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June 21, 2014

Police seek info on theft LINCOLN Ñ State Police are investigating a theft of money from a hiker on the Long Trail in the Town of Lincoln. The victim, Joshua Pruitt, 26, of Cartersville, Geo., was staying at the Battell Shelter on the Long Trail and he had set up his campsite to rest for the evening around 6 p.m. on the evening of Monday, June 9. The victim left the camp site momentarily and upon his return, he observed two males rummaging through his pack. The victim confronted the two males and they stopped going through his pack. Words were exchanged between the three men and the two males told the victim that Ò he had better watch out because he is all alone out here.Ó The victim felt uneasy and gathered his things and left the campsite. The victim is a full time fire fighter in Georgia and is conducting a series of hiking expeditions to raise money for a charity supporting families of fallen fire fighters. The suspects are described as two white males, between late 20Õ s and early 30Õ s. If you have information regarding this incident please contact State Police at 802388-4919. Information can also be submitted online at www.vtips. info or text Ò CRIMESÓ (274637) to Keyword: VTIPS.

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Phase 1 of Brandon project ends June 20 ‘Segment 6’ construction nears long-awaited finish By Pete DeMola BRANDON Ñ Commuters and other travelers along U.S. Route 7 have been enduring more than 12 weeks of slow traffic, and sometimes one-way going, in downtown BrandonÑ but traffic snarls and some lost local business are but a small, albeit painful, price to pay for the townÕ s vital, water supply reconstruction project. Known officially as Ò Segment 6 Roadway ProjectÓ , the multi-year-long project came on the heels of Tropical Storm Irene in August 2011. The Town of BrandonÕ s water system sustained severe damage when the Neshobe River jumped the falls and flooded downtown streets, even undermining several buildings including the historic, and still closed, Briggs Carriage House. According to Town Manager Robin Bennett, thereÕ s some light at the end of Segment 6Õ s pipeline; phase one of the project is expected to wrap up June 20. Ò Some of this has been in the works, but we had to move it up because of Irene,Ó Bennett said. Ò The tropical storm compromised our waterlines.Ó Project manager J.A. McDonald, Inc., based in Lyndon Center, Vt., has been praised for providing town officials and members of the local Chamber of Commerce with thorough, weekly construction updates. CONTINUED ON PAGE 11

STUDENT WALK — Middlebury Union Middle School students walked in the drizzle along Court Street (Route 7) in Middlebury June 13. The entire student body strolled more than a mile from the MUMS campus to Middlebury Union High School; there, MUMS students joined members of MUHS’ Class of 2014 in a dry run of the weekend’s commencement exercises. The annual event welcomes MUMS students to the MUHS graduating seniors final week. Photo by Lou Varricchio

New life for a classic Rutland eatery By Pete DeMola RUTLAND Ñ Rutland has become a food loverÕ s paradise in the last couple of years, with several new restaurants calling downtown home. The cityÕ s latest dining establishment brings memories from the past along with it. Wally Sabotka owned and operated the South Station Restaurant from its inception in 1982 until it was sold to new ownership in 2006. The property, and location, served Sabotka well for 24 years. When the South Station went up for sale last year, Sabotka jumped at the opportunity to host a successful business once again at the South Main Street location. Now, the Southside Steakhouse is ready to open its doors. Sabotka recently owned SamÕ s Steakhouse in Ludlow and is bringing many of the steakhouse practices he imposed along with him, including in-house dry aging in a climate-controlled meat locker, he said. Sabotka also plans to have traditional burgers, comfort foods, and an extensive wine list on his menu. CONTINUED ON PAGE 14

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June 21, 2014

Congratulations! MUHS Class of ‘14 graduates Sophia Abdul Sater Abbye Allen Amelia Ashley-Selleck Marshall Atkins Nick Audet Gunther Barber Zaidie Barnard-Mayers Keenan Bartlett Nicholas Bassett Hollis Bellucci Nathaniel Cole Bennett Josiah Benoit Jordan Bisson Yvette Blair Sara Boe Jeremy Bougor Jessica Brisson Samuel Broughton Carsyn Buxton Olivia Cacciatore Anna Caliandro Jyauna Caples-Treadway Olivia Carpenter Anna Cavazos John Chamberlain Mikala Chapman Samantha Cherrier Jasper Christensen Julia Cluss Lillian Crane Thomas Crowne Kate DaPolito MaKayla Davis Cody Douglas Devin Dwire Jesse Euber

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Thomas Luke Jackson Anneke Jewett Nathan Kerr Middlebury Union Leila Kiernan High School Kiera Kirkaldy Katherine Knowles Commencement Kyle Korda Saturday, Yared Lacey Corrin Laraway June 14, 2014 Jade Larocque Nathaniel Laughlin Memorial Sports Center Kasara Lear Jonah Lefkoe Christopher Ewell Brandon Lewis Nicholas Felkl Tony Lin Samuel Ferguson Zachary Lisenby Zachary Flint Samantha Little Samantha Fox Max Livingstone-Peters Alex Fredette Stephen Lowry Kevin Galenkamp Kristen Manley Avic Garcelon Peter Manning Murphy Giard Anneliese Masi Keith Gilmore James Mason Merritt Gleason Gabrio McCarty Austin Grimm Sophie McKeever-Parkes Nathan Herrmann Samuel Messenger Hannah Hobbs Maxon Moulton Tyler Hogan Wright Myrick Naina Horning Carly Newton Rachel Howlett Kimberly Palmer Sonia Howlett Sharon Palmer Eric Huestis Joshua Paquette Gabrielle Ingenthron Zo‘ Parsons Nathalie Ingersoll Piper Patterson Michael Ingwersen Nathan Peck Justina Jackson Mark C. Pettit

Class of 2014

Julia Piper Matias Pyle Hunter Quesnel Bryce Renaud Emily Robinson Isaac Rooney Anna Roy Christopher Ryan Sophia Ryan Matthew Schildkamp Elizabeth Scott Heather Selleck Eric Shambo Nikolas Shashok Aaron Smith Samuel Smith Zachary Stagg Joshua Stearns Emily Stone Arlyn Sunderland Jr. Jonah Supernovich Denis Teague Jr. Jakob Trautwein Samuel Usilton Matias Van Order Gonzalez Paige Viens Miles Waldron Alyse Wanke Lauren Weekes Lindsay Wells Anthony Woods Seth Wright Forrest Wright-Lapin Sierra Wulfson Holden Yildirim

June 21, 2014

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Congratulations to the Middlebury Union High School Class of 2014. This year’s high school commencement was held Saturday, June 14, at the Middlebury Memorial Sports Center. Photo provided

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peachment? At the time, several other news outlets across the state also failed to mention ClintonÕ s historic impeachment. It was a time not that long ago which I remember clearly: ClintonÕ s impeachment was big news around the world in 1998-99. (Perhaps the Ministry of Truth had already revised that newsroom stylebook to meet Inner Party approval?) After President Andrew Johnson (D) in 1868, Clinton was the only other U.S. president to be impeached. Not even President Nixon was impeached although he resigned just before Watergate impeachment proceedings would have Ò lynchedÓ him. LetÕ s review the facts: On Dec. 19, 1998, Clinton was impeached by the U.S. House of Representatives on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice. There were more House impeachment articles, but they failed: an added perjury charge and an abuse of power charge. Now, fast forward from 2007 Clinton news coverage in Vermont to 2014 news coverage of the former president. Why are members of the news media still reluctant to mention his impeachment in news accounts? Why do they shy from reporting the unsettling fact of ClintonÕ s impeachment? Would it threaten a desired political endÑ maybe muddy the water for the ex-presidentÕ s wifeÕ s anticipated 2016 run for the White House? Or does it simply muddle some starry-eyed ideal, or carefully crafted Clinton presidential legacy? LetÕ s not forget that as president, Clinton lied under oath, obstructed justice and tampered with a witness during the Monica Lewinsky intern sexcapade affair. Clinton publicly apologized for his misdeedsÑ and as reasonable people, we should accept the apology. Since then, the ex president has done good things, having helped AIDS and storm victims, and given a hand to the inner city disadvantaged. But just as the media focuses on NixonÕ s misdeeds whenever his name is mentioned, letÕ s not forgetÑ for the sake of a balanced historical recordÑ Bill Clinton as jack-in-office. If news editors and reporters gloss over the unsavory personal and political facts of elected officials, then we have forgotten the real meaning of journalistic truth; we also contribute to the further weakening of our Constitution. By all means, forgive the man or woman for the public misdeed, but never forget when recollecting the truth of things. -Lou Varricchio, The Vermont Eagle



From the Editor

ardon me for bringing upÑ yet againÑ author George OrwellÕ s classic novel Ò 1984Ó . The dystopic 1948 novel seems to be my personal, prophetic guidebook for these disquieting times in America. Orwell’s “1984” fictional character O’Brien would clearly understand why some news reports in 2014 still fail to mention the full story about former U.S. President William Clinton (D). OÕ Brien was the Inner Party member of dictator Big BrotherÕ s soulless society; a society made up of lies, manufactured events, and extreme political correctness. Inner Party apparatchik OÕ Brien was involved with the rewriting of history in the futuristic superstate of Oceania. The task fell to the Ò doublespeakÓ Ministry of Truth. All references to political scandal and intrigue were removed from the nationÕ s historical record—or never included in the first placeÑ thanks to Ministry of Truth propagandists. By rewriting history, Orwell’s fictional Inner Party members skillfully manipulate a societyÕ s skewed view of the world; sadly, it is not unlike a segment of AmericaÕ s own politically driven national news media since the 1970s. By deleting politically uncomfortable facts or figures in news accounts, by reporting what is only politically vital to retain control for whatever the powers may be at the time, the news media can manipulate a somnambulant populace (those so-called low-information voters) into thinking a certain wayÑ the party way. What Orwell would easily recognize as classic Ò Inner PartyÓ stuff is how some within the Vermont news media, back in the spring of 2007, skillfully eliminated direct references to the 1999 impeachment of then President Clinton. In case youÕ ve forgottenÑ or were never toldÑ the former president was impeached by the U.S. House of Representatives but acquitted by the U.S. Senate. Was it sloppy reporting or was there something more to it when news accounts of ClintonÕ s May 2007 appearance at Middlebury CollegeÕ s commencement failed to mention the most significant historic event of his presidencyÑ a little thing called impeachment? I recall a news article about ClintonÕ s visit in the Middlebury student newspaper at the time; I could find no direct mention of the ex-president’s historic impeachment. It was like imagining a 1973 campus news report about a visit by President Richard Nixon (R), but then never mentioning the historic fact of the scandalous Watergate cover up. In fairness to the student writer of the 2007 article, there was a passing mention to Ò political and personal scandals.Ó Was that the reference to im-

