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A modern Hamlet

The Better Middlebury Partnership helped deck the town for the holidays.


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Middlebury’s Town Hall Theatre will host the National Theatre broadcast of Hamlet.

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December 11, 2010

Robinson School Program a model of successful mentoring By Alice Dubenetsky

Elementary School’s Guidance Counselor, with support from Assistant Coordinator Peg Pifer. It is STARKSBORO — One hour a a hybrid program, meaning that week with a caring adult friend can unlike many other mentoring promake a huge difference in the life grams it offers a range of flexibiliof a child. Starksboro’s Robinson ty in activities and venues. Most mentoring Elementary programs School is helping larger aradults and chilSomeday I’m going to in eas require dren alike realbe a mentor just like that mentor ize the value of a you. Then my mentee will and mentee special friendmeet only ship through be a mentor and his at designattheir one-of-a ed location, mentee will be a mentor kind mentoring such as the program tailored ... and just think ... you sponsoring for the Starksand me started it. school, for a boro community. specified Mentoring is — A recent quote from a length of an ancient conRobinson Elementary School time. cept that has its Starksmentee to his mentor roots in Greek boro’s promythology, gram alwhen Odysseus entrusted the care of his son to his lows much more flexibility. The elderly friend Mentor before he mentor has the option of either meeting in school or taking the stuleft for the Trojan War. Today a mentor may still be defined at “an dent off campus, depending on the experienced and trusted advisor”. agreement that has been reached Basically, a youth mentoring pro- with the child’s teachers and pargram pairs a child with an older ents or guardians. This allows for person who becomes a listening a broader, richer range of activities; they might go for a hike, or out ear and a helping hand - a friend. for pizza or go shopping or to the The Starksboro Mentoring Program has become somewhat a local movies. In addition, many mentors model of successful mentoring. welcome the child into their homes Currently there are 23 mentors where they do crafts, bake, tend paired with 23 children, or animals or garden – whatever the “mentees”. The program is coordi- two are comfortable doing

nated by Amy Johnston, Robinson

Pictured above: A mentoring group gathers Starksboro’s Robinson Elementary School.. At right: Amy Johnston, left, works on a project while Mentor and Mentees interact at a recent Robinson School Mentor’s Program event. Photo by Peg Pifer

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Santa to Make a Stop in Bristol Dec. 11 for Pancakes and Fun By Alice Dubenetsky BRISTOL — You better watch out, and you certainly better not pout because Santa Claus has penciled a stop at Bristol into his busy December calendar! The jolly old elf will make a grand entrance, arriving by fire truck at Holley Hall Saturday, Dec. 11 at 8:30 a.m. where he will join the townspeople in a pancake breakfast. Breakfast with Santa is an annual event to benefit the

Bristol Recreation Department’s Scholarship Fund. Children and adults alike will have a jolly time eating pancakes and sausage and tapping their toes to the lively music of Ken Weston and The Ridge Runners . The Bristol Boy Scouts are providing a craft table, there will be caroling - and revelers can even take a horse and carriage ride around the park. And of course, the kids will have the opportunity to tell Santa what they would like to find under the tree on

Christmas morning. The cost of the breakfast is $5 for children 10 and under and $10 for those 11 years and beyond. Breakfast will be served from 8:30 – 10:30. Bristol Recreation Department Director Darla Senecal said the scholarship fund benefits about 30 – 40 children and adults each year, enabling them to participate in the department’s manyclasses and camps. “This is a perfect fundraiser,” she said. For more information, call 453-5885.

Human Services students, members of the Stafford Technical Center chapter of Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA), pose with non perishable food items collected from staff and students at Stafford Technical Center during a food drive sponsored by FCCLA. 511 food items and a cash donation were made to the Rutland Community Cupboard. Pictured: Stafford Technical Center Human Services Program Students & Members of FCCLA.

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SATURDAY December 11, 2010


Rookie donkey jockeys entertain large crowd at Mt. Abe fundraiser

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40 South Route 116, Bristol, Vermont Charlotte residents Paul and Andy Dubenetsky, members of the senior class, contemplate their mounts before the start of the game. By Alice Dubenetsky BRISTOL — The Mount Abraham Union High School PTO recently sponsored a donkey basketball tournament to raise funds for school programs, much to the delight of a large crowd who packed the schools gymnasium to watch teachers and members of the senior class handle — or more often be tossed by — a team of welltrained donkeys. The Bristol Police Force were the designated “poop scoopers” and performed their messy task with good humor, and a good deal of raucous audience encouragement. The game was fast paced and exciting, although actually mounting a donkey turned out to be a daunting

task for many of the participants. Staying on the donkey was equally challenging because the donkeys are trained to dismount riders whenever possible. The riders had to abide by a strict set of rules, enforced by the donkey’s owners, Green Mountain Donkeyball. The riders were given pre-game instructions about treatment of the donkeys and informed that mistreatment in any way would result in the immediate ejection of the rider. The donkeys could not be kicked, slapped, have their ears or tails pulled or twisted. Riders could only encourage — not force — their donkeys to walk in the desired direction. Shots to the basket could only be made by a mounted rider which lowered the scoring substantial-

Shoot! Score! ly. If a donkey happened to be hit by a wayward ball, the game would be called to a temporary halt and the person responsible for bumping the donkey was required to kneel before the offended animal and kiss it on the nose. In one case, a kiss was required at both ends, although it was not apparent

what infraction merited such an elevated level of apology. The event raised $3,200, after expenses, for the PTO Enrichment Fund which provides grants to teachers for items not included in their budgets, such as sponsoring guest speakers, helping with finance field trips and other school events that need a bit of a cash infusion. “It was a very successful fundraiser,” said PTO member Kathleen Clark, who organized the event. “It was a really fun event for people and I would love to do it again.”

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Seniors Phil McCormick and Charlotte Paul ride for the basket…but will Phil stay mounted long enough?

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Are We There Yet?


ith the holidays approaching, I am surprised at the number of horror stories I seem to be hearing from parents - not about Halloween since that was back in October - but about traveling with their children. Since I don’t want parents to have travel nightmares, let me provide a few trips-I mean tips - to make travel with children something that will result in pleasant dreams for all involved. 1. If your children are old enough to understand, let them know what the travel plans are: how long the journey will take, time of arrival, how many stops will be made and at what time, so the “how long till we get there?" question doesn’t come as often. 2. Have a set of rules for family travel that can be reviewed with your children each morning to help avoid power struggles during the day, rules such as who sits where and what music will be listened to and for how long. 3. Pack some CDs, books on tape, or have a bag of small surprises like little games or puzzles that can keep your children busy while en route. 4. If traveling by car, stop every 60 to 90 minutes to allow everyone to stretch their legs and use a bathroom. Doing this along with providing some light but frequent snacks may help prevent motion sickness. 5. It’s also a good idea to put together a travel “good health kit” that contains any medications your child is on, plus an over the counter pain reliever, band aids, antiseptic ointment for cuts and bruises, sunscreen (if needed), insect repellant and alcohol -based hand cleaners in case soap and water are not available. 6. If you are traveling in a rental car, make sure the rental agency has an appropriate car safety seat if you are not using your own. 7. Praise your child/children if the trip goes well, and do something extra special as a reward such as a swim in the hotel pool or letting them choose a restaurant. 8. Remember that this is a great opportunity to spend some quality time with your children, so rather than view travel as an ordeal look at it in a positive fashion, focus on the fun, and you’ll be there before you know it. Hopefully tips like this will allow you to pack just the right stuff and route you in the right direction the next time you travel with your children. Lewis First, M.D., is chief of Pediatrics at Vermont Children's Hospital at Fletcher Allen Health Care and chair of the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Vermont College of Medicine. You can also catch "First with Kids" weekly on WOKO 98.9FM and WPTZ Channel 5, or visit the First with Kids video archives at

SATURDAY December 11, 2010

Our Nanny in Chief Targets Obesity


he state of Vermont faces a $112 million General Fund shortfall next year - and even more if the promised Challenge for Change savings fizzle out. The state also faces a total unfunded retirement benefits liability of $1.932 billion. The state's taxpayers endure the 5th highest state and local tax burden of the 50 states. Families in every community are out of work and insecure. One concerned office holder, Attorney General William Sorrell, has decided that it's time for a bold new initiative: to raise $30 million in new taxes to enable state government to wage war against. the Menace of Obesity. A year ago the AG fell in with a group of 70 "stakeholders", alarmed at what he recently was to describe as "the skyrocketing rates of obesity and overweight." There were grave discussions about the fat explosion. People are acting not only against their own well being, but also against society's interests! The Jeffords Center at UVM produced a report by a notably left wing professor, concluding that obesity is costing Vermont an astounding $615 million a year. In November the AG presided over a news conference proposing swift action to combat this menace. Apparently the media did not spend much time dissecting the Jeffords Center report. If they had, they would have found that, of the $615 million, $295 million is due to obese people not producing anything because they died, and $188 million is due to obese people not showing up for their jobs (sick days) and engaging in something called "presenteeism". This latter concept relates to fat people not being as productive on the job as normal sized people. In addition, the Jeffords Center report calculates a cost of $1.7 million for "gasoline", presumably meaning that fat people require more fuel to get to the workplace. Removing these "costs" reduces the cost of obesity by 79%. As for Sorrell's "skyrocketing rates of obesity and overweight", the report says that from 1999 to 2007 the adult obesity rate doubled - but it doesn't say from what to what. A referenced Health Department data sheet says adult obesity rose from 20% in 2003 to 22% in 2007. If that's skyrocketing, so is Vermont's economy. The centerpiece of the "Attorney General's Healthy Weight Initiative" is a program to subsidize the purchase of healthy foods for food stamp recipients ($7.3 million). Another $600,000 will be handed out to retailers to buy better refrigeration. Another $450,000 will subsidize healthier school lunches. Communities would get $2 million to create "local facilities and programs targeting nutrition, disease prevention and physical activity".

