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March 28, 2020


Warren County shifts to lockdown mode Gov’t cuts on-site staff, four meal sites closed By Thom Randall CORRESPONDENT

QUEENSBURY | In order to curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus, Warren County government closed its many buildings to the public, cut their on-site workforce by 75 percent and changed how it interacts with its citizens this last week. Meanwhile, many thousands of area citizens hunkered down at home with their Warren County government closed its facilities to the public on March 20, four days after declaring a state of emergency. Following state mandates, immediate family members, cutting off con- the county cut on-site staffing by 75 percent and closed four Office for the Aging meal sites to the public —although as of March 21 there was only one tact with others — except via social media, confirmed case of COVID-19 among the county’s 64,000-plus residents. Photo by Thom Randall Skype and Facetime — in order to stay healthy Moore said that the federal Centers for county buildings were closed. “Our goal is to minimize the disruption of and help contain the disease. Disease Control’s ban on public gatherings, services and maximize the ability of employPeople seeking to attend the county’s As of March 20, however, there was only the state’s closure of gyms and theaters, its ees to do their work,” he said. one confi rmed case of COVID-19 among the monthly Board of Supervisors meeting were prohibition of on-site serving of restaurant also turned away. These citizens were advised Moore said that the county Sheriff’s county’s 65,000 or so residents — a number and tavern patrons, as well as Gov. Andrew Department, its Public Health Department and bound to increase as more local citizens are to view the proceedings via YouTube live. Cuomo’s mandate to cut local government staff Office of Emergency Services would conduct Those citizens tested for the virus. — as reasons for the county’s emergency status. their duties “as normal,” likely with full staffing. seek ing to meet Between March “A state of emergency declaration will Our goal is to minimize w ith the count y Some meal sites to close 14 and March 22, help entities in Warren County in their S o c i a l S e r v ice s the disruption of services and New York’s novel Moore also announced that four of p e r s on ne l we re efforts to execute these required emergency the county’s meal sites would be closed, conf ir med coromaximize the ability of employees adv i se d to c a l l measures,” he said, noting that such a procnav irus cases although the home-delivered meals to the (518) 761-6300 if at lamation would also support any upcoming elderly would continue — but at a reduced to do their work.” exploded f rom all possible, but if federal or state measures, if any, to help frequency. To be closed to congregate meals about 700 cases to —County Administrator Ryan Moore

16,887 cases in merely eight days. Meanwhile, Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) ordered all “non-essential” businesses to close, and mandated that municipal governments’ onsite staffing had to be reduced by 75 percent. Last Sunday alone, the number of those confi rmed infected with COVID-19 in New York State had risen by 4,627 in merely one day. Health officials said the increase both due to both the increase in testing as well as the rapid spread of the virus. Many dozens of people showing up to conduct business at the county municipal center’s DMV entrance May 20 — four days after the county declared a state of emergency —found the door locked and encountered a security officer informing them that all

an in-person visit to the Human Services building was imperative, they should visit the building alone, observe social distancing protocol and strict hygiene measures. The county’s state of emergency was issued not only to keep employees safe so the county could continue to provide vital services to the public, but also to enable enforcement of the new federal and state mandates related to the coronavirus pandemic, according to county Administrator Ryan Moore. “The State of Emergency declaration was not issued because of a change in our assessment of the risk posed by the virus here in Warren County,” he said. “We face the same risk we’ve always faced — which we’ve been taking seriously and planning for thoroughly.”

businesses and other entities obtain financial restitution or assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. He added that people “should not panic,” but interpret the proclamation as an aspect of the county’s “calibrated response” to keep its citizens healthy and safe. Looking to the future, Moore said the emergency status was “the fi rst of many steps” that Warren County would be taking “to implement a recovery effort from the economic consequences of this pandemic.” Moore said that the workforce reduction was implemented by having some employees work from home or other remote locations, as well as staggered scheduling of essential employees. He said that these cuts and realignments were effective at least through March 31.

are the meal sites at Countryside Adult Home in Warrensburg, the senior center in Lake Luzerne, the Chester Municipal Center, and Cedars Senior Living in Queensbury. Moore said that the people routinely visiting these sites have been called and offered the opportunity to have meals delivered to their homes. The county is decreasing Meals on Wheels deliveries from five days per week to three days per week, but the deliveries will include frozen meals so that the program’s clients will still have as many servings as they did with the prior schedule. Moore also said that the ban on non-essential meetings in county facilities have been canceled, and the Lake George Village annual election has been postponed until April 28. ■



NORTH CREEK | Johnsburg has declared a state of emergency in an effort to help curb the growing novel coronavirus pandemic. Town Supervisor Andrea Hogan issued the declaration March 22 citing the intention to address the threat of COVID-19 and how it “poses potentially life-threatening circumstances that could develop rapidly.”



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• The North Creek Ski Bowl hiking and biking trails are open from dawn to dusk only. Residents are required to maintain safe “social distancing” in traversing the trails. • The Outreach Center Backpack Program continues to operate through coordination with the school breakfast and lunch deliveries. Hogan noted that to comply with Gov. Cuomo’s directives to municipalities statewide, most all of the Johnsburg highway crew members have been furloughed until further notice. Town roads will be monitored and maintained, she said, adding that as necessary, highway workers will be called in to for maintenance or road repairs. Those residents who see a safety hazard are urged to call the town highway garage at 518-251-2113. ■



held at the Johnsburg Senior Center, but Meals on Wheels delivery will continue on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Individuals who seek to be added to the list of those receiving meal deliveries should contact local officials or the Warren County Office of the Aging. All other town buildings are closed until further notice, including Tannery Pond Center, Scout Hall, the Minder Lodge and the Wevertown Community Center. Some town venues remain open: • The town transfer station is open with normal operating hours. Those residents who do not have tickets with them will be asked to leave their name, address and phone number with the attendant, and they will be billed later.




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department extensions, and leave a message. Email addresses for staff members can be found on the home page of the town website. The town court and library are both closed until further notice. Hogan noted that the library’s free WiFi extends outside to the parking lot, and people are welcome to park and access it on their electronic devices — but they must stay in their cars or observe social distancing practices. Hogan also said that the Adirondack Community Outreach Center and its food pantry are closed; however, food pickup is available. Those seeking this service are urged to contact the outreach center at 518-251-3481 or Also, congregate meals will not be


By Thom Randall

She said the town’s employees, many of them working from home, would continue to respond to the needs of Johnsburg citizens as much as possible. “The ride may get bumpy for all of us — Cooperation, calm and courage are hallmarks of this community, and we will emerge on the other side of the COVID-19 crisis together,” she said. The declaration noted that the Johnsburg Town Hall is closed to the public, and that town staff is working from home, but they will promptly respond to emails or voice messages left on the town hall phone system. People with matters requiring assistance from town employees should call 518-251-2421, listen to the prompts for staff and


Gov’t facilities closed, but vital operations to continue


2 • March 28, 2020 | The AJ/NE/TT Sun

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LAKE GEORGE | The Town of Lake George has suspended its upcoming meetings, closed all town facilities and reduced its active workforce. The actions were taken following a State of Emergency declared by town Supervisor Dennis Dickinson on March 19.

they handle their own trash — weighing it and depositing it in the compactor without assistance from the station attendant, who will be collecting cash for this disposal service. Lake George highway workers have been furloughed. They are staying at home for the time being, but remain on call for snow plowing and essential road maintenance. Highway mechanics will be on duty at the highway garage three days per week, but the facility is closed to the public. Also, town beach properties are closed, town Youth Commission activities have been suspended, and the Lake George Senior Center is closed for the time being. The Lake George Town Court has suspended all non-essential functions for at least the upcoming week. Call the town court at (518) 668-5420 for more information.

SHOPPERS SOUGHT TO RESTOCK FOOD PANTRY The town Food Pantry will remain open and will be accepting donations for those in need. Any residents seeking to visit the food pantry are required to call ahead, and a bag of food will be prepared and brought outside the town hall’s lower-level entrance, ready for pickup. Such service is available during workday hours. Town officials are now seeking volunteers to help with grocery shopping for the elderly as part of the town’s Senior Outreach program. Those able to volunteer are asked to call Kim at (518) 6685722, extension 2. For updates, see upcoming issues of The Sun, view the town’s website at, or visit the town’s Facebook page. ■

Lake George Village declares state of emergency

By Thom Randall Lake George Town Board members Marisa Muratori (center) and Nancy Stannard (right) listen to town supervisor Dennis Dickinson express his opinions during a recent town meeting. This week, Dickinson declared a State of Emergency, furloughed town employees and closed town facilities to the public — in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak — and the town board endorsed his actions. Photo by Thom Randall Dickinson said that all non-essential staff will be working from home. “We need to decrease the potential of the coronavirus spreading here in Lake George, and we are doing that by being proactive, not reactive,” he said. “We are heeding the warnings and directives from the state to limit operations, reduce public event counts and cancel non-essential meetings and events.” Lake George Planning Director Dan Barusch said that each essential employee will work one day per week in the town hall. Town personnel can be reached by phone or email — see the town website for phone extensions or email addresses. The town planning and zoning board meetings for March and April have been canceled — and the April 13 town board meeting — including the public hearing on the town’s Climate Action Plan — is postponed until further notice.


The town transfer station has reduced its operations. Normally open daily Tuesday through Saturday, the transfer station is now open only on Fridays and Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 4:15 p.m.. Trash disposal tickets now have to be purchased at the transfer station. These change are effective for an undetermined number of days or weeks. This reduced schedule has sent many Lake George residents to the Warrensburg transfer station to deposit their trash, Warrensburg Town Supervisor Kevin Geraghty said March 22. He said that his town’s transfer station would continue to accommodate these out-of-town citizens as long as


WARREN COUNT Y | Lake George Village has cut work hours for its staff, reduced its hours of operation, closed most all of its buildings to the public, and ordered the suspension of all meetings and church services in the village. The actions were effective at 2 p.m., Thursday, March 19 when Mayor Blais declared a state of emergency for his municipality. The directives, which may be updated in the next several days, cite that the village hall will be operating from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.. People are urged to leave memos or materials for village officials in the dropbox outside the village hall — or contact village workers by telephone or email. Those who feel that a visit is absolutely necessary will be screened in the village hall’s lobby, and visitors must strictly follow state-mandated personal hygiene directives and “social distancing” rules. In the coming days, the village hall could be closed, as most town halls now are. The village rest rooms are among the many village buildings that are now closed to the public until further notice. Also, the operations of the Lake George Teen Center are suspended. The churches were ordered not to hold services until at least Sunday, April 12. Meetings of the village board of

Social distancing: Convened for their monthly board meeting on March 16, the Lake George Village Board members seated themselves about six feet apart. At that meeting, they discussed various initiatives including the directives that were issued by Mayor Blais on March 19 accompanying his state of emergency declaration.

Photo by Thom Randall

trustees, the planning board and zoning board have been canceled until further notice. Also, the village fire department’s routine Tuesday drills and meetings have been suspended. All Village employees will have their work-week downsized to three days per week, so they accrue about the same hours during their biweekly pay period — and they will be paid at their regular rate as long as they are available daily to be summoned to work as needed, Blais said. One village Public Works employee will be conducting daily cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces — in village-owned buildings — that employees or other citizens are likely to come in contact with. In addition, the village and four other entities are cross-training their water and sewer personnel to assure

that if one or more becomes ill or is absent, the workers from another municipality or entity can fill in for any absences. This action is to assure that all sewer and water systems will have the required personnel and a certified operator on duty, Blais said at the village board meeting March 16. Joining this collaborative effort, are Warrensburg, Bolton, the town of Lake George, Hague, Silver Bay, the town of Lake George and others. Mayor Blais said that the advisory regulations accompanying the State of Emergency were implemented to minimize the spread of the COVID-19 virus and preserve public safety and general welfare. “We have learned that limited exposure and “social distancing” along with proper hygiene, are the keys to prevent infection — and we must all act on the side of caution and cooperation,” he said. ■


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Just some of the eclectic items that can be found at a Gokey’s auction. Photo provided Appraisal Services is located in North Hudson at 2918 Route 9. While their stores are ready to open Friday, April 17, auctions will be held sometime in the summer due to COVID-19 concerns. ■

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By Laurel Carroll ELIZABETHTOWN | The Essex County Office for the Aging strongly urges older adults to stay home to protect themselves against COVID-19. With that in mind, they have canceled all health-promotion activities (exercise classes) and closed nutrition sites effective Monday, March 16. Folks who receive home-delivered meals will continue to receive them; drivers will carefully follow safety precautions to protect themselves and those they serve. If you are an older adult who is in need of food or other basic necessities, or if you know of an older adult who needs this assistance, please call the Office of the Aging at 518-873-3695.


services during this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The UVM Health Network Elizabethtown Community Hospital will soon offer virtual visits to meet our patients’ needs while ensuring their safety and the safety of our clinicians and staff.

Office of the Aging: actively involved despite COVID-19


Published by Denton Publications, Inc. From OFFICE OF THE AGING » pg. 2


They will remain open during this pandemic. They are also encouraging older adults to stay in touch with family members and friends via phone, email, Skype, social media, etc, to decrease feelings of social isolation. Keep up with them on their Facebook page: Essex-County-NY-Office-forthe-Aging-781171965240976/. ■

The AJ/NE/TT Sun | March 28, 2020 • 3

Jessa James-Josephine Wayman — March 9, 2020

‘Irishman of the Year’ John McDonald’s community service has not gone unnoticed

CROWN POINT | Jessa James-Josephine Wayman was born to Jerrica and Cody Wayman on March 9, 2020. The baby girl was born at Porter Medical Center in Middlebury, Vermont. ■

Raylin Lee Peryer — March 17, 2020 CROWN POINT | Raylin Lee Peryer was born on March 17, 2020, to Shelby (Merrill) and Michael Peryer of Crown Point. The baby girl was born at Porter Medical Center. ■

By Laurel Carroll STAFF WRITER

Local business relies on optimism to stay afloat Maddens Pub adjusts to COVID-19 mandates By Laurel Carroll STAFF WRITER

TICONDEROGA | It’s Tuesday—St. Paddy’s Day—barely a quarter past 12, but the place is already hoppin’: “Three Reubens, hold the sauerkraut!” repeats Wendy into the phone as she juggles high spirits and a tidal wave of phoned-in orders at Maddens Pub in Ticonderoga. (Wendy is Wendy Shaw of Friends Comforting Friends fame, and she has just returned from delivering a bunch of Comfort Care Bags to the elderly residents of Lord Howe Estates and Moses Circle. “Just to let them know we’re thinking of them,” she said. “Some of them are so scared, you know. And there are hand sanitizers inside those bags!”) Like the rest of New York State restaurants, Maddens Pub is prohibited from serving food to sit-down diners, but takeouts are okay—in fact, state liquor laws have relaxed to the point of allowing restaurants to sell take-out beer, wine and hard


Wendy Shaw had to move fast to keep up with the lunch orders.

Photo by Laurel Carroll

liquor provided the booze is covered with a bag or some other form of camouflage. Owners Cheryl and Jeremy are cautiously optimistic. “Of course we’re concerned, but we’re doing what we can to stay in business,” said Cheryl as she dashed back to the kitchen, repeating, “Three Reubens, hold the sauerkraut!” So far, the only thing that’s contagious in this place seems to be the positive attitude. Hopefully, with a little luck and lots of hard work, it’ll stay that way. ■

TICONDEROGA | The Ticonderoga Knights of Columbus has named Dr. John McDonald Jr. “Irishman of the Year.” Deemed an “active member of the community and willing to lend a helping hand in any way possible,” John was honored and John McDonald has been named roasted at the annual “Irishman of the Year.” Photo provided Irishman of the Year Dinner and Ceremony, which was held on Saturday, March 14, at the Knights of Columbus in Ticonderoga. Live Irish-style music was provided by the Loose Monkeys band. A list of John’s community service activities includes Lake George Park Commission Commissioner, 1998-present; Ticonderoga Golf Corporation Board of Directors, 2016-present; Silver Bay Board of Directors, 2014-present; Mountain Lakes Services Board of Directors, 2012-2017; Ausable Chasm Board of Directors, 2014-present; Founding Member and Ex Officio, Ticonderoga Alumni Association, 1999-2010; Section VII Athletic Association, 2001-present; NYSPHAA Central Committee, 2001-present; Section VII President, 2018-present; New York State Council of School Superintendents Commissioner’s Advisory Committee, 2010-2014; and CEWW Health Insurance Consortium Chairman, 2010-1019. John and his wife, Andrea, live in Ti with their two daughters, Meg and Anna. ■


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4 • March 28, 2020 | The AJ/NE/TT Sun

Published by Denton Publications, Inc.

