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January 4, 2014

Man shot in Middlebury By Lou Varricchio newmarketpress@ MIDDLEBURY Ñ Members of the Middlebury Police Department responded to a reported shooting at an apartment on Jackson Lan at 1:12 a.m. April 20. The wounded man, Bernard Kimball, 65, called the police and said that he was shot. Kimball was taken to Fletcher Allen Hospital for a gunshot wound. According to hospital officials on April 23, Kimball was in fair condition and receiving care. Kimball described the shooter as a teenage male, 6 feet tall and between the ages of 17 and 19. The teen was wearing blue jeans and a dark vest. According to a report by Middlebury Police Det. Kris Bowdish, Ò He was accompanied by two additional persons, no description given. All three subjects left the area prior to the policeÕ s arrival and were last seen by the victim on Jackson Lane.

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The Year in Review 2013 A

YOUNG SKIPPER — One of the best experiences young visitors have at the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum is a hands-on experience of history. Here Chrissy Littleton of Vergennes is skipper of one of the museum’s historic lake vessels. This summer, visitors of all ages have several opportunities each day for interactive experiences with members of the museum’s staff and volunteers in exhibits around the campus. The museum is located at 4472 Basin Harbor Rd. in Ferrisburg. Call 802-4752022 for hours and directions. May 22, 2013

fter a hiatus of two years, the Vermont Eagle returns with its year-end Ò Year in ReviewÓ issue. We wish all our advertisers, readers and contributors our best wishes for the new year, 2014. We sincerely appreciate your patronage throughout 2013. Louis Varricchio, editor

The winter of 2013 ends with a warm record By Lou Varricchio newmarketpress@

Last weekÕ s snow storm may have not have been the final huzzah in Vermont, but Winter 2013 is already one for the history books; it is ranked among the top 11 warmest in history. The month of February 2013 is the icing on 2013Õ s not-so-frosty cake, according to the National Climatic Data Center and February is tied with February 2003 as the ninth

warmest February on record, according to both sources. The record is comprised of combined land and ocean surface temperatures with the data stream going back to 1880. Added to the weather record book is the fact that February was the 336th month in a rowÑ thatÕ s a total of 28 yearsÑ in which the planetary temperature topped the 20th-century average temperature. By the way, the period of December 2012 to February 2013 was the twelfth warmest period on record in Vermont, according to AccuWeather. Other February 2013 facts: it was the eleventh warmest February in the lower troposphere (the

By Lou Varricchio

Suspect arrested in home invasion From News Reports newmarketpress@


March 30, 2013

Stafford Tech students get hands-on skills with hybrid car

April 27, 2013

WHITING Ñ Following the June 6 home invasion in Whiting, detectives with the Vermont State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation obtained information from the victim, Jimez-DeLaCruze, 30, that identified one of the suspects as a distant relative Ricardo RomeroDeLaCruz, 20 of Cardenas, Tabasco, Mexico.

layer of the air closest to the EarthÕ s surface with 88 percent of the planetÕ s atmopheric mass) since 1979, according to RSS, Remote Sensing Systems. RSS has collected the weather-satellite data since 1979. AccuWeather ralso eported that while February averaged 0.194 C above normal, the continental U.S. was actually colder than normal, averaging 0.831 C. below normal. February 2013 is tied with February 2003 as the ninth warmest February on record. Pictured: Snow tractors at Middlebury CollegeÕ s Breadloaf ski center.

Mary Powell-President of GMP and Lyle Jepson, Director of Stafford Technical Center, and Mike Napolitano-Awesome Graphics with students and instructors from Stafford Technical Center’s Automotive Refinishing & Collision, Digital Arts, Electrical/Plumbing Programs.

