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The Treats with Truman Winner for May!

Treats with Truman! Hey Kids!

Do you think your teacher is the best teacher ever? Well here’s your chance to tell everyone! Write me a one page essay about your teacher and why you think he or she is the greatest! Also include your full name your, I can’t teachers name and wait to the name of your school read (no abbreviations please) I’ll choose one them! winner each month and bring treats to you and your classmates. And I’ll give your teacher a st! r is the Be really cool My Teache certificate, too!

I received a GREAT letter from Ms. Angle’s class from CVES Plattsburgh! Boy they really enjoy class! Your Friend Truman

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Congratulations Mrs. Angel 34200


MAY 2010

NORTHERN NEW YORK’S FUN FAMILY NEWSPAPER Serving Clinton, Essex and Warren Counties PUBLISHER Gayle Alexander 518-873-6368 Ext. 207 GENERAL MANAGER Allen K. Dunham 518-570-7248 TRUMAN ASSISTANT/GRAPHIC DESIGNER Laurie Goff ILLUSTRATOR Cover & Truman • Dan Nelson MARKETING Brian Gay 518-873-6368 Ext. 207 NATIONAL EDITOR Joy G. Kirkpatrick Kidsville News, Inc. Bill Bowman President For Sponsorship Opportunities Please Call: 518-873-6368 P.O. Box 338, 14 Hand Avenue, Elizabethtown, NY 12932 Published Locally By Denton Publications, Inc. Copyright 2009 Kidsville News! Inc., All Rights Reserved. Truman is a service mark of Kidsville News! Inc. and the Kidsville News! logo is a registered trademark of Kidsville News! Inc. No part of this issue of Kidsville News! may be reproduced in whole or in part in any form without permission of the publisher or the copyright holder. Neither participating advertisers nor the publisher will be responsible or liable for misinformation, misprints, or typographical errors. The publishers reserve the right to edit any submitted material. Kidsville News! Inc. is not responsible for unsolicited manuscripts, artwork or other material. Children’s submissions should include name, address, telephone number, and permission to publish signed by a parent or guardian. EMAIL ME, I LOVE MAIL! Dear Kids, May is “Get Caught Reading Month” and I’m glad you are going to get caught reading Kidsville News! As you can probably tell from the picture on the cover, May is a great time to be outside with your family and friends. See if you can find things on the cover that go with a few of these May celebrations: National Barbecue Month, National Bike Month, National Hamburger Month, National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, Flower Month, Mother’s Day, National Family Week, National Photography Month -whew! May is a busy month! In this issue, you’ll also read about a very imaginative guy who created his own virtual world, Tootsville. Now take your copy of Kidsville News! outside in the fresh air and read more! Remember, for fun and games all month, visit the new and improved Kidsville News! Website at I hope you like it! Have a magnificent May!

Your friend,



MAY 2010


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Mother’s Day By the Numbers!

82.8 80 25 4 8 5.3 4.0 1


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MAY 2010

Hi! I’m Digger Mole and I work for NYCO Minerals. Did you know that our mineral, called “Wollastonite�, is shipped all around the world?


8)&3&*/5)&803-%*4 ."-":4*" It’s time to get out your globe! You need to know about the imaginary lines on globes and maps. These lines are called lines of latitude and longitude, and they tell a pilot or ship’s captain exactly where in the world a certain place is located. Basically, latitude lines (also called parallels) are the horizontal lines on your map. Lines of longitude (also called meridians) are the vertical lines that run from the North Pole to the South Pole. This mapping system is written in degrees and uses the symbol °. Get ready to travel the world! *HWRXW\RXUJOREHÂżQGORQJLWXGHƒÂś(ODWLWXGHƒ  1DQG\RXZLOOORFDWHWKHFRXQWU\RI0DOD\VLDLQ6RXWKHDVWHUQ$VLD0DOD\VLDLVVLWXDWHG south of Vietnam in the South China Sea on a peninsula bordering Thailand, and it also occupies the northern one-third of the island of Borneo. Its neighbors are Indonesia and BruQHL'XULQJWKHODWHVDQGV*UHDW%ULWDLQHVWDEOLVKHGFRORQLHVDQGSURWHFWRUDWHVLQWKHDUHDZKLFKZHUHRFFXSLHGE\WKH-DSDQHVHGXULQJ:RUOG:DU,,IURP7KH %ULWLVKUXOHGWHUULWRULHVRQWKH0DOD\3HQLQVXODIRUPHGWKH)HGHUDWLRQRI0DOD\DLQZKLFKJDLQHGLWVLQGHSHQGHQFHLQDQGEHFDPH0DOD\VLDLQZKHQ6LQJDSRUHDQG WKH (DVW 0DOD\VLDQ VWDWHV 6DEDK DQG 6DUDZDN RQ WKH QRUWKHUQ FRDVW RI %RUQHR MRLQHG WKH )HGHUDWLRQ 7KH JRYHUQPHQW RI 0DOD\VLD WRGD\ LV D FRQVWLWXWLRQDO PRQDUFK\ DQG WKH SHRSOH VSHDN PDQ\ ODQJXDJHV VXFK DV WKH RIÂżFLDO ODQJXDJH RI %DKDVD 0DOD\VLD (QJOLVK &KLQHVH &DQWRQHVH )RRFKRZ +DLQDQ +DNND +RNNLHQ DQG 0DQGDULQ GLDOHFWV  7DPLO 7HOXJX Malayalam, Panjabi and Thai! Malaysia is a little larger than our state of New Mexico, and the country’s terrain ranges from coastal plains to hills and mountains. The climate is tropical, with annual southwest monsoons from April to October and northeast monsoons from October to February. Malaysia is rich in natural resources, including tin, copper, iron ore, bauxite (aluminum RUH RLOQDWXUDOJDVDQGWLPEHU,QWKHSDVWWZRGHFDGHV0DOD\VLDKDVGLYHUVLÂżHGLWVHFRQRP\IURPGHSHQGLQJRQH[SRUWLQJUDZPDWHULDOVWRPDQXIDFWXULQJVHUYLFHVDQGWRXULVP Malaysia is full of fascinating architecture that blends the modern with the country’s rich cultural and natural environments. In fact, you have probably seen pictures of what XVHG WR EH WKH ZRUOGÂśV WDOOHVW WZLQ WRZHUV WKH 3HWURQDV 7RZHUV LQ 0DOD\VLDÂśV FDSLWDO FLW\ .XDOD /XPSXU )RU  \HDUV WKH WDOOHVW EXLOGLQJ LQ WKH ZRUOG ZDV WKH 6HDUV 7RZHU DW  IHHWLQ&KLFDJR,OOLQRLV,QWKH3HWURQDV7RZHUVIHHWKLJKEHFDPHWKHWDOOHVWEXLOGLQJV%XWLQ7DLSHLLQ7DLZDQVRDUHGSDVW0DOD\VLDÂśVEHDXWLIXOWRZHUVDW IHHW$VRIWKH3HWURQDV7RZHUVDUHQRZWKHWKLUGWDOOHVWEXLOGLQJVLQWKHZRUOGEHKLQG7DLSHLDQGWKHWDOOHVWVLQFH%XUM.KDOLIDLQ'XEDLDWIHHW Sources: “Malaysia,â€? The CIA World Factbook,; Skyscraper Architecture: Tallest Buildings in the World,

The Af ter School Program That Kids Never Want To Leave Im a gine pick ing u p t he k id s a ft er w ork .A llt he hom ew ork is d one.T hey ha ve ha d a sna ck a nd ha d t im e t o pla y.You m a k e d inner a nd enjoy fa m ily t im e.A d rea m ? N ot a t T he F u n S pot !