New York State on PAUSE Only essential business open; Matilda’s Law enacts strict policy for elders age 70+ and people with chronic, underlying health conditions By Kim Dedam STAFF WRITER

ELIZABETHTOWN |Gov. Andrew Cuomo hit the pause button. By executive order, effective Sunday, he closed all businesses in the state except for essential services, which include hospitals, grocery stores, pharmacies, transportation service, gas station and public safety functions. Restaurants and bars providing curbside or take-out meals are considered essential. The order also bans all non-essential gatherings of individuals of any size for any reason. Called “New York State on PAUSE,” the executive order institutes a 10-point policy to assure uniform safety for everyone.


1) Effective at 8 p.m. on Sunday, March 22, all non-essential businesses statewide will be closed.

2) Non-essential gatherings of individuals of any size for any reason (e.g. parties, celebrations or other social events) are canceled or postponed at this time. 3) Any concentration of individuals outside their home must be limited to workers providing essential services and social distancing should be practiced. 4) When in public, individuals must practice social distancing of at least six feet from others. 5) Businesses and entities that provide other essential services must implement rules that help facilitate social distancing of at least six feet. 6) Individuals should limit outdoor recreational activities to non-contact and avoid activities where they come in close contact with other people. 7) Individuals should limit use of public transportation to when absolutely necessary and should limit potential exposure by spacing out at least six feet from other riders. 8) Sick individuals should not leave their home unless to receive medical care and only after a tele-health visit to determine if leaving the home is in the best interest of their health; 9) Young people should also practice social distancing and avoid contact with vulnerable populations. 10) Use precautionary sanitizer practices such as using isopropyl alcohol wipes.


Cuomo also enacted a more cautionary set of rules for elders, people over 70 years of age.

Governor Andrew Cuomo holds a press briefing on Coronavirus, announcing 100 percent workforce reduction excluding essential services. New York on Pause also enacts Matilda’s Law with special protection measures for state residents age 70 and older.

Photo by Darren McGee, Office of Gov. Andrew Cuomo

He named it the Matilda’s Law in honor of his mother. Regulation applies to people with underlying medical conditions, such as heart disease, or people with compromised immune systems and other chronic health problems. “Matilda’s Law” includes the following rules for vulnerable populations: 1) Remain indoors. 2) You can go outside for solitary exercise. 3) Pre-screen all visitors and aides by taking their temperature and seeing if person is exhibiting other flu-like symptoms. 4) Do not visit households with multiple people. 5) Wear a mask when in the company of others.


In New York State, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s focus remains steady on all ways to provide proper protection for healthcare workers, including doctors, nurses and others working on front lines to save lives. To address the global shor tage of personal protective equipment (PPE), Cuomo asked all PPE product providers to sell any products to the state that are not essential or not currently being used. Businesses interested in selling products to the state should contact Simonida Subotic at 646-522-8477 or Cuomo is also encouraging any company with the proper equipment or personnel to begin to manufacture PPE products if possible. Businesses interested in receiving state funding to manufacture PPE products should contact Eric Gertler at 212-803-3100 or To expand hospital bed capacity across New York, state Department of Health

officials, state lawmakers and Cuomo asked every hospital to come up with a plan to expand capacity by a minimum of 50 percent, with a longer term goal to expand capacity by 100 percent. And New York has directed every hospital to cancel all elective, non-critical surgeries, effective Wednesday, March 25.


Increased testing in New York has identified the biggest potential wave of COVID-19 in New York City. Working with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, state authorities have identified four sites for temporary hospitals: SUNY Stony Brook; Westbury, on Long Island; Westchester County Center; and at the Javits Center in the city. As Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) hospitals, these facilities come with staff and with supplies. “They’re in 250-bed configurations, we’re asking for four of those 250-bed


COVID-19 resources for local residents are available on county public health department websites. As of early Monday, there is one confirmed case of COVID-10 in Warren County. There were 41 confirmed cases in Saratoga County; two in Hamilton County; three in Essex County and four in Clinton County. There were 123 in Albany County. The statewide total surged past 15,000 early this week as testing ramped up in the state. Even as pandemic spreads, Cuomo is looking at ways to stratify a return to work plan for the state, possibly with a restart with young people who have overcome COVID-19. The state will begin trials with hydroxychloroquine, a malaria drug, and Zithromax, an antibiotic, with approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Test cases will be reserved for those seriously ill with COVID-19. ■


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Chestertown Indian Lake Speculator (518) 494-2471 (518) 648-5050 (518) 548-7521

configurations to be assembled,” Cuomo said in an address on Sunday. “That will then give us regional coverage in downstate New York which is our most heavily impacted area. In addition, the U.S. Navy is preparing its hospital ship, the U.S.N.S. Comfort. to provide another 1,000 hospital beds and resources once it relocates to New York Harbor. “The President signed the FEMA Emergency Declaration which allows FEMA to go to work,” Cuomo said of progress made in tandem with the federal government. “By that emergency declaration, funding for these services is split: 75 percent by the federal government, 25 percent by the state government. ... I’m also requesting that the President waive the 25 percent. I just cannot pay the 25 percent. We literally don’t have the funding to do it. And by the way, I don’t believe any state will be in the position to pay the 25 percent.” ■

6) To the greatest extent possible, everyone in the presence of vulnerable people should wear a mask. 7) Always stay at least six feet away from individuals. 8) Do not take public transportation unless urgent and absolutely necessary. Cuomo has also ordered a 90-day moratorium on any residential or commercial evictions. “This executive order builds on the actions we have taken to reduce the spread of the virus and protect the wellbeing of our friends, colleagues and neighbors. But again, I want to remind New Yorkers that the panic we are seeing is outpacing the reality of the virus — and we will get through this period of time together,” the governor said. “We know the most effective way to reduce the spread of this virus is through social distancing and density reduction measures. I have said from the start that any policy decision we make will be based on the facts, and as we get more facts we will calibrate our response accordingly.”


In accordance with Governor Cuomo’s request to slow down the rate of infection to better match the rate of local health care systems, Sun Community News has elected to close all offices from public admittance. This action is effective immediately and will extend until further notice.

While closed to the public, the offices WILL CONTINUE to operate with limited staff, while other employees have been encouraged to work from home, in coordination with school & other public closures. Sun Community News, takes the safety of its employees, and that of the public seriously and will continue to produce informative local community news for both print and online.




The Sun has spent several years preparing for these types of emergencies and will continue to provide this free community service to all. 205826


For more information contact Ashley Alexander Phone: 518-873-6368 x105 | Email:



ELLEE B. of Ticonderoga for winning our


Plans are insured through United Healthcare Insurance Company or one of its affiliated companies, a Medicare Advantage organization with a Medicare contract. Enrollment in the plan depends on the plan’s contract renewal with Medicare.




Published by Denton Publications, Inc.

The AJ/NE/TT Sun | March 28, 2020 • 5

Hikers urged to use caution Outdoors activity good, if limited By Tim Rowland STAFF WRITER

ELIZABETHTOWN | With social distancing the order of the day, getting out for a hike in the wilderness might seem just the ticket. But some local officials are saying, not so fast. Group hikes, traveling significant distances to get to a trailhead or taking on hikes that involve any degree of risk are being discouraged. “The Town of Keene asks that you please hike responsibly and follow the guidelines for containing the spread of the coronavirus,” Supervisor Joe Pete Wilson said in a media release. Those guidelines are as follows: 1. Hike locally. Stay home and hike the offbeat trails that won’t be crowded. 2. Don’t travel to hike. Keene has limited EMS and hospital infrastructure. Any extra demand stresses the system. 3. If you hike anywhere, practice social distancing and handwashing. Stay healthy and active. “Thank you for thinking of our small town when you decide to stay home and enjoy a local hike,” he added. Chris Maron, executive director of Champlain Area Trails based in Westport, said his organization had canceled a popular

Bulletin Board

birding hike that had been planned for the last weekend out of an abundance of caution. But he said that doesn’t mean people need to stay indoors. “Things look a lot different than they did a week ago, but here is some good news: Our hiking trails are open for everyone to enjoy,” he said in a message to hikers. “Two things that we know for certain are the importance of connecting with nature and enjoying the peace and solace of the outdoors.” Maron said that the 60 miles of local CATS hiking trails “are a safe place to boost and maintain your mental attitude and physical strength.” The Adirondack Mountain Club, whose facilities have closed because of the coronavirus crisis, offered a statement, urging members and supporters to stay at home. The overall message is that hiking is still a healthy pursuit, but only when done alone or with household members. “Maintain six feet of distance from others. If you have to go out in public for an essential activity like grocery shopping, keep six feet of distance between yourself and others. If you go outdoors to exercise, limit it to solitary activities,” said Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo told New Yorkers last week. Still, people were coming into Keene Valley to hike. “Residents have been reporting to me that there are lots of out of state plates on Market Street and at other trail heads,” Wilson said. Rangers reported on social media that Contact Shannon Christian at 518-873-6368 ext. 201 or email shannonc@ to place a listing.

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BOLTON LANDING – Every Tuesday at 4:00pm Cancer Care Ministry of BCC is to provide spiritual, emotional, household care, and informational support to a person or family experiencing a cancer struggle in the Bolton Landing and our surrounding communities. Bolton Community Church 5 Horicon Avenue. 518-644-9103 BOLTON LANDING – Every Wednesday at 11:00am, Senior Connection Cafè is a FREE service of Bolton Community Church focused on providing information about senior resources for seniors and their families. Bolton Community Church 5 Horicon Avenue. 518-644-9103

LAKE GEORGE - Grief and Loss Support Group Ever Wednesday, 3:00 pm. 3-5 pm at St. James Episcopal Church. PORT HENRY - Grief Support Group First Thursday of Each Month, St Patrick's Parrish Center 11:00-12:00pm Marie Marvull 518743-1672

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ESSEX COUNTY - The HOPELINE is available to provide emotional support to people in distress at 1800-440-8074. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800273-8255. For all residents of Essex County, Mental Health Crisis Workers can be reached for phone support 24 hours per day at 518873-3670 and 1-888-854-3773. To register for counseling services and/or psychiatric medication services, please call or walk into Essex County Mental Health at 7513 Court St., Elizabethtown, NY.

first responders are faced with an enormous public safety concern right now and should not have resources taxed by ill-advised adventure,” said ADK Executive Director Michael Barrett in a statement. Officials noted it’s not an ideal time for hiking anyway, particularly in the higher elevations with the infamous Adirondack mud season on the horizon. ■

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COMMUNITY OUTREACH ELIZABETHTOWN - The diabetes support group meets the 3rd Tuesday of each month at Elizabethtown Community Hospital, 4:30 pm-6pm.

the Catskills and other destinations closer to urban centers were even more crowded. Over the weekend a search involving a number of first responders was carried out for a missing hiker who had embarked on a multi-summit hike. She was eventually found on a trail and hiked out under her own power. “For those who aim to get outside, please be mindful that forest rangers and other




Champlain Area Trails canceled its popular spring birding hike, but says individual or family hikes on its 60 miles of trails are good for body and spirit. Photo by Tim Rowland

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Closer than you think.

NO INSURANCE? Call the Cancer Services Program of Warren, Washington and Hamilton Counties.

Ticonderoga | 1019 Wicker St. |

6 • March 28, 2020 | The AJ/NE/TT Sun

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Thoughts from behind the pressline

A few weeks like no other

By Dan Alexander PUBLISHER

It has been an extraordinary few weeks as our region, state, country, and nearly the entire world faces historical changes and challenges with the effort to defeat the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. Amid the stress and uncertainty we all feel, it’s never been more important to stay connected with one another, even as we hunker down and practice social distancing to avoid transmission and keep each other healthy and safe. For all of us here in the North Country I would like to take a moment to thank you all for doing everything you can. We are seeing from all corners of our region, people helping people. Our government agencies, medical support system, local businesses, and everyday folks like you and me all doing our part in this monumental effort. I am especially proud to see our President and Governor working so well together on behalf of our citizens. I only wish it could work this way all the time, and given the economic tsunami we may be facing, they must continue in this fashion until we fully recover. Here at The Sun, like you at home, we are committed to doing all we can to follow the directions of Governor Cuomo, President Trump, and all our national and local leaders as we continue trying to help each other. Despite being classified as a Media Essential Businesses, we’ve taken steps to limit the employees working from the office. We are organizing online Zoom meetings and even attending online press conferences. Our administrative, news gathering and sales staff are doing almost all their work online, by phone or email with our front office now closed. Our limited production and delivery crew continue to keep the presses running and getting the papers delivered to the post offices so that we can keep you informed. Our graphics and news teams continue to keep our website well populated with the current breaking news as they continue preparations to launch our new site on April 1st. The new site is coming none too soon with advance tools and resources to aid in our 24/7 news delivery program. At the same time, we understand many of our readers throughout the region are not online. They rely heavily on our freely mailed newspaper packed with essential local news, and grocery, pharmacy, and other retail fliers. Just know that due to extraordinary purchases while consumers were stocking up after the recent shutdown announcement, several stores were forced to pull their fliers due to supply chain issues with restocking. What may have been planned for sale items a few weeks ago had to be scrapped, but nearly all have committed to moving forward in the coming weeks now that supplies are being restored. Please let us know if you have news tips or are aware of human interest stories that need to be shared during these trying times. ■

Laughter is the best medicine in trying times. Go head and smile, we’ll get through this. — The Sun


To the editor: The public is facing an organizational crisis brought about by closure of schools in response to the corona virus. It is in a time of crisis that an organization’s members will be (more) eager to adopt new structures that promise to reduce the uncertainty and anxiety generated by a crisis... Now is the time to capitalize on alternatives. One such alternative in our tri-county-area focuses on an in-depth study of its local history, geography and cultural anthropology, referred to as: America’s Past Through the Eyes of Local History. This project is offered in response to the fact that an in-depth study of local history and geography is an important link in the education of all students in public education. The following two websites, that are in process, are offered for consideration as an activity for our home-bound students during this crisis: and The first site provides the rationale and basis for the project, designed for teachers and parents, including a section that outlines the processes for student involvement. This project features a record keeping system for keeping track of experiences that will be used for assessing and evaluating learning outcomes. The second site is an extensive collection of documents required for an indepth study regarding Clinton, Essex and Franklin counties in northern New York. There are provisions on each site for input and questions regarding their use; inquiries will be responded to in the order in which received. Please take the time to explore these sites and engage students in discover-

Submit letters by email:


14 Hand Avenue: P.O. Box 338. Elizabethtown, NY 12932

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To the Editor: We would like to say thank you to the folks at Country Florist and Tromblees Greenhouse for their gifts to us this year. Their beautiful flowers, arrangements and valuable time have meant a lot. Nothing lights up a room or spirits like the beauty of nature , especially when combined with the creativity of our local artists. We have also been so fortunate to have had frequent visits from Crown Point students. They bring caring friendships, warmth ,enthusiasm, and we learn from each other. Ms Charron is an amazing leader. Santa, or should we say St. Mary’s Church, never forgets us at Christmas. Their most generous gifts are right on , as we get to make a list. Cause we’ve been good. So thank you and in appreciation to a caring community. — Residents of Elderwood Village aka Moses Luddington Adult Home, Ticonderoga, NY ■

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To the editor: It would appear that the town of Thurman has yet another conflict of interest occurring with one of its newly elected Board members. Ed “Brownie” Brown, has worked for the town for many years, recently retired and now holds a part time position with the town at the landfill. Last fall Ed decided to run for a position on the Thurman Town Board, his election numbers were very impressive! At the beginning of January Ed has taken his seat on the Thurman town board. All, elected officials should go to great

lengths to avoid even the slightest appearance of improprieties. In this case it is all to obvious. You see with this case the residents of Thurman can never be sure that Ed Brown is not being unfairly influenced. At the very least, as an employee of the town Board, the Town Supervisor Susan Shepler, is his “Boss” When the Board votes Ed often agrees with the supervisor. “No surprise here.” Recently, Mr. Brown was charged with auditing his own books for the transfer station. No issues, were found. Is anyone not surprised? Enough is enough, Ed “Brownie” Brown it is time to state, you represent a serious conflict of interest it is time you resign from the Thurman Town Board effective immediately. — Keith L. Parent Sr., Thurman ■



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Letters should not exceed 300 words, and must be signed and include a telephone number for verification. Letters must be sourced in an effort to ensure claims are factual. Please keep it civil. Letters containing insults and namecalling will be rejected.

To the editor: I would like to thank Essex County Department of Social Services administrators Michael Mascarenas, Sue Ann Caron, Daniel Sadowski, and Angie Allen for making the tough decisions for our agency, regarding COVID-19, quickly and without hesitation. I am age 64 and my husband’s continued battle with prostate cancer has left him with no immune system to speak of. I am proud to work for an agency that continues to give great thought to its workers who serve Essex County. By allowing me to work from home, you have increased my chance of continued health and my husband’s continued survival. To all of you, my immense gratitude. — Kim Marie (for Homer Mitchell), Jay ■

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Thank you


— Dan Alexander is publisher of Sun Community News.