Sorrell would spend $140,000 to intensify the Healthy Retailer Program and "work on wellness in communities and workplaces". He would give the Education Department another $231,000 to hire three new employees to "provide greater support for improvements in school wellness and nutrition" by auditing local school practices. Act 250 applicants would have to show that their proposed developments would not adversely affect "community health and wellness." Sorrell well understands that there is no spare change around to pay this bill. So he proposes slapping a one cent per fluid ounce tax on "sugar sweetened beverages" to bring in $30 million a year. Whole milk, which has half again as many calories per ounce as sugar-sweetened soda, was somehow overlooked. Hearing Sorrell's bold new tax proposal, Governor-elect Peter Shumlin had his spokesperson make it clear that the new Governor had no intention whatever of beginning his new administration by proposing a new tax. Let's be fair: overweight and obesity are problems for half of Vermont's population. But let's also be honest: extracting millions in new taxes, handing out more grants, hiring more bureaucrats, and jacking the Nanny State up to a new level is not likely to be a popular idea. Sorrell informed the media that his duties include "looking out for the well-being of the general public." Somebody needs to inform Sorrell, forcefully, that the law says that his job is to represent the state in all civil and criminal matters, issue advisory opinions, and supervise state's attorneys. If and when the legislature and Governor agree to create the position of Nanny in Chief, Sorrell, citing his many years as head of his own $8 million a year taxpayer-financed public interest law firm, will be welcome to apply. Until then, he should scrap his tax-raising Nanny State program and stick to his boring but essential statutory duties. John McClaughry is vice president of the Ethan Allen Institute (

Sure hope you don’t have a sweet tooth!


hat’s this I hear about our attorney general suggesting a tax on sugary drinks? Well, sugary drinks that he chooses to tax, not sugary drinks in general. He said even his morning drink of choice, orange juice, has sugar in it “but it’s natural sugar,” he said, so it’s an okay drink to drink. No tax will go on it. Hmm, I’m not a doctor, but I’m guessing sugar is sugar as it relates to causing weight gain and diabetes. I’m not educated and I’m not sure, but, I’m guessing my doc checks my blood and finds it too sugary, he’s going to ask me what I eat and drink, and if I tell him I normally drink three or four large glasses of orange juice each morning with the “natural” sugar in it, I’m saying my doc will start, and suggest I might back off to a single small glass a day. Again, I didn’t study this stuff, I’m just thinking you can get both fat and diabetes from eating too many oranges, as well as you can from drinking too much soda. But here, I cannot overstate enough that I might be wrong. One cent tax per one ounce on certain soda, sweetened iced tea, sports drinks, energy drinks, and flavored waters, to dissuade fat poor, and or fat rich people (the attorney general was clear in stating some rich people are fat too – he didn’t use all those exact words of course), and folks with diabetes, from buying sodas; yeah, basically that’s the deal as I understood it from what I heard on the talk radio program. He said (he may not have meant some of what I’m retelling, I’m just retelling it filtered through how I understood the information as he gave it) education is key to getting folks to drink less sugary liquid. We drink too much soda, he says, because we’re not smart enough to realize it’s unhealthy for us. That’s a tricky one for my little brain to understand. You gather twenty folks, rich, poor, fat, skinny, bald, republican, democrat, tea partier, a varied lot, into a room, have someone hold up a glass of water in one hand, a glass of soda in the other, and ask which one is healthy and which one isn’t, and I wager they all, everyone of them, picks water as healthy and soda as not. But that’s just me, again, I may be way, way off on my figuring there. Now the attorney general did say, though he does get outside a good deal and is quite active, he himself is actually some bit overweight. I wonder, smart as he is, shouldn’t he be the perfect weight for his size? Say I’m dead on on figuring everyone knows soda is healthier then water - that would mean lack of education isn’t a main reason we drink too much sugar. Oh boy, if that’s correct, then what? Well, then, tax the soda a penny an ounce and people will buy and drink the same amount, because they don’t care if it’s bad for them, they’ll drink it anyway, is what; but the state gets a sweet thirty million it

wouldn’t without the tax, is also what. Statistics say, and I don’t buy into statistics, but what the hey, lots of you do, attorney generals do, and I’m writing a column, and a column as you readers know are great places to use statistics - statistics say the average American (What the exacting hell is an average American anyway? See that’s the thing. If I don’t know what an average American is, the point of me knowing what statistics say about the average American is moot, isn’t it?) drinks fifty gallons of soda a year. Now some folks don’t drink any soda, so assuming some of the folks who don’t drink any soda fall under the statistic takers definition of average Americans, which means some other average Americans drink more than fifty gallons of soda each year. I’m just trying to make cents of this deal here and say, fifty gallons multiplied by one hundred and twenty eight ounces (128 ounces in one gallon) is sixty-four hundred ounces. So at one penny more per once of soda at fifty gallons a year, you pay sixty-four bucks more than you pay now for your sugar water. Sixtyfour bucks. You, assuming you’re an average American, pay sixty-four bucks a year more for your soda if the new tax is levied or sugary drinks. My average American sugary drink addicted friends, do not fret, you can FIND sixty-four bucks a year. Our attorney general is a nice guy, I know him a little bit. He is as smart as a gimlet is sharp. He’s done more great things for our state than I ever will. I’m not challenging his offering to tax the sugar waters, so do not, if you know him, read this and call him and say some buffoonish column writer is hacking away at him personally, or at his policy suggestion, cause I’m not. I am not. I am not making a judgment of our attorney general or his policy ideas at all, I’m totally neutral on the issue at hand. I just have thoughts is all. It’s the least I can do. Now that I’m finished, I’m gonna lay on the couch, peel the wrapper off a Snickers, crack a Dr. Pepper, and watch “Dancing With the Stars,” all things I know are bad for me, but all things I’d gladly pay more to do. Whoops, I just accidentally come up with the definition of an average American. Tag, you’re it. Rusty DeWees tours Vermont and Northern New York with his act “The Logger.” His column appears weekly. He can be reached at Listen for The Logger, Rusty DeWees, Thursdays at 7:40 on the Big Station, 98.9 WOKO

