Candlelight vigil to remember children who have passed away, Riverview Cemetery, 6 p.m. 846-8304 or 846-7818.

Monday, Dec. 7 LAKE PLACID — John Brown Coming Home, John Brown Farm State Historic Site, John Brown Road, 3-6 p.m. ELIZABETHTOWN — Boquet River Association annual meeting, Hand House, 8273 River St., 7 p.m.

Tuesday, Dec. 8 Clinton-Essex-Franklin Library Bookmobile stops: Lake Clear Post Office, 6373 Route 30, 11-11:45 a.m.; park across from Corner Cafe, Gabriels, 12:45-1:15 p.m.; across from town hall, Bloomingdale, 1:302 p.m.; Vermontville Post Office, 6 Cold Brooke Road, 2:15-2:45 p.m.; Church of the Assumption, 78 Clinton St., Redford, 3:30-4 p.m. ROUSES POINT — Rouses Point Playgroup, Champlain Children’s Learning Center, 10 Clinton St., 10 a.m.-12 p.m. 314-1191. For children ages 0-6. PLATTSBURGH — Storytime for preschoolers, Plattsburgh Public Library, 19 Oak St., 10:30-11 a.m. LAKE PLACID — John Brown memorial service, John Brown Farm State Historic Site, John Brown Road, 11 a.m.

Wednesday, Dec. 9 Clinton-Essex-Franklin Library Bookmobile stops: Champlain Children’s Learning Center, 10 Clinton St., Rouses Point, 12:30-1 p.m.; Nor ther n Senior Housing, corner of Route 9 and Route 11, 1:15-1:45 p.m.; Champlain Headstart, Three Steeples Church, Route 11, 1:50-2:20 p.m.; Twin Oaks Senior Housing, Altona, 3:10-3:40 p.m.; D & D Grocery, Sciota, 3:50-4:30 p.m.

Solution to last week’s puzzle

SATURDAY November 28, 2009


Get the kids outside! H

istorically, rural communities have provided their local youth with few opportunities for structured recreation beyond the scope of school sports or summer youth program offerings. Most small towns don't have the malls, gyms, movie theaters or civic centers typically found in larger communities. Recreation is often left to a child’s imagination, which can be a positive or negative outlet, depending on the direction we provide. Today’s kids are presented with a wealth of electronic attractions ranging from computers, to video games to cell phones and beyond. They will make due with the resources that are available to them. In the Adirondacks, the most readily available local recreational resources are our woods and waters. The region is blessed with a wealth of natural attractions that attract travelers from all over the world to play in our big backyard. In recent years, I’ve researched a number of opportunities and programs designed to introduce local children to the outdoors. I’ve been encouraged with what I’ve found and I’m thrilled with the range and diversity of the offerings. Throughout the Adirondacks, there are numerous opportunities for children, and their parents to develop the appropriate skills, outdoor education and appreciation to effectively enjoy the local environment. Best of all, most of the programs are offered

at little or no cost. If our children don't possess the necessary tools, skills and knowledge to utilize their surroundings, they are severely disadvantaged and underprivileged. It is a fact of life in the North Country, we must provide our own recreation! We go outside because it is in our nature to go outside. We go out to climb the mountains and to paddle the rivers, to fish the streams, to photograph the scenes and to plunge into the ponds or ski the hills. We do such things to stay in touch with something inside our being, to expand our horizons and to test ourselves. When we cease to do such things we are no longer alive, we are simply existing. There are few activities that foster the bond between parents and their children than participating in outdoor adventures, simply enjoying the woods together. The outdoors offers inclusive activities that allow both adults and kids to share equally in the experience. Such activities require cooperation and trust between adults and kids while helping to instill traditional values, connectivity with nature and a healthy lifestyle. A parent will discover more about their child in an hour of playing together than can be accomplished in a lifetime of conversation. Shared play is the most genuine act that children and adults can know. It is a fact known throughout history. Herodotus, the Greek historian claimed