Fu n Att ra ct io n s!

Camp Fun Spot Fun Facts... d nclud e i n o i t e& ort a T rans p Lak e G eorgools ! from s bury s ch Q ueen “Thanks for all of the great things that you do with the kids! This is the best daycare program we have ever had.� - S.D. (Campers Parent)

1035 Rt .9 ,Queens bury,N Y 12 8 04 For information 518-792-8989•

• Licensed by the NYS Office of Children and Family Services • Monday - Friday (while school is in • Snacks • Homework time session) • School dismissal time until 5:45 PM • Structured activities (extended care available upon request) • Fun Spot attractions • Creative, fun-filled, enriching • Children placed in age appropriate experience groups Financial Assistance Available through Warren County Social Services.

Reasonable Rates Five days a week - $50; Four days a week - $44; Three days a week - $36 Additional Children Five days a week - $45; Four days a week - $39; Three days a week - $32 ($10 non-refundable registration fee applies) 34211 21842 21842

MAY 2010


Our Message to the Milky Way

Mad May Math Fill in the missing numbers in this math square. Use the numbers 1 through 9. Each number is only used once. Each row and each column is a math equation. Remember: Multiplication and division are performed before addition and substraction.

Truman Teasers

May Mystery Crossword Can you figure out the words that fit in this puzzle? Use the clues and your mighty brain to figure it out!

Across 2. May is National Physical ___ and Sports Month. 5. The first day of May is... 6. The special woman who takes care of you 7. Grown in the yard; given to mom on her special day 8. It has two wheels and pedals.


Down 1. The day that we remember soldiers that died for our country 3. You use this to take pictures. 4. It is cooked on the grill and is very tasty.

“Hello from the children of planet Earth!” Someday, these words of friendship and peace might greet beings from another world! But, how? In 1977, the United States launched two unmanned spacecraft, Voyager 1 and Voyager 2. They explored Jupiter and Saturn. Voyager 2 also explored Uranus and Neptune. Both spacecraft kept going, farther and farther from the Sun. Now, after 32 years, the Voyagers have finally reached the edge of our solar system. That is where the solar wind meets the interstellar wind. The solar wind is the blast of particles from our own star, the Sun. The interstellar wind What might intelligent beings from is the blast of another world think about us if someday they particles from find one of our Voyager spacecraft wandering other suns — through interstellar space? or stars. At that boundary, the Voyagers will become the first interstellar travelers from Earth — or maybe from anywhere. No one knows. No one knows whether life exists anywhere else but Earth. No one knows whether any alien life forms might be intelligent. No one knows whether any other beings might have space travel. But, what if the answer to all these questions is yes? And what if one of them found Voyager 1 or 2? Just in case aliens might find find the Voyagers someday, their builders wanted them to carry a message from Earth. They wanted to show and tell who we are, how we live and what we have done. They wanted to send a message anyone could understand. They made a golden record with sounds and images of Earth. They used the languages of science and math to record other precise information about our world. They put one copy of the record on each Voyager spacecraft — just in case. We will probably never know whether anyone finds finds and plays our golden record. But isn’t it fun to imagine what that scene might be like? Would you like to hear some of the sounds and see some of the pictures carried on the golden records? Visit spaceplace.nasa. gov/en/kids/voyager. This article was written by Diane K. Fisher and illustrated by Alexander Novati. It was provided by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, under a contract with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

MAY 2010

What It ’ s Like To Be...


Sometimes I like to lie in the grass and look up at the sky, watching the clouds. I imagine that I see things like rabbits, airplanes and dragons! Your imagination is a great gift! This month I met a person who gets to use his imagination every day. And, he’s a grown up! Louis Pecci is the president of RES, a design agency, and the creator of Toots and Keep reading to learn more about his creative career! TRUMAN: What does it take to become a creative director? TRUMAN: And, you are a theme park designer, too? What parks have you LOUIS: The easy answer is a lot of hard work. I have been in the design industry designed? for a long time, 25 years to be exact. For 23 of those years, I have run my own company, Design Factory, which is my design firm. DF handles everything from advertising and design to Theme Park Development and Entertainment. Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to work with some of the most incredible people and companies around the world, including Disney, Ringling Bros. and Barnum Bailey Circus, Ripley’s Believe it or Not, Universal Studios and a host of international accounts. Each assignment brought on new challenges and allowed me to develop my skills. TRUMAN: When and why did you first become interested in this profession? LOUIS: The truth is my parents were very instrumental in my career path. As a child, I was constantly drawing. Creating magical characters and imaginary worlds was a way for me to keep my overactive imagination busy. My parents always supported me, buying me drawing tablets, markers, paint sets and even books (Thank You, John Nagy,my first art book). I knew, from a very early age, that I wanted a career where I could utilize my creative talents. All through high school, I took as many art classes as I could. Upon graduation, I went to the University of Buffalo where I was accepted into a special program for design studies and graduated from the School of Architecture. I thought that with my art and creative abilities, coupled with architecture, I would have a better chance of attaining my lifelong goal of becoming an Imagineer at Walt Disney World. The summer after I graduated from college, I went from the cold of Buffalo to the warmth of Florida on vacation. While I was there, I visited an ad agency where my uncle was the creative director. They were in need of a “wrist,” that is, someone that could draw up the ideas of the art directors. My uncle offered me the job, and I said, “So you are going to pay me to draw all day?” He said yes, and so did I. It was a pretty quick rise in the profession from there — starting my own agency, after just one year in the industry. Over the years, my team and I have traveled the world creating groundbreaking work along the way.

LOUIS: Yes, I am. As I mentioned earlier, I have been fortunate enough to work with many of the world’s biggest and brightest. The last park I developed was in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, called AlShallal, which means “waterfall.” It is a beautiful place overlooking the Red Sea. The people of Saudi Arabia are great to work with, and it was very rewarding to bring some good ole American creativity to the that corner of the world. TRUMAN: What is that process like? LOUIS: It takes time. Designing a park isn’t like designing a character or a logo. There is a lot of planning that goes into the development before my pencil ever hits the drawing pad. Typically, a feasibility study is done first to see if it is a good idea to put a park in the particular area. Second, we develop a concept for the park. I call it my GOC or Grand Organizing Concept. This is used as our guide through every phase of development. After that, the work begins. Teams are hired to perform specific tasks, meetings are organized and plans are put into motion. To give you an example, AlShallal, which is about the size of a Six Flags, took us five years to build. TRUMAN: What is the hardest part of your job? LOUIS: Prioritizing! I am one of those people that wants it all — now. I have all these ideas that I want to put out, but it is just impossible to do them all at the same time. So with the help of my team, we schedule the ideas out and get them into development. Patience was never one of my strong suits. TRUMAN:What is the best part of your job?

TRUMAN:What do you do each day? What’s a typical day like?