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ing the vital importance of local history and geography as a basis for understanding other places more distant in time and location. — Robert L. Arnold, SUNY Professor Emeritus of Education ■


Capitalize on alternatives

Published by Denton Publications, Inc.

The AJ/NE/TT Sun | March 28, 2020 • 7

Conservation conversations

Keeping Busy! By Rich Redman COLUMNIST

The virus has now confined every non-essential New Yorker to stay home. I’m one of those non-essentials now. For some people, this will be a new way of life. Active people don’t like sitting around, like ants. They gotta move, so discovering a homebound mission could be a challenge. Stay at home is the order! That means morning coffee with the boys is out, Friday breakfast with the old guys is out, and getting milk at the local store is now your excitement of the week. Maybe it’s nature’s intervention. We are being reminded, that we are just human, not superior, virus’s bite and that the house needs repairs. If you are married like me, your “to-do” list has now gotten a lot longer and finding a cheesy excuse to get out of the work just got a lot harder. So, it’s down the list I go! The living room at our house just got a new wooden beadboard ceiling, the walls painted, and a chair rail installed. It looks pretty good. The man cave got a real cleaning, and I found junk that I

never knew I had. Valuable must have junk that we collect along the road of life. Fly rods, reels and classic hunting and fishing books of course. Spiller, Tapply, Heacox, Leopold, Wulff, Nova, Wetherell, Gierach, McGuane, Traver, and early Hemingway all overload and bend my bookcase shelves. Now’s a great time to reread some of those grouse and trout scribblings. It’s a great time to do routine maintenance, like cleaning and oiling all your toys. Changing the oil on the vehicles and checking out the brakes and changing the tires is next, as soon as the driveway dries up a bit. I ventured out into the depths of the garage and couldn’t quite get rid of the stuff I may need or use someday. I did reshuffle most of it around; reorganized, you could call it. In two months, I won’t know where I put the organized junk. I did find a jar of self-tapping screws I was looking for last fall. I left them right where I used them last, but when I needed them, I forgot where that was. My woodlot is looking better. The dog and I get into the woods every day for some needed exercise. Next year’s firewood is almost done. Knocking down a hemlock or two and punching holes in the canopy to allow the sun to reach the earth and nurture some new growth is the goal. The logs will be sliced into boards and the smaller diameter wood, used for campfires. The tops and branches are piled

up and once it’s safe to legally burn, it’s bonfire time. Charbroiled hot dogs on sticks! Woodland Party Time! You may feel like fenced-in cattle, but look at the bright side, you can catch up on all those put-off projects and do good. There is the other side: helping others. Giving blood is important, so call ahead to make a safe appointment. Everyone out there has a talent. Share it! For those who sew, there is a need for face masks. You don’t need to leave the house to help. Cook up a delicious meal for a lonely neighbor, give them a phone call and leave it on the porch for them. Put your talents to work by helping others. Check on your elders. See if there is something you can do for them. Help cut and stack firewood, trim some trees or bushes, rake up the leaves and broken branches from the latest snow, ice, and windstorm. Offer to safely get groceries for them. Use your phone and talk to people. Granny and Gramps need to know you are safe. Check up on people! Life isn’t only about taking care of yourself. It’s about taking care of others! Times are going to be tough for a while, but we will get through it. Don’t live in fear, be cautious, smart and stay safe. Solitary work is the best way to keep your mind off problems and it keeps you out of trouble. So, do those chores you have been postponing. Make the best of it by keeping busy. We are all essential! ■

— Rich Redman is a Moriah, New York-based outdoors writer. His column runs monthly. He can be reached at

Turning back the pages

The unwelcome guest By Jean Hadden

Chekhov (1860-1904) wrote, “If a lot of cures are suggested for a disease, it means that the disease is incurable.” We can only pray that in this case he is dead wrong.



There is nothing today that is more unwelcome in our modern existence than the new COVID-19 virus, the present day unwelcome guest at our door that just won’t go away and threatens us ever so much worse every day. Americans lived through the Spanish flu explosion, the last gigantic killing force in the early twentieth century and now we are left to wonder if this current epidemic in the twentieth-first century is going on to become even greater and end our days here on earth. The bubonic plague (Black Death), in the middle of the 14th century, inadvertently caused the fall of the mighty Roman Empire and we can but wonder if the new coronavirus will eventually cause the fall of the great American empire as we know it. The big problem with the black plague was it kept coming back. We now have no choice but to wait, and wait some more, as the government works upon it, to know the outcome this time around. In his book, The Cherry Orchard, Anton


It is hard indeed for an active American, who is used to working hard and being out and about, to sit at home and watch birds fly past the windows and listen to the clock on the mantle tick away the hours. The one bright spot is phone calls from friends and neighbors who worry about our welfare and wish us well. I want to thank all the good people and readers who have taken the time to call me this past week and check on my welfare. It has been a great time to renew old friendships in these troubled times.


I was happy to hear from my good friend, Phil Coletti of Stony Creek. For thirty years Phil has been in the plumbing and heating business, just as my father once was in Vermont when I was in grade school. He tells me that he is amazed at the number of people that have fled the big cities two months early and rushed to their summer homes in Stony Creek where the air is fresh and clean. I know that

they must be welcomed there with open arms. Phil is a fairly new member of the Stony Creek town board and he says it felt strange to have to sit apart by about ten feet from every other board member during their last meeting (according to the new law.) I hear that the town board has everything well in hand in that great little village.

now I am on my second reading. The book covers much of the history of the greater Glens Falls Region for decades. Joe and his wife, Sara, live in Cossayuna. He wrote a column for the Post Star for nineteen years. Each time I pick his book up I discover something new and interesting and it helps a lot to fill some of those “forced to stay at home” long hours. Thank you for the gift Joe. Not only are you a King, but you are also a prince!


It was my pleasure recently to meet Debbie Ranous, of the Warrensburg “meals on wheels” operation. The program has had to shut down recently due to the on going “flu” but Debbie and good citizen volunteers like her are determined not going to let any senior citizen go without food during these awful times. Home delivery of meals has been changed to six meals, three times a week, one fresh and one frozen each delivery and Debbie delivers them herself, non-stop. That girl is a ball of fire! These are good people!


I am always glad to receive a call from my good friend, author Richard Stewart, from “Peaceful Valley,” North Creek. He is a man who really knows his Adirondack history and lore and we have some great conversations. I was so honored to receive his latest book, “The Recipe of Life,” in the mail, full of pictures and good stories and he tells some great true tales, past and present, of all that is around him. He lives in the house that he was born in. Thank you Richard, for the gift!


I was ever so happy to receive a great gift from my friend, Joseph Cutshall-King, a copy of his new book, Over My Shoulder 2, (1998-2000) in the mail and I have a hard time putting it down. I have read it once and


I have run out of space but not by far of remembering good people and good friends. I am looking forward to continuing next week. ■

— Readers are welcome to contact Sun correspondent Jean Hadden at or 518-623-2210.

Faith Directory We provide this Faith Directory as a courtesy to our readers and visitors to our area. Any changes or additions can be made by calling 518-873-6368 ext. 201. BAKERS MILLS

Mountain View Community Church: 2516 State Route 8, 518-251-9933, Sunday: 11 AM.


United Methodist Church of Blue Mountain Lake: 3439 State Route 28 Saturday: Worship Service 5:45 PM.


Community United Methodist Church: 11

Church St., 518-494-3374, Service 10:00 AM. Faith Bible Church: 4 Hayes Rd., 518-494-7183, Sunday: Worship 10:00 AM. www.faithbiblechurchny. com

St. Isaac Jogues Roman Catholic Church:

Riverside Dr. & Church St., 518-824-1176, Saturday: Vigil 4:00 PM, Sunday: Mass 9:30 AM.


Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church:

Goodman Ave., 518-644-3861, Sunday: Mass 9:00 & 10:00 AM, Vigil Mass 5:30 PM. Bolton Community Church: 5 Horicon Ave., 518-644-9103, Sunday: Worship 10:00 AM, Junior/ Children’s Church 11:00 AM. Emmanuel United Methodist Church: 19 Stewart Ave., 518-644-9962, Sunday: Worship 10:00 AM.

Episcopal Church of Saint Sacrament:

4879 Lake Shore Dr., 518-644-9613, Saturday: Mass 5:00 PM, Sunday: Mass 10:00 AM. Solid Rock Assembly of God: 12 Church Hill Rd., 518-240-6324, Sunday: Worship Service and Children’s programs 10:00 AM. Facebook: Solid Rock Assembly



Jesus is Lord Fellowship: 264 Diamond Point

Rd., 518-623-9712, Friday: Barn Gathering Worship 6:30 PM. Diamond Point Community: 3699 Lake Shore Dr., Visit our website for service times. www.


Mountain Grove Memorial Church: Route

6A, 518-499-1238, Sunday: Worship 10:00 AM.


RWJ Johnsburg United Methodist Church: 1798 South Johnsburg Rd., 518-251-3371,

Sunday: Worship 10:00 AM.

information., also on Facebook. Horicon Baptist Church: 6618 State Route 8, 518-494-2584, Sunday: Worship 11:00 AM & 6:00 PM. St. Paul’s Episcopal Church: State Route 8, Sunday; 8 AM. Facebook: AdirondackMission

Bay Road Presbyterian Church: 1167 Bay Rd., 518-793-8541, Worship Service: 10:00 AM. www. Caldwell Presbyterian Church: 71 Montcalm St., 518-668-2613, Sunday: Service 10:00 AM. www. First United Methodist Church: 78 Montcalm St., 518-223-0461, Sunday: Worship Service 9:00 AM. Grace Communion International: 56 Mohican St., Mary at 518-696-5788 or David Lafforthun at 518-882-9145, Saturday: Worship Services 11:30 AM. Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church: 50 Mohican St., 518-668-2046, Saturday: Vigil Mass 5:30 PM, Sunday: Mass 10:00 AM., Daily Mass: Monday & Wednesday 8:30 AM. St. James Episcopal Church: 172 Ottawa St., 518-668-2001, Sunday: Services 9:00 AM, Weekdays 8:30 AM. Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Glens Falls: 21 Weeks Rd., 518-793-1468, Sunday:

Service 10:00 AM.


Calvary Methodist Church: State Route 30,


First Baptist Church of Indian Lake: 18

Adirondack Mission of the Episcopal Church: 518-494-3314, Call for service times and


Sabel Rd., Sunday: Worship 10:30 AM, Teen Group 6:00 PM.

Independent Baptist Church of Indian Lake: 6110 State Route 30, 518-648-5744, Sunday: Worship 11:00 AM.

Indian Lake United Methodist Church:

6140 State Route 28, 518-648-5441, Sunday: Worship 9:15 AM.

518-624-6975, Sunday: Worship Service 11:00 AM. St. Henry’s Catholic Church: Main St., Rt. 30, 518-624-2541, Saturday: Service 4:00 PM, Sunday: Mass 11:00 AM. Long Lake Wesleyan Church: 1118 Deerland Rd., 518-624-2411, Sunday: Worship 10:00 AM.


Minerva Baptist Church: Corners of A.P. Morse Highway & Route 28N, 518-648-0315, Sunday: Worship 10:00 AM.


Adirondack Bible Fellowship: Service: 9:00

Services 11:00 AM & 7:00 PM.

Thurman Baptist Church: Sunday: Worship


11:00 AM.

Lane, 518-582-3671, Sunday: Mass 9:00 AM. www.

Christian Worship Center: Corner of Elm Street

St. Therese’s Catholic Church: 18 Adams


Seventh Day Adventist Church: Bird Pond Rd., Church Service: 11:30 AM.

Sodom Community Church: 59 Cross Rd.,

518-251-2079, Call for service times. Check us out on Facebook. St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church: Ridge St., Sunday: 10:00 AM. Facebook: Adirondack Mission St. James Roman Catholic Church: Main St., 518-824-1176, Saturday: Mass 5:30 PM. United Methodist Church: 518-642-6707, Sunday: Service 10:00 AM at Adirondack Outreach Center - 2718 State Rte 28.

North River United Methodist Church: 518-251-4071, Service at 10:00 AM.


St. Joseph’s Catholic Church: 635 Church Rd., 518-648-5422, Sunday: Mass 11:00 AM. Grace Bible Fellowship: 1427 N. Gore Rd., 518-251-3290, Sunday: Worship 10:00 AM.


Christ Anglican/Episcopal Church:

518-494-3440, Sunday: Eucharist 12:00 PM. Lighthouse Baptist Church: Rt. 9 (next to Wells House Hotel), Sunday: Worship 10:50 AM & 6:00 PM, Wednesday: 7:00 PM.


& Pine Tree Lane, 518-696-5468, Sunday: Service 10:00 AM. Faith Baptist Church: 518-623-4071, Sunday: Preaching Services 10:45 AM & 6:00 PM, Wednesday: Prayer service 7:00 PM. First Baptist Church: 3850 Main St., 518-623-9373, Sunday: Worship 10:45 AM. First Presbyterian Church: 2 Stewart Farrar Ave., 518-623-2723, Worship 10:00 AM.

First United Methodist Church of Warrensburg: 518-623-9334, Sunday: Worship

11:00 AM.

Free Methodist Church: 250 River St., Sunday: Worship 10:45 AM.

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses: 518-623-4601, Sunday: Public Talk 10:00 AM & Watchtower 10:35 AM.

St. Cecilia’s Roman Catholic Church:

518-623-3021, Saturday: Eucharist 4:30 PM, Sunday: Eucharist 10:00 AM. The Church of the Holy Cross: 518-6233066, Sunday: Eucharist 8:00 AM & 10:00 AM, Wednesday: Healing Mass 7:00 PM, Thursday: Mass 7:00 AM.

Thurman-Kenyontown United Methodist Church: Worship Services every week 11:00 AM. Warrensburg Assembly of God:

518-251-3371 Worship 8:15 AM

518-623-2282, Sunday: Worship 11:00 AM, Thursday: Evening Service 6:00 PM.

Saturday: 3:00 PM at the Christ Episcopal Church, Rt. 9.

Calvary Bible Church: 2530 Route 28,

Pottersville United Methodist Church:

SonRise Lutheran Church: 772-321-8692,



518-251-2323, Sunday: Worship 10:30 AM.

Stony Creek Community Church: 687

Harrisburg Rd., 518-696-3004, Sunday: Service 10:00 AM.


Christ Community Church: Athol, Sunday:

3-14-20 • 34410



Buckman’s Family Fuel

Co. Inc.

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for NEW Heating Customers. 518-585-2658 1-800-PROPANE



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50 Gallons FREE 163162

3975 Main St., Warrensburg, NY 12885 518-623-3039


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GolfGolf Course Warrensburg, CourseRoad, Road, Warrensburg, NY NY 623-GOLF & 623-9336

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8 • March 28, 2020 | The AJ/NE/TT Sun


Methodist Church adjusts to COVID-19

TICONDEROGA | The Ticonderoga First United Methodist Church’s (FUMC) Free Community Dinner, usually held the first Sunday of the month, will not be served on April 5; this includes dine-in and take-out. The annual Easter Sunrise Ecumenical Service at Fort Ticonderoga will not be held this year. Additionally, the annual Easter Morning Breakfast at the First United Methodist Church in Ticonderoga has also been canceled. Due to contagion concerns, Easter morning worship service—and every Sunday service thereafter until further notice—will be livestream only, on at 9 a.m. If you prefer to ‘join’ the services at a time convenient to you, do so via YouTube, using the link to this on the church’s website: Pastor Scott Tyler will conduct Sunday services as usual (without the congregation), and Ronnie Romano will provide musical accompaniment. Easter Sunday’s sermon is entitled “Don’t Be Afraid.” The Thrift Shop will be closed until further notice, but the Food


Pantry remains open, during its usual hours, though with COVID19 precautions implemented. ■

Some State Police nonessential services suspended ALBANY | New York State Police are temporarily suspending employment fingerprinting and child safety seat checks at their stations. However, 911 calls will continue as usual, but if you are experiencing flu-like symptoms, remember to mention that, so first responders will be alerted to take the proper precautions. ■

Spring burn ban in effect ALBANY | The annual spring burn ban went into effect Monday, March 16, for all New York counties. Due to normally warm spring-time temperatures and lack of snow cover, the burning of residential brush and yard debris is outlawed until deemed safe to do so. The burning of trash and leaves is never allowed in New York regardless of the time of year. Since instituting this ban, in 2009, spring wildfires have

Published by Denton Publications, Inc.

decreased by more than 40 percent. ■

to arrange a pickup at 518-586-1307. This service is limited to residents in the 12883 zip code area. ■

“Best 4th In the North” fundraising events postponed

Hunter Education Field Day postponed

TICONDEROGA | Because of State of New York mandates concerning the spread of COVID-19, some upcoming local fundraising events have been postponed, including the Moms’ Prom, originally set for March 28, the Ticonderoga Alumni Basketball Tournament, and the “Best 4th In the North Night” at Madden’s Pub, both formerly slated for Saturday, April 4. ■

WARRENSBURG | The Hunter Safety Education Field Day originally planned to take place on Tuesday, April 14, has been postponed until July. ■

Doc Lopez Run for Health accommodates safety concerns

Ti seniors are still ‘On the go!’