The mountains, forests, lakes and streams of the Adirondacks provide an unlimited spectrum of outdoor recreation opportunities. Key to unlocking these treasures is the involvement of one responsible, adult mentor to introduce a kid to the outdoors. For the sake of your community, step up, step out and be that special person. Children will remember you! that: “Man is most nearly himself when he achieves the seriousness of a child at play.” I’d like to see New York institute a statewide, school based initiative to promote youth participation in the outdoors. Although numerous public and private groups are currently working to get youth interested and involved in the outdoors; the state Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) and the Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation should be charged with the responsibility for developing a comprehensive educational/recreational program for the schools. Such a program could be be offered as a component of physical education or wellness. Increasing youth participation in outdoors is one of the major issues facing the recreation industry today. If young people are not introduced to these opportunities at

an early age, they will engage in other hobbies and interests. Remember, it’s human nature to follow the path of least resistance. The necessity of fostering the next generation of hunters, anglers, hikers, bikers, climbers, skiers and paddlers is one of the most pressing needs of the current conservation community. Today’s children will be tomorrow's policy makers. They will be making the decisions about the utilization and protection of our shared natural resources. In order to insure the viability of these lands and waters in the future, we must make efforts in the current day.

Joe Hackett is a guide and sportsman residing in Ray Brook. Contact him at

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BOY SCOUT National Jamboree Fundraiser, Queen style coffee table, Asking $100.00 OBO. 518-623-4100 COFFEE TABLE AND END TABLE. BLACK METAL WITH GLASS TOP. PIC AVAILABLE. $100. (518) 321-5310

HOLIDAY TIME 9’ artifical Christmas Tree in box. Used twice. $50 OBO. 523-7384 Kero/Oil Tank, 275 Gal., with legs, gauge, filter, used indoors, like new, $250.00. 518532-7390 KITCHEN TABLE 3.5x3.5 WITH 2 LEAVES 5 FEET x 3.5 $30.00 WARRENSBURG NY(518) 623-3957 LARGE DUTCHWEST cast iron wood stove. Used 2 winters, glass door, $1,000. 518-8736379 after 8pm. Elizabethtown LUGGAGE-NEW. 29” wheeled pull along. Dark green, $40. 518-582-2432 MATCHED PAIR light blue ceramic kitchen double sink and bar sink w/Kohler faucets $175 518-494-2747 MEMORY FOAM THERAPEUTIC NASA VISCO MATTRESSES WHOLESALE! T$299 F-$349 Q-$399 K-$499 ADJUSTABLES - $799 FREE DELIVERY 25 YEAR WARRANTY 90 NIGHT TRIAL 1-800ATSLEEP 1-800-287-5337 WWW.MATTRESSDR.COM NEW GT Express 101 double size $30. Call 518-563-1558 OMEGA 4X5 Enlarger includes 3 lenses + timer, excellent condition $300. 518-8467133 POLAROID MP4 copy camera. Excellent condition, $300. 518-846-7133. PORTABLE MIRACLE HEATER cuts heating bills 50%. Heats 1000 sq. ft. Factory Warranty. Money back guarantee. Retails $397, Limited time only $279. 1-877-256-1364 PRO FORM 585 treadmill. Pro Form 490 treadmill. Roadmaster indoor bike. Electric hospital bed with mattress. Wheelchair. Wheeled walker with seat & basket. 2 regular walkers. Twin mattress. 518-293-8223. Spinette Piano “Schumer” with bench. Very good condition & in-tune $499 518-963-7144 SUNHEAT ZONE HEATER, Model SH1500, oak cabinet, used 2 months, excellent condition, $300 (518-298-2652) USED, WORKING Toyo Stove Lazer 73, needs gaskets and tightening up, $99 O.B.O. 518-236-6646 VINYL SIDING. Color light yellow. 24 square with j-channel, utility trim, and corner pieces. (518) 546-7243 WOOD BOX stove $100. 2.2 black microwave, 1-1/2 yrs. old. $50. Mini refrigerator $25. 802-886-8477.


BEDROOM SET. Queen or Double. Headboard, 2 dressers, nightstand and mirror. Great shape. $400. (518) 891-5962

Electric Fireplace, very good condition, thermostat w/blower $75 518-585-7895 Lift Chair $325 518-623-2443 THOMASVILLE OVAL dining room table with 6 chairs. 42 x 70, 2 leaves. $400.00 (518) 546-3084

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Piano Chickering, good shape with bench, FREE, you move 518-644-5578 Call us at 1-802-460-0104

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ADORABLE LITTLE Shitzu/Yorkie puppies. 3 females, 2 males. Vet checked, first shots. Will be ready before Christmas. $350 each. 518-643-0167 Free Cats, that were abandoned. Help give them a good home. Call 518-942-7034 TWO FEMALE Black and White 5 month old cats. Very friendly. FREE TO GOOD HOME. 518-744-3224