LOUIS: MY JOB! It really is LOUIS: I actually have double duties with RES. As Louis Pecci loves to use his imagination on his latest project, awesome to wake up every day President of the company, I am responsible for every the Toots of Tootsville! and know that it will not be the aspect of the overall operation, including the business same as yesterday. Each day side and the creative side. Each has its challenges, but I really do enjoy wearing brings exciting challenges and opportunities that motivate and excite me. Of both hats. A typical day consists of morning meetings with the division heads. I am course, the time spent at my desk drawing and creating is what I love the best. very fortunate to be surrounded by some of the most talented people in the world. TRUMAN: What advice would you give to kids who are interested in this When the meetings are finished the work begins, if you can call it that. I get to do profession? what I love — CREATE! RES’s latest project is the design and development of an amazing new brand called Toots. Toots are a herd of elephants that were magically LOUIS: Study. Study. Study. Ok, that may sound boring, but I don’t mean just transformed when they discovered the very first wishing well. After literally creating books (although books are good, too). What I mean is study the world around you. thousands of characters for other people, this was the one property that I knew I My wife always jokes that I have a head full of worthless knowledge, but I will tell could never give away. Each day, I get to create new characters, adventures and you, no knowledge is worthless. Every time I read a magazine ad or pass a sign or even merchandise. Toots live in a Tootastic place where kids from see a bird flying, I wonder, HOW WOULD I DO THAT? I am constantly studying around the world come to explore, make friends and even learn. My day never everything around me, and I use that in my work every day. There is an old saying really ends. It’s kind of hard to turn your brain off when you are so excited about in design, “Think outside the box,” which means let your imagination explore all what you are doing. possibilities. To be a designer, you have to be able to look at things from different perspectives. TRUMAN: How did you get the initial idea for your Web site, LOUIS: I actually came up with the idea while I was on an airplane. I really don’t like to fly, so I keep myself busy drawing. I sketched out the very first Toot, and as soon as I saw it, I knew there was something special about it. From there, it just grew and grew, and that first Toot lead to 150 Toot characters and an entire virtual world called Tootsville.

MAY 2010

TRUMAN:It sounds as though you have an amazing job that you really love. Thanks for sharing with Kidsville News!


Adirondack for Kids is a foundation established by the Adirondack Family of businesses to offer grants to nonprofit organizations supporting youth activities in the areas where Adirondack operates.


Story Truman Time with Truman Story Time with Petey’s Power Petey’s Secret Secret Power Chapter Eight— -A Chapter Eight A Real RealWinner Winner

A Quality Serials Story By Mary Maden Illustrated by Tana Brinnand Last Time: Petey’s cousin, Santos, eats the special acorn that Wise Owl gave Petey. Santos substitutes another acorn for the special acorn, hoping that Petey won’t know. Santos feels bad about deceiving Petey and confesses. What will Petey do without his secret power? Petey didn’t know what to do. How could he come up with a creative entry for the contest without his secret power? Petey stared blankly at Santos. “Please, don’t be mad at me,” Santos begged. “I’m really, really sorry!” “You don’t understand,” Petey said. “That acorn was special.” “I’ll make it up to you,” Santos vowed. “I’ll get you a hundred acorns!” When Petey saw how sorry and upset his little cousin was, he couldn’t be angry. “I’m not mad,” Petey assured Santos. “And I don’t want any more acorns.” Santos’s face lit up with a big smile of relief. “Thanks! Hey, why don’t I keep you company while you wait in line?” “Uh,” Petey mumbled, not sure if he would enter the contest at all! Santos and Petey stood in line with the others. The long line didn’t seem to be moving at all. The animals were restless. “Caw! What’s taking so long?” the big black crow in front of them complained. “Has anyone seen a magic hat and a rabbit!” a fat caterpillar dressed in a magician’s cape yelled out. “They’ve disappeared!” “We don’t know where to go!” chimed in the Treetop Trio. “Me, neither!” roared Bubba Bear. “My, things are disorganized!” a pretty ladybug commented. “Who’s in charge here?” a large, angry bullfrog bellowed out. A very flustered deer was trying to keep order, but it wasn’t working. “Please, please!” Debra Deer shouted to be heard. “Be patient!” “Are you in charge?” the bullfrog asked. “No,” Debra Deer responded. “I’m just a volunteer.” “I want to speak to whoever is in charge!” the bullfrog demanded. “Yeah! We want to speak to the animal in charge!” the crowd of animals chimed in. “But, you can’t,” answered Debra Deer. “No one is in charge.” “What!” the bullfrog yelled in disbelief. “Why don’t you be in charge, dear?” the ladybug suggested. “I can’t,” Debra Deer explained. “I’m in the contest. The rules say that you can’t be in charge and be in the contest, too.” “Someone has to be in charge!” the bullfrog insisted. “Let’s see how many animals are in the contest,” Debra Deer said. “Raise your hand if you going to be in the contest.” Every single animal raised his or her hand (or the equivalent thereof). “Oh, my!” Debra Deer said. “Everyone is in the contest! What are we to do?” Petey looked around. He knew that the festival wouldn’t be a success without someone to organize it. Suddenly, Petey had an idea. If he couldn’t

find his creativity and win the contest, at least he could help out. Disappointed but determined to help, Petey spoke up, “I’ll be in charge!” “Hurray!” all the animals cheered. “New entries, make two lines at this table,” Petey said, taking charge. “Where’s Frannie Fox?” “Right here,” Frannie answered. “Frannie, please help Debra at the sign-up table,” Petey asked. “Where’s Bubba Bear?” “Right here,” Bubba answered. “You and all the other bands go under the big oak tree,” Petey directed. “All singing acts go next to the bands.” Bubba Bear led the way as all the bands and singers moved under the tree. “Where’s Honey?” Petey asked. “Here!” Honey Bee called out. “Everyone playing an instrument follow Honey Bee to the flat rock beside the oak tree. Everyone else follow me.” Before long, everyone was signed up and in the correct place. Petey even found the caterpillar’s missing magician’s hat and rabbit! Keeping things running smoothly was a real challenge, but Petey discovered that he was good at it. Petey was checking the last detail off his clipboard when he heard a familiar voice. “It was nice of you to help,” Wise Owl said. “No big deal,” Petey said. “I lost my secret power, so I didn’t have a chance of winning anyway.” “About that…” Wise Owl said. “You didn’t lose your secret power. You never had it.” “What!” Petey cried. “The acorn was an ordinary acorn,” Wise Owl explained. “I let you believe it had a secret power to give you the confidence to find your creativity.” “But, I didn’t find it!” Petey cried. “Yes, you did,” Wise Owl replied. “Organizing the contest took creativity. Creativity can be used in many different ways.” “Petey!” Santos interrupted. “Look!” Petey couldn’t believe his eyes. Led by a smiling Bubba Bear, all the animals were heading toward him. “Petey, without you, our festival wouldn’t have been a success,” Bubba Bear announced. “So, we want you to have this!” All the animals cheered as Bubba Bear put the blue ribbon around Petey’s neck. “I don’t know what to say!” Petey cried. “Just say you’ll be in charge next year!” Bubba Bear suggested. “Actually,” Petey admitted, “I have some great ideas for next year.” Wise Owl smiled. Petey had found his secret power after all!

The End A Teacher’s Guide to accompany this eight-chapter story is available on the Kidsville News! Web site at Copyright 2009 by Mary Maden. All rights reserved. Mary Maden is an award-winning author. Visit her on the Web at

In 1988 we started as a small oil company in the Malone area. In 2010 we have expanded our service area by opening an environmentally friendly facility in Plattsburgh, allowing us to serve customers in Clinton and Essex counties. We don’t just deliver fuel, but also provide service, and sell boilers, stoves, and furnaces. 20585


MAY 2010


MAY 2010



MAY 2010

STEPHENIE BROWN e Age 9, 3rd Grad Warrensburg Elementary


NICOLE DELORIA Age 10, 4th Grade Warrensburg Elementary

ANNA SORENSEN & MEAGAN O’SULLIVAN Grade Ages 8&9, 3rd rg bu Warrens Elementary

MIKAYLA ROTERMEL Age 8, 3rd Grade Warrensburg Elementary


Here is a picture from my visit to Warrensburg Elementary on March 31st. This is me with Matthew Burnett 10yrs.old - 4th grade and his sister Brianna Burnett 7 yrs. old - 2nd grade. I loved seeing all t h e k i d s a n d t h e i r f a m ilies. (There must have been 1000!!!!) I especially liked all the hugs and high 5's !!!!! I hoped you liked your activity books. Can I come back next year? Your friend, Truman


SEBASTIAN LE VITSKY Age 8, 3B Grade Warrensburg Elementary

SIENNA BIBEAU Age 10, 4th Grade ool Oak Street Sch

MAY 2010





23 30

Penny Day


24 31



9 9 16

First US Nickel Minted Benefit for In World Awareness 1866, Children’s called the Museum •3 'Shield pm International Nickel'.