SATURDAY December 11, 2010


Vergennes Union High School 1st Quarter Honor Roll ‘10-‘11 12th Grade High Honors Victoria Anguish, John Burke, Laura Dam, Hannah DeGraaf, Dana Entrott, Alexa Higbee, Greta Krahn, Isabelle Langrock, Nathan North, Rachael Smith, Hannah Sturtevant 12th Grade Honors Gregory Alexopoulos, Daniel Averill, Michaela Bicknell, Dustin Bradford, Dylan Bresnick, Ashley Brunet, Ann Clancy, Jennnifer Cunningham, Aaron Desabrais, Cassandra Devino, Alexander Gendreau, Thomas Gould, Jeremy Greenhaus, Lillian Hamilton, Kelsey Howard, Asa Hunt, Margaret Johnston, Richard Karzmarczyk, Benjamin Kelly, William Kuhns III, Raymond Nill, Lisa Porter, Allison Provost, Brian Richer, Sierra Roberts, Tyler Sawyer, Shelby Sheehan, Arie Smits, Daniela Stapleford, Morgan Stinchfield, Katelyn Viau, Kelsey Wildasin 11th Grade High Honors Hanna DeMatties, Julian Hattler, Emily Magoon, Katelyn Mulliss, Benjamin Parsons 11th Grade Honors Daisy Alexander, Colin Babcock, Clifford Bell, Monica Birchmore, Dustin Booska-Moulton, Kyle Bradley, Jesse Bunde, Stephanie Commo, Megan Cousino, Hannah Curler, Tabatha Danyow, Kyle Darwin, Adam Delisle, Dale Eriksen, Erika Evarts, Lillian Haigis, Matthew Karzmarczyck, Alexa Kayhart, Brianna Kelly, Mary Kittredge, Hanna Mailloux, Jesse Morris, Natasha Moulton, Eddie Mullis, Christian Mutini, Megan Paquin, Nicholas Paquin, Anthony Plankey, Devan Roberts, Nadia Robtoy, Chelsea Ross, Brad Russett, Megan Saathoff, Seth Stone, Cara Strona, Mackenzie Sullivan, Spencer Tetrault, Alyka VanderWey 10th Grade High Honors Simon Anguish, Austin Beamish, Morgen Clark, Edward Devino III, Cynthia Holler, Lillian Hubbard, Lane Kessler, Logan LaFleche, Lois Rood, Jason Russin, Justus Sturtevant, Jonathan Welch, 10th Grade Honors, Chase Atkins, Abigail Baker, Elyzabeth Bodington, Casey Brinkman-Traverse, Damien Chamberlain, Joshua Cook, Alexandria Crowell, Michael Danyow, Kelsey Dobson, Andrew Edwards, Chelsea Fuller, Devin Hayes, Marissa Jochum, Timothy Johnston, Casey Jones, Joseph Krayewsky, Dylan Lorrain, Ashley Martin, Jack McCarthy, Jennifer Morley, Zachary Ouellette, Lindsey Pentkowski, Cody Quattrocci, Brady Real, Nicholas Richer, Stanley Salley III, Harrison Senesac, Travis Simpson, Charles Stapleford, Wade Steele, Justin Strona, Stephen VanWyck, Victoria Verburg, Jesse Whitney, Alex Woods 9th Grade High Honors Jared Birchmore, Glen Childers, Rachel Clark, Ruby Dombek, Mary Flood, Kyle Grant, Thomas Hodsden III, Rowan Kamman,

Kailyann Loven, Matteo Palmer, Henry Parker, Phoebe Plank, Aaron Rowell, Timothy Shea, Jr., Gabriel Smits, Jordan Stearns, Joanna Tatlock, Anna Willenbaker 9th Grade Honors Juliana Adams, Kenneth Alexopoulos, Stephanie Anderson, Tucker Babcock, Daniel Briggs, Danielle Brown, Amanda Cousino, Jordan Fleming, Ethan Gevry, Lindsey Howard, Alix Kauffman, Jamie Kayhart, Jarret LaFleche, Sheana Miller, J. T. O’Brien, Emily Patterson, Samara Sausville, Kayla Sawyer, Stacy Shields, Silas Smith, Justin Soter, Ben P. Thompson, Emilee Trudo, Grant Walker 8th Grade High Honors Jacob Dombek, Arianna Duprey, Julie Grace, Hannah Hatch, Tia Hunt, Samantha Kepes, Tea Kiefer, Haley Paquette, Paige Stolen, Emily Tichonuk 8th Grade Honors April Ambrose, Dana Ambrose, Jr., Kathleen (K.C.) Ambrose, Ian Anderson, Ashlie Bodington, Kayla Charron, Jason Clark, Paige Coyle, Emily Delgadillo, Ericka Delisle, Erik Eisenhower, Peter Ferland, Zachary Gebo, Liam Godfrey-Jolicoeur, Siobhan

Haggett , Liam Hayes, Kay Huestis, Elan Hugo, Nicholas Jackson, Cassandra King, Kylie Leach, Lindsay Morley, Joshua Paquette, Lucas Paquin, Will Phillips, Dylan Raymond, Louissa Rozendaal, Allyson Stearns, Emily Weber 7th Grade High Honors Bethany Anderson, Tamara Aunchman, Raven Brenenstuhl, Lathrop Brownell, Tyler Crowningshield, Kyra Duggento, Greta Exter, Emma Gardner, Jeb Hodsden, Eleanor Hubbard, Julia Johnson, Joshua Lorrain, Emily Martin, Megan Martin, Xavier Provencher, Nathan Rowell, Joshua Sickles, Sara Stearns, Kareena Vorsteveld 7th Grade Honors Britney Aldrich, Felicia Armell, Merle Beach, Jacob Birchmore, Laura Boelens, Joseph Borello, Grace Chamberlain, Hailey Cray, Brevin Cushman, Joshua Dam, Kyle Dow, John Duke, Jack Eisenhower, Brianna Gebo, Edward Haskell, Alec Hotte, Tyler Kepes, Brynn Kessler, Alex Krumrie, Emily Lalumiere, Timothy Mitchell, Tyrrell Montani, Silas Mullin, Emily Pentkowski, Jordan Racine, Ethan Reardon, Nikkilette Salley, Shawna VanderWey, Brett Woods, Tyler Woods

Decking Middlebury with Holiday Spirit MIDDLEBURY — Downtown Middlebury is all decked out for the holidays courtesy of the Better Middlebury Partnership. Volunteers strung lights and hung 95 wreaths throughout the downtown area last week, including the new Cross Street Bridge and the rotary. This year there are approximately three times more decorations than in previous years, thanks in part to increased contributions to the decorating fund that were secured from Very Merry Middlebury from the Town of Middlebury. The Better Middlebury Partnership is the towns principal advocate for a sustainable, vibrant Middlebury Community, and is comprised of residents and business owners who serve to represent and support the communities diverse needs.

At right: Brian Phelps of Noonie Deli and a member of the Better Middlebury Partnership hangs a wreath on the rotary in downtown Middlebury last week. Photo by Donna Donahue

Town Hall Theater’s intimate Christmas event MIDDLEBURY — A true Christmas event is an intimate thing, as friends and family gather ‘round a roaring fire to share stories, music, and traditional food and drink. That’s exactly what Town Hall Theater will offer on Sunday, December 12, when it presents its Annual Christmas Event. The evening, held in the lovely home of Mike and Tawnya Kiernan, will hold a variety of delights. The story-telling begins with the moving, true account of the “impromptu Christmas truce” of World War I, read by Mike Kiernan. On Christmas Eve, 1914, stuck in their miserable trenches but buoyed by the Christmas spirit, soldiers made impromptu signs wishing their enemies on the other side of no man’s land a happy Christmas. On the next day British soldiers were startled to see their German counterparts walking unarmed. After a tense couple of exchanges, men started to leave the trenches in order to meet their sworn enemies in the middle of no man's land. Both sides started to chat and since it was Christmas started to exchange gifts. Scenes such as this spontaneously arose on many parts of

the Western front. Up to 50% of British and German front line troops joined the biggest temporary desertion of any war. The reading of this heart-warming story will be followed by a Saint Lucia parade. All will learn the story that has been part of Scandinavian Christmases since the 18th Century. Noted guitarist and author Stephen Kiernan will follow with original music and stories appropriate to the season. Sweets and savories; punch and port will be served. The annual event is a fundraiser for Middlebury’s Town Hall Theater. Tickets are $25 per adult, with children under 16 free. For tickets and more information, go to, call 382-9222, or visit the Town Hall Theater Box Office (Mon-Sat, Noon – 5 pm).

At right: Town Hall Theater’s Annual Christmas event features storytelling, music, and a Saint Lucia parade. Sunday, December 12, 4 pm, at the home of Mike and Tawnya Kiernan. Tickets:, 802 382-9222, at the THT Box Office (Mon-Sat, noon-5 pm).

The Compassionate Friends No Longer Meets MIDDLEBURY — The Addison County Chapter of The Compassionate Friends (TCF), a nonprofit self-help bereavement support group for families that have experienced the death of a child, which has been meeting for the past few years in Middlebury and Bristol will no longer hold monthly meetings. Chapter leaders Nancy Merolle and Claire Groleau, TCF co-chairs, sadly indicate that for many months there has been little community interest. They send their sincere thanks to Hospice Volunteer Services and Saint Ambrose Church for providing meeting space, National Compassionate Friends for their support and especially Neat Repeats for providing the seed money needed to start the group, keep it running and provide books for all bereaved parents who attended. Two other Compassionate Friends groups meet in the area to serve bereaved parents. They are: Burlington Chapter TCF which meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. at 277 Blair Park Road, Williston - for more information call Dee Ressler, 802 660-8797. Rutland Chapter TCF which meets on the 1st Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. at Grace Congregational Church, West St., Rutland, VT - for more information call Susan Mackey, 802 4462278. Hospice Volunteer Services (HVS) also serves bereaved parents with monthly peer support groups, with short-term educational consultations and referrals to local grief and loss counselors. HVS is located in the Marble Works district in Middlebury. Please call 802-3884111 for more information about how to connect with appropriate support services.

Bill Edson, Chief Operating Officer, of Middlebury Volunteer Ambulance Association, recently presented two AED’s to the Town of Middlebury. AED’s, or Automated External Defibrillators, are portable electronic devices that automatically diagnose life threatening cardiac problems and treat them through an application of electrical therapy which allows the heart to reestablish an effective rhythm. Dustin Hunt, of the Middlebury Recreation Department, coordinated this effort and receives a unit on behalf of the town. Bill Finger, Town Manager, shown on the right had one unit mounted in the hallway outside of the town gymnasium at the town offices. The second unit will be utilized at Recreation Park and other venues as needed.