June 21, 2014


Let’s be honest

ith so much It starts with honest and riding on our sincere campaigns, based on elections these facts and issues. Voters are days, is it too much to ask eager to learn about those for a little true honesty? who seek office but all too Election stakes have aloften their choices are disways been high, but given torted with character assasthe current world activities sinations and bitter battles and the economic troubles over issues that mean little at home, this election repreto the lives of those who Dan Alexander sents an opportunity to send need representation. a clear message to those who It is important to rememThoughts from govern in Washington. ber candidates know how to Behind the Pressline With the New York Priwin votes with buzz words mary next week and the and promises. Prior life exVermont Primary still two full months off, periences play an important role in how we are left with four months of reputation effective they will be if elected. Would you bashing, truth twisting, mud slinging and want someone doing surgery on you or a everything but the honest truth about those loved one just because they told you they seeking our votes. were up to the task or that the other choice Eric CantorÕ s recent loss in the Virginia didn’t pay a parking meter fine? Obviously Congressional Republican Primary hope- not. Instead, you would want to know their fully sends shockwaves to the two political success record in prior surgeries and you establishments that the voters want reprewould want every assurance that you were sentatives who are focused on their needs in good hands, not just with the surgeon, and not those of the parties. Despite Canbut with those assisting him or her in your torÕ s national party role as House Major- procedure. ity Leader, VirginiaÕ s Republicans made it The actions and decisions of our elected clear that he was no longer an acceptable officials or lack thereof in the next few years representative for their interests. Leading will affect your life and those of your chilthe Republican charge in Congress and dren and grandchildren. We canÕ t afford traveling around the nation raising money to get this wrong by sending people who for the party were apparently not a priority place self interests before the interests of for Virginia Republicans. the country. I urge you to watch the debates Cantor out spent his opponent $5.7 miland attend candidate nights. Ask queslion to $230,000, and was likely instrumentions so as to understand what really motal in elevating his opponent David BratÕ s tives these people to seek office and what name and visibility, who said in his victory their goals in life and career are. DonÕ t be speech, Ò Dollars do not vote, you (the votswayed by negative campaigning without ers) doÓ . a true understanding of the facts and when Cantor commented in his concession those are unavailable to you, focus on the speech: Ò Voters donÕ t embrace novel dark information you do know and your comhorse challengers so much as they grow mon sense. increasingly dissatisfied with the perforLetÕ s make sure when we pull the levers mance of the incumbents.Ó in the ballet booth this election year, we do In recent years the country has seen little so based on facts, issues and with confileadership coming from Washington. One dence that the candidates we are selecting scandal after another and endless bickering to represent us will be accountable to their as the two parties seek to discredit the othconstituents. Our country needs dedicated er. Perhaps, just perhaps, America is ready public servants who have a genuine interto stand up and say enough is enough. We est in fixing the nation’s problems and unitwould rather clean house and start over ing the country once again behind our comwith a new slate of leaders who will be atmon interests. Dan Alexander is associate publisher of New tentive to the needs of their constituents and seek solutions to the problems facing Market Press. He may be reached at the country.

JUNIOR SPORTSMAN — The Annual Vermont Fran Renner Memorial Youth Fishing Derby, held June 4 at the Mendon Fish and Game Club, attracted parent and their children for a day of fishing. One of this year’s lucky derby entrants was junior angler Preston Flanders of Rutland County. Pictured here, Omya Inc. employee Alan Rixon presented the boy with a lifetime fishing license donated by the Swissowned marble-mining company. Photo courtesy of Paul Hatin

June 21, 2014

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Correction Vergennes Union Elementary School Principal June Sargent (left) received a Vergennes Lions Club $500 check from club President Shanon Atkins. Members of the Lions typify their club’s motto—“we serve.”

Vergennes Lions donate over $3,000 locally

VERGENNES Ñ Never being outdone in the area of local generosity and community service, members of the Vergennes Lions Club typify their clubÕ s mottoÑ Ò we serve.Ó The club had start to the year, donating thousands of dollars to area organizations and individuals. Vergennes Lions Club President Shanon Atkins said that if it wasnÕ t for area businesses, the club wouldnÕ t be able to help. The yearÕ s service started off with the club donating $2,000 to the Vergennes Community Food Shelf to help purchase food for local families in need. A few weeks ago. Maryanne Castimore, representing the food shelf, thanked the club for the donation and mentioned that the number of households receiving food on a monthly basis has nearly doubled in the past few years. The next project was the annual Ò Speak OutÓ competition. This year, four young women from Vergennes Union High School presented speeches based on Lions Club International President Barry PalmerÕ s slogan of Follow Your Dream. Hannah Hatch won first place over her fellow presenters Stephanie Anderson, Julie Grace and Cassi King. Hannah went on to the District (Vermont) competition where she came in second place. The competition resulted in cash prizes for the top three speakers. Advisor Cookie Stepanitis helps the students prepare each year. The club also presented $500 to Vergennes Union Elementary School Principal June Sargent to help strengthen the reading program at the school. Sargent spoke about the competition to read and the tremendous success that she has seen with students surpassing what she had originally expected. Elderly Services Director Joanne Corbett spoke to the club about her program and encouraged members to help identify folks in our communities that might benefit from use of the program. She also mentioned the constant need for additional funding to help meet the costs of the program. Atkins presented Corbett with $1,000. The Vergennes Lions Club also sponsored regular Red Cross blood drives, made donations for fuel assistance, built handicap accessible ramps to homes in Bristol and Vergennes, and made a $1,000 donation to the Vergennes Area Boys and Girls Club. The club also participated in the American Legion sponsored Memorial Day Parade with a float, selling flags and food, and conducting its annual car raffle. The winner of the car was Sara Leach. The monetary winners were Phil OÕ Brien, Jr. and Julie Norton.

Town gearing up for big bridge construction job By Lou Varricchio MIDDLEBURY Ñ According to Town Manager Kathleen Ramsay, MiddleburyÕ s project engineering team continued to work on refining the construction timeline for the bridge replacements project in downtown Middlebury last week. Early release workÑ such as pile driving tunnel supports and micro tunneling for drainageÑ will begin this autumn, according to Ramsay. The Main Street and Merchants Row bridges will remain open for travel while early work gets underway and traffic will not be affected, however, the principle construction work on the bridges is scheduled to begin in the spring of 2015. Ramasay noted that on June 1, Project Manager Bill Finger met with the members of St. StephenÕ s Church, located on the town green, to provide an overview of the project.

Last weekÕ s photograph showing a turned over truck along U.S. Route 7 in Salisbury was a Nop Brothers Farm truck, not a Murphy’s Metal truck, as we were told erroneously by a flagger on the scene. The truck driver Leo Malzac was not injured.

PEGTV Executive Director,Michael Valentine (L) and Channel 20 Program Coordinator Chris McCormack (R) stand with Simeon Pol (M) of Rutland High School, one of PEGTV’s recipients of the 2014 Courcelle Scholarships. Brendan Tardiff of Fair Haven is the second scholarship winner. (Missing: Brendan Tardiff )

Rutland students win PEGTV scholarships RUTLAND Ñ The PEGTV Scholarship Committee is pleased to announce that Brendan Tardiff of Fair Haven and Simeon Pol of Chittenden are each recipients of a $1,000 PEGTV Courcelle Scholarship. This is the first year that PEGTV has offered two scholarships and expanded the scope to include the entire realm of visual and media arts. Tardiff is a senior at Fair Haven Union High School and a member of the Stafford Technical Center Digital Arts Program. He will be attending the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia majoring in Animation. Brendan is the son of Todd and Stephanie Eckler of Fair Haven. Pol is a senior at Rutland High School. He will be attending Champlain College in Burlington majoring in Filmmaking. Simeon is the son of Daniel and Jennifer Pol of Chittenden. The Courcelle Scholarship is awarded annually to a Rutland County high school senior who has exhibited a high level of proficiency and interest in the visual and media arts and intends to pursue further study at an accredited college, university or trade school. The PEGTV Courcelle Scholarship honors the memory of Joe Courcelle for his pioneering work for local public access television. Joe Courcelle was an active member of the original board of directors, a dedicated independent producer and an integral part of the establishment of RutlandÕ s PEGTV.

The story of porches at Chimney Point to be told Wednesday, June 25 ADDISON Ð On Wednesday, June 25, at 7 p.m., historic preservationist and author Thomas Durant Visser, will present an illustrated program on the history and architecture of the porches of North America at the Chimney Point State Historic Site in Addison. Afterwards there will be a book-signing and refreshments on the historic Chimney Point porch. Visser is the long-time director of the University of Vermont graduate program in historic preservation. His book, Porches of

North America, was published by the University Press of New England, as was his earlier popular book, Field Guide to New England Barns. The doors open to the public at 6:30 p.m. Come early, bring a picnic, enjoy the rocking chairs on the porch, go for a walk across the new bridge, and take a look at the special exhibit, Ò What Lies Beneath: 9,000 Years of History at Chimney Point,Ó before the talk at 7 p.m. The public is welcome. Free, donations appreci-

ated. The Chimney Point State Historic Site is located at 8149 Route 17, at the foot of the new Lake Champlain Bridge. Call 802-7592412 for information. The site is open Wednesdays through Sundays and Monday holidays through Columbus Day, 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Regular admission is $5 for adults and free for children under 15.