First Morse Code Message Sent


Clean Up Your Room Day

Visit Your Relatives Day

Twilight Zone Day

National Weather Observers' Day

National Teacher Day

National School ARTFUL Nurse Day


Kite Day AFTERNOONS 1:30PM-4:30PM Limerick kids 6-12 Day with adult chaperone




National Tap Dance Day

Blueberry Cheesecake Day


StoryTime International with a Twist Circus Day The Ringling Museum Day 1-877-ECHOFUN Brother's Circus Tuesdays all month opened in 1884. long at 11 a.m.



National Sun Day

Call 518-798-0202 For More Information!

COURIOUS GEORGE LIVE! World’s Favorite Mischievous Monkey Arrives in Glens Falls on June 1st






Golden Gate Bridge Opens in 1937

Lindbergh Flight Day in 1927

Tulip Day


6 Beginning of Lewis and Clark Expedition In 1804.

1st Stamp Collection Started



American Red Cross Founded Founded by Clara Barton in 1881.

National Dance Like a Chicken Day



Space Day

Courious George Live! Tuesday, June 1 @7 p.m. Wednesday, June 2 @ 10:30 a.m. & 7 p.m. Where: Glens Falls Civic Center One Civic Cener Plaza Glens Falls, NY 12801

What: When:

THURSDAY Kentucky Derby takes place today

Armed Forces Day



John F. Kennedy Born in 1917

Buy-A-Musical Instrument Day


National Chocolate Chip Day



No Socks Day

Mother Goose Day


May Day


Art Gallery %PSPUIFB-BOHF"1IPUPHSBQIZ1JPOFFS her across the country, capturing images of displaced farm families, migrant workers and Dorothea Lange was a pioneer in documentary the others affected by the Great Depression. Her photograph, “Migrant Mother,â€? became a photography. She is best known for the candid photographs famous symbol of the Great Depression. she took during the Great Depression and of her images from In 1940, Dorothea became the first woman awarded a Guggenheim fellowship for Japanese Americans in internment camps during World War II. photography. As World War II got underway, she photographed Dorothea Nutzhorn was born in women and minority wartime factory workers. Through her camHoboken, New Jersey, on May 26, 1885. era lens, she also documented the forced evacuation of Japanese Struck by polio at the age of 7, Dorothea Americans to internment camps. Her images of this relocation emerged from her illness with a badly were so honest that the U.S. Army temporarily confiscated them damaged right leg and foot and a out of fear that they would damage the government’s reputapermanent limp. A few years later, her tion. After the war, Dorothea accepted a teaching position at the father left the family (and Dorothea took California School of Fine Arts and cofounded a photography her mother’s last name). Both events magazine, Aperture. She continued taking photographs almost made Dorothea very insecure as a child. until her death in 1965, taking pictures for such publications as However, she later said they kept her humLife magazine and others. ble and helped shape her life and career. Dorothea died on October 11, 1965, at the age of 70. Over Attending high school in New York 25,000 of her photographic negatives now belong to the Oakland City, Dorothea decided she wanted to Museum of California, and her photos have been shown in numerbe a photographer when she was still a ous exhibits. In 2008, she was teenager. Although she had never used a camera, she felt as though she knew what it was like to be an outsider Dorothea Lange, Resettlement Administration inducted into the California Hall of Fame. and to see the world with a photographer’s eye. Her mother, however, photographer, in 1936 in California. The camWritten by Tamar Burris, a former elementary school teacher who wanted Dorothea to be a teacher. So, Dorothea enrolled in a teacher’s HUD WKHODUJHWKLQJVKHLVKROGLQJ LVD*UDĂ€H[ now works as a freelance writer and 4x5 Series D. The car is a 1933 Ford Model C. curriculum developer for PBS, the Discovery Channel and other educacollege and took photography lessons during her free time. In 1918, Dorothea moved to San Francisco, where she opened her own studio tion-related companies. Sources: Dorothea Lange on Wikipedia, http:// and worked as a portrait photographer, taking pictures mostly of wealthy families. When the; National Women’s Hall of Fame, Dorothea Lange, http://www. Great Depression hit around 1929, many people lost their jobs and livelihoods. Dorothea; “Picturing the Centuryâ€?: Portfolios, Dorothea turned her camera from the studio to the streets, capturing images of unemployed and homeLange, less people in her city. This led her to take a job as a staff photographer with the Federal Resettlement Administration (later called the Farm Security Administration). The work took



MAY 2010

$0.&065"/%1-": .BZ*T/BUJPOBM#JDZDMJOH.POUI What continues to be one of the greenest modes of transport besides walking? Riding a bicycle. Traditional bicycles remain the greenest solution for personal mobility. Bicycles burn no fossil fuels and are easy for most anyone to operate. If they are constructed well, they will last ˜›ȱ¢ŽŠ›œȱŠ—ȱ›Žšž’›Žȱ•’Ĵ•Žȱ–Š’—ŽȬ nance. Bicycles are also a healthy method of transportation! —ȱž›˜™Žǰȱœ˜–ŽȱŒ’’Žœȱ‘ŠŸŽȱŽ–Ȭ braced bicycle transportation and Ž—Œ˜ž›ŠŽȱ‘Žȱ™ž‹•’Œȱ˜ȱ‘˜™ȱ˜—ȱ‘’œȱ ˜Ȭ  ‘ŽŽ•Žȱ Š¢ȱ˜ȱŽĴ’—ȱŠ›˜ž—ǯȱ ˜••Š—ȱ ‘ŠœȱŠȱȃ™ŽŠ•ȬŠ—Ȭ™Š›”Ȅȱ‹’”ŽȬœ‘Š›’—ȱ system for commuters. You just hop on a bike, ride it to your next location, and leave it for someone else to use! The Paris, France, government has purchased a thousand bicycles for free urban commuting. Bikes are parked in ™˜™ž•Š›ȱœ™˜œȱŒ’¢Ȭ ’Žȱœ˜ȱ‘Žȱ™ž‹•’Œȱ can easily share the vehicles. —ȱ–Š—¢ȱŒ’’ŽœȱŠ—ȱ˜ —œȱ’—ȱ‘Žȱ—’ŽȱŠŽœǰȱ¢˜žȱŒŠ—ȱꗍȱ clearer and safer bicycle paths. And in many urban areas, there are also designated racks to park bikes when not in use. Bicycles aren’t only good for the environment; they are good ˜›ȱ‘Žȱ‹’”Žȱ›’Ž›œǯȱ ȱ’œȱŽœ’–ŠŽȱ‘Šȱ‘ŽȱŠŸŽ›ŠŽȱŗśŖȬ™˜ž—ȱ™Ž›Ȭ son burns 410 calories while pedaling 12 miles in an hour. ’Œ¢Œ•ŽœȱŒŠ—ȱ‹ŽȱŠȱŸŽ›¢ȱ˜˜ǰȱ‘ŽŠ•‘¢ȱ Š¢ȱ˜ȱŽĴ’—ȱŠ›˜ž—ȱ