Surprise Your Palate with Parsnips By Dianne Lamb Extension Nutrition and Food Specialist, University of Vermont


sweet tender treat awaits your taste buds whenever parsnips are on the menu. They are one of those vegetables that people are hesitant to try or have no experience eating. Perhaps it is because I was exposed to them as a young child, that they are high on my list of favorite vegetables. My father planted parsnips in the garden each year, but he didn't harvest them until the spring of the following year. They were a rite of spring, and when the snow had melted and the ground thawed sufficiently, he dug the parsnips. My whole family loved this vegetable. My mother would wash and scrub the roots, put them in a small amount of water, and boil until just tender in a cast-iron skillet. She seemed to know exactly how much water to add (not much) and how long to cook them. Once cooked, she removed the cover, made sure the water was gone, and then added a little butter and quickly cooked them a few minutes longer to lightly caramelize the natural sugar present in the parsnips. What a treat! Luckily today I don't have to wait until spring to enjoy them. Late fall through the winter is the season for parsnips, which definitely improve in flavor and sweetness if they are not harvested until after a hard frost in the fall. Cold temperatures convert the starch to sugar giving this often overlooked root vegetable its delectably sweet, nutty flavor. They can be stored in a root cellar or in the refrigerator for several weeks. Thought to have originated in the eastern Mediterranean and Caucasus area, parsnips spread throughout Europe by the Celts. The Romans believed that this vegetable had medicinal, as well as nutritional value. According to folklore, Roman royalty even imported parsnips that grew along the Rhine River. The Romans enjoyed them for dessert when they were served with honey and fruit or made into little cakes. By the early 1500s the parsnip had become a common food of poor people in Europe. During the Renaissance, it was used in stews, soups, puddings, and bread. Its popularity eventually came into competition with the potato, but the potato won. Early English colonists brought the parsnip to America where historical records date its appearance in Virginia and Massachusetts back to the early 1600s.

This root vegetable has a good nutritional profile. A onehalf cup cooked portion has 63 calories, 15 grams (g) carbohydrate, 3 g dietary fiber, 1 g protein, negligible fat, no cholesterol, and 8 milligrams sodium. The fiber in parsnips is high in pectin, a soluble fiber that can help to lower LDL ("bad") cholesterol. Parsnips also contain vitamin C, potassium, folate, iron, thiamine, vitamin E, and magnesium. So what's not to like? Parsnips are a member of the Umbelliferae (parsley family), which also includes carrots, celery, chervil, fennel, and parsley. It resembles a carrot but is pale yellow to offwhite in color. Although parsnips can grow up to 20 inches long, they are most tender when they are about eight inches long. Very large parsnips are likely to have a tough, woody core. At the market choose specimens with firm and fairly smooth skin that taper to a slender tip. Don't select parsnips that have a lot of hair-like rootlets growing off the sides of the root. Avoid purchasing any with moist or browned spots. If sold with the tops attached, be sure the greens look fresh and colorful. If sold in pre-packed bags, examine the individual parsnips closely as the bags often have white lines printed on them to enhance the appearance of the produce. Parsnips can be stored in the refrigerator crisper drawer in a perforated plastic bag for three to four weeks. Because they are fibrous, they usually are eaten cooked. If you buy small, tender parsnips, you can eat them raw grated into a salad, added to a slaw, or cut into sticks and added to a crudités plate. Peeled parsnips turn brown quickly so cook right away or hold in a bowl of water with a little lemon juice until ready to cook or eat. They can be peeled before or after cooking depending on how you plan to use them. If you peel before cooking, use a paring knife or vegetable peeler to remove a very thin peel and then cut in crosswise slices or chunks, julienne strips, or dice. If you plan to puree after cooking, you can peel them after they are cooked. This helps to preserve color, flavor, and nutrients. Make a lengthwise cut through the skin down the side, and peel the skin off with your fingers. Be careful not to overcook them. Their flavor is sweetest when just tender. Brief cooking also helps to preserve nutrients. Just before cooking, cut off the root and leaf ends, and trim any major rootlets or knobs. Traditional cooking methods include the following: Baking: Place whole or cut-up parsnips in a baking dish with a cover. Cooking time: 20 to 30 minutes in a 350 degree F oven. Roasting: Toss whole or cut-up chunks of parsnips with a little olive oil, herbs of your choice, salt, and pepper, and place on a lightly oiled shallow pan and roast in a 400 degree F oven until just tender. Mix with other vegetables such as carrots, beets, potatoes, sweet potatoes, or turnips for a medley of roasted vegetables. Boiling: Drop whole or cut-up parsnips into a pan of boiling water and simmer until tender. Cooking time: five to 15 minutes. Microwaving: Cut parsnips into large chunks, and place them in a microwavable dish with two tablespoons of liquid. Cover with a lid or vented plastic wrap. Cooking time: four to six minutes. Steaming: This method is by far the best way to cook

SATURDAY December 11, 2010 parsnips as it brings out their sweetness without them getting mushy. Place trimmed, well-scrubbed parsnips in a steamer, and cook over boiling water. Cooking time: For whole parsnips, 20 to 30 minutes; for cut-up pieces, five to 15 minutes. Here are some other serving suggestions for using parsnips: --Use grated parsnips in place of carrots in bread, cake, or muffins. --Cook parsnips with potatoes, and mash the two together. --Steam sliced parsnips and toss, while still hot, with olive oil, lemon juice, and minced fresh mint and parsley. Serve warm or chilled as a salad. --Add diced parsnips to vegetable soups and stews. For a sweet treat for dinner, enjoy parsnips as a vegetable. Parsnips are a treasure unfamiliar to many, so help to spread the word about this unappreciated vegetable! Eat Fresh! Eat Local! Eat Well!

Diane Saunders on Dunny

Local Rider Sweeps Western Dressage Competition BRISTOL — Diane Saunders of Bristol and her 3-year-old Quarter Horse Shesa Dunit Delight (“Dunny”) recently took top honors at the Champlain Dressage Schooling Series. The pair won Overall Champion in new Western Dressage tests and scored high enough to also win the Overall High Score Senior Rider Champion ribbon. Diane and Dunny train with Amy Wales of Flatlander Farm in Hinesburg. This was Dunny’s first year competing. 63672

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Thursday, December 9 MIDDLEBURY — Two Brothers Tavern and Two Brothers Lounge & Stage presents: DJ Dizzle (DJ), 10pm, Free . Info at 3880002.

Friday, December 10 HINESBURG — Music Night with John Daly at 7 p.m. at Brown Dog Books & Gifts, Firehouse Plaza. Come in have a seat, enjoy complimentary refreshments and take in an evening of great live music. This event is free and open to the public. For more information please call 4825189. MIDDLEBURY — A critically acclaimed modern dress staging of the classic, broadcast from the National Theatre of Great Britain. At Town Hall Theater, Middlebury, Friday, December 10 at 7:00 pm. Tickets, $17, are available through the THT Box Office by calling 382-9222, or in person on Merchants Row, (MonSat, noon-5 pm). MIDDLEBURY — Two Brothers Tavern and Two Brothers Lounge & Stage presents: Happy Hour with Josh Brooks (Acoustic Folk), 5pm in the tavern, Free . Info at 388-0002. MIDDLEBURY — Two Brothers Tavern and Two Brothers Lounge & Stage presents: The Blame (Rock/Blues), 10pm, $3 . Info at 388-0002. MIDDLEBURY — A critically acclaimed modern dress staging of the classic, broadcast from the National Theatre of Great Britain. At Town Hall Theater at 7:00 p.m. Tickets, $17, are available through the THT Box Office by calling 382-

9222, online or in person on Merchants Row (MonSat, noon-5 pm).