ELIZABETHTOWN | Previously planned to take place on Saturday, March 21, this year’s Doc Lopez Run for Health fundraiser will take place as a ‘virtual fundraiser’. Instead of meeting as one large group of runners in the same place at the same time, participants are asked to run either individually or in small groups, and choose their own route, date and time to run. Check-in will take place via Facebook at ElizabethtownCommunityHospitalusing the hashtag DocLopezRunForHealth. ■

TICONDEROGA | After meeting with Senior Bus drivers and weighing the pros and cons on Monday, March 16, town supervisor Joe Giordano made the decision to keep the Ti Senior Bus up and running while instituting some extra precautions concerning COVID-19 contagion. The bus runs Monday through Friday, from about 8 a.m. to about 3 p.m. and costs $2 for a round-trip run. (A ‘senior’ is anyone age 55 years or older.) Call

1928 - 2020 CROWN POINT | Ruth Marilyn Sergeant Spaulding, formerly of Crown Point, New York, passed peacefully early morning February 25, 2020, at St. Mary’s Hospital, Amsterdam, New York. Ruth was just two weeks shy of her 92nd birthday. She was

born March 9, 1928, to Edmund and Veda (Grimes) Sergeant. Her father worked for former Vermont Governor Percival Clement and she was born in the caretaker’s house of the Clementwood Estate in Rutland, Vermont. Although she lived nearly all of her life in New York State, Ruth proudly considered herself a Vermonter. In June 1947 she married Herbert Spaulding and they were married for 68 1/2 years until his passing on January 1, 2016. Together they raised three children Richard, Douglas and Vicki. In 1954 they purchased the GLF, later known as Crown Point Agway, in partnership with Herbert’s father, Edgar “Ned” Spaulding. Through the years Ruth worked picking apples, Crown Point Bank, Crown Point Drive-In, Crown Point Central School and then as the bookkeeper of Crown Point Agway, until they sold their business and retired in 2000. She also was a bookkeeper for several years for both her brother-inlaw Tom at Wadhams Agway and for her

DEATH NOTICES CROWN POINT | Ruth Marilyn (Sergeant) Spaulding passed away on Tuesday, February 25, 2020, at the age of 91. Born on March 9, 1928. Arrangements are being made by the Harland Funeral Home.

WHITEHALL | Linda E. (Ripley) Smith passed away on Wednesday, March 18, 2020, at the age of 67. Born on December 11, 1952. Arrangements are being made by the Carleton Funeral Home. Also from Hudson Falls.

TICONDEROGA | Sheila M. (Nadeau) Witherbee passed away on Tuesday, March 17, 2020, at the age of 93. Born on December 29, 1926. Arrangements are being made by the Wilcox & Regan Funeral Home.

JOHNSBURG | Virginia M. (Wescott) Armstrong passed away on Wednesday, March 18, 2020, at the age of 95. Born on October 22, 1924. Arrangements are being made by the Alexander Funeral Home. Also from Wevertown.

BOLTON LANDING | Alfred E. “Al” Dague passed away on Tuesday, March 17, 2020, at the age of 65. Born on May 15, 1943. Arrangements are being made by the Alexander Funeral Home.

DAY | Willard J. Stone passed away on Friday, March 20, 2020, at the age of 84. Born on 1935. Arrangements are being made by the Brewer Funeral Home.

When your family suffers a loss, we want to help you let your friends and neighbors know. Each week we will publish a list of Death Notices at no charge. These notices will include name, date of death & birth, age, town and the name of the funeral home in charge of the arrangements. Like most newspapers, we do need to charge a small fee of $65 for a 250-word obituary which will include a picture (if supplied) in the paper. Larger sizes are also available. If the funeral home doesn’t place the obituary in The SUN you may submit an obituary by calling 518-873-6368, or you may email the Obituary to, and she will let you know the cost if it’s over 250 words.

son Douglas at Ticonderoga Agway. She was a Cub Scout Den Mother, Girl Scout Leader and treasurer of the White Church and White Church Cemetery. Ruth was a marvel to behold operating an adding machine. Her fingers would fly over the rows of numbers, pressing down on each number key and then pulling the handle in rapid succession with a large mound of adding machine tape piling up on the floor around her. It was very important to her that she balanced her ledgers to the penny. Although a good bookkeeper, where she excelled was in creativity. She could host a baby shower, Cub Scout pack meeting, Christmas or anniversary party or other event like no one else. These parties were a combination of skits, handmade costumes, special table favors and always included something unexpected, different and fun. She was just as creative with her Halloween costumes, parade floats, thoughtful gift giving and anything else that she put her hand and mind to, all done with the desire to find, create and give just the right thing to please someone. Ruth was predeceased by her husband, Herbert; son Douglas;brother Malcolm Sergeant; sisters June Mero and Jean Sprague; nephew David Sergeant and niece Lori Vogel. She is survived by son Richard (Pamela) Spaulding of North Bangor, New York; daughter-in-law Angie Spaulding of Ticonderoga, New York; and daughter Vicki (Patrick) Arceri of Northville, New York; nephews Derek (Loni) Sprague and Edmund Sergeant; nieces Diane Lashway, Jeanne LeClaire, Joni (Dwight) Burkett, Valerie Mero, Holly Behr, Linda (John) Medeiros and Nancy (Gene) Knott; brother-in-laws Harold (Nancy) Spaulding and Thomas (Donna) Spaulding; sister-in-law Nancy (Steve) MacKay; six grandchildren: Eric (Heidi) Spaulding, Kevin (Shari) Spaulding, Tammie (Al) Montoya, Tara (Seth) Celotti, Katie (Nathan) St. Pierre and Veronica Arceri; and nine great-grandchildren: Eric Jr., Jayson, McKenna, Brady and Kayla Spaulding, Avja and Gabriel Montoya, Reese Celotti and Harper St. Pierre. Our mother’s primary concern was always the health and safety of her family and friends. Knowing that, and due to this pandemic, there will be no gathering for a Memorial Service. Remembrances can be left online at ■

Faith Directory Crown Point United Methodist Church:

1682 Creek Rd., Sunday: Service 11:00 AM. First Congregational Church: Park Place, 518-597-3398, Sunday: Service 9:30 AM. Sacred Heart Catholic Church: Main St., 518-597-3924, Sunday: Mass 9:00 AM.


Hague Baptist Church: 518-543-8899, Sunday:

Worship 10:30 AM.

Town of Johnsburg closed till March 31 NORTH CREEK | The Johnsburg Library’s doors will be closed until March 31, at which time the COVID-19 situation will be reevaluated. In the meantime, the Mountain Gathering Basket Workshop slated for Sunday, March 22, has been postponed. ■

Lakeside Regional Church (Hague Wesleyan Church): Sunday: Services 10:00 AM at

the Hague Campus.


All Saints Church: 23 Bartlett Pond Rd., 518-546-7254, Saturday: Mass 4:00 PM.

Mountain Meadows Christian Assembly:

Schroon Lake Community Church, United Church of Christ, United Methodist: Temporary location: 1531 Route 9, 518-532-7272, Sunday: Worship 10:00 AM. St. Andrews Episcopal Church: Route 9, 518-494-3314, Sunday: 10:00 AM.


St., 518-546-1176, Sunday: Service 10:30 AM.

Mount Moriah Presbyterian Church: 19

Church St., 518-546-7099, Sunday: Worship 10:30 AM.


St. Patrick’s Church: 12 St. Patrick’s Place,

United Methodist Church: 639 Tarbell Hill Rd.,

United Presbyterian Church: 365 County Route


TICONDEROGA | Sheila Mae Witherbee, 93, of Ticonderoga, passed away on Tuesday, March 17, 2020, at her residence, surrounded by her loving family. Born in Ticonderoga, December 29, 1926, she was the daughter of the late Norman and Pearl (Denno) Nadeau. Mrs. Witherbee was employed as a nurse’s aide at Moses-Ludington Hospital in Ticonderoga for many years. She enjoyed bullhead fishing with her husband, and camping at Blue Ridge in North Hudson. Her greatest enjoyment was her family, and she was a devoted mother and grandmother. She was predeceased by her husband, Franklin C. Witherbee, on January 13, 1999. She was also predeceased by one son, James Martin Witherbee; and three daughters: Doreen Quigley, Bonnie MacLeod and Susan St. Andrews. Survivors include one son, Michael Witherbee, and two daughters, Jacqueline Burlingame and Vicki Witherbee, all of Ticonderoga; one brother, Norman Nadeau, and two sisters, Barbara Reeb and Donna Leavens; many grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and nieces and nephews. A graveside service took place on Saturday, March 21, 2020, at 11 a.m. at the Valley View Cemetery of Ticonderoga. Arrangements are under the direction of the Wilcox & Regan Funeral Home of Ticonderoga. To offer online condolences, please visit Donations in Sheila’s memory may be made to High Peaks Hospice, P.O. Box 205, Mineville, NY 12956. ■

Mountainside Bible Chapel: Located 4 miles south of Schroon Lake Village, 518-532-7100, Sunday: Worship 10:00 AM. Our lady of Lourdes: 1114 Route 9, 518-532-7100, Sunday: Mass 11:00 AM. (Summer - Sat. 6:30 PM and Sun. 11:00 AM)

Lake Champlain Bible Fellowship: 6 Church

518-546-7254, Sunday: Mass 11:00 AM.

1926 - 2020


Sunday: Worship 9:00 AM.

59 Harmony Rd. (office), 518-942-8031, Service times and locations on website. http://

Sheila Mae Witherbee

2 (off Rt. 22), 518-547-8378, Sunday: Worship 10:00 AM.

We provide this Faith Directory as a courtesy to our readers and visitors to our area. Any changes or additions can be made by calling 518-873-6368 ext. 201.

Crown Point Bible Church: 1800 Creek Rd., 518-597-3318, Sunday: Worship 10:30 AM.

INDIAN LAKE | The Indian Lake Library closed its doors temporarily on March 16 due to county mandates concerning COVID-19. Their Writers’ Group, special dementia presentations and other wellness workshops are also suspended until March 31, at which time the situation will be reevaluated. The library asks that anyone with books or other materials due to be returned refrain from using their drop box (contagion being the concern), and for people to just hold on to their books and DVDs until further notice. No late fees or fines will be issued during this time. Keep up-to-date with their news at ■

Ruth Marilyn (Sergeant) Spaulding


Indian Lake Library adjusts to COVID-19

Sabbath Bay Point Grace Memorial Chapel: Sunday Service 10:00 AM (June 30 - Sept. 1).


Log Chapel Fellowship: Route 22,


518-260-9710, Sunday: Worship 11:00 AM.

Ave., 518-636-6733, Sunday: Service 10:30 AM. www. Cornerstone Alliance Church: 178 Montcalm St., 518-585-6391, Sunday: Worship 10:30 AM. First Baptist Church: 518-585-7107, Sunday: Worship 10:30 AM & 3:00 PM. First United Methodist Church: 1045 Wicker St., 518-585-7995, Sunday: Service 9:00 AM.

Lakeside Regional Church (Hague Wesleyan Church): 2nd Sunday of every month:

10:00 AM at the Best Western Conference Center. www. St. Mary’s Church: 12 Father Joques Place, 518-585-7144, Saturday: Mass 4:30 PM, Sunday: 9:00 AM. The Episcopal Church of the Cross: 129 Champlain Ave., 518-585-4032, Sunday: Eucharist 9:00 AM. Ticonderoga Assembly of God: 32 Water St., 518-585-3554, Sunday: Worship 10:00 AM.

Adirondack Community Fellowship: 14 Park 1-12-20 • 34421


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(518) 532-7968


92 Black Point Rd., Ticonderoga

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518-585-7579 229750


40 Industrial Drive, Schroon Lake, NY

“On Beautiful Lake George”




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The AJ/NE/TT Sun | March 28, 2020 • 9


By Keith Lobdell SPORTS EDITOR

PLATTSBURGH | It’s the decision no one wanted to make or see made, but the one that had to be. T h e N e w Yo r k S t a t e Public High School Athletic Association officially canceled the remainder of the winter sports season, meaning a premature end to the boys hockey; boys and girls bowling; and boys and girls basketball seasons. “It is w it h g reat disap p oi nt ment t hat we ma ke the decision to cancel the remaining winter championship events,” said Dr. Robert Zayas, NYSPHSAA Executive Director. “We certainly sympathize for the students who are being impacted by this crisis but at this time they deser ve honest y f rom the leadership of our association.” “Robert and the committee had to make a very tough decision, that is for sure,” said Section VII executive director Matthew Walentuk. “It’s disappointing but with what we are faced with, we couldn’t move on.” T he ca ncellat ion mea nt the end of the season for t he Sect ion V II g irls a nd boys bowling teams, which included team champions Beekmantown — who swept the sectional bowling titles ­­— along with composite bowlers AuSable Valley’s Logan Martineau, Troy McDonald and Josh Eaton; Northeastern C l i nto n’s G a b e S i s c o; Ticonderoga’s Axel Dedrick and Peru’s James Williams on the boys side and Peru’s Kathryn Bowman, Leita Ciolek, Sarah Williams and Karissa Poupore; AuSable Valley’s Katelynn Miller and Ticonderoga’s Jade Frasier in girls. It also brought an end to the season’s of Section VII/ Class B basketball champions Nor t hea ster n C l i nton (girls) and Saranac (boys), along with Section VII/Class D champions Bolton (girls) and Schroon Lake (boys). In Section II, the North Warren (Class D) and Lake George (Class C) boys basketball teams were also alive in state regional play, with the Cougars and Wildcats scheduled to play for a trip to the final four. “I am very proud of them,” said Saranac boys basketball coach Mike Recore. “They have worked extremely hard and out in a lot of time and effort. We had a strong season beating some quality teams and our four losses were all against good opponents. Beating Mekeel (Christian) was a highlight and something that gave the team that boost of we can beat anyone, but watching them win the sectional title, which was their first big goal for the season, was the highlight of the season for me.” “Knowing where it looked like this was going, I was mentally prepared for this,” said Schroon Lake boys basketball coach Lee Silvernail. “I do like that they are working on a way to recognize all the teams who are still alive, there was a lot of hard work that went in over the past four years. They had a great season, but what they didn’t have was the chance to prove what they were capable of at the state level, and that hurts.” ■

‘I have no regrets:’ Section VII athletes address end of season

A host of Section VII athletes found their seasons over without the conclusion they were hoping for as NYSPHSAA announced the cancelation of the winter sports championships March 23 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, including the Schroon Lake boys varsity basketball team, Saranac boys varsity basketball team, Northeastern Clinton girls varsity basketball team, Bolton girls basketball team, Beekmantown boys and girls varsity bowling teams, and the Section VII boys and girls composite bowling teams. File photos

By Keith Lobdell SPORTS EDITOR

PLATTSBURGH | “I was trying to prepare myself because we all knew it was coming, but when you see it in writing, it hits you a little different.” That is what Northeastern Clinton senior point guard Kya McComb said when she saw the news break online that the 2020 winter sports championships were canceled in the state of New York. “It stinks knowing the season has been taken away from us and not having the chance to complete it and see what we could have done,” added McComb, who helped lead the Cougars to their third straight Section VII/Class B girls basketball title as the team was hoping to make the state final four for the second time in those three seasons. McComb, who made it onto the 1,000 career point list this season, saw an unexpected end to her senior season along with teammates Brinley LaFountain and Taylor Goodrow. “This team was probably one of the closest teams I have ever been on,” said McComb. “With one exception, we all live next to each other and have our inside jokes. It’s enjoyable to go to practice because you get to be with your nine best friends and playing a fun sport.” McComb added being in practice, along with winning the sectional title, was the highlight of her season. “It was always fun and now, I look at it and think I probably should not have taken any of those practices for granted because now, there are no more,” she said. “You should play like every moment is your last and enjoy the time you have to play. “I certainly can say I have done that.”