but only if safety measures are taken. Riders should always ride with ‘Žȱ̘ ȱ˜ȱ›ŠĜŒǰȱ wearing helets and using •’‘œȱŠ—ȱ›ŽĚŽŒ˜›œȱŠȱ—’‘ǯ Many bicycle riders are not entirely familiar with ‘Žȱ•Š œȱ˜ȱ‹’”Žȱ›’’—ǰȱ ‘’Œ‘ȱŒ˜ž•ȱ™žȱ‘Ž–ȱ’—ȱŠ—Ȭ ger. It pays to visit your department of motor vehicles or transportation department to get a copy of the laws governing bicycles. A local police department may be able to help you out with information as well. Although laws vary from place to place, here are some general rules that can keep you safe. * Always ride wearing a helmet. * A headlight is encouraged to make you more visible in dim light. Șȱ˜ȱ—˜ȱȃ›’ŽȄȱŠ—˜‘Ž›ȱ™Ž›œ˜—ȱ˜—ȱ¢˜ž›ȱ‹’Œ¢Œ•Žȱ’ȱ’ȱ’œȱŠȱœ’—•ŽȬ rider bike. Never ride anyone on the handlebars! * Ride only in the street, not on the sidewalk. * Follow the same rules of the road that cars would obey, including œ’—Š•’—ȱŠ—ȱœ˜™™’—ȱŠȱ›ŠĜŒȱœ’—Š•œǯ Source:

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Contrary to popular belief, Cinco de Mayo (which means fifth of May) is not Mexico’s Independence Day. Cinco de Mayo is actually a regional holiday in Mexico, mostly limited to the state of Puebla. The connection to Puebla involves the true meaning of the holiday. It commemorates the Mexican army’s unlikely victory over French forces on May 5, 1862. In the United States, Americans of Mexican ancestry observe the day as a celebration of Mexican heritage and pride.


This is a Canadian holiday that celebrates the birthday of England’s Queen Victoria and also commemorates the current Canadian sovereign’s official birthday. Victoria Day is celebrated on the last Monday before or on May 24. It is sometimes known as May two-four, or in French, Fete de la reine. Through the years, Victoria Day was also known as Empire Day, Commonwealth Day and then later again, Victoria Day and kept at or around May 24. To celebrate, they have parades and fireworks displays.


Loyalty Day is observed in the United States on May 1. It is a day set aside for the reaffirmation of loyalty to the United States and to remember the heritage of American freedom. Loyalty Day was made an official holiday by President Dwight D. Eisenhower on May 1, 1958. The holiday was first celebrated in the 1930s as Americanization Day. The day is celebrated with parades and ceremonies in communities across the United States, although many people in the United States remain unaware of it. The flag of the United States is displayed on all government buildings on Loyalty Day. g y y y

Iberian Lynx

The Iberian Lynx may soon be the first cat species to become extinct in 2,000 years. There are only around 110 of this great cat left. It is classified as the world’s most endangered feline species. The only surviving animals live in southern Spain. Kingdom: Animalia The Iberian lynx is a relative of the Eurasian lynx, Phylum: Chordata the Canada lynx and the North American bobcat. It weighs about half as much as the Eurasian lynx Class: Mammalia and has a coat of grey or yellowish-brown with lots Order: Carnivora of spots. It has very long legs and a short tail. The Family: Felidae Iberian lynx has a very distinctive face, with a beard and pointy ears with tufts at the end. The tufts of Genus: Lynx hair help it to detect sources of sound. The edges of its Species: L. pardinus feet are also covered in thick hair, which helps it move silently through snow. The Iberian lynx hunts mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians. The rabbit is its main prey. The population of rabbits is declining due to disease, so the lynx sometimes hunts young deer and ducks. It hunts alone and will stalk its prey, hiding for hours until the prey is within pouncing distance. The maximum age in the wild is about 13 years old. Litters are small, with only two or three cubs. They will sometimes stay with their mother for up to 20 months. A mother may carry its cubs between up to 12 homes to avoid predators and keep them safe. Sources: Wikipedia,; World Wildlife Fund, Image:


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5ISFF8BZTUP5FBDI,JETBCPVU.POFZ 3JHIU/PX Â’Â—ÂŠÂ—ÂŒÂ’ÂŠÂ•Â•Â˘ČąÂœÂ™ÂŽÂŠÂ”Â’Â—Â?ǰȹ’Â?Č‚ÂœČąÂŠČąÂ?˜žÂ?‘ȹÂ?’–ŽȹÂ?Â˜ČąÂ‹ÂŽČąÂŠČąÂ™ÂŠÂ›ČŹ ent. While the economic turmoil may be behind us, many companies have frozen pay raises and bonuses while others ‘ŠÂ&#x;ÂŽ Â?ŠŒŽÂ? Â•ÂŠÂ˘Â˜Ä›ÂœÇ° Š—Â? Šœ Š ›Žœž•Â?Ç° œ˜–Ž Â?Š–’•’Žœ Š›Ž ÂœÂ?’••ȹ strapped. So if you’re feeling guilty because you couldn’t buy your child that video game system he wanted for Christmas, or if you’re asking him to choose between playing basketball or taking karate lessons this winter, Eric Tyson has one word for you: Don’t. In fact, he says, now is the perfect time to teach your kids some valuable Ä™Â—ÂŠÂ—ÂŒÂ’ÂŠÂ•ČąÂ•ÂŽÂœÂœÂ˜Â—ÂœÇŻ “Kids are surprisingly aware of what’s going on in the  ˜›•Â?Ç°Č„ČąÂœÂŠÂ˘ÂœČąÂ˘ÂœÂ˜Â—Ç°ČąÂŠÂžÂ?Â‘Â˜Â›ČąÂ˜Â?ČąÂŽÂ›ÂœÂ˜Â—ÂŠÂ•ČąÂ’Â—ÂŠÂ—ÂŒÂŽČąÂ˜Â›Čąž––’ŽœŽ, 6th EditionÇŻ Čƒ—Â? Â’Â? Â?‘Ž¢ Â?Â˜Â—Č‚Â? ”—˜  Â?‘ŠÂ? Â?’–Žœ Š›Ž Š •’Ĵ•Ž ‹’Â? Â?˜žÂ?‘ Š—Â? Â?‘ŠÂ? Â˜Â–Čą and Dad are having to watch their spending, it’s time to tell them. Sheltering kids Â?Â›Â˜Â–ČąÄ™Â—ÂŠÂ—ÂŒÂ’ÂŠÂ•ČąÂ›ÂŽÂŠÂ•Â’Â?Â’ÂŽÂœČąÂ?Â˜ÂŽÂœČąÂ?Â‘ÂŽÂ–ČąÂ—Â˜ČąÂ?ŠÂ&#x;Â˜Â›ÂœÇŻČ„ —Â?ÂŽÂŽÂ?Ç° Â?‘Ž ˜™™˜œ’Â?ÂŽ Â’Âœ Â?›žŽǰ ÂœÂŠÂ˘Âœ Â˘ÂœÂ˜Â—ÇŻ  Â?˜˜Â? Â?›Šœ™ ˜Â? ™Ž›œ˜—Š• ꗊ—ŒŽ Â’ÂœČą Â˜Â—ÂŽČąÂ˜Â?ČąÂ?Â‘ÂŽČąÂ–Â˜ÂœÂ?ČąÂ&#x;Š•žŠ‹•Žȹ•’Â?ÂŽČąÂœÂ”Â’Â•Â•ÂœČąÂŠČąÂ™ÂŽÂ›ÂœÂ˜Â—ČąÂŒÂŠÂ—ČąÂ‘ÂŠÂ&#x;ÂŽÇŻČą—Â?ȹ ‘’•Žȹ™›ŽÂ&#x;Â’Â˜ÂžÂœČąÂ?Ž—Ž›Šȏ tions may have been raised with the constant ŠÂ?–˜—’œ‘–Ž—Â? Â?‘ŠÂ? ČƒÂ–Â˜Â—ÂŽÂ˘ Â?Â˜ÂŽÂœÂ—Č‚Â? Â?›˜  ˜— Â?Â›ÂŽÂŽÂœÇ°Č„ Â?˜˜ –Š—¢ ˜Â? Â?˜Â?ÂŠÂ˘Č‚Âœ ™Š›Ž—Â?ÂœČą neglect that lesson. It’s time to change that — and the severe recession we’ve been through provides a great incentive for doing so. ŽŠÂ?¢ȹÂ?Â˜ČąÂ?ÂŽÂ?ČąÂœÂ?Š›Â?ÂŽÂ?ǾȹÂ˘ÂœÂ˜Â—ČąÂ˜Ä›ÂŽÂ›ÂœČąÂ?‘ŽȹÂ?˜••˜ ’—Â?ȹ‘Ž•™Â?ž•ȹ‘’—Â?ÂœÇą Tell them the truth. Kids are perceptive. If you’ve been acting anxious and on ÂŽÂ?Â?ÂŽ •ŠÂ?Ž•¢ǰ Â?‘Ž¢ȂÂ&#x;ÂŽ —˜Â?’ŒŽÂ?ÇŻ ŠÂ?‘Ž› Â?‘Š— •ŽÂ? Â?‘Ž–  ˜—Â?Ž›  ‘¢ ˜– Š—Â? ŠÂ? Š›Žȹ working so much lately or constantly talking about money, explain (on their level)  ‘ŠÂ?Č‚Âœ Â?˜’—Â? ˜— ’— Â?‘Ž Â?ÂŠÂ–Â’Â•Â˘Č‚Âœ ꗊ—Œ’Š•  ˜›•Â?ÇŻČą Explain to them how much things cost. ˜–Ž ™Š›Ž—Â?Âœ Š›Ž œž›™›’œŽÂ? Â?˜ ę—Â?Čą out that their kids don’t have a very good grasp on what things cost. A great ‘Š—Â?ÂœČŹÂ˜Â—  Š¢ Â?˜ ˜™Ž— Â?‘Ž’› ÂŽÂ˘ÂŽÂœ Â’Âœ Â?˜ Â?Š”Ž Â?‘Ž– ˜— Š ČƒÂ–Â˜Â—ÂŽÂ˘ Â?Â˜ÂžÂ›Č„ Š›˜ž—Â? Â?‘Žȹ