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Adopt a pet

Rutland County Humane Society Does your dog like to go for walks (silly question)? Do you want to get out and get some exercise? If so, join us for Walk, Wag and Run at CSJ. RCHS is working with the Rutland Recreation and Parks Department on these great events. On June 24 and July 29 2.5K and 5K walk/runs will take place at College of Saint Joseph in Rutland. Bring your dog (or not) and enjoy the great outdoors. Registration starts at 5:30 and races start at 6:30 pm. Registration is free for all students entering 12th grade and younger. $5 registration fee for all others. Please also feel free to bring an item to donate to the Humane Society. Our wish list is available on our website Please contact the RCHS Business Office at 483.9171 with any questions. BLAZE 6 year old. Neutered Male. Pit Bull. Hi, itÕ s me Blaze. You may remember me because I was at the shelter for a while. I did get adopted and I had lots of fun while I was in my adoptive home. I got to go for lots of walks, ride in the car, got to play with my tennis ball, got lots of love and attention and got to hang out with great people. It was fun. I was brought back after a week or so because I donÕ t do well with small children so IÕ m looking for a home with children 10 years old or older. I really enjoyed my time with people and IÕ d love it if my new owners could be home a lot (or maybe I could go with them) so we can be together. KIT 3 year old. Neutered Male. Domestic Medium Hair Brown tabby with white. Hello there. My name is Kit. I donÕ t want to sound biased but I think I am a pretty handsome guy with my fluffy fur and all. I really hope you will agree. I was transferred here with some of my friends from an overcrowded shelter. I am happy that I am here but I am really eager to find my forever home. Please come in and meet me today. I canÕ t wait to see you. CHOWDER 5 year old. Neutered Male. Akita mix. IÕ m a silly fella who really enjoys being with people. I love getting lots of love and attention and will lean into you for a little more affection and attention. IÕ m a super guy who already knows Sit, Down, Shake and Sit Pretty. IÕ m super talented, if I do say so myself. IÕ m very playful and I especially love squeaky toys but will be happy

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June 21, 2014 playing with any kind of toys especially if IÕ m hanging out with my favorite people. Oh, did I mention how handsome I am? But I probably donÕ t need to tell you that. JONQUIL 2 year old. Spayed Female. Domestic Long Hair Black. Hello. I am an outgoing gal who is chatty and very sweet. My long hair is quite precious and I arrived here at the shelter in early May from another shelter because the shelter was very busy and populated and RCHS was helpful and took me in to find a forever home for me. I cannot wait for that day to come but until then I am rolling with the punches, trying to make friend and winning over the staffÕ s hearts. Looking forward to meeting you. Adrian Bernhard Rutland County Humane Society 765 Stevens Rd. Pittsford, Vt. 802-483-6700 Adoption Center Hours: Tuesday - Saturday: 12-5, Sunday & Monday: Closed

Bartley to direct Vt. GOP campaign By Lou Varricchio RUTLAND Ñ The Vermont Republican Pary has named a new victory campaign director, according to David Sunderland, the state GOP chairman. Sunderland announced June 3 that Jeff Bartley, a resident of Colchester, will start on directing the 2014 campaign. Ò In alignment with our goal of reaching every voter with the message of a more affordable Vermont, more job opportunities and a more balanced state government, Jeff will join the staff as victory campaign director effective June 9,Õ Sunderland said. Reporting directly to Sunderland, Bartley will have primary responsibilities for executing the state GOPÕ s strategic campaign plans, recruiting and organizing our grass roots volunteers, and leading our online and digital messaging efforts. Bartley will work in close partnership with Vermont GOP Political Director Brent Burns and Operations Manager Marty Searight, Sunderland noted. bartley, a native Vermonter, earned a Bachelor of Science degree in business management at Champlain College in 2009 and graduated earlier this month with a Masters of Business Administration, also from Champlain. He was active with the BYOBiz program and has a passion for entrepreneurial ventures. In March, Bartley was elected to the Colchester Select Board after serving on the Colchester Development Review Board, the Colchester Community Center Initiative, and Governance Committees. Bartley has received additional training through the Republican National Committee’s campaign management and field schools, while also attending seminars on political organization over the past decade.

June 21, 2014

Vermont Eagle - 7

DEMOLISHED — An empty house, located adjacent to the Rite Aid drug store facing Court Street (U.S. Route 7) in Middlebury, was demolished June 9. The property is owned by the Rite Aid Corporation which received permission from town officials to raze the structure. Inspectors were in the building recently to look for asbestos, lead paint, and other hazardous materials prior to demolition. Store managers were uncertain what the EMAILED ADVERTISEMENT lot would be used after the building was removed.

Foreclosure: 4BR, 3BA, 1.40± Ac. w/Apt. Monday, July 14 @ 11AM • 27 Broadview Estate, Bristol, VT

ADVERTISING INSERTION ORDER Thomas Hirchak Company FROM: Matt Chaney Phone: 800-634-7653 Fax: 802-888-2211

Photo by Lou Varricchio

TO: Ashley PHONE: 802-388-6397 COMPANY: Addison Eagle 1C=1.5; 2C=3.25; 3C=5; 4C=6.625; FAX TO: 802-388-6399

4BR, 3BA on 1.4± acres. Onsite water & septic. Attached 2-bay garage, basement, deck. 1,248± SF 2-story addition includes mother-in-law apartment with 1BR, 1BA. 60721

Thomas Hirchak Co. • • 800-634-7653

TODAY’S DATE: 6/11 NAME OF FILE: KleinfeldtTheEagle2 DATE(S) TO RUN: 6/18 SIZE OF AD: 2x4 EMAILED TO: ashley@addison-eagle. com; SECTION: REAL ESTATE



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274 Quaker Rd. Queensbury, NY (across from Lowe’s) (518) 798-1056

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June 21, 2014

‘Charlotte the whale:’ By Lou Varricchio CHARLOTTE Ñ Between 10,000 and 13,000 years ago, most of lowland Vermont, west of the Green Mountains, was submerged under the cold, arctic waters of a vast, Atlantic embayment, dubbed the Champlain Sea by geologists. Of course modern freshwater Lake Champlain didnÕ t exist back then. The great Champlain Valley basin, which had been depressed by megatons of continental glacial ice for millennia, was under seawater. The land would rebound as it gradually rose following the melting of the glaciers. Ò At its peak,Ó according to Canadian geologist P.J. Barnett, Ò the sea extended inland as far south as Lake Champlain and somewhat farther west than the city of Ottawa, Ontario, and farther up the Ottawa River past Pembroke.Ó The prehistoric Champlain Sea was deep; a wide tongue of the sea penetrated Vermont and New York. To give you an idea of the Champlain SeaÕ s depth, the ancient surface was approximately 490 feet (150 meters) above the level of the surface of Lake Champlain. This deep lobe of the Atlantic lasted in Vermont for over 2,500 years. You can see evidence of this vanished, frigid sea around the Champlain Valley today, but you have to know where to look. Marine shells, small molluscs such as pelecypods, parasitic barnacles, even the fish bones of a smeltÑ called capelin of the genus MallotusÑ are among the youngest fossils not only found in Champlai Sea deposits, but in all of North America. The fossils can be found on both sides of Lake Champlain, in former Champlain Sea silt and sand deposits. For example, a large deposit of tiny mollusc shells can be found along the road just north of Plattsburgh. ItÕ s safe to say that the Champlain Sea was also home to a diverse population of marine

The extent of the Champlain Sea between 10,000 and 13,000 years before the present. mammals, too, because one of the most famous fossil skeletons of the 19th century was discovered right here, in Vermont In 1849, during the construction of the first railroad line linking Rutland and Burlington, site workers exposed the bones of a large creature while digging a ten-foot-deep trench in clay on Ferry Road in Charlotte. While the railroad workers didnÕ t seem to care much about their find—just some old bones, they thought, probably a Colonial-era workhorseÑ a nearby Charlotte resident, John G. Thorp, took a keen interest; one day, while sauntering past a mound of exposed clay, Thorp observed the fragments of white bone. Thorp talked to the railroad foreman and convinced him to move his men downline, so that the clay could be examined and the bones extracted. Ò Unfortunately... the workmen continued to

June 21, 2014

ghost denizen of a vanished sea Computer reconstruction: The Charlotte whale skeleton, as far as Vermont fossils go, is a young one—a mere 12,500 years old.

excavate, destroying parts of the skull. But after consulting with experts, Thorp learned that the bones were identified as those of a beluga or white whaleÑ a sea mammal that inhabits arctic and subarctic marine waters in the northern hemisphere,Ó according to Wesley Alan Wright. Wright, along with former UVM geologist and author Jeff Howe, created an online Ò electronic museumÓ about the whale fossil. Called Ò Charlotte, the Vermont WhaleÓ , the site includes tidbits about the fascinating history of the fossil discovery. The websiteÕ s co-creators have a strong interest in preserving the legacy of Charlotte the Whale. Wright is a member of the Center for Teaching and Learning at the University of Vermont and Howe, a geologist, is the author of the definitive work about the fossil, titled “How Do You Get a Whale in Vermont?Ó In 1993, when Howe was the curator and exhibits designer of the Perkins Museum of Geology at the University of Vermont, he helped promote a billÑ now a state lawÑ designating the Charlotte whale as Vermont’s official state fossil. Over the years, Howe has continued to research the story of the famous whale; he has helped secure its place in the cultural and geologic history of the Green Mountain State. Ò Because Charlotte is located far inlandÑ over 150 miles from the Atlantic OceanÑ early naturalists were at a loss to explain the bones of a marine whale buried beneath the fields of rural Vermont. Today, the Charlotte whale is an aid in the study of the geol-

ogy and the natural history of the Champlain Basin,Ó Howe said. According to WrightÕ s and HoweÕ s online museum, Ò The current understanding of the Charlotte whale is based on original observations by naturalist Zadock Thompson at the time of its discovery, further investigations were made by George H. Perkins in the early 1900s, and current research. This research has provided us with some answers to the most commonly asked questions about the Charlotte whale.Ó Charlotte’s scientific name is Delphinapterus leucas. It is 12 feet in length and, although ancient, is nearly identical to the modern beluga. And while its sex canÕ t be determined by experts, its tooth wear and bone sutures are signs that, in life, it was an adult. According to Wright and Howe, todayÕ s declining population of Beluga whales in the Gulf of St. Lawrence represent the final remnant of Champlain Sea whales, of which Charlotte was a member. You can view Vermont’s official state fossil, the original Charlotte fossil whale skeleton, on display at the University of VermontÕ s Perkins Geology Museum. For UVM museum hours of operation, call 802-656-8694. Sources and permissions: EnvirolinkÕ s UVM Ò Charlotte, the Whale: an Electronic MuseumÓ website (produced by Jeff Howe and Wesley Alan Wright), Carl ZimmerÕ s book Ò Evolution: the Triumph of an IdeaÓ , and “Office of the Secretary of State, Vermont Legislative Directory and State Manual, Biennial Session, 1993-94Ó . Images courtesy UVM and Skulls Unlimited.