Saturday, December 11 HINESBURG — Meet Author- Illustrator Steven Kellogg at 11 a.m. at Brown Dog Books & Gifts, Firehouse Plaza. Come in have a seat, and enjoy complimentary refreshments. Let us know if you can’t make it and we will have a book signed for you. This event is free and open to the public. For more info: 482-5189. MIDDLEBURY — The lively women's a cappella chorus Maiden Vermont presents their annual holiday concert with special guest Jon Gailmor, at Town Hall Theater Dec. 11 at 7:30 p.m. and Sun. Dec. 12 at 3:00 p.m. Tickets, $17/$12 students, are available through the Town Hall Theater Box Office by calling 382-9222, or in person Monday - Saturday, noon - 5:00 p.m. MIDDLEBURY — Two Brothers Tavern and Two Brothers Lounge & Stage presents: DJ Duby (Top

40/Hip Hop/House), 10pm, Free . Info at 388-0002. MIDDLEBURY — The Christmas Shop will be held at St. Mary's Church Parish Hall for any low-income families in Addison County. We have a clothing gift for each member of the immediate family; this year a household item may be substituted for one piece of adult clothing; also, a toy, a pair of socks, a pair of underpants, mittens, and a hat will be available for children 12 years of age or younger. Unfortunately due to increased demand we will be unable to provide gifts for Grandchildren. The Christmas Shop is located in the basement of St. Mary's Church on College Street and will be open from 9:30 -11:30 a.m. MIDDLEBURY — Maiden Vermont Chorus Annual Holiday Show: Songs to Warm Your Heart”, with John Gailmor, at the Town Hall Theater. For prices and details, call 382-9222. Box office open Monday-Saturday, noon–5 p.m. MIDDLEBURY — Santa Claus will be in downtown

Middlebury, 10 a.m.-noon, at a variety of locations. Always call and confirm Santa’s appearance: 388-4126. MIDDLEBURY — Moving Images: Works from the Permanent Collection of Photography and Video Art”. The exhibition includes works by time-lapsephotography pioneers Eadweard Muybridge and Harold Edgerton, whose images capture bodies in motion, and more recent artists, like Hiroshi Sugimoto Starts noon at Middlebury College Museum of Art, Overbrook Gallery, and Axinn Center, Winter Garden Screening Room. Free. Call 802-443-3168. VERGENNES — Champlain Valley Christian School will hold their annual Christmas Cookie and Craft Sale from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. at the Champlain Valley Christian Reformed Church, Church Street. Choose and package your favorite Dutch pastries, fancy cookies, candies and treats by the pound. Questions, call Mary Ann at 759-2954. VERGENNES — There

will be a Chicken and Biscuits Supper at the Vergennes United Methodist Church (on Main St. across from the Opera House,) from 5:30-6:30 p.m. The menu includes: chicken with gravy over biscuits, stuffing, vegetable, rolls, cake, and beverage. The cost is $8.00 for adults and $4.00 for children. Takeout orders are available. Call 877-3150 for more information

Sunday, December 12 BRISTOL — A Christmas Nativity Film Premiere, 'God of the Impossible and His Wonderful Gift' featuring talented young people of the community will be shown at 4:30 p.m. at the First Baptist Church of Bristol. Donations received will go towards the young people's chosen charities: relief work in Haiti and Village2Village Project which aids the children in Uganda. Refreshments will be served following the program. HINESBURG — HAS Christmas Concert at 4:30 p.m. at St Jude Church, 10759 Route 116. Free, donations gladly accepted; All are encouraged to bring non-perishable food items for Hinesburg Food Shelf. Info: 482-3010. MIDDLEBURY — The Rekindling of Night Fires, a Winter Solstice Celebra-

tion”, 2 and 8 p.m., at Town Hall Theater. For prices and details, call 3829222. Box office open Monday-Saturday, noon–5 p.m.

Monday, December 13 BRIDPORT — Bridport Book Club - Our second book discussion will be Thornton Wilder's Pulizer Prize winning short novel, "The Bridge of San Luis Rey." We will meet Monday, December 13 at the Carl Norton Highway Department conference room on Short Street and Crown Point Road, 7 pm. All interested readers welcome! Call Alice Grau 758-2858 for more information. MIDDLEBURY — Addison County Right to Life will meet at 7 p.m. in St. Mary's Parish Hall. visitors are welcome. For info 3882898

Tuesday, December 14 MIDDLEBURY — Two Brothers Tavern and Two Brothers Lounge & Stage presents: Monster Hits Karaoke, 9pm, $3 18+ / Free 21+ . Info at 3880002.

Wednesday, December 15 MIDDLEBURY — Two Brothers Tavern and Two Brothers Lounge & Stage presents: Jazz Night with The Bud Leeds Ensemble (Dixieland Jazz), 7pm, $2 . Info at 388-0002.

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Rekindling the Night Fires at Town Hall Theater Middlebury and Other Addison County Locations.

SALE BY OWNER • Please Call 802-343-4230



Abigail Nessen Bengson performs with other Night Fires veterans in Rekindling the Nightfires at Town Hall Theater, Middlebury, December 16 – 18. Tickets: 802-382-9222;


FOOTE’S INSURANCE AGENCY 6 Green Street, PO Box 39 Vergennes, VT 05491

802-877-3351 • 877-6784

Subject to availability and qualifications. Other terms, conditions and exclusions may apply. Allstate Insurance Company, Allstate Indemnity Company, Northbrook, Illinois. ©2000 Allstate Insurance Company


MIDDLEBURY — Theatre Group, Ltd.'s Night Fires, a grand northern Vermont tradition for nearly 30 years, will be returning as Rekindling the Night Fires for a weekend of performances at Middlebury's Town Hall Theater. Led by Marianne Lust, Annie Nessen Voorhees, Abigail Nessen Bengson, and Shaun McClain Bengson, Rekindling the Night Fires features veteran members of the company and some of the most beloved music and poetry from three decades of Night

Fires past. A contemporary winter solstice celebration with ancient roots, a tapestry of music, poetry and dance, this year ’s story takes the audience on a journey through the darkest night of the year and of the soul, back through to the light again. Rekindling the Night Fires weaves music, poems, and stories from Ireland, Finland, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, India, and the Americas. It is a hymn to fresh water, a prayer for the healing of the earth, and praise for

all living things from the toad, to the whale, to the night sky. The cast of ten features veteran Night Fires performers Mary Barnett, Stephanie Gallas, Clarke Jordan, Nate WallaceGusakov, Jim & Clara Carroll, Sara Granstrom with lighting design by Lynne Reed with assistance from Zac Young. While this magical, evocative performance is for the whole family, Night Fires is most definitely not a "children's Christmas pageant,” and parents should be warned that some younger

folk may be frightened by the exquisite and elaborate masks designed by Ellen Graf. Others, like their parents, will be enchanted. Rekindling the Nightfires will be performed at Town Hall Theater Thursday – Saturday, December 16-18 at 8:00 pm, with a Saturday matinee at 4:00 pm. Tickets, $18/$15 Seniors/$13 Under 12, are available through the THT Box Office by calling 802-382-9222, online at, in person Monday – Saturday, noon – 5:00 pm, or at the door if available.

Sex Offender Nabbed in Middlebury MIDDLEBURY - A sixty-seven year old Connecticut man was arraigned on Wednesday afternoon (12/01/10) in Middlebury for the offense of Lewd or Lascivious Conduct With Child following his surrender to authorities at the New Haven barracks earlier that morning. The offender, Francis J. Hogaboom of Granby, Connecticut, had been the subject of a cooperative investigation between the Vermont Department for Children and Families and the Vermont State Police. Authorities had been investigating an allegation that Hogaboom engaged in multiple acts of lewd or lascivious conduct with a nine year old child at an unnamed campground in the town of Orwell. The events occurred during the summer of 2009 but they were not disclosed until this year. The investigation culminated with Hogaboom voluntarily surrendering himself to authorities at the New Haven barracks on Wednesday morning. Hogaboom was subsequently arraigned at the Addison County Criminal Division of Vermont Superior Court. Hogaboom was released on court imposed conditions following his posting of $5,000 bail.

Life Down on the Farm Just Got A Whole Lot Better! Demand only the best in quality buildings for your equine & bovine friends Whether you are caring for a dairy herd or running an equine facility you need to know that the animals under your care are in a safe, clean environment where they will be well taken care of. Our hi-tech, buildings create a protective structure that promotes the health and well-being of every animal housed within it’s sturdy construction. Don’t leave their safety in just anyone’s hands, call on the experts at Morton Buildings to handle the job. Our local representative will work with you to get it right the first time.

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Traditionally, nuclear plant operations has been a male-only industry, but I was able to break through that. I’ve been volunteering as a cheerleading coach for six years now. I know, because of my actions, the girls I coach will look back at me and say, “OK, look at what Michelle’s done. She’s been able to make this great career for herself and overcome adversity to get there.”