house. For example, kids might not understand that hot water costs more than cold water, or that bumping up the heat results in higher power bills. This exercise will teach them how they can conserve and thus help the family save money. You can also pile up all of the bills for the month and have them look at the amount on each one. Show them what the family’s cost of living is and again reiterate the areas in which they can play a part in reducing the costs. An allowance is a great teaching tool. You don’t have to break Œ‘’•Â?ČąÂ•ÂŠÂ‹Â˜Â›ČąÂ•ÂŠÂ ÂœČąÂ?Â˜ČąÄ™Â—Â?ČąÂ?›ŽŠÂ?ČąÂ ÂŠÂ˘ÂœČąÂ?Â˜ČąÂ‘ÂŽÂ•Â™ČąÂ˘Â˜ÂžÂ›ČąÂ”Â’Â?ÂœČąÂŽÂŠÂ›Â—ČąÂ?Â‘ÂŽÂ’Â›ČąÂŠÂ•Â•Â˜Â ČŹ ÂŠÂ—ÂŒÂŽÂœČąÂ›ÂŠÂ?‘Ž›ȹÂ?Â‘ÂŠÂ—ČąÂ“ÂžÂœÂ?ȹ‘ŠÂ&#x;ÂŽČąÂ?Â‘ÂŽČąÂ–Â˜Â—ÂŽÂ˘ČąÂ‘ÂŠÂ—Â?ÂŽÂ?ČąÂ˜Â&#x;Ž›ȹÂ?Â˜ČąÂ?‘Ž–ǯȹȹ Ž••ȏ ’–™•Ž–Ž—Â?ÂŽÂ? Š••˜ Š—ŒŽ ™›˜Â?›Š– ŒŠ— –’–’Œ –Š—¢ Â–Â˜Â—ÂŽÂ˘ –ŠĴŽ›œ Â?‘ŠÂ?Čą adults face every day throughout their lives. From recognizing the need Â?Â˜ČąÂŽÂŠÂ›Â—ČąÂ?‘ŽȹÂ?Â›ÂŽÂŽÂ—ČąÂœÂ?žěȹÂ?Â˜ČąÂ•ÂŽÂŠÂ›Â—Â’Â—Â?ČąÂ‘Â˜Â ČąÂ?Â˜ČąÂœÂ™ÂŽÂ—Â?ČąÂ›ÂŽÂœÂ™Â˜Â—ÂœÂ’Â‹Â•Â˘ČąÂŠÂ—Â?ȹ’—Â?Ž•ȏ •’Â?Ž—Â?•¢ǰ œŠÂ&#x;ÂŽÇ° Š—Â? ’—Â&#x;ÂŽÂœÂ? Â?‘Ž’› Š••˜ Š—ŒŽœǰ Œ‘’•Â?›Ž— ŒŠ— Â?Š’— Š œ˜•’Â? ꗊ—Œ’Š• Â?˜˜Â?’—Â?Čą from a young age. Čƒ Â?›ŽŠÂ? Â?’–Ž Â?˜ ÂœÂ?Š›Â? Â’Âœ  ‘Ž— Â˘Â˜ÂžÂ› ”’Â?Âœ ›ŽŠŒ‘ Â?‘Ž Ä™Â&#x;ÂŽČŹÂ?Â˜ČŹÂœÂŽÂ&#x;Ž— ŠÂ?ÂŽ ›Š—Â?ÂŽÇ°Č„ ÂœÂŠÂ˘ÂœČą Tyson. “Start them on some household chores, and explain to them that they will be paid for their work. Of course, the size of the allowance should depend, in part, on what sorts of expenditures and savings you expect your child to engage in and, perhaps, the amount of ‘work’ you expect your child to perform around the house. I recommend paying $0.50 to $1.00 per year of age. So, for example, a ÂœÂ’ÂĄČŹÂ˘ÂŽÂŠÂ›ČŹÂ˜Â•Â?ČąÂŒÂ‘Â’Â•Â?ČąÂ Â˜ÂžÂ•Â?ȹŽŠ›—ȹ‹ŽÂ? ŽŽ—ȹǞřȹŠ—Â?ČąÇžĹœČąÂ™ÂŽÂ›ČąÂ ÂŽÂŽÂ”ÇŻČ„ ›’Œ Â˘ÂœÂ˜Â—Ç° Ç° Â’Âœ ˜—Ž ˜Â? Â?‘Ž —ŠÂ?Â’Â˜Â—Č‚Âœ ‹ŽœÂ?ČŹÂœÂŽÂ•Â•Â’Â—Â? ™Ž›œ˜—Š• ꗊ—ŒŽ ‹˜˜” ŠžÂ?Â‘Â˜Â›ÂœČą Š—Â? ‘Šœ ™Ž——ŽÂ? Ä™Â&#x;ÂŽ —ŠÂ?’˜—Š• ‹ŽœÂ?œŽ••Ž›œ ǝ‘Ž Â’Âœ Š•œ˜ Â?‘Ž Â˜Â—Â•Â˘ ŠžÂ?‘˜› Â?˜ ‘ŠÂ&#x;ÂŽ Â?˜ž› ˜Â? ‘’œ Â‹Â˜Â˜Â”ÂœČą œ’–ž•Â?ÂŠÂ—ÂŽÂ˜ÂžÂœÂ•Â˘ ˜— žœ’—ŽœœÂŽÂŽÂ”Č‚Âœ ‹žœ’—Žœœ ‹˜˜” ‹ŽœÂ?œŽ••Ž› •’œÂ?ǟǯ Â’Âœ Ž›œ˜—Š• ’—Š—ŒŽ Â˜Â›Čą ž––’Žœ Çť’•Ž¢ǟ  ˜— Â?‘Ž Ž—“Š–’— ›Š—”•’—  Š›Â? Â?˜› Â?‘Ž ÂŽÂœÂ? žœ’—Žœœ ˜˜” ˜Â? Â?‘Ž ŽŠ›ǯȹ ǹȹÂ•ÂŽÂŠÂœÂŽČąÂœÂŽÂ—Â?ČąÂ˘Â˜ÂžÂ›ČąÂšÂžÂŽÂœÂ?Â’Â˜Â—ÂœČąÂŠÂ‹Â˜ÂžÂ?ȹ”’Â?ÂœČąÂŠÂ—Â?ČąÂ–Â˜Â—ÂŽÂ˘ČąÂ?Â˜ČąÂ”Â&#x;Â—ÂŽÂ ÂœČ“Â”Â’Â?ÂœČŹ We hope to start a new Q&A format for this section.