RUTLAND Ñ Students from the Stafford Technical Center have Ò wrappedÓ a Toyata Prius donated to the school by Green Mountain Power. The students in StaffordÕ s Digital Arts Program created the design, and the Ò wrapÓ was installed by the students in their Auto Refinishing & Collision Program with the assistance of Awesome Graphics of Rutland. Last week, Mary Powell, president and CEO of Green Mountain Power visited Stafford to celebrate the completion of the project and participate in a photo session with the students and the Toyota Prius. Green Mountain Power donated the 2007 Toyata Prius to the school in the fall of 2012 for the use of students in the Automotive and Electrical/Plumbing programs as they learn about renewable energy, hybrid vehicles and related industries and technologies. GMP also donated a solar car charging station, which will be used by the students as they learn CONTINUED ON PAGE 8

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January 4, 2014

January 4, 2014

By Lou Varricchio

a bus trip together to Mexico, down into the State of Coahuila,Ó he said. Ò In those days, you didnÕ t have to worry as much about your safety. Anyhow, I was interested in starting an import business, so I kept my eyes open and ear tuned for new ideas.Ó As Smith describes it, the idea of becoming a coffee roaster occurred to him while visiting the city of Saltillo in the Chihuahuan Desert. Ò Visiting some shops there, we came upon a small coffeeroasting operation,Ó he said. Ò It looked very fun. Later, I bought a small, home coffee roaster that was made in the USA. It was really like a popcorn popper. YouÕ d lift up the lid and to stir the green coffee beans.Ó Smith explained that the familiar dark, roasted coffee beans we see in stores look nothing like fresh picked beansÑ correctly, berriesÑ which are tiny and pale green in color. Ò During the roasting process, the beans swell up and take on the roasted nut color,Ó he noted. Smith learned coffee roasting the hard wayÑ by trial and error and reading lots of books on the topic. Ò There was more error than trial,Ó he joked. By 1999, Smith acquired a coffee roaster built by Tony Desitel of Salisbury. Ò I puttered around wit this roaster for a few years,Ó he said. Ò I roasted about 1.5 pounds at a time and then would sell the product to friends and neighbors only.Ó Eventually, Smith purchased his current roasting machine, a professional device built by the Diedrich Coffee Roaster Co. of Idaho. Ò Americans make an excellent coffee roaster,Ó he noted. Ò This is small by the standards of big coffee roasters, but itÕ s perfect for artisan coffee roasters such as myself.Ó Now semi retired, the 70-year-old Smith likes his cottage business because it doesnÕ t consume his entire life and keeps him out of the rat race. BudÕ s Beans is also good for his marriageÑ his wife Debbie is his expert taster and together the couple like to figure out what

Vermont Eagle - 3

Meet Bud Smith, the real ‘Mr. Coffee’ MIDDLEBURY Ñ Bud Smith has always had a taste for coffee. His long-percolating passion for all things relating to the evergreen coffea bush took off with the dawning of the new millenium. Around the Middlebury area, SmithÕ s cottage coffee roasting business, called BudÕ s BeansÕ Cock-a-doodle Brew, is getting “high fives” from fussy java drinkers. SmithÕ s in-home business, located in a 19th-century carriage behind a former estate home on Main Street in downtown Middlebury, is where Ò Mr. CoffeeÓ roasts, packages and distributes heavenly artisan coffees. SmithÕ s delicious offerings come from exotic, far-away places such as Guatemala, Brazil, Indonesia, and elsewhere. Smith selects and buys his special coffee beans, in bulk, via coffee brokers. But heÕ s also a little bit like El Exigente, Ò the demanding one”, a choosy, fictional Columbian coffee buyer who appeared in T.V. commercials for Savarin Coffee 50 years ago. A coffee broker will roam the docks of tropical ports in search of the best products produced by local coffee plantations; it takes a trained eye and sophisticated palette to choose from a wide variety of beans that will produce a beverage SmithÕ s local customers canÕ t live without. Smith, a friendly entrepreneur and businessman, is well known around Addison County. He owned and operated BudÕ s Cash Market on MiddleburyÕ s Court Street during the 1960s and later Otter Creek GroceryÑ now Small City MarketÑ in Vergenness during the 1990s. After a full life working as a grocer, landlord, car wash owner (Laser Wash on Creek Road in Middlebury), and realtor, Smith wanted to finally indulge his passion for the planet earth’s favorite berryÑ the coffee bean. The love affair began in earnest 15 years ago during a family visit to Mexico. Ò My daughter, Rebecca Hall, was living in Texas and we took