VERMONT DIGITAL Computer Systems/Digital Copiers



Computer Systems Digital Copiers • Fax Hardware & Network Specialists Business Systems Installation On-Site Service Support

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10 - Vermont Eagle

June 21, 2014

June 21, 2014


Continued from page 1 Phase 2 of Segment 6 will take off shortly after phase 1 concludes and will continue into 2016. Bennett said 90 percent of the 100 percent-taxpayer paid project comes from the Federal Highway Administration; the remaining funds, in equal amounts, come from state and local taxpayers.In preparation for shutting off BrandonÕ s downtown water June 12, police restricted parking in the vicinity of the Cafe Provence Restaurant on Center Street. Tropical Storm Irene damage: Construction work continued on downtown Brandon’s waterline, June 11. Photo by Lou Varricchio

Vermont Eagle - 11


12 - Vermont Eagle

Local students named to the UVM Dean’s List BURLINGTON Ñ The following area students were named to the University of Vermont

DeanÕ s List. To be named to the deanÕ s list, students must have a grade-point average of 3.0 or better and rank in the top 20 percent of their class in their respective college or school. Ashley Brunet of Addison Morgen Clark of Addison Asa Hunt of Addison Nina Gage of Brandon Ariel Mondlak of Brandon Jenna Munger of Brandon Taylor Allred of Bristol Heath Hescock of Bristol Hannah Rickner of Bristol Katrina Smith of Bristol Sylvia Sword of Bristol

Eliza Mayer of Cornwall Brian Kilbride of Ferrisburgh April Mentzer of Ferrisburgh Stephen Van Wyck of Ferrisburgh Thomas Linder of Huntington Anna Ogilvie of Huntington Owen Rachampbell of Huntington Morgan Whitehouse of Huntington Patrick Foley of Leicester Kelsey Scarborough of Leicester Robert Hamilton of Lincoln Reed Messner of Middlebury Dominique Powers of Middlebury Seth Jewett of New Haven Madeline Delaney of North Ferrisburgh

June 21, 2014 Lane Kessler of North Ferrisburgh Eben Schumacher of Ripton Jacob Hurwitz of Rochester Danielle Mishkit of Rochester Mariko Totten of Salisbury Angela Brisson of Shoreham Anna Waldron of Shoreham Ruby Kane of Starksboro Rachael Zeno of Starksboro Alexandria Hall of Vergennes Devon Lane of Vergennes Tyler Sawyer of Vergennes David Viscido of Vergennes Anna Carr of Whiting


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For entry information Email or go online at The race will start at 1:45 p.m. Chip timing. $500 first place men and women, $300 second place, $200 third place, $100 fourth place, $50 fifth place.

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Near Vergennes. No credit cards. Supervised children only. 60841

June 21, 2014

Vermont Eagle - 13

Flowering apple trees dazzle Rutland Blooms project By Lou Varricchio RUTLAND Ñ Back in 1965, First Lady Claudia Ò Lady BirdÓ Johnson started a Washington, D.C., beautification project by having teams of helpers plant stunning flowers—by the thousands—around the capital. The project spread to the nationÕ s roadways and byways and culminated in the U.S. Highway Beautification Act, nicknamed Lady BirdÕ s Bill. “Where flowers bloom,” Lady Bird once said, “so does hope.” And that simple, zen-like statementÑ when actually applied and nourishedÑ has transformed many a blighted urban neighborhood. The City of Rutland, finding itself on hard times in recent years due to chronic unemployment and drug-related crime, can only benefit with the vibrant, volunteer community spirit exhibited by local government, businesses, as well as the cadre of non-profit local groups and individuals determined to sow the seeds of growth through a project called Rutland Blooms. So, you really have to credit Ò Lady BirdÓ Johnson; her legacy has been the blossoming of urban beautification efforts around us today, including Rutland Blooms. In just one year since its inception by Green Mountain Power, the Rutland Blooms project has involved an army of volunteers who truly do not receive enough accolades for making VermontÕ s Second City one of the more attractive places in the spring and summer. This spring was no exception as volunteers planted not only ornamental flowers, but dozens of flowering crab apples in gateway makeover last week. Who exactly make up the Rutland Bloom volunteer army? Local volunteers come from Berkshire Bank, the City of Rutland,

Green Mountain Power, NeighborWorks of Western Vermont, Rutland Regional Medical Center, Stafford Technical Center, the Vermont Country Store, the Vermont Council of Urban and Community Forestry and Wilk PavingÑ with support from Village Snack Bar. With shovels, work gloves, and dusty boots, the volunteers planted 76 flowering crabs along West Street. Ò Rutland Blooms and these volunteers have made an enormous contribution to the beauty of this gateway to the city,Ó according to Rutland City Mayor Chris Louras. Ò Projects like this have a tremendous impact on the look and feel of the city. Like all the improvements downtown, this project adds to RutlandÕ s quality of life and the growing sense of optimism.Ó The mayor is no stranger to Rutland Blooms in recent years; last year he was seenÑ without much fanfareÑ doing volunteer work, tooÑ cutting a lawn. The mayor isnÕ t afraid to break a sweat to help improve the city he helps shepherds. Ò Projects like this, working in partnership with the community, signify our collective commitment to RutlandÕ s future,Ó GMP President and CEO Mary Powell said. According to GMP, Wilk Paving provided the muscle to dig the holes for the trees; volunteers planted the trees with guidance from City of Rutland forester Dave Schneider. The new crabapple trees on West Street were purchased by Rutland Blooms with a combined $2,500 donation from CasellaÕ s, GMP, the Vermont Country Store and Rutland Regional Medical Center. Volunteers replaced weeds and unkempt shrubs along 1,700 feet on the south side of the street. The flowering tree site can be seen along a railroad siding, where the city places its winter snow and operates a recycling facility.

Last week, volunteers from several business around the Rutland area planted 76 flowering crabs along West Street as part of the Rutland Blooms beautification project. Photos by Melinda Humphrey

Ò This project will have an impact on this street for decades,Ó said Eliot Orton, proprietor of the Vermont Country Store. Ò Each spring, the colorful blossoms will be a welcome sign to folks coming into Rutland from Rutland Town.Ó According to businessman John Casella, Ò This project will have a huge impact on the streetscape. ItÕ s already a major improvement, but as the trees grow wider and fill in, they will have a dramatic aesthetic effect.Ó Vermont Teddy Bear will give a bear dressed as a gardener to the first 10 people to donate at least $250 to Rutland Blooms. Donations will help pay for plants, seeds, bulbs and planting materials for use in public community spaces. Donations may be sent to United Way of Rutland County-Rutland Blooms, 6 Church St., Rutland, Vt. 05701.

Southside Steakhouse Continued from page 1

He knows that his former businesses have been extremely high volume, so his original plan was to hire nearly 30 people to ensure the successful operation of the business. The property, including the interior, is undergoing a complete renovation. The restaurant, under its previous name, was a favorite for brunch and meeting receptions. Sabotka also plans to host

Owner/Funeral Director Clyde A. Walton Funeral Director

VERGENNES Ñ On Wednesday, July 23, at 6 p.m., the Vergennes Lions Club will hold their annual live auction in the Vergennes Union School gym to raise money for the many projects in the area communities. Prior to the auction, there will be a flea market table and a silent auction which will run through much of the regular auction. Members are again soliciting items from merchants and individuals in the form of goods, services and/or gift certificates. Each Lion has also been asked to contribute one item for the auction. Members are again asking the community for donations of saleable item that can be picked up, or dropped off at the school on Tuesday, July 22, 5-7 p.m. The club will accept good quality items, but please no used electronics, baby car seats, old TVS or used appliances. Vergennes Lion memberS can be contacted for pick up, or folks may call Bonnie Chaffee at 802-425-6335 or Lynn Pope-Hier at 802-989-5305 to arrange pickup. The Vergennes Lions Club raises nearly $30,000 each year and then donates it back to the surrounding communities. Recently, the club built accessible ramps on peoples home, bought eyeglasses and hearing aids, helped the John Graham Shelter, donated to the Bixby Library, donated to the Vergennes Area Food Shelf and the Bristol Food Shelf, donated to the Boys and Girls Club, donated to HOPE, donated to Elderly Services, donated to Special Olympics, provided college scholarships, etc. We hope everyone from Middlebury to Bristol to South Burlington, where Vergennes Lions shop, will contribute to the auction and that folks will attend the auction on July 23. The preview will start at 5 p.m.

Since 1875

Clifford Funeral Home G. Joseph Clifford Gary H. Clifford James J. Clifford

117 South Main Street Middlebury, VT 05753 Phone: 802-388-2311 Fax: 802-388-1033 Email: 57540


“Join us after church for lunch!”