Coloring Corner Celebrate National Bike Month. Color Truman and his bike to create your own masterpiece!

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The Mommy Book

How to Train Your Dragon (Series #1)

Author/Illustrator: Todd Parr Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

Age Range: 4-8 “Some mommies work at home/ Some mommies work in big buildings.” Just in time for Mother’s Day, this book is perfect for all kinds of kids and all kinds of mothers. With his trademark child-like art, Todd Parr celebrates mothers, whether they drive a minivan or a motorcycle or work in a big building or at home. This book features simple text and bright, bold colors. —JK

The 39 Clues: The Emperor’s Code Author: Godon Korman Publisher: Scholastic, Inc. Age Range: 8 to 12 My nine-year-old is totally hooked on The 39 Clues series, so I had to learn more. The books center around the Cahills, the most powerful family in the world. However, the source of the family’s great power has been lost. The last matriarch of the Cahills has died, changing her will just minutes before her death. She left her descendants an impossible decision: receive a million dollars or a clue. The first Cahill to assemble all 39 clues hidden around the world will discover what makes the family so powerful — the ultimate reward. The main characters are 14-year-old Amy and her 11-yearold brother Dan. Each book is also a multimedia series, with collectible game cards and a Web site that allows readers to play a role in the story and compete for prizes. Book eight, The Emperor’s Code, was released in April and the final two titles in the series have been announced. Book nine, Storm Warning, and book 10, Into the Gauntlet, are coming soon. But don’t worry 39 Clues fans — there’s talk of a movie on the way as well! —JK


Author: Cressida Cowell Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers Age Range: 8 to 12

From the publisher: Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III is a truly extraordinary Viking hero known throughout Vikingdom as “the Dragon Whisperer” — but it wasn’t always so. Travel back to the days when the mighty warrior was just a boy, the quiet and thoughtful son of the Chief of the Hairy Hooligans. Can Hiccup capture a dragon and train it without being torn limb from limb? Join the adventure as the small boy finds a better way to train his dragon and becomes a hero!

My Garden Author: Kevin Henkes Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Age Range: 3 to 7

From the Publisher: The girl in this book grows chocolate rabbits, tomatoes as big as beach balls, flowers that change color and seashells in her garden. How does your garden grow?

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Answer Corner

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At the Movies

Babies (In Theaters: May 7) This unusual documentary by award-winning filmmaker Thomas Balmès follows the growth of four babies from four different locations around the world. A baby named Ponijao grows up with her family near Opuwo, Namibia, while a little one named Bayarjargal lives a different kind of life in Mongolia. Little Mari takes in the atmosphere of Tokyo during her first year of life, and tiny Hattie spends her first days breathing in San Francisco’s cool air. Babies gives audiences the opportunity to see the effects of their environment on the disposition and mannerisms of infants as they play, bathe, sleep and interact with the big world around them. Rated PG for cultural and maternal nudity throughout. (Focus Features) Letters to Juliet (In Theaters: May 14) Amanda Seyfried plays Sophie, an American girl who travels to Verona, Italy, with her fiancé (played by Gael Garcia Bernal). Once there, Sophie discovers an old stone wall where the heartbroken leave notes asking the mythical Juliet for her help. Behind a loose stone, Sophie finds a letter written in 1957 by a girl named Claire about a boy named Lorenzo and decides to write a reply. Little does Sophie realize that Claire is alive and well, and that she will accompany Claire and a young man named Charlie on a romantic journey to find Lorenzo. Rated PG for brief rude behavior, some language and incidental smoking. (Summit Entertainment) Shrek Forever After (In Theaters: May 21) In the last installment in the Shrek series, our favorite green ogre (voiced by Mike Myers) has lost his roar, the orange tabby Puss in Boots (Antonio Banderas) has gotten fat and the donkey (Eddie Murphy) is still, well, a donkey. Shrek needs to get his mojo back, but he’ll have to sign a deal with one very sneaky Rumpelstiltskin. But it’s a deal that turns everything upside-down and puts Rumpelstiltskin in charge as head of the kingdom. Princess Fiona (Cameron Diaz) doesn’t even know him anymore, and that’s just the beginning of Shrek’s problems. Rated PG for mild action, some rude humor and brief language. (DreamWorks)

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lost his Elizabethtown, NY 12932 gotten Shrek one ve thing u Hint: Send your work in color and on unlined paper! kingdo Hey Kids! Truman wants your original artwork, letters, poems, anymo and stories! He may want to print them in an upcoming issue of Rated Kidsville News! or put them up on the website. Just have your (Dream

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New York Street Games Learn all about great street games like Box Baseball, Stoopball, Ringoleavio, Kick the Can, Hopscotch, Skully, Stickball and more in this super-fun documentary that gets inside New York’s historic communal culture. Famous New Yorkers like Keith David, C. Everett Koop, Regis Philbin, Ray Romano and Whoopi Goldberg talk about the games they played growing up in the five boroughs. Most of the games were played with a “Spaldeen” (Spalding) High-Bounce ball that is really just the pink center of a Spalding tennis ball that the company sold in every corner store. Parents will enjoy the history lesson, and kids will get a kick out of learning about games that children have played for many generations. New York Street Games is only available through its Web site: A portion of all profits go to help support KaBOOM!, “the national nonprofit organization that makes children and communities healthier by creating great places to play.” Not Rated. (NY Street Games Productions) Cole Smithey, also known as “the smartest film critic in the world,” has been a film critic for 11 years and writes for over 50 publications, in print and on-line. Truman loves to watch movies and has the highest appreciation for great popcorn.