LIFE INSURANCE, NO MEDICAL EXAMINATIONS. Purchase ages 18 to 85. Fast acceptances. 1-800-938-3439, x24; 1-516938-3439, x24

COMPLETE PLOW set up to fit 1996 Ford F150. 524-8377

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GUNS/AMMO LEVER ACTION 30-30. Great hunting rifle with new bullets. Asking $240/OBO. Call 802-775-4808. TRADITIONS 50 Cal inline Black Powder Rifle, #11 Primer, like new $125.00. CTR Rutland, VT. 802-775-0280 WILL BUY 22 cal auto loader rifle w/clip mag for the right price (518) 338-3258

MUSIC BALDWIN SPINET piano. Very good condition. Needs tuning. Makes nice Christmas gift. $490/OBO. 518-532-9555 CLARINET, VIOLIN, FLUTE, TRUMPET, Amplifier, Fender Guitar $75 each. UprightBass, Cello, Saxophone, French Horn, Drums, $189 each. Others 4-sale 1516-377-7907 GUITAR “JAY Jr.”dreadnaught guitar, in original box never been used! $84.99 (great Xmas gift) 802-459-2987





Wanted to Buy: Wild Ginseng Roots, Top Cash Paid for Quality Roots. Serving the Ginseng Hunters since 1936. Cash Paid, Fair Dealing. Dave Hicks- 518-632-5422



OLD GUITARS WANTED! Fender, Gibson, Martin, Gretsch, Prairie State, Euphonon, Larson, D\’92Angelico, Stromberg, Rickenbacker, and Mosrite. Gibson Mandolins/Banjos. 1930\’92s thru 1970\’92s TOP CASH PAID! 1-800-401-0440

Law Offices of Thomas H. Hanna Jr.,P.C. Loan Modifications, Debt Consolidation. Lower Monthly Payments, Save Thousands, Stop Harassing Calls, Qualify for Cash Back, Become Debt Free! Toll Free 1-877-6142662


Now Available at...

Denton Publications in collaboration with participating newspapers, the New York Press Association, and the New York Newspaper Publishers Association provides online access to public notice advertisements from throughout New York and other parts of the country. You can access the legal notices on the publication landing pages under the home button at WHAT ARE PUBLIC NOTICES? Public Notices are advertisements placed in newspapers by the government, businesses, and individuals. They include: government contracts, foreclosures, unclaimed property, community information and more! 20723


Gail is always happy to help.



WANTED DISH Network. $19.99/mo, Why Pay More For TV? 100+ Channels. FREE 4-Room Install. FREE HD-DVR. Plus $600 Sign-up BONUS. Call Now! 1-877-249-4584 WANTED DIABETES TEST STRIPS Any Kind/Any brand Unexpired. Pay up to $18.00 per box. Shipping Paid. Call 1-800-267-9895 or

TOOLS Parks Planer HO 12” 220V Extra Blades, cost $1200 new, asking $475, 518-543-6419

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VERMONT (802) 247.......................Brandon 372....................Grand Isle 388...................Middlebury 425......................Charlotte 434....................Richmond 438...............West Rutland 453.......Bristol/New Haven 462......................Cornwall 475.........................Panton 482....................Hinesburg 545...................Weybridge 655......................Winooski 658....................Burlington 758........................Bridport 759.......................Addison 654,655,656,657,658,660, 860,862,863,864,865,951, 985....................Burlington 877...................Vergennes 769,871,872,878,879 ..................Essex Junction 893...........................Milton 897....................Shoreham 899......................Underhill 948..........................Orwell 888....................Shelburne 16898

SATURDAY November 28, 2009

EQUIPMENT SAWMILLS FROM ONLY $2,990.00— Convert your LOGS TO VALUABLE LUMBER with your own Norwood portable band sawmill. Log skidders also available. Free information: 1-800-578-1363-Ext300-N.

LOCALBUSINESS FOR ALL Your Excavating needs, Call Brookfield Excavation. Serving Clinton & Essex Counties. Fully insured / Free estimates. Call 518-962-4592 or 518-802-0850.