Restaurant & Coffee Shop

‘Big Country’ Store Rt. 22A, Bridport • 758-2477


886 Route 7 South • Middlebury, Vt Open 7 Days A Week 6am-9pm (10pm Fri. & Sat.)


289 Randbury Rd., Rutland, VT

(802) 775-2357

2242 Vt Route 7 South, Middlebury, VT

(802) 388-7212


Wa l t e r D u c h a r m e

Lions prepare for charity auction




events and gatherings when the restaurant opens, including the 1st annual Rutland Signature Chefs Auction. This culinary event, scheduled for Sept. 14, benefits the March of Dimes and allows individuals to meet RutlandÕ s most celebrated chefs face-to-face while enjoying their signature creations. The restaurant is also gaining the support of several Rutland City officials after applying for several community and economic development incentives. The Board of Alderman approved SabotkaÕ s request on May 19 for the water and wastewater incentive program. The program was created by Rutland City in hopes that it would Ò help bring new jobs and investment to the City and the region,Ó according to the Rutland Redevelopment Authority. The program allows qualifying businesses to reduce their initial costs of entering into the system, as well as lowering their water and wastewater usage rate for a pre-determined period of time. To be eligible for the program, businesses must prove they are making tangible financial investments into a facility, create new jobs, and that will utilize a minimum of 1,000 gallons per day. Other new restaurants, including Vermont Tap House and Hop nÕ Moose Brewing Co. were also approved for the incentive. Sabotka plans to open Southside Steakhouse by the end of June or early July.


Rutland (802) 773-6252 Wallingford Joseph Barnhart ~ Christopher Book ~ Craig Petrie


Aldous Funeral & Cremation Service

June 21, 2014


14 - Vermont Eagle

June 21, 2014

Wednesday, June 18 BRISTOL - Senior Lunch, Bristol American Legion, 11 a.m. CVAA sponsored; reservations required. Info: 1-800-642-5119 ext. 610. RUTLAND - Satin & Steel Concert, Main Street Park, 7-8:30 p.m. Free. FERRISBURGH - Ò Seeds of RenewalÓ presentation, Lake Champlain Maritime Museum, 6:30-8:30 p.m. $5/person. Info: 802-475-2022. BRISTOL - Chicken BBQ, Bristol Green, 5:30-8 p.m. $10/half chicken, $7.50/quarter chicken, $3.50/hot dog dinner. RUTLAND - Book Sale, Rutland Free Library, 4-8 p.m. Info: 802-773-1860. MIDDLEBURY - Trivia Night, Two Brothers Tavern, 7 p.m. $2/ player. Thursday, June 19 VERGENNES - Senior Lunch, St. PeterÕ s Parish Hall, 11 a.m. Features Singer/Songwriter Patti Casey. CVAA sponsored; reservations required. Info: 1-800-642-5119 ext. 610. MIDDLEBURY - Improv Comedy Showcase, Two Brothers Tavern, 6 p.m. $3. MIDDLEBURY - D.J. Dizzle, Two Brothers Tavern, 9 p.m. Free.

Friday, June 20 RUTLAND - Spoken Word Poetry, Rutland Free Library, 6:30 p.m. Free. BRANDON - The Roots of Rock nÕ Roll preview, Compass Music and Arts Center, 5-8 p.m. Free. VERGENNES - Three-day Junior Fishing Derby, Vergennes Falls, 5 a.m.-8 p.m. Free for children ages 3-15. Info: 802-877-9986. MIDDLEBURY - Rock-it Science, Town Hall Theater, 7-8:30 p.m. Free. Info: 802-382-9222. MIDDLEBURY - Canopy, Two Brothers Tavern, 9 p.m. $3. Saturday, June 21 BRANDON - BBQ Chicken Dinner, Brandon United Methodist Church, 4:30-6:30 p.m. $10/adults, $5/children 6-12, Free/Children under 6. NEW HAVEN - 12th Annual 4-H open-horse show, Addison County Fair and Field Days Arena, 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m. Entry fee $8. Free admission. Info: 802-453-3294. RUTLAND - 20th Annual Night of Italian Opera, College of St. Joseph, 7 p.m. $30/person. Info: 802-776-5214. MIDDLEBURY - Boy Scout Tag Sale, Middlebury American Legion, 10 a.m.-3 p.m.

Vermont Eagle - 15 RUTLAND - Relay for Life, Vermont State Fairgrounds, 1 p.m. Continues through Sunday. VERGENNES - Three-day Junior Fishing Derby, Vergennes Falls, 5 a.m.-9 p.m. Free for children ages 3-15. Info: 802-877-9986. KILLINGTON - Long Trail Century Ride, Long Trail Brewing. Benefits Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports. BRANDON - The Northern Third Piano Quartet, Brandon Music, 7:30-9:30 p.m. Tickets $15 with pre-concert dinner available for $20. Reservations required for dinner. Info: 802-465-4071. HINESBURG - Solstice Celebration with Music by Green Corduroy, Brown Dog Books and Gifts, 7 p.m. Free. Info: 802-4825189. BRISTOL - Pocock Rocks! Festival, Downtown, 3-8 p.m. Info; 802-453-7378. MIDDLEBURY - The Spectacular Average Boys, Two Brothers Tavern, 9 p.m. $3. Sunday, June 22 VERGENNES - Three-day Junior Fishing Derby, Vergennes Falls, 5-10 a.m. Free for children ages 3-15. Info: 802-877-9986. MONKTON - Strawberry Festival, Monkton Central School, 12-3 p.m. Info: 802-453-4471. NEW HAVEN - 12th Annual 4-H open-horse show, Addison County Fair and Field Days Arena, 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m. Entry fee $8. Free admission. Info: 802-453-3294. Tuesday, June 24 RUTLAND - Walk, Wag & Run, College of St. Joseph, 6 p.m. $5/person. Free grades 12 and under. Info: 802-773-1822. MIDDLEBURY - Senior Lunch, Russ Sholes Senior Center, 11:30 a.m. CVAA sponsored; reservations required. Info: 1-800642-5119 ext. 634.

16 - Vermont Eagle




2001 Buick Lasabre Limited, loaded, good cond. Heated sets & side mirrors, well cared for w/regular maint, maintenance records available, 97,000 miles, $4000 OBO. 802-989-7073 2004 Chevy Impala, 85K miles, $4390. Call 518-494-5289 Leave Message.

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26 FT BAYLINER, 1992 Mercruiser I/O, trailer, bridge enclosure, power tilt/trim VHF, AM/FM, spare propeller, 2 down riggers, head, frig, extras. Sleeps six. $8500. Bridport, VT, Lake Champlain (802) 758-2758

2008 Keystone Cougar Xlite Travel Trailer, 26', 1 slide, sleeps 6-8, bunks, polar package, TV, many extras, one owner, mint condition, $15,000. 518-494-7796

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ACCESSORIES (2) TRAILERS (OPEN) - both excellent condition; 2010 Triton 20' Aluminum - max wgt. 7500 lbs. Asking $4900 and 1989 Bison 31' overal Gooseneck, Asking $2900. 518-546-3568.

DONATE REAL ESTATE or CAR to Saving Our Soldiers. Fast FREE pickup. Running or not. Full fair market value tax deduction. SOSCars.ORG Call 1-888-9079757

1984 Chapparell, 24', 350 c/i, new tandem trailer, new mooring cover, new full top, $4,000, extras. 518-585-7116

20' SeaRay Bowrider, blue, 1979, V8 M/C, 5.7L Mercruiser, galvanized trailer, mooring cover, $2798. Sue 973-715-1201


June 21, 2014


PLATTSBURGH, NY 2011 COUGAR 327RESREADY TO CAMP!! Hate to give it up but budget says we have to. Your chance to own a dream fifth wheel, below book and ready to go. Absolutely perfect condition. 36 foot, three slides, 13,500 btu A/C, 30,000 btu furnace, twin rocker/recliners, 32" LCD TV, sound system/DVD combination with interior and exterior speakers, electric awning, day/night shades in all windows, dinette with four chairs. Lots of camping extras stay with the sale. Includes 2014 lot rent in small, quiet park in Lewis, New York. All set up. Leave it there or pull her to your own destination. Must see! $28500 NOW $26900. 518-572-5901 or

Century 6” Fiberglass Truck Cap, 3 sliidng windows w/screens. Also bedliner, fits Toyota. Exc cond. $1100 value, asking $500. 518546-7913 Studded Snow Tires (2), Firestone Winterforce, 217/70R14, mounted & balanced on Ford Aerostar Rims, $60 each. 518585-5267 or 410-833-4686 AUCTIONS Buy or sell at Contents of homes, businesses, vehicles and real estate. Bid NOW! Lights, Camera, Auction. No longer the best kept secret.

EQUIPMENT AUCTION Onsite & Webcast: Friday, June 20 @ 10:30AM Vehicles, Dry Cleaning Equipment, Conveyors & MORE! White River Junction, VT 800-6347653

MOTORCYCLES 2004 Harley Davidson Touring Electra Glide Ultra Classic, 13,000 miles, must see, $13,000. 518547-8446 WANTED: ALL MOTORCYCLES BEFORE 1980! Running or not. $$TopCash$ Paid! 1-315-5698094.