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P ARENTOWN’S K ID S HAPE Identifying Childhood Depression Did you know that pre-schoolers are among the fastest-growing Children also may experience dysthymia, also known as low-grade age bracket to which antidepressants are being depression. Counseling and treatment with medication marketed, according to studies published in for the short term can help. Psychiatric Services? Researchers estimate that Major depression is less likely in children, but more than a million young children are clinically teenagers may suffer from it. In fact, research depressed. Childhood Depression Awareness Day, indicates that dabbling with drugs, such as marijuana, also known as Green Ribbon Day, is May 4. cocaine and heroin during the teen years, is often Depression is an illness that affects millions of a way to self-medicate and alleviate depression adults but does not discriminate by age. Children symptoms. However, it can simply make matters can be just as likely to develop the condition, worse. especially if there is a genetic component, meaning Manic depression, also known as bi-polar depression runs in the family. disorder, can occur in children primarily if it runs in The symptoms of depression may be different the family. If you or a relative has bi-polar disorder in children than in adults. This coupled with a and your child is exhibiting symptoms of extreme child’s inability to sometimes express what he highs and lows in behavior, see a doctor promptly for or she is feeling can make diagnosing childhood treatment. depression more difficult. Signs include, but are not Depression is a treatable illness, provided steps limited to, rage, irritability, bedwetting and physical are taken to identify and treat the condition promptly. complaints, such as stomach aches, dizziness Most psychiatric experts agree that a combination of and headaches. medication and counseling is the key to dealing with Depression is a broad term that covers a few depression. different clinical disorders. Children most often For more information on mental health issues, visit experience “reactive depression,” or the blues Mental Health America at brought on by a change in circumstance or loss. Source: Divorce, moving or attending a new school can Anger, irritability or aggression in children induce this form of depression. could be signs of childhood depression.

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Not everybody starts planting all on the same day. If you live in Illinois you might start planting some time in March or April. But if you live in Florida or Southern California you might be able to plant things all year round. So, what guides us in knowing when it’s safe to start planting certain plants? The clue is called climate zones and it is based on frost-free dates for the area of the country or state where you live. There is a frost-free date in the spring that tells you Also called “gardeners’ gold,” compost is a when it’s safe to start planting tender vegetables or mixture of garden scraps and kitchen vegetable plants that do not like frost. scraps that rot and makes your soil better. There is also a first-frost date for fall that tells Some gardeners make compost piles, and you might want to start one if you have room. If not, you can you when it’s going to get too cold for a lot of things usually buy compost, or some towns have it available for free. to grow well. The number of days between these A compost pile is built in layers like a fancy birthday cake. Start off with about 6-8 two is called the growing season. inches of garden scraps. Then sprinkle a handful of fertilizer on top. This helps feed the organisms that will break the scraps down. Add a two ushzmap.htmlTo find out the frost-free dates for your inch layer of soil. The soil gets organisms into the pile. Build up several part of the country or state, visit a library, garden layers. To speed up the decaying process, after several weeks turn the pile with a shovel to get air in the compost pile. Compost is ready when center or Extension office and look up or ask about it is crumbly and has that “earthy” smell. It may take several months the frost-free dates in your area. before compost is ready, but the wait will be well worth it and your Another thing to keep in mind is that a date on garden will thank you with the best looking flowers and vegetables. the calendar does not always give you the green light to start gardening. Don’t forget to always get to know your soil up close and personal by giving it the squeeze test. This will tell you when you can work your soil safely. Sunny days just make you feel good. It seems everything is better when the sun shines. Well plants like sun, too. They need sunshine to grow the best and give you the best vegetables and flowers. This is why picking a nice, sunny garden spot is important. Take a walk around your yard and look for spots that To find the planting depth for seeds use your index finger. have good sunlight, are easy to get water to, and aren’t in First measure from the tip of your finger to the first the way of somebody else trying to have fun in the yard. joint. How long is it? You also might like to get a spot where people can see it, and you can show it off to everybody. _____________ inches Our hands and feet are useful for measuring in the garden. Next measure from the tip of your finger to the Because each of us is different, find out how your finger and feet second joint. How long is it? compare to numbers on a ruler! _____________ inches What if your yard is really shady and has limited sun? Not to worry. There are plants you can grow that do well in the Then measure the length of your index finger. How long is it? shade. Here’s some examples: lettuce, Swiss chard, collards, spinach, _____________ inches Happy mustard, impatiens, begonias, and coleus.


To find the planting depth for seeds use the pictures below to show an example of how to use your finger to find three different planting depths.




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Have a Sweet Mother’s Day Morning! Mother’s Day is in May, and mom’s love getting a surprise breakfast-in-bed! It doesn’t have to be a lot of work to create a special breakfast for Mom. Refrigerated cinnamon rolls are a delicious way to sweeten up Sunday mornings without a lot of fuss. Semi-Homemade’s Sandra Lee knows how to make an incredibly easy, yet special, breakfast. According to Lee, smart shortcuts, like using refrigerated cinnamon rolls, let you create something delicious and still have time to enjoy it with those you love. Try one of these new easy breakfast recipes from Sandra Lee, and show your mom how sweet you are!


WHAT YOU NEED: • 1 can (12.4 ounces) refrigerated cinnamon rolls with icing • 2 eggs • 2/3 cup milk • 4 tablespoons maple syrup, divided • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract • Warm water, as needed HOW TO MAKE IT: • With adult help: Bake cinnamon rolls as directed on package. Cool completely. • Spray griddle or 10-inch skillet with cooking spray; heat griddle to 375°F or skillet to medium heat. Slice each roll in half crosswise. • In shallow dish, whisk eggs, milk, 2 tablespoons of the maple syrup and the vanilla extract until blended. Dip each cinnamon roll slice into egg mixture, turning to coat completely. Place on griddle. Cook about 2 minutes on each side or until golden brown. • In small bowl, whisk reserved icing, the remaining 2 tablespoons maple syrup and warm water, as needed, to create a pourable consistency. Spoon over French toast. Makes 8 servings.


WHAT YOU NEED: • 2 tablespoons butter, softened • 1 medium Granny Smith apple, peeled, cut into 1/2-inch cubes • 3/4 cup chopped walnuts • 1/2 cup packed brown sugar • 1 can (12.4 ounces) refrigerated cinnamon rolls with icing HOW TO MAKE IT: • With adult help: Heat oven to 375°F. Generously butter 8 regular muffin cups. • In bowl, mix apples, walnuts and brown sugar; divide evenly among muffin cups. Separate cinnamon rolls; reserve icing. Place 1 cinnamon roll in each cup. Bake 12 to 14 minutes or until tops are golden brown. Cool 5 minutes. Place cookie sheet upside down over muffin pan; turn over. Remove pan. • Remove lid from icing; microwave on medium (50 percent power) 5 to 10 seconds or until thin enough to drizzle. Drizzle over warm buns. Serve warm. Courtesy of Family Features and Pillsbury. For more delicious recipes, go to Pillsbury. com.

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• 1st dental visit is recommended around the 1st birthday • If your local water supply does not contain (518) S D D i, an fluoride, you should speak Farzad S with your dentist or pediatrician about the possibility of a fluoride … caring for the most supplement important people in the world, • Your child should be your children. At Pediatric assisted with brushing and Dentistry of Glens Falls our doctor and staff are dedicated flossing at least one time until over the age of to helping assist you in making daily eight your child’s smile a happy and healthy one. We specialize in • Snacking or drinking juice or soda frequently can pediatric dentistry in an raise your child’s risk of environment where your child tooth decay feels safe and comfortable.

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Directions to: 88 Broad Street, Glens Falls • (518) 798-9966 From North: From South: Take I-87 South to Exit 18. Make a left off exit onto Take I-87 North to Exit 18. Make a right off exit onto Main Street. At 4th traffic signal there will be a fork in Main Street. At 5th traffic signal there will be a fork in will be on the road. Continue going straight, Stewarts will be on the road. Continue going straight, Stewarts 1 your right. 88 Broad Street will be 11⁄2 blocks on your your right. 88 Broad Street will be 1 ⁄2 blocks on your right. We are a 2 story brick building. right. We are a 2 story brick building. We participate with many insurances including GHI. We offer a wide variety of comfort options: laughing gas, mild sedatives, general anesthesia

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