A ‘Thrilling” Hamlet National Theatre of Great Britain Broadcast at Town Hall Theater

Rory Kinnear plays a very modern Hamlet in the National Theatre broadcast of Hamlet at Middlebury’s Town Hall Theater. Friday, Dec. 10, at 7 pm. Tickets are $17, with a special $10 ticket for students. Tickets may be purchased at, 802 3829222, at the THT Box Office (Mon-Sat, noon-5 pm) and at the door, if available. MIDDLEBURY — The National Theatre has a way of taking classics and making them seem absolutely fresh. That’s certainly the case with its very

hip production of Hamlet, which will be broadcast at Middlebury’s Town Hall Theater on Dec. 10. This modern-dress production – one

reviewer called it “Hamlet in a Hoodie” – has received rave reviews in London. The London Times gave it five stars, praising its “clarity, relevance and courage” and stating that “this Hamlet is for now.” Director Nicholas Hytner treats the play like a contemporary political thriller – entirely appropriate, as the Denmark of the play is rife with intrigue and has just undergone a brutal regime change. The Independent called it “a chilling production that demands to be seen.” 32-year old Rory Kinnear plays the title role. His Hamlet is a real person, something of a loner, who gathers strength and determination as the play progresses. The Daily Telegraph raved that “you can follow every shade of thought and flicker of emotion in his soliloquies, which are delivered with a beautiful mixture of intellect and feeling.” THT Executive Director is excited about the broadcast. “We sometimes put Shakespeare on such a high pedestal that we forget these are really great, really entertaining plays. Sometimes it takes a production like this to allow us to see them with fresh eyes.” Anderson thinks this would be a great introduction to Shakespeare for young people, and he has received permission from the National Theatre to offer a special $10 student ticket. “A really fine production like this can open a whole new world of theater to a young person. This won’t be some stuffy classic but rather an intense and exciting story. I hope grown-ups will grab a young person and bring them to this Hamlet.” Hamlet will be broadcast on Friday, December 10, at 7 pm at Middlebury’s Town Hall Theater. Tickets are $17, with a special $10 ticket for students. Tickets may be purchased at, 802 3829222, at the THT Box Office (Mon-Sat, noon-5 pm) and at the door, if available.


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SATURDAY December 11, 2010

Religious Services WEST ADDISON UNITED METHODIST CHURCH - Sunday, 9am HAVURAH, THE JEWISH CONGREGATION OF ADDISON COUNTY. Havurah House, 56 North Pleasant St. A connection to Judaism and Jewish life for all who are interested. Independent and unaffiliated. High Holy Day services are held jointly with Middlebury College Hillel. Weekly Hebrew School from September to May. Information: 388-8946 or BRANDON BRANDON BAPTIST CHURCH - Corner of Rt. 7 & Rt. 73W (Champlain St.) Brandon, VT • 802-247-6770. Sunday Services: 10a. Adult Bible Study, Sunday School ages 5 & up, Nursery provided ages 4 & under. Worship Service 11 am *Lords supper observed on the 1st Sunday of each month. *Pot luck luncheon 3rd Sunday of each month. Wednesdays 6:30pm, Adult prayer & Bible study, Youth groups for ages 5 & up LIFEBRIDGE CHRISTIAN CHURCH, 141 Mulcahy Drive, 247-LIFE (5433), Sunday worship 9am & 10:45am,, LifeGroups meet weekly (call for times & locations)

HINESBURG LIGHTHOUSE BAPTIST CHURCH - 90 Mechanicsville Rd., Hinesburg. Sunday Service at 10:30am. Pastor Hart, info: 482-2588. ST. JUDE THE APOSTLE - 10759 Route 116 Hinesburg. Masses: Sat. 4:30pm; Sun. 9:30am

SHOREHAM ST. GENEVIEVE/ST. BERNADETTE - Combined parish, Saturday mass 7:30pm, May 1-Oct. 31. (See Bridport) SHOREHAM FIRST CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH-UCC - Sunday worship and Sunday school 10am. Pastor Gary O’Gorman. 897-2687


STARKSBORO THE FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF STARKSBORO - 2806 Route 16, Starksboro. Sunday worship 11am. Chat, Chew & Renew, a pre-worship fellowship and discussion time 10am10:45am. Sunday mornings in the Fellowship Hall on the accessible first level. All are welcome. First Baptist is an American Baptist church yoked with The Community Church of Huntington for support of its pastor, The Rev. Larry Detweiler; 802.453.5577.

CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SOCIETY - Middlebury. Middlebury Community House, Main and Seymour Sts, Sunday Service and Church School-10am; Wednesday-7:30pm.

SOUTH BURLINGTON NEW COVENANT BAPTIST CHURCH SBC - 1451 Williston Rd., South Burlington. 863-4305


VICTORY CENTER - Holiday Inn, Williston Road, South Burlington • 658-1019


BURLINGTON UNITED PENTECOSTAL CHURCH - Pastor Paul Lyon • 860-5828. Sundays: 10am & 6pm. Wednesdays: 7pm. at 294 North Winooski Avenue.

LINCOLN UNITED CHURCH OF LINCOLN - Sunday worship service 9:45, Church school 11:15am, united Student Ministries for grades 7-12, 6:30pm Sunday evenings. 453-4280

EASTERN ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN WORSHIP - Service in Middlebury area: call 758-2722 or 453-5334. HAVURAH, THE JEWISH CONGREGATION OF ADDISON COUNTY - Saturday morning Shabbat services, 388-8946

SUDBURY SUDBURY CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH - Sunday worship service and Sunday school, 10:30am SOVEREIGN REDEEMER ASSEMBLY - Sunday worship 10am

BRIDPORT BRIDPORT CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH - Middle Rd., Bridport, VT. Pastor Tim Franklin, 758-2227. Sunday worship services at 8:30am and 10:15am with nursery care provided. Children’s ministries include Sprouts for children age 3-Kindergarten and WOW for grades 1-6, during the 10:15am service.

MEMORIAL BAPTIST CHURCH - 97 South Pleasant St., Middlebury. Sunday morning worship & church school 10am, Wednesday evening Bible Study, 6:30pm. 388-7472. MIDDLEBURY FRIENDS MEETING - (Quakers), Sunday worship & first day school 10am (meets at Havurah House)

VERGENNES/PANTON ASSEMBLY OF GOD CHRISTIAN CENTER - 1759 U.S. Route 7, Vergennes, VT • 802-877-3903 • Sunday school 9am, Sunday worship #1 10am, Sunday worship #2 6pm, Youth, adult gathering 6pm

HOPE COMMUNITY FELLOWSHIP - Meets at Bridport Community Hall. Bridport, VT • 759-2922 • Rev. Kauffman. Sunday 9am, 10:30am, evening bible study.

SAINT MARY’S ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH - Saturday, 5:15pm, Sunday 8am, 10am


ST. STEPHEN’S EPISCOPAL CHURCH - (On the green in Middlebury). Reverend Terence P. Gleeson, Rector. Sunday Eucharist 8 & 10:30am Child care & Sunday school available at 10:30am service. Wednesday at 12:05pm Holy Eucharist in the chapel. or call 388-7200.


ST. BERNADETTE/ST. GENEVIEVE - Combined parish, Saturday mass 7:30pm Nov.1-April 30 (See Shoreham) BRISTOL BRISTOL CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP - The River, 400 Rocky Dale Rd., Bristol. Sunday Worship 9:00am. 453-2660, 453-4573, 453-2614 BRISTOL FEDERATED CHURCH - Sunday service at 10:15am FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF BRISTOL - Service Sunday, 10am ST. AMBROSE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH - Saturday service 5:15pm, & Sunday 9am BRISTOL SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST CHURCH - 839 Rockydale Rd. - Saturday Services: Bible Studies for all ages-9:30am to 10:30 am, Song Service, Worship Service at 11am. Prayer Meeting Thursday 6:30pm. 453-4712 THE GATHERING - Non-denominational worship, second & fourth Saturday of the month, 7pm Sip-N-Suds, 3 Main St. • 453-2565, 453-3633 CORNWALL FIRST CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH OF CORNWALL - Sunday worship 9:30am EAST MIDDLEBURY/RIPTON UNITED METHODIST CHURCH - Sunday worship, 9am VALLEY BIBLE CHURCH, Rev. Ed Wheeler, services on Sundays: Sunday School for all ages at 9:30am, morning worship at 10:45am (nursery provided), and 6:30pm on Wednesdays; Youth Group and AWANA meet on Thursday evenings at 6:30pm

UNITED METHODIST CHURCH - 10am Grades K-5: Activities, Grades. 6-8 & 9-12: Church School Classes, Refreshments & fellowship time: 10:45am-11am. Sunday morning worship service 11am. Nursery provided both at 10am & 11am. MONKTON MONKTON FRIENDS UNITED METHODIST CHURCH - Sunday service & Sunday school, 8:45am NEW HAVEN ADDISON COUNTY CHURCH OF CHRIST - 145 Campground Rd., 453-5704. Worship: Sunday 9 & 11:20am; Bible classes: Sunday 10:30am, Tuesday 7pm. Watch Bible Forum on MCTV-15 (Middlebury) or NEAT-16 (Bristol) NEW HAVEN CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH - Church services 10am on Sunday. All are welcome. NEW HAVEN UNITED REFORMED CHURCH - Sunday services, 10am & 7pm ORWELL FIRST CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH - Sunday worship service, 10:00am. Contact: Rev. Esty, 948-2900 SAINT PAUL’S ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH - Sunday mass 11am, 468-5706 RICHMOND RICHMOND CONGREGATIONAL UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST - 20 Church St., Richmond • 434-2053. Rev. Len Rowell. Sunday Worship with Sunday School, 10am; Adult Study Class, Sunday 8:30am