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Now Hiring Certified HHAs CNAs & PCAs INDEPENDENT LIVING ADVISOR: Counsels and guides students in assigned dorms on attitude, behavior, and interpersonal relations with others. Provides students with training in independent living and leadership skills. Equal Opportunity Employer Female/Minority/Disabled/Veteran. Apply to Adirondack Dental Health is a busy general dentist office in Ticonderoga WE ARE LOOKING FOR A BRIGHT, ENERGETIC, PEOPLE ORIENTED PERSON We offer a challenging opportunity to an efficient, health oriented person who enjoys working in a team environment. This person may be cross trained for several positions including chair side dental assisting, hygiene assisting and scheduling coordinator Please send your resume to Adirondack Dental Health P.O. Box 150 Ticonderoga, NY 12883 Attention: Lynda

Blue Ridge Motel has immediate job openings for a Housekeeper and Maintenance Person. 518-5327521. HANDYMAN – PT IN TI. Great opportunity for a reliable, honest person must have good customer service communication skills; transportation & own tools. 5 years minimum experience. Detail background to: Jack of all Trades Orion Mgt, 346 Lake Ave, Saratoga Spgs, NY 12866-5305

HELP WANTED/ JOB DESCRIPTION: Direct support staff in Moriah Center, NY for a 21 year old female. Duties include but not limited to increasing independence and community involvement, providing transportation, household chores, cooking etc. Two positions available: part time/ full time position seeking to hire an outgoing female in her mid 20's-early 30's. All applicants must have a clean, valid driver's license, a reliable vehicle and references. For more information please contact: Gina 518-546-3218 or Dave 518-637-9398.

JOHNSBURG CENTRAL SCHOOL Custodial/Bus Driver Opening Johnsburg Central School is seeking a Custodian/Bus Driver. Custodial: skills such as electrical, plumbing and minor construction preferred. Bus Driver: Must be 1A certified (we will train) Please send letter of interest, resume and three(3) written references or placement to Mike Markwica, PO Box 380, North Creek, NY 12853. Deadline: June 30, 2014 or until filled. Looking for General Multi-Task Mechanic. Must be prompt, courteous and have good people skills. NYSI Inspectors Lic. & Town Endorsement would help. References a must. Please call for appointment 518-585-6364 ask for Danielle or Mary. MR. P'S BBQ IS HIRING! MR. P'S IS HIRING! Part time counter help & kitchen staff, must have flexible schedule, prior restaurant experience preferred. Apply in person Fri Sun. No phone calls please. 1106 US Route 9, Schroon Lake, across from Tops. NOW HIRING- Part Time Maintenance Person. Apply In Person At The Super 8 Motel, RT. 9 & 74 Wicker Street, Ticonderoga NY. OUTDOOR WORK, Part Time, Must Have Pick-Up & Chain Saw. 518-251-2511. RIVERSIDE TRUSS now hiring Production Workers. Inquire to: 518494-2412 THE TOWN OF MORIAH is hiring for the Part-time (21 hrs/week) Attendant position at the Transfer Station; the position does not include health benefits. Applications are available at the Town Hall, 32 Park Place, Port Henry and must be returned to the Town Hall no later than Tuesday, June 24, 2014. Applicants must be residents of the Town of Moriah

MONDAY-FRIDAY DAYTIME SHIFTS $8.75/hr. to $13.00/hr.

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RECRUITING FOR: NURSE LEADERS: North Country Region, Flexible Locations Experienced RN with strong Communication, Leadership, Analytical, Problem-Solving, Time Management & Organizational Skills BSN or equivalent Management/Home Care experience CLINICAL FIELD STAFF SUPERVISOR: Clinton County / Plattsburgh-area An integral part of the patient care team, acting as a liaison between referral resources, patients, caregivers & field clinicians. Registered Professional Nurse with Current New York State License BSN & supervisory experience in a health care setting preferred RN CASE MANAGER: Washington or Warren County` Manage & administer skilled nursing care to patients Registered Professional Nurse with Current New York State License BSN & experience in a health care setting preferred PHYSICAL THERAPISTS: Clinton County An integral part of the patient care team, acting as a liaison between referral resources, patients, caregivers & field clinicians. Current New York State License and/or Certification 1+ yr. practical exp. as a licensed occupational therapist and/or Bachelor's degree from accredited college preferred Why Work for Us? Leader in Home HealthCare for 30+ years Competitive Pay/Benefits Continuing Education & Training State-of-the-art Technology Local people taking care of local patients Apply online: EOE/AA Minority/Female/Disability/Veteran



A New Career Is Just 10 Weeks Away! Adk Dental Assisting School Balston Spa, NY 12020 10 Wk Course, Classes 8am-5pm Tuition $3497 – Payment Options Readers Digest called Dental Assisting a “recession proof” career in March 2009! Spring Sessions Start Friday, March 28, 2014 or Saturday, April 5, 2014. Call Today For More Info! Call Karen at 518383-0008. NYS Licensed! We work with ACCESS VR, NY Workforce Investment Act & DOD. Visit for info.

Memory Lane Fort Ann Antiques Always Buying 518-499-2915 Route 4, Whitehall, NY

MISCELLANEOUS SAWMILLS from only $4897.00MAKE & SAVE MONEY with your own bandmill- Cut lumber any dimension. In stock ready to ship. FREE Info/DVD: 1-800-578-1363 Ext.300N ANNOUNCEMENTS AL-ANON FAMILY GROUP For Families and Friends of problem drinkers. Anonymous, Confidential & Free. At the Turningpoint Center in the Marble Works, Middlebury, VT 7:308:30 Friday Evenings. HERO MILES -to find out more about how you can help our service members,veterans and their families in their time of need, visit the Fisher House website MCCARTY FAMILY IN MORIAH Looking for connection with descendants of Patrick McCarty ( ~1808 in Ireland to 1860 in Moriah) and Almira (Maiden Name Unknown) McCarty (~1816 in Vermont to Unknown) to complete the family tree. Patricks daughter, Amelia (McCarty) Jordan (1854 in Moriah to ~1920 in Hague) is my greatgrandmother. Contact: Joanne (Dunklee) Peters @ SAFE STEP WALK-IN TUB. Alert for Seniors. Bathroom falls can be fatal. Approved by Arthritis Foundation. Therapeutic Jets. Less Than 4 Inch Step-In. Wide Door. Anti-Slip Floors. American Made. Installation Included. Call 1-888720-2773 for $750 Off. VIAGRA 100MG/CIALIS 20mg! 40 Pills + 4/FREE only $99! #1 Male Enhancement! Discreet shipping. 1-888-796-8878


THE OCEAN CORP. 10840 Rockley Road, Houston, Texas 77099. Train for a New Career. *Underwater Welder. Commercial Diver. *NDT/Weld Inspector. Job Placement Assistance. Financial Aid available for those who qualify. 1-800-321-0298.

ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES ANTIQUES WANTED Local 3rd Generation Dealer, Free Verbal Appraisals. Call Brian Bittner at (802) 272-7527 or visit



DIVORCE $550* No Fault or Regular Divorce. Covers children, property, etc. Only One Signature Required! *Excludes govt. fees. 1800-522-6000 Ext. 100. Baylor & Associates, Inc. Est. 1977 GET CASH NOW for your Annuity or Structured Settlement. Top Dollars Paid. Fast, No Hassle Service! 1-855-512-9227 FIREWOOD Dependable Year Round Firewood Sales. Seasoned or green. Warren & Essex County HEAP Vendor. Other services available. Call today! 518-494-4077 Rocky Ridge Boat Storeage, LLC. FOR SALE 14' Pungo Wilderness Kayak, like new, $600. Farley Window, 34x49, double hung, new, $100. 518-524-3676. Bunk Beds – black metal w/2 bunk bed mattresses, $270 each. Bunk bed only $170 OBO. 518668-3367

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Windows & Siding Vergennes, Vt.

Siding • Additions Roofs • Garages Replacement Windows Decks • Free Estimates!

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Crushed Stone • Screened Topsoil Drainage Stone • Loam Beach Sand • Driveway Gravel You Pick Up or We Deliver



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Adirondack Sand & Gravel 20 Kimball Ave., Suite 203N South Burlington, VT 05403 802-863-1812 • 800-570-0685 60698

DISH TV RETAILER. Starting at $19.99/month (for 12 mos.) & High Speed Internet starting at $14.95/month (where available). SAVE! Ask about SAME DAY Installation! CALL Now! 1-800-8264464 REDUCE YOUR CABLE BILL!* Get a whole Satellite system installed at NO COST and programming starting at $19.99/mo. FREE HD/DVR Upgrade to new callers, SO CALL NOW 1-800-492-1952


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Professional Land Surveyors, PC

BUNDLE AND SAVE! DIRECTV, INTERNET & PHONE From $69.99/mo. Free 3 months of HBO, starz, SHOWTIME & CINEMAX. FREE GENIE 4-room Upgrade LOCK IN 2 YR Savings. Call 1-800782-3956 BUNDLE AND SAVE! DIRECTV, INTERNET & PHONE From $69.99/mo. Free 3 months of HBO, starz, SHOWTIME & CINEMAX. FREE GENIE 4-room Upgrade LOCK IN 2 YR Savings. Call 1-800782-3956 DIRECTV, Internet, & Phone From $69.99/mo + Free 3 Months: HBO Starz SHOWTIME CINEMAX+ FREE GENIE 4 Room Upgrade + NFL SUNDAY TICKET! Limited offer. Call Now 888-248-5961

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Nicholas Auctions Whitehall, NY Buying, Selling or Consign Appraisals Done 518-499-0303