LEGALS Legal deadline Monday @ 3:00pm Please Send Legals By EMAIL To:

NOTICE OF FORMATION OF LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY, TwistFree CollarLead LLC on 7/28/09 in the business of making dog care products. The Secretary of State of NY is designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail a copy to Dennis Thornton, the registered agent of the LLC at the business location: 210 Silver Street, Peru, Clinton County, NY NCM/CC-10/24-11/28/096TC-55671 -------------------------------A R C H E R B O D Y W O R K S , LICENSED MASSAGE THERAPY, PLLC Articles of Org. filed NY Sec. of State (SSNY) 9/30/09. Office in Clinton Co. SSNY desig. agent of LLC upon whom process may be served. SSNY shall mail copy of process to 23 Durkee Street, Suite B, Plattsburgh, NY 12901. Purpose: Any lawful purpose. NCM/CC-10/31-12/5/096TC-55716 -------------------------------THE SHELL-IT COMPANY, LLC NOTICE OF FORMATION of a domestic Limited Liability Company (LLC): DATE OF FORMATION: The Articles of Organization were filed with the New York State Secretary of State on October 20, 2009. NEW YORK OFFICE LOCATION: Clinton County AGENT FOR PROCESS: The Secretary of State is designated as Agent upon whom process against the LLC may be served. The Secretary of State shall mail a copy of any process against the LLC to 19 Morrison Avenue, Plattsburgh, New York 12901. PURPOSE: To engage in any lawful act or activity. NCM/CC-10/31-12/5/096TC-55703

-------------------------------THE NAME OF THE LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY WPH Enterprises, LLC The date of filing of the articles of organization with the secretary of state October 2, 2009. The county in which the office of the limited liability company is to be located Clinton County. The secretary of state has been designated as agent of the limited liability company upon whom process against it may be served. The post office address within or without this state to which the secretary of state shall mail a copy of any process against it served upon him or her. WPH Enterprises, LLC 1176A State Route 9 Num 154 Champlain, NY 12919 The character or purposes of the business of such limited liability company Investment Management, operating as a domestic limited liability company under Section 206. NCM/CC-11/7-12/12/096TC-55747 --------------------------------

M A N U FA C T U R I N G , LLC, Arts. of Org. filed with SSNY on 09/17/09. Office Location: Clinton County, SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail a copy of process to: The LLC, 194 Pleasant Ridge Rd., Plattsburgh, NY 12901. Purpose: to engage in any lawful act. NCM/CC-11/14-12/19/096TC-55887 -------------------------------BCM PROPERTIES LLC ("LLC") has been formed for transacting business in NY and elsewhere. 1. Articles of Organization were filed with the NY Sec. of State ("NYSS") on 10/28/09. 2. The LLC's office is in Clinton County. 3. The NYSS is designated as agent for service of process. The address in NY for NYSS to mail a copy of the process against LLC: 48 Spellman Road, Plattsburgh,

NY 12901. 4. The LLC shall engage in any activity allowed by law." NCM/CC-11/21-12/26/096TC-49051 -------------------------------BEDARD EXCAVATION LLC, a domestic Limited Liability Company (LLC) filed with the Sec of State of NY on 10/9/09. NY Office location: Clinton County. SSNY is designated as agent upon whom process against the LLC may be served. SSNY shall mail a copy of any process against the LLC served upon him/her to The LLC, 62 Choiniere Rd., Rouses Point, NY 12979. General Purposes. NCM/CC-11/21-12/26/096TC-49053 -------------------------------NOTICE OF FORMATION of TYMO, L.L.C. Arts. of Org. filed with Secy. of State of NY (SSNY) on 10/5/09. Princ. office of LLC: Clinton

NORTH COUNTRYMAN - 15 County NY. The Secretary of State is designated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail process to the LLC, PO Box 975 Saratoga Springs, NY 12866. Purpose: Any lawful activity. NCM/CC-11/21-12/26/096TC-49054 --------------------------------