At the other end of Section VII, the Schroon Lake varsity boys basketball team was getting

ready for a showdown with Section II’s North Warren when senior Andrew Pelkey saw his coach, Lee Silvernail, walk into the gym. “I could tell the moment I saw coach something was not right,” said Pelkey of the moment Silvernail told his team the rest of the season was postponed and, most likely, going to be canceled. “It’s devastating,” said Pelkey. “It has been that way since we heard the game was postponed and this just hammers it home. I understand what it going on, but it’s rough.” Pelkey said he and his teammates — which included fellow seniors Cian Bresnahan, Collin Bresnahan, Derrick Loiselle, Mike Foote and Bryant Mieras — said he would leave the basketball court with “so many memories to look back on.” “It’s been a special year and we set ourselves up to be in the position we were in,” added Pelkey. “Since the first practice, we wanted to put ourselves here. We did all the dirty work in the summer and fall and we were focused and determined going into sectionals that we were going to win it.” Pelkey added the final game of the regular season, where he set the Section VII all-time scoring record, was a moment he would remember because of who was in attendance. “The entire week building up to it was cool, but getting to meet Dan Munson (the man Pelkey passed) and having the chance to talk with him about basketball and hearing he was following me through the playoffs was very special,” he said.


Saranac senior Connor Recore had the same reaction many young men and women had learning the news their seasons were over. “It really sucks because we worked to get the chance to prove ourselves as one of the best teams in the state,” said Recore, the CVAC co-MVP.

“I have definitely been reflecting on the season we had since we found out the games were postponed, because I think we all had a feeling this was going to happen,” Recore continued. “It was a pretty good season. The feeling of winning a sectional title in basketball was something that was sweet for our whole team.” Recore said the current Chiefs roster has been playing together since youth leagues as sixth graders, with a roster that includes seniors Recore, Jared Duquette, Sam Carter, Nick Liberty, Brady Hebert, Cogan Johnston and Shey Manor. Along with the title, Recore added the team had an off the court experience he will always look back on fondly. “We adopted a kid as a team for Christmas and we all went out shopping for the child,” Recore said. “Everyone pitched in an it was a great experience for the whole team.”


While the premature ending of the season will continue to hurt, AuSable Valley senior bowler Logan Martineau said he was proud of having a solid varsity career. “I have no regrets looking back — I accomplished everything I could have every wanted to,” said Martineau, who was part of the Patriots NYSPHSAA state championship team. “I was lucky to be on a team where all five of us were great bowlers who I had the chance to work with an learn from, and I think that is why I had the high school success I did. Troy McDonald (another AVCS senior along with Katelynn Miller and Cassidy DeMeter) was my best friends through all of this.” Much like everyone else, Martineau did his best to keep perspective on the situation. “I can see where all this is coming from and how bad this is, but its an awful hit to the athletes,” he said. “It’s tough when the senior year is the one that gets canceled.” ■

Burghers, Cougars, Warriors dominate All-Star roster By Thom Randall CORRESPONDENT

WARREN COUNTY | Three Warrensburg girls basketball players were recognized as among the best athletes in the region last week as the officials of the Adirondack League announced their All-Star players for 2020. Sharpshooting, savvy guard Hope Boland and high-scoring forward Abigail Ranous were named to the first team. Abigail’s sister Aubrey Ranous, known ass a tough defender and skilled rebounder, was named to the second team. All three are seniors. With three players named All-Stars, Warrensburg had the most prominent representation in the list of girls basketball All-Stars. Ava Pushor, Lake George’s experienced power forward, was named to the league All-Star second team. A high scorer for her team, she is also a senior. Fort Edward’s Gaby Thomas was named the Adirondack League’s Most Valuable Player in girls basketball, for 2020. In boys basketball, named to the Adirondack League AllStar first team was North Warrens’s dynamic duo of powerful center Tanner Dunkley and shooting sensation Anthony

Girard, a point guard for the North Warren team that had been in the hunt for the state championship until the basketball tournaments were canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak. Both Dunkley and Girard will be back next year, as they both are juniors. Also making the 2020 Adirondack League All-Star first team was Lake George’s power forward Luke Pelchar, a junior. Named to the second team from Lake George were senior Cameron Orr, and junior Cole Clarke — both of whom play virtually any position with expertise. The Lake George team also had fought its way into the regional competition with gritty come-from-behind victories, only to have their season abruptly ended by the pandemic. Named as the league’s Most Valuable Player for boys basketball was high-scoring Jarett Williams. ■ Members of the Warrensburg Girls Basketball team pose with the Adirondack League Championship trophy last month after winning the title game against Argyle. Last week, three members of the team — Hope Boland, plus Abigail and Aubrey Ranous, were named 2020 Adirondack League All-Stars, earning their team the status of having the most representation on the All-Star roster of any girls basketball team. Photo provided

10 • March 28, 2020 | The AJ/NE/TT Sun

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Veteran reporter named Warren County’s new P.A. chief Don Lehman, Post-Star’s top reporter By Thom Randall CORRESPONDENT

QUEENSBURY | Don Lehman, one of the most experienced journalists in the Capital Region, has been hired as director of public affairs for Warren County government. Lehman is renowned in the Glens Falls region for his nearly 30 years of accurate, objective, detailed and colorful news reporting. Working at the Glens Falls PostStar, he was first assigned the police, court and law enforcement beats, and in the last half of his career, his work also encompassed municipal and political news as

well as feature stories. A prolific reporter, he occasionally would have up to four or five front-page or section-front stories published on one day’s edition. County Administrator Ryan Moore announced Lehman’s new position, which began Monday March 23, with Lehman creating a new Facebook page for Warren County. “Don is an experienced, steady hand with broad and deep relationships in our community,” Moore said. “He will be certainly be a tremendous credit to Warren County.” The appointment comes at a time that county officials have been interacting with the public at a furious pace due to the coronavirus outbreak, and Moore as well as other county officials have been working countless hours per week to keep people informed. Moore alluded to this aspect in his announcement. “He (Lehman) is the right man

in this critical role, at this critical time. Don has been a trusted source of information to the residents of Warren County for decades.” Lehman has won dozens of prestigious state and national journalism awards. Since 2006, he has served as a guest lecturer at Castleton University. Through his lengthy career, Lehman has covered horrific disasters, tragic situations and consequential public policy developments, reporting them with thoroughness and clarity. He’s also sat through hours of tedious governmental meetings. In his last article for the PostStar, a blog post that appeared briefly on the Post-Star’s website before it was removed, Lehman said he’d continue to keep people informed with his objectivity. “It’s time to move on, and I’m moving on,” he said. “I tried to be

Don Lehman is Warren County’s new director of public affairs.

File photo

for this difficult job at a time when we really need him,” Moore said. “He is the perfect individual to step up and serve our community

blunt and to the point when on assignment, and that’s not changing now.” He also described his last day of work as a reporter. “It started at 5:30 a.m. with the morning cop calls, and ended well after 6 p.m.. Those hours, and nights, weekends, holidays at pretty much every type of crime and disaster scene I could imagine did get old in recent years. I have met too many great people to list over the years, told many stories of success and sadness.” In his final blog post, Lehman praised other journalists who were continuing to work at area newspapers — and he also called for people to support local journalism. “Thank you for letting me keep you informed and for letting me tell your story,” he said. Please support the newspapers and news websites that remain in this challenging environment — You won’t know what you had until they’re gone.” ■

Ticonderoga area chamber prepared for COVID-19 Virus changes ‘business as usual’ paradigm By Laurel Carroll STAFF WRITER

TICONDEROGA | The Ticonderoga Area Chamber of Commerce (TACC) has readied itself to help local businesses meet—and survive—the unique challenges presented by the emergent COVID-19 situation. Their Action Plan is laid out below.

• TACC has a COVID-19 Action Plan in terms to day-to-day operations, services, programs, meetings and events. This is a three-level action plan that will be determined by mandates issued by New York State and the Centers for Disease Control. • Ongoing general communication with Members and businesses regarding COVID-19 resources, assistance in general, and specific assistance TACC is providing. In addition, we are receiving updates from our partners the North Country Chamber of Commerce. • Daily email communication with businesses affected by new state temporary regulations.

• In-person or phone communication with businesses affected by new state temporary regulations every three days, keeping them informed to the best of our ability. Helping to evaluate changes in operation, determine what is working and what isn’t, making additional plan changes, etc. • Working with our regional and state partners to address all business concerns and issues, as well as identify business assistance and financial relief options immediately and in the future from local, regional, state and federal programs. • One-on-one business support and services as needed.

• Social Media & Email Campaign on ways the community can support our local businesses during this pandemic. This will also include additional marketing for restaurants doing take-out delivery, and retailers operating differently during this time. • TACC remains open but its offices are currently closed to public walk-ins. TACC staff are on-site and working to serve our Members, the business community and the Ticonderoga area during this pandemic. TACC has also launched a new page on their website ( entitled “Business Resources & Assistance Center,” with links to useful and supportive resources for businesses. ■

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Published by Denton Publications, Inc.

Warrensburg closes town hall; some employees furloughed WARRENSBURG | In an effort to curb the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Warrensburg Town Hall will be closed to the public until further notice. Warrensburg Supervisor Kevin Garaghty said he and several other town employees will continue to work in the Emerson Town Hall, while other personnel will be working from home. These action were taken, Geraghty said, to comply with Governor Cuomo’s recent mandate for municipalities to reduce their on-site staff by at least 75%. The remainder of town personnel will be on call, and will return to active duty as circumstances require, he said. Geraghty said the staffing of the town hall and its operations are to be reassessed on March 31. The landfill will remain open for its normal hours, but this subject to change. Geraghty said he will be in and out of his office as his duties require. Joining him in the town hall will be Town Clerk Pamela Lloyd, town Code Enforcement Officer Jim Hull, and an employee in the assessor’s office. Contact information is available on the town website. In exceptional instances, town residents may be able to meet in person with town personnel by appointment — as long as social distancing protocols are followed, Geraghty said. “I don’t like this situation, but we have to do it,” Geraghty said about the order to downsize on0site government operations. On paid furlough for at least through March 31 are three of the four town Parks & Recreation employees — and all highway workers except for the highway superintendent and his assistant. Those remaining on active duty will be ensuring that roads stay passable and town grounds remain tidy, Geraghty said. All employees of the town Sewer and Water departments will remain on duty, however. “These are functions that are deemed essential,” Geraghty said. Those with questions may call Geraghty at 518-623-9511 or the bookkeeper’s office at 518-623-9464. ■

The AJ/NE/TT Sun | March 28, 2020 • 11

Events canceled in Thurman Town CEO declares state of emergency By Thom Randall CORRESPONDENT

ATHOL | The outbreak of the COVID-19 virus — and the urgency of keeping citizens safe and well — has prompted the cancellation of several of the town of Thurman’s traditional events, as well as changes to several local services that reach out to families in need. The cancellations were announced in conjunction with a state of emergency declaration issued March 19 by Thurman Town Supervisor Susan Shepler. The town’s annual Easter Party, for many years beloved by local residents, will not be held. It was planned for the afternoon of April 11. In addition, the Thurman Free store, scheduled for April 18, also will not be held. In its debut last year, the “free store” attracted dozens of people who adopted housewares, furniture and useful items as well as collectibles and oddities — all donated by other residents for re-use. This event is likely to be held after the coronavirus pandemic subsides, according to town officials. All doors to the Thurman town hall, except the southeastern main entrance, will remain

locked until further notice. Visitors with urgent business may enter the town hall by the main entrance, but they need to obey the mandated six-foot social distancing protocol. Shepler said she and her secretary Gail Seaman will be in and out of the office on weekdays as their duties require. The town clerk is likely to be in her office in the early morning hours, Shepler said, noting that residents would be wise to call ahead for an appointment. The town tax collector will also be on duty in the town hall weekdays through March 31, she said. The town’s food pantry will continue its regular schedule — open to local residents 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. each Tuesday — but only five people at a time will be allowed inside the town hall for this session. The Gleaning food distribution program will also continue with its traditional schedule. It is held on the first Monday of the month unless there’s a holiday on that date. The five-person limit will also be observed for these sessions. The Thurman senior bus service, which normally transports elder citizens to destinations in the Glens Falls area, is temporary suspended. For updates about this service, telephone the Warren County Office for the Aging at 518-761-6347. Town officials have not yet decided whether to hold their monthly town board meeting as planned on Wednesday April 8, but at this

point, it is likely to occur, Shepler said. But if it is held, there will be no audience present, she said, because Governor Cuomo has prohibited gatherings of 10 or more people. Shepler said the town is planning to livestream the meeting, likely on a YouTube channel, or at the least, post a video of the meeting within 24 hours. She added that no town court session will be held until June 2. People with questions about cases or appearances are to call the town court at (518) 623-9660. Shepler said that the highway employees are on a two-week furlough, but will be summoned as necessary for any required road clearing, maintenance or repairs. The town transfer station and recycling center is retaining its routine hours of 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Wednesdays, and 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. on both Saturdays and Sundays. Call the transfer station at ​518-623-2831 for any updates or details. Shepler said she anticipated that Thurman residents would continue to approach the coronavirus crisis with courtesy, common sense and community spirit. “I hope all our residents remain well and in good spirits,” she said urging people to follow recommended hygiene practices and social distancing — and to seek medical attention if needed. “We’re going to get through this together,” she added. ■

Chester curbs access; hires P.I. director By Thom Randall CORRESPONDENT

CHESTERTOWN | As the number of coronavirus cases rose exponentially last week in New York and tougher regulations were imposed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D), the town of Chester closed its municipal center to the public through at least March 31. In other matters, the town of Chester has hired a new parttime Communications Director. Jack D. Bartlett was named to the post by the town board at their March 15 emergency meeting. He is to take on the duties of keeping the public informed during the fast-moving coronavirus pandemic, town of Chester Supervisor Craig Leggett said Monday.

“The town board sees this as a critical position in order to keep the public well-informed as our response to the COVID-19 epidemic evolves,” Leggett said. The Town of Chester now has a Facebook page which will be updated with news and pertinent community infomation, he added. The various businesses located in the town Municipal Center — Stevenson Insurance Agency, Najer Realty and Tur ning Leaf Counseling Services — are shutting down their formal offices, but representatives of these enterprises will be conducting business, as allowed by state mandate, from the entrepreneurs’ respective homes, Leggett said. Although various local government operations have been


L a s t N ovember, C he s ter Super visor Cr aig Leg get t explained town finances prior to the town board approving the 2020 budget in a split vote. Now, municipalities will likely be experiencing financial stress due to slashed revenues prompted by the novel coronavirus pandemic, municipal fiscal advisors have said. Staff photo

curbed — as detailed in last week’s issue of The Sun — the town of Chester’s transfer station remains open, following its traditional schedule: from 8:45 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. on Monday, Thursday and Friday, and from 8:45 am to 4:45 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. Leggett said he and the town clerk will available by phone on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. as well as by email, and he will be personally returning consequential inquiries. “We will do our best to respond to questions and to assist our residents with their needs in a timely manner,” he said. The central phone number for the town hall is 518-494-2711. All town departments can be reached through this phone number. ■