NEW WINE COVENANT (CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST) Sunday worship 10am PANTON COMMUNITY BAPTIST CHURCH - Sunday school from 9:30am-10:15am Pre-K to adult, Sunday worship service 10:30am ST. PAUL’S EPISCOPAL CHURCH - Main and Park Streets, Vergennes. Rector: The Rev. Alan Kittelson. Sunday Services 8am and 10am; childcare provided at 10am. All are welcome. For information call 758-2211. ST. PETER’S ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH - Saturday 5pm, Sunday 8:30am, 10:30am VERGENNES UNITED METHODIST CHURCH - 10:30am VICTORY BAPTIST CHURCH - 862 US Rt. 7, SUNDAY: 9:45am Bible Hour For All Ages Including 5 Adult Classes; 11:00am Worship Including Primary Church Ages 3 to 5 & Junior Church 1st - 4th Graders; 6pm Evening Service Worship For All Ages. WEDNESDAY 6:30pm Adult Prayer & Bible Study; AWANA Children’s Clubs (3yrs to 6th grade); JAM Junior High Group (7th & 8th grade); Youth Group (9th 12 grade). Nursery is provided for children up to 3 years old. Classes are provided for children age 3 and up. 802-877-3393 WEYBRIDGE WEYBRIDGE CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH - Worship and Sunday School 10am. Daniel Wright, Pastor. 545-2579. WHITING WHITING COMMUNITY CHURCH - Sunday school 9:45am, Sunday Service 11am & 7pm WILLISTON CHRIST MEMORIAL CHURCH - 1033 Essex Road, Williston. 878-7107. St. Minister Wes Pastor. Services: 8:30am and 10:30am



ESSEX JUNCTION CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH - 61 Main St., Essex Junction 878-8341



SHELBURNE FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF SHELBURNE - 127 Webster Road, Shelburne • 985-2848

NORTH FERRISBURGH UNITED METHODIST CHURCH, 227 Old Hollow Rd., North Ferrisburgh, VT 802-425-2770. Rev. Kim Hornug-Marcy. Sunday worship 10am, Sunday School 10am, Nursery Available. nferrisburgumc/

TRINITY EPISCOPAL CHURCH - 2166 Shelburne Rd., Shelburne. 985-2269 Sunday Services: 8am & 10am. Bible Study 9:00am • Sunday School: 9:50am. The Reverend Craig Smith

CAVALRY CHAPEL - 300 Cornerstone, Williston. 872-5799

ALL SOULS INTERFAITH GATHERING - Rev. Mary Abele, Pastor. Evensong Service and Spiritual Education for Children Sun. at 5pm. 371 Bostwick Farm Rd., Shelburne. 985-3819

IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY - Route 2, Williston 878-4513

SHELBURNE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH - 30 Church St., Shelburne • 985-3981 • Rev. Gregory A. Smith, Pastor, 8:00am - Holy Communion Service • 9:30am - Family Worship Service with Sunday School

WILLSTON FEDERATED CHURCH - 44 North Willston Rd., Williston. 878-5792

CROSSROADS CHAPEL, 41 Middlebrook Rd., Ferrisburgh, VT 05456. (802) 425-3625. Pastor: Rev. Charles Paolantonio. Services: Sunday 10am. FERRISBURGH CENTER COMMUNITY METHODIST CHURCH, Rt 7, Ferrisburgh - next to the Town Offices / Grange Hall. New Pastors Rev. John & Patrice Goodwin. Worship time is now 10:45am.

TRINITY BAPTIST CHURCH - 19 Mountain View Rd., Williston. 878-8118 CHRIST MEMORIAL CHURCH - 1033 Essex Rd., Williston 878-7107 CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE - 30 Morgan Parkway Williston, VT 05495 • 802-878-8591 MARANATHA CHRISTIAN CHURCH - 1037 S. Brownell Rd., Williston. 862-2108

SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST CHURCH - Route 2A, Williston 878-2285

9-25-2010 • 56612

Special Thanks To These Fine Local Businesses For Supporting The Religious Services Page Broughton’s

Hardware ‘Big Country’ Store Rt. 22A, Bridport



“Join us after church for lunch!”

ROSIE’S Restaurant & Coffee Shop

886 Route 7 South • Middlebury, Vt Open 7 Days A Week 6am-9pm (10pm Fri. & Sat.)



289 Randbury Rd., Rutland, VT

(802) 388-7212 56616

North Chapel 934 North Avenue Burlington,VT 802-862-1138

117 South Main Street Middlebury, VT0 5753

• Utility Trailers • Cargo Trailers • Horse & Stock Trailers • Heavy Equipment Trailers • Dump Trailers • Snowmobile Trailers • Used Trailers Available

Complete Parts Department

Mountain View Chapel 68 Pinecrest Drive Essex Junction,VT 802-879-9477

Wa l t e r D u c h a r m e Owner/FuneralD irector Clyde A. Walton FuneralD irector

VERGENNES — On Dec. 18 the Bluegrass Gospel Project will return to their self-described “home away from home” to perform a concert of their unique, uplifting and inspiring blend of bluegrass music. The Vergennes Opera House will present this back porch super-group made up of six of the Northeast's finest bluegrass, country and folk musicians, whose music is solidly based in the American bluegrass tradition while paying homage to the beautiful and inspirational message of gospel lyrics. Their concerts include classic and original tunes carefully selected to showcase the band’s textured vocal harmonies and instrumental virtuosity. Show starts at 7:30 p.m. and tickets are $15 adults, $13 senior/student, & kids under 9 are free. Fiddle player Gene White Jr. assembled the group in 2001 for what was intended to be a one-time event at the First Night celebration in Burlington, Vermont. The promoter asked him to bring together a group of musicians to offer a performance centered on a theme of his choice. White chose bluegrass gospel because of its haunting beauty and the uplifting message of its lyrics. Seven years and five CDs later the Bluegrass Gospel Project is still performing concerts across New England and New York. During this time the band has raised tens of thousands of dollars for many charitable causes and organizations. Concert organizers are expecting the 7:30p.m. performance to sell-out and are encouraging people to buy tickets early. Tickets are $15 for adults, $13 for seniors and students, children under 9 are free. They can be purchased at the Vergennes Opera House and Classic Stitching, on Main Street in Vergennes, as well as online at For more information contact the Vergennes Opera House at (802) 877-6737; or visit


2242 Vt Route 7 South, Middlebury, VT

South Chapel


Vergennes Opera House to Present Bluegrass Gospel Project

(802) 775-2357

261 Shelburne Road Burlington,VT 802-862-0991


VERGENNES — An unusual combination of Gregorian Chant, organ solos, and seasonal carols in a space with outstanding acoustics will take place at St. Peter ’s Church, Vergennes, Vermont on Monday, Dec. 20, 2010 at 7:30 p.m. The Vermont Gregorian Chant Schola, a twenty-two member men’s singing group, under the direction of Dr. William Tortolano, will sing the ancient music called Gregorian Chant. The Schola’s repertoire will include the Gregorian Missa Cum Jubilo; anthems in honor of Mary; liturgical rounds by Mozart, and from Germany and Provence; and music from the Christmas Masses. Settled by Canadian Catholics, the site of St. Peter's Church is on land once owned by Ethan Allen. Built completely by parishioners, the present church was finished in 1874, replacing a wooden chapel built in 1845. The Audience will also have an opportunity to sing traditional seasonal carols within the concert, including the French-Canadian melody, Twas in the Moon of wintertime, also known as Une Jeune Pucelle. An internationally known expert in Gregorian Chant, Cr. Tortolano directs the Gregorian Chant Institutes at Saint Edmund’s Retreat , Mystic, Connecticut. He has authored two books in this musical genre: Beginning studies in Gregorian Chant and A Gregorian Chant Handbook. Tortolano is a fifty year Professor Emeritus and College Organist Emeritus at Saint Michael’s College, a former Visiting Fellow at Kings College and Trinity College, Cambridge University, England, as well as a recipient of a National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship at Yale University. His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI, conferred upon Dr. Tortolano, the Pontifical Honor, Cross Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice for his recognition of service to the Burlington Deocese, and the Church. Rev. Yvon J. Royer, the Pastor of St. Peter ’s Church, is a graduate of Saint Michael’s College and was a three year member of the Saint Michael’s College Chorale, and it’s President. The concert is open to the public. A free will offering will be accepted.

Phone: 802-388-2311 Fax: 802-388-1033 Email: 63048

Fax 802-861-2109


33 Gardner Circle • Hinesburg, VT 05461 Hours: Mon.-Fri. 9-5 • Sat. By Appt.

802-482-2250 • 1-800-533-0504


ADDISON ADDISON COMMUNITY BAPTIST CHURCH - Addison Four Corners, Rts. 22A & 17. Sunday Worship at 10:30am, Adult Sunday School at 9:30am; Bible Study at 2pm on Thursdays. Call Pastor Steve @ 759-2326 for more information.