FRENNIERS LLC. Articles of Org. filed SSNY 09/19/09. Office in Clinton County, SSNY desig. agent of LLC upon whom process may be served. SSNY shall mail process to: 446 Spellman Road, Plattsburgh, NY 12901. Purpose: Any lawful purpose. NCM/CC-11/21-12/26/09NOTICE OF FORMA- 6TC-55900 TION of ALTA -------------------------------SOLUTIONS GROUP, LLC. Arts. of Org. filed with Secy. of State of NY (SSNY) on 11/10/09. Office location: Clinton County. Princ. office of PRE-OWNED LLC: 1182 Cumberland CARS & TRUCKS Head Rd., Plattsburgh, NY 12901. SSNY desig2008 NISSAN 350Z ROADSTER nated as agent of LLC 2 Dr., Convertible, 6 Spd., Leather, Fully Equipped, 3,147mi. upon whom process 2008 NISSAN VERSA 1.8S against it may be served. 4 Dr., Auto, Air, Fully Equipped, 30,538 mi. SSNY shall mail process to the LLC at the addr. of 2008 NISSAN TITAN CREW CAB XE 4X4 its princ. office. Purpose: 4 Dr., V8, Auto, Air, P/Roof, Fully Equipped, 36,827 mi. Any lawful activity. 2008 NISSAN ALTIMA 2.5S NCM/CC-11/214 Dr., Auto, Air, Fully Equipped, 18,661 mi. 912/26/09-6TC-49064 -------------------------------2008 NISSAN PATHFINDER SE


4x4, V6, Auto, Air, Fully Equipped, 10,674 mi.

2007 TOYOTA RAV4 SPORT 4X4 4 Dr., 4 Cyl., Auto, Air, P/Roof, Fully Equipped, 31,567 mi.

2007 NISSAN ALTIMA 2.5S 4 Dr., Auto, Air, Fully Equipped, 33,803 mi.

LAKE CITY SIDING CO. LLC Articles of Org. filed NY Sec. of State (SSNY) 10/22/09. Office in Clinton Co. SSNY desig. agent of LLC upon whom process may be served. SSNY shall mail copy of process to 59 Honey Dr., Plattsburgh, NY 12901, which is also the principal business location. Purpose: Any lawful purpose. NCM/CC-11/7-12/12/096TC-55743 --------------------------------

2007 NISSAN SENTRA 2.0S 4 Dr., Auto, Air, Fully Equipped, 41,929 mi.

2007 NISSAN TITAN CREW CAB SE 4 Dr., 4x4, V8, Auto, Air, Fully Equipped, 39,881 mi.

2007 NISSAN SENTRA 2.0 4 Dr., 4 Cyl., Auto, Air, Fully Equipped, 34,307 mi.

2007 NISSAN QUEST 3.5SL 4 Dr., Van, V6, Auto, Air, Fully Equipped, 30,617 mi.

2007 NISSAN ALTIMA 2.5S 4 Dr., Auto, Air, Fully Equipped, 29,614 mi.

2007 SCION TC 2 Dr., 5 Spd., Air, P/Roof, Fully Equipped, 19,236 mi.


ARTICLES OF ORGANIZATION of Renaissance Village Suites LLC on Oct 5 2009 under Sec. 203 of the Limited Liability Company Law. First: Name: Renaissance Village Suites LLC Second: Located in Clinton County. Third: Designated Agent is NY Sec. of State. Principal Office at 2625 Spinnaker Drive Reno NV 89519. NCM/CC-11/14-12/19/096TC-55871 --------------------------------

4 Dr., Auto, Air, P/Roof, Fully Equipped, 16,622 mi.

2007 NISSAN VERSA 1.8S H/B 4 Dr., Auto, Air, Fully Equipped, 43,471 mi.

2007 TOYOTA TACOMA ACCESS CAB 4x4, V6, 6 Speed, Air, Tilt, Bedliner, 31,987 mi.

Benefits LOCAL JCEO Food Pantry. No classified ad needed to donate! Personal Ads Only. Maximum 20 Words. Denton Publications reserves the right to reject any advertising. Ad runs for 1 week. No animals. Please print your message neatly in the boxes below:

4x4, V8, Auto, Air, Fully Equipped, 59,912 mi.