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18 - Vermont Eagle FOR SALE CAST IRON Propane Heater Stove, 32000 BTU, Used One Season, Excellent Condition, Payed $1200 Asking $750.00. 802-377-0117 Dewalt Rotary Laser DW077, $1200 new, asking $700. 518-5852779 DICO-ST TRAILER TIRE F78-14 on rim, never used, brand new, good for horse trailer or utility trailer $85.00. 518-251-2511 Exercise Equipment – Parabody GS2 Gym System w/LP5 Leg Press, $350 OBO. 518-496-0647. Free Sleeper Sofa, good condition 518-578-5500 Generac Automatic Service Rated Transfer Switches - all are new & include utility breaker, load shed module & installation manual. 100 AMP, RTSD100A3, $400 150 AMP, RTSY150A3, $500 200 AMP, RTSY200A3, $600 518-494-2222 Warrensburg GEORGE FOREMAN ROTISSERIE, LIKE NEW! $24.99 call 802-4592987 Iron Rite Mangle Ironing Machine, almost new w/direction booklet, $250. 518-668-4399 Late Model AIRCO Oil Furnace, exc cond, asking $1800, will negotiate. 518-543-6362 Motorized Travel Chair, new batteries, exc condition, $1200. 518222-1338 Moveable Basketball Hoop, clear back board, adjustable hight, like new. Paid $300 Sell for $99 518240-6061 ONE PIECE FIBERGLASS POOLS, made in New York State. Installation available (usually one day). 1877-993-7727. Buy Factory Directand save. Left over specials. ½ PRICE INSULATION, Blue Dow or High R. Several Thickness Available. Call 518-5973876. Sun Tec Skylte, new, 2'x4' to fit 24” rafter space. New cost $408+ tax, sell $250 OBO. 518-668-3367 Tagina Ceramic Tiles (Made in Italy), 12 boxed sets totalling 118 sq. ft. (each tile 13”x13”). Orig price $8 per tile, asking $3 per tile. 518-251-5110. FURNITURE 2 Dressers w/corner unit, 2 Book Cases 7'H x 36”W, 1 Book Case 37”H x 40”W. 518-494-2785 GENERAL AIRLINE JOBS Start Here - Get trained as FAA certified Aviation Technician. Financial aid for qualified students. Housing and Job placement assistance. Call Aviation Institute of Maintenance 844-2103935

June 21, 2014




AIRLINE JOBS Start Here - Get trained as FAA certified Aviation Technician. Financial aid for qualified students. Housing and Job placement assistance. Call AIM 844-210-3935 AVIATION MAINTENANCE TRAINING Financial Aid if qualified. Job Placement Assistance. Call National Aviation Academy Today! FAA Approved. CLASSES STARTING SOON! 1-800-292-3228 or CANADA DRUG CENTER. Safe and affordable medications. Save up to 90% on your medication needs. Call 1-800-734-5139 ($25.00 off your first prescription and free shipping.)

CANADA DRUG CENTER is your choice for safe and affordable medications. Our licensed Canadian mail order pharmacy will provide you with savings of up to 75 percent on all your medication needs. Call today 1-800-413-1940 for $10.00 off your first prescription and free shipping.

FIREWOOD – many full cords of seasoned, split firewood for summer camps near Minerva, NY. 518251-2088. Scrap Metal & Scrap Cars. We will pick up all. Call Jerry 518-5866943 WANTED JAPANESE MOTORCYCLE KAWASAKI 1967-1980 Z1900, KZ900, KZ1000, ZIR, KX1000MKII, A1-250, W1-650, H1-500, H2-750, S1-250, S2-350, S3-400 SUZUKI GS400, GT380, GT750, Honda CB750 (1969,1970) CASH. FREE PICKUP. 1-800-7721142, 1-310-721-0726 WANTED TO BUY: BUYING WHITE BIRCH BARK. FOR MORE INFO CALL 518-569-2582

CASH FOR CARS, Any Make or Model! Free Towing. Sell it TODAY. Instant offer: 1-800-8645784 CASH FOR CARS: All Cars/Trucks Wanted. Running or Not! Top Dollar Paid. We Come To You! Any Make/Model. Call For Instant Offer: 1-800-864-5960 COUPON CLIPPERS NEEDED! Trade extra grocery coupons for $$$$. All national brands requested. Free details. Send stamped, self-addressed envelope to: CFCO, Box 18529, Milwaukee WI 53218 DISH TV Retailer. Starting at $19.99/month (for 12 mos.) & High Speed Internet starting at $14.95/month (where available.) SAVE! Ask About SAME DAY Installation! CALL Now! 1-800-6154064 HERO MILES - to find out more about how you can help our service members, veterans and their families in their time of need, visit the Fisher House website at HOTELS FOR HEROS - to find out more about how you can help our service members, veterans and their families in their time of need, visit the Fisher House website at Make a Connection. Real People, Flirty Chat. Meet singles right now! Call LiveLinks. Try it FREE. Call NOW: Call 1-877-737-9447 18+ Make a Connection. Real People, Flirty Chat. Meet singles right now! Call LiveLinks. Try it FREE. Call NOW: 1-888-909-9905 18+. Summer Writing Tutoring All ages; all grades Improve written expression & have fun! Call Blythe Leonard, M.Ed. @ (802) 324-4826 TOP CASH PAID FOR OLD GUITARS! 1920's thru 1980's. Gibson, Martin, Fender, Gretsch, Epiphone, Guild, Mosrite, Rickenbacker, Prairie State, D'Angelico, Stromberg, and Gibson Mandolins/Banjos. 1-800-4010440 VIAGRA 100MG and CIALIS 20mg! 40 Pills + 4 FREE for only $99. #1 Male Enhancement, Discreet Shipping. Save $500! Buy The Blue Pill! 1-800-213-6202

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is looking to harvest and purchase standing timber, All Species. Willing to pay New York State stumpage prices on all species. $ or % paid. References available. Matt Lavallee 518-645-6351

LOGGING, LAND CLEARING, Forest Management. Highest Rates on all Timber. Double Rates on Low Grade Chip Wood. 518-643-9436 MUSIC ELECTRIC GUITAR Black & White Kona 6 String with Peavy Rockmasta practice amp and Fender Inline Guitaro Tuner $99.00 for all three. Call 518-834-9305 WANTED TO BUY CASH for Coins! Buying ALL Gold & Silver. Also Stamps & Paper Money, Entire Collections, Estates. Travel to your home. Call Marc in NY 1-800-959-3419 Cash for unexpired DIABETIC TEST STRIPS! Free Shipping, Best Prices & 24 hr payment! Call 1855-440-4001 English & Spanish CASH PAID- up to $25/Box for unexpired, sealed DIABETIC TEST STRIPS. 1-DAYPAYMENT.1-800371-1136

WANTS TO PURCHASE minerals and other oil & gas interests. Send details P.O. Box 13557, Denver, Co 80201 Wants to purchase minerals and other oil and gas interests. Send details to P.O. Box 13557 Denver, Co. 80201 CATS FREE TO GOOD HOME. 1 Tiger Cat, 2 Pairs (sister/sister & sister brother), indoor cats, not good with other animals, have all shots, must pick up. 518-494-5389. APARTMENT RENTALS MINEVILLE, NY 3 BR/1.5 BA, Living room, dining room, kitchen, w/d hook-up, appliances. 1 year lease, no pets, no utilities. Deposit Required. $650 802-948-2652 North Creek Efficiency Units for working adults, all util & cable TV include, NO security, furnished laundry room, $125/wk. 518-2514460



Ticonderoga – Pad Factory by the River. Nice 1bdrm, Upper. Incl heat, hot water, garbage removal, covered parking. 1 year lease & ref required, no pets, avail now, $525/mo + $525 security. 518-338-7213

Out of State Real Estate Delaware's Resort Living Without Resort Pricing! Low Taxes! Gated Community, Close to Beaches, Amazing Amenities, Olympic Pool. New Homes from $80's! Brochures available 1-866-629-0770 or

Ticonderoga Village – Want a ground flr apt in a quiet, well maintained building? This small 1bdrm is ideal for a single person, retired person or even a couple. Apt features gas fireplace, moden kitchen & appliances, new carpet, fresh paint, large yard area & coin operated laundry. No Pets. Security required. $485/mo. + utilities. 518585-3336 or 518-586-6477. Warrensburg – 4 bdrm, yard, W/D hook-up, $900/mo + security & utilities. 201-819-7035 HOME RENTALS Crown Point – 2 bdrm, 1 ½ bath. Many new renovations, hardwood floors throughout, pantry & laundry area, private patio, no pets, available immediately, $790/mo includes utilities & garbage removal. 518-321-4134 HOME FOR RENT STONY CREEK 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, large living room, eat in kitchen, laundry hookup, on 1 acre. $675/mo plus 1 month security. References required, Call evenings 696-4406 Lovely Single Family Home, 3 bdrm, 1 ½ bath. To trade, swap, sell for equal value home in area, $129,000. Located in beautiful Edgewater, FL. 518-696-2829 Moriah – lakeview home, very private, 7.3 acres, 4 bdrms, fireplace, beautiful views, covered patio, avail 7/1, security & references requied. 518-597-3270.

NORTH CREEK, NY Spacious 4 bedroom, 2 bath apartment, private entrance, minutes to Gore, walk to Town. Security & References, No Pets. 518-251-2511

Port Henry – 2 bdrm, 2 bath, no smoking, $825/mo, 1st and last months security & references required. 518-572-8800.

RETIREMENT APARTMENTS, ALL INCLUSIVE. Meals, transportation, activities daily. Short Leases. Monthly specials! Call (866)3882607 TICONDEROGA MT VISTA APTS – 2 bdrm, $594 + util average $95. No smokers. Rental assitance may be avail; must meet eligibility requirements. 518-584-4543 NYS TDD Relay Service 1-800-4211220 Handicap Accessible, Equal Housing Opportunity

Rental Trailer – Seasonal Rental – Enjoy the Adks this summer through hunting season. Trailer on 3 acres, down Woods Road, Minerva/Olmsteadville, $550/mo. 518251-5707 leave message

Ticonderoga – new luxury apartmet, quiet, all appliances, no pets/no smoking, references required, 732-433-8594


Village of Port Henry – 1 bdrm, upstairs, stove, refrigerator, heat & hot water incl., no pets, no smoking, 518-546-7584.


Schroon Lake, 2 bdrm/2 bath, incl lawn mowing, garbage & snow removal, country setting. Call for info 518-532-9538 or 518-796-1865

NORTH WILDWOOD, NJ FLORENTINE FAMILY MOTEL Beach/Boardwalk Block Heated Pools, Efficiency/Motel units refrigerator, elevator. Color Brochure/Specials 609-5224075 Department 104? OCEAN CITY, MARYLAND. Best selection of affordable rentals. Full/ partial weeks. Call for FREE brochure. Open daily. Holiday Real Estate. 1-800-638-2102. Online reservations: WARM WEATHER IS YEAR ROUND In Aruba. The water is safe, and the dining is fantastic. Walk out to the beach. 3-Bedroom weeks available. Sleeps 8. $3500. Email: for more information.