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the local customers will enjoy. Smith has found success by keeping it all in the familyÑ even his nephew Beecher Smith Stackhouse was put to work creating the colorful, distinctive BudÕ s Beans rooster label Ò My work week starts on Monday with roasting and paperwork,Ó Smith said. Ò Then, on Tuesday morning I deliver ultra-fresh BudÕ s Beans to local stores; I am finished by noon. On Wednesday I take the day off. On Thursday I take orders. On Friday I do a few more deliveries. I donÕ t work Saturday and Sunday, then repeat the cycle again come Monday.Ó

Bud Smith, owner of Bud’s Beans Cock-a-doodle Brew, prepares a batch of organic Guatemalan coffee beans for roasting in Middlebury. Photo by Lou Varricchio

Check It Out: BudÕ s Beans are available only in Middlebury and Vergennes. To buy the beans in Vergennes, visit Small City Market. In Middlebury, visit GregÕ s Market, Middlebury Natural Foods Co-op, Middlebury Bagel & Delicatessen, Otter Creek Bakery, or SamaÕ s cafe. For more information, call BudÕ s Beans at 802-989-4882. May 16, 2013

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January 4, 2014

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From the Editor

A new memorial for Vermont’s Korean War vets


new war memorial honoring Vermont veterans was commemorated in downtown Rutland. The monument honors the stateÕ s Korean War-era service men and women. Just a few months ago, during this yearÕ s 60th anniversary of the signing of the United Nations Korean Armistice Agreement, leaders of the so-called Democratic PeopleÕ s Republic of North Korea announced that their nation has scrapped its non-aggression pact with South Korea and her allies. The U.N. brokered armistice was signed on July 27, 1953. It created a DMZ, Demilitarized Zone, along the mountainous border dividing the two nations, just about at the 38th north parallel of latitude. According to Barry L. Briggs, who wrote the book Ò Land of the Morning StormÓ , a moving account about the Koreas, Ò Everywhere in South Korea I was reminded of events of the war, and of my father. What river were we crossing? I asked one day. The Naktong, I was toldÑ the site of the famous Pusan Perimeter where inexperienced South Korean and American forces just barely held against the battle-hardened, numerically superior PeopleÕ s Army.Ó After nearly three bloody years of war, an armistice was signed by U.S. Army Lt. Gen. William Harrison for the U.N., Gen. Nam Il of North Korea representing the North Korean PeopleÕ s Army, as well as by representatives of Red China. Technically, the war hasnÕ t really ended, butÑ so farÑ there has been 60 years without full-blown combatÑ although various incidents, such as the hijacking of the USS Pueblo in 1968, indicate that the 1953 “peace” is really nothing more than a prolonged cease fire between the two Koreas. With all that background as prologue, many Korean War veterans here in Vermont have found this 60th year to be a tough one to get through. Their memories of fallen comrades and disrupted lives endure through more than half a century. While it’s sometimes hard for us to express how much we appreciate the sacrifices of war veterans, our Korean War vets should know that many of us do care. The veterans of the Ò Forgotten WarÓ were duly honored at the dedication of the new, native stone monument in RutlandÕ s Main Street Pakr along U.S. Route 7 on Sept. 28 George F. Bates (CSM, Ret.), chairman of the Korean War Veterans, has helped reunite many Vermont Korean War-era vets during this 60th anniversary year. We salute this brave veteran for his love of country and for his love of fellow vets. So, even as the 60-year-long peace on the Korean peninsula is under threat, it is especially worth pausing to remember Korean War vets who have passed on, as well as those still among us. What these men and women endured in Korea is difficult to comprehend today. Let’s pray that the personal sacrifices of all veterans have not been in vain. And let’s also pray for a lasting peace between the two Koreas. Oct. 7, 2013/Lou Varricchio