2006 TOYOTA SCION XA 4 Dr., Auto, Air, Fully Equipped, 52,733 mi.

2006 HYUNDAI ELANTRA GLS 4 Dr., Auto, Air, Fully Equipped, 27,100 mi.

2004 NISSAN MAXIMA SE 4 Dr., V6, Auto, Air, Fully Equipped, 39,482 mi.

2002 CHEVY TRACKER 4X4 Hardtop, 4 Dr, 5 Speed, Air, 41,917 mi.

W A G N E R DEVELOPMENT COMPANY, LLC Articles of Org. filed NY Sec. of State (SSNY) 11/2/09. Office in Clinton Co. SSNY desig. agent of LLC upon whom process may be served. SSNY shall mail copy of process to 14 Coastland Dr., Plattsburgh, NY 12901. Purpose: Any lawful purpose. NCM/CC-11/14-12/19/096TC-55886 -------------------------------NOTICE OF FORMATION OF UMS


2001 CHEVY TRACKER HARDTOP 4 Dr., Auto, Air, Fully Equipped, 75,738 mi.

2000 SATURN SL 4 Dr., 4 Cyl., Auto, Air, 84,553 mi. Sold To Your Phone # Name

Address City/Town



1 Non-Perishable Item Equals 1 FREE Ad for 1 Week ...Gail is always happy to help!


561-1210 800-339-2922 DLR. #3100180

GARRAND’S NISSAN “Where Satisfaction is Standard Equipment” Rt. 9 South, Plattsburgh, NY 44046


Need an auto? Need someone to take that auto off your hands?

Find what you’re looking for here!


CARS $1,000-$2,999 GREEN HORIZON gasification wood boilers. BLOW OUT SALE! 85% efficient, burns round wood, no splitting. As low as $7,500 extras included. GREENWAY ENERGY SOLUTIONS. 518-834-6021

1979 CHEVY CORVETTE. Black, red interior, T-tops, automatic. Runs great, fast. Needs some TLC. New exhaust sounds mean. $15,000 OBO. 518-524-6793.

AUTO ACCESSORIES 4 265 70 17, Good Year all Season Tire, like brand new $400. 518-546-7434

THIS IS a test ad to see about the extras and edirions

MAGNAGRIP RADIAL HT winter tires, P185-70R14. Used 2 seasons. Four tires, $80. 518-251-4068.

CARS $3,000-$4,999

SNOW TIRES. 4 Winterforce 225/60/R18. Used one season. Off 2006 Dodge Charger. $200/OBO. 802-297-3631.

2003 Saturn L200 4DR Sedan. 5sp manual. Power pkg. Immaculate. Exc. mechanical cond. 4 new tires, new front brakes/rotors. $3350. (518) 576-9692

CARS $15,000-$19,999

WANTED JAPANESE MOTORCYCLES KAWASAKI,1970-1980, Z1-900, KZ900, KZ1000, H2-750, H1-500, S1-250,S2-250, S2-350, S3-400. CASH PAID. 1-800-7721142. 1-310-721-0726.


2000 DODGE Intrepid. Green, 70,000 miles. Excellent condition. $2,200. 518-293-8223.

MOTORCYCLE/ ATV 2001 YAMAHA Blaster 200cc. Less than 5hrs. on total engine. Rebuilt 30 over. Good condition. $950. 873-6805



2008 SKI-Doo MXZ 550 fan, only 229 miles, very good condition, includes cover & extra belt, $3900. 518-359-8234.

18 FOOT OUTLAW Duck Boat, with a Honda 75 $14,000 802-773-8678



AAAA ** DONATION Donate your Car Boat or Real Estate. IRS Tax Deductible. Free Pick-up/Tow. Any Model/Condition. Help Under Privileged Children. Outreach Center. 1-800-928-7566

2001 CHEVY Blazer. Blue, car starter, 140,000 miles. Good condition. $4,500. 518293-8223.

DONATE A CAR - HELP CHILDREN FIGHTING DIABETES. Fast, Free Towing. Call 7 days/week. Non-runners OK. Tax Deductible. Call Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. 1-800-578-0408 Donate A Car Today To Help Children And Their Families Suffering From Cancer. Free Towing. Tax Deductible. Children\’92s Cancer Fund of America, Inc. 1-800-469-8593 DONATE Your CAR Boat or Real Estate. Fully Tax Deductible. IRS Recognized Charity.Free Pick-Up & Tow. Any Model or Condition. Help Needy 1-800-596-4011 DONATE YOUR CAR, Boat or Real Estate. Fully Tax Deductible. IRS RecognizedCharity. Free Pick-Up & Tow. Any Model or Condition. Help Needy 1-800-9304543