COMMERCIAL PROPERTY RENTALS Historic Village of Essex, NY – Retail Space formally occupied by successful deli/bakery/cafe serving breakfast, lunch & prepared meals to take out, 1200 sq w/2 decks, 1 overlooks lake & Green Mountains, some basic equip included, opportunity for summer or year round business. 802-503-5452 for details. REAL ESTATE SALES Beautiful manufactured home in a preferred park near Saratoga. 3 bedroom, 2 bath. 1 car, detached garage, shed, perennial garden, small pond. New metal roof. New windows, a chef's dream kitchen. Nice screened front porch. Generator set up to run house during power outages. I would not be leaving except for family tragedy and moving. Love this place, maybe you will too. Call for your personal viewing. 518-260-5175. Lake George - 2003 custom built seasonal home, 14' x 38' w/glass & screened enclosed porch, exc cond. Ledgeview Camp, Highway 149. Asking $65K. 518-964-1377 COMMERCIAL PROPERTY 2354 Route 9N, Lake George, NY

MLS # 201334029 Enjoy the pleasure of owning a year around family business in the Adirondacks close to LG Village. Call Ildiko McPhilmy, Purdy Realty, LLC., 518-253-2295 cell0 Port Henry Duplex Apartment Building, completely renoved, excellent rental history, some owner financing avail, $69K. 518-5468247 LAND Brant Lake 9.1 acre building lot for sale by owner, Harris Road, $63K. 518-494-3174 Crown Point Land – 53 Peasley Rd. Property offers 3.5 acres on Putnam Creek w/600' of road frontage, a 50' x 30' 2 story fram barn w/elec & oil heat. Zones residential. Can be converted or build new. Beautiful spot & minutes to the Northway or Ticonderoga, $65K. Purdy Realty, LLC 338-1117 Call Frank Villanova 878-4275 Cell Crown Point, 600' + on Putts Creek, 2.78 acres, 20' x 32' liveable building. Fix up or tear down & rebuild, $30K FIRM, quick sale. 518-354-7167 Land Wanted PLANNING to SELL Your Land, Farm, Country Property or Primary Residence?? We have Buyers!? NEW YORK LAND QUEST? Call Carl Snyder, RE Broker 607-2805770.?

June 21, 2014 LAND NEW YORK LAND, RIVERS & CAMP BARGAINS 8.4 Acres w/ New Cabin & Access to Fish Creek River: $29,995 34 Acres Cherry Forest & Access to Little Salmon River: $49,995 27 Acres, Mohawk River Frontage: $49,900 We Finance Land! Call Christmas & Associates: 800-229-7843. Or Visit: Owner/Broker Schroon Lake – leased land w/camp in excellent cond, 50' lakefront, 48' wooden dock, asking $50K. Call for details 518-4957683 Schroon Lake Waterfront Camp on leased land. Screened porch, 32' aluminum dock + more, $37K. 518-569-6907 STONEY CREEK 50 Acres secluded easy access 1800 ft. black top frontage, mountain views, Stoney Creek, NY $89,900, no interest financing. 518-696-2829 STONEY CREEK 50 Acres secluded easy access 1800 ft. black top frontage, mountain views, Stoney Creek, NY $89,900, no interest financing. 518-696-2829 Town of Lake George ½ acre building lot. Access to Village water. Ideal for build-out basement. $47,000. Will hold mortgage for qualified buyer, 20% down. 518668-0179 or 518-321-3347 TROUT STREAM BARGAIN 5.4 acres, $49,900. Was $199,900. Bank ordered sale. Beautiful Bethel NY. Near Woodstock site. 85 miles from Manhattan. Assorted hardwoods, approved building site, underground utilities, across from lake, walk to Performing Arts Center, financing. Call 877-836-1820. TROUT STREAM BARGAIN. 5.4 acres, $49,900. Was $199,900. Bank ordered sale. Beautiful Bethel NY. Near Woodstock site. 85 miles from Manhattan. Assorted hardwoods, approved building site, undergroundutilities, across from lake, walk to Performing Arts Center, financing. Call 877-836-1820. MOBILE HOME Park Model, 1986. Ledgeview Camp, Highway 149, 5 Pine Breeze Trail, $49,500. Come see, it's really neat! New in 2012: roof, siding, bedroom, deck & shed! 518-6363429 or 352-428-8767


COME VISIT OUR NEW MODELS Modular, Mobile Homes & DoubleWides. No Pressure Staff. 600 RT.7 Pittsford VT 05763 1-877-999-2555 7 days 9-4 Thurman, NY - 10' x 50', 2 bdrm mobile home, peak roof, fridge & stove incl., you move, $1000 OBO. 518-623-3730. VACATION PROPERTY Cranberry Lake - 90 acre hunting camp, 8 cabins, well, septic, off grid, solar power generator, sand pit, ½ acre pond, wood & propane heat, 55 miles from Lake Placid, one mile off Route 3, $155K, 518359-9859 Lovely Single Family Home, 3 bdrm, 1 ½ bath. To trade, swap, sell for equal value home in area, $129,000. Located in beautiful Edgewater, FL. 518-696-2829 Out of State Real Estate Sebastian, Florida Beautiful 55+ manufactured home community. 4.4 miles to the beach, 2 miles to the riverfront district. Homes starting at $39,000. 772-581-0080, Skaneateles Lake Summer Cottage for Rent, 3 bedroom cottage with cozy fireplace, New furniture inside & out, Newly painted interior and exterior, Large deck overlooking Skaneateles Lake, Large lawn to set up volley ball, croquet & badminton, Private lake rights with Dock & Boat Hoist, August & September 2014, $6,000 Per Month, Discount For 2 Month Rental, Please Call Chip Fesko @ 949-306-8101 To Set Up Viewing Appointmentment!0 PROFESSIONAL SERVICES DIVORCE $349 - Uncontested divorce papers prepared. Includes poor person application/waives government fees, if approved. One signature required. Separation agreements available. Make Divorce Easy - 518-274-0380. CLEAN UP PROFESSIONAL PRESSURE WASHING Painting & Staning, Houses, Log Cabins, Decks, Walks, Fences, etc. Schroon Lake & Surrounding areas. Free Estimates. Call Larry 518-532-0118.

HOME IMPROVEMENTS FREE HEAT & HOT WATER. Eliminate monthly heating bills with an OUTDOOR WOOD FURNACE From Central Boiler. Vermont Heating Alternatives 802343-7900 Handy Andy Home Repair & Renovations - Inside & out from a new bath to a new kitchen, roof repair or replacement, decks, windows, doors & more! Very reasonable rates, prompt free estimates, 35 years' experience call 518-6232967 HAS YOUR BUILDING SHIFTED OR SETTLED? Contact Woodford Brothers Inc, for straightening, leveling, foundation and wood frame repairs at 1-800-OLD-BARN. "Not applicable in Queens county" MAXIM OUTDOOR WOOD PELLET FURNACE by Central Boiler. Clean, safe, & thermostatically controlled. Boivin Farm Supply 802-475-4007

Vermont Eagle - 19



REPLACEMENT WINDOWS $189 INSTALLED. White double hung, tilt-in. $50.00 rebate on all Energy Star Windows. Lifetime Warranty. Credit cards accepted. Call Rich @ 1-866-272-7533

Lovely Single Family Home, 3 bdrm, 1 ½ bath. To trade, swap, sell for equal value home in area, $129,000. Located in beautiful Edgewater, FL. 518-696-2829


PARADOX HOME FOR SALE By Owner, Schroon Lake School District, 3 bedroom, 1 bath, fully renovated, 2 garages, shed, large fire place, $149,900. No owner terms. See Listing ID# 23972428.

1 ACRE OF LAND at ATWOOD Rd., West Chazy, NY, close to schools, nice location. Please call 518-493-2478 for more information. ADIRONDACK “BY OWNER” 1000+ photo listings of local real estate for sale, vacation rentals & timeshares. Owners: List with us for only $299 per year. Visit online or call 518-891-9919

BUILDING AND LOT in Moriah 1.3+ acres, paved driveway, town water and sewer. Can be used for residential and/or commercial, Asking $45,000. 518-546-3568

TREE SERVICES Tree Work Professional Climber w/decades of experience w/anything from difficult removals to tasteful selected pruning. Fully equpped & insured. Michael Emelianoff 518-251-3936

Fishing For A Good Deal? Catch The Greatest Bargains In The Classifieds 1-518-873-6368 Ext. 201

North Country Telephone Exchange Directory (518)

236.............Altona/Mooers 251.................North Creek 293.......................Saranac 297...............Rouses Point 298...................Champlain 327.................Paul Smiths 352..............Blue Mt. Lake 358...............Ft. Covington 359................Tupper Lake 483........................Malone 492.................Dannemora 493.................West Chazy 494................Chestertown 497.................Chateaugay 499.....................Whitehall 523..................Lake Placid 529...........................Moria 532..............Schroon Lake 543..........................Hague 546.......Port Henry/Moriah 547........................Putnam 561-566...........Plattsburgh 576....Keene/Keene Valley 581,583,584,587 ..............Saratoga Springs 582....................Newcomb 585................Ticonderoga 594..........Ellenburg Depot 597.................Crown Point 623...............Warrensburg 624...................Long Lake 638............Argyle/Hartford 639......................Fort Ann 642......................Granville 643.............................Peru 644............Bolton Landing 647.............Ausable Forks 648..................Indian Lake 654.........................Corinth 668...............Lake George 695................Schuylerville 735.............Lyon Mountain 746,747..........Fort Edward / Hudson Falls 743,744,745,748,761,792, 793,796,798. . . .Glens Falls 834....................Keeseville 846..........................Chazy 856.............Dickerson Ctr. 873....Elizabethtown/Lewis 891..............Saranac Lake 942......................Mineville 946..................Wilmington 962......................Westport 963...........Willsboro/Essex


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June 21, 2014

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