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Limited sell entered or rent. Visit on-line or MEDICAL ADMINISTRABILLING TRAINEES Screens Simultaneously at No bank levies, liens & audits, unfiled ment may be GUITAR TOPS ADIRONDACK A.J.S.C. dated February TORS, TRUSTEES, DETime, Call 1-855-973-9254 callyour 518-891-9919. NEEDED! Train online to get theyou can lose tax returns, payroll issues, & reSPRUCE - Neck blanks, backs and 21, 2020 and filed Additional Cost. Call VISEES, AS- and become a Medical Office skills to LEGATEES, DIRECTV 1-866-731-3285 solve tax debt FAST. Call 888-626- SIGNEES, home. sides for all stringed instruments. Portable Oxygen Concentrator February 24, 2020 CTI! 1-833-766Professional atLIENORS, 3581 Speak to an attorney or 518-643-9942 before 7pm May Be Covered by Medicare! ReHelp for Homeowners FCPNY CREDITORS, AND SUCHAVE $10K IN DEBT? Credit 4511 go to the court where claim independence and mobility in Foreclosure AT&T Internet. Starting at CESSORS IN INTEREST, Medical Bills. 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Call toll-free helpline mainANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES "JOHN through EMERGENCY SERVICE, 132 Montcalm Street, HWAY 20-21 Sand and1-800-864-5960. NY24/7 10523 Free Consultation. No Risk VIAGRADOE and #1" CIALIS USERS!Elmsford, 100 Now: tained by the New York In-home repair/On-line "JOHN Ticonderoga, New York, Gravel Phone: (914) 345-3020 GenericDOE Pills SPECIAL $99.00 State Department ofStay Fi- in your home longer with RENTALS20-22 Crushed COMPUTER & IT TRAINING PRO. $20 OFFnancial ANY SERVICE! on or before APARTMENT the 31st Filed: HWAY NOTICE solutions TO OCCUFREE 10/30/19 Shipping! 100% guaranteed. Services at AmericanTOWN Standard Walk-In GRAM! Train at home to become 855-385-4814 Index No. CV19-0560 BOARD OFBathTHE Fort Ann Antiques day of April, 2020 at Stone Products PANTS: ELM LANSING 24/7 CALL NOW! 888-445-5928 visitReceive up to (800) 342-3736 or tub. off, ina Computer & Help Desk ProfesPlaintiff 2:00 pm; at such time HWAY 20-24 General TOWN OF$1500 TICONDEROINSURANCE. PhysiAlways Buying CORPORAHablamosdesignates Espanol ES- REALTY DENTAL webthe Call Departments PORT HENRY 2 BR APARTMENT cluding a free toilet, and lifetime sional now! Call CTI for details! and place, all sealed bids SEX County as place of Bridge Repairs GA COUNTY OF ESSEX, cians ADIRONMutual Insurance 518-499-2915 TION, DBA site Company at http://www.df40 minute drive to HWAY jobs in20-27 Middle- Screened warrantySTATE on the tub installa888-449-1713 (M-F 8am-6pm ET) be publicly trial Venue is based OF and NEW YORK for details. NOT just a discount Route 4, Whitehall, NY received will DACK NOTE BUYERS, bury and Vergennes. Apartment in tion! Call us at 1-855-465-5426 upon County in which opened and read. Sand Delivered plan, REAL coverage for 350 ADOPTED March 12, AS TRUSTEE FOR THE DENTAL INSURANCE. Call PhysiPort Henry. Walking downtown Specifications, bid HWAY 20-28 Reclamacedures. 855-434-9221 or Obligations REROAD Rights and TRAIN AT2020 HOME TOORDER DO MEDICAL cians Mutual Insurance Company premises are being situ- 13 IRISHTOWN distance to grocery store, pharmaate SUMMONS WITH forms, proposed con- tion PARKING TRUST IS FORECLOS- YOU ARE NOT BILLING! RE- STRICTING Become a Medical Office for details. NOT just a discount and other retail HWAY stores 20-35 and ser- HammerFARM LIVESTOCK tract andcy,non-collusion NOTICE ACTION TO ING WITHIN AGAINST THE QUIRED LEAVE VIAGRA & CIALIS! 60 pills forTO Professional online DESIGNATED at CTI! Get plan, REAL coverage for 350 provices. No dogs, other than service AREAS statements will be avail- mill FORECLOSE A MORTOWNER OF THIS HOME AT Trained, THIS Certified & ready to work $99. 100 pills forYOUR $150 FREE cedures. 888-623-3036 or dogs. $550, plus utilities. Security WHEREAS, the Town able for examination and GAGE DUE THE STATE OF PREMISES. IF Money YOU back LAMBS FOR SALE 518-643-9942 TIME. You have in themonths! shipping. guaranteed! Call 855-516-1375. deposit required. Call TO 518-546TO THE ABOVE NAMED Board has theET)authority procurement in the OfEMERGENCY, bids may LIVE HERE, THIS LAWright to stay in your (M-F before 7pm Call now Save 1-800-870-8711 8am-6pm Ad# 6118 7003 DEFENDANTS: fice of the Town Clerk, be live-streamed. There SUIT MAY RESULT IN home during the fore- to enact an order relocated at 132 Montcalm YOU ARE HEREBY SUM- YOUR EVICTION. YOU closure process. You stricting parking on WILL NOT be a public Street, Ticonderoga, opening. The bids shall MONED to answer the MAY WISH TO CON- are not required to Town highways under FREE! Savings Include an American Walk-In be Tubs opened Complaint in this action section 1660 (18) of the New York, between the and read TACT A LAWYER TO leave your home unless Standard Right Height Toilet New York State Vehicle hours-IN of BATHTUB 8:00 a.m. SALE! and SAVE and to serve a copy of DISCUSS ANY RIGHTS and until your property aloud $1,500 on April 15, 2020 FREE! ($500 Value) WALK Get dental from Physicians Mutual Insurance to help your Answer or, if the 3:30 p.m. or by calling AND POSSIBLE DE-insurance at the Office of the Purand Company Traffic Law; and is you’re sold most at auction purcover the services likely to use – ✔ Backed American Standard’s of experience Complaint is not served FENSES YOU MAY suant to a judgment of WHEREAS, there are a (518) by585-6677 begin-140 years chasing Agent, 7551 ✔ Ultra easy entering & exiting with this Summons, to HAVE. Cleanings foreclosure X-rays Fillings Crowns Dentures limited number of parkninglow entry forimmediately Court Street, ElizabethHelp at Home and sale. serve a Notice of Ap- NOTICE OF OBJECT OF ing spaces available on throughQuick Drain April® Technology 31st, town, New York, at 2:00 GPS ✔ Patented whether Regardless of ® ! pearance upon the Plain- ACTION AND RELIEF Life Alert is always here for me. 2020. Warranty on the bath AND installation, P.M. If additional infor✔ Lifetime you choose to remain in portions of Montcalm are Only such mation INCLUDING laborbids backedas by American Standard concerning the your home, YOU ARE Street, Lake George AvOne touch of a buttontiff's attorney within SOUGHT enue, and Champlain Avof the REQUIRED made and filed upon the bidding call TO TAKE ✔ 44 Hydrotherapy jets for an invigorating massage is required, Help sends help fast,twenty 24/7. (20) days after THE OBJECT Call now to get this FREE Information Kit! On-the-Go forms available in the the service of this Sum- above-entitled action is CARE OF YOUR PROP- enue, and it is the inten(518) 873-3332. Limited Time Offer! Call Today! mons,Forexclusive of the call: Office of the Town Clerk tion of the Town Board to foreclose a mortgage All bids submitted inBatteries re- Never Need Charging. ERTY and pay property a FREE brochure available in of all states. Acceptance one insurance policy/certificate type. Contact us for complete detailsin date of service or within and are enclosed in a toof thisrestrict parking to secure Product thenot sum sponse to this notice in foraccordance taxes guaranteed about this insurance solicitation. This specific offer is not available in CO, NY; call 1-888-799-4433 or respond for similar offer. Certificate ® sealed envelope clearly shall such areas; and $57,000.00C250Aplus interbe marked (ID: C250E; PA: C250Q); Insurance P150 (GA: P150GA; TN: P150TN). SUPREME COURT OF thirty (30) days after the withPolicystate andNY: P150NY; localOK: P150OK; Or visit: 6154-0120 marked SEALED PRO- "SEALED BID service is complete if est, recorded in the Of- law. HWAY THE STATE OF NEW WHEREAS, this is a242916 type this Summons is not fice of the County POSAL/BIDII action under the State clearly on the outside of YORK GRAVEL/SAND COUNTYLEGALS OF ESSEX Environmental Register of the personally delivered to Clerk/CityLEGALS Foreclosure LEGALS LEGALS will be the envelope LEGALSwith the LEGALS LEGALS Rescue LEGALS Quality accepted. ELM LANSING REALTY you within the State of County of Essex on Au- Scams Review Act and the regname and address of the Clean Start Laundry The Town may award bidder. CORPORATION, DBA New York. If you fail to ulations adopted purgust 26, 1996 in Liber Be careful of people And Carwash L.L.C.. each item to the lowest Specifications and stan- ADIRONDACK who approach you with so appear or answer, 781 at Page 7 covering suant thereto. NOTE Filed 1/7/20. Office: Es- responsible bidder who offers to “save” your NOW THEREFORE BE IT judgment will be taken BUYERS, AS TRUSTEE the premises described dard proposals for the home. There are indi- ORDERED THAT: sex Co. SSNY designat- has a gravel pit or stock- proposed work may be FOR THE 13 IRISH- against you by default as follows: ed as agent for process for the relief demanded pile within the Town lim- obtained at the above 13 Irishtown Road, Olm- viduals who watch for Section 1. Between 7:00 TOWN ROAD TRUST, & shall mail to: 15 its. In the event that stedville, New York notices of foreclosure am and 7:00 pm, no perin the Complaint. address or on the Coun- Plaintiff, actions in order to un- son may park any vehiHamilton Rd. Crown there is no bidder in the DATED: Elmsford, New 12857 tys website at: www.- -againstfairly profit from a cle for a period of time Point, NY 12928. Regis- Town, each item may be The relief sought in the MICHELE MALEK; York tered Agent: United within action is final homeowner's distress. exceeding two (2) conawarded in the best in- Essex County affirma- MICHAEL SMITH; October 30, 2019 States Corporation judgment directing the You should be extreme- secutive hours in the folterest of the Town, tak- tively states that in re- WENDY SMITH; JEN- NOTICE Agents, INC. 7014 13th ing into consideration, gard to any contract en- NIFER FRIEDMANSKY; YOU ARE IN DANGER sale of the premises de- ly careful about any lowing areas: such promises and any Ave, Ste 202 Brooklyn, LOSING YOUR scribed above to satisfy hauling costs and dis- tered into pursuant to JEFFREY SMITH; OF a) On Montcalm Street, suggestions that you NY 11228 Purpose: Gen- tance to the gravel pit or these instructions, with- KATHERINE the debt secured by the SMITH; HOME from its intersection pay them a fee or sign eral. with Schuyler Street and described stockpile area. SMITH; If you do not respond to mortgage out regard to race, color, THOMAS over your deed. State TT-03/28-05/02/2020Wiley Street to its interThe Town reserves the sex, religion, age, na- RICHARD HOWE; JULIA this summons and com- above. law requires anyone of- section with Tower Avplaint by serving a copy 6TC-243033 The Plaintiff makes no right to reject any and all tional origin, disability, ERSKINE; CHRISTINE of the answer on the at- personal claim against fering such services for enue. proposals/bids not con- sexual preference or SONDERMEYER; NOTICE OF FORMATION any Defendants in this profit to enter into a Section 2. Between 7:00 sidered to be in the best Vietnam Era veteran sta- NICOLE DALEY; VIN- torney for the mortgage contract which fully de- am and 7:00 pm, no perOF ECFK Properties, LLC interest of the Town, tus, disadvantaged and CENT CROWLEY; JOHN company who filed this action. scribes the services Arts. of Org. filed with son may park any vehiand to waive any techni- minority or women- CROWLEY; THE UN- foreclosure proceeding The foregoing summons the Sect'y of State of NY cal or formal defect in owned business enter- KNOWN HEIRS-AT-LAW, against you and filing is served upon you by they will perform and cle for a period of time fees they will charge, the answer with the (SSNY) on 2/28/2020. NEXT-OF-KIN, proposals/bids exceeding three (3) conDISthe publication pursuant to prises will be afforded Office location, County which is considered by EXECU- court, a default judg- an order of the Honor- and which prohibits secutive hours in the folequal opportunity to TRIBUTEES, them from taking any ment may be entered of Essex. SSNY has lowing areas: the Town to be merely TORS, able Glen T. Bruening, ADMINISTRAsubmit bids in response money from you until a) On Lake George Avbeen designated as irregular, immaterial or hereto. TORS, TRUSTEES, DE- and you can lose your A.J.S.C. dated February all they have completed home. agent of the LLC upon unsubstantial. VISEES, LEGATEES, ASenue, from its intersec21, 2020 and filed Dated: March 20, 2020 such promised ser- tion with Montcalm whom process against it Dated: March 18, 2020 SIGNEES, LIENORS, Speak to an attorney or February 24, 2020 Linda M. Wolf, CPA vices. court where go to the may be served. SSNY By Order of the Town Help for Homeowners CREDITORS, AND SUCStreet to its intersection Purchasing Agent TT-03/7-03/28/2020your case is pending for in Foreclosure shall mail process to: Board, Town of Ticon- Essex County Govern- CESSORS IN INTEREST, with Algonkin Street. 4TC-241449 The LLC, 23 Morse AND GENERALLY ALL further information on New York State Law rederoga, New York. b) On Champlain Avment Center how to answer the sumMemorial Hwy, Olmst- Tonya Thompson, Town quires that we send you 7551 Court Street PO PERSONS HAVING OR enue, from its intersecNOTICE OF QUALIFICAedville, NY 12857. Pur- Clerk CLAIMING, UNDER, BY mons and protect your this notice about the tion with Montcalm Box 217 TION OF Thing5 LLC. property. foreclosure process. Authority filed with NY Street to its intersection pose: any lawful act. TT-03/28/2020-1TCOR THROUGH THE Elizabethtown, New York TT-03/14-04/18/2020242920 12932 DECEDENT NINA T. FLY- Sending a payment to Please read it carefully. Secy of State (SSNY) on with Algonkin Street. 6TC-242113 NN A/K/A NINA FLYNN your mortgage compa(518) 873-3332 3/5/20. Office location: Section 2. The above Sources of Information BY PURCHASE, INHERI- ny will not stop this TT-0328/2020-1TCEssex County. LLC restrictions shall not apand Assistance NOTICE TO BIDDERS NOTICE TO BIDDERS TANCE, LIEN OR OTH- foreclosure action. ply on weekend days, or 243143 formed in MasThe State encourages NOTICE IS HEREBY GIV- NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVon public holidays as ERWISE, ANY RIGHT TI- YOU MUST RESPOND sachusetts (MA) on you to become inEN that the Town Board EN, that the Under- NOTICE OF FORMATION defined in section 24 of TLE OR INTEREST IN BY SERVING A COPY OF THE ANSWER ON THE OF LIMITED LIABILITY AND TO THE PREMISES formed about your op- 6/26/07. SSNY is desig- the New York State Genof the Town of Ticon- signed, on behalf of the nated as agent of LLC ATTORNEY FOR THE tions in foreclosure. In deroga, New York (the Essex County Board of COMPANY (LLC) The eral Construction Law. DESCRIBED IN THE upon whom process Town) invites sealed Supervisors, will accept name of the Limited Lia- COMPLAINT Section 3. A violation of HEREIN; PLAINTIFF ELM LANS- addition to seeking as- against it may be served. bility Company is ON VERNE W. TURNER; ING REALTY CORPORA- sistance from an attorbids for the purchase of sealed bids until 2:00 this Order shall be SSNY shall mail process MAINTENANCE the following: PM on April 15, 2020 for CALL NEW YORK STATE DE- TION, DBA ADIRON- ney or legal aid office, to: 28 Liberty St, NY, NY deemed a traffic infracLLC. Articles of Organi- PARTMENT OF TAXA- DACK NOTE BUYERS, there are government Screened Sand the following: tion as defined in New AS TRUSTEE FOR THE agencies and non-profit 10005. MA address of York Vehicle and Traffic Bank Run Gravel/Bank HWAY 20-01 Guiderail zation filed with the Sec- TION AND FINANCE; retary of State of New UNITED STATES OF 13 IRISHTOWN ROAD organizations that you LLC: 1000 Hall of Fame Run Sand Installation Ave, #8, Springfield, MA Law 155. Convictions Crushed Stone 1A, 2A, HWAY 20-02 RFP Archi- York (SSNY) on Novem- AMERICA (NORTHERN TRUST AND FILING THE may contact for infor- 01105. Cert. of Forma- for a first offense shall ANSWER WITH THE ber 26, 2019. Office Lomation about possible 3A tectural Services DISTRICT); MARLBORO be punishable by a fine COURT. options, including try- tion filed with MA Secy Item # 4 Gravel HWAY 20-05 RFP Pro- cation: Essex County FREE LIBRARY; PEOPLE not exceeding twenty of State, One Ashburton Komosinski Richard F. The SSNY is designated to work with your ing Cobblestone Engineering fessional five dollars ($25). ConOF THE STATE OF NEW as agent of the LLC YORK O/B/O ESSEX Knuckles, Komosinski & lender during this pro- Pl., Fl. 17, Boston, MA victions for a 2nd ofBeach Sand Services Halloween 02108 The name and Manfro, LLP cess. upon whom process Screened Topsoil Storm 2019 COUNTY COURT; COMaddress of the Reg. fense and for each subAttorneys for Plaintiff Overburden HWAY 20-18 Hot in against it may be served, MISSIONER OF TAXAsequent offense, both or Agent is C T Corporation 565 Taxter Road To locate an entity near and SSNY shall mail a All such sealed bids Place Recycling HWAY TION AND FINANCE; System, 28 Liberty St, all of which were comSuite 590 you, you may call the copy of any pross to the must be received at the Asphalt 20-19 TOWN OF MINERVA; Elmsford, NY 10523 mitted within a period of toll-free helpline main- NY, NY 10005. Purpose: 18 months, shall be LLC at: 100 Champlain Town Clerks Office at Milling "JOHN DOE #1" through any lawful activity. Phone: (914) 345-3020 by the New York tained Ave. Ticonderoga, NY 132 Montcalm Street, HWAY 20-21 Sand and "JOHN DOE punished by a fine not NOTICE TO OCCU- State Department of Fi- TT-03/21-04/25/202012883 Purpose: To en- Filed: 10/30/19 Ticonderoga, New York, Gravel exceeding one hundred 6TC-242474 PANTS: ELM LANSING nancial Services at gage in any lawful busi- Index No. CV19-0560 on or before the 31st HWAY 20-22 Crushed dollars ($100). In addiREALTY CORPORAor visit 342-3736 (800) ness Act or activity. day of April, 2020 at Stone Products TOWN BOARD OF THE tion, for a second ofPlaintiff designates ES- TION, DBA ADIRONthe Departments web- TOWN OF TICONDERO- fense and for each addi2:00 pm; at such time HWAY 20-24 General TT-02/29-04/04/2020SEX County as place of DACK NOTE BUYERS, site at http://www.df6TC-241063 Bridge Repairs and place, all sealed bids GA COUNTY OF ESSEX, tional offense committed trial Venue is based AS TRUSTEE FOR THE received will be publicly HWAY 20-27 Screened STATE OF NEW YORK within eighteen (18) upon County in which NOTICE OF FORMATION 13 IRISHTOWN ROAD opened and read. Sand Delivered ADOPTED March 12, months of the first ofOF LIMITED LIABILITY premises are being situ- TRUST IS FORECLOS- Rights and Obligations Specifications, bid HWAY 20-28 Reclama- COMPANY 2020 ORDER RE- fense, the Town may arate SUMMONS WITH ING AGAINST THE REYOU ARE NOT forms, proposed con- tion STRICTING PARKING range for the removal Name: Seven Acre Prop- NOTICE ACTION TO OWNER OF THIS QUIRED TO LEAVE DESIGNATED and storage of the oftract and non-collusion HWAY 20-35 Hammer- erties, LLC. Articles of FORECLOSE A MORT- PREMISES. IF YOU YOUR HOME AT THIS WITHIN statements will be avail- mill AREAS fending vehicle, and reGAGE Organization filed with LIVE HERE, THIS LAW- TIME. You have the able for examination and DUE TO THE STATE OF quire reimbursement for the Secretary of State of TO THE ABOVE NAMED SUIT MAY RESULT IN right to stay in your WHEREAS, the Town procurement in the Of- EMERGENCY, bids may New York (SSNY) on DEFENDANTS: the costs of same before YOUR EVICTION. YOU home during the fore- Board has the authority fice of the Town Clerk, be live-streamed. There to enact an order rereturning said vehicle to May 21, 2019. Office lo- YOU ARE HEREBY SUM- MAY WISH TO CON- closure process. You stricting parking on located at 132 Montcalm WILL NOT be a public the owner thereof. cation: Essex County. MONED to answer the TACT A LAWYER TO are not required to Street, Ticonderoga, opening. The bids shall SSNY is designated as Complaint in this action Town highways under Section 4. This Order DISCUSS ANY RIGHTS leave your home unless New York, between the section 1660 (18) of the be opened and read shall take effect immediand to serve a copy of AND POSSIBLE DE- and until your property agent of the LLC upon hours of 8:00 a.m. and aloud on April 15, 2020 ately and shall replace FENSES YOU MAY is sold at auction pur- New York State Vehicle whom process against it your Answer or, if the 3:30 p.m. or by calling at the Office of the Pur- may be served. SSNY Complaint is not served and Traffic Law; and and supersede the Order HAVE. suant to a judgment of (518) 585-6677 begin- chasing Agent, 7551 WHEREAS, there are a Restricting Parking withshall mail a copy of pro- with this Summons, to NOTICE OF OBJECT OF foreclosure and sale. ning immediately Court Street, Elizabeth- cess to: Seven Acre serve a Notice of Ap- ACTION AND RELIEF Regardless of whether limited number of park- in Designated Areas datthrough April 31st, town, New York, at 2:00 pearance upon the Plain- SOUGHT Properties, LLC, PO Box you choose to remain in ing spaces available on ed August 9, 2007. 2020. P.M. If additional infor- 46, Ticonderoga, NY tiff's attorney within Dated: March 12, 2020 THE OBJECT of the your home, YOU ARE portions of Montcalm Only such bids as are mation concerning the 12883. Purpose: Any twenty (20) days after above-entitled action is REQUIRED TO TAKE Street, Lake George Av- TT-03/28/2020-1TCbidding is required, call lawful act or activities. made and filed upon the the service of this Sum- to foreclose a mortgage CARE OF YOUR PROP- enue, and Champlain Av- 242980 forms available in the enue, and it is the inten(518) 873-3332. mons, exclusive of the to secure the sum of ERTY and pay property TT-02/22-03/28/2020Office of the Town Clerk All bids submitted in re- 6TC-240257 tion of the Town Board date of service or within $57,000.00 plus inter- taxes in accordance and are enclosed in a to restrict parking in sponse to this notice thirty (30) days after the est, recorded in the Of- with state and local sealed envelope clearly shall be marked such areas; and SUPREME COURT OF service is complete if fice of the County law. marked SEALED PRO- "SEALED BID HWAY THE STATE OF NEW WHEREAS, this is a type this Summons is not Clerk/City Register of the II action under the State POSAL/BIDclearly on the outside of YORK personally delivered to County of Essex on Au- Foreclosure Rescue COUNTY OF ESSEX Environmental Quality GRAVEL/SAND will be the envelope with the you within the State of gust 26, 1996 in Liber Scams accepted. ELM LANSING REALTY New York. If you fail to name and address of the Review Act and the regBe careful of people 781 at Page 7 covering The Town may award bidder. CORPORATION, DBA so appear or answer, the premises described ulations adopted purwho approach you with each item to the lowest Specifications and stan- ADIRONDACK NOTE judgment will be taken offers to “save” your suant thereto. as follows: responsible bidder who BUYERS, AS TRUSTEE dard proposals for the against you by default 13 Irishtown Road, Olm- home. There are indi- NOW THEREFORE BE IT has a gravel pit or stock- proposed work may be FOR THE 13 IRISH- for the relief demanded stedville, New York viduals who watch for ORDERED THAT:


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to the specifications, of pher Brubach, of C&S bid, if the successful LOCK VENTURES LLC. The name of the Limited the following contract to Engineers, Inc. at phone: bidder fails to enter into The Articles of Organiza- Liability Company that the County of Warren. (315) 703-4425, email: a contract pursuant to tion were filed with the was formed is : KING the requirements of the Department of State of KUTZ NY LLC. The ArtiSNOW REMOVAL EQUIPMENT (SRE) The deadline for ques- bid documents, or fails the State of New York on cles of Organization NOTICE OF FORMATION Published by Denton Publications, Inc. Sun |OFMarch 28, 2020 • 13 SEELEY PERFORto give the further secu- March 6, 2020. The of- wereThe filedAJ/NE/TT with the DeSTORAGE BUILDING tions is April 17 at 5:00 rity prescribed in this fice of said Limited Lia- partment of State of the MANCE, LLC Arts. of PROJECT pm. notice within New York on bility Company WC BID NO.: WC 13-20 Org. filedLEGALS with the Sect'y A pre-bid conference LEGALS LEGALS LEGALS LEGALS LEGALSthe time LEGALSis locat- State ofLEGALS Sealed Bids will be re- has been scheduled in limited therefore, then ed in Warren County. November 28, 2017. of State of NY (SSNY) NOTICE OF ORGANIZA- NOTICE OF FORMATION The office of said Limit- on 2/21/2020. Office loceived by the under- order to review the spe- the check deposited as The Secretary of State TION OF 121 WMTN OF LIMITED LIABILITY signed at the Warren cific requirements of this aforesaid and the has been designated as ed Liability Company is cation, County of WarLLC COMPANY County Human Services agent of the Limited Lia- located in Warren Coun- ren. SSNY has been desmonies standing to the contract. All prospective Under Section 203 of Under Section 203 of Building, Warren County credit of the same shall bility Company upon The Secretary of ignated as agent of the ty. bidders are encouraged the Limited Liability the Limited Liability Purchasing Department, to attend. The pre-bid be forfeited to Warren State has been designat- LLC upon whom prowhom process against Company Law. Company Law The 3rd Floor, 1340 State said Company may be ed as agent of the Limit- cess against it may be County as liquidated conference is scheduled name of the limited lia- Name: 65Prospect, LLC, Route 9, Lake George, for Monday April 13, damages, or the pay- served and the post of- ed Liability Company served. SSNY shall mail bility company is: 121 Articles of Organization New York 12845, until 2020 at 10:30 am via ment of the bond shall process to: David C. upon whom process fice address within the WMTN LLC, and the Ar- filed with the Secretary no later than Tuesday, Klingebiel, Esq., PO Box Zoom. The online meet- be enforced for the ben- state to which the Secre- against said Company ticles of Organization of State of New York April 28, 2020 at 3:00 2152, Glens Falls, NY tary of State shall mail a may be served and the ing can be accessed at efit of Warren County. were filed with the Sec- (SSNY) on March 11, pm local time, at which A Disadvantaged Busi- copy of any process is: post office address with- 12801. Purpose: any retary of State on Febru- 2020. Office location: ness Enterprise (DBE) HADLOCK time they will be publicly lawful act. VENTURES in the state to which the 901886899 or phone ary 7, 2020. The county Warren County. SSNY is opened and read. Late LLC, P.O. Box 4699, Secretary of State shall NE-03/7-04/11/2020only at 1-929-205-6099, contract goal of 1.41 within this state in which designated as agent of proposals by mail, couri- Meeting ID: 901 886 percent has been estab- Queensbury, NY 12804. mail a copy of any pro- 6TC-241283 the office of the limited the LLC upon whom lished for this contract. er or in person will be 899. cess is: KING KUTZ NY NE-03/14-04/18/2020liability company is to be process against it may refused. Warren County 6TC-242255 LLC, 71 Middle Road, Proposals must be sub- The bidder shall make located is Warren. The be served. SSNY shall will not accept any bid Lake George, New York mitted on, and accord- good faith efforts, as desecretary of state is des- mail a copy of process NOTICE OF FORMATION fined in Appendix A, 49 that is not delivered di- ing to, the appropriate 12845. ignated as agent of the to: c/o LLC, P.O. Box rectly to Purchasing by forms in the bid specifi- CFR Part 26, to meet the OF HASKELL HB ENTER- NE-03/28-05/02/2020limited liability company 231, Cleverdale, New the time indicated on the contract goal for DBE PRISES, LLC Arts. of 6TC-242978 cations, and shall be upon whom process York 12820. Purpose: time stamp in the Pur- made and received upon participation in the per- Org. filed with the Sect'y NOTICE OF FORMATION against it may be served. Any lawful act or activi- chasing Department. the following conditions: formance of this con- of State of NY (SSNY) MVR MORGAN, LLC. OF LIMITED LIABILITY The post office address ties. on 2/6/2020. Office loca- Arts. of Org. filed with This project will include Each bid must be ac- tract. the SSNY on 02/26/20. COMPANY (LLC) within or without this NE-03/21-4/25/2020the construction of a companied by a certified Julie A. Butler, Purchas- tion, County of Warren. The name of the Professtate to which the Secre- 6TC-242535 SSNY has been desig- Office: Warren County. ing Agent Snow Removal Equip- check or bid bond of not sional Service Limited designated as SSNY tary of State will mail a nated as agent of the ment (SRE) Storage Warren County Purchasless than 5% of the total Liability Company that agent of the LLC upon NOTICE OF FORMATION copy of any process upon whom proLLC Building used to store ing Department maximum bid price was formed is: SHERYL whom process against it against the limited liabil- OF ABTEAM PROPER- airport snow removal (combination of base bid Tel. (518) 761-6538 cess against it may be SALERNO NP IN FAMILY may be served. SSNY ity company served on TIES, LLC Arts. of Org. equipment, served. SSNY shall mail vehicles, or alternate bid plus NE-03/28/2020-1TCHEALTH PLLC. The Artishall mail copy of profiled with the Sect'y of him or her is 27 Silver process to: The LLC, 46 chemicals and friction add-on items). Bid bond cles of Organization to the LLC, 370 cess of NY (SSNY) on State NOTICE OF FORMATION Circle, Queensbury, New Twicwood Ln, Queenssand. The new building must be with a bonding were filed with the DeStreet, Lake Canada 2/27/2020. Office locaOF LIMITED LIABILITY York 12804. bury, NY 12804. Purwill be approximately company licensed to do George, NY 12845. Pur- partment of State of the tion, County of Warren. NE-02/29-04/04/20208,400 SF in size with 5 business in the State of COMPANY Under Sec- pose: any lawful act. Any lawful pur- State of New York on pose: has been desigSSNY tion 203 of the Limited 6TC-240764 NE-02/22-03/28/2020storage bays, metal- New York. If the proFebruary 7, 2020. The pose. nated as agent of the Company Law Liability 6TC-240259 framed, metal siding and posal is accepted, the office of said ProfesNE-03/07-04/11/2020LLC upon whom pro- roof, concrete footers Name: Daly Accounting, successful bidder shall sional Service Limited 6TC-241448 cess against it may be and floor. Also included enter into a contract for LLC, Articles of Organi- NOTICE OF FORMATION Liability Company is loOF LIMITED LIABILITY NOTICE OF FORMATION served. SSNY shall mail is all site work, grading, the work and shall exe- zation filed with the SecNOTICE OF FORMATION cated in Warren County. OF LIMITED LIABILITY process to: The LLC, 48 retary of State of New COMPANY (LLC) asphalt paving, and utili- cute, within 7 days from OF Northern Home Solu- The Secretary of State The name of the Limited COMPANY E. Schroon River Rd, Di- ties required for the the date of the accep- York (SSNY) on March Liability Company that tions LLC Articles of Or- has been designated as Under Section 203 of amond Point, NY 12824. building and demolition tance of the proposal, 5, 2020. Office location: agent of the Professional was formed is: JACK- ganization filed with the the Limited Liability Purpose: any lawful act. Warren County. SSNY is of one existing county (1) a suitable security PROPERTY HOLD- Secretary of State of Service Limited Liability SON Company Law Name: NE-03/21-04/25/2020designated as agent of storage garage. Four bond for the guarantee New York SSNY On Company upon whom INGS LLC. The Articles 25Knight, LLC, Articles 6TC-242462 the LLC upon whom contracts will be award- of payment of labor and February 10, 2020 Office process against said of Organization filed with process against it may of Organization were Location: Warren County ed, including materials as per specifiCompany may be served filed with the Departthe Secretary of State of NOTICE OF FORMATION general/site, plumbing, cations, and (2) a per- be served. SSNY shall and the post office adment of State of the SSNY designated as New York (SSNY) on OF Adirondack Mountain mail a copy of process electrical and mechani- formance bond in the agent of LLC upon dress within the state to Rentals, LLC March 4, 2020. Office to: c/o LLC, 605 West State of New York on cal. amount and containing whom Process against it which the Secretary of location: Warren County. Articles of Organization Mountain Road, Queens- March 16, 2020. The of- may be served. SSNY State shall mail a copy The Contract Documents the terms set forth in the SSNY is designated as filed with the Secretary and Drawings may be bid specifications, for bury, New York 12804. fice of said Limited Lia- shall mail process to: of any process is: SHof State of New York agent of the LLC upon Purpose: Any lawful act bility Company is locat- The LLC, 403 Johnson obtained from the Pur- the faithful and prompt ERYL SALERNO NP IN ed in Warren County. whom process against it SSNY On 1/31/20. Of- chasing Department be- performance and com- or activities. Rd. Adirondack, NY FAMILY HEALTH PLLC, The Secretary of State may be served. SSNY fice Location: Warren ginning on March 30, pletion of the work spec- NE-03/14-04/18/2020c/o Sheryl Salerno, 215 has been designated as 12808 Purpose: any shall mail a copy of pro- County SSNY designated 6TC-242111 2020. Contract Docu- ified in the contract. lawful activity Mountain Lockhart agent of the Limited Liacess to: c/o LLC, P.O. as agent of LLC upon ments will be available No proposal may be NE-02/29-04/04/2020Road, Lake George, NY whom Process against Growing Local LLC. Company upon bility Box 231, Cleverdale, via email or on thumb withdrawn without the 6TC-241043 12845. New York 12820. Pur- it may be served. SSNY drive, in PDF electronic consent of Warren Filed with SSNY on whom process against NE-02/22-03/28/2020Office: said Company may be pose: Any lawful act or shall mail process to: format and are free of County for a period of 1/22/2020. OAK VALLEY PROPERThe LLC at P.O. Box Franklin County. SSNY served and the post of- TIES LLC, Arts. of Org. 6TC-240558 activities. charge. Bids which are 45 days after date of bid 424, North Creek, NY as agent for fice address within the designated NE-03/14-04/18/2020filed with the SSNY on not directly obtained opening. The right is re12853 Purpose: any 6TC-241945 from the Purchasing De- served to reject any or process&shall mail to: 9 state to which the Secre- 02/05/2020. Office loc: lawful activity Station Rd, Saranac tary of State shall mail a Warren County. SSNY partment will be refused. all bids or to waive any NE-02/29-04/04/2020Lake, NY 12983. Pur- copy of any process is: has been designated as Copies of the above de- informalities in any bids 6TC-241053 PROPERTY agent upon whom proJACKSON scribed Contract Docu- and to accept any con- pose: any lawful NOTICE OF FORMATION NE-02/29-04/04/2020HOLDINGS LLC, P.O. cess against the LLC ments may be examined to advantageous sidered ADVERTISEMENT/NOOF 3857 State Route 9L Box 313, Glens Falls, NY may be served. SSNY The Adirondack Crystal at no expense at the Warren County. All bid 6TC-241050 TICE TO CONTRACTORS LLC Arts. of Org. filed 12801. shall mail process to: Company LLC Articles of Warren County Purchasbonds or certified The undersigned shall NOTICE OF FORMATION with the Sect'y of State NE-03/28-05/02/2020The LLC, 24 Nacy Rd, Org. filed NY Sec. of ing Department. checks, except those of receive sealed bids for OF LIMITED LIABILITY 6TC-242822 of NY (SSNY) on (SSNY) Lake George, NY 12845. State Questions regarding the successful bidder, the COMPANY (LLC) 2/12/2020. Office loca- the furnishing of all maReg Agent: U.S. Corp. 01/07/2020. Office in project should be directwill be returned. terials and doing all NOTICE OF FORMATION The name of the Limited tion, County of Warren. Clinton Co. SSNY desig. ed in writing to Christo- Upon acceptance of their Liability Company that OF LIMITED LIABILITY Agents, Inc. 7014 13th SSNY has been desig- work necessary for the agent of LLC upon Ave., Ste 202, Brooklyn, pher Brubach, of C&S if the successful bid, performance, according was formed is: HAD- COMPANY (LLC) nated as agent of the NY 11228. Purpose: Any whom process may be into Engineers, Inc. at phone: fails to enter bidder LOCK VENTURES LLC. The name of the Limited LLC upon whom pro- to the specifications, of served. SSNY shall mail Lawful Purpose the following contract to (315) 703-4425, email: a contract pursuant to The Articles of Organiza- Liability Company that NE-03/21-04/25/2020cess against it may be copy of process to 3681 requirements of the the tion were filed with the was formed is : KING 6TC-242466 served. SSNY shall mail the County of Warren. State Route 9, Peru, NY The deadline for quesor fails documents, bid Department of State of KUTZ NY LLC. The ArtiREMOVAL process to: The LLC, SNOW 12972, which is also the to give the further secu- the State of New York on cles of Organization (SRE) tions is April 17 at 5:00 NOTICE OF FORMATION EQUIPMENT 3857 State Rte 9L, Lake principal business locapm. prescribed in this rity March 6, 2020. The of- were filed with the De- OF SEELEY PERFOR- tion. Purpose: Any lawBUILDING George, NY 12845. Pur- STORAGE A pre-bid conference notice within the time fice of said Limited Lia- partment of State of the MANCE, LLC Arts. of ful purpose. PROJECT pose: any lawful act. has been scheduled in limited therefore, then bility Company is locat- State of New York on Org. filed with the Sect'y WC BID NO.: WC 13-20 NE-02/29-04/04/2020NC-03/21-04/25/2020Sealed Bids will be re- order to review the spe- the check deposited as ed in Warren County. November 28, 2017. of State of NY (SSNY) 6TC-242401 6TC-241041 and the The office of said Limit- on 2/21/2020. Office loThe Secretary of State ceived by the under- cific requirements of this aforesaid REPAIR AIR monies standing to the signed at the Warren contract. All prospective Wared Liability Company is cation, County of APPLIANCE has been designated as CONDITIONING bidders are encouraged credit of the same shall agent of the Limited Lia- located in Warren Coun- ren. SSNY has been desCounty Human Services to attend. The pre-bid be forfeited to Warren Building, Warren County ty. The Secretary of ignated as agent of the bility Company upon • Sales County as liquidated Purchasing Department, conference is scheduled State has been designat- LLC upon whom prowhom process against for Monday April 13, damages, or the pay- said • Service 3rd Floor, 1340 State ed as agent of the Limit- cess against it may be Company may be 2020 at 10:30 am via ment of the bond shall Route 9, Lake George, served and the post of- ed Liability Company served. SSNY shall mail • Installation New York 12845, until Zoom. The online meet- be enforced for the ben- fice address within the process to: David C. upon whom process ing can be accessed at efit of Warren County. no later than Tuesday, state to which the Secre- against said Company Klingebiel, Esq., PO Box Commercial & A Disadvantaged Busi- tary of State shall mail a may be Air Conditioning, LLC Glens Falls, NY April 28, 2020 at 3:00 2152, served and the Residential 901886899 or phone ness Enterprise (DBE) “We do whatever it takes.” Purpose: any pm local time, at which copy of any process is: post office address with- 12801. only at 1-929-205-6099, contract goal of 1.41 time they will be publicly lawful act. HADLOCK VENTURES in the state to which the Meeting ID: 901 886 percent has been estab- LLC, Locally opened and read. Late P.O.Owned Box 4699, Secretary of State shall NE-03/7-04/11/2020899. lished for this contract. proposals by mail, courimail a copy of any pro- 6TC-241283 Queensbury, NY 12804. & Operated 86 DIX AVENUE er or in person will be Proposals must be sub- The bidder shall make NE-03/14-04/18/2020130 Pine Springs Park cess is: KING KUTZ NY mitted on, and accordgood faith efforts, as deGLENS FALLS, NY This Road, ad was created This ad was created refused. Warren County LLC, 71 Middle 6TC-242255 Ticonderoga, NY ing to, the appropriate Estimates! fined in Appendix A, 49 from the Ticonderoga from the Ticonderoga will not accept any bid Lake George, NewFREE York 518-761-2427 that is not delivered di- forms in the bid specifi- CFR Part 26, to meet the Office of Denton Office Denton 12845. FactoryofAuthorized contract goal for DBE rectly to Purchasing by cations, and shall be NE-03/28-05/02/2020Call Today! 518-222-7483 Publications. 237312 Publications. All Brands 239017 made and received upon participation in the perthe time 1x2 indicated on the Viele's 64773 - Page 1following - Composite Cummings6TC-242978 Construction 1x2 85736 -Joann Page 1 Fortier - Composite 1x2 79428 - Page 1 - Composite the conditions: formance of this contime stamp in the PurEach bid must be ac- tract. chasing Department. companied by a certified Julie A. Butler, PurchasCONSTRUCTION CRUISES/TRAVEL AUTO COMPUTERS AUTO REPAIRThis project will include REPAIR ing Agent the construction of a check or bid bond of not less than 5% of the total Warren County PurchasSnow Removal Equipmaximum bid price ing Department ment (SRE) Storage Automotive Service, Inc. (combination of base bid Tel. (518) 761-6538 Building used to store alternate bid plus NE-03/28/2020-1TC3943 Mainor Street, airport snow removal OANN ORTIER NY 12885 items). Bid bond equipment, Warrensburg, vehicles, add-on Affiliated with New Construction & Serving All of Your must be with a bonding Computer Diagnostics chemicals •and friction Remodeling company licensed to do • Brakes • Tires sand. The new building Computing Needs Vinyl Siding • Garages Disney Destination Specialist • Shocks • Batteriesbusiness in the State of Decks • Roofs will be approximately Cruise & Resort Vacations • Exhaust Work • Tune-ups New York. If the proFree Estimates 8,400 SF in• size with 5 Cooling System Maintenance Family Reunions & Group Travel Over 30 posal is accepted, the • Transmission Brush Hogging storage bays, metal-Maintenance Office: 518-597-3892 • Lube, Oil & Filterssuccessful bidder shall Years’ framed, metal siding and Light Backhoeing • New York State Inspections Toll Free: 877-866-1240 enter into a contract for 6275 RT 30 roof, concrete Experience footers • Offering A Complete Line of Tires Agency: 253-891-1138 the work and shall exeGeorge Cummings floor. Also included • 24 Hour Towing INDIAN LAKEand Facebook: Joann Fortier, Vacation cute, within 7 days from 1-800-682-1643 • 802-388-4077 is all site work, grading, Travel Specialist (518) 546-9650 M-F 8-5 SAT 8-12asphalt paving, and utili- the date of the accep518-251-9957 36 Fortier Road, Crown Point, NY 12928 the proposal, tance of DALE ROBERTS, OWNER ties required for the Cell: 572-3846 172657 (1) a suitable security building and demolition bond for the guarantee of one existing county storage garage. Four of payment of labor and MEDICAL SUPPLIES FLOOR CARE EXCAVATION/PAVING contracts will be award- materials as per specifi- FIREWOOD cations, and (2) a pered, including Dave Ameden general/site, plumbing, formance bond in the ATTENTION electrical and mechani- amount and containing e ar or lo in the the terms set forth OXYGEN USERS! cal. CONSTRUCTION, LLC bid specifications, for PA Medical Supply is the region’s The Contract Documents the faithful and prompt We have all your premier provider of PORTABLE and Drawings may be EXCAVATION • PAVING Coupon, and comFirewood for 43 Years flooring needs. OXYGEN CONCENTRATORS. We obtained from Cut the out Pur-this performance 518-623-9456 bring it in, and receive sell major brands such as Inogen chasing Department be- pletion of the work specVINYL•CARPET•HARDWOOD and Oxygo starting at $1,899. All our ginning on March 30, ified in the contract. Foundations • Site Clearing TILE • LAMINATE units include the upgrade double 2020. Contract Docu- No proposal may be fabric purchased! Grading Roads ments will beeach withdrawn without the HARDWOOD FLOOR SANDING battery at no extra cost. It’s time to available consent of Warren Septic & Drainage Systems put aside that heavy bulky tank! We via email or on thumb AND CUSTOM SHOWERS River Rd.County for a period of are an accredited business since drive, in PDF3 Hudson electronic Blacktop New & Repairs at the Hudson 45 days after date of bid 1995 and service what we sell. format and are River free Bridgeof Certified Heap Vendor Driveways • Parking Areas opening. The right is recharge. Bids Newcomb, which are Intersection of Route 28 & 30 NY served to reject any or Private Roads • Stone not directly518-582-2260 obtained Phone: (518) 745-0995 Call Bill Polihronakis Indian Lake, NY 12842 to waive any Topsoil • Fill • Mulchfrom the Purchasing De- all bids or241570 (518) 648-5717 518-585-7020 FINANCING AVAILABLE 242327 informalities in any bids partment will be refused. Geraw's Septic 1x2 78092 - Page 1 - Composite Copies of the above de- and to accept any conscribed Contract Docu- sidered advantageous to Warren County. All bid MASONRY ments may be examined STORAGE SEPTIC PAINTING bonds or certified at no expense at the Warren County Purchas- checks, except those of the successful bidder, ing Department. will be returned. Questions regarding the project should be direct- Upon acceptance of their ed in writing to Christo- bid, if the successful - CESSPOOLS & SEPTIC TANKS Self Storage pher Brubach, of C&S bidder fails to enter into CLEANED & INSTALLED Engineers, Inc. at phone: a contract pursuant to - ELECTRIC ROOTER SERVICE 5x5 to 10x25 (315) 703-4425, email: the requirements of the -DELIVERY OF bid documents, or fails Interior & Exterior GRAVEL • STONE • TOPSOILThe deadline for ques- to give the further secu-ALL TYPE BACKHOE WORKPainting rity prescribed in this tions is April 17 at 5:00 PORTABLE RESTROOM notice within the time pm. limited therefore, then A pre-bid conference Kevin (518) the check deposited as has been scheduled in Bean and the order to review the spe- aforesaid (518) to the Member of BBB & NYSSA cific requirements of this monies standing 240176 236937 credit of 238831 the same shall contract. All prospective be forfeited to Warren bidders are encouraged County as liquidated to attend. The pre-bid damages, or the payTREE SERVICE WINDOW & CARPET CLEANING VETERINARY SERVICES PREPARATION STORAGE conferenceTAX TREE SERVICE is scheduled for Monday April 13, ment of the bond shall be enforced for the ben2020 at 10:30 am via Ticonderoga THE Zoom. The online meet- efit of Warren County. A Disadvantaged BusiLarge Animal ing can be accessed at OTHER ness Enterprise (DBE) Veterinary goal of Quality 1.41 Main contract St., Ste 1 901886899 4326 or phone That’s Affordable TREE • Window & Gutter percent has been estabonly at 1-929-205-6099, Care, PLLC Port Henry, NY 12974 Cleaning lished for this contract. GUY, Meeting ID: 901 886 518-546-4014 The bidder shall make 899. • Pressure Washing Dr. Amanda DeFranco VineyardLLC Road good faith efforts, as deProposals must be sub-Carpenter Scott • Carpet Cleaning Senior Citizen Discounts fined in Appendix A, 49 (518) 480-1093 mitted on, and accord- E-File Provider Crown Point, NY Authorized Removals, Clean-ups, Hauling Part 26, to meet Free the estimates | Fully Insured 25 YearsCFR Experience ing to, the Over appropriate ~ FULLY INSURED ~ & Other Services. contract goal for DBE forms in the bid specifiFAST SERVICE IN BUSINESS SINCE participation in the CELL perAPPOINTMENT Free Estimates, Fully Insured, cations, andNO shall be Veterinary Services formance of this conRooted Locally in Chestertown. (518) 354-7172 made and receivedNECESSARY upon For the followingMonday-Friday conditions: tract. Home: 518-494-3019 9am-5pm (518) 503-9060 Julie A. Butler, PurchasEach bid must be ac- 9am-12pm Large Animals Saturday Hague, NY Nathan Murray • Ticonderoga ing Agent 242151 companied by a certified Warren County Purchascheck or bid bond of not ing Department less than 5% of the total Tel. (518) 761-6538 maximum bid price (combination of base bid NE-03/28/2020-1TCor alternate bid plus