DONATE YOUR CAR, TREE OF LIFE, “Food on Wheels” Program, Family ReliefServices, Tax Deduction Receipt Given On-The-Spot, Any Condition, FREE TOW within 3hrs 24/7, 1-800-364-5849, 1-877-44MEALS. DONATE YOUR CAR, TRUCK OR BOAT TO HERITAGE FOR THE BLIND. Free 3 DayVacation, Tax Deductible, Free Towing, All Paperwork Taken Care Of. 1-866-8546867 DONATE YOUR CAR. FREE TOWING “Cars for Kids” Any Condition. Tax Deductible Outreach Center 1-800-521-7566 DONATE YOUR VEHICLE UNITED BREAST CANCER FOUNDATION. Free RECEIVE Mammogram $1000 GROCERY COUPON 1-888-4685964 Customer Satisfaction is our trademark and our reputation.


SATURDAY November 28, 2009


• Office/Clerical • Light Industrial • Professional/Technical • Managerial 307 West Bay Plaza, Plattsburgh, NY 12901 • Tel: 518.566.6061 • Fax: 518.566.0050 • 59519




why so many people are raving about Eric & Eric


are in the

initial customer consultation

Easy to utilize planning service

We offer the finest creative and unique drawing and drafting services in the Adirondacks. awing r D t s Fa d! Aroun Turnrs 37 Yea ess sin In Bu



Introducing the answer to all your remodeling needs

Affordable construction plans & services

Eric & Eric

DRAWING SERVICE Brant Lake, NY l phone 518.494.2869 fax 518.494.2901 hours Mon - Fri 7:30am - 5pm

Custom Homes Additions I Remodels Kitchen & Bath Interior Design Site Planning Garages I Decks Sun Porches Residential I Commercial Computer Modeling 3-D Rendering 56011

Let me help you get on the road to success. is looking for stories on how North country kids make a difference in your community. So if you know a child that helps at a local food shelf volunteers at church or a local charity. Send stories to P.O. Box 338 Elizabethtown N.Y. 12932


Kidsville News!/Denton Publications •518-873-6368 or email

Christine Ero Christine Ero “The account executive that works for you, not for herself.”


Denton Publications, Inc.

For 25 years now, I’ve helped many businesses succeed and grow, and it all started by advertising in the North Countryman.

24 Margaret Street, Suite #1 • Plattsburgh, New York 12901 • 518-561-9680 x106 •





A&L Auto Repair

Blue Seal Feeds • Nutrena Feeds Seedway Seeds • Gates • Stock Tanks Wm Houds Fertilizers • Val Metals

Reach 18,000 Homes Weekly!

Call 561-9680 To List Your Business Today! FIREWOOD


FIREWOOD The FOR SALE! Grain 647-8061 Wood Quality Finished &


Dump Trailer Load 16” Cut & Split Approx. 5 Cords $300 + Delivery Dump Truck of Logs Approx. 3 Full Cords $400 + Delivery 44128

Unfinished Furniture

(518) 293-6268 1976 Route 3, P.O. Box 57, Cadyville, NY 12918 Delivery Available Northern New York’s Largest Outlet for “Indoor” Unfinished Furniture 29939



TSOLINAS Family Hair Care

Shumway Insurance Agency

(Formerly of Cut Ups Salon)

Adult Cuts $10 Kids 12 & Under $8 Perms & Color $30 New Address: 187 Margaret St.

561-0187 44489


2 Cogan Ave., Suite# 103, Plattsburgh, NY 12901 518-324-5300 • Fax: 518-324-5633 Mon. - Fri. 8AM-5PM 59630

and Sales

667 Route 3 Plattsburgh, NY


Buy Here/Pay Here 24 HR Towing • 726-6104

Bob Duprey Day: (518) 846-7338 • Night: (518) 493-3181 Fax: (518) 846-8180

VIP Service!

We drop you off at work! Mon.-Fri. 8-5 • Sat. 8-12




9748 Rt. 9, Chazy, NY 12921 30100

MODULAR HOMES Lots - Complete Package Home - Land - Complete LOG SIDED RANCH 4% With $5,000 Toward Downpayment

4% Fixed Financing


Land Home Packages Available

Leading Edge Group, Inc. “Insurance For The Country Way Of Life” SARANAC, N.Y. • MALONE, NY

(518) 293-8358 or 1-800-293-8358 29942

MR. MODULAR, INC. 4732 State Route 3, Saranac, NY 12981

518-293-8801 • Fax 518-293-8823 29941

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North Countryman 11-28-09  

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