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My Christmas wish list

will we overcome much of what his time of year family troubles our world today. members are always I wish more folks of good asking for clues on fortune would share some of possible Christmas gifts. IÕ ve what they have with others less learned over time that if I donÕ t fortunate. We all witness those give them useful ideas I end up who give from the heart reguwith things I have little or no use larly even at times when they for or even worse must proudly donÕ t have much. Just imagine wear in public. Despite strongly a world full of people helping advocating for buying simple Dan Alexander each other. and pleas of Ò donÕ t spend much Thoughts from I wish our government and on meÓ , IÕ ve learned if I donÕ t all governments would put provide specifics, I’ve no one Behind the Pressline aside their bickering and seek to blame but myself when the compromise for the people they goofy hat shows up or the thing govern by finding the common ground and requires a full explanation as to what it even recognizing the important leadership roles is. Christmas is all about hope, faith and love. they play in advancing society. I wish for those unemployed to find emItÕ s a time for giving and receiving, a time for friends and family and itÕ s a time to remem- ployment in fields they find rewarding. Equally important I wish for all those currentber the true meaning of the season and how a ly employed to value their careers and instill small child born in manger over 2000 year ago a strong work ethic in the tasks they perform. changed our world forever. I also wish for their employers to value the efWith that thought in mind, this column provides an opportunity to express my Christ- forts of those they employ. I wish for Christmas 2013 to be another mas wish list for the really important wishes turning point in a world that, at times, seems in life. The type of wishes that canÕ t be easily to have lost its way. Despite remarkable techgranted or fulfilled but yet in my heart they nology, advancements in the medical and sciremain the real wishes that IÕ m sure many of entific fields we need the saving grace of the you share with me. I wish for greater respect for all humans. miracle child born so many years ago. Many may say the wishes above are nothThat those who carry weapons, seek to do ing but fanciful dreams, but any one of those harm or hatred towards others, need to think about the pain they will cause not only to oth- fanciful dreams could become reality if each ers but to their own family. We all need to of us were to embrace them and make them our own. ItÕ s amazing what a little hope, faith respect people of different views, faith, skin and love can do in your life if you let them in color or nationality. They call it world peace. and share them with all who you come in conIÕ m sure we all would love to witness it, if tact. And letÕ s face it, with all of our running only for a day. around, Christmas preparations and gifting I wish for great opportunity for all children. To be raised in safe homes by loving parents, this season at the end of the day wouldnÕ t you rather trade all the gifts under this yearsÕ tree with food on the table, a warm roof overhead, for any of the wishes listed above? an education system that prepares them for On behalf of the Denton Publications staff fruitful lives full of promise and a lifetime of and family I would like to wish you and your Christmases everyday of their lives. family a very joyous and safe holiday, a prosI wish for the end to the many dreaded diseases, ailments and birth defects that affect perous new year and for my last wish, that the population. I see so many brave individu- you are granted all of your Christmas wishes. God bless America and all of you. als who face life with these burdens and do so Merry Christmas. with such courage. I wish more people could experience faith Dan Alexander is associate publisher of New in a supreme being and openly practice their faith by attending services each week and Market Press. He may be reached at recognize that only through our trust in God


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MERCHANTS ROW SPEEDWAY? — Devil’s Bowl Speedway’s Bond Auto Parts Modifieds were part of a weekend-long celebration of stock car racing along Merchants Row in Rutland May 4-5. The Fan Festival included the Modified, American-Canadian Tour Late Model, Renegade, and Central Vermont Motorcycles mini-stock divisions as well as a Pit Stop Contest and Best Appearing Car awards. The speedway’s 39th Annual Spring Green took place May 5. Photo provided

January 4, 2014

Vermont Eagle - 5

Woodchuck unveils new Middlebury cidery site Facility to be completed spring of 2014 By Lou Varricchio MIDDLEBURY — Officials of Woodchuck Hard CiderÑ a brand of apple cider made by Vermont Hard Cider Company, LLCÑ gave members of the news media an overview of its new, $30 million Middlebury cidery May 10. Reporters were on hand at the construction site to hear details about the project and its impact on both the cider company and the local community. The construction site is adjacent to the Bridge School, near the intersection of Exchange Street and U.S. Route 7. Woodchuck President and CEO Bret Williams, as well as Middlebury Town Manager Kathleen Ramsay were keynote speakers along with other company, town and state officials. The VIPs in attendance were upbeat about the project and its positive, long-range impact

on the economy of Addison County and beyond. Williams unveiled scale design drawings of the facility which will be completed next spring. The Eagle will publish the plans in a future issue. Woodchuck began in 1990 in a Proctosville winery and later moved its operation to Springfield. It produced a variety of apple wines and ciders, according the spokesman Nate Formalarie, before it relocated to Middlebury to focus on hard ciders. The company’s first cider product was called Vermont Old-Fashioned Hard Cider and was a popular hit in the early hard cider beverage market. According to industry reports, the Woodchuck brand is the premier hard cider in the U.S. Vermont Hard Cider owns nearly 47 percent of the American hard cider marketÑ and growing. Last year, Woodchuck Hard Cider was purchased by overseas-based C&C Group for $305 million. May 18, 2013

Construction work under way at the site of the future Vermont Hard Cider’s Woodchuck cidery on Exchange Street in Middlebury. Photo by Lou Varricchio

Vergennes Lions Club awards local non-profits By Larry Simino VERGENNES Ñ The Vergennes Lions Club has made several donations to area organizations in ecent weeks. The club raises approximately $30,000 in funds throughout the year via raffles, an auction, food sales, etc. to help fund local organizations that provide services to area families. The Addison County youngl readers group received a donation of $250, with Margo Grace present to explain the program and the efforts made to get books into the hands of all Addison County children under the age of 5. The program is a part of Dolly PartonÕ s Imagination Library with an annual cost of about $30 per child. Their goal is 85 percent, but they were only at 38 percent in 2012. More help is needed to be sure the goal is met. The club recently presented a check to the Addison County Special Olympics program in the amount of $750 to assist students from the Vergennes-Bristol area. Jim Wacker, program director, was present to receive the check. Steve Pouliot, from the Vermont Association

for the Blind and Visually Impaired, recently spoke to the club about their program and the numbers of citizens in the area served by their association. President Kitty Oxholm presented a check for $500 to assist their efforts. President Kitty Oxholm presented a check for $1,000 to Bixby Library Director Jane Spencer. Spencer thanked the club for their continued support. She mentioned that a number of Vergennes Lions serve of the library board of directors, and that other Lions help the library in other ways. At an April 17 club meeting, Robert Thorn, from Addison County Counseling Service, spoke about the numerous programs that his agency is involved with and how all of the county schools have school based clinicians working with students. Following ThornÕ s talk, Oxholm presented him with a check for $300. The club started selling tickets for an annual car raffle, and are making plans for Memorial Day to earn more funds for the communities served. Tickets are available from any Vergennes Lions member. April 18, 2013

Vergennes Lions Club President Kitty Oxholm presents $300 to Robert Thorn of the Addison County Counseling Service. Photo by Larry Simino

Aurora School helps clean up Trail Around Middlebury By Lou Varricchio MIDDLEBURY Ñ For eight years running, teachers, students and parents of the Aurora School have pitched in to help make the TAMÑ Trail Around Middlebury one of Addison CountyÕ s best maintained community walking trails. The private schoolÕ s annual TAM clean-up is an important fundraiser and this yearÕ s event, held May 18, was a big success by all accounts. Ò Twenty-one students participated along with teachers, families, alumni and even one pet,Ó according to Amy Mason, a prent volunteer at the school. Ò Eleven students, ranging from second to sixth grade, walked the whole TAM, hiking over 16 miles. While walking, the school collected eight garbage bags of trash.Ó Mason said the students practiced their math, too, by helping to calculate just how much mileage was acrued during the May clean upÑ 350 miles by foot. Ò This year, both participation and spirits were high,Ó Mason noted. Ò Trail and weather conditions were great and fundraising efforts went well. The students raised $1500 for the school through pledges and donations, much of it given by our Middlebury neighbors. Ò Money raised by the TAM event will helpfund field trips and financial aid in 2013. Ò Aurora School students would like to thank members of the Middlebury community for their generosity and support in this fundraiser,Ó Mason said. May 31, 2013

Aurora School fourth grader Mia Thebodo, with her parents, an alumna sister, and even the family dog, hiked over 16 miles of the Trail Around Middlebury as part of the school’s annual fundraising and clean-up event.

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January 4, 2014


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January 4, 2014

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Natural resources pavilion is a labor of love By Lou Varricchio NEW HAVEN Ñ Addison CountyÕ s new Natural Resources Pavilion opened in time for last yearÕ s Addison County Fair and Field Days. According the Addison County Forester Chris Olson of Middlebury, the all-native wood pavilion building took two months to build in 2012. Olson is an employee of the Vermont Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation. Ò This building is really a gift to the people of Addison County from the wood products industry,Ó Olson said. Ò We have a long list of all the good people and businesses who helped make this pavilion a reality. Many volunteers provided labor, products and equipment.Ó Olson said the local wood product industry are proudest of the hand-hewn timbers used in the pavilion; they represent 19 vital tree species growing right here in Addison County. Olson noted that seasoned maple, ash, pine, bass, white walnut, hickory, and birch are just a few of the trees seen in the timber of the pavilion. Ò We have a very diverse forest here in the county,Ó he said. Ò From up on the mountainsÑ native spruce and balsam fir—to down in the valleyÑ butternut, maple and red oakÑ Addison County is rich in species.Ó Olson noted that several tree species, comfortable in the Champlain Valley, are straggler populations that extended from more temperate Mid-Atlantic forests in ancient times when

the regional climate, overall, was warmer. The new pavilion stands on a solid concrete slab that was poured in June, according to Olson. And the finishing touches of the buildings were being completed as late as Aug. 6, the day before the opening day of Field Days. Inside the barnlike pavilion for Field Days, exhibitors displayed fact sheets, bumper stickers, reference and business cards. Exhibitors ranged from the U.S. Forest ServiceÕ s Middlebury Ranger District Office to A. Johnson and Co. of Bristol, and everyone in between. While not identifying his favorite tree, per se, Olson did admit a fondness for VermontÕ s majestic red oak. Ò I have a table made of beautiful red oak wood from Pawlett, Vt.,Ó Olson noted. Ò This table was handmade in 1796. I counted the tree rings on the table topÑ the wood came from an oak that was 300 years old in 1796. Red oak is a very long-lived tree in the wild. It can grow to giant size.Ó While itÕ s rumored that Addison County may harbor some record-breaking red oaks, the recorded New England champion is in Connecticut. Located on Route 44, the Ashford, Conn., red oakÕ s trunk is 26 feet in girth. Olson said the pavilion may open, now and then for special events, beyond the annual county fair dates. However, so far, no plans have been announced to open the building, again, until next yearÕ s Field Days. July 18, 2013

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Frank Bigelow of the USFS, Addison County Forester Chris Olson, Hal Jenkins of South Mountain Sawyers, and Kyle Mason of the Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation, stand in front of the new Natural Resources Pavilion at Addison County Fair and Field Days last year. An assortment of red oak logs behind them were provided by Canopy Timber Alternatives of East Middlebury. July 18, 2013/Photo by Lou Varricchio

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January 4, 2014

Home Invasion

Hybrid Car

From page 1

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Investigators initiated a search of local farms based on the information they received in an attempt to locate Romero-DeLaCruz. As a result, Romero-DeLaCruz learned that the Vermont State Police were searching for him and decided to turn himself in June 8. Romero-DeLaCruz was interviewed and subsequently arrested. Romero-DeLaCruz was lodged for a lack of $25,000 bail at the Marble Valley Regional Correctional Center in Rutland for Aggravated Assault and Burglary. He is schedule to appear in Addison Superior Court Criminal Division on Aug. 10. The investigation into the reported second suspect is still active. The initial report was received by the Vermont State Police on June 6 when the victim arrived at the Porter Medical Center Emergency Room with multiple lacerations and stab wounds. He reported he had been assaulted by two male subjects while asleep in is residence. He stated the two males hit him with metal pipes and stabbed him with a knife. No robbery is reported to have occurred and the State Police in New Haven feel the incident was directed at the victim only. It is unknown if either the victim or the suspect are in the United States legally. June 14, 2013

how to return energy to grid and supply energy to local projects. The students assembled the solar array, and electronic components at the school. The Solar array generates enough electricity on average to provide a full charge to the Plug-in hybrid each day on average. Ò The success of our local and regional economy is dependent upon a skilled and well educated workforce, one that is flexible to the changing technological needs of employers. Green Mountain Power is modeling a relationship with Stafford Technical Center that proactively fosters mentorship opportunities for students and shares resources and talent with instructors. We are fortunate to have a partnership with Green Mountain Power,Ó said Lyle Jepson, director of Stafford Technical Center.

At right: Following the June 6 home invasion in Whiting, detectives with the Vermont State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation obtained information from the victim, Jimez-DeLaCruze, 30, that identified one of the suspects as a distant relative Ricardo Romero-DeLaCruz, 20 of Cardenas, Tabasco, Mexico.

June 25, 2013

Photo provided by the Vermont State Police

Since 1875

Clifford Funeral Home

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January 4, 2014

Vermont Eagle - 9

Gen’l store owners celebrate a rocky year By Lou Varricchio

& Campbell, I e g Insurance n ai


June 22, 2013

Kevin and Debby Neubert are owners of the Belmont General Store in Mt. Holly, Vt.


Home, Auto Business Insurance


MT. HOLLY Ñ It all sounds idyllic: buy an historic Vermont general store out in the country, meet new friends, and keep warm next to a potbelly stove during the winter months. ItÕ s the stuff our collective Ò Mayberry RFDÓ dreams are made of, right? Sure, except for the part about hard work, balancing a business budget, surviving a nasty summer flood, and not relying on local skiers without much of a winter to speak of. Kevin and Debby Neubert, the new owners of the Belmont General Store, are living the Ò Mayberry RFDÓ lifestyle others only imagine in day dreams. The couple isnÕ t looking back on their lives BGSÑ that is, Before the General Store. And they certainly wouldnÕ t trade their lives with anyone else. They say operating a country store is indeed romantic, but itÕ s also a lot tougher than it looks to the casual observer. “After a challenging first fall and winter, we are celebrating our first year as new owners,” said Debby. “On June 13, 2012, we began the day with a cake-cutting ceremony in the store.Ó Cheerful customers and several VIPs were on hand to toast the couple and add their neighborly support. Jim Harrison, president of the Vermont Grocers Association and Vermont State Rep. Dennis Devereux were in attendance. Celebrating their business anniversary, the Neuberts are thankful for a good first year despite all the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune thrown their way. The Neuberts look back on one of the most challenging years in Vermont and they are

grateful for the unquestioning support of the Mount Holly community. Ò In a year when general stores in the state are closing their doors due to economic issues, the Town of Mount Holly and the Village of Belmont have embraced its general store. They have supported the transition of ownership with open arms, too,Ó said Kevin. Ò We were able to survive Tropical Storm Irene, poor fall foliage, and a bad winter.Ó The Neuberts certainly didnÕ t go it alone. The rest of Mt. Holly experienced the same man-made and natural disasters of 2011.

Call John, Bill & Andrea

35 West St., Bristol, VT 05443


10 - Vermont Eagle

January 4, 2014

Cars collide in Salisbury

Police investiagte Salisbury incident

FERRISBURGH Ñ Vermont State Police conducted a motor vehicle stop on U.S. Route 7, in Ferrisburgh, on a vehicle operated by Tara Tower, 35, of Monkton. Investigation revealed that Tower was operating a motor vehicle with a criminally suspended license. Tower was subsequently released on a citation to appear in Addison County District on July 1 to answer the charge.

SALISBURY Ñ On May 22, Vermont State Police responded to a two-car, no-injury accident at the intersection of U.S. Route 7 and Maple Street in Salisbury. Vehicle 1 driver George Devoid, 55, of salisbury didnÕ t see vehicle 2, driven by Jessica Cram, 32, of Salisbury, at the intersection, cut the corner short, and struck vehicle 2. DevoidÕ s vehicle sustained minor driverÕ s side damage while CramÕ s vehice sustained moderate front driverÕ s side damage. Vehicle 2 was towed from the scene, police reported.

SALISBURY Ñ The Vermont State Police in New Haven are investigating the burglary of the residence of John Beattie located on Shard Villa Road in Salisbury. No items were found to be taken from the residence. It is estimated that the Burglary occurred between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. May 22. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Vermont State Police at 802-388-4919. Information can also be submitted online at www.vtips.infoor text CRIMES (274637) to Keyword: VTIPS.

May 23, 2013

May 23, 2013

In Brief

Monkton woman stopped



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May 23, 2013


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12 - Vermont Eagle

January 4, 2014

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