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The University of Vermont Health Network Elizabethtown Community Hospital is working with the Essex County Health Department, New York State Department of Health, and our Network colleagues to coordinate our response to COVID-19. Our highest priority is to provide safe, quality care for all of our community.




















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Together, we have the ability to slow the spread of this virus. The most effective way to do so is to prevent new cases. The most effective way to prevent new cases is to take strict social distancing measures and remain home if you are sick. In an effort to protect our patients and staff:


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• All routine visits and non-urgent, elective procedures that can safely be delayed have been postponed.


• No visitors: as per New York State Department of Health guidance, only visitors essential to the care of a patient will be permitted at the Elizabethtown and Ticonderoga campuses.


• Regular business hours at the Crown Point and High Peaks Health Centers, and Saturday hours at the Elizabethtown Community Health Center, will be suspended.

Practice Social Distancing to Help Stop the Spread of COVID-19.

The UVM Health Network - Elizabethtown Community Hospital’s highest priority is to provide quality care to patients while maintaining a safe workspace for staff. Response protocols have been developed through the organization’s significant experiences with similar health care scenarios. A multidisciplinary team is coordinating preparedness and tailoring plans as more information comes in from around the world.

• Stay at home as much as possible. • Keep 6 feet of distance from others in public.

CORONAVIRUS SYMPTOMS? IF you are experiencing...

• Avoid large gatherings.


• Shop for groceries at off-hours. Or consider having them delivered.


Call us! We have next-day appointments: We are accepting new patients at our Health Centers: • AuSable Forks: (518) 647-8164

• Westport: (518) 962-2313

• Crown Point: (518) 597-3029

• Wilmington: (518) 946-1111

• Elizabethtown: (518) 873-6896

• Willsboro: (518) 963-4275

• Don’t visit those most at risk. Call them instead.

IF your symptoms are mild... You will likely be encouraged to stay home and self-quarantine.

IF your Provider orders a test, CALL AHEAD TO ALERT STAFF: • When traveling to your test, please take precautions to prevent the spread of germs. WEAR A MASK!



It is important to point out that there is no treatment for COVID-19 and many people will have only mild symptoms. Staying home and getting lots of fluids and rest is what we recommend in those cases.




If you have a fever, cough, and/or shortness of breath, call your primary care office first to speak to a provider. In the case of an emergency, please do not hesitate to seek care.


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• When you arrive for your test please wear a mask or alert staff so they can provide you with one. 243046

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