Festive Concert of Gregorian Chant set

SATURDAY December 11, 2010


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ANs. 1 ALASKA ANs. 2 LARRY HOLMES (1980) 34642


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SATURDAY December 11, 2010



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AVIATION MAINTENANCE/AVIONICS Graduate in 15 months. FAA approved; financial aid if qualified. Job placement assistance. Call National Aviation Academy Today! 1-800-292-3228 or AKC F Alaskan Malamute, 21 mnths. Family friendly, good w/ cats & some other dogs. $800 OBO (518) 643-2124

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MONTGOMERY INDUSTRIAL Commercial Lawn mower, 14V Twin, good mowing deck, needs drive belt, tube for 1 tire. Runs great. $150 OBO. 518-963-8930 Ask for Adam.

OLD PAINTINGS WANTED! Highest Prices Paid. Immediate Payment. Email Photo To:, LJD Fine Arts, Since 1985. 914-388-0234


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Find a buyer for your no-longer needed items with a low-cost classified. To place an ad, call


FOR RENT FOR RENT - Grover Hills 3 Bedroom Duplex $650 month & Security Deposit. Washer & Dryer hook up



Real Estate


APARTMENT FOR RENT 1 BR in village of Port Henry. New appliances, cabinets, flooring, paint & windows. W/D included. $550 + utilities. (802) 9220714

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RENTALS CHRISTMAS IN ARUBA Costa Linda Beach Resort, 2-Bedroom Condo. Friday, December 17 to December 24, 2010, $3000. Call Carol at 978-371-2442 or email:


HAS YOUR BUILDING SHIFTED? Contact Woodford Bros., Inc. for straightening, leveling, foundation and wood frame repairs at 1800-OLD-BARN,, MAHIC#155877; CTHIC#571557; RICRB#22078

Check out the classifieds.

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Not Just Parts,

Helps reduce your carbon footprint. EPA Qualified. Over 85% Efficient.



Central Boiler EClassic OUTDOOR WOOD FURNACE. Eliminates high heating bills.



KENMORE OVER Stove Microwave. Complete and Works Great. $75. 518-5468258.

FRESH HANDMADE WREATHS Local pickup or shipped for an additional charge. Send someone that you can’t be with for the holidays a handmade wreath. Why go out in the cold when you can order and ship from the warmth of your own home. Price With a Bow $15. Decorated $20. Email for details/pictures.

SNOW BLOWER Murray Ultra 8/27” 8/speed, Electric Start, Heavy Duty, Runs Excellent, $298 Firm. 518-668-5272

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802-343-7900 warmupvt@

482-2400 482-2446 Route1 16


Open 8-5 Monday - Saturday



Hometown Chevrolet Oldsmobile 152 Broadway Whitehall, NY • (518) 499-2886 • Ask for Joe


SATURDAY December 11, 2010



Need an auto? Need someone to take that auto off your hands?

Find what you’re looking for here!


Winter is upon us! Call us for pricing! -Famous Name Snow Tires-

Nokian Hakkapelitta



EEan- d -FR nting

Mou ith balancing w of the purchase new tires!

Bridgestone “Blizzak”



388-7620 • WWW.COUNTYTIRECENTER.COM • M-F 8-5, SAT. 8-NOON AUTO ACCESSORIES 7’X9’ DUMP Body with 3 sides, Hydraulic PTO State body fits 3/4 1 ton, $500. Call 802462-2100 BRAND NEW Studded Snow Tires $250 Call Amanda 518-546-4030 FIBERGLASS TRUCK CAP, Fits 6’ box, $200 OBO. 518-963-8930 Ask for Adam. FIBERGLASS TRUCK Cap, Full Size, 8Ft., Good Condition with Slider, Red, Asking $75, 518-623-9509 After 12pm Please. FOUR 185/70R14 Nokia Studded Snow Tires, 1/2 Season Old, $200. 518-543-6594. FOUR SNOW Tires, Excellent Tread, Nokia 215/80/R15, Fits Chevy Colorado, $200, Brant Lake. 518-494-2823 SNOW TIRES, Four, Used One Season, Size 205 70 15, $125. 518-668-2989. TWO NEW Dunlap Signature Tires, P185-60 R15, $124 for the pair. 518-546-7978.



G. Stone Motors

ROUTE 7 SOUTH • MIDDLEBURY • 802-388-6718

Look at our newest trade....

When we say we’ll take anything in trade, WE MEAN ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING! Wouldn’t this Yamaha Baby Grand Player Piano look great under your Christmas Tree?

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AUTO DONATIONS AAAA DONATION Donate your Car, Boat or Real Estate, IRS Tax Deductible. Free Pickup/ Tow Any Model/ Condition. Help Under Privileged Children, 1800-883-6399. DONATE A Car Today To Help Children And Their Families Suffering From Cancer. Free Towing. Tax Deductible. Children’s Cancer Fund Of America, Inc. 1-800469-8593 DONATE YOUR CAR Help Families in need! Fair Market Value Tax Deduction Possible Through Love, Inc. Free towing. Non-runners OK. Call for details. 800-549-2791 DONATE YOUR CAR. FREE TOWING. “Cars for Kids”. Any condition. Tax deductible, 1-800-597-9411 DONATE YOUR CAR! Breast Cancer Research foundation! Most highly rated breast cancer charity in America! Tax Deductible/Fast Free Pick Up. 800-771-9551

When it’s time to

CLEAN HOUSE Don’t throw it away those unwanted items. Promote them in the “For Sale” section in the Classifieds. You’ll turn your trash into cash! Our operators are standing by! Call...

Call 1-800-989-4237

“We’re more than a newspaper, We’re a community service.”

YAMAHA BABY GRAND G1 Disklavier Player System Model #DG1F • 20+ Music Disks • Gloss Black • Excellent Condition • One Owner • Professionally Serviced Regularly

Call for more information • 802-388-6718

Merry Christmas from Everyone at G. Stone Motors! WWW.GSTONEMOTORS.COM



SATURDAY December 11, 2010

Black Sheep Bistro 253 Main Street • Vergennes • VT • 877-9991

Wishing You and Your Family a Happy Holiday Give the Gift of a Good Time! Holiday Gift Certificates Now Available For every $100 you spend on gift certificates you’ll receive a $25 gift certificate free of charge! Drop in or order by phone. (Offer good through 12/24/10)

a sampling of: STARTERS - $7 ENTRÉES - $19 Baby Arugula, Pine Nut, Bleu Cheese Salad, Pear Ginger New York Strip Steak, Green Peppercorn Port Jus Dressing Broiled Haddock, Toasted Almonds, Thai Curry Cocnut Cream The Waldorf Salad, Candied Walnuts, Bacon, Cheddar Seared Salmon with Pickled Vegetables French Onion Soup Cinnamon and Chili Rubbed Pork Chop Apple Cider Reduction LobsterB isque Chicken Breast a la Marsala Lamb Dumplings, Mint Pesto Roasted Duck Breast, Black Current Demi Glace House Cured Salmon Gravlax, Citrus Wasabi Dipping Sauce Lobster Ravioli, Tarragon Beurre Blanc Vegetable “Lasagna” with Mozzarella, Tapenade We take great care preparing the freshest ingredients however consuming undercooked animal product Venison Paté de Campagne may lead to food borne illness


he Gif T e v t Sample Menu i O f Ta s t e ! G Appetizers Smoked Tomato and White Bean Minestrone Hot Italian Sausage


Warm Arugula Salad Preserved Lemon Vinaigrette, Harissa Roasted Almonds, Marinated Olives $7.00

Cannellini Bean and 3 Cheese Croquettes Spicy Tomato Sauce


Steamed Shrimp Dumplings Soy Mushroom Broth, Baby Bok Choy


Misty Knoll Farms Chicken Wings Choose a Sauce... Three Chili Hot Sauce, Honey Mustard Sauce, Pineapple Sweet & Sour Sauce

Lil’ Bucket $8.00, Big Bucket $12.00

Entrées Caribbean Jerk Tofu Black Bean and Parsnip Tostada, Plantain Chips, Roasted Vegetable Salsa $16.00

Root Vegetable and Bleu Cheese Gratin House-Smoked Tempeh, Roasted Garlic White Bean Hummus


Rockville Market Farm’s Chicken and Butternut Squash Fricassee Cheddar Herb Biscuit Topping


Vermont Venison and Chorizo Meatloaf Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Mustard Rosemary Sauce


Braised Duck and Mushroom Lasagna Roasted Duck Breast, Warm Spinach Salad, Cherry Compote


5 Main Street • Bristol • 453-3311




Middlebury’s Town Hall Theatre will host the National Theatre broadcast of Hamlet. “ Someday I’m going to be a mentor just like you